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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  April 17, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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that's all for us. we'll be back at 9:00 p.m. for the latest on the boston bombings. that's all, good night. morning. we'll be back 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. that's all. thank you. good night. we are getting our first look right now at the mangled remains of the device that literally blew up the boston marathon. these images could help investigators determine who is behind this deadly terror attack. and gone too soon. a mother heartbroken over the loss of her daughter. >> she was a wonderful person. everybody that knew her loved he her. >> patty campbell was originally told by the hospital that her
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daughter krystle survived the marathon bombing. and a night of healing. a candlelight vigil for one of the youngest victims of the marathon bombing, while in new york the yankee stadium crowd put aside their feelings for boston and channelled the signature sweet sound of fenway park. oh, my. that puts a smile on my face. >> what a moment. gives people of boston goosebumps. >> that matters. welcome to this special edition of "early start." i'm john berman. >> good morning. i'm brooke baldwin. it's 4:00 a.m. in the east. we begin with this. new developments in the boston marathon bombings. chilling photos just released. they show the remains of one of the explosive devices. wir wires, we're also seeing a
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battery and bits and pieces of what looks to be a circuit board. reuters saying the government official who did not want to be identified shared these photos along with these images of a mangled pressure cooker. as we look at the different photos, one appears to be a cluster, you see tiny bbs likely fused together and shot out after the heat of this blast. the fbi saying the second bomb was also in some sort of metal container. >> all those doctors saying they were finding the bbs and nails in the patients they were treating. and word that boston area hospitals released at least 100 of the 183 people injured in monday's attack. we're learning more about the third person killed, identified as a chinese grad student studying at boston university. we are respecting her family's wishes. we are not releasing her name at this time. we're following every new
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development in the boston marathon bombing investigation. pamela brown with the city's response to the attacks, senior medical correspondent elizabeth coh cohen, but we begin with susan candiotti. we learned overnight from the fbi has one of the two bombs was packed into a pressure cooker. the second was located in some kind of metal container. we don't know if it was a pressure cooker or not. susan, what else do we know knew this morning? >> good morning. these, as you said, are gripping photos taken by those fbi crime seen technicians. in particular, we are talking about a huge blast field that these things were found in. so just amazing work done by these analysts. as they found, for example, twisted debris, pieces of that metal container that the alleged bomber or bombers used to put
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this stuff together. so this is like a pressure cooker like you would use at home, that's what the thinking is. also in another photograph you see the remainder of what they describe as a black nylon backpack or some kind of a bag into which this metal container was placed. inside the metal container, all kinds of would-be shrapnel, pieces of nail. also you see -- what's important on one of the other photos, you see markings on the pieces of the metal container as well. this is crucial information for these analysts and fbi agents because they are going to take each and every bit of information that you see on those pieces of metal and they will be able to try to find down to the store possibly, if they can do it, where these items were purchased and therefore that could lead them to who did it. a pressure cooker was also part
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of a bomb that the would-be times square bomber used in 2010 when he tried to pack something into an suv. it didn't work out. someone saw what was going on. it goes to show you how common some of these items are for bombmakers as they try to put these kinds of explosive devices together. the fbi in the meantime have been pleading with the public for help. they've received hundreds of still photos looking for surveillance videos and are asking people for help. right now they said they don't have a clue as to who was behind this. they're asking for help. they said someone knows who did this. a friend or a neighbor, someone knows. john? >> susan it was such a striking phrase from the fbi leader in boston, someone knows who did this. thank you very much, susan candiotti. >> something like 2,000 tips coming in worldwide, but to her point on the pressure cooker, i was reading this morning not
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only the bb-like projectiles and nails puncturing skin and muscle, it was found embedded in some of these buildings. >> we are just a block away from the site where this all went down. those pictures we just showed you, brand new overnight. coming up in the next half hour, we'll speak with robert mcfadden, a security analyst, former senior official of ncis, the naval criminal investigative service. this morning the city of boston here is united in grief for the three people killed in monday's marathon bombing. look at these pictures. thousands of people turning out for a vigil last night, paying tribute to one of the youngest victims. cnn's pamela brown is here with that part of the story. good morning. >> good morning. what an amazing turnout there. as you could see, an outpouring of support of the family for martin richard.
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one of the many ways the community of boston is coming together to pay respects to the victims. an outpouring of raw emotion from a community struck by grief. friends and family of 8-year-old martin richard gathered in a park near his home to remember him and pray for his family. his 6-year-old sister lost his leg. his mother has a serious brain injury. on tuesday, friends and relatives dropped off flowers in the family's house in the dorchester area of boston. martin's picture celebrating his first communion, another with the sign that reads no more hurting people, now emblazoned in the minds of millions. one of the first responders, dr. kim mills tried to revive him. >> what she told me is she handed it off to the emts. she pronounced him and said he's dead. somebody said we need to start
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cpr. >> reporter: now he says his wife is grappling with the reality of seeing these pictures of martin. >> you could see she got quiet, the emotion coming back. >> reporter: the second fatality is krystle campbell, a 29-year-old from medford, massachusetts, a suburb to the north of boston. krystle was standing along boylston street. >> what kind of daughter was she? >> she was the best. couldn't ask for better. >> reporter: krystle would have turned 30 on may 3rd. the third victim is a chinese national and a graduate of boston university. the injury continue to recover and tell their stories. anderson cooper spoke exclusively with ron broussard. >> were you knocked to the ground? >> i wasn't knocked to the ground. i knew i was i hit with
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something because the pain that shot through my leg was incredible. >> reporter: across the country tributes to remember those who were lost. with the red sox playing away in cleveland, the indians held a moment of silence. and the yankees put their rivalry aside tuesday night to pay their respects, posting this message on the yankee stadium marquee, united we stand. and playing the boston favorite "sweet carolyn" in the bronx. ♪ back on the streets of boston, an eerie quiet on normally busy streets. for megan keeler returning to this scene after the, explosion brought back overwhelming emotion. >> i think it's just hurting me now, to be honest. >> reporter: what does it feel like? >> i feel really badly for everybody. i'm proud of this city. but it's -- people are waking up
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today, and their lives are very different. >> reporter: you know, obviously an outpouring of emotion from megan, coming back the day after the explosion. she told me i just can't stay away. i want to be here, be around here to pay my respect to these victims. i want to be a part of that. >> pamela brown, thank you very much. >> later this morning campbell's grandmother talks to our own chris cuomo about a girl she says was simply special. at least 100 of the 183 people injured in monday's attacks have been released from boston area hospitals. we want to bring in senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joining us live from brigham women's hospital where many of the victims are still being treated. elizabeth what are you finding? >> reporter: these stories are starting to come out of what these patients have had to endure. i want to tell you about one
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couple, one very special couple that reached out to help each other and to help others. so their names are nicholas and lee ann yanni. what happens is they were at the marathon, at the finish line just ten feet away when the explosion went off. so they managed to make their way to a clothing store and nicholas saw that his wife was bleeding profusely from her calf. and his wife had the presence of mind to be calm and say, honey, get those shirts off those racks and make me a tournequit. the whole time she's saying i'm worried about you how are you? are you okay? nicholas assured his wife i'm doing okay it turned out he wasn't, but he said i'm doing fine. he took shirts off the rack, made a tournequit for his wife
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and he said i will be go out and help a woman who was suffering, maybe unconscious or in shock. when he was helping her, this woman, the police came in said everybody out of the area if you're not injured. he said but my wife is back in the store. i have to help her. he looked up and his wife, the ems had found her, they were putting her in the ambulance. he said that's my wife, let me get in the ambulance with her. she had surgery for the injury to her calf. this is what he said after the surgery was done. >> it was like home. you felt safe, because you know the people you love are there with you. you know they're okay. >> reporter: it turned out the explosion had blasted a bone in his wife's calf. it turned out nicholas' ear drum had been pierced by the explosion. husband and wife are recovering
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in the same room at tuft's medical center. tuft's is one of 11 hospitals in the greater boston area that handled these injuries. john? >> so nice that they can be together. what a story. >> so many stories of people thanking strangers because they couldn't find their loved ones monday. thanking people for their kindness, eventually finding their loved ones at the hospital. amazing. elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. president obama is cancelling his thursday morning meetings at the white house to travel here to boston to honor the victims of monday's marathon bombings. we have been told he will speak at an interfaith service here, speaking late yesterday morning at the white house calling this a cowardly terrorist act. if you would like to help those affected by monday's devastating terrorist attack there is a way,
1:14 am >> many people needing blood in boston specifically. stay with cnn for live continuing coverage of the boston marathon attack, including chilling new photos here of the explosive device that inflicted all this pain and suffering. who did it? why did they do it? many, many questions this early wednesday morning. plus there is another very big developing story overnight. a letter addressed to a u.s. senator testing positive for the deadly poison ricin. where that investigation stands right now this morning. you're watching a special edition of "early start." lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love.
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edition of "early start." we are learning much, much more about the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. among the new developments, newly released chilling photos
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of the remains of one of the explosive devices. wires, a battery, a piece of what looks like could be a circuit board there. reuters reports that a government official who did not want to be identified shared these photos. these are brand new overnight and fascinating. >> there are these images we have of the pressure cooker. investigators believe it held the bomb. you can see clearly very mangled when the bomb detonated, but in another photo you will see what appears to be these teeny tiny bbs, these projectiles, this cluster that was blasted out once the pressure was too much for this pressure cooker. the second bomb was also in some type of metal container there as well. we'll have much more from boston on that, this investigation. but for a check of other gopp g developing stories, let's do to new york and zoraida sambolin. >> more tests will be done today to confirm whether a letter sent to a u.s. senator contained
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poison. an early sample determined it contained ricin. that letter was intercepted before it reached roger wicker of mississippi. we also know where the letter might have come from. we don't know, shannon, correct me if i'm wrong, we don't know who sent that letter. >> you're exactly right. we have a clue about where it might have come from. it was postmarked memphis, tennessee, but there was no return address. that's the information from the senate sergeant at arms terrance gainer in an e-mail to senators and aides. experts performed more tests today to determine if without a doubt the substance on the letter was ricin. a maryland laboratory confirmed the presence of ricin, but the fbi said feel tests can be unreliable but only a full analysis can determine if the poison was present. the fbi says those tests
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generally take 24 to 48 hours. those tests will happen at an army research lab in maryland. of course coming just a day after the terror attack in boston, it's reasonable to wonder if this potentially poisonous letter is linked to boston. the chairman of the house homeland security committee said at this point no. >> it did test positive for ricin. we have no evidence whatsoever connecting the two between the ricin incident and the boston bombing incident. since 9/11, since the anthrax scare, we have an off-site mail facility. it actually worked in this case where it was caught in advance, screened, presented from getting to capitol hill and the offices. >> one source tells cnn that senator wicker has been assigned secure it in light of all of
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this. we don't know if the letter contained ricin, we do know the poison is highly toxic. enough ricin on the head of a pin could kill an adult. >> so you worry about the postal workers and everybody handling the mail for the senators and the congressmen. straight ahead, cnn's continuing coverage of the boston marathon terror attack, including chilling new photos of the bombs that were used before and after they were detonated. and a final farewell to prime minister margaret thatcher. her funeral is about to begin. we'll take you live to london when this special edition of "early start" continues. u 8
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welcome back to "early start." funeral services for the iron lady, margaret thatcher, get underway in just about an hour from now. begins with the procession through the streets of london. she will be given a full military funeral. security will be tight with more than 4,000 police officers on patrol. cnn's dan rivers is in london. i understand there will be some protesters there as well? >> reporter: there are some protesters here. security is tight, especially given what happened in boston on monday. let's talk to hillary jones. some people talk about the taste of protesting at a funeral. what's your response to that?
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>> my response is that this kind of funeral is unprecedented. it's normal for royalty or wartime leaders to have this kind of sendoff. it never happened for another prime minister other than those circumstances. if you're going to spend our public money at a time of recession like this, they opened themselves up to those of us who felt like margaret thatcher's policies were so divisive and offensive, if we're paying for this funeral our opinions can be respected. >> briefly what will you do? >> we will turn our backs as the coffin goes by as the way she turned her back on those of us. >> so a peaceful protest, and the question is what will happen along the two-mile route. >> i know you're expecting an extremely large crowd. we'll check back in with you.
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dan rivers, thank you. cnn's special coverage of the boston marathon continues now. let's get you back to john berman and brooke baldwin, they are both in boston. good morning. >> thank you very much. we have a lot of new developments going on in boston with the investigation to tell you about. the crime scene behind us. we have new chilling pictures of the explosive devices that caused so much misery at the finish line of monday's race. >> plus we'll have the latest on the fbi investigation. remember, they are take the lead here. that's straight ahead on this special edition of "early start." [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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new photos here from the scene of the boston marathon bombing this morning show remains of an explosive device and what appears to be a circuit board. a lot of questions including could this provide a valuable
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clue for investigators here? >> thousands of people turning out for a candlelight vigil in the neighborhood of dorchester remembering a bright and energetic 8-year-old boy who died on monday. and new york and boston united in grief. a moment of silence and a special song at yankees stadium last night to honor the victims of the boston marathon bombing. welcome back to a special edition of "early start." i'm brooke baldwin. >> i'm john berman. right now it's about 30 minutes past the hour. new developments to tell you about this morning in the boston marathon bombings. the investigation does continue. the crime scene is one block behind us. chilling new photos shows the remains of one of the detonated devices. they show wires, they seem to show a battery and bits of what appears to be a circuit board.
1:32 am
the news agency reuters says a government official who did not want to be identified shared these photos overnight. we're looking at them for the first time. along with the images of a mangled pressure cooker. in one photo you can see what appears to ab cluster of bbs, likely fused together by the blast. the fbi saying the second bomb was also in some type of metal container. >> also boston area hospitals have released some of the initial 183 people injured. at least 100 are out of these different hospitals in the boston area. we are also learning more about the third person who was killed monday. a chinese graduate student studying at boston university. we are respecting her family's wishes, not releasing her name at this point in time. we want to begin here, the bottom of the hour, with this investigation. the fbi confirmed overnight that one of the two bombs used here in this boston marathon terror
1:33 am
attack on the other side of the boston public library was packed into a pressure cooker. the second was found inside some kind of a metal container, it's still unclear if it was a pressure cooker as well. national correspondent susan candiotti is live in boston as well this morning with more on the investigation. susan, good morning. what are you learning? >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about pressure cookers. these are pots that you would cook in. that's what we're talking about here when we talk about the people who responsible, one or more than one for putting together a homemade bomb. you can't look at these things often enough to see the hard work these investigators are doing trying to track down who is involved in this terrorist attack. we can see parts of the metal container, twisted bits and pieces of metal and also seeing
1:34 am
nails. also seeing, as you said, parts of what appears to be a circuit board, also a timing device. as well, there is a nylon bag into which this metal container or containers were placed. they believe they probably used a nylon bag, a backpack or some other type of bag in which these were placed then put on the ground to try to do maximum damage. these items that were put inside are providing the deadly shrapnel that was -- that what happened when it blew up that injured so many people and took the lives of at least three. when you look at these things, you see how someone was able to put these devices together. we have some animation to show you as well. this is sort of indicating when they put gunpowder inside with these pieces of shrapnel, and they were ignited. when the gunpowder ignited. the pressure built up inside this container, according to our
1:35 am
experts, and that blew the thing apart eventually. the fbi is asking for as much help as they can from the public. they already received hundreds if not thousands of tips and many photos, and they need more because they said someone out there knows who did it. >> the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative. >> reporter: certainly this is not the first time that known terrorists have used something like a metal container as part of a bomb. for example back in 2010, i'm sure we all remember in times square in new york, someone put a pressure cooker as well as other titles inside an suv. convict convicted terrorist faisal shazzad and it fizzled out or didn't go off. the same kind of homemade bomb
1:36 am
is being used in this attack as well. >> that's right. there were all kinds of fireworks loaded in that pressure cooker back in 2010. thank you. robert mcfadden is senior vice president of the strategic security firm called the sufan group, and a senior ncis official. thank you very much for being with us. we are look at these brand new images that we received overnight. the bits and pieces of this pressure cooker, along with what appears to be a circuit board, cluster bbs, the shrapnel that is designed to explode outward. you look at these pictures what does it indicate to you, if anything, about who might have pulled this off? >> good morning. it's good to be here. the fbi confirmed overnight what had started to trickle out yesterday. really quite reminiscent of a number of major cases i worked where a device like this was used.
1:37 am
i would say the best adjective to apply would be simple relative to saying it's crude. simple and deadly effective where individual or individuals involved used an item that can be filled with some kind of explosive, black powder for example, sealed, and then a triggering device hooked up and then detonated. there's little doubt that whoever was behind this meant to kill and maim as many as possible. >> let me ask you this, robert. i was reading there was the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula a couple years ago in a magazine, basically the title was make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. there was that instruction manu manuel, if you will, also in the anarchist's cookbook. can you glean anything from that as to who did this? >> unfortunately the short
1:38 am
answer for that is no, especially coming from outside the actual investigation. what it really points to is just the large amount of information out there on the internet and other open sources on how to make a device like this. one of the other things about using a pressurized device could be simple as a fire extinguisher. it's easy to practice and do test runs with something like this and easy to conceal because the actual using the device for the pressure provides the primary fragmentation. then items placed inside represented the secondary fragmentation for cutting and tearing. so it's been used by the spectrum of different terrorist groups around the world. my experience in the middle east and places like pakistan, yemen, even among the opposition movement in places like bahrain, it's a very commonly used device as well as extremists right wing
1:39 am
fringe elements in our country. >> it's so interesting that you say it's something you can practice with. one of the things brought out in the news conference yesterday with the fbi, they're asking the public have you heard an explosion? an unexpected explosion? something blowing up in a yard near you over the last few days to indicate someone was training, practicing to do this. also the fbi putting out a plea to everyone in the public, if they heard anything. they say someone knows who did this. wondering what you thought about that request from the fbi? >> absolutely expected. you see, in an investigation like this where it's national and international, it is a collaborative approach the way u.s. law enforcement goes about it. even if if was a lone individual, it's very, very difficult to do these kinds of things in the preparation phase, buying components to do it without being detected by someone such as family, neighbors, and others in the public.
1:40 am
so, excellent move. that's part of the massive amount of leads being followed now by law enforcement. >> robert mcfadden, thank you very much for being with us. three people lost their lives here in boston monday right at the finish line. among them, an 8-year-old little boy by the name of martin richard. he was there with his family to watch the marathon. look at them. cnn's gary tuchman has more on the youngest casualty of this tragedy. >> reporter: this is how martin richard will be remembered. the beaming 8-year-old boy holding the sign in a picture taken last year when he participated in a walk to promote peace in inner city boston. the sign declaring no more hurting people and the word peace. this is also how he'll be remembered. as a brother and son. martin was attending the marathon with his family on monday, the finish line. his father bill and older
1:41 am
brother henry on the lower left were not hurt. but his mother denise and younger sister jane were injured. his sister who was a dancer lost her leg and may lose part of the other leg. the father releasing a written statement describing this real-life nightmare. my dear son martin has died from injuries sustained in the attack on boston. my wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries. we thank our family and friends, those with know and though we have never met for their thoughts and prayers. i ask that you continue to pray for my family as we remember martin. we also ask for your patience and your privacy as we work to grieve and recover. thank you. on the house in dorchester, boston, friends and neighbors left flowers. we talked to a neighbor who saw bill return home monday night without his son and wife.
1:42 am
i said bill, he walked slowly into the house. his friend came over. i said is everything okay? he said, no. martin was the little boy that was killed. i was speechless. i didn't -- i think he probably said something about denise and the little girl -- >> his wife and daughter? >> right. i was in such a state of shock. i didn't hear what he said. i started to cry, i said if there's anything i can do. please let him know i'm here. >> reporter: this is also how martin will be remembered. a boston bruins fan. attending a hockey game at the bruins home ring, the td garden. he will also be remembered like this, a faithful boy who regularly attended church with his family and friendly and smart, too as his school said in a statement. martin was a bright, energetic young boy who had big dreams and high hopes for his future. we are heartbroken by this loss. martin's relatives took to twitter to write about the 8-year-old. one cousin saying i love you,
1:43 am
martin. you will be in my mind forever and ever. and martin will also be remembered this way, from an aunt on twitter writing martin, you were the sweetest, funniest boy. i'm going to miss you so much. but now you are an angel. gary tuchman, cnn, boston. >> one life taken way too soon here in boston on monday. he was a bruins fan. there is talk about whether sports can transcend what happened here. from hockey to baseball, the yankees and red sox rivalry. yankees stadium in the bronx, wig night last night. the home team offering a moment of silence and prayer for their rival city, specifically for young ones like martin and others killed and wounded in the boston marathon tragedy. and then from a moment of silence to a moment of song, the
1:44 am
yankees played "sweet caroline" a signature tune, bottom of the eighth played every game at fenway for the red sox games. the fans singing along. did you ever think yankee fans would be singing -- >> never thought i would see this. >> this neil diamond classic, touching the heart of the man who wrote the song, neil diamond. the singer took to twitter and thanked the rankyankees saying scored a home run in my heart. i was at the hotel down -- this guy felt the blast on monday. and when he found out the yankees would be doing this, he was tearing up. >> every red sox dude fan i have -- >> including yourself? >> we all got the lump in our throat. we saw the big "b" on the side of yankees stadium. >> never thought you would see that. up next on "early start," we are learning more this morning in this investigation into the double bombings here in boston.
1:45 am
we are also learning more about the victims as well. also the funeral procession for former british prime minister margaret thatcher is about to get underway in london amid tight, tight security there. we will take you to london live. you are watching a special edition of "early start."
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welcome back to boston and to a special edition of "early start." we're learning much more this morning about the investigation into the boston marathon bombings, which again just happened on the other side of the boston public library here, including some photos this morning. these newly released pictures of the remains of one of the explosive devices that now shows wires, a battery, bits of what looks like some kind of circuit
1:49 am
board. reuters says a government official who did not want to be identified released these pictures. >> also these images, images of the pressure cooker investigators believe held the bomb. badly mangled when the device detonated. and in another photo, you can see what appears to be a cluster of bbs which were likely melted together by the heat of the explosive. again, the shrapnel that injured so many people. investigators also say the second bomb was in some kind of metal container. not sure what kind yet, but they're looking into that as we speak. we want to check in on the day's other developing stories. zoraida sambolin is in new york for that. good morning. good morning to you. happening now, funeral services for former british prime minister margaret thatcher. they're about to get underway in london. it begins with a two-mile procession through london, she will receive a ceremonial funeral with full military honors. margaret thatcher was a controversial figure during her
1:50 am
time in power and protests are planned as well. some protesters say that they will turn their back on thatcher's casket when the funeral procession passes by. early tests show a letter sent to a senator from mississippi did contain a lethal biological agent, but more tests will be done today to make sure it was ricin. the letter was addressed to senator roger wicker but it was intercepted before it reached his office. authorities say it had a memphis post mark but they don't know who sent it. senators begin voting this afternoon on amendments to a gun control bill. harry reid says a bipartisan deal on expanded background checks will be among the first votes along with a proposal to ban sales of military-style assault weapons. the debate could last for two weeks or more. still ahead on "early start," did family guy predict the boston marathon bombings in an episode last month?
1:51 am
creator seth mcfarland says no and is blasting what he claims is an internet hoax. you're watching a special edition of "early start."
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welcome back to a special edition of "early start" live from boston. we want to talk about "family guy" creator seth mcfarland. he's angry about what he calls a "family guy" hoax making the rounds on the internet after the boston marathon bombings. so he says that an episode last month aired.
1:55 am
it was care pfully edited to predict the boston marathon bombing. mcfarland tweeted this "the edited family guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent. the event was a crime and a tragedy. and my thoughts are with the victims." >> awful taste. not funny at all. as we learn more about those who lost their lives here in this awful, awful event, the suffering of so many people, others are rushing to donate money to the victims of the bombing. here's the thing. you have to be really careful. there have already been charity scams. christine romans has the latest. >> reporter: americans are very generous at times like this. they reach into their pockets and scammers want to reach into your pocket with you. within hours of the attack, a fake twitter account was set up, claimed to be associated with the marathon, it offered a
1:56 am
dollar for every retweet. it was shut down, but not before 50,0 5,000 retreweets are made. dozens of new charity websites have referenced the bombing and have already been registered. experts say stick to well known name with established reputations, something that you know. most states require charities to register with a government agency, check with your state's attorney general or the better business bureau. ask how much goes to the victims and be wary of e-mail and text solicitations. there's a lot at stake. americans donated $3 billion after 9/11. you'll recall after the earthquake in haiti there was a rush of money to little-known, very new or not very transparent
1:57 am
legitimate charities even that didn't necessarily get the money there right away. just be very, very careful. we reach into our pockets after a tragedy like this, and scammers and criminals want to reach in there with you. brooke and john? >> it is infuriating to think that someone would try to cash in and capitalize on such a horrible thing that happened here. shame on them. >> there are so many good ways to give, to give money and also other things besides money. governor deval patrick yesterday was talking about giving blood. not today or tomorrow necessarily but next week and the week after, that's when they will run short. all right, thank you very much. coming up next hour, bostonian coming together to heal. thousands turning out for a candlelight vigil to remember an 8-year-old boy who touched so many lives. and developing overnight, these new photos of the bombs that caused so much pain and so much suffering.
1:58 am
can these pictures lead the fbi to whoever planted them? the latest on the investigation at the top of the hour. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay.
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