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tv   Around the World  CNN  May 10, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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go away. shoo bear. but we can't really tell bears what to do. moooooommmmmm!!! then one day, it was just gone. mom! [announcer] you are how you sleep. tempur-pedic. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> and i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. we could just not believe it today when the news broke that a woman was found alive beneath that pile of rubble, the collapsed building in bangladesh. that's the same building 16 days ago it collapsed. >> i mean, it's absolutely amazing. this is an incredible story. rescuers actually stopped looking for survivors more than a week or so ago. somehow this woman stays alive. we've got dr. sanjay gupta here to talk about how that's even
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possible. but first we want to go to cnn in new delhi today. this is amazing. tell us how this happened. >> that's right. after days and days really not expecting to find anyone alive. this is the 17th day. as we're going through the rubble of one of the lower floors, they heard someone, a woman crying out for help. she was saying please rescue me, i am alive, i am alive. this was just about a few hours ago, about five hours ago. so the rescue workers started to dig through trying to pull her out. took about an hour or so. there was a huge crowd that had gathered just to see this whole scene, or this whole miracle if you will unfold. >> and sumnina, we've been hearing from one of the rescue workers who were there when this woman was found. and you can imagine the emotion.
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have a listen. >> translator: when i was cutting iron rods, suddenly i found a silver colored stick just moving from a hole. and i looked through and i saw someone calling, please save me. instantly i called the army and firefighters and said, please, look, i heard a sound. then they saw her and confirmed that there was a woman. later they started working and rescued her and sent her to the hospital. >> just amazing. you know, i'm curious now that this bright spark has happened, that somebody has been found, all of that heavy machinery, are they likely to put that on hold and continue to look rather than recover? >> well, they really have been moving quite cautiously all along. i mean, they have been in the recovery phase, if you will, for the past 11 days or so. but they haven't found survivor for the past 11 days. but they have been moving cautiously.
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and even this time they were saying that the bulldozers were really on hold. and as soon as they found or they heard this woman's cry, they've really started treading as cautiously as possible. this news is really overwhelming a lot of people in bangladesh right now because they've gone through a lot. not just because of the building collapse that killed thousands of people, but also there's been protests on the street, there was another fire in a garment factory just on wednesday. so this news is really being celebrated in bangladesh in a country that's really gone through a lot recently. >> yeah, really been under a pal. sumiunina, thank you so much. >> we have our own dr. sanjay gupta to weigh-in on all of this. she was partially collapsed and sustainable and able to get some access to food and water? how did she survive? >> yeah. in an air pocket.
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that's obviously the most crucial thing because air you're talking about a very short amount of time. so if you have some sort of air pocket with some sort of communication to an area outside, that helps a lot obviously. we hear stories like this, that's crucial. having some access to water must have happened here. you talk about this many days, a few days perhaps someone might be able to survive without water. we hear stories about them pouring water into some of the area rubble. there was a fire that had broken out. they had put out the fire with hoses, that may have helped as well. it was also raining. these are things you take into consideration. you suspect she may have had access to food, but she may have been able to survive without that. there have been case reports of people actually being able to survive even a couple weeks without this. we're talking 16 days here. that's possible although she was still crying out. i heard that in the report, she was still able to voice enough to actually say save me, which is somewhat surprising because even that requires a fair amount of energy. >> there have been reports i spoke to a journalist on cnn international earlier who said
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there had been reports she was able to access some other workers handbags and get a little bit of food that way and some water that way. so she probably did have some food, but in the absence of that, how long can you last? >> i think we keep redefining that event after having covered some of these disasters. i was down in haiti a couple years ago now, three years ago, and evan muncie was a gentleman presumably survived for 30 days after being in the rubble there. i got a chance to talk to his family, and they say the same sort of things, michael. they say he may have had some access to food, there may have been water that trickled down. i don't think anybody could survive without it. what's also interesting is the body -- she's 20 years old. the body can be very good at sort of preserving itself even going into something known as starvation quito sis. you're startding to use muscle and proteins within your own body to feed yourself. it's a tough thing to think about, but that's what the body does to sort of stay alive. it is important for her now because you can't just start
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feeding somebody who's been in a situation like this. you have to slowly reintroduce food, slowly reintroduce a lot of things she was missing. >> what kind of condition do you think she's in now? >> i know evan muncie in that period of time lost 30 pounds, pretty thin guy already. my guess is she's extremely weak. i hear she's been trying to lift her head off the table. the cognition is i think what's a little bit surprising. again, she had enough gumption to be able to say please save me, she had awareness of what happened, where she was. i think it all looks very favorable. but the road to recovery's slow. it's not just a question of giving a few square meals to. this is a -- she's in critical condition by all definition. >> all right. amazing. >> it is. it is. >> incredible. >> happy to hear that. >> ray of sunshine. >> good to see you. >> of course you don't want to miss an jay this weekend. he's going to have the very latest on the incredible rescue that happened in bangladesh, the three young women also freed from captivity in cleveland,
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plus chris christie's weight loss surgery. that is saturday right here on cnn. >> must-watch tv. he's already charged with kidnapping and rape, now he could be facing aggravated murder for his victims' miscarriages. >> prosecutors, they are pushing for more charges against ariel castro. he is accused of holding three women captive in his home for a decade. the lead prosecutor says castro operated a torture chamber and private prison in the heart of the city. >> yeah. susan candiotti, you're in cleveland. before we get to the possibility of additional charges, i understand you have some new information on ariel castro, the dna test. they pushed that along. what have you got? >> that's right. hi, michael and suzanne. within the hour we have learned that. and this is probably not surprising information, but a preliminary dna match has been made and determined that ariel castro, the suspect in this case, is indeed believed to be
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the father of the 6-year-old child of amanda berry, little jocelyn, 6 years old. they've been conducting tests quickly working around the clock and have determined in fact that ariel castro is the father of amanda berry's 6-year-old child. this is information that moves along. however, we've also learned that they took that same dna in ohio's computerized system and did not find any matches between ariel castro and any open cases in the state of ohio. however, they are still running checks against the federal database that has been maintained by the fbi. michael. >> so tell us about the possibility, i understand, of an aggravated murder charge against castro. i think that is probably surrounding some of the accusations about him beating one of the young women and causing her to miscarry. >> that's right. and this charge -- if in fact
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the prosecutor decides to charge him with aggravated murder, could be controversial, we'll have to see. but it involves as you pointed out the allegations we have seen in the cnn obtained the initial police report in which one of the young women, michelle knight, said that she became pregnant at least five times and that ariel castro, she charges in this report, starved her each time she became pregnant for up to two weeks. i mean, this is horrifying. even more so she said that he would punch her in the stomach to try to prompt a miscarriage in fact each time. so it is under that -- under those conditions that the prosecutor is looking at the possibility of aggravated murder charges. now, of course, even though they might lack physical evidence, certainly they would have eyewitnesses, at least michelle and possibly those two other women. we'll see how that develops. >> raises a whole lot of legal questions. thanks so much, susan.
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susan candiotti there in cleveland. >> that's just incredible. >> difficult case to prove. opens a whole can of worms. ariel castro's daughter says she's horrified by what he's accused of doing. she described him as the most evil, vile, demonic she's ever heard of. little things she never thought about suddenly are starting to make sense. >> all these weird things that i've noticed over, you know, over the years like about how he kept his house locked down so tight, certain areas. you know, how if we'd be out at my grandma's having dinner, he would disappear for an hour or so and then come back. and there would be no explanation where he went. everything's making sense now. it's all adding up. and i'm just disgusted. i'm horrified. >> did you ever see any signs of a 6-year-old there? >> i never saw signs in the house. i never saw, you know, her with
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him. but about two months ago he picked me up, we spent the afternoon together. i just had some service on my car. and he showed me a picture that was in his cell phone randomly and he said look at this cute little girl. it was a face shot. and i said she's cute, who is that? you know? and he said this is my girlfriend's child. i said, dad, that girl looks like emily. emily's my younger sister. >> angie says she never wants to see her father again. she says "i have no sympathy for the man". we have just learned new information now about where the boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev is actually buried. there's a source that is close to the investigation that tells cnn tsarnaev is buried in a muslim cemetery in doswell,
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virginia, just north of richmond. >> the circumstances surrounding the burial arrangements aren't clear right now. but yesterday police in worcester, massachusetts, revealed that someone had stepped forward to provide a grave site after weeks of controversy about where to bury him. for a while nobody wanted to take him. >> yeah. here's more of what we're working on for "around the world," did police actually miss opportunities to check castro's home over the years and years to rescue these women earlier? they flatly say no. we're going to talk to some people who feel differently about that. >> and you remember aesha, she's the young afghan woman who came to america after the taliban cut off her nose and ears. after multiple surgeries and intense counselling, she is still struggling with her past. we'll have the latest chapter in her story when we come back. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. a young afghan woman who was disfigured by her taliban husband, refusing to let that horrifying attack impact the rest of her life. >> her name is aesha. her nose and ears were cut off. why? because she ran away after being treated brutally. this attack was revealed to the world, of course, on the cover of "time" magazine back in 2010.
9:16 am
>> three years later aesha is now rebuilding her face, her life here in the united states. our own christiane amanpour has the remarkable story. >> it is a work in progress, 22-year-old aesha's face and her life imperfect and incomplete. but aesha's nose became the world's business when her face graced the cover of "time" magazine in 2010. her nose and her ears were hacked off by her husband and her in-laws. she'd been in a marriage born out of taliban justice, as so often happens to young women in afghanistan, she was handed over when she was 12 years old as blood money after her uncle was
9:17 am
accused of murder. aesha says her in-laws physically and verbally abused her for five years. too many afghan women know this suffering. a recent poll ranked afghanistan as the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman. aesha dared to run away from the abuse. she was caught though and imprisoned and then returned to her in-laws. and that's when they mutilated her face and left her for dead. but somehow she survived and found her way to help. she was brought to a nato military base where she was treated.
9:18 am
>> i'm good. how are you? >> and then she was moved to a woman's shelter in kabul. nine months later her haunting image appeared. and now she was even more of a target for the taliban. so she had to leave the country. a u.s. foundation agreed to bring her to california for a new face and a chance at a new life. >> are you in america? you're in america? are you going to get your nose? >> but because of the years of trauma she had endured, she was deemed not ready to take on the additional burden of massive and difficult surgeries. and so she was moved across the country to new york where a team of women began to give her some ko counselling, some life skills, and the education she's never had starting with her abcs.
9:19 am
>> sometimes we felt like we were with a 3-year-old, a 7-year-old, an 11-year-old, a 15-year-old, a 45-year-old depending on what she was feeling at the moment and what she felt she need today communicate. her behavior could be erratic. she could be having fun. and, you know, wanting to be social and talkative one minute and then locking the door and throwing the covers over her head another minute. her behavior was impulsive and very difficult at times. >> even though she made some progress in therapy, aesha was still emotionally empty, because what she needed, what she wanted most, was a family to call her own. and soon she met an afghan family from maryland. aesha won them over and
9:20 am
persuaded them to take her in. and now, for the first time in her life, she was choosing her own path. and she seemed happy. >> i like here because i am going to the school. i put my purse like this. when she's going to the playground, there's the swing and she loves to swing. >> after seven months with this family, aesha would have the first of many surgeries to start rebuilding her face. >> i'm not scared. >> i'm pretty sure once she gets all her surgery, she'll have a lot of guys drooling. >> this is aesha after that first surgery. she would look worse before better. and she had surgery after
9:21 am
surgery after surgery. aesha still has more surgery to go. after doctors finish her nose, they'll begin to reconstruct her ears. but to live in the united states and to be independent, she needs at least to learn how to read and write. as it stands, she's got the education level of a young child. >> so she stays at home. this is her life now. >> she's in her own world. she's going through these things, you know. >> we talked with her about that after these classes, you have to come back to your real life it will be not so easy.
9:22 am
>> on this swing aesha doesn't worry about her future. and she's soaring free right now. but how softly will she land? christiane amanpour, cnn, new york. >> amazing story. >> it is, isn't it? you can hear more about aesha's inspiring story of survival and recovery. do log on what a tale. we'll be right back. switch your car insurance to geico and we could help you save on boat and motorcycle insurance too. other insurance companies are green with envy. oh, no, no, no...i'm sorry, but this is all wrong? i would never say that. writer: well what would you say? gecko: well i'd probably emphasize the savings. ya know...lose that green with envy bit. rubbish. it's just a reference about my complexion. writer: but the focus groups thought that the...
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now turning to breaking news, this is on last month's deadly explosion, this is the fertilizer plant in west, texas. authorities are now launching a criminal investigation into that fire, into the blast. 14 people died as the flames ripped through that facility. >> yeah, quite a development there. the explosion you'll remember
9:26 am
was so powerful it damaged homes and businesses right across the community. we are following all the developments for you. we will bring you more details as they come to hand. and when it comes to the benghazi bombings, the attack there on the embassy, republicans have made it clear that they're going to keep up the heat on the obama administration. next hour, we're going to hear from the white house. and just ahead we're going to talk about what's at stake for everyone involved. (announcer) born with a natural energy cycle... cats. they were born to play.
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of course we're expecting tough questions, this is the white house briefing room, over the next hour or so this is all over the benghazi attack and what the white house knew about this. it is really still a very hot issue, the attack on the u.s. diplomatic post in benghazi last september 11th killing four americans including the ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. >> yeah, republican criticism has been mounting as you would be aware following a house hearing this week. critics like house speaker john
9:30 am
boehner accusing the state department of using false talking points about how the attack went down in order to protect president obama's re-election campaign. and he wants the state department to release e-mails. >> we learned that on september 12th, the day after the attacks and four days before susan rice's tv appearances, a senior state department official e-mailed her superiors to relay that the libyan ambassador -- she had told the libyan ambassador that the attack was conducted by islamic terrorists. the state department would not allow our committees to keep copies of this e-mail when it was reviewed. >> an initial report blamed the attack on demonstrators, they were angry over this anti-islamic youtube video. well, the current top diplomat in libya, gregory hicks, testified on tuesday there was no demonstration, that there was
9:31 am
an early report even that the attack was coordinated by islamic terrorists. >> jim acosta joins us now. jim, have you got news for us on these e-mails, the benghazi e-mails? >> that's right. we have confirmed through congressional sources, suzanne and michael, that these talking points were changed by various administration officials. if you look at some e-mail exchanges that were going on a few days after those attacks on benghazi and the attack in cairo on september 11th, i want to point you to an e-mail exchange that was going on on september 14th. this exchange happened on september 14th and then went into the weekend following that september 11th of last year attack. and i want to show you some e-mails about that because there is a discussion that goes on between various administration officials over these talking points and what they mean by talking points is how they're going to explain to the public, explain to the world exactly what they believe at that moment happened at the consulate in
9:32 am
benghazi. and here is one e-mail, one portion from an e-mail from victoria nuland, she is the spokeswoman for the state department. and she says in this one e-mail "why do we want the hill fingering ansar al sharia when we aren't doing that ourselves? and the penultimate point could be abused to beat the state department for not paying attention to agency warnings, so why do we want to feed that either? concern, dot dot dot. and later on that evening, same person, victoria nuland sent an e-mail to various people who are in this e-mail exchange saying "these don't resolve all of my issues and those of my building's leadership, they are consulting with nss, a." and you would know that is referring to the national security council staff with the obama administration. now, according to these e-mails,
9:33 am
guys, this exchange went back and forth over the course of maybe 24 hours. the e-mails stop and then apparently saturday morning, if you look at these e-mails, there was a meeting that went on among several top level obama administration officials about these talking points. and then later on saturday afternoon according to this e-mail exchange and all of this coming from congressional sources, the e-mail exchanges no longer include the possibility of this extremist group or possibly terrorist group being involved in the attack on benghazi. and then there is another e-mail that went to susan rice, the u.n. ambassador at the time, that said "i spoke with jake immediately after the svts -- that refers to a secure video conference from what we understand -- and noted that you were doing the sunday morning show." so there's a reference to the sunday morning shows that susan rice was doing on that sunday
9:34 am
after that september 11th of last year attack. and the quote goes onto say "and you need to be aware of the final posture that these points took." so it seems that these administration officials are trying to make it clear to susan rice that the talking points that she is to use are not the ones that were being discussed earlier this this e-mail exchange. why is all that important? as you know, michael and suzanne, susan rice went on those shows. she did almost a full ginsberg and went to almost every show and talk about this attack on benghazi being the result of a video, an anti-islam video that sparked a siege at the u.s. embassy in cairo. there was an assumption among news organizations that perhaps this was just basically the same thing that happened over in benghazi. and the administration through susan rice was essentially saying that. but if you go back and look at this e-mail exchange, there are administration officials who seem to know more or at least
9:35 am
suspect more about all of this. now, we should also caution because a lot of people are going to say, hey, wait a minute, all this was done for political reasons, that may very well be the case in the long run, we don't have confirmation of that at this point. there are also concerns expressed in these e-mails that they want to make sure that the talking points reflect the fact it was an ongoing investigation and they they don't want to jeopardize that investigation. one other quick thing a white house senior administration official has put out a response to these e-mails and say, hey, wait a minute, congress has had these e-mails for some time. that's not exactly right. there are people on the various committee staffs who have looked at copies of these e-mails but we're not exactly clear they have those e-mails or copies of those e-mails in hand. we've heard from the speaker's office they don't. here's a quote from a senior administration official "the white house made stylistic edits to the talking points to emphasize that the investigation was ongoing as to who is responsible to simplify certain phrasing and to clarify that the
9:36 am
benghazi mission was not a consulate" note the words stylistic edits. go back and look at the e-mail exchange, suzanne and michael, and conclude this was more than stylistic edits. as you said the white house having its briefing at 1:45 this afternoon. it was scheduled earlier today. that's been postponed. and basically what they're going to be doing is getting back to us on all of this later on this afternoon. suzanne and michael. >> going to be an interesting briefing that's for sure. jim acosta, thanks. >> i want to bring in john king, our chief national correspondent. john, let's go through some of the points here when jim is talking about the e-mails here. tell us about what is important. the white house is saying these are stylistic changes. they've come forward in the past saying some of this has to do with national security and don't want to upset an ongoing investigation. you and i know it's not uncommon for state department, for the administration to be all talking amongst each other before you put out the official talking points. so when you take a look at this, is there something that goes to
9:37 am
intention, why it is that they took out -- allegedly took out some of those words like islamic terrorist or words like al qaeda? >> i think there's a lot of partisanship in these investigations on capitol hill. but also, suzanne and michael, a long list of legitimate questions. among the long list is who did exactly what and why to change these talking points? if you go online you can find this interim progress report from the five republican committees that are looking into this. there are five republican committees in the house of representatives looking into this. that's where this e-mail exchange -- these e-mail exchanges are first broken down. they talk about the early e-mails cia mentioned threat of attacks in benghazi and across libya, potential links to a terrorist group with an affiliation to al qaeda. information about the cia producing assessments about potential terrorist activity and involvement in libya. all that disappeared. all that disappeared. it was in the initial talking points and all disappeared by the time susan rice went on television. the white house says it was
9:38 am
removed and the state department says so the administration broadly says that was removed because there were concerns the fbi was still involved in this investigation. didn't want to clue off the terrorists, tip them you were looking for them and for other national security reasons and because of conflicting information. but the house republicans say that they've gone back through the exchanges including fbi exchanges in which the fbi had some of that sensitive information in talking points it approved. so republicans make the case that the white house explanation we had to do this for the fbi simply isn't credible and that's now part of the investigation. there's no doubt that the early talking points are very different from the final talking points and there's no doubt and no one in the administration disputes this that what susan rice said on those television shows was simply not true and was similarfulply not the lates information or information that everybody in the government was operating which was these were coordinated planned terrorist attacks on the benghazi consulate. so there are legitimate oversight questions the republicans are asking and a lot of partisan politics playing
9:39 am
into it. welcome to washington. >> all right. john, we'll watch about 1:30 or so to see whether or not there's anything new that comes out of this. if there's a different line that the white house is offering. as john knows, you've got to work and work to get a little bit. we'll see if this story changes or if they simply give the same explanation they've been giving all along. >> jay carney must be getting nervous. >> we're going to be watching. >> it will be interesting cht don't miss that. it will be right here on cnn of course. neighbors describe how their complaints could have helped investigators find the three kidnapped ohio women sooner. >> they claim police missed opportunities to do more.
9:40 am
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neighbors in the ohio community where those three missing women were rescued say
9:43 am
enough is enough. in the cleveland neighborhood now we say -- well, actually some say the case is evidence of neglect by city officials and law enforcement. >> at a community meeting last night they actually complained that police do not do enough about missing persons cases, especially involving black women and children. a mother reported missing and later found dead. >> the mayor has done nothing. the captain, the chief, has done nothing. no one is doing anything for black people in my neighborhood. i live in this neighborhood. i raise my children in this neighborhood. and no one is doing anything. no one seems to care. and we have had enough. enough is enough. >> enough is enough. >> enough is enough. enough is enough! enough is enough! enough is enough! >> neighbors say they called police in the past to report suspicious activity at ariel castro's house, but they say
9:44 am
police never thoroughly checked out their complaints. >> jake tapper, he's taking a look at whether or not the police actually might have missed some warning signs about the horror that was going on inside that home. >> for nearly ten years, ariel castro's house on cleveland's seymour street doubled as a prison for three young women. >> what they told law enforcement was key. and that's going to be a key part in the case. >> police say that over those years they never had a reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary was happening behind castro's boarded up windows. >> we've asked ourselves that question numerous times over the last ten years, are we missing anything? is there a sign? >> neighbors say, yes, there were signs. in 2011 after heard yelling from within castro's house, israel lugo says he called the police. >> cops come, i don't know, half hour later on, knock on the door for aboutfive, ten minutes. about 20 good times. no answer. they look around, they can't see through the window, so what they
9:45 am
do usually they get back in the squad car and leave. >> a neighbor told cnn her granddaughter also noticed something deeply disturbing at the home. >> noticed in the backyard this whe woman crawling on fours like a dog. >> and a few months later cintron says she warned police something just was not right. >> i told the police officers, i told the women, i said i have a problem on seymour, i need somebody to go down there and check it out. she told me she could not help me. >> in a press conference police have a different version of the history on seymour street. >> our review indicated there were no other calls except one call for service in 2000 and we were able to identify cleveland police were at the home once in 2004 for an incident that involved mr. castro as part of his employment as a school bus driver here in the city of cleveland. >> cleveland police have been criticized in the past for their slow response to residents' concerns in low income communities. back in 2009 officers discovered the bodies of 11 women inside
9:46 am
the home of anthony sowell. at the time the former marine lived in this poorer section of cleveland's mt. pleasant neighborhood. neighbors said they'd complained to police and the city council about a foul smell coming from his home. >> we received a phone call from a resident that said councilman, there's a foul odor that's coming from across the street. and it smells like a dead person. >> instead, the victims' bodies were discovered after police went to the home to investigate a sexual assault complaint. he was arrested, convicted of the murders and sentenced to death. the serial killer case resulted in multiple lawsuits filed against the city and its law enforcement officials. some of which were dismissed. nonetheless cleveland's mayor impanelled a special commission to investigate the police department and the sex crimes unit. that panel made dozens of recommendations including steps to ensure allmissing people. that last recommendation was based in part on a suggestion from the family of a teenager who disappeared on a walk home
9:47 am
from school, the teen's name? gina dejesus. >> there are not enough words to say or express the joy we feel for the return of our family member, gina. >> yep. the same gina rescued from seymour street this week. >> and who is ariel castro? how could anybody do something he's actually accused of doing? we're going to talk with someone in the next hour on that, but also tonight piers morgan takes a look inside the mind of a monster. that's at 9:00 this evening. >> still seems extraordinary he was able to get away with that for ten years and no one knew. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so.
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can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] this may, buy aleve and help those in need. this is from a source close to the investigation telling cnn he's buried in a muslim cemetery in doswell, virginia, just north of richmond. paula newton is joining us outside from boston to tell us, first of all, how do we know? >> i have a confirm a while ago in fact tamerlan tsarnaev's remains are left there. in the conversation he said, look, it's our muslim tradition. i know some people would have preferred cremation, but it's our muslim tradition that these people that are dead are buried. he also said it was an interfaith coalition from that community in virginia that decided they would lend him a hand to make sure that his
9:51 am
nephew's body could be laid to rest. he also said he had a conversation with his brother, tamerlan's father, yesterday just to give him an update. and the point was he didn't ask me where he was buried, he has no information that his brother will be returning to the united states any time soon. and he told me, frankly, it angers him. he thinks he should be here for his children and should be here to help out with the investigation if he can. suzanne. >> paula, speaking about the investigation, any updates on that? >> well, in terms of this investigation, we're dealing with search warrants still activated on the brothers' apartment in cambridge. still don't know the results of that. there is a lot of dna testing that they actually have to work through. but also interesting development this week, kathrine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, retained another lawyer. that is a lawyer now with many years, decades of counterterrorism experience with terrorism prosecutions and she continues to be questioned. her lawyers say that she is cooperating. but still what she knew, when she knew the information, all
9:52 am
those things still something that the investigators are looking into as well as, keep in mind, michael, we have still right now an fbi team on the ground in dagestan trying to determine if tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother, was radicalized there at all, was inspired, given any bomb making instructions. still trying to get to the bottom of that, michael. >> paula, thanks so much. paula newton there in boston. an alleged kidnapper who helps pretend find his victims, that's possibly one way ariel castro might have flown under the radar in ohio. >> a psychologist analyzes such manipulative tactics. that's coming up in the next hour. be right back. we switched theirs with walmart's choice premium steak. it's a steakover! this was perfect. it was really good! one of the best filets i've had. see, look how easy that is to cut. these are perfectly aged for flavor and tenderness. you're eating walmart steaks. really? shut up! oh, is that right? are you serious? best steak i'd ever had!
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9:55 am
welcome back. ariel castro's daughter says she is horrified by what her father is accused of doing. >> an exclusive interview with cnn's laurie seagal, she says the little things suddenly are now making sense. >> do you want to see them at all? would you like to see them at any point? >> i would love to see them. i would love to see the little girl, jocelyn, but i don't want to pressure them at all. maybe further down the road, maybe it will be a possibility. i would really love that, but, you know, right now these girls
9:56 am
need to heal. i just want to know why -- why did he do this in the first place? if you knew that you had these urges, why didn't you get help? why along the way did you never feel guilty enough to where you wanted to just send them free, especially seeing the parents out there looking for their children, going to the vigils. why did you keep them? why didn't you just say enough is enough? you're 50 something years old, you've lived your life. these girls were young. you should have never did that. >> you never want to talk to your dad again? >> no. no. after this, and, you know, hearing what i've heard, there's no doubt in my mind of course that he's guilty. and i have no problem cutting him out of my life. i have no problem doing that.
9:57 am
i never want to see him again. and another thing that i would like to ask him is, when did he think this was going to be over? how did he think it was going to end? you're 52 years old, did you think you could carry this charade forever? what did you think was going to happen? and eventually you would have been caught. and then what if these girls, what if your family -- you didn't care. you only cared about yourself. >> so much more to learn about this case as well. got to go. that will do it. thanks for watching "around the world." thanks for your company. >> "cnn newsroom" starts after this. have a great weekend. >> you too. yeah. ted? mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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new questions for the obama administration about how it handled the attack on benghazi. we're waiting on a white house briefing to get some answers. plus, the exclusive interview with alleged cleveland kidnapper ariel castro's daughter. headline, she says her father is dead to h


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