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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  April 21, 2013 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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closed off to most for so long, sleeping, a 50-year nightmare for many of its citizens, finally, may be waking up to what? of its social securit securitys citizens. finally waking up, to what? time will tell. welcome here to boston. i'm john berman. this is a special edition of cnn sunday morning. we are live in boston nearly one week after the boston marathon bombings that frankly stunned this city and lent to that manhunt with the whole world watching. >> yesterday i just came many and i was talking to folks in the area. they said what's really shocking is to see what's still behind us. one week after and typically after the boston marathon, their city goes back to normal. >> we are standing one block away from the crime scene. from the finish line of the
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boston marathon where the twin bombings happened again. last monday the investigation into why it happened still very much going on. one brother dead, the other in a hospital right now. our susan candiotti is covering every angle of the investigation. susan? >> hi, john. when you think back of how quickly things have come together, one thing that comes to mind is this. how modern technology really helped investigators at every step along the way during the manhunt. we had the isolation of the still photographs of the two suspects that they issued to the public, issued to the world. and then, of course, we learned this. how after that carjacking on friday night and the alleged victim left behind a cell phone, that was in the car, that is how investigators were able to follow the ping of the cell phone in order to locate the two suspects in watertown. but right now all eyes are on the remaining suspect who is
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still alive dzhokhar tsarnaev. as investigators try to find out what secrets he holds. even if suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev wanted to cooperate with the fbi, he couldn't. sources tell cnn because of injuries to his throat the 19-year-old suspected bomb r can't talk yet. he's intubated and sedated. >> all the law enforcement professionals are hoping for a host of reasons that the suspect survives because we have many questions. those questions need to be answered. >> in this photograph taken right after his arrest, the college student's neck area appears covered with blood. the younger brother'ses cape was busted when a man found him hiding in his backyard boat. thermal images shows a white image of an object projecting
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heat. in another still photo you can make out the suspect's feet in black lying in the boat. a robotic arm moves in and lifts the tarp. . the police chief tells wolf blitzer about those moments. >> we began negotiations that way. over a long period of time, we were able to finally get him to surrender. >> agents yell at him to give himself up. police say there was an exchange of gunfire. authorities said his injuries came during thursday night's shootout when his brother was killed. agents spent the day combing over every inch of the boat collecting blood, hair and more to build a case against the suspected boston marathon bomber. and today prosecutors are continuing to work behind the scene putting together charges
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that will e eventually be filed against the suspect. but given his l medical condition, there's no hurry for his first court appearance. back to you. >> all right, susan candiotti, thank you. >> as police closed in on dzhokhar tsarnaev late friday night, a suburban street became a war zone. adam williams was so close he could smell the gun powder. here's some of his report. >> i'm behind the car. i'm hearing multiple gunshots. we're with police right now. we're trying to stay back right now, but we are surrounded by police and we're seeing police running, guns drawn and we have heard multiple gunshots. i'm standing behind the car now. it's not a good position to be in. the officers are putting on bullet proof vests.
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guns are drawn around me right now. there are probably ten different cruisers and officers getting out of their cars. they are running all around me right now. when we pulled up, the car stopped around me. i heard 20 gunshots and just staying down. i have never been in a situation like this. when we pulled up, multiple gunshots. so close i could smell the gun powder from where we're set up right now. i believe they have the suspect in custody. we have officers right now pointing their guns at somebody. they are backing up, though. they are backing up. everybody is running here. the police are backing up. they've got ten officers with their guns drawn and they are running back towards us. we are all taking cover now
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behind the vehicle. even police are taking cover behind their cars. >> take cover. >> adam, go. >> it's just amazing how that night unfolded. >> it it absolutely is. so many people who were involved. >> the entire city and the neighboring town toos. in three hours the university of massachusetts at dartmouth is set to reopen. that's the campus where dzhokhar tsarnaev was a student. it was evacuated friday as police tried to track down the bombing suspect. he was in watertown. school officials confirmed he had been back on campus after the attack sleeping in his dorm and working out in the gym. he apparently ordinary behavior and shocked friends and cla classmates. >> i was shocked that -- i was grateful he didn't place a bomb in our building in our hallway. we live right next to the guy. >> we're also learning more details about how the surviving
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suspect escaped friday morning's shootout and what may have really killed his older brother. >> the brothers were driving in two cars, including one that had been carjacked. we heard how his officers came under attack. >> walk us through what happens. the older brother, he's wounded. he's thrown out of the car. there are reports that the younger brother drove away and drove over his brother, is that right? >> eventually, yes. what happened was the first brother who died at the scene, he all of a sudden comes out from under cover and starts walking down the street shooting at our police officers trying to get closer. they are exchanging gunfire between them. he runs out of ammunition, the bad guy. so one of my police officers comes off the side and tackles him in the street.
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we're trying to get him handcuffed. there are two or three police officers handcuffing him in the street. at the last minute, they obviously have television. this is a stressful situation. one of them yells out look out and here comes the black suv, the carjacked car directly at thunderstorm. they dive out of the way and drags his brother down the street. >> in effect killing his brother. >> yes, that's what we think. >> the the 19-year-old is driving this car and he escapes so you pursue. >> right. at the same time, one of the transit officers realized he's been shot and hit in the groin and he has a serious wound. and has serious bleeding going on. one of my police officers whose an emt went and rendered him aid. they deserve credit for saving his life. he lost a lot of blood at the
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scene. there. but we hope he can make a recovery. >> how did the younger one escape? >> he drove off. there's still gunfire. he got down two or three streelts. we were in pursuit of him and he dumps the car and runs into the darkness of the streets. >> and that's it it? >> then we lost contact with him. >> he's running. you have no idea if he's armed or has explosives, but he's gone. >> we're assuming he has explosives and weapons. >> just amazing. the younger brother ran over his brother. that may be what killed hum. >> he's sitting in a hospital intubated. at the end of the day, what he says, that's what we're looking forward to hearing. suspects are also blamed for killing an m.i.t. police officer. coming up, how other officers are remembering him while his friends hope to keep his memory
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remembering the victims of the violence here in boston. three were killed from the blast from the bombings and sean collier was shot and killed thursday night while sitting in his car. >> and police officers and firefighters from all around the boston area saluted officer collier as a hearse drove his body to a funeral home yesterday. it's not clear why one of the suspects shot and killed him, but they say collier had been responding to a loud disturbance call. he had been a police officer for just over a year. >> last night huge crowds from the m.i.t. community came out to
3:14 am
pay their republics to collier at a vigil. those who knew him said he was always laughing and had a great smile. collier was born to be a police officer. >> and friends say collier love ed to go camping and hiking. they finally recalled how he brought ear plugs for his entire cabin so people could block out his snoring. now they are trying to keep his memory alive. >> it's heartbreaking. i really can't express -- the entire m.i.t. community in words. >> what is the message? is there a message that you would like to send? what this city has gone through is complete hell, complete horror. is there any message you'd like out there for people that you think sean might like out there, officer collier? >> the only thing i can think of
3:15 am
is i wrote this earlier. it was that we should all stay together, we should all stand together, laugh together, and remember together, just stay together because that's what the city is about. that's what our service is built on. this is what our whole community is built on is staying together. and i think sean is what he would want from us, is all to continue on. >> remembering sean collier, the fourth fatality in these terrorist attacks. more than 35,000 people running in london's marathon this morning. >> there's no doubt boston is on their mind. a live update coming up next.
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security is tight at the london marathon this morning. and understandably so. about 35,000 runners are taking part in the race that is now underway and clearly many more are you this morning to cheer them out. >> we're looking at still photos of the security. clearly the uptick in london. many of the people in london are remembering the victims of the boston marathon. they paused for a moment of silence before the start of the race and here's a clip of that from the bbc. >> spectators and runners are wearing black ribbons to honor the victims. our senior international correspondent is live in london at the halfway point. how is the mood there this morning? >> reporter: i have to say it's
3:20 am
pretty festive. you heard the moment of silence that was held before the race began and that's to show respect for the victims of boston. but in the end this is a fun event and joyous event. and the people that have turned out in the hundreds of thousands to view it are determined that the tragic events in boston are not going to affect them, not going to prevent them from getting on with this marathon. tlrn there are more than 36,000 people registered to run. there's big security underway of course. the police say that's not because of what happened in boston. it's just a show of visual signs that things are being looked after and the security situation is under control. so increased vigilance perhaps, but a joyous and festive mood
3:21 am
here. >> let's talk a little bit about the specific security measures and how perhaps they may have changed because of the situation here in boston. >> reporter: of course, it was already a big security operation here. it's an annual event. half a million people are turning out today to take a look at what's going on as well as the 36,000 runners. so a big security event in the first place. britain is well used to dealing with security and big sporting event. the olympics were held in this city earlier this year. so what they have done now is said there's no direct relationship but there's an increase in concern. what they have done, the british police, they put more uniformed officers on the streets to give people a sense of visual security. they also brought out more sniffer dogs as well, going through people's bags and going through the spectators. just to take a few extra
3:22 am
precautions, although the police saying there's no information about heightened security threat to the london marathon. >> matthew, you said they are going through backpacks, but any extra restrictions in terms of backpacks? and have they asked people along the route to report any suspicious activities? >> reporter: yeah, they have certainly done that. they do that any way. but, yes, there are sniffer dogs out. they have appealed to the spectators as well to be extra vigilant. they have also appealed to the spectators to keep their personal bags close by to them to prevent any kind of false security alarms being set off. so i think they are certainly doing that. the people that have come out to watch this are used to the terrorist threats inside the british capital and are on a heightened state of vigilance. there's a great deal of sympathy for what happened in boston.
3:23 am
people are paying a lot of attention to what's happened in the united states. they are bringing that concern to the london marathon. but not letting those events get in the way of getting on with their lives and this big sporting event. >> matthew, you said people are paying attention. people have been consumed by the events here. is it sink iing in over there? are people really watching closely? >> reporter: absolutely. the events in boston and the united states have been dominating the headlines. no domestic event is even competing with that. but certainly there's a great. affinity for those sporting events and for the united states. it's all over the headlines. it's all over the state broadcasters here, all the television station, newspapers, bringing back the news to the
3:24 am
people of britain. and people are watching what's happening. these incredible tragic events with a great deal of appetite here in britain because obviously they are concerned about the same thing happening here. they are very concerned that the big sporting events have been targets in the past could be targeted here in london. and we're a big venue in this country for big sporting events, big public gatherings. there's a great. deal of concern and a great deal of respect being paid to the people of boston. in fact, london marathon organizers are saying that for every runner that passes over the finish line, they were going to donate $3 to a boston charity that has been set up to look after the victims of those attacks in america. >> that's wonderful. >> that's really nice to hear. everybody comes together. i can't let you go without asking about the royals. you're always on royal watch. do we expect them at the
3:25 am
marathon today or are they there? >> reporter: prince harry has already paid a short visit to the finish line of the london marathon. the runners haven't got to the finish line yet, but he's been talking to the stewards of the marathon, showing royal support for this big important sporting event. and of course, they are also showing his relationship as well with the events in. boston as well. so the royals are watching this carefully. and they are being watched as well by all the spectators here. >> all right, matthew chance live in london for us, thank you very much. >> so nice they are donating that money. >>. before officers pulled away the tarp on the boat where the bombing subpoena was hiding, these black and white images confirmed somebody was there. . we're going to explain to you what they show. they are amazing. from that seen scene the suspect
3:26 am
was taken to the hospital suffering from heavy blood loss. we'll talk to a trauma surgeon about his condition and the road to recovery for his alleged victims.
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welcome back. thanks for starting your morning with us and a special welcome to our troops watching on the american forces network. >> a very special welcome to you. i'm john berman. it's half past the hour right now. >> thousands of law enforcement personnel converged on the boston area to hunt down the marathon bombers. . >> in the end it was key technology that brought in the sole surviving suspect. our tom foreman explauns. >> the stunning images are a testament to the tenacity and the technology that was brought to bear in this chase. let's remember that the authorities have been closing in all day on this neighborhood setting up a net so this man could not escape. somebody looked in his backyard in his boat and saw a body.
3:31 am
thousands of officers put up a kor don and then they called in the technology. a thermal imaging helicopter. that's a device that will fly around and look down at the ground with a special camera that reads any kind of heat signatur signatures. what did uz that mean? even the heat of a body will show up. this is what they saw in the boat. there was indeed someone in the boat as the witness had suggested and he was moving around. a gunfight broke out. he was hit at least two more times. they threw flash-bang grenades in there. then everything got quiet. that was a moment at which they brought in more technology. essentially a robotic arm which reached in and started tearing away at the fabric and trying to get a better look in the boat even as they were calling out with a bull horn saying you need
3:32 am
to surrender. finally around 8:00 they brought back in the thermal device and this time as it flew over, this is what it saw. inside the boat, the man was completely down now. his feet are this way. you can see at the other end is his head. by this point authorities were convinced that he really was ready to surrender and in fact had no strength to fight back anymore. they made him stand up and show he had no bombs on him. and finally took him into custody. >> it was technology, there was community assistance and old-fashioned police work at play. three people died in the bombing here at the boston marathon and more than 170 people suffered injuries. just narrowly escaping a worse fate. 57 are still in boston hospitals. >> now a new patient joins the bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev. officials say he's sedated and he's intubated.
3:33 am
we're joined by one of first responders and is a trauma surgeon. thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. i want to talk about all of the patients that you have treated and their condition. i first want to start with the suspect. we don't know his specific injuries, but we know right now he's intubated and sedated. what does that tell you? >> before i answer your question, i really would like to make two very brief comments. the first i'd like to thank our patients. it is their high spirits that really inspire their caregivers to do our job. the second is that i feel privileged to lead the level one trauma certain which performed outstandingly under pressure, especially as we had to evacuate our emergency room while we were
3:34 am
receiving patients and treating them. now as so your questions, patients who are intubated and sedated cannot talk. i think that's a critical point here. sedation means that they are either unconscious or semi conscious. and being intubated means there's a breathing tube through their vocal cords so they can't talk. they will be able to talk once their sedation is over. verbally if the breathing tube is out and nonverbally if they have no sedation, but still have breathing tube they can communicate via eye movements or the patients can write. >> what was the purpose of the sedation? >> well, again, the patient is not on my service and not in my hospital, so i don't know the exact details, but sedation is to be able to maintain the
3:35 am
breathing tube in place so you can protect airway of patient. >> we have no way of knowing what other conditions he may be suffering. how long before the intubation tube comes out? >> this is something i cannot answer because i don't know the medical details. but one potential reason for the i wa the intubation is he may have neck injuries. so the airway is not protected. you have to keep it as long as there is swelling in the neck. it's just a speculation only. >> looking for a quick update on some of the patients. we understand multiple surgeries in some of the cases. why is that? >> it depends on the type of injuries. this is a blast injury. you can have multiorgan injuries. head injuries, abdominal injuries, extremity injuries. many of these type of injuries
3:36 am
can be addressed in part. one team can operate in the chest and another team can operate on the extremities. >> i just have one more question because i thought i said you saved all the limbs of everybody who came in. >> this is due to two things. number one the nature of the injury and number two i think the excellent care that got by our orthopedic team. >> doctor, thank you so much for being with us. really appreciate it it. >> thanks for having me. >> we're learning more about the suspects from where they once lived in russia. nick paton walsh caught up with the suspect's father and dug up new information about their past. >> reporter: it's hard to link boston's terror with a street so ordinary where the alleged bomber's father lives in the spotlight even to the the point he drives past his own home and let neighbors echo his
3:37 am
disbelief. >> translator: i deny think his kids could have done that. it's not true. >> translator: this means he's a terrorist. that's what it's like now. i don't believe any of this. >> reporter: he did stop outside his home briefly, though. >> we don't really have a chance to hear properly all you have to say about the terrible circumstances you're in. >> my kids never did anything -- that's it. >> reporter: sir, your sons didn't do this? >> never, ever. >> are you going to america? >> yes, i will go. >> when will you leave? you will forgive me, sir. i know it's a difficult time, i'm just trying to do my job. what was the last time you spoke to them? >> sunday morning.
3:38 am
that's it. >> have you been in touch with special services here? i understand, i understand. >> reporter: officially he denies they schooled here long enough to be called locals. records show they came from kerg stand and said they became american. this record shows four family members coming in 2001 from kirg stand and then leaving to america the 25th of march 2002. >> they were with us for five months. their formative years were in america. it's their culture. that's where they socially matured. >> nick, we're hearing the father is planning on traveling to the united states to see his son. has he mentioned when?
3:39 am
>> reporter: no, i asked him yesterday and he did not say when at all. he's still definitely in dagestan. i know that from a brief chat with him this morning. he wants to provide assistance to his sons, that is clear. i'm sure he has that disbelief they were involved in this. but a man many his situation, the act of traveling to the united states is complex simply on a cost basis. i don't know if there's paperwork too, but i'm sure that's something he wants to do. >> all right, nick, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> this news has consumed the country but there is another news going on. . >> we'll have an update on the colorado tragedy where five snow borders lost their lives. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken.
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we are live in boston bringing you the latest on the capture of the boston marathon suspect. we want to update you on the other top stories skblp we're going to start in colorado. an avalanche killed five snow borders this weekend. according to the information center, avalanches have killed 24 people this season alone. >> west, texas, is now picking up the pieces. residents of that small town devastated by a fertilizer plant explosion got to return to their home for the first time just yesterday. wednesday's blast levelled bu d buildings and took the life of 14 people.
3:44 am
another 200 people were injured. cleanup continues in newtown, county, georgia, after a tornado left seven miles of destructi destruction. several homes were destroyed. an elderly woman was rescued and treated for minor injuries after a building collapsed on her. the red cross is providing shelter to residents who need it. and flood waters are now receding in parts of illinois. that's a major mess. entire subdivisions are still under water in the the hard-hit suburbs. many people were trapped in their homes. they had to be rescued friday. some residents said they have never seen anything like this. >> you're from illinois. >> i am. my family said they were trying to get to the airport and had to take side streets and got stuck there as well. meteorologist alex an dra steele is keeping an eye on the weather. >> your hometown, all those
3:45 am
express rails were shut down. but the flash flooding has abated because the rain has ended. but we're seeing the river flooding. let me show you. here's the flood threat. every place here that you see in green is a flood warning showing you where we are seeing flooding. in places like illinois, record flooding at a dozen river gauges. in indiana, one river cresting at its highest level in a half century. so that's where we have the flood threat still. we're going to see a cresting effect and a cascading effect from north to south in the next couple days. there's illinois again. crests will occur early on tuesday in portions of the illinois river. mississippi river could be the third worst tlood on record for some locations. and here's more rain. it's cold to boot. minneapolis, 34 degrees right now. chicago as well. here's some snow coming. we're not done with snow yet.
3:46 am
we're seeing half an inch of snow in minneapolis and we're going to watch rain come into this area that does not need it again as we head towards tuesday. >> she said snow several times. that's unacceptable. thank you so much. back here to the investigation of what went on in the boston marathon bombings. tamerlan tsarnaev, the subpoesp who was killed. now questions about whether the fbi missed the marks of an alleged killer.
3:47 am
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welcome back, everyone. the fbi says in 2011 its agents interviewed bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev on suspicion that he was a follower of radical islam. in the end authorities said they did not find any ties to terrorism. >> according to the "new york times" the contact was enough for homeland security officials to deny his petition for citizenship. now one member of congress wants to know what, if anything, the fbi missed. >> it's all about the interviews right now. the government hasn't said whether it's gotten a chance to interview the suspect they took into custody, but what's gotten toch attention is they interviewed the brother two years ago and found nothing incriminate i incriminating. the fact that tamerlan tsarnaev was interviewed by the fbi two years before the marathon bombings was already stirring up controversy before the chaos cleared in watertown.
3:51 am
the republican chairman of the house homeland security committee. >> if he was on the radar and they let him out of their sights, that's an issue certainly for me. >> reporter: tsarnaev's contact was made public by the man's mother who suggested agents had been harassing her son for years. >> they knew what my son was doi doing. they knew what sites on internet he was going. how could this happen? they were watching every step of him. but this is a terrorist act. >> the fbi confirmed that in 2011 it interviewed the older brother and family members. it did not say how many times. it was at the request of russian intelligence, according to a senior u.s. official. the fbi said the request was based on information that tsarnaev was a follower of radical islam, a strong believer and that he had changed drastically since 2010. in response to the request, the
3:52 am
fbi check ed government data bases and looked for derogatory telephone communications, possible use of online sites. the fbi says it did not find any terrorism activity, gave the results to the russian government and asked for but didn't get more information. then they closed the file. >> they don't give you more, then everything that can be done has been done unless you know there should be more to the story. >> that interview came before travel records showed he flew from new york city to moscow in january 2012 and stayed in russia six months returning to new york in july. it's not clear what he did there, but tsarnaev's father says his son was with him at all times. but when he got back, things were different. homeland security chairman said he started putting jihadist material on youtube websites. >> what i'm concerned about is when he went over there he may have been radicalized and trained by these chechen rebels
3:53 am
who are the fiercest jihad warriors. >> but the suspect's uncle says his radicalization began in the boston area. >> it started right there in cambridge. right there on the streets of cambridge. where this new convert is going to the local mosque on massachusetts avenue so i'm saying it it started there. >> the documents show no record of the younger brother dzhokhar tsarnaev leaving the country. tamerlan tsarnaev was a legal permanent resident of the united states. his brother was a naturalized citizen. both were born in kyrgyzstan. >> so many questions. >> the people of boston are simply trying to get back to their regular routines. >> and of course, that means the red sox. stay with us for must-see highlights from an awesome emotional day at fenway park. i'm a conservative investor.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. ♪ sweet caroline good times never seem so good ♪ ♪ so good, so good, so good >> so good, so good, so good. nothing like a little neil diamond at fenway park. so mr. diamond took a red eye flight from los angeles to get to yesterday's sox game. he landed and went straight from the airport to the park and made it just in time to sing "sweet caroline." it's become really a big deal at
3:58 am
fenway park over the last ten years. >> could you even hear him singing with the crowd? >> he got the fans going. there was a ball game. >> there was such a ball game. it was the first since they played since monday's bombings. the reopening of the green monster signified that things were getting back to normal. andy shultz joining us with more. >> there's no better way for the city of boston to return to a sense of normalcy than a red sox game. that's what we saw yesterday. more than 35,000 strong were on hand to cheer on the red sox in their first game back since the bombings. during an emotional pregame ceremony, they honored all of those affected by monday's tragedy and the law enforcement who helped capture the two suspects. at the end of the ceremony, david ortiz took the mike to personally thank everyone
3:59 am
involved and deliver this message. >> this is our [ bleep ] city. and nobody going to dictate our freedom. stay strong, thank you. >> strong words from big poppy. you may have noticed something different about his uniform. instead of the white jerseys with red sox on the front, the team wore special uniforms with boston across their chest. but the red sox didn't give fans much to cheer about until the bottom of the eighth inning. they blast a three-run home run into the bullpen. the crowd finally got the chance to go nuts. the sox took the lead for good and went on to win the game 4-3. meanwhile over at the garden, the bruins were back on the ice playing their game with the penguins that had been postponed on friday. they wore state police boston pd hats and for the game both teams wore special patches on the jerseys. they will be


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