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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 7, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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humans in february in china. if you're wondering how the viruses get these names that make them sound scarier, the h and n refer to protein on the flu virus and the numbers to the shapes. two science lessons at the end of one show. thanks for being part of my program this week. i'll see you next week. welcome to the "cnn newsroom." i'm fredricka whitfield. the stories topping the news. a young american diplomat is dead in an aattack on a u.s. convoy in southern afghanistan. a civilian and three u.s. service members were also killed. we'll have detailed. and north korea could be days away from testing a missile. tensions are so high on the korean puninls law it's creating a ripple effect. a u.s. missile test is being delayed so as not to send conflicting messages to north
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korea. and the family of megachurch pastor rick warren is in mourning following the suicide of his 27-year-old son. matthew warren battled mental illness all of his life. coming upering we'll go live to warren's church in southern california for reaction. to afghanistan now. where six americans were killed in two separate attacks yesterday. one of those killed has now been identified as a 25-year-old diplomat named ann smedinghoff. she was part of a military convoy delivering books to schools in afghanistan. four other state department w k works were injured. john kerry reacted to his death. >> when i was in afghanistan, she was part of my team, and she was someone who worked hard and put her life on the line so that others could live a better life. >> i'm joined now by athena jones at the white house. i understand the parents have
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also spoken out about their daughter's det, right? >> good afternoon, that's right. this was a young woman who joined the foreign service three years ago right out of college. her parents released statement. the world lost a truly beautiful soul. she particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with the afghan people and was always looking for an opportunity to reach out and help the people whose lives were ravages by war. we were consoled knowing that she was doing what she loved. kerry met her less than a month ago, and this young woman is believed to be the first u.s. dept killed since the benghazi attack in libya. >> this attack, it's renewing concern, is it not, on capitol hill, about this handoff of power? >> well, it is, fred, and i had a chance to speak with senator john mccain. he said actually that he's always been concerned about the handoff. he believers the u.s. is sending
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the message that we're leaving, not that we're winning, but we're leaving. i also had a chance to speak with senator lindsey graham today. let's listen to what he had to say. >> we would be crazy to leave afghanistan without an insurance policy for us. somewhere around 10,000 to 13,000 troops post-2014 with american combat power available would end the taliban's hopes and dreams of retaking afghanistan. >> so there you heard that. of course, the number of troops set to remain after 2014 still needs to be worked out. but you hear senators vicing some concerns about what we saw just yesterday, this attack that killed -- these two attacks that killed six americans. >> thanks so much from the white house. north korea could test a missile this week, according to south korea. seoul based that on the north urging industrial workers to leave a complex near the border
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by april 10th. u.s. officials say they want to avoid any misperceptions so they're cancelling a missile test. megachurch pastor rick warren is mourning the loss of his youngest son. matthew warren died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on friday. his father says the 27-year-old warren had a lifelong battle with mental illness. in an e-mail to his congregation, warren and his wife said this, quote, no words can express the anguish, grief we feel right now. nick valencia joins us live from outside the saddleback church in california. a man who has helped so many people deal with their own personal tragedies, nick, now he's got to deal with his own. what is being said here? >> they say at this church this really is more of a family than a church. that's become very clear to us. even those who didn't know matthew warren personally are
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grieving here today. their prayers are with the warren family. now, warren, matthew warren, the 27-year-old, played a very important role in the church, but it was also a very quiet role. he was behind the scenes. he worked at the saddleback ware house distribution center, but he played a important role, and earlier, the church provided us with two people who knew matthew very well. they taw talked about how sweet he was, how compassionate he was, how he was able to tell people who were in pain because he too was suffering from so much pain. >> i was not on the mission trip, but afterwards, i got to know him better and knew, like you said, there were days where, you know, he was just this bubbly, outgoing, effervescent reaching out to people, and other days where he just didn't want to be around people. just the pain, excruciating pain was too much. >> coincidentally, today's sermon was the first in a series entitled how to survive tough
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times. today's sermon was how to survive your worst day. delivered by pastor rick warren's brother-in-law, tom haul delay, the pastor was not expected to be here. he's battling pneumonia right now. he gave a number of sermons over the easter weekend. i want to read a statement the warren family sent out saturday morning with news of their son's death. it says only those closest knew that matthew struggled from birth with mental illness. dark holes of depression, and even suicidal thoughts. in spite of america's best doctors and prayers for healing, the torture of mental illness never subsided. many people are here grieving today, remembering the legacy and life of the youngest son of pastor rick warren, 27-year-old matthew warren. fred? >> thanks so much. very sad news. our condolences going out to the warren family. >> and condolences to the pulitzer family. lily pulitzer has died in florida. she was known for her bright
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tropical print designs and known for dressing people like jacqueline kennedy onassis. she once said, quote, style isn't about what you wear. it's about how you live. lily pulleitzer was 81. searchers are searching for two boys kidnapped by their parents. they're accused of taking the 2-year-old and 4-year-old boys from their grandparents house in tampa. the grandparents have custody of the boys. hagen and his wife are believed to be anti-government and police say they may all be on this sailboat. >> police now say this little girl left on a doorstep is zoey brown of marietta, georgia. brown's parents were arrested friday night. a man found zoey on his doorstep in south carolina tuesday night. the 4-year-old is doing okay. she is in a foster home until officials can try to locate any other relatives who may be able to care for her.
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in atlanta, it is down to the ncaa final two. louisville and michigan. both earned spots in the ncaa championship game. that's tomorrow right here in atlanta at the georgia dome. but as we wait for that tipoff, there's so much fun going on for the thousands of sports fans who have flooded the city. among them, nischelle turner where some a-list stars have joined you and they're giving free concerts. it seems like this is much more popular than the games themselves? >> well, you know, that's debatable, fred, but i will tell you this, this is a great place to be today because there are no games going on. so it's a perfect place to come out to, centennial park, today, and listen to free music from arguably one of the biggest stars to ever hit the music stage. and i'm talking about sting. you know, you talked about the tournament down to the final two. today, we have the big three.
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let me give you a look at what's going on in centennial park. they just opened up the gates. so you see all of the throngs of folks coming in. there was this mad dash for the front when they opened these gates. i mean, people were hauling it. they were taking off, trying to be in the very front so they could see sting. now, the big three will be playing today. that's grace potter and the nocturnals, sting, and dave matthews. grace potter takes the stage at 4:15, sting at 6:00, and dave matthews at 8:00. you know when you do live shots, you go, no, no, come back, you want to be on tv? come on. all right. there you go. where are you from? >> i'm from california. >> how is that hotdog? >> absolutely wonderful. >> it looks good. are you having a good time? >> oh, yeah. >> who are you excited to see? >> blind pilots. >> i would be remiss that i didn't mention blind pilot. they take the stage at 3:00. then grace turner and the nocturnals at 4:15, sting at
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6:00, and dave matthews at 8:00. we even have folks from california like me enjoying the day at centennial park. this is called, i should say, the big dance concert series. three days of free music. lots of fun. >> lots of fun and music for a literally a big old dance, at least today. thanks so much nischelle turner in centennial park. have a great time. try to stop and have a hotdog, too, while you're at it. >> straight ahead, nasa plans to lasso a big hunk of rock on its next mission. find out what the scientists are up to. >> and north korea seems ready to file a missile this week, and the whole world is on high alert now. find out how china is reacting next. new car!
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the south korean government predicts north korea is days away from a test of a missile. and the u.s. is reassuring china to crack down on its ally. could new comments from the chinese president be a response? here's what he said at an economic forum today. saying this, quote, no one
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should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for selfish gains. while pursuing its own interests. a country should accommodate the legitimate interests of others. the president did not mention north korea by name, but it sounds like a little finger wagging there. i'm joined now by a senior research scholar at columbia university. she's worked for the cia and national security counsel. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> is it likely that north korea would take notice of what china is saying? >> definitely, north korea is taking notice. this is a very intriguing development. i would say china's policy towards north korea is definitely evolving, to say the least. and we're seeing subtle shifts in its policy visa vee the north. obviously, china is north korea's -- the most important influence. china is the only country that
11:15 am
could influence north korea. one country in the world that has any kind of leverage. so this is definitely an interesting development. if you remember, in 2010, in march and in november, in the aft aftermath when the north koreans sunk the south korean ship, china did not criticize even back then, so this is definitely an intriguing development. >> you say china can certainly influence north korea, and it can also be the one to sort of penalize north korea in a monetary way. do you think that this is kind of the prelude to that? that china may say, we're going to cut back on finances if you continue what you're doing? >> we'll see how much china is really planning to penalize north korea. i wouldn't go as far as to say that china is completely reversing its policy towards north korea, but it's definitely taking different measures right
11:16 am
now to deter north korea from taking provocative steps toward south korea and washington obviously. >> north korea has ignored china's other pleas not to do nuclear tests. china's foreign ministry said today it is, quote, seriously concerned. so what is china's worry? >> well, china's worry, i think for the first time, the obama administration has shown very recently that we're quite serious, and we're not interested in playing this age-old game of north korea acting provocatively and the world returning to the negotiating table to give more concessions to north korea. the theme has changed. we have sent, obviously, just recent behavior, the strengthening of behavior with our actions with washington, and coordinatored actions and military exercises, i think
11:17 am
china has taken notice of this and realized finally that this situation is decivilizing. >> if north korea doesn't listen to the admonishments from china, then what? >> we'll see. the real question is, and this is something we're debating ourselves among north korea watchers and china watchers as well. is that what kind of leverage does china really have? the answer is we don't quite know because china has never really exercised oppression of the north for fear that they fear destabilizing situations and they fear instability in north korea. so we have to see how serious china really is in suppressing the north. to really find out if it has the leverage that we think it has. >> senior research scholar at columbia university, thanks so much for your time. >> sure. >> up next, headed straight to the georgia dome. catch up with cnn sports, joe carter, and all things ncaa. and later, comedian kathy
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so the big dance started with 68 college basketball teams. but in a little over 24 hours through now, the final two will play for the ncaa title. louisville versus michigan. and joe carter is outside the georgia dome. where the championship game takes place tomorrow. so joe, louisville and michigan fought hard for these spots. what strengths do they bring? >> well, i tell you what, fredricka, michigan, you can probably say this program is back. this team one win away from doing what the fab five was unable to do 20 years ago,
11:22 am
that's win a national championship. a fan yesterday coined a great phrase, called them the fresh five, and last night's hero or star, mitch mcgary, the big fellow, 6'10", 250 pound freshman. he was called upon to lead his team, not trey burks, the national player of the year. mish miswent on to win, and afterwards, john beilein giving his player props. >> the best has yet to come. he continues to practice hard. he continues to study the game. he's got, as i said certainly ti several times, such a high ceiling to his game, and his personality and leadership is terrific. >> now, after losing to michigan, legendary coach jim behiem, let's say he was a little edgy. during the post game press conference, he basically lit up a reporter for asking if he'll return next season to coach. this is a 68-year-old's response. >> why ask that question?
11:23 am
are you going to ask john beilein that question? >> we ask 19-year-old questions the same question and they handle it better? >> you ask a 19-year-old kid if he's going to retire? >> if they're going to be back next year. good if you're going to say something smart, at least be smart. >> wow, wow, testy words, but i have to back up the reporter. he's not out of bounds because a lot of speculation was said that he would hang it up being he has been there for 37 years and he's getting to the end of his career. >> i don't think he likes that one, no, no, no. that one hurt. so kevin ware, let's talk about him. he's been a real inspiration for his team this week. and again, he was last night at the game. courtside, right? >> in a big way, fredricka. the team was down 12 points to wichita state. kevin ware sitting on the sidelines, obviously leg broken, with churches, gets out of his seat, hobbles over to the team
11:24 am
huddle, gets in their faces and says we have to turn this around. a huge momentum shift for louisville, and they talked about it after the game. >> he's part of this team, and we know hoe much it would mean for him to be out there, and he's just trying to give us whatever we needed, you know, the extra motivation, the extra boost to get over the hump. >> kevin is a huge part of our team. he's one of the emotional leaders out there. and you know, i guess he felt like he had to tell us something to get us going. he does it when he's out on the court. he's going to keep doing it when he's not on the court. he's an emotional leader for the team. >> so from 68 teams down to two teams, the national championship game tomorrow night, louisville/michigan, just after 9:00 p.m. eastern, fredricka. a lot was said going into the tournament that it could be anyone's tournament, but here we have two top five teams, all year long, both were ranked
11:25 am
number one. we end up with two story ied championships. >> i love the brotherhood underscored in the trail, this journey, to try to clinch the championship. joe carter, thanhs so much. >> from basketball to football. find out why the jets' tim tebow is trending today. i have details. >> plus, nasa wants to grab an asteroid and move it closer to earth. pretty serious about that one. that's just one of the big plans for space exploration. find out what else they want to do. my father thought i was a nut for taking the job. but i took the job working at burger king. i became operations manager and director of burger king in europe. >> one, he's coming from a very strong corporate sector and he says he's now paying for his sins. >> now, i want to use the knowledge that i gained and give it to others.
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asteroid closer to earth and then send astronauts to it. that's one story trending online right now. the space agency wants to use a robot controlled aircraft to drag a small asteroid closer and then send astronauts there to find out crucial information for dealing with bigger asteroids. >> and tim tebow is probably not on the seattle seahawks radar. there had been rumors that the team was looking to snag him as a backup to quarterback russell wilson, but the seattle times says not likely. >> and kathy griffin's talk sh