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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 1, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm miguel mar kes in for fredericka whitfield. a state already suffering is torn apart yet by more tornadoes. five new twisters slammed oklahoma claiming more lives. an update coming from oklahoma next. we try to answer the question that hits all of us after seeing these images. why all this bad weather? an atmospheric scientist weighs in. acting out a "star trek" spoof in full costume on the bridge of the enterprise and learn hoing how to do the cupid shuffle? irs workers are having fun and doing it with your money. oklahoma is getting ready once again to clean up after
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devastating tornadoes. officials nine people died in last night's twisters. two of them were children. we heard this morning most of the victims were in cars. it was a chaotic scene as five tornadoes hit the oklahoma city area last night. a lot of people tried to get out of the area turning the interstates into parking lots. more than 70 people were hurt. while communities are dealing with the mess left from yesterday's storms the big question now is what's next? can we expect more of these dangerous systems? meteorologist karen maginnis is here. karen, what can we expect? >> all right. right now what we're seeing are some strong thunderstorms that are producing some very heavy rainfall. we just showed you memphis a few minutes ago. the severe thunderstorm warnings that were in effect are no longer in effect. memphis, i think the worse is over. some of the winds were gusting around 25 miles aen hour. but there's a large volume of rain that's materializing across this region into the central
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mississippi river valley, the ohio valley, and into the eastern great lakes. it's going to extend down into the tennessee valley. some areas through to five inches of rainfall will be very common. st. louis, you cleared out. but yesterday we did see in st. louis county, st. charles county, near covington, tennessee, into missouri, also oklahoma city, around that area. not in the city itself. numerous reports of tornadoes. some 23 unfiltered reports. when i say that that means some may have been doubled up but they'll have to go out and survey. here is that line. yesterday afternoon. right now the damage from the turned ef3. that's what they have surveyed so far but they will continue to valevaluate that and many other reports of tornadoes across the midsouth and the mid mississippi river valley. el reno started out in the
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evening just to the west of oklahoma city. the tops on these thunderstorms soared to about 60,000 feet. and we did see some flooding rainfall across this region. the rivers continue to rise not just here but extending over towards st. louis and into kentucky, paducah, over five inches of rain. you wonder why we have tornadoes this time of year? because it's tornado season. may is the peak. june is the secondary peak. miguel, it's not unusual, but 100-degree temperatures in central oklahoma this time of year, not so common. but that fueled those storms. >> karen maginnis, let's hope the worse is behind us. nick valencia is live for us in oklahoma city. what are people there telling you how they're doing right now? >> they're doing okay considering what just happened here. i'm standing outside of the merit residence or what once within. debris. this is piece of a chimney here. just collapsed.
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you go through the debris, kids toys. no telling how far this traveled. we've seen debris in the two weeks that we've been out here travel as far as a mile and a half, two miles. just from all over neighbors counties. here in this county, one of the more hard hit county, el reno, union city. and a place like this, there's a lot of space for this tornado to travel which is a good thing. it didn't hit up -- you know, didn't hit or land on too many residences. they were lucky not to be home at the time but half their roof is gone. clean-up continues. you've got police officers going door to door trying to help the residents, showing their support by actually showing up and being here. and residents' lives. this is sort of signs for hope for the residents in the community here. we asked them, how frustrated are you for having to deal with all of these tornadoes coming through here and all the attention that you're getting? it's as if they're completely unfazed by this, miguel.
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it's hard to convey that considering the devastation, the damage, the deaths, all that. you make into consideration and then you talk to these people and, you know, it's just as if they've gone through it before and it's about taking the next step forward and not so much thinking about what happened. >> well, the good thing i see there behind you, nick, is blue sky over your head, which is a welcome sign there. but you know, a lot of electricity out. a lot of damage across the very large swath of the country. what are people looking for right now? what's the immediate need? >> absolutely. and that's a great point. tens of thousands of people, miguel, throughout the state of oklahoma still without power. we know thousands here without power. in fact, when we showed up in el reno it was pitch-black with the exception of our news crew and a news crew next to us. there was no light in the city. it was very eerie, very ominous. we saw first responders going through with their flashlights up and down the roadside. but now that the light has come out and the sky is clear there's not a cloud in the sky right now
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but as they say here in oklahoma, if you don't like the weather, just wait a couple of minutes. of course, there's more new problems on the horizon, miguel. next week there's more predictions for severe storms. this place just can't -- can't get a stroke of luck here, miguel. it's terrible and very unfortunate for the residents here. >> i've heard that saying before but when the weather turns in oklahoma, it really turns mplt people in the oklahoma city area are not just dealing with tornadoes. they also have major flooding to worry about. the rising water entered buildings, drivers, took out a road. it's not just in oklahoma. portions of nearly 250 roads in missouri are closed because of high water. and in arkansas, a sheriff trying to rescue two women caught in the flooding is dead. now, the women and another officer are missing. we've seen the devastation from tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes in the past few weeks. why is all of of this happening right now? we brought in an expert for some answers, next.
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with the available mylink system. ♪ [ beeps ] ingeniously connecting you to your life and the road. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. weather is slamming the nation coast to coast. >> there's probably going to be a tornado. pull off the side of the road right here. right hire. >> yeah. this is our view of it. there's your wall cloud right there. look at that wall cloud, dude. >> we've all seen the devastation and loss of lives from tornados in oklahoma alone
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seven tornadoes hit in the month of may. people in kansas also looked to the sky and saw frightening images like this one. out west and new mexico and california, tinder dry conditions are fueling wildfires. experts say a fire season started early this year. and if that's not enough, has documented 400 earthquakes across the u.s. from maine to california in the last seven days alone. most were very minor but the sheer number hitting central arkansas gave rise to the term there earthquake swarm. haven't even mentioned hurricane season set which begins today. yikes. it reminds us of sandy and the destruction it caused along the northeast coast last year. experts predict this season will be an active one with as many as 11 hurricanes. all this extreme weather begs the question, why is it happening with such frequency and force? we've asked an expert to join us. dr. jennifer frances is an
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atmospheric scientist at the institute of marine and coastal sciences at rutgers university. she joins us via skype. doctor, can we point to anything that's causing the extreme weather here? >> well, yes, as a matter of fact, we can point to a number of things that are related to the changing climate system. for one thing, the atmosphere is warmer. a warmer atmosphere has more energy in it. any storm that forms has more energy to work with. we're also seeing that there's more moisture in the atmosphere. that moisture not only provides initial precipitation for storms but it also, when it condenses into clouds, it releases heat into the at fmospheratmosphere. we've got those things going on. we've also got warmer oceans. those provide more energy for hurricane development. and the research that i've been involved in in particular has been looking at how the affect of the warming arctic is having on the jet stream which is this
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very high speed wind, river of wind over our heads that controls not only where storms go but their actual formation. and what we're seeing -- go ahead. >> well, i know that -- sorry. we talked in the past about this. you talked about the loopiness of the jet stream. tell us what that means. how has the lack of arctic ice or the shrinking arctic ice affected the jet stream and made it to do that more? >> right. the idea is that because the arctic is warming two to three times faster than it's warming a little bit farther south it's this difference in temperature that provides the fuel that drives the jet stream. and so as we make this temperature difference smaller with the warming arctic, it's causing the west-east winds of the jet stream to become weaker and when they get weaker the jet stream tends to take a wavier path, north-south loop as it travels around the northern hemisphere. the waves are what creates storms. >> one thing i want to make
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clear is the jet stream isn't necessarily tied to tornadoes or even hrnd hrnurricanes or is t effect back and forth? >> they are tied to some degree. the jet stream actually does provide one of the ingredients that are necessary for tornadoes development. it also interacts with hurricanes when the jet stream and the hurricane come into contact, which is exactly what happened when sandy came along. the jet stream can steer hurricanes. >> i see. doctor, very quickly, are we going to see more or less in the weeks, months, years ahead? >> broke up a little bit there but i'm wondering whether you're talking about hurricanes? >> well, just more of this unsettled weather. are we going to see more of this crazy weather? >> well, you know, if this connection with the arctic continues and we know the climate is going to continue to warm as we continue to dump greenhouse gasses into it by our
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fossil fuel burning there's every expectation that we should see an increasing amount of extreme weather. >> dr. jennifer francis, thank you very much for joining us. >> you're very welcome. if you think people are mad at the irs, wait until you see this. >> attempting mod lags frequency now. >> sorry about the uniforms, captain. the dry-cleaner gave me the wrong order. >> dear. and this is not the latest "star trek" movie, of course. we're back with a caught on video moment that you paid for that is a little hard to believe. [ jackie ] it's just so frustrating...
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as if the irs doesn't have enough problems with the controversy over targeting tea party groups there is now evidence the agency has been spending money on things it
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shouldn't, like teaching employees to dance and it's all caught on video. cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash is in washington with the tape. >> reporter: it's a dance called the cupid shuffle. if you've never heard of it you don't work for the irs. cnn obtained this video made by irs employees to pose at a 2010 irs conference. according to the video's narrator those taking part in learning the cupid shuffle are competing to, quote, become the next great dance sensation. the cnn has told a new irs inspector general report coming out next week will detail excess spending at the irs and this video will be spotlighted as an example of ways irs employees wasted taxpayer dollars. and the irs is not defending it at all telling cnn, quote, this video produced for a 2010 irs conference was unacceptable and inappropriate use of government funds if irs and the governments a a whole now have strict new
10:19 am
policies and procedures in place to ensure that taxpayer funds are being used appropriately. now, we're told that cupid dance video cost $1600 to make. certainly doesn't break the bank, but we also are told the irs spent a lot more, $60,000 to make a pair of different videos, spoofs of "gilligan's island" and "star trek." you can see the production value is better than the cupid dance but it doesn't look like they spent much on acting lessons. watch this clip. >> sorry about the uniforms, captain. >> star like coffee while you wait, sir? it's better than mcdonald's and only twice the price. >> all this opens up yet another controversial front for the irs which of course is under fire from both parties for targeting tea party groups who are apply for tax exempt status. as for the upcoming report on excessive irs spending the new acting irs commissioner is calling the 2010 conferences that appeared to waste taxpayer dollars, quote, an unfortunate vestige from a prior error,
10:20 am
saying taxpayers should take comfort that a conference like this would not take place today. dana bash, cnn, washington. >> thanks, dana. and speaking of the tea party, it's a big week for them. one of the strongest voices minnesota congressman michelle bachmann announced she would not run again. all of this is the tea party signature issue, the fight over obama care looms once again. chief strategist with the and is joining me from ft. lauderdale, florida. a year ago we thought the tea party was dead and is now roaring back. what's going on? >> it was roaring back before the controversy, but this controversy and this very purposeful political targeting by the irs has put a movement that was already roaring back from one to five. and you will see the results of
10:21 am
this malfeasance manifest itself in the election cycle of 2013 and 2014. >> i appreciate that you kept up with this "star trek" references there. michele bachmann stepping down. who can replace her? >> you know, i frankly -- i think that's going to work itself out. you've got obviously hopefully some congressional inquiries that is going to take place. you've got a lawsuit of a number of tea party groups and other conservative organizations that will likewise targeted. those issues are, of course, be obama administration saying, well, this leaves and get to the bottom of this. i don't know how much i believe that. so that is going to work itself out. i think the real question is, i'm not just going to dismiss and throw this at the irs. we know for a fact that several democratic senators, chuck
10:22 am
schumer, senator out of montana, urged theist isrs to investigad question the status of tea party groups and other conservative groups. we know that there were some elements within the irs that followed the instructions from the united states senators. the question is, was there anybody from the white house, was there anybody in the obama campaign that was involved in this malfeasance, as well. >> we know that irs targeted and denied democratic groups as well, the same status. but you had talked about the senate now. now that bachmann is sort of stepping down, she's been the big voice for the tea partiers. now you're looking at the senate. what do you guys have planned for the senate come july? >> extraordinary event. we helped organize along with congresswoman bachmann a house of representatives tea party caucus that was back in april. it was very successful. we had 20 members of congress
10:23 am
attend. we had another 20 represented by their staff. senator mitch mcconnell sent someone over. the rnc chairman sent his chief of staff over. it was a fantastic event. and replicate the event in the united states senate in july. >> all right. and now a lot of this seems to be the energy over the fight over obamacare. it's due to be implemented in october. the commercials and all the hoopla over it will begin this summer. how nasty can we expect this implementation fight to be? >> i hope it doesn't get nasty at all. i hope the american people realizing the dangers and i think you are already seeing the unpopularity of obamacare has been consistent all along when you consider that the irs itself is going to be -- is going to be reviewing and regulating some 49 provisions of obamacare.
10:24 am
i think the timing could not be better to expose how dangerous the implementation of this bad legislation is going to be. >> thank you very 34u6 for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. in a minute we'll take you back to oklahoma. we've got reporters on the ground and we're going to get a sense of how bad the damage is. stay with us. ♪ (annoucer) new beneful medley's, in tuscan, romana, and mediterranean style varieties. ♪ just mix it in, and take play to new places. three cans in every pack. new beneful medley's.
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oklahoma is cleaning up again after devastating tornadoes. five tornadoes hit the oklahoma city area last night. more than 70 people were hurt. officials now say nine people died in the twisters. two of them were children. anything valencia is in union city for us. nick, what are people there telling you? >> miguel, this is a state that seemingly can't catch a break when it comes to severe weather. dealing with a handful of tornadoes in just the last two weeks. some of the very severe. this time it was union city that caught the brunt of the damage. fortunately this time around, it's a very rural area. not very densely populated. not a lot of subdivisions for the tornado to sort of swirl around and cause more damage. but let me step out of the way here so you get a sense of where we're at. this is the merritt residence or what once was. you see half of the roof is gone. entire second floor completely in ruins. miguel, this is one of the houses that was left in good
10:28 am
shape after the tornadoes came through here yesterday. if we pan around just to the side of that you will see a flipped over car and just to the side of that you will see a house or what's left of a house reduced to timber and just crumbs of concrete. but people here are really in high spirits, my gem. you know, they seem to say they're getting what they need. just a short time ago we saw a handful of police officers walk through here going house to house, asking the residents if they need anything. there's, of course, also volunteers and first responders driving up and down these rural roads asking residents if they're getting enough to eat. just incredible to see the help and the outpours of support by the community. and so far, residents say they're getting what they need. miguel? >> nick, it is over a very wide area. it's more rural. sometimes authorities have a harder time finding people and getting help to those who need it. do they sense that they have a handle on everything there?
10:29 am
>> we were just at a press conference with local authorities and they brought that point up. they say right now they had nine total deaths. seven in canadian county but they said that total could go up. the final death toll and the numbers and figures will come from the chief medical examiner's office but the great point there in terms of the rural area. last night they had six people confirmed dead. they found another body this morning as the sun came up. so they're still searching, going around, doing sweeps, making sure they didn't miss anything or anyone who may be in trouble and may need their help. but as we're saying, you know, it's just a really big bullet dodged here because it touched down in such a wide open space. miguel? >> nick valencia in union city, thank you. from oklahoma to indiana, more potentially dangerous storms are still a major threat. let's go to the cnn severe weather center and meteorologist karen maginnis. what are conditions like right now and what can we expect? >> the frontal system that triggered this outbreak is
10:30 am
slowly making its way toward the east. i just showed you in the last 30 40rks m 40 minutes or so the big storms roaring across memphis moved out. still raining a little bit. winds around 25. we had wind gusts up around 65, 75 miles an hour. with these tornadoes being confirmed, some of them ef3, the damage done from ef3 tornadoes that just to the west of oklahoma city and to the south, but not just there. they are looking and surveying damage in missouri, also in southern illinois and indiana. even over into tennessee. an ef1 tornado reported there and some damage. two homes severely damaged. they're saying that oum some out buildings were damaged as well. in paducah, about an hour or do asg ago, 5 1/2 inches of rain. we take you back to yesterday
10:31 am
and the big strorms that sprung up west of oklahoma city. watching oklahoma in particular, specifically because of may 20th. but that wasn't the only area that saw these tornadoes just kind of spring up that were being monitored by storm chasers. you have seen that over the last 24 hours. here's some of the path. el reno, ef3 tornado. the union city, oklahoma city is right over here. and we've still got lots of surveyors, the national weather service surveying teams out. miguel, they'll let us know other places but they said most of the deaths, flooding in cars. >> terrible. thank you very much, karen maginnis. we now have new information about the threatening letters sent to president obama and new york city mayor michael bloomberg and bloomberg's top gun control groub. the fbi says tests have come back positive for the poison ricin. investigators found very low traces of the poison. authorities have searched the home of a texas man in
10:32 am
connection with the case. four houston firefighters died after a hotel wall collapsed on them while they fought a five alarm fire. 13 other firefighters are being treated at the hospitals. a fire chief says the fire started friday at a rest rant next to the southwest inn. he says some of the firefighters went into the burning building because they thought there were people trapped inside. an investigation is under way. convicted killer joran vander t sloot is planning to mary behind bars. van der sloot is the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway and he was convicted of murdering a woman in a peruvian hotel room in 2010 and is serving a 28-year sentence. van der sloot's attorneys tells hln the convict met fiance while she was visiting another inmate. a swarm of tornadoes has ripped through oklahoma. you've seen the devastation. next, dr. sanjay gupta shows us
10:33 am
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oklahoma has once again been hit hard by deadly tornadoes. we've been showing you the decemb devastation. what's the best we to survive a tornado? do you run? do you hide? sanjay gupta breaks down your options if you are. >> very large tornado in oklahoma. >> reporter: 13 minutes. that's the average lead time you would have if a tornado was headed your way. there's obviously no completely safe option during a tornado. your best bet is to get into the basement, somewhere below ground level. but keep in mind that if you are there you want to see what's on the floor above you as well. refrigerator or piece of heavy furniture could come crashing
10:37 am
through the floor. you want to be wary of that. in moore, oklahoma, there aren't a lot of basements. studies have actually shown that there is another very good option. take a look over here. interior room or a closet like that can be the best place to be, as well. the house is gone here, but that closet preserved, even the clothes inside of that. remember, just got 13 minutes. so find that safe place. maybe grab a helmet or bike helmet, even throw mattresses or a blanket over you to try to protect your head. one place you can't hide from a tornado is in your car. tornado strength winds can pick up a one- to two-ton vehicle like this one and toss it around like you or i would a basketball. you obviously don't want to be driving toward a tornado but it's also a bad idea to be driving away from a tornado. it's hard to gauge the distance. if you must be driving and the weather is clear, try driving at right angles to the tornado, perpendicular, to get out of the path of the storm. there's another misconception as well which is that you should get out of your car and run underneath an overpass.
10:38 am
what happens in a situation like this is the wind is funneled. even more powerful than the storm and there's a lot of debris. that debris can injure you. if you are stuckutside as the tornado approaches, find a ditch or any place far away from potentially dangerous objects and vehicles and stay low. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, moore, oklahoma. now, good news when it comes to the economy, home sales and housing prices are bouncing back. we'll take a look at what's led to the rebound. ♪ ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me play among the stars ♪ and let me see what spring is like ♪ ♪ on jupiter and mars ♪ in other words [ male announcer ] the classic is back. ♪ i love [ male announcer ] the all-new chevrolet impala. chevrolet. find new roads.
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military families give up a lot for their country. today some got a chance to receive in a big way. five family just learned they are the new owners of a free home. no down payment, no mortgage payment, just plenty of good will from several groups. operation home front united rentals and wells fargo. the families were presented pictures of the houses which are scattered across the atlanta area. there's good news on the housing front. home sales are up and so are housing prices. in fact, one survey says the housing market is 54% back to normal. michael corbett is a real estate expert and best-selling author of "find it, fix it, flip it." he joins us from l.a.
10:42 am
what are the hot housing markets right now? >> phoenix is one. san francisco, it's up almost 22%. las vegas, atlanta, and detroit are all up double digits and increasing in home value right now. >> certainly great news to hear that in phoenix and las vegas that were so hard hit. what factors are leading to the rebound? >> just as you said, we are 54% back towards a market recovery. what's driving that, that would be the increase in prices. but what's fueling that, low interest rates. also one of the things is shrinking inventories are driving that right now. as well as there's fewer distressed properties going on to the market. more buyers are now returning to the marketplace. they've been sitting on the sidelines. and we're also seeing an improvement in the employment picture. these are all very good things that are helping to drive us
10:43 am
towards this market normalization, as you would call it. >> the markets are rebounding, great news. still considered undervalued. what are some of those? >> there are some even with these large price increases where homes are still considered undervalued meaning there are some really good deals to be had. there are a couple of great ones, san antonio is one. minneapolis is another. portland, miami, even with all the growth that's going on there and sales rise. and san diego. these are still places you with k. get good value for your dollar. you know, really in relation to incoming and other pricing and other areas. >> now, do you see continued improvement because those interest rates, they are creeping up. >> yes, absolutely. i do see continued improvement but it's going to be tempered which is, i'm telling you, a really good thing. the reason why is because we are going to see an increase in mortgage rates. we're also going to see a little bit more inventory come on the market as prices go up, home
10:44 am
sellers are going to want to sell. this is the time to be doing it. and also as these prices creep up a lot of the investors who have been gobbling up a lot of the inventory now are going to cool a little bit because the good steels are going to be gone. this is all a very good sign for a nice normal increase in market. >> michael, if you've never bought a house before, is this the time to jump in? >> this is a fantastic time to buy. if you have the down payment, if you're going to stay in your house for five to seven years and you can get a great mortgage right now if you have 20% down, this is a fantastic time to buy and a great long-term investment. >> michael corbett, thanks for getting up early for us in los angeles. >> you're welcome. he's considered one of the best nba coaches of all time. our rachel nichols sits down with phil jackson. he explains an uncomfortable moment between two of his best players, michael jordan and kobe bryant.
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the miami heat and the indiana pacers run for an nba championship with a win tonight? we're hours away from finding out. the height shut out the pacers thursday to claim game five of the eastern conference championship series. the team heads to game six. tipoff is at 8:30 eastern. cnn's rachel nichols had the chance to sit down with a coach who is no stranger to conference fina finals. phil jackson, he won 11 championship rings while coaching the l.a. lakers and chicago bulls me talks about the road ahead and his secret to success. take a listen. >> if i was going to say on a scale of one to ten, what are the chances phil jackson would be an nba coach again, what would you say? zero? what about of scale to one to ten, president of general manager? >> well, that's to be
10:49 am
determined. who would have faith in me. i have never done it before. i mean, it really -- it would require a lot of faith to turn over an operation like that. someone who hasn't done it. i think i can have an influence on the game. >> you coached michael jordan, you coached kobe bryant. tell us what happened the first time you introduced kobe bryant to michael jordan? >> there's a small roof off the corridor off the staples which is called the chairman's room. i had michael back there to meet kobe. kobe came in. michael and i were sitting there. he sat down. his first words was, i could beat you one-on-one, is what he said. michael said, you probably can. he just admitted to it. he just diffused it right away. >> why was it important to kobe to come in and say i could beat you one-on-one? >> i think he wanted to establish something right away, you know, that his prowess and, believe me, you know, he certainly had one of the games that michael showed up at i
10:50 am
think he got six three-pointers in the first half, just went out and, you know, like, here, i'm going to show you something that's in my tool box. >> like showing off for dad when he comes to a little league game, that kind of thing? >> yeah, i was. >> we heard of thing. >> he was. >> we heard from a lot of your former players, the unconventional methods, practicing in the dark, the lakota warrior items in the team meeting room and a lot of them have turned out to be successful and worked and motivated players. what is the most unconventional thing you did that was a complete and utter failure. >> boy, i had a therapist that was working with me on a situation in which we had come up against detroit. there was all of this overriding thing about detroit and their power and their ability to screw a game up into a physical confrontati confrontation, so this therapist said my key is for you to get
10:51 am
pencil, wood and pencil or chop stick or something like that and put it behind the molars of your teeth and chew on it and get it firmly gripped in your jaw, and then the players look at each other and they get into this animal mode and they start challenging each other. >> do they all have the chopsticks? yeah. >> okay. great. >> they're in the animal mode. >> right. >> i gave them all, i don't know, six or seven groups, paired them up. it lasted about one minute and they all fell over and laughed. >> i am trying to picture michael and scottie with chop sticks in their mouth trying to growl at each other. >> it is to build the energy and the aggressiveness and you build the animal within you. >> didn't work so well. >> in that situation it didn't. i dropped that one. >> i absolutely love that. that was rachel nichols with
10:52 am
phil jackson. parts of oklahoma are literally picking up the pieces after a swarm of deadly tornados. we'll have a live update after the break. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix.
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that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. from roofers to plumbers to dentists and more, angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. monitoring storms and clean occupy in oklahoma after five tornados hit the area last night. they say nine people have died.
10:55 am
two of them were children. more than 70 people were hurt. nick valencia is in union city for us. nick, what are you seeing there? >> a lot of debris on the ground. tons of debris, leveled houses. let me get out of the way so you can take a look at the scope of damage. this is the merritt residence and you have structures demolished and piles and piles of debris and the power out. residents are having to deal with that. cleaning up what little is left of their homes, the residents, one of the good ones, it actually didn't suffer as much damage as you can see as some of the other surrounding residents, so we're seeing a lot of helping hands as well, a lot of volunteers coming to help out this family and we see a dozens of cars in a barn close by as well and presumably volunteers to help that family which suffered damage and we also are hearing a little bit more about the victims of this devastation that tore through here last
10:56 am
night. i spoke to the chief medical examiner earlier. he said nine people confirmed dead. they tell us five of those nine remain unidentified at this time. the nine dead include two children and seven adults, so you talk about an area that is just getting over that ef-5 tornado on may 20th, only to have the neighboring county affected. >> maythese tornados over a wid area, much more rural. do authorities feel they have a handle on everything given how widespread the damage is? >> reporter: we went to a press conference a little while ago, and they seemed to say at least or give the impression that everything was under control. they said they had a lot of volunteers from surrounding counties trying to help out, the salvation army is already here and the american red cross is
10:57 am
here and other benevolent organizations are here to help as well. people are coming up and down the road passing out food and police officers are going house to rural house he can whiching on the residents in the community. nine lives lost. it is still a lot of lives lost for a community that is sort of was prepared for this storm to come through. they had warning signs. the tornado sirens went off, miguel, and as far as the people in the cars, it is probably the worst place you could have been in a time like this. >> nick valencia in union city, thank you very much. everyone is talking about how advanced warnings have saved lives in these dangerous storms and that's why we're providing constant updates. we want you to know where the next storm is coming from and who needs to be on the lookout. karen mcginnis is with us again. karen, what do folks need to be looking out for. >> frontal system makes its way towards the east. we already saw big storms in memphis. here goes the frontal system and the area of low pressure from
10:58 am
the great lakes into the northeast. so over the next 24 to 48 hours we will start to see the storms really build into the northeast. for tomorrow looks like the threat is going to be from northern virginia all the way up to maine, primarily looks like wind, rain, the possibility of hail, and can't rule out the potential for an isolated tornado. right now the big thunderstorms are roaring right across central arkansas, extending towards memphis and just moved to the east of memphis now. we're seeing a lot less volatility because it looks like the storms are less intense. i don't think we have seen the heating like we saw yesterday and i mentioned that because several of the other areas right around oklahoma city, temperatures, we're in the triple digits. there were 102, 105 degrees, so that really fueled those thunderstorms. a lot of heat, moisture, cooler air coming in on the back side
10:59 am
and low level rotation and there you go. all right. memphis right now still seeing some reduced visibility, rain showers being reported there, paducah earlier, they really got a soaking. some places reported five inches of rain. here is the threat for today from ft. worth, shreveport, nashville, lexington, and detroit. miguel. >> karen mcginnis, thank you very much for keeping up. coming up at 3:00 eastern the police are stepping up the search for whoever ambushed and killed a police officer. they say they need your help to find the gunman. on a much lighter note the football hall of fame is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a makeover. we'll take you inside for a tour with the football legend joe nameth and the story about an arizona men that spent a week in the jail accused of drug charges.
11:00 am
we'll be back in an hour with the latest breaking headlines from c"cnn newsroom." we all want a bargain. does chasing cheap come at a high cost for american workers? christine romans as the answers. "your money" starts now. >> china is on a buying binge, and it wants one of the last things still made in america, our food. i am christine romans. this is your money. call it china inc., chinese companies working with the government buying assets around the world. natural resources, technology, ports, real estate, and now the u.s. food supply. this week a chinese meat producer agreed to acquire smithfield foods, the world's largest processor of pork. that deal valued at at nearly $5 billion would not biggest purchase ever of a u.s. company lock, stock and barrel by a chinese buyer. it is just the latest example of china's buying spree in the u.s. chinese investment in the u.s. is headed for another record year. as of april about $10 bon