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tv   Starting Point  CNN  April 26, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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carjacking led to the brothers' capture. he recounts those heart pounding 90 minutes and his brave decision that almost definitely saved some lives. then, was the red line crossed? we've learned that chemical weapons have been used in syria. will the u.s. now have to get involved in the civil war there. plus will the delays go away? the senate making a late-night deal to ease air traffic controller furloughs, but some say this doesn't really solve the problem. and big sports news. surprise at the nfl draft. the number one pick, not who many people expected. and more trouble for manti te'o. they simply continue, no team yet for manti te'o. it is friday, april 26th. a huge day of news in this special edition of "starting point" begins right now. we do begin with the breaking
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developments in the boston bombing marathon investigation. the u.s. marshal service confirms that suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has been moved to the best israel deaconess medical center here in boston and it's now being held about 30 miles away at a prison facility at fort devens, massachusetts. we want to go to miguel marquez who is with me here live for details. this is breaking overnight. >> we had a photographer and folks that are at the hospital, beth israel, overnight, around 1:00 they shooed everybody away, and sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 police then left and it was very clear that something had changed at the hospital. we found out this morning that he has been moved to this medical facility at fort devens. it is a former military facility, been decommissioned but it's a prison that can take anything from, you know, low security prisoners to high security prisoners, but most importantly it does have a hospital. we understand that mr. tsarnaev was in fair condition here at beth israel within the last 24
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hours. doctors are concerned about moving him. but there was also a great push get him out of beth israel because there were so many others being cared for in the bombing that he took part in, or at least allegedly took part in. so, it's been done. he has moved there and now we have to wait and see what his condition is at this new facility. >> very much outside of boston. somewhat secluded area. as you said in this former military base, completely separate from the victims here. >> and they were certainly looking for anything. even considering other community hospitals, something that might not be a prison facility. this one run by the bureau of prisons. so it really worked out perfectly for the authorities who were concerned about where do we move him to that is going to be safe enough, secure enough, that he can get the care that he needs so that we can keep him in a good state through trial. >> do you have more on the investigation now? >> we do know that on the investigation side, that he may be talking to investigators
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again, after being mirandized. this has all become part of this, as well. we also know that they are continuing to follow up every lead that they can. certainly the concerns about new york and whether or not they were headed there is a big concern. it's not very clear whether these were two individuals based on the "boston globe" exclusive and this discussion with danny, the guy who got carjacked by these two, it's not very clear whether these were just two guys desperate to get out of boston and saying let's go to new york in a last-ditch effort to do something. or if they had other targets around boston they were loping to hit. clearly they had one -- they had one bomb and they had several others, so we are learning a lot more about this investigation. >> miguel marquez, all these details, thank you so much for being with us. the suspect has been moved to this facility outside boston. new developments in the past hour with the parents of the alleged bombing brothers. they have left dagestan, the parents have, but not to come to the u.s. the mother tells cnn that her
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husband is delaying his trip indefinitely because of health concerns. the suspect's mother says that she and her husband are now staying in another part of russia. cnn's nic robertson speaking with her just a short time ago. nic is live with us this morning in dagestan. good morning, nic. >> good morning, john. the first indication we had that something wasn't right was the stated plans of the family that the father would travel yesterday and arrive in the united states today came late last night. the wife saying that he had to get an ambulance for her husband, that he was ill, sick, and now it's information today that they left dagestan, that they are elsewhere in russia, and that her husband plans to travel to the united states has been delayed indefinitely. that does seem to be a result of his health condition, specifically we don't know precisely what is wrong with him, but we have heard for a number of days that perhaps he wasn't doing very well. we heard the mother yesterday,
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the relationship between her two sons tamerlan and dzhokhar, of course that a point of interest for investigators, how much influence does tamerlan have over dzhokhar. this is how she described their relationship. >> very close. very close. very love each other. very love each other. when dzhokhar used to come on friday, friday night home from dormitory, dzhokhar used to hug him and kiss him, hold him because he was a big, big boy you know, tamerlan. so he would hug him like this, and he would hold him, my dzhokhar and he would kiss him like. >> so i asked the mother at the press conference yesterday if she'd rather have tamerlan come home to be -- body brought back here to be buried. she said yes, she'd rather have that. but accept that he's probably going to be buried in the united states. and it does seem that the parents now have accepted quite possibly that he'll be buried without them being present, john.
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>> more on the strange movements and strange situation with the parents. nic robertson for us in dagestan this morning. thanks so much, nic. we're learning that new york city may have been the next target for these brothers after they finished here and were fleeing boston. they reportedly wanted to set off their remaining bombs in times square. the suspected boston marathon bombers planned to drive to new york on april 19th, the night they wound up in a shoot-out with police in watertown police. richard roth has the latest at times square. >> good morning, john. new york's police commissioner ray kelly using the word spontaneous to describe the decision by the brothers to head to times square. this according to an interview with the surviving brother. the other night new york was saying, well, they had plans to party here. and then within 24 hours the story is now they were going to do more than party here in times square, the crossroads of the
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world. with 35,000 people at any moment on the sidewalks. last night times square humming away, and new york, the lights are slowly coming up here. new york is very familiar with terror threats since 9/11. now, dzhokhar tsarnaev was actually in times square not that long ago, as a photograph has surfaced of his appearance here. and the police commissioner took note of that. >> we know that dzhokhar was photographed in times square with friends on or before april 18th of 2012. and that he was in the city again in november of 2012. we don't know if those visits were related in any way to what he described as the brothers' spontaneous decision to target times square. >> and the police commissioner and the mayor saying that in the hijacked vehicle was one bomb, and several pipe bombs.
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so there could have been considerable damage here, and john, we remember, in 2010 a pakistani-born u.s. citizen planned to attack with a major car bomb here. later arrested at the airport. back to you, john. >> clearly a high level of sensitivity about that subject. thank you so much. we have more now on the breaking news we are getting more information now on the facility where dzhokhar tsarnaev has been taken to. where he was taken overnight and the reaction by patients there to his arrival. cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joining us now live on the phone. elizabeth, what have you learned about this place where he was taken? >> what i've learned, john, is that it's one of six facilities operated by the federal bureau of prisons. there are small hospitals all over the country but only six are designated as medical -- centers and one source told me they handle the tough cases. it is the only center that is located in the northeast. so it makes that he would have
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been moved there. it is about an hour away from the beth israel by car. or by ambulance, i would guess. we're learning a little bit more about -- piece of the puzzle of why he was moved. a doctor tells me that he is in touch with a doctor who does not work at beth israel, tells me he was in touch with colleagues who do work at the beth israel, and this doctor said that the families of the victims, and the victims themselves, were very unhappy, were freaking out, those were the words he used, were freaking out that they were being treated in the same hospital as tsarnaev. they were freaking out that the person who had hurt them was being treated in the same hospital, and living right there with them. >> well, obviously now they will not have to deal with that. and just to stress i've actually spent a lot of time in the devens area. it's a rural area about an hour away from boston, as elizabeth said. it's part of this closed army base there. so really that facility in a
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much greater sense of seclusion right there. so dzhokhar tsarnaev will be quite separate from everyone who was affected by his alleged activities in boston. elizabeth cohen, thanks to you for that information. also this morning, hijacked by terrorists. a 26-year-old man describing in detail the terrifying hour and a half ordeal when he was allegedly held at gunpoint by the boston bombing suspect. he tells the "boston globe" they threatened him and asked if his car could drive out of the state, specifically to new york, where they planned, they said, to detonate more explosives in times square. "boston globe" report eric moscow wit will be with us in the next hour with more chilling details from the carjacking victims' account. we have a heartwarming image to show you that really defines the phrase boston strong. you have to look at the cover of "boston" magazine. running shoes, forming a heart, with the phrase "we will finish
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the race." that, of course, were the words spoken by president obama here more than a week ago. every pair of shoes in that image was worn by someone who ran the boston marathon the day of the attack. and i should tell you i'm standing here in copley square at the site of the memorial. this is where they brought all this temporary memorials from around the city, they made one large one right here. it is a beautiful, beau delve location. there have been people coming here this morning for hours. for hours here, even before the sun was up to pay their respects here. there are four separate memorials for the three people killed in the blast as well as m.i.t. officer sean collier. it is an unbelievably poignant memorial here in boston where i think everyone in the city is stopping by if they can. there is lots more happening today, meanwhile, including some potential relief for flyers, christine romans is back in new york with more of the day's other top stories. good morning, christine. >> good morning, john. the house could vote today to put furloughed air traffic controllers back to work. nearly 1500 of them have had to
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take unpaid time off because of forced spending cuts. the senate approved a plan last night that would free up some money. the goal is to end the big delays, that have made flying such a hassle and headache this week. cnn's zain asher at new york's laguardia airport. good morning, zain. >> yes, a very disruptive week. over 3,000 flights delayed specifically because of budget cuts. so the faa was trying to save $600 million from its budget between now and cement and as a result they've been reducing staff at air traffic control towers by up to 10%. what you're getting is more space between flights. you're also seeing more flats on the tarmac for longer. also planes circling in the air longer before landing. i just spoke to a pilot from american eagle. here's what he had to say. >> it's just been torture. that's all i could say. it's been torture and i've never been -- i haven't been home on
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time yet. so i plan on coming back about 3:00 today, probably going to be about 6:00. so plan on being on duty for at least 12 hours today. >> that pilot also told me that he's being very open and honest with passengers about the reason for the delays. he's been coming over the p.a. system saying hey, if there are delays, it is because of the sequester. so bottom line, if you are traveling today or tomorrow, you can expect delays. also, go to it will tell you what delays are looking like on the ground in realtime at all the major airports. christine? >> all right, zain asher from laguardia in new york. thank you, zain. a new round of tension between north and south korea. the south saying it will pull all of its citizens out of a manufacturing zone the two countries share over fears for their well-being. this comes after the north snubbed seoul's requests for talks on the situation. the north pulled its workers out two weeks ago. the complex is considered the last symbol of cooperation
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between these two feuding countries. 38 people are dead after a fire ripped through a psychiatric facility today in the town of ramensky, russia, just outside of moscow. 41 people were inside the hospital at the time. only three managed to escape the flames. fire may have been sparked by an electrical short. tomorrow will be an official day of mourning in russia for those lost in the fire. in florida, police used drones in the sunshine state. governor rick scott signed the measure into law yesterday. the freedom from unwanted surveillance requires police to get a judge's approval before using drones of any investigation. the measure has the backing of the aclu and conservative republicans. the nfl draft got under way. the first pick wasn't your typical flashy quarterback or wide receiver. joe carter here with more on last night's draft. >> good morning, christine. with the big boys for the first time in nfl history we saw two offensive tackles be drafted into the first and second picks. it sort of lacks star power but i think the draft made up for it
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in, in size and certainly surprise. the first seven selections were offensive and defensive linemen. >> with the first pick in the 2013 nfl draft, the kansas city chiefs select eric fisher. tackle, central michigan. >> eric fisher is a big one. 6'7", 306 pounds. he's not only tall. he's athletic. just 22 years old. his job next season is a very important one. he's going to protect the chiefs' new quarterback, alex smith. one of the most touching moments of the night came when former patriots lineman joe andruzzi expressed his boss' pride. he recently earned praise as a bona fide here hero after he carried injured victims to safety after the boston bombing. >> on this note i'd like to share the positive mantra that
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grew out of the events of last week. we have a new saying in boston. boston strong, baby. >> all right. that was a nice moment. of course 617 representing the area code in boston. now, making news for not getting picked, notre dame line backer manti te'o. he was passed up by all 32 teams last night. maybe it's because he's got major baggage or because he played poorly in the national championship game against alabama. he must have had a feeling, though, because he did not make the trip to nyc. instead he's in hawaii with his parents where he'll watch for his name to perhaps be called later on today. rough night. west virginia quarterback geno smith. he's there in the green room, dressed in his suit, ready for his name to be called. instead he waited and waited some more his name was never called many picked this quarterback to go in the first round but he was passed up 32
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times. he said he's not going through this again. he's going to fly home to watch today's second round with his family. if you remember back in 2007, now green bay quarterback aaron rodgers went through the same thing christine. he sat there and waited waited waited, many predict him to be a first few picks instead he waited until the very end. but we all know how that story turned out, superball champion, one of the best in the league. >> looked like that young man handled it with class. thanks a lot, joe carter. ahead on "starting point," syria has used chemical weapons in its civil war reportedly on its own people. president assad has been warned that action would cross a red line. so will the u.s. have to act now? you're watching "starting point." this is america.
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welcome back. new developments this morning in syria's 2-year-old civil war. the obama administration on the record now saying it believes the syrian government has used chemical weapons against civilians. but the white house is moving cautiously. even though some in congress are calling for a swift response. we're joined by knowing correspondent barbara star. good morning, barbara. >> good morning, christine. the white house indeed moving very slowly, very cautiously on this. the question is, has president obama's red line been crossed? what to do about it. and can anything be done? >> reporter: march 19th, aleppo, syria. there is talk civilians here have been attacked with chemical weapons but no confirmation.
4:21 am
now, suddenly, defense secretary chuck hagel traveling in the middle east? >> the u.s. intelligence community assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in syria, specifically the chemical agent sarin. >> reporter: the white house sent letters to congress responding to questions about chemical weapons used and calling for a u.n. investigation. after the debacle over iraqi weapons, hagel says the u.s. needs to confirm exactly what happened. >> we need all the facts. we need all the information. >> reporter: senator john mccain told cnn's jake tapper it's not the response he wants. >> disappointment but not surprise. the president has not wanted to engage in syria in any way, any meaningful way for a couple of years. >> reporter: mccain wants a no-fly zone, weapons provided to the syrian opposition and chemical weapons secured.
4:22 am
president obama had promised action but was never specific. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official says the syrians continue moving chemical stockpiles, causing even more worry. hagel is sending the first armored division's headquarters from ft. bliss, texas, to jordan. the official tells cnn it will spearhead securing syria's weapons if ordered. >> we could use air strikes, drone strikes. there could be teams of special forces who go into the country. >> reporter: but the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff who is reviewing military options says troops aren't the answer. >> do you have confidence that we could secure it? >> not as i sit here today simply because they've been moving it and the number of sites is quite numerous.
4:23 am
>> so there you have it. the top u.s. military official telling congress u.s. troops can't secure syria's chemical weapons. and, in fact, don't look for u.s. troops to get involved in this on any kind of go-it-alone strategy. but the political pressure clearly mounting on the white house to get more involved with supporting the rebels. christine? >> all right, barbara starr live for us this morning in the pentagon. thank you, barbara. ahead on "starting point," show me the money. show me the money but only if you majored in the right subject in college. i'm going to give you the highest paying fields, next. you're watching "starting point." lies and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business
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welcome back to "starting point." "minding your business" this morning, how fast is the u.s. economy growing? we'll get official word next hour. experts foregaas gdp, as its known, to come in at 2. %. that's for the first quarter. the fourth quarter 6 last year shows a slim game of 0.4%. stock futures lower ahead of that report. but it's been a solid week overall for stocks. most college grads would dream of a starting salary of $93,500. but for one major, that's a reality. the national association of
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colleges and employers says petroleum engineering brings in the highest coverage starting salary. computer engineers second, by about $20,000 less. chemical engineering, $67,000. computer science majors the fourth highest paid starting salaries and aerospace, as well. even if you're not an engineer, salaries overall for recent college grads are improving. the average for 2013 is $45,000. that's up 5.3% compared to the class of 2012. all right, how has boston changed the sequester fight? we want to have all the resources necessary to catch terrorists, we want to fly without hassle. but do we want to pay for it? we're going to be talking about that and a whole lot more this weekend on my show. check out "your money" airs new time, saturday 9:30 a.m. then again at 2:00 p.m., sundays at 3:00. robe robert reich is going to join me to talk about the economy. the man allegedly carjacked by
4:28 am
the tsarnaev brothers recounts his harrowing ordeal and his brave split-second decision that saved lives. the report's intelligence agency apparently let one of the boston bombing suspects slip through the cracks is the system broken? and a presidential tribute. president george w. bush tears up at the dedication of his new library. >> whatever challenges come before us i will always believe our nation's best days lie ahead. >> the touching tribute from two unexpected sources next. ó? ??çó
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welcome back, everyone. we do begin with the breaking news in the boston marathon terror investigation. the u.s. marshal service confirms to cnn that bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has been transferred from the beth israel deaconess medical center here in boston to a prison facility in devens, massachusetts, about 30 miles away. cnn's miguel marquez is here with even more details on that. >> this is something authorities here wanted to do for some time. there was concern among other family and friends of those who had been injured in the blast, who were being cared for at hospitals around, there's still nine people injured in the blast here who are at beth israel deaconess, so their families, their friends, certainly wanted him to go. his condition was in fair condition the last 24 hours.
4:31 am
and then overnight, they shooed our folks away that were waiting outside the hospital sometime around 3:00 a.m. or between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. it was very clear something had changed at the hospital. and this morning bureau of prisons confirming he has been moved. clearly good enough to travel. he was in very bad shape for awhile, it sounds like. but his condition clearly improved enough that they could get him to this new facility. sort of a perfect situation for law enforcement because they can care for him there, keep him on lockdown, and either cover him through trial or move him to wherever they need to go through the trial process. >> again, there was a great deal of angst here in boston at beth israel with those victim families. i'm sure they're thrilled to see him moved to another place. >> this is run by bureau of prisons. it was a former military facility, now it's a decommissioned force and they are able to care for all range of individuals, a lot of it is psychological care. a lot of it is, there's a lot of
4:32 am
individuals there who have long-term psychological needs. some of them very, very dangerous. so they believe that this is the sort of facility where he can be cared for and maintain the sort of security that they need. >> again for now, maybe the most important thing, it's just not here. it is far away from here. bigle marquez, thank you so much. appreciate it. we have more new developments to tell you about in the investigation here. before their alleged plan unraveled, the tsarnaev brothers reportedly had their sights set on a new target. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says the brothers wanted to bomb times square. at least it was discussed. we also learned that the suspect's mother and father have left dagestan. they are now in another part of russia, and the mother tells cnn that her husband's planned trip to the united states has been delayed indefinitely because of health concerns. also, more developments. the boston globe reports that anti-terror intelligence units in massachusetts were never advised that the fbi had investigated tamerlan tsarnaev's activities in 2011.
4:33 am
and there is another apparent security gap to talk about. a u.s. official says that a counterterrorism task force received a warning about tamerlan's extended trip to russia nine months before the boston bombing but that tip never went anymore else. so we want to bring in congressman chris van hollen to talk about the latest developments. he's a democrat from the state of maryland, also the ranking democrat on the budget committee. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good to be with you, john. >> i want to play you some sound from senator lindsey graham, congressman, because yesterday to cnn lindsey graham was suggesting that there is some blame here to go around about the miscommunication, and really the problems with identifying these suspects as far back as 2011. he said that some of these gaps in intelligence with the fbi, ultimately the blame lays with the administration. let's hear what he says. >> i have no idea who bears the blame, i just know the system is broken. the ultimate blame, i think, is with the administration.
4:34 am
>> does the administration bear some responsibility here for these apparent gaps in intelligence dating back to 2011? >> well, john, this is an obvious example of where we need to do our own investigation, and figure out if there were gaps in the system. i think it's way too early to draw any conclusions. as i listen carefully to lindsey graham he started out by saying he doesn't know where to lay blame and then he ends up laying blame on the administration. let's get the facts. and obviously we need to learn from any gaps that may have been there so that we close them in the future. i mean, the whole idea after 9/11 was to create a better system of information sharing. we have seen dramatic improvement. if there are still gaps, we need to close them. but let's get the facts. i think people are interested in getting the facts and solving the problems, rather than laying blame here. >> so even if you put the issue of blame aside for the time being, some of senator graham's
4:35 am
allies, john mccain and kelly ayotte are calling for hearings into what happened over the last two years to figure out if there were the gaps. would you at least support the idea of hearings to figure out what intelligence communications may or may not have worked over the past couple of years? >> oh, sure absolutely. i think we need to have hearings. we need to gather information. these should be done in a professional way, rather than people on very little evidence beginning to draw conclusions. let's get the evidence, let's figure out what went right, if anything, in terms of collection systems. what went wrong, because it does appear there may have been gaps. we don't know exactly all the evidence is in. but by all means, yes, we should have hearings. the more information we collect, the more prepared we are for the next -- to try and prevent this from happening in the future. >> as we mentioned before, you are the ranking democrat on the house budget committee. and there have been budget issues now for longer than most
4:36 am
of us can remember, congressman. let me start with last night. last night the senate passed a bill that would give the faa some assistance in their budgeting to keep these air traffic controllers from being furloughed. do you expect that the house will pass a similar measure today? >> i do expect the house will pass that kind of measure. but i think it's important to point out that this is just a band-aid, john. i mean this is just responding to the most recent example, and a very visible example of the disruptive effects of the sequester. what we really need to be doing is replacing the sequester so we achieve the same amount of deficit reduction over a longer period of time, but in a smarter way. and i and my colleagues in the house have put forward a plan on four occasions to do exactly that. unfortunately, the speaker of the house hasn't even allowed us the benefit of a vote on that. but the real solution is to replace the sequester. otherwise we're just attacking the symptoms as they pop up.
4:37 am
by the way, you know, we're addressing these most visible examples. members of congress are flying around the country, so they're feeling that. but there are seniors who get help through meals on wheels. there are kids in head start programs. there are people who don't have as strong a political voice who are already hurting right now. so let's address the entire sequester which also, by the way, is having a very disruptive impact on job growth. >> congressman, you're looking to have a conference committee between the house and the senate budget plans right now. you don't actually think we're anywhere near doing something like that or close to a resolution, do you? >> well, the first step, john, is of course to have these talks. you know, the senate has now passed a budget. the house has passed a budget. we don't yet have a common budget for this coming year. for the government. which is why we've been calling for what is the next step in the budget process, which is to go to conference to try and iron out these differences. and again, we're very
4:38 am
disappointed right now that the speaker of the house has refused to allow that budget process to move forward. they were understandably critical that the senate had not passed a budget. we remember that criticism. well now the senate has passed a budget, and the speaker of the house refuses to have that next conversation in the budget process. in fact, we are now past the congressionally mandated deadline of april 15th for getting a conference committee reform. well you can't get a conference committee report if you refuse to go to conference. so i hope people will, you know, call upon the speaker to get this process moving. we shouldn't be waiting when we've got all these disruptions to the sequester and other problems in the economy. >> all right, represent 2i6 van hollen, thank you so much for joining us this morning. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> christine romans is back in new york with more of the day's other top news. good morning, christine. >> good morning again, john. developing this morning in
4:39 am
bangladesh, the death toll now climbing to 285 in that devastating collapse of an eight-story building. 2,000 people have been rescued. but it's believed hundreds more are still trapped in the rubble. before it crumbled on wednesday, cracks developed in the building which housed garment factories that make clothes, for both europe and the united states. but people were reportedly ordered to go inside and go to work anyway. caskets draped in american flags and mourners openly weeping for the first responders to gave their lives. 12 of the 14 people who died after the fertilizer plant blast in west texas were trying to put out the fire. hundreds of firefighters from across the country attended that service in nearby waco. president obama said west, the town of west, represents the best of america. >> america needs communities where there's always somebody to call if your car gets stuck, or your house gets flooded. we need people who so love their neighbors as themselves that they're willing to lay down their lives for them. america needs towns like west.
4:40 am
>> the president and first lady also met privately with victims' families. boeing 787 dreamliners are cleared to fly again out of japan. that country has authorized flights starting today. but it's not clear exactly when japan's largest dreamliner carriers will resume those flights. battery related problems grounded dreamliners earlier this year. every living president in one place. or as president obama called the gathering yesterday in dallas, a special day for our democracy. the event was the dedication of the george w. bush library and museum. brianna keilar has more on this historic moment. ♪ >> reporter: the five living presidents together for the first time since president obama's 2009 inauguration. >> we've been called the world's most exclusive club, and we do have a pretty nice clubhouse. but the truth is, our club's more like a support group.
4:41 am
>> reporter: at the dedication of the george w. bush presidential library and museum, they put partisanship aside. >> starting with my work with president george h.w. bush on the tsunami, and the aftermath of katrina, people began to joke that i was getting so close to the bush family i had become the black sheep son. my mother told me not to talk too long today. and barbara, i will not let you down. >> reporter: a frail george h.w. bush received a standing ovation, as he struggled to stand himself. a newly unveiled statue at the library, testament to his father/son political dynasty, as barbara bush poured cold water on the idea that former florida governor jeb bush might join them. >> there are other people out there that are very qualified, and we've had enough bushes. >> reporter: inside the museum, displays of the legacy bush intended for himself quickly give way to the moment that
4:42 am
defined his presidency. this is one of the most talked about parts of this museum. twisted steel beams from the world trade center. tower two, to be exact, what's thought to be the point of impact. and at many museums you're told not to touch exhibits. here there will be employees encouraging museum goers to reach out and touch this wreckage of the world trade center as a way to connect to what happened on 9/11. the bullhorn president bush used to address workers at ground zero a few days later is on display, along with the gun saddam hussein was carrying when he was captured in 2003. an era of controversial decisions made by a controversial president. but this day was for celebration, not for criticism. >> whatever challenges become before us, i will always believe our nation's best days lie ahead. god bless. >> a very emotional day for
4:43 am
president bush and the thousands of his supporters who came here to celebrate this. and while the museum and library was dedicated on thursday, it officially opens to the public on may 1st. brianna keilar, cnn, dallas. ahead on "starting point," it's nfl draft time from the surprising picks to manti te'o's rough night. we have all the details in a live report. then usc champ georges saint pierre live with his new book about his climb to the top of the mixed martial arts world. you're watching "starting point."
4:44 am
4:45 am
as predicted the first round of the nfl draft was heavy on the big guys. for the first time two offensive tackles went to the number one and number two overall picks. joe carter is here with the "bleacher report." >> so far this draft has lacked star power. but it certainly made up for it in with size and a lot of
4:46 am
surprise. people shocked to see two offensive linemen go first, and then seven offensive and defensive linemen go. >> with the first pick in the 2013 nfl draft, the kansas city chiefs select eric fisher, tackle, central michigan. >> and wow, eric fisher is a big guy. 6'7", 306 pounds. his job next season is a very important one. he's going to protect the chiefs' new investment, their multimillion dollar investment in quarterback alex smith. >> this is so hard to process. the fact that i was the number one pick in the nfl draft, it's a dream come true. something i've been working for for so long and, i'm standing here right now, and i just can't believe it yet. >> as i said it was an unusual night because a record number of offensive and defensive linemen were taken in this year's first round. field position largely ignored in the first 32 picks, only one
4:47 am
quarterback was drafted. no running backs were taken. but in the fifth pick, detroit, you got to say they rolled the dice big time with defensive end ziggy ansah. this guy was born and raised in ghana. he only knew soccer for most of his life. he moved to the united states in 2008 and has only played football for three seasons. but the lions really liked this guy. they liked him along side perry. not getting picked manti te'o. he was passed up by all 32 teams. maybe it's because of the fake girlfriend baggage. maybe it's because he played poorly in the national championship game against alabama. either way he didn't make the trip to new york city. he is in hawaii with his parents where he's hoping his name will be called later today. you got to feel bad for this guy. it was a rough night for west virginia quarterback geno smith. he waited in the green room for his name to be called.
4:48 am
but it never was. he waited. and waited. and waited. he was not picked. and many predict, and i mean many predicted this guy was going to go in the first round. some said possibly in the first few picks but it never happened. he said i'm not going through this again i'm getting on a plane and i'm going to watch the second round at home with my family. now you can watch the second and third round, and track it on they've got a nice breakdown of what happened in the first round, which teams came away winners. which teams came away losers. again, that's and christine, as i said, geno smith, you got to feel bad for this guy, he's potentially going to get picked today. aaron rodgers who went through a similar situation back in 2007 he's now the green bay packers quarterback, tweeted geno smith last night basically saying, keep your head up, everything's going to be all right. >> difference between first round and second round is millions of dollars? >> multiple. >> all right, thanks joe carter. wondering about the next stop for anthony bourdain, parts
4:49 am
unknown? here's a preview of the hit show airing this weekend. >> -- from venezuela. it's extremely cheap. like 50 cents a gallon. the government subsidizes a lot of it. they're able to buy venezuelan gasoline and sell legally venezuelan gasoline in colombia. >> having taken on as much gas as could be bought in one city, we're off again. it's hot out here. desert hot. we plan to ride three hours along the coast to our latest spot. i refused to wear a helmet or sunblock. we avoid wild donkeys and goats and get lost more than a few times.
4:50 am
so it leads to a lot of horsing around and we decide to open these puppies up. >> oh, anthony boar dane: parts unknown, sunday at 9:00 p.m. >> one of the most successful ufc fighters joins us about the new bock as how he rose from a bullied kid to a celebrated champ. he'll teach me a few moves. you're watching "starting point." i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. when ouwe got a subaru.s born, it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
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4:53 am
he's the ufc welterweight champion and is considered one of the top mixed martial arts fighter in the world in his new book, georges st. pierre writes, watching myself fight i realized line between success and failure is so narrow, it's scary. every single time i win a fight, i better understand how the greater the risk, the greater the reward. when we read this book, you have a rabid following, but there are a lot of lessons in here for
4:54 am
leadership and failure, success and failure, no matter what walk of life are you in. it really transcends just this sport to life. is that the point? >> yeah, when we made this book, we wanted to do something for the bigger public than only the mma hard-core fans. wanted to make it for a bigger audience. not a biography, really a book of philosophy and used basically to fwi goal, my dream, my fear. putting everything together from where i come from to where i am. >> let's talk about the strategy. sidelines with an injury. time away from the sport. you started writing this. did you have to refocus and think what does it take for me to be a winner and leader? how hard do you have to focus on yourself and your own performance? >> to do the project, yes. it happened when i had my hl
4:55 am
surgery. a hard time in my career. i didn't know if i would ever come back, you know, because some injuries like this, sometimes you never come back. and i had a lot on my mind. and also a little bit kind of therapeutic. >> sorry for my english. i'm french speaking is my first language. work with this, and we work with a lot of interviews. altogether, and made that book. >> let's talk about bullying as a child. when you say it made you who you are, if bully was part of the definition of what you had to overcome as a kid. you say the truth is, i didn't start as a winner. when i was cade, i was just another reject. i started he at the bottom. i think all winners do.
4:56 am
what can others take from that? >> well, just an obstacle i faced in plif. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and i grew up in mixed martial arts and it gave me confidence and bullying, like -- i don't say i'm an expert in bullying. bullying in my time is way different than now. now they have cell phone and internet. they didn't have it back in the day. in my time, way different -- more face to face, you know, but i -- i talk a lot about it in my book and i go through it, made me the person that i am. and i am very competitive. >> really nice to meet you. the book transcends the sport into sort of leadership, success, and fail sxushg a fine line. nice to meet you. best of luck to you. >> ahead on "starting point," we learned that the boston bombing
4:57 am
suspect has been moved to a new location. new details about a second possible attack being planned by suspe suspects. live in boston at the top of the hour and controversy over a three-decades old of police. police making fun of homeless. you can't make this up. what's more surprising is who appears in it. you're watching "starting point." welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit
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4:59 am
good morning, everyone. i'm john berman live in boston. where we begin with breaking news this morning. cnn confirming that the surviving boston bombing suspect has been moved to a prison medical facility away from boston. we'll have the developing
5:00 am
details on that. plus, they were planning at least one more attack, the surviving boston bombing suspects revealed their section target. times square. and this morning, hearing from the man carjacked by the accused terror suspects. the moment-by-moment detail of his 90-minute ordeal. we're talking to "the boston globe" reporter that spoke with him exclusive. was the red line crossed? chemical weapons were used in syria. does the u.s. have to get involved in the civil war in syria? and congress gets involved in the airport delay drama. a late-night deal to ease faa furloughs. what that really means. friday, april 26th. a special edition of "starting point" begins right now. we begin with two big
5:01 am
breaking developments in the boston marathon bombing investigation to tell you about. the u.s. marshals service confirms that dzhokhar tsavraev has been moved from beth israel deac deaconess medical center and is being held in devft. devens, massachusetts. a former military base, a prison on a form every military base. male offenders who require specialized medical or mental health care. and tsavraev's parents have left dagestan and her husband's planned visit to the united states has been delayed indefinitely because of health concerns. all of this on the heels of new information that the brothers were planning what could have been another attack this one in new york city's times square. reportedly had plans to drive there on april 19th, the night they wound up in a shoot-out with police.
5:02 am
we want to bring in miguel marquez with details on the movement of the prisoners from boston overnight, really broke in the middle of the night. >> very much in the middle of the night. around 1:00 in the morning, police at beth israel deaconess moved all media away from the area we were staged in. between 1:00 and 3:00. police moved in. we clearly knew something was going on and this morning, the marshals service confirmed he had, in fact, been moved. still nine victims from the bombing itself at beth israel. their families, their friends, very upset that mr. tsavraev still in the facility. officials had been looking for a place for him to go to. he was listed in stable condition yesterday. doctors were concerned about moving him too early, but clearly there was a great desire to get him to a new facility and this facility, it sounds like sort of a perfect match for him. because it can house high value or high security prisoners on
5:03 am
this medical facility. there is a lot of individuals who have been there long-term with serious to severe psychological problems and are considered very dangerous. the sort of place they can move him to so he can be cared for medically, get through trial and also secured there, and there won't be any issues. >> about an hour away from boston. part of what used to be a big military base. sort of secluded. very much away from victims being cared for here. is this where he might stay until he faces trial? >> it is not. clearly there are other facilities around. a satellite prison connected to it that's minimum security. unlikely he will be held there. clearly he will be tried presumable until boston. and there would be some facility within driving distance certainly where he would be able to get to. >> miguel marquez, thank you so much. again, headlines, breaking news overnight. dzhokhar tsavraev moved from boston, about an hour away to
5:04 am
ft. devens, massachusetts. the father of the bombing suspects had a plan to travel to the united states today, but it won't be happening for a while, if at all. the mother tells cnn, that her husband is delaying the trip indefinitely because of what she calls health concerns. they claim the boston bombings are fake. she said she and her us have have left dagestan and are in another part of russia. and they wanted to follow the boston bomb bombing with another high-profile attack. they had spontaneous plans to set up bombs in new york city. they intended to drive to new york on april 19th. the night they ended up in a shoot-out with police in watertown, massachusetts. cnn richard ross in times square with this angle. >> reporter: good morning, john. it might have been a spontaneous
5:05 am
act according to the police commissioner, but the result could have been katcatastrophic. times square, business as usual on thursday, a weekend coming up. coming to life on friday morning. the city of new york always on guard, especially after 9/11. and that horrific devastating day. there are many security cameras here in times square, a heavy police presence, but with 35,000 people at any time on the sidewalks of new york, a target-rich environment. the mayor of new york, michael bloomberg, commented on the potential plot to attack here in times square. >> the fact is, new york city remains a prime target for those who hate america and want to kill americans. the attacks in boston and the news that new york city was next on the terrorist list shows just how critical it is for the federal government to devote resources to high risk areas. >> the suspects had in their vehicle a pressure cooker bomb
5:06 am
and some other pipe bomb devices. so it could have been an aspirational plot or chatter in that car. this could have been a location, one of the suspects had been here and been photographed in times square. i asked a new yorker and a couple from atlanta their reaction to the news. >> well, i have to tell you, i did think twice about walking through times square which i often do on my way to work in the morning. that was a little concerning, and i'm really concerned about the security and the fact that the fbi really didn't follow through with the tips that they had. >> scariest thing in the world. i'm glad we weren't here at the time. >> do you think about that now in times square? >> no. no. >> just go on living. you can't worry about these crazy people and just go and do what you do. if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. >> new york city plans to follow up on the information. the information garnered from the interview with the surviving
5:07 am
suspects. they, of course, have a heavy an triterrori -- anti terrorist squad. >> they will take any threats very, very seriously. richard roth, thank you for being there. ed royce joins us live right now, a republican from california. he is here to talk to us about syria, major develops yesterday on that and today as well. but chairman royce, first, i want to ask you about the attacks here in boston. you are chairing this committee and holding hearings on islamic extremism in chechnya. a very important subject right now. any information. new information connecting these brothers to islamic extremism in chechnya? >> we do. the mosque that the older brother attended in chechnya is one of the most radicalized.
5:08 am
the types of doctrine that comes out of the musf of the mosque a inspired. if you look at the chechnyan assaults that have occurred, and the magnitude of the casualties in the region, have you over 300 children killed, of course, on the attack on the skill, hundreds injured, you have the attack on the moscow theater, but, again, took the lives of 120 people, you have the attack on the subway with hundreds and hundreds of casualties in moscow. all done by organizations linked to this particular al qaeda network. one which has the dream of the ca califate that includes southern russia afghanistan, pakistan, and that's why we see chechnyan fighters killing troops in afghanistan, carrying out att k attacks in pakistan. a wider vision of what they want to do with the califate, and
5:09 am
apparently the older brother, in the six months he was there was brought in to the fold in terms of that movement. >> the big question, if their vision for the califate extends beyond russia and maybe to the united states. let's ask about intelligence first. there are differing accounts. what happened in 2011 when they got word there were concerns about tamerlan tsavraev. are you satisfied that all that the fbi needed to do was done? >> the problem, of course, when a foreign government tips you of off. in this case, not just the fbi, but the cia as well about terrorist ties, you probably want to flag that file, right? you want to know in the future if that individual is going to travel. i would think you would want to
5:10 am
know and check the websites, because on the website, of course, you had terrorist videos, you had him visiting chat rooms. clearly enough was not done to monitor the chatter. not one heads up we were given, but several. so i do have questions, absolutely. and this is -- this is one of the things we are looking at with our hearing. >> congressman, another area of major concern right now, of course, in syria, you are meeting with secretary of state john kerry today. following the news from the administration, that they now believe with varying degrees of confidence, chemical weapons were used by the assad regime in syria. chairman royce, do you believe a red line was crossed here? >> clearly the administration said if something like sarin is used it crosses a red line. the reason for the concern is just howlettal this particular
5:11 am
chemical agent is. some of us remember the attack in the subways in tokyo. was it in 1995? where you had, you know, half a dozen people killed as memory serves. but i remember there were thousands injured in that attack, or over 1,000. so when we look at sarin as a chemical agent, something f you get that into the food or water, or even if you breathe it, in small doses it's very lethal. we had the king of jordan here yesterday, speaking to us on the committee about this issue. today we'll talk to the secretary of state. i think the international community is moving towards embracing sort of the -- the goal of the free syrian army to try to overturn the assad regime. that does not mean boots on the ground on the part of the united
5:12 am
states, but it probably means assisting those who were resisting assad in a more robust way. to make certain that we put a quicker conclusion or quicker end to this struggle in syria. >> all right. congressman ed royce, chair of the foreign affairs committee, thank you for joining us, really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i want to show you live pictures right now, coming to cnn from devens, massachusetts, an hour west, an old military base that houses a prison facility that is housing dzhokhar tsavraev, the 19-year-old suspect in the boston marathon bombings, he was moved in the dark of night between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m., taken from boston from the beth israel deaconess medical center, and he is being held there now. so many victims' families staying in the same hospital in
5:13 am
boston, who were extremely upset that dzhokhar tsavraev was in the same hospital. this alleviates that problem. i should say as well, we are focusing on the suspect in this case, we want to focus as much as possible on the victims as well. christine romans, i'm standing here at the memorial site in copley square, people have brought running sneakers, t-shirts, teddy bears. people have wen coming all morning. very special site in boston, very poignant and an important reminder of what happened here one week ago. christine romans, back in new york with the day's top stories. >> your point of remembering the victims and talking about the people who are trying to recover, very well taken. a woman says i don't know who the suspects are, i don't know how to pronounce their names, and i am just trying to get better and so are all of us here. that's an important thing to remember. a hospital fire in the russian town of romansky left 41
5:14 am
people dead. only three manages to escape. the blaze may have been sparked by an electrical short. tomorrow an official day of mourning in russia for those lost in the fire. seattle police dusting off a skeleton in their closet. a video showing officers making fun of homeless people. ♪ your honor t ♪ under the viaduct where the dirt is our floor ♪ >> the 1986 video part of a training film, the current interim police chief is in it. he says he wanted to be transparent and apologize. >> the attempt at humor, clearly was wrong. and, again, i -- i am deeply sorry for it but i own it. frankly, now that i'm in a much higher profile position, at some point eventually it could have
5:15 am
come out, and i promised the media, i promised my officers, i promised the command staff, that i would be open and honest, and approach things head on. >> the department has been under fire in recent years over its treatment of minorities. massive flooding still a big headache for many americmidwest this morning. dangerously high water in des plaines, illinois. and there is a warning for scammers offering fraudulent home repairs. a terrifying moment for two on a twin engine plane. handing gear failed to deploy in kansas yesterday. the pilot forced to land on the plane's belly. pilot and copilot were not injure. image you knine on approach, la gear does not deploy. glad they are safe. >> thanks, christine. ahead on "starting point," he spent 90 terrifying minutes
5:16 am
with the boston bombing suspects. the reporter who interviewed the man allegedly carjacked by the tsavraev brothers. how he managed to escape. this is an incredible story. you are watching "starting point." ♪ [ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's 50% stronger. in this lab demo even just one
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welcome back to "starting point." john berman in copley square. we're learning more about the harrowing ordeal about the last person to spend time with the boston bombing suspects. we only know him by his american nickname, he's called danny. 26-year-old chinese entrepreneur who spent 90 minutes fearing for his life after the suspects allegedly carjacked his mercedes suv. a reporter from "the boston globe" interviewed danny, spent some time with danny, the carjacking victim. really the only person.
5:19 am
>> what stuck out to me, danny really has probably of all of the millions of people in greater boston, the perfect combination of innocence, poise and calm. if it would have been any one of us, a little different twist here or there, danny wouldn't have survived and the brothers would have gotten to new york. really an incredible story. danny is an amazing guy. >> 90 minutes he spent in the car with one or both of the brothers at different times. how did he manage to escape? back to the beginning. first, it starts with danny stopping his car to send a text message. question if anyone actually does it, it's danny. they pull up immediately behind him. the older brother wraps on the window. tamperland sticks his hand in the window, pulls a gun on him. takes what money he has, tells him to drive. the partly, the other brother is following behind, they combine the luggage, but it's the bombs, and they are constantly
5:20 am
threatening him. how do i stay alive? i don't want to say the wrong thing. at one point, he gets a tes message in chinese, where are you? how come you haven't come home? and tamerlan takes an english to chinese app, i'm sick, i'm not coming home, i'm with a friend. another text, then a call. silence in danny's car. call again, tamerlan says you answer, and you say a word in chinese, i'll kill you and don't be stupid. danny says, answering in english. i'm sick, i'm with a friend, i'm sorry, i have to go. trying to think, where can i get out? when is my moment? lucky for danny, the car running low on gas. had to stop at a gas station, double stroke of luck, wouldn't take a credit card, the younger brother has to go in. danny is alone with tamerlan.
5:21 am
he puts the gun in the driver's side pocket of the suv, both hands fiddling with the gps and danny realizes if i get out, now is the chance, unbuckle the seat belt, open the door and go in one swift motion, at a certain point he does it, and really the perfect place, between the car and the gas pumps and if tamerlan is going to shoot him, he would have to go through the window, an impossible shot. tries to reach for him. can't get him, hears him curse, sprints across the street to safety at another gas station, calls 9/11. >> they were able to trace the car using his cell phone and the mercedes satellite technology. this man, danny, who was minding his own business, may have saved lives. he certainly helped catch the suspects here. >> absolutely. this takes balk last thursday, early friday morning. only a matter of minutes between when the police got to danny and when they caught up with the tsavraev brothers, and without danny's cell phone, without his poise, satellite technology in the car, who knows how long it
5:22 am
could have taken? >> what did the brothers say about new york? >> two things. when i spoke to danny, they were speaking english. when they spoke to each other, it was a language he didn't understand. tamerlan said if you look at me, if you see my face, i'll kill you. danny said i don't see you, i don't remember you. he is trying to listen and hears manhattan come out in a language he doesn't understand. and that gives him the location they might go out of new york. and then danny is asked can your car go out of state? and he says what do you mean? and they say like new york. and danny said, yeah, yeah, it can go to new york. >> what an unbelievable story. officer sean collier killed along with other victims from the bombing. >> thank you. >> i had a chance to sit down with a family, one who was near the finish line here at the
5:23 am
button marathon. three members of the family affected by the bomb blast injured. one was hit by shrapnel. the father lost his leg. but they are not bitter about the attack, despite all that has happened to them. an amazing story to tell. and then new this morning, congress putting an end to furloughs and air traffic control towers, but is this really as good as it sounds? we'll have a live report. coming up next. at angie's list, you'll find reviews written by people just like you. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. [ female announcer ] the sun powers life. ♪ and now it powers our latest innovation.
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5:26 am
welcome back to "starting point, " new this morning, the house could vote today to put furloughed air traffic controller back to work and end a rash of airport delays. the senate approved a plan that would hopefully get planes running on time again. zane asher, at laguardia, but in the meantime, there could be delays today. >> one pilot describing to me, absolute torture. 3,000 flights delayed or canceled because of budget cuts. essentially the faa trying to save $600 million between now and september. as a result, they are reducing staffing at air traffic controllers, by up to 10%, you
5:27 am
can image you know the chaos. you are getting more someplace between planes and when you walk into the airport, it might say on the monitor, your flight is departing on time, you won't actually know that f that is true until you are sitting on the tarmac. that's where a lot of delays coming through. more planes circling in the air a lot longer before lanning. earlier, i spoke to one pilot from american eagle. what he to same. >> horrendous, three or four-hour delays, it could happen any time of date, morning, night. it's weird, usually they happen late at night, or if the weather is bad, but lately they have been happening at all times of the day, even on good weather days. >> so bottom line, if you are traveling today, expect delays, make sure you talk to the airline and airport in advance of leave, christine. >> zain asher, thank you. and ahead on "starting point," john berman sits down with survivors of the bombing
5:28 am
and talks about the terrify experience and the lasting wounds. >> i went to the hospital. they actually had the round pieces of metal in them, they were like bbs basically. plus, what they would say to the 19-year-old suspects if given the chance, next. a new warning about cucumbers and salmonella, when we come back. counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just 49.95 after rebates when you use the ford service credit card. did you tell him to say all of that? no,
5:29 am
he's right though...
5:30 am
5:31 am
welcome back, everyone. two big breaking developments in the boston marathon bombing investigation. the u.s. marshals service confirming to cnn, that dzhokhar tsavraev has been moved from the beth israel deaconess medical center, moved out of the city, and held at a prison facility in devens, massachusetts, 30 miles west of boston, housed in the ft. devens former military base.
5:32 am
we have learned that the patients parents of the tsavraev brothers have left dagestan and the husband's trip to the united states has been delayed indefinitely due to health concerns. this on information that the brothers could have been planning another attack in new york city times square. they had plans to drive on april 19th. the night they wound up in a sho shoot-out with place. >> the suspect has been moved to the former military facility, 40 niles southwest of here. still nine victims from the bombings at beth israel deaconess hospital. their family and friends were very upset that mr. tsavraev was being cared for there. authorities clearly wanted to get him out. a civilian facility, doctors were concerned that he wasn't well enough, in the last 24 hours, we knew his condition was
5:33 am
listed as fair, clearly he has improved enough that they were able to move him the hour, hour and a half or so to the facility. a perfect facility and situation for him. they can house high-security individuals in the medical facility. they do have a lot of people who have long-term psychological concerns and could be dangers, they feel comfortable moving him to this facility. he could get well enough to stand trial, or the beginning of what the process is and be moved somewhere else, john. >> the hour outside of boston, great relief to the families here. >> absolutely. >> miguel marquez, thank you for joining us. boston cab driver jim dug an is haunted by the fact that he gave the tsavraev brothers a ride shortly before their alleged bombing. more details about that ride. they -- this man says that he picked them up in the cab, just one day before the attack. he picked them up at the malden train station.
5:34 am
the driver likes to talk to customers, but this cabbie now regrets mentioning the boston marathon as the brothers rode in his taxi. listen to what he said. >> the little brother said, oh, marathon, really? and then the older brother got really angry with him and i said what's wrong? and the little brother said, hey, you know what? it's nothing, don't worry about it. just pull over here, we'll get out here. >> dug an dropped the brothers off in kendall square in cambridge was about to drive away, when he heard screaming and pounding on the trunk. left one of the bags in the cab, a heavy backpack, rather ominous. actor matt damon is a knave of the boston area. he's taking the attack personally. speaking at harvard university yesterday, where matt damon went, he says each year his brother runs the marathon or stands at the finish line with damon's nephews. this year they were not there. >> just really i think we're all
5:35 am
still in shock. i certainly am still in shock and trying to figure out what this all means and what happened. >> damon also said the alleged bombers lived just blocks from his childhood home. yesterday, i got a chance to spend some time with a family recovering from the attack. an entire family. kevin white and his mother, mary jo, suffered injuries from the blast. just feet away from the first explosion. bill white, the husband, the father, and the vietnam war veteran who received a purple heart for service in vietnam, but it was boston where he lost his leg. he remains in the hospital this morning, but this is not a family that is about to let their experience dictate their lives. listen. >> my tharm this is where they pulled out the biggest shrapnel, right there. and the bb marks all up and down here, and all over here. you see all of these round
5:36 am
welts, and then over on this side there is more of them, and then there is all up through here. this is where i got really hit the hardest. so it's interesting, because they are -- when i went to the hospital, some of these actually had the round pieces of metal in them, like bbs basically. i will always have them to remember i guess. >> what a memory. >> yeah. >> 2:50 p.m. in the afternoon on marathon monday. >> um-hum. >> what happened? >> well, you know, from what i recall, we were close to the finish line, and kind of me annering, stopping, starting, stopping, starting and suddenly there was this loud explosion, which to me sounded very metallic and almost like had an echo to it, and i saw this huge flash of light, blinding, and just dark. >> this is a picture, right after the race. show me where you are? >> i am right here, i kind of
5:37 am
got blown away from the blast by about five feet and my father in the red, right here laying down and my mother is right next to him, over, and you can see the blast happened right around there. >> mary jo, i have to say it had to be terrifying. >> the sound was just unbelievable. that was -- it's just like you were in another world. >> and then the uncertainty. not knowing for hours. >> yeah. >> that was -- that was the hardest part i think. just, you know, not knowing where they were, calling around, and trying to find updates and being helpless and powerless. that was difficult. >> the explosion goes off, what happened to you? >> it was -- the explosion and our clothes were torn off, and i could not find kevin at all. my husband, bill, was on the ground next to me. but i didn't know where kevin was, i couldn't see him.
5:38 am
>> this -- this was in your -- >> in my purse. >> what happened here? >> i won't be making any checks. >> a piece of shrapnel right through it? >> yeah. >> broken wrist? >> i have shrapnel in my left leg and in my face and just a small break in one of my hands. >> and tell me about your husband. >> he's doing remarkably well. >> he's in good spirits, given his condition. and health wise, the doctors are astounded at the progress ease made. >> after everything that's happened, are you bitter at all? angry? >> i'm -- not really. you know, it's one of those things that it was so unpredictable that it happened, you know, at one minute earlier,
5:39 am
one minute later, it might not have happened, so it's really -- it's hard to -- i'm speaking for myself. obviously my father, his condition is much more serious. but i -- i don't sense that he's very bitter or angry. >> do you? >> i don't think we're bitter. i mean, that's not our -- the way we live. and, you know, i think it's just a new day and we have new choices to make. >> when you see the pictures of these two young men, these brothers, you winced, is it hard for you? >> i just think how did that happen to them? you know, how did they get so indoctrinated in something that they would think nothing of destroying so many lives. >> if you could say one thing to this 19-year-old kid what would it be? >> i guess i would say for our
5:40 am
family is that we're going to continue on. >> will you ever go back and watch the marathon again? >> i would think so. over time. >> maybe. in the distance. probably not from the same spot. >> right. right. >> maybe. >> it won't stop us from enjoying our life. >> such a remarkable family, and i should say, as we said, bill white, whose leg was amputated, recovering in the hospital. visits from president obama and perhaps more importantly, several members of the boston red sox have been to see him. want to help the white family, go to there is information about how to help them and a lot of victims from the attacks in boston. i'm standing in front of the memorial in boston. copley plaza, a block away from the finish line. a point of congregation in boston since this area reopened to the public and this is a remarkable memorial.
5:41 am
specific remember answers, there is running shoes left here by all who ran the boston marathon. message boards, where people are writing messages to the victims here and lots and lots of stuffed animals and flowers and people have been coming here since the we hours of the morning. i was here since before 5:00 a.m., already people here, paying their respects. it is such a poignant reminder of what happened here in boston more than one week ago. let's go back to christine romans in new york with more. >> thank you, john. the people of the small texas community of west, devastated by fire and explosion at the local fertilizer plant, gathered to salute neighbors that lost lives in that disaster. ed lavandera is there reporting live this morning. good morning, ed. >> reporter: good morning, christine. an impressive sight, as firefighters descended on the
5:42 am
farrell center in waco to pay respects to the fallen firefighters and victims of the explosion in west. amid the solemn melodies of bag pipes, tears flowed and flowed. thousands of firefighters and first responders honored the victims, killed in the earth rattling explosion, at a fertilizer plant in the small town of west, texas. the flag-draped coffins are a poignant site, but the videotaped eulogies from family members that offered the most emotion. >> he was a true here york the first to answer every call. >> a strong, caring man. a good family man. he did everything for us. never missed a sporting event of ours in his life. >> he was the friend that showed up to help you, even before you asked. >> we will love you forever, we will like you for always, as long as we're living, our son you will be.
5:43 am
>> rest in peace, and take care, sweet son. i love you. >> i cannot match the power of the voices you just heard on that video. >> president obama and first lady michelle obama attended the memorial service, the president honored the smalltown strength of a town like west. >> america needs towns like west. that's what makes this country great, towns like west. have you been tested, west. have you been tried. you have gone through fires. but you are and always will be surrounded by an abundance of love. >> it just looks like a bomb went off. >> reporter: in the coming days, residents will begin moving back into evacuated neighborhoods, but homecoming for some, like susan konopock, won't be happening any time soon. she's lived in this house 19
5:44 am
years. >> it's just unbelievable. >> i'm thankful i wasn't in the kitchen. >> susan's house, 300 yards away from the blast site. her son escaped with only scratches on his leg, but when you talk to susan, you can sense how losing friends in the explosion and watching neighbors lose their homes is taking a toll. >> what does it mean to you to have so many friends out here helping you? >> there are no words. people have come up to this door, we don't even know, offered help. people have brought food. offered money. people that cop from out of nowhere and it warms my heart. >> reporter: after the memorial service yesterday afternoon, president obama spent more than an hour meeting privately with the victims' family members before leaving in marine one. christine. >> ed lavandera, thanks. check where your cucumbers come from. 17 people have become sick with
5:45 am
salmonella poisoning when they ate cucumbers from mexico. they are offer the market until suppliers fix the problem. ahead, finger pointing in the wake of the boston marathon terror attack. politicians and media personalities going too far? you're watching "starting point." [ thunder crashes ]
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with any major event, there is plenty of blame to go around. some are jumping at a chance to point fingers and get sound bites. joining success howard kurtz and lauren ashburn. a lot of -- as the week went on, more and more people opining about politicians and media personalities about the whole event. >> it was the week last week, and that's when it seemed most appropriate. finger pointing, feuding, and politicians were using this as an opportunity to raise their profiles. >> we had a few precious days of unity and now people, both in the media and politics, you know, riling up their base,
5:49 am
playing for ratings. >> one of the example, arkansas representative nate bell, he tweeted last friday, before the suspect was caught, boston liberals are cowering in their homes, i bet they wish they had an ar-15 with a-capacity magazine. later after a call for his resignation says he was sorry, not for the words, but the tile timing. >> bill oech'reily taking on to brock c brokaw saying we should be worrying about those innocent killed by u.s. drones. and sniping, saying it's one step from calling president obama, and o'reily never gone anywhere near there. >> do we want to allow more muslim students into this country? should we take a break for two to four years? >> do you think the media was quiet and careful in the beginning about tying the motive to religion? do you think there was a
5:50 am
sensitivity to that, that they have a point about saying that liberals in boston were too concerned about that? >> i think there has been maybe too much sensitivity on the question of islamic jihad, but at the same time, when -- when mainstream media reports a story that says there is no evidence to suggest they had the connection anywhere else, that's where the facts are, but there is this anti muslim sentiment building up in the media and among politicians. >> in the very beginning on twitter especially. people were saying very be cautious about what you tie this to, and if you tie it to religion and muslims as a whole. and then as the week went on, before the bodies were buried, we started hearing the anti muslim chatter. >> ann colter said we should put the mosques under video surveillance. and, you know, what strikes me, i am so glad to see john berman
5:51 am
do a story with a couple injured in the bombing, "the new york times" with the front-page story. i had the sense that 90% now is profiles and psycho analyzing the guys and taking the spotlight away where it should be. people who were killed and maimed and wounded in the awful attack. >> what about 8-year-old martin richard? i wrote a piece in the daily beast, all we're hearing last week and a little bit this week is all the bad about the guys and not about the people whose lives were harmed by this. now, we're starting to see that more, we've been watching it on cnn the last couple of days, brooke baldwin said earlier in the week, she wished we could talk more about the victims. but there was so much news all across the country it became impossible. >> do you think critics have a point, too many mainstream media types in talking about the 19-year-old tsavraev say he's a mixed up kid. >> people say teenager, almost humanized him in a way.
5:52 am
a terrorism suspect is what he is. 19 years orr not. >> on "60 minutes," they found his girlfriend, who said how can you not love him? and it really -- they were trying to humanize him and show his good side. you had three of his wrestling buddies come and say this is not him. >> i am not reading those stories. i think the focus should be on people who were hurt, not the guy who allegedly set the bomb. >> a brave woman who gave a press conference from her bed. i don't know how to pronounce their names, i'm not thinking about them, i'm trying to get better. ahead on "starting point," brand new gdp numbers, i'll break down what they were, after the break. this is america.
5:53 am
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and services related to housing. this is a solid improvement. check out the fourth quarter. a slim increase, 0.4%. you want to see better growth than that. economists are telling us they don't expect the 2.5% rate of growth continue to the current quarter. such a big up tick, probably because of spending after hurricane sandy and cold weather in much of the country. wondering if there is a spring swoon in economic growth. we have to wait and see. stock futures holding steady. all three major averages lower. dow off 41 points, futures trading, but the market posting solid gains for the week. dow into the opening bell. about a half hour away. dow up 153 points since monday's open. "starting point," back in a moment. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
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6:00 am
continues in boston. >> terror suspects on the move. this morning, u.s. marshals whisk accused bomber dzhokhar tsavraev out of the hospital to his new home at a federal prison. "newsroom" begins right now. good morning. welcome to a special edition of "newsroom" live from boston. right in front makeshift memorial here at copley square. i'm jake tapper. >> i'm brooke baldwin. so great to be live in the midst of boylston street. a busy morning of developments. let's begin with the latest in the investigation here this morning. have you this younger suspect, dzhokhar tsavraev. he is now in a new hospital bed. overnight, moreovd


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