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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  December 8, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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bottom of the hour now, welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. victor blackwell is off today. here are five stories we're watching this morning. in our first story a royal prank takes a tragic turn and now two australian radio hosts are off the air. this after the nurse who took a prank call from the deejays about the pregnant duchess of cambridge committed suicide. the nurse who had worked at king eduard xii hospital for two years leaves behind a husband and two children. the tapes which contained information on agents and investigations were accidentally left in a pouch on a subway. it actually happened in 2008, but the tapes never been found and an investigation is under way and changes to agency protocol have already been made as a result. lawmakers demanded answers
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after the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. well, now they will hear from secretary of state hillary clinton. she will testify before a house committee on a state department report on the september 11th attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the report is expected next week. to politics now, he served his state as republican, left the party and turned independent and now charlie crist is officially a democrat. crist announced friday on twitter that he had signed papers switching party affiliation. some are speculating that he made the move perhaps to position himself for a run against republican governor rick scott. co coming up in 2014. look at this wild police chase through the streets of miami. police say a man stole a u-haul truck and sped away from police when an officer tried to stop him. when they finally got the truck to stop, you can see it there,
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they drew their guns. but watch what happens next. a mob of law enforcement surrounds the truck and they break the window and yank the suspect out of the driver seat. the police pounce on him and cuff him and police identify the suspect as darrell conyers. no serious injuries reported there. well, before the break i asked you this political junky question. who did south carolina senator jim demint replace when he originally won his senate seat? the answer, earnest hollings. hollings, a democrat, served nearly 40 years in the senate. for most of those years he was there alongside south carolina's other long-time senator, strom thurmond. all right. i'm just going to say it, fiscal cliff, i know, i know, you've heard it. you've heard enough of it, but after another week without progress in washington, the
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possibility of plunging off the ejd is edge is becoming more of a reality and that could mean real changes for real people. stephanie rule joins me live now to talk a little bit about this. good morning, stephanie, how are you? >> good morning, randi. i was just saying moments ago that i am very concerned about the fiscal cliff but tearing up over besse cooper and the 8-year-old twins from oklahoma. what a morning you're having. >> what a life she had. >> amazing. >> well, let's talk about the cliff now that your eyes are dry. i hope this doesn't bring you to tears -- >> not yet. >> 24 days and counting until that deadline. but for the average american, what will it look like if we go off the cliff? will it be better for anyone? this is a very stressful time. you know, people talk about the cliff like it's this major event, which it is, but almost like a y2k. what are things going to look like january 2nd? from a paycheck perspective,
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you'll see less money in your paycheck if we do fall off the cliff. as far as the economy goes, not really a cliff. more like a slope and we are going to see most likely an economic slow down where jobs are going to slow down because we're not going to see companies expand. we're not going to be seeing them grow and this economy that we've been hoping to see in recovery really headed in the other direction. we can really face a recession, but not something we're going to see january 2nd, 3rd and 4th. >> people hear you say smaller paychecks. what about the payroll tax hike? >> it is a negative. people need to prepare that come the new year they are going to get less money in they paychecks. for those who haven't had a long time for a very long time or living paycheck to paycheck this is a big issue. earlier this week we spoke to the president of pennsylvania that people are pouring in reaching out to their local legislatures saying help us get some compromise because in this
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economy people simply can't afford it and it is january 2nd right after the new year when it will affect paychecks and one of the things, randi, that is so disappointing. this fiscal cliff didn't come out of no where. we knew it was coming, it was rolling our direction. but one thing frustrating americans is it seemed like the cliff was being ignored or put on hold while the campaign was going on. it was the day after the election. we saw the dow drop 300 points and suddenly everyone woke up and said we have to face this cliff and the question is, can they really address these issues in the next 24 days with the president heading for vacation and congress about to go home? it doesn't feel good. >> no. in terms we're waiting to find out if we're going to go over the cliff, but we're already seeing the effects of it, aren't we? a lot of americans without jobs and just the fear of going over the cliff is affecting it because it's affecting hiring. >> without a doubt. you wonder if it's affecting big business or small business. corporate ceos are simply sitting on their hands.
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you are seeing u.s. corporations with more money on their balance sheet than they had in years. the fact that they're facing more health care costs to pay out to their employees and they don't know what the tax climate is going to look for them. they're not growing their business and they're not creating innovation. it improves what they're doing in the equity markets and for small businesses, if big businesses don't do well, small businesses don't. if people don't have jobs, if they're not making more money, they're not in those businesses, they're simply not spending. >> what do you make of those that say maybe it is better we go over the cliff. some say we're not getting the job done unless we feel the pain. >> those are people who really have long-term views and that may be a resolution. earlier this week we spoke to barry stern who said we simply need to simplify our tax code and start from zero, but actually getting there, randi, getting back to zero, almost impossible. even in the long term if it helps the country organically
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grow, it's very difficult to get there and very few people want to see us fall off the cliff. they want to get us back into an economic recovery. they want the u.s. equity markets to improve because that affects your 401(k) and your pension and it affects real people today. >> yeah, 24 days and counting. stephanie, nice to see you, again. thank you. >> great to see you, randi. defending himself. the free lance photographer who took the infamous photo of a man about to be killed by an oncoming subway train speaks out. >> if i could have, i would have saved him. it wasn't important to get the photograph. >> minutes after this confrontation, the victim was pushed on to the tracks. hear more from the photographer who captured his final moments, next.
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welcome back. 42 minutes past the hour now. it is the picture that shocked new york and the country and had many people asking themselves what they would have done. now a family is grieving and a suspect in man's death is in custody. the victim was shoved on to the tracks in a new york subway station last monday. a freelance photographer on the
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platform took a photo of his final moments. he has come under intense criticism just for that. he defended himself on cnn's "anderson cooper 360." >> in retrospect, do you feel you should have done something different or could have done something different? >> it is very hard to say and in hindsight, i would say that i would have said, mr. han, run the other direction. in looking at the image on it, there were only about three cars into the station and all he had to do was outrun three cars and he would have lived. >> his wife said he had been drin drinking and some alcohol was found on him, as well. >> i am not aware of that and i'm not aware of his interaction with his wife. >> for you, what has this been
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like? not only to wince an event like this is horrific and then to come under the kind of criticism that you had come under from people who were not there. what is that like? >> they were not there and i look at them as arm chair critics and when you are in a situation, you realize what it is and it was a very fluid situation. the photographs are still. you see the train and you see mr. han at one spot, but in reality, the train is moving towards him. i do not know what speed it is, but it was really fast. >> have you ever seen somebody boog killed before? >> no. i have never and it is a very traumatic experience and it's like every time, if i have to relive it. i did not sleep for close to 36, 40 hours. >> obviously, we talk about his funeral to his family, what would you say? >> as i have said earlier that
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mrs. han, if i could have, i would have saved him. it wasn't important to get the photograph. >> a homeless man has been arraigned in the subway victim's death. he is charged with second degree murder and his next court appearance is tuesday. is it the end of gangnum style? music star psy apologizing to some offended americans and we'll tell you why. plus, a major change for psychiatrists are getting new guidelines on disorders like hor hoarding, which could change the way many people are treated. if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel.
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major changes coming to the way psychiatric disorders are diagnosed. the changes to the diagnosis guide book are due next year. athung mong the biggest is the autism is viewed. all filed under one heading,
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autism spectrum disorder. i talked with dr. sanjay gupta about two of the other big changes. >> actually called disruptive mood disregulation disorder. >> i think i threw a few of those, mood disorders when i was a kid. >> i'm going to go to my daughter's and say you're having a disruptive mood disorder. if they throw three or four temper tantrums for a week then they may have this diagnosis. it's interesting, i tell you as a dad and as a doctor, there is more diagnosis. when you talk to people who help create the dsm, this is in an effort so children aren't given a diagnosis of bipolar. they didn't know how to categorize these children before who had these behavioral issues and now this offers another diagnosis and it helps from a
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treatment standpoint to be more consistent in how these children are treated. >> what is this about hoarders, changes have been involved. >> it used to be known as ocd, obsessive compulsive disorder. they say hoarding is different. it is people who collect a lot of stuff, but it's to the point where it's truly impairing their lives. it's impairing tear lives and maybe their loved ones lives that are living with with them from ocd in that people who hoard things, they experience tremendous negative emotion when getting rid of those things, whereas with people with ocd may not have the negative emotions, so, again, these may sound like subtle differences, randi, but from a treatment standpoint and, you know, a counseling sustained point, it makes a difference, again, to have these different categories to be consistent, you know, in how the treatment is administered. >> time now to see what's trending on the web. he once ran for president of the
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u.s., of south carolina, and now stephen colbert for senate? with republican jim demint of south carolina leaving the senate before his term is over, there's already a groundswell of support on the web for colbert to take his seat. someone has already even created @colbertforsenate but alas south carolina governor nikki halec is dashing the dream of colbert fans everywhere. in a facebook past haley said he forgot about a key state about his home state, south carolina state drink is milk and did thank him for his interest. sushi, anyone? take a look at the size of this fish, wow. it might be the largest yellow fin tuna ever caught with a rod and a reel. look at that thing. a fishermen battled the big fish for two hours in mexican waters about 1,000 miles southwest of
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san diego. i cannot get over the size of that fish. the official weight won't be known until sunday when they pull into port, but in a telephone interview, the boat skipper said it weighed in at a record 459 pounds. wow. is this the end of "gangnam style" mania? korean pop star psy, his music video has become the most watched video in youtube history with a billion hits is now apologizing for anti-american lyrics he rapped back in 2004. nick valencia is here to talk more about this so this actually resurfaced on cnn through an i-report. you actually had a chance to watch it. >> i did watch the video and in full disclosure, transparency, not allowed to show the video for legal reasons, but it's pretty dramatic video. he lifts up a tank over his head, a u.s. army tank on the ground and uses his mike to crush the pieces that remain. he made the comments after 2004. you'll remember how divisive the iraq war was, of course, i don't have to tell you, but he made
4:53 am
the comments after there was an execution of a korean missionary in iraq. a lot of people in south carolina at the time blamed the u.s. occupation there in 2004 on the reason why this missionary was executed. some of the lyrics, randi, are pretty dramatic. they say kill those f'ing yankees torturing iraqi captives and calls for the death of the mothers and doubt errs and the westerners that killed and led to the execution of the south korean missionary. >> he's apologizing. >> trying to do a pr blitz and issued this apology and he said while i'm grateful for the freedom to express one's self i've learned there are limits to what language is appropriate, and i'm deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted. i will forever be sorry for any pain that i've caused. >> this is a guy who is so popular. i mean, his music, his song, that one song, has everybody getting up and out of their chair. what could this mean for his career? now has the most watched youtube
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video? >> very popular. when i first popular video on reddit and had 5,000 clicks and now there's 1 billion clicks. falls in line with other artists who said similar things. the dixie chicks came out against george w. bush and sinead o'connor, the ripping of the pope's photograph and did damage the careers a little bit and have you to wonder if some of the stations here in the south or even in the united states are going to stop playing some of his music also, stop playing "gangnam style," we'll see what the fallout is and keep an eye on it. >> all right, nick, thank you. appreciate that. >> thank you. we'll be right back. etter es while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ] if you're a man with low testosterone, you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm.
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we all know that dogs love
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to ride in cars. you always see them with their little heads poking out window with tongues wagging, but for some dogs that is just not good enough. now, they want to change seats. our jeanne moos takes a look. >> reporter: sniff this. dogs giving up the back seat for the driver's seat. >> just when you thought you've seen it all. >> reporter: and soon we'd all seen it, video of three dogs at an spca branch in new zealand being taught to shift gears. >> good. >> reporter: and steer. >> clever boy. >> reporter: first on carts and then on actual cars with the controls modified for doggie legs. a is the command for accelerate. >> good boy. >> reporter: next week after two months of training porter will attempt to drive a mini cooper alone on an empty track live on new zealand television. just months ago the idea of a dog driving was considered a joke, a gag subaru used to
4:59 am
advertise cars. and remember those old "snl" bits? let's hope the new zealand dogs. >> look out! >> reporter: do better than the driving cat did. the motorist must were celebrated by gawker with the headline "dog drives man." buzzfeed noted finally, dogs who chase cars will have something to do once they catch them, and though david letterman didn't even need to make a joke to get a laugh. >> honest to god. >> yeah. >> isn't that -- >> reporter: he nevertheless did the top ten signs your dog is a bad driver. >> crosses four lanes of traffic to go after a squirrel. oh, no. >> reporter: online posters imagine the future, i see dogs in cars cutting me off and then flipping meet paw. look, i know you have a dog


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