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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 13, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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have a great afternoon. "cnn newsroom" continues with "cnn newsroom" continues with brooke baldwin. -- captions by vitac -- thousands forced to leave their homes behind as the flames are moving closer. and the not knowing is taking its toll on families. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. the feds say this actress sent ricin laced letters to the president and michael bloomberg. then tried framing her husband. well, that husband is about to tell me his side of the story. a debt collector for drug cartels says he's killed 30 people across america. we're on the case. plus -- >> these disclosures have caused significant harm to our nation and to our safety. >> the man who leaked nsa secrets is still on the run. but the fbi suggests, not for long. and one of america's most famous directors predicts an implosion of the movie industry.
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and it would forever change how you go to the movies. good to see you. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks so much for being with me. i want to begin with the thousands of families right now wondering whether their homes are still standing. folks in colorado, very much so on edge as nightmare wildfires burn out of control. at least 360 homes have been destroyed. 13,000 people evacuated. a result of the biggest fire, this is how they're describing it, the worst in colorado state's history. cnn's victor blackwell is live for us in colorado springs. crick to victor, just tell me what's happening right now there? >> reporter: there's just a little bit of good news, and this community certainly needs it. it's been reported by the sheriff's office that there have been no fatalities, no injuries. but there was one missing person.
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well, just a few moments ago, the sheriff's office announced that that missing person has been found. no other details. but some good news. what you said at the top, that this is now the most destructive storm in colorado history, no one expected that 12 hours ago when the sheriff had announced that 92 homes had been burned by the black forest fire compared to 300 burned coincidentally this time last year near this area by the waldo canyon fire. now at 360 it is the most destructive. i want you to listen to a conversation i had with the sheriff one on one as he compared the two storms and how this is so dangerous. listen. >> there was no wall of fire that did it like we saw last year. it was just a steady, continuous burning fueled by -- by breezy winds. nothing real exaggerated until later in the afternoon. but really similar in that there's a lot of dry fuel, try
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ground. we didn't get the snow pack we hoped for or the spring rains. >> reporter: and one other difference that makes this so destructive. last year the waldo canyon fire started in a really forested area. not many homes. then moved into a residential area. this fire started in a residential area and then moved into an area that was even more densely packed with residents and homes. >> what about this, victor, the winds? i know the winds have been pretty tough for the firefighters fighting it this time around. is that expected to change hopefully for the better in the next couple of days? >> reporter: unfortunately, tho. i mean, the winds have really picked up in the last ten minutes or so. gusts are expected to exceed what they were yesterday at 30 miles an hour. and there's a storm forecast. so you think a storm, good news. rain is coming. unfortunately, no. because it's not going to be a lot of rain. there will be the two things they don't need. lightning, which could start other small fires, and stronger winds, unfortunately, brooke.
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>> victor blackwell for us in colorado springs. thank you, victor. next hour we're going to talk to a woman. she's lived in this home for 41 years. it is gone. stay tuned for that. well, the fires rage in colorado. heavy rains hammering the midwest. take a look at this new video we just got in here at cnn. you will see terrifying moments here. there are three people. they're trapped in this raging floodwater. the suv totally swept off the road into a flooded ditch. see the rescue crews. look at this little one being pulled out from the window, hooking her up to the zip loan and pulling her to safety over those floodwaters just in the nick of time. >> torrential downpour with very heavy rains. poor visibility. poor conditions. these people went off the road into a flooded ditch. several different fire departments worked together and were able to rescue. >> chad meyers joins me now. chad, the video, that's pretty
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incredible. >> yeah. we usually say don't drive into floodwaters. right? >> now we know why. >> she didn't even drive into floodwaters. she drove off the road. she was on i-35. the rain was so heavy, wind was so strong she couldn't see where the rest of the road was. drove off the road. this is the side of the highway they got down into. if you can't handle what you're driving, slow down or stop, whatever, get the flashers on. this is what can happen if you have, you know, just overdrive the sensation of the car. here's the storm. it was a big one. no question about it. this storm had baseball-size hail just to the north and west of albert lee, minnesota. drove itself right across i-35. that accident was right there. where's it going now? to the southeast. brand-new severe thunderstorm watch for nashville into the piedmont. upstate of south carolina. raleigh, virginia beach. you don't see tornado watches today. certainly we will have the threat of more than that. we'll have hail. we'll have wind and a lot of lightning.
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2% to 5% chance of some tornadoes, small ones today. the big threat, again, here you go. there's the hail. then large hail. some hail could be, again, up to tennis ball size all the way from the tide water back down south. d.c., you're just in it. you're not in tornadoes right now. you're not in the moderate risk. only in the slight risk. a little reduction from where you were because you had rain this morning. that cooled your atmosphere, lowered your chances for big weather. look, we could have severe weather all the way back into jackson, mississippi. this is kind of a widespread event today. i'm centered and focused on the carolinas. but this will be widespread all the way across the deep south, brooke. >> chad, thank you. >> you're welcome. in just about a half hour the fbi director will be giving a private briefing to members of the senate intelligence committee. but robert muller alrea mueller shared some information. he testified before members of the house today and told them this. that gathering information on
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your phone calls is legal. it is effective. and the more we talk about the details of this, the more we compromise the whole purpose of doing it in the first place. >> i can tell you every time that we have a leak like this, if you follow it up and you look at the intelligence afterwards, there are persons who are out there who follow this very, very, very, very closely. and they are looking for ways around it. one of the great vulnerabilities that terrorists understand is their communications. and they are consistently looking for ways to have secure communications. and any tidbit of information comes out in terms of our capabilities and our programs and the like, they are immediately finding ways around them. >> what about the fbi's progress in bringing in the man who leaked the documents? mueller had this to say about edward snowden. >> as to the individual who has admitted making these disclosures, he is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation. these disclosures have caused
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significant harm to our nation and to our safety. we're taking all necessary steps to hold the person responsible for these disclosures. >> those disclosures are bringing out international demands on the u.s. government. today a lawmaker from hong kong reacted to the claim that snowden made to the south china morning post that we told you about yesterday, that the u.s. has been hacking computers in china and hong kong for the last couple of years. snowden said this, quote, we hack network backbones like huge internet routers basically to give us access to the communications of hundreds of thousands of computers without having to hack every single one. >> according to mr. snowden, it appears that our right to privacy may have been systemically violated by the american national security agency. now, i think we're entitled to know the truth. and we're entitled to seek an account from the u.s. administration. >> snowden fled to hong kong
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reportedly in late may. a rally is planned there saturday in support of him. the lawmaker also said extradition of snowden from hong kong could take as long as five years. we are also following very closely this major explosion and fire near baton rouge, louisiana. we have just now learned that at least one person has died. you see the pictures. it was a chemical plant that exploded this morning sending this thick, black smoke into the air. and workers dashing to safety. look at this. the factory produces chemicals used to make plastics. we're told people who live in the area have been told to stay indoors, stay away from the potentially toxic fumes. parish officials tell cnn there were no fatalities reported from the blast. they told us initially. a louisiana state agency is reporting 33 people were injured, 3 in critical condition. the details, they're still being sorted out. meanwhile the scene is still active. people are being told, as we
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said, to remain in their homes. coming up, remember the big story? letters laced with poisonous chemical ricin mailed to president obama, mailed to the mayor of new york city? this woman, an aspiring actress is under arrest. the original suspect here was none other than her husband. he says she framed him. i'll talk with him about this bizarre case and whether they ever talked about ricin or politics. that is next. ♪ ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance.
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an eye vitamin and multivitamin in one. the husband of ricin suspect shannon richardson is moving on and now speaking out. and he say he's not angry with her for allegedly trying to frame him for sending ricin-laced letters to president obama, mayor michael bloomberg. shannon, a mother of five, not only tried to allegedly pin it on him initially, but after investigators focused on her, she told them she sent the letters because he told her to. shannon is an actress who had bit parts in tv shows "vampire ti diaries" and "the walking dead." a short time ago i spoke to her husband, nate richardson, who
11:14 am
had his attorney by his side. nate told me his wife's arrest came from out of nowhere. >> i wasn't present for any of her being arrested. they actually came to my work to speak with me. >> what kinds of questions were they asking you? >> i can't go into specifics of the questions they asked. it was just kind of random questions that i -- i've been tossed in this, didn't have a clue what was going on. >> how about just how are you feeling right now? are you angry? were you surprised that this happened? >> i was extremely shocked. anger to me is very wasteful emotion. it drains you physically and mentally. >> since you can't go into the nitty-gritty of the questions in the investigation, let me just ask you this. because if your wife is ultimately convicted of sending a ricin-laced let toter to the president of the united states she could go to a federal prison for a long, long time. did the two of you ever talk
11:15 am
about frustration with government? with the president? with mayor bloomberg, specifically? >> no. we never really had any kind of political discussions at any time. it was mostly, you know, kids got to do this. kids got to do that. we've got a trip coming up. just stuff like that. >> how long have the two of you been married? >> october it had been two years. >> so in the two-year time, not once did shannon mention the president or anger at the government? >> no. >> were there any signs around the house? anything said from your wife that showed what she was allegedly up to? >> no. the way -- if i would have saw anything or there would have been a red flag of any type, this would have been stopped long, long ago. >> do you know what ricin is? >> well, i've learned about it
11:16 am
from the fbi. i had no clue that it had to do with beans or anything. i was even pronouncing it improperly. i thought it was licin. they had to correct me on that, of course. >> what about this? because investigators say that your wife had told them that you told her to type the letter and to mail the letters. what's your response to that? >> well, i mean, really, that's just her grasping at straws. i mean, i didn't have anything to do with this. i'm an innocent man. that's why i've come to speak with everyone. that's just, like, last resort. i'm going down. i guess i'll take you with me. at least that's the way i see it. >> what about anger, not your anger, but shannon's anger? because apparently she told law enforcement officials once she was arrested, she was very angry with you. i just want to ask, as we thank you for your candor, were there issues with your marriage? had she expressed anger at you
11:17 am
before? or you, for that matter? >> well, our marriage was definitely not perfect. we had lots of troubles. but anybody that's been married, you know it's not always smooth sailing. you're not always going to see eye to eye. angerwise, most of us tried -- either one of us, we tried to come to an agreement or a compromise. you know, a lot of -- across the lines of that. >> nate, if shannon were sitting in front of you right now, what would you say to her? >> nothing. >> not a word? >> no, ma'am. >> why? >> well, i'm -- i'm focusing more on me and what i'm going to do with my life from this point on. and basically goals to get back to a normal, just regular life that i had. >> as you do that, let me ask you, though, just about her personality. i know that she had bit roles
11:18 am
on -- as an actresactress. "walking dead." "vampire diaries." did she ever talk to you about really becoming a big actress? what did she say about fame? >> well, she'd always wanted to be an actress. she had tried to get other roles past "vampire diaries" and "walking dead." i always supported her, but really we didn't discuss much about it. >> can you, nate, describe shannon's personality for me? what's she like? >> very intelligent. very strong willed. just very stubborn a lot of times. basically, i can do anything myself kind of deal. >> i read that she is pregnant with your child, correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> and she has five children, several of whom have been living with you all. how old are they, nate? >> well, starting at the oldest, 19 is brandon. and then there's -- he didn't
11:19 am
live with us. he still lived in georgia. from this point on, those children lived with us. allen, he is 15. then there's taylor. he's 12. then there's ethan. he's 8. logan, he's 5. >> so 19 all the way to 5. do they understand where their mom is, what's going on? >> i have not had any contact with the boys since she had been arrested. i was very worried, you know, worried about their safety as well. you know, i've been trying to figure out where they are. i have heard they're in child protective services. and i'm sure they're helping out taking care of them as best they can. >> what is next for you? >> getting back to normal. you know, just doing what i like to do. relaxing and just, you know, job, so on and so forth sfwl nate richardson, thank you so much for joining me.
11:20 am
i appreciate it. >> yes, ma'am. coming up next, a good samaritan is paralyzed while trying to save his little girl from drowning. thing is, he doesn't have health insurance. we'll tell you what's next for him, coming up. postal service a small design firm can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪ her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announcer ] advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory
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a georgia man is paralyzed from the chest down after he dove into this creek trying to save a 4-year-old little girl. michael patterson does not have any health insurance. good news is, the little girl is doing just fine. diana davis with our affiliate wsb has the story. >> reporter: the water is shallow, but fast. and in just seconds, 4-year-old javaya jones was swept away. >> i was terrified. that's it. just terrified. it's my daughter. >> reporter: her mother screamed for help. >> she's under water. all you see is the top of her head. >> michael patterson, a father himself, dove in to help. >> he jumped in head first. after i grabbed her, we looked back and he was floating on top of the water. >> reporter: patterson was paralyzed the moment he hit the water. his 9-year-old son saw it all happen. >> his little son was over here. you okay, daddy. he wouldn't wake up. four men went down there and picked him up.
11:24 am
they brought him here and the ambulance came, tried to do cpr. >> reporter: patterson was rushed to redman medical center in rome. he's in intensive care paralyzed from the chest down. though he's been told about his paralysis his mother told me he still hasn't grasped how badly he's hurt. >> i want to wake up from this nightmare. >> a sheet rock hanger just started a new contracting job. he does not have health insurance. his father is also hospitalized, t dying of cancer. his mother told me she doesn't know where to turn. >> pray and have a lot of faith. that's all i can do. >> reporter: she's hoping somehow a fund will be set up. so far details have not been worked out. this is the second time in two weeks michael patterson has jumped in to save a life. he and another man pulled the driver of a tanker truck to safety after his rig was hit and burst into flames. >> he said he did what he thought -- what he hoped anyone else would have done for him. that's just not a very common thing anymore for anyone to care about someone they don't know.
11:25 am
>> javayah jones is heartsick but unhurt. >> he's a hero. an angel. >> reporter: a hero who now needs his own angel. floyd county, diana davis, channel 2 action news. >> michael patterson's selfless attempt to try to help this little girl has touched so many people. i want to talk to alison kosik about this in new york. to think he pulmls a guy out ofa burning rig one week. tries to help a girl the next. the details haven't been worked out in this case. how can someone in patterson's situation cope with the mounting financial situation. >> patterson is being treated at the redman regional medical center located in rome, georgia. like many hospitals redman offers a charity plan for patients that don't have insurance. it provides free care for people who are a certain amount below the federal poverty level. keep in mind we don't know patterson's financial situation. we can't know for sure if that's something he'd be eligible for.
11:26 am
again, like many other hospitals it also has a plan in place for patients who don't quite meet that charity kree ticriteria. in redman's case it gives uninsured people a discount which varies from procedure to procedure. patterson would have to get on a monthly payment plan to pay the bills back. these bills are going to be huge for him. most experts say the important thing here is to pay something. keep in mind that you can often negotiate how much you pay. you can often negotiate with the hospital. >> even with the plans with the hospitals and the negotiating, i mean, ultimately hospitals do have a bottom line. >> they do. there are numbers on this. the american hospital association says the country's 5,000 community hospitals, that they've provided more than $40 billion, with a "b" were $40 billion in care that wasn't paid back in 2011. almost 6% of their total expenses. to balance their books they've got to make it up somewhere. some hospitals are raising rates on people who do have insurance or delaying the replacement of equipment for the hospital. now, the hope in patterson's
11:27 am
case is that maybe enough people are going to step in to alleviate some of the pain of these bills and make sure both parties are squared away. there's even been a facebook group set up. friends of mike patterson. it's got more than 15,000 likes right now. it's growing by the minute. it's actually set up a donation fund at river city bank in rome, georgia, for anybody looking to help. paypal account is being established. >> paralyzed from the chest down for trying to help someone. >> one of those bittersweet stories. >> it's tough. alison kosik, thank you. coming up, this man says he is a gangster. and that he has killed more than 30 people for drug cartels. but that's not all he's revealing. that's next. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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remember that deadly building collapse in philadelphia last week? it has apparently now claimed another life. a city official says the man who
11:31 am
had inspected that building committed suicide. although he was not a target of the investigation here. six people died in this building collapse in center city in philadelphia. a crane operator who was working on the building has been charged with six counts of involuntary manslaughter. a self-described hitman spontaneously confesses to killing more than 30 people across the united states. florida detectives say this guy, jose martinez, told them all about his killing spree. right now authorities across the nation are scrambling to identify the people martinez claims he murdered. all of this comes to light now while martinez was being questioned in connection with a 2006 double murder in ocala, florida. two construction workers were shot and killed. but the whole thing, it was a cold case for years and years. but listen to this. a cigarette butt martinez apparently left behind led to the huge break in the case. it was inside this pickup truck where martinez says he shot and
11:32 am
killed those two workers. authorities say a lab test showed martinez's dna on the cigarette butt. right now martinez is sitting inside of an alabama jail in connection with a homicide there. cnn's elena mocado joins me now with this crazy story. a lot of questions. first question, what prompted him, do we even know, to up and then confess to killing 30 people? >> brooke, according to the detective who spoke with him in alabama, jose martinez just wanted to come clean for all of the crimes he's committed. the double murder you mentioned happened in marion county more than six years ago. it wasn't until earlier this year that detectives got those lab results pointing to martinez as a suspect in that case. now, investigators did a little bit of digging. they found out that martinez was wanted in alabama for an unrelated homicide. he was arrested in arizona and extradited to alabama where he is now facing a first-degree murder charge. a florida detective traveled to alabama to talk to martinez
11:33 am
about the 2006 double homicide. authorities say he not only confessed to that crime, but he told them he was responsible for dozens of other killings. brooke, the detective says martinez told him he committed his first killing when he was just 16 years old. >> so then what do you know about him working for mexican cartel? >> that's an interesting side bar to this story. martinez, according to florida authorities, refers to himself as a bail bondsman for the mexican cartel. essentially locating drug dealers who owe the cartel money and collecting a debt and then killing these people. his payment according to the detective was 25% of the debt collected. now, so far authorities have confirmed 11 of the victims martinez allegedly confessed to killing. authorities all over the country are now working together to try to identify all of the potential victims. >> wow. alina machado, thank you so much. coming up next, angelina jolie's genes may not be
11:34 am
patented even if scientists want to use them to try and prevent jolie and others from getting breast cancer. the u.s. supreme court this morning with a major ruling that impacts you and me. dr. sanjay gupta, live in studio. breaks it down next. [ male announcer ] it's intuitive and customizable, just like a tablet. so easy to use, it won a best of ces award from cnet. and it comes inside this beautifully crafted carrying case. introducing the all-new 2014 chevrolet impala with the available mylink system. ♪ [ beeps ] ingeniously connecting you to your life and the road. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. and the road. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain.
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just into us here at cnn as we look at these pictures together, a natural gas explosion has destroyed at least two homes here. you can see the aftermath. this is westminster, colorado. if you know the area, aerial
11:37 am
pictures from our affiliate there. here's what we know from the fire department. some folks here in the area heard some huge boom. others felt the impact of a pressure wave. look at the bits and pieces of homes on neighbors' roofs and garages all because of this natural gas explosion in this neighborhood. again, westminster, colorado. huge, huge damage. obviously the questions are, were people home? i see a car there. so we're going to make those phone calls. we're going to continue to dig on this story to see what happened and if people are okay. also today, a major supreme court ruling basically means that angelina jolie's genes may not be patented even if scientists wanted to use them to try to prevent jolie and others from getting breast cancer. jolie had that preventative double mastectomy after she learned she has this very specific gene that significantly increases her risk of developing breast cancer. she wrote all about it in that
11:38 am
"new york times" opinion piece. so today the court unanimously ruled human genes may not be patented. i want to talk about this with our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta. couple questions. one being, how -- how does this whole thing affect, i guess, drug companies trying to develop these new drugs to help people fight cancer, other life l threatening diseases. >> i think it makes a difference. there's been this thought for some time, if you can patent genes, one company, myriad, holds this patent. they had a monopoly on this gene testing. that was the only company that could do that. other companies can now do this. it brings down the price. makes it more accessible to people. it was expensive, several thousand dollars to get the testing done. i think that encouraging competition. depending on your perspective on that, i think overall for consumers they'll have cheaper, more accessible tests.
11:39 am
myriad wanting to hold this. we spent 17 years, $500 million getting to this point. we want to hang on to as much as we can. you can't patent a gene. you have genes. i have genes. the particular gene with angelina jolie, fewer than 1% of women have that. they say that cannot be patented. what can be a tepatented, you h to create a template of a gene to study it. you can patent the template. it was a little bit of a nuance. but an important description of that decision. >> what are other examples? we think of angelina jolie and the brca gene you're talking about. who are other examples in terms of competition and pricing? >> the whole idea that's already within you, your genetic code, there's all sorts of different genes for different diseases. cancer is the big one we think about. there are other genes maybe for neurodegenerative problems town the road that people may find. a gene for alzheimer's disease or parkinson's. could you potentially take that
11:40 am
gene, create a test around it and then be able to test for these things? that's what a lot of people are doing in different aspects of medicine. and now i think you're going to sort of open up the market in terms of lots of different companies being able to do that exact same thing. >> dr. gupta, thank you. i don't know if you're able to see, if we can pull up quickly. the good doctor always rocks some good socks. i can't help but point out the purple stripe. dr. gupta. it's the little things. thank you so much today. coming up, this is an absolutely incredible story. this young girl, she was raised in a brothel by prostitutes. she overcomes unbelievable odds. we'll tell you what she did and where she's headed, next.
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maybe you remember this yourself. a lot of high schoolers these days will tell you just how tough and competitive it is to get into a good college these days. but it probably opportunity compare to what one student had to overcome. the fact that she has makes her an ideal profile for cnn's "girl rising" series about girls' education all around the world. 18-year-old scweta kati grew up in mum bbai's largest red light district. her past involves being sexually abused. what is surprising about her
11:44 am
story, her future. she's now earned a $46,000 scholarship to bard college in new york. >> i'm really excited. i don't know what i'm going to find out there. but i'm really excited this is going to be an adventure for me. new place, new people, new culture. i don't know. i'm so excited for it. >> she got there with the help of her family. her mother. and the sex workers who all helped raise her. >> my mom is my inspiration. and she's the one who encouraged me and who said, you're going to do better. you are, like, amazing. and, of course, the sex workers with whom i was surrounded by. because my mom used to go to factory in morning, like 9:00 in the morning. she used to come back at 7:00. i used to spend most of my time with them. and they are -- like, they're my inspiration. that's why, like, because of them, i am here. because of my mom and because of
11:45 am
them, i'm here. >> shweta credits her success to a group which helps underprivileged girls and helps shweta with the actual college application. >> everyone looks at these girls like they're poor them. they're victims. they're just going to suffer and have such terrible lives. the fact is that people who go through all of these situations and experience these hardships, i personally believe, are going to make the most amazing leaders. >> if given a chance, everybody can do this. this is not supernatural thing in me. but i got this opportunity. i got this chance. i had experiences like this. and, yeah, that's how i guess everybody can do this. and everyone can achieve this. >> how awesome is she? if you'd like to learn more about the campaign behind the film "girl rising" go to another reminder for you. set the dvrs. cnn film "girl rising" airs this
11:46 am
sunday, june 16th, at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. coming up next, sesame street. best known to tackle some hot button issues. its latest involves prison. steven spielberg and george lucas predict the movie industry is about to implode. one of their predictions? movie tickets could cost you a cool 150 bucks. that's not all.
11:47 am
11:48 am
11:49 am
okay. question. what comes to mind when you think of "sesame street"? elmo? big bird? brought to you by the letter "o"? "sesame street" has branched out over the years into addressing pretty hot button shiissues lik divorce, aids. this latest topic has some people saying, oh, no. watch this. >> you seem kind of sad. >> mm-hmm. >> listen, alex, whatever it is that's on your mind, you don't have to tell us. but we're your friends and you can always talk to us if you want. >> it's just, all this talk about my dad and where he is has got me really upset. >> because your daddy's away? >> and you miss him? >> yeah. but because of where he is, too. my dad is -- my dad's in jail. >> that video is from this
11:50 am
online tool kit for adults. it teaches parents and care givers how to help their kids cope when mom or dad is incarcerated. entertainment journalist and pop culture expert john murray is editor in chief of always he joins me. krista smith is senior west coast editor for "vanity fair." welcome, both of you. you think of "sesame street." they push the boundaries, aids, divorce. remember the bert and ernie sexual ambiguity thing. do you think this issue of helping kids cope with incarcerated parents, progressive or too much for presopr preschoolers? >> i think it's a great tool. i grew up, my father was in prison from the time i was 3 years old. at an early age my mom explained to me exactly where he was. at the time we lived in a small town. she wanted me to know my family dynamic before some neighborhood busy body shared it with me. it allowed me to become comfortable with it. i understood it. it also taught me that when you do things in life, there's a
11:51 am
consequence for it. so it made me very cognizant of the things that i did. and i went on a path of not wanting to get in any trouble so i wouldn't end up like my father. i think it's imperative to teach the kids at an early age. >> follow-up to that. hang on. this is interesting. did your mom ever tell you later in life that it was tough to explain to you early on? maybe something like this type of "sesame street" tool would have helped? >> i grew up watching sesame street. also playing with legos and tonka toys. i know it's hard for her to explain. know wants to have to tell your child that. these kids, they're in the digital age. they're babysat with ipads and tablets. they can google their family name. a parent's mug shot will show up online. you have to explain to the kids so they don't find out on their own. i think it's more detrimental to the kids when they learn that way. >> krista? >> i think the proof is in the numbers. they're saying 2.7 million kids
11:52 am
are affected by this. be able to have a dialogue to understand where their father is or where their mother is. it is alarming how many children and families are dealing with this situation. >> here's the criticism, though. i saw the 2.7 million number as well. u.s. incarceration rate is highest in the world. this is a criticism. this is from mike riggs of reason magazine blogs. congratulations, america, to making it almost normal to have a parent in prison or jail. krista, does he have a point? normalizing this? >> well, i don't think 2.7 million is normal. >> it's reality. >> yeah. we live in a different world now. to his point, it's a digital age where you can google, you can find out all this information now. i think it's better to have the power for the individual to have the power and the tools to do it. >> let me move to movies. there was a huge something that's steven spielberg and george lucas said at this
11:53 am
conference where they were speaking. according to spielberg the trend in big blockbuster movies is unquestionable. quote, there's going to be an implosion where three or four or even a half dozen of these megabudgeted movies go crashing into the fwround. that's going to change the paradigm again. he predicts movies, tickets to movies lake "iron man 3" will cost you 25 bucks while maybe a more historic film like "lincoln" will set you back $7. john? 25 bucks? for the movies? >> no. i'm not paying it. luckily -- here's the thing. i'm a journalist. i do a lot of work in the film industry. i see a lot of screenings for free. i don't necessarily understand what it's like to be the consumer paying the ticket. >> good for you. >> i will say this. hollywood better take note. their inability to be unique, they're putting all their eggs in one basket, investing so much money in a movie they hope will be a blockbuster then it's a bust like "after earth." their inability to want to engage and embrace the multicultural america and do projects that emphasize
11:54 am
diversity, it's going to be to the debtment of the film industry. movies are going to continue to lose money because they're not speaking to the right audience. that's why people like will packer and tyler perry are successful. they cater to the underserved audience. >> krista, final word. a movie like "broadway" paying 150 bucks, they're saying. >> what they're talking about is basically creating a must-see experience much like a sporting event where you go in and you can actually order dinner, have a drink. the theater looks a little differently. seats are like a la-z-boy. it becomes a different experience than watching spiderman in a regular movie theater. i think that's more what he's talking about. it is a big issue. especially now with cable television. >> and the internet. and netflix. >> exactly. >> everything else. >> "house of cards." >> i better get some champagne and filet if i'm paying 150 bucks. thank you guys very, very much. back in a moment. matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke...
11:55 am
...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke.
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11:58 am
a traumatic brain injury nearly killed ryan boyle. dr. sanjay gupta has his remarkable story in this week's "human factor." >> like a lot of 9-year-old boys ryan boyle loved to ride around and pop wheelies on his bike. >> i would always ride my mountain bike. >> he was riding a friend's big wheel when a freak accident turned his life upsidedown. >> i slid down the driveway backwards into the road and into the path of a speeding pickup truck. it hit me in the back of the head at 30 miles per hour. >> reporter: boyle's injuries
11:59 am
were catastrophic. broken arm, pelvis, femur, shoulder, six broken ribs. and a devastating traumatic brain injury. doctors doubted he'd even live through the emergency surgery. >> my neurosurgeon said to my parents when i came out of surgery that, i operated on him as if he had a chance. >> reporter: boyle did have a chance. two months later, he woke up from a coma. >> my neuroologist took a look at me. he said, i am optimistic that ryan will regain enough strength in his right hand to type. my parents just shot back, oh, no. he'll be running and riding his bike. >> reporter: obviously, his parents knew best. boyle went from being unable to speak or walk to eventually
12:00 pm
riding a stationary bike during his therapy sessions. as he struggled to understand what had happened to him, being able to ride became boyle's salvation. that was then. this is now. boyle's thriving as a college freshman. just like when he was growing up, his bike is always nearby. >> i'm on my own bike team. actually, the first paracycling team in the country. >> reporter: he's not done yet. boyle hopes to represent team usa in the 2016 paralympics. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. vigilante justice. a mom catches a predator by posing at her 11-year-old daughter. >> you're just like, oh, my god. what if. >> i'm brooke baldwin. >> i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now.
12:01 pm
-- captions by vitac -- the feds say this actress sent ricin laced letters to the president and michael bloomberg. then tried framing her husband. well, the husband is about to tell me his side of the story. plus -- >> these disclosures have caused significant harm to our nation and to our safety. >> the man who leaked nsa secrets is still on the run. but the fbi suggests, not for long. and racism and hate directed at a boy who sang the national anthem at the nba finals. he responds. >> if they don't like mariachi, that's their problem, but i love it. top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. trouble with m.j. big trouble. that is the precise wording from an e-mail from the former ceo of concert promoter aeg. referring to michael jackson. just days before his death.
12:02 pm
cnn has now obtained deposition video played for jurors this week in the jackson family's wrongful death lawsuit against aeg. we're going to show you part of one of those videos here in just a second. but this is dan beckerman. he's the recipient of that alarming e-mail. he is the current ceo of the company that was promoting jackson's "this is it" concert. here you go. >> in this e-mail from him to you, it says trouble with m.j., big trouble. what are you guys up to tonight? do you see that? >> mm-hmm. >> yes? >> yes. >> and do you know why it is -- or what was your understanding of why mr. leiwicki was informing you about trouble with m.j. let many ask you this way. do you have an understanding of what he was talking about? >> no. >> and did you respond to mr. liwicki? >> sure looks like it. >> what did you tell him? >> you want me to read what it says? >> sure. >> it says, i figured something
12:03 pm
might be wrong given how jittery randy has been this week. is it preshow nerves bad or get a straight jacket collar insurance carrier bad. we're around tonight just hanging out. >> joey jackson is an attorney and a legal analyst for our sister station hln. when you hear that, joey, straight jacket bad, mental breakdown, first, are they talking about michael jackson? because these executives seem to be bobbing and weaving all over the place in these videos. >> just a little bit. you know, this is important, brooke. we have to evaluate it in the context. now, what is the context? it's a lawsuit that says they didn't do enough. that the aig executives were negligent in what they knew or should have known regarding michael jackson's condition. when you look at this and they say, of course, their defense is we didn't know. we didn't really hire him. we didn't really supervise. this was all michael jackson. how should we know he was in a bad state of affairs?
12:04 pm
this goes to show they did know, brooke, what his state of affairs were. therefore it's very damaging. >> smoking gun, the e-mails? >> i think it's beyond a smoking fw gun, brooke. i classify it as a bit of a fire. the reality is certainly it just gives them some knowledge. they want you to be left with the impression, the aeg executives, they didn't know the severity of his condition. they were not aware. if they knew, they would have taken measures. but this seems to suggest that they really did know and did not do enough. so i think that's why it is just so damaging as it comes in during this trial. >> joey jackson, thank you. now to florida where a mom is stunned when she finds out her 11-year-old daughter has become the target of a predator. so what does she do? she turns the tables. she starts spinning a web, working with police to lure this criminal in. john zarrella has her story. >> reporter: carolyn could not believe what she was reading. quote, are you still a virgin? nor what she was seeing. nude pictures. >> i was just overwhelmed.
12:05 pm
unbelievable. i couldn't believe it. you know, i thought it happened to other people. not right here in my home. >> reporter: it all started last month. late one night, carolyn, who we will only identify by her first name, decided to check her 11-year-old daughter's phone. she found a bunch of facebook messages. no big deal if they were from other kids. but they weren't. >> you see this guy. and he's actually a grown man. so that's what set off the alarm in me. >> reporter: the man, now charged with sending the lewd texts and pictures, is this man. 23-year-old michael jerome bradley. but bradley might still be out there if not for carolyn's dogged pursuit. at first, police told carolyn they did not have enough to arrest him. so pretending to be her daughter, she gave bradley her phone number. he kept texting. so she picked up the phone and called him. >> what do you say to him. >> i called him up and i said, hey, you know this girl that you're texting, that you keep harassing on the phone, she's
12:06 pm
only 11 years old. i'm like, if you don't stop calling her phone and texting her, i'm going to call the police. >> reporter: carolyn says bradley still didn't know he was texting mom, and mom was texting him back. >> all the while he's thinking it's her. >> reporter: quote, hey, you know it's my birthday just passed. i just made 12. i know i got a gift when i see you. response? yeah. birthday sex. and another allegedly from bradley. you want me to pick you up from school? let me know something. i know you don't have much freedom. finally, carolyn had enough. bradley, she says, went on and on, wanting a picture. >> i i'm looking in the sunday's paper. i just, boom. my eyes fell right on the perfect picture. i sent it to him. >> it was this photo. a young woman from a target add. after that, carolyn says is when bradley sent more explicit texts and the nude photos. now police had enough to pick
12:07 pm
him up. on several obscenity charges and unlawful communication. >> but the scariest part is, you know, you just, like, oh, my god. what if? you know, that's the biggest problem. the what if. >> reporter: john zarrella, cnn, st. petersburg, florida. >> doesn't this story absolutely give you the creeps? but, you know, in this case the vigilante justice worked. is it a good idea, though? and how much should anyone, mom, dad, get involved in trying to catch a criminal? let's talk to steve cartian, former police detective from new york. good to see you. thank goodness for this mother. she was clearly on a mission. she succeeded. but what do you make of her tactics? >> you know, brooke, it appears she had gone to law enforcement. it's got to bring a smile to your face that this ended in such a good conclusion. >> thank goodness. >> reporter: ye>> yeah. i encourage parents to go to police. she was diligent. she did the right things.
12:08 pm
in today's world we have to have the passwords for our children, passwords for our kids. most kids, most children, most young adults have multiple account on twitter, on instagram. parents need to do tu due diligence. >> it's a good thing she involved police. did she potentially put her daughter in harm's way by continuing to be in touch with this guy? >> there certainly comes an assumed risk with that type of behavior that she engaged in. but to her, again, she had fwoen gone to the police department. they didn't have enough. i always encourage parents at the first inception, turn it over the law enforcement. they have the tools to deal with that. every police department at least has an internet savvy detective or agent working for them. they have a lot of resources at their fingertips. >> steve kardian, thank you. great advice. happening now, leaders from an alphabet soup of intelligence agencies, fbi, nsa, they're meeting with senators. it is a private briefing. earlier the director of the fbi
12:09 pm
shared some public details on the national security agency gathering your private data. robert mueller testified before members of a house committee today and told them this. the gathering information on wro your phone calls is legal, it's effective, and the more we talk about this, the more we compromise the purpose of doing it. >> i can tell you every time that we have a leak like this, if you follow it up and you look at the intelligence afterwards, and there are persons that are out there who follow this very, very, very, very closely. and they are looking for ways around it. one of the great vulnerabilities that terrorists understand is their communications. and they are consistently looking for ways to have secure communications. and any tidbit of information comes out in terms of our capabilities and our programs and the like, they are immediately finding ways around it. >> so what about the fbi's progress in capturing the man who leaked those documents? mueller had this to say about edward snowden. >> as to the individual who has admitted making these
12:10 pm
disclosures, he is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation. these disclosures have caused significant harm to our nation and to our safety. we're taking all necessary steps to hold the person responsible for these disclosures. >> these disclosures have led to growing support for snowden in the city which he ran off to, hong kong. many call him a whistle blower. many people there, they're planning a rally for him this saturday. hong kong, as you know, is part of china. now there are moves to find out just how close snowden's ties to china are. want to go straight to brian todd for that side of the story. b ya what are you learning? >> with the damage assessments going on, a dual concern among officials is the possibility edward snowden might defect. snowden did tell the newspaper the south china morning post the u.s. government's been hacking into computers in hong kong and mainland china, quote, for years. he told "the guardian" he had access to the full rosters of
12:11 pm
everyone working at the nsa and undercover assets all around the world. also had access, he says, to the location of spy stations and their missions. t now, it's not clear if he really had this or if he was just bragging about it. he did say his intent was not the harm the united states. the concerns in washington are cal pa palpable right now. listen to what house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers said. >> we're going to make sure there's a thorough scrub of what -- what his china connections are. >> i've also just spoken with one former senior nsa official and a former cia officer. both of them told me they are certain that the chinese government has at least made contact with edward snowden at this point. former cia officer robert bayer gave a sobering take on just how closely surveilled snowden would be in hong kong. >> chinese intelligence has that
12:12 pm
place riddled with sources, people, cooperative, police, the rest of f it. it's impossible to hide in hong kong. yus just impossible. a man whose face is this well known, you can't -- he can't be kpamp i wandering around. that city is comm econtrolled b chinese intelligence. >> we've called and e-mailed the chinese embassy in washington asking if their government has had any contact with edward snowden, asking if they would offer him asylum if he asked. we have not heard back. other u.s. rivals? we asked and iranian official at the u.n. if they'd had contact. no word back. an official at the russian embassy here in washington did not know of any contact his government had with snowden. he did reiterate what president vladimir putin's spokesman said. he said if he asked for asylum the russians will, quote, consider it. brooke, he is a gold mine for intelligence. these are rival countries with the u.s. at least in the intelligence wars.
12:13 pm
they'll be all over him if he wants to go to them. >> brian todd, look for your reporting on t"the situation roo room". in colorado, tens of thousands of acres burned. this is black forest, colorado. authorities now say this fire is the most destructive in the state's history. coming up next, we're going to talk to a woman who merely hours ago found out her home of more than four decades is gone. plus, we have just gotten word a tornado warning right now in effect for fredericksburg, virginia. we're watching the black skies, next. ♪
12:14 pm
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allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. to colorado now and the nightmare for folks who live there affected by these massive wildfires. 38,000 evacuees in total so far out of their homes hoping, praying for the best. today officials say this main fire, it's the black forest fire, is the worst in state history when it comes to sheer loss of property. this fire has destroyed at least 360 homes including the home of my next guest, paula warren. she has just learned she has lost her home of 41 years. she is kind enough to join me
12:17 pm
there from colorado springs. paula, i am so sorry. tell me how you're doing. tell me how you heard about your home. >> i heard about it from a friend about three hours ago. i guess there's a list of houses, and it's on the internet. and it rates them between not affected, some damage, and total loss. mine was in the total loss. but on the good side of it, my next five-acre neighbor has no smoke damage or any damage at all. so this was a weird fire. it's not like a forest fire that you think of a forest fire. it was a ground forest fire that moved on the ground until it hits an object as a house, not a tree. and it takes the -- the fuel from that.
12:18 pm
>> how incredibly selfless of you to have lost your home and you are immediately happy for your neighbor. so wow. were you able to -- when you evacuated, paula, earlier in the week were you able to grab anything? any precious mementos, money, before you left? >> i did get a few dollars. and four pair of socks. and my two little miniature horses and my two dogs. and then i was going for clothes, and the sheriff was in my house, had me by the arm and said, we're going now. and that's what i have. what i have on and my four clean pair of socks is it. >> my goodness f nesgoodness. >> but that's okay. >> that's okay. you have yourself. you are a-okay, thank goodness. is there anything -- have you had a moment, i know this was a couple hours ago, has this sunk in? i know i was in oklahoma talking to people who lost homes. everybody just keeps talking about photos.
12:19 pm
did you lose photos, presumably? >> yeah. everything. it's all gone. i won't say that, though. because there is still that little corner of me that's optimistic that once we get in there and i can get into the rubble, there's going to be -- there's going to be things that didn't burn up. so, you know, it's all good. the house will rise out of the ashes. and i've already named it the phoenix. i don't know what it's going to look like yet. but it's going to be okay. >> i love your attitude. tell me, do you plan to rebuild? will you stay where you are? >> exactly, yes. yes. 41 years. that's my life. my home. i'm there. >> you have your life. >> and i still have trees. >> i'm glad you have those trees. good luck building the home and keep those trees as a reminder of once what stood. paula warren for us in colorado. paula, my best to you. thank you so much. coming up, a story that has, i know, a lot of people talking today. this 11-year-old sings the
12:20 pm
national anthem before the nba game. people taking to social media to complain. not about his voice, but about his heritage. hear how he's responding to the criticism, 11 years old. i don't make any decisions about who to hire without going to angie's list first. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i'm very excited about making the shrimp and lobster pot pie.
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12:23 pm
you are about to see real grace in the faces of pretty brutal online bullying. ♪ >> sebastien de la cruz. you may recognize this little guy. he's the 11-year-old mariachi singer who was the huge hit last year on "america's got talent." just this past tuesday night he sang the national anthem at the nba playoff game, finals game in san antonio. ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ >> i mean, seriously? he's amazing.
12:24 pm
but it wasn't long before the peanut gallery showed the ugly side of social media with a barrage of racist comments on twitter. here are a couple tweets. these are the ones we can actually show you on television. quote, why they got a mexican kid singing the national anthem, bleep. another one. why is a foreigner singing the nash national anthem? i realize that's san antonio but that still ain't mexico. another one. who let this illegal alien sing our national anthem? let's talk about this. let me bring in cnn in espanol. >> hi, brooke. it's great being with you from miami. inteed, though he has received terrible backlash online, just because he wanted to represent his culture, his parents' culture through his attire. typical mariachi attire. he is a very smart boy. he's not letting the negativity get to him. after the scandal he said he's a
12:25 pm
proud american. and he will not let the criticism stop his singing career. let's take a listen. >> i think that the people were talking bad was because of what i was wearing. and it's not my fault. it's what i love. and i'm just proud to be a mariachi singer. like, it's -- it's their opinion, actually. and if they don't like mariachi, that's their problem, but i love it. >> after the national anthem incident de la cruz tweeted, please don't pay attention to the people. i am an american living the american dream. this is part of the american life. back to you. >> that's the thing. he is an american. you see all these tweets, it's just ignorance. they didn't do their homework. they didn't realize he was born in america. i have to say there was a lot of backlash to those racist tweets as well. >> absolutely. brooke, he was born in san antonio, which makes him obviously a legal citizen. not only he is from texas, born and raised, he has lived in the
12:26 pm
u.s. his whole life. even his father was in the navy for a pretty long time. he is, he's from mexican background. but he's in a country made of immigrants. he was dressed in his typical mariachi attire because he said he wanted to honor his family's culture and mariachi. like you said, a lot of people wrote online positive messages in regards of his personal performance. which was flawless. we have to be honest. he's only 10 years old and he did a great job. the people that defended him wrote the following. why are people so upset over a hispanic singing the national anthem? he's probably got more roots in here than most americans. a lot of haters. a lot of people that wrote negative comments on twitter, they actually ended up shutting down their accounts after the comments. >> how about that? i thought he was incredible. i think we'll see a lot more of him in the future. alejandro, thank you so much. let's roll on to breaking news. we are getting word, this is what we're learning. multiple people have been shot at a business in st. louis.
12:27 pm
these are live pictures from the scene. we're told police have walked into this location now, but the suspect is on the loose. more breaking news, st. louis, after this quick break. ♪ ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me play among the stars ♪ and let me see what spring is like ♪ ♪ on jupiter and mars ♪ in other words [ male announcer ] the classic is back. ♪ i love [ male announcer ] the all-new chevrolet impala. chevrolet. find new roads. ♪ you
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
all right. let me bring you up to speed. breaking news here at cnn. live pictures. this is the st. louis area. we are looking at a police presence at this business in st. louis as there are now multiple
12:30 pm
shooting victims. this is according to our affiliate out of st. louis, ktvi. the 2700 block of cherokee street. if you know the neighborhood. police say there are multiple shooting victims. we don't have a precise number. this is just happening. this is early on. police said that the shots were fired inside this cherokee place business incubator. as you can see, police on the scene. apparently police, you know, are inside with dogs. they are looking for the shooter. crime scene unit there. so this area, this is cherokee street, blocked off from iowa to jefferson. multiple shooting victims. we're going to follow this story with you. also following another breaking story. this is out of the virginia/d.c. air wre area. chad meyers joining me now. we've been talking about tornadoes. you're saying sterling, virginia. >> sterling, virginia, across the river eventually toward rockville, gaitersburg, on up the pike. a tornado warning for you. this storm has been slightly
12:31 pm
rotating. but i think because there are so many people affected, weather service put that warning out early. 53,111 people affected by that tornado warning. there's leaesburg, virginia. there's the radar. that's where the ray tar goes around here. a severe thunderstorm warning because of wind speeds over 60 miles per hour. look at this number affected, brooke. 2.6 million people could be affected by wind damage here as the storm continues to move out of virginia, into the northern sections here of maryland. and into d.c. kind of draw this out for you. this is a little bit significant. there's d.c. here's the virginia part of d.c. this is the storm up here. leesburg, moving to the east. this would be poolsville. eventually toward gaitersburg. this is that rockville pike area to the northwest of washington, d.c. here gives you an idea of the animation of how it's actually moving. we talk all the time, brooke, you and i, don't look for a line of weather to affect you. look for one single cell to
12:32 pm
affect you. and there it is. there's that single cell not being affected by any other storm. it is the big dog. it's the one that's able to rotate because nobody else is bumping into it. that's the storm we're worried about moving across from leesburg toward rockville. this is north of washington, d.c. proper. >> look at this picture. sheer gray, here, wjla. affiliate out of d.c. chad meyers will keep us posted. the weather team will let us know what happens. also that multiple shooting at the business in st. louis. let me move on. because imagine this. imagine how hard it would be to see your mother arrested before your very eyes. then i'm certain you can understand how a 2-year-old girl felt as she watched her mother handcuffed in this story. our affiliate klas uncovered this video. this is from 2011. in just a moment you will hear this girl's mother, who was at a
12:33 pm
court for a routine divorce case, accuse the court martial, right there, of sexually assaulting her during a random drug search. but the female hearing master turned her back to her. the woman was ordered to be arrested by the man who she says assaulted her. this video has hundreds of thousands of people absolutely outraged on social media. just want to warn you, the video was tough for even some of us to watch. here is nathan bacha from our affiliate klas. >> i'm just going to close the case out and dissolve the order. >> all right. thank you. >> reporter: monica contreras came to family court with her 2-year-old daughter. she was in court for only a few minutes on a routine divorce case. according to internal court documents review by the i team, family court martial ordered contreras into a waiting room by herself for an unexplainable drug search. she says he touched her buttocks, breast and ordered her to lift up her shirt. a later internal investigation validated her claims. contreras went right back into
12:34 pm
the same courtroom to tell hearing master her request to have a female martial search her were ignored. >> i think i'd rather have a female in here. i was just offended by it. i'm just offended that he asked me to do that. >> so the story stands? >> contreras pleads as martial james kenyon begins to arrest her. >> turn around, put your hands behind your back. >> can you please tell me? >> because of false allegations made against a police officer. >> what? >> we looked and could find no law supporting that arrest let alone any law allowing an alleged sexual assault victim to be arrested by the alleged assaulter. >> jimmy, i've got court. i don't have time to do this. arrest her. i take the kid. we're done. >> why would you do that to me, sir? >> you're making false allegations. >> after repeated attempts by martials to get contreras to recant her story, she breaks down. >> let me go, please.
12:35 pm
let me go. it was all lies. it was all lies. all lies. please, stop. >> we can do this the easy way. we can do this the hard way. >> marshall faulks tells contreras the only way she can avoid jail is to step up to the microphone and recant. she agrees but does the opposite. >> he asked me to lift up my shirt without a witness. she asked me to -- you asked me to lift up my shirt without a witness. >> reporter: for four minutes contreras pleaded to the hearing master to hear her. donniger didn't look at the alleged sexual assault victim. deciding instead to play with contreras's daughter. >> why did you do this to me? how could you watch? how could you watch? >> reporter: contreras's 2-year-old daughter confronts the martials arresting her mother. >> sir, don't take my mama. >> he asked me to lift up my shirt without a witness. i said i don't think that's a good idea. >> that's my mama.
12:36 pm
>> contreras kisses her daughter before being sent to jail. her young daughter sent to child haven. two months later, contreras filed a complaint with court martial internal affairs. after a six-month internal affairs investigation, martial ron faulks was fired. nobody from the county told her that. she found out because we told her. she asked we blur her face. >> i hope i tid the right thing by telling internal affairs. it makes me feel good because now i know i was right. >> we went to the top of clark county court administration. they released a statement reading court intern knell are prohibited from commenting on the video because it's a personnel matter. when the actions of any district court employee are called into question, the court immediately responds by conducting a fair, thorough investigation. upon completion, taking appropriate action. even though martial faulks was fired, sources tell the i-team clark county is widening its investigation into why this incident and a growing number of
12:37 pm
assault allegations were never reported by family court management to internal affairs. >> nathan bacha joins me from las vegas. great investigative journalism. couple questions for you. one, is that woman taking any legal action against the court, against the marshal? >> she is. the lieutenant who was in charge of this unit, this family court-martials unit -- you have a situation now where there are other cases coming forward. that same supervisor allegedly choked a woman who was in a restraint chair, saying you're in my house now. so you have more instances finally coming to light. >> wow. what about this woman yus hejus hearing that little girl, watching her mother handcuffed,
12:38 pm
saying that's my mama. how is the woman? how is her child? >> the child had to spend a day in child haven, which is a location where children are sent if they are effectively wards of court. until her father was able to pick her up. because of that arrest that you saw, what many would argue would be a wrongful arrest, that arrest was later used against her in a future child custody hearing, meaning that she wasn't able to have custody of her child, that daughter, for several months. >> and this judge, i fwesz you refer to her as a hearing master. i know so many people are watching her, you know, thinking, my goodness. she should be fired. could she be? >> she can be. here in las vegas judges are elected. except she is a hearing master. she is appointed by the clark county court administration here in las vegas. so it is up to -- she does serve at the pleasure of the las vegas court administration. so there are certainly questions about why las vegas court administration is keeping her on the job.
12:39 pm
>> i need to point out that we, cnn, reached out to the attorney. he declined comment. nathan baca, great reporting. we'll follow it right along with klas. as we mentioned, two breaking news stories we're watching right now for you. first, multiple people reported shot at this business in st. louis. aerial pictures as we're getting new information for you. we'll pass it along. we're told the shooter is on the loose. we'll take you to that scene. plus, a tornado warning in effect for northwest d.c. look at these skies. dark, dark skies over the virginia, d.c., maryland area. updates on those stories, next. if there was a pill
12:40 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:47 pm
were fired inside this cherokee place business, incubator. huge police presence here. they're inside with dogs. let me just be totally transparent and say there's conflicting reports as far as whether or not there is an active search for the shooter. or not. depending on the source of that. so we still don't quite know. we also don't know, obviously, who this individual is. the shooter or the -- how those who have been shot, how they're doing. the crime scene unit is on the scene. this is cherokee street if you know st. louis, if you're in the area, cherokee street has been blocked off from iowa to jefferson. multiple shooting victims here in st. louis. we're going to stay on this. let me also talk about newtown, connecticut. because newtown, connecticut, parent here has an emotional plea for lawmakers. six months after his son was murdered at sandy hook elementary school. this week marks six months now. 7-year-old daniel barden dreamed of being a fireman when he grew up. barden's father and other
12:48 pm
victims' families made another trip to washington to meet with lawmakers. they did this yesterday. and pled for action on gun control. jake tapper, host of "the lead" joins me now to tell me about this interview with newtown father mark barden. how is he doing? >> well, not great as you might expect. a lot of the parents there just one day before the six-month commemoration of the tragedy at sandy hook are still struggling to find answers and still struggling to make sense of -- of what they've been through. they're trying to push for lawmakers to address further restrictions on high capacity magazines. further restrictions on semiautomatic ricfles. addressing the mental health crisis in this town. i also took a moment when i talked to mark barden to ask him about his son, daniel. >> what do you want people to know about daniel. >> there's a lot of kind of cliche terms that people used to refer to daniel in his life as an old soul. and as a light.
12:49 pm
and that's so true. and the shame of it is, there's so many people that won't get to meet him now. daniel had a wonderful way of looking beyond himself. and always concerned with the welfare of others. and wanted to comfort other people. and he was just a constant source of positive energy to all that were around him. >> brooke, mark talked about one of the things that they are trying to get people to think about when they think about daniel is what would daniel do specifically. they're pushing for people to take the lesson of daniel barden. of who would talk to the kids in the playground who were all by themselves. and who often have a difficult time in life and sometimes that rage ends up manifesting itself in horrific ways. that's one of the things we talked about. more on that interview coming up on "the lead."
12:50 pm
we'll talk about the wildfires in colorado, which look to be even worse, the shooting you talked about in st. louis and so a lot to come up on "the lead." >> one other item we're watching, we've been talking about the tornado warnings in the virginia, northwest of washington. look at that sky. you can't see anything. >> yeah, there's a tornado on the ground right there. that's a water spout. this is a storm significantly south of washington, d.c. the wgla has been chasing with their helicopter. it did move across into the peninsula into the chesapeake bay. can i easily see the circulation in the water right there. that's the storm that just moved across drum point and will eventually get across the chesapeake bay toward the eastern shore. the storm i'm significantly more concerned about would be the storm that's causing significant damage right now over rockville,
12:51 pm
maryland. the winds will have gusted over 75 miles an hour. that's doppler indicated. without a doubt there's some circulation that could have a tornado close to gaitersberg and rockville. you need to be taking cover. this covers hundreds of thousands of people in that area. >> chad, thank you and we will be right back. she's still the one for you - you know it even after all these years. but your erectile dysfunction - you know,that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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12:53 pm
day one of the u.s. open and, yes, many eyes were on the wet weather just outside of
12:54 pm
philadelphia, but there was a major subplot here in today's first round. remember this dynamic duo? yup, tiger woods, former caddy steve williams. this was back in friendlier times. they had a notorious split shortly after tiger woods' sex scandal. but they will be in the same group today. don, tiger woods is scheduled to play with rory mcilroy and adam scott. let's talk about the whole caddy issue. a little awkward perhaps? >> well, you know, it might be. these two guys were such good buddies and such a good team. they won 13 major titles together. their split was so acrimonious a couple of years ago. i don't think they hold each other in particularly high regard these days. they have been paired in the same grouping before, but this is the first time they've run into each other in a major championship.
12:55 pm
will it be awkward? i think if they were invited to the same dinner party but not so much here. i think tiger is so single mindedness approach to the game, he's probably so focused, he'll probably look straight through steve williams when they meet at the same tee at 4:44 and tigers focused on trying to win his first major championship in five years. >> an update on the breaking story out of st. louis. we have confirmed four people shot. more on that after the break. matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke...
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we are following two breaking news stories for you this late afternoon. first and foremost, an update for you on a tragic story here in st. louis, missouri.
12:59 pm
we've been talking about multiple shooting victims here at this business in st. louis. i can now confirm that there are four adult victims, as in four people have been shot and killed. we're told from st. louis police two men and two women confirmed dead at a scene of the shooting. this is the 2700 block of cherokee street in st. louis. police are there, thaey've cordoned off the streets. as far as whether or not they're actively seeking the shooter, there are conflicting reports on that. stay tuned to cnn over the next hour or so. before i let you go, let's go to these live pictures. this is the d.c./maryland, virginia area. chad was talking about the water spouts in the chesapeake area basically heading toward eastern shore. look at this. he was saying specifically if
1:00 pm
you're in gaithersburg, mayor lan, the win -- maryland, the wind, the rain coming down. just be careful. i will see you tomorrow. now "the lead" starts right now. remember how bad those fires were in colorado last year? well, this year's are even worse. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." we're track it would go breaking news stories. there's a widespread weather alert for the washington d.c. area, damaging wind gusts of more than 70 miles an hour are expected. we're watching the skies. and a mandatory evacuation order has just been issued to colorado spr springs. 360 moments evacuated. and presidential candidate and