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tv   Starting Point  CNN  April 12, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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happening right now, deadly storms savaging the country from the southeast to the midwest, bringing torrential rain, and tornadoes. we are live on the ground in mississippi. developing this morning, a package containing an explosive device sent to arizona sheriff joe arpaio. we're gearing details on that. and a brawl that clears the benches. it could cost one team a big money player for a long, long time. it is friday, april 12th. "starting point" begins right now. breaking news this morning. secretary of state john kerry with strong words for north korea. >> kerry touching down in seoul overnight for talks with south korean leaders. in a news conference just about an hour ago, he stressed this, north korea will never be accepted as a nuclear power. the only way there will be talks between our countries is if
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north korea is serious about denuclearization and china can play a role in this pivotal crisis. >> neither the united states nor the republican of korea nor the international community, we are all unite d in the fact that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. >> jim clancy live from seoul for us this morning. he said the united states will defend its friends and allies in the region, and at listening to the beginning of those remarks, he did not mention the north korean leader's name. >> no. he referred to him -- he said, first, you know, the leadership there, particularly one leader, they have a choice here. they have to make the right decision. clearly, what secretary kerry was trying to do here was seize the initiative. using diplomacy, yes. but laying it out straight, just as you've described there, notifying the north its nuclear program was absolutely
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unacceptable. and in talking about that, as you say, he mentioned that the u.s. was firm with south korea, that it had deterrents in place. listen. >> the rhetoric that we're hearing from north korea is simply unacceptable by any standards. and i am here to make it clear today on behalf of president obama and the citizens of the united states, and our bilateral security agreement that the united states will, if needed, defend our allies and defend ourselves. >> well, there was still -- there was still some carrot there, though, for north korea. secretary kerry had this to say. u.s. president barack obama has ordered that a number of exercises, meaning part of that joint u.s./south korean military exercises under way, will not be undertaken. he says i think we've lowered our rhetoric significantly attempting to find a way for
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reasonableness to prevail here. now china had mentioned that was one way for the u.s. to step back a little bit, create some room for kim jong-un to step back, as well. it seems that even before he's arrived in beijing, the secretary has made good on that pledge to china. back to you. >> all right, jim clancy for us in seoul this morning. thanks, jim. new this morning, developments from the pentagon over that surprising intelligence assessment of north korea's potential nuclear capabilities. our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence joins us and chris, it really seems like the obama administration is attempting to do some damage control over a surprising release of sensitive information. >> john, the assessment that was released was only one line. and that's all we reported, one line. the amount of clarifications and denials we've been getting from u.s. officials, number paragraphs. the latest coming just this morning from a u.s. official who is traveling in korea, who says
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he does not believe that north korea has put all the components together to be able to put a nuclear warhead on a missile and fire it and accurately aim it. this comes after late last night the director of national intelligence said, look, this assessment is just one military assessment. it doesn't mean that other intelligence agencies like the cia have come to the same conclusion. bottom line, what we know from the assessment says that it believes that north korea has nuclear weapons that would be able to be put on a ballistic missile. officials have since come back and clarified saying basically they don't think the north has been able to miniaturize, to the point where they could take a warhead, marry it to a missile, actually launch it, and actually hit something that they were aiming at. and the report does caveat and say, look, reliability will be an issue. and that's something north korea has had issues with before.
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being able to say, when they actually push that button, that missile will actually fire, and they can actually hit what they're aiming at. john? >> the big question, chris, would they actually work? right now the intelligence community saying probably not, it seems. chris lawrence, thanks so much. >> in just a few minutes, california republican congressman buck mckeon, chairman of the armed services committee, is going to join us live and talk to him about today's developments. also happening right now, tornado watches have been extended for north carolina and virginia after a series of devastating twisters. also due to relentless storms ripped a path of destruction from texas all the way to the dakotas. cars were tossed around like toys. homes destroyed. and entire neighborhoods you can see, just strewn with debris. at least one person was killed and five more injured as this violent twister ripped through mississippi. kemper county bohr the brunt of this storm. david mattingly is there live with the latest.
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good morning, david. >> good morning, john. this storm was deadly. but it was also massive leaving behind scenes of destruction just like you see behind me for hundreds of miles. >> it was probably the worst damage. >> reporter: for the second straight day, severe weather, menacing more than a half dozen states. the hardest hit, mississippi. this tornado caught on video. in one county, one person was killed. five were injured. in one rural area, there was a path of destruction at least 30 miles long, extending into west alabama. >> as i was cleaning up the spot where i'm fixing to put another mobile home and i went home to take me a quick bath and i heard the siren going off. that's when i jumped in my clothes and i come on out the house quickly. >> reporter: the storm system swept across the southeast. knocking out power to thousands. toppling trees and damaging homes. into the night, watches and warnings, storm damage, all the way into georgia.
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>> i've lived up here about two years. about the third or fourth one that's come through this area. so we just seem to be in a topographical situation where the storms come right through here. it's very, very powerful. this one is pretty impressive the way it threw the metal around in the trees. >> reporter: the southeast, accustomed to severe storms, is emerging from a colder than normal spring. these storms, a sign that the season is heating up fast. typically in the month of march we'll see about 100 tornadoes across the country. this year, because of the colder temperatures, we saw less than 20. so now, for the month of april, it is now definitely roaring in like a lion. john? >> all right, david mattingly in kemper county in mississippi. seeing so much damage this morning. >> it's not over yet to be quite honest. like we said, tornado watches still on in two states in north carolina and virginia now. let's get to samantha mohr live in the severe weather center for
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us. what are we seeing now? >> all the activity moving into the carolinas and into virginia and headed towards d.c. and new york. now, we don't anticipate seeing severe thunderstorms in those locations but we definitely do here throughout parts of north carolina, heads up in the raleigh-durham area, heads up in richmond, virginia, as this line moves to the east. just seeing some light rain in d.c. so far. but we're definitely going to have that threat of severe with the damaging winds up around 70 miles per hour, and possibly isolated tornados. also could see some large hail, as well. as we head especially through the first half of the day, in this region. and then we have all that wintry weather moving on the north side. the light rain moving in to d.c. right now. we expect to see thunderstorms moving in within the next 30 minutes or so. and into new york, as well. we'll see that rain on the increase throughout the day, could be heavy at times. three quarters of an inch to about an inch. we're expecting major delays over an hour to develop in new york city, as well as in the d.c. metro today, due to the low clouds and the wind and the
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heavy rain at times. also some delays in philly, boston, minneapolis, due to the wintry weather there, and in detroit. so we have another nasty day to get through before things improve over the weekend. christine and john? >> it's almost like we skipped the month of -- the season of spring and went right into summer with the heat that we've seen. >> you're absolutely right. all right, thanks samantha. new this morning, get this, a mail bomb addressed to controversial sheriff joe arpaio in phoenix. thanks to a savvy and suspicious employee the package never made it past the post office in flagstaff. but now a federal investigation is under way to find out just who sent it. cnn's shannon travis in washington with the latest. and shannon, what can you tell us about this? >> john, of course we're talking about sheriff arpaio. he's the tough talking arizona sheriff who became famous for forcing his prisoners to stay in those tent houses and to wear those pink underwear. we're trying to figure out if someone is trying to hurt him.
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someone shent sent the sheriff a package with a bomb in it. fortunately police got to the bomb before it got to the sheriff. a bomb squad neutralized the bomb last night. this happened in flagstaff some 150 miles outside phoenix. the u.s. postal inspector screened the suspicious package and called police. that employee told the local news station they evacuated the post office as a precaution. of course the investigation is ongoing. the flagstaff police, u.s. postal inspectors in the city, and the fbi are involved. the sheriff's office says there's already been progress in addition to forcing his prisoners to wear those pink underwear, you'll remember that he's a hero to many conservatives for his tough anti-immigration stance. critics accuse him of civil rights violations. but the 80-year-old sheriff has steadfastly denied those accusations. >> shannon travis as you said, a hero to some, a lightning rod to others. shannon travis in washington for us this morning. police in taiwan evacuating 600 passengers from a high seed
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commuter train after explosives and triggering devices were found on board that train. the explosives consisting of five liters of gasoline found in luggage placed in a bathroom on board. this train was heading for the taiwan capital tie pay. brand new, colorado, 31-year-old thomas guolee is under arrest. police took him into custody yesterday in a person of interest in connection with the murder of state prison chief tom clements who was shot to death at his home last month. guolee is said to be an eerkted of evan ebel. the little boys kidnapped and sailed away to cuba had no idea they were caught up in an international drama. little cole and chase hakkens' grandparents say the boys were well taken care of during this ordeal. they think they went on a fun trip. >> told that everyone heard about their sailboat trip to cuba, another country. as they called it. and their airplane right back to america, and that everyone wants to take their picture.
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we ask that there be no mention of any events of the past week. >> take a look. the older boy cole really hamed it up for the cameras, going down for the big pose. little guys were in their grandparents' custody when the drama unfolded. their parents face nearly a dozen charges including kidnapping and child abuse. >> i'd much rather look at the pictures of those kids smiling. >> how adorable. the latest cnn/orc poll shows the mood of the nation is improving. when asked how things are going in the country today, 50% of respondents said things are well. now that is actually a big jump from last summer when only 36% believed things were okay. however, take a second look at that number. 50% also said things are going badly these days. >> all right the los angeles dodgers waiting to find out how long they'll be missing their 147 million dollar right-hander zack greinke. wow look at this.
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the scene was last night's dodgers/padres game in san diego. greinke hit san diego slugger carlos quentin with a pitch. greinke breaks his left collar bone. right now not clear how much time the 2009 cy young award winner might miss. >> it was his nonpitching arm, right? >> you kind of need your collar bone if you're going to throw the ball 95 miles an hour. and the "bleacher report" they're speculating somewhere between six and eight weeks greinke could be out. this guy is a bona fide mega star and that's a big loss for the dodgers. >> and the fight just kept going. i mean they were they were it was trash talking all the way into the parking lot. >> greinke has hit quentin before. dodger fans don't get angry with me. he never should have charged the mound like that. ahead on "starting point" we're following the newest developments in the fears over north korea's nuclear capabilities. congressman buck mckeon chairman of the armed services committee gives us his insight.
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welcome back to "starting point," everyone. north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. that comment from secretary of state john kerry at a news conference in seoul, south korea, just a short while ago. >> it comes as the north is poised for a missile launch and classified intelligence reveals pyongyang may be capable of delivering a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile. california congressman buck mckeon chairman of the house armed services committee joins us now from capitol hill. i want to play for you something else that the, the, the secretary said in that speech and get your reaction. let's listen to how he said that the united states will defend its friends and allies. >> and i am here to make it clear today on behalf of president obama, and the citizens of the united states, and our bilateral security
4:18 am
agreement, that the united states will, if needed, defend our allies and defend ourselves. >> how clear and precise is this warning to this north korean -- the north korean leadership in your view? >> sounded pretty clear to me. i -- i'm happy that the secretary has jumped on this and has gone to korea and i understand he's also going to china to press the case there. >> chairman, some dramatic revelations came out of a hearing you had yesterday about the status of north korea's nuclear program. it was in some declassified, some previously classified information from the defense intelligence agency, and it said the dia assessed with moderate confidence the north currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles. this caused a giant stir. presumably you have access to a lot of information we don't have access to. what's your exact assessment, then, of the north korean nuclear program?
4:19 am
well, this information did come out in our hearing yesterday with the secretary of defense and the chairman of joint chiefs. one of our members asked that question specifically did not get a definitive answer but the important thing is the president had this information available when he sent his budget up to us where he cut another $150 billion out of defense. you know, we're living in a very dangerous world. and we don't even really know what is happening inside korea. no one really understands what's in the minds of this new dictator there. so we have to be totally prepared to handle any situation. >> do you believe he can put a nuclear weapon on top of a ballistic missile? >> well, that's what the -- i'm not an intel expert. that's what we hear from the department that the defense intel agency. i have to believe that they know what they're doing. >> as someone who has access to a lot of this information, the fact that this one line of
4:20 am
declassified information that was mistakenly un -- declassified, i mean, what's your reaction on, on this line getting out and being a read in the committee meetings? >> well, i think it's good for the american people to understand how tenuous this situation is. and how important it is for us to have a strong defense. our focus has been on the middle east, on iran, and then the president talks about shifting to a specific strategy. he cut $487 billion out of our defense on top of the $78 billion that was cut by secretary gates, and then the sequestration, another $500 billion. and the budget that he sent up to us yesterday, another $150 billion. you know at some point you have to look at the dangerous situation we are in the world and say, are we cutting our military? this is the steepest cut ever in our defense and our national security. and we're doing it at a time when we're in a very precarious
4:21 am
situation all around the world. >> if north korea does go through with the missile test, which many analysts believe now is frankly imminent in the next few days, what do you believe the u.s. response should be? >> well, i don't want to tip our hand on anything. i know that our military has plans. i know that the south korean military has plans. i'm glad that secretary kerry is going over there, and in no uncertain terms saying that we will defend our allies. we will live up to the commitments that we've made. however, however we do that, we will do it. >> all right. nice to see you this morning. thank you, sir. >> ahead on "starting point," another record day on wall street. christine, what's really behind this rally? we want to know. and what can we expect today? you're going to tell us everything you need to know. you're watching "starting point." also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too.
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welcome back. "minding your business" this morning, just in, record earnings for jpmorgan chase. made a profit, a profit of $6.5 billion in just the first three months of the year. it is going to raise its dividend, meaning people who are shareholders who've had jpmorgan shares will get paid a little bit of money. we're looking for those shares right now. the shares are actually a little bit lower. futures a little bit lower. but an awful lot more, more bank earnings, retail sales, all of this expected this morning. so it's too early to say when the stock market is going to open and the stock market has been on a tear, shattering records. the dow closed at record highs for three straight days. 14 record closing highs for the dow this year. your 401(k), if you have stocks in it, your 401(k) is reflecting
4:26 am
that. analyst at citigroup says jcpenney is likely sitting on $100 million worth of martha stewart branded products that it can't sell. a judge says they can't sell this merchandise. it's wrapped up in a lawsuit brought by macy's over who has the exclusive right to sell martha merchandise. we are expecting a ruling on that today. this analyst also commented on penn penney's decision to fire the ceo this week. the winkle voss twins have found another way to make some bucks on line. known for their fight with mark zuckerberg over who started facebook they claim to be the owners of 1% of the bit coin in circulation. what in the world is a bit coin? this is a really interesting, relatively new, very complicated online currency. think of it as a virtual digital currency. a number of factors caused the price to skyrocket to more than
4:27 am
$250 per bit coin this week. the price is down to $79. now for the winkleguys as they are known. they saw their online currency fortune of over $28 million shrink to just $8.5 million pretty much overnight. but you know when cyprus had that run on the banks, people were running in to bit coin currency. it's like an alternative to buying gold if you're worried about things. >> are they the next tulip. >> oh, yes, john with the financial reference. tulip bulb craze. google it. >> ahead on "starting point" we're learning that the driver of a bus that crashed in texas killing two people and injuring at least 40 had been involved in another wreck before. should he have been behind the wheel at all here? >> and yesterday we told you about a 79-year-old woman who woke up from a coma, wanted to go to a bob seger concert. >> i learned how to stand up, so i can hug him, and i want to hug
4:28 am
him and give him a great big smooch. >> she went to that concert last night. did she get her wish? you're going to find out after the break. welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses,
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christine romans. 7:30 on the east coast. our "starting point" this half hour, the senate floor is now open for debate on gun control legislation. the bill is fiercely opposed by republicans. a filibuster by most members of the gop was voted down yesterday. allowing debate to get under way. >> senators, both democrats and republicans, give credit to the families of the victims of the connecticut school massacre for lobbying members to get the discussion going. dan lothian is at the white house with more on this. good morning, dan. >> good morning. the white house, as well is crediting those newtown families and others struck by gun violence in moving this debate one step forward. they're also encouraged by the bipartisan progress that they're
4:32 am
seeing. but i think everyone acknowledges that there's still some significant hurdles ahead. even with threats of political retribution from the national rifle association, a watered down gun bill is headed for a major congressional debate. >> hard work starts now. >> how hard? the amendments are piling up. there's the bipartisan breakthrough on background checks brokered by republican senator pat toomey and democrat joe manchin. >> we did not leave loopholes in the gun shows. we did not leave loopholes in the internet. we didn't infringe on any individual's rights. >> reporter: there's an amendment to ban assault weapons. high capacity magazines. and others on mental health and school safety. >> we want to have a bill that the boldest common denominator that we can pass. >> reporter: the critical senate vote that blocked a filibuster was viewed as an important step forward by many of the newtown families who've been lobbying lawmakers in washington this week. >> we've been in darkness for 20 years when it comes to gun control.
4:33 am
darkness. the lies. the misinformation. and when people see you it means much more than when they hear me or anybody else. so, you've made a huge difference. >> reporter: but a cautious view from house speaker john boehner about how a final gun bill will look. >> our hearts and prayers go out to the families of these victims. and -- and i fully expect that the house will act in some way, shape or form. but, to make a blanket commitment without knowing what the underlying bill is, i think, would be irresponsible on my part. >> speaker boehner points out that there are a lot of laws on the books that most americans abide by them but that criminals don't. and so before you start putting together more rules and regulations, you need to start enforcing existing laws. so, it should be an interesting next few weeks ahead. and by the way, a vote on the
4:34 am
background checks proposal could come as early as next tuesday. >> dan lothian, thanks so much. new this morning, three teen boys are charged with sexual battery months after their alleged victim killed herself. prosecutors say 15-year-old audrie pott passed out at a party, was raped and pictures of the attack ended up on social media. authorities weren't ready to make arrest until yesterday. get this, hijacking made ease sis pms a german security researcher has developed an app that can be used to take over a plane's controls. just imagine this. get out your android phone and hijack a plane. >> whoa. >> how scary is that? it works by sending radio signals to the plane that can change its direction and altitude. yikes. >> wow. okay. a grieving colorado family hopes to convince people to stop texting and driving with this image. it's their 22-year-old son alexander's phone and what appears to be the message he was texting the very moment that he
4:35 am
died. they're hoping this photo can deter others from making the same fatal mistake he did. this college student was in a car crash in greeley, colorado on april 3rd. witnesses say he was looking down when his car swerved into oncoming traffic, went off and road and killed him. a cherished part of springtime here in new york city might not happen this year. the forced federal budget spending cuts are threatening to sink the annual fleet week festivities set for next month in new york harbor. the military has put on hold optional events like the big fleet week celebration. those cuts have already scuttled appearances by the blue angels, the navy's famed flight demonstration squad. it is a dream come true for 79s-year-old evie hanon. we told you about her yesterday. she woke up from a coma with one request, one request. to see bob seger in concert. and last night in michigan, evie got her wish, showing off, you might say, some night moves of her own. and she had a close encounter with the man himself, bob seger.
4:36 am
>> he come over to me, put his hand out, shook my hand, and says, hi, i'm so happy to meet you. and i said, oh, bob, i'm so happy to meet you. i never thought this would happen. it happened. >> good for her. and there he is, bob seger, giving a smooch to evie. what a great sport he was. we're so happy for her that she was able to get a chance to live her dream. new developments this morning in a texas bus crash that left two people dead and more than 40 people injured. the charter bus was taking senior citizens to an indian casino in oklahoma when it swerved across lanes of traffic, and struck a concrete median. flipping on its side. ed lavandera is in dallas with more. >> good morning, john. 15 of the 44 crash victims were brought here to parkland hospital. the trauma center that handled a lot of those patients. one of those patients reportedly had to have an arm amputated.
4:37 am
it was an accident over in just a matter of seconds but for those inside it was a horrific experience. just seconds after the passenger bus careened across a busy highway and flipped on its side, witnesses rushed to help rescue the elderly victims trapped inside the bus. >> broken bones, bleeding. fuel pouring out of the side of it. >> you know you don't expect to see this but when you do you do everything you can to help. >> reporter: what caused the bus to crash isn't known yet. but texas state troopers say the bus first collided with what's described as a crash cushion in front of a cement barrier. then lost control. >> went back across the lanes of traffic, into a grassy area and struck the concrete median. it rode up on top of that concrete barrier and then rolled on its right-hand side where it came to rest. >> reporter: the bus was headed to an oklahoma casino for a fun day of gambling. two people were killed in the crash. including 81-year-old sue taylor, who organized the casino excursion.
4:38 am
she had made so many of these trips in the past, that she was known as casino sue. >> i can't even tell you the emotion that i'm having. i'm just -- i'm shocked that it's so close to home. >> reporter: the bus driver was lloyd reed. his granddaughter described him as a veteran driver. >> his health was fine. he had just went to the doctor not that long ago and they said he was good. >> reporter: but now she says she's one of the 44 crash victims. he's in critical condition. federal records show the bus company operator cardinal coach line has a satisfactory safety record and no major violations in the last two years. >> happened pretty quick. >> reporter: survivors like 73-year-old daniel rizic never imagined a bus ride for a day at the casino would turn out to be a risky and deadly bet. >> people were on top of people, screaming, hollering, yelling for help. it wasn't very pleasant situation to be in, to say the least.
4:39 am
>> john, that stretch of highway was closed down for much of the day yesterday. but this morning, all the lanes are back open and ready to go for the rush hour commute here in the dallas area. >> thanks so much, ed lavandera in dallas. daniel rizic was one of the passengers aboard that charter bus. he joins us from dallas. certainly a very, very scary moment. can you tell me, just tell me a little bit from your perspective about, about what happened. you're riding the bus on the way to the casino and then it swerved into that median. tell us what happened. >> well, basically we were just moving up the highway, and traffic was quite light, so we were probably going at least the speed limit or close thereto and all of a sudden, the vehicle started to swerve, and people started yelling and screaming. then there was a loud crash, and then almost instantly after that the bus was laying on its side,
4:40 am
and people were crying out, hollering, calling for help, some of those look like they were very severely injured. blood flowing from their heads. it was quite a sight. >> you were traveling with some friends. you had a group that you were traveling with. were any of your -- the people you were traveling with seriously injured? i mean, were you able to walk yourself off the bus? or did everyone stay in the bus and try to help people? >> well, there's no way you could walk off the bus the way it was. you had to go through the two escape hatches that were on the roof. but the bus on the side, it was on its side, so most of the people were taken out through those two particular venues. >> you doing okay today? >> yeah, i -- i'm very fortunate and thankful that things weren't more serious.
4:41 am
i have a few cuts and scrapes on my nose and lip and of course a little bit sore and lame from the trauma of the accident. but hopefully i'll be fine. just sad about the tour director being killed in this accident. as well as the other victims and/or seriously injured. >> it is a tragedy. listen, did you notice anything strange or different about the driver before the accident? >> not really. when we picked up the second group, at the final pickup location, he -- he turned around on the bus, introduced himself, and said he's been driving for 30 years, so we had, you know, looking forward to a good, safe drive. i figured well, the guy's been driving for 30 years, he's probably a good driver. so, maybe this was something out of his control. i really don't know. >> daniel risik, thank you for joining us this morning.
4:42 am
hope you're feeling better. certainly our thoughts and prayers with everyone who was on that bus and their families. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> 41 minutes after the hour right now. ahead on "starting point," the masters is under way. we're going to go live to augusta next with a look at tiger's first round and another look at that chinese teen phenom. man did he do well. >> then former nfl quarterback was given a second chance for his career. now he's paying it forward. he's going to join us live with his new reality show. the moment, that gives people one other shot at achieving their dream. you're watching "starting point."
4:43 am
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welcome back to "starting point." tiger woods was in reach of his fifth green jacket following that first round of the masters. tiger posted a 2 under par 70 to finish four shots out of the lead yesterday. >> patrick snell live from augusta this morning. patrick, a couple international stars sitting on top the leaderboard as we head into round two this morning. >> john and christine, welcome to augusta. one you've likely heard of one, perhaps not so much. sergio garcia of spain. he is co-leader at 6 under par
4:46 am
still looking to win his first major title. of course this is a 33-year-old spaniard. probably perhaps to me the best player to never have won a major. he's previously expressed doubts about his capacity to do so. he kind of retracted that. but after last year's masters he certainly did express some self-doubt. and then the 29-year-old from australia, mark leishman, who many people perhaps haven't heard of. but he did play here one time before in 2010. the only previous time but he was cut. he wasn't around for the weekend. he's just delighted to have a share of the lead at 6 under par. looking to become the first australian ever to win this prestigious prize of the green jacket. john, christine? >> tiger didn't really do too badly. he's within six strokes of the lead. >> he's been four shots of the lead, absolutely right. but he's got work to do. there's no question about that. he's at 2 under par for the championship. tiger woods is in there nicely, doing what he has to do.
4:47 am
and the omens are good for him, i have to say. because he's won four green jackets. three out of those four occasions he shot 70 in the opening round. and gone on to take the season's first major. so that's certainly bodes well for him. he plays fluent golf. he was looking the part. he was putting well. his game was intact. and for now he says it's just a question of staying calm and playing kind of a waiting game. >> you know, tiger may be several generations older than the golfer who may have caused the most excitement yesterday. this 14-year-old chinese phenom. >> guan tianlang. what a story. he opened up with a bogey, and at that point we all thought oh, no this is going to be a disaster for him. but he held his nerves superbly and he shot 73. 1 over for the championship. which is superb for a guy who's 14 years, 5 months, 17 days. the youngest ever in masters history. the guy who played practice rounds with tiger woods then goes home to practice his
4:48 am
english, do his homework. we learned that his masters bid is being fueled by his mom's snack packs as well which she prepares for him ahead of each and every round. what a wonderful story if he could be around for the weekend. >> must be some snack pack. how do you deal with eighth grade and the masters all at the same time. patrick snell, thanks so much. >> ahead on "starting point," kurt warner got a second chance and became a super bowl winning quarterback. now he's helping others take a second shot at a dream career. he joins us live with his new reality series "the moment." you're watching "starting point." welcome aboard. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere.
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4:51 am
so who among us has not
4:52 am
wished for a second chance to pursue his dream job? this is my dream job. kurt warner, host of a new reality show "the moment," that does just that. >> nine people sidelined for one reason or another, given the opportunity to start over. a look as a mentor works with a woman who always wanted to be a sports photographer. >> this is "sports illustrated." >> the whole experience was a total rush. >> tight, tight, tight. >> that's why there is photography. that's what i love. >> telephoto. you should have that one. here it goes. that's it. that's it. that's following him. that's following him. >> kurt warner joins us. so nice to have you here. like a makeover show with meaning. >> it's like a makeover, but makeover for lives and perspective on life. that's what i love about it. being a guy that got a second chance and understands the possibilities of a second chance. understanding what a second chance or at least chasing your passion and dream can mean for
4:53 am
your perspective online. and it makes you better at everything else in your life. a better dad, a better husband, a better friend. that's really the goal, these are individuals that are chasing their dream, and their life gets in the way. it oftentimes does. and it forces them to step away, and we get the opportunity. >> what are some of the things that took them off path? >> family issues, children, have to go through something. maybe taking care of a mom or dad due to an illness or somebody getting -- financial reasons. things that just push you away. and saying i can't chase that anymore, i have to get over here, making sure i make ends meet. so many different things can pull us away. and it's close to me. my wife was in the marines and wanted to be a lifer in the marines. my oldest son injured when he was 4 months old. she had to get out of the marines and longed for that opportunity to do it she loved
4:54 am
it. >> not just your wife. you talked about your own second chance. you were at one point bagging groceries and then the next year, are you winning a super bowl. somehow that second chance affected your perspective on life? >> well, i think -- there are a lot of things. for me. i'm the one that blew my first chance. a lot of times you see people sitting on their couch and going i could do that, but so-and-so didn't see my talent this didn't happen for me. we blame it or have excuses in somebody else in those situations, for me. i realized what i did the first time, i realized second time around, i'm going to throw caution to the wind. it's up to me. i won't allow circumstances or somebody else to dictate what happens for my future and that was probably the biggest thing i learned. when you are faced with an opportunity, it's a defining moment in your life. how you approach that opportunity will determine everything. >> in the end, some people still don't get their dream job. what's the message in that? >> there are a lot of endings
4:55 am
that can happen. individuals can get their dream job, individuals can get the job and choose or realize along the way that what they thought was their dream job wasn't, what they are already living is their dream job, and others might not get the job, but the message in that is not every opportunity works. not every opportunity is the perfect opportunity, but if you realize along the way that this is what you are passionate about. this is really what you want to do, then you ton chase that dream and a lot of times, these people are stuck, and we help them take the first step and realize and get passionate and ignite that fire in them again and you really believe at the end of the show, whether they get the job or not, they find a way to chase that the rest of their lives. >> if anyone knows about second chances, kurt warner it is you. the show is a the moment," on usa network. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> ahead on "starting point," secretary of state john kerry in the middle of a firestorm in
4:56 am
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4:59 am
good morning. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. "starting point" this morning, north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. those words from secretary of state john kerry in seoul. what about the new information that the country can put nuclear weapons on a missile? >> happening now, at least three people killed in storms that tore across the country from heavy rains to tornadoes. what you can expect today. the national hockey league taking the lead in the fight against homophobia, teaming up with the you can play organization. gary bettman and phillies flyers scout join us in a moment. >> what you see in a bumper. how on earth did an ipad end up wedged in the car? friday, april 12th. "starting point" begins right
5:00 am
now. >> "starting point," the secretary of state trying to diffuse a powder keg on the korean peninsula. john kerry arriving in seoul while you were sleeping. he will travel to beijing, tokyo, and he will do a diplomatic arm twisting to get help in dealing with the north koreans. >> neither the united states nor the republic nor korea nor the international community, we are all united. in the fact that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. >> kerry's visit comes one day after a pentagon intelligence report was made public, saying north korea has the ability to launch a nuclear weapon on a ballistic missile. >> we are joined now live on the phone by jill daugherty, traveling with secretary kerry. you asked him a question, that
5:01 am
north korea seems, by all indications, seems to be preparing for a missile launch. >> reporter: yes, you know, there are a lot of good lack of clarity about that statement. as you remember, congressmen up on capitol hill in a hearing asked about it, and this was a classified report, but an unclassified part of the classified report by the dia, saying that north korea could launch a missile with a nuclear device. i asked secretary kerry and the foreign minister of south korea, whether they agreed with that. secretary kerry said he was inaccurate to suggest that they had tested, developed, or demonstrated the ability to do what it says in that one line in that report. they have conducted nuclear tests and have missiles, but he added again, that is different from actually miniaturizing a
5:02 am
war head and putting on top of a missile. i think, john, you have to say the message from him was on the one hand, on the other hand. very strong in support of south korea, but it was also giving some signs that the u.s. might be able or might be willing to talk to north korea, if it did what it's supposed to do. let's hear the secretary. >> if kim jong-un decides to launch a missile. whether it's across the sea of japan or in some other direction, he will be choosing willfully to ignore the entire international community. his own obligations that he's accepted and it will be a provocative and unwanted act that will raise people's
5:03 am
temperature with respect to this issue. >> reporter: secretary kerry there. and he does have a very busy trip in asia now. in south korea. tomorrow which is saturday, we head for beijing to a crucial part of the trip, talking with the chinese, talking to the secretary. trying to get them to use their influence, which he thinks is considerable with north korea, and then finally on to japan. john. >> jill dougherty on the crucial mission with the secretary of state. from seoul, south korea. >> jim clancy also in seoul. more now from him on the secretary's visit. >> secretary of state john kerry used his trip to seoul in an attempt to seize the initiative from kim jong-un. he didn't mention him by name. he said he was calling on the leadership of north korea, and one leader in particular, to
5:04 am
make the right decision. this is a matter of carrot and stick. yes, telling the north koreans that their nuclear program was unacceptable. south korea felt that way, the region feels that way, the international community feels that way, and they are all firm in that conclusion. but at the same time, secretary kerry did hold out a carrot to pyongyang. >> president obama ordered a number of exercises not to be undertaken. we have lowered our rhetoric significantly and we are attempting to find a way, for reasonableness to prevail here and we're seeking a partner to deal with in a rational and reasonable way. >> finding reasonableness may not be that easy. pyongyang has made more harsh remarks, saying they are creating a new ministry for
5:05 am
nuclear energy. now take it again, three, two -- take it again. >> jim clancy in seoul, south korea. >> a taped report. let's bring in franklin graham, he is with a humanitarian organization and has been to north korea four times over the last 13 years. so nice to see you here. we have this revelation that north korea could have the capacity to load nuclear weapons onto missiles, we have this leader in north korea who would like a call from the president of the united states. how do we ratchet -- what is the off-ramp here for the north koreans and the crisis on the korean peninsula? >> first of all, we need to pray. we need to pray for our president, pray that god gives him wisdom as he makes decisions at this point. this is a critical time for our country. we need to come behind our president and support him with
5:06 am
prayer. that god would give him wisdom. we look at these various off-ramps and over the last few months, it's been almost a tit for tat. they do something. we do something. and then they do something again, and the whole thing has been ratcheted up now, and i think the president has made the right decision to take some of these exercises that have been planned and now to delay them or cancel them is the right decision to make. you have to find a way to tone this thing down. and not just tone it down, we need to find a path forward. how do we resolve this crisis in korea? for 60 years, we've had our armies there on the border? nothing has changed. we need to find a way forward that would somehow bring peace. the north wants that, the south wants that very much. but how we get there, we just
5:07 am
need -- we need god to give wisdom. >> your family has been involved in the country an awfully long time. your mother there before the war. have you been there and visited. your father has as well. tell me the mind-set of the north korean people? one of the concern here, they are prepared for war, expecting war, and just listen to this. this is what a former north korean spy who spoke about the mind-set of the country told us. take a listen. >> i believe the war will break out, and i believe that by 99%. because when you think about the psychology of the people, they aren't thinking i need to survive and you are going to die. the mind-set is i'm going to die, and you're going to die. >> is that mind-set from the people have you met? >> the people i have met have been in the foreign ministry and the church leadership.
5:08 am
people in the foreign ministry, i believe want peace. no question, the whole country is prepared for war. everywhere you look, you see armed men, men in uniform. and children from the early teens, all the way up through their mid 50s or 60s, all look like they have gun in their arms. they are ready for war. and we are their enemy. they are fed that, day in, day out, that we are their enemy and they need to prepare to fight america. we have been doing humanitarian work. my mother went to school had the there in '34. my father went in the early '90s. we have tried to maintain a dialog and let them know america isn't their enemy, we are their friend this is an atheist country. i want them to know there is a
5:09 am
god who loves them, cares for them, sent a savior whose name is jesus christ who came to earth to die for their sins. we can be forgiven. we want the leadership in the north to know that god does love them. and they need his help at this time. just like we need his help. >> reverend graham, thank you for joining thus morning. as we continue to watch this unfo unfold. >> ten minutes after the hour right now. happening right now, tornado watches in effect from north carolina and virginia after a series of violent twisters and brutal thunderstorms. they simply tore a trail of destruction right through the center of the country. cars, tossed around like toys, homes, churches, businesses ripped apart, entire neighborhoods, strewn with debris. one person killed. five more injured as a violent twister touched down in mississippi. look at that picture right there. this is the second day in a row th that he is veer weather caused havoc. and guess what? this is not over yet.
5:10 am
samantha mohr live in the weather center. what can we expect today? >> the whole line moves east. throughout the morning we'll continue to watch it. even through the afternoon across much of virginia, we'll watch for possible severe thunderstorms and that chance that we could see an isolated tornado or so. and that threat will continue along with a chance for some very gusty, damaging winds and large hail. we've had very large hail associated with the severe thunderstorms. reporting rain in the dc area. leadsberg, heavy rain and making its way to philadelphia and new york city. so, of course, that will be affecting the airports today. major delays, over an hour expected in the d.c. and metro areas, philly, boston, minneapolis due to snow and low clouds. detroit as well will end up seeing delays, probably less than an hour throughout the day. winter weather continuing
5:11 am
throughout the midwest, third day now. little snow accumulation across the northeast and that continues to make its way up the east coast. so christine and john, another messy one today. a messy commute home from the city. you can look forward to that today. >> thanks for that. bracing for an ugly one indeed. more of our top stories. a mail bomb addressed to controversial joe arpaio. thanks to a savvy suspicious employee, that never made it past the post office in flagstaff. now the investigation to find out who sent it. arpaio,s that been threatened before because of controversial and outspoken views. he was sued by the federal government for allegedly violating the rights of latinos. are. >> thomas guolee taken into custody in connection with the shooting death of tom clements.
5:12 am
guolee, an associate of ef evan ebel. 16 republicans voted down a filibuster that attempted to stop debate on the gun bill from taking place at all. senators from both parties thanked relatives of the victims from the connecticut school massacre from lobbying lawmakers to get this discussion going. >> we've been in darkness for 20 years when it's come to gun control. darkness. the lies, the misinformation. and when people see you, it means much more than when they see me. have you made a huge difference. >> many amends debated, including expanding background checks, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. ipad versus nissan. it ended in a draw. nearly 2 million views. a georgia woman saw something flying at her car, but didn't
5:13 am
realize they had a head-on collision with a tablet. amazing thing, the ipad still works and now back with its owners. still no word on whether apple cares -- >> that say crazy, crazy picture. ahead on "starting point," the nhl taking a big step by stopping homophobia in the league, joining with the you can play movement. >> you can shoot. >> you can score. >> patrick burke and gary bettman will join us. >> and meet the cocreator of this amazing 3-d pen. we'll get a live demonstration and meet carol the elephant who survived a drive-by shooting. that's at the bottom hour. >> wow. can i get the smith contract, please? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase every day.
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5:16 am
welcome back to "starting point," if you can play, you can play. the nhl says it's the most
5:17 am
pro-gay professional sports league in the world. >> if you can skate, you can skate. >> if you can shoot, you can shoot. >> if you can score, you can score. >> you know, to make that really striking video the nhl teamed up with the you can play organization. a group really that has hockey in its blood. cofounded by patrick burke to honor his brother brendan's memory. he was a student manager for miami's hockey team. he died in a car accident less than a year after he came out. >> the nhl will fight homophobia, and could pave the way for the first openly gay athlete in professional sports. patrick burke joins us, a scout for the philadelphia fryers, and also nhl commissioner, gary bettman. why is it important for the nhl to be out in front? >> a couple of reasons.
5:18 am
for the last two decades, we have been stressing the importance of diversity and being an open and welcoming place for athletes, hockey players, without regard to national origin, color. and this is the next stage of the evolution. patrick has done an outstanding job on focusing attention on homophobia and what needs to be done to deal with it directly and honestly and candidly. we want people to know whether or not you're an nhl hockey player, a child, or long-time fan this is a place where you can feel comfortable, no matter who you are. >> we hear this discussed so much more now than i ever it being remembered being discussed. football, basketball, now hockey. why now? >> i think it's just time in a lot of ways. i think that for decades, this was something that wasn't talked about in sports and when it was, often in a negative sense. now our athletes are tired of being seen as meat head jocks,
5:19 am
tired of being portrayed as people who aren't supported. nhl athletes engaged in community, socially active, and they are tired of being seen as bullies. >> the thing too, when you can have this kind of message, and it goes all the way down, for the first time they hear a word as a rerog tore term for a gay and less byian will be at sporting event if you set the tone from the top it can change things. >> our athletes are heroes to thousands of kids around around the world and you can go to any city and find young athletes that can copy a skating style or touchdown dance. let's copy them on this too and have your language fall in line with what your nhl heroes are doing. >> going sport to sport right now. a lot of statements made on a sides of the issue. phil jackson, famous basketball coach said he did not believe he had ever come across a gay
5:20 am
player in basketball. never. i wonder if you think there are gay players in the national hockey league? >> i don't know. it's really pure speculation to even figure out whether or not that's the case or how many. i believe that sports mirrors society, so i would be surprised if there weren't gay athletes in any of the major sports. but to echo what patrick says, we have the unique opportunity to reach the greatest number of people, our players are role models and i think it's incumbent upon sports leagues to try and do the right thing. >> you think gay players may hide their sexuality or turn away from professional sports because they are worried about coming out or being discovered? you think that's the culture? >> it has been i suppose historically. what we're trying to do is make it clear we have an environment where whoever are you, whatever you believe, whatever you practice, whatever your orientation, you can feel
5:21 am
comfortable and welcomed and we have the resources to back that up. >> patrick what is the biggest barrier? money, locker room, fear of the fans? >> i think it's fear of media coverage. last thing that's left no, one wants to be a part of a firestorm that's going to happen. the bfigure head on this. talking to athletes, no one wants to be a distraction. professional hockey players, this is how they put food on the table, pay for kids' college tuition and they don't want to be a distraction to their team be swarmed by media. the last thing we need to do is have a plan in place to deal with media. >> have you a plan in place? >> i do. it depends on the player. if he wants to do cnn every morning and talk about how great it is to be openly gay, then we'll do that. and then if he never wants to do one interview, then we'll keep them off his back.
5:22 am
>> we want to make sure people are comfortable being associated with nhl, sports, whatever your age, whatever your orientation. >> thank you so much for joining us. initiative, the you can play initiative. the psa was striking. a wonderful message to send. thank you for being with us. >> ladies, listen up. ahead on "starting point," could women be wearing bras for no reason. whoa. the study that's trending, next. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
5:23 am
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5:25 am
what's trending right now. jay-z suggesting in song that his trip to cuba with beyonce was okay. >> obama said, chill, you're going to get me impeached. you don't need this [ bleep ] anyway, chill with me on the beach. >> jay carney has more. >> i guess nothing rhymes with treasury. because treasury offers and gives licenses for travel, as you know, and the white house has nothing to do with it.
5:26 am
>> are you saying the president did not have a conversation with jay-z. >> the white house from the president on down had nothing to do with anybody's travel with cuba. that's something treasury handles. >> now from the president's press secretary. never seen that. >> you had the pleasure of being on twitter. a lot of people did post words that do rhyme with treasury. more news now. a french study may get us gals -- or you gals, i should say. >> you may think differently about undergarments. wearing bras may not prevent women's breasts from sagging. in fact, it may increase it published by a french fprofesso involved 300 women. those who did not wear bras, they had a slight lift. and bras did not help reduce
5:27 am
back pain. sorry for those who are eating breakfast and having to explain to this your children. an elephant caught in the cross fire in a drive-by shooting. we'll meet carol and get an update on her condition from her trainer. and this is just awesome. check this out. a pen that makes 3-d creations. we'll meet the brains behind the 3 goodler and get a live 3-d demonstration, are you watching "starting point." i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
5:28 am
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5:30 am
welcome back to "starting point." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. the annual fund-raising dinner for the republican party. one of the items up for auction is an ar-15 rifle. the type of weapon used in the connecticut school massacre. this is washington state. auctioning the weapon is not meant as a political statement. merely a way to raise money. a bizarre and fatal attack in belarus. a picture trying to snap a picture of a beaver, similar to this one. he got too close, the beaver bit him in the thigh. severed an artery and the man bled to death. beavers have powerful teeth and jaws, but not known to attack humans, unless they are rabid.
5:31 am
a new york woman who faked cancer to get donations to get money for heroin. the woman, brittany ozarowkki was arrested in front of a supermarket holding a donation jar. she is being held on $150,000 bond. a pilot brooed breateathing. a dicey landing at scottsdale international airport. gear jammed and the pilot, 69-year-old gallen fin managed to land the plane on his belly and walked away unharmed. the last request for air traffic control, if i don't make it, tell my wife i love her. >> no landing gear, coming down, talking -- unbelievable. >> look at him go. >> really, really lucky.
5:32 am
you know -- terrifying. >> that's skill. >> i'm sure his wife was very happy and said let's stay out of air for a while. >> hopefully he went and told his wife he loved her anyway. >> and had a nice steak dinner. >> chickalicious coming to the motor city. harvard rugland, kicker from norway, he rose to fame with an online trick shot video, showing him kicking footballs to moving trucks and garbage cans. >> nice kick. >> this sounds like a plot from some awful comedy. not funny at all a circus elephant wounded in a drive-by shooting. happened in tupelo, mississippi. >> carol the elephant is expected to be okay. part of the ringling brothers barnum & bailey syracuse. carol has been moved to its circus farm in springfield, missouri where she is this
5:33 am
morning with animal trainer kathryn garden. how is carol feeling? >> she is todoing very well. >> what on earth did you think? this must be the last thing you would ever expect. >> well, it was about 2:00 a.m. carol was resting in a pen outside the arena, where we were to perform, starting thursday, and she was just, you know, resting in her pen. they usually go to sleep about 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and they sleep for just a little while. so she was probably getting ready to go to sleep, and one pulled up on the street, about 50 yards away, and pulled out a gun and took a shot at her, hit her in the neck. >> someone shot at her specifically or she was caught in a drive by? >> no. someone shot at her specifically. shot at the elements, specificalspecific.
5:34 am
>> why would they shut at the elephantses? why would someone do that? >> just a horrible act. and i believe that if it wasn't for a witness that actually jumped into action and chased the gunman, that he would have shot her again. i believe it was totally intentional. we just don't know why. >> how did the elephant react? how did carol react? >> you know, oddly enough, i was with carol, within 30 seconds. we heard the loud boom. loudest -- the loudest gunfire i had ever heard and i thought it was a bomb. i didn't know what it was, but i jumped up outside. with her within a minute. i saw that she was shot. i screamed to the security, we did have security. and said the elephant is shot, call the police. everyone jumped into action, the vet tech called the vet and an on call vet came to make her comfortable until the head
5:35 am
elephant veterinarian there the next morning to treat her, ultrasound her and we found out that she was, you know, going to be okay. >> any remnants of the bullet inside? how is she being treated? >> yes. she is being treated with medication and antibiotics. she is going to be receiving that treatment for at least ten days and her vet is actually local here, and that's why we came back so she can see her vet daily if needed and she's going to be having physical therapy and when she's ready, she'll go back to working, but right now she's going to have some rest and heal up and wait for the fragments to come out on their own. >> will you do anything differently? i don't know. because somebody could just walk up and shoot at carol. will you do anything differently to make sure this doesn't happen again? >> yes. actually, immediately the circus
5:36 am
put more security into place. i really don't think someone will shoot an elephant, that's just resting in a pen, but apparently, you know it did happen, and they did step up security immediately and not just temporary, it's going to be forever and we are taking steps to protect everyone, not just the syracuse animals, but the performers as well and the public. we want everyone to feel safe when they come to the scircus. it's supposed to be a safe and fun place. >> we are so glad are you safe and doing well. and thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> ahead on "starting point," the next generation of doodling. a three-dimensional pen. >> the cocreator of the 3doodler will demonstrate it. ♪
5:37 am
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new this morning, the atf investigating a possible mail bomb addressed to joe arpaio. the never made it past the post office in flagstaff. joining us is an affiliate from kpta. in front of the jail in continuation. >> what is the latest, they are following vest fwative leads at this point. we're hearing that from the fbi, heading up the investigation. flagstaff, an hour and a half north of phoenix. downtown phoenix is where we are, and this suspicious package, found yesterday afternoon by a postal inspector. he would not comment on exactly what it was that raised red
5:41 am
flags. they look at who this is addressed to. possibly excessive postage stamps and that pushed him to do an extra on the package. that confirmed there were explosives in the package. he called flagstaff police in. the bomb squad called in, and that's when they detonated this device yesterday afternoon. ball started rolling, the post office making sure it was safe. had to evacuate 80 employees at one point to make sure they could dare of the package. they were able to collect evidence they had, and at this point, all they are saying they are following some investigative leads. yet to hear from sheriff arpaio. not a stringer to threats. is he a controversial figure. that's the latest from phoenix. >> he will have an 11:00 a.m. news conference. thank you so much.
5:42 am
first came 3-d movies, then 3-d tv, and now a pen that lets you draw in 3-d. >> the 3doodler, the world's first 3-d printing pen. looks like a marker, but dispenses melted plastic that instantly cools to take shape. the cocreator, max is here and demonstrating this miraculous, supercool invention. my gosh who is that handsome man? >> can you make him look younger and richer? >> just teasing. >> plain somehow you got the idea for this? >> we are avid 3-d we do that?
5:43 am
wait, we can. we took apart the 3-d printer and created the tea cup this very ugly nasty looking thing that barely worked, but it worked. so from there we went through, we made about five prototypes, revisions along the way, and this is an earlier version that the one that people on kick starter will receive. >> 3-d printing is amazing and it will transform manufacturing and art. tell us about the technology and how you can use this as the next step? >> the beauty of the 3doodler, unlike a 3-d printer this is a tactile device that you use to create something in three dimensionses, no software, it allows you to draw in the air. you can draw up. so for artists, architects,
5:44 am
teachers, a number of applications that go far beyond what we were able to do before. >> so technically ignorant. how is this actually happening? that you can create the 3-d object. >> we load plastic in the back, abs or pba and as the plastic comes out, it cools almost instantly, and it allows you to make these up motions as we like to call them. >> that is so neat. >> i'll do the spring. >> you can draw in two dimensions, the same way i did your face, and you can do complicated objects. >> what is the commercial application for this? i know you are doing kick starter, when will it be commercially available for people who want to use it? >> available for preorder at the but it will come out in stores
5:45 am
sometime in 201 h4. >> other than being incredibly cool, what is the application? look at that. >> applications are kind of limitless. we have a lot of response from teachers that want to use it for geometry class, interior designers who want to decorate. it sticks really well to walls. we have gotten a lot of response from people who want to doodle and have fun with it it's a very dektti addictive, fun thing to play with. >> the process with the new idea and getting to market. >> kick starter has done a fabulous job of making easier. >> this is the first time that my company will be doing it itself. >> how much will it sell for? >> probably around $99 retail. >> the tip gets pretty hot? >> the tip gets pretty hot now.
5:46 am
we're offering a protective system to help prevent that. but it's not a kid's item. more like a hot glue gun or soldering iron. use some common sense before giving it to somebody. >> that spring you created in thin air, how strong is that? >> pretty strong. oops. >> seriously. this is so cool. >> it is plastic. it will do a lot of benning, whatnot. same strength as your water bottle. same material. >> 3-d printing, wow, so interesting, and the technology application on the factory floor and in manufacturing are pretty cool. >> the manufacturing aspect is pretty neat. this is a doodler, so a lot less precise. but u.s. a lot of fun. >> nice to meet you. 3doodler the name of the product. >> and i will keep the spring for everyone. >> ahead for "starting point," a bridge too low.
5:47 am
this north carolina crossing doesn't take kindly to anything over 11'8". and a man spent years videotaping its greatest hits. are you about to see them on "starting." finding you the perfect place. [ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from finding the best way... ♪ to finding the best catch... ♪ wireless is limitless. with the innovating and the transforming and the revolutionizing.
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5:50 am
minding your business. stocks headed to a lower open after three straight highs. very disappointing march retail sales report. sales declined and that has spooked investors, when you are at a record high over and over and over again.
5:51 am
now may be the time to buy. clark howard told me despite big-time investors pushing up prices, first-time buyers, this is the chance of a lifetime. >> this is an absolutely great time to be a first time home buyer, don't have a house to dump. even with increases we're talking about. houses so much cheaper than they were years ago in so many markets and interest rates, virtually once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the ultracheap interest rates. how ultracheap? 3.43% for a 30-year fixed rate, very close to the record low last december. see the rest of the interview with clark on "your bottom line." >> rates so low. >> so a train crossing in north carolina gives new meaning to the term low bridge. >> any number of too tall trucks
5:52 am
stopped in their tracks by a bridge that won't budge. one man is documenting the mayhem. here is juny moose. >> reporter: it's a bridge over troubled traffic, a bridge too low. or trucks too tall. for the past five years -- watch your back. has been using cameras to record the result. hosting them on his website, 11 foot 8 which is the official clearance of the gregson street railroad tressel, known as the can opener bridge. some vehicles just get a shave. others get stopped cold. for nearby businesses it can be -- >> almost earth shattering. people jump out of their chairs. >> reporter: some get offese.
5:53 am
an rv loses its ac. a pod gets left behind. tressel is a working railroad bridge and sometimes trucks hit as a train passed by. a railroad, norfolk southern, installed a crash scene to protect the century old bridge, so the bridge always wins. not only has he uploaded about 60 crashes, he also collects pieces of debris and gets drivers to sign them. >> just a hobby. to have some fun. >> reporter: not so much fun for the drivers. he knows of no serious injuries, vehicles who are too tall trigger the overheight when flashing lights, which drivers manage not to see. don't even think of trying to slowly sneak up on the can opener. so you say why doesn't someone fix it. raise the bridge, lower the
5:54 am
road? but the sewer main runs right under the highway and the bridge would cost millions to raise, so the can opener keeps racking up hits that youtubers enjoy putting to music like rocky. the good, the bad and some ugly crashes. and it's enough to make you want to burn your bridges, before the bridge burns you. jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >> i don't know why that just gave me so much pleasure. >> does it make me a bad person that i love watching that as much as i do? questions to ponder. >> when one family was crea struggling to make ends met, a chef stepped in to help. and before several thousand tennesseans discovered new jobs on volkswagen drive, their cfo and our banker met for lunch. together, we worked with a team that
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in anaheim, california, cheap hotels have become home to families facing hard times. since 2005, chef bruno serado has been serving up generosity to the so-called hotel kids. >> now he's going farther to give those families a chance at a better life. >> who likes the pasta? >> me! >> every night, chef bruno se ranch ta serves meals to 300 hotel kids. he was honored in 2011 as a cnn hero. >> most amazing moment in my life. after the cnn show, lots of people call me, what can we do for you? >> bruno wanted to do more to
5:59 am
help families living in area hotels. >> when i send the kids back to the hotel, i always thought of the mamas, because i know where they go back. >> sit right here and color. >> u.s. a hard life to escape. ask the gutierrez family who lives in a motel with their five children for more than a year. >> we sit right here and the rest of them sleep on this bed. >> he got laid off and i started working, just a month ago. really hard to save up to get to an actual home. >> i came over and said let's pay the rent for the last month. >> providing rent and a deposit, he helps families leave the motel life behind for good. working with a local nonprofit, 29 families have gotten a fresh start in a home of their own. >> i love it. >> the kids just explored their room. >> this is yours.


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