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tv   New Years Eve Live  CNN  December 31, 2012 10:00pm-1:00am PST

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note up there? that's going to drop. 115 feet down. and we are going to ring in 2013, brooke. here we go. 52 seconds to go. and we are bringing in 2013. no one cares that it's raining. here we go. >> we're looking at both the screens. new orleans on the left-hand side. nashville here on the right. >> shops and garage at canal place. >> 30 seconds to go. 30 seconds to go. you've got the fleur-de-lis, really the symbol of this city here in louisiana. the symbol of new orleans. as we're going to watch that begin to drop. i'm cheating and looking over my shoulder. 17, 16, 15 -- watch. new orleans, nashville as we
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>> have been the year! at the new year, new orleans. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> you are looking at nashville, i am looking at new orleans. amazing fire works over the mississippi. i have a feeling the party has only begun. happy new year to all of you and thank you for inviting me and the rest of the cnn crew in to celebrate your new year with you. thank you very much for my champagne. and for the king and cake. mardi gras around the corner. it has been amazing, happy new year, we'll see you next year. now this. ♪
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[ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts worng so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums >> hey, welcome, everyone. another year and here we are again, times square, new york,
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wall-to-wall people, braving only the second really cold night all year. of course i'm here with kathy griffin. >> welcome to the countdown to the "the kathy show," bravo -- >> you're plugging already. >> anything can happen. >> anything can happen. i've heard that tag line, haven't i? >> it's not "watch what can happen" and i still have my clothes on. if anyone was watching, i tweeted a photo of anderson with a shower cap on. >> and i tweeted back i'll get you back for that. >> thank you for joining us. we're actually two and a half hours, it's like a supersized kathy episode. >> ladies and gentlemen, our first guest, rihanna. >> no, rihanna is not one of our
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guest. >> rihanna is here tonight. >> you know who is one of our guests, honey boo boo child. i know you're not excited but you're really excited. >> i was on the bandwagon so much before you or ellen, i knew her when she was a toddler and before she had a tiara. >> how did you know her before that? >> i'm a t & t fan from way back and i believe kiddie pageants are essential for self-esteem. >> we're following breaking news out of washington where lawmakers have reached a deal on the fiscal budget and the tax deal -- >> now, will i be able to have a part -- >> no, you will not be allowed -- >> who might come on? >> vice president biden. and we'll bring on wolf blitz person. >> who is on the show? >> he's not on the show. >> is he on the new bravo show? >> no, he's not.
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>> and rihanna live here on cnn singing "ode to anderson," "calvin harris and swedish house mafia. who's calvin harris? >> okay, let me take this part. isha, help me. >> brooke is in new orleans tonight. we'll check in with her a little bit later. >> i wonder if anybody will be drunk when brook baldwin is in new orleans. it will be like a roundtable, "meet the press" type of thing. >> did you ever make out with david gregory? >> no. >> i have a little thing for him. >> you a thing for everybody. you have a thing for david gergen. >> david gergen, just google me, trust me, ladies.
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>> also john zarella is in key west, florida. giant shoe sigh 88, filled with a drag queen named sushi. >> she's kind of our honey boo boo. we put her on the map. and she loves you. >> i hope so. >> and gary tuchman is in eastport, maine where they're dropping a giant sardine. >> i'm sorry, i don't think you read that correctly. "kathy, january 10th, live countdown." >> we have rihanna and justin bieber singing together for the first time. >> no. it's not happening. >> singing wherever we go from gypsy for the first time together. >> they're going to sing "gypsy"? >> they're going to sing show tunes. >> i've never seen "gypsy." >> first of all, how many times did you cry during les mis?
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>> i haven't seen it yet. i heard it's very good, though. have you seen it? >> i just went to a safe place. >> have you seen it? >> of course i saw it. i have blood cursing through my veins, not ice like you. >> i don't know why they allowed it to be two and a half hours tonight. >> les mis? >> no, you and i. as awkward and painful as it can be, i know there's an end point. >> i'm so excited. i got so many e-mails from you. you prep so much from the show. i believe one was i'm in long island, i'll talk to you later. the other one was i have the sniffles. >> thanks for asking. i have a little bit of the sniffles. >> oh, you have the sniffles? why don't you call your friend joe biden? >> what about half man?
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the half man from two and a half men, he left the show and now angus, the half man and now he lost it. >> how do you know his name? >> i am a professional. i have a show called "kathy" coming january 10th. >> sanjay gupta is in running shoes for another new york team tradition. the annual run. >> and my annual pap smear. sanjay, there's trouble down there. i'm not going to live. do you want me to show you? >> no, sanjay is definitely not up to that. >> let's check in with isha. >> hey, guys, you're on cnn, make some noise! >> reporter: some folks have been here braving the temperatures all to be here in this special place, times square, on new year's eve. i want you to to get a sense what it means to be here.
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i've got a fellow brit here. what's your name? >> lauren. >> explain to us why you want to be here in times square? >> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> and you are from the states? >> yes. >> is this your first time? >> it's my second time to new york but it's anyway first time here for new year's eve. so i'm very excited to be here. >>reporter: i want you guys to sum up for our viewers at home what is the atmosphere like down here on the street level? >> it's so exciting. it's just amazing. it's a little bit discomfort being cold and standing in line for hours but it's totally worth it. >> unbelievable. it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> reporter: where are you from? >> canada. ontario. >> reporter: and you're having a really good time? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: everyone is having a great time, despite how cold it is. make some noise, everyone!
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>> it's like their vocal cords are frozen. it's not that bad. >> one year you took your clothes off and that was really embarrassing. >> that was last year and that was you. >> we have one direction coming up in six minutes live. what's your favorite one direction song? >> i can honestly say i don't know any one direction songs. can you name any of the members? >> yes, there's hishick, interest's francine, kendall, kim and kanye. they're all in one direction. >> hishick. it's when schlowmo can't show up. >> you act like you don't like to sing or dance or perform in any way when clearly you saw les
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mis three times. >> i did not. >> this is a little game you play where you act like you don't know things that you know. i'm going to start. you ready ♪ wherever we go >> whatever we do -- ♪ we're going to get through it ♪ >> together? ♪ through thick and through thin ♪ >> tweet me @kathy griffin if you know the lyrics to the song. i really feel bad this is your last night. >> you're going for blitzer here, aren't you? >> he gets me in a way like even rick sanchez didn't get me. who do you call less, me or rick sanchez in that's like a little inside cnn history. i'll go bernie shaw like that. >> it's only a matter of time before you bring up you know
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who? >> rachel maddow? >> no. >> poppy harlow? >> no. >> so one of your producers has the never to look at me because i made a joke about poppy harlow working at scores. do you know there's a girl on msnbc named crystal ball? >> there's nothing wrong with a crystal ball. >> there's nothing wrong with strippers. >> i think it's great you're supporting that poppy harlow is a dancer. >> that's not true. she's a correspondent. >> what was the story this year she broke? >> so the other thing i wanted to mention was that -- come on, lord. >> ladies and gentlemen, rihanna in three minutes live. >> someone on twitter was going
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to say there was going to be a drinking game every time i giggle nervously, at which point people would already be drunk which now because i've started to sweat already. >> i'm going to tickle your sack. you can say sack. that's not bad. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i have no sack -- there'sing into -- i did not bring a sack of christmas presents. >> do you call your privates your christmas presents? >> no. >> if you do want to send us messages, sending them to #cnnnye. where are they sending them, instagram? >> i'm not involved in the instagram -- you'd probably want to get a picture of kim kardashian's fetus.
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that's going to be a lamaz that there are not enough breaths for. >> i really dedicated my twitter to sort of torturing you today. >> you did. >> you don't know i keep every picture we have ever taken. >> that's the thing about kathy griffin. she keeps everything and today she began to unleash a volley of old photographs that i did not know you had. >> we have elizabeth taylor here live in ten minutes. elizabeth taylor and david petraeus. >> really? david petraeus? >> they're singing "i dreamed a dream" from les mis.
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with nicki minaj singing that nicki minaj song. >> they brought pizza. >> i'm sorry, do you think at the ryan seacrest you know what fest they just get a box of pizza? >> earlier before you joined us, kathy griffin was marauding around times square search are for ryan seacrest. >> searching? searching? >> i am going to ruin him. it is over for him. i am going to ruin him. do you see this determination? >> i see the determination. he's unruinable. >> the promotion is me sending out a mailer in my neighborhood. do people even know we're on? i drive here last night for our dinner. by the way, you were a little late. >> ryan seacrest last year invited all the hosts of these shows -- >> bruno mars live in seven minutes singing with david
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petraeus and -- singing "god bless america." >> honey boo boo. >> that's right up there with your spiderman. i am so out of that one. get yourself in the harness and go to georgia and get some spaghetti -- >> that was a mistake last year. i admit. >> look at you, big man you can admit your mistakes. you just called your private parts your christmas present. everyone, his christmas presents. >> nashville and more. >> did you say you really called baby taffy? >> what? >> what did you just say? >> baby taffy? >> i don't even know what that means. >> we'll be back as we count down 2013. goodness. ♪ are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband?
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in london, these are the final few moments of 2012. behind me over there, hundreds of thousands of people have gathered to count through the last seconds of this year. five, four, three, two, one! >> there you have it, anderson. big ben is ringing and the people of london swinging in 2013 in truly spectacular style. >> they rang in 2013 a few hours ago.
10:21 pm
>> was he ever tested for drugs? >> no, no, i don't know what you're talking about. you have ever played london? >> i played the palace with judy friggin' garland. >> really? >> let's do that. i kathy griffin played the palace in london -- >> you told jokes in buckingham palace? >> first of all, i did go to buckingham palace with joan rivers. but i did play the theater. but your face was so like ew. >> i always think of london people so fancy and i've never seen so many people throwing up and -- >> at my show? >> no, not at your show. >> how's your taffy? >> kathy arrives about a half hour before we go on air. >> that's because you say don't come until a half hour before, i am doing a lot of hard news stories. and then i see you tweeting
10:22 pm
pictures of your house on long island and mini keishes. >> mini what? >> mini keishes. >> kathy arrives and the first thing she wants to do is look for ryan seacrest. for some reason you're obsessed and she believes that ryan seacrest is trying to kill her. here's us walking around looking for ryan seacrest. >> every year you look for ryan seacrest. >> let's go. doesn't cover for him anymore. where is he? >> i don't know. >> i thought you knew! >> i thought he was in a sealed bubble somewhere. >> we're going to find limb. just say you're wolf blitzer and it's part of the fiscal cliff. by the way, the fiscal cliff is totally ryan seacrest's fault. >> do you still think ryan seacrest is trying to kill you? >> i know he's trying to kill both of us. you won't believe me.
10:23 pm
ask carly ray jepsen. first of all, all these people are plants. they're clearly ryan seacrest moles. >> you think so? >> yes. >> why weren't we invited to his preshow party? >> oh, my god, it's so much fun there. >> he invited you? >> yes. >> did he send you a gift? he sent me a gift. which i thought was a dominant move. >> but he sent me a gift and he begged me not to tell you he isn't me a gift. >> he sent me a gift and carson daly sent me a gift. i thought it was a dominant move. >> totally. he was trying to hump our leg. >> do you want to ask a cop if they've seen ryan? >> excuse me, where is ryan seacrest? they don't care. they can't be drunk this early.
10:24 pm
>> look, there's carson daly! you cannot -- you can't go up there. he's on the air. you can't -- >> come on. where is ryan in. >> i love you. >> where is he? he doesn't work -- >> is he a hologram? >> he's in a hermetically sealed bubble. >> he's in st. barts where all of our friends are. >> i heard barbara waters was in st. barts. i think he knows but he's afraid to tell us. >> why weren't we invited to the party this year? >> there wasn't one. i swear on my life. he sent me jamies. did he send you jammies? >> yes. but i thought that was a domination move. >> that's between you and ryan. i sent you a glass. did you get my glass? >> yes. >> happy new year, though. >> happy new year.
10:25 pm
>> i miss our dinner, though. we don't need ryan for that. i'll pay for it. >> dinner's on daly. >> i'll see you tomorrow night. >> all right, happy new year. >> carson daly is such a good sport. >> why am i shouting the whole time? you and carson are professional. i'm like a crazy -- >> there's such noise, you can't hear yourself talk. >> this is kind of like a mutiny -- i feel like we've got a person to come in and gets that ryan is trying to kill us. >> he's been nothing but nice to me. >> that's what they say about the devil. >> in new orleans, you don't necessarily need a reason to party. brooke, how is it there tonight? >> reporter: what's up, you guys. i've been waiting my whole life to say i'm standing between shock of thunder and the boss. this is my friend andrew, aka
10:26 pm
the boss. they're kind of legendary here in the big easy. as their shirt says, ordinary men, extraordinary moves. why are your moves extraordinary? >> well, brooke, throughout most of human history people understood that men represent the passion and the love of dance. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. show me some moves. >> 2013 is the year of the dance. we're going to do the karate kid sequence. so it guess wax on, wax off, sand the floor, paint the fence, paint the house and then the karate kick. >> reporter: i hope you guys are following. >> okay, brooke.
10:27 pm
we're going to check in with you a little bit later on. brooke is going to ring in the new year in new orleans, the 1:00 hour on the east coast time. >> first of all, let's -- you know what i can't handle about you? when you act like something crazy didn't happen. that's the inner vanderbilt, like let's get through this, it's a long trial. >> it's a waspy thing. i just pretend nothing -- i just pretend it didn't happen. >> i'm here, i'm here, this is all happening. "kathy" january 10th live. so i get in trouble for taking my top off but those nut jobs who are like out of a lifetime movie, one of those guys might be married to a second family and then they're trying to kill her later but the second one comes inside the house. why did you send brooke down there? >> i don't know. i love new orleans. >> that is your town, i get it. you love your gumbo. those of your people. let's talk about her bill boards.
10:28 pm
what's going to change when you leave the network or am i not supposed to -- >> i'm not leaving the network as far as i know. you have heard something? >> i hear a lot of sanchez chatter. >> let's check in with susan hendricks, who is down in nashville. >> of course we're in star city and the star here is the music. six pence none the richer is plague behind me. they are expecting 50,000 people, the rain stopped for now, though. i did talk to a lot of people here in nashville. they hadn't been here before. they saw the hit show "nashville" and they said we want to check it out and they are not disappointed. they are loving it here outside the hard rock. we don't have rihanna here but we do have amazing groups. >> you probably play nashville a
10:29 pm
lot. >> are you like even trying to do a broadcast here this exciting? this is like skippy love public access. is this a webisode? what did that poor blond girl ever do to you? did i just hear the big new year's eve show where a blond girl gives us a weather report. >> what do you want? >> i'd like poppy harlow and crystal ball to be on the show. we have rihanna live in seven minutes. ready for a quiz? >> sure. >> this is the point i expose anderson for the charlton he is. what is portugal's fifth largest city? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> that's not even fair. one of his producers just said braga.
10:30 pm
>> name mitt romney's sons. >> schlep, there's tag, josh, ben, matt, craig? >> yes! >> thank you, thank you! >> you did it. you did it. >> bring it on, kathy griffin. >> that hurt knowing when candy crowley did the debate, she did such a better job. that was like the debate and i think you did one like congress people out of wyoming. >> i did one in vegas during the primary season. now, what were you telling me, michele bachmann said during the break? >> i said nothing to you during the break. >> i believe you were telling me things about sarah palin -- >> i said nothing about sarah palin. >> i'm going to read a text that anderson sent me private live -- privately and begged me not to read.
10:31 pm
>> kathy sends me texts all hours of the day, nude photos. >> there's a photo that kathy sent me on election night, i'm standing next to david gergen. it's not a tongue sticking out, your top was -- >> i'm an american. i'm not going to apologize for being a proud american. >> that's the picture kathy sent me and told me to show it to david gergen in the midst of our election coverage. >> that could have been a really inappropriate joke about your taffy that went down to the sands. >> there's a guy picking it up. >> it's hers, it's hers. >> if it's a joke about justin bieber, i'll need that. >> you live in california. name one of your u.s. senators. >> feinstein and boxer.
10:32 pm
>> very good. >> the most pop look of 2012. >> "50 shades." >> wolf blitzer appeared as himself in what blockbuster film? you say you're a fan of blitzer. >> "les mis." >> no, he was in "sky fall." >> it was a good movie. >> we're about half an our away from -- >> name -- >> are you talking about the president of pakistan? >> oh, nice -- >> first of all, tebow. >> name his kids? >> i don't know his kids names. >> bilalwal, bakitar and -- >> next time know the name of the president.
10:33 pm
>> i barely know joe biden, the guy you say is going to cut into my air time. >> name members added to -- >> well, it was signed but that was last year. i don't think there were any last year. >> no one's here but telemundo so stop acting like, whoo -- >> let's go to gary tuchman, he's in eastport, maine. gary, what's going on? >> reporter: it's 9 degrees, they got 12 inches of snow last night, but it's a small town family. we're in eastport, maine, the eastern most city in the united states, we're half a mile from new brunswick, a providence in canada. this is an international celebration.
10:34 pm
not only are we between two country, but we're between two time zones. canada celebrates the new year 11:00 eastern time, which is midnight atlantic time. that maple leaf, may, the times square ball has nothing on this maple leaf. you can see right here this is the real canadian mounty, who is here for the celebration with his little girl. and you participated in the lowering of the maple leaf? >> first time this year, yes. >> reporter: and you're going to sing "o 'canada," right? >> sing it, sweetie. ♪ o' canada >> isn't that beautiful? >> that's what's going to happen at 11:00. then at 12:00 midnight, get
10:35 pm
this, into the a maple leaf. it's the new years here on the eastern time zone. they lower a sardine because this used to be the sardine capital of the united states. so you can see, anderson and kathy, this is not times square, there are not millions of people here, but this lab very warm and fun international celebration. back to you. >> i like that, gary. we'll check in with you a little bit later. gary normally does the fun run, which i know you're a huge fan of. >> let's break it down. this isn't my first barbecue with tuchman. i love gary tuchman. obviously you are angry with him, to send him ground hog day style to some sort of town in maine where he drops a minnow in a bucket, is that some kind of ratings grabbing? >> it's americana. >> i love when you act like you know americana because i think some fois gras just fell out of your taffy.
10:36 pm
you referred to your private parts, which you referred to as your presents. >> the crowd is getting excited. >> why wouldn't they be getting excited? we have the back street boy, new kids on the block and 98 degrees reunion. >> no. no, they don't have reunion. we're going to be back shortly with new year's tradition, where they drop a drag queen named sushi. we'll take to you key west after the break. later? >> we have one direction singing "what makes you beautiful," their number one song of the year. >> is that the number one song of the year? really? >> yes. >> how could i have not heard that song? >> there's the song. >> do people listen to one
10:37 pm
direction? i know little kids do. do adults? >> people love that song because it's sensitive. the lyrics are "you're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the door, don't need the make-up, being the way you are is enough." >> you know what's sad? you were pretending to read the card but you know that. >> that was my journal entry from last night. >> david petraeus and one direction live. >> they let honey boo boo stay up late. >> how'd u get that one? you scored honey boo boo? she fell asleep on dr. drew. i begged for jane velez-mitchell. first of all, she's a former addict. i don't know if she mentioned it in five minutes. she used to have a mullet. now she has something more fancy free. and she's been through a lot. she's been dumpster diving. she's a freegan. down what that is?
10:38 pm
>> yes. sort of. no, i don't. >> it's a movement where people want free food. it's for people going green. it's one of the issues that jane velez-mitchell covers that frankly you don't have the taffy to cover, stretchy taffy, christmas presents. >> by the way, it's not just honey boo boo but also her mom and chubs and pumpkin. >> what about chick a de? >> one of the kids. >> when your mom used to call you chubs, was that hard? i know that was your nickname throughout your first 40 years. have i said the part yet no matter what you'll never live up to your mother? >> no. she's watching tonight. >> oh, my god, high, chloe! your mom blew me off this week. the quote was, darling, i'm tired, i was up dancing all night with the fabulous michael feinstein. and you know she wasn't lying. >> we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back. more with kathy griffin and the hundreds of thousands of people
10:39 pm
in times square. >> rihanna live. >> not live. >> happy new year! >> we love you! [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose
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because for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli. ♪
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we're here in times square. the south korean game, what is his name, psy? >> is this the part where i'm supposed to pretend this isn't happening? >> no. it's being performed for everyone in times square. >> that guy hates america. that's why you should keep watching us. we're going to have him up here with general petraeus singing gangnam style. i can't throw a stone without running into him. he's the mc hammer of south korea. >> really? >> yeah. >> you heard it here. >> i want to say your new besty, the boo boo, mama tweeted me and said she's excited to call in and talk to anderson cooper and kathie lee.
10:43 pm
no, no, be on my side. be on my side. >> i'm on your side. >> that can't be the first time that happened. >> you're acting like you're listening to me but you're dancing the gangnam style. >> i'm never danced the gangnam style. >> what is the gangnam style? >> i have no idea. >> are we in a gangnam? miley cyrus loves to throw gangnam signs. what do you think about her hair cut? >> i love the new hair cut. >> is that why you went out and got it the same day. >> you, miley cyrus and susan pouter all have the same hair cut. >> susan pouter? >> i'm bringing her back.
10:44 pm
>> who is the current president pro tem of the u.s. senate? >> patrick leahy? >> yes. >> thank you. good night, everybody. >> not good night. we have rihanna making out with chris brown in seven minutes. rihanna is going to have sex with chris brown here in seven minutes. >> let's check in with sanjay. i know you were concerned the fun run wasn't going to get covered this year. >> i'm sorry, my pelvic exam. >> sanjay, it's a midnight race. are you ready for this? i know did you a triathlon this year. you're in good shape. are you ready for this midnight run? >> reporter: i think so, anderson. i mean, you know, the things i do for this company i can't even begin to tell you. but this is the midnight run. about 5,000 people here.
10:45 pm
this race, as you may know, has been going on every year since 1979. at midnight there's going to be a bunch of fireworks up here in the sky. people from all over the world come in for this run. it's my first year doing this particular run, it's about 30 degrees outside. we're about 30 blocks north of where you are. i'm actually looking forward to this. we have a lot of people from time warren, the fit nation program actually starting as well. a few hundred people joining us from them as well. people have costumes on. i don't know if she's running or not but a lot of people here are, anderson. kathy. >> ryan! ryan, screw you! we did a better broadcast because we improvise and we're real! >> you're on tv. >> hello. that was ryan seacrest behind us. >> i love that you were just screaming obscenities at psy and he can't even hear you.
10:46 pm
>> i love that me ear piece fell out and you don't even care. you don't want me to hear the booth. >> i don't know where your hair stops and -- >> neither do i. >> well, put it in. >> i don't know where it is. >> i'll bring in john zarella -- >> seacrest would know exactly what to do. john, how are the crowds there? looks like they're quite ready. >> the crowd is absolutely spectacular here in key west. thousands of people waiting for what has become a huge tra -- tradition here, the annual drop of sushi, the drag queen. sushi is going to drop from that red stiletto there right at
10:47 pm
midnight. everybody is so happen to be on the show with you and kathy. and you've got to look at this, you'll have to explain this later, if you guys want to, but they made this sign up for you and kathy. "no nudity." so just be forewarned, that was for you guys and you can explain it if you feel like you want to. >> every year we usually put a sign under the camera just to remind kathy no nudity -- >> this is great because there is some psy confetti is covering the letter on your teleprompter so you're free styling. >> oh, i can -- i unplugged myself. >> i have a small baseball bat. i'm going to be honest. i got a tour of the white house. >> how did you -- >> i can't say. it's a friendship bender if i
10:48 pm
say. i'm going to admit that i did something that i think anyone would do, which is i think when i was there, i took a picture of myself in the bathroom at the white house. >> really? >> that's who i am. >> wow. was this like the tour that anyone could get? >> no, this is super secret. i wasn't supposed to. >> did you steal something? you took something, didn't you? >> yes. i took so. as i was going in, i run into ed -- he's over at fox. >> he's a nut bag. >> you used to make fun of ed henry, every year he would be in hawaii for new years and he would do a lovely live shot in shorts and he would have a hula thing going on and you would mock him mercilessly. >> i did get an e-mail, he did invite me to the correspondent's dinner.
10:49 pm
>> by the way, that is the worst evening you could ever have in your entire life. i never go to that. i refuse to go to that. >> and i also have a picture of -- oh, i have a video -- i will do anything to promote "kathy" coming back to bravo january 10th live. so when i was in mexico -- this is a video. it's only 17 seconds. you're not going to see this on any other network, i promise you. >> a lot of people find me attractive. some of them have four legs. "kathy" thursdays on bravo. >> i like how you didn't even blurt out the "jimmy kimmel live" t-shirt i'm wearing. >> i was once doing a live shot with paula zahn and i was in sri lanka and a dog humped my leg all the way through the live shot.
10:50 pm
i started giggling and i was like, paula, i have to say i have a dog humping my leg. >> is that how you lost your cherry? did she find it amusing? >> she did not find if amazing. >> did you know barbara walters is in st. barts? are you going on record as saying you think st. barts is a third world country and you would not be caught dead there? >> no, i've been there but on new year's eve and all those people are there. >> that is so your crowd. he is so up in the jolie-pitt crowd. let's talk about heros. number one, not only was i not invited. >> what do you mean? >> they told me they didn't trust me.
10:51 pm
they said it came directly from you and that i was going to present something to a hero but they said if i wanted to mop up at a soup kitchen, they would send a crew. i am not making that up. >> that is not true. >> i feel i should have won hero of the year. >> for what? >> i should be more humble but this but i actually flew commercial to mexico and it was really hard because there were other people on the plane, i didn't even know.
10:52 pm
the vote taking place on the u.s. senate floor. 1:55 in the morning, on new year's day, an extraordinary scene as they vote on this fiscal deal which was finally reached between congressional leaders and the white house. after weeks of negotiations and days of back and forth and a lot of blame and finger-pointing and accusations and finally, an agreement was reached with the vice-president joe biden doing
10:53 pm
the negotiations there and pushing it through with the democrats and now a boat taking place on the senate floor. they're counting up the positives, those who boarded for and against it. we have the roll call and we are expecting this vote to pass. possibly by 60 out of the 100 votes in the u.s. senate. let's listen to the proceedings. >> mr. nelson of nebraska, i. >> mr. paul, no.
10:54 pm
>> it is a slow process as we go through the votes in the senate. we heard harry reid earlier before saying that it will require a 60 though a majority. so far we have heard that when
10:55 pm
rand paul, the tea party republican senator from kentucky, has voted no. that has been the only no vote i have heard so far but there will be others. this deal is expected to pass the senate. once it gets through the senate, it must then go to the house of representatives which will convene later today, tuesday. and the republican leadership in the senate, some confusion. not entirely sure whether or not the republicans will in fact pass this bill. they said they will look at it, read it, they want to amend it and suggest changes. the me send it back to the senate. they may in fact vote on it and improve it. this is the first step. once it goes there, there are still other issues, other budget issues which the u.s. government and congress have to deal with. literally they have to deal with the spending side of the
10:56 pm
question. our cnn radio congressional correspondent is in washington watching the vote right now. i noticed rand paul voted no. who else? >> there were several senators voting no. and to be honest, i was counting the yes votes. i wanted to see whether the boats pass and i can tell you there were 60 votes and the senate has passed the fiscal cliff deal. other senators that were planning to vote no, i know there were multiple no votes. an overwhelming vote in the u.s. senate in favor of the bill. >> what happens next? >> right, so now this vote goes to the house. we expect house members to come in tomorrow morning, many probably will be start reading the bill right now. they will caucus especially the attention will be on house republicans. to see if they have the votes to pass the bill, if they need to
10:57 pm
get democrats to do it. there will be a lot of votes coming tomorrow. we don't know the schedule yet. there could be a vote in the house tomorrow, or today, rather, tuesday. as soon as they could pass it. that may take another day if not clear, they will wait until tomorrow morning or i guess, now that is only about seven hours to get some guidance from house leadership. probably the next 12 hours we will see the next phase of this and we will know if the votes are there in the house to pass this bill or not. we can expect that the president will sign it very quickly. >> watching the house floor, there seems to be centers shaking hands and backslapping going on. thumb-sized plenty of this deal for all of them to hate. it seems no one is entirely happy with this deal. >> i think that is right. it is interesting that senators on both sides have said that openly. it is not a perfect deal. we know that we -- know this
10:58 pm
feel it is perfect but we believe it is much better than going over the fiscal cliff. as an option. we would much rather do that. that is something that ppens in these deals that is very common at the trade-off that no one is happy with it. people say as long as no one is happy with it may be it is a good compromise. it remains to be seen how the american public does is it because it kicks some of these issues down the road, including the budget cuts facing most of american government. reprieve for the budget cuts and it means the senate and house will again have to deal with budget cuts in two months. as you have been reporting, the same time they will have the debt ceiling hanging over their heads and also run around the same time when the last government spending bill will run out. they could face a government shutdown at that same time. it sets up another fiscal cliff. >> explain to our international
10:59 pm
viewers who are not familiar with how this process works, why is it that the u.s. congress and the white house and the entire process year continues to be set up for these confrontations. we have had a government shut down. we have had the debt ceiling debate. with the u.s. lost its aaa credit rating because of what happened with the republicans refusing to improve on any debt ceiling. it seems like every couple of months there is some manufactured crisis which does a lot of harm to u.s. credibility around the world. >> i know. is something that i think it makes many of us who cover congress want to show colder air at times and some of the lawmakers as well. there are a lot of factors among them are the increasing amount of money in american politics that i think has changed the nature of campaigns and also changed the nature of lawmaking.
11:00 pm
when lawmakers got to the capital, these to be a culture here where they would sit down across the aisle once their work was done at the end of the day and spent time socially with each other. the recognized each other as people and often could become friends across the aisle. now i think we see these sharp campaigns with tremendous amounts of spending. leading to an incredibly warlike environment. it goes past the floor of the house and the senate and coast past these genuinely philosophical debates and get sometimes personal. it ends up in a divide that means many of our members are not looking at each other in a way that leads to compromise later. they are not seeing each other as potential friends or allies across the aisle. this is becoming a place where your goal is to try to knock down the other party. it has always been part of politics but now has become a dominant and i think that is one
11:01 pm
reason that we have reached so many of these crises recently. there has been so little room for compromise. >> for our viewers joining us right now, we are watching an extraordinary session of the u.s. senate. at 2:00 in the morning on tuesday, january 1st, 2013, new year's day, they reconvened about 30 minutes ago to hold what could be described as a very significant, maybe even historic vote on this deal to avoid the worst of the fiscal cliff. plus it would have gone into effect the congressional leaders and
11:02 pm
now the vote on the senate floor. they didn't technically, if you like, win over the fiscal cliff but now they're having this vote. from here it goes to the house of representatives. not entirely sure if it will pass or sail through the house of representatives there but it is expected that it is essentially a deal, should be passed by the house of representatives if not the coming hours, certainly in the coming days. that is the latest from washington. up next for our viewers in the united states it's the new year's eve special with anderson cooper and kathy griffin. for the rest of us, it's "defining moments." four, three -- >> welcome back. we are live in times square. it is midnight in the maritime
11:03 pm
provinces, on the american side of the border they are dropping a large maple leaf in honor of their neighbors. >> we can't talk back, people. >> look, it's the lowering of the maple leaf. >> and you were lowering your christmas presents earlier. >> an hour from now the giant sardine when 2013 arrives on the american side. up here in times square it's a huge crystal ball. >> are you sure? all right. oh, high, psy. come on up. hi, how are you? >> nice to see you. >> turn around and say hi to the camera. >> well, i almost wore this, psy. >> this is not awkward at all. this is great. hi. you guys did a fantastic performance. anderson didn't mean those things. isn't it great to be here? happy new year. >> happy new year. >> we wish you the best. all right. thanks, guys.
11:04 pm
>> thank you. i met you before. nice to see you again. keep up with your style or any style you choose. you can't lose. there's money coming out of your butt at this point, isn't there? you're printing money everywhere you go. >> that means a lot. >> that is what it's about. happy new year. happy new year. >> did you just actually -- >> i just accused psy of printing money out his butt. >> we're basic cable. it's okay. >> welcome to my act. >> wait a minute. >> i really hope you're watching us right now. >> did you just say to psy he had money coming out of his butt? >> yeah. he is so wealthy. >> and you may not have been able to hear what psy said in response. he said that means so much coming from you. >> yes. i said you have so much money,
11:05 pm
you're printing so much money you have money coming out of your butt and psy lovingly looked at us, after i'm talking smack and said that's love coming from you. and then i said i'm sorry anderson has been saying such nasty things about you during the broadcast. >> if you are just joining us welcome to cnn's new year's celebration. >> if you think ryan seacrest didn't send psy, that was mc hammer. >> no? really? >> yes. >> i had no idea. >> yes. >> he's now hooked up with psy? >> who hasn't hooked up with psy? get me a glittery headband. >> wow. the preacher the last i heard. >> who isn't? i'm a preacher now. and your good friend ed henry over there at fox. >> we're going to bring you the new year's celebration. >> why do you and my mom love sean hannity so much? >> from all over the world. >> hundreds of thousands of
11:06 pm
partiers. how is everybody doing? it less than an hour away. >> less than an hour away. are you having fun? it may be cold but these people don't care. i've done in a row and what always gets me is people from all around the world gather to be in times square. have i a family here from peru. anderson and kathy. why are you here? >> just to be a part of this. it's amazing so far it's incredible. >> reporter: is it as good as you thought it would be, being here in times square? >> it's amazing, the lights, it's crazy. >> reporter: everyone is in really good spirits. people don't care they've been here since noon. they don't care that they're crammed like sardines. they just want to be here in times square. make some noise, guys, make some noise! >> whoo! >> reporter: you see, they're in
11:07 pm
good spirits. they're bundled up, they don't care. where are you from? >> san diego. >> reporter: why are you here? >> i love new york. >> reporter: has everyone been really friendly? is it as good as you thought it sfwhob. >> it's better. >> reporter: thank you very much. happy new year. anderson and kathy, back to you. >> i just want to be in the moment with you. if that wasn't mc hammer and i just made some horrible career ending racial slur -- >> i don't know who that was. >> what if i just picked like the wrong african-american person? >> that's on you. >> no, this is on you. >> psy did perform with mc hammer. and that was the guy he was performing with. >> was that mc hammer? >> yes, it was mc hammer. >> you're white -- >> speak for yourself.
11:08 pm
speak for yourself. >> that was mc hammer. i met him. >> i've never met him. i haven't seen him since he will the big workout pants. >> of course we love the workout pants. oh, my gosh. >> so we have celebrations in new orleans, we have nashville, we have canadian provinces, we have maine -- >> we have boo boo. a big marquee value star. >> we go to key west florida where sushi will be dropped from the shoe. let's check in with gary tuchman, who is in eastport, maine. gary, they just celebrated on the canadian side but less than an hour before they celebrate on the american side, right? >> reporter: it's a christmas miracle. >> they're laughing more than we are. >> i think they've been drinking. >> gary tuchman's drunk. we lost him. this is gary tuchman's intervention.
11:09 pm
>> gary, we'll go back to gary a little bit later on. what else you got? >> here's what i got -- >> who -- >> i have a photo i want to show you. >> okay, fine. >> this is a photo, someone hit me over the head with a rock. that is the back of my head. i'm almost -- i was on vacation and i saw your profile and i saw ryan seacrest's and i saw oprah's. now i can't prove it but i believe, ryan seacrest and oprah are trying to kill me and that's what happened. >> you now are roping me in on this? >> yeah. because i think you are in cahoots with them to ruin me. there's your handy work. congratulations. >> that's the kind of picture you tweet me. kathy griffin is a serial tweeter and she tweets -- >> wait a minute. i think it's time. i think it's time. oh, i have to find this -- >> i love that you have a lot of cards. >> i have so many cards but have i to find the tweet. oh, no! wait, i'll find it.
11:10 pm
>> this is tv. we have to keep this going. >> where's the crazy text you sent me? >> i did not send you a crazy text? >> we have huge crowds in new orleans, key west, florida, but of course this is the major celebration in the united states. >> did we see the picture in the white house bathroom? did you know that psy was here with mc hammer? >> we have hundreds of thousands of people who have been here for hours. >> if anyone was here earlier, i did drop one card into the crowd and i actually think it was a very embarrassing text that anderson sent me. >> kathy sh the guy in the mink coat wants to say hello. >> he's trying to say i heart you and you get me. >> he does get you. >> thank you.
11:11 pm
he said he hearts me, too. >> get in line. he saw my hair. >> there's a lot of tradition here. we're close to the univision people and they're always having a great time. >> and they always outrate us. isn't spanish the most spoken language in the world? >> i don't know the answer to that question. can you answer this question, who are the first guests of season two of "kathy" on bravo on january 10 9/sm. >> how about lisa lynch, jane kudrow and liza minelli? >> you're going to be live this year, right? >> we're live. it's going be be be to be like this but looser. >> it could not be any looser. when i was on your show, it was like a wizard's sleeve, honey. >> i have a picture of you on my show and you literally made this
11:12 pm
face. and then i came into your dressing room to hug you and you went like that. what is it that you think you're going to catch from me? adorable? >> if you want to join the conversation on twitter, the hash tag is is #cnnnye. >> have i a question. where is ryan seacrest's favorite place to have sex? in front of the mirror. yes! >> you probably actually like -- ryan's a great guy in real life, right? >> i don't have to answer that question. >> sent him an obnoxious text earlier. how you have his phone number, i don't know. >> do you have the e-mail they've sent ryan? do we have the e-mail i sent ryan? >> you can follow me at twitter @andersoncooper, or @kathygriffin.
11:13 pm
>> who is hotter, ryan lochte or michael phelps? >> did you ever meet ryan? i did. first of all, he has a clothing line where he dresss like es like michael jackson. ryan lochte, the champion -- the minute we go to commercial break, you're going to be like i can't stand that fool. and all of cnn supports me. >> i don't know him well but michael phelps -- >> what does that mean? your body language is so hard to read. >> i don't even know what he was saying? ye-o?
11:14 pm
>> somebody dressed all in red. >> it's mario lopez. i don't know. >> people love mario lopez. difficult tell you? there's a new show. here's the e-mail. would you like to read the e maim we just sent to ryan? read it aloud to america and norway. >> with anderson now, he's. you actually sent that? >> yes. >> what if oprah is -- oprah is working for ryan seacrest. >> you think they're all in cahoots? >> have you ever watched where she was in the basketball wife and she was saying you're not your shoes?
11:15 pm
what's the name of the chick that was married to chad ochocinco? >> it was a basketball wife, wasn't it? >> it's called "basketball diary wives." >> we're going to take a quick break. >> what about honey boo boo? >> coming from the rooftop of the marriott marquis hotel. honey boo boo is coming up next, i think. >> what? >> that's right. we'll be right back. >> i'm honey boo boo. hey times, square! honey boo boo child. peace. i'm outta here. for fast, long , use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps
11:16 pm
block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. with odor free aspercreme.
11:17 pm
powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme.
11:18 pm
hi. we're in hong kong and it's almost midnight. and there you have it, ringing in 2013 with the fireworks display and it's spectacular! the first time they've launched fireworks from both land and sea
11:19 pm
so you can see how many people are out here enjoying it from the boats and the harbor to the crowds that are lining the harbor here. we've got about 400,000 people lining both sides of the harbor. so wishing you all a happy, healthy new year. back to you, anderson. >> thanks very much. amazing pictures there in hong kong. >> guess what i have? >> what do you have? >> this is one of those moments -- don't touch my to e to try to make it better. he did say don't read any texts on the air. this is one i want to read or can you read it. it's up to you. >> which one is it? >> you want to cold read it? you sent me this text and i did not read a word. put on the rachel maddow glasses and let's go. this is a text from anderson on my phone. >> i did not send you this. >> woke up from a bizarre dream in which orsan wells was locked into negotiations on an island
11:20 pm
xanadu. as he left, he gave seacrest the key to a financial model of tv that would earn him billions. i've been hanging out with you too much i think. >> i actually do think i sent that to you, didn't i? >> you sent it to me. >> i remember that dream. >> break it down because we're on the couch. there's some childhood trauma. orson wells, who possibly your mom had an affair with. >> there's a story with orson wells and my mom and a friend of hers. >> i went to the dinner party. >> you know the story. >> we're talking very heady, cerebral. a big orson wells fan, honey boo boo. do you know that honey boo boo is being dropped from a ball in mcintyre? >> no, she's not. what i like about honey boo boo
11:21 pm
is every time they show an exterior of the house, a train is going by. we're going to actually check in now with honey boo boo spending new year's eve with her family in georgia. she joins us along with her mama june and her sister lauren, pumpkin and aka chubs. how's it going you guys? >> hi! >> oh, my god! >> happy new year. >> how are y'all? >> happy new year! >> now, what do you guys do -- what do they do to celebrate in mcintyre? >> we invited a lot of our friends. we open up our property and invite all of our fans and we did a fund-raiser for a friend who got burned out of their home on friday. we celebrate with our fans. we did a little times square here in mcintyre. >> that's a nice thing to do.
11:22 pm
i know you're a big town booster and is it a christmas pageant or a halloween display that is big for the town? christmas display or -- >> it's christmas. >> christmas. >> it's christmas. now, isn't it a little late -- honey boo boo, isn't this past your bedtime, alana? >> is it past your bedtime? >> no. >> she said no. >> you know, i'm -- no, okay. kathy, do you want to add anything? kathy griffin is here and wanted to wish you a happy new year as well. >> i'm good. >> happy new year! >> guys, i met glitzy the pig a little while ago and glitzy's doing well. >> anderson met glitzy. glitzy got stuck in new york during the storm. >> i know. we flew glitzy up for our daytime show.
11:23 pm
how late are you guys going to stay up tonight? >> probably at mid might the girls will go to bed. we have a busy day tomorrow. we're still in production and we're getting ready for our holiday premiere on sunday at 9:00. and -- anderson, where are your glasses? >> i'm a big fan. i've been watching since "tadlers and tiaras" and i want honey boo boo to take grand supreme. >> i think this is the year. >> happy new year! >> happy new year. we wish you a happy new year to your family and the whole town of mcintyre. thanks for staying up with us and we enjoyed watching this year. you take care. >> bye!
11:24 pm
>> all right, bye! >> what? open your heart. open your heart. >> you know what? you actually cut her off while saying you better -- >> i don't control that. clearly someone -- yes, they unfortunately did that. >> when i think of all the years i have had what seem to be creative ideas and i have been shut down and now honey boo boo is going to come on with her sketti and her head lies ce and now i'm the one without a heart? >> you know, at least they're a real family. you talk about the kardashians all the time and -- >> that's it. we are making it rain. >> you cannot throw money into the crowd. no, seriously. it will cause like a riot.
11:25 pm
>> who are you looking to? >> i'm looking for like a security guard or something. how much money do you have? you should have just like given it to psy. >> oh, i don't think so. you cannot throw money into the crowd. >> where's the law that said i can't make it rain? >> you cannot. should we take a break? can we take a break? >> can you not take a break. >> we'll take a look at how people around the world are celebrating. we'll be right back. same time.
11:26 pm
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11:27 pm
11:28 pm
wow. that's the new year's eve being rung in in australia. i remember the episode where you were -- >> yes, the opera house. do you remember when oprah went and almost killed poor hugh jackman. >> he hit his head. >> and you're such a hugh jackman fan. >> hugh jackman is a lovely man. >> very talented. >> do you have some kind of a deal with him. are you scared of him?
11:29 pm
>> no, he's a lovely guy. >> there's certainly about the mafia shaking him down. >> do you like australia? of course. >> were you in the mardi gras parade? >> yes. >> i think i remember an episode of your show. lance bass there was. >> i had to crash the gay parade. >> after this show -- you wanted to speak to the people. >> i promised the audience that we would sing duets. are you ready for our first one? >> no. they say we're young and we don't know we won't find out until we grow. >> babe. i got you babe? i don't know -- i don't know if all that's true because you got me and baby i got you. i got you babe, i got you babe >> i apologize to sonny and cher because that is not bringing it.
11:30 pm
>> we're going to do "you don't bring me flowers." >> i don't do karaoke. >> you must have a karaoke. >> do shrubs -- i don't want no scrubs >> tlc? >> is that don't bring me waterfalls -- don't go chasing waterfalls >> is that tlc? >> of course it is. >> during the break, we turned around to see who was there and anderson said i don't know anyone anymore, i'm old. >> it's true. >> who is watching, who is the demographic? my mom. >> your mom is older than my mom.
11:31 pm
my mom e-mailed me in all caps and she wanted to make sure we didn't get a cold. that was her concern. >> i was sniffling on the air. >> you look like a lohan. >> i don't know what that means. zit like a coke joke. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i enjoy soda as well. >> let's go down to key west. zahn zarrella is there. there was one year i got very concerned because sushi was on the roof and i was afraid sushi was going to drop into the crowd. >> reporter: we almost had a little accident a little while ago but the star of the show has arrived. sushi is up in the shoe wearing lime green this year, anderson and kathy. something to do with palm trees. i'm not sure exactly what. but this event gets bigger and bigger every year.
11:32 pm
at least 10,000 people here. having fun? >> yeah! whoo! >> whoo! >> reporter: it is a great crowd. they are from all over the united states. where are you from? >> minnesota. >> reporter: minnesota? cold up there. you're better here. you like it better down here? it's nice and warm. anderson again, tremendous crowd on duval street here in key west. probably at least 10,000 people down here in key west and we all have our little red stilettos to go with sushi's red stiletto. midnight sushi coming down in the lime green dress. anderson, kathy? >> john, thanks very much. >> could you get a straighter guy? >> that's what i like about it. john goes -- >> minnow out of water. >> i like it. >> but you don't even let sushi
11:33 pm
talk anymore. >> we've done interviews with sushi in the past. >> yeah, before we came out. sushi was like, hey, girl, and it was awkward. >> i didn't think it was awkward. >> sushi would be like hey, girl, what's up, girl and i would get nervous and it was an mc hammer moment. where are we going to go after this tonight? every year we've gone to -- >> i'll tell you how this evening usuallynds. we got a viewer question. this is one of the questions. from joanie, do you and kathy go after midnight for hot chocolate or champagne? kathy doesn't drink. we usually have ended up in her hotel room. >> which is fun because i'm a riot and we have free cookies. >> it's true, there's cookies. >> and whatever guy i'm banging. >> whoever you're banging. and i go home. and you end up in a donut store somewhere at like 3 a.m., right >> that's true.
11:34 pm
>> what really happens is year after year, i assume he wants to hang out with me because i'm a superstar and a riot. he always has a ridiculous excuse, oh, i'm going to hang out with my nieces and nephews and then i get an e-mail that you were with andy cohen's super party. >> andy cohen didn't have a -- >> one year he did. >> what are you doing this year? >> ah -- >> i would like to go for a tuna melt. >> do you or kathy make new year's resolutions? >> i do make resolutions. >> what's your resolutions? >> shoot, i have some really funny ones. to sing with you "you don't bring me flowers" on the air. >> every year you ask me my resolutions and as soon as i start to tell you them, you fall asleep because they're so boring. they're always the same. i want to get in better shape.
11:35 pm
>> i miss psy so much. i had a connection with him. he has money shooting out his butt. >> savannah wants to know would you ever switch roles, kathy being the serious one? >> you got it right. the real story is he is on a britney spears hold up here all the time. he might as well be on the gurney with the fireman because i am the sane one. i'm keeping the whole thing in order. i e-mailed -- >> you throw out a 51-50. >> if anyone is going to know what a 51-50 is tonight, call any local hospital and ask for anderson cooper and he's going to be there for three days. what about when i sent an e-mail to the network and said can we rehearse more, can we get more pr and the response was we're counterprogramming. >> monica says i'd like to see you wear the same outfits like you were brother and sister twins.
11:36 pm
>> i'm in. what do you want to wear? do you want to take our clothes off now? if we were takd neighborhood, we'd be like twin. >> another says can anderson get a word in every once in a while. >> you hit me! you're like ike turner! you know that movie "what's love got to do with it"? >> i just listened to tina turner. >> she's so amazing. when she crosses the freeway. she's performing live, tina turner in seven minutes with rihanna and general david petraeus. and the president is about to speak. >> and vice president biden we thought was going to speak earlier but he's not going to speak. >> ladies and gentlemen, i bring you andon cooper and kathy griffin singing the classic neil diamond and barbra streisand singing "you don't bring me flowers." you don't bring me flowers, you
11:37 pm
don't talk to me anymore at the end of the day >> let's go to gary tuchman. he's in the sardine capital of the world. >> really? can you verify it's the sardine capital of the world? >> i can possibly. >> i'm trying to reach out. look at gary. >> gary, how are you holding up? >> reporter: anderson, kathy, i'm holding up great. how many of our viewers have heard of a sardine drop before this very night? that's what's happening. this is eastport, maine, tiny town, 1,300 people. they're so quiet right now. how come? they should not be quiet. this is a very unique place. we can see the sardine.
11:38 pm
this used to be the sardine capital of the united states, that sardine, eight feet long made by a nice man who is an artist will be lowered. you have the ball in times square but we in eastport, connecticut -- i mean eastport, maine -- this is the eastern most city in the united states. one mile to that side is new brins wick, canada. it's a time machine. you walk a mile in that direction, it's 2013. one mile this way, it's 2012. just about 35 minutes ago, 36 minutes ago a maple leaf was lowered to honor the new year in canada. at 12:00 midnight that sardine will come down and it will be new year here in maine and the rest of the eastern time zone. right, everybody? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: it is not times square but there are hundreds of people
11:39 pm
in this tiny town with a very hardy celebration. anderson, kathy, back to you. >> thank you, gary. >> break it down. >> this is a cool broadcast because gary is keeping it real with, you know, a minnow and a bucket. you and i are just talking and behind us is taylor swift. and up just said to me in the commercial break don't say anything bad about her. i'm not saying she has an eating disorder. i'm saying she's slender. >> she seems like a lovely young woman. >> can she stop whining about her perfect life in all those songs? >> does she whine about her perfect life? >> yes, she went out with john and she was like i will never, never, never take your call again, jake hall. >> he seems like a nice guy. >> exactly. are we supposed to act like she's not behind us? this is why you should watch us and not taylor swift because we are now going to sing the dolly
11:40 pm
parton/kenny rodgers classic "islands in the stream." ready? islands in the stream that, is what we are no one in between, how can we be wrong? >> caller: sail away with me to another world where we we rely on each other >> that's not working for me. let's move on. let's move on. do you think people would watch taylor swift over us? >> she's not doing anything. she's just standing there. >> thank you. he said it. >> what are we about 30 minutes away from the ball drop? a check on the time here. we are 22 minutes away from the new year. as you look to the new year, what are you most excited about? >> i'm most excited about having a positive new year and good things happening to people because i think it's kind of a rough year, let's cut the crap. a lot of my tweets were like i want to have a better year. there's a real moment for you, coop. >> that's nice.
11:41 pm
i appreciate that. >> i'm glad we didn't have a drinking game of real moments because nobody would be drunk. >> no doubt a lot of drinking games. there have been a lot of them, if i giggle nervously, people drink. >> i think i know how to get threw because taylor swift is on the big screen behind us, you warned me not to make fun of her and i'm calling her a skinny whiner who needs to zip it. >> i saw her on "60 minutes" and she seemed like a lovely person. >> did you interview her? >> no, i didn't. leslie stahl did. >> do you have a rivalry with leslie stahl? >> no. >> does she wear a wig? >> no. >> have you ever been in a fist night with morally safer? >> no. >> who do you think would win? >> morally ley safer. >> he's probably uses the word fisticuffs. >> were you in a fight? >> i was punched when i was in israel.
11:42 pm
there were many people punching me in the head. >> what about at the diner? >> we were at a diner together and i can't remember what happened. >> first of all, he goes to this crappy diner because he doesn't care about food. >> it's a diner in west hampton and it's a lovely place set in the 1950s. >> your chair hit the back of the chair of a woman from jersey who looked a little rough and the woman said "i'm sitting here" and anderson turns to me and said, and i quote, we're not going to win this one. he thought we were going to throw down with a woman from jersey. >> a tourist, a woman, was putting a banana peel in a mailbox. something about it so angered me, i literally grabbed her
11:43 pm
hand, i was like you do not put banana peels -- >> did she recognize you? >> no. >> that's the real thing. wait. so what was her logic? >> i don't know. she said you don't put a banana peel in the mailbox. i grabbed her hand and put it back in her hand and i said you go across the street. >> your own crew is taping taylor swift. unbelievable. fox is down the hall, sweetheart and so is msnbc. i'm going to go on record, i'm alleging taylor swift might lip sync and i'm a grammy nominee. >> i know you are. >> for the fifth year in a row, the only female to be nominated for best comedy album for five years in a row. >> have you won? >> no. >> only two women have won in the history of the grammys, lilly tomlin and whoopi goldberg.
11:44 pm
it's my turn. >> it is your word. >> who are you up against? >> i'm up against jimmy fallon. i know. i know. it's a good group. >> but you're in there. >> i'm in there. by the way, what i do is real and authentic, not like taylor swift, who has some sort of tunes -- >> i've met jimmy fallon a couple times this year, a lovely guy. >> why are you afraid i'm going to make fun of taylor swift? why is she untouchable? did you see her at the grammys? she owes an apology to stevie nicks. >> i don't know why. >> taylor, turn it down! you know what? >> we're going to take a quick break. we'll have more from times square in just a moment. >> finally, taylor swift stopped.
11:45 pm
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11:48 pm
oh, i'm standing by. trust me. i mean, first of all -- >> you know what? >> stop it. cnn, stop it! stop showing taylor swift. >> we just got inundated with taylor swift confetti. >> you like taylor swift. >> she seems like a nice person. >> i'm going to get hate tweets from taylor swifters. >> i get plenty of hate tweet.
11:49 pm
>> who have you gotten hey tweets from? what groups? is it right wingers or celebrities? >> if i'm doing a tough interview with a democrat, i get a lot of hate tweets from liberals, if i do a tough interview with conservatives, i get angry tweets -- >> i get a lot of them who love demi lovato. she's a singer and i made fun of her because she's had some legal problems that i find april musing. >> what happens when you poke fun into people and you run into them. >> jane fonda had a birthday party last week. >> she's great. >> she's awesome. "kathy" returning january 10th on bravo. >> so i'm at the birthday party and ef have a longoria is at the table.
11:50 pm
and we're nervous because streisand walks in. and there's like a hush in the room. and longoria goes there's babbs. i go to maria shriver and i said why do you go up to her. i'm sitting there with gloria, streisand walks up, then baby, then -- >> how many names can you drop in one conversation? >> you're not impressed that your very own sean penn? >> i like sean penn. >> he was there with a pony tail talking about how when he first met warren beatty, beatty would like hook him up with chicks. >> i lost the threat of that story. i don't know what you're talking about. i heard a lot of names but what was the point? >> the point is that is a friggin' cool table with
11:51 pm
longoria and warren beatty, histories and you, sean penn. >> i got nothing. >> i have a photo to show you. this is a photo and you have to guess where i am. >> let's take a look. >> i am in someone's home and you have to guess where i am. >> wow. >> that's actually not the photo i was referring to. however -- >> what is going on in that photo? is that your dog? i assume that's your dog because he seems very familiar with you. >> just like -- okay, wait. go back to the picture. okay, i'm going to admit i started sexting george stephanopoulos. >> i'm not the only one you sext. >> does he respond? >> no, he can't stand me. i'm banned from that show, too. i'm banned from every morning show now. "today," "view" --
11:52 pm
>> i was on "the view" recently and they asked me about you. >> did you have my back? >> i totally had your back. they asked bus doing new year's eve together. i think we have the picture you were actually wanting. is that the picture? >> all right, there's the cool picture -- >> i know, that's my mom's because that's my mom's painting. >> there you go. >> what were you doing there? >> i went to visit your mom and that's her studio and she posed me like i'm a painting and that's a ralph lauren dress. >> i like ralph lauren's clothes. >> some of my mom's enough work back there. there you go. i like that you hang out with my mom more than you hang out with me. >> she's way more fun, she was dancing all night with michael feinstein and she's very exciting and she h amazing stories. and she gets me more than wolf blitzer.
11:53 pm
>> we'll be right back with the huge ball drop, imagine all the stuff you love, all the stuff kathy loves. >> oh, oh! >> thanks very much to marriott, we've been broadcasting all night long from their rooftop. [ buzzing ] bye dad. drive safe. k. love you. [ chirping, buzzing continues ] [ horn honks ] [ buzzing continues ] [ male announcer ] the sprint drive first app. blocks and replies to texts while you drive. we can live without the &. visit
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
hey, welcome back. a look at midtown manhattan, a look above. an amazing shot. look at how many people are there, hundreds of thousands of people down there with us. >> i'm excited about the party at your apartment afterwards. >> about five minutes, the giant ball -- >> to think you would open your home to every person watching and that you're going to serve food from around the world and then there's the disco ball, your karaoke. >> it is getting rather cold here i will say. >> yeah. i had to put the gloves on, literally and metaphorically. who would you rather be stuck on a desert island with, rachel maddow, britt hume or chad meyers? >> can we talk about chad meyers?
11:57 pm
he's the weatherman here. >> he's a great weatherman. >> he's moody. don't act like he's not moody. >> you know him better than i am. >> i watch cnn so much more than you do. >> where's carol costello? >> i don't know where carol is. >> you should call her. >> we're about five minutes away from the ball drop -- about actually for minutes live. we're all the way through till 12:30. >> we play john lennon's "imagine," even though train -- >> you and i have this thing. let me give you my philosophy. i believe at the stroke of midnight we allow the natural sounds, the scenes and sights and sounds take place rather than you talking over it. >> first of all, you just said rather. it's rather. >> i think there's a nice like five, ten-minute window that we should just be quiet and let the folks enjoy what it's like being
11:58 pm
here. >> what about something a little peppier? what about cocomo? or "whistle baby." >> no. we're going to talk up to the ball dropping and then we're going to let the sights and sounds overwhelm the viewers and i think it's actually very moving. >> that's very hard for me to not be talking frenettically at you. that's when i need you the most. >> but i actually think in all seriousness, i do -- you hate me right now, don't you? >> yeah. you know why? because on that friggin' honey boo boo show, they're making sketti and doing each other's roots and having babies. >> i think for a five or ten-minute moment at the stroke of midnight, this is an amazing place, unlike any other place in the world that i've ever been -- >> except kim kardashian's vagina. we haven't talked about kanye
11:59 pm
getting her pregnant. did you not know that? kim kardashian is allegedly pregnant with kanye west's baby and we have the son owe o gram, the first sonogram. >> kim kardashian went into early labor. >> she's just making this up. >> see the people, see some of the marines who are here. people gathered. they've been here in some cases like 15, 16 hours. >> it is unbelievable. people were tweeting me last night saying they were waiting in line, very excited. >> a lot of people here, sailors, airmen, marines, national guard members. >> places you and i both visited, paid tribute to. >> that's right. we certainly wish them peace in the new year. >> of course.
12:00 am
>> and complete the mission and come on home safe and quickly. yeah, what are we about, a look at the clock here. we are one minute away. >> and they'll be playing "call me maybe." >> you won't hear us for about five minutes after the ball drops. we'll come back and show you celebrations in key west, florida. the big count down, 56 seconds left to go. >> give me the money. >> and we wish you a very happy new year. a new year of much success and peace and happiness and love as we watch -- >> and joy. >> -- the giant crystal ball dropping. 40 seconds left to go in 2012. >> apparently the world is sponsored by pepsi. >> for a moment. then the ball will move past that. 30 seconds left to go. the rockettes will be -- let's just watch and enjoy the sights and sounds of times square as we ring in the new year. >> who would you want to put on --
12:01 am
>> ten! nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two. one. ♪ [ "auld lang syne" plays ] ♪ [ "new york, new york" plays
12:02 am
♪ start spreading the news ♪ i'm leaving today ♪ i want to be a part of it ♪ new york, new york ♪ these vagabond shoes ♪ are longing to stray ♪ right through the very heart of it ♪ ♪ new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep ♪ ♪ and find i'm king of the hill ♪ ♪ top of the heap
12:03 am
♪ these little town blues ♪ are melting away ♪ i'll make a brand new start of it ♪ ♪ in old new york ♪ if i can make it there ♪ i'll make it anywhere ♪ it's up to you ♪ new york, new york ♪ ♪ new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps ♪
12:04 am
♪ and find i'm a number one ♪ top of the list ♪ king of the hill ♪ a number one ♪ these little town blues ♪ are melting away ♪ i'm gonna make a brand new start of it ♪ ♪ in old new york ♪ and if i can make it there ♪ i'm gonna make it anywhere ♪ it's up to you ♪ new york
12:05 am
♪ new york ♪ new york ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountain majesty ♪ above the fruited plain ♪ i'm talking about ♪ america ♪ sweet america
12:06 am
♪ you know god done shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ he crowned thy good ♪ yes, he did ♪ with brotherhood ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ america ♪ america ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ he crowned thy good ♪ with brotherhood ♪ from sea to shining sea
12:07 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i see trees of green ♪ red roses too ♪ i see them bloom ♪ for me and you ♪ and i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ i see skies of blue ♪ and clouds of white
12:08 am
♪ the bright blessed days ♪ the dark sacred night ♪ and i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ the colors of the rainbow ♪ so pretty in the sky ♪ are also on the faces ♪ of people going by ♪ i see friends shaking hands ♪ saying how do you do ♪ they're really saying i love you ♪ ♪ i hear babies cry ♪ i watch them grow ♪ they'll learn much more ♪ than i'll ever know
12:09 am
♪ and i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ yes, i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ oh, yeah >> it's almost "kokomo." i mean, look, it's back. >> and happy new year, everybody. what a great picture. the sailor and his wife dancing >> i was getting my lipstick off your mouth. >> i know you were. believe me, that's a first.
12:10 am
>> do you want to spoon? >> spoon? >> yeah. >> this? >> yeah. >> all right. can i stop? >> don't let go. don't let go, please. i need you. >> please stop. it's doing nothing for me. >> there's movement down there. >> that's my mike. >> something's happening with your christmas presents. all right. so let's go over the night. first of all, you referred to your privates as some sort of stretchy taffy. >> i didn't. i was going to instagram a picture but i wasn't able to. >> i'm sorry, am i bothering your texting? he's like this. "uh, i'm sorry, kathy, what were you saying?" >> i love that five-minute window -- >> when i shut. you. >> when you were quiet. i just loved the whole scene. i think it's unlike any other moment in new york city. >> what was i saying to you
12:11 am
during the break? >> i don't know. >> i was saying what is ryan showing? i was obsessed with what ryan is showing. >> i know. you can't enjoy the moment. >> why? >> because i know ryan seacrest is twirling his invisible mustache somewhere saying "i got her." >> i don't think he's thinking about you. >> if you were to get an inappropriate thing down there, like an accidental -- like you were so aroused, would the camera get it or no? >> we're going to show new year's from various parts in key west. we're going to show what happened. and we're also going to show -- >> are you going to keep your clothes on? >> yes, we are. >> it doesn't mean i have to. get ready. >> let's just take a look again at some of the sights and sounds right now in times square. >> how many sights and sounds do we have? >> let's just watch a little. enjoy. >> and i'm supposed to stay dressed? ♪
12:12 am
♪ and i think to myself, what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ i see skies of blue ♪ clouds of white ♪ and i think to myself, what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ the colors of the rainbow ♪ so pretty in the sky ♪ are also on the faces of people passing by ♪ ♪ i see friends shaking hands ♪ saying how do you do ♪ they're really saying ♪ i love you
12:13 am
♪ i hear babies cry ♪ i watch them grow ♪ they'll learn much more than we'll know ♪ ♪ and i think to myself, what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ nd text. or you could watch the earnings report and take notes, like we're supposed to. so... can i get it? yeah. okay either of you put together the earnings report yet? yes, me totally. what? why don't you tackle the next quarter. you eat yet? polynesian? pu pu platter? yup! keep up the good work. i will keep up the good work. do more with the new samsung galaxy note ii.
12:14 am
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12:16 am
ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one -- happy new year! [ cheers and applause ] >> that the shoe drop with sushi the drag queen. apparently, she made it successfully. that's in key west, florida. that happened of course at the stroke of midnight. our john zarrella is down there in the crowd somewhere. >> that's like a michael bay movie at this point. sushi coming down in that shoe, i get scared every year. >> john, i don't know if you can hear me. i assume everything went okay with sushi? >> reporter: yep. everything went just fine with
12:17 am
sushi. look at this crowd, anderson and kathy. there's at least 10,000 people here tonight. in every direction. and they all came to see sushi in the shoe. and look who's here. sushi. how are you? >> hello. is anderson watching me? >> anderson and kathy. >> is kathy griffin watching me? >> yes. >> i love both of you, honey. >> what's going on with the green this year? what's the theme? >> i was like a psychedelic palm tree. you want to see me walk? >> reporter: psychedelic palm tree. >> work it, sushi, walk. >> oh. >> reporter: there you go. look at that, huh? >> yes. yes, sushi. i love it. >> key west, darling. and you know what, anderson cooper? i am so proud of you. >> reporter: what do you think? >> thank you very much, sushi. >> so proud of you. >> reporter: thank you, anderson. >> well, thank you. >> love you, sushi. awesome walk.
12:18 am
>> john, please thank sushi and everybody for putting up with us yet again for this tradition. we've made it like an annual tradition. i like it. >> it's a tradition, whether you like it or not. >> it's one of the many kinds of new year being celebrated here in the united states. we'll also show you the ball drop. >> we can't miss eastport, maine. everybody's talking about it. that is a par-tay. can you handle it, america? >> you should also stay with cnn all wait through the 1:00 hour on the east coast because we're going to show you nashville and new orleans. we're going to show you how they are celebrating new year's at the stroke of midnight in those time zones. should we go to eastport, maine right now? >> the president is in the white house now addressing -- >> gary tuchman in eastport, maine. how did everything go there? >> the president is not making pants. >> she's making this stuff up. how did the sardine drop go? >> reporter: anderson, it was a very unusual, interesting, and wonderful night, to be honest with you. this is the tallest building in eastport, maine. three stories.
12:19 am
the tides museum of art. this is what was dropped. this is the eight-foot sardine that was dropped. 2013. and it is a great tradition here in eastport, maine that when this sardine hits the ground you are supposed to what? >> kiss it. >> you're supposed to kiss it. let's give a demonstration. what did you do when the sardine came down? okay. did you hear that? anyone else want to kiss the sardine? i should tell you, kathy and anderson, people have been kitsing the sardine all night. and they sanitize it, put it on the sardine's mouth, but it is a tradition. and we've heard, doctors tell us that no one has ever gotten sick from kissing the sardine in eastport, maine. >> i'm sure. >> reporter: 2013 here. canada one mile away. it's also 2013. this was a dual celebration, two time zones, two countries, canada and maine. anderson and kathy, happy new year to you. >> did you drop something? >> no. i was kissing -- >> i got it. >> i can do it all night long. >> no, sweetie.
12:20 am
>> i'm going on letterman in two nights and he -- i'm going down. you know you want to. >> believe me, i really don't. >> it's after midnight. >> i never have. >> no one's even going to -- what's the big deal? >> i don't know what you're talking about. brooke baldwin is in new orleans getting ready for -- >> you can't stop me. i'm going to kiss it. >> brooke, how are things going in new orleans? >> reporter: i don't know what's going on there with you two, but let me just say hello and happy new year to the east coast. we are just about an hour away here in new orleans. and if you think this place is rocking any day of the year, and maybe you kind of forget your trip to new orleans sometimes because it's that fun. let me just show you, you have new year's eve and the sugar bowl in a couple of days, and this place is absolutely insane. you have this huge band. an awesome horn section. this is valderrama. as far as i can see, let me tell you guys where i am. this is jackson square. and where basically in front of
12:21 am
jackson square surrounded by what they were estimating, something like 50,000 people. i'm looking left. i'm looking right. i see people. i see people on balconies throwing it down. so we're going to be counting down the new year here. there's a fleur-de-lis on top of the jack's brewery. so we'll be counting down with the fleur-de-lis. you can't be in new orleans and have new year without the baby new year because it's just so new orleans. so we're rocking it out. big easy style. we'll see you back here in a matter of moments. guys, back up to you. >> all right, brooke, thanks very much. and brooke will be starting our coverage at 12:30, going all the way to the 1:00 hour. kathy -- oh, did you drop something? let me just pick that up for you. let's check in in nashville and susan hendricks. what's going on there? >> you're willing to go out of frame, just drop out of frame. >> i'll go right out of frame. >> reporter: hi, anderson and kathy. >> hey. what's going on? >> reporter: hey, anderson and kathy. happy new year to you. we are about to ring in 2013 here in nashville. it is wet out.
12:22 am
it's raining. it's freezing. why does no one care? because the fray is on the stage behind me. so exciting. the energy here is through the roof. and we can't wait. 2013. in about 45 minutes that music note behind me will drop. but no one's talking about that. we're talking about the fray behind me. we can't wait to ring in the new year. back to you guys in new york. >> that'll be also at 1:00. >> you're scared of me now. >> no, you're scaring me. >> because you don't know what i'm going to do. >> it is getting to be that hour where bad things happen. >> exactly. >> this is when bad things happen. a couple years ago this is where there was an incident where you yelled at somebody in the crowd -- because i just want to -- stop. i just want to see who's in the crowd. >> people are -- do you want me to do it? >> no. no one -- see? i'm blocking. i'm blocking. >> you're blocking the taffy? the christmas presents? you know, you're going to look away eventually. i can do this all --
12:23 am
>> no, it's peripheral vision. i'm going peripheral vision -- >> are you wearing thermals? >> what? >> are you wearing thermals? >> i've got two pairs. >> do you have a flap? like easy snaps? >> so -- yeah. so where do you go from here? >> right here. i go right down here. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> you're going to do this every time i -- you're going down? >> i'm hanging out -- i'm going to pick up some confetti. >> is that taylor swift confetti? >> i'm going to make it look like i meant to do this. >> i just -- >> let's get back up. >> -- tried to live a dream. this is america, the country of dreams. >> this is when bad things happen during our broadcast. >> tell them over the years like the types of e-mails and calls you've gotten. >> yes. this is usually also the time -- and actually, i've been checking. the pr people are calling because somebody like from the "new york times" like brian stetler or stelter has e-mailed from the "times" saying did kathy are griffin say -- >> did she go down on her knees? will you stop? this is like a workout for you.
12:24 am
i'm right there. looking there. turn around. >> i don't know what you -- yeah. so what else is going on? what else? come on. you must have some more stuff on your cards. >> all right. fine. i just want to go on record to say that i tried to -- >> because i will toss it to brooke baldwin -- >> oh, i know. >> -- in a heartbeat. >> you will go to baldwin -- >> i will go to baldwin in a heartbeat. >> you will get on a private jet and go to new orleans or nashville or wherever the heck she is. so you're saying you don't want me to give -- you don't want me to visit the christmas presents with my smile? >> see, now, the crowds are -- >> do you guys want me to get down on my knees -- >> do you know what time it is? >> it's got to be so late. no one cares about this. people are chanting, kathy -- i'm trying to kiss the christmas presents. >> that's really sweet. did you drop something? what else have you got on your cards? >> well, my resolution. >> what are your resolutions? >> commit more elder abuse.
12:25 am
that's the joke about my mom. >> that's not funny. >> get kim and kanye to name their kid. i can't believe you don't know about this. >> i've been off for a couple of days. >> well, kim kardashian -- >> you want to eat more trans fats? that's funny. >> well, don't tell sanjay. >> he's at the fun run in central pafrpg. maybe we'll check in with him shortly. >> can i just -- what are you doing? >> i don't know. i thought i saw out of peripheral vision. >> i saw that. >> what? >> the producer -- no nudity. no swearing. see in do you read it? no swearing. >> no oral -- >> come on. get up. come on, you made it this far. you've made it this far. let's take a break. more from times square in a moment. we'll be right back. >> what's the worst that can happen?
12:26 am
12:27 am
12:28 am
12:29 am
hey, again, we want to thank the amazing overhead view you're seeing of times square. it's coming from the rooftop of the marriott marquee hotel. very grateful to everyone there for all the hard work they've helped us with, making that shot happen piem here with kathy griffin. you just received a text -- >> this just in. a text from suze orman, who i believe rules the world and should. and it says, if you can read it, "you can make it rain. you can do anything you want." give me the money. >> no, no, no, no. seriously. we're almost done. >> should i tell them about the dare? >> what's the dare? >> you know that i let someone down. >> tell her who you let down. >> so i'm going on the david letterman show -- >> i'm a huge fan of david letterman. >> i love david letterman too. and he loves you. he loves our little reppar taye. so he -- >> he dared you something? >> he dared me to see how close i could come to servicing you -- >> i don't know what you're talking about. i don't know those words. i don't know what you mean. >> and i feel like i let him
12:30 am
down. >> you provide aid service for everyone. you've really serviced the country. >> i apologize to david letterman, the rest of america and norway and i feel i did not complete my task. and i had one task tonight. and i don't -- i feel you that -- >> listen, it would have been a first for me. and i'm just not ready to go there. >> i think we should try. >> no. i think -- >> this is the perfect network. this is the most appropriate time. >> so we had an online poll. this is our sixth year co-hosting on new year's eve. i don't know why they allow us to do it every year. >> i love it. >> it feels like a poke in the eye. or a blank in the eye. so many memorable moments. we did an online poll asking viewers to name their favorite moments over the years. this one tops the list. >> are you kidding me? >> we just saw lady gaga and i thought -- >> are you kidding me? i swear, i'm literally talking to you guys and i turn around -- >> why can't we do a block where i'm in my underwear? >> where's the sign? >> it's not nude. look. >> no. look at the sign. jesus.
12:31 am
good lord. seriously. >> lady gaga's performance is over and i was inspired. >> you've got a rocking body, by the way. >> you do have a rocking body. >> you weren't complaining that night, sweetheart. you know what? i was so proud of that moment because i didn't tell you, i didn't tell anybody at the network, and i read my contract and i knew how much nipple i could and could not show. i followed all the rules. still took my clothes off. >> bam. that's how you roll. >> in your face, psy. take that, jepson. >> who? >> psy and jepsen. earlier psy came by. >> if you missed it -- it was one of the weirder moments. she said to psy -- let's recreate it. i'm psy. i'm standing here. psy is standing here like -- i just unplugged myself. >> do you want me to go get that for you? >> no. i got it. >> no, no. let me take care of this. >> good god.
12:32 am
good god. you're a grown woman. get off your knees. so psy's standing there. so psy is standing there. he didn't know where he was. >> somebody pushed him in front of -- >> mc hammer, which neither of us realized -- we have the moment. let's play that moment. let's just play that moment. >> hi. how are you? >> how's it going? nice to see you. >> hey. hello. how's it going? >> turn around. say hi to the camera. >> i almost wore this, psy. i was this close to wearing it. >> this is not awkward at all. hi. you guys did a fantastic performance. anderson. isn't it great to be here? >> yeah. >> happy new year. >> yeah, happy new year. >> we wish you the best. all right. thanks, guys. >> i met you before. nice to see you again. keep doing it gangnam style or any style you choose. you can't lose. you're really printing -- there's just money coming out your butt at this point, isn't there? you're printing money everywhere
12:33 am
you go. >> that means a lot. thank you. >> that's what it's all about. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, guys. >> so you couldn't really hear it. she said to psy, you're basically printing money, money is coming out of your butt. and psy said, completely not comprehending anything she just said, "coming from you, that means a lot." >> because he respects an icon and a classy lady. which is what i -- >> kathy, you are nothing but classy. with a capital k. >> all caps. >> okay. so plug whatever you're going to plug. get it done quick. >> letterman in a couple of nights. and then my next special is called "kathy griffin: kennedie center honors." premieres january 3rd. and then the new season of "kathy live" january 10th. >> you'll be playing the giggle hut september 4th. the laugh shack -- >> jane lynch, lisa kudrow and liza minnelli. >> where else are you playing? the hard rock cafe outside miami? >> yes. remember you did a speaking gig there? and there was a chick-fil-a in
12:34 am
the lobby and i got nervous for you. >> i didn't show up there, actually. so listen, i had fun. thank you so much. >> i adore you. you know i do. >> the best in the new year. let's go to brooke baldwin. our coverage continues down live in new orleans. brooke? >> i love it. warm and fuzzies in time square. you guys, go enjoy your champagne. the party's still moving and grooving here in new orleans. we are just about a half hour away for the fleur-de-lis to drop on top of jack's brewery. we are rocking out. if you can hear this band behind me in new orleans, we've got some awesome local jazz greats who are just behind this camera. you're going to see some special guests. we're going to check in with sanjay, see how he's doing as he jogs in central park. but when we talk about new orleans and you see new orleans, i need you to feel new orleans. take a listen. ♪
12:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪ having fun ♪ ♪ down in the treme ♪ it's me and my baby ♪ we're all going crazy
12:36 am
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what's your policy?
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12:39 am
welcome back to new orleans. you are watching a cnn special, new year's eve special. it's amazing. it's rocking. it's one of those nights. i can't hear myself think. with this crowd, it's like 50,000 friends. over my shoulder it's jackson square. right behind this local band, some serious horns. this is valderrama. we were checking them out. as we count down here in new orleans central time. the crazy fireworks will be in the night sky above the mighty mississippi. i want you to take a look at my colleague not too far away from me in nashville, tennessee. she's on broadway. different kind of broadway. broadway there in nashville. susan hendricks. happy almost new year's. set the scene for me. >> hey, brooke, happy almost new year's to you.
12:40 am
just on the stage behind me, speaking of amazing, was the one and only emmylou harris. this is the fray. this is the music mecca of the u.s. as "rolling stone" called it. and boy, are they right. the crowd is going nuts here. it's rainy. it's a little chilly. but it doesn't seem to be bothering them. again, the fray is behind me. it is amazing as we ring in 2013 with the music note behind me. that's going to come down 150 feet. we're talking about confetti. also fireworks. it is a huge party here, brooke. back to you in new orleans. >> my favorite song, by the way. susan hendricks, thank you so much. we'll check back in with you. as we look for that music note to drop. back here, again, valderrama playing. the heart of the french quarter. the mississippi river this way, jackson square, the st. louis cathedral behind me.
12:41 am
and they were actually just saying on the stage, they were saying that this has been voted the number one destination for new year's. i have to be honest, i've been to new orleans a number of times. this is my very first new year's. and it kind of rocks. i've never, ever seen crowds like this. you're looking at pictures. this is the fleur-de-lis, of course. if you've been to new orleans, you know the fleur-de-lis is really the symbol here of new orleans. that's sitting atop jack's brewery here in the french quarter. we also have -- this is sofrt quintessential new orleans. you have the baby new year. a little back story with the baby new year is the fact they had this baby, they spray-paint this baby. it represents basically out with the old, in with the new year, the rebirth of the new year. the kingpin. mardi gras here. apparently, what happened with this baby new year with katrina a number of years ago, baby new year floated away, and amazingly enough they found baby new year floating along this warehouse with these guys who apparently
12:42 am
put all these floats together. baby new year now has this new orleans saints helmet on. honestly, who dat nation here is very proud of the saints. that's just a little bit of the back story here in new orleans. i've got a couple jazz local musicians. we're going to talk to them here in just a moment. if we have sanjay, because i think sanjay gupta is still running in central park. sanjay gupta is running? i want you to -- let's go back. anderson and kathy. >> rihanna will be here -- >> someone on twitter was saying there's going to be a drinking game every time i giggle nervously. [ giggling ] >> calvin harris and swedish house mafia. >> who's calvin harris? >> okay, grandma. you know what? let me take this part. >> name mitt romney's sons. >> shlep. tag. josh. matt. >> yes. >> craig. >> oh, you did it.
12:43 am
>> do we have the election night -- >> there's a photo that kathy sent me on election night and told me to show it to david gergen in the midst of our election coverage. >> i love gary tuchman. >> gary tuchman is an amazing reporter. >> obviously, you are angry with him. to send him groundhog day style to some sort of town in maine where he drops a minnow in a bucket. am i getting this correctly? >> ryan! ryan, screw you. we improvise and we're real. >> i was once doing a live shot with paula zahn and i was in sri lanka and a dog humped my leg. i just started giggling. i was just like, finally, paula, i've got to tell you, there's a dog humping my leg. >> is that how you lost your cherry? >> wow. nice to see you. i almost wore this, psy. >> this is not awkward at all. >> no. >> who was that? >> that was mc hammer. >> no. really? >> yes. >> babe. i got you, babe. >> i got you, babe. >> i started sexting george stephanopoulos.
12:44 am
>> really? >> yeah. >> i'm not the only one you sext? >> no. >> marisa says for a new year's present can anderson get a word in every once in a while? >> you're like ike turner. >> liz and dick was so fantastic. when she had on the joan collins wig it was like heaven on a stick. >> you you hardly talk to me anymore when you come through the door. >> i don't know that. >> at the end of the day. >> let's check in with gary tuchman. >> and we wish you a very happy new year of much success and peace and happiness and love. >> back here live in new orleans, we are just about 20 minutes away. we will count down the new year here in about 20 minutes. see the fleur-de-lis, see the music note drop in nashville. i want to take you to music city. on the stage right now, the fray. take a look. ♪
12:45 am
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12:48 am
ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one
12:49 am
♪ [ "auld lang syne" plays ] all right. a little action from times square not too long ago in new york. but let me just tell you, the party is so not over. i'm here live in new orleans. i want into the deuce you to two people who really around these parts are very much so known in music circles. you've heard of the marsalis family. this is jason marsalis. welcome. percussionist. drums. also, dr. michael white is joining me. a classic clarinetist. so we're going to hear them.
12:50 am
they've actually put a little something together special for cnn on new year's. forgive me. i'm now shouting. because we're fighting with the party right now in new orleans. tell me, though, you're born and raised here. what do you make of these thousands of people in your town? >> new orleans is a party town, man. this always happens all the time. i mean, if a dog had a birthday, they'd throw a party for that. that's just how it is here. >> that's one way to describe it. dr. white, let me just ask you. you've been here for years and years. you're known around here. when you're in new orleans, you can't help but sort of like bop your head or tap your toes. what is this city like? this city wouldn't exist without music. >> oh, music is new orleans. new orleans is music. and this is the greatest place in the world to celebrate new year's. there's music here all the time, and it grows up like grass here and it's part of the culture, part of the heritage. so you have to get into it. and dancing of course goes along with it. >> we've been dancing all night long on and off television. i'll tell you that much.
12:51 am
this is so special, you guys. do your thing. ♪ [ playing "auld lang syne" ] ♪ ♪
12:52 am
12:53 am
>> you sound great. it's a dance party. dance party. new orleans style. yes! we've got like a whole cheering section over here. that was fantastic, you all. thank you so much. let me just ask you this. we're minutes away from the new year. are you new year's resolution believers, and if so do you have one? >> new year's resolution? just to learn more music. >> to learn more music. well spoken. >> we have the exact same new year's resolution. but i'm going to bring in the new year the right way. i'm going to give you a gift from new orleans. my latest cd, "adventures in new orleans jazz part 2." >> dr. white, thank you so much. you can get their albums. basin street records. your new one is coming out in february.
12:54 am
i got you. you got it. this is a little flavor of what we see, what we're feeling here in the big easy. i want to go now, take you a little farther north, where it's a little chillier, maybe not quite as rocking, to central park, to sanjay gupta, a man who i know has run a triathlon. sanjay, how's the running going? >> i just got my first run of 2013 out of the way, brooke. it was fantastic. called the emerald nuts run here in central park. it's about, what, about four miles? four miles or so? it was a lot of fun. it was cold. but you warmed up nicely. it's a great way to start the new year. and i have jason and aileen here. >> happy new year! >> and a reveler. so you guys, this is the first time you guys did this race? >> yeah. >> first time this one. >> why did you decide to do it? >> why? well, we were skiing this weekend and we wanted to come back for brooklyn, we started looking for things to do and
12:55 am
found this on -- i don't know what website. but we were like oh, it seems like fun, fireworks, music, the whole thing. >> the fireworks were amazing. most people are out having fun tonight, jason, drinking, having a good time. yet you're running. >> we had fun. we had more fun than any of them. and not much drinking. >> we met this awesome couple from london like two hours before we came, they were buying us bourbon. they were like you're running in a bathing suit. i'm like i need to warm up. >> so you drank a lot of bourbon before the race? >> we had a couple of rounds of bourbon with a lovely couple. >> are you cold now? >> no. i feel great. >> what do you want to say to people out there who are watching who are thinking you're basically crazy for having done this right now? >> happy new year. best wishsz for a happy, lovely, successful, prosperous 2013. we love you. >> we're not going to be as hung over as you tomorrow. >> thanks a lot for joining us. brooke, i'll tell you, this is a race that's been around since 1979. people literally running around the park. they had this remarkable fireworks display at the beginning.
12:56 am
sort of a mock champagne toast halfway through. and i'll tell you, the best part about this, brooke, is you got to get -- you got this run out of the way. your first run out of the way of 2013. brooke, i'm having a hard time hearing. i know you're having a hard time hearing. but i think i heard somebody saying something about going to maine next, gary tuchman. is that gary tuchman up there in maine? >> sanjay, we're here at the afterparty in eastport, maine. this is the wacko diner. yes, it's called wacko. it's spelled like waco but it's pronounced "wacko." the oldest diner in the state of main. 88 years old. and this is a very proud city. only 1,300 people live here. it's one mile away from the canadian border, the province of new brunswick. new brunswick started new year 2013 an hour earlier. they're in the atlantic time zone. want to show you a three-story building, the tallest building in town. they don't lower a crystal ball here. they lower a cannedman maple leaf.
12:57 am
for the beginning of the new year in the atlantic time zone, which is eastern canada, parts of the caribbean, and parts of south america. when that maple leaf comes down, it is 2013. but it was still 2012 here for an hour. an hour later they lower, yes, a sardine because this used to be the sardine capital of the united states of america. the sardine came down that three-story art museum tower, and then it was 2013 here in maine. now, let me tell -- right now on that monitor, that's the behind the scenes -- there's a little delay there. people are watching on the monitor. but i will tell you there's a tradition here when the sardine gets lowered to kiss the sardine. so i wanted to know, how many of you kissed the sardine? [ cheers ] how many of you are going to get medical care after kissing that sardine so many times? [ cheers ] yeah! what's amazing, this is not a bar. this is a diner. no one's drinking and they're having this much fun anyway. and that tells you a lot about new year's here in the city of eastport, maine, the easternmost city in the united states.
12:58 am
brooke, back to you. >> oh, well, i can tell you there's more than a few people, gary tuchman, here in the big easy are having a little bit of fun and a little bit to drink. you can tell that it's sort of the excitement is palpable. you can tell that the countdown here in new orleans is really about to begin. central time. they're get psyched on the stage. and just take a look at the crowd. we have another camera here. you can really see the sheer volume. here we go. both sides of the screen. fleur-de-lis here in new orleans on the left-hand side. you have the music note there in nashville. so for those of you hanging out at home sipping the champagne, stay with us. we are in the heart of the french quarter. i was saying earlier, this is my very first new year's here in new orleans, and it's something really to behold. if you can fight the crowds, enjoy the crowds, enjoy the music, you really feel it just deep down in your soul in a city like this. it is a blast any day of the
12:59 am
year. but you have new year's eve. you have the sugar bowl in a couple of days. and it's pretty spectacular. i want you to listen in just for a moment here to these guys on the stage, and then we'll count down. >> wow. who thinks 2013's going to be the best year yet? who do you think's going to win the super bowl? >> i don't know if you can hear the people behind me. and i'm looking and i'm cheating. i'm looking and i'm cheating and i'm looking at my phone. so we're just about two minutes away. okay. susan hendricks. susan hendricks. let's go to susan quickly in nashville. susan, it's almost that time. >> hey, brooke, yes, it is. we are in nashville, music city. the fray just got off the stage. really amazing. i've never seen thousands of people singing in the rain all together. and we are about to bring in the


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