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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 9, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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that's it for me, see you 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." brooke baldwin picks it up from here. she's live in cleveland. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. good to see all of you. i'm brooke baldwin live here in cleveland for special cnn coverage of two major stories unfolding this hour. first, very soon, jodi arias will be walking into a courtroom for a mini trial to decide whether she lives or dies. we will take you there to phoenix. but first, here in cleveland as we learn more about the horrors that these three young women endured during their nearly ten years of captivity in that house right there. let me fill you in, i walked around the back of this home and talked to a home owner. we couldn't go anywhere near this home. it's actually still considered part of the crime scene, but i sat there with him and looked at the pictures he took. we know these young women were freed on monday, and he said the very next day, we've seen the
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activity in the front of the house, but it's the first time we've seen the back, fbi agents from head-to-toe with white protective suits with shovels and dogs. we know they've gone around to the back of the house, so i saw these photographs we're working to show you showing a hole, a big hole in the back of the yard. i saw an fbi agent sitting in the hole. appeared to be a foot, two feet deep. one other thing this gentleman pointed out to me was a tiny white cross in ariel castro's backyard. what that means, we don't know. we're working on getting the photographs for you. but again, this is just the beginning of what we've been hearing has been happening in this backyard here on seymour avenue. and we also got our first glimpse today of the man accused of the unthinkable. ariel castro faced a hearing, accused of holding three young women and a child prisoner in this home. starving these women, raping
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these women, impregnating these women, and beating them. i want you to watch his face as he learns of these charges. >> again, mr. castro, based on premeditated deliberative and depraved decisions to snatch three young ladies from cleveland's west side streets to be used in whatever self grat y gratifying, self serving way he saw fit. two of the victims endured this horrifying ordeal for more than a decade and a third for close to a decade. he grew to father a little girl, believed to have been born to one of the women while in captivity. also in captivity, repeated beatings, they were bound and restrained and sexually assaulted. basically never free to leave this residence. >> his bail set at $8 million.
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the prosecution using the words "self satisfying" and "depraved" to describe this alleged captor and the brutality he is accused of committing here on seymour avenue. in one of these disturbing incidents, amanda berry, the woman, the hero, who managed to escape through this unlocked door here, this front door, we have now learned she gave birth in some kind of kiddy pool and her baby almost died. her fellow prisoner, michelle knight, telling police that ariel castro punched her in the stomach until she miscarried her pregnancy. here are the charges that castro now faces, four counts of kidnapping, a count for each woman and child held as prisoner in his home and three counts of rape. cnn's brian todd was in the courtroom. and brian, i mean, i was watching this morning and almost wanted to spit out my coffee looking at this man. i know he's innocent until proven guilty, but you were in
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there. what was his demeanor like? >> well, brooke, it was much as you described, he looked really down and despondent. he did not make eye contact with anyone, did not look at the judge and did not make eye contact with his defense attorney. she was counseling him and his brothers through this entire court proceeding and laying out to the judge his circumstances, saying that he'd lived here for 39 years, 52 years old, he was on unemployment compensation in a seeming effort to maybe get bond reduced, but that was no sale for this judge. $2 million for each of the four cases against him, total of $8 million bond set for ariel castro. the defense attorney told us that he -- this was essentially a no bond hearing, he doesn't have that kind of money, so he's not going to be leaving jail any time soon. his physical demeanor looked almost nonfunctional, brooke. he walked in a very wooden manner, was handcuffed but
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didn't have leg shackles on. he walked in a wooden manner, looked straight down, did not speak or enter a plea. that will come within 30 days in a formal arraignment hearing, brooke. >> brian todd, thank you so much. here in cleveland, police say there is nothing to indicate ariel castro's brothers had a thing to do with these allegations piling up against him. today in court, his brother pedro pleaded no contest to a 2011 open container misdemeanor charge. court dismissed drug charges against onil that were filed 12 years ago. i spent my morning outside the brothers' home, couple of blocks from where i stand here, i can tell you neither of them went home today. now, to the details of this alleged sexual slavery in this home here on seymour avenue. the original police report explains how ariel castro allegedly got these young women, these victims, lured them inside
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this home, and kept them there. this report says that castro offered each of the women a ride home at various locations. i walked these locations yesterday, just a couple of blocks away, all on lorain avenue. castro allegedly told amanda berry that his son worked at the same fast food place that she did. she was last seen walking away in her burger king uniform ten years ago. gina dejesus, the report with regard to her says that castro didn't need a ruse since dejesus was good friends with castro's daughter arlene, so he told gina dejesus he would give her a ride so she could meet up with her little friend. castro's daughter spoke out today, talked to "good morning america." >> i really want to see gina, and i want you to meet my kids. i'm so sorry for everything.
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>> the police report says that the victims were at first being kept in the basement in chains, eventually moving up to the second floor of this home. two of the women became pregnant. this report says while he forced knight to miscarry, castro actually threatened violence if amanda berry's daughter jocelyn wasn't saved. i'm quoting this police report now, ariel told her if the baby died, he'd kill her. michelle stated that jocelyn stopped breathing at one point, but she breathed into her mouth and breathed for her to keep her alive. this was christmas day of 2006. the document also reveals that jocelyn did not know the women's real identities, didn't know their names. goes on to say this, quote, amanda stated ariel would sometimes take jocelyn out with him. she stated jocelyn didn't know
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michelle or gina's real names in case she said their names in public. as you just heard, the details of this case are absolutely horrifying. i feel we're running out of adjectives to allege what has happened in this home here on seymour avenue. but while the stories of survival and ultimate rescue of these women are also uplifting and they are incredible, day by day, more details are emerging in this case so we're getting a better picture of what happened here on seymour avenue. right now, ryan cummins of the city council joins me. you've been in contact with the folks in the police department, law enforcement. tell me today, we've heard all of this, which is tough for anyone to wrap their heads around. what more have you learned? >> not much. the primary information you just described came to us through some sources and then yesterday i think there was a breach, release of that report was not intended to be released by the division of police.
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so a lot of us had been hearing in the initial days some of the same information. all we assume is that that information has been conveyed today. we really haven't learned that much more information today, other than what that police report and, of course, other than the charges that were brought today. >> what about, let me ask you specifically about some of what we've learned. it strikes me the fact the way allegedly ariel castro treated michelle knight, right, she became pregnant, who knows really how many times that he, according to this report, starved her, beat her. ultimately, she miscarried, but threatening michelle knight's night if she couldn't me sure this child was alive. >> i think, you know, the fact is that, as you said, you can't even conceive the adjectives. it's horrific. i think the main issue here, i don't think anybody would think that he somehow -- this monster, gave too much preferential
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treatment. i think mental health experts are going to be trying to help these women, help their families deal with this. frankly, the community, as well. it's absolutely astounding, incredible, just can't believe it. what we're hearing is the mental duress, the fear and the intimidation, combined with the physical duress is inconceivable to believe. we've been told by experts in the health professions that this mental duress is equally as damaging as the physical. it's just horrendous the combination. >> how did he intimidate them? i had read that he would test them, right, he would make them think that he was leaving to see if they would try to escape. >> first of all, i've been working on trying to get a fund for the women and the families together. we have a meeting this evening. to be honest, i took a look at the report that was showed to me by a media person, and i didn't really get a chance to read it all. i've heard and received information from sources that,
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of course, discussed to some degree, and people are wanting to know this, did they have full access to the house. >> right. >> from what we understand from sources, they clearly were controlled very tightly for some initial period of time. now, how long is that period of time, i don't know. there's reports from the victims that they were there for a long time. people hear that and say, a long time, you know, 11 years, ten years, is a very long time. it's extremely hard to understand, but clearly, he had mental and physical abilities to put such fear in these women that he was able to control them somehow. if it evolved from the basement to controlling them more and allowing them greater access, that's what we can assume at this point, but i personally don't have full knowledge of that yet. >> allowing them to move on enough to be able to watch television and watch vigils about their disappearance and see tearful mothers wanting their daughters return and they
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couldn't do anything. brian, thank you so much. i appreciate it. coming up, we speak live with someone who just visited with gina dejesus today here in cleveland. we'll talk about the survivor's mind set and condition after years of being trapped inside a home. just a short time from now, jodi arias walks into the courtroom for another mini trial, this one is to decide whether she lives or dies. will her courthouse interview impact that decision? stay right here. you're watching cnn's special live coverage from cleveland. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] when people talk, great things happen. [ female announcer ] when people talk,
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin live here in cleveland, the home here on seymour avenue, the focus of this investigation now that these three young women are free. quickly, let me tell you before i move on, we just learned sources that the fbi moving around behind me, they are now back in this address searching another home. we don't know if it's the specific home in which ariel castro lived or possibly the one they were searching yesterday two doors down, but that's what's happening in cleveland. let me switch gears, go to phoenix, arizona, because the jodi arias drama will enter now this riveting new phase in less than two hours. in essence, this is the penalty phase. starts at 4:00 eastern time.
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quick reset for you, we watched this play out yesterday. i mean, jodi arias, look at her face, found guilty of murder one. first-degree murder. choked back tears as she listened to the verdict. the family of the victim, travis alexander, their reaction, as you can imagine, tears, gratitude, palpable sadness, but how about this, hundreds of people outside the court -- listen to the cheers. they are applauding the jury's verdict, which sets the stage for a possible death sentence. and to top it all off, jodi arias gave an extraordinary interview after the verdict. and you know what, she told this reporter she prefers to die. >> i said years ago that i'd rather get death than life, and that still is true today. i believe death is the ultimate freedom, so i'd rather just have
11:17 am
my freedom as soon as i can get it. >> so, you're saying you actually prefer getting the death penalty to being in prison for life? >> yes. >> now jodi arias is on suicide watch. joining us now from philadelphia, sunny hostin, cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney, danny sevalo. welcome. i have to begin with this interview. i just want to hear again from jodi arias. this time she's expressing surprise at the verdict of guilty to first-degree premeditated murder. here she was. >> i don't know. i just feel overwhelmed. i think i just need to take it a day at a time. >> was it unexpected, do you think, this verdict? >> it was unexpected for me, yes, because there was no premeditation on my part. i can see how things look that way, but i didn't expect the
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premeditation. i could see maybe the felony murder because of how the law is written, but the whole time i was fairly confident i wouldn't get premeditation, because there was no premeditation. >> so, sunny hostin, i want to begin with you, a little disconnect there. you have jodi arias expressing shock at being convicted of first-degree murder, yet the jury, after a four-month trial took a mere four days, 15 hours, to reach this verdict. do you think there is an omen in that for jodi arias as we enter the penalty or the death phase? >> well, certainly, this is the most important part of this trial for jodi arias. we knew that going in. and i will say this, what is striking to me is that all of the jurors found premeditation. some of them even went further and found premeditation and felony murder, so they didn't believe her story. so, for her to get on television and sort of refute what the jury found is bizarre in itself, but what's even more bizarre,
11:19 am
brooke, i have never seen a defendant just having been convicted of this type of heinous, cruel, depraved crime give an interview. again, this is the very beginning of the most important part of this case for her, and let's make it clear to our viewers, i mean, an aggravated phase, death penalty phase, it is like a mini trial. there is evidence that's going to be put forward, and if she wants to save her life, it would be a good idea for her to get on the witness stand and not, not, to have this interview out here that the prosecution could very well play for the jury. >> danny, it was absolutely bizarre. apparently, she told this reporter, yes, if i'm found guilty of murder one, yes, i will talk to you. she did. how do you react to that? >> a number of different ways. first, i was a little surprised that a defendant just sentenced -- sorry, just convicted, was permitted to speak to the media. anyone who's involved in the criminal justice system knows the deputies take them away almost immediately. i rarely get more than a few words with a client when a
11:20 am
sheriff's deputy is taking them away. that seemed odd. but what is more concerning is she is about to enter into a sentencing phase, which is every bit as important as the guilt phase, although to many people, it's not discussed as much in the media, but this penalty phase will be absolutely critical, and she gives and interview shortly afterwards asking for death? i just don't know who counseled her to do that. i have to believe her attorneys were just unaware that she did that. >> what about this, though, from a defense perspective, here she is, and it's absolutely odd that she's talking to the media, but could this help her at all because maybe it's showing her mental state, the fact she's agreeing to this kind of interview, you don't put someone showing mental capacity or lack thereof to death, right? >> that's a very good point. however, number one, she's never pleaded insanity. number two, this same jury has just heard days and days of competing experts testifying as
11:21 am
to whether jodi arias did or did not have different mental or emotional, for lack of a better word, disabilities or conditions. so, i think this jury, more than any human beings in america, are able to understand or able to make a decision about whether or not jodi arias has a sympathetic emotional problem or otherwise. and i think their answer was just given with that guilty verdict loud and clear. i don't think this jury is liable, even this additional interview, they've already heard the no jury will convict me interview. i can't imagine they would be any more shocked by the i just want to die interview, because they've already heard it all from not only jodi, but both from the defense and the prosecution. if any group of people know more about jodi arias's mental state, remember, that was the entire gist of this trial, not who done it, but why she done it. >> why, exactly. >> this jury, more than anyone, knows about her mental state in the coming days.
11:22 am
>> okay, okay, danny and sunny hostin, thank you. again, that happens in less than two hours, this mini trial, penalty or death phase beginning in phoenix. we'll take you there. back in cleveland, as one of the kidnapping victims recovers at home, her grandmother spent all these years wondering is my baby alive. coming up next, you'll hear the emotional message to amanda berry. >> amanda, you hang in there, honey. you be strong. i'm praying for you. and i love you. where tonight we've switched their steaks with walmart's choice premium steak. it's a steakover. it's tender. good flavor. it just melts in your mouth. mine's perfect -- man! we're actually eating walmart steaks. to tell you the truth -- they're pretty good. are you serious? that was a good cut of meat! [ earl ] these are perfectly aged for flavor and tenderness. i would definitely go to walmart to buy steaks. walmart choice premium steak in the black package. it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed. try it.
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back here live in cleveland. some bright moments are emerging from these dark stories. families reuniting, feeling absolute relief. and they include amanda berry's grandmother, fern gentry. she is giving this message for all those people in cleveland who never gave up searching for her granddaughter, and she also shares some special words for amanda. here she is. >> amanda, you hang in there,
11:26 am
honey. you be strong. i'm praying for you. and i love you. and we all love you down here. so you remember that. and day by day you will get better. and we're all going to be together pretty soon. but i love you with all my heart. and god, i hope you're okay. i just hope you're all right. and that you can make it, day by day, one day at a time. i'd like to say thanks. i'd like to say thanks, thank god, if she hadn't got out, i don't think any of them would have lived very much longer. and i thank them from the bottom of my heart, and i'm just glad amanda was strong enough to come to that door and come on out. >> amanda's grandmother also
11:27 am
said that she hasn't seen her granddaughter or her great granddaughter yet. will certainly be an amazing reunion, obviously, when that happens. it was about 24 hours ago we witnessed this emotional scene. we brought you, as it happened live, the happy homecoming of gina dejesus. there she was, her relatives' arms slung around her shoulder and the yellow hoodie. next we're going to talk to a woman who was inside that home talking with gina and her family about this very special moment. , the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪
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back here with special cnn coverage in cleveland. i'm brooke baldwin. i want to remind you, we're watching two stories today. number one, this is an incredible statement by a woman whose trial held the nation's attention for the past four months, jodi arias accused of the grizzly murder of her boyfriend, travis alexander. giving this bizarre, some are calling it, explosive interview moments after she was read her guilty verdict yesterday afternoon, and she told this reporter she would rather die than spend her life behind bars. so now we're watching the clock. we are just about an hour and a half away from this afternoon's hearing, the penalty phase, the death phase, so we'll take you live to phoenix momentarily. head down, see her here as he was read the charges yesterday. and this is the man accused -- switching gears, this is the man
11:31 am
accused of kidnapping three young women, raping them, starving them, holding them prisoner in his own cleveland home here on seymour avenue for nearly a decade. and now it is this man, ariel castro, who is locked away, and here is his mug shot. his alleged victims, happy to report, are free. they are revealing the atrocities they suffered during these years and years in captivity. and gina dejesus, we saw her, her thumbs up to the cheering crowd said it all as she was running out of this car with someone's arm slung around her. the thumbs up, she's free after nine years in captivity. she is home after an absolutely horrific ordeal, home after she was kidnapped at the age of 14. she was walking home from middle school and all of a sudden, poof, yanked away from her family. now a close friend of the dejesus family is speaking out.
11:32 am
woio weekend anchor joins me now. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, brooke. >> it was almost right around this time yesterday, i was live on cnn, you were live on oio. we were both sharing the happy reunion. >> it was incredible for the family. they've waited nine long years, and, of course, i've been covering the story -- >> from the beginning. >> -- from the very beginning. nancy and her house never gave up hope, said my daughter's alive. even when i doubted her, she said, lydia, my daughter is alive. >> you were on the air, they said get off the air. >> that was gina's sister in the orange, mayra protecting her. they are very protective of her, because they haven't had her for nine years. i'm live on the air and one of her relatives comes over and says nancy wants you to come to the house. >> wow. >> i said, okay, i told them on the air, got to go, nancy's calling. so i go inside the house and i
11:33 am
have my moment with nancy and we're crying with felix and we're crying, because i haven't spent any time with them, and i'm friends besides being a journalist. it's just such a tough line trying to be a friend and your job. first, i'm a human being, so that's the attitude i took. i went and cried with them, because that's what i do, and i cried. then i was like am i going to be able to see gina, and the niece says, yeah. and gina wants to see you. >> what? >> and i said, really? yeah, mom asked her and she goes lydia's out there, do you want to see lydia? >> never got to see gina before, got to know her through missing posters, talking through family. >> missing posters, talking to the family, i used to keep her pictures on my desk to remind me that she was missing. i would talk to nancy, she would tell me stories, she was shy, she'd never get in a car with anybody, a stranger. >> how is she, how was gina? >> she's doing fabulous. it was unbelievable. my hands were sweating, because
11:34 am
here's someone i never imagined would come back to us, so when i went inside, i embraced her and she embraced me, reluctantly, because she's, obviously, been locked in a basement for nine years. and we talked and the first thing i said is you look nothing like your composite. she's a tiny little thing. she's very small, short hair. she had longer hair when she disappeared. her skin is pale from the lack of vitamin d from being outside. she's kind, happy. a relative came up to her, talking in spanish, she looks at her mom, mom, i don't remember my spanish anymore. >> really, she can't speak spanish anymore. >> no. couple words, i asked her about the house, then i left. the family told me to stay, we're his tpanic open with one another, but i did not want her to feel uncomfortable. i left. >> we all have a gazillion and one questions, investigators
11:35 am
have a gazillion and one questions for these young women. did she say specifics about how she was treated? >> i didn't ask her anything. >> nothing. >> that's where it comes from the fine line between being a friend and journalist. i knew when i embraced her she hasn't been with people for a long time. hugs bother you, yes, gina, i won't hug you good-bye. today she is hugging me warmly. oh, i saw you on video, she feels comfortable with me, she knows me. the family says she's amazing. her mom says she's stronger than the family and you can see it. she's just amazing. such a hero in my eyes. >> what has she shared with the family, if anything? >> they haven't really shared any of that. some of it is confidential, but they haven't shared a lot, just what we know and what investigators have told us. >> okay. >> it was horrific. we know she didn't get in the car with a stranger. we know she was walking home
11:36 am
with the suspect's daughter. >> because they were friends, arlene castro was her friend. he duped her allegedly. >> correct. there's a lot of little intricate details that the family has to deal with, besides the fact they have to deal with her healing, to deal with the fact that a family friend was actually involved. and it's just -- it's incredible the dynamics of this family and how they pooled together from the aunts, to the uncles, and the protection and the circle that they have protecting her. >> because ariel castro was a family friend. >> he was a family -- the suspect, yes, was a family friend. >> what was your just biggest final takeaway? how many minutes were you sitting with her, ten minutes, 15? >> today i was there for awhile. >> for awhile. >> today i was there for awhile. i was there talking with everybody just like i was in my own home. >> the biggest takeaway for you was what? >> it felt like i was at home. i didn't feel like she was kidnapped for nine years. i was with somebody that i knew. it was so comfortable.
11:37 am
for me it's so surreal, because this family's had so much faith and their christianity has kept them going. >> they never gave up. >> never gave up and she never gave up they were going to find her. interesting thing, she had one of her flyers in the basement with her. i should have brought those flyers, i have several flyers i kept over the years. she wanted to see them. >> she kept a missing -- >> i kept a file, but she had some of her flyers in the basement. >> of this home? >> right, right. >> while she was held in this home -- >> she knew. >> who would have -- >> she knew. >> he would have brought the flyer. >> bill sapp, who's with amanda, amanda berry, so she knows bill from watching the reports, so him and i are the ones that have worked this story. >> so, they watched television in this home? >> correct. >> he allowed them to watch television. do we know why he allowed them to watch television? >> i don't know. i can only assume at some point
11:38 am
it got to be comfortable. the irony out of this whole story is that i saw his picture and i actually knew members of his family, extended family. i actually had seen the suspect on my church grounds at church festivals. >> wow. >> and for me it was very unsettling that i'm covering a story that possibly one of my nieces could have gone missing, and it's upsetting for me. for me, it's upsetting. this is my community, i'm puerto rican, gina's puerto rican. the community's upset over this. we're so close, we're tight knit, and it's upsetting that this actually happened. >> you're emotional. >> yeah, that part is just surreal. that's the part i can't let go of and i have to remove myself over what happened to her and not let her see my emotion, because it happened to her, not to me. i covered the story, we know what happened, but it happened to them. >> i'm glad she gave you a big
11:39 am
hug. >> it was awesome. it was great. >> thank you so much for sharing. >> oh, you're welcome. >> hopefully, over time, she will continue to share more. i just appreciate you sharing with us. >> you're welcome. >> lydia esparra, woio weekend anchor. to phoenix we go where jurors in the jodi arias trial are about to hear awful, gruesome details about her ex-boyfriend's murder and those details are about to get extremely graphic. ashleigh banfield is here to tell us why she's outside that courthouse, that's next. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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back to phoenix we go, where just a short time ago, a bomb threat shut down the courtroom where convicted murderer jodi arias was to return to court. ashleigh banfield, to you in
11:43 am
phoenix, what happened? >> drama seems to really continue on this, brooke, and this is serious. maricopa county sheriff actually did bring in bomb-sniffing dogs earlier today after learning of a tweet that was sent out. two people have been detained. let me read it to you so you're aware of the wording, i'll become a hero and also shot by pigs once i unload. this pertaining to a bomb threat. so the sheriff's deputies did a sweep of that courtroom. the courthouse was not shut down, but the sweep was completed, no explosive devices were found, but they are also going to go back right before things are opened up in 45 minutes and do a secondary sweep to ensure all is okay. again, two people detained there. i also want to switch gears to let you know about something we discovered in this case as we move into the sentencing phase, two phases within this sentencing phase, an aggravate t er phase and penalty phase.
11:44 am
we have come to learn there is still a motion that is alive in this case, and it is a motion to dismiss the aggravator based on testimony from back in february of one of the detectives on this case. a detective who said that he had spoken with the m.e. as to the order in which those injuries were actually inflicted upon the victim in this case, and there is a discrepancy. and because the motion is so important with regard to aggravating circumstances in this case, it's all about cruelty. this could become key. and if this is a successful motion, that aggravator could effectively go away, and there could not be a basis by which to go forward with the additional part of the penalty phase. so, it's very important. this could be discussed early, could be discussed later, but we're going to have to wait to see where this motion stands in this case, brooke. >> okay, ashleigh, we'll check back in with you next hour and sort of walk through, again, how
11:45 am
they would need to prove cruelty and how the different parts of this next phase breaks down. ashleigh banfield in phoenix, thank you. back here where i am in cleveland, we now know that one of the women kidnapped gave birth in a plastic pool. find out what years of zero medical care means for this young child and really these women, as well. special coverage continues right here in just a moment. to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. ocuvite. given way to sleeping. tossing and turning have where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep,
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11:49 am
joins me now. elizabeth, how does someone with zero experience delivering a baby pull it off? >> i know. really in modern times, right, that sounds like how in the world did she do that. we forget sometimes that women delivered each other's babies for a very long time before doctors and midwives came along, and if it's a pretty easy birth, it's really not such a big problem. not something you'd ever want, but not necessarily such a big problem. as for the not breathing, doctors tell me that's actually relatively, you know, common. that actually happens with some frequency, and if you pick up the baby, sometimes that jostles them into breathing. we heard that what michelle knight did, according to the police report, she put her mouth over the baby's mouth and breathed into the baby's mouth, which was so incredibly smart. doctors are telling me that's such a smart thing to do. in a hospital, we'd put a mask over the baby if we needed to. she did what she could do in that situation. it was the next best thing.
11:50 am
>> and all of this under this duress from this monster, apparently, according to police, telling michelle knight, if this little baby doesn't live, you won't live either. it's stunning and it's amazing that this young woman is now alive and the 6 year old is apparently a-okay, according to police. elizabeth cohen, thank you. >> thanks. we'll take you back to our special coverage in just a moment, but after weeks of debate and also outrage, we are finally learning what has happened to the body of the boston bombing suspect. it comes as lawmakers are grilling investigators on possible red flags that were missed. back in 90 seconds. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
11:51 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios we're live in cleveland today for special coverage into
11:52 am
the discovery of these three young women right here on seymour avenue. in just a couple minutes, nancy grace joins me about the suspect in this case. but when we talk about women and alleged sex slavery, i want to tell you about a cnn film highlighting the difficulties that millions of girls all around the world face. a civil war left an entire generation uneducated. >> my name is sara. i love reading. i love writing stories. >> reporter: sara is a natural storyteller, but the young woman with the tinker bell backpack doesn't write fairytales. >> the government wants it to go to the school, but the parents said only the boys are supposed to go. >> reporter: it's the story of war-torn sierra leon where many women were kept from getting an
11:53 am
education, woman like her mother. >> she can't read or write. i can read and i can write. that makes a big difference between me and her. >> reporter: sara went to live with her aunt who's a teacher so she can go to school. >> she's educated and wants me to be like her. >> reporter: she's part of a project called "girls making media." sara is speaking up because she wants a different ending for herself and other girls. >> i report on the this. if you do that through the radio, i think people deep in the village will hear about it. my dream is for me to become a superstar of sierra leone. >> a superstar, she says. sara wants to go to college. she wants to be a lawyer. cnn films "girl rising" premiers sunday, june 16th, at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we're back here in 60 seconds.
11:54 am
11:55 am
welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. you know, one of the more memorable faces to emerge out of this absolutely horrendous story here in cleveland is this man, charles ramsey. by now i know you've heard him tell the story of how he rescued amanda berry and her daughter from a decade of captivity, but now someone else says his tale is not entirely true. he says that he was actually the person to respond to berry's screams. it was he, he says, who kicked down that front screen door, rescuering her. here is angel cordero telling
11:56 am
his story. >> translator: i looked towards the front door of the house and saw the woman screaming asking for help. she couldn't open the door. i looked over, crossed the street, and went to ask if the house was on fire. she said, no, she had been kidnapped for ten years. i tried to open the door, but i couldn't. i had to give it a few kicks. if you see, the house has two doors. she opened the inside door, but the glass door, the one on the outside, that's the one that had the chain, so when i tried to open the door, it had the chain so i couldn't open it, i kicked it. she managed to escape from underneath the door and when she managed to escape from underneath the door, she remembered the girl, she went back inside the house. she came back out with the girl. if he finds me here, he's going to kill me, he's going to kill you. went across the street to this lady's house and used the phone.
11:57 am
that kidnapping would have continued for years. >> angel cordero talking to us here on cnn as to what happened just a matter of days ago on seymour avenue. meantime, jodi arias gets ready to walk into court very, very soon. nancy grace joins me live to talk about this case of life and death. plus, i'm going to ask about the behavior of this suspect here in the kidnapping in cleveland. back in a moment. [ indistinct conversations ]
11:58 am
11:59 am
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12:00 pm
i want to tell you about a major development in another case we've been following boston as closely as we have, the body of the boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev was laid to rest just a short time ago. police will not say where, but they will say it is not in worcester. several cemeteries, as you know, said no to burying this man. but finally police say, and i'm quoting them, they say a courageous and compassionate individual stepped forward to take the body. police saying the body isn't in massachusetts, as well. and we continue on. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin live here in cleveland for cnn's special coverage of two major stories unfolding right now. first, the victims are free and they are telling police now about the horrors that took place in this house just behind me on seymour avenue.
12:01 pm
you know the story, three women chained up, raped, starved, impregnated, and beaten. today, ariel castro stayed silent, head down, as the judge locked him away under an $8 million bond. $2 million for each of the victims. soon we'll hear from the county prosecutor about the latest details of that horrific case. we're standing by for that here in cleveland. let me tell you the other story unfolding this hour, the countdown to jodi arias's fate. a hearing will determine if she will get life behind bars or if she will get a death sentence. here is what she said talking to the media minutes after hearing her guilty verdict. >> i said years ago that i'd rather get death than life, and that still is true today. i believe death is the ultimate freedom, so i'd rather just have my freedom as soon as i can get it. >> reporter: so, you're saying
12:02 pm
you actually prefer getting the death penalty to being in prison for life? >> yes. >> jodi arias again speaking minutes after she learned her fate. and joining me now from phoenix is nancy grace of hln. nancy grace, we heard jodi arias tell this reporter she wants to die. do you believe her? >> well, when you don't know a horse, look at its track record. for 18 days, she took the stand and lied through her teeth, and what was that, a bid for her life. a bid to live, a bid for freedom, trying to convince this jury to set her free. to escape the death penalty. of course, she wants to live. this is some odd attempt at reverse psychology that's not working. but what disturbed me more about her interview than her, yet another claim she wants to
12:03 pm
commit suicide, was that she went on to trash travis alexander. travis alexander, her murder victim who is dead and buried, slashed from ear-to-ear, she went on to say that travis alexander is a big hypocrite. i don't understand that. she made a snide comment about his family, she trashed him. and this is all just moments after being convicted of murder one and slashing, stabbing, shooting death. she walks through one door, gets away from the jury, plops down in front of the cameras, sucking up the limelight. i'm stunned. >> a lot of people are stunned, and i know it's such a rare move to have someone, who as you say, is convicted of murder one speak to the media, so we'll see her in just about an hour when this aggravation phase, nancy, begins there in phoenix. i'm sure the prosecutor, juan martinez, he's going to try his best to convince this jury, the key is cruelty, jodi arias acted
12:04 pm
cruelly in the travis alexander murder. so, how is exactly does he prove that? >> well, as in most jurisdictions that have the death penalty, the first phase is guilt or innocence where the guilty focuses solely on the facts of the case to determine, as i said, guilt or innocence. in most jurisdictions you'd then move to a sentencing phase. here in arizona it's a tiny bit unique in that there's a mental phase, a second phase, where aggravation must be proven by the state. in order to get a death penalty, there must be at least one aggravating circumstance, such as murdering a cop or public figure, murder behind bars, mass murder. the one they are using here, the murder is committed in a cruel or heinous way. cruel is the word they are using. and i anticipate that prosecutor juan martinez will bring on the medical examiner probably
12:05 pm
dr. horne, kevin horne, to describe what travis alexander endured before his death. the multiple stabbings, the staggering through his house trying to get away, when he went to his bathroom sink and looked up at the mirror and saw himself dying. she continued to stab him and attack him as he tried his best to get down the hall, leaving a bloody smear down the wall. that's what this jury is going to hear about. >> with the gruesome details, and if you thought it was gruesome, from what i read in the trial, as you point out, the m.e. will be going into even more of the nitty gritty. we also know, nancy, after the verdict was read yesterday, that the travis alexander family announced they plan to file a wrongful death civil suit. is that an effort to prevent arias from then profiting from the murder? >> well, i think there are a lot of motivations as to why
12:06 pm
alexander's family is suing. i spoke to their civil attorney last night. you know, in a civil case, think about the o.j. simpson civil case that followed his criminal acquittal. the rules of evidence are much more laxed. for instance, you can call the defendant to a stand, a polygraph came in that showed he scored a negative 40. they will be able to find out a lot more about what happened to travis alexander, and the other prong of that lawsuit is that they will be able to get the money that she's making behind bars. and she's already making money with her art, which is basically tracing magazine advertisements. she's even selling her underwear. i don't know who bought that. and she's making money. she's making a fair bit of money, as a matter of fact. they are entitled to that, not her. >> i want to move off of
12:07 pm
phoenix. obviously, we know that's a huge story and that happens next hour and this mini trial, but i want to talk about where i am, nancy, which is cleveland. and i want to take you back to monday, those final moments of amanda berry's call to 911, right, we've all heard this call. she had just been broken free from ten years of captivity. here's a piece of that. >> no, i need them now before he gets back. >> all right, we're sending them, okay? >> okay. >> who's the guy you're -- who's the guy that went out? >> his name is ariel castro. >> all right. how old is he? >> he's like 52. >> so, you hear the dispatcher asking who is he, you hear the name of the defendant, ariel castro. a police source says that the investigation of ariel castro is, quote, a slam-dunk case. so, i have to ask, is there a plea deal in the future here? >> well, i think that it's very likely that there will be a plea
12:08 pm
in this case. why, if you can get a plea to a huge sentence in this case, i would assume if they go to trial consecutive life sentences, i know he's looking at three rape trials, three rape counts. that doesn't include whatever happened to the child that was born in and raised in captivity. there are also the counts, the allegations that when one of the women became pregnant that he beat them and they lost the baby, that that happened multiple times. and this jurisdiction and many others, the intentional forcible death of a fetus equals a homicide charge. i'm not talking about abortion. i'm talking about when someone else forces you through a criminal act to lose your baby against your will. that is a murder in many jurisdictions. we haven't heard a peep about that, so this guy's behind the eight ball. he's looking down the wrong end
12:09 pm
of a barrel on about, if i count it, seven or eight consecutive life sentences. they can plead him out to two or three life sentences so these women don't have to take the stand and you get the same result, life behind bars for ariel castro, i pray. >> right. the four kidnapping, the three counts of rape, and as you point out, and there has been talk about that in cleveland, possibly other charges, as you point out, possibly murder. but when it comes to these young women, because they are young women now, and this little girl, in a case like this, no matter how it ultimately plays out, is there such a thing as justice when these women have lost a decade of their lives in this home here in ohio? >> you know, that's a hard question. it's a hard question to ask a crime victim like myself, because nothing can give them back those ten years.
12:10 pm
they went into this nightmare as innocents, 14, 17, 19, something like that. the one child born in this house of horrors with the windows all boarded up and this madman coming in an hour of the day, giving them mcdonald's and leaving, abusing them and leaving. that's how this child was brought up. no, there is no justice. but the best we can do, the very best we can do for these women, is to put this monster behind bars for the rest of his life so he cannot hurt another child. and whatever he has, which is probably not much, take it from him and give it to them. >> nancy grace, thank you. and as this monster, ariel castro, faces these charges, for these brutal crimes, these alleged crimes, his doctor is offering an emotional apology. she's good friends with one of the victims, gina dejesus.
12:11 pm
next you'll hear more about the last time she spoke to her father and the message she wants to send to gina. don't miss this. few industries are changing more rapidly than healthcare. by earning your degree from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at
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12:14 pm
welcome back here to cleveland. i'm brooke baldwin with special coverage here of what went down on seymour avenue this week. in fact, the daughter of the suspect, ariel castro, broke down and wept this morning. her own father allegedly kidnapped and raped her close friend, her close childhood friend, gina dejesus. her name is arlene castro, and she spoke just this morning to "good morning america." >> i'm really disappointed, embarrassed, mainly devastated about this whole situation. >> when was the last time you spoke to your father? >> it was late last month. i had no idea.
12:15 pm
me and my father were never really that close. every time we would talk, it would just be short conversations and just a hello, how are you doing, and let me know if you need anything. and that was it. every time. >> and did you ever meet the little girl, jocelyn? >> no, i've never met her before. >> in terms of violence in the home, did you ever witness that? >> oh, no, never, never. i would like to say, i'm absolutely so, so sorry. i really want to see you, gina, and i want you to meet my kids. i'm so sorry for everything. >> wow. arlene castro. one of the last people to see gina dejesus before her kidnapping in 2004. she even gave an interview to "america's most wanted" in 2005 to try to spur interest in the gina dejesus case. and now she learns her own
12:16 pm
father is this alleged monster. i want to bring in psychotherapist stacy kaiser. stacy, welcome to you. we talk so much the past couple of days about sort of the psychology of these young women who came out of this home, but my question is about the family of ariel castro. do children of people accused of such heinous crimes, are they feeling guilty and shameful as well at all? >> they are very much feeling guilty and shameful and, in fact, they are victims, as well. these family members of his are going through their own grief. they are angry, they are sad, they are embarrassed, they are worried they'll be associated with him and people will judge them, as well, and criticize them and persecute them. >> you heard the words, i wrote them down about what arlene castro said, she said embarrassed, devastated. if you could talk directly to
12:17 pm
the daughter of this man, what advice would you give her on coping? >> part of what i would want to tell her is that she is not who he is. just because you have a parent that does bad things doesn't mean that you need to judge yourself, because what i could tell by watching this girl in this interview is that arlene is beating herself up for being related to him, beating herself for this whole experience, and i would want her to put that bat down and comfort herself, because she's suffering, as well. >> stacy kaiser, psychotherapist, thank you so much for joining me. coming up on the other side of this break, we have now cleared these photographs that i want to share with you in just a matter of minutes. before the show, i was on the other side of this seymour avenue home where we talked to a home owner, his home still considered a crime scene because you can see the backyard of what we've seen fbi agents, special personnel in these protective suits with shovels and dogs.
12:18 pm
now you will see this backyard. also ahead, i talk to a family friend and a journalist here in the cleveland area, because she just sat down with gina dejesus herself. both of those stories right after this. tirement dream is different; how we get there is not. we're americans. we work. we plan. ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. to help you retire your way, with confidence. ♪ that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. let's get to work. ameriprise financial. more within reach. [ chainsaw buzzing ] humans. sometimes, life trips us up. sometimes, we trip ourselves up. and although the mistakes may seem to just keep coming at you, so do the solutions.
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12:21 pm
i'm brooke baldwin live in cleveland for cnn's special coverage. and this next interview you have to see this. this family friend here in cleveland tells us how gina dejesus is recovering today and adjusting to freedom. gina, i want to show you the picture, because you can see this thumbs up, she gives this thumbs up to the cheering crowd yesterday at her home. really, a picture tells a thousand words here. even despite her face being hidden by this hoodie, you see the thumbs up. nine years in captivity, this young woman is finally free. and i talked with a family friend and a journalist here in the cleveland area, she's a weekend anchor, woio, her name is lydia esparra. she visited gina today and she
12:22 pm
told me about that visit. >> they've waited nine long years and, of course, i've been covering the story. >> from the beginning. >> from the beginning, from the very beginning. and nancy and her husband, felix, never gave up hope. never gave up hope. they said my daughter's alive. when i doubted her, lydia, my daughter's alive. >> you were on the air, they said get off the air. >> yeah, once they came through and that was gina's sister in the morning, mayra protecting her, they are very protective of her because they haven't had her for nine years. i'm live on the air, then one of her relatives comes over and says, nancy wants you to come to the house. i said, okay, i told them on the air, got to go, nancy's calling. so, i go inside the house and i have my moment with nancy and we're crying with felix and crying. because i haven't spent any time with them, and i'm friends besides being a journalist. it's just such a tough line trying to be a friend and do your job, but first i'm a human
12:23 pm
being, so that's the attitude i took. i went and i cried with them, because that's what i do, and i cried. then i was like, am i going to be able to see gina? and the niece says, yeah. and gina wants to see you. >> what? >> and i said, really? yeah, mom asked her. she goes, lydia's out there, do you want to see lydia? >> never got to see her before. got to know her through missing posters. >> missing posters, talking to the family. i used to keep her pictures on my desk of her to remind me that she was missing. i would talk to nancy. she would tell me stories, she was shy, she'd never get in a car with anybody, a stranger. >> how is she? >> she's doing fabulous. it was unbelievable. my hands were sweating because here's someone i never imagined would come back to us, and so when i went inside, i embraced her and she embraced me reluctantly because she's, obviously, been locked in a basement for nine years, and we talked and the first thing i
12:24 pm
said is you look nothing like your composite. she's a tiny little thing. she's very small, short hair. she had longer hair when she disappeared. her skin's pale from the lack of vitamin d from being outside, but she was just so kind and so happy. and a relative came up to her and said -- was talking in spanish and she looks at her mom and says, mom, i don't remember my spanish anymore. >> really, she can't speak spanish anymore. >> no. we had a couple words. i asked her about the house, then i left. the family told me to stay, have food. we're hispanic very open with one another. lydia, stay and have food, but i did not want to make her feel uncomfortable. i left. i knew when i embraced her, she hasn't been with people for a long time and i sensed that. hugs still bother you, yes. gina, i won't hug you good-bye. today she accepted my hug warmly. she said, oh, i saw you on video. so now shelves comfortable with me, she knows me, and the family
12:25 pm
says she's amazing. >> i should tell you that lydia said she spent quite a bit of time with gina and the dejesus family today and much of what she talked about she couldn't entirely share as a family friend, but she sort of laughed and said, well, i did bring gina a lot of "people" magazines to get her caught up with the world after nine years in captivity. coming up here live in boston, as i promise, we're working on clearing these photographs of the backyard where we have seen fbi agents here in cleveland the last couple of days right here on seymour avenue with shovels and dogs in the backyard. i talked to a neighbor right behind who saw it all happen. we have photos. stay tuned for that. also, this just in to cnn as this mini trial to decide the fate of jodi arias gets ready to begin in phoenix, we have just learned she is now in a psych ward. more after this. (announcer) born with a natural
12:26 pm
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offer ends june 14th. and download our free lennox mobile app. ♪ lennox. innovation never felt so good. back here in cleveland. we will show you in a matter of minutes these exclusive photographs that myself and my producer, jillian cummings, have obtained from this neighbor who basically shares the line of that backyard with ariel castro and his home here on seymour avenue. so, it was the day after these young women were freed, that's when you start to see the fbi presence out here with the shovels, dogs, and cameras. we have now secured these photos of a hole that has been dug in the back of this house.
12:29 pm
so, stay tuned for that. but i want to move to our other big story, the guilty verdict in the murder trial of jodi arias. and my colleague, ashleigh banfield, is live there in phoenix where the next phase is slated to start. ashlei ashleigh, tell me what's happening right now. >> brooke, i can't here you, unfortunately, i apologize, but i just wanted to bring you up to speed on a few of the breaking news items here in this area at the maricopa county superior court jail. number one, jodi arias has been brought here to the jail, but it was not the typical way that she has normally been brought. in fact, she spent the night in a place she has not been used to spending the night, she spent the night in the psychiatric ward at the buckeye jail where she has been held most days during this trial, if not every day. i'm going to bring in beth karas, hln legal correspondent.
12:30 pm
this is all breaking at the same moment because you've actually been inside the jail. you've been talking to her guards. tell me what happened and why everything's changed. >> well, i was inside on level 4 where inmates are housed before they go to the courtrooms for hearings or trials and sat in a cell typical to where jodi arias has been sitting. after we shot what we needed, i heard one of the deputies say to another one, have you heard, she's arrived. i said, jodi? yeah, she's arrived. why is she coming so late, i know her trial starts later today, oh, because of her psych condition. so, she came in a special van, in a van. >> normally arrived on a prison bus with other inmates that are here. >> she arrived today in a van all by herself. because of her psychiatric condition. i didn't know she was in a different jail at the time. >> now that we know she's come from the buckeye jail where she was not only under the suicide
12:31 pm
protocol, but in the psychiatric ward, you know, you're a former prosecutor, you know how this works. i remember during casey anthony they brought up an issue, is she competent to assist her attorneys in her defense. her defense continues today. >> not happy about it, and she did talk about a suicide, and that's the main reason why she's in a psych ward right now. so, the wild card right now is whether or not in a half an hour when her attorneys are going to say, hey, wait a second, she's talking about suicide, she said she'd rather have death. we're about to go into another phase in this case, she needs to be evaluated. she's not competent to help us. that's a possibility her lawyers will raise. the alexander family is right behind us, going into court right now. >> some things that could throw a wrench into the process today. one other question, we have seen jodi arias walk into court every day wear a different outfit, but civilian clothing.
12:32 pm
that is not unusual, that happens in i dare say every single jurisdiction. you're not supposed to prejudice against her looking like an inmate. she should get a fair trial. that all changes today. >> yes, and i sat in the room where she actually changes in her civilian clothes, so i asked the deputy whether or not she'll be in stripes today, he said, yeah, she's convicted. >> maricopa county stripes. >> unless the judge says she can put civilian clothes on. i hope her lawyers ask the judge, because right now they are bringing her up in stripes. >> right now she'd be in stripes, technically, her lawyers would have to bring the clothing for her and the judge in this case would have to rule on it. >> yes, ask permission to put her in civilian clothes, because right now, according to the sheriff's department, she's going to need stripes. >> nothing prejudicial about knowing she's a convict, because she is a convict. i got a whole list of things i wanted to ask you about, not the least of which, there was
12:33 pm
another dramatic moment, a bomb threat, that the maricopa county deputies had to deal with. they swept once with bomb-sniffing dogs in that courtroom, determined it to be all-clear, but they are doing it again. >> i'm not surprised they are doing it again. they did it once when we were all assembled in there. i thought it was related to a juror being dismissed, but it wasn't. most of that happened while i was in there shooting the cells and talking to the deputies. i haven't talked to them about any dogs. >> for those just joining us, may not have caught the report, little over an hour ago there were two people who are being detained now because the sheriff's deputies got a tweet or were made aware of a tweet in which this threat was being made. it's not the first time, you know, dangerous threats have been made. there have been a number of threats made against witnesses in jodi's case, expert testimony, their lives have been threatened, they've had to have guards and their livelihood have
12:34 pm
been affected. >> i think social media has changed the whole landscape. it's very easy to sit in the safety of your own home and post these threats. so, i don't know how seriously law enforcement takes them, but to the person on the receiving end, it's not nice. >> i don't know why in particular this case, not only drew as much attention as it did, but it also seems to draw a lot of right angles and u turns and we may actually have another u-turn, since beth is the former prosecutor, i'm going to get her to explain this little diddy. i've been made of this at the level it exists, it is a petition for review, a motion to dismiss the aggravator in this case. i don't want to get too legal about it, but effectively we have two phases we're about to sbrrks the first one is the aggravator phase. this is sitting on the desks of the supreme court here in arizona, and it could thwart all of this. >> if they were to decide before the jury decides on the aggravator whether or not it's
12:35 pm
been proven beyond a reasonable doubt then it's out, she could never face the death penalty. if they were to dismiss it, she would get a life sentence. if they don't decide this before the jury renders its decision on whether the aggravator has been proven, then their decision is moot. >> there you have it. i'm told by a very close source, and so is beth on this case, it's not even on the calendar for the arizona supreme court, but you know what, stranger things have been known to happen. brooke, i still can't hear you and not sure if i'm supposed to toss this back to you in cleveland or just go directly to break, but i'm going to toss it back. >> i'll take it. i'll take it. i'll take it. ashleigh banfield, thank you so much there in phoenix. right now, i want to bring in my producer with me in cleveland, julian cummings, cnn producer. we have been talking about these photographs and we want to share them with you. these are exclusive photographs,
12:36 pm
but just a quick back story. we were here today, the seymour avenue home where ariel castro has been living and we've seen the fbi presence, right, and the shovels. >> trying to get closer all week long. >> we took a walk. >> took a walk down the opposite street from where we are, hoping we could look a little closer, but there was police everywhere when we got there. we also found a resident, barry adams, who was there and telling certain people on the street, through conversation, yeah, he's maybe 75 yards in, so it's not right on the sidewalk level, but in his backyard. >> faces ariel castro's backyard. he has a tattoo business, look, i'm not able to work because my home is considered a crime scene, it's just that close. with that said, the back story. let's start scrolling through some of the pictures, guys, and try to look at the monitor and walk you through what we're seeing. this is, obviously, the daytime photo. >> i believe this is one of the later photos. the way he described it to us is
12:37 pm
on the tuesday after the three women were rescued, he -- all the activity going on, fbi showed up, and at night they started to dig and they were digging all day tuesday and there was a tarp up, which we can find that photo, but this was afterwards when it was filled in. >> here's the tarp. >> this is castro's backyard we're looking at right now. this was never seen before. he told me that for a year -- he's been here since december, so the whole time he was living here, he never saw the backyard until the fbi came in and made it a crime scene. >> let's keep scrolling, there are better pictures where you can see the white tarp. keep going, guys. you can see the hole. >> this is, again, the backyard. all that sort of -- we're not sure what it is, that's all castro's backyard where the women were. the child, as well. >> keep scrolling. >> this is some of the night photos. >> he noticed this tiny white cross on ariel castro's yard he
12:38 pm
had never seen before. struck him as odd. if you keep scrolling, here you go. >> this is it right here. this is a tarp that was up. look at the bottom of the screen below the tarp area, that's the whole that the fbi dug searching his backyard. again, castro's home is a crime scene, but so is verdi adams who gave us this photo. the whole area surrounding here, this is the first glimpse we've seen. >> i know it's tough to see, but we saw these pictures in person. just to explain to you, the lighter part under the top the fbi put up so no one could see their work, you could see the boot, the bottom half of the fbi agents that were wearings this clothing. the agents could almost sit in the hole. that's how deep. here you go. this is a closer shot. how big approximately did he say the hole was?
12:39 pm
>> he said, like, eight feet by eight feet. >> large hole. >> saw people going in and out of it. again, it was filled back in the next day. so, this was going on all day tuesday. and by wednesday, he saw more photos. he's very shaken up. this is his home is a crime scene. he can't get relatives back in. he can't run his business out of there. >> we couldn't go back there. there was police. >> police presence everywhere. we were hoping to get a closer look, they are on every corner around here. this is the first look inside. >> one more picture. this is after the fact. this is after they have already covered up the hole. >> this is when the hole, i believe, was still there, but they are about to fill it in. and basically, you know, the crime scene's set up in his backyard, but this is adjoining backyards, essentially. >> i asked verdi when we were talking to him, i said did you ever see any of these girls, because we've heard reports in this neighborhood they would be allowed in the backyard, and he said, no. the only time, he said, he would
12:40 pm
see ariel castro pacing along the fenceline. >> yep. >> and that was it. >> didn't really know who he was. moved here in december. not like some of the residents we spoke to who have known him for years in the neighborhood. didn't really have a good idea who he was. >> verdi adams, photos of the ariel castro backyard. thank you very much. as one of the kidnapping victims recovers at home, her grandmother spent all these years wondering if she was alive. coming up next, you'll hear her emotional message to amanda berry. >> amanda, you hang in there, honey. you be strong. i'm praying for you. and i love you. if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin dedicated to your eyes, from bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is uniquely formulated
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okay. i want to show you some pictures. this is from moments ago. watch who steps out of this big
12:44 pm
suv. here he is, prince harry. he is here in the united states. this is day one of a multiday visit. he is in our nation's capital. specifically, there he is, senator john mccain greeting the senator from arizona as he continues on in. the two, let me just give you a little bit of background, the two are about to tour this exhibit. sponsored by halo trust, it's a group that clears land mines and other dangerous war debris. you remember his mother, princess diana, was involved with the group before her death in 1997. let me bring in correspondent max foster, who has taken the trip from london to washington to follow along with the prince. max, give me the details. why is prince harry here, where is he headed? >> well, twofold, really. he's promoting his own charities, which is what this is about, but also promoting british interest. so, as you say, this is a
12:45 pm
charity very close to his heart. it was supported by princess diana, and he wants to keep her legacy alive and this is one of the examples of him doing that. he's going to look around a few of the projects they've been involved with in this charity. this is one of the events. later on he'll go off to the british embassy and meet high powered political figures here in washington. that's work on behalf of the government, promoting british interest. so it's twofold. you'll see that happening every day. lots of military involvement, as well, brooke. this is a serving british officer and cares deeply about wounded officers in particular. that's the back bone of his trip, what he cares about, and i'm told he's fired up about the whole visit as well, brooke. >> of course, john mccain, a veteran himself, fitting to be speaking with prince harry. so, here's the trip in washington. we sort of laid that out, but looking down, next up he's headed on a plane to colorado. tell me where he's going. >> yeah, colorado. that's the warrior games. so that's really what he cares
12:46 pm
most about, something that he is very keen on, he's been promoting for some time, effectively, the paralympics for wounded soldiers and servicemen and women. there's a british team involved for the very first time. there will be an interesting event tomorrow, as well, with a military theme, brooke, going to arlington cemetery to the tomb of the unknown soldier, laying a wreath there. also to jfk's burial site, as well. he'll be wearing full uniform, somber occasion, but there will be time for fun, as well. a big polo match at the very end of the tour, very glamorous affair. i have to say, young women paying huge amounts of money for tickets to that event. this was a pretty extraordinary scene where we see prince harry now. that whole area was circled by women, staffers of the senate, very keen to see him. >> they are not there for you? >> they weren't there for me, unfortunately, but they got
12:47 pm
cleared out by the police and they look absolutely gutted. yeah, this is the guy that can turn women into princesses, of course, brooke. >> i know, for the diamond jubilee you followed along and i'm sure the scene was similar with prince harry. max foster, we appreciate you making the trip over to follow prince harry as he heads to colorado and new jersey to visit the badly effected area by hurricane irene. we know we've heard from new jersey governor chris christie saying he'll keep his eye on him, as we know what happened last time he was here and that whole vegas trip. so, he will have fun, but perhaps not too much fun, prince harry. max foster, thank you. once again, i'm here in cleveland. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we'll show you the face of ariel castro as he faced the judge this morning first time here in court, along with his two brothers, again, not facing any charges. they have been cleared at least so far. also we know fbi back here on the scene at the seymour avenue house. be right back.
12:48 pm
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12:50 pm
back here live in cleveland, some bright moments are emerging from the dark stories. families reuniting, feeling absolute relief. they include amanda berry's grandmother. her name is fern gentry. she is giving this message for all of the people here in cleveland who never gave up searching for her granddaughter. she also has some very special words for amanda.
12:51 pm
>> amanda, you hang in there, honey. you be strong. i'm praying for you. and i love you and we all love you down here. so you remember that. day by day you will get better and we're all going to be together pretty soon. but i love you with all my heart. and, god, i hope you're okay. i just hope you're all right. and that you can make it day by day one day at a time. i'd like to say thanks. i'd like to say thanks. thank god. if she hadn't gotten out i don't know. i don't think amanda and them would have lived very much longer. and i thank them from the bottom of my heart. i'm glad amanda was strong enough to come to that door and
12:52 pm
come on out. >> strong enough. so many people here calling her a hero. amanda's grandmother also said she hasn't seen her granddaughter or her great granddaughter as of yet. they will certainly have an incredible reunion when that happens. coming up we'll show you exclusive pictures we have obtained of ariel castro's back yard including fbi agents and some sort of hole they dug up just this week. i i had pain in my abdomen...g. it just wouldn't go away.
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12:54 pm
if you are just joining us we have now obtained these
12:55 pm
exclusive pictures here. you are looking at the back yard of ariel castro. these are pictures that were shared with me and my producer here from his back yard, which is also considered a crime scene. white tarp, fbi agents. this is the day after these young women were freed. and he describes seeing a hole that was dug by the agents at approximately eight feet by eight feet. this is just an idea of what we've been seeing. no one has actually seen these back yard shots until now. one other picture i want to share with you that was something that really struck this neighbor, a little white cross in the back yard of ariel castro. back in a moment. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. ♪ becoming part of the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ trees will talk to networks will talk to scientists about climate change.
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earn a ton of extra hhonors points with the daily grand promotion and feel the hamptonality. all right. breaking news here out of miami looking at pictures of the miami airport. we can now tell you according to a spokesperson at this airport that the miami airport has been evacuated. this all pertains to some sort of situation involving a caribbean air flight. a concourse, specifically, has been evacuated, and this all involves suspicious luggage. that's what we know. again, miami airport pertaining to a caribbean air flight. concourse evacuated pertaining to suspicious luggage. we're making phone calls and we'll come back as soon as we get more information. another breaking story we're watching as we are minutes away from this mini trial in phoenix, arizona as the fate continues to be in the balance for jodi arias. will she get life?
12:59 pm
will she get death? cnn legal analyst sunny hostin joins me in philadelphia and drew findling in atlanta. drew, as we are minutes from the mini trial what are your thoughts on what is about to happen? >> well, this establishing cruelty is really going to be somewhat of a simplistic strategy for the prosecution. they're going to bring in the forensic pathologist to show the injuries and talk about the severity of the injuries, which this jury already appreciates. they'll move quickly through this and reach a unanimous verdict as to the cruelty and then we'll get to the serious stuff, the actual sentencing, mitigation versus aggravating factors such as the impact on the family and the victim. >> okay. sunny, 15 seconds. thoughts? >> yeah. i completely agree. i think what is going to be very interesting is the death penalty phase of this, the mitigation phase. we'll find out why jodi arias's life should be saved. we'll really be able to get into
1:00 pm
her head. i think that is what everybody is looking forward to finding out more about. >> drew and sunny, thank you. of course cnn will be there live. i'm brooke baldwin here in cleveland. send it to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. good afternoon. the prosecutor in the cleveland kidnapping case is giving a press conference. let's listen in. >> the county prosecutor will also engage in a formal process in which we evaluate whether to seek charges, eligible for the death penalty. capital punishment must be reserved for those crimes that are truly the worst examples of human conduct. the reality is we still have brutal criminals in our midst who have no respect for the rule of law or human life. the law of ohio calls for the death penalty for those most depraved criminals who commit aggravated murders during the course of a kidnapping. in the meantime, i ask for everyone's patience


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