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tv   Around the World  CNN  April 9, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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innocent by standers could get injured or killed. from paris hilton, sean combs, justin timberlake, selena gomez, chris brown. >> not funny. expensive and dangerous. thank you for that. lots of breaking news. i want to turn things over to "around the world" which is next. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> and i'm michael holmes. let's update you on breaking news out of cuba. >> so far we have learned cnn confirming that the two abducted boys from florida are now in havana. police say 2-year-old chase hakken and cole were kidnapped.
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we will bring in patrick who saw one of the boys on a boat in havana. >> reporter: and this is probably the largest tourist marina in havana. it is where boats come in to check in with immigration authorities and check in with customs. it is full of americans despite the embargo. there are plenty of boats. as we are driving through the large marina today we saw a number och votes that we saw could have been the hakken boat. the last slip in the marina the bo boat "salty" was there. we saw boys playing on the deck. some cuban security came out, some of them with arms on their hips said you need to stop
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filming immediately. and then we saw a man come out and i said are you josh and he said yes. i said i am a reporter. he said i don't want to talk to you. we said is this man under arrest. they said no. they let us approach the boat. and there on the boat was one of the boys. there was josh hakken and his wife. they didn't want to talk to me. they just kept saying we don't know what you are talking about. we have nothing to say. and then to sharon hakken i said are both boys okay and she said yes. it is such an interesting problem for cuba and the u.s. authorities because they have to figure out what the next step is for the boys. and for a kidnapping and it seems like that is moving.
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we are hearing that there is pretty unprecedented cooperation between the cubans and the u.s. moving forward. and then there might be another diplomatic problem. the word we are getting is that there is cooperation it seems like that progress is moving slowly to see what is going to happen to these boys and the parents who for the moment are cooling their heels on a sunny day at a pretty marina in havana. >> you touched on this. explain more what is the cuban government's position or is there one at the moment? we are talking about a country with no extradition dealings with the u.s. >> we have been asking the cuban government about this. because it is such sensitive diplomacy with the u.s. anything can go wrong.
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any accusations can gum up the works here. the u.s. wants them and they are keeping a close eye on them. there are many fugitives here in havana. cuba claims there are people they would like to see tried in the u.s. a lot of the people here in cuba, the people who are political, maybe committed terrible crimes but were here during a different era. recently they sent some people back. so it is interesting to hear from sources that there are talks going on and cooperation going on. it seems for at least the moment the family is not going anywhere. they are not wandering around havana. the security around them reacted
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quickly when we got there and they are very much aware of who the people are. >> just to be clear here, right now you are saying that they are in cuban official's custody? i want to be clear on that point. and secondly, again, what was the depleendemeanor of the pare? they are wanted for abduction. you describe them as being calm. >> they are. i wonder. you can get international news and cnn and get online. they seemed surprised that i was there. they are on their boat. i saw josh get off the boat at least twice. and to have this perimeter of marina security around them suggests that the cuban government knows who they are.
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the family is not in custody. a bit of a contradiction. we haven't heard anything official yet from the cuban government. of course, the cuban government, they can go anywhere. they are not cuban americans. certainly, they are cuba's problem now and it will take delicate diplomacy. >> thanks so much. victor black well is outside the sheriff's office in tampa. sharon hakken's parents were granted custody of the boys the day before the kidnapping. what are the police saying about that? >> reporter: we know that this happened according to authorities just before dawn on
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wednesday. now, the parents lost their parental rights to these children on tuesday. wednesday morning we are told that joshua hakken went into the home of the howser's and bound patricia howser's. the boat we are told that he purchased is 25 foot "salty". what will happen with the grandparents? we have had communication with the sheriff's office. they tell us the grandparents are here. we were told the grandmother is here. we know both of them are here. we know that if there is a news conference and they are using if because there is no guarantee. we are set up waiting for that. >> if you wouldn't mind tell our
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viewers, why did they lose custody of the kids? are they considered dangerous? >> reporter: it started in june of 2012 at a hotel in slidell, louisiana. inside the hotel there was the entire family, joshua and sharon hakken and the two boys. they say that alcohol and guns and drugs were in there. the police say when they questioned joshua hakken they said they were enroute to the journey to armageddon. police arrested them for the drugs and the alcohol and the guns. they kept the guns for safe keeping and took the boys to foster care. joshua hakken went to the foster home and tried to take them. he faces charges in louisiana for that incident and now a growing list here in florida. >> victor, thanks so much. elise, can you tell us how
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is the state department reacting to the fact that they have found two american boys in cuba? and what can they do? >> right now unsurprisingly everyone is silent. there are privacy laws. a lot of times the state department won't say anything about an american citizen if they don't have a waiver from the parents. because the parents seem to be fugitives it is more complicated. they are working with the fbi. the u.s. section in cuba has been trying to reach out to cuban authority. it is tricky because the u.s. does not have tight relations with the cubans. it is difficult to work with them on any given day. to reach out in terms of a crisis this is one of the areas where no relations really hurt when there is something like this going on. sources are saying that they are trying to get information about the family. they say they haven't seen the
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family yet. obviously if cnn is able to find them then the cuban authorities and the u.s. must have a good idea of where the family is right now. >> thank you very much. we will be following that story. it is extraordinary and could be a diplomatic mess trying to get them back. >> good job finding them. the other big story around, the korean peninsula. the north korea another day another threat. this is the latest one telling foreigners in south korea to prepare in case there is an all-out thermo nuclear war. >> this is a message coming from state run media urging foreigners to find shelter. the north says they don't want them caught out in all of this. and is this a warning that people are really heeding? are they taking it seriously?
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>> i think we have to put this into context. we have been getting these threats on a daily basis coming out of north korea. people here in seoul are tiring of the rhetoric. yes this warning that foreign nationals here in south korea should leave, should evacuate because they cannot guarantee that they would be safe in an act of war. and just to give you an idea the british embassy is taking this. this is a segment. we are not commenting on specifics of every piece of rhetoric from north korea. it gives you an idea as to the way it's being read in this part of the peninsula, anyway. it does come obviously following that warning late last week from the foreign embassy.
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1:00 a.m. here on the 10th of april and that is when south korea is expecting that north korea could perhaps launch a missile. they have moved two missile launches to the east coast of north korea. and they will be likely to be firing off missiles of a medium range that would take in obviously south korea, japan and u.s. bases in guam. it is a concern. obviously there would be serious repercussions. >> thank you so much. and, of course, we know that japan is taking precautions in case there is any real threat out of north korea. >> the japanese government setting up missile defense systems in and around tokyo. these are patriot missile batteries. they were carried out in case
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m north korea goes head with a missile test. >> and we will talk more about what is behind all of these threats and perhaps motivating the north korea leader. >> 29 years old. who knows what he is thinking. wolf blitzer at 6:00 eastern. special edition of "the situation room" 6:00 p.m. eastern. here is more on what we are working on. rough skies ahead. this is a new report. if you are flying across the atlantic ocean it is going to be rough for the next couple of years. >> also halle berry gives up the dirt on her pregnancy surprise
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prepare in case there is an all-out war. this is after weeks of threats against the united states and south korea including the possible threat of a war. >> thermo nuclear war. now the north started this tough talk after the u.n. security council approved tighter economic sanctions against north korea. >> they are angry about the sanctions. there is an effort by kim jong-un to flex his military might, as well. i want to bring out -- >> after having talked about this over the last week and more since the threats have become so regular i think there is a sense that we don't know about this new leader and we don't know his
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intention. everything is kind of guesswork. what they do believe is that he does not have the capabilities despite all of the talk of thermo nuclear war and all of the rest of it to do anything like that. what the united states and south korea are saying and preparing for is the possibility, perhaps even the likelihood that there might be some kind of missile test. if it is a hostile act they say they are prepared if it is directed at something other an a sparsely populated area or over the waters of japan. nobody thinks there will be an outbreak of anything resembling a nuclear war or exchange of any type. >> you have the new leader in south korea. she is in an awkward position to say the least. you have the situation where kim jong-un because he is untested,
9:19 am
where is this guy going? he seems to be going further than his predecessors. >> that is the unknown in this equation. what is his line? when does he stop? lots of american officials i have talked to believe he and the north koreans have figured out how to master the new cycle. every day the new threats and statements and advisories to evacuate come out. they came to a sort relationship where they knew he would ratchet up in other to get concessions, aid, fuel, food and the like and then dial it back and then go back and forth. now we have talked to our colleagues in hong kong who have been around all of the embassies and to say as anna reported that there is no concern amongst
9:20 am
foreigners and no embassies have advised team, u.s. embassy hasn't advised people to leave. there is a difference in the state of the rhetoric and the state of what is going on on the ground. >> thank you so much. >> one of the hard things i think it is so unpredictable this young leader. i know president bush hated the father for starving his people. a little information about the elder. this guy not so much. >> makes everyone think maybe this is a new era. not the era they are looking for so far. >> a lot of tension still. this could be the biggest british funeral since princess dianna. we will find out about the plans for laying margaret thatcher to rest.
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. people now arguing today about whether or not the former
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british prime minister, margaret thatcher, deserves a royal funeral. she died yesterday at the age of 87. >> to give you an idea how polarizer she was in her time and even now. >> so first the times which has a simple and respectful front page. and then the front page of the mirror which describes her as the woman who divided a nation. >> compare that with the "daily mail" which calls her the woman who saved britain. thatcher will be laid to rest next wednesday with a funeral service that would be fit for a member of the royal family. not everyone thinks she deserves that. >> tell us about the controversy here and what is the difference between the royal funeral and perhaps something that would be
9:25 am
less. >> reporter: a state funeral is normally reserved for monarchs. on the odd occasion you have seen them afforded to notable commoners. winceton churchill was the last one in 1965. princess dianna's funeral was a ceremonial funeral. with a ceremonial funeral it is less trapping. you did see the military involved. there was a procession. you can expect to see a similar sort of funeral as we saw with diana as with margaret thatcher next week. the debate is really you see it played out in the newspaper headlines. those on the right would like to see a full funeral. they are not happy with the plans. those on the left would rather her have a private one at her
9:26 am
own expense. it is polarizing all the time. people seem to be digging their heels in more and more and settling into their views. >> people actually were partying. there is fear that there could be demonstrations at the funeral. are police preparing for that? >> there have been parties, isolated events really. in london and northern ireland there were people celebrating and police did get involved because it turned into quite aggressive parties, demonstrations you could argue. certainly there will be those are coming to london for the funeral. they will be wanting to get their voices heard and the police will be preparing for that. we will see what happens. it won't be a state forward state occasion, that's for sure. >> thanks a lot. our royal correspondent there in london. two american boys abducted
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liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? welcome back to "around the world." a powerful earthquake hit southern iran today. at least 20 people were killed, 500 injured. quake had a magnitude of 6.3 centered about 55 miles southeast of bushehr. >> that is home of a nuclear plant. officials at the that plant reported no problems. at least three strong after shocks have hit the area. the quake was felt as far away as our cnn bureau in dubai as well as in kutar. and nuclear negotiators announcing it has opened a new
9:31 am
uranium processing site. the u.s. and other countries suspect that iran is developing nuclear weapons. iran says that the program is simply to provide energy. in brazil police say they have arrested a fourth person in connection with that rape of an american woman and the beating and robbery of her french boyfriend. the attack happened on a mini bus late last month. a 13-year-old boy charged in that case. >> he is accused of helping steal the tourist's credit cards. north korea issuing a new warning today. this time directed at foreigners in south korea. the north is telling them to prepare in case there is an all-out war. this is the message. >> it has been running on state-run media. it urges foreigners to find shelter or get out of south korea all together. the north says it doesn't want them to get caught up in a conflict if war breaks out. >> north korea making good on a threat to pull workers from the
9:32 am
industrial site that it operates in connection with south korea. south korean workers have been blocked from the site since last week. this is really their only opportunity to work together and that has been cut off now. i want to update you on the breaking news out of cuba. cnn confirming that two abducted boys from florida are in havana. patrick oppman seeing them with his own eyes. >> chase hakken and this brother cole were kidnapped by their father. he tied up the grandmother and then fled with the kids and his wife. we know that patrick oppman saw one of the kids in a boat when it arrived in havana in a marina. all of this, of course, taking place after what took place in new orleans when previously child welfare officials removed the boys from the parents'
9:33 am
custody. >> and then there was the abduction at their grandmother's home in florida. today we find them in cuba. we are going to get patrick oppman back on the phone in a few moments to talk a little more about that and what he actually physically saw. he went to the marina and saw the boat and the kids and the dad. also, we are following this story. this is flying about to get a lot bumpier. one study saying it is going to be pretty rough. you'll find reviews written by people just like you. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. for over 75 years people ...with geico... ohhh...sorry!. director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained)
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i want to update you. breaking news out of cuba. cnn confirming that the two abducted boys from florida are now in havana. i know there is a little bit of a delay here but you have set
9:37 am
your sights, you have seen these boys yourself as well as this family at the marina. can you describe that moment? what happened? >> it was a little surreal because we went into this marina. it is the largest for tourists marina. you see a lot of folks from around the world. the smallest boat that we saw belonged to the hakken's. we have seen so many images now. look exactly the same, maybe a little more beat up. it has been rough here as of late. i can't imagine the journey across the straights of florida i knew we were in the right place. immediately out of the bushes came cuban security. some of them with side arms and they did not take out. they told us to stop filming immediately. we got some shots of the boat and a small boy playing on the
9:38 am
deck of the boat. if you didn't know these people were fugitives you would never have thought. they just blended into the environment so well. and then i was able to approach josh hakken and ask him if he wanted to talk to us. he confirmed who he was. he seemed very angry sitting down in the boat glaring at me through his sunglasses. talked to his wife sharon. i said people are worried. i only see one boy here. she said they are both there. i was asked to leave by the security officials there. and it was really quite a bizarre, strange and probably appropriate being in cuba that you would just find these people there by the side of the water without ever knowing that they are the center of an international manhunt. >> i know we have a delay on the line here to you but i have to ask you about the cuban
9:39 am
government's position here. it must be awkward for them, to say the least. have they said anything? >> you know, they haven't said anything officially but we are hearing that there is quite a bit of back and forth with rare information sharing going on between cuban and u.s. governments. there used to be an extradition treaty between the united states and cuba. but after the revolution it never worked. it seemed like in the '60s and '70s many hijackers were never sent back. they are usually guys who speak english and spanish not well enough to be cuban. right now the cuban government and u.s. government have got to get their heads together. it seems like it is happening. the family doesn't appear to be in custody. they are certainly under guards
9:40 am
and being watched. what happens next? how long will they be there at the marina? the main concern is they don't feel that the children are safe in the custody of the parents and feel that the parents are not good parents to say the least. they put them in the boat and go on this dangerous journey. officials are telling us there is a lot of concern about how they are doing getting the kids access to some sort of official. we understand that has not happened yet but certainly the u.s. is pushing to confirm that these children are okay. >> patrick oppman there in havana. >> the kids are okay. with these charges, losing custody over guns and drugs you want to keep a close eye on what is happening. >> the two countries need to interact to get the kids back. >> we are talking about traveling, as well, across
9:41 am
europe. might want to tighten your seat belt a little bit. >> there could be a lot more turbulence ahead. a new study says flights between new york and europe are experiencing stronger head winds and it is only going to get worse. >> let's ask about this. you fly all the time. are you ready? >> now, let's get rid of the fact and the fiction here. the survey says that because of global warming the amount of disturbance in the so-called jet stream is going to increase. and that is what is going to make it more turbulent but it is not going to happen tonight or indeed next week. they're talking about a time period of the middle of the century when this is going to be anywhere between 40% to 160% more turbulence. as my camera widens out a bit i
9:42 am
can explain how this happens. imagine this is the area where you are flying and in comes your plane at about 31,000 feet. what happens at the moment is the convection and it gets hit by the jet stream as it is going eastbound or westbound. what they say is that this bit is going to become much more turbulent which is why the plane will enjoy or experience a lot more turbulence as it is flying. planes are built for turbulence. let's get that clear. planes are built for turbulence but it will certainly make for a more rocky ride in the future. >> you are an aviation man. in 40 years or something aren't we going to be flying sort of almost in space? >> no. does that answer your question. >> that was the shortest answer
9:43 am
you have ever given. >> look, because of the cost involved, the fuel involved. even the concept of ballistic flying is a long way off. we haven't got supersonic flights. it is all about weight versus fuel burn and all of these sorts of issues. we are a very long way off anything like that. remember, the planes that we are seeing coming online now, the a 350, the 787 which may be flying within the next few days or months these planes will be around in ten, 15, 20 years time. we are already seeing the generation of aircraft that will be susceptible, perhaps, to the new -- i like doing this, these new much more strong turbulence. >> i want to bring in chad myers here to talk about the science behind all of this.
9:44 am
what do we know? is this connected to climate change? >> that is what they are putting it together with. let me explain why that makes sense. if this climate change model works why it happens. we are talking about clear air turbulence. there is not a cloud in the sky all of the sudden the plane drops or goes up. there are loops in the jet stream that make you drop or go down depending on if you get into one. the jet stream currently is from about new york city back into central parts of france. that is where the jet stream is now without global warming. the forecast for this model says the jet stream will move to the north with global warming because there will be more warm air down here. if you move the jet stream to the north that is where the planes fly. so if the planes are flying in the new location of the jet stream therefore the planes will get into a bumpier flight.
9:45 am
what they are going to have to do it will burn more fuel if the jet stream is eventually here the planes will fly to the north or south. that is the whole kit and caboodleal in a nut shell. the jet stream will move where the planes are flying now. >> everything will be more expensive. thanks so much. good to see you boepth. thanks. you might remember this video. this was ten years ago today. this was baghdad. a group of u.s. marines putting an american flag on top of the statue statue. >> now that flag is at the center of controversy. we will speak to a marine who has that flag. jet free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ don't forget! narrator: offer applies with enrollment in at a hertz expressrent kiosk,
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[ fake coughs ] sorry that was my fault sir. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus severe sinus. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try alka seltzer plus severe sinus day and night for complete relief from your worst sinus symptoms. it became one of the most iconic images of the war. this is a u.s. marine covering up a statue of saddam hussein with an american flag. that happened ten years ago today. >> one of the marines present that day. it was his flag used on the statue. he is now an attorney. he joins us now. it is an extraordinary story that you tell. how does your flag end up covering the statue's face? >> i think one of the things that you have to keep in mind is that the marine corps is an
9:48 am
incredibly patriotic service. we love our country. we love our american flag. for a young marine to have an american flag with him wasn't that unusual. i tried to get a picture for myself a few times in iraq. i got shot at once and knocked a flagpole down another time. when we arrived on april 9th we weren't getting shot at. i don't think what we perceived at the time was that the world was watching. >> live. >> can you imagine that that moment became such an iconic moment for people here in the united states and for around the world in what this could possibly mean for getting rid of saddam hussein? >> i don't think we thought about that at the time although ten years later i certainly understand the symbolism that attaches to the flag. but for me, the days leading up to that was people dying on the good guy and bad guy side. following that corporal gonzalez
9:49 am
dying. those are the things that i remember. i wasn't at home watching that image on tv. >> you found out some time later apparently when you saw newspaper clippings you were shocked about it. what happens to that flag? >> so when i came home i just put it away because for me it is just my flag. and stories attach to it nonstop. nothing is next to the flag. it stays with me. i don't have any plans for it. i talked to the marine corps museum six or seven years ago and just kind of didn't follow up with one another. there is no plan for it. it is just a symbol that the rest of the world has. >> not a symbol for you and i understand that. i read an article about it all and i understand what you mean. it wasn't for you what it was
9:50 am
for the rest of the world. we really appreciate your time. >> it is one of the things where at least from the vantage point being in the united states at the white house it was a proud moment. you experience it in a different way on the ground in kuwait. >> i was anchoring live on cnn international. there were those of us there that didn't see it as a moment of victory. my immediate reaction was how will this be seen and perceived in the arab world. the difference between liberation versus conquest and rubbing the american flag of the face of a horrible dictator could have been and would have been misused. this is photographs of our journey. we left days after the statue came down. there we are sitting on the statue. we have blurred the face of our security guy at the time. it was an iconic moment but one
9:51 am
that meant different things to different people. it meant one thing to the u.s. and one thing to the marines who never saw it as being some big -- >> they just wanted a photo. >> they did not know that the media was filming it live. this was going out to the world. they had no clue. >> it is a huge symbol. it weighed so much. thank you. >> it was certainly an interesting time, that's for sure. we are switching gears. >> halle berry teaming up with a famous designer to fight world hunger and she says she is inspired because she is also going to be a mom. she is pregnant again. cnn's exclusive interview up next. ♪
9:52 am
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welcome back. oscar winner halle berry is teaming up with fashion designer michael kors to help raise awareness and cash to help fight hunger around the world. >> this is a partnership. it comes at a special time for halle berry. she has revealed she is 46 pregnant with her second child. >> i feel fantastic. this has been the biggest surprise of my life, to tell you the truth. i thought i was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me. it has been a big surprise and the most wonderful. i don't know. healthy. >> as a mother what does it mean
9:55 am
for you to be involved with the un world food program? >> one of the statistics that really impacted me as i was doing my research about it and especially now being a pregnant woman and already having a child is that it is so important what happens to the baby while they are in utero. the first 1,000 days is fundamental, good nutrition during that time period is fundamental for your baby to develop properly and normally. >> when you look at the statistics and you see that one in eight people around the world doesn't have enough to eat -- >> it is heartbreaking. >> i know you have been involved with fighting hunger for a long time on the local level and now with the united nations. why is this so near and dear to you? >> i am a guy who likes to see results. you see that this is a solvable problem. the food is there. you can change someone's life immediately. >> this is not a problem that
9:56 am
requires a scientific breakthrough like cancer. >> exactly. >> it can be done. what is it going to take? >> well, you know, first off, of course, we are here to -- >> we want to raise awareness. >> we want to make noise. >> people to get involved. that we can work together and we can make a difference. it is not too big. >> we can solve it and everyone around the world can participate. i'm not a scientist. i'm a fashion designer. so i wouldn't claim to be able to figure out a cure for an incurable disease. but i know that we can make a difference. >> and you have said that $50 will feed a child for an entire school year. >> that's crazy. think about a couple of coffee. here in new york city a cap chino is $5. that is going to feed a child in africa for a month. that is unbelievable. a teenager can be involved. everyone can be involved.
9:57 am
when i think about we have never designed a product that was strictly designed for philanthropic purposes. >> i want the big reveal. it is a watch. >> this is our watch. >> i will be vanna white. >> wow. >> and if you buy this watch this buys 100 meals. and i know i want to know where my money is going. people want to feel like if i buy that watch does it really translate into food? and this does. that to me is pretty amazing. >> what do you get out of it? >> i feel really good. it is so simplistic. it gives me another reason to wake up. i'm a mom and that is first and foremost but it gives me another reason to exist, another purpose. and if i know that i'm helping
9:58 am
one person every day in some way, that really makes me feel good. >> i think what we can do and what we can accomplish is incredible. >> good for them. to learn more about the campaign go to she has been one of the more visible faces in the fight for tighter gun control. but former congress woman gabrielle giffords says she still appreciates. >> we will go for an exclusive interview up next. i don't make any decisions about who to hire without going to angie's list first. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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