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tv   Red Carpet  CNN  January 27, 2013 3:30pm-4:30pm PST

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hello. i'm a.j. hammer live at the 19th annual screen actor guild awards. >> i'm nischelle turner on the rhett carpet right outside of the ceremony. speaking of the red carpet,
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we've got all 15,782 square feet. anything you can imagine we'll show it to you tonight. in fact, a.j., we've got an exclusive camera in the grand stands where 300 of the luckiest television and film fans will get to see their favorite hollywood stars up close aes as personal. it's going to be good night. i don't know about you. >> are you kidding me? it's going to be great night. beautiful day? california. tonight we shine a spotlight on the award that's given only to actors and it's judged only by actors, and we won't just talk about how good they are, of course, but we've got talk about how great that look. all evening long we'll have a fashion expert and film critic in to take it all in. >> there's a couple of people that i have my eye out that i'm looking forward to seeing here on the red carpet. one of them anne hathaway who just looked phenomenal in chanel at the golden globes.
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by the way, she had the exclusive on chanel. nobody else had it on. and also julianne moore who i thought was the west dressed at the golden globe black and white in tom ford. i cannot wait to see. but there's going to be anyone who's anyone in hollywood. i have already spotted a couple of people here on the red carpet. jim parsons and alec baldwin who are both nominated for best actor in a comedy series. they have already arrived and i definitely hope to snag them for you. back to you. >> you want to keep watching because these are faces and names you will know, nischelle. and tonight the actors of the members union are going to be giving you their say. we would love for you to get involved as well. we're going to might easy. you can sound off on our cnn poll. you can pick which performed the best in your mind in 2012. we're doing it in these categories, film, tv comedy and tv drama and the nominees are
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listed for you to select from. stay with us because we'll give you updated voting throughout the hour. it may be a a very great hint, nischelle, as to who's going to walk away with awarding tonight. >> this is tough for me, a.j., because i feel like it was a very good year for film and i think television stepped it up a not because there were so many times people could stretch the limit on cable. so i think it was a good year all around for hollywood. now, when you go into these award seasons you think is there a front-runner? sometimes there is. sometimes there isn't. what we wanted to do was break it all down for everybody in plain english, fiv you an overview of the 19th annual screen actor guild awarding. take a look. in the pantheon of hollywood oscars, the oscars grand daddy, you might call the s.a.g. awards a sassy teenager. >> 19th annual screen gild
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awards. >> it's the recognition of your peers unleak any other ceremony in hollywood. >> like other teens, this one has strong opinions and is often a trend setter. the actors are the biggest branch of the academy. very much what happens can be a precursor as to what happens at the oscars. >> earlier awarding this season have given some s.a.g. nominees momentum. >> the performances were great in so many of these movies. anne hathaway in les mis, jen for lawrence in silver linings playbook and daniel day-lewis in "lincoln." >> but the night's biggest prize of all is still a horse race. >> this is what i do and i've never left anyone behind. >> we have terrific movies nominated including "argo," "lincoln," "les miserables," any
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one of those are deserving. >> when they're not talking about dramas. >> favorite of the year is "homeland." "homeland" has been winning everything in sight. and you have "mad men" and "breaking bad" just sort of lurking there saying what about us. >> as for the comedy duh superior." seen as the froonlt runner for the third straight win. add "modern family" leads the way in the television category with four nominations. on the movie side, "lincoln," "silver linings playbook" and "argo" all come in with four nominations as well. it could be fun. a.j., i was telling you the people i wanted to see. one of the people i wanted to talk to leads the way in nominations for the actors and that is maggie smith.
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i'm a big downton abbey fan. >> it's going to be a tough competition in a lot of categories whochl are the top contenders? i want to bring in dave. dave, before we talk about who you expect to win what, the s.a.g. awards, not a show among all the awarding during award season that gets a up the of attention, but it really should. and one of the reasons that people should be paying close attention tonight is because this is all about the actors and it is unusual for an actor to walk away with a trowty tonight and not win something come oscar night. >> you're right. about 75% of the time someone who wins then ends up winning the oscar. now last year viola davis won best actress for "the help" but meryl streep won the oscar. but you're right. that often happens. there's an overlap.
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so everyone talks about how the golden globes are a good predictor. this is the best predictor. >> the really cool thing they do as well and it's really the only award show like this to do this they honor the collective collaborative art of acting and that's why there's no best picture, no best show it. ice the ensemble. >> and that's the one that matches one the oscar the least. so you'll see movies like little miss sunshine or the monte or the help even if they don't have that great of a chance to win. >> i'm pulling for downton abbey tonight but i don't think anybody's pulling for the show and the cast any more than the cast and i understand you have them on the show. >> somebody was listening to me. just 30 seconds ago i said i was looking forward to talking to the actors of downton abbey. i'm knew to the show. why do you fall for it? why do you think it is?
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>> i don't know. >> i think it comes down to the writing. julian has written incredible scripts and done an amazing job to keep 22 characters interesting and always in story which is pretty amazing. >> i understand you told me this is even's first time at the screen actors gild awards. what do you think so far? >> it's amazing. >> it's really exciting. >> we're having a ball. >> you all look good. >> you do too. >> you clean up well. >> don't we. we scrub up well. >> my mother always calls it putting on a lip and a lash. except for you, darling. >> i did both. i didn't want to feel left out. >> well, so what does it mean when the other actors say we want to honor your work, we think you're just that good? it's immack last. it really is. it's fantastic. you know, that's almost better than anything really. >> who would have thought this little pbs show would do what it's doing.
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>> i know, i know. and being here with all the other shows that we all adore and are completely in awe of everyone else, it's jeff amazing. >> speaking of adoring everyone else beside downton abbey, who do you love? >> breaking mad. >> all of them. we talked about it. it's absolutely incredible. >> i don't know if you know this, but i got a little backstage sneak peek before the show and you guys are sitting right next to the cast of breaking bad so it could be a fun night for you guy guys. if you lofrp that show you'll be that good. >> breaking abbie. good. >> good luck to you guys. thanks for joining me. guys, we're just getting started. that was a lot of fun. please stay with us here on cnn for live coverage of the screen actor guild awards.
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welcome back to cnn's live red carpet coverage of the screen actors gild awards. i'm nischelle turner and i told you guys we've got a lot going on and with me is a nominee for
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a television series. you played weiszer in the remake of steal magnolia. i thought, yes, that's it because i don't think anybody can bring that sass other than shirley maclaine other than you. >> try to bring sass. >> when need be. when the time is right. >> yeah. >> one thing i want to ask you, does this ever get old for you because the pageantry of it, i kunld of like it. but i think maybe it's me and i'm a little corny. >> it doesn't get old really because this isn't a part of our lives ever. so every time we come, what we really do is the same with everybody else. they get up, put their pants on, go to work, shlog around. actors, they don't care if you're bleeding from the nostrils and the ears. they prop your butt up and dust you off and say roll 'em. this is like party time and it
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happens so seldom that it never gets old. >> one of the things i read about you. it said alfre woodard, the activist who happens to be an actress? is that it? you were a surrogate not only in 2008 but this election season for president obama and when i say that, tell people what that means. >> well, surrogate means in a campaign you go where the president can't be. so i didn't have a lot of high-flying wonderful times hangling out with the president. you go, you know, to -- >> i'm in a car, town to town in the battleground states, cheek by jaw, back club by mission board and all the ushers, but it was lovely. >> when you knock on someone's door and they open it up and see alfre woodard standing there, what's the reaction? >> i don't look like this. i look like somebody's mama which i am. they say, hey, hey, there's
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somebody in a red shirt. at first i go -- and they go what you doing. i said i came to make sure -- and then it goes from there. it goes right the same way that any of the thousands of volunteers in organizing for america that are going to talk the issues. >> well congrat lalgss to you on the president's win and congratulations on your nomination tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> all right. >> all right, my darling. we can do this -- if i do it with my caucasian sisters, i leave brown girl all over them. >> alfre woodard is pass iing. nominee for best cast on some billion. you guys are finishing. there are guys out here like me saying why? >> i don't know. it's very sad, depressing. but, yeah, you know, we can't stretch out the story line but it's been a fun ride. >> the thing that kind of puzzles me sometimes about the
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fellows. you guys don't get too many fashion choices but this is good. you're mixings it up a little bit. who are you wearing? >> thank you, nischelle. this is burberry. they always set me up, make me look good. >> you do. i look at the cut in a man's suit. is that what we're supposed to look at? >> i think so. something you feel comfortable in. yeah, thing that's all that matters. >> i had the cast of "down on the abby here," and they said beside your their show "breaking bad" is what they love. and you're going to be sitting next to each other. what do you like besides "breaking bad?" >> it's really the golden age. "homeland," "do"downton abbey," american horse story," "modern family." >> i love this. actors are honoring actors. even though you're confident
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people it's great to get validation from your peers. >> yeah. it's always fun to get dressed up run around and have some free booze. >> have a little free booze and have a little fun. thank you for talking with me, aaron. we're just getting started on cnn's live coverage of the red carpet and screen actor's gild awards. don't go away. we'll be right back. with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity.
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and welcome back to cnn's live red carpet coverage of the screen actors guild award. with me is one of the honorees tonight -- nominees tonight. >> that's right. >> bryan cranston from bryan cranston from breaking bad. why get rid of the show now? we're all tuned in. we're all so invested in walter and what's happening. why? >> i don't know. i thought that maybe we can go another season, but it really came down to vince gill again, the creator of the show, who decided that he didn't want to dilute the stories at all. he wanted to have them as potent as always, and he felt that this was the right amount of episodes to finish it off and so i trust his judgment. >> i would be remiss because i said you're a nominee for "breaking bad," but you're also a nominee for ""argo"" for best
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ensemble cast. this movie is making moves, bri kra bryan. "argo" has really been coming in and taking the awards. people are stating to recognize this. >> it's a terrific film. we're very excited about it. i knew when we were making it it was going to be something special. but we don't know if it's going to be successful. we just have to focus on telling the best story we can, and ben affleck did a fantastic job director, a wonderful script. if you haven't seen "argo," go see it. t >> i fell for new that whole movie because you were like the personification of angst, like frustration and angst. >> yes. i was tightly wound. i was up into a ball, yeah. >> you know, it seems like a lot of movies and television are being made ripped straight from the headlines. a lot of true life stories. what's the next true to life story that you would like to see
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made? >> well, i mean, even though i'm, you know, partial to "argo," i was -- i'm a real big man of lincoln. i was taken in by the dilemma that the 16th president faced, that historical importance that it presented, and daniel day-lewis -- i haven't met him until recently, and i happened to be in the bathroom, and i'm leaving the urinal to go to the sink. he was washing his hands, and he said bryan, it's an inopportune time for me to meet you, but i would like to shake your hand at some day. i went okay, yeah. and he said it that manner. i was like i wanted to call him mr. president then, too. he's such -- >> that awkward moment when you meet daniel day-lewis -- >> in the bathroom. >> -- at the you'ral. b bryan cranston. that's a good story.
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one to tell the grand kids. >> you want to be careful about the bathroom handshaking. bryan cranston certainly one of the best actors in our generation. count me as one of those heart broken that "breaking bad" is going off the air. everybody tuning in to see the stars as they show up particularly because of what they're wearing. that's why i have a fashion and style expert with me tonight. l.z., always great to see you. the fashion is on its way down the red carpet. let's dig right in and start with one woman who is nominated tonight for her performance in lincoln, sally field. >> she was on the red carpet at the s.a.g. awards in 2009 and that was such an appropriate dress for that time. this year she went with one of the hottest colors of the season. a beautiful rich plum chiffon gown, v-neck, hair down, age appropriate. she's showing all of young hollywood how to do it right. >> in my mind she can do no wrong on screen, with what she's
3:55 pm
wearing. >> if you think about, it she could fly if she wanted to. >> she's gdone that before, at least on television. talk to me about naomi watts, nominated with "the impossible" tonight. >> just when you think she can't do the impossible on another red carpet, she's done it tonight. she's wearing a beautiful beaded gown. it's classic, sophisticated and her hair has that nod to old hollywood glam. she has such a great body. it features some of her great assets. >> let's talk about jessica chastain who has become one of the great young hollywood stars out there who people are just probably clawing at the opportunity to dress. and you have learn what had she's wearing tonight? >> jessica chastain is the hottest commodity on the red carpet. at the golden globes she went with calvin klein. it was a hit or miss depending who you ask. tonight i think she did everything right. and she does that look towards old hollywood to make a fashion step forward. tonight this look i like a lot. >> what's neat about tonight, you're talking about old hollywood. the one thing, and you know this
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from being at other award shows at the shrine, the shrine is a beautiful shell that was built back in the 1920s but they have to reinvent the inside every time and it's a nod to classic hollywood. >> and when she dresses for the red carpet, that is going to be around for a long time. >> let's go to nischelle turner with one of the nominees. >> you were talking about sally field and i happen to have her here with me looking gorgeous in purple j. mendel and friends. >> and friends. it's a beautiful dress and then we had to make it fit. >> congratulations on the nominee playing mary todd lincoln. i red something about you earlier and it said at the age of 65 you decided that you were going to rewrite the chapters of your life. >> no, i never said that. >> no, i'm not going to rewrite the chapters of my life. no. i wouldn't rewrite anything. my life has been what my life is, and that's who -- that's
3:57 pm
what informs me as to who i am today. no, i mean, i would want to be able to have other chapters and to continue to have chapters in my life, but i would never want to rewrite any of the chapters of my life. >> tell me this, what does it mean to you when you are honored by the other people in your field, the people you work side by side with every day and who know kind of what it means to have those long hours on the set and all of that? >> well, i have always been so proud to be a member of this tribe, an actor, and i will never not be somewhere inside me sort of tickled every time i get to say, oh, well, i'm an actor. what do you do? i'm an actor. really? what's your profession? i'm an actor. so it will always just be just a kick. >> yeah, you know, for people like me who just love going to the movies, i think, wow, what is it like to be an actor?
3:58 pm
>> it's a lot of things, a whole lot of things. a lot of good, a lot of really painful things. but it's a magical world, and i'm blessed to be a part of it. >> good luck to you tonight. we'll be back. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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. welcome back to cln's linn' red carpet coverage of the screen actors guild. with me a very dapper looking couple. naomi naomi watts for best actress for "the impossible." here dashing husband, leiv schreib schreiber. we were talking about how this never gets old. >> yeah, it's a big deal. i haven't been in it in a long time and it's definitely gotten bigger. >> you said it was bigger than you ever thought. >> i always remember the sag awards as being slightly, you know, the oscars little nephew, that it was sort of a smaller -- but certainly things have changed. >> absolutely it has. now, you are nominated for "the impossible" tonight and i understand this was a project that you also had to kind of face a personal demon when you were doing this role, yes? >> yes, fear of water. i had an incident when i was about 14 and i nearly drowned
4:02 pm
along with my mother and brother, and as a result i have always had a fear of waves. i like water to be very still. >> and you had to play a woman surviving a tsunami. i can't even imagine. >> yeah. no, i can't either, and, i mean, i have come very close to it but still to actually go through that is impossible. >> how proud of her are you? >> i'm very proud of her. very proud of her. i think it's a remarkable performance and a beautiful movie. >> because at the beginning of award season we heard a lot of jessica chastain, a lot of jennifer lawrence, but lately and i'll be honest, we have heard a lot of naomi watts, and if you haven't seen this performance, you should see this performance. that's what i have been hearing lately. >> thank you. that's really nice. i'm just happy that if it brings any extra focus to the film because the film has yet to be seen by larger audiences, so if it helps that, i'm very happy.
4:03 pm
>> well, i saw it, and i think that the performance was fantastic. now, i understand you guys are going to have a little fun tonight. you will be hanging with your girlfriend, nicole kidman. you asked to sit together. i have been in and i saw the seating chart. you're sitting together. >> good, good. it will be extra fun. >> yeah. all right. well, thank you, guys, so much. good luck to you. thank you for joining us tonight. we're going to send it back to you, a.j. by the way, before we do, you look gorgeous. who are you wearing? >> marchesa. >> that definitely looks like a marchesa. very detail oriented, fits like a glove. a.j., naomi watts beautiful in gray marchesa. >> spectacular, indeed. one of the reasons i love this particular awards show is because the s.a.g. awards are one of the few honors that rate how a full ensemble cast performs together. you are telling us what group of actors should get the distinctions. some of the early results on the s.a.g. poll which you can participate in on for the best cast in a television comedy, right now we have "the big bang theory" in the lead followed by "modern
4:04 pm
family." it will be a tight race. best cast you have "downton abbey" leading with 36% of the vote p.m. "homeland" in second place. for most outstanding performance by an ensemble in a motion picture "lincoln" is in a tight race. second is "argo." "les mis." we're only halfway through. those are the early results. i would love for you to put in your two cents. surf over to to take the s.a.g. poll. >> and, a.j., we are here on this side of the red carpet with the cast of "modern family." this is a live show and they threw to me and i wasn't ready. jesse tyler ferguson, eric stonestreet. >> why are we even up here? we're having -- >> can you go actually? >> we're having a who wore it
4:05 pm
best moment. >> let's see. >> this never happens. >> you all have -- >> this never happens. >> who would have thought three men in a black tux with a skinny die. >> i guess sofia is going to come in in the same thing. >> she'll wear a vest. >> how fun is this? i think this is kind of, you know, a hoot, this whole pageantry. >> it is a hoot. it is pageantry and it is a hoot. >> it's relaxed, fun, fans are here. it's actors loving actors. >> and "340d emodern family" is most nominated show in television tonight. >> thank you, eric, for putting us over the top. >> has he been hard to deal with since the whole double nomination? >> can we talk about this? all i hear about is double nomination every day. >> what have you guys loved this year? what do you love to watch this year besides your own show? >> i really like this show "ben and kate" that unfortunately got the plug pulled on it. i thought it was really good.
4:06 pm
but "30 rock" has been so solid this season. i know jesse is a big fan of "30 rock." i don't know if you have ever seen "30 rock." it's probably not appropriate for you at all times. >> we have a funny fellow we want to bring in. come in chris family. >> it's a modern family. >> we are a modern looking family with all of us. >> great show. >> you didn't get the long tie memo. >> i didn't get the tie memo? >> the tie memo. >> what happened, chris? go home. go home. >> honestly, you do need to go home. >> after the show, man. after the show. you guys are great, man. >> you guys are awesome. thank you very much. let's talk to chris because you're nominated tonight best cast ensemble. thank you, guys. good luck tonight. nominated for best ensemble for "silver linings playbook." >> it's great being with such a great cast because there's no pressure on me working with bradley cooper, jennifer lawrence, jackie weaver, dash. >> no pressure working with da
4:07 pm
near denearow. >> my favorite thing about the movie and i said i was going to ask you this if i got to talk to you. who came up with this? >> i stole it from bradley. because i saw him do it. i stole it from bradley. i said i'm going to do what he's doing and we got it going on. me, him, and jennifer. >> i do no now. i lost all cool points but i love it. it's like wham mixed with bruce springsteen "born to run." it's really awkward odd but it's great. >> i'm going to teach you jungle love. ♪ ♪ i think i'm gonna love ya, love ya ♪ >> can we meet at the after party? >> jungle love all night long. >> the movie is really, really good. >> thank you. >> thank you. we're having fun. did i just distance with chris tucker live on television? i think i did. stay with us. more live coverage from the
4:08 pm
s.a.g. awards on cnn up next. time can ofbe...well...taxing. so right now we'll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax.
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welcome back. we are live on the red carpet at the 19th annual screen actors guild award and this time last year the legendary entertainer dick van dyke stood on the stage honoring his long-time co-star and legend in her own right mary
4:11 pm
tyler moore. tonight it's dick van dyke's turn to be honored. he will be receiving the lifetime achievement award and van dyke just sat down with us to share some of the highlights from his amazing career that has spanned seven incredible decades. what would dick van dyke be doing if he hadn't become an entertainer? >> robbing a liquor store probably. i would have started. >> for more than 60 years he's made his living performing on stage, of course and film and it's earned him a lifetime achievement award. >> i never expected to be recognized by actors because actors have always referred to me as a singer, and singers have always said, well, he's a dancer, and the dancers didn't have any description of me at all. so i have kind of found a home, at least i can call myself an actor now. >> the award encorp pacom encom
4:12 pm
countless roles. >> the dick van dyke show were the most fun i ever had, the most creative period in my life because it was just rewriting and it was a party every day. and, of course, mary poppins and chitty chitty bang bang for some reason have lasted. they kind of have legs. everything that's happened to me has been a surprise. a bunch of just jumping off the cliff with my heart in my mouth, and one thing led to another just by pure luck. >> and luck has been with him at the s.a.g. awards before. that's where he met his wife. >> about six or seven years ago i was in the green room and i saw this beautiful girl walk by. for the first time in my life i went up and introduced myself to a lady and we became friends over the years, and got married last year. as a matter of fact, our anniversary is coming up. and i'm very happy. >> just an astonishing career,
4:13 pm
and nischelle turner is live on the red carpet with the legend himself. >> i am, and we were just watching that piece that you did, ar.j., and mr. van dyke, yu were getting a little bit of a kick out of that. >> it was making me tired just to look at it. >> do you think you've done a little work? >> when i look at it altogether, it really is a lot. >> are you ready to have everybody kind of fawn over you tonight? >> you bet i am. i love it. >> bring it on. i tell you. now, you know, this is kind of personal to you because along with being -- getting the lifetime achievement award, having 50 years in the business at the screen actors guild award this is also where you let your lovely wife. >> exactly. first time i ever hit on a woman in my life. i walked up and said, hi, i'm dick. >> and what did she say? i love you? >> she said weren't you in mary poppins or something. she didn't even know who i was? >> is that true? >> i knew who he was but i wasn't familiar with his work.
4:14 pm
>> now, do you know who is presenting to you tonight? >> alec baldwin. >> alec baldwin. >> he volunteered. i'm so thrilled. >> i talked to him earlier and he said dick van dyke was first person to come on the screen and show a real television star and show how it's done and show what its -- >> alec said that? >> he said it. >> he probably stole my whole act. >> you have to hold him to it. >> you don't know about alec, that's right. >> what does this mean to you though? to get a lifetime achievement award? >> well, the only thing that bothers me is they say after you get this award, you never work again. i want to -- >> you're like i'm not done. >> i'm available. really it's the pinnacle of a career for me. i just never dreamed it. i have been here as a presenter. presented to julie andrews and mary tyler moore last year and now i'm not a presenter. >> now you're the honoree. you are the winner. thank you, mr. van dyke. i appreciate it. have a good night.
4:15 pm
>> i enjoyed the footage. >> yes. all right. we will be right back with more live coverage of the screen actors guild red carpet. mr. van dyke will make his way down the steps. when cnn continues. [ female announcer ] are you really getting salon quality... or settling for wannabes? stop compromising! new vidal sassoon pro series. care and styling from the original salon genius, created to let you have it all at an affordable price. new vidal sassoon lets you say no to compromise and yes to very shiny... very silky... very sexy... very you. it's salon genius in a bottle! now in your store. new vidal sassoon pro series. salon genius. brilliantly priced.
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and welcome back to cnn's live red carpet coverage of the screen actors guild award. i am with nominee jackie weaver
4:18 pm
tonight for "silver linings playbook." first of all, i just had chris tucker on here and he made me do a little dance. you're not going to make me dance? >> i'm not going to make you dance, but isn't he divine. >> he is so fun and so funny. all of these things came through with this movie. this is kind of like the little movie that could because i don't think anyone really saw it coming. >> well, i don't know. we knew when we were making it that we were doing a good job. it was a joy to work. we were such a team together, you know. >> and it's like you tackled the issue of bipolar and mental health issues -- it made it easy for us to watch. it wasn't so heavy but you still got the point across. >> well, you know, life is like that, hilarious one minute, tragic the next, and that's -- >> turn around and look who is behind you. >> sorry. >> isn't he ugly? >> i can't get enough of this woman. >> he's so plain. >> i think she's so cute. don't you just want to hug her? >> she's the best. she looks beautiful.
4:19 pm
you both look beautiful. you really look stunning. >> keep those compliments coming. congratulations to you on the movie, first of all, a double nominee tonight for the movie and also for your acting in the movie. >> thank you, thank you. we're excited. we got the whole cast here pretty much. john ortiz couldn't be here, he's in chicago, but it was a big family and they're all here which is great. >> you know, the issue of mental health and mental illness is so prevalent right now. when you were preparing for this role, what did you do? how did you kind of dive into this? >> yeah, it is very prevalent. in fact, the response to the movie has been so incredible and even actually with veterans that have come back that they've had screenings and, you know, people who have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder seem to really connect with pat's plight in the movie and that's way beyond what we ever could have thought or expected. you know, i studied david's, you know, his -- he wrote this movie, it was very personal.
4:20 pm
he wrote about his son and that's why he wanted to make the movie. i really made it my mission in life for that time to find the heartbeat of this guy and how he processes information neurologically and just make it real and become him so that i wouldn't have to act, and just make it real. >> and now this movie has become the darling of hollywood. everybody has embraced it and they love it. >> people seem to be really liking it which is nice. it's been out for a while, but it went wide a couple weeks ago and people are going out to see it and it's really due to in large part these shows which have given us accolades so that it spread the word of mouth. >> chris tucker just told me, guys, that when you were filming the movie, robert de niro is so famous he was just staring. >> they were like that with chris. we'd do three takes before i'd stop staring at him.
4:21 pm
gee told me he stole that wham wake me up before you go go move from you. is that your go-to move? >> i have a couple stored away. that's like the eddie murphy impersonation of how a white man dances in "raw." that's what that is. >> so you guys are going to have a good time tonight. i know you guys are all here as a cast. what does this mean to you though when other actors say, you were just that good? >> it's kind of special when you're peer group loves you, yeah. >> i think it's the most exciting one, don't you, this one? >> i like the other one, too. >> yeah, yeah. yeah, that will probably be cool. >> before i let you go, can you spill any hangover 3 secrets? >> nothing except for the fact that mr. chow is back and we shoot it in vegas and mexico and l.a. >> good stuff. >> and it's good. it's the last one. that's it. >> got to go out with a bang. thank you. good luck to you tonight. a.j., that was fun.
4:22 pm
bradley cooper, jacki weaver, doesn't get much better than that. >> and we're waiting for the next "hangover ytion ytion mo" . everybody is going to be talking about what they're wearing and that's why i have a resident expert on red carpet fashion. a former model himself. l.z., let's talk about some of the people who have been making a showing tonight, including jenna fisher. big night for her not just because she's nominated but because this is the last time she will be appearing here for "30 rock." you know she put a lot of thought into what she was wearing. as a comedienne, everybody is expecting something more fanciful. she played it very safe. it was black, beautiful beading. a lot more sophisticated than i'm used to seeing jenna fisher. i think it was a home run. >> it's been so much fun watching all of the stars from "the office" come by. >> we have the best spot. we get to see everybody. >> it's one of the most terrific parts about this particular awards show because you see
4:23 pm
everybody. they're all here. kerry washington showed up tonight. looking absolutely spectaculasp. >> she was wearing rodarte. it was a bit in form fitted bustier type loss with a lace detailing on the back. i would say this, when you're as beautiful as kerry washington, less is more. for me she missed the mark slightly. it was too much going on when my attention should be right here. >> fair enough. let's talk about alfre woodard. >> i loved her dress. she's one of my favorite actrc s actress actresses. she's nominated tonight for "steel magnolias." she was wearing a beautiful chiffon gown. that beautiful kelly green, beautiful against her skin tone, and it was age appropriate. she had that gathered fabric right at the middle and that's
4:24 pm
perfect for women that want to camouflage certain troubled areas. she had nothing that was bad, but it was a perfect dress, age appropriate, little cap sleeve, higher on the bust line. kevin draped that dress beautifully. he knows how to dress a woman. >> so she'll be getting a lot of attention on the hits list -- >> gorgeous in that green, gorgeous. >> thank you very much, l.z. we're going to keep watching as we'll be back in just a moment from the 19th annual screen actors guild awards live on the red carpet. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief... try thermacare. britta olsen is my patient.
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we are back live on cnn with our red carpet coverage of the screen actors guild award and i have my partner in crime rainn wilson here with me. we have been standing here people watching and kind of been in awe. >> i love looking around at the stars. >> you saw mandy and you said, hi, mandy. >> i went wee like a little girl. i love him so much. >> you had a moment where you met julianne moore. >> i have loved her work for such a long time. i'm just thrilled to meet some -- acteders get actors get a bad rap. there are some great human beings out there that are actors.
4:28 pm
>> you have made your mark in tv comedy in "the office." and i feel like you had no idea this was going to happen? >> no idea. we were almost canceled so many times over the first year. we struggled to stay on the air for so long and now it's almost 200 episodes. >> you know what? you just met julianne moore here, but now she's right here. bring her on in. >> julianne moore, come here. >> looking gorgeous. come on up, honey. >> my new bff. >> i love you have been having to walk sideways as have i. >> amber waves. you know what? i have to go right now. i'm going to go do some crowd surfing but i know -- this is a really -- it's going to be a really cool interview. >> this is an important interview. i'll try not to mess it up. >> don't mess it up. >> so long america. >> you guys just met. we were just talking about you. you came up and said i'm such a fan, i feel like i know you.
4:29 pm
>> i have been watching him on "the office" all these years. rainn wilson, my friend. >> can you tell me head to toe. >> i'm wearing chanel couture. van cleef & arpel's jewelry. >> you were nominated for playing sarah palin. >> beautiful eyes you have. >> right back at you miss hazel green. >> my goodness, she sarah palin in "game change." >> they're kind of big. they pop out at you. don't get disturbed. she wasn't thrilled with your portrayal. she matte maybe you went a little off the rails. >> i think she wasn't happy with the book "game change," and i think the entire way the campaign was represented in the book and then subsequently in the movie was not something that she was happy with. that's what i understand. >> but apparently other people were happy with your portrayal of her because you're peers said, you done good. >> we tried to be as accurate as possible in the story


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