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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 29, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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reporting live in boston. breaking news this hour on the boston bombings. brand new information out about the lone surviving suspect. right now 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is sitting in a 10 by 10 foot cell just 40 miles outside of the city i'm in right now. but this morning, we now have some new and exclusive details at cnn from that night he was captured after a bloody fight with police officials. my source tells me that the night dzhokhar tsarnaev arrived at that hospital he was quote, covered in blood from head to toe, his face was extremely bloody and he was only semiconscious. his eyes were closed when he arrived in that ambulance with
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paramedics. he was wrapped in a great deal of gauze. i am told local police wanted to set up a crime scene right there in the ambulance at the ambulance bay, but the fbi quickly took over dissuaded them from doing so. i'm told, quote, the discussion was a very quick one. the fbi did not let them take over and do that crime scene locally. i'm also told by this source who witnessed the arrival dzhokhar tsarnaev, that he was not making any sounds when he arrived in that ambulance, but he was taken very quickly to the red zone trauma area, in which he is separated by curtains from other patients. i am told however, he was not
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uttering any words. he was just moaning in a great deal of pain as they worked to stabilize him. the stable zags of the suspect happened very quickly. two surgeons and a number of other surgeons as well and no shortage of medical staff. somewhere between eight and ten medical staff were working on this suspect in the red zone trauma area. i do want to point out when i asked my source if there were any bombing victims on the other sides of those curtains in the e.r., i was told no. under no uncertain terms were victims next to the suspect behind those curtains. those fbi representatives were
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right there in the e.r. and in the room as he was being stabilized. there was additional fbi officers and boston police officers and then of course members from the beth israel deaconess police department outside the room. here's what happened as he was stabilized. the suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was then taken from that red zone trauma area to an x-ray and then a ct scan and then he was wheeled after very quickly to an operating room. a high level hospital employee said the fbi stayed in the area as he was being operated on. from that moment, it was only within a matter of hours, he was taken to what we now know is the
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sixth floor of the beth israel. that's an area where were told that was shut off, exclusive to this particular patients. no other patients at all in that sixth floor i.c.u. where he was closed off for the remainder of his stay there. the president of the hospital came in there that night after 8:00 to be a part of this. he doesn't come to the hospital unless it is a very important person who is admitted. the recovery of tsarnaev was extremely quick. i am told, quote, he was in much better shape than most people thought. with the serious wounds isolated to his neck area, throat, and his leg as well. the devens medical center had
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staff come to beth israel to work details on how the transport him to that hospital. the victims were none too pleased that he was receiving care from the same people that were providing them care. here is another detail. when the u.s. marshals transferred dzhokhar tsarnaev to devens, they took him off a loading dock at the back of the hospital. it was under the cover of the night. 3:30 in the morning last week. he was going off a mirror loading dock.
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he did go with u.s. marshals in what's called transport vehicles. they resemble large hum vees. tom fuentes joins me live now. he is in washington, d.c. and from the american college of emergency physicians is a doctor on the phone. if i could just ask you -- i hope you heard all the details. are you surprised to hear the details but not only of his arrival, but his departure and treatment in between? >> no because he is a suspect. he is very highly guarded. they have to ensure his physical safety and physical custody as well as take care of his medical issues. so, i'm not that surprised at
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how they handled it. >> also the transfer of this high level detainee. clearly the media was camping out 24 hours to try to get a shot of his transfer. no one was able to. the fact they used a loading dock, does that surprise you at all? >> no, because as you said they wanted to keep him sheltered from, you know, the media, any kind of pap rat zi, anything related to that. they had to have a lot of people around with him and have the medical evacuation and the transfer. they wanted it very protected because of the status of this patient. >> and tom fuentes, the source i spoke with was very clear to say the fbi never left his said,
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effectively during the stable zags and the operating room, they were in the vicinity. i am assuming this was not a surprise either. >> right. first of all, he's a suspect in k custody. he might make a death bed confession. they don't know how bad of a shape he's in, if he's going to survive, if he's dying and blurts out the name of a coak coaccomplice. that's why they want to stay there in case there's more information that could be used as evidence. >> i think in legal parlance, that's called the dying
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declaration. so that makes a lot of sense. what about the initial treatment? the fbi right there as the emergency physicians began the attendance at the ambulance. >> right. in that situation, the primary consideration is to try to save his life. so the medical requirements of that take precedence. this would be true at the bomb scene, taking care of injured and wounded takes precedent. that's a standard that always exists. they don't want to have it come out that it looks like they let him die. we were more worried about taking fingerprints or blood samples. they want to talk to him and
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recover and to give information of value at future time. >> a fascinating insight into that very dangerous night and a very complicated evening of how to maintain any kind of prosecution. thank you for your insight. i want to take us to the former military post where this suspect is now being held. having been taken there off a loading dock by a transport vehicle and being driven curtesy of marshals. this is not a comfortable environment by any stretch, is it? >> reporter: it certainly isn't. it's not surprising they would do that under the cover of darkness. they've been trying not to draw attention to the suspect, even on the day they were looking for
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him, telling their officers not to use sirens because they didn't want to alert him or the media. he's here at the fort devins medical center 40 miles from boston. there's a checkpoint. before the checkpoint, there's security guards. they're usually not here. we probably wont see him. they're doing everything they can do to draw as little attention as possible. at this facility, that's where he is. he's in a special part of this facility. it is 34 people total that has extra security. 10 by 10 foot cell with a metal door and then there's a little slot where they can feed him, they can put a tray through, and then there's a window where they can monitor him. they're monitoring him 24 hours
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a day. he was in bad condition when he went to the hospital at deaconess, but he's doing better here because he can speak to medical authorities. how big is 10 by 10? this is about the size of it. there's a bed in one corner, and then there's a toilet and a sink. a pretty small amount of space to move around in if you're not used to being locked up. this is about the size of the tray they have and the window. we have this tent, which is 10 by 10. imagine being in this 24 hours a day. if he's guilty of the crime he's accused of, people would say this is too good for him and too big. >> if you ask people where i am, you'll get lot of responses like
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that. let's remember, this is a suspect, and there is a long process ahead of us until he is anything other than a suspect or a detainee. great work out there. we have some new details about a man named misha, a man some members of the tsarnaev family say radicalized tamerlan tsarnaev. they were able to track down misha and showed up at his home in rhode island unannounced for an interview in russian. his really name is mchale -- you can find highlights of the interview on the website for the new york review of books. he spoke with cnn's chris cuomo just a short time ago. here is what he learned.
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>> when i asked him about tamerlan tsarnaev, it was quite -- he made it clear he had indeed known him. he was very, very, very intent on explaining that he had nothing to do with any kind of radicalization. what he told me was, i was not his teacher. if i had been his teacher, i would have made sure he knew doing something like this was wrong. he was very upset and went to great lengths to convince me that he really had nothing to do with this. he made the point that the fbi told him his case was about to be closed because the fbi investigated his computer and cell phone and documents and concluded he wasn't involved in the organization of the attack. >> is it true? >> i don't know, but we still
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. many thousands of miles from where i am standing in the homeland of the bomb suspects, russian special forces launched a deadly raid this morning on a jihadist group that really no longer is operating in the shadows. nick paton walsh is live. what happened and what connection can be made to where i am here in boston? >> reporter: first of all, what happened, early yesterday morning a special forces raid took out a man. he is part of a militant group that was headed by abu dujana. he was killed in december. a video of abu dujana was linked
8:19 am
to by tamerlan tsarnaev on his youtube channel. we don't know if the two men ever met, but we know tamerlan was interested in him. we don't know if today's raid is in any way connected with ongoing investigations or is purely a coincidence. >> nick, you've had a chance to speak to the participants again. are they forthcoming or clamming up? >> the father said i'm sick, i'm sick. the mother said look, he really is ill. he's not going anywhere like the united states at all until he gets better. she importantly said that at any point she's given a suggestion
8:20 am
she will meet her son dzhokhar, she will go to the united states. a family clearly traumatized by the main goal is getting the father healthy and if possible, seeing dzhokhar. >> thank you for that. also some other news for you now. an elvis impersonator cleared by the authorities. a martial arts instructor instead arrested. a brand new suspect charged in the ricin laced letters case. do investigators are the right man this time? n as i met fiona i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just 49.95 after rebates when you use the ford service credit card. did you tell him to say all of that?
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the case involving ricin laced letters that were sent to president obama and other officials has taken another very strange turn. james dutschke has been charged and is in court as we speak. paul kevin curtis was later cleared and he claimed he had been framed by the man they
8:24 am
arrested, dutschke. >> reporter: kevin curtis is relieved after learning of james dutschke's arrest. >> i was just like whew. i took a deep breath. i told my ex-wife -- i said, now i feel like a weight has been lifted on my shoulders. >> reporter: charges filed against curtis were dropped last week after curtis' release the fbi shifted its focus to dutschke, a martial arts instructor and a former political candidate. >> he came out willingly. >> reporter: federal prosecutors have charged cut ski knowingly possessions and stockpiling a biological agent for use as a
8:25 am
weapon. she says dutschke bragged about being a member of mensa. >> he had a mensa card and it was one of his things he was proud of. >> he showed you the card? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: curtis says dutschke has been harassing him online since 2004? why do you think he was interested in you? >> i don't know. >> i don't have anything to do with this. i don't hardly know the guy. we only met on two occasions. >> reporter: curtis is focused on spending time with his two children. >> here with me live is paul cal
8:26 am
lem. what can you tell us about what happened in the courtroom? >> reporter: it was a very brief court hearing. dutschke walked in. he was wearing an orange jump suit. he seemed very calm. this was the first time we had seen him since he was taken into custody on saturday at his house. he answered all the questions of the judges clearly and with confidence. he as court appointed attorney. that attorney's name is george lucas. it is our understanding lucas has only met with dutschke a couple of times. they were very brief meetings. they haven't had the time to go through the complaint in detail. lucas told us after the hearing he's only -- he had only had the complaint in his hands for about 15 minutes. i'm sure he's going to be meeting with dutschke over the
8:27 am
next few hours and days going through that complaint in detail. that probably would happen ahead of thursday. there's going to be a preliminary hearing in this case and a detention hearing as well. >> i want to bring paul into the conversation. we don't have the criminal complaint yet. i can't wait to take a look at it. at its surface, what do you see the charges mr. dutschke is going to face? >> he could be facing life in prison. he's charged right now, we believe, with possession of a biological weapon. that weapon being ricin. if you make ricin properly, it is absolutely deadly. although there have been reports that this was a kitchen brew that might only make you vomit. it's made from caster beans. we're going to have to look at
8:28 am
the grade of the weapon. >> it was used in james bond episodes in the past. this has been something that has been used in the past. does it matter what the grade ends up being when an intent can be established that was very serious? >> i think he'll be charged with possession of a biological weapon, which is a felony in the united states. he may be charged with an attempt to kill the president of the united states. he sent a letter allegedly to president obama in this bizarre scre scheme. he's under arrest for molestingt of indecent exposure. >> i don't think we're looking at somebody who posed a serious threat to the president of the
8:29 am
united states. i'm betting this is going to be some home brew he made in his kitchen. i think you're looking at someone with a severe mental problem trying to get even with a friend. >> if you get your hands on the criminal complaint, will you come back and work with me on that? >> absolutely. >> thank you for that. another legal case we're looking at, starting again the michael jackson issue. his family is getting ready for a very big day in a wrongful death lawsuit. they're hours away from opening statements and billions of dollars could be at stake in this case. we're going to break down the drama and the star-studded people in the courtroom. my mantra?
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almost four years after michael jackson's death the
8:33 am
lawyers for his family and his concert promoter are going head to head in a california courtroom today. the opening statements scheduled to start this morning. it is expected to be a trial full of drama and celebrities and maybe even a whole bunch of new details that can't come out in criminal court. >> reporter: michael jackson was in the last weeks of rehearsal for what was to be his grand comeback. the exhausted 50-year-old died in 2009. dr. conrad murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving jackson the fatal dose. he's in prison. the company that promoted the comeback tour, aeg live, is fighting legal claims by michael
8:34 am
jackson's mother and children that they share responsibility for his death. >> what do you think caused his death? >> i don't know. all i know is they used prop nol. >> the gist of the plaintiff's claim against aeg is that you have controlled dr. murray and you used your control over dr. murray to pressure him into taking unnecessary and excessive risks with his patient michael jackson leading to his death. >> reporter: aeg's attorney says there was never a signed contract with murray. >> he was chosen by michael jackson. he would be michael jackson's doctor alone. michael jackson was the only person who could get rid of him
8:35 am
at will. >> reporter: quincy jones could testify about the millions of dollars michael jackson could have made if he had lived. >> a big question, if the doctor in this case is going to take the stand and talk. >> reporter: his testimony would be very valuable in determining in who he thought he was working for. if he's could called to the sta said he will take the fifth. instead the jurors will hear from a lot of other witnesses. there's a lot of star power on the witness list. some of the witnesses include, prince, spike lee, and diana ross. >> i want to bring in our legal
8:36 am
panel, sunny hostin and danny. there was a document that was unveiled last week that came from the jackson family. it stated aeg had a contract with conrad murray whereby aeg would provide specific medical equipment. it's not your run of the mill check your blood pressure. it was a cpr machine, saline, kacatheters and other medical equipment. does that give you any insight? >> it does. what was the contractual arrangement between aeg and the doctor? this is not a typical doctor-patient relationship. aeg was intimately involved in the supervision of this doctor. if they were contractually obligated to provide cpr and
8:37 am
other equipment that would show they were aware of a risk and they were aware they were supposed to supervise the treatment. these are all factors that compel a potential finding that aeg was not only the contractual employer of the doctor, but that they failed to supervise the same doctor. >> now with this wrongful death civil case, there's a potential to get a lot more, let's say, details that wouldn't have been allowed into the criminal case. why is that and what might we expect to hear? >> the standard is certainly different. in a civil case it is a by a preponderance of the evidence. a mere tipping of the scales. we hear we may hear something
8:38 am
about the alleged child molestation charges, we may hear family members getting on the witness stand and testifying. this has drawn so much attention. i have to tell you though i wonder what a jury is going to do with this. i expect many of them have heard about conrad murray and they might think the person that's responsible has already been found guilty. >> that makes for edge of your seat viewing. moving on in this day of incredible news, in northern california an 8-year-old girl has been kill eed and a rural community is on edge. she was stabbed to death in her own home and her killer is still on the loose.
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in valley springs, california, an hour outside of sack ra men to, there's a significant manhunt going on right now for the person who stabbed and killed an 8-year-old girl. her name is leila fowler. she was pronounced dead on saturday after her 12-year-old brother found her with, quote, severe injuries. he is not a suspect in this, but whoever did kill leila did leave behind a trail of evidence. first, before we get to the evidence, let's get to the security. there's a lot of security at leila's school. tell me what's happening. >> reporter: well we saw officers this morning on both foot and in their patrol cars right outside the school. high tension there.
8:43 am
they have beefed up security there also. you can see on parents faces -- they told us they were scared. some of leila's classmates carrying bouquets of flowers. >> so what about this evidence? obviously a crime scene would be processed pretty quickly in a case like this, but what have they found that they're, at least, telling us? >> reporter: insiders say this could be somewhat of challenge. they have one, fingerprints, and the other dna. >> we did collect some fingerprints during that search and we collected what we believe to be dna. those prints and that dna will hopefully be processed within if next week.
8:44 am
>> reporter: they would hope at some point to find a murder weapon, in this case, some sort of knife that led to this stabbing. >> update us when you can. in the meantime, a man with turrets syndrome and his dream trip to puerto rico denied. flying is old hat for business travelers.
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now a case spark both outrage and understanding from those with turrets syndrome as well as the airline industry. 19-year-old michael doyle was on the verge of taking a dream trip when he was suddenly ordered off the jet blue flight. he has turrets syndrome that has frequent outbursts of thought that he trys to sue press. the one word doyle was repeating unfortunately for him was bomb. he says that was because he had been following the boston bombing case and all of the developments on tv.
8:48 am
i want you to listen carefully to this example. >> i probably said bomb about 0 100 times in that terminal. >> so the check occurred as doyle was explaining when it happened. he had documentation of his condition. he was embarrassed and he doesn't want to fly ever again. sunny hostin and danny join me again. i want to make sure i read what jet blue has sent out. a customer on board flight 1347 on thursday was sktd to deplane prior to departure after using the word bomb.
8:49 am
the situation was deemed inknockous and the customer was offered reaccommodations on another flight. let me start with you. a pilot has ultimate control of his vessel. is there something wrong with what this pilot did and i'm going to add specifically given the last two weeks that this country has been embroiled with what happened here in boston? >> well, yes, we had a tragedy happen in boston, but that doesn't mean we should lose our minds. the federal law prohibits doing a hoax. the reelt is just s-- it is thet of tick. a medical condition he explained.
8:50 am
i think there are a lot of problems with this. to the extent a pilot had over his ship, you can make that argument. this saying the word bomb can subject you to federal prosecution is nothing more than a myth that we've all bought into and just believed because we've been told it. the reality is they should have investigated and found that the word bomb itself does not mean bomb. and in light of boston that shouldn't have been considered. that should be the condition on the day before boston and the day after. >> i want to be super clear at this point, no federal prosecution has resulted from this, but he did get kicked off his flight. he said he was so embarrassed in his words he was treated like a kindergartener in front of the entire flight, he was embarrassed. with that as the pattern to go on now, sunny, is this a possible civil case? could he actually sue the airline over this? or is this just all a case of communication breakdown? >> well, you know, ashleigh, i always say you can sue anyone for any reason, right?
8:51 am
i mean, our courts are pretty liberal in that sense. so he certainly can file suit. and maybe he will. we remember the pilots had kicked off folks dressed in muslim garb and there were lawsuits that stemmed from those actions. i've got to agree with danny on this. while the air carrier access act provides they can't carry someone because of their disability, you can't fly a plane by committee. pilots have to make those difficult decisions. and federal regulations do allow to make those calls. and if there's a situation where a pilot feels that a passenger could be a safety risk, then the pilot has the perfect right to kick the person off the plane. so i think that what happened here was completely appropriate. >> all right. sunny hostin reporting for us and also danny cevallos. thank you both for your legal perspective on that. i want to turn everyone's attention to something very different for a moment. okay.
8:52 am
the reason i have this boston red sox logo on my head followed by be strong, this is something that is raising a lot of money for this town and for those who are affected by the bombings. in fact, you may end up seeing this hat and this logo and this expression even if you live nowhere near boston. i'm going to explain the brand, money and how it is a wonderful thing for the people of boston who two weeks ago had everything changed. great first gig! let's go! party! awwwww... arigato! we are outta here! party...... finding you the perfect place, every step of the way. but i wondered what a customer thought?
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from the very first moments after the bombings in boston this city rose up. we had heroic bystanders jumping in to help those injured and those in the attack vowing to come back stronger than ever. strong, not just strong, boston strong. you hear that a lot and to punctuate that very point a company called 47 brands started making b strong hats, the one i've got on, with the proceeds going completely to the one fund, that is the massive fund helping the victims of the attack. joining me now is bobby deanglo who is the co-owner of 47 brands. i met you a week ago today when i went into your store and saw these things literally flying
8:56 am
off your shelves. at that point you had sold about $500,000 worth of these. >> yes. >> where are you at now? >> by probably friday of this week we'll be over $1 million. >> so it's doubled in a week. >> it's doubled in about eight days, yeah. it's crazy. >> and at the time i believe that the one fund was only about $1 million. and you represented about half of it. >> actually i think at that point i think the one fund is a little more than that, but i mean, we were approximately 20% of it, something like that. >> and i remember asking you how on earth -- these came out literally the day after the bombings happened. and for anyone who might think that's really capitalizing on a tragedy, you did this at the request of the red sox. you provide their day after championship winning paraphernalia, you have the mechanics in place. >> exactly the same thing. if the world sox win the series in 2004, 2007, the night they win, we're making caps.
8:57 am
the same thing happened. the red sox and mayor and major league baseball said we need to do something for the city. and after a tragedy it was like, okay, i'm in, i can't wait to be a partf this. >> so when i walk into your store there was a police officer among the multitudes. i think there might have been in the span of about 45 minutes i was in there 20 people had come in separately and asked for those hats. and they're $20. 100% of the proceeds goes to the victims fund. and you can't keep stocked. >> no. for every day we sell out. and every day we remake in our factory in boston, massachusetts. in fact, demand got so bad we were shipping caps to california for an embroider to make in california to ship back to boston to get them on the shelf. >> let me tell you, i want you to know that this guy is losing a lot of money on this as well because his other products aren't selling because this product is selling. i just want to shake your hand for doing this amazing work. you're sacrificing your own
8:58 am
business for helping come back and helping the one fund. bobby d 'ang'anglo. >> you look great in the hat. >> thank you. i did buy mine. you can check out the logo. you can help boston. go to and you can order one for yourself as well. thanks everyone for watching. "cnn newsroom" continuing after this short break. g'bd
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i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we begin with special coverage of the boston bombing investigation. today marks two weeks since the terror attack. here is the latest information. russian special forces have raided a jihadist group with possible ties to the suspected