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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 13, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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within just tweet the show at cnn sit room, you can like us on facebook. that's it for me this hour. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." the news continues next on cnn. happening right now on cnn, an incredible survival story, a plane crash sboos the ocean, splits intwo and amazingly everybody survivors. kobe is going to be out for quite a while. she survived being shot in the head but gabbie giffords still appreciates guns. we vn exclusive interview. a cancer survivor in trouble for this license plate. what do you think it means? you mere in the "cnn newsroom,"
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i'm don lemon. we're going to beginning with united states and china. this is the face-to-face visit that produced. this is the secretary of state john kerry on a diplomatic tresz in china. it's his first time in china in his position and he says no more threats back an forth. he wants a peaceful solution. what's the bigger headline here, that the u.s. sand china are in agreement or that china is creating some distance from north korea. >> reporter: it is absolutely that china is taking the slight step away from north korea. china is the hand that feeds north korea. it is the reason why north korea can exist. what the united states has focused on is if china can go ahead an use its powerful hand to slap north korea, then there will be peace in the region.
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that was the goal for john kerry. this visit critical for keemg peace in the region. listen to what john kerry said. >> we both stated that the united states and china remain committed to the joint party talks an to its core goal and that core goal is the verifiable denuclear lie zags of the korean peninsula in a peaceful manner. >> it is that return to the six party talks. it is seen as the long term solution, the ultimate goal, the end game to try to keep north korea from stopping the cycle of, you know, using this inflammatory language, threatening america, soet korea and japan and trying to make sure that there is some end game to this. of course the place of the country with the biggest feet at that talk it is certainly going
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to be china. >> i want to ask you about this. tell us if the south korea people have showing any sign of tension or fear. it looks like people are more fired up about pop concerts than afraid of missiles from north korea. >> that's absolutely right. we are getting the sense from south korea's government that they are feeling the tensions in this reason which has risen to historic levels. it's now starting to deescalate. part of that is secretary kerry coming to the region. you also get the sense that koreans who have used to the hot air from north korea, they've certainly moved on. the big news right now, it is sunday morning here in south korea, it was last night psy, he had a concert. he dedebuted his new song,
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gentlemen, a lot of people talking about that, a lot of people excited about that. certainly at the don certificate you're not getting any sense that the dmz is an hour away. people are partying and trying to forget about the threat from the north. >> they've been living with threats from the north. i want to bring in gourden change now. he's the author of the book, nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. it's sunday morning already in the korean peninsula. you believe if the north koreaens are going to test fire a missile it's going to be today. why are you so certain about that? the north koreans are unpredictable but they unpredictability falls under certain patterns. they weren't going to test before secretary kerry left beijing. they've got to test before the 15th because they want to roll that out oz a great achievement.
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that only leaves one day. by the way, when secretary kerry is in tokyo, the north korea's ark and missile over japan, first of all they humiliate the united states, they sbim nate the jap niece. >> not going to do it when the secretary of the state is there, you believe, not going to happen. >> i believe when he is in tokyo it will happen. >> when he's in tokyo. okay. >> if by some chance we get lucky and they don't, that's fantastic. i think they will because they've backed themselves into a corner. >> let's say it does happen and north korea duds fire the missile how will be u.s. respond. >> we're going to watch it arc over japan. we're going to be indignant afterward and we're not going to do anything. that's also a past pattern from us.
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i expect that there will be a lot of hot air from washington but we won't see any real consequence. >> you saw our correspondent, i'm no not sure if you saw her before you, talking about china working with the united states to mel low out korea. does dhie that have enough influence with the new leadership to really headache chapgs there. >> they did if they wanted to exercise their influence. for various reasons they probably think they don't want to. this is a dynamic for china. the north koreas act up, we send secretary of treasury jack lew, you know we sort of feel behold tant to china and -- yo actually think the chinese have changed their position. if you look at the statements, those are the statements we heard a decade ago. indeed if there is anything new,
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it was really to criticize washington than -- i don't think there is a -- >> we're going to need you if there is a missile. keep your cell phone on. >> incredible video to show you, it shows a plane with a huge crack tloeth in the ocean. amazingly everyone on board survived. the lion airplane oefrd e overshot a run way and slam sbood the water. the passengers an crew stood on a woeng and everyone got out. no serious injuries reported so far. >> reporter: what we're told at the airport is shortly after 3:30 p.m. local time this incoming lion air overshot the run way and lapded in the indian
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ocean and split in half. amaidsingly they were able to get everyone out of the plane. people jumping out of the plane, somehow getting rescued from the inside of the aircraft. we saw a lot of fire engines, we are told there were some minor injuries but everyone survived, so 0 passengers an crew, everyone got off safely, no one killed in the impact of the landing. >> the plane was about to land in bali's airport when the crash happened. lie air said the plane was new and the pilot was fit to fly. cause of the crash being investigated. >> here in the united states, a sweep immigration bill will require a cutoff date for people who want to be become citizens. the major points are going to include a 13-year pass for undocumented immigrants and a provision that makes any undocumented immigrant who enters the united states after
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december 2007 one -- an applicant would have to pay a fine and back taxes an pass a background check. the deal is being putting together by the gang of eight. marco rubio talks more about immigration reform tomorrow morning on state of the union we going at 9:00 eastern. >> nascar, its sponsor, nra. former congresswoman gabbie giffords was nearly killed two years ago with a man with a gun. today she's trying to change gun laws but she still appreciates the weapon.
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1 in 88. i'm jamie mcmurray, and my niece has autism. learn more at a demonstration for new gun restrictions. this was the scene in lansing, michigan. norg niezly moms. >> a couple hundred garted for the event. tonight's big nascar race in texas is generating unusual interest in the political world. that's because the race's primary sponsor is the national rifle association. the talk of controversy overblown. susan candiotti is at the texas
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motor speed way. >> it. >> reporter: is it about politics or pure sports. for some the answer is up for grabs. it's race day and the action is heating up. >> party. >> along with a cookout grills as fans get revved up for the big event were the nra 500. but the race and the national rifle association sponsorship of it have connecticut senator chris murphy worked up. >> nascar and fox should have been a little more sensitive to the families in the community of newtown and stayed out of this debate. >> reporter: she's upset that nascar signed off on the sponsorship especially now when gun control legislation is about to be debated. >> they could have found another sponsor for this race. they would have waited until after the debate to have them sponsor a race.
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>> reporter: the nra began brokering the sponsorship before the shooting. nascar donated money to newtown. and at the day tone that 500 he won praise in painting his race car in tribute to victims. last month the sponsorship was announced. >> reporter: nascar flatly denies taking sides. a source says the network is obligated by contract to air the race. a track president isn't hiding his feelings about senator murphy. >> the american public isn't engaged in this but the senator keeps trying to stir it up. i can appreciate that. he's in connecticut and we're in texas. his values adopt fly here.
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>> reporter: the nra isn't handing out flyers but a lot of people have posing for pictures at the booth. fans are focused on the race, not the politics. >> the nra has a right to sponsor a race in any state they feel fit. >> it's sports all about sports. >> the speeway may be downplaying the continue very i have but nascar says it's listening and will rethink its sponsorship approval process going forward. >> susan, thank you very much. one of the nba best players seriously hurt and for lakers fans were the news just got worse. cobeis going to be out for a while. bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side.
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basketball fans won't see kobe bryant on the court for a long time. the l.a. lakers star will be out for six months after tearing his achilles tendon. the lakers trainer says the plan is to have kobe back by the start of the next season. okay? that's a big story. also this one, tiger woods took a beating on his score board. woods was penalized two strokes on the masters for violation on friday. it he was lucky it wasn't worse because he could have been dig qualified. rachel is still a threat? can he win tomorrow. >> reporter: well he certainly thinks so. guaranteed he's probably going to have an easier day tomorrow than today. he woke up this morning thinking he was in good shape then he got a text from his agent that said call me, probably not what you want in this position because the message, once he did pick up
4:20 pm
the phone and call was the rules officials want to see you. came in, talked it over with you and was asaysed that two-point penalty for an illegal drop. you know he played okay today. it wasn't enough to make up the difference. he is going to have his work cut out for him tomorrow. although, as you point out, he is still here. he was asked today after his round if he ever thought maybe he would just be disqualified. take a listen. >> none, because under the rules of golf i can play. so, you know, that's -- i was able to play and they said go ahead. i don't go on the internet during toormts like this. there's a lot of stuff said. i stay away from the media. i was surprised what had transpired. evidently i made a mistake and incurred a two-shot penalty. >> reporter: tiger is four back going into tomorrow's round. he has never won a major playing
4:21 pm
from behind. that will certainly be a hard for him. this was called in from a television viewer and bub ba watson took issue with that and said viewers can't call in and change the course of a football game or a basketball game but i did speak to a master's official and they say that do this after golf tournaments all over the world. the lines are open. he did get a rise in phone calls today. >> interesting. let's move on now and talk about kobe bryant, okay, rachel? the lakers say that he could be back at the start of the season. is it likely? i understand you have some new information, of course, don't you? >> reporter: well the healing period is six to nine months but that would be sbr optimistic. but kobe is a very aggressive worker. new information is that he is now out of surgery and he e we had gotten a very unusual
4:22 pm
glimpse into a his -- kobe has been tweeting and instagraming all day. he actually called himself mrs. doubt fire in a gerrie curl cap. he has had good humor about that which is certainly better than he was after the injury. take a lk at what he posted on facebook in the middle tf night last night. he acknowledged in his post this is probably fueled a little bit by vicodin but it was very insightful. he was talking about how upset he is. the frus strags is unbearable, the anger is raged. i'm supposed to kpom back from this and be the same or better at age 35? how am i supposed to do that? maybe father time has defeated me. my head is spinning from the pain meds. stop feel sorry for yourself, he wrote. he don't quick, we don't cower,
4:23 pm
we don't run, we endure and concur. this is an injury where at 34 years old, certainly there are a lot of athletes that are going to say i'm calling it a ka career and walking away. kobe bryant has made it clear, he's not going anywhere. >> thank you, rachel. gabbie giffords survived being shot in the head but she still has a deep appreciation for guns. we're going to take you to target practice as the former congresswoman cheers on her husband. it kills germs so you heal four days faster neosporin. also try neosporin eczema essentials.
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former congresswoman gabby giffords plans to go to washington next week just as the senator will be e mersed in debate over gun legislation. dana bash met with gabby giffords an her husband. they talk about their campaign for universal background checks and give ford's remarkable recovery. >> don over two years ago former congresswoman gabby giffords was shot in the head at point blank range. she is still on a journey of recovery. she still has to face some new realities. we spent two days with giffords and her husband at home and got an intimate look at her new
4:27 pm
life. >> reporter: what's smocking is how much she looks like her old self-hr golden locks are back, the sparkle in her eye. gone is the short hair and thin frame we saw at the beginning of her recovery. but she knows he will never be the same. >> in your rfrry process, do you want to find and discover the old gab gi giffords or do you want to sort of rediscover another new gabby giffords. >> stronger, stronger, better, tougher, stronger better tougher. >> being with giffords it's immediately clear she understands virtually everything going on around her. she follows conversation, reacts, offers unsolicited ideas but it is still a huge struggle to turn her ideas an thoughts into words what like trying to explain how she spend her days.
4:28 pm
>> occupation therapy, yogurt. >> jo yoga. >> yoga from the right-handed give ford still has no use of her right hand. that arm is paralyzed. so is her right leg. she wears a brace and drags it with her good left leg to walk. she also doesn't see very well. >> how is your vision. >> not really. >> not great. >> not great at all. >> so gabby is blind to the right side, right, in both eyes. >> both eyes. >> so she has no peripheral vision to the right at all. she's looking at you, she can't see anything to the right of center. >> nothing over there? yeah. >> but you can easy hi see how she and her husband keeper her spir ritz, humor. >> if i want to sneak up on her. >> you wouldn't do that, would you. >> all the time. i'll come from that direction. you wouldn't want to come from
4:29 pm
that direction. >> for giffords and kelly, this is the new normal. >> it's different in good ways too, in a lot of good ways. >> like living and working together now. >> i'm looking forward to making a change in the fall. >> before she was shot they had a commuter marriage. she jetted between her congressional district in arizona and worked in washington, d.c. he lived in houston texas where he worked at the space center. this is the first home they bought and lived in together. another plus, before giffords was shot she has had a rocky relationship with kelly's two teenage daughters from a previous marriage. >> the tense relationship you've had with your daughters, it's changed. >> it has changed. >> that's a positive that has come out of this tragedy. >> a lot better. >> they've also grown up a little bit too. as a family we've evolved because of certainly, you know because of what happened. so it's brought us all closer
4:30 pm
together. >> giffords now fully understands that six people died and 13 were injured because a deranged young man set out to assassinate her. in fact she brought him up unsolicited. kelly spoke at his sentencing as giffords sat stoically staring him down. >> to sit in the courtroom and look at the man who shot you through the head, what was that like. >> beady eyes. >> he hads some interesting expressions on his face rchl yeah. >> and she did not look away. she staired him -- >> beady eyes. >> i.d. he look back at you. >> yeah. >> oh yes. >> did you get a sense that there was any kind of remorse, any kind of understanding of what he put you through and what he did to the six people who didn't survive?
4:31 pm
>> i'm so sad, mentally ill. >> newly released court documents reveal his parents knew something was wrong and they did not get him help. >> have you ever heard from his parents. >> no. >> would you want to? >> not really. >> you know, as a parent, you know you certainly on one level you can empathize with somebody who went through that, where a kid does a horrific thing. at the same time there were indications of his mental illness. the school knew about it, his parents knew about it and he didn't seem to have a lot of options for good treatment. >> giffords suffered another tranldy a few months ago. her fathers spencer with whom she had a special bond died
4:32 pm
suddenly. he taught her a lot about humor strength and responsibility handing her to the keys to his tire business when she was 26 years old. giffords grit and determination also comes from her mother gloria, an artist whose home is in the middle of the desert. you have to go off road to get there. so many desert rocks on that 0 on the way home kelly got a flat tire. he took this video out in the dark helping. >> i'm kind of concerned about the -- >> her bond with her mother is tighter than ever gloria giffords sat by her daughter's hospital bed for several hours an plays a hunl roll. >> there may be a hope for giffords to have a child of her own. when he was shot she was trying to get pregnant with very tillty
4:33 pm
treatment, you were in the middle of ibf hoping to have a baby. >> yes. >> obviously the challenges are quite different now. >> they would like lie have to use a surrogate. >> we talk about it. haven't made a decision. >> sure, giffords has her moments of frustration and anger but that does not define her. >> not resentful? no. >> how is that possible? >> move ahead. move ahead. i'm happy. >> you are happy. where does it come from? how do you keep this kind of optimism given what you've been through and what you're still going through. >> i want to make the world a better place. i want to make the world a better place. >> cnn's dana bash reporting. these days for giffords trying to make the world a better place means lobbying for her former colleagues to pas new gun laws
4:34 pm
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former congresswoman gabby giffords was nearly killed two years ago by a man with a gun. today her pran injuries makes speaking difficult. but she has become an active spokeswoman for new restrictions on guns. chief correspondent dana bash visited giffords an her husband kelly at their home in arizona. he saw firsthand that giffords an kelly are still deeply emersed in the gun culture. >> reporter: gably giffords will never be the same after being shot many in the head. one thing hasn't changed, ironically her appreciation for guns. in fact target practice is still
4:38 pm
a form of fun at her mother es house. >> he's aiming for my pot. >> husband mark kelly using planting pots and water battles as targets while giffords watches, cheering him on. >> excellent. excellent. >> kelly isn't shooting with just any kind of gun. >> this is the same kind of gun gabby was shot with, a pnlt 9 mill meet glock. this when it's full holds 17. he shot 33 rounds. every round hit somebody, we think. >> how long have you had this gun. >> i gave this to gabby as a gift. >> when? >> a number of years ago. she's a gun owner. you know, she's from the west. >> still, we asked the question a lot of incredulous people would ask. really this guy sort of gets his kicks or recreation for him is
4:39 pm
shooting a gun after his wife was shot through the head? well gabby used to like shooting a gun too occasionally. >> yes. >> gabe by owns the same type of gun she was shot with. she didn't want to get rid of it. so now there's a roun round in the chamber. >> this is meant to serve a political purpose to show giffords an kelly are legitimate gun owners. in fact kelly also showed us a gun he recently bought and videotaped for the sole purpose of showing how easy it is to get a background checks and why they want it expanded to gun shows. >> when we timed it took 5 minutes an 36 second. you could do the same thing at the gun show where people are currently not subject to a background check in most states. >> giffords and kelly formed their organization in january,
4:40 pm
the second anniversary of the tragic shooting that left give ford partially paralyzed and robbed her of her speech. >> optimistic. >> i am, too, especially when we're talking about a universal background check. >> the sandy hook forced them to take a stand. >> sandy brook. >> her injury causes it difficult for her to niend words. >> sandy brook. >> sandy hook. >> sandy brook. >> sandy hook elementary. it's smlg something we can't, you know -- 20 first graders died. >> it's awful. >> the couple originally called for a ban on assault weapons and limbs to high capacity magazines. giffords made a dramatic plea to senators. >> be bold, be courageous,
4:41 pm
americans are counting on you. >> but they now admit there are limits on what is politically realistic. >> if you were to make the number one thing that congress could do to prevent the kind of violence that you were the victim of, what would it be? >> background checks. >> yeah, certainly. without a doubt. >> giffords has learned to navigate an ipad for e-mail with her left hand because her right hand is paralyzed. but most of her communicating with with former colleagues pressing for gun laws goes through kelly though she doesn't have to say much to make her point, especially in person. >> when gabby sits in their office and tells them how important a universal background check is, they hear that. he was a former colleague. she was doing her job like they do every single day when she was nearly killed. >> when giffords was in
4:42 pm
congress, she represented the red arizona district filled with voters. she voted to allow guns in national parks a conservative democrat her, she knows firsthand how hard it is for her former colleagues to support gun legislation. >> it's tough. >> it can be a tough because of the influence of the nra and the gun lobby. >> what do you think about the nra's argument that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> it doesn't work. >> but realistically if she had not been shot would the congresswoman been open to voting for stricter gun law? candidly would you have said yes. >> yes. >> it would depend on what those measures were. gabby was middle of the road. >> middle of the road. straight in the middle.
4:43 pm
>> there is no question the gun culture is deeply engrand in dpif ford, it has to be to still expose herself to guns even after her near fatal shooting. >> what's it like to sit and here hear the gunshot go off. does it startle you? no. >> well i think that's because she doesn't remember the gunshot going off the day she was injured. you don't remember that. >> no. >> if you could, would you shot a gun today. >> yes. >> we've talked about it. gabby has actually held it, hasn't shot one since she's been injured, but a few days ago she was trying to aim with it with her left hand. >> is it your hope to be able to shoot a gun again. >> i don't know. >> not a big priority in your life. >> not really. >> not a the top of her list. >> still what devastatingly altered her life now infuses her life with purpose.
4:44 pm
it's iron any that you are such a good spokesperson for new laws to curb gun violence because you can't speak very well. >> yeah, i guess that's kind of maybe, maybe it's bad iron any. i don't know. it's something that -- stinks. >> irt stinks. it stinks. >> giffords an kelly said they're heartened by a new bipartisan deal to expand background checks. they plan to be in washington next week just as the senator begins the debate on the gun issue in ear nest. >> thank you very much. and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses,
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which contributes to food banks in your own community. support us in creating the biggest growl ever. [ kids growling excitedly ] ♪ okay i have a question ff you. is the most watched cable network netflix? well the ceo recently placed this on facebook. subscribers watched 4 billion hours of netflix in the last four months. this might make the video on demand the most cable viewed network. obviously netflix is not on cable. but it is providing or proving to be a big player in our living room. tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern we're going to take a look at sex in the silicon valley. so you recently went to
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california. give us an idea of what we're going to hear tonight. >> sure, don, you think the sex workers, obviously the oldest profession. they go with where the money is. doing well, a lot of venture capital pouring in and these women are catering to that. what's interesting to how these women are catering to it is how they're marketing to that geek guy they say they're making a lot of money. listen to this. >> how much money have you made. >> i'm made close to a million dollars. >> a million dollars. >> why did you decide to start using it for your sex work. >> i thought that it was easy and it was something that i could -- it was very portable. the way it would work is i would bill before the session. >> i have a tumbler instagram, facebook, twitter, i am two web
4:49 pm
sites aeb i have google voice. >> so what's interesting is they're using the technology when they're catering to these people, they're using the technology of the people they're catering to get ahead, if you will, don. >> whatever works. so what do they -- are they dressing up as, i don't know -- are there lots of glasses and updos like librarians. >> the women we spoke to are wearing shirts that say geeks make better lovers. thaw these women, theyer going all out. they're interested in this kind of stuff. >> some of these women could actually be labeled as sex therapists. what is that about? you think about catering to the geeks, geeks have no game, this is what they say, they want to capitalize on this. they consider them sbre
4:50 pm
prenewel. they said they're getting paid to be coaches. listen to what these women told me. >> a lot of guy probably didn't a lot how to get the hot girls that they didn't get prior to having the millions that they have now. >> if you explain it to them in a way that's like it's a formula, and if you know the secret to the formula, then you can fulfill that formula. then they say oh. math. it's math. >> i speak geek. >> i speak geek. >> being a little tongue in cheek. this is serious business. they make a lot of money. what do you have coming up for us at 10:00? >> we have a high-tech dungeon. you would have no idea where this thing is. it's right outside san francisco. we've got more on this story coming up at the 10:00 p.m. hour. so you've got to tune in. >> we will. it's going to be very interesting. a lot of money to be made. there's a lot of money in the silicon valley. thank you very much. we'll see you at 10:00, laurie. next, a cancer survivor in trouble for this license plate. what do you think it means?
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
in oklahoma a cancer survivor is in trouble with the state for putting this vanity license plate on his car. the tax commissioner said it's offensive and wants it changed but the driver says his plate is being misunderstood. >> my f stands for fight. some people look at it as a different word. but i'm fighting brain cancer. i've had it for about 2 1/2 years now. >> nick williams plans to appeal directly to the oklahoma tax commission tomorrow. he dished up inside information about restaurant business in his book "kitchen confidential." thn he served up wanderlust in the tv show "no reservations." now the table is set for anthony bourdain's next adventure, "parts unknown." debuting tomorrow right here on cnn.
4:55 pm
i want you to take a listen to my conversation with bourdain as he offers a sneak peek of his new show. >> so tell us what we can expect. i mean, we know what to get from anthony bourdain, but what are we going to get on cnn? are we going to get exotic locations? what else? >> i think, i hope, entertainingly schizophrenic. meaning there will be lighthearted shows of me shoving delicious food into my face in european capitals and there will be dark, hard to make shows in places like libya and the congo. there will be, you know, small, tight focus stories told through the -- from the point of view of maybe a few characters and bigger picture stories. i'll continue to look at the world as somebody -- from the point of view of an eater and a former chef. but i guess on a bigger scale, coming to cnn has allowed me to tell a lot of stories and go a lot of places that would have
4:56 pm
been impossible anywhere else. >> well, cnn brings you the world as bourdain and his crew travel to myanmar, to colombia, libya, peru, and much, much more. "anthony bourdain: parts unknown" starts tomorrow 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific on cnn. a disturbing video from lincoln, nebraska. a bus driver attacks a passenger. we'll tell you what sparked this violence and what happened next. use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster. neosporin. use with band-aid brand bandages. neosporin. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured.
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which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. shocking video out of
4:59 pm
lincoln, nebraska has landed a bus driver in legal trouble. security video shows an unidentified passenger suddenly attacked by the driver after asking a question about the bus route. the driver pummels the man with more than a dozen blows, then drags the man off the bus and leaves. afterward the 43-year-old driver, troy fisher, informs his supervisors that he threw an unruly passenger off the bus, adding it wasn't pretty. then he asks his supervisor not to watch the video and asks whether it can be erased. fisher was cited for misdemeanor assault, and he was fired from his job. a 63-year-old man was set on fire inside his suv in long beach, california. police say a man walked up and tossed flammable liquid through the suv's window. it happened last night. this happened outside a convenience store. a good samaritan helped get the man out of the vehicle. he's in critical condition with burns on most of his body. police captured a suspect and booked him on attempted murder charges. residents say the suspect is a transient who frequently hangs out near the convenience store. i'm don lemon at the c