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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  June 15, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bottom of the hour. welcome back. i'm alison kosik. thanks for being with us this morning. here are some stories making headlines this hour. i want to show you this remarkable new video cnn obtained of the castro brothers in ohio. you're looking at the first moment the brothers were in custody, about six hours after three missing girls escaped from ariel's home. the current suspect, ariel, he's there in the center. he appears passive throughout the tape but look at his brothers, onil and pedro. they're upset. you can see one scene, onil had a physical outburst there. physically running into a glass wall. not just once but doing this
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twice. meantime, authorities are conducting dna tests on evidence to determine if any additional victims may have been held inside his cleveland home. investigators are examining what's left of an outdoor deck at a popular sports bar in miami. they're trying to figure out how it collapsed into the water thursday night, sending some patrons to the hospital with critical injuries. we're also hearing some of the 911 calls made the night of the accident. >> miami-dade county police and fire. where's the emergency? >> i'm at shucker's bar & grill and the deck just totally physically collapsed. there's at least 100, at least, people in the water right now. other people are going in to save them but it's horrible. >> about 100 people were on the deck when it collapsed. police in california say the suspect in the santa monica shootings left a farewell note, apologizing for killing his father and his brother but he did not explain why he went on
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that rampage a week ago. five people were killed. police say john zawahri tried to buy a gun if 2011 but was denied because of a justice department notice. they say they used gun parts to build a gun. when the boy scouts of america voted last week to allow gay teens into their organization, the lbgt community and its advocates celebrated the decision. but there were some who didn't share in the excitement. since that vote, some pastors across the country have booted local boy scouts groups from their churches, stopped them from meeting there. including this one at the marietta church outside of atlanta. if you're wondering why, here's the pastor ernest easley explaining the decision. >> boys in a tent sexually attracted to other boys whose hormones are going off the wall, something's going to happen.
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>> pastor easley got a standing ovation from his congregation when he kicked out troop 204, but he also ruffled some feathers including a nearby house of worship which in response placed on their marquee outside welcoming the boy scouts. the senior pastor at the church, the one world spiritual pastor in mare yet that. marietta. >> you're a reverend, right? >> right. >> and pastor easley is here as well. we heard your explanation. i know the goal of christianity is to be christ-like. do you think jesus would have kicked those boys out? >> you know trying to be christ-like is a challenge these days. i think about when guys tried to trick jesus up, they brought a girl, a woman caught in
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adultery, jesus confronted her with her sin. he didn't condone it. he confronted it. he didn't say keep on doing what you're doing, but because he loved her, he said go and sin no more. >> but do you think he would have kicked these boy scouts out? do you think that's the right decision? >> i know this, as a bible-believing church, roswell street church, we're not going to align ourselves in a formal capacity with any outside group that openly accepts and affirms moral practices that violate god's word. >> reverend cy, you welcomed them to your church. why? >> one world is an intrafaith community. we welcome many. we focus on what's at the hat of the world's great religions. and what we believe is primarily at the heart of those religions is love. so this decision to invite any
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boy scout troop asked to leave is simply us being who we are. it's just a great opportunity to live what we believe. >> pastor easley did you think you didn't have gay boys and teens in your church before the boy scouts said it's okay to save it? >> oh, sure. i think it's naive not to think that. and at roswell street baptist, i think i was asked last week, would you allow a homosexual in your church. we invite them. we invite every adulterer. liar, sinner in our church that allows the message for god to restore them. >> you responded to that question. i'd like to know what? >> well, at one world, we believe that we are exactly as god created us to be. we welcome everyone to our community. we don't judge who you love any more than we would judge the
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color of your eyes. so, again, i'm just delighted that we have this opportunity to spread that message of love that believe is -- was jesus' primary message, love your neighbor as yourself. >> let me follow up that. do you think what you are spreading, what you are displaying, pastor easley, is love by telling them to get out? >> i do. because -- >> how? >> well, because love doesn't condone sin. it confronts it. and over and over in scripture, you find sin not condoned but confronted. even jesus on many occasions when they confronted with sinners, they experienced forgiveness and grace. and then he says go and sin no more. you know. i think what sin does, it divides people, it destroys people physically, psychologically, spiritually. that's why jesus came and he died. and he rose from the grave in order to set people free from
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sin. its bondsage. to have peace with god through a relationship with jesus. >> i want to read something that was posed on your facebook page. we've got here. we can put it up on the screen. if you're christian and you're against homosexuality, it's not because you're christian, it's because you're homophobic. are you homophobic? >> absolutely not. no. in fact, we're concerned and burdened for every homosexual. and again every liar and adulterer and any sin -- any moral sin you want to discuss. >> out you don't kick out liars and adulterers? >> no but we're not embracing an outside organization that add slvo indicates it. frankly, we're not kicking anybody out of the church. >> well, are they holding meetings there, the troupe's not meeting there because you told them not to meet there? >> actually, they will meet until the end of the year.
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>> but they won't be when the policy is in place. that's your decision? >> that's right. >> so indeed you did kick them out? >> they're not members of our church. it's just an outside organization that we sponsor, that we open our buildings to. >> there's an obvious contradiction that if you allow, in your words, you say, you allow homosexuals to be members of your church -- >> i did not say that. >> okay. explain. clarify that. >> i said they're welcome to come to our church? >> but they're not allowed to be members? >> no, they're not allowed to be members. not until they come to terms with their sin, repent with it. and come to jesus with their savior. >> every time i look at you, your face kind of changes. what do you believe about this policy from the boy scouts and also churches like pastor easley's church that decides that you cannot be a member if you're a homosexual? >> well, clearly, we support the new policy. and we actually believe this is a much more limited issue than
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we're being exposed to. the good news is, that most of the churches and organizations that support and sponsor boy scouts are continuing to do so. most of the response that we've gotten, based on our very incident marquee sign, is overwhelmingly positive with people supporting this decision. and supporting the organizations who are honoring the decision that the national organization has made. >> all right. reverend seigh, pastor easley, thank you both for talking with us. >> thanks. >> thank you. you're about to be interrogated by an officer. >> i'm an officer and that's mier. . my perp. >> when you leave i'll shut the door. >> girl, you better run. >> melissa mccarthy getting
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welcome back. we are in the e-block. that means time for entertainment. >> let's go ahead and start with some people are calling the worst photo shop job ever. >> really bad. >> look at this post from the uk for a new 20th century fox movie called "heat." that's sandra bullock on the
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left. on the right is a very different looking melissa mccarthy. >> look at her face. she appears to be much slimmer. here's a side by side of the real mccarthy and the edited mccarthy. joining me now b-103 entertainment correspondent kendra g. good morning. and cnn weekly editor kim serafin. we're going to start with you. why did they do that. >> they photo-shop everything. it's sad, i love melissa mccarthy. she's just so bubbly. she's very comfortable in her own skin. what i love about this, the consumers are talking about it, that makes it outrageous. i think coming soon we'll back away from the photo shopping. they photo shop everything. she's not the only person that happens to. >> the new york observer's rex reed famously attacked mccarthy this past february calling her a
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tractor size, a female hippo. and, quote, a comedian who has devoted her short career with being obese and obnoxious with equal success. why all this hate for a woman who has built her career that any starlet would enviv. >> every movie that she's in -- >> she's awesome. where's all the hatred coming from? >> america, people in general, are generally not that kind on people overweight. just being honest about it. but that's about the person who said it, not about her. we'll come to a point in time, all these weight issues, even i have a pressure to be thin and look a certain way. but i think those comments were so horrible and they were so mean that you can't even take them seriously. it's all about that person and that person has a lot of hate issues themselves. >> kim, i want to read for you the response to the attack. she said to "the new york times." i felt really bad for someone who's swimming in so much hate.
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it's difficult to, i don't know, take this culture in hollywood seriously. and when you discuss serious roles, could she be a leading woman in this culture in hollywood in a drama, or is it just okay for larger people to play comedic roles. >> she's obviously created this niche for herself. she is responding as you mentioned. it was really good that she did not say anything back in february when this review came out. a lot of other people said things. but now she's speaking out saying if she was 20 this might have affected her. now, she's in a happy place in her life. and she has two daughters herself and she almost wanting to make sure that other people are not affected by comments like this. we're seeing in hollywood a lot of different sizes and types and ages in hollywood. so i think there's definitely a changing reaction out there. people do want to see people of all different shapes and sizes. and i think like melissa
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mccarthy paved that way. >> let's talk about roberto cavalli and the sketches for beyonce showing her with barbie doll legs. now the curve that she's known for. actresses like jennifer lawrence saying they're considered, quote, obese in hollywood. we've been talking about this for so long. how does this change, if melissa mccarthy is photo-shopped. and a woman in this dress, this is lawrence as well. how does this change? where do you begin? >> well, i think you just mentioned, jennifer lawrence. i think she's such a perfect example. she looks like every woman. she looks like a real person out there. and yet, you're right. she did say she was kind of considered fat in hollywood. and clearly she's not. and she's also an oscar winner. and she's part of the one of the hugest movie franchises out there and she's always working all the time. i think you're seeing reaction from people. thank goodness for twitter, thank goodness for facebook.
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thank goodness for people being outspoken they will call anyone on those photo-shopped things like the beyonce sketch. the reason people love beyonce because she's curvy and she embraces her curves. and he's talented, too. i love that people are speaking out. >> kendra g., let's talk about photo-shopping. wanting another one to cover up. look at this, an almost naked male model. that's kraft's let's get zesty campaign which some says goes way too far in attempt to promote salad dressings. >> i think he's hot. >> let me tell you something, i'm happy to be on a diet right now because i'm going to buy all the zesty salad dressings. i like the commercial and i'm going to support it. i really am. >> all right. >> do you need to be naked to sell zesty italian? >> well, it doesn't hurt,
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this week on the "next" lists -- >> this space trance forms into five different rooms. >> he is building microhousing that is anything but meager, starting with his apartment in manhattan. >> new york city, we're going to have guests come. >> you are going to have guests here? >> yeah, absolutely. just a couple of bunk beds, and then there's just this cool ladder thing that comes down. >> we have so much more space and stuff than we did 50 years ago that you think we would be happier, but happiness levels flat lined. >> the best part of living with less, more freedom to do what you love.
4:53 am
>> excellent to see the development. >> it is. from tabloid boss to tabloid star. >> he is 82 years old, and she is 44, which caused some people to call her a gold digger, even though she was very successful before marrying him. people are happening to what will happen to his fortune? it's a breakup fit for headlines. >> reporter: the marriage for rupert murdoch and her. one of the richest men in the world. she, age 44, nearly half his age, a glamorous third wife with a taste for high fashion and high-powered friends, but this is what made wendy murdoch
4:54 am
internationally famous. 2011, smacking a protester that tried to throw a shaving cream pie at her husband as he testified in the parliament. the video went viral earning her the nickname tiger wife. this is recording wendy murdoch in happier times. this is at this year's academy awards. the murdochs met as a new corp. party in hong kong. two years later the couple maried on his yacht in the new york harbor, and they have two young daughters and all the benefits that come with being super rich. no word on what wendy could walk
4:55 am
away with, but murdoch paid his last wife a reported $1.7 billion in what was billed as the most expensive divorce settlement in history. >> they have confirmed the $1.7 billion figure, saying it was in excess of that. so far nothing at all has been confirmed for this divorce. this is pretty standard. the relationship between the husband and wife has broken down irretrievebly. next, take a look at the upper left side of your screen. do you see that? a man falls five stories to the ground before a stunned crowd, and you will not believe what happens next. a lot of people think fiber can do one thing and one thing only...
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get ready for a new treat in the mornings in just two days. our all-new morning show "new day" begins with chris cuomo, and kate bolduan. do you miss it. here is something you just got to see. i want you to watch the left side of your screen here. a man will fall five story and smash into the sidewalk. you can see him lying there, and debris around him and people gather to help, and look at that, moments later, he walks away. he is the one in the middle there in the striped shirt. let's show the fall again. people try to help, and then he is going to walk away, you know,
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and he is a little stunned, but otherwise he was okay. nine lives. >> yeah, thank you for starting your morning with us. we have much more coming up on cnn saturday morning, which starts right now. good morning. i am alison kosik. >> i am victor blackwell. it's 8:00 on the east coast and 5:00 out west. thank you for starting your morning with us. we begin with the startling developments in the way the government watches american citizens. facebook revealed its role in the search for information about users. facebook says for the last six months of 2012 it received between 9,000 and 10,000 requests. cnn money correspondent, laura seagull, is following the story.


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