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tv   Anderson Cooper Special Report  CNN  June 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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straight out of compton ♪ >> one of the guys posted that song and this reaction on twitter. he liked it. i'm don lemon in atlanta. oscar pistorius brutal murder or fatal mistake airs now. good evening, i'm anderson cooper. who killed south african beauty reeva steenkamp is no mystery. the question is, was it cold-blooded murder? olympic hero oscar pistorius, the so-called blade runner, says he pulled the trigger but that it was a fatal mistake. tonight what he says happened that valentine's day and what the police say. also, exclusive interviews with friends and relatives. what they say about him and the young woman he killed. cnn has more on the story tonight. oscar pistorius, brutal murder or grave mistake? oscar pistorius, disabled athlete who sprinted into the
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olympics. charged with murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, a stunning up-and-coming model. >> beautiful. >> we speak to those who were there that fateful valentine's night. and you could hear oscar crying? >> yep. >> loudly? >> yeah. i know -- you can hear. >> we hear from those who were close to them. there's pictures of her when you knew her. she does look different to the reeva that i think oscar fell in love with. >> yeah. she was even more beautiful on the inside. really she was. >> we get extraordinary access and go inside the house where oscar has been in seclusion since the killing. >> he's got photos in his room. he's got photos all over the place. my heart bleeds for the young man. >> and we speak to oscar himself. we've just seen him now. he said he misses her. >> absolutely right. >> miss her so much. >> yeah.
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no, that is true. >> we followed him from the beginning -- you say this had their is like having a normal pair of legs? a young paralympian from south africa with his story that inspired. >> i heard that -- [ inaudible ] >> so quick on his carbon fiber blades he dreamed of competing on the world's biggest stage. >> in the past, there's never been an amputee sprinter to come close to even qualifying for the olympics. it's something that i dream of, and i hope for one day. that's obviously my goal. >> when the south african blade runner reached his goal at the 2012 olympics, the world was watching. >> he was one of the biggest stories at the games. everyone wanted a piece of oscar pistorius. >> there were endorsement deals, advertisements.
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>> this is my south africa -- >> brand oscar was big business. >> he's the complete package in terms of a sponsor's dream. he's good-looking. he's very articulate. he's very professional. he was always prepared. >> preparation that made complete devotion to his sponsors and his sport. >> difficult being away from home as much as we are. and then, you know, you have to -- in the preseason we put the 390 team on in 13 sessions in a week. my wife said it's not normal for oscar to live like this. we need to have some friends here, some support because it's a lonely world for the athlete. you can only eat, sleep and drink. there's not much time left for the rest. >> pistorius did find time to
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meet and fall in love with a rising south african model named reeva steenkamp. >> hi, i'm reeva. >> her drive matched his. her looks and personality won over fans. >> within two years she transformed herself into a blonde bombshell. so she had it all. it was great to see that she was so ambitious and knew what she wanted. that she was able to affect that transformation. >> south african's golden boy had become part of south africa's golden couple. >> you look behind me, you will see there's a concrete slab when you come in. normally when she's finished, you will -- she will sit there. and then he will come and get on it and lie o lap in his resting period. >> some say there were signs of trouble. >> there was so much bubbling underneath. stuff that people never really could recognize. >> oscar from my personal experience is violent.
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he's aggressive. >> and on one night, trouble turned to tragedy. >> breaking news. >> paralympic and olympic star oscar pistorius has allegedly shot his girlfriend. >> on the 14th of february, oscar pistorius was arrested, accused of murdering his girlfriend in cold blood. he claims he mistook her for a burglar. >> yes -- >> as the world now waits for the trial of oscar pistorius, we talk to those who knew him and reeva best to piece together what happened in the early morning hours of valentine's day. pistorius's agent was called soon after the shooting. this is the first time he's told the story. >> one phone call to me, 4:00 in the morning. everything changed. yeah. >> what was your reaction? who phoned you and what did they say? >> they said that -- manager's daughter phoned me from oscar's phone.
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i picked up the phone and saw oscar's number. thought he was phoning. and i heard the voice shouting, please, you have to come to oscar's house. trying to make sense of what's wrong. no, no, you -- someone's shot. someone's shot. >> coming up, was it murder or a tragic mistake? lily...she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it.
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capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at back in 2008 before there was pistorius the "blade runner" -- >> good morning -- >> hello. it was oscar, the olympic hopeful. just 21, he invited me into the very house that five years later would become an infamous crime scene. thank you. >> yes. >> are you ready for the
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olympics? do you think you're going to make it? >> i think, you know, if i am going to make it on the course, we're training as hard as we can. >> training hard to compete against able-bodied athletes. as a sprinter with no legs. this is your prosthetic leg. >> yeah. these are the ones that i use on an everyday basis. >> walk, run -- >> yeah, i'm not sure you're supposed to walk on them -- it's not that great for walking but very good for running and jogging. >> this is still your -- your leg? >> yeah, this is -- >> in their is where you had a birth deformity? >> yeah. >> how old were you when you got them amputated? >> i was 11 months old. >> in an exclusive interview before the london olympics -- >> yeah. >> i visited pistorius's grandmother in pretoria where she spoke in her native language. [ speaking native language ]
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>> his first pair of prosthetics came when he was only 13 months old. [ speaking foreign language ] >> it wasn't always an easy childhood. he often felt vulnerable he said, especially when it got dark. he once told me about a frightening night at boarding school. >> one night we had steel beds and steel -- you know, steel bed frames and steel locks, and the guys through lighter fluid on it. they lit my legs and said the hospital was on fire. from then i always left my legs near the bed. i couldn't find them.
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i looked in front of the bed and couldn't find them. i thought the whole hospital was burning down whatever. and they were running out and -- i was -- after about 15, 20 seconds, i was like left there in such a panic. >> despite his vulnerabilities, his parents had raised him to take on life at full speed. >> this is my very first motor bike, a little four wheeler. and i got sick of it after a while. got a bigger one. this was so much fun. >> so you've always been a speed freak? >> i think so. i've had bikes since i was 4 years old and loved them. >> it seemed your parents are amazing with you. >> yeah, my parents pushed me to try anything that i liked that my brother and sister were doing. they never said because i've got a disability or because i don't have legs that i'm not able to do something. >> two years after his mother's sudden and heartbreaking death, pistorius found purpose on the track. he met coach ampe lowe who
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transformed him from the awkward 17-year-old school boy into a world-class athlete. >> a day that they will -- >> i talked to lowe in a tv exclusive on the track where he spent countless hours training pistorius. >> oscar is very strong minded. he will even push harder than i want him to push in the last repetition. >> pistorius took his training seriously. you don't drink alcohol? >> yeah, i think the last time i drank was probably two months ago. i find you're going to be an elite sportman, you kind of have to watch how many times you relax and socialize with your friends. so i mean, every now and again i have a typical boys night out. but i think for me at the end of the day, you know, ihave to. >> and he had a dark side, said
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a soccer player who socialized in the same circles. he said pistorius had a temper and once tried to pick a fight with him. >> he would have -- he would get violent, angry, fight with people. cause a lot of problems. i mean, that's -- with me and him, he was drunk at a party. and he started shouting. >> lowe admits that the athlete he sees as a son isn't perfect. >> i've been asked plenty times now the question of temper. if i said yeah, me must have, i call it temperment. if you haven't got a temperment, you can't become a national or world champion, forget it. >> you've got to have fire in you. that could mean you sometimes have a bad temper? >> when you work with any champion, any distraction upsets them. >> is oscar recoless? does he have a bad temper? >> if you -- if you're a top
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sportsman and you are focused and something thinks happen that agitates you and you go -- you're going to lose your temper and you're going to have words with people. and i can testify to the fact that i was witness on a couple of occasions where he did lose his temper. but he was always -- also the first one to apologize for his behavior. bam." >> oscar was always a -- i call it scared.
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>> scared? because he had no legs? did he feel very vulnerable, or was it something different? >> no, i've heard a lot of stories in the press. without his prosthetics, very vulnerable. only a guy working with these guys and themselves will know how vulnerable they are. >> i think people forget the fact that if he's without his prosthetics, he's a mere 3.5, 4 feet high maybe. >> but with his blades he appeared invincible. he qualified for the 2012 olympics in the 400 meter sprint and was a member of the south african relay team. [ speaking foreign language ] >> do you think you'll be running for her? >> yeah, yeah. >> pistorius made it to the semifinals of the 400 meters. his relay team finished last in
5:17 pm
the finals. but he would shine in the paralympics earning three medals two gold, one silver. he was south africa's golden boy and was about to meet one of south africa's top models, reeva steenkamp. did you think oscar and her had a future together? >> yeah. i think so. >> next, reeva, a law student, cover girl, and what turned out to be a fatal attraction. is this where we do that bundling thing? let's see what you got. rv, covered. -why would you pay for a hotel? -i never do. motorcycles, check. atv. i ride those. -do you? -no. boat. -house? -hello, dear. -hello. -hello. oh! check this -- [ hip hop music playing ] i'm going on break! the more you bundle, the more you save.
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reeva steenkamp was becoming known as one of the sexiest women, on her way to becoming a world-class model. this video shows her posing for the cover of "fhm." a hot magazine. the editor of the south african edition -- >> she had beauty and intelligence which is a double whammy. >> intelligent enough to get her law degree. terry smith remembers a much different looking reeva when they were law school classmates. there's pictures of her when you knew her. she does look different. >> yeah. >> to the reeva that, you know, i think oscar fell in love with. >> yeah. i think it's the whole modeling industry. you have to weigh a certain amount and it's very superficial. people see this glossy, blonde haired, beautiful bodied woman, and that's what they think she is, as well. they don't realize what a fantastic person she actually
5:22 pm
is. she's not this dumb blonde who just stares at a camera all day. you know, twirls the laces on the side of her bikini. cliche, but when people say as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside, that's reeva. she was even more beautiful on the inside. really she was. >> smith took these photograph of the aspiring model at a local beach. in those days, modeling was more of a hobby than a serious profession. >> she would always say, everyone has to remember that modeling's not a career because your beauty only lasts so long. you have to do something. you have to have something that modeling must not be the first. >> when smith was in a relationship that became abusive, steenkamp was there, pushing her to get out. >> she said, get out. you can't sit and know -- no woman can sit and accept being treated like that. she was incredibly passionate
5:23 pm
about it. >> ironically, reeva became an advocate for women facing violence and abuse. according to the country's medical research council, a woman is killed by her husband or partner every eight hours in south africa. steenkamp and smith talked about helping these victims. >> she wanted to protect and save as many women as possible that she could from being abused. we always said that we wanted to establish a center for women. >> on facebook, she showed me messages from steenkamp. "i'm so happy to see that you're finally happy and safe and in love. my dream come true for you." she had been really worried about you because you were in a bad relationship before. >> yeah. that's what comes with the whole abused woman, whole -- how strongly she felt about it. >> instead of pursuing a law career, reeva decided to give
5:24 pm
modelling a shot. >> there was a sense that, hey, this girl's got something. maybe she can actually break through and actually make a career out of modeling. >> he says she wasn't quite ready to become a swimsuit covergirl. >> she wasn't in the best shape. so it was a case of, you know, i'd love to give her the gig, but she's not quite in shape. >> reeva decided to get disciplined about her diet and exercise. give me a sense of the metamorphosis. >> in three years she transformed herself from a slacky, chubby student look to an absolute stunning blonde. >> this is the cover for "hfm." number one -- [ inaudible ] >> she got the magazine cover, and that gets you noticed. that gets you a bit more
5:25 pm
commercial work. probably lead toss a bit of tv work. >> she was becoming the next big thing. but to family and friend, she was the same old reeva. cnn's drew griffin talked with reeva's uncle and cousin. >> when you were with her, you were like -- you felt like you were a teenager. she was just so vibrant, so full of life. so bouncy. she was just always laughing, joking, fun. and the media side, her career, we never really saw that. we knew that she was, you know, she was a model and doing thing with the media. but she never brought that into the family. >> so she doesn't sound like she was enamored with the glamor life -- >> no. >> not at all. >> her life was becoming more and more glamorous going from magazine cover girl -- >> my name's reeva. and i'm a model. >> to starring in a reality tv series. >> a fun production. and it's what's in now. yeah, watch it. >> and around that time,
5:26 pm
steenkamp contacted photographer gareth barclay. >> she wanted a photo shoot for a guy she was seeing. something more sensual that she could hang up of her. nothing too provocative or anything directly facing to the camera. so that's what we did for the shoot. >> he doesn't know who the photograph was for, and we can't confirm if it was for oscar pistorius. a mutual friend introduced them at a motor racing event. she accepted oscar's invitation to accompany him that evening to the south african sports award ceremony. reeva had entered the life in the fast lane quite literally. >> when they -- she was with oscar in the car traveling along the highway. and she phoned her mum and said, "mum, oscar's speeding." june takes her phone and says,
5:27 pm
"let me speak to oscar." and says to him, "oscar, hey, listen, that's my precious, my only daughter. and that's everything. that's my angel. and you'd better slow down." and reeva said afterwards, "mom, he slowed down." >> for a woman who was active on social media, she kept her relationship with pistorius relatively private even to family. >> whoever she dated would have to be really someone special. so that's why i didn't bother with who she was -- i just knew that they were one hell of a lucky guy. and they'd have to be someone really special because she didn't stand for nonsense. this guy must be a nice guy because despite what you hear in the media and things like that, reva doesn't date for that reason, you know? >> coming up -- reeva's last tweet on the eve of a valentine's day tragedy. >> oscar was inside. i could hear him crying in the
5:28 pm
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here are your headline this is hour. police identified a suspect in a california rampage that killed four people.
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they have not released his name. police shot and killed him in the college library. s new orleans police recovered a car belonging to a woman missing for three months. it was discovered with a body inside. there's no word if it's the 26-year-old teacher that was missing. nelson mandela was hospitalized. the former leader says he is now breathing on his own. president obama and his chinese counter part wrapped up their meeting. the president called the meetings terrific. those are your headlines this hour. i'm don lemon keeping you informed, cnn the most trusted name in news. the second week of february
5:33 pm
and oscar pistorius was making plans for his annual training trip to italy. this time was different. he wanted to bring his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. >> we were looking at the schedule and planning opportunities where she could visit. my reaction was, you've never asked me for something like this. are you serious about this girl. his reaction was, yes, i am. i am very serious about this girl. >> in her relationship, the impression i got from the messages we exchanged and the conversations was that she was very happy. >> she was always very friendly, always very excited to be around him and with him. she spent a lot of time at the track training for modelling and stuff. >> arthur lowe was always at the track with reeva and pistorius. >> oscar would bring him a shake, a protein shake, whatever those thing that is don't taste nice to me. but she comes from work, meet us here. and then she trains while he's
5:34 pm
training. >> she was really becoming part of his life. and -- and yeah, from all that i've seen of the two of them, everything looked really, really happy and content with each other. >> steenkamp was looking forward to spending valentine's day with pistorius. tweeting, "what do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow?" south africa's newest "it" couple appeared to be taking their relationship to the next level. on the eve of valentine's day, a smiling steenkamp drove through the security checkpoint at the entrance to the gated community where pistorius lived. less than 12 hours later, she was dead. in a courtroom, no cameras allowed, oscar's version of what happened next was presented in his affidavit. it's in this document that pistorius lays out the events
5:35 pm
that started on the evening of february 13. >> we were content to have a quiet dinner together at home. she had given me a present for valentine's day but asked me only to open it the next day. >> we have another voice. read the affidavit. >> during the early morning hours of 14, february, 2013, i woke up, went to the balcony to bring the fan in and close the sliding doors. the blinds and the curtain. although i did not have my prosthetic legs on, i have mobility on my stumps. >> pistorius said he heard a noise in the bathroom. he realized there were no burglar bars on the window and contractors had left a step ladder outside. >> i felt a sense of terror rushing over me. i believed that someone had entered my house. i was too scared to switch a light on. i grabbed my .9-millimeter pistol from underneath my bed.
5:36 pm
>> pistorius had been a victim of burglaries and received death threats. that he was acutely aware of violent crime in south africa. he says that's why he slept with a .9-millimeter pistol under his bed. pistorius claims he screamed for the intruders to get out, and then yelled for reeva to call the police. >> it filled me with horror and fear of an intruder or intruders being inside the toilet. as i did not have my prosthetic legs on and felt extremely vulnerable, i knew i had to protect reeva and myself. >> because he said in his affidavit that he was scared, that he felt vulnerable that night and many night he did. you got a sense that he was a scared person. >> for sure. he's a scared person. >> coming up -- bullets fired, and a tragic death. >> a totally shattered and
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pistorius was armed. he says in his affidavit he believed reeva was in bed and an intruder was in the bathroom. >> i fired shots at the toilet door and shouted to reeva to phone the police. she did not respond. when i reached the bed, i realized that reeva was not in bed. >> that's when pistorius says it dawned on him that it could have been reva on the toilet. >> i put on my prosthetic legs, ran to the bathroom and tried to kick the toilet door open. i went to the bedroom and grabbed my cricket bat to bash open the toilet door. >> when he finally got the door open, he said he saw reeva slumped over but alive. the bullets had hit her in the head, the hip, the elbow and her hand. >> i carried her downstairs in order to take her to the
5:42 pm
hospital. she died in my arms. >> in the dead of night, the coach's phone rang. it was oscar's agent. >> that night i forgot to put the phone off. and it -- it rang roughly about in the region of half past 4:00 and 5:00. i thought, whoa, this is funny. and i answered the phone and said, "yep?" he said, "get in your car, pistorius -- there's problems at the house." >> by the time they arrived, police were already on the scene. >> when we arrived, it was already flooded with police and everything was cordoned off. couldn't have access to oscar at all. >> i was in shock. when i arrived at the house and you see all the police cars and lights, i was standing outside. oscar was inside. i could hear him crying in the garage. reeva was at the entrance. i just saw the bottom piece and
5:43 pm
the legs because the police was in and out the door, the front door. >> you could hear oscar crying? >> yep. >> loudly? >> yeah, yeah. i know him. you can hear -- hysterical. >> police then took oscar into custody. >> i got to see him late that afternoon of the 14th at the police house. >> what was he like? what kind of state was he in? >> a totally shattered and broken man like i've never seen him before. never seen him like that before. >> pistorius was charged with committing premeditated murder. once a national hero, he quickly became a polarizing figure to crowds gathered outside the courthouse. during his bail hearing days later. inside, head down, pistorius was surrounded by the world's media. pistorius was ready to submit an affidavit that would explain his
5:44 pm
side of the story. his description of events made international headlines. but also laid out the case that his lawyers will now take to trial. legal analyst kelly phelps explains. >> if he was telling the truth and the forensic evidence that gets gathered supports his version of events, it will actually build a lot of strength and momentum behind the defense case because they will be able to show that he has unwaveringly stuck to the same version of events from the bail hearing throughout the entire duration of the trial. >> but will forensic evidence corroborate or undercut oscar's version of events? for example, could examination of the toilet door provide a clue as to whether or not pistorius was, or as he tells it, wasn't wearing his prosthetic legs. >> we might have a finding from a ballistics expert that says there is almost a 0% chance that this person was not at an
5:45 pm
elevated angle when that shot was fired. we can tell that because of the splintering of the wood when it went through the door just as an example. but equally, say when the shot went through the door, it actually shattered the door. it's very difficult to gather from that what the trajectory actually was. we did our own unscientific experiment at a gun range on a farm north of the capital, pretoria. with the help of weapons and ballistics expert lee lotrit. we have plans of the bathroom that were shown during the court bail hearing. we've kind of mapped out the proportions of the bathroom. this here was the small toilet area. >> that's correct. >> which reeva was shot in. depending on whose story you believe, she was either sitting on the toilet or just cowering over the toilet. >> that's right. >> the setup was to be sure no
5:46 pm
more than a best guess because few details about forensic evidence have been made public. for example, we don't know the type of bullets fired or the exact location of where pistorius stood. we've chartered out the proportions here. but be clear, this is an amateur crime scene scenario. this is not exactly what went down. >> absolutely. i agree. you know, this is really working off the specs of what has opinion available in open source information. >> very important, which could determine everything is what kind of ammunition was used. we don't really know. we used a tape measure to help us estimate pistorius' height with and without prosthetic. then we had lee kneel on a cooler simulating pistorius without his legs. this would represent the defense's version of events. [ gunshots ]
5:47 pm
okay, so this is the door for the second scenario, the state's version of events where they say oscar must have had to have his prosthetic legs on. >> can i do it? >> yeah. [ gunshots ] >> next, we put the doors side by side for comparison. what does this tell you? >> well, if i look at it from this way, obviously, it has been hit at an angle. the difference between the two doors in comparison to the two targets, what i have seen on scenario two that suggestions the prosthetics were on is that
5:48 pm
the hits on the target behind the door are more fatal than what was illustrated on the door number one. >> our demonstration was inconclusive because we can't know everything that the police are taking into account and facing evidence. it does show the complexity of forensic and ballistic evidence and how challenging it could be to either side to prove their case. the prosecution may be armed more than just forensic evidence. investigators found cell phones in the bathroom. they could be call record or text messages that reveal motive or other vital clues. and according to testimony at the hearing, the state's evidence includes a witness who allegedly hurt during the hour before reeva was shot. the judge made it clear he had trouble in believing the claims. >> why didn't he ascertain his girlfriend when he got off the bed? i have difficulty in coming to terms with the fact that the accused did not seek to verify who was in the toilet when he could have asked. i have difficulty in appreciate why the deceased would not have screamed back from the toilet.
5:49 pm
>> when the bail hearing's dramatic five days were over, the magistrate made his judgment. not on whether he believed in pistorius' innocence or guilt, but whether pistorius should be released from prison. >> i come to the conclusion that the accused has made a case to be released bail. >> yes! [ horn ] >> even with the ruling and even before his trial date had been set, oscar pistorius' affidavit confirmed one truth -- that he had shot reeva steenkamp and his life had changed forever. next, we go to the home where oscar pistorius now lives. >> he's house bound. he doesn't go out in public places. >> and speak exclusively to his uncle. what we've seen him now, he said he misses her. and he looks at me and says, "i
5:50 pm
miss her so much." >> that is true. join us at it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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for past three months, oscar pistorius has been living at the home of his uncle, arnold pistorius, in seclusion.
5:54 pm
in a cnn exclusive we were invited into the home. briefly speaking to pistorius who looked very sad. not the same bubbly young man we had met years before. pistorius won't appear on camera, but his uncle spoke to us on his behalf. we're in your home. oscar's living here. he rarely leaves the house, he tells me. what does he do every day? >> well, he -- he comes to the gym every morning. we've got a gym in the house. and we -- his friends and trainers come over and assist him. and to get a proper workout. in the afternoons again, in -- around about 6:00. and during the day he spends time with his extended family and all grandchildren around. he's house-bound. he doesn't go out in public places. he's not keen to go out. >> when i spoke to oscar before we started chatting, he said he had a lot of photos of reeva and
5:55 pm
that he was still pining for her. >> he's got photos in his room. he's got photos all over the place. and my heart bleed for the young man. what can you say? if the person you love the most dies and you were the instrument. how would you feel? it's unthinkable. >> what's his state of mind? >> oscar is as we all are, traumatized. it's now three months down line. the family's trying to back him up and see that he's trying to cope with the death of reeva. and unintentionally he was the instrument for her death. and to come around that, it's almost impossible. this will haunt him for the rest of his life.
5:56 pm
>> he hasn't found peace. he's still haunted, you say? >> very much so. i mean, he's -- he's in mourning every day and he is longing for her. that's what he tells me. >> we've just seen him now. and he said he misses her. he said, "i miss her so much." >> that is true. >> the oscar today is not the same as before. he looks with drawn, shellshocked. those who know him know one thing. his life will never be the same. >> no, it will never be the same. life is -- life has changed forever. >> his agent who built the million-dollar oscar brand has seen sponsor after sponsor suspend contracts with pistorius. but it's the public reaction that has been the most difficult for him to take. >> one day a lady recognized him in the store and started crying.
5:57 pm
felt he might grow a beard so people won't recognize me that easily. >> legal analyst kelly phelps. in the public arena of justice, this man is never going to get past this experience whether it ends up being that the state is completely wrong about what their theory is as to what transpired in this case. i don't think he will ever shake the yoke of the trial by media. >> an idol to so many has come crashing down. muhammad said was just 11 when he decided oscar pistorius was his hero. >> he's kind, and he's caring, and he's really nice. and i really think i want to be just like him when i grow up. when i run and -- live life to its fullest. life has no limits. >> five years later, wheelchair bound, muhammad remembers when he heard that pistorius had shot and killed reeva steenkamp. >> i thought he couldn't have done. somebody else must have done it
5:58 pm
and framed him. when i found that he had done it, it was a mix of disappointment and shock. >> muhammad still recognizes the good in the man who inspired him. >> to see him run is a bigger thing to me than to see someone fly. for them, that's -- that's something extraordinary. a person can't fly. but a paraplegic shouldn't be able to run. >> whether oscar pistorius will ever run another race, whether he has any future will be determined in court. that is where the blade runner made his first public appearance. coming out of seclusion to attend a pretrial hearing on tuesday. the judge postponed the case until the 19th of august. friends and family of reeva steenkamp are still waiting for the trial. left only with images of the past.
5:59 pm
>> reeva had a tattoo on the back of her that said "only god will judge me" in italian. do you know why she had that specific tattoo? >> that was something that her grandfather had always said and he was close to her at heart. that's what everyone is saying, only god can judge. that is what everyone is saying. ironically, she had said it, as well. and hopefully that does happen. >> all that's left now, pain, heartache, and emptiness for two families ripped apart by that tragic valentine's day shooting. >> we know exactly what the truth is, and it will only fit in this tragic, tragic mistake he made, being that he killed his girlfriend. >> she has been murdered, and i don't -- i don't care if you cause an accident, whatever, she's dead.
6:00 pm
for most of my life libya was a word with bad associations. libya meant gadhafi. libya meant terrorism. >> pan am flight 103 went down in a blazing fireball. >> libya, a bad place where a comical megalomaniacal dictator was the absolute power. nobody in libya, however, was laughing. >> reports of explosions. >> clashes between rioters and security forces. >> in 2011, what was previously unthinkable happened. the libyan people rose up and fought for their freedom. >> heavy battles raging around the libyan capital. >> they fought like hell. >> the rebels are about to force gadhafi's complete departure. >> they recorded the whole thing on their cell phones. >> libya!


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