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tv   Around the World  CNN  April 11, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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we do begin with breaking news. >> out of the dallas area at least two people have been killed in a bus accident. this is on president george bush turnpike. it's a charter bus heading to casinos in oklahoma when it overturned. you can see it there just a dramatic picture, tragic there. two people have been killed. dozens now taken to the hospital. >> 30 people that were passengers on the bus, we have two that are confirmed deceased right now. the passengers have been taken to various hospitals throughout the metroplex. we're very lucky to have a mutual aid agreement with several different fire stations, fire, police, ems, that kind of thing. they're working to get the folks triaged. the big yellow tarp that's out there, they're assessing injuries, determining who has the most serious injuries and shipping those folks off to various hospitals depending on the severity of the injuries. >> and as we look at live pictures there coming from our affiliate wfaa, we'll continue to monitor the situation there
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and bring you more information as it comes to hand. in north korea we're seeing more signs that a missile launch could happen at any time. at least one of the missiles on north korea's east coast was raised to firing position. that happened today. but then nothing happened after that. but still people in south korea taking all the tough talk, military action, they're trying to be calm about all this. >> we're going to talk about that when we go live to anna coren in seoul. to syria, human rights watch claims the government is carrying out air strikes against civilians. the group says syrian fighter jets have been targeting -- deliberately targeting bakeries, bread lines, hospitals as well. >> local act vifts estimate that more than 4,000 civilians have been killed across the country since july. now, a syrian lawmaker says forces only strike terrorist groups. the north koreans gave
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another reason to think they're about to launch a missile whether it's a test or a warning or really who knows what it is. american officials told cnn today that one of those medium-range missiles parked on north korea's east coast was raised up to what's described as firing position. >> but there wasn't a launch. the north koreans could have just been practicing a firing procedure. of course it's just a guess from u.s. officials. they don't really know what else would be going on. the whole escalation of north korean aggressive talk is new, but it's a mystery to just about everybody in the diplomatic community and military circles. what do they plan on doing next? want to bring in anna corren to talk a little bit about what do we make of the movements today. >> yeah, suzanne, they're keeping us waiting, that's for sure. as you mentioned the news coming out of the u.s. that that mobile rocket launcher has been raised. we also know that it's being
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fueled and ready to go. those two musudan missiles positioned on the east coast of the country. these missiles have never been tested before. so it's believed this will be a test. obviously that information yesterday about those multiple launches as well. but a couple of hours ago, suzanne, we got word from pyongyang more fiery rhetoric out of the north saying revolutionary forces ready to fire and warheads are set to precise coordinates. read into that what you like. we don't know what they were referring to specifically whether it's to artillery or other military hardware, but certainly the rhetoric is still coming out of north korea trying to i guess escalate tensions which are already pretty heightened here on the korean peninsula. >> well, everyone try to work out exactly what it is kim jong-un really wants. it's becoming a bit ridiculous if it wasn't so serious. but the interesting thing where you are, and tell us what you've been seeing, is south koreans i
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don't know if it's an element of cry wolf or something, they just sort of carry on. >> almost oblivious, michael. it's quite strange. i know the international community probably watching this thinking oh, my goodness, they're on the brink of war. everybody must be hunkering down in their bunkers. couldn't be anything further from the truth. basically south koreans are going about their everyday lives like they normally would. in fact, people are more concerned about the new single being released by the south korean pop star psi than they are to what's taking place north of the border. that gives you an idea to the mindset. the reason being this country has been living in this climate for the last 60 years ever since the end of the korean war when the armistice was signed. this has been the state of play. the two countries have technically been at war and we've essentially gotten this rhetoric out of north korea on a very regular basis. that's why people are a little bit blaise.
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as far as the people here in seoul, business as ushlt. >> life goes on. anna, thanks. anna coren apparently sold out julio igeelesias out as well. there is somebody weighing in on this. this is a woman who spied on north korea and even carried out a mayor terrorist attack. she believes this is all about a young leader who is being tested. >> yeah. her former homeland. listen in. >> translator: kim jong-un is too young and too inexperienced. he's struggling to gain control over the military and win their loyalty. north korea is using its nuclear program to keep its people in line and to push south korea and the united states for concessions. >> don't even know what those concessions might be at the moment. that woman is actually very well-known in south korea.
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she and another north korean agent put a bomb on board a south korean airliner, killed more than 100 people. that was back in 1987. >> and she was actually formally pardoned. much more on north korea ahead. we're going to show you rare video from inside of the country. hear the desperate stories of hunger from a woman who has just escaped. and tonight at 6:00 eastern wolf blitzer's going to devote an entire hour to the crisis in north korea. you want to tune in for that special edition of "the situation room." that is 6:00 p.m. eastern. when you think about it, you probably can't drive a block anywhere in the u.s. and many parts of the world indeed without seeing a honda, toyota, nissan or mazda on the road. well, if you drive one of those brands, you better listen up. >> that is right. four japanese automakers recalling 3.4 million cars, that is across the world. and it is all due to a defect with the air bag. alison kosik is joining us from the new york stock exchange. tell us which models are
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affected? it's a lot of people and a lot of cars. >> i don't think she is hearing. alison, do you got us yet? not hearing us. we'll move on. it's cars from 2001 to 2003 affected. alison, have we got you back? >> you do, yes, hello. >> from 2001 to 2003, what else do wu need to know? >> this is a huge recall, michael and suzanne. this recall really circles the globe. it effects cars that are in north america, europe, japan, china. and it varies based on the automaker. i want to show you the breakdown here. most of the recalls are from toyota and honda. in fact, more than one million of those cars that are recalled are each of those companies. at toyota they include the corolla, sequoia, tundra, lexus se 430. and with toyota it's a one-two punch. it's really bad timing. toyota is just coming off a recall of 7 million vehicles last year. 8 million between 2009 and 2010. here's the issue with this
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recall. the passenger air bag can deploy with too much pressure. and let me break down to you what this means. what happens is the pressure causes one plastic part, the inflater, it's casing can actually burst sending pieces flying. now, honda, toyota, nissan and mazda, they all use the same japanese manufacturer. now, the stock in fact is closed down today 9% on this news. no injuries or deaths have been reported, but there have been several crashes. such a wide reaching recall, it can hit confidence. we saw this after toyota's recalls in 2009 and 2010, but it recovered. as for toyota shares that are traded here, they're actually up more than 1%. so not affecting trade today. michael and suzanne. >> going to be interesting to see actually because that company also provides parts for other carmakers as well. we'll see how this all unfolds. meanwhile all this is happening you have the dow and s&p hitting record highs today. i'm just looking at the board
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now, another green arrow day. >> and you know what which nice round number we are watching for now? we are on dow 15,000 watch. hearing 15,000 is incredible, but it got within 118 points earlier in the session. so in the meantime we've got the dow, the s&p 500, they're hitting new interday records. and the funny thing is other than a positive labor report that came out today, there is no major reason for stocks to be up today. so it really is momentum, the path of least resistance is higher. there's nothing really out there to make investors bail on the market. and every day investors are jumping in because they don't want to miss the train. they don't want to miss out on the rally. in fact, one analyst says, hey, this rally still has some room to run. michael and suzanne. >> i'll do everyone a favor and stay out. if i go in, it will tank. >> yeah, stay out of it please. >> i will. thanks, alison. good advice. >> and of course we've been watching this ongoing story, debate over tighter gun control officially underway in capitol hill. senate just voted a little while ago to break a republican
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filibuster. the vote came down to 68-31. that clears the way for lawmakers to start debating different gun control proposals. that is the next step. >> and that could go on for some time. the things they could talk about include the compromise plan by democratic and republican senators to expand background checks, but a lot of the key things the president was talking about post mass shooting off the table. >> it's very watered down, but they feel it's a beginning. >> that it's something, yeah. well, even al qaeda had something to say about the availability of guns in this country. a video posted by an al qaeda spokesman in 2011 said the u.s. now is overflowing with guns that are simply easy -- too easy to get even. >> it was a video that recently surfaced on the website bugsby. you may be familiar with that and may be familiar with the name adam gaton, the al qaeda spokesman actually born in the united states. listen up. >> let's take america as an example. america is absolutely a wash with easily obtainable firearms.
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you can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check and most likely without having to show an identification card. so what are you waiting for? >> gosh, it's extraordinary. >> al qaeda weighing in on all of this. but he was talking about fully automatic weapons is not true, they are legal but very difficult to get. and of course it's tightly regulated in this country. but the point that he's making is that it's easy to get a gun. >> exactly. and how ironic coming from an al qaeda spokesman. now, that video is actually a message to muslims living in the u.s. urging them obviously to carry out individual attacks against zionists he says and crusaders. a lot of people think the catholic church and science simply don't mix, but now the vatican trying to change that. we're going to take a look at what is behind the shift.
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and check this out. a nice clean place to go and do drugs, heroin, cocaine and all of that. and it is all legal. we're going to take you inside the only supervised drug injection center in north america. and did madonna act like a prima donna on her last visit to ma la wi? the latest on the bitter war of words. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! made a retirement plan, they considered all her assets, even those held elsewhere, giving her the confidence to pursue all her goals.
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-free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. here are the stories making news around the world right now. the activist group anonymous getting involved in the case of a canadian teenager. this is a tragic story, she killed herself after allegedly being gang raped. the group is warning canadian police to file charges against a group of boys accused of attacking the 17-year-old back in 2011. if no action is taken, the names of the boys will be revealed. now, parsons family says they are opposed to any vigilante justice. in hong kong meanwhile police have charged two ferry boat captains with manslaughter in a terrible collision that killed 39 people last year. the city's worst maritime
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disaster in four decades. passengers flung into the water when the ferry collided with another boat heading to a fireworks show. dozens of people injured. survivors had only moments to escape. in paris, pickpockets have now become such a huge problem at the world renowned museum that the staff actually walked off the job in protest. it's a gorgeous museum. we've both been there. the museum was forced to close on wednesday. it reopened this morning. the guardian newspaper warning that pickpockets not only targeting tourists but now museum staff as well. >> they're incredibly organized. they work in gangs. and what was worrying the workers there was they're increasingly using violent tactics including spitting and kicking to create diversions as they moved in. >> glad it's reopened. beautiful museum. science, catholic church at times have been at odds. stormy history for example back in the 17th history scientists either put behind bars are put to death because their theories
9:17 am
essentially disagreed with the church, right? >> exactly. a lot has changed in the last 400 years. today the catholic church has a new pope who is actually not everyone knows this is a trained scientist. and now the vatican is trying to show the world how much its views of science have changed. >> so today they're hosting a conference that's actually on stem cell research. the reverend edward beck is joining us from new york to talk about it. what do you think -- what kind of changes do you imagine that the church will take? what kind of different positions here with the new pope? >> well, you know, i'm not sure there will be much of a difference. i think it's a misconception to think that the church has been in opposition to science. if you look historically at all of the universities, the medical hospitals, the research institutes that the church has sponsored, there's always been a melding with religion and science. john paul ii said faith and reason are two wings that lead us to truth. so despite the gallaleo example,
9:18 am
i don't think there's always been this opposition. i think sometimes there has been disagreement with the conclusions of science and the church hasn't always agreed and so some have said therefore the church is scientifically archaic. i'm not sure that's true. we have a new pope who was indeed a chemist. and obviously there is kind of a leaning toward putting the best foot forward with regard to scientific discovery and stem cell research. i think we'll see a bit more of the church touting its confluence of the two rather than an opposition. i don't think they've been in opposition, but i think that's kind of been the perception. >> the disagreement on conclusions, that might be one way of putting it which might satisfy everybody. with these kinds of efforts, do you think they're going to help improve the church's image overall? >> well, i suppose if the image is that the church is in the dark ages and needs to come into the modern world and if people see scientific discovery and
9:19 am
agreement with some of that discovery as an image improvement, then i suppose so. but again, i think it's a matter of looking at what the distinctions are. stem cell researchers are still talking about adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells. so there's no change in the church position there. so it's interesting some things are making news that the church has always taught anyway. the environment, i mean, pope francis has spoken a lot thus far on the environment in the few speeches he's given. benedict talked about that as well. new tenth commandment thou shalt not pollute. these have been long standing teachings of the church coming to light, i suppose that's good p.r. if you want to put it that way. >> i'm curious, do you think there are any ways that the catholic church can improve in its cooperation with science? do you have any suggestions? >> well, you know, i think what has to be seen is i think sometimes the perception is and sometimes the reality is that the church comes out negative,
9:20 am
opposed to. so say something like contraception. if the church is opposed to the use of condoms and contraception, people say, well, they're against science. but there's a difference. you can be against what science would be telling everyone to do and still know the scientific research says something that's true. so i just think that that distinction is important. i think the church, yeah, can come a long way in certain areas. and it will continue to do so. the church evolves, albeit more slowly than perhaps the scientific community. and that's always been known the church is kind of dragging its feet to catch up at times. but i think slowly you'll see kind of more of a melding together than we may think. >> really a dispute when it comes to condoms and aids, really? >> not to dispute -- the dispute the kacatholic church would tea condoms is not the answer, abstinence is more effective. condoms can break, they can be used incorrectly.
9:21 am
the distinction the church would make is abstinence is better. so don't say condoms is the solution, say abstinence is the solution. >> all right. reverend beck, thank you so much. appreciate it. it will be very interesting to see how the pope reacts and the scientific community reacting to the pope willing to go out there and be a little bit more open and embracive of technology and science. a angelina jolie is telling world leaders they need to do more to protect women during wartime. angelina jolie in her own words up next.
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rape of course not a woman's issue, it is a global issue. that is what actress and activist angelina jolie said on behalf of victims sexually assaulted during war. >> there are millions of them. jolie spoke at a group of the world's industrialized nations that group pledging $36 million to help end sexual violence in conflict. >> and jolie says of course those who carry out those
9:25 am
attacks have to be punished. >> rape has been treated as something that simply happens in war. perpetrators have learned that they can get away with it, and victims have been denied justice. but wartime rape is not inevitable. this violence can be prevented, and it must be confronted. there are many individuals and ngos who have worked tirelessly to address these crimes for years. but the international political will has been sorely lacking. i have heard survivors raped in bosnia to the drc saying they feel that the world simply does not care about them. and who could blame them? for too long they have been the forgotten victims of war, responsible for none of the harms but bearing the worst of the pain. but today i believe their voices have been heard and that we finally have some hope to offer
9:26 am
them. i welcome the long overdue stance that the g-8 has taken and this landmark declaration. and i want to thank the governments of the countries that have made funding commitments today. i particularly endorse the declaration's strong words on rights and freedoms for women and children and its promise to include women in peace processes and democratic transition. i welcome the recognition of male victims of sexual violence and the practical action promised to help to lift a stigma from survivors and provide rehabilitation particularly for children. there is no choice between peace and justice. peace requires justice. so i welcome the pledge by the g-8 to regard rape and sexual violence in armed conflict as grave breaches of the geneva convention and give no amnesty --
9:27 am
>> i'm really glad she uses her celebrity for that when we talk about the fact people pay attention when often -- >> it's a shame it takes celebrity to get that message out. but she's using it in a good way. and if she gets heard, that's great. >> she also talked about the young men too. a lot of people don't mention that. they don't talk about the sexual abuse of men as well. >> exactly. in conflicts. yeah. all right, by the way, the g-8 foreign ministers adopted a statement, a formal statement that rape and sexual violence in conflicts are war crimes, they are violations of the geneva convention. >> and cnn is also joining the fight to help end modern day slavery. for more on how you can help, visit the freedom project on now, this story interesting. her family so hungry they ate grass to survive. we're going to hear about the dire food situation inside north korea from a woman who just escaped to the south. that's up next. cer ] the 2013 chevy silverado 1500 has the best pickup coverage in america, with a new 2-year, 24,000-mile scheduled maintenance program, a 3-year, 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty,
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world." in the dallas, texas area two people killed in a bus accident on the president george bush turnpike. >> the charter bus was heading to casinos in oklahoma when it struck an impact buffer, hit a concrete barrier and overturned. 36 people now have been taken to area hospitals. going to have more on this breaking news story as we get more information. but you see those live pictures coming in really just quite a mess there. and already two people who have died in that accident. a lot of injuries too. in london the funeral for long-time prime minister margaret thatcher set for next wednesday. we found out today who will and will not be attending. all former u.s. presidents are invited. all former living british prime ministers as well, queen elizabeth, prince fellowshphill be there. the president of argentina is really not invited at all, of course bad blood between the uk and argentina dating back to the
9:32 am
forklands war. margaret thatcher died monday of a stroke at age 87. it's the middle of the night in north korea, but we saw more signs there today that a missile launch could happen at any time. at least one of those missiles on north korea's east coast was raised to firing position today and then nothing happened. well, if all the activity meant to make people freak out in south korea, doesn't seem to be working. >> business as usual we're told in seoul. anna coren telling us earlier we understand people are more interested in ppsy's new song release than any military threat from the north ncht you are about to get a look at how a few people are managing to get out of north korea but really at an enormous cost here. we're talking about leaving their families behind in a place people say is getting worse. >> indeed. >> reporter: under the cover of darkness, smugglers cross the
9:33 am
frozen river from north korea into china. taking enormous risks and food and fuel back to their impoverished country. this was filmed a few weeks ago. the footage even shows an armed soldier who's been paid to cover their tracks at first light bribing the border guards and following in the smuggler's footstep ss how people escape from north korea. now in hiding in south korea, this woman defected shortly after kim jong-un came to power. we've protected her identity because she had to leave some of her family behind. fighting back tears she tells me she got out risking death if she was caught so she could live. >> translator: my family had decided to commit suicide because for three days we didn't have anything to eat. we decided to starve to death. we said let's die.
9:34 am
but then i wanted to survive. i sold the house for 30 kilos of rice. >> reporter: millions have little food. this footage smuggled out was filmed last month. reports from inside north korea suggest food prices have tripled in a year. >> translator: to survive i had to eat grass. people pick grass and leaves. they use them to make soup. >> reporter: what do you think of kim jong-un? and what do you think of what he's threatening to do? >> translator: kim jong-un is trying to be more extreme than his father and trying to distract the north korean people from their own problems and complaints. gangnam style, south korean pop in north korea on a smuggled dvd provides some sound of the 21st century for those trapped in
9:35 am
time in a nightmare. it's a glimpse of another world so near and yet so far away. >> you know, you hear those stories about eating grass and bugs and things like that. that was one of the things former president bush just could not stand about kim jong-il, the father. >> yeah, that the people would starve. >> people were starving under his administration. >> and a hundred thousand people in the gulags of north korea as well. for more on this, don't forget to watch "the situation room" tonight at 6:00 eastern right here on cnn. this is a safe haven for drug users. more than 800 of them come here every day to get their fix. they do it in clean booths under medical supervision. we are talking about north america's only legal drug injection center up next. how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s.
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tensions within the palestinian government might be coming to a head now. cnn has learned the palestinian prime minister has offered his resignation. there has been an ongoing dispute between. >> this latest dispute about who had the power to fire cabinet ministers. a source telling us the president will most likely accept his resignation when he returns to ramallah. well-regarded in the west although he and mahmoud abass have not seen eye-to-eye for some time. addicts with a clean, modern place, including doctors, nurses, where they can actually shoot-up and taxpayers are paying for this. >> they certainly are. paula newton reports it is the only safe legal injection site
9:40 am
in all of north america. have a look. >> reporter: 16 years ago vancouver's downtown east side had the highest rate of hiv infections in the developed world. a sad statistic that illustrates the dangers of sharing needles. over the last decade things have improved for people whose daily life is controlled by their addiction. always seeking out the next fix. kicking the habit is not a reality for everyone. >> the way in north america we deal with addiction is ridiculous. we look back in history and think why do we treat human beings in such a brutal way? >> reporter: mark townsend is a supervisor of this place that stops people from dying on the street from infections or overdoses. >> it didn't seem to us to be fair that the sentence for the addiction in someone's life was
9:41 am
death. >> reporter: vancouver's drug addicts now have a unique resource located at 139 east hastings street is north america's only supervised injection center, a place to bring your drugs and use them. this unassuming building that has blown wide open the debate in canada about addiction treatment. addicts feel it's a safe haven, opponents see it as condoning crime. all funded by taxpayers at the cost of $3 million a year. >> this room is the only thousand or so square feet in the whole of north america where you can legally inject heroin or cocaine in a safe way. so in this room there are 12 booths, addicts from the street bring in the drugs they've purchased in here, they sit in the booth. we provide clean equipment and a nurse sits at the station for the addicts using if they stop
9:42 am
breathing and need revived. >> reporter: 800 people use these booths every day. the atmosphere is clinical. each spot disinfected as soon as its occupant leaves. >> before this place was here there would just be like 30 or 40 people crowded in the alley doing it. there was needles all over the place. a lot of o.d.s. >> reporter: there are nurses on site to revive users who stop breathing and even help them choose the safest vein. many addicts stop by several times a day to shoot-up. >> and paula newton joins us now from ottawa, canada. you see in other places in the world where people can inject or needle exchanges and things like that. is there any evidence that this actually works in terms of addiction level? >> reporter: that's a controversial question, it's a controversial topic. look, michael, they say the people at insite that run this
9:43 am
center say in establishing a relationship in giving these people a safe environment that they can actually feed their addiction, it is absolutely feeding their addiction, they say they build a relationship and that can lead to fulfilling effective rehab. the statistics though are a matter of debate. and that is one of the reasons that this becomes so controversial. people are thinking, look, where does this end? we are paying for them to shoot-up? we want to pay to cure them to rehabilitate them if that's even possible. >> and the one thing i don't understand is is there an emphasis on getting them off the drugs? i mean, is that part of this program as well people are paying for? >> reporter: you know, as i say, suzanne, they do have a program in that same building. it is going to be up to the drug addict themselves if they want to participate. of course they want these people to be rehabilitated, but in the meantime they're saying the only humane thing to do is to make sure that they're shooting up in a safe environment. but i want to point out, suzanne, this is highly controversial throughout canada even though this program was upheld by the supreme court of
9:44 am
canada just a few blocks from where i am now, the government recommended that there be another safe injection site here, the government study did. and everyone in this community said no way. everyone from the police chief to the ministry to the local government said, no, we don't need a safe injection site here. highly controversial. >> yeah. paula newton on a windy day in ottawa. we'll let you get inside. thanks, paula. jay-z has written a song, rap, defending his trip now to cuba and the white house weighing in. we'll have that for you up next. anyone have occasional constipation,
9:45 am
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welcome back to "around the world." in the south american country of uruguay have approved a marriage equality bill. >> and the president has indicated, yep, he's going to sign it. and if he does, uruguay will become just the second latin american country to legalize same sex marriage. argentina legalized them back in 2010. in china today the screen life of did not last very long. it premiered and then was suddenly yanked from all over the country. the filmmakers had made a bunch of changes to get the movie past the censors. >> it's blowing up. people in china want to see it no official reason has been given for the movie's cancellation or if it's going to
9:48 am
be allowed back onto theater screens. and who knew, john kerry such a passionate fan of women's ice hockey. >> who isn't? >> i don't watch it, but apparently he made a bet here with his counterpart from canada of course. he was watching this week's world champion match between the united states and canada. and the foreign minister of canada says, okay, i'm going to take you on here. >> yeah. and he made the bet. team usa won. so there it is. he says i'll be sending secretary kerry some beau's all natural and molson canadian. it was a beer bet. kerry the great winner tweeted this calling baird a great gentleman and great rivalry on ice. baird did pay up a case of molson canadian dually dispatched. better luck next year, canada. all right. now to cuba. a trip of course you might recall two a-list celebrities recently made. they are now defending themselves, beyonce and jay-z.
9:49 am
they traveled to cuba. that happened last week. and it angered two lawmakers who claimed that the couple violated a ban on americans vacationing in cuba. well, last night jay-z recorded a song rap taking on the critics. let's listen. ♪ >> i done turned havana to atlanta -- ♪ except lie to me, distort history, wan na give me jail time and a fine. fine, let me commit a real crime. i'm in cuba, i love cubans. this communist talk is so confusing. when it's from china, the very mic that i'm using [ bleep ] idiot wind -- >> all right. so jay-z and beyonce's trip was approved by the u.s. government. officials say there was an educational element to this. and just a while ago the white house press secretary jay carney was asked about the controversy and the song. and he weighed in.
9:50 am
>> -- to beyonce and jay-z, jay-z released a rap today. i know the other day you said treasury was the one that clears those trips. he suggested that he got white house clearance and that he personally spoke with the president. i'll just quote "i turned havana into atlanta, boy from the hood i got white house clearance obama said "chill you're going to get me impeached" you don't need this explative anyway chill with me on the beach. >> i guess nothing rhymes with treasury. because treasury offers and gives licenses for travel, as you know. and the white house has nothing to do with it. >> so are you saying that he did not -- the president did not have a conversation with jay-z? >> i'm absolutely saying that the white house and the president on down had nothing to do with anybody's personal -- anybody's travel to cuba. that is something treasury
9:51 am
handles. these are tough words to rhyme. it's a song, donovan, the president did not communicate with jay-z over this trip. >> that's the first time in all my years following the white house anybody has quoted a rap and asked the press secretary about it. >> i want to see the reporter and then he said -- i'm turning havana into beep beep. >> yeah. but they got into hot water -- jay-z got in hot water before. they were visiting, took pictures, he was sitting where the president normally sits. and the white house in a little bit of heat on that as well. we've seen there's clearly a relationship there and they wanted to know did they really speak. he says they didn't speak, but they do know each other. and of course beyonce very much involved in the white house as well. >> that was a moment right there hearing that reporter do that. if you know what rhymes with treasury, let us know. >> we could rap the rest of the show. >> you don't want to hear that.
9:52 am
speaking of music stars, madonna in the middle of a war of words with the government of malawi saying she demanded v.i.p. treatment for her visit to the country last week. >> she says this isn't true. we're going to dig deeper into the fight up next.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
madonna getting into a war of words with the government of malawi over her recent trip there. this was a good will visit to the african country, but it's now resulted in some bad publicity. >> madonna denies accusations by the government of malawi that she tried to bully her way into getting v.i.p. treatment. >> so is it true or not true? nischelle turner joining us live. what do we know? >> well, suzanne, this is actually a pretty complicated story. even if it seems on the surface to be a case of he said/she said. now, madonna adopted a son from malawi in 2006. and her ties to the nation do run deep. she also adopted a daughter three years later. she's had several education projects in the nation, but to break down the accusations out there, the government of malawi says madonna arrived in their country demanding unreasonable star treatment. a government spokesperson also says that the pop star's overstated her contributions to the country by saying that she's built schools when they say she's only added classrooms to
9:56 am
existing schools. and you know madonna, she's not backing down. she released a statement calling these accusations lies. she says this is a personal dispute that started when her local charity fired the sister of the country's president. and while the government dismissed the idea that this firing had anything to do with all of this, the president's sister did sue this nonprofit for wrongful termination. >> yeah, that's the interesting thing, joyce's sister getting fired from the charity. that's what madonna's people say is behind this. any indication whether it might affect her work there? >> well, you know, michael, it doesn't look like it. she took her kids on this trip as well. and she says that she's determined to remain involved in malawi. her statement that she released went onto say that "i have no intentions of being distracted by these ridiculous allegations. i came to malawi seven years ago with honorable intentions. i returned earlier this month to view the new schools we built. i did not ever ask or demand special treatment at the airport
9:57 am
or elsewhere during my visit." we should point out that there's always been a lot of controversy surrounding madonna's activities in malawmalawi. she even had to go to court to complete the adoption of her daughter. >> nischelle turner, thank you, nischelle. appreciate it as always. ryan seacrest getting pranked here. he's the latest of many including rush el brand, rihanna, ashton kutcher, all of them s.w.a.t.ed. what is and how do we do it. >> we're off tomorrow. have a good weekend. >> yeah, see you monday. when you have diabetes...
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