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tv   Around the World  CNN  April 12, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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up to get into a actual home. >> i said let's pay this. >> reporter: by providing rent and deposit, bruno helps families leave the motel life for good. working with a local nonprofit, 29 families have now gotten a fresh start in a home of their own. >> i love it. >> the kids just ran around, explored, found their room. >> thank you. >> a joy. putting people back to their own home. >> reporter: bruno hopes to move 70 more families by the end of the year. this cnn hero is a new recipe for helping others. >> thanks, anderson. make sure you nominate your favorite hero. thanks for watching everyone. "around the world" starts now. welcome to "around the world." i'm fredricka whitfield in for
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suzanne malveaux and michael holmes. we begin in north korea. the touchiest diplomat issue on earth today and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is right in the middle of it. he's in south korea, first priority to reduce the tension and convince north korea not to test-fire a ballistic missile. kerry has already made some moves aimed at mellowing out the tough talk. we're live from seoul in a moment. in cypress the government has to come up with more money to fix its finances. today the european union and the international monetary fund said they won't give cypress any more money beyond the 10 billion euros they've already agreed on. cypress needs another 6 billion to shore up banks and pay its debt. the country's economy was on the verge of collapse before the bailout deal. banks there closed for almost two weeks. and north carolina a & t state university and two other schools in the area are on lockdown right now. university website says it received a report of a man with a weapon. no shots have been fired. the university police department
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is conducting a campus wide search. parents are asked not to come to the university right now. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in south korea today working to stop the spiral of threats from the north. kerry landed in seoul a couple of hours ago. he told reporters that he is willing to open direct talks with north korea but on one condition, north korea must get serious about ending its nuclear program. >> we are committed to working with the republic of korea and the other six-party partners in order to get the north to live up to obligations that the north freely accepted and adopted. and we are prepared to work with the conviction that relations between the north and the south can improve. and they could improve very quickly. >> anna coren is live for us in seoul right now. anna, john kerry says relations
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in the region can improve very quickly, his words. how can that be? north korea has done considerable damage with specific threats and some would say rather hostile action. >> that's exactly right, fredricka. i mean, a month's long worth of warlike rhetoric coming out of pyongyang and then the u.s. secretary of state john kerry arriving in seoul. as you say, that conciliatory tone in a way obviously opening the door to diplomacy if north korea is serious about deknew clearization. the problem is, fredricka, as we know north korea is determined to go ahead and its nuclear weapons program. it's nonnegotiable. john kerry also had some pretty tough words for north korea. told them not to go ahead with the missile launch that the u.s. and south korea believe will still happen in the coming days. there's a very important date coming up on the north korean
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calendar and that is the anniversary of kim il-sung who is of course the grandfather of kim jong-un. john kerry also saying that the united states would support its allies, south korea and japan, if there is any provocation. so the door opened for diplomacy, but at this stage still no way forward, fredricka. >> so, anna, what about this information that the u.s. had conversations within the pentagon and beyond that north korea may have the ability to put nuclear weapon on a ballistic missile? how might this influence kerry's message? >> yeah. it really caused quite a stir, didn't it? i'm not sure if everybody in washington was too pleased with that message that got out. some within the intelligence community basically saying that north korea has a nuclear weapon, has miniaturized a warhead to put on a missile. it did however say that the likelihood of it being fired
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accurately is very low, but it did cause a stir. john kerry, he is heading off to beijing, off to china tomorrow where he'll be holding talks with the president xi jinping as well as other officials in china. his message is that china holds the key. it has so much leverage over north korea and that hopefully the chinese can some way get through. so far they've backed the u.n. sanctions against north korea but haven't necessarily imposed them. i think that's what john kerry's message will be. you've got the leverage, you can change the situation on the korean peninsula. >> anna coren, thanks so much from seoul. more on north korea straight ahead including a look at kim jong-un's mysterious wife. we'll look at her designer clothes, the pregnancy rumors and how she helps her husband's image. tonight at 6:00 eastern time wolf blitzer will devote an entire hour to the crisis in north korea. tune in for a special edition of
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"the situation room" at 6:00 eastern. onto nova scotia, canada now. officials are taking a closer look at the alleged gang rape of a canadian teenager who killed herself a week ago. the parents of 17-year-old say the boys who attacked their daughter showed a picture of the assault to a few fellow students. after that they say a relentless campaign of online bullying began. no charges were ever filed in that case. paula newton is following this story from ottawa, canada. paula, when the attack happened a year and a half ago now we understand, police said there wasn't enough evidence to file charges. have they changed their minds now? >> they're not saying that they've changed their minds, fred. what they are saying is, look, we're going to take a fresh look at the case. so that means that they're going to look at how they handled the evidence they have and pleading with people to come forward with more evidence. but the province itself is looking at how the school board might have handled this, how any
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official could have done something to really look at the bullying situation before it got out of hand and what steps were taken. but, you know, this is causing outrage here in this country obviously also online for many reasons that people can relate to. fred, even our prime minister steven harper is saying, look, i'm raising a teenage daughter. of course this whole thing sickens me, but i want you to listen now to what he said after that. >> bullying to me has a connotation of kind of kids misbehaving. what we are dealing with in some of these circumstances is simply criminal activity. >> you know, and what that means is that they're hinting at the fact they're going to take a look at what happened in this case and other similar cases and say, look, do we have to change some laws here and do we have to make those laws about cyber bullying stick? fred. >> and then i understand hundreds of people attended the vigil yesterday. her cousin apparently made an emotional appeal to the public. what was said?
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>> well, her cousin saying, look, i remember this as a child i used to baby sit. people are devastated by what happened, but isn't it sad, fred? and then you sit there and think at the end of the day, did a girl really have to die for people to come out and do something about this? it was funny, the school board officials were there with the families themselves saying, look, we have to stand up. we have to be accountable. we're going to take another look at what we did. and in many cases people are looking at the whole situation because there are similar situations across the united states, across canada, really around the world in saying what can we do earlier to intervene to make sure it doesn't get out of control? i have to say, fred, sad thing to do. there is visitation, her family will be there today as well. her funeral will be held on the weekend. >> that's painfully heartbreaking. thank you so much, paula newton. all right. the red hot stock market is a few degrees cooler today, both the dow and s&p 500 closed at record highs yesterday up. but they're trading slightly lower today. zain asher joining us from new
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york. zain, what's effecting the markets? >> fred, we've got two reports that have investors cautious. take a look and see, the dow is down pretty much 31 points right now. part of the reason for that is retail sales. retail sales fell last month by the most in nine months. also until about consumer sentiment that hit the lowest level in nine months as well. but going back to retail sales, people are basically cutting back on electronics, books, music, that kind of thing. the dismal weather might have had an effect. also we're going to talk about the payroll tax hikes we got after the fiscal cliff. that also might be effecting spending as well. but most telling is really that people are really worried about this job market, fred. and also their pay, unemployment 7.6%. how people feel about what they spend has a huge effect on the economy. it's essentially what's driving economic growth. also a factor is mixed earnings from the banks wells fargo and jpmorgan, fred. >> and the big picture most happy to see the market's going gang busters, but is there a
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downside if the stocks keep hitting record highs over and over again quickly? >> it's a disconnect we keep talking about. the market is doing one thing taking us on this joyride, but the economy still has some catching up to do. the question is how much more before we see a correction? that's what's on everybody's mind. will it all end? after all the s&p has been rallying 60 billion into the market so far this year. the market could essentially run out of steam. markets usually rally between november and april and then sort of usually pullback. there's this saying sell in may and go away. this time it could be different because we're on a sugar high. we have qe propping the market up right now. who knows how long before we see a correction, fred. >> yeah, you said sugar high, that means you come down quickly too. >> exactly. >> all right, zain, thanks so much. here's more of what we're working on this hour from around the world. he's a former bus driver who claims hugo chavez spoke to him
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through a bird and he's running for president of venezuela. up next we'll meet nicolas maduro and talk about his chances of winning in this week's election. and more protest and detention at jerusalem's national wall as jewish women fight to perform same rituals as jewish men. what the israeli government is trying to do to calm both sides. remember this song, ding dong the witch is dead? well, it has risen close to the top of the british music charts this week. we'll explain why after this. but all i do to be broadcast ready damages my hair and scalp. then i uncovered head & shoulders damage rescue. it relieved my scalp and rescued my damaged hair. the proof? see it tonight, at eleven. head & shoulders damage rescue. boom. heart attack. the doctor recommends bayer aspirin to keep this from happening to me again. it's working. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it can happen to anyone. talk to your doctor.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. all right. pretty frightening scene off the coast of galveston, texas there. a shrimp boat on fire fully engulfed in flames as we see it right here. but we understand according to galveston police no one has been hurt in all of this. we don't know the circumstances as to how this shrimp boat caught fire, but of course when we get more information we'll bring that to you live. other stories making news around the world right now. in france the senate says i do to same-sex marriage. the bill gives couples the right to marry and adopt children. the lower house has already approved the legislation. the bill still has a couple more readings to go through before it
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becomes law giving same sex couples the right to marry was one of president francois campaign charges last year. the northern u.s. getting hit by a power f line of storms today. strong winds and a lot of rain creating very dangerous situations from virginia all the way into new england in the south and midwest, however the storms were deadly. three people were killed in mississippi, missouri and nebraska. an ireporter captured this tornado as it ripped through a rural part of mississippi. right there a dozen homes were damaged across the southeast and thousands of people are still without power. venezuela, well, it's gearing up for its presidential election on sunday. and for the first time in 14 years hugo chavez is not on the election ticket. rafael romo reports. >> reporter: he used to be a bus driver and now the former union
9:16 am
leader is campaigning for president of venezuela from behind the wheel. nicolas maduro, the 50-year-old acting president has no formal college education or training, but he has what nobody else does, the anointment by hugo chavez, the venezuelan president who died of cancer last month. >> you should elect nicolas maduro. i ask you that from my heart. >> reporter: maduro led chavez's state funeral which was attended by world leaders. no one in venezuela would dare run against the man who was the right hand of a leader who is widely viewed as a martyr. no one except the former mayor and now governor ran against hugo chavez last october and came within 10 points of beating
9:17 am
chavez. the 40-year-old strongly forges relations with some country. what does venezuela have in common with iran or belarus? >> reporter: the race for the presidency has become an all-out war accusing the military to mobilize voters. maduro has been highlighting social programs created under chavez and telling voters that he would do away with them. and then there are these surreal moments during the speech to launch his campaign maduro claimed chavez appeared to him in the form of a little bird to give him spiritual support. the story has been ridiculed by the opposition prompting one leader to say maduro needs a mental evaluation. >> all right. rafael romo joining us live now. the u.s. is watching this very closely. why? what's at stake here? >> it's all about perspective.
9:18 am
venezuela sells about $100 billion in oil every year. guess who buys 40% of that oil? it's the united states. we get about 8% of venezuela's oil here in the united states. but the reality is that the relations between these two countries have been rocky at best for the last few years. i don't know if you remember this, but hugo chavez called former president bush el diablo. >> yeah. i remember. who could forget? >> and then in between 2008 and 2010 we had a situation where venezuela would kick out the american ambassador, the united states would do the same thing and then the following year they would reinstate relations and then the next year they will do it all over again. >> either one of these candidates kind of promise that there may be hope for better relations between venezuela and the u.s.? >> the rhetoric from maduro who is ahead in the polls and who is chavez's hand picked successor has been exactly the same. he talks about the u.s. as this
9:19 am
evil empire. it's just very inflammatory rhetoric against the united states. capriles was the younger more liberal candidate says that venezuela has to be smarter about who he deals with. for example, he's criticized the government for having relations with belarus and its dictator. and he says we have no business with that part of the world. we should have better relations here in the americas and especially with the united states. >> fascinating race. this sunday. >> this sunday. >> all right. rafael romo, thank you so much. >> thank you. all right. it's a battle of the sexes taking place at one of judaisms holiest site. what led police to detain five women at jerusalem's western wall.
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all right. welcome back. remember a few minutes ago i told you about a shrimp boat that was on fire off the coast of galveston, texas. well, now we can proudly report to you that they have the situation under control. they're putting out that fire. but that doesn't necessarily mean that we have the
9:23 am
information to explain how it all happened. but we can tell you according to galveston police no one was hurt. confirmation of that. so you see right there kind of the before and after. and now they're putting it out there. as you see right off the coast of galveston, texas. all right. now back overseas in jerusalem. israeli police detained five women during a protest at the western wall. one of judaism's holiest sites. the women were questioned for wearing prayer shawls. this is the latest round in an ongoing battle between orthodox jews and more liberal movements in ju dayism. sara sidner joining us live. >> reporter: well, tradition, customs and actually the israeli courts have said that it goes against the local custom that traditionally it's men who wear these prayer shawls, men who are allowed to recite the prayer out
9:24 am
loud down at the western wall. and these women who go down and try to wear the shawls and try to do their prayers out loud are often detained when they go down there. they've been doing this by the way for more than two decades. why are they doing it? because they believe what they are doing should be perfectly legal and perfectly normal because they say they're just trying to pray as they wish at the holiest site for prayer in judaism. so what's happening is you're seeing a clash of tradition, if you will. these women by the way call themselves the women of the wall. and they go down to the wall quite often. sometimes they're detained, sometimes they aren't. this time they were detained. and they've been detained -- in february they were detained again by police. and police say, look, we're just following what the court said which was that this goes against local customs and that the women can't pray there out loud and wear the shawls, but they can pray in another area that's not at the wall but is on the site.
9:25 am
the women say that's just not good enough. they want to be able to perform the prayers and to wear the shawls just like the men. >> are there any signs of compromise? >> there are, actually. the latest in sign of perhaps a change is that the prime minister's office has set aside someone to look into this and look at what possible solutions there might be to try and make something work for these women who have been fighting for this for more than two decades. we know that in february this became a big issue around the world because, guess what? two people who are related to a very famous u.s. comedian were actually detained. when everybody found out about that, you know the celebrity culture. everyone was saying, wow, what happened there? and suddenly attention was pointed towards israel and this issue. by the way, the comedian was sara silverman and her sister happened to be arrested who actually turned out to be a reform rabbi who really says we
9:26 am
should be able to pray there. but the government is now looking into how they can perhaps find a solution which may be further down the wall to try and set aside a place where people can pray as they wish. we'll have to see what happens though, fredricka. >> sarah sidner, thanks for keeping us posted. more ahead on north korea's dangerous game of nuclear threats. we'll look at what might be m e motivating kim jong-un and what might be motivating his mysterious wife. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. welcome back to "around the world." in china ten people have died from bird flu. the latest victim is a 74-year-old man just diagnosed on wednesday. hong kong plans to test all poultry into the mainland. chinese scientists say the virus probably originated from migratory birds mixing with domestic birds in china's delta
9:30 am
region. 70,000 neighboring refugees from neighboring mali are living in appalling conditions. many of the refugees who arrive healthy are getting sick. they say there's not enough water and not enough latrine. french forces helped arrive battle islamic militants. in london preparations are underway for former prime minister margaret thatcher. more than 2,000 invitations have been sent out for the service. we learned a short time ago former speaker of the house newt gingrich will be among the guests. also in attendance canadian prime minister steven harper and former australian prime minister john howard. the united states goes full-on diplomatic trying to lower the temperature and volume coming from north korea. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in south korea with two
9:31 am
messages, one that north korea can't and won't be accepted as a nuclear power. he's also got an olive branch offering direct talks with the north if they are in kerry's words really serious and not playing around a robin game. joining me now from washington, william cohen, former u.s. senator and former secretary of defense. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> how do you interpret this escalation if the north koreans don't seem interested in stopping? do you agree with the now secretary kerry to extend this olive branch at the same time say, you know, you're not going to be able to be a nuclear power in this world? >> i think there are two things we have to keep very much in line. we do indeed need to lower the rhetoric and beef up our defensive capability and offensive capability. that message has to go through. we're not talking only about defending the interest of our allies. we can do that. but also there is a response capability which should be taken into account by the north koreans.
9:32 am
but secondly, make it clear to them there are no concessions being offered. we are not going to reward you for bad behavior. the north koreans have pursued a policy of constructing a throne out of swords. the old expression you can construct a throne out of swords, but you can't sit on it for very long. they've been able to sit on it because other countries including the united states have provided a pillow over the years in the way of financial support, food, fuel. we got to take the pillow away saying you've made a choice, you've got guns but you can't have butter. and we're not going to reward you again for coming back to the table as such to negotiate with the five other parties. those messages have to go through very clearly. no concessions, no reward. and no incrementalism. don't think you can take some kind of action and there will be a minor response by either the south koreans or the united states. this has to be made very clear to the north korea yans. >> do you take china seriously in this equation that china can
9:33 am
be hugely influential here. china just last weekend told north korea, wait, you can't operate as though you're the only one in existence. you can't, you know, destabilize an entire region. but how far is china willing to go beyond shaking the finger at north korea? >> well, this is a dilemma for the chinese. on the one hand they don't want to see a united korean peninsula with u.s. influence spreading north. on the other hand they understand that this problem country of theirs that they've been supporting has in fact created great instability in the region at least on a temporary basis. now we see the united states doing more and putting more of our forces into the region, more defensive capability, ultimately more offensive capability. that's not in china's interest. so i think they're trying to balance their interests and long standing interest with the north koreans. on the other hand, seeing that allowing this young leader -- we don't know whether he's 28, 29 or 30, but clearly he's immature because he has climbed a
9:34 am
rhetorical tree and not allowed himself any branches or many to step down onto get out of the tree that he's on right now. so hopefully they'll persuade him to exercise some moderation here. >> in fact, how concerned are you about kim jong-un especially given the fact in asian culture there is the saving face and that there's a lot of pressure that he has now presented himself and the rest of the region by offering these threats? is the saving face issue a very big and potentially dangerous one with him? >> obviously it's important to save face. not only for asians, for any country. i think secretary kerry has issued an olive branch of sorts, but it has to be very clear this olive branch is one to help him climb down off this tree. but it's not to give him concessions in the way that he may be looking for as his father and grandfather have in the past. this has to stop. we're seeing the face of nuclear blackmail. and we're seeing it here right now with north korea.
9:35 am
we may see it in iran as well. and so there's a lesson in this entire episode. what north korea has now, iran is seeking to get. and if you want to see instability spread from the asian pacific region into the gulf region, let iran go forward with its nuclear program as well. that's why it's so important that the u.n., the international community make it as clear as possible, take whatever actions we can to dissuade the iranians not to follow suit, do not follow the path north korea has been on. it's going to put your area in great jeopardy and instability. that's not healthy for your economy and people or for world stability. >> all right. thank you so much william cohen for your time. appreciate it. >> good. all right. she wears designer clothes in a country where most people are starving. we'll actually meet kim jong-un's mysterious wife and talk about what she does to help or hurt her husband's image. r y♪ i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues.
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north korea's new leader is not camera shy. kim jong-un is often seen with his troops or presiding over grand parades. but the north korean people are also fascinated by the woman who is often by his side. north korea's silent but very fashionable first lady is who i'm talking about. anna coren has more from seoul. >> reporter: sometimes seen, never heard, the lady in red is comrade ri sol introduced to the north korean people as kim jong-un's wife last july. and seen here touring a new pleasure center, always a differential step behind the great leader. >> i think there's very little publicly known. i know there were some reports that he had been married in 2009. there's speculation that he might even have a child.
9:40 am
>> reporter: analysts say that introducing ri sol introduces several purposes for the regime. it shows that the kim dynasty is thinking about its next generation and helps kim jong-un come across as more personable and connected to the people. at the same time it gives the 28 or 29-year-old leader an hora of maturity. >> i think announcing his marriage sort of consolidates the fact that he is really a person who is of substance and an adult who can handle whatever it is that north korea has coming at it in the future. the south korean media has been ripe with rumors that she is now a mother especially after she and kim attended a concert in which a johnny mathis song when
9:41 am
a child is born. but in a country where most people struggle for hunger, she has no shortage of outfits. she's been seen clutching what appears to be a dior designer handbag. a brand selling for more than $1,000 sell of the demilitarized zone but unattainable to nearly every citizen in her own country. anna coren, cnn, seoul. >> and tonight at 6:00 eastern time wolf blitzer will devote an entire hour to the crisis in north korea. tune in for a special edition of "the situation room." that's at 6:00 eastern time. beyonce and jay-z aren't apparently the only ones choosing cuba for their vacation. critics say they're not seeing the real cuba. we'll investigate. tion. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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welcome back to "around the world." let's go to africa now. the president of sudan arrived in south sudan for the first time since the country's independence in 2011. the meeting is a sign that relations are improving perhaps between the two countries after bloody battles in 2012. the sudanese president says he wants peace and normal relations with south sudan. in taiwan hundreds of passengers had to be evacuated from a high speed train today after explosives were found inside luggage. police say the explosives were attached to a timer and close to detonating. they say the bomb could have killed everyone on board, one
9:45 am
carriage if police had not intervened. police did not release any information about who could have planted the device. onto dubai now, a country dripping in wealth. meet the latest addition to the police fleet, a green and white lamborghini. the car worth about $500,000 can accelerate from zero to 60 in just 2.9 seconds. it will certainly help police catch speeders. they often drive at more than 130 miles an hour in dubai. dubai isn't the first place where the police force is buying one of these. lamborghinis are actually used by police in italy and qatar as well. traveling now to cuba. a trip two a-list celebrities recently made and defending in a creative way. beyonce and jay-z went to cuba last week angering some u.s. lawmakers wo wanted to know if they violated a ban on americans vacationing there. this week jay-z recorded a song apparently taking on those critics. listen. ♪ i done turned havana into
9:46 am
atlanta ♪ shirts and bandannas ♪ obama said, chill, you going to get me impeached ♪ ♪ chill with me on the beach >> the white house is making clear president obama had nothing to do with approving jay-z and beyonce's trip. it was actually okayed by the treasury department. officials say there was an educational element to the couple's visit. so it was permitted. patrick hoffman discovered beyonce and jay-z aren't the only americans excited to see cuba. >> reporter: strike up a tune to earn money from foreign tourists who come from just about every country in the world. except that is from the united states.
9:47 am
>> changing. change is too much. >> reporter: that change may take place once u.s. government restrictions on travel to cuba are lifted and the island is again flooded with americans. but even though the travel ban remains firmly in place, there's a growing trickle of visitors from the united states. it used to be the only americans ungd find in cuba were diplomats or tourists breaking the u.s. trade embargo. increasingly more and more americans are coming to cuba and doing it legally. it's called people-to-people travel, guided tours by licensed operators that are supposed to focus on cultural exchanges and skip the beach. >> it's good for trade. good for everybody's standard of living. >> reporter: on monday a real estate developer in california
9:48 am
wrapped up a week-long legal trip to cuba where his tour met with independent entrepreneurs. >> first of all, they like the united states and they like our business model and they'd like a chance to have a little more freedom in their economic activity. we were able to impart a little of that to them and vice versa. i feel like we actually kplish e accomplished something. >> reporter: but several cuban-american congressmen said people-to-people travelers don't get to see the poverty and shortage of personal liberties in cuba. >> what these are about is tourism. it's just tourism. people going to cuba. the reason why this is problematic is because it gives money fot castro government. >> reporter: juan hernandez says more and more american visitors are hiring him to drive them around havana in his 1934 ford. hernandez shows them the good and the bad of life in cuba. we take them everywhere, he says. some people say don't show me the pretty areas. i want to see the reality. well, people-to-people tour
9:49 am
operators say interest is surging, travel to cuba is expensive and bogged down with red tape. for most americans wanting to experience cuba, the island remains still just out of reach. patrick cnn, havana. making waves in england and putting radio stations in a tough position. we'll explain. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. governor of getting it done.
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all right. it's a movie most of us have seen in our childhood, "the wizard of oz." a musical released in 1939. now through a facebook campaign the death of margaret thatcher is propelling one of the more memorable movie tunes up the uk charts. ♪ ding dong the wicked witch is dead ♪ ♪ ding dong the wicked witch is dead ♪ >> so the campaign is by a group of opponents of the former british prime minister. we're live from london with more on this. erin explain the motivation behind these opponents of margaret thatcher and why they're actually getting some air time on some of the local radio stations, right?
9:53 am
>> hi, fred. well this simple 51-second song causing quite a bit of controversy. the state broadcaster, the bbc, taking the decision to play a portion of the song in a context of a news story during their pop chart radio show that normally airs on sunday. normally any song that makes it to the top of the charts gets played out in full during that broadcast. they're obviously making an exception this time around primarily because this is such a divisive issue. on the one hand you have people who actually bought the song who see this as an issue of freedom of speech, their right to protest against the late margaret thatcher. on the other hand, you have people in this country who see this as incredibly distasteful especially under the fact that her family members are still mourning her death, her funeral's only just days away. today, the bbc coming out and saying that their decision is a
9:54 am
"compromise." they issued a statement saying "the bbc finds this campaign distasteful but does not believe the record should be banned." so quite a bit of controversy here in the uk around this song. and it really shows, fred, just how divisive the late margaret thatcher continues to be. >> and who makes up this opposition group? >> well, you have to really kind of put this into context. margaret thatcher was the prime minister of this country for 11 years. during that time she was credited with really altering the economic and political landscape of this country for better or for worse. so her economic policies involved cutting government subsidies, taking on the unions. and many people of the communities that were affected by this policy say it cost them their jobs, changes that are still felt even to this day. her supporters however say that her policies brought the british
9:55 am
economy forward economically. her policy still resonates today and that's perhaps why we continue to see this continue to be a divisive issue in this country, fredricka. >> erin, thank you so much. here's a new word in the lexicon, it coin. it's a virtual currency going mainstream. you can even use it to buy a beer at a bar. we'll explain in the next hour of "cnn newsroom." the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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all right. let's take a look at what's trending right now around the world. this may look like an amusement park attraction, right? well, it's actually a bridge. and it's in vietnam. a bridge in the shape of a dragon that shoots fire and water from its mouth. and if that isn't spectacular enough, at night the bridge is lit up by more than 2,500 l.e.d. lights. and people are celebrating the thai new year. some brought heavy artillery to this huge water fight in thailand. forget the super soakers, people. they have elephants to squirt the crowds there. locals and tourists take part in the celebrations and water is a big part of it. water is seen as a way to wash away the past and bring in good luck. the new year's celebrations end sunday. and singer katy perry trying to draw attention to one of the poorest countries in the world, madagascar.
9:59 am
she teamed up with the united children's fund. perry visited a center where she met abused and abandoned children and young mothers getting support and counselling. more than three out of four children in madagascar live in extreme poverty making them vulnerable to exploitation. unicef builds schools, trains teachers and runs health centers there. that's going to do it for "around the world." "cnn newsroom" starts right now. with the tap of a finger and a click of a phone, a hacker takes over a plane. no, it's not a hollywood movie. there really is an app for that because it works. and two girls in separate places, both allegedly sexually assaulted, harassed and commit suicide. is social media to blame? then shots are fired on "glee." the show is known for its music, but this week's episode hit a rough note


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