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tv   Anderson Cooper Special Report  CNN  April 21, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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opened up korean culture to the world. >> what does it mean to be korean-american? does one create one's own world? i don't know that i'm any smarter about that now than when i first came to k-town in the middle of the night to discover a strange and fabulous and delicious slice of america i had never known was there, but i'm trying to figure it out. you've watching the live coverage o. aftermath of the boston bombings. >> we'll get a live update of the suspect as he lies in stable condition in a boston hospital. >> we'll look at possible links. >> we'll also be live at the
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epicenter. >> let's start at boston where it's 1:00 in the morning. investigators believe dzhokhar was carrying out attacks. authorities have not said what charges will be filed but he will face federal terrorism charges and state murder charges. the 19-year-old remains in serious but stable conditions. he's got a one shot wound to the side of the neck and is breathing through a tube. >> officials are trying to find out whether the two had accomplices. they may have bought their bomb parts locally but their guns came from elsewhere.
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boston's police commissioner says he believes the tsarnaev's performed major roles in last week's double bombing. >> i'm confident that they were the two major actors in the violence that occurred. i'm very sure we'll get to the bottom of the whole plot. the two people who are committing these vicious attacks are either dead or arrested. i still believe that. >> there were devices unexploded found at the original scene. >> which scene in. >> on the marathon route? >> no. we cleared dozens of packages that had been dropped by people fleeing the scene so everything was treated suspiciously. bombers often target first responders. we were expecting another
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device. the suspected bomber is captured himself in a boston hospital. elizabeth cohen joins us now. good to have you with us. as far as we know has there been any change in dzhokhar's condition since he was admitted to that hospital? >> reporter: no. we've been told this whole time he's in serious condition. we've been told by sources that he's intubated and sedated. when you do this you sedate them to the point they're asleep and not able to communicate. you can take them out of that
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quite easy. you just decrease the amount through iv and they would be able to communicate by writing on a note pad. >> we don't know if authorities will be able to question the individual. people questioning the prognosis of the suspect. what are you hearing as you talk to medical experts? >> reporter: he would be completely out of it as a doctor put it. not a doctor here but in another city. it's not usual for doctors to give sedation holidays to patients intubated. they want to talk to the patient
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and test some neurological functions. see if he can respond to commands. they could take his sedation away or decrease it. we've not been told if they have done this with him. we've not been told they put him on one of these sedation holidays. >> what are you hearing about the 55 people's recovery? we appear to be having some technical problems. she doesn't appear to be able to hear me. we're going to continue to check in on the condition of that suspect and the 55 victims
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remain in hospital at this time. >> police think the brothers were planning more attacks. they tried to answer a question question. did they have help? barbara starr has the latest on that. >> reporter: they're uncle said he believe others must have influenced the older brother. >> how possibly could he get involved and do this harm to innocent people? >> reporter: senior u.s. officials tell cnn there's no solid evidence of a direct link between the brothers and international terrorist groups.
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the fbi was asked to check out tamerlan because that country thought he was a follower of radical islam and he changed drastically. the fbi interviewed him but found no evidence of communication with radical groups. the other government didn't provide more information even when asked. after running home he created this you tube channel including videos with radical preachers. there's no way to be sure if he posted the material himself. >> i think what you're seeing with this particular phenomenon
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is a self-radicalization process that's occurred as these two young men try to figure out who they are. >> reporter: just one problem. how did the problems learn to make and detonate two bombs almost simultaneously, something that's not easy to do. >> it suggests practice in the united states or training elsewhere or both. >> you can read a recipe online about how to make a bomb but these two brothers made and d t denated the bombs almost simultaneously. barbara starr, cnn, pentagon. >> should he have been read his rights? should he be treated as an enemy combatant as some are saying.
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let's start with one fact. c dzhokhar is the most famous. >> he's unable to speak. obviously the police aren't able to move forward with the process to find out how much he knows. he's not been read his miranda rights. people are familiar with what mie ran da means. when ever the police arrest somebody stla to tell them that they have the riepght to remain silent and anything they say can be used against them in court. that i plies when there's an
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immediate threat to the public safety or the offers doing t interrogation. you pointed out there's suspicions and maybe accomplices. we don't know if there were other devices. certainly the fi by is remieing on a lot of what we know. >> you've cut to the very heart of the first and maybe biggest controversy is whether he should be read his rights or encouraged to speak as freely as possible without an attorney present. that's the other part of the miranda proses. the part that you have the right to an attorney. they don't particularly want him to have an attorney right now. >> mie ran y rairanda was invok
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protect rights. it can impede an investigation but it's to provide personalization and due process. the supreme court was careful in 1984 to charve out this exception to that says if there's an immediate threat, you don't have to interrupt your questioning in order to get to the bottom of the threat. if there's a loose again, accomplices. for example who may be plotting everything else. then the police don't have to stop trying to get that very valuable information in order to mirandize pem thp there's also a question of what is an immediate west. in 2011, the justice department
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has called for been expansion of the rule. the government should have the right to proceed. we're seeing an expansion of the public safety rule and whether or not it proper lly applies or doesn't apply is something i'm sure tsarnaev's lawyers will be asked about down the road. >> who are his lawyers likely to be? >> reporter: thairp prepare and ready to take the case. i don't have any information about his resources. he's not in a position to communicate with authorities or be responsive. it may be shortly his doctors and those providing the medical treatment may reduce the
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sedation so he can be responsive. we don't know much about who will depends him. >> there's some question about reading his rights to him. there's a question about whether he should be entering the court system. there's all kinds of questions that pre-date this case about how the united states deal with suspected terrorists. how much of a debate are we going to see parallel to this court case. it's the united states opening a whole new can of worms because of dzhokhar. >> the can has been open for quite some time. it's been invoked very resently
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by the government. those are both cases where the goth says we're not going to give you your miranda rights before you give us information that mieg protect us and the public. the whole terrorist conversation does open up a whole legal -- it's a quad mire. here are folks that are bound and determined to do very damgs things and injure a lot of innocent people. noims they are holding back information so the plat can carry ford. swrep the constitution that's intended to protect people who do bad things. >> a terrible crime. thanks very much. we'll have more on the bombings.
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. by the end of sunday the bodies of 566 people killed over just a six day period were found across syria. we do this often but we mean it every time. the images you're about to see
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are disturbing. at least 450 of the victims were found in a damascus suburb. many of the victims had been torture and mutilated before being executed. cnn cannot verify the images or the information coming to us from syria. f >> there's a great search for survivors after a 7.0 managgnit quake. describe for us where you are and what you've been see sg ain hearing. >> reporter: this windows started rattling. people describe absolute
10:20 pm
pandemonium. this house was almost completely destroyed. a family of six was living there. they rushed out when the quake tried to save what they can. unlrntsly, the grandfather living here. he was crushed by the falling debris. if you look at the slurs around here many, it's just too dangerous to go inside. others are completely foot. it's about seven on the kill. almost 200 dead. they are still missing and thousands injured. a huge amount of soldiers and first responders have been brought out. hope is fading any survivor will be found. >> do officials believe to have a full grasp? have rescue crews been able to reach all areas in the quake
10:21 pm
zone. >> reporter: officials have seemed to mobilize a great deal of resources. we have seen trucks coming in to alist the people. there have be villages in this area. it's a very hard to reach area. it was cut off for a day. red cross was able to access those. the damage is se procedure. right now some two dozen missing high pressure hopefully they could understand where someone could be tracked under the rubble and device. it's ready now. a recovery with these thousands of people will have to find
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shelter. >> talking about the thousands ohm necessary. what's the most cressing need at this time? >> water, nood afood and shelte the three pings they survive pd. many of those just collapse. i want to show you over here, this is what a family is now having to deal with living under a tent, trying to eat out some kien of existence but don't know when more a shifting. don't to let them bing people into this area to give long term support. once the dust settles, this
10:23 pm
reeon has opinion dealing with this for years. >> david, appreciate it. >> not part of the world that has a lot of resources for its poor people. >> as we reach the one-week mark we'll bring you more information in the boston area. we'll tell you about a soccer pitch. something to chew on. your watching "cnn newsroom." and everyone wants... ♪ 50% more doo wop ♪ 50% more buckarooooooooos ♪ 50% more yeeeaaahhhh!!!! ♪ 50% more yeah yeah [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card
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welcome back. now we want to bring you a very bizarre story from the top level of english football. is it wrong to love this story? >> he wrestles with it but he's not a wrestler. he bites him instead sinking his dooet into his upper arm. >> they offered a critter yee. >> he's got lots to apologize for. back in 2010 he was issues --
10:28 pm
>> mark mckay joins us with more on this bizarre story. walk us through what happened. we know the ref didn't see it. >> the ref didn't see it but he was shown the bite marks. we're wondering where punishment, if punishment is coming down. they're talling all players can be replaced. @it's worth putting the website out there. i've tried to contact him personally and speak to him. i've apologized to my manager
10:29 pm
for letting them down. i don't know if an idea apology are cut it. >> the guy has a lift of changing behavior. >> he came out and bit an e poe opposing player. my twitter is blowing up. he had a history of this. he was found guilty of using racial slurs. it's not the fist time liverpool has to deal with it. >> dooer mactress reese wi trk e
10:30 pm
withersoon was jailed. a georgia state trooper said he was driving e ining in the wron when pulled over. >> mrs. witherspoon began to hang out the window and said she didn't believe i was a real police officer. i told her to sit on her butt an asked him. >> she said do you know my name. no i don't need to know your maim. she said you're going to be on national news. when we come back more on the
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it's just after 1:30 in the morning on the u.s. east coast. police believe dzhokhar and his brother were going to carry out more attacks. >> authorities have not said what charges will be filed. an official says he will face federal terrorism charges or state murder charges. no attorney yet. he's breathing through a tube. >> officials are trying to determine if they had accomplices. the brothers may have bought their woman parts locally but they came from elsewhere.
10:34 pm
we've been reporting that russian intelligence to ber view the older 40 in 2011. authorities were concerned he had become radicalized. phil plaque joins us. how is the case resonating there with you. >> we know that the russian president phoned barack obama to express sympathy but also to offer support both in the context of i vest gaiting this particular case but also future closer toop ration in dealing withtism. they what we know back in 2011 russian authorities asked the fbi to take a look at the elder of the two brothers. they're not seeing what they knew or why he showed up on
10:35 pm
their radar as a threat. we've heard from u.s. officials that the information was vague. as a result that investigation didn't know up or turn up any evidence of extremism or he was a threat to anyone. for some reason the russians were concerned. all the russian government has revealed publicly what it was that made them so worried. >> does any of this help the kremlin. >> reporter: very a very prong time russia has argued its efts should be viewed within the same
10:36 pm
context rp rush shaz has not always received the sympathy it deserves. largely because of wide spread going back to the first and second check yan wars. there's been concerns, reports, of criticism. people disappearing and so forth. russia's view and its been expressed since the boston innocent. we have argued that terrorism is strichl. you can't did i have rentiate. that luslus dealing with russia.
10:37 pm
>> we have learning more about the dzhokhar czar fo >> reporter: he jumped back into campus life seemingly unphased by the terror attacks. >> i saw him on tuesday. he was acting like he didn't have care in the world. >> he was acting nervous. >> he didn't shy away when brought up to bombing. >> reporter: just days before helicopters and swat teams
10:38 pm
descends on dartmouth. students are all over the id. records show he did just that right here on wednesday. a friend saw him walking around his dorm. he went to this ie ttalian restaurant for hocker time. >> he was like tragedies happen. these things happen around the world. it's crazy. >> to some students, crazy. >> i ate where he ate. i've slepted a few feet from him. sfwr really is adonnishing what people know the suspects. and they tell you about the interalaskas with them. our coverage will continue. we are looking around the world.
10:39 pm
just over officials will wort back to the government on its effort to clone up the plant.
10:40 pm
10:41 pm
international atomic energy agency inspecting the facility and recrew viewing the clean up process. the visit comes amid reports that large amount of radio active water has been leaking from the plant. >> three reactors at the fukushima plant melted down after that devastating earthquake back in 2011. we're joined from japan with the latest. the cleanup process has been slow going and it's throwing up all sorts of problems.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: yes. this decommissioning process will take 30 or 40 years tepco says. the local government had been busy with more pressing clean up issues. it was the nuclear accident which has made lasting damage on the life of this small fishing community. let's take a listen. it's a huge catch for a tiny boat. the fish flap ant on the deck. by the time we're back at the port there's little movement. today's catch would have been worth $3,000 u.s. all they can do with them is sort out the biggest varieties
10:43 pm
and send them off to the lab for testing. they can sell none of this like throwing away money the fishermen say. we can't put them on the market. there's nothing we can do. wrecked boats litter the harbor still years after the tsunami. a waste land where buildings once stood. it was the nuclear disaster 30 kilometers north which destroyed these men's livelihoods. they released straight into the ocean by tepco plant operator. two years on the fishermen are frustrated to hear of further leaks. tepco says they will dig a whole right in front of the reactor building and throw that into the ground.
10:44 pm
what's happened now is there's a leak so that ground water won't be clean. one of the many problems is that ground water is leaking into the damaged reactor buildings. 400 cubic meters a day. that water gets contaminated too and all of it needs to be stored somewhere. leaks in the underground reservoir system means tepco has to resort to tanks, 80% have full. last week inspectors examined the site to check on the decommissioning site. tepco says would make the contaminated water safe enough to release and a pumping system to lower the water level so it won't seep into the reactors.
10:45 pm
these men lost their faith in tepco a long time ago. they always say it's all right. it always turns out they're not telling the truth. if you ask if i believe them, i don't. it will be a long time before the market regains faith. >> there are 41 types of fish that are banned from being sold from the waters around pufukusha and many have radiation levels below safety standards. the very forecast they coact th these waters and they prove unsafe it means they are keeping
10:46 pm
that ban on. >> how confident are they that they can sprent another accident from happening? >> there's so many unknowns with this whole decommissioning process. you really get a sense especially with this litany of problems that tepco is feeling its way here. it's stuck deep inside somewhere where no human and no robot can even get to it. that's why you have international experts all around the world trying to work out how to keep that fuel debris cool and how to make it safe.
10:47 pm
that's why it will take a long time. it was o power outage that stopped the cooling system around the plant that led to meltdown. those kinds of reports just make people in japan who are fed up with the mistakes even more concerned that tepco has what it takes to make sure the process can be saved. >> the mind boggles when you hear a rat was able to short circuit the system. no comparison. an earthquake has struck central mexico near the coast. residents 300 kilometers way
10:48 pm
ass assa say they could feel the tremor. the london marathon went into the history books without incident. >> we'll see how runners and organizers chose to honor the victims of the boston marathon. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button?
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welcome back. london breathe a sigh of relief. they had a pledge to donate $3 for every runner who crossed the finish line. they were cheered on by noticeably larger crowd this year. our dan rivers was there in the crowd. he joined us live. it was a glaet day for race. >> reporter: i think this will go down in history as the marathon that remembered 30 seconds of silence with many of the runners wearing black ribbons to remember the victims of boston all went off peacefully. just 7 arrests during the day which is a pretty low number given the hundreds of thousands
10:53 pm
of people that turned out to watch it. now everyone here greatly relieved that there was no terrorist innocent one week after those terrible events in boston. >> let us now show our respect and support for the victims of the tragedy in boston. >> reporter: in london they remembered. silence for the victims of the boston bombings as one of the world's biggest marathons got under way broadcast live by the bbc. many were wearing black ribbons. a sign of solidarity reaching across the atlantic. security had been reviewed and increased in light of boston. police numbers boosted by several hundred in last year and the number of spectators was also significantly up. many saying they were determined to show terrorism will never win. >> we're more determined to come out and show our support for
10:54 pm
everybody. it will never stop us. >> i think you've just got to come out and you can't let that hold you back. these guys need spoupport. >> have to check out the positive human spirit. up with incident like that can't derail something like this. >> reporter: prince harry was determined to carry out his official duties to the delight of the crowds. every single marathon runner that completed the course some 35,000, the organizers are donating $3 to victims of boston and the people that were injured. an enormous amount of money raised not only for charities in the uk but specifically those affected by the terrible events across the atlantic. >> dan rivers live in london. thanks very much. our final thought goes to london and a young woman who movered
10:55 pm
from the former soviet union to the united states in zernl seara better life. >> she crossed the finish line just before the blast in boston. >> she dedicated the victory to the boston victims. she said she carried them with her in her heart all through that 42 kilometer, 26 mile course. up next, more of our continuing coverage. >> at the top of the hour we'll have the condition on the survivoring suspect. stay with us. ♪
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