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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 17, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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stay with cnn for the aftermath of the boston terror attack. >> "newsroom" begins right now. happening now in the "newsroom," who did it? breaking overnight. new pictures of bits and pieces of the pressure cooker bomb and a plea from investigators. >> the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, or coworker. >> boston units as the city grieves. >> she was the one that touched me. >> families share their stories and struggle to recover. plus, eerie reminders of the days after 9/11. an envelope laced with deadly poison ricin, addressed to a senator, why? and mark sanford busted for trespassing on his ex-wife's property. yes that mark sanford, the man
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running for redemption in the u.s. senate race in south carolina. and star rookie. jack hoffman, the 7-year-old that touched the nation gets his own rookie card. live in the "cnn newsroom." food morning, thank you for being with me. i'm carol costello, a new development in the terror attack in boston. investigators have found the lid, an entire lid to a pressure cooker believed to very been d used in the bombings. that was found on a rooftop and that shows the remains of a pressure cooker, a shredded black backpack and what appear to be metal pellets. the device contained a gallon and a half of killing powder. partial circuit board also
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found. suggesting it may have been detonated by timer. one of the bombs may have been hidden in this light-colored bag on the sidewalk. but as you can see in the later photos, the explosion was roughly where that bag sat. let's get the troubling takeaway. one former fbi official says the bombs bear the hallmarks of domestic and international terror. in other words, investigators appear no closer to naming a suspect. poring over before and after photos like these. for the victims, most of the 183 people have been released from the hospital and we now know more about the third person killed. a chinese graduate student at boston university. we'll learn more about her in just a minute. in the meantime, some signs of normalcy in boston. two days after they attacked, many he'sing back into every day life, your honor the watchful eye of armed troops. cnn's don lemon in the heart of the city.
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good morning, don. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i'm glad to see some signs of normalcy. people are trying. how can you get when on almost every single corner you see humvees, police officers, members of the national guard. police officers from around the country getting directions just to get to our location and every officer we went to said you have to ask that guy, i'm not from here, i'm not from here. so much presence, so much security here, that it's hazard to even go outside or look outside of your window and not see someone who is involved in the armed services. even the parks here are loaded with people from all over the country. bus loads of people from the military. you know, as this city struggles to move ahead, the thoughts of a grieving city remains very grim. i want to go to pamela brown, covering that story for us. here is what she found.
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>> community struck by grief. friends and family of 8-year-old martin richard gathered in a park near his home to remember him and pray for his family. his 6-year-old sister lost a leg, and his mother has a serious brain injury. on tuesday, friends and relatives dropped off flowers in the family's house in the dorchester section of boston. martin's unforgettable smile is the face of monday's senseless attack. his picture, celebrating his first communion, and another say thaw says no more hurting people, no elm blazonned in the hearts of millions. the horror his wife ran toward after the blast. >> she told me, she handed it off to the emts, said he's dead and somebody said we need to start cpr and she said i don't think it's going to help. >> now he says his wife is grappling with the reality of seeing these pictures of martin. >> you can see she got quiet and
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tears welling up and the emotion coming back from yesterday. >> reporter: second fatality, krystle campbell, from a suburb north of boston, 29 years old. she was on boylston street when the explosions went off. >> what type of daughter was she, ma'am? >> she was the past best. i couldn't ask for a better daughter. >> krystle would have turned 30 on may 3rd. the third victim, a chinese national and graduate student at boston university, studying statistics. the injured continue to recover and tell their stories. anderson cooper spoke exclusives to ron in his hospital room. >> were you knocked to the grown? >> i wasn't knocked to the ground. i absolutely knew i was hit sw something. the pain that shot through my leg was incredible. >> reporter: meanwhile, across the country, tributes to remember those lost, with the red sox playing in cleveland, the indians held a moment of
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silence for the bombing victims, and the new york yankees put their rivalry aside tuesday night, to pay their respects. posting this message on the yankee stadium marquee, united we stand and playing the fenway park favorite "sweet caroline" in the bronx. ♪ sweet caroline bum, bum, bum things have never seemed so good ♪ ♪ >> back on the eerie streets of boston, quiet on normally busy streets. megan keeler returned after witnessing the explosion, overwhelming emotion. >> it's just difficult. >> what does it feel like? >> i feel so badly for everybody. people are waking up today and their lives are very different. >> pamela brown joins me now.
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i spoke to one gentleman who ran out to help people. and he said until this moment, didn't realize how angry i was. people are still trying to get over this and it will be quite some time until they can. >> we saw from meagan keilar who witnessed the explosion on monday and came back yesterday. i talked with her, what brought you back here? i was very apprehensive to come back, i feel like i need to be here. i feel like i need to be here, paying my respects to honor the victims. as tough as it was for her, you know, we are seeing that sort of across the board here in the city. united by grief, by what has happened. >> and, again, mourning tomorrow. nationally, carol, when the president comes. and not over yet. the investigation continues, again, national mourning tomorrow, once the president gets here, quite some time before people can get back to
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normalcy as you said. >> don lemon, thank you so much. back to the investigative find in boston. the lid to the pressure cooker, thought to have been used in the bombings, found on the rooftop at the scene. couple that with bits and pieces of wire, a control panel, nylon and maybe -- maybe it's enough to find a suspect. joining me now are tom fuentes, cnn analyst and former fbi assistant director and fran townsend, cnn national security analyst and former homeland security adviser to president bush. good morning to you both. >> good morning, carol. >> fran, you broke this latest find. the pressure cooker lid. how important could this be to the investigation? >> you know, carol, all of the pieces of the bomb after it exploded are important. they generate 1,000 leads, but this is particularly important. one for its size, and for its proximity. in other words, the bombmaker would have had to have touched it and may have left some sort
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of dna evidence, latent fingerprint evidence. something that may help investigators to actually identify the bombmaker. they will have to follow all of the investigative leads from these pieces, talk to manufacturers of various component pieces and talk to people who -- shops that sold these devices, whether it's batteries, wires, the pressure cooker, but the lid itself is a key find for investigators, that at least potentially we don't know yet, but could provide them with key evidence to identifying the perpetrator. >> it's just amazing it was found pretty much intact. the whole piece on a rooftop, so hopefully it will lead to something. i wanted to ask you this, will investigators actually recon trukt the bomb? >> yes, they will, carol. completely as much as possible. they want to see exactly how it looks, if possible, before the explosion. it will tell them what technique was used and probably how the person learned to assemble it. it will give them an idea of
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what that person was using as a guide or if they had a specific teacher show them how to do it. that's a very important -- that's how the investigation is similar to after an airplane crash when they reconstruct the plane to see exactly where the explosion happened and the parts that were closest to it. that's a very important feature, often, surprisingly, you can have something as part of the explosive device and yet still have the bombmaker's dna, hair, skin particles or some other fluid on there that can yield later the evidence you need to convict a specific person of having been the one to have that device together. >> a lot of speculation out there, but many analysts say the bombings bear the hallmark of a lone wolf. do you agree with that? >> all of the investigators we've spoken to, carol, say they really don't know. they don't whether was a foreign
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attack, a domestic attack. they don't know if it was a homegrown jihadist, inspired by an ideology. we know there are recipes, bomb making recipes in "inspire" magazi magazine, an al qaeda magazine, but also the anarchist group, which is a domestic group. when we heard the pressure cooker bomb, we heard that wouldn't help investigators come to a conclusion, who was behind this and why. but, again, the pieces may lead them to the individuals so they can answer that question. >> tom, i want to get a little bit into the psychology of a person who would do this no claim of responsibility as we know of, and the bomb made to cause the most damage possible. can you take us inside the mind of someone who would do this? >> well, possibly. you know, in a situation like this, you have the difficulty of the investigation is that this has the hallmarks of an
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international terrorist bombing. it has the hallmarks of domestic terrorist bombings and hallmarks of neither one. you don't have a group like al qaeda or taliban claiming credit like you might. you don't have a suicide bomber, someone martyring themselves in the process. the bomber still alive and out there as we speak. that creates difficulty. secondly, in the aftermath of this, there has not been someone really identified as i think my neighbor did it someone trying to contact me. many terror plots interrupted by the fbi or by the police the past few years is because the individual couldn't do it by himself. he tried to get help, in the neighborhood or in the community, somebody helped me put a bomb together. somebody helped me get firearms or explosive material and in that process, then the authorities are notified that there is an individual trying to
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recruit assistance. if somebody did this by themselves or maybe one or two people that are close knit, you don't have that kind of communication for an informant notifying authorities somebody is out there trying to do it. in terms of psychology, you could have somebody who is psychotic, not just a lone wolf, but maybe a psychotic person who has done this to give himself some kind of glory, almost a glorified pulling the fire alarm at school to watch everybody secure eye around, only in this case, kill people to do that we just don't know that yet, and, again, no group has claimed authority, no individual has claimed authority, and no, the individual hasn't been ratted out as you might say by cohorts, which adds to the difficulty of this, so somebody could right now be sitting at home, watching this and gloating that, hey, look at this, i did that. and i'm -- i'm indirectly famous on international television.
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>> okay. that kind of makes you sick, doesn't it? >> it is sickening, you're right. >> hopefully the pressure cooker lid yields some clues. >> other big story, the discovery of a ricin tainted envelope meant for a u.s. senator. on its way to republican senator roger wicker of mississippi. it's going through additional tests, results considered in a day or two. dana bash has more. >> cnn can now report that the envelope addressed to senator wicker did test positive for ricin at the actual lab. so there was a more formal and reliably positive test beyond the test conducted in the field. and we can report that the exterior markings sent to senator wicker was not outwardly suspicious. it was postmarked from memphis, tennessee. not that far from his home state of mississippi.
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they have closed postal facilities for two or three days while testing continues and law enforcement mess investigates and briefed senators were reminded to warn employees to be very vigilant in handling and processing all mail that comes to offices in the capitol and district offices in their home state. the very first spot for mail is at an offsite facility. that began in 2001 after a couple of senators received letters laced with anthrax. how much of a threat is ricin? ricin is toxic and lethal, but only when injected which is why the department of homeland security considers it category "b," or a lower threat agent as opposed to anthrax, which is much more deadly. >> dana bash reporting. senator wicker has additional security. sports helping boston return to some sense of normalcy and
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fans in other cities showing their support. let's just say. the red sox in cleveland last night, playing for the first time since the marathon bombings, a moment of silence for victims before the game. this jersey hung in the red sox dugout. boston strong with the city's 617 area code. even the sox' hated rivals had their backs last night. united we stand was put up at yankee stadium. and in the third inning, fans sang along to a fenway park favorite. "sweet caroline." ♪ sweet caroline bum bum bum ♪ things have never seemed so good, so good, so good, so good ♪ >> singer neil diamond tweeted his thanks to the yanks. thank you, new york yankees for playing "sweet caroline" for the people of boston. you scored a home run in my heart. with respect, neil.
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about 20 minutes past the hour. time to check other top stories. in london, people saying good-bye to the former prime minister margaret thatcher. they was given a ceremonial funeral. security tight with 4,000 police. 2,000 people at the funeral, including queen elizabeth and prince philip. she died of a stroke on april 8th. she was 87. the u.s. senate is set to vote on a bill to tighten gun control laws, first, an expand on background checks and mental health care. and also on the table, a ban on military style assault weapons. senators known as the gang of eight will unveil their long-awaited immigration reform
6:21 am
bill, all 844 pages, today. the bill proposes a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants and would increase border security and require employers to use the e-verify program to determine the legal status of job applicants. tragedy and sorrow in boston. people really feeling it there. one councilman has a bit of advice to fellow bostonians. let's check in with don lemon. >> hey, he certainly does. standing right next to me. we want to ask, is there a politically correct way to react to terror attack in your own city, on your own soil? five-time boston marathoner and city councilman said this. it's okay to be sad, it's okay
6:22 am
to be angry. we will find whommer did this and think wiey will be brought justice. we are strong, we are resilient. we are boston. the greatest city in the world. mat o'malley joins us now. we are thinking about how the folks in new york reacted during 9/11. how people are reacting now. people are more angry maybe than sad here. >> absolutely. such an influx of emotion. sad, angry, confused. it's okay to be that way. we don't know who to be angry at. we have those in law enforcement doing the work. >> the question, who may have done this, why they might have done it. just getting around. you look around. almost every street, especially downtown, blocked off. can't even get directions, you can't get to where you are going and police presence on every single corner.
6:23 am
>> yeah. >> make no mistake, we are thankful for the support. but it's jarring to see a humvee adjacent to one of the oldest libraries in america. we're not used to this. >> we learned of the pressure cooker and top of the pressure cooker. i had in this college, you had this in college. from time to time, they would explode. it has the capability of doing that. when you put ball bearings in it, that's something completely different. this is unnerving to you. why? >>'s a common appliance kitchens across america and think some monster would use it in a perverse way to kill, murder, injure so many people, it strains all decent thought. >> i want to put this on the screen. thomas friedman has an
6:24 am
interesting take. he is against any memorial in copley square. ""the new york times" op-ed. he said let's repair the sidewalk immediately. fix the windows, fill the holes and leave no trace, no shrines, no flower, no statues, no pla plagues, and return life to normal there as fast as possible. agree or disagree? >> it's difficult. still so new. one thing i do know, and i wrote about that, is that there is an iconic image, right on harrah, left on boyle, given as directions, but it's the last two streets to get to the finish line. to see that sign is the greatest feeling in the world. to know your friends and family members will be waiting for you. words can't describe it. and the fact that some monster, some terrorist sought to change that, so unfathomable to me. we are a strong people. we are resilient. the marathon is such a
6:25 am
uniquely -- the marathon is such a uniquely boston event. a red sox game at 11:05, the kickoff to spring. it's a wonderful family day and to see some of the victims, the children that were killed, it's just -- it's horrible. >> as a citizen and representative here, will you ever be the same? >> i think we'll be stronger and better. this has changed things. this is the marathon monday was perhaps the darkest day in this city's long and rich history. but we are a tough people. we will find who did this. they will be brought to justice, and we will, you know -- the best example of the spirit of boston was right after. you saw it in the video right after the bombs went off and you saw people running to the victims, runners, first responders, volunteers, running to help people. that's what the city is all about. that's why we have the greatest city in the world. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you very much.
6:26 am
carol. "the dallas morning news" is reporting that kim williams, the wife of eric williams has been arrested in connection with the murder of the kaufman county district attorney and his wife. martin savidge on the phone. bring us up to date. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i had a conversation with the kaufman county jail and they are refusing to give any comment about the latest development. it is quite a bombshell. according to "the dallas morning news," the wife of a former justice of the peace. he's already being held in the kaufman county jail for making a terroristic threat, but 46-year-old kim williams was apparently booked into the kaufman county jail at about 3:00 this morning. and she has been charged with one count of capital murder. now, remember, this is the county that has been shocked by
6:27 am
three murders, including the district attorney a couple of weeks ago, his wife. they were brutally murdered. gunned down in their own home and then the assistant district attorney, gunned down at the end of january. that sparked a massive federal and local investigation. that has looked in many different directions. the former justice of the peace is one of the avenues they have been investigating. eric williams has not been declared even now as a suspect in the case. you have to wonder since, according to "the dallas morning news" since his wife is now charged with capital murder if things will change rapidly in that regard. >> it wonders -- why police haven't charged him. i wonder if he wasn't as involved as she was? >> reporter: this case has frightened and really rattled this otherwise quiet part of texas.
6:28 am
even though it's located not far away from dallas and ft. worth. and on top of that, the man, eric williams, in so it's not like he's going to go anywhere. authorities want to build a case, make sure they have the evidence and make sure they have it right. that would include gathering ballistics. a number of search warrants. one where they searched williams' home, another where they searched a storage unit that belonged to him. in the storage unit, it was found he had a vehicle -- a vehicle described by a number of witnesses said to be in the area of the murder of the d.a. and then on top of that, there were reportedly a cache of weapons. so there could be ballistic testing going on and they want to make sure they have it all right before they bring charges. f again, the fact that his wife is in ku custody charged with murder says a lot.
6:29 am
>> martin savidge, reporting live this morning. talkback question today. how should we memorialize the boston bombings? talk of there being no reminder whatsoever of the heinous and cowardly act of terror? or tweet me at @carolcnn. i turned 65 last week.
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earlier this morning, good news out of boston. most of the people injured in the bombings have been released from the hospital. not to say there aren't plenty in the hospital being treated. let's head to boston to find out more. good morning, don. >> yeah, good news, but still again, a long way to go. of the 183 people hospitalized in monday's attack, 100 have been sent home. at least 100 of them. senior med corral correspondent elizabeth cohen at brigham & women's hospital with the update on the latest. how many survivors are being treated? what are their injuries, elizabeth? >> the injuries are a wide
6:33 am
range. some people aren't very severely injured. as fwhoete we noted, they have discharged. and others have had to have a leg or both legs amputated. yesterday at boston hospital, they had ten patients in critical condition, today, only two. one couple shared their story. they were only ten feet away from the blast. their names are nicholas and lee ann yanni. they managed to get to a store that sold clothing. the husband looked at his wife, saw blood gushing from her calf, he tore shirts from the racks and made a tourniquet. he went out to help other people. he saw his wife getting on the ambulance. she had surgery on a shattered bone in her calf this is what he
6:34 am
had to say after the surgery. >> it was like home, like you felt safe, because the people you love are there with you, and you know they are okay. >> nicholas yanni says his wife are as cool as a cucumber through the entire thing. now they are recovering in the same room in the hospital. tufts one of the hospitals taking care of the wounded. don. >> elizabeth, we heard how crude these particular bombs were. we heard about ball bearings, how is that treated? how is that being treated? >> you know, we've been told by doctors that most of these little pieces of shrapnel went just below the skin, so they had to be cleaned out. the big injuries, things they are worried about the most are not from the shrapnel, they are
6:35 am
from the explosion itself. >> senatior medical corresponde elizabeth cohen. >> much more to come and the latest on the investigation. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away.
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new information to cnn. coming from cnn's fran townsend. our security expert saying that a lid to a pressure cooker much like this one. a six-liter pressure cooker, believed to be what caused the blast. fashioned with ball bearings. the lid to a pressure cooker found across the street from the finish line of the bofrp marsto marathon. a lid to a pressure cooker, much like this one. found across the street from the finish line there at the boston
6:39 am
marathon, and, again, that's what investigators will use to try and put together -- piece together exactly what happened. and in the wake of all of this, of this terror attack on monday in boston, you know, it has gotten people really envelopner around the country. people are tennesseei attending and that is car races. miguel marquez will join us to talk how they keep crowds safe at other events. >> reporter: it will be difficult, don. people around the world are watching boston, hoping learn lessons. when it comes to security at big events, despite the number of people attending, each prevents a different security challenge or nightmare. >> super bowl football game or world cup soccer, the majority
6:40 am
of people are confined in a stadium. >> reporter: places like dodger stadium, easier to protect. vigilance and security increased since boston. more thorough bag checks, more police presence. but in public venues, mass crowds not secure bid stadium walls, security concerns multiplied. boston is reassessing security plans for 35,000 runners and tens of thousands of fans lining the route. it's the same problem in tempe, arizona, at this week end's pat tillman run. >> extremely challenging, not a secure environment. we can't put fences around, can't put an officer every two feet. we rely on every set of officers. >> so many radicalized groups, so many individuals out there, so many large events and soft targets, regardless of the event, the best security is knowing of the threat before the events occur.
6:41 am
that means intelligence and lots of cameras, electronic surv surveillance and more law enforcement. >> for the most part, the public has said we'll accept that, it's the world we live in. >> reporter: identifying who carried out the bombing will help security officers everywhere, but no way will it change the threat to large public events. russian officials have also said in sochi for the winter olympics, they are watching what happens. and it's music festival season. it's the coachella vest festival and 4th of july events are very open events as well. all authorities looking at boston. hoping once they figure out what happened in boston it will help them go forward and make their venues more secure as well. don. >> all right. miguel, thank you.
6:42 am
the season, starting to warm up. more outdoor events, concerts, more ball games. i want to give viewers information on breaking news here at cnn. our security analyst, fran townsend, getting information this morning that right across the street from the finish line to the boston marathon, a pressure cooker top found on the roof of a building. two pressure cookers they believe -- investigators believe that was is what caused these two particular explosions here. they believe that the bombmaker fashioned the pressure cooker into a bomb by using nails and ball bearings and other explosive materials. more information on the breaking news and other stories when we come right back on cnn. ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more
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"the dallas morning news" reporting an arrest in connection with the kigz ofllin a kaufman county district attorney and another attorney. any more about the arrest? >> reporter: we're trying to work this through. the officials at the jail at kaufman county jail, where this woman is taken into custody are not allowed to sn ed ted to say. it was posted on the website, kim williams, age 46, was booked in at about 3:00 a.m. "the dallas morning news" says she is the wife of a form every justice of the peace and being held on a capital murder charge this is the first arrest directly being tied to those terrible murders that took place in kaufman county and it shocked not just the county, but shocked the nation. you had an assistant district attorney gunned down in broad daylight, outside the courthouse
6:47 am
and then about a month and a half later, two months later, the district attorney and his wife both brutally murdered inside their own home. it triggered a wave of fear and it brought not just local investigation, but federal prosecutors, but now to find out that the wife of this former justice of the peace has been charged is pretty interesting and let me tell where you the justice of the peace fits in all of this equation. we're talking about eric williams. he is one of several avenues that authorities say they had been investigating. including white supremacist groups and others. so he has never been labeled as a suspect. or prime suspect. in fact, yesterday when i asked investigators about mr. williams, they said he is not a suspect. but he is in custody on another unrelated charge to the murders here. now that his wife is brought in overnight, she is charged with capital murder, it's an eye opening experience for many in this county here, and you can
6:48 am
bet the things will now move pretty quickly. we anticipate to hear more in coming hours, carol. >> we'll let you get back to it. martin savidge, reporting breaking news this morning. we'll be right back. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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. there is new information into cnn now about the bombings in boston. fran townsend saying a pressure cooker lid was found, believed to be found on a roof not far from the marathon site. not far from the finish line. that will be used with other information and other materials found to piece together exactly what happened. we're also being told the remains of the pressure cooker being found at the scene, there are metal pellets and ball barings, and a nylon bag, that were found at the scene, and they're being send where the pieces will try to be reconstructed. these pieces suggest that each
6:52 am
of them was a six liter, 1.6 gallons in volume. and the recovered parts included part of a circuit board that may have been used to detonate a device. that's information coming in from sources close to this investigation. they're going to look at timers and circuit boards, anything found at that scene to try to piece together exactly who did this and how they did it. again, cnn found, has learned, that a pressure cooker lid, believed to be used in one of the explosions, found on the roof of a building right across from the finish line. more information right after the break.
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all right, we want to take you to the new york stock exchange right now. stocks are sharply down, and we're all wondering why. >> a couple things in the mix today. global economy is in focus, and also slowing growth in china is weighing on the market as well. bank of america missed earnings.
6:56 am
it looked like consumer banking, the biggest division in that company, saw profits dip from a year ago. also, it is the fifth major bank to propose earnings. b of a is the first to miss, we're watching them tumble more than 3%. yahoo shares are up a bit, the high moon may be over for marisa meyer. they reported a lousy first quarter. so you know what, you roll all of it together, and it's got the broader market pulling away from those record level lslevels. allison kosik reporting live from the new york stock exchange. the next hour of "news room" after a break. [ male announcer ] with wells fargo advisors envision planning process,
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good morning, everyone. i'm don lemon in boston. we're going to begin with this. i'm holding in my hand, the lid to a pressure cooker. why? because the new development coming in from this week east'' terror attack includes exactly this. we believe it was used in the bombings. take a look at these new pictures. that pressure cooker lid found
7:00 am
on a rooftop may go with the images that surfaced overnight. they show the remains of a pressure cooker, a backpack, and what appears to be metal pell s pellets. they should pack about a gallon and a half of killing power. a partial circuit board was also found. also, once of the bombs may be hidden inside this light colored bag on the sidewalk. as you can see in these photos, in these later photos here, the explosion is rough will where the bag sat. one former fbi official says the bombings there welcome the hall mark of domestic and international terror. so they appear to be no closer
7:01 am
to naming a suspect in this bombing. they're pouring over before and after nophotos like the ones on your screen, and most of the 183 people have been released from the hospital. we now know more about the third person who was killed. investigators have not released her name yet. let me show you the top of this, a pressure cooker, especially if you live county south, most of your moms cooked with these, we went to college with them. i had one in my dorm room. from time to time if you left them on, if the pressure got too high, they would explode. if you put ballbarings, nails,
7:02 am
and other things, they can explode and hurt many, many people. take a look behind me, this is what most of the streets around here look like. the presence of police officers, the presence of the national guard, army, military officers everywhere. there are academic points on streets. you see here the boston police van here, medical, there is a number of these all around the city. even getting to our hotels, there's check points with national guard there with gears and they're making sure you don't go up or down or enter certain streets in our countries. millions of americans turn to social media and twitter. i spoke with one man that tweeted this crisis as it unfolded. his name is bruce mendelson.
7:03 am
take a look at what he told me. it happened here. we've seen it, it happens in baghdad, it happens in barcelona, it happens in london. it happens everywhere. and we all have to be prepared for that, but not at the expense of things that make us proud and happy as a people. >> that's what he told us about that. here is the cover of the paper here, it says a grim hunt for answers. you see the people, the guys on the roof here in their hazmat suits. this is the roof of the building across from the finish line, possibly, possibly where they found the top to that pressure cooker. we're going to move on now and update you on more information.
7:04 am
we're going to talk about the scraps found at the sight, they're being sent to the fbi laboratory, and they will try to reconstruct the bomb. we have susan candiotti here, what do you know? >> the photographs that we're now seeing are giving us a close up look at what investigators are looking at. some of the things they're retrieving from this very large blast field. and it is raising all kinds of questions. like the person or persons who built this bomb. were they using an instruction manual, or was someone teaching them what to do? crime scene photos show parts of a pressure cooker. some show a wire attach todd a
7:05 am
battery. a circuit board, and a bloodstained zipper pull tab. investigators are also coming through hundreds of photos from the scene including this one where a light colored bag sits next to a mailbox. the before and after ter images capture it's proximity to one of the two locations. the fbi needs help. after all, someone knows who did it. >> the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, coworker, or relative. crime scene technicians also found gun pouwder residue. as an explosive expert explains to chris lawrence. >> since it was so tightly packed with people, they took the brunt of the explosion and details. >> it was part of a homemade
7:06 am
bomb in an suv that fizzled. as of now, authorities have no clue who is behind it. >> the range of stpts and motives remains wide open. >> reporter: so they're working with scraps of metal, nails, all kinds of components. and they're trying to pete it together and recreate it at an fbi lab. they're also trying to learn who did this. don, back to you. exactly, everything has a signature, everything has a signature, a stock number, a serial number, and i want to
7:07 am
talk to you about this and ask an fbi agent as well, here is the thing, they said the fragment that included a circuit board, indicating they were detonated on a timer, perhaps, rather than remote control, that may give more information about when they got there and when they left, right? >> exactly, and where did they place this as well. was it closer to the street, under a viewing stand? and how much time did that person give himself or herself. that is another reason why it is so critical for them to find any photographs in particular that were taken before the bomb blast went off. you never know what clues you might find, don. susan, thank you very much. of course, so far, we believe
7:08 am
according to officials close to this investigation telling cnn now that a lid to a pressure cooker, found very close to the scene of the blast, across the street from the finish line. a lid much like this one, from a pressure cooker much like this one, found across the street or very near the finish line to provide the biggest clue yet as to who did this and how they did it. we're trying to break down how the fbi will use all of the little pieces and the big pieces of evidence to track down the suspect. joining us now from washington is bomb expert and former military analyst a.j. clark. thank you for joining us. we learned information this morning that authorities found the lid to the pressure cooker on a rooftop. how big of a find is that?
7:09 am
>> in bomb signature development activity, as they try to determine the time of bombmaker and what was used, this plays into that. this is one just small piece that will make up the bigger picture. >> so i want to talk to you about the pressure cooker, about the other scraps they found, bomb making materials possibly, about the possible detonator and the timer and all of that. can they track the serial numbers to find out who bought the pressure cooker and these other devices and materials? >> you have a mix of different clues and pieces of information that will be able to be tracked. but the biggest clue will be the compilation of all of the data and intelligence. and you will look for things to
7:10 am
identify the signature of the bombmaker to see if there was other trends in law enforcement databases or military databases. so just some of the serial numbers could lead you back to manufacturers, but the real intelligence and analysis is occurring around the entire picture that brings in a broader set of information across the u.s. federal agencies, the military, and international agencies that could be supporting. >> you know, it tells us where it was bought, and it doesn't necessarily tell us who exactly bought it. is there a fear they won't be able to track down who bought
7:11 am
it. >> absolutely, depending on the information shared, there may be security cameras at a store that could have been responsible for selling the component. that's just one piece of this picture. as you have law enforcement professionals analyzing this, the picture is much broader. and if for some reason they do run into a dead end trying to investigate the specific components, where they were bought, they will broaden their reach to look to other intelligence agencies and historic patterns and use technology to look across every explosive device that the u.s. and our partner nations have encountered and look for patterns associated with that. and start looking for individuals responsible for training, or responsible for conducting similar attacks. >> okay, a.j. clark, thanks to
7:12 am
you. carol, back to you in atlanta. they have their work cut out for them, but that's exactly what these guys do. they use the material they have, and that's how they find out exactly who did it, carol back to you in atlanta. this is cnn breaking news. the "dallas morning news" says there has been a arrest in the killing of the coffland district attorney. martin, tell us more. >> yes, you're right. there have been many avenues that authorities have been investigating. this woman was never mentioned to us by any of the authorities, but she is identified as kim williams, 46 years of age. she was booked in at 3:00 a.m.
7:13 am
this morning. so clearly she was brought in at a time when there would not be a lot of attention. she is a wife of a former justice of peace, and she has been charged with capital murder. it's the first charge for the killings of the coffland district attorney and his wife. so how does this case move forward? if the wife is in custody, and she is charged with capital murder, what about the husband? the husband is in custody, but he is charged on an offense unrelated to the murders of the district attorney, and that's eric williams. the reason you know it's a critical juncture here, carol, is because everything you reach out to in law enforcement is suddenly saying nothing which is an indicator that something big
7:14 am
is coming. >> i can hear you're ready to do more digging. more tests this morning to see if an envelope sent to a member of the u.s. senate indeed contained ricen. it was flaked at an off site mail facility. post offices remain closed this morning. dana barb is in washingtsh is i this story. >> as we speak there is additional tests on this envelope. as of yesterday, the chief law enforcement official of the u.s. senate told senators, and made a clear, broad statement that he does believe what was found in this envelope to senator wicker,
7:15 am
is that it was ricen, but late last night, the fbi issued a statement saying they don't feel as confident, there needs to be additional tests done. and that's what's going on as we speak in a lap in maryland which is not too far from washington dc. never the less, the senators were briefed and told to be very careful. >> what is senator wicker saying about this? does he feel targeted or was it just a random act? >> he is not saying anything really at all. he is being very careful, very mum. our producer is at his office
7:16 am
right now and they're repeating what they said last night and said this is a matter for law enforcement to deal with. he and his wife say thank you for all of your help, but he has been very careful not to say too much. i think understandably so. on that note, i should say that a law enforcement official told me they're certainly talking to a lot of people, it is an on going investigation. claire mccaskill said there might be a suspect, but they're not quite yet ready to put anybody in custody or nail down who it was. it was post stamped from memphis, tennessee, which has you know is not too bfar from te border of the state of mississippi. >> dana bash.
7:17 am
thanks so much. coming up, people in need in boston, other people filling those needs by opening their homes, wallets, cooking meals, and doing a million random acts. [ female announcer ] you walk into your laundry room and it just hits you! that nasty odor coming from your washer. say farewell to the smell with tide washing machine cleaner. it goes straight to the source of the stink to lift odor-causing residues off your washer's drum. tide washing machine cleaner. [ female announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪
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7:20 am
good morning, everyone. i'm don lemon live in boston, and i'm holding here the lid to a pressure cooker. this is a cnn exclusive. we learned that investigators found the lead to a pressure cooker, much like this one, believe todd have been used in the bombing. i want you to look at these pictures. they show that a pressure cooker, found on the rooftop, may help put together these images. they show a pressure cooker, a shredded black backpack. the device can hold about a gallon and a half of killing power. the bombs may have been
7:21 am
detonated by timers, according to chdh one of the bombs may be hidden in this light colors bag on the sidewalk here as you can see in these later photos here. the explosion was roughly where the bag sat. but here is the troubling take away. one former fbi official say the bombi inin ining bare the hall domestic and international terror. so investigators are no closer to naming a suspect. they're pouring over photos like these. most of the victims have been released from the hospital. here you go, right here, a pressure cooker lid, similar to this one, found on the roof across the street from the finish line. they believe that it was fa
7:22 am
fashioned into a bomb, this is what held it all, a lid similar to this one. i want to bring in someone that really knows boston. it's a big city with a small town feel to it. this is in dorchester. it was planned just a few hours in advance. most of them heard about this through word of mouth. i'm going to bring in adam, who knows about all of the ways that boston comes together, you're editor of the universal hub, right? it's how people in boston help stay informed right? >> right, boston is a very active community on twitter, and somebody set up boston help within a couple hours of the explosion to try to coordinate help for the runners that could not get back to hotels, no place
7:23 am
to change, no place to use a phone. thousands of people found the resources on a spreadsheet on google. that's an example of how the community can really help. >> as i stand here, it's eerie for me to hold this top to the pressure cooker, it's kind of jarring and scary to realize that someone would have the capacity to just go into a store to purchase something like this and cause this much destruction and heart ache in your city. >> right, you have been able to do this for a long time. timothy mcveigh used common fertilizer. this is not the end. we're not going to cower. i used the subway today, it seemed perfectly normal. there's a change in our routine, but we will get over it.
7:24 am
>> you were pointing to the officers, military, and police presence, and just about every street here. you see that but you're helping police officers, investigators, and volunteers as well? >> what i think it's done is police have set up their own online systems where they have been asking for photoing, video, and what not. i think what is different is the speed in which people are connected to help people. the vigil, 1,000 people showed up, most of that was word of mouth. in four hours online, people hearing aid raced $15,000 for a family. >> yes, for martin richard. >> yes, i don't know the poor folks, but i know people who do. i think the circles that are
7:25 am
spread so wide, everyone wants to do smiomething. the red cross had to tell people to top coming to donate blood. >> it's amazing that you're doing what you're doing. #bostonhelp on twitter. if you want to help out, you can go to your exact our world page, and we're going to continue updating the page as additional needs are identified and more information becomes available. the address is as president obama prepares for his trip to boston tomorrow, we're getting new information in, the fbi is keeping him updated on the latest. why he is saying we may not get answers to quickly. that's next. [ tires screech ]
7:26 am
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7:29 am
listen, the president will visit boston tomorrow, but i want to show you exactly what he will face. starting here at the hotel, we're in copley square. here there are members of the national guard, as we pan back to the left. you see the police barricades here you see the police barricades, you see the humvees, you see a special operations van here, a number of balances, the medical unit near, and overhere, uhaul for information and material, another humvee here. this is just one square here. there are so many more of these repeated throughout the city. every single hotel, the shopping
7:30 am
malls, what have you. all of them, loaded with security, even checking identifications. also late last night, we also learned that the president is getting briefed on new details of the information. the president has more meetings scheduled today with other senior officials as well. brianna is at the white house, all of the security will be compounded tomorrow as the president enters and exists town. >> reporter: that's right, don. he is keeping an eye on the investigation lead by the fbi. he is being briefed today. he was also briefed overnight by monaco. tomorrow he heads to boston. he will be delivering remarks at
7:31 am
the cathedral of the holy cross. president obama will be serving in a role as consoler and chief. he reflected here in recent days. he talked about those who ran in this marathon, people who had gone through this grueling race, and even after that went to the hospital to give blood to those who were injured. we heard him touching on the tone and inspirational stories. >> all right, thank you very much brianna. when we come back, i want to show you new exclusive photos of the bomb, the investigation, and i will be talking live with one of the first people on the scene. change makes people nervous.
7:32 am
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7:35 am
believes to be used in the bombing. these images show the remains of a pressure cooker, a sledded black backpack, and metal pellets. also, a circuit board that suggest that the devices were detonated by a timer. according to whdh here in boston, one of the bombs may have been hidden in this light colored back on the sidewalk. minutes later there was an explosion roughly where the bag sat. let's talk act the people who responded. president barack obama praised the first responders that rushed into the chaos. police and firefighters are teaming up to offer a $50,000 reward for information on those
7:36 am
bombers. so joining me now -- first of all, thank you for much for what we do. you weren't one of the fist on the scene, but your responders were the first to arrive, rushing into danger. and they have experience. they know what to do when bombs go off. >> yes, we had boston police and boston ems. we train together. ma marathons, special events, and teams we're usually there, and thank god they were there, and we worked together. >> you want to raise money, tell me about that. >> it's a victim's fund. it's the first responder's victim's fund. it's at the boston howard credit union, and it's brought up through the boston police, the ems, and the firefighter union.
7:37 am
>> what do you hope to two? >> 100% of the funds will go to the victims for whatever they need or to help families out. >> how can viewers help cricket. >> it's bostonfire fighters credit union at 60 howard street, dorchester, mass, 02124. it will also be up on impact your world. thank you very much, rich parish, please tell your guys and ladies they're doing a wonderful job. thank you so much, we appreciate you coming on cnn. all right. >> we'll be right back. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school.
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7:40 am
and we have been following this bit of breaking news all morning long. the "dallas morning news" have an arrest. have you managed to find out anything else about this strange twist in this case? >> authorities are still extremely tight lipped here. we have reached out to many. what's being reported is that kim williams, 46 years of age, was booked into the jail at 3:00 this morning charmed with
7:41 am
capital murder in connection with the murder of the district attorney, his wife, and the assistant district attorney. this is the first arrest directly tied. kim williams, according to the "dallas morning news" is said to be the wife of a former justice of the peace, eric williams. here is how this all fits into the fair you that authorities talked about. eric williams last year was convicted of stealing country property. the plan that directed his prosecution was the district attorney mike mcclellan. is that any motivation for murder? that's what authorities have been looking into. but i tress even as recent as
7:42 am
yesterday when i directly put that question to authorities, are you looking at eric williams, they said that he is not a suspect. she is behind bars and charged with capital murder. >> so many questions, martin savage, thank you very much. for more, let's talk to former fbi director. so is it possible the wife had something to do with the murders and not the husband? >> i would say since she is charged with capital murder, it's very possible and very probable. i would like to add that on april 2nd i did an interview with ed lavindera. they had just been informed that about four hours after the
7:43 am
murder of the mcclellans williams met with the police at a restaurant, and the police took swabs of his hand for gun powder residue. that would indicate that within hours of that the police were already suspicion us of the williams. >> a strange twist in this murder case, the wife of eric williams, who was at the very at least a person of interest. okay, tom, continue with what you were saying.
7:44 am
>> i was saying about four hours after the murders or after the police were discovering the murders, williams' attorney reported that his client, eric williams, met with the police at a restaurant in kaufman the same day as the killings, and police took swaps of the hands for gunpowder residue. ed was asking me at the time whether that would call if i them for, or at least -- eric, if he was the person swabbed as a person of interest. and i said of course they don't swab at random. and as you recall, when the murder was reported, everybody was concerned that maybe this was part of an arian brotherhood
7:45 am
plot. they were part of an arrest of 34 members, but no other information has come up. so it shows from the beginning of the mclelland murders, police were not focused on the arian brotherhood, they had strong suspicion to look at the williams from the beginning. >> why charge the wife and not the husband? >> they could still end up charging the huds. they're still examining evidence, and you also have the possibility that it may have been a murder for hire. we may not have a situation where the wire or the husband showed up at the mclelland house and open fired. so it could be that they hired someone else to do it, and more could come out in the next few
7:46 am
hours and few days. >> thanks so much. >> okay. >> needless to say, it's a difficult time for many families in boston right trying to understand why their loved ones were victims in this bombing at the boston marathon. [ male announcer ] if she keeps serving up sneezes...
7:47 am
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7:48 am
getting some new investigation here back in boston, drew griffin is right here, he just walked up to me with this, right out of the bomt, and you're saying -- this is the spanish company maker that made this. it's a company in spain, you see it's made in spain on the bottom. this from the serial numbers
7:49 am
given out we believe it's the exact same pot. we're just pulling it out. it says gas electric. and i will move my finger over this way, this is the 6 l. these are identifying marks that we saw in the crime scene photos. >> can you see that? >> we did note yesterday that pieces of this pressure tooker was found on the roof, and it was apparently the lid on one of these. these are very common, 50,000 shipped to the u.s. we just looked up within this area code, nine different stores
7:50 am
that sell these within a mile of us. >> saying to the folks on the air and the people here earlier, i had one of these in college. my mother cooked with these. from time to time, if you leave it on too long, it will explode. it's originally intended for food, but if you put nails in here -- >> crude device, but you back it in, and there is an ignition in here, and this lid pops on and tightens, and it stops. so now you have all of this heat building up inside as that -- say it's black powder, it builds up, it has nowhere to go, and then boom!
7:51 am
that's the explosion and everything inside comes out. presumably to the roof, and you imagine not just how dangerous that would be, and how easy it is to just put this in a bag or backpack. >> they're going to use this to rebuild it and other fragments. that backpack -- if we could put up pixtures on the backpack, they're marking what they believe to be this particular pressure cooker. also there is indications that it was on a timer rather than a remote control. >> all of that is very interesting. and extremely valuable.
7:52 am
when and if -- when they catch this person, to convict him. what is interesting about this is now we know where this thing may have been sold. the serial number may or may not tell us exact lip where it was purchased, because they're generally used i think for warrantees, recalls, etc., but there there's nine stores within a mile of here. spread out and ask these clerks. did anyone buy these that were weird. >> grab that back right there. you can get this at any store, walmart, target, you just went over to williams sanoma. >> yes, i think they delivered 50,000 units last year. we're still trying to -- the company is in spain, we reached out to them. we have not gotten a comment back. and as far as we know, the
7:53 am
federal authorities have not reached out to the company. >> and some people are wondering why are you showing this, it's teaching people. not really, it's so easy to do this, it's just -- they use material that you can find in everyday life. >> yes, why we're telling you this -- okay, look. this is not -- you could go on the internet and try to build a bomb. it's not that easy. so look. do you know anybody is in their backyard playing with this, walking around, you found a damaged one in a field somewhere, call. >> that's what police are saying. that's why they're asking to turn in video, pictures, or you may not think the information that you have means anything, but if you saw anything that you thought looked suspicious or
7:54 am
made you think twice. >> yes, a cleaning person that found one of these in a house on a kitchen table. who knows. that's what nay need to find the person. >> drew griffin, you can see why he is part of our investigative team here. this is believes to be like the exact one that the bomber used. that is exchew sieve information that cnn has about this. this one, similar to this, found on the roof, very near the marathon site. that's according again to our security expert fran townsend. more information right after the break. [ female announcer ] girls don't talk about pads... but they do talk about always infinity. [ marcy ] it's like memory foam. [ female announcer ] the only pad made from a revolutionary material. [ erina ] it totally fits to your body. [ female announcer ] it's incredible protection, you'll barely feel it. always infinity. tell us what you think.
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7:56 am
all right, we want to take
7:57 am
you right to oklahoma city. you see a uhaul truck sitting there in oklahoma city, police believe it was stolen, and the bomb squad is on the scene. this is very near where the federal building used to be. that was bombed back in 1995, so police are checking out this unattended uhaul van. all of the city and station offices have been evacuated just as a precaution. again, it could be something or absolutely nothing. we just don't know. but downtown buildings have been
7:58 am
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