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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  April 6, 2013 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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hollering for help. when police arrived, turned out the hollering was actually coming from this goat named charcoal. that's it. thanks for watching, vance. thanks for calling. you made our day. that does it for us. have a great weekend. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." no id, no prescription? no problem. infuriating anti-abortion activist. jodi would freak out all the time. i had quite a few of her friends call and tell me to get her
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help. >> jodi arias' mother in the police department. and the final four here in atlanta, and we will take you live to the georgia dome. good morning. it's saturday, april 6th. i am miguel marquez. take a look at this. you see missiles being fired on north korea's coast, and tregie showed this. and the white house says it would not be surprised if kim jong-un orders missiles to be fired to show off his military
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might. >> north korea could be making preparations to launch missiles and we would not be surprised to see them take such an action. >> let's bring in our international anchor, jim clancy. what is the situation like there in south korea right now, ain is reaction to the north? >> the number one story here in seoul this afternoon is the weather outside. it turned cold and rainy and people were hoping for a spring. these are exercises between the united states and south korean forces and they expect it to be continue until the end of april. and on the missile front, they are aware and understand the intelligence, and everybody is convinced this is going to be another one of the north
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korean's leaders' test where he will provoke the response from the outside world and anger them. what the real concern is? it's not the big conflict or attack, it's really an accident. here is an analyst here in seoul describing what we are talking about. >> there's another danger, the fog of war at especially at sea, and you have south koreans and north koreans lapping up at each other. >> we know that john kerry is headed for beijing and many south koreans wondering if diplomacy will step in next week. >> if north korea does fire off missiles, how big of a step will that be viewed of the south and u.s.? >> they all anticipate it very
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much, and kim jong un is adored like a god, and his birthday is coming up mid month and might be ant opper tune time. they don't want this blowing up in their face and they don't want a failure to stop all the rhetoric they have been heating up. >> thank you very much. and then a family lost in the everglades. the rescue workers say the camouflaged boat made it harder to spot, and the father says everything was great until it wasn't. >> took a wrong turn. had a great fishing trip. the boys had fun. wife was having fun.
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came to the end of the one canal and took a right and couldn't get the boat turned around. >> oops. when reporters asked how he was, he said cold and wet, and the state officials said it's a good thing he was used to the outdoors and he build a shelter for his family in the boat to protect them from the rain. and then a bomb threat during a memorial service and his wife. their daughter talked to cnn about her grief. >> this was unthinkable and unexpected and they were taken from us too soon. they were shot to death last saturday, almost two months after a county prosecutor was also killed. law officials believe cynthia may have opened the door to her
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house before shots were fired. and there's reward. and then a video made public on tuesday, and rutgers has been in damage control mode ever since. and yesterday's firing hit the highest ranking officials so far. >> it's a sad day for a lot of people including me. and my family. and, you know, i always have and always will no matter what want what is best for rutgers. >> pernetti is just one of four people to lose their job so far. john wolf also resigned, and he agreed with pernetti to suspend rice rather than fire him when they saw the video last december.
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the first to fall was mike rice, the coach that sets the scandal in motion. and then the same day he was fired the assistant coach, march tele, also resigned. and rutgers faces the whistle blower lawsuit for that man who brought the video to everybody's attention. and cnn explains one apology and the response. >> california state attorney -- >> harris, a potential governor and maybe the next u.s. attorney general, and her resume is not grabbing headlines. what president obama said about her thursday at a private fund-raiser in california is, calling her, quote, by far the best-looking attorney general,
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and the white house answering to cnn about the comment. >> how has he reflected on his comments and has he called her? >> he called her to apologize for the distraction created by his comments, and, you know, they are old friends and good friends, and he did not want in any way to diminish the attorney general's professional accomplishments. >> it's sexist. that simple comment makes voters much less likely to see her as qualified or worthy of their vote. >> harmless or sexist, it sparks a debate. >> and also raising eyebrows overnight -- >> it's not as if he called her a slut. >> he said, quote, he is
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preulant and dedicated before he mentioned her looks. >> the debate requires more context and knowledge because we don't fully know the extent of their friendship which they claim to have. >> the president has been on the defensive before fighting for the boys' club attitude. this picture of the inner circle had many asking, where are the women, and the president turned that around appointing women to his candidate. >> what should he have said when he introduced her? >> everything he said, except for the last comment about her appearance. >> they had a great conversation and she strongly supports the president. now to your money. u.s. stock markets thad hair worst week all year. the dow lost more than 44 points staying all day in the red after
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a dismal jobs report, and a half million stopped looking for work. alison kosik has more on what is shaping the markets this week. >> hi, miguel. the jobs report was a huge underestimate. 88,000 jobs added last month, and that brought back worries about the jobs market and the economy. and it tends to happen in the labor market anyway after all the temporary holiday jobs are cleared off the payroll, and 24,000 retail sectors jobs were erased, and 16,000 jobs lost at clothing stores should rebound later in the year. and then the home and garden jobs dropped off and spring is
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supposed to be their business season. and this is about uncertainty of what is ahead. companies reigning in their hiring plans because they are not sure how the spending cuts are going to impact the economy. with the jobs report missing by a long shot, stocks took it on the chin for most of the day on friday but a late-session rally erased some of the losses. it could be a cattist for what they say is overdue. and the dow still up 11% year to date. miguel? >> alison kosik, thank you very much. when your pre-teen goes to the store for gum, thae could soon pick up abortion pills.
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nehey!r! [squeals] ♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about a subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long. introducing the versatile, all-new subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the fbi has its eye on the former agent davis petraeus. according to "usa today," they
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are looking at whether petraeus stored information in an unsecured place. he apologized how his affair hurt his family. now china, six people have died from bird flew. authorities slaughtered 20,000 tickets and ducks and pigeons after the virus was found there. experts say it has not yet transferred person to person and the cdc is trying if figure out how people caught the virus in the first place. and then a brooklyn judge overruled the department of health and human services saying anybody of any age can buy the morning after pill
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over-the-counter. >> this is a 59-page opinion by the judge in brooklyn federal court. it's so scathing and such an attack on the health and human services department for vowing to the pressure of conservative. this is to limit access to plan b. >> but the debate is far from over. the administration's plans after the legal defeat? >> the judge called the order arbitrary and unreasonable, but the white house spokesman says the president stood by the order and called age limits the right thing to do. the drug called plan b doesn't
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terminate pregnancy like the abortion pill. instead it's meant to prevent the pregnancy by using a higher dosage of birth control taken within three days of unprotected sex. and the debate over plan b stretches back almost a decade when the bush administration refused to allow any women of any age to obtain it over-the-counter. and then shortly after obama took office the age was lowered to 17 and over, and that was not enough for a group that argued for years that the drug should be widely sraeublg to all women so they pursued the case further, and the fda agreed. in december of 2011, commissioner margaret hamburger said it should be approved for nonprescription use of all
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females of child bearing poe n potential. and heading into campaign season president obama agreed. >> the reason kathleen made this decision is she could not be confident that a 10-year-old over 11-year-old going to a drugstore should be able alongside bubble gum or batteries be able to buy a medication that potentially if not used properly could end up having an adverse affect. >> and 16 months later the federal district judge called sebelius' decision politically motivated. he ordered it could be available
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to everybody in the next 30 days. >> thank you very much. and the final four kicks off in atlanta this weekend right next door here to cnn, and we are headed live to the stadium for more on college basketball's biggest games of the year. goog, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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all eyes on atlanta this weekend where basketball's final four kicks off today. check out the cool time lapsed video where the georgia dome getting transformed for the big game. and how much longer do we have
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to wait for tip-off, carlos? >> let's see here. hold on. almost exactly 12 hours. 11 hours and 54 minutes. 6:09, tip-off between wichita state and louisville. you have to feel bad for wichita state, because they thought they would come in as the team everybody talking about, and now louisville is the favorite with ware and the leg injury he suffered against duke. and kevin ware will be wherever. 10,000 faces of ware's face is going to be everywhere. that's the 6:00 game. and then we have two storied franchises. syracuse taking on michigan, two number one seeds, and michigan has the player of the year in burke, and syracuse has the
3:24 am
tough two-three zone, and they have the coach with more wins than any other coach here, and the biggest night of callage basketball here all season here. >> and just about all the brackets were busted a time ago, but we have great basketball ahead of us. what are you most excited about seeing? >> reporter: you know, i really -- it's going to be interesting if wichita state can jump out -- get the momentum early, if not it could be a blowout for louisville. but i am interested to see if michigan and their high-powered offense, how they are going to react to syracuse's two-three zone, and that's going to be a great match-up. and this is every basketball
3:25 am
fan's dream. we have a great special with our own rachel nichols. we have the final four, and we will go into the locker room for the pregame and postgame tears and the victory celebration. that's today at 3:00 p.m. on cnn. >> thank you very much. get some coffee. and a cool edition to final four this weekend. take a look at this. the centennial park transformed for the final four weekend, and big concerts like the dave matthews band and much more. and cnn correspondent michelle turner has a preview. >> this is called the big dance championship. if you have a great party you have to have great music, right? >> a huge tailgate party. >> absolutely. the whole thing is free.
3:26 am
f-r-e-e. free is for me. you will have people like ludicrous taking the stage, everybody in atlanta loves and all overt country as well, and then a lot of people here at cnn are so excited to see other bands, and sting, and dave phalt use band, and this is all free. and this is in addition to the game. so if you are watching basketball and you are a music fan, you get the best of both worlds. how many times have i said free? >> well, you are selling it. >> how many times do you get to see sting free and hangout for the day? that's pretty cool. >> we will be right back with more.
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is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky, it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a simple sunrise can still be magic. twenty-five thousand mornings. make sure some of them are pure michigan. your trip begins at it's 30 minutes past the hour. thanks for starting your day with us. here are five stories we are watching this morning. first, u.s. immigration agents can be no larger allowed to barge into homes for undocumented immigrants. they should ask for permission
3:31 am
in whatever language the owner speaks if they don't have a warrant. new rules considered a huge win for latinos. two dozen people sued the government after agents forced their way into their homes on long island and the u.s. will pay them $1 million. and then a group of high school girls organizing an integrated prom. the small town usually has one for white kids and one for black kids. >> we need to stick with tradition. this is a traditional thing, and we don't need to change, but why? nobody could answer my question. and they think that nothing is broken so why fix it. >> neither prom is allowed at the school and the school doesn't finance any dances and instead they are privately funded and the school says it supports an integrated prom.
3:32 am
and then another support for same-sex marriage. central democrats donnelly and heitkam support the same-sex marriage. although not in office, olympia snowe also came out in support of same-sex marriage. and then the faa will delay shutting down 149 federal contract air traffic control towers until june 15th. the closures announced last month are part of a measure to meet $637 million enforced spending cuts. and number five, the white house says it would not be surprised if north korea does launch a
3:33 am
missile. new video appears to have missiles fired in north korea and it's not clear if the missiles are genuine. two missiles have been loaded on launchers on the country's east coast. and then the u.s. deploying u.s. missile defense systems in guam which is home to u.s. home bases. all eyes on the eastern coast of north korea where the mobile missile launchers are right now, because if one takes off the game changes fast. if we have a missile launched, the first thing it involves is a satellite. why? >> it's picking up the infarad missile, and it will immediately indicate where it came from and send tracking data to find out
3:34 am
about that missile. >> and all measuring exactly where this is going and how fast? >> exactly. if that missile threatened a u.s. resource or allied resource, it will be taken out. >> how? >> by a anti-missile system in place. this works well and we practice with this technology before. >> it's all going to be computers managing everything and then a tough human decision to be made? >> that demand in the loop is what happens next. the mission in south korea is to maintain the arm assist, and there's nothing in the play book that says we will reunify this peninsula. >> and there could be nervous moments along the way to that. >> thank you both for that explainer. incredible new video came to
3:35 am
light showing the man that murdered martin luther king, and he was brought back to memphis. the share kwreuf's office bought a new camera to tape the prosecution, and they were learning to use it on the fly so the video is not as clear as we are used to and video shows the police booking the man. the man died in prison in 1998. time to check in on the weekend weather. alexandra steele joins me now, and in atlanta, more than 100,000 people are expected to be here for the big final four basketball games, and it was miserable earlier in the week, but going to get better? >> oh, there is gorgeous cheer leaders here around the corner that will come and see you, and you will see them and the weather. hottest part of the year, and
3:36 am
look at the forecast. 72 today and 74 and gets to 78. the average high is 70. above average for the first time in ians. and in new york, saturday and sunday in the 50s, and then monday 66 and tuesday, 70, and atlanta to chicago and dallas, all above average. and finally warm spring-like temperatures catching up with the season. and then a disturbance in northern pheurb is where we will see thr3 to 5 inches of snow. and northwest, clouds and showers moving in. and miguel, just a heads up as we head into the week, there's a chance for severe weather likely tuesday and wednesday, and i will delineate the days and tell you what is coming up for a while. >> for the record, i brought the nice weather from california. >> and the girls, too. and then the parents of the
3:37 am
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in newly released tapes, and they admitted to the detectives
3:41 am
their daughter was strange, they she had quote, mental problems, and even said she would freak out sometimes for no reason at all and she needed to get help. listen to this. >> jodi has mental problems. jodi would freak out all the time. i had quite a few of her friends call and tell me i needed to get her help. we don't have a good relationship, me and jodi. she would flip out on me and i had one of her friends call me in the middle of the night and said you need to get jodi help. >> earlier i asked jane velez-mitchell about what she thought about the admissions on that tape. >> well, miguel, they are damming. this detective is telling the mother and father of jodi arias that they have overwhelming evidence that jodi committed a killing, and their reresponse is not that there is a mistake, and
3:42 am
their response is jodi has always been a troubled person and friends described her as being bipolar, and the fact is jodi's own mother admits that she questioned her about where she was, and asked her daughter, did you go to arizona, and the cop says you were suspicious, and she said, of course. >> the jury will never see the tapes, correct? >> doesn't appear that way. they have had them for a long time, obviously, right before the killing occurred. i think it would have come up already, and they are very prejudicial and that is a problem as well. >> and another problem, jury number five, an observer. is this bizarre? >> this is wild. she is known as two-tone because of her hair color. she was kicked off the jury, and
3:43 am
then after issuing a statement saying please respect my privacy and respect the process, something very important is going on here, she shows up in court causing an uproar. some are speculating could she be writing a book or is she so phez r mesmeriz mesmerized, and she could watch it on television, so that's no excuse. when she was kicked off jodi came out grinning and travis alexander's the victim's sister was sobbing, and some people read into that, and there are other indications maybe she was pro-jodi, who knows? >> and then fireworks from the beginning, and everybody wondered how he was going to go out the abuse specialist up on the stand.
3:44 am
is it in his interest to do it this way? >> he is yelling and she is talking back, are you mad at me? this is hostility out in the open. and some are like he is coming on too strong, but she is throwing the victim, travis alexander under the bus. she is painting this man as extremely abusive, and verbally cruel, and she is taking jodi's claims at face value that he hit her and choked her and we have no corroboration, so the prosecutor is speaking for the victim and his family and he has to go after her. in other crime news the week was dominated by pointblank murder on craigslist. this is your week of crime in 60 seconds. >> a district attorney and her
3:45 am
husband shot and killed by an intruder. the instraouder shot once in the head and several times in the torso was identified as joshua stevens. it's unclear whether the husband or wife pulled the trigger. and carolyn maloney from new york says she is receiving death threats. she said the threats started after legislation requiring gun owners to have liability insurance. a west virginia sheriff was shot and killed on his wednesday on thursday. authorities arrested a suspect who they believe murdered crumb while eating lunch, and his wife will assume his duties as sheriff until 2014. >> i have killed nobody. >> and richard beasley, the so-called kreugz list killer has been sentenced to death. he was said to have lured
3:46 am
victims from craigslist. that's crime in 60 seconds. a look at what we have in store for you. this is going to be a first. the final four teams represented right here in our studio, and we will be doing our own. ou ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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good morning atlanta! a live look at centennial park, right next door to cnn
3:50 am
headquarters. the whole park has been transformed for the final four this weekend. more than 100,000 people expected to be in town for the live events and the big basketball games. since we are talking so much basketball this morning, we thought we would have our fit expert to bring her friends. >> i was a dancer at the university of florida. i know, sad for me. i wanted to show everybody that being on the sidelines is not just about being cute, it's also a workout. we will have a little competition between our teams. >> yes? >> yes. we have a clock and we will show people exercises at home to be like cheer leaders. >> the rules are the teams will compete in 30-second workouts led by desiree, and for a tie we will do the classic rock, paper
3:51 am
and says sucissors. and all four teams represented. >> who are my first two competitors? you are doing kwauts with a front kick. balance and legs and gluts is what we are working on. >> ready, set, go! >> on this exercise, we are working our legs and gluts and balance, and you can get arm workouts, too. and then with our pom-poms, it's a weight. >> not much, really? >> oh, but it is. holding that for 20 minutes on the sideline, it's definitely a workout. >> how many did you count? >> 22. >> how many? >> 26. >> nice job. everybody step back.
3:52 am
my next round, syracuse and michigan. here the cheer leaders are getting up and sitting down to cheer on the team. >> ready, set, go. with getups, we are working on balance. >> we are working on balance and this is a great work. total body. it's good for older people to practice, because if you ever fall down and you can't get up, that's a problem. >> i like pressing the button and then they come and get me. >> no, this is better to be able to get up off the ground. why are we not cheering on our teams? >> they are working and you guys are watching. >> how many did you count? >> 18. >> and how many did you count? >> 18. >> rock, paper, scissors. >> michigan moves on. >> and championship round.
3:53 am
so for this round we have a more advanced job. this is cardio, and we are working legs. for viewers at home, jumping jacks are just fine. this is going to preview our winner for tonight. what is going on? >> they don't have a mascot, so you have to cheer for him. and we have leg work going on as you can see, and if you involve your arms which they are not, you can get an arm workout. >> can you do this on an airplane? >> i would not recommend this. i would stick to at home or the gym, or tonight cheering on your team. >> how many did you count? 59. >> and how many did you count.
3:54 am
>> 60. >> louisville, one point. >> thank you for playing along, and thank you for getting up so early and playing with us. >> everybody can play along tonight watching your team. >> i will be jumping and crossing and -- doing it all. >> and burning off the wings and beer. good to see you. >> take care. now the amount of money you shell out for prescription drugs depends on where you buy them. we spent secret shoppers out and what they found just might surprise you. the one thing that 99 percent of investors can expect to find
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good morning, washington, d.c. a live look at the white house this morning as the sun rises over it and the spring seems to be trying to start up, and that's the nation's capital today. and wesley snipes enjoying his freedom in almost three years. he was serving a sentence for tax evasion. the 50-year-old failed to file tax returns for 1999, and 2000 and 2001. he was acquitted of tax fraud and conspiracy charges. the state of massachusetts dropped the investigation of a 10-year-old rapper's father for possible negligent. remember lil poopy? child protee tebgtective servic asked to look into the abuse
3:59 am
after a video surfaced of him slapping a woman's behind. no charges were filed. and then a money confiscated after the pop star, bieber, arrived for his tour. bieber could be fined $70,000. actress halle berry is having a baby. she is pregnant with her first child. she has a child with whom she has been in a very public custody battle with the father over the last few years. much more ahead on cnn saturday morning that starts right now.


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