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tv   Starting Point  CNN  January 15, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PST

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. >> we wrap it up with the best advice. >> the best advice mimi ali ever received. >> listen before you react. >> hear that? listen. >> you have a problem with that. >> starting with soledad o'brien starts right now. . >> our starting point coming clean. lance armstrong reportedly confessing he used performance-enhancing drugs. why is he telling the truth now. president obama is reviewing recommendations to prevent gun violence. will he use the executive order to tweak existing gun laws?
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as washington prepares to duke it out over the debt ceiling, one said we should get rid of it all together? does ben bernanke have a point? >> the nra releases a new target practice ap for kids as young as 4. >> we have a packed show for you this morning. mike thompson joins us and greg walden is our guest. the congressman and newly crowned miss america, mallory hagen will be joining us. tuesday, january 15th and starting point begins right now. . welcome to starting point. after years and years of lying to the world, lance armstrong is finally coming clean. there report he's confessed to oprah winfrey and he used drugs
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to win his titles. sources say he is in talks to have some of the millions he was paid by the postal service to sponsor the tour. cnn's ed is live in austin, texas. let's talk about what he told oprah and what the next steps are for lance armstrong. >> the big question will be to what extent did he confess and how much detail is he going to offer? also from the standpoint of how did he offer it and what was the body language there? lance armstrong is an athlete who is vehement in his denials going after the people for criticing and over the years and will he be apologetic and contrite? we will have to see highway it plays out.
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and we have the interview with lance armstrong that is gone over two and a half hours. he came ready in all caps. >> that was such a great tweet. ready for what? ready to apologize and advice for his people and ready to do what? they are watching the interview when it happens. there of course is stories about what he told the folks at live strong. they had to step away in the wake of the scandal. he did not apologize, but what did he say? >> he apologized for the stress he put the staff, the live strong foundation under for the last few years. he was on his way to the interview with oprah winfrey and it lasted about 15 minutes and he was at times tearful and the spokes person for the live
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strong foundation in the meeting said it was emotional and he choked up for a moment, but we were glad to see him. at no point did he talk about performance-enhancing drug use or anything like that. they had to continue to do the work they are doing. >> the apology for doping. ed, appreciate the update. turning to washington, d.c. where president obama is looking over the vice president's recommendations on preventing gun violence. the ideas include these things proposing background checks on all gun sales, making certain weapons off limits and keeping guns away from the mentally ill. taking on pro gun groups saying they are using fear to sell more firearms. following those for us, let's begin by digging deeper for the vice president's recommendations. >> the vice president was to have made those recommendations today, they are now reviewing
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these because he sat down with the president and went over the recommendations and the president is pointing out that later in the week they will be spelling out the details. the universal background checks and the high capacity magazine clips. they still support a ban on assault weapons. some of these things will need congressional approval, but the president noted she willing to act alone. >> i'm confident that there steps we take that don't require legislation and are within my authority as president. where you get a step that has the opportunity to reduce the possibility of gun violence. i want to go ahead and take it. >> one of the thing that is the president hinted at is in tracking the weapons used by
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criminals. this is not something happening on the federal level, state and local governments are trying to come up with ways to tackle gun violence. there is a summit in the second day in the baltimore, maryland area where mayors and governors and other officials come across in needing to come up with solutions and you see states like maryland and new york taking some of these steps or considering taking the steps as well. strong push back from the nra saying they will fight any attempt to restrict their second amendment rights and raising doubts as to whether they can make their way through congress. >> thank you, dan. john berman has the other stories. >> you heard dan talking and in a few hours, new york may be one of the first state to enact tougher gun laws. the changes proposed by andrew cuomo puts new measures to place
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to keep guns away from the mentally ill. >> this is a surge on society. people had to live through these tragedies. tragedy after tragedy after tragedy and people are saying at what point do we get it? at what point do you say enough, we understand? no one else has to die. no more innocent loss of life. >> the governor's bill includes a webster provision, a life without parole sentence for anyone murdering a first responder. that was included in response to the fire and shooting in webster, new york that killed two firefighters. the organization at sandy hook promised for a conversation about guns and school safety. they voted to name a new school
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building after slain teacher victoria soto. she died after trying to shield her children from the gunman. >> fresh off the fiscal cliff, president obama digs in his heels raising the debt ceiling. he will not trade what republicans want in exchange for the borrowing limit. that can be a completely different discussion. >> even to entertain the idea of this happening, of the united states of america not paying bills is irresponsible. >> john boehner said the american people do not report raising the debt sealing without lowering spending at the same time. >> the u.s. consulate in benghazi a week from tomorrow, she will be before the house foreign affairs committee. at some point she will appear before the senate foreign affairs committee. that day is yet to be
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determined. they are set to testify and sidelined by illness. ann romney's dance card is full apparently. tmz said she was approached to compete on the next season of dancing with the stars and say she was very interested, but the one-time first lady hopeful ultimately declared. she did appear as a greft they tweeted overnight he would have loved to have seen it. >> that would have been fun. the transformations that people do on the show -- >> i'm struck by how much work they go through. >> maybe you should do it. >> maybe not. >> you have your afternoons free. you would be done by 10:00 in the morning. >> lance armstrong apparently admits to doping and gives a tearful apology to the staff of live strong. we will look at the interview
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with oprah up next. >> they blame video games for the violent massacre. why does this new ap kill children as young as 4? >> congress prepares for the fight over the raising of the debt ceiling. tim geithner is urging action. all of what this means for you and your bottom line. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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director for the national journal. the former u.s. representative. nice to have you with us. we are talking about lance armstrong following the reports about his interview with oprah. not exactly clear what we said. that is what we call the deep tease. i left you out. anyway, lance armstrong apparently admitted to doping, contradicting a decade of statements where he denied use of performance-enhancing drugs. if he does the come clean with oprah winfrey, what does it mean? does it work? >> he has to apologize to all of the people who have been reporting this for a long time and people who have been saying this guy has been doing this and attacking them and saying they are lying and something is whereon with their character for saying that about them. it's bigger to adjust them
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saying they did it. we actually don't need to you say anything at this point. your coming clean has to be about absolving other people that you accused and have done wrong. >> it's the apology and outside of all of that and on the other side of that is the legal jeopardy issues. that could mitigate a strong apology if you are worried about being sued. >> motivate to some extent and we think about where the unraveling has been as long. it feels like it has been going on year after year after year to finally get to this point. i can't believe they reversed the decision. >> many people that he would like too to compete against, he cannot until there is a step that removes his time ban. here's what jeff toobin said in
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terms of perjury. let's play that. >> look at the date. 2005. that was pushing years ago. the statute of limitation is three years. he is completely safe from perjury prosecution. the whole matter of civil litigation is different. for criminal, i don't see how it could be. >> the bad news is completely not safe because there is a list of people who could sue him civilly. >> they want money and lance armstrong accused of lying. australia that wants money. the daily mail and postal service. there is a lot of people who want money from lance armstrong. he is worth about $100 million. >> here's the cover of the new york post. it's never good when they photo shop and say lies strong.
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he talked about the betrayal he felt in the charity that now lance armstrong backed away from. let's play that. >> do you feel betrayed? >> i think -- yes, i do. i think he's got a lot of apologies and crawl over a lot of broken glass, but i think the one thing they can't take away is his cancer survivor. >> that are is true. you can't take that away, but can he rehabilitate his image? i'm a big believer in the american way. you apologize and you write the book and you move on to the next phase. you seem to say i don't think so. >> the fact that he did all of these virtuous things while still spewing such vile things
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against people who were telling the truth about him. that's the problem. here he has been doing and live strong has been an inspiration to millions of people. that's been a force for good. but presumably it will be up to the folks who worked with him now to make amends, if you will, and restore the image of that organization. >> the most famous wrong thing ever said about america, there no second acts in american lives. there always second acts in american lives. it feels like this is going on so long, this is already the second. >> you wonder is there a third act that would be a redemption. >> the other thing is it doesn't always get you back to zero. you can rehabilitated and forgiven and have a that you move on, but don't get back to
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zero before it happened and you can't expect that to be. >> you will never be a-time tour de france player and never again be a hero. if you want to be a spokesman against lying and cheating. >> you need a strong apology with that and you think it's -- >> he hasn't. >> i wouldn't say she is rehabilitated. >> no nominees. i don't think anyone can say marion jones is back where she was. >> he never is back to zero, but talking about things and what she talks about is performance-enhancing drugs. >> absolutely. it will be interesting to see and it's a great tease for oprah's interview with him. >> everyone likes that interview a lot. >> thead morning we have everyone weigh in. go to our facebook page on
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thence armstrong apology. coming up next, a month after the shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary school, the nra released a new target practice and it is recommended for kids 4 plus. i thought they blamed video games for the shooting at sandy hook. that made the cover of the daily news. ak 47 to shoot targets shaped like coffins. we will talk about that story straight ahead. what are you doing?
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welcome back to starting point. stock features are trading lower ahead of opening bell. marks are in a holding pattern waiting for corporate earnings later this week. we will get reports on retail sales and producer prices for december. investors are waiting for news on debt ceiling talks and federal reserve chief said the loss should be scrapped all together and outgoing secretary tim geitner urged action. he warned again that the treasury would run out of extraordinary measures by february to keep the government paying bills on time. the u.s. officially hit the debt ceiling set by congress on
4:23 am
december 31st. facebook is inviting the media to an event to come see the building. there is speculation they will be unveiling their own smart phone. it could be a new search imagine that will tap into friends's suggestions and take on google. >> what the world needs. another smart phone. >> thank god. >> we all have our smart phones. >> we need a bigger table. >> if it's good and it takes my friend's suggestions, buy it. >> i take my friend's suggestions. i want to take them. >> we have been talking about the cover of the daily news and talking about the new ap from the national rifle association. just a month after. >> here came up with this. >> completely missing the one-month anniversary. >> that are we were talking about and in newtown, connecticut.
4:24 am
nra practice range. it's a free ap for ages 4 and over. it includes a 3d shooting game with targets that are in the shape of coffins. >> would you want your 4-year-old doing that? are you kidding me? crazy. >> the nr a's ceo singled out vicious violent va games and that's a quote with him from sandy hook elementary school. i don't get it. i think there is something behind united states thaw don't understand. they think a lot about what they do. it could have been an accident. >> this debate i think has been a boom for them. the memberships shot up and sales of guns shot up. >> the mayors against illegal
4:25 am
gun sales. they tend to help the people. >> on the hand, i look at this as the nra sees this. the more people that have a culture they are comfortable with the guns and the voices they have on their side. it's easy to see why people who are not on the team would be outraged by it. they were talking about first person shooter violent video games. after columbine, there was a big part of clinton's response. a lot of households were on a tablet. the way it fews our culture is very difficult. >> people argue about it and they don't keep their kids from playing the games. >> we don't have enough data. we are not allowed to keep data on guns and not able to look at
4:26 am
how guns may overlap with violence and culture. we are just not allowed to do it. partly because they have pushed hard to make sure we cannot keep data on guns. if this were a public issue, we are able to keep track of how transmission is without names. without people's names. without identifying. we are able to keep track of how many so we can target messing and intervention and things like that. we need it do the same with guns. >> that is apparently in from the president now. with vice president biden making his recommendations at handling that. we will talk more about that ahead as well. there is a lot of questions about the president and theus of executive order. can't create new gun laws. he can strengthen the gun laws. we will talk more specifically
4:27 am
about that in the wake of the former colleagues in congress that were saying. also thompson got an early look at the recommendations on curbing gun violence. coca-cola is launching an anti-obesity ad. >> all calories count no matter where they come from. including coca-cola and everything else with calories. >> is it a concern or damage control or thinking about your future product buyers? what are they doing here? back in a moment. with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>> good morning and welcome back. in just a couple of minutes, we will be talking with mike thompson who has been briefed on the recommendations to try to stop gun violence. the president is looking over and we will talk to him about that straight ahead. the best car ads of the last quarter century. they are classic volkswagen and make the list. we will talk about the tops and see what your favorites are. we have a look at the stories making news.
4:31 am
>> the house is set to take up part of the sandy relief bill that has $51 billion to storm-ravaged states. not without a fight for lawmaker who is say the storm bill is full of holes. they will talk with a republican who said he is not going to vote for the bill. six months after the midnight massacre at the aurora movie theater where a gunman murdered 12, that is set to reopen on thursday. today and tomorrow, victims and families will be allowed to tour the complex. it is being billed as a night of remembrance and 2,000 tickets to victims and first responders. it's enough to make that. justice clarence thomas spoke during oral arguments for the first time in years. he speaks. no one has an idea what he said
4:32 am
except that he is cracking a joke against the lawyers from yale where they went. justice thomas has a strained relationship. he said he regrets going there and hasn't mentioned it in years. it's a big, big deal. >> this is fun. >> couldn't have been that. >> coca-cola has been an american staple for more than a century. a sugary beverage like coke contributes to the agreeing obesity problem. from the coca-cola company that claims the new no and low sugar drinks can be part of the solution. >> for over 125 years, we have been brigging people together. today we would like people to come on something that concerns all of us. obesity. the long-term health of families and the countries at stake.
4:33 am
we can play an important role. >> cnn's correspondent joins us now and there was consensus that this was an interesting new measure by coca-cola. what was the goal? >> it's interesting just that they have done it at all. you were saying justice thomas and coca-cola speaks and they haven't said much for how large of a company they are. the company said we are doing our part to fight the obesity epidemic and offer lots of low and no calorie options and smaller sizes and 7.5 ounces and put thealories right here on the front. if you can see on this silver band it says 140 calories so people see it and can make choices. you put all of this and the company is clearly showing they
4:34 am
have helped people lose weight and continue to help people lose weight. >> we have been talking about the epidemic for years. how responsible is something like soda? >> we have to look on an individual basis. i mentioned the 140 calories. 280 calories. that's a lot of calories. more than 10% of what you are supposed to get in a day and you get it in two sodas. according to the harvard school of public health, sodas have nine teaspoons of sugar per soda. we were talking in the last hour, would you eat teaspoons of sugar in a soda. that is quite a bit of sugar and when you drink your sugar, it gets into your blood stream faster. in an apple, the fiber slows down the ob soerpgz. >> that is the stunning picture with the nine spoons of sugar.
4:35 am
>> this is where the country is thinking about obesity and these are the consumers. >> you said that soda consumption is going down. there is a relationship between this product and obesity and you just happened to acknowledge that. they are doing something to help, great. everybody does something to help. you are part of the problem. >> this is a cultural phenomenon and an example about how public attention and pressure can change our culture. coca-cola is responding to that. we have a looming crisis. we talk about the budget. health care cost has to do with obesity and hypertension and diabetes. bravo for thinking attention to public policy. this company is responding to what consumers have asked. we will talk about it later this
4:36 am
morning. >> another big company making news and that's wal-mart. if you served the country and need a job, wal-mart is hiring. today the largest retailer will announce a five-year plan to hire 100,000 veterans. any service member with an honorable discharge in the past year is eligible. it begins may 27th. sounds fantastic. >> that's just good to do. i love that. >> so big, everything they do. positive and negative. >> wouldn't it be great if others saw that? >> the first lady is going to ask others. >> these are not replacing existing employees. >> hopefully people are going to -- >> a lost of people. >> the president is reviewing vice president biden's gun control proposals. they have not heard the details and they gave a preview of how he is likely to act on them. here's what he said.
4:37 am
>> you can count on the things that i said in the past. the belief that we have to have stronger background checks and can do a much better job in terms of keeping these magazine clips with high capacity out of the hands of folk who is shouldn't have them. an assault weapons ban that is meaningful and those are things i ton believe make sense. >> congressman thompson is a california democrat who chairs the task force. it's nice to have you with. thank you. you have spoken to the vice president and as i mentioned, no one knows the details because they haven't been made public. walk me through and give us insight into what is in the package that the vice president presented to the president. >> we met with the vice president and the vice president said we need a comprehensive package to put an end or help to
4:38 am
mend the gun violence. it's just going to be a cooperative effort with the two branches of government. we need to focus on things that save lives like the comprehensive background check before anybody buys a firearm. they put an end to the assault magazines that give killers so much more firepower than they would otherwise have. >> other details that some have to find gun trafficking as a federal crime. improve data collection in the background check system. ban the sale of rapid fire weapons and encourage research and strengthen mental health checks. are those provisions in what the vice president presented? >> things that the president can do as i said, administratively. he can appoint a director and he
4:39 am
can demand that his agencies provide the data that sometimes lack to make sure that the background checks are as comprehensive and complete as possible. he can make sure that they enforce existing laws which are personality important. straw purchases and when criminals try to buy guns, they need to be prosecuted. all those are important, but again, we need a comprehensive package that is going to take forth the congress and the president working together. >> in the national journal, in your first answer to soledad, you mentioned actions on universal background checkses and assault magazines. did you not mention assault weapons that the president cited as a priority again yesterday. you can get a better shot at passing the first two than getting into a ban on assault weapons themselves? >> i do. i think we have to concentrate
4:40 am
on what is most important in saving lives. if you take the magazine out of the rifle. they have less capacity than otherwise. that is absolutely important. we need to prioritize. a fan and i carried one in vietnam and i know the purpose of those. i am a gun owner and a hunter. i don't own an assault weapon and i think it gives hunters and gun owners a bad name. we need to concentrate on it. >> when the gun control measures passed. among house republicans and the issues with the background. >> in my capacity as chair, i have been meeting with every
4:41 am
community imaginable including my republican colleagues. there is interest on the part of many of my republican colleagues to come to do something that will make our communities safer and save lives. i'm hopeful that we will be able to put together a package that get votes from both sides of the aisle. >> does the task force include republicans? >> no, it's a democratic task force. >> is that problematic? >> i don't think so. i'm more than anxious to have them participate in any way they like. we have been meeting with them and working with them and when all is said and done, we will have a bipartisan package. >> the democrat from california, nice to see you. republican reaction and up next, big brother is listening to carmelo anthony. why they are apparently keeping
4:42 am
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help protect your eye health.
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>> if you recall the post-game altercation with carmelo anthony and kevin garnet who you love, it was apparently -- he just loves that costume. it was sparked by a nasty comment that garnet made to carmelo anthony during the game. now everything carmelo said and hears will be caught on tape. the knicks own james dolan ordered two technicians with the microphones to record all of carmelo's ingame conversations in the last two knicks game. the dispute was to protect him. i don't understand. i don't know thinks they were not trash talking during the game. he got suspended because he was waiting outside. the locker room.
4:46 am
>> i guess the concern is whether the whole thing, when you have the mikes there, are you listening to the other team? >> yes. >> i can't believe that will be okay. >> i want to say something. every now and then while i'm playing basketball. >> here's a look at the fight that was out of control. let's play it. >> kevin garnet and carmelo anthony last night. pushing and shoving in the celtics's win over the knicks. the celtics buy their team to have further words with kevin garnet after the game. why was he so upset, carmelo anthony said his wife tasted like honey nut cheerios. >> come on.
4:47 am
>> that's it. try some other brand. >> extremely well paid men who are doing presumably what they love. they are role models for children. shouldn't they be the people who a lot of i cans look up to? can't they behave themselves? >> the recording is coming here and the stories we do that are about the title destroy privacy in the new era. at one level it's unreasonable and another it's crazy. >> by the way, everything recorded eventually. that's that. ahead at starting point, the top car commercials from the past 25 years which aring this favorite from volkswagen. you are watching starting point. w that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good?
4:48 am
sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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the north american auto show is under way in detroit. we are taking a look at the best
4:51 am
car ads from the last quarter century. we will look at the ceo that organized the competition. a nonprofit that celebrates morning. >> good morning. >> there have been so many great ads and really when they get it right, they nail it and when it's wrong it's so painfully wrong. what makes a great ad? >> a great ad builds a connection between the consumer and the product. these ads you'll see this morning are really trying to get people interested in the car and to make them want to find out more information and lack up information and build that emotional connection. >> the number three of the top ads, number three is the one called the force, which is from, everybody knows this add from volkswagen. let's play it first. ♪
4:52 am
♪ >> i've watched that 100 times, that is so cute, it's about the kid, not really about the passat but that's what they're selling. >> the father is the hero of this spot, when he makes the car come on, starts it and it builds a story that everybody wants to follow. >> it starts to make car ads, i'm fascinated by car ads. they never seem to be about the attributes of the car, they're the point in your life, so age targeted and this car is part of this life. >> and if you're a good dad who loves his kid, comes in and wants to hug him first and knows how to really play with him, the passat is the car you want. here is the second one called cog and it's pitching the honda
4:53 am
from 2003. let's play it first. ♪ >> isn't it nice when things just work? >> you know what's weird about that ad? i'd never seen that. it never aired in the united states it aired in the uk. >> it became viral immediately when it was in the award shows and this ad is just really interesting because you can say things work but when it shows things work and the voiceover is garrison keilar in this, he wraps it up for you at the end. >> the number one was also a honda ad i think it is called grrr and it's from 2004.
4:54 am
let's play that ad. >> sing it like you hate it. ♪ papa change something, make something better ♪ >> i so didn't get that ad. that's the number one ad and i was like huh? >> we've just seen a short outtake of that ad but that ad really was one of the first examples of green advertising and simply says if you hate something change it, this is a better solution and it -- >> there's no car in it. >> deer. >> but they're not real. >> i mean you see the diesel engine cruising along, making happiness in the landscape and everything, uses this wonderful animation. >> how come they don't rerun great car ads? i've never seen this and that's partly because it's from years
4:55 am
and years ago, how come they don't take something that was successful and rerun them in. >> because everybody has, i mean this was done for honda uk and honda in north america has a different agency and different, but this was really again this went viral and was seen pretty much all over the world. >> what do you think carmakers have learned about advertising, what resonates that didn't necessarily work, i'm not sure that ad would work today maybe because the green revolution is not a new revolution today but what have they learned what hits today? is it celebrities, great music, what? >> one of the best use of celebrities was the chrysler ad, the renaissance of detroit, where they used eminem to sing and talk about we're coming back and that was a successful ad for chrysler, because it was all about the renaissance of detroit and the renaissance of the car industry. >> the clint eastwood/obama ad, preparing for mitt romney did not make the list, because that would be one of the most
4:56 am
memorable in from the super bowl. that was the america is back, the powerful america is back ad that clint eastwood did for chrysler. >> curious, you've judged those ads on the basis of i guess the professional audience gauging them or also on the basis of their documented effectiveness in terms of what soledad was referring to. did they lead to increased sales? >> many times, i always say good creative is good for business but many times i mean of course the one show does judge on creative excellence and that's our barb. we judge every year the new clump of ads that come out, it takes years for the emotional bond to really be seen in the marketplace. >> they should keep running that passat ad. i'd go out and buy a passat at the end of that. >> i think we'll see new ads from volkswagen in the super bowl, too. >> nice to have with you us
4:57 am
mary. >> thank you, it was great. still ahead on "starting point" after years and years and years of lying, lance armstrong looks like he's confessing to doping. we'll talk about why he's talking now and what's at stake. the first miss america from new york to win in three decades. we'll speak with her live on her victory and stance on gun control. administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone mt open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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good morning. our "starting point" this morning a powerful admission, lance armstrong reporting telling oprah he doped for years after denying it over and over again and tarnishing his reputation, will his admission work and what about the timing of all this? why is he coming clean now? the white house considers new gun proposal so look at what could be on the table and how the president could toughen up laws that already exist. as washington gears up to duke it out over the debt ceiling, should we scrap it all together? what fed chief ben bernanke is saying, hmm, something to consider. she is the newest miss america, new york's mallory hagan is here live, we'll talk to her about her surprising views about guns in school. >> it's tuesday, january 15th and "starting point" begins right now. our team charles from "the new york times" ron brownstein,
5:01 am
former u.s. representative nan hayworth is with us. i can't speak this morning, and "early start's" john berman is with us. there are reports say armstrong is admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs after years and years of vehement denial. how far does his admission go? the interview will air on thursday. cnn's ed lavandera is live in austin, texas, what about the fallout in texas and around the country for lance armstrong now? >> reporter: i think everyone's trying to gauge just how much fallout there will be. we're here at a bike shop called mellow johnny's, not too far away from where the livestrong foundation is headquarters. lance armstrong is part owner of the bike shop.
5:02 am
seven yellow jerseys hang on the wall back here, become a popular spot in downtown austin over the last few years but there's a lot of distancing going on, the livestrong foundation trying to make its own way without lance armstrong's footprint. it's how he confesses and body language, someone who hasn't been contrite over the last few years as he's battled the people who criticized him and accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs he has to flip that image 180 degrees. >> ed lavandera, thank you. reed albregotti writer for "the wall street journal," has an article about the timing >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> there are a lot of details we don't know about what he's told oprah and the quality of the confession i think is going to be really relevant in all of
5:03 am
this. talk to me about the timing. >> it was last option, what our story said today was that he had a meeting with the u.s. anti-doping agency in the hopes, that's the agency that stripped him of his tour de france titles. he hoped he could reduce his ban and get back to cycling. >> you write about the negotiation around that meeting was very challenging, intense, finally it happened. what came out of the meeting? >> what happened was at the meeting armstrong was not contrite. he didn't say i'm sorry and i've lied and i feel really bad about it. what he said was i'm being singled out here. i'm not the bad guy that people have made me out to be and it was pretty aggressive toward travis tygart, the u.s. anti-doping agency head. he said travis, you don't have the power here. i have the power. i'm the keys to my redemption is what he said. >> that might fall under famous last words because really when you say not contrite, this is what people are going to be
5:04 am
looking for in his interview with oprah. >> i think what we tried to do with the story is take you behind the scenes inside the armstrong camp which is a tight-knit group of high-powered lawyers and advisers, and sort of show you his, what he really feels like, and i think you'll see something else, which is sort of the public image that he wants to portray on oprah on thursday and the two i think are very different. >> you do believe he's not contrite at all. >> that's not what he's been saying to people. >> and that the persona he's built over his entire career is a hard-nosed, competitive, very try dent human being and that this is just pr? >> we don't know what this is because it hasn't aired yet. >> i think what we've shown in our reporting and we broke the story a couple years ago and gotten deep inside and shown that there's always been a public image of lance armstrong and that's always been very
5:05 am
different from the private lance armstrong. the competitive nature of his personality is definitely, that is there on both sides of those things. >> 2005, let me play a clip of the deposition from 2005 because a lot of conversation is focused on this in terms of legal jeopardy, looks like perjury is off the table since so much time has passed. let's play that first. >> you have never taken any performance-enhancing drug in connection with your cycling career? >> correct. >> and that would include any substances ever been banned, is that fair to say in. >> correct. >> so when travis tygart was interviewed on "60 minutes" he said when they retested the samples back from '99 and retested them in 2005, they were positive for epo, there was no test for it at the time back in '99. >> that's correct and that tape there was from an arbitration in
5:06 am
the 2005 time period where an insurance company that owed him bonuses refused to pay because they said he had cheated. that insurance company was sca and part of that arbitration focused around like you said the 1999 urine samples, six of the samples that were retested that belonged to lance armstrong turned out positive for epo. >> this brings us into the legal questions. >> can you explain why it is in his interest at this point then to go public and appear contrite? what specifically does he get out of that either legally or in terms of his ability to compete? >> what we've learned, what he's hoping is that if usada is unable to let him get back to competing in triathlons he hopes by going on oprah and turning the public opinion more in his favor it will put pressure on usada. >> oprah has been doing an
5:07 am
interview on cbs and she said he did not come clean in the manner she expected. which can be read a couple of different ways. >> come on, oprah, give us something. >> there's also all the potential legal jeopardy, there are people who will sue him in civil suits, right? there are people he could now testify against, forget the whole how do i rehabilitate my image and my career. there is a lot of litigation that's going to happen around this. >> his legal team is very divided on whether he should have done this oprah interview and whether he should have had that meeting with tygart. his legal team was against it. >> i can see why. >> he's facing a federal whistle-blower lawsuit filed by his former teammate where he's accused of defrauding the united states postal service in the contract with usps, there was an anti-doping clause and he's
5:08 am
accused of flouting that clause. he is in a lot of legal jeopa y jeopardy. >> i don't know how he gets public sympathy, it appears the only motivator he has right now for doing this is because he wants to compete again. >> here's what else oprah said, armstrong answered the questions in the way he was ready which to me sounds like he was coached by a legal team and that legal team, he has stuck to the points to make sure that he does not sort of implicate himself i guess legally in some capacity but it also would go against a heartfelt, breaking down apology that reveals all and says all. >> yes. i have spoken to people who are his former teammates, former enemies of his who he has called privately and apologized to and he has appeared more contrite in those phone calls, but people
5:09 am
still have their doubts. >> what is the nature of the apology, is it i'm sorry that i called you a liar and i was actually lying or is the apology i feel badly that i did something and it caused you pain, one of the more blanket -- apology can mean a lot of things. >> when people spoke about doping and cycling and said the truth, lance armstrong took a proactive approach. >> he attacked. >> and he really did ruin some people's careers so the conversation goes like you troit to destroy me. how am i supposed to forgive you? it takes more than that. i think that's the process here. it's more than just going on oprah. >> what is the process by which the anti-doping agency decides, is there a formal arbitration process or he makes a case. what has to happen next? >> there is a formal arbitration process but that passed. he had his opportunity, like many, a dozen other former
5:10 am
teammates had to come in and say the truth and you know, have a reduced ban of maybe six months. he didn't take that opportunity so now there has to be another process, the u.s. anti-doping agency has to agree to rearbitrate this so it takes a lot of, there's a lot of legal implications that involves multiple international sporting agencies. >> back to what i said about your legal advisers. interesting, everything has been said makes me want to watch this interview even more. oprah said they were exhausted at the end of the two and a half hour interview cut down to 90 minutes. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. john berman has a look at other stories today that don't involve lance armstrong. >> thanks very much. vice president joe biden is sharing his gun task force finding wells president obama. the vice president reportedly recommends background checks on all gun sales, some assault weapons ban and keeping guns way from the mentally ill. president obama taking on pro
5:11 am
gun groups saying they're using fear to sell more firearms. >> we've seen for some time now that those who oppose any common sense gun control or gun safety measures have pretty effective way of ginning up fear on the part of gun owners that somehow the federal government's about to take all your guns away. >> president obama is expected to formally lay out his gun control proposals later this week. a freshman republican in congress is not happy about the idea of president obama issuing executive orders on gun control and threatening to impeach the president if he does so. representative steve stockman from texas said "i will seek to thwart this action by any means necessary including but not limited to eliminating funding
5:12 am
for implementation, defunding the whouite house and filing articles of impeachment." digging in his heels president obama says he will not trade cuts in spending in exchange for raising the borrowing limit. he says trimming the budget deficit should be a different discussion. >> to even entertain the idea of this happening, of the united states of america not paying its bills, is irresponsible. >> house speaker john boehner responded to this by saying the american people do not support raising the debt ceiling without reducing government spending at the same time. you can see the battle lines there very clearly. are you in hawaii or headed there? think twice. beware of getting in the water. check out this video. that's right, sharks near oahu's yokohama beach, two sharks were
5:13 am
spotted swimming very, very dangerously close to the shore. i hope that guy's feet are not in the water. >> wow, that is super shallow. >> if steve stockman was serious he would have mentioned secession. secession is the line -- >> that's so old. >> i'm just saying. >> don't open any can of worms when i need to go to a break. polls are showing more americans support tougher gun control laws. is there any common ground in washington, d.c.? we'll talk with republican congressman greg walden next. and miss america mallory hagan will be here with us live talking about gun control. we're back in a moment. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
5:14 am
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personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today. and now you're protected. welcome back. president obama is currently reviewing vice president biden's gun control proposals. we don't know the exact details, but the president gave a preview of how he's likely to act on them when he said this. >> what you can count on is that the things i've said in the past, the belief that we have to have stronger background checks,
5:17 am
that we can do a much better job in terms of keeping these magazine clips with high capacity out of the hands of folks who shouldn't have them, and assault weapons ban that is meaningful, that those are things i continue to believe make sense. >> let's get right to congressman greg walden, a republican from the state of oregon. nice to see you, sir, thank you for talking with us. >> good morning. >> you've heard i'm sure the list of potential proposals that are in front of the president right now. here is sort of in a nutshell what many people think is on that list that has not been made public, universal background checks including those between individual citizens, defining gun trafficking as a federal crime and improving federal and state data collection, limiting high capacity magazines, ban of certain rapid-fire weapons, encouraging more gun violence research, which of those things on that partial list would you
5:18 am
support? >> first of all let me say as a parent we're all very concerned about what happened in all of these shootings whether it was in connecticut or out in oregon at clackamas town center, the guns were acquired illegally. one thing that was common was the mental health problem with the individuals who used them so our energy and commerce committee announced we'll begin hearings on the mental health portion of this under our jurisdiction. that's clearly an area where you can find common ground. my own state of oregon has aggressive laws in this area in terms of the sale of firearms and background checks. we'll look at what oregon does. i was part of the legislature when we made some of those reforms and then i think the other piece is are we adequately enforcing the gun laws that are already on the books. that's always been an issue of question and the final piece is does another law on guns really stop these sorts of insane
5:19 am
actions that result in tragic deaths? >> i think it's terrific that your focus on the mental health problem and many people would agree with you. however of that list that i read i think there are people who say yes, enforcing some of those things, doing some of those things could make a big difference. is there anything on that list you would say this could be a starting point where a very divided congress could come together and actually get something done? >> well, soledad obviously we'll take a look at that list. i want to see, like you've said at the beginning of the topic this morning, what is the president going to put forward, how has it come forward, figure out what the details are but certainly we don't want firearms in the hands of people who are criminally insane, who have felony records that might use firearm inappropriately and cause mass casualties so let's look at it. >> would you support universal background checks that are even when the sellers are individual
5:20 am
citizens? >> i want to see what's being proposed so i'm going to withhold judgment on these various points because i don't know what all that means per se. it's one thing to say it in a broad term and another to understand fully what's at risk. does that mean my brother and i can't exchange guns without a full background check, firearms my father had, do we have to go through a whole system? i want to know what's at stake. >> abc news/"the washington post" has an interesting poll i thought taken between january 10th and 13th. >> i saw it this morning. >> do you support or oppose ban on assault weapons, support 58%, ban on semiautomatic handguns, 51%, opposed 39%, 46% opposed for the second one, ban on high-capacity clips, 65%, and it continues on, if you look at there's a great one from pew, do you oppose a ban on assault
5:21 am
weapons, 55%, ban on semiautomatic weapons 58%, ban on high-capacity clips, 54%, ban on online ammo sale, 53%. do you feel like the numbers, the public is beginning to really shift on this issue? this is a big change as you well know from what we've seen before. >> it is a change in some respects. we've had an assault weapon ban before, it was in place for i think nine years. the preceding nine years before the assault weapon ban there were few ear salts with assault weapons and fewer deaths than during the period when the ban was in place. i want effective laws that will reduce gun violence, when somebody has a mental illness or suicidal, which has been the common theme. also in that poll, soledad, a lot of americans say they wish we were focused on the deficit and the fiscal cliff as well, they don't rank this as their top issue. clearly it's one we'll address
5:22 am
in the congress and we're open to the discussion. >> can i ask you a question about how the gun control and debt ceiling debate go out? john boehner promised he will not bring a bill to the floor that does not have a majority of support of republicans. >> i'm not aware of that per se, i would refer you to his office. >> congressman, thank you. >> you're welcome. still ahead, coca-cola says they are trying to fight obesity with a new ad they've released. is it thinking ahead about their own industry? a panel will talk about that straight ahead. you're watching "starting point," back in a moment. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through.
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5:26 am
our "tough call" is about the new coca-cola ad joining the fight against obesity. here is a little bit of the commercial. >> for over 125 years, we've been bringing people together. today we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us, obesity. the long-term health of our families and the country's at stake and as the nation's leading beverage company we can play an important role. >> i think that that last words they said were true as the nation's leading beverage company we can play an important role. clearly you need to keep your product in the hands of people and i think it makes sense to me. >> they're very wisely responding to change in our culture, public pressure, consumer pressure, and i know for my own family i'm a mom and i'm a doctor. >> do your kids drink soda, as a mom and a doctor?
5:27 am
>> i assiduously tried to keep them away from soda and sugary drinks, a lot of moms and dads say fruit juice is fine. fruit juice, everything in moderation, fruit juice has a lot of sugar in it. >> i gained a lot of weight drinking orange juice when i was pregnant. >> everything you do is a step forward and i think transparency is good and putting labels on sodas is good but what the scientists told us is that also creates a halo effect, doesn't solve the problem. once you say this is 140 calories and get two instead of one because they think somehow in the brain that you've figured it out because all of a sudden you see it, when they started putting calories on the back. >> it helped me. >> they started putting their calories on fast food menus and found it created a halo effect people thought oh i'm doing a good thing and order more of the bad stuff because they were doing a good thing.
5:28 am
>> with companies a lot of time they try to get rid of the veto vote, rid of the mom or dad who won't buy coca-cola because it's coke. they'll buy another product that coke made in the ad, you saw in mcdonald's, they put apple slices in the happy meals to get rid of the veto vote. >> unless you ban it the only other response is the company is responding to pressure in the market. still ahead on "starting point" the house may vote on a $51 billion superstorm sandy relief bill. not everybody is supporting it. we'll talk to congressman mick mulvaney. and lady gaga outrage over an outfit she war. wait, lady gaga stirring outrage? some people say it was insensitive. we'll talk about that ahead in the wake of newtown. with the spark cash card from capital one,
5:29 am
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5:32 am
welcome back. i'm really struggling speaking today. you're watching "starting point," in a few minutes we'll talk with south carolina congressman mick mulvaney, not going to vote for the $51 billion sandy relief bill. and also miss america mallory hagan joins us live. john berman has a look at other stories making news. >> can't measure up against miss america. oprah winfrey is talking about her new interview with lance armstrong. she said when he confessed he did it in a way she would not expect. she would not characterize what he was like during the interview except to say he was serious and she's not going to cut down the two and a half interview set to air over two nights. travis tygart from the u.s.
5:33 am
anti-doping agency talked about the samples. >> six samples were retested in '05 and they were positive. >> in '99 was it reported there were negative? >> there were no tests for epo at that time. >> when you tested for them in 2005 you discovered -- >> all six were flaming positive. >> flaming positive. >> oprah says armstrong was emotional during the interview and she was "satisfied" with how it went. so despite some major changes in president obama's cabinet as he begins his second term two members are staying put, janet innapolitano and tom vilsack, ty confirmed yesterday they will remain in their posts. jenny sanford announced monday she is not running for
5:34 am
coress in the state, governor mark sanford says he is running. jenny sanford said congress is dysfunctional and she can be more productive being a mom. >> the idea of killing myself to run for the seat for the privilege of serving under a dysfunctional body under john boehner, just being a mom is fine for me. mark sanford resigned as governor of south carolina after admitting an affair with a woman from argentina. he's expected to announce his campaign in congress in the next few days. the mystery surrounding the death of natalie wood made deeper again. it changes the official cause of death from accidental drowning to drowning and other undetermined factors, sights the presence of bruises on her body. she was found floating in the
5:35 am
pacific island. lady gaga is taking heat for performing "alejandro" in vancouver, she was wearing a machine gun bra, she first wore that in the video single in 2010 but many are questioning wearing it again since she did so a month after the shooting in newtown. >> the point is as an artist she's edging and the timing i think in her particular case is very specific. >> and actual machine guns are banned in america. that's why. and lingerie and -- >> lingerie loopholes. >> lingerie loopholes the gun laws allow for. miss new york was crowned as the new miss america, she'll join us in a couple of minutes
5:36 am
to talk about her story, another inspiring contestant, miss montana, has a mild form of autism and competed. dr. sanjay gupta introduces us to alexis weinman in this week's "human factor." miss montana surrounded by more than 50 other beauty queens on stage all hoping to become miss america. for most of her early life she spent her time alone. >> i was quiet because i couldn't say anything right. i was picked on for the way i spoke. i really didn't have any friends. >> reporter: her parents knew there was something wrong but the small town of cut bank, montana, didn't have the resources to figure out what it was. at the age of 11 after years and years of searching for answers a doctor finally put a name to weinman's division, pervasive development disorder, a mild form of autism. typically children with autism are very intelligent but very quiet, socially awkward and don't respond appropriately to interactions with other people.
5:37 am
typically they don't end up becoming beauty queens either but weinman says one day she simply decided not to let her condition define her. >> i wanted to accept myself and my autism and i realized my autism isn't what defines me. i define what is autism. >> reporter: she entered the miss montana pageant as a way to prove to herself she could do anything she set her mind to. >> i fell in love with the program. good thing because i won. i didn't expect to win but it's funny how things work out sometimes. >> reporter: win or lose, wineman says it's been an amazing ride. >> i'm going to try to, try to win this, for anyone who has ever thought they weren't good enough. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> she was not the winner, of course but what an amazing story, remarkable young lady. ahead a $51 billion bill from superstorm sandy relief, some
5:38 am
say they're not going to vote for that bill including congressman mike mulvaney, he's our guest after this short break. we're back in a short moment. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats.
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5:41 am
welcome back, everybody. the house could vote today on $51 billion in federal relief for states that were affected by superstorm sandy. the debate is a $17 billion plus $34 billion amendment has exposed divisions within the republican party and the fight over pork, conservative comfort growth announced it will penalize any lawmaker who votes for the package because they say it includes wasteful spending. congressman mick mulvaney says he will not support the measure. thank you for talking with us. tell me why you're not going to vote for this today if it comes up? >> as of right now it's not paid for. i'm not one of the folks in the republican party and there are members of my party who think that this is not a proper function of the government. i happen to disagree with that. i will i have in a hurricane-prone area, lived through hurricanes and floods
5:42 am
myself. i think this is a proper and appropriate function of the government. my difficulty with it, it is not paid for, we're borrowing this additional money and i think that's wrong. i'm hoping we can figure out a way today during the amendment process to find savings elsewhere to pay for this without adding to the debt. >> you represent south carolina which has a history with hurricanes and if you look at the damage from hurricane hugo in 1989, $5 billion to $8 billion in property losses, 26,000 homes more or less were damaged, hurricane gaston in 2004, nobody offset costs by spending cuts. here's what chris christie said this is a new plan, listen. >> new jersey does not expect anything more than what was done for louisiana and alabama and mississippi and katrina, what was done in joplin, missouri, what was done in the floods in
5:43 am
iowa. we don't expect anything more than that but we will not accept anything less and if they want to make new rules about disasters, well they picked the wrong state to make the new rules with. >> doesn't he have a point that this is sort of a different i guess standard for folks in new jersey than everybody else, including those many folks in your state were given in the years past? >> i do think it's a fair point. i would encourage the governor and everybody else to consider the fact in 199 and even as late as katrina several years ago the debt was much, much smaller. 1989 it was $2 trillion or $3 trillion. it's five and six times larger than that today. we cannot continue to do what we've done in the past, that's how we arrived where we are. we have disasters every single year. we don't know where they're going to be but we spend disaster money every single year, something for which we could budget. i'm not against doing this but i think the days of just being able to say okay let's borrow money from china to do this and
5:44 am
that have come and gone. the question is not whether or not we're going to do it. the question is whether or not it means enough to us as lawmakers to say we are going to fay for it. if we don't we're saying our children are going to pay for it. that's a debate we need to have if it's important enough to do, i believe it is, it's important enough for us to pay for it and not shift that cost on to the next generation. >> mick, it's nan hayworth and it's good to see your face this morning. good to hear your voice. mick, as you've said you're anticipating that this relief bill will pass. do you think it will pass with the majority of republican votes? >> i think certainly the underlying rogers amendment, nan, probably will, as soledad mentioned it's been broken into two pieces, the first piece is $17 billion and chairman rogers has taken a lot of the pork from the senate out of that bill. i think that will pass with the majority of republicans. the question is the second amendment which contains all the pork the senate put in the deal,
5:45 am
the money for the alaska fisheries, smithsonian, trees planting and job services and legal programs. the question is the larger bill, the senate bill unaltered will pass with the majority of republicans. >> congressman, this is charles blow, sorry, we're battling, everybody wants to talk to you. >> go ahead. >> how do you counter the charge that we are now fighting about doing things that we always did before without question, this was part of the way that government functioned, that we raised debt limit because we already spent that money and we don't fight about that, if there is a natural disaster, that we come to the aid of the citizens who are impacted by that disaster and we don't necessarily fight about that. put the pork to the side and assume that part will be taken out. we don't fight about whether or not we should come to the aid of other americans and we deal with how we're going to deal with the
5:46 am
paying for that on the back end but we don't leave people out in the cold, without any help from the government. how do you counter that argument that we're now in a new kind of political dynamic where we are fighting about everything that we used to do and take for granted? >> it's a perfectly valid point but here would be my answer to that, what are we doing differently today? what we're really doing differently today is borrowing for everything else. in hugo and katrina we were paying for at least our basic operating costs, paying for the government, the deficits would surplus at sometimes but ordinarily deficits were small and manageable. what's different today we're not necessarily talking about funding or not borrowing for disaster, we're borrowing for everything else and that puts us in this new and frankly uncomfortable position. if we had taken care of our underlying financial and fiscal needs and paid for the operation of this government without borrowing huge sums of money we wouldn't have to have this
5:47 am
conversation. we've undermined our own ability for our own people. imagine the united states of america being in the circumstance it is today we have to ask other countries to lend us money so we can take care of our own. that's an embarrassment to me. i'm not happy to be in this position. it's not because of what happened in sandy, it's because of what happened before we got to sandy. >> congressman mick mulvaney nice to talk to you. makes an excellent point at the same time. if you are a person affected by sandy many folks in our state of new jersey you hear that, this is closing the barn door after the horse has run out and not protecting the folks in new jersey, you can see why governor chris christie would be so furious as he is. we'll take a short break. still ahead we'll talk to the new miss america, she faced a tough question, should there be armed guards in schools? we'll talk about her answer and what her platform will be as the new miss america straight ahead. this is $100,000.
5:48 am
we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger,
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welcome back to "starting point." i'm alison kosik in for christine romans minding your business. u.s. stock futures are trading lower ahead of the opening bell. the big concern is debt ceiling
5:51 am
talks in washington. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says the debt ceiling law should be scrapped all together and outgoing treasury secretary tim geithner sent a letter to congress urging action, warning the treasury would run out of measures in february to keep the bills being paid on time. we're seeing some big moves in tech stocks, pc maker dell could go private, pushing the stock up in the premarket this morning, the rumors pushed the stock up 13% yesterday. dell's been struggling for years, once the pc king, it failed to get into the tablet and smartphone space and apple shares dived when it was a report iphone 5 sales could be falling off. >> that's surprising. >> if you look at my friends
5:52 am
everybody likes the bigger screen. >> i thought you were going statistics. >> it's everything to do with samsung and less what the iphone looks like. >> people seem to like the bigger screens. i-phone is a tiny, tiny screen. >> can i get you on the record, in the end, will house republicans agree to raise the rate ceiling? >> i think they will find a way to do it, let's put it that way and i would urge everybody to -- >> you're not in congress anymore, come on. >> no, i think -- >> you are very moderate. >> will they get obama to make more spending cuts? >> i think we need the president's leadership on that and that was an element missing in yesterday's press conference. debris with the president, we have to pay our debts, that is true, however, the fundamental question is actually how do we address the mounting debt that we are accumulating now. >> you address it but --
5:53 am
>> i urge everybody to read keith hennessey's blog, he has some interesting ideas about how to approach the mechanics of getting the debt ceiling. it's keith hennessey, i get his e-mails but keith hennessey, a very interesting commentator and has some ideas about how to maneuver this while still allowing republicans to make the fundamental point they want to make. >> you're very clever, slick. >> that's the first time i've been accused of that. >> he says that meaning slick in a great way. "end point" is up next.
5:54 am
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welcome back, everybody. the flu bug has hit hollywood leaving celebrities wary of overmingling with others. tv anchors are up in arms offering their arms or close-ups as they get their flu shots. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: here's a scene for people who don't have the flu they find flu jokes funny. >> this flu season is so bad hugh hefner is washing down his viagra with theraflu. >> there was jennifer protecting ryan sea crest not shaking his hand. >> i don't want to shake your hand. >> you have the flu, okay. if you fall, lean on me. >> three seconds later she
5:57 am
latched on to the next guy who held out his hand, stars, they're stick like us, spewing germs. >> thank you, hollywood -- sorry, tail end of this flu, and i was kicking myself for not getting the flu shot but it appears actually you don't need one. i feel great. >> hue jackson's wife, will she be feeling great after that double kiss? >> meryl streep is not here tonight, she has the flu, and i hear she's amazing in it. >> at least meryl streep apparently had the sense to stay home. jimmy kimmel created a public service announcement aimed at workers who won't leave. >> why are you still here? >> take your sick [ bleep ] and go home! >> go the hell home! >> if you do happen to be home with the flu, here's a facebook app for you, help, my friend gave me the flu. the point is you feel really lousy so you want to blame someone for making you feel that way. >> yes. >> reporter: the app tries to find which of your facebook
5:58 am
friends made you sick by examining their posts, perhaps they wrote of having symptoms before you says cnn tech reporter lori siegel. >> evidence of sneezes, vomiting. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: ridiculous but fun. >> erica. >> reporter: instead of pointing the finger, point the needle. tv people allowed their own arms to be shot while getting a flu shot. cnn's anderson cooper. >> the light is glaring off your white arms. >> to the executive producer of "the ellen show." >> ow! >> oh, please. >> the award for most infectious go woo go to jennifer lawrence. the flu shot wimpers are effective, too. >> don't -- ow. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> that says everything i feel about the flu as i was saying. >> i'll move my chair a little
5:59 am
bit. >> so miss america was supposed to join us to talk about her victory and some of the questions she had to tackle before she was able to get to victory, unfortunately she's had a transportation issue. she'll join us tomorrow so we'll chat with her. >> oh man! >> i was know, gentlemen, i was looking forward to talking to her as well, however we'll have to wait until tomorrow when she joins us. >> and she's from new york. >> by way of alabama. >> we have a little bit of time for "end point" so who wants to jump in first? >> for me the takeaway was representative thompson basically putting his chips not so much on the assault ban but banning assault style magazines and universal background check that seems to be where the gun control debate may channel in the weeks ahead. >> harry reid said it was doomed an assault weapons ban. >> it's tough. >> they need to stop talking about a global fix to the problem and talk about the gun issue in a different way and say we are now starting a conversation and starting moving


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