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tv   Manhunt The Search for bin Laden  CNN  May 12, 2013 7:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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hello, i'm randi kaye. it was a shocking trial revealing details of sex, stalking and secrets. now, five years after jodi arias killed her boyfriend, after four months of riveting testimony, we have a verdict. guilty of first-degree murder. tonight, watch the testimony, weigh the evidence yourself, and you decide whether you agree or disagree with the jury's decision and whether jodi deserves the death penalty. we want to warn you, it is graphic. and the images and the language may be too explicit for young viewers.
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a sordid story of sex, lies -- >> i'm not guilty. >> -- and audiotapes. >> certainly the best times are when we just go for a freaking romp session. >> the trial of jodi ann arias has finally come to a dramatic end. >> the state of arizona versus jodi ann arias, verdict, count we, the jury, find the defendant as to count one, first-degree murder, guilty. >> it was a trial that transfixed the nation. >> this is a case, this is a story, this is a criminal defendant unlike any other we've ever met before. jodi arias, beautiful, young woman, accused of brutally murdering her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander, a young guy, seemingly had this great, sexual relationship. but then she stabs him 29 times, almost decapitates him, shoots him in the head. >> justice for travis! >> it's a verdict that delivered
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justice for travis alexander. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think justice worked. i mean, i listened to the same evidence that the 12 jurors listened to. i was convinced. jodi arias wasn't attacked, no, no, no. travis alexander was the one who was attacked, slaughtered and killed. >> this tale of passion gone wrong cost travis alexander his life. now, it could cost jodi arias hers. she faces the death penalty. >> i think the evidence in this case was overwhelming about her obsession and her fatal attraction to travis alexander. >> an attraction that began in, of all places, sin city. >> we were there for a convention. our company had a big event there. i was there in las vegas with him. >> travis alexander was a motivational speaker, compelling
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effective. he was also a close friend and co-worker of david hughes in the fall of 2006. >> and i knew that he was single and he was always looking for ms. alexander. >> enter saleswoman and aspiring photographer jodi arias. >> i told travis hey, there's this cute girl that i work with. you should meet her. and i introduced them. they were able to develop a relationship pretty quickly from there. >> they met in vegas. the night they met, it seemed things heated up very quickly. because jodi arias has said within a week or so they're having sex in the car. >> jodi and travis had an instant physical connection. a whirlwind romance, but a long-distance one with her in palm desert, california and him five hours away in mesa, arizona. still, that wouldn't slow them
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down. shanna hogan is the author of "picture perfect," about the jodi arias case. >> from the very beginning travis and jodi were almost in constant communication. they talked every day. they exchanged thousands of e-mails and text messages. >> jodi was so attracted to travis that she converted to the church of latter day saints because travis was a mormon. >> she started to inquire more about the lds faith and ended up joining the church, which i'm sure that brought their relationship, made it even stronger. >> to outsiders, travis and jodi appeared devout. a pure mormon couple. but appearances, as was often the case with these two, would prove deceiving. >> secretly, behind the scenes, travis and jodi's relationship was not pure. it wasn't chaste. they had this intense sexual relationship that they kept hidden from everyone. >> but jodi couldn't keep
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everything hidden, especially from travis's long-time friends, many of whom found his new love a bit odd and a bit troubling. >> we don't like jodi coming over to our home. we felt very uncomfortable with her coming to our home. >> david hughes recalls a chilling encounter between his brother, his sister-in-law, and jodi arias. >> well, they're having this conversation trying to convince travis to break up with her. she is right outside the upstairs door listening to the whole conversation, and she walked in and she just had this face on like she was the devil and she was going to commit a murder right then and there. >> right away, travis's friends were concerned. it was clear that she liked him a lot more than he liked her. travis wanted a normal life. jodi wanted to be with him more than anything. and it was an extremely unhealthy bond that they shared. >> and a normal, healthy life was something travis had wanted desperately, since growing up in riverside, california.
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>> travis's childhood was full of poverty, neglect, physical violence. >> his parents were both addicted to drugs. and so he wasn't raised by his parents. he was eventually -- his grandmother is the one that raised him. but yeah, it was a tough upbringing. >> jodi, too, has said she didn't have it easy growing up. that she was no stranger to abuse. >> she grew up being very artistic. she played the flute. she had a lot of brothers and sisters and was very close with them all. so jodi's childhood was fairly ideal compared to travis'. but she does describe like incidences of physical violence. >> jodi and travis burned red hot, at least for a while. but by the summer of 2007, their relationship had cooled, in part because of jodi's increasing jealousy over travis' interest in other women. >> jodi went through his phone and discovered these flirty messages to other women. and she decided to end their
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relationship at that point. but at the same time travis was looking to end the relationship. >> jodi and travis did break up. but that didn't mean they weren't still friends with benefits. >> clearly, jodi enjoyed her sexual life with travis. but it must have been tormenting. in her diary jodi writes about how she loves travis so fully and completely that she doesn't know any other way to be. he was just her entire focus. and she was extremely obsessed with him. >> so obsessed, apparently, that jodi never took her eye off of travis no matter how far apart they were. >> i absolutely know that she was stalking him many times, just like when she went in through the back door when he was kissing another girl on his couch. she's spying on him. that's what's really happening here. >> she slashed his tires. she broke into his e-mail account. she hacked into his facebook page. she broke into his house and stole his journals. she read his diary. she just did these crazy,
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stalking behaviors. >> jodi has long denied stalking travis. then, on june 4th, 2008 she made one last visit to her estranged lover's home, arriving in the wee hours of the morning. >> travis is there, according to her, and he's online and they go to sleep. but when they wake up, then they get back to what travis and jodi always do, which is engage in sex. and they didn't just engage in sex. they brought cameras into play. travis taking pictures of jodi, jodi taking pictures of travis. neither one of them wearing any clothes. but it's what they do. it's what they've always done since they met. >> coming up, a sex-fuelled afternoon explodes into an orgy of violence.
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monday, june 9th, 2008. 90 minutes until midnight in a mesa, arizona community called mountain ranch. nobody had heard from travis alexander in five days. so a handful of concerned friends went looking for him. >> through another friend they get the code to the garage. they go inside the house. it smells. there's a foul odor hanging in the air. >> they found their friend pale and lifeless on the shower floor. >> oh, my god. >> 911 emergency. >> a friend of ours is dead in his bedroom. we hadn't heard from him for a while. his roommates just went in there and said there's lots of blood. >> travis' body had nearly 29 stab marks, including the slash across his neck from ear to ear. there was a .25-caliber gunshot wound over his right eyebrow and massive amounts of blood all
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over the master suite. soaked into the bedroom carpet and splattered all over the bathroom. the sink, the mirror, the floor. his friends had immediate suspicions about who did it. >> has he been threatened by anyone recently? >> yes, he has. he has an ex-girlfriend that's been bothering him and following him and slashing tires and things like that. her name is jodi. >> but when investigators reached jodi by phone, she insisted she'd be nowhere near mesa, for months. this was version one of her story. >> it was around april that you last saw him, right? >> early april. >> you haven't been back in town since then? >> no, i haven't at all. >> but investigators are able to place jodi at the crime scene. thanks to a handprint, hair, and travis' camera discovered in his
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washing machine. >> can you imagine when the police found that camera and they said oh, the camera is destroyed, it's been through the washing machine. but they take that little memory card and they find these photos? and detective flores got the call. you're not going to believe this, what we've got. >> the memory card survived the wash. >> the memory card survived the wash. >> those photos lay out a timeline. at 5:30 p.m. jodi uses the camera to take the last picture of travis alive. he's in the shower. >> she's taking pictures of him and probably said to him, oh, let me get a picture of you seated. because she needed to level the playing field. she's able to stab him in the heart. >> investigators say there's a struggle in the bathroom and then jodi follows travis into his bedroom. >> he falls. maybe he's on his hands and knees, and that's when she did the coup du gras.
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across his neck. and then turned him over and turned him around and dragged him down the hall. >> this is at 5:32 p.m. it is one of three accidental photos taken after the last shower picture. prosecutors will later claim it's jodi's leg over travis's upper body, as she prepares to drag him back to the shower. >> what if i could show you proof you were there? >> i wasn't there. >> you need to be honest with me, jodi. >> i was not at travis' house. i was not. >> you were at travis' house. you guys had a sexual encounter, which there's pictures. >> are you sure those pictures aren't from another time? >> positive. absolutely positive. >> by now it was july. jodi was in police custody, but she was still sticking to version number one. >> this is absolutely over. you need to tell me the truth. >> listen, the truth is i did
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not hurt travis. >> during that same interview there was this -- yoga moves, stretches and even a headstand. >> i believe it tells you that jodi arias is trying to get comfortable in that room. and she's not able to get comfortable because she has to change her story. because investigators have more evidence than she thought they were going to have. >> this is the shower. sitting here -- >> the very next day jodi decided to change her story to version two. >> she talked about two intruders coming into the house and they attacked travis and they were attacking her and she gets wounded in the incident and he's being stabbed, and he's yelling and he's screaming and telling her go to the neighbors and get help. >> he didn't discuss much. he just argued. >> about what? >> about whether or not to kill me. >> for what reason?
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>> because i'm a witness. >> a witness of what? >> him. of travis. >> of travis' murder? >> jodi took version two to the court of public opinion months later on the show "inside edition." >> i witnessed travis being attacked by two individuals. >> who? >> i don't know who they were. i couldn't pick them out in a police line-up. >> and she made this bold prediction. >> no jury is going to convict me. >> why not? >> because i'm innocent. and you can mark my words on that one. >> then, in 2010, two years after the murder, jodi's lawyers file a shocking court document, indicating jodi will change her story yet again. she would finally admit to killing travis but claim it was self-defense. >> story one, i wasn't there. i wasn't there. what are you talking about? version number two. all right, i was there. but there was these two ninjas
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to what we can achieve. the state of arizona versus jodi ann arias, indictment. count one, first-degree murder, premeditated murder.
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>> it's been more than four years since friends discovered travis alexander's dead body crumpled up in his bathroom shower. >> jodi arias killed travis alexander. there is no question about it. the million dollar question is what would have forced her to do it? >> after telling two different stories about her innocence, jodi now admitted under oath she was the killer. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4th, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> but she denied the charge against her, that she had planned travis' murder. >> why? >> the simple answer is that he attacked me and i defended myself. >> she pled not guilty, claiming self-defense, that she was forced to kill travis.
7:23 pm
>> in just those two minutes jodi had to make a choice. she would either live or she would die. >> in a death penalty case you want sympathy. you need an explanation for the defendant's actions and what they did. >> the defense's explanation was to blame the victim. >> that's what they have to do in a self-defense case. >> "in session's" beth karas has been in the courtroom every day of the trial. >> they have to blame the victim. they're saying, look, he was attacking me, he was about to kill me, i had no choice. her problem is that, you know, self-defense is you can use force when you are being threatened but you have to use equal force. >> the defense called witnesses, including a close friend. >> the defense calls desiree freedom. >> to try and shatter the image of travis as the pure mormon man. >> in your religion is premarital sex allowed? >> no. >> did travis claim to be a virgin?
7:24 pm
>> yes, he did. >> did he seem happy to be a virgin? >> yes. >> and did he seem proud? >> yes. >> travis alexander, there's no question he was conflicted. he was trying to be a good mormon and probably was, except when it came to jodi arias she would have sex with him. and they kept it a secret. but if this got out, it would hurt his standing in his church, in his social circle. it might have hurt him professionally. >> jodi was, in the words of her defense attorney, travis' dirty little secret, something he vividly demonstrated in this lurid phone call. >> you, you were hot. start touching yourself. >> when you hear this call, it's crucial to understand the difference. the difference between the type of person that travis portrayed himself to be versus the things
7:25 pm
that he said on this recorded call. >> that was so hot. that actually, so -- like the way you moan sounds like -- sounds like a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. it's so hot. >> reporter: jodi's attorneys argued that travis was just the last in a long line of people, family and boyfriends, who had physically and mentally abused jodi. >> it appears their strategy was that everything that happened in her life from her childhood and through all the relationships with men culminated in this killing. >> your life was pretty ideal up until about age 7. something different after age 7 or -- >> i think that's the first year my dad started using a belt. >> jodi told the court that her brawny father inflicted great pain.
7:26 pm
>> as i became a teenager my dad would get rougher and rougher. he would just shove me into furniture, sometimes in the piano or things like that, into tables, chairs, desks, whatever was around. he would just push me really hard, and i would go flying into that. >> reporter: and with her mother looking on from the front row, jodi also accused her of being abusive. >> my mom began to carry a wooden spoon in her purse. if we were misbehaving, she would use it on us. >> what do you mean by use it on you? >> she would hit us with it. >> she hit you hard? >> it felt pretty hard, yes. >> jodi portrayed herself as the victim of a string of bad choices when it came to men. describing one abusive relationship after another especially travis alexander. admitting that she loved him despite his being what she
7:27 pm
described as demeaning, physically abusive, and controlling. >> he body-slammed me on the floor at the foot of his bed. he called me a bitch and kicked me in the ribs. and that hurt for real. >> a somber jodi recalled that the day travis baptized her, what was supposed to be a new beginning turned out to be more of the same. >> i was in my church clothes. he was in his church clothes. the kissing got more passionate, more intense. and then he spun me around and he bent me over the bed and he was just on top of me. i didn't think anything was -- that he was just going to keep kissing me.
7:28 pm
he began to have anal sex with me. >> after this encounter on this spiritual day, how did you feel about yourself? >> after he left, shortly after he left, i felt -- i didn't feel very good. i kind of felt like a used piece of toilet paper. >> for the victim's family sitting in the courtroom the portrayal of an allegedly domineering and sexual travis was difficult to hear. >> do me a favor and take a look at this exhibit, see if you recognize it. >> text messages from travis appearing to treat jodi as his sex slave. >> he says that this photo shoot is going to be one of the best experiences of your life and his. he also says you'll rejoice in "being a whore, that sole
7:29 pm
purpose in life is to be mine to have animal sex with and to please me in any way i desire." >> jodi even accused travis of being a pedophile. >> i walked in, and travis was on the bed masturbating. he started grabbing at something on the bed, and i realized they were papers. and as he was grabbing the papers, one kind of went sailing off the bed. it was a picture of a little boy. >> the defense is trying literally to trash travis. >> you were still willing to be tied to a tree if that's what he wanted. >> attack his character. >> assertive, aggressive, and authoritative. >> make the jury dislike him. >> he said i looked like a pure whore. >> hate him, loathe him. because he's the bad guy. he's the evildoer. he's the pedophile. he's the sexual deviant. this guy is bad news. and he's the one who ruined jodi arias' life. he's the one that made her do it. >> to the defense it was travis
7:30 pm
the monster. jodi, his victim. but to the prosecution it was all an unsustainable lie. >> when do you decide to tell the truth? when you're in this court and no place else? is that what -- what i'm hearing from you? >> no. >> coming up, the prosecutor goes on the attack. >> just because you're in this court doesn't mean you have to tell the truth. i mean, that's what you're telling us, right? >> that's not what i'm telling anyone. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ nom, nom, nom. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping.
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no jury is going to convict me. >> why not? >> because i'm innocent. and you can mark my words on that one. no jury will convict me. >> i made that statement in september 2008, i believe it was. and at the time i had plans to commit suicide.
7:34 pm
so i was extremely confident that no jury would convict me because i didn't expect any of you to be here. >> and that's you saying that you're going to not be convicted because you're going to commit suicide. >> that's correct. >> you're saying that you're innocent, right? >> yes. >> and you believed that no jury would convict you because you were going to lie your way out of it, right? >> no. >> objection. argumentative. >> sustained. >> jodi arias has since admitted to killing travis alexander but claimed it was a justified, split-second decision to save her own life. >> the road to the death penalty here is paved with premeditation. that's what the prosecution has to prove. so where do they go for premeditation? >> for starters, prosecutor juan martinez goes to what he says was jodi's attempt at a cover-up. like wanting a less conspicuous rental car for the drive to travis' house.
7:35 pm
>> you didn't want the color red. >> yes. >> correct? >> the coleor red seems to stand out, doesn't it? >> i don't know. i just heard they get more tickets. >> right. so it had to do with the police department, right? you did not want to stand out. >> and just hours after killing travis calling his cell phone and leaving a message. >> this is exhibit number 365. >> my phone died, so i wasn't getting back to anybody. and what else? oh, and i drove a hundred miles in the wrong direction, over a hundred miles, thank you very much. so yeah. remember new mexico? it was a lot like that. only you weren't here to prevent me from going into the three digits. so fun, fun. tell you all about that later. >> and the reason why you went to great lengths to do that was because if there was any suspicion it wouldn't be drawn to you, correct? >> not immediately. that was the point, yes. >> right. you wanted to -- the police to look elsewhere, right?
7:36 pm
>> i guess. >> so you call mr. alexander and you left him a message, right? >> yes. >> but despite her early efforts at a cover-up, jodi now took the jury through the grisly details of the killing, starting when she dropped travis' new camera. >> at that point travis flipped out again. he stood up and he stepped out of the shower and he picked me up as he was screaming that i was a stupid idiot, and he body-slammed me again on the tile. he told me that a 5-year-old can hold a camera better than i can. when i hit the tile, i rolled over on the side and started running down the hallway. so i ran into the closet and i slammed the door. >> then jodi reached for a
7:37 pm
.25-caliber gun she said travis kept on the shelf. >> i grabbed the gun. i ran out of the closet. he was chasing me. i turned around. we were in the middle of the bathroom. i pointed it at him with both of my hands. i thought that would stop him. if someone were pointing a gun at me, i would stop. but he just kept running. he got -- like a linebacker he got kind of low and grabbed my waist. but before he did that as he was lunging at me the gun went off. >> there's zero evidence, independent evidence, evidence other than words out of jodi arias' mouth that establish travis alexander as a gun owner. there is none. >> your grandfather also had guns, didn't he? >> prosecutor juan martinez's theory was that one week before killing travis, jodi had staged a burglary at the home she shared with her grandparents. >> you heard what items were taken including a .25-caliber handgun.
7:38 pm
you heard that, right? >> yes, i heard that. >> prosecutors were questioning this burglary because they believe the .25-caliber gun that was allegedly stolen from her grandfather's house was actually the gun used by jodi arias to shoot travis alexander. >> when travis' body was found in the shower, there was only one bullet wound but almost 30 knife wounds. and he'd nearly been decapitated. an unforgettable scene that jodi claims she doesn't remember. >> i have no memory of stabbing him. i was in the bathroom. i remember dropping the knife, and it clanged to the tile and made a big noise. and i just remember screaming. i don't remember anything after that.
7:39 pm
there's a lot of that day that i don't remember. there are a lot of gaps. like i don't know if i blacked out or what. there was a huge gap. >> she had such memory recall of things from years before. details of meals and how many people were in the elevator and what happened on this date and what kind of sex she had on that date. and when it came to slicing and stabbing travis alexander 29 times, she had no recollection. >> are you saying that you're having a hard time remembering things that are happening now that you've shot him? >> yes. >> so it appears, then, that your memory becomes faulty immediately upon you shooting him. >> yeah. things get very foggy from there. >> immediately -- the shot takes him down, and it creates a fog for you. is that what you're saying? >> it begins to create a fog. >> a psychologist for the defense testified that the fog
7:40 pm
was caused by the stress of travis's attack. >> it appears as if she suffers from dissociative amnesia. and according to the research, the more intense the trauma, the more likely and the more complete the amnesia. >> dr. samuels said jodi's amnesia was caused by post-traumatic stress disorder, ptsd. another defense expert testified that jodi was a victim of domestic violence. >> given everything that you have reviewed, that you've read in this case, that you've seen, do you have an opinion, an ultimate opinion in your expertise about whether or not miss arias was an abused -- in an abusive relationship? >> yes, i believe she was in an abusive relationship. >> and do you believe in your expert opinion that jodi was a battered woman, or is a battered woman? >> yes, i do. >> but martinez tore into the defense experts. >> i'm sorry. i don't see it that way. >> right. you wouldn't see it that way because you have feelings for the defendant, right? >> i beg your pardon, sir.
7:41 pm
>> you seem to be having trouble answering my question. >> i have trouble -- >> if you have a problem understanding the question, ask me that. if you want to -- do you want to spar with me? will that affect the way you view your testimony? >> objection. argumentative. >> sustained. >> and on his final exchange with jodi arias, martinez made perhaps his most important point, that she is a liar. >> so you lied to him, right? >> objection. argumentative. asked and answered. >> sustained. >> you didn't tell the whole story then, right? that's what you said, right? >> that would be accurate. >> i don't have anything else. thank you. >> reporter: and with that prosecutor juan martinez abruptly ended his grilling and gripping cross-examination of jodi arias. next, jurors get a turn to ask questions. >> what is your understanding of the word "skank"? >> a hint of what they might be thinking.
7:42 pm
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it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at can you imagine how much it must have hurt mr. alexander when you stuck that knife right into his chest? that really must have hurt, right?
7:46 pm
>> argumentative. >> sustained. >> in arizona lawyers aren't the only ones who can grill witnesses. after weeks of testifying, jodi arias faced questions from the jury. >> this is the time set for the court to ask the questions you have submitted. how is it that you were so calm on the television interviews? >> it's rare that jurors get to ask questions. and this jury asked hundreds and hundreds of questions. to witnesses and to the defendant herself. i mean, this is the woman who's facing murder one charges and the death penalty, and the jury asking her questions. some of them very, very important questions. others a little sarcastic. >> what is your understanding of the word "skank"? >> they had questions about jodi's sex life with travis. >> if you didn't want to be tied up to a tree, why would you go up and look for a place where he could do that?
7:47 pm
>> questions about her killing travis. >> were you mad at travis while you were stabbing him? >> and question after question about jodi's many lies. >> why did you decide to tell the truth two years after the killing? >> why did you wait for so long to tell the truth? >> would you decide to tell the truth if you never got arrested? >> i honestly don't know the answer to that question. >> i believe the jurors who asked those questions did not believe her. >> after the barrage of questions and testimony from a few more defense witnesses -- >> at this point the defense rests. >> next up, prosecutor juan martinez with rebuttal witnesses. martinez worked to cast doubt on every aspect of jodi's story. both what she claimed happened and what the defense witnesses said was her state of mind. clinical psychologist janeen demarte had conducted a 12-hour clinical interview with jodi. >> i conducted the four tests
7:48 pm
that we've already discussed. >> and after that did you have an opinion as to what the diagnosis was in this case? >> after looking at that, taking in consideration her behavioral observations, and all of the different pieces of information that i had, yes, i did. >> and what was that? >> i diagnosed her on axis 2 as borderline personality disorder. >> what does that mean? >> you can think of it similar to what we see in teenagers often. this sense of immaturity. there's unstable interpersonal relationships, unstable emotions, and an unstable sense of identity, meaning who am i as a person. there's this constant fluctuation. there's a lot of manipulation. >> the defense attempted to discredit demarte's diagnosis by calling one last witness. >> do you have an opinion with regard to whether or not
7:49 pm
dr. demarte has an adequate understanding of how to administer these tests and make a diagnosis? >> yes. >> okay. what is that opinion? >> she does not appear to have either an adequate understanding of their uses or their interpretation or the actual ways those tests are to be used. >> finally, closing arguments. >> the key for the prosecution is premeditation. premeditation in this case is the road to first degree, which is what then puts this case into the death penalty phase. premeditation. that she reflected upon her plan to kill travis alexander. doesn't have to take a week. doesn't have to take a month. it can just be a moment. but he has to prove that jodi arias planned the killing, had time to reflect on it and then acted on that plan. >> this individual the defendant, jodi ann arias, killed travis alexander, and even after stabbing him over and over again and even after
7:50 pm
slashing his throat from ear to ear and then even after taking a gun and shooting him in the face she will not let him rest in peace. but now instead of gun, instead of a knife she uses lies, and she used these lies in court when she testified. she's an individual who is manipulative. this is an individual who wants to play the victim. >> juan martinez's closing argument clear theme is manipulation, the jodi arias manipulates everybody, including the members of the jury by lying to them lying to travis lying to investigators. that's a theme throughout. >> then it was the defense's turn making the case. >> it's not even about whether or not you like jodi arias.
7:51 pm
nine days out of ten i don't like jodi arias. >> anything less than first degree is a victory for the defense here so what you want to play is obviously their story of self-defense, that something happened in the heat of passion between these two people who at one time were linked as lovers. >> jodi arias says travis alexander yelled at her for dropping the camera. he called her stupid. he says even a 5-year-old could hold the camera and then he jumps out and then he attacks, and then he holds her down and she remembers that on a previous occasion what he held her down he had choked her to the point where she lost consciousness. she feared that it might go farther. this time was different. he was angry. he was angry in a different way. she was in reasonable fear that he was going to end her life.
7:52 pm
>> after four months of testimony and 18 days of jodi arias taking the stand, her fate rested with the jury. >> single count against jodi arias, first-degree murder. if they don't find first degree they can go down to second degree if there's no pre-meditation, if they found it was done in the heat of passion, then it's manslaughter or if they believe self-defense then it's not guilty. >> please be seated. the record will show the presence of the jury the defendant and all counsel. ladies and gentlemen, i understand you have reached a verdict. >> it would take just over 15 hours to reach a verdict. >> the state of arizona versus jodi ann arias, verdict, count one. we the jury duly impanelled and sworn in the above entitled action on our oath do find the defendant as to count one, first-degree murder guilty. >> wow. wow.
7:53 pm
12 people all agreeing that this was pre-meditated murder. huge win for juan martinez. juan martinez convinced 12 people that it was her attacking him, that she planned it. it was her idea and she executed it. >> juror number four, is this your true verdict? >> yes. >> the victim's family breathed sighs of relief while the public celebrated outside. >> you have more of a reaction from travis alexander's siblings who are all seated behind everything and can you hear them. you can see them. some are hugging and others are just breaking down and crying. >> jodi arias' reaction measured. >> i don't think jodi arias was shocked, but i think this is a confusing part of her life because i think she always got her way, because she took advantage of her looks. she took advantage of who she
7:54 pm
was and she was able to talk her way through everything but you can't talk your way out of first-degree murder. >> minutes after the verdict, jodi would do more talking, this time with a local tv station. >> just a couple minutes ago you heard the verdict from the jury. what are your thoughts? >> i think i just went blank. it was unexpected for me yes, because there was no premeditation on my part. >> i've prosecuted cases. i've been covering the nation's biggest trials for more than a decade. i've never seen this. you've just been convicted of first-degree murder and the first thing you do you don't huddle with your lawyers. you don't talk to your mom. >> jodi talks about her possible death sentence. >> i said years ago i'd rather get death than life and that still is the truth today. i believe death is the ultimate
7:55 pm
freedom, so i'd rather have my freedom as soon as i can get it. >> she's saying i would rather die than spend life in prison. >> that's up to the jury to decide. >> well next for jodi arias sitting in front of those same 12 jurors the eight men and four women who found that she premeditated the killing of travis alexander, and they are going to decide whether or not she lives or dies. >> juror number two, is this your true verdict? >> yes. >> juror number three, is this your true verdict? >> yes. ♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about a subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long. introducing the versatile, all-new subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. what do women want? this is hannah.
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7:58 pm
welcome back. there you have it a first-degree murder conviction against jodi arias, but the arguments don't end there. now the prosecution will attempt to prove the murder was especially cruel and warrants the death penalty. more witnesses will be called and victim impact statements given. the defense may call its own witnesses and offer reasons to spare jodi's life. stay tuned to cnn for the latest developments. i'm randi kaye. thanks for watching.
7:59 pm
[ speaking french ] ♪ ♪ i took a walk ♪ ♪ through this beautiful world ♪ ♪ felt the cool rain on my shoulder ♪ ♪ in a beautiful world ♪ >> i felt the rain getting colder ♪ ♪
8:00 pm
♪ gets cold in winter, and winters are long. it takes a special kind of person for whom frozen rivers, icy wind-whipped streets, deep seemingly endless forests are the norm. i will confess my partisanship up front. i love montreal. it is my favorite place in canada. the people who live there are tough, crazy bastards, and i
8:01 pm
admire them for it. toronto, vancouver, i love you, but not like montreal. why? i shall explain. all will be revealed. in the meantime, check this guy out. what's the post office's motto? neither rain nor sleet nor driving snow plague of locusts prevent the mail carrier from delivering my junk mail. here in montreal the simple task of delivering the mail in winter comes with its own set of hurdles. icy hurdles. i've got to ask. do you have special equipment for this? >> we've got slip-on boots. we do our boots in the rain -- sorry, when it gets icy, with spikes on them. and then give us also slip-on spikes for when it's icy. >> any sort of city ordinance that you have to shovel or -- they're not penalized financially? >> no, nothing like that. >> any injuries in the line of
8:02 pm
duty? >> i've had several tumbles, one incident i was off for two months. i thought i broke my ankle. >> what's the most perilous aspect of the job? would it be dogs or icy stairs? >> in this area there's a lot of dogs, but i would say icy stairs. >> it's one thing to have to work outside in this wintry mist, but it takes a strange and wonderful kind of mutant to actually find it pleasurable like, well, these two gentlemen. >> do you like the cold in i mean, by you, i mean the quebecois. >> the frigid cold keeps the riffraff out of the city, for sure. >> fred morin, dave mcmillen,
8:03 pm
restauranteur, chef at joe beef john vivant historians of the great white north, princes of hospitality. and what do men like this do for fun when the rivers turn to ice three feet thick, when testicles shrink and most of us scurry for warmth and the shelter? if you're like most canadians, you would go ice fishing on the st. lawrence. >> because we are confined perhaps to spend so much time indoors, a lot of the families love to do, you know, activities together, like go to the cottage, go ice fishing, you know, it gets you out of the house. it's very much a family thing. >> like many of their ilk, they would seek one of the temporary towns, sled-born cabins drill a hole in the ice and wait but these are not normal men. so is quebec better than the rest of canada? >> obviously. >> c'mon. >> you didn't have to think about that long.
8:04 pm
>> no. >> wait a minute. are strippers paid hourly here? is that right? it's not a tip system? >> it's considered an art -- a performance art. >> you consider it a performance art. how does that work? you don't tip the stripper? >> you pay per song. >> you pay per song. >> and then can you get a dance in the back, a private dance. that's $10 a song, $5 a song in public. >> that's why i go to strip bars because the songs are super long and i'm a bit cheap. i go for the lap dance. >> after a suspiciously stunned-looking fish emerges from the deep previously rufenaled, it is ignored, but fred and dave do things differently. no crudely fried fish and bread crumbs for these large men. look at that. instead, a hearty lunch of
8:05 pm
french classics accompanied by many fine wines and liqueurs, as befitting gentlemen of discerns taste who have exhausted themselves in the wild. >> so this is how you live? >> well, more often than not, yes. >> we always have to travel well and eat properly. a natural white wine, white burgundy. these are glace ber bay oysters as well as a couple of boujeaiss thrown in there as well. >> the funnest part isn't the cutlery. it's just the spoon is absolutely gorgeous. fred has a wonderful collection of tableware. without getting snobby or elitist, the eating off vintage tableware is one of the great jays out of life. >> well this is the interesting paradox of you guys. on the one hand you aspire to run a democratic establishment, open to all, and yet you are hopeless romantics when it comes to -- >> painful nostalgics. >> the art of living. >> what the -- sustenance is
8:06 pm
required. look at this like a consumme of ox tail followed by perhaps a child lobster a la parisian. >> the art of fine dining is disappears. >> i work super hard as being an excellent dining companion. >> when seeking excellence in a dining companion, what qualities does one look for? >> i turn my phone off. i never put my elbows on the table. >> really? >> come prepared with stories. don't drink too much, don't become sloppy. >> come prepared with anecdotes? >> absolutely. >> no elbows on the table? >> no, it's not proper. >> i'm a total failure as a dining companion. what is that? what's that, you ask? an iconic of gastronomy? look at that sauce. holy crap.
8:07 pm
the devilishly difficult, a boneless wild hare white black truffle grarnished with thick slabs of foie gras seared directly on the cabin's wood stove. >> damn, look at that. >> we're in a wooden shack, over three feet of ice, 100 feet of water. >> you are hopeless romantics, gentlemen. oh, look at that. oh! the seared f oy s is perched atop a joel rbichon potato puree. >> of course. >> nice. >> that's wonderful. >> yes, yes, it is. really, is there a billionaire or a desk anywhere on earth who at this precise moment is eating better than us? >> no. no. >> look at that. [ speaking foreign language ]
8:08 pm
>> cheese. there must be cheese. in this case, a voluptuously reeky rpoisses who some hearty outdoorsman may call overripe, but not us. this is awesome. what do we have here? >> a few cuban. >> wait a minute, you guys have a much more relaxed attitude toward the importation of cuban cigars. chartreuse, of course, and a dessert as rare as it gets, a dinosaur monster long believed extinct. >> this is gateau marjolaine. >> who does this? >> it's one of the painful nostalgic things. >> right. layers of almond and hazelnut meringue, chocolate buttercream. my god, look at that. damn, that's good. for these guys, this is normal. this is lunch. sundays is like playhouse, it's
8:09 pm
like french playhouse. >> yeah, what do you do? >> we get dressed at the house? >> yeah. the kids too. >> he's a dandy. >> a sunday dandy. last time i did, i did the primrose and linzer torte, and salad a la orange. a made a creme fraiche and then a huge cheese cart that has about 15 kinds of cheese. >> how many people are in your family? >> him and his wife, two young boys. >> how old are the kids? >> they're 2 and 4. >> you your wife and a 2-year-old and 4-year-old. >> they don't make it to the end, usually. i have to like prematurely -- >> they don't like pernod? >> i'm thinking, you know, i have to do that. my daughter would totally be into it. but no way we're going to let them die. ♪ ♪ ameriprise advisors can help keep your dreams alive like they helped
8:10 pm
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8:11 pm
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cholesterol i prescribe crestor. [ female announcer ] crestor is not right for everyone. like people with liver disease or women who are nursing pregnant or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking. call your doctor right away if you have muscle pain or weakness feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. is your cholesterol at goal? ask your doctor about crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication astrazeneca may be able to help.
8:13 pm
once every few decades, maybe every century, a nation will produce a hero. an escoffiere, a muhammad ali, a dalai lama, a joey marrone, somebody who changes everything about their chosen field, who changes the whole landscape. life after them is never the same. martin picard is one of those men. a hereto for hybrid renegade innovator. he's one of the most influential chefs in north america. he is also a proud quebecois, and perhaps he more than
8:14 pm
everyone else has defined for a new generation of americans and canadians what that means. he's an unlikely ambassador for his country and province. maybe not so unlikely. i mean look at him. out for a day trapping beaver with local trapper carl. >> no? >> so the bait is wood? >> yeah, just the bark. >> they eat the bark? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i understand in pioneer days, beaver was the financial engine of canada? empires were built on it. every hat practically in the world was made of a beaver pelt. >> that's why today it's the icon of canada. >> to a lesser extent, the tradition continues today. carl continues to trap usually called on by provincial officials to trap beaver and clear away dams of what could be become of an overly destructive population.
8:15 pm
>> hello, my little friend. >> this is a young one. those are the ones we want to eat. >> what would you compare the meat to? is there anything like it? >> that's the thing, there's nothing like it. you know, when you eat beaver, you understand that it's beaver. >> martin, along with an encyclopedic knowledge of fine wine and an inexplicable attach tonight mtd music of scenon is a big believer in honoring music and tradition. if you still trap beavers, you should if at all possible cook them and eat them not just strip them of their pellets. and as incredible as it might seem can you cook beaver really, really well. beaver tail, on the other hand is not actually beaver at all, rather a quick spoonbread type of thing, which in our case goes somewhat awry during an
8:16 pm
inadvertent inferno. ♪ >> the sauce almost looks like chocolate it's so rich looking. >> i love it. >> i love it. some people don't put too much blood, but i like when it's very thick. >> wow. it's absolutely delicious. >> yeah, it is. i wasn't joking. >> it tastes like chicken. no, it doesn't take like chicken at all. >> this is your first time? >> yeah. >> wow. that's something. i think you almost eat everything. >> yeah, at this point, you know, animals see me and like oh -- >> no, no. >> not that guy. there's a joke around here somewhere, but to tell you the truth, the stuff is just too good. it's like 10 below zero in this freakin' town.
8:17 pm
that generally does not spell a good time for me. a good time for me is more like a palm tree, a beach, a swimming poolics when the only cold thing is my beer. but no. these hearty cull fairians of the north like to frolic in the snow and ice. more accurately they like to obey their imperative to face dental and max i don't facial injury, skating around slapping a disk, trying to drive it in each owes's general direction. i believe they call this sport hockey. this is not in my blood. do you skate? >> yeah, we grew up on rinks like this. >> does everyone in quebec pretty much obligatory? >> yeah. there's no reason to live here if there's not hockey. >> hockey rinks pop up all over
8:18 pm
the city to risk teeth, groin and limb. right behind fred and dave's restaurant joe beef, a pickup game of chef, cooks and hospitality professionals is under way. some of these guys are kind of long in the tooth to be out there swinging sticks at each other and skating on the ice. s this nshlt the this is normal behavior? people actually do this for fun? >> yeah. yeah. this is absolutely quebecois, and this one is landlords being indoctrinated hello, young man. >> you want to play? are you good at hockey? are you going to be a goalie or player? >> a player. >> am i going to get a mouth full of puck, by the way? >> it's being catered with fred and dave's usual restraint. ♪ >> come eat. >> hot cocoa in styrofoam cups? no.
8:19 pm
try a titanic garnis of ninthstone-sized hunks of pork belly, putin, bake on homemade beaudoin blanc, kielbasa pollution veal and pork links. oh yeah. this is a truly heroic chacutrie. >> look at the beautiful links of these. >> this is the single best argument for sharing a border with germany. and, of course, the finest wines known to humanity. >> german wine, sivlaner in pirate bottles. >> sweet. what am i drinking here? >> canadian riesling from prince edward county five hours from here. amazing wine. >> there's an allegory here somewhere. i'm reaching for it. something about fred and dave's reckless abandon, coupled with precision and technique, a hockey metaphor, perhaps.
8:20 pm
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8:23 pm
montreal to quebec city by rail. 160 miles of wintry vistas whip past the windows, evocative for some of another time. >> the canadian caviar, sturgeon canadian caviar. >> i'm not sure about dave mcmillen, but in fred morin's perfect world, we would all travel by rail. it would still be the golden age of rail travel. so tell me about the great canadian rail system. >> it's purely emotional. >> really? >> nothing rational about it.
8:24 pm
>> fred is what one might call conservatively an aficionado. >> how extreme is your railroad nerdism? >> this is about as bad it is a gets. >> you have other operating manuals? >> yes. >> books printed ephemera collectibles fred remains an enduring love for the great iron horses but it's something more than just nostalgia. it's also more than just nostalgia. it's also an appreciation for a dying art. >> it's like the old cruise ships. you transport your comfort, you know? >> for those halcyon days of cross-country rails, lavish dining cars, luxurious sleeping compartments, a bar car with liveried attendants. >> boy, look at the menus of how people used to eat on the trains. it's all inspiration of how we cook at the restaurant.
8:25 pm
>> with the sweetbreads and fresh peas. >> very nice pictures in the dining by train book, with the guy holding the turkey and cutting the turkey. you order a drink, it comes from a bottle made out of glass, into a glass made out of the glass, which is kind of cool in our day and age. >> it goes back to service, doesn't it? thank you. we are presented with a perfectly serviceable omelette. there may no longer be a smoking lounge with brass spitoons but this does not mean a traveler has to suffer. do you always travel with a >> truffle? >> it is truffle season. >> i have to have an action photograph. people are going to be expecting wait, where is my fist-sized truffle? >> can i get the truffle option, please? >> oh, of course. don't forget the fois. quebec city, one of the oldest european settlements in north america.
8:26 pm
samuel des champlain, known as the father of new france, sailed up the st. lawrence and founded the site in 1608. when the fighting started with you know who, quebec city was the french stronghold under the bitter end, when the french fell at the plains of abraham. ♪ the french may have lost that one, but some things french have stayed firm, unbowed, resiliently unchanged by trends or history. the continental is the kind of place about which i'm unreservedly sentimental. >> when i was younger, i ate here with my parents and my grandparents yes. >> opened in 1956. >> classic, un-ironic cuisine
8:27 pm
ayla parisian food like you've never seen, a hips ter-free zone of classics such as cesare salad, tossed fresh to order tableside and beef tartar also prepared tableside, and one must. shrimp cocktail, not a deconstructed shrimp cocktail a shrimp cocktail just the way jesus wants to you eat them all served by a dedicated professional culinary school we were taught this, real customers as your final class. we had to do all of that, which inevitably would fly off the fork. i was so bad at it. i would run into trouble and i would be like, i'll be right back, behind the scene. at least once a day one of the students would set themselves or the customers on fire. the sterno would spill, and
8:28 pm
there would be this line from the thing down across the floor and up their log. no that doesn't happen here like i said professionals. >> this is going to be like a big fireball. >> good. >> the kind who know how to properly prepare these dishes. >> sweet. >> like a goosebump moment. >> yeah. for dave, another classic, filet de boeuf. a filts if mignot. >> that is nice. >> and for fred scampi newberg. when is the last time you saw the word newberg on a menu? awesome. absolutely awesome. but for me the most noble of dishes, dover sole. dishes, dover sole. this appears to be one of the
8:29 pm
few servers alive that noseknows how to take it off the bone sauce it and properly serve it. >> thank you very much. >> bon apetit. >> merci. i love this place. so happy. very comfortable. there's continuity in this world. across town -- ♪ >> another thing entirely the younger, wilder l'affaire et ketchup, which i'm reliably informed means everything is cool in local idiom. at this point in my life i just don't know anymore. are these young cooks, these servers, these dedicated entrepreneurs, are they hipsters or am i just a cranky old who thinks anybody below the age of 30 is a hipster? i don't know but i admire them. >> so how much did it cost you
8:30 pm
when you opened? >> not much. >> look at this tiny electric four-burner stove. at no point in my cooking career could i have worked with one of these without murdering everyone in the vicinity before hanging myself from the nearest bean. how long did it take you to adapt? >> i would say like three months. at the beginning i was lucky to have a lot of customers because i was like oh -- i was freaking out. >> and yet these kids today, look at them go, serving a wildly ambitious and quite substantial ever-changing menu out of this -- this suzy homemaker oven. tonight, there's razor claims and a cream of haddock roe. >> very cool. thank you. i love razor clams. and coquilles st. jacques, and you'll notice in quebec that nobody seems to schism on the portions foie gras and trufld
8:31 pm
sweetbreads, and you've got some goose hearts percentad for good measure. >> there's a good heart, it's excellent. goose heart. >> hearts in general. you've also got the grilled tomato bread, that's saltcod for you anglos. i'm all swollen up like the micheline tire dude and ready to burst in a livy omni directal mist. hotel/motel time for me. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ ♪ what's in your wallet? why? and we've hit the why phase...
8:32 pm
[ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen.
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8:35 pm
go back far enough and you get a clearer picture of why. the french arrived on the shores of quebec city in the early 16th century and succumbed to the military might of grabtd in the mid-18th. thus began a gradual but steady persecution of all things french. the quebecois have struggled mightily to hang on to their french language and heritage the issue of seceding entirely is annish ithat persists, to some extend, today. journalist patrick meets me at sur surmaison, to understand what many fooem feel is at stake. so i was going to talk about the whole history of french quebecois, but you have to get to the pressing matter of the day -- pasta-gate. >> what do you want to know about pasta-gate. >> for those not up on current quebec politics, pasta-gate refers to an incident where local authorities notified an italian restaurant that they
8:36 pm
were in violation of french laws, because they used the word "pasta" which is italian. >> this is -- >> okay. stop apologizing, okay? >> don't get me wrong. my last name is bure dane. i lean french, hard. i am enormously sympathetic to the language laws. >> you don't think it's preposterous? >> i don't think think it is -- >> here we have a situation -- >> it is stupid. i agree with you completely that this province 40 years ago was in some respects an english city so we needed to have language laws for signage and stuff. >> now signage, for instance must by law be principally in french. french first in all things. >> but ever bureaucracy produces by products of stupidity, that was it, and you know what? that will not stand. >> the angeli-canadians treated french-speaking quebecois for
8:37 pm
second class crap for much of history. i get it. i'd be pissed, too. i would want my own thing and when i got it, i would want to make sure there's no back sliding. >> when the first sovereignist party to be elected in 1976, it didn't come out of a vacuum. it came from a couple decades of awakening and struggle. >> 50 years from now will people be speaking predominantly french in montreal? >> yes. >> no doubt about it. >> no doubt about it. >> french first is something most would agree with. how far and how rigorously you want to go with that? well -- do you think there was ever any possibility or real majority or plurality of quebecois that would have voted in separate nation status? >> in english, you guys say timing is everything. >> right. >> and timing was never better than in the period 1990 1991-'82 because in '91 this country came inches from being broken up.
8:38 pm
>> do you think it will ever happen in the history of the world? >> i don't know, but i know one thing, everyone who says separatism is dead in this country and this province is a fool. >> no matter how you feel about quebec as either separate from or as an essential part of greater canada any reasonable person loves this place. correct me if i'm wrong, the wilensky's is famous -- where does this fall? >> it was a survival thing. it was because they were poor. that's what they could make. >> wilensky's, an old-school corner institution around since p 1932 serving up pressed beef and bologna sandwiches salami specials as they call them along with egg creams and milk shakes. so the special, and an appropriate beverage. egg cream. very happy. here's how it goes.
8:39 pm
there are rules. the special is always served with mustard. it is never cut in two. don't ask why, just because. that's the way it's always been done. a little respect for tradition, please. i'm happy now. you know? some things are beloved institutions for a reason. this is delicious. thank you. what if this feeling could last all week? with centurylink as your trusted partner, it can. our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and dedicated support, your business can shine all week long. we used to live with a bear. [growl] we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive.
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♪ the tradition of the cabane
8:42 pm
a sucre or sugar shack is as old as quebec for 70% of the world's supply comes from here. deeply embedded in the maple syrup outdoor lumberjack lifestyle is the cabin in the woods, where maple sap is collected and boiled down to syrup. over time, many of these cabins became informal eating houses, dining halls for workers and a few guests where a lucky few could sit at a communal table and enjoy the bounty of the trees and forests around them. martin picard has taken this tradition to somehow both its logical conclusion and insane extreme, creating his own cabane a sucre open only during maple season serving food stemming directly from the humble yet hearty roots. it makes perfect sense in one way, 130 acres produce about 32,000 gallons of maple sap,
8:43 pm
which run thus these tubes to here where they're cooked down to about 800 gallons of syrup, which is more or less what they use per season here. nothing leaves the property. and it makes sense, while you're here to raise hogs, and cattle on the property. maybe keep a cabin or two around for any friends who get too loaded to sleep it off. but this? this? is there really any reason for this? what are you doing here? why do you have to make life so hard? if money were your primary motivation -- >> no. >> -- this doesn't seem like the fastest road to untold wealth. >> my friend's father had a sugar shack. everybody did. you can go back three generations, they had a sugar shack. i'm very proud of quebec. i'm very proud of canada, you know?
8:44 pm
>> you celebrate canadian history, canadians traditions, you celebrate canadian ingredients in a way that no one else has. are you some kind of patriot? is that what's going on here? is it national quebecois fervor? >> i say it's one of the most important restaurants for me. in north america, if not the world. >> it's an artist installation in a way, if you look at it. >> the meal begins -- begins with a tower of maple desserts. good lord. sponge maple toffee, maple doughnuts, beaver tails, maple cotton candy, but wait there's more almond croissants whip-it biscuits some nougat. oh, there we go. i think that's a first for me. i've never seen that done. >> no? >> not with a hammer. let the madness begin. next, a whole lobe of foie gras with baked beans on a pancake
8:45 pm
cooked in duck fat, of course, cottage cheese and eggs cooked in maple syrup. wow, that's awesome. there's a healthy salad, sauteed duck hearts gizzards and pig ooig's ear topped with a heaping pile of fried pork rindsed good lord and a calf brain and maple bacon omelette and these. how is this made? >> with love. >> panko-encrusted duck drumsticks. with shrimp and maple paush cue sauce. good lord. wow. >> this is a classic quebec dish, called -- a meat pie. >> a whole lot of cheese calf brain, sweetbreads, bacon and aruling larks but with martin, that's not sufficient. >> usually there's a little truffle. >> yes, black truffles. >> more truffle. >> not too much truffle.
8:46 pm
>> my blood is getting thicker as i look at that. >> my the main course a home grown smoked right out front local ham with pineapple and green beans almondine and a chicken, but with martin chicken is never just chicken. >> that's stuffed, foie gras and lobster. we pump lobster bisque in the chicken. >> good goode god. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. someone should be singing the national anthem. and practically pre-historic old school canadian classic, maple syrup is heated and then poured on snow becoming a kind of taffy, but the preferred delivery mechanism does present some issues.
8:47 pm
>> no no no no. take a big one. you have to suck it. don't swallow it you know. look? you have to go like that slowly slowly you know. slowly slowly. that's how it's good. that's it. >> can i do that in a manly way you? gest don't look down sort of look away distracted way. >> the best way is to look up. >> finally there's maple meringue cake and maple ice cream with chocolate shards. any suggestion how to attack this? >> we did it once. chef suggests for the ice cream cone. chef suggests you eat the ice cream like that. >> that's the thing. i think there's too much focusing on the food. >> yes. >> you know. >> like while this is very
8:48 pm
intellectual and blah blah blah i've done too much all that you know i don't want to do that. i do not want to play game anymore. >> because food is feces in waiting. >> this is cnn. we used to live with a bear. [growl] we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanted to say, well
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♪ if there's one thing you always need on a cold snowy night, it's yet another hearty meal. i meet back up with fred and dave at liverpool house, the sister restaurant to joe beef. >> i think we always compensate a little bit with overabundance of food because of our insecurity of not being like good cooks, you know. >> you know what, it's a combination of low self-esteem and generosity that explains the amount of food perhaps. >> yeah. >> first course salmon. >> looks at that. >> leeks and eggs. >> unbelievable.
8:53 pm
>> this is smoked eel and potatoes inside. salmon pastrami. >> wait a minute. this is super classic. >> enfran says. >> and this egg and aspic, soft boiled or poached egg in clear gelatin set broth, classically garnished with white ham, tarragon leaves black truffles. oh my gosh pretty sure i would live the rest of my life without seeing this again. ah, delicious. but tonight after a full week of franco-canadian full-on assaults on our livers and our lights, fred and dave thought it would be both delicious and merciful to take advantage of the somewhat lighter and insanely delicious fare by their brill fant chef omar who is from pakistan. amazing, authentic pakistani food. what do we have here? >> butter chicken crab. octopus, little egg plants braised with seeds and pomegranate, a little mushroom
8:54 pm
rabbit corn muffin fingerlings with fennel. this is donkey. >> yes, he did say donkey meat. is there something wrong with that? >> the dishes continue a pakistani dish all beefed scotched egg, horse meat tartar and an authentic goat beeriany. >> wow. that's awesome. >> are you full? >> he's eaten for 12. >> we did good work here. >> in the end and perhaps as a nod to the anglo tradition, however, there will be stilt. this is a genius meal. these princes of grasstronomy never a suboptimal moment. nothing short of excellence accepted beyond excellent. too much excellent, yes, possibly. over the top?
8:55 pm
yeah definitely. it all comes around in the end, the circle of life. we begin at the beginning, the heart and soul of every right thinking quebecois apparently ice, a stick and a puck. fred and dave and martin picard are joined by the original god of montreal gastronomy the great chef norman, to watch their beloved montreal canadiens lay waste to the carolina hurricanes. all the while eating of course and drinking as it turns out the finest wines known to humanity. and here we go. >> oh!
8:56 pm
e where i was born. far both geographically and spiritually, to leave it behind. ♪
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