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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 11, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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couple of shots, then i didn't wasn't too concerned and heard another 15, 16 shots. so santa hit the deck. >> small santa talking about the shooting outside of portland. a reminder we are following breaking news throughout the night and in to the morning about the shooting in portland, oregon. this is the holiday season and as bad as it was the killer could have made his appearance not on a tuesday but on a friday or saturday with more kids and people around. that said it was bad enough as it was. two dead and others wounded. as always a lot of sadly
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ly walking from the back of my store toward the front when i heard the first gunshot. my first thought was something large has fallen but they were within a half second of each other and by the third shot, i thought, this is happening this is real. these are gunshots and this is going on. i changed glances with my manager and it was go time that we needed to get to safety. we were escorting guests that were in our store as well as guests in the corridor of the mall in the hallway and other employees who work at kiosks that are throughout the middle of the mall and in to our back room. as these shots were being fired. >> taylor, you have a security gate at the store that you work in. were you able to get that security gate closed and effectively seal off the people who you were able to get in the store? >> i was. actually after we got everybody in to our back room i realized the gate was still open and we
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needed to close the gate because if the gate is not close wed are still in harm's way. so i had to run back from the safety of our back of our store to shut this gate, which is an automatic gate in which we have to sit and turn a key until it is fully down. i was sitting there closing this gate which takes a gook 45 to 60 seconds, i honestly didn't know where the gunman was coming from, where he was. what he looked like. i was just waiting for him to come in to view and see me, and shoot me. >> so this is all transpiring in the 45 seconds it took for the gate to close. you estimate you were, what, 20 to 40 feet away from the shooter? >> i don't know where he was. i never saw him. i heard several different locations where he was. from our store from where the macy's store is about 100 feet.
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he could have been anywhere 20 to 100 feet. >> how long were you and all of those guests that you had in your store and of course on the outside of your store that you brought in, how long were you in lockdown and in hiding before someone came to rescue you or at least to evacuate you from the mall? >> we were in our back room for a good two hours. >> two hours. >> yes. >> with no information as to whether the shooter was still out there. >> we were getting phone calls and text messages from loved ones who let us know he was still in the mall and still at large. we knew that probably within 45 minutes of us being in there and we didn't hear he was actually neutralized, that he had committed suicide until a good hour and a half to two hours. >> we are looking at pictures of other guests escorted out of the mall with hands in the the air. 100 police officer from
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different agencies that responded. at what point did you finally come in contact with those police officers who finally evacuated you and rescued you? >> we were -- by our standard we are not allowed to leave our back room until we were told so. we were waiting for a phone call from mall security to let us know that we were safe to be evacuated. when they called us and let us know the police were outside and they were ready to evacuate us is when we left the back room and we were escorted out to the parking lot of the mall. >> taylor, i know from our prodeucers said you are so shaken up about, this and you are doing this interview from your car because you are too afraid to move and i appreciate the time and detail you are able to provide to tus. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> i want to bring in 18-year-old alexis. she was in the mall getting her hair done and heard the sounds of gun fire.
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she's on the phone with us, as well, tonight. i don't know if you were able to hear taylor's version of what she saw and witnessed, give us your perspective on what happened when you heard those gunshots. >> yes, hi there. i did hear her story. my story is a little different. i was actually downstairs, a little ways away from where he shooting was. i had just got my hair done and the girl was blow drying my hair when all of a sufden over the blow drier we could hear this loud noise that sounded like the roof was falling in or metal clashing. at first we weren't sure what it was and we turned off the blow dryer and we were like what is that noise and the girl doing my hair said, is that a gun? i think that's a gun. it sounds like a gun and the receptionists looked in to the mall and saw multiple people running and scattering away and running outside and she was like oh, my god, it's a gun.
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so we all ran outside through the back of the hair salon n to the back of the mall where employees enter. we were back there hiding behind a dumpster, very near to the door. i was with a lady who is pregnant, a mom with a small child and we all evacuated immediately and we hid back there for a few minutes and started to hear the sirens of multiple cop cars. this were tons of cop cars and then we decided it would probably be safer to go to the parking lot, because we were very near to a door -- >> at first, when you escaped from the mall, the first time you sought cover, i heard it was a dumpster that you were hiding behind? >> yes. we were hiding behind the dump isster and it was very near to the door and we weren't sure where the shooting was at in the mall, where he was going to exit. so we decided we should go further and try to get away from the entrance. so we went out to the parking
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lot and this was a lot of people in the parking lot and we were hiding behind bars and a lady approached us and she said, hi there. i'm with x law enforcement. i used to work for the police and i want you to know if someone comes out and asks for your keys or belongings, just give them to them. it might be the shooter looking for a car to try tos escape. that alarmed me. >> wow. >> i wasn't sure what was going on and i was really scared and i didn't have time to even grab my keys or phone or purse i just left inside because i tried to get out as fast as i could. >> did you see any evidence of the first responders, gurneys, did you see anyone injured? >> i did not see anyone injured. i saw many police cars there were many unmarked cars, police cars from around clackamas. i grew up in clackamas and have been to this mall hundreds of times. i was just there yesterday shopping with my mom and was
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planning to go to macy's after i got my hair done and if i had been there 20 minutes later i probably would have been faced with the gunman. it is very scary because one of my close friends brushed up against him in macy's and she told me she saw his gun. you don't realize these things can happen in your own community, let alone with your loved ones. i'm just nervous to hear of who the victims are and that kind of thing. >> alexis, we are glad you are okay. shaken up but okay. and thank you for talking to us tonight. alexis winterhalter joining us live after that shooting. of course, those developments will continue to come in to cnn. we are also watching another breaking story. we have been following north korea because north korea has fired a long-range rocket from its west coast launch pad. japanese government says the rocket even passed over the
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island of okinawa. this is the second launch since north korea's leader kim jong-un took power after his father died nearly a year ago. the u.n. security council is planning to meet tomorrow and the discussion, north korea's controversial launch. our paula hancock is out front tonight in seoul, south korea. what are the officials in seoul saying about what happened? >> reporter: well, we have confirmation from forth korea as far as they are concerned this rocket launch was a success. we had a special broadcast on north korean television just about an hour ago. a very jubilant and excited news reader announced the rocket launch was a success and that the satellite had entered pre-set orbit. north koreans have claimed success in the face of failure in the past. so we have to wait for confirmation. we are waiting on the u.s. and south korean officials working closely to together to see whether or not that satellite
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is, in fact, in orbit. the south korean response, as you can imagine, is one of condemnation. the blue house which is the korean equivalent of the white house issued a statement, lee myung-bak who was called just after this rocket launch to be informed he has been in closed-door meet wgz close advisers for hours and he has an announcement saying this is, this is in clear violation of the united nations security council resolutions. basically the united states and south korea and many other regional powers believe this wasn't to put a working satellite in to orbit as north korea claims. they believe this was to test out the long-range missile technology, which is banned by the united nations. the blue house also saying it is a challenge and threat to the peace of northeast asia and the peace of the world. they are calling on north korea to spend this money on its people rather than on the rocket
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launch itself. but for north korea, this was incredibly important. they wanted this rocket launch to happen before the end of the year. 2012 is an important year for north korea. they want to commemorate the birth of kim jong-un and the death of kim jong-il. as far as they are concerned they say it was a success but we have to wait for confirmation. >> we had less than success for them in april when their similar launch actually broke apart. many said that was rather embarrassing for the administration in north korea. but this is pretty soon after that to have a successful launch. is there some concern there is another country out there helping north korea to get this technology to work? >> certainly there is that concern and there have been many reports and plenty of speculation about who might be
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helping north cia korea in their technology. of course it is almost impossible to get information out of north korea. it is an incredibly isolated, closed regime. the information officially we get from that country is through its state-run media. so nothing gets out of north korea unless it is choreographed through k cna, the state-run news agency and the state-run television and it is highly choreographed and many would say propaganda. what we hear from north korea is what north korea wants the world to hear. it is very difficult to get an indication on that. here in seoul, one senior government official told me they are concerned, even with failure that north korea carrying out with rocket launches they are still learning. they are learning from mistake and can get better. this is a trial and era for north korea. the more they do, even if they are failures in the yeas of the international community they are
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still learning from them. >> paula hancocks reporting live in south korea. we have this just in from our erin burnett who is not doing this show tonight because she is traveling with the secretary of defense. and the defense department acknowledged the missile launch, the statement goes on to say north american aerospace command officials tracked the launch at 7:49 p.m. eastern time. initial indications are the first stage fell to the yellow sea. the second stage was assessed to fall in to the philippines sea. initial indications are that the missile deployed an object that appeared to achieve orbit. again, appeared to achieve orbit. at no time was the missile or the debris 'threat to north america. i want to go to my colleague barbara starr, our pentagon correspondent who is live on the phone. clearly this has to set off the
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alarm bells within the pentagon staff. >> reporter: oh, i think there is no way around it. this is huge news. that one little sentence you just read, initial indications are the missile deployed an object that appeared to achieve orbit, the north koreans had been trying for years to put a satellite in to space by all indications what they have achieved now with this orbit is doing something very close to that, if not that itself. an object that appeared to achieve orbit. the u.s. military and the intelligence community has determined that tonight, by going back through the satellite and intelligence data that they quickly collected about this north korean launch in determining they did manage to put something in to orbit. by all accounts the first time north kraen korea has been able to do this and it is what you were just talking about.
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did they really do it on their own or did they get some crucial technology help from some other country? >> does this come to us as a complete surprise? we are pretty good with surveillance, especially satellite surveillance of these different batteries. was this a shock? did we expect this was going to happen. >> caller: the u.s. had been watching for weeks about the notion that there would be a satellite, pardon me, that there would be a missile launch. that had been expected. then the north koreans said we are having technical problems an we are going to delay it. when it happens overnight tonight in the united states, in morning time out in asia, it came as a bit of a surprise, i must tell you, according to our sources about the timing. however, they have had the u.s. intelligence looking all eyeballs on north korea for some days just in case.
11:18 pm
the timing of the launch was a bit of a surprise, even though they had been looking for it. the fact that the pentagon is now acknowledging the north koreans with this launch put something in to orbit, that's the big surprise. that's the really big surprise here. that they were able to do it because you know they tried in april and that was a complete failure. that north korean test failed after 90 seconds. how did the north koreans solve whatever problem they had? what did they really achieve here? and how did they get the knowledge and help to do this when a few short months ago they had a big failure. >> obviously a lot of answers to be expected. barbara starr our pentagon correspondent. "outfront" next, more on the breaking news out of north korea. specifically, what does this tell us about the new dear leader there?
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more on the breaking news of north korea apparently successfully launching a long-range missile this evening. in fact, i'm going to talk about that in just a moment. we are juggling two live events. at the klaas clackamas county sheriffs department there is another update as to that shooting that happened earlier at the mall. where two people werer killed and the gunman shot himself. let's listen. >> first of all, i want to make it very clear, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and their families. how much it means that we are thinking right now. and i want to make it clear the situation is over. right now we are moving to the investigation phase. the mall will be closed tomorrow. as you can imagine, it's a huge facility right there. i want to say is that for all of us the mall is supposed to be a place that we can all take our
11:23 pm
families, feel comfort canable it is a great place. especially at the holiday season like this. and these things aren't supposed to happen. you know, and we train for them, we pray and hope they never do happen, and unfortunately tonight we did have an active shooter situation where an individual came in there, took the lives of two people. we have a young lady at the hospital fighting for her life right now. i want to say i'm really proud of all of the different agencies that came together to really step up and put their lives on the line to go out there and do what they could as quickly as they could. we had people at the mall within minutes. teams were deployed responding quickly to basically hunt down and find this guy in the mall. and they did it in record time.
11:24 pm
i have to say we have just had four s.w.a.t. teams that responded an were deployed throughout the facility and continued to search out to make sure we were trying to find this individual, work hard to make sure there weren't any other individuals, and we did that. the one thing i want to say how complicated this is, it is 1.4 million square feet of property that we had to search out there within the building. today, there was 10,000 people at the mall. so there was a huge amount of people running in different directions, and it was chaos for a lot of citizens. i want to also recognize and say we had some true heros stepping up and really this time of really high stress for a lot of people in there. we had some e.r. nurses on the scene providing medical care to the folks that were injured. there was a physician on the
11:25 pm
scene that was also there helping provide care to the wounded. my thanks to those citizens and many others that really stepped up to help people get out of the mall and there were a tremendous amount of people that came together to help get as many people out of this as we could. as you can imagine, having over 10,000 people in this mall at the holiday season, having this happen, was pretty traumatic incident for a lot of people. that's really one of the things that worked out. we got a lot of people out of there and got law enforcement in there quickly to respond. with that, i want to make sure i turn it over to sergeant phillips, and have him answer any other questions. >> as the sheriff said, this is a huge facility that we're dealing. 1.4 million square feet. over 100 law enforcement
11:26 pm
agencies, over 100 law enforcement officers from around the region are assisting us currently. the atf is assisting us. the fbi is assisting us, all of our local police agencies. we thank them for their assistance now and we will be relying on them in the near future, as well. the family members or witnesses who want to contact us call 503-655-8211. if you saw something or know something about this incident, firsthand, we want to hear from you. there's a lot of speculation going on about what happened, what the circumstances were, and the active shooter situations intense situations like this get perceived many ways. you get ten people who saw the same incident and they will give you ten versions of it. we, as law enforcement officers, our job is to collect all of the information and make it in to a
11:27 pm
cohesive idea of what actually occurred, not report based on the speculation. we have tentatively identified the shooter at this time. we will not release his name or any other information other than he's an adult male until we have 100% confirmed that identity. the investigation will go on throughout the night. we have a command post set up over there. if you are a witness and you feel capable of coming back to the trirail platform to be interviewed, come there, if you don't feel up to it tonight call us at the non-emergency number we have listed. the sheriff said and i will reiterate the mall will be closed tomorrow. you can go to their website for current information, if you are an employee or store manager, you can go there. they will be also contacting you directly. if you are a citizen who left
11:28 pm
stuff behind at the mall, we have reports there are strollers, purses, bags, jackets, car keys, wallets, personal prescriptions, left behind in the mall. your stuff is secure where it is tonight. a process will be set up between the sheriffs office and the clackamas town center on how to get that property back to you. it will be a delay. it will not happen tonight. it might not happen tomorrow. it is the lower end of importance of what's important in this investigation. there's two confirmed deceased. this was in an open-area of the mall. we have a third person who's injured and is receiving medical treatment right now. we have the shooter who died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. i do not have information to share with you about what type of weapon it was.
11:29 pm
i don't know how many shots were fired. there's a lot of speculation around it but we will report on what we actually know, not speculation. with that, i open it up to questions. >> have we heard some statements from people on the scene that the shooter may have recently been fired from a job at the mall, possibly even in the food court. do we know if he had any connection to the mall or if this was a random target? >> i do not know that information. i would just caution anyone in the public, don't rely on the speculative reports that are coming out. rely on the confirmed information that we will be releasing. >> sergeant, any idea, were the shots fired outside of the mall at all? >> at this point in the investigation, i do not have that information. >> that is sergeant adam phillips of the clackamas county sheriffs office answering questions now. one of the key headlines here, the shooter has been identified but they are not releasing the
11:30 pm
identity of the shooter at this time until they are 100% certain. they said this is a young lady at the hospital tonight who's fighting for her life. this is in addition to the two who were shot dead before the shooter shot himself dead. we will have more on the other breaking story that we are following. the successful apparently successful launch of a long-range missile in north korea. that's coming up next. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪
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other breaking story we are following tonight. north korea firing a long-range missile. just moments ago, we told you the united states now acknowledges that the north koreans did launch an object in to orbit, but the north american aerospace command says at no time was the missile or the resulted debris a threat to north america. we want to get to richard -- a nuclear weapons expert and former director of asian affair at the security council and with us on the phone is pentagon correspondent barbara starr. answer me this if you can. so often we talk about the posturing of kim jong-un, the showmanship. this is not that?
11:35 pm
>> no. this was apparently a successful test, something they have tried four times in the past. as your piece earlier said they were unsuccessful earlier this year, but in 2009 they did a test that was relatively successful. this one appears to have done much better than the 2009 test and if that is forward-leaning pentagon statement says it appears to achieved orbit they have crossed a technological threshold here. >> does this tell us about the comparison between kim jong-un's administration and that of his father kim jong-il? >> that's a great question. i think people are hopeful because this was a young leader taking over who had been educated outside of north korea that the might be more reform oriented and the fact the brought in some of his own people lent credence to this hypothesis. i think we have seen clearerly
11:36 pm
from these sorts of actions, both in april, only weeks after a deal with the obama administration and now this launch that there really isn't a change in behavior. the leaders have changed but the behavior pretty much remains the same. >> barbara starr, if you could weigh in for a moment. did we expect a lot less from this leader, and if so, or if not, why does this matter so much? >> i think they least hoped he wouldn't go down this road of another missile launch in the attempt to launch from that missile something in to space, a satellite, which is what the pentagon is saying did happen tonight. why does it matter so much? asia is the economic power house already now and in the future. you have china militarizing in that region, north korea and so much commerce, money, and trade that everyone depends on now in asia.
11:37 pm
to have the militarization of the region by two such uncertain countries with uncertain tensions it is a chilling affect on the world economy. first the u.s., the national security concern about what north korea mooib might do. the deeper, broader, long-term concern about economics and trade in the region, but for them to achieve this kind of success with a long-range missile launch, that means combined with their nuclear program, by the way, of course means the concern now full tilt that they have the capability for an intercontinental ballistic missile launch, potentially in the future with a nuclear warhead and that could put hawaii, alaska and the west coast of the united states one day at risk. >> victor cha, when the government says at no time was the missile or the debris a threat to america. is it a matter of time before
11:38 pm
kim jong-un is a threat to america. >> it is only a matter of time and the time is getting shorter. it is not also the risks that barbara mentions but they have relationships with iran. every missile system they have sold to iranians and i'm sure the iranians were watching carefully whether this would be a successful or nonnot successful launch and there will be relationships that develop as a result of this test. >> victor cha and barbara starr, thank you for your insight an analysis on this. the cia agent that tracked down bin laden is celebrated by a fichlt and one former associate said the attention has led to jealous and infighting in the cia. and a navy s.e.a.l. killed in afghanistan. we will take you to his hometown so you can hear from the people who knew him best. k in 1894,
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we are back with tonight's outer circle where we reach out to our sources around the world and to egypt where pro and anti-government protesters clashed in kyra's tahrir square today. a new kroefrgs is causing more
11:43 pm
strife ahead of saturday's critical vote on egypt's new constitution. today, the embattled president mohamed morsi amended a law so voters can no longer cast their ballots outside of their electoral districts. this is what they have been doing in the past. >> reporter: the clock is ticking to saturday's nationwide vote on egypt's constitution. opposition factions, the moderates, liberals out in mass tonight, protesting against the president and the process by which the constitution was drafted. supporters of the president were out, too. unlike last week, both sides behaved sensibly. no violence or clashes. the protests were peaceful. you get the impression, the opposition is running out of time. the referendum is on saturday. beyond protests, it doesn't look like they have many options. the president's position is if the opposition doesn't like the constitution, they can vote no on saturday.
11:44 pm
tomorrow, opposition leaders set to decide whether they will take part in the referendum. >> thank you. next to mali where the country's interim president has appointed a new prime minister. the announce came hours after the country's former prime minister abruptly resigned. here's the circumstance. soldiers behind the coop showed up and arrested him. i asked about the resignation. >> reporter: he about bankruptly resigned tuesday on state television a day after arrested bay group of soldiers loyal to a former coups leader. he was brought to a television studio and gave him in statement in which he offered his resignation.
11:45 pm
his whereabouts are unknown. an interim pm has been appointed. mali was regarded as one of the more stable democracies. now other partners are considering a deployment of an african-led military force to end islamist control in northern mali. >> thank you. our fourth story "outfront," you could call this office politics at their worst which would be comical were we not talking about the cia and the agents that helped to track down osama bin laden. zero dark thirtity is a new movie about the raid and the back story to the movie is shedding light on one of the key figures who tracked bin laden down. she's a female analyst. as one former cia associate told the wp wch agents are so jealous over the attention she's been getting they are behavioring like middle schoolers with security clearances.
11:46 pm
barbara starr has more. >> there are two narratives about the location of osama bin laden. >> reporter: behind the character, hollywood it girl jessica portrays in the movie zero dark thirty. >> this is an incredible woman who didn't get credit because she is under cover. >> she was instrumental in finding where osama bin laden was hiding. >> everyone describes her as head strong and combative personality at times. >> "washington post" reporter greg miller says this cia targeting expert, who found bin laden has become a target herself. >> she has wrangled colleagues in scuffles over credit for the operations. >> reporter: former navy s.e.a.l. matt bissonnette.
11:47 pm
>> in my opinion she teed up the whole thing and is wicked smart, feisty. >> miller says she received a cash bonus for her work but still felt slighted. >> she got a more prestigious award but was put out i that others were included on the list. >> the cia insists no single person found bin laden telling cnn quote, hundreds of analysts, operator and many others played key roles in the hunt. but there are questions to be answered. >> she is also scrutiny for her interactions with film makers as part of a broader inquiry at the agency. >> whatever happened the cia analyst was not promoted. >> it was stunning that this person who played such an important role in a historic mission was blocked from getting a pretty basic promotion.
11:48 pm
>> he wonders if the cia still can't cope with a supposedly pickly personality from a woman. >> if you did run down bin laden, i don't care what your personality is like you should be promoted. >> the cia has never announced it but it has a panel of retired experts looking at why women are not being promoted aggressively. it has been a problem at the agency for decades. even though dozens of women have worked on the hunt for osama bin laden since the morning of 9/11. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> thank you. "outfront" next, during the dare rescue of an american doctor in afghanistan one of our soldiers was killed. we will hear from the people who knew him best. i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone.
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our fifth story "outfront." he was a high school graduate who earned a place among the u.s. special forces unit known for taking out osama bin laden. and achieving a near life-long goal that many can only dream of. we are learning more about the navy s.e.a.l. who died in a mission to rescue an american doctor held captive in afghanistan.
11:53 pm
>> reporter: he died doing what he dreamed about since middle school and his last operation was a success. 28-year-old nicholas check from the elite s.e.a.l. team six, the lone u.s. casualty in the mission that rescued dr. joseph from his cappers in afghanistan. tony said he dreaded this day. still -- >> i never thought that anything like that could happen to him. he was always smarter, faster, always, you know, he was always so dedicated. and you know, just blew my mind when it happened. >> the played football and wrestled with nick in middle school at norwin high school outside of pittsburgh. he and another teammate, now the assistant principal at norwin remember him as a no-nonsense kid that never wanted to be anything but a navy s.e.a.l. >> what when you went up against him in practice what was it like. >> when you got tired in the
11:54 pm
end, he didn't slow down or give in. >> her he was known as a good wrestler but not a superstar. what stold stood out to tony was an operation that nick got that didn't have anything to do with wrestling but everything to do with nick's determination and goal sghs he had lasik eye surgery when he was a junior in high school. >> why did he have that? >> to weed out any complications or any doubt that anybody would have for him to, you know, succeed in the s.e.a.l.s. he wanted perfection. >> reporter: physics teacher remembers a kid that strived for perfection in the classroom. >> he would solve problems in a way i didn't show them but they would be right. >> he went to the navy from high school. >> and in ten years served in iraq and afghanistan.
11:55 pm
was awarded the bronze star and other commendations and made it to the unit he set his sights on. now the loss is just sinking in who says that nick inspired him to join the navy and spend ten years of his life there and now go to college. >> s.e.a.l. team 6 and knowing what he did, see how far he got, yeah, it's amazing. absolutely. >> that's so emotional. brian, that's not the only loss that the people at that high school have had to endure, is it? >> it is not. there was another loss from this high school and another high-profile battle in afghanistan. this is in september. lieutenant colonel christopher rabble was killed in a well-known attack in camp bags in afghanistan.
11:56 pm
militants dressed as u.s. army soldier and breached the perimeter this. they were repelled. he led that attack. that was the operation that they said was out to kill prince harry in that raid. this man, christopher raible led the counter attack and he was killed in that battle and is a graduate of the high school. graduated 12 years before nick did. >> thank you. we have a programming note. erin will be there live on thursday in afghanistan reporting on the future prospects for that countary. piers morgan tonight is next. this holiday, share everything.
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