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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 2, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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bringing you expert minds who know how to fix america and get us back on the path to prosperity. we're now on monday to friday at 3:30 p.m. eastern. a little version of "your money" everything you need to know in business every day. you can find me on facebook, at, tweet me at my handle @alivelshi. have a great weekend. hi, everyone, so glad you could join us here today at the cnn center. i'm deborah feyirik. a sad day in football as we speak, kansas city chiefs playing their nfl game despite the death of a team members. line blacker joyan belcher shot
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his girlfriend and then drove away and shot himself. it, what are you hearing? what are investigators learning? >> well, they have offered few inclu clues as too what led up to the horrific morning here in kansas city, but police did say that they had had no previous reports of disturbance calls at the home where jovan's girlfriend was shot yesterday morning, but there were some arguments in the morning leading up to it. a lot of preliminary work being done today, but the game where the kansas city chiefs were playing went on as scheduled. in fact just moments ago, in the stadium behind me, arrowhead state of mind in kansas city, they actually won the football game, 27-24. actually the team's radio broadcast of the game, you can
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hear the announcers voices talking about just how emissional this day has been, instead of coming just a short time before this game was played, the decision was made to carry on with the game, obviously in a -- what they knew of this situation, what might have led up to whorrific moment. >> you know, clearly with so many fans there, we heard that the mood, even, you know, that the mood was much more subdued throughout not just the tailgate parties, but even inside the stadium. have you had a chance to speak to anyone or have you just got onscene? >> reporter: literally just seconds before i went an air here, the kansas city chiefs'
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game had just ended. we'll begin to get a lot of that emotion. absolutely, these are the kinds of events that put games like this into perspective. this is a team that had struggled mightily throughout the year, not a very good football team, quite frankly, a horrible record. but all of that set aside, there was a victim of domestic abuse that started here this afternoon. the team tried to put into context the importance of where the game should be on today with this horrible news. >> i'm sure a sense of absence, a sense of loss and people just thinking what could have driven this man to do this. all right, ed lavender are there in kansas city. >> also sports related, a 22-year-old man in critical condition falling just 40 feet outside of bank of america
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stadium last night. it happened just a moment before quickoff. authorities state they think it's the first of such incident at the north carolina venue. well, 30 days until the fiscal cliff and if democrats and republicans don't start talking to each other, everybody's taxes will be going up january 1. as emily schmidt reports, a lot's happening not at the negotiating table, it's happening at the sunday talk shows. it's been 16 days since president obama and congressional leaders gathered to talk about how to avoid the fiscal cliff, the automatic spending cuts and tax increases that go into effect january 1. >> i think we're farther apart but we're coming together. >> i think we're nowhere, period. >> thursday treasury secretary tim geithner presented obama's
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plan, including $1.4 trillion in tax increases. >> there's not going to be an agreement without rates going up. >> president obama also proposed a $16 billion of spending cuts. >> i'm just flabbergasted. i looked at him and said you can't be serious. >> the house speaker says republicans put increased revenues including efforts to close tax loopholes and put the tax cuts on the table instead of raising tax rates for anyone. >> if there's another way to get income from upper income americans that doesn't hurt our economy, then why wouldn't we consider it. >> those are publicly unchanged deadlines. whether political theater or political reality, there's more to going over the fiscal cliff
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far beyond hypothetical. >> i think we're going over the clif. >> if they are going to force higher rates on virtually all americans because they're unwilling to let tax rates go up on 2% of americans, then that's the choice we have to make. >> emily joins us live from washington and so ellie, did anyone on any of the talk shows offer something resembling a bipartisan deal, or was effort just negativity? >> when the weekend began, an official who's very familiar with this -- as we saw on the talk shows today, there's no word that anything has been added to anyone's calendars in the past couple of days. so is there hope a deal can be reached? certainly that hope is still alive. but is there a timeline in place as to when it will happen, that's not known.
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>> emily schmidt, for us live in washington. thanks so much. a series of suicide car bombings leave five people dead in eastern afghanistan today, insui insure gents -- taliban has claimed tonight for the attacks. the internet blackout is over in syria. meanwhile a car bomb went off near a mosque and homes killing 15 people and wounding 24 hours. another car bomb wounded 34 people. mexico has a new president, but not everyone is happy about it. protesters clashed with police outside the congress as president enrique panieto was being sworn in.
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protesterings threw rocks. election day was a month ago, but it looks like some politicians are already starting to campaign anew. it's the never ending campaign and we'll go on the trail. and on friday, the supreme court justices had the chance to tell us if they would weigh in on same-sex marriage, but not a word from the bunch. whi we'll weigh in on why it doesn't necessarily mean they're done with the issue. ♪ a powerful, fuel-efficient engine, but it's not from japan. ♪ it's a car like no other... from a place like nother. introducing the all-w 2013hevrolet malibu, our greatest malibu ever. ♪
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was so last month. that means it was time for -- a political editor paul stein hauser in washington calling the never ending campaign, paul? >> hey, deb, the presidential election may be fading into the rear view mirror. but it sounds a lot like campaign season. >> i spent a lot of time on the campaign trail visiting with people like you. push. >> pushing to avert the fiscal cliff. house republicans hours before the president's trip, pushed back against mr. obama's plans in their own campaign style video. >> this notion of $250,000 being the top 2% or the wealthy people in america, ignores the way most small businesses work in america. >> this political fight's over policy, but if you weren't paying attention, you would wear
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that the presidential election was still going on. while the fiscal cliff battle plays out, campaign politics marches on. >> i want to help create a better united states. we're months removed from the 2012 election, but governor rounds is looking forward to 2017. while 2014's a long way away, 2013 is just beyond the horizon, that's when chris christie -- >> i don't want to leave now. we have a job to do. that job won't be finished by next year. >> it may be the holiday season, but it seems there is no holiday from campaign politics. >> thanks, paul.
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well, the priority for congress and the white house tomorrow, making head way on the fiscal cliff. and stopping automatic spending cuts and instant tax hikes from hitting every american. negotiations between the who is and congress has stalled, john boehner calling it a stalemate. there are 30 days to go. charles, draw me a picture, how does this end? is staking out their positions, and really coming and enjoying the ring around the area where they are lease protecting where they want to advance, so the presidents and the democrats are basically outlining the increased revenue side of the spectrum. and the republicans are looking at it and saying come to the table and tell us what you're going to do in terms of cutting entitlements and spending.
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so both of them are now at this phase where it looks like they're at lagger heads. i happen to believe that we don't know what's happening behind the scenes. some of this can just be political posturing, we don't know the discussions that are being had in private and no one wants to be the person who blinks first. the president and democrats say we won, why should we blink first. and boehner is trying to protect his job. he has to keep his promise in congress. and that is going to take some political maneuvering. so i think on the surface, they don't want to be seen as giving. >> very simplistically, what we're talking about is creating an exceptional national budget, how much do we need to spend, how much do we need to cut? that's a simple way of deciding,
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has anyone reached a consensus on what the budget needs to be. the president has said he wants to bring in $1.6 trillion over the next ten years, boehner has said half of that, only 526 billion. >> i don't they have agreed on where we need to be. they want to agree if they can bring down the deficit in terms of bringing more taxes in terms of revenue or cutting spending. and the third leg of that is something we don't know. how can we make the economy grow, if the economy grows faster, then we don't need to cut as much and we don't need as much revenue. the growth of the economy is in a way the fuzziest of all these things, because you don't know how fast, you can have estimates, you do have, the birth in the hand is you know you can bring in more revenue if
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you raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. you know you can save money if you cut entitlements. the question is how far do we want to go down the road of solving the problem. some people may say, we don't have to get all the way, as long as we make progress and we show to americans that you guys are in good hands with us, because at least we're going in the right direction, right now we can't even say that. >> right, so really that's what the wild card is, and what's so interesting, is you know, all of these things have a price tag. you raise taxes on the top 2%. you get x billions or 1.trillion of new money. if you cut you get this much. so there's really a laundry list of prices that each side is willing to agree on. do you think they're going to go right down to the wire? >> i think it probably will go down to the wire, but the question will be whether or not they will put in some measures and not do the whole grand bargain. >> right. >> or will they let everything
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expire after the fact of us going over the fiscal cliff and say now let's pass the things we think are important to most persons if we can't pass and agree on something that's important to all americans. but i think what both sides are trying to do in terms of positioning, is to look like they are looking out for the middle class. and that becomes the issue where you know, it becomes a tug of war and kind of a matter of semantics, where, if you raise taxes on the upper income people, are they in fact job creators and has there been any demonstration that keeping taxes lower on those individuals will create jobs o will it not create job? if you go where republican's point of view and eliminate deductions, many people are not so wealthy. it becomes an issue of how do we deal with this and also look
1:18 pm
like you're looking out for the middle class? >> i think a lot of people, their heads are spinning right now. all they want to know is that it's going to get taken care of and it's going to be taken care of in a way that's going to meet everyone's needs. we appreciate you coming on today. thanks so much. and coming up after the break, we'll tell you about a courageous teacher who gave up his own life. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪
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in wyoming, a teacher at casper college may have saved the lives of several of his students. james crumb who was a computer science teacher was teaching friday when a man burst into his classroom, shooting the instructs for in the head with a hunting bow. crumb tackled the man giving students time to escape. more shock, police say the attacker was the teacher's own son. and before the attack, the son had fatally stabbed the teach
1:22 pm
teacher's girlfriend at his home. nick wollensky has been following this story, and i know that police are praising jack crumb for his actions. >> this is something we hope never happens in this country. there are reports that at least six students were in the classroom at the time of this incident. we do know as you mentioned, the son was identified as the son of that teacher, professor jim crumb what was shot in the classroom. 25-year-old chris crumb who's been identified, entered the classroom and reportedly concealed the prosz cross bow in a blanket. he had several knives on him. police say that's when he shot, mortally wounding, shot from the cross bow injuring his father. but miraculously, the professor was able to stay alive long enough to struggle with his son so that six students could
1:23 pm
escape from a classroom. the local police chief praised jim crumb's actions. >> the suspect entered the classroom where professor crumb was preparing to start the day. crumb got struck with the arrow and even though mortally would be -- wounded, he was able to fight the suspect off while the students were able to escape. >> any motive as why to why this young man was so angry that he killed his dad and his dad's girlfriend. >> clearly something snapped in this 25-year-old. i spoke with a neighbor of the couple of these professors, the neighbor said the couple was very friendly, she met them last summer, but they largely kept to themselves. so it's still a mystery got what
1:24 pm
happened here and what the motive was behind that. we put in a call to casper police department and they have yet to call us back. >> thank you very much for bringing that report. same-sex marriage, the supreme court is still considering whether to review one of at least five key cases. many thought word would come friday, that's when the justices met behind closed doors, but in the end, well, we heard nothing, he's a civil rights attorney and democratic strategist, richard, what is fascinating to me, it is your former boss bill clinton who signed the defense of marriage act as between a man and woman only. does he regret his decision? >> he says that he regrets it and now he's a strong proponent
1:25 pm
for same-sex marriages. >> the supreme court will at least take one of these cases. why do you think the court did not come out with a decision on which case to review? >> well, i think that they probably decided that these are complicated issues, in fact they're quite complicated and quite historic and they probably need a little bit more time. but we expect, i think the big news for next week is we expect either tomorrow, monday morning, but at some point next week, maybe as late as friday afternoon, but at some point next week, we're going to start to hear from the supreme court, which cases they will consider, we feel pretty strongly that they will accept for consideration the constitutionality of the defense of marriage act. and the big matter that may come out of the court next week is the proposition 8 case out of california. because if they decide not to
1:26 pm
hear the proposition 8 case, then same-sex marriage will continue to be permitted in california. >> in states where they do marry as legal, but they're not entitled to federal protection which is one of the reasons why it's being considered, no? >> that's right and that's very important and the key point here relating to the federal defense of marriage act, that is the law which says that even if you're married to your same-sex partner in a state which recognizes such marriages, a state like new york where i am this afternoon, that the federal government will not recognize you for federal purposes. which means that you continue file an income tax, you can't get survivor benefits, none of the other benefits that same-sex couples may get. even though you live in a state
1:27 pm
where your same-sex marriage is constitutional. when the supreme court issues a decision next june, it will declare the same-sex marriage issue unconstitutional. well, john mcafee is a political defector. plus, would you be willing to give up your career to pursue your faith? these two brothers did just that. most people tend to think more about how they brush than what they brush with.
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until i show them this. the oral-b pro-health clinical brush. its pro-flex sides adjust to teeth and gums for a better clean. the pro-health clinical brush from oral-b. welcome back. here's what's happening right now. the kansas city chiefs played their nfl game and won this afternoon, despite the tragic loss of a team member. linebacker javon belcher shot his girlfriend and then shot himself. two people died, 30 others were hurt when the driver mistakenly drove the 9-foot-tall
1:31 pm
four bus into an area where the clearance is only 8.5 feet. investigators say clearly marked signs -- john mcafee became famous as a pioneer of anti-virus software who was reportedly worth 100 million dollars. mcafee is onning the run from authorities who want to question him on the death of a neighbor. he sat down last week with cnn's martin savidge. if you think that decision odd, hear what he had to say. >> reporter: my interview began not long after i arrived. it wasn't that easy, what followed was a long drivethrough winding, twisting streets. instead we get into a parking lot, we quickly get into another
1:32 pm
vehicle, drive off again, this time with switch backs, u turns an back alleys. it was clearly meant to confuse us and anyone following. observation number one, with john mcafee there's so such thing as a simple answer. you are john mcafee? >> i think so, yes, i am john mcafee. >> he was anxious, fidgety. are you nervous? >> wouldn't you be. >> his hair is jet black, and he asked for his hair to dry before starting our interview. and that interview ranged from completely convincing to when i asked about his neighbor's murder. >> he was 200 yards down the beach. >> too off the wall. >> do you really believe the
1:33 pm
government is, this is a vendetta of the government by belize to take you down and kill you? >> absolutely, sir. >> he says he's not on drugs and he hasn't touched alcohol in 30 years, but he has started smoking again, which he puts down to current circumstances. and he's not alone, running with his 20-year-old girlfriend, and mcafee, who is 67 openly speaks of many more. >> it's sluabsolutely sure that had six, how many? . >> reporter: it seems real. are you a smart man? i know you're an intelligent man. >> i don't think so, if i were smart, why would i be here? i'm a foolish man, i know that much. >> >> reporter: and you know what? i believe him. thank you.
1:34 pm
stories trending on the web right now, college basketball fans are paying tribute to legendary coach rick majerus, he dieded of heart failure in los angeles, he was 64. majerus had only one losing seen while at marquette, he was known for the strong -- in suburban los angeles tests over a neighborhood home acting illegally as a birthing center. pregnant chinese women fly in to give birth so their babies can be u.s. citizens. and then when their children actually turn 21, they will sponsor relatives to come to the united states. rising rents and declining sales have forced it to close its doors. a sad stay for a landmark that has served so many.
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well for recent stories about how more young people than ever before are rejecting religion. we're going to hear from two boys who are bucking that trend. who are sacrificing their nfl careers for their faith. our hol. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. y'know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. yeah, i know. oh, you're good. [ laughing ] good luck! [ male announcer ] priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service.
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religious faith is very important to a lot of proathletes. but how many of them are willing to give up their careers to preserve their faith. hans and abbull la are walking away from the nfl to make a
1:39 pm
pilgrimage to mecca. >> ever since i was young, i had a vision. a vision of becoming someone great. my dream of playing in the nfl, with my childhood dreams fulfilled, i came to realize one thing. we have got a bigger scream to pursue. >> hussein abdullah was a player in dallas and hans is a player in atlanta. i was listening to an interview given earlier and hussein you said there was a tug of war going on inside of you and you realized when both of you spoke you realized the same thing was going on, and you decided to walk away from extremely lucrative football careers. how did the trip to mecca change your perspective, not only on
1:40 pm
your life but on the game of football as well? hussein? >> the trip to mecca, i mean it was beyond a beautiful experience and every time i reflect back on it, there's a new lesson i can learn. or when someone asks me a question and i tell a story, there's something new that always comes from a previous story that i didn't even realize before. it's really humbled me, it's really centered me, it's really opened my eyes to a lot of things. and my whole outlook on life is just been completely different now. and even in respects to turning back to football, you know, football to a lot of football players is everything, that's all we have growing up from a young age because a lot of people are from tougher back grounds, lower income families and football is all you can hold on to. and for me, it's, you know, there's things outside of football, there's life outside of football. there are things that are bigger
1:41 pm
than football. so, yes, us working out and trying to get back into the nfl, i'm going to be a lot more appreciative of being able to play the game that i love, but at the same time know that there is more to life than just football. >> hans, a lot of people would say why not wait? why not simply finish your career in football, they don't last forever and make the pilgrimage to mecca at another time? >> well, hajj is prescribed on all muslims if they have the health and the wealth to do it. and football season goes up until january and february and due to the lunar calendacalendah the islamic calendar, hajj actually falls in football season for the next ten years, we don't know how long we have for our football career and we also don't know how long we have
1:42 pm
to live on this earth and we definitely want to take this opportunity to fulfill an obligation in our faith, in islam. >> hans, your father's a diabetic, your mother has some health concerns, did that factor in to your decision to go now at this moment in your lives when you could afford to go and when they were well enough to go? >> yes, ma'am. my mother and my father have always dreamed of going to the pilgrimage and going to the hajj. and as a young kid, that was my ultimate dream to make to it the hajj and to be able to do it at the age of 29 and to do it with two of my brothers and also with my parents was an unbelievable experience. >> do you ever worry that you have risked your career, that by walking away from the informal when yinformal -- nfl when you did, that you'll never be able to go back into it certainly at the level
1:43 pm
that you were at. >> i'm very thankful to even have had a chance in the nfl. i was an undrafted free agentnd there wasn't a lot of guys who were pulling for me on the team and in the front office. there were a few coaches, by a lot of hard work, i was able to make it on the field and make it on the team and eventually be a starter. i knew it wouldn't last forever because i wasn't supposed to be there anyway. so me making the trip to mecca and getting to go to the hajj, i'm definitely trying my best to get back into the nfl, i got technically four years that i wasn't supposed to get anyway. >> yesterday we learned that jovan belcher of the kansas
1:44 pm
chiefs killed his girlfriend and then killed himself. what do you think about the chiefs going ahead with the game today and the struggle that was going on with this man? hussein? >> i couldn't imagine, i really couldn't. my junior year in college, before we played the game versus the oregon ducks, i found out that my mother-in-law passed away in a car crash. and it still -- it still rattles me to this day and there was no airline flight i could get to be there and i had to play in that game. i really wasn't there, my body was there, but my mind wasn't there at all. and it wreally was a surreal experience, so today, those players, those coaches, those fans, knowing that that happened, the guy that they just
1:45 pm
practiced with yesterday. knowing that he did it at that facility, i can't imagine what they're going through. all of our prayers and all of our hearts go out to them. >> certainly an inspiration to so many people who want more in their lives than perhaps just their day job. you will love more about the abdullah brothers on our belief blog, at in a minute we'll meet a pastor and an american bartender who has traveled the globe turning wine into water. you've been busy for a dead man. after you jumped ship in bangkok, i thought i'd lost you. surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . .
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well, everybody's talking about it, a unicorn lair, discovered, well it has. it is the latest in a long line of -- josh, i love it. maybe that's where all the unicorns are, they're in their lair. >> we were wondering where all the unicorns were hiding and now we know it's north korea. this is what they said. archaeologists of the history institute of the dprk academy of social sciences have recentlily recon fwirnled a lair of the unicorn ridden by the king. they say the discovery of the unicorn lair proves that i don't thi think -- pyongyang was a capital
1:50 pm
of the city off ancient korea. >> are we talking about a unicorn cemetery? or a place where unicorns hang out? >> is it where you and i should keep our unicorns are where they're buried. the report doesn't make it clear, but we are used to them saying some pretty wild things, when kim young ill when he was alive, he used to say a lot of outrageous stuff. they say when he died there was this magical light that appeared over this rock carving of him. also the first time he golfed, he got 11 holes in one. things are the things we're used to. all this unicorn thin comes on the heels of what you know about
1:51 pm
with kim young un, his son was recently in the news, calling him the sex yas man alive. >> i think he is actually. we're short of time, but josh, we really want to talk about that vampire village. so we'll come back to you later. we're going to have a lot more about cnn heroes coming up. you. to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring that out sooner. ln fact, by thinking about where want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route... leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over,
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. coming up in just a few hours, you'll want to be with us for our cnn heroes, an all-star tribute. michelle, you have had the honor of talking to a lot of the past honorees. >> i am getting my cnn heroes encyclopedia knowledge here, they are still cnn heroes, because once a hero, always a hero. they have been filling me in on all the great works they have zone since they became a cnn. dock henley, we were talking
1:55 pm
early about you were doing such good work before you became a hero, but since then, your project, wine to water, which brings fresh water to third world companies, the most basic thing we need to live -- >> now in just the three years since, we have zbrogrown, we're 15 countries now around the world. we have reached 150,000 people for water, in war stricken places like haiti and i was actually in syria providing r refugees with water. you've got people whose lives have been flipped upside down this last year, year and a half. and one of the most basic things we forget about is that when they get to a camp setting, they
1:56 pm
lack the most basic needs of clean water. if you think about food, someone can survive in a camp with seven days or more without food, but you can't survive for more than three stdays without water. >> doc's story is going to be mirrored on stage with the 2012 cnn heroes. >> i would say soak it in, because i remember this night, it was one of the most memorable nights in mine and my family and everybody in our organization's life. when you see people to honor and respect, just an ordinary person, they're going to remember it for the rest of their lives. >> we have folks line susan s sarandon. just like doc was telling me
1:57 pm
earlier, i'm just an everyday guy, but these are the people who are making a difference in the world. and we're pleased we can take at least one night to say thank you. >> these are people who are healing the world a little bit at a time and actually transforming the lives of so many people. thanks michelle, and thank you to doc there. join us at 8:00 for "cnn heroes: sharing the spotlight". >> and next hour, we will sit down with brad pitt, from his marriage to angelina jolie to gay marriage rights. most people tend to think more about how they brush than what they brush with. until i show them this. the oral-b pro-health clinical brush.
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