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tv   Early Start  CNN  June 25, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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where in the world is edward snowden, the man who exposed the government's secret spying program, on the run. we'll have the latest twists and turns and what we know about where he might be hiding. immigration reform a step closer to becoming law. can the president pull off a victory or will house republicans refuse to get on board? pandemonium in d.c. a rare red panda found. how did it go missing in the first place? >> good morning, welcome to "early start."
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i'm christine romans. >> i'm john romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> let's begin with a big question. what happened to edward snowden? he's on the run and there's no sign of what his next move might be. we have the latest developments. where in the world is edward snowden? this morning, no one seems to know. he's likely somewhere in the moscow terminal caught in limbo, not technically in russia, but not technically their problem. he is a problem, indeed. he was expected on a flight to havana. as journalists found out, his seat went empty. ecuador may take him in, but have not said whether they will grant him entree. this as the u.s. is behind the scenes and issues statements on
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russia, ecuador and anyone else thinking of taking him on. now, he waits. julian assange, founder of wikileaks, a man whose own legal troubles led him to seek refuge in ecuador. a wikileaks staffer was traveling with snowden. >> edward snowden is not a traitor. he is not a spy. he is a whistle blower. he was told the public and important truth. >> assange said wikileaks paid for his flights and legal council, but wuld not say where he is but he is quote, healthy, safe and in high spirits. cnn, london. new this morning, afghan forces pushing back an attack in
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kabul. the overnight asu sulssault was international headquarters. three guards killed, another injured. it appears the attack was an early test of afghan security strength coming a week after taking over from international forces. immigration reform passing a key bipartisan test to increase border security. it's part of a measure to provide a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. the passage in the house will not be as smooth. dana bash has the details. >> reporter: the most critical vote on immigration reform in years. 67 senators voted yes. broad support for the idea of immigration bill with beefed up border security.
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sponsors included 20,000 border security agents and promszed to finish the 700 mile fence. that lured republican senators to the yes column. maybe some more would have voted yes, if they were not stuck on planes with weather troubles. the reality is, three or four more votes probably wouldn't have changed the real split inside the gop on whether or not any kind of path to citizenship should be voted on before they first take the issue of border security off the table. it's something i talked about with steve king, a congressman from iowa. >> republicans voted for it because it's a promise of border security. it's barely a fig leaf. republicans on the house side are going to understand this, we don't want to grant a
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legalization in exchange for the promise of border security. >> king is one of many republicans who balk at the gop brethren who argue reform is important to pass on a policy level and political one to lure latino voters. those who are going to vote yes should be warned they will get challenged from the right. christine and john. >> thanks today that bash. revelations from the head of the irs. he found agents looking into applications for tax status, did not give special scrutiny to tea party groups and inappropriately targeted a range of groups across the political spectrum. among those targeted, groups with names that used the terms, israel, progressive and occupy like occupy wall street and
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occupy this and this. the lists have been suspended. more rulings expected in the supreme court. six cases on the docket including same-sex marriage and voting rights. in one of the most anticipated decisions, the high court monday said race can be used as a factor in college admissions. courts have to take a closer look, a very close look at whether diversity can be achieved in any way. the court did not rule on whether the system at the university of texas matched that standard. >> strict scrutiny. >> that's right. social security is under fire. they continued to pay benefits to more than 1,500 people who were dead at a cost of $31 million. congressional investigators say the agency is improving disability benefits after local offices reject the claims. a social security spokesman said
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they follow strict guidelines in approving disability. >> every year we do this story. president obama lays out the latest environmental plan at georgetown university. he will unveil his ideas to reduce carbon pollution and prepare the country for impacts of climate change. he's going to issue executive orders restricting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and renewable energy sources. massachusetts voters go to the polls to pick their next senator. ed markey against gomez. they are vying to carry out john kerry's term. so far, it's a special election, but massachusetts voters aren't finding it special at all. it's failed to generate excitement like scott brown in 2010. watching the health of former south african president,
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nelson mandela. he remains in the hospital in critical condition. he's asking the nation to pray for mandela who was asleep when he visited. crowds and news crews are outside the hospital waiting for news on his health. his family is at his bedside this morning. severe storms. tornadoes doing significant damage in iowa, knocking down trees and leaving many without power. people in iowa know how to deal with it. one storm was on the ground before they could issue a tornado warning. >> we saw limbs flying around the air and we heard a whooshing noise. it was over after that. >> a lot of crashing and a lot of noise, but it came fast. it was clear then it happened pretty rapidly. >> in chicago, severe storms left more than 100,000 people in the dark and unable to watch their blackhawks win the stanley
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cup. tornado warnings posted for several surrounding counties. the storms causing a temporary ground stop at chicago's o'hare airport. >> we are tracking all the severe weather for us. what's in store for today? >> it's the same thing. we continue to see the midwest. it's that time of year, all the humid air building up in that part of the country. yesterday, the winds pushing through the area. we are looking for this risk today. the reason for that, we have a stationary front. as long as it's here, we are talking heavy rain and severe weather. we are looking at the risks today. bulls eye from the dakotas and new england looking for the threat of thunderstorms and tornadoes. the big story, a lot of us are feeling it. that is the heat. it's so hot out here. the northeast, ten degrees above normal. we are adding the humidity to that.
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the relative humidity is high. we are talking mid 90s. we have heat advisory, not just in the northeast. the huge chunk of the country dealing with temperatures. 100s in texas. hot, humid heat, worse than dry heat. >> big hair. big hear. thanks so much. >> you heard romans bring it up, chicago blackhawks fans might be late to work this morning. bruins fans, we need a hug. the second stanley cup in four years. they shocked the bruins wit two horrifying late goals in game six. the first tied it as two a piece. the second came 17 seconds later with 58 seconds left in the game. it gave the hawks a lead. the stanley cup hoisted to the rafters there. the captain hoists the cup first, then everyone else on the team gets to skate around the ice with it.
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blackhawks patrick kane deserved it. >> you are raising your children as boston fans. mine are growing up chicago fans. my son snuck into my room, i have important news, the fireflys are out and the blackhawks won. >> it's awesome that he's a sports fan. coming up, an explosive first day in court for the neighborhood watchman that killed a teenager, trayvon martin. a panda on the loose. how did it happen? we will tell you next.
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teenager, trayvon martin. if the opening statements are any indication, we may see the fireworks coming for weeks. a warning, you will hear strong language in the story. >> reporter: opening statements in the case of george zimmerman began with words we wouldn't air on tv. [ bleep ] punks. [ bleep ] they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth as he followed in the dark, a 17-year-old boy. >> reporter: with martin's family visibly shaken, guy spoke with jurors about calling an emergency line about shooting and killing trayvon martin. they challenged zimmerman's account of what happened. that defendant, at the same time was upright, walking around, preparing. preparing to tell law
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enforcement why it was he had just profiled, followed and murdered an unarmed teenager. >> reporter: in still another unusual move, attorney john west opened for the defense with a knock-knock joke. >> knock knock? who's there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right, good, you are on the jury. nothing? that's funny. how that played out with the jury is anybody's guess. the one thing that became very clear, west wanted to cover a lot of ground. for more than two hours, he laid out zimmerman's case with pictures and great detail, overkill in the view of cnn legal analyst, sunny hostin. you give a road map, but they gave too much.
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it was too much. >> the state called witnesses in the trial. the dispatcher george zimmerman called for help. >> how come you don't or didn't order the person to stop and don't follow. why did you phrase it like you did? >> we are liable, if we give a direct order. we try to give a general, basic, not command, but suggestions. >> reporter: george howle, cnn, stanford, florida. >> one red panda. where? washington, d.c. the search for rusty quickly became the talk of the town in the nation's capital. the question is how the big, red panda got there. >> reporter: captured, crated, on the way home. rusty, the red panda, not even a year old missing from washington's national zoo for
2:18 am
hours. brandy smith, a senior zoo curator tells how they lured him after surrounding him. >> we were able to walk up to him. we sent the keepers with which he's most familiar. the keepers called his name. they calmed him down, were able to approach him with a net, capture him with a net, transfer him to the crate and took him to the veterinarian facility. >> reporter: 10,000 or less are in the world. he was born in captivity. could he have survived on his own? >> the biggest danger is did he eat any dangerous food. >> other than bamboo. rusty has no visible signs of injury or illness. we pressed a zoo spokeswomen on another key question. how do you lose a red panda? >> we don't know.
2:19 am
in complete honesty, we do not know. they have housed red pandas before. no one escaped before. it's to keep pandas in and people out. >> reporter: a possible clue? they are natural climbers, tree dwellers. would he have used a tree to climb out? a team came after he escaped and found no obvious route out. they are not saying it's not a possibility. the electric fence, there's a tree up there on one side that hangs over. that could have been an escape route. zoo officials will look at surveillance cameras, try to trace his movements between 6:00 p.m. sunday when he was last sited and 7:30 the next morning when they noticed he was gone. >> we will not let this happen again. >> reporter: he shows no sign of illness, zoo officials will keep
2:20 am
him in the veterinarian hospital before placing him back with his female partner. >> several monkeys currently wanted for questioning. >> he's new from n nebraska. maybe he didn't like the big city. >> those mid westerners know how to escape and pearlt. >> speaking of the midwest, look at that. >> you say it. >> live pictures from chicago where the stanley cup champion blackhawks are returning to o'hare. where did they win that? boston? >> they did it in boston. they have been up all night. they don't look like they have slept much. congratulations, blackhawks. >> a dinosaur skeleton wearing a blackhawks jersey. i don't think they are going to take it off now. they are going to celebrate for awhile. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] there's one thing dave's always wanted to do when he retires -- keep working, but for himself.
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[ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. good morning, welcome back to "early start." it's money time. stock futures higher. dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 they all lost 1% in a wild day of trading that centered around china's credit worries and the federal reserve. there was an interesting quote from richard fisher yesterday. he likened wall street professionals to pigs. he told the financial times, i believe the big money organizes
2:25 am
its like hogs. if they detect a weakness, they will go after it. it was in response to a question of whether they anticipated the reaction in the markets and they will taper back the $85 million they put into the bond market. the taper. all the market turmoil, many are wondering what state the economy is in. the report card is in. i asked the best market watchers to grade the economy. here is what they say. >> i would give our economy a b to b plus. it's getting better, but not fast enough. >> the u.s. is a b plus at this point. we should be creating way more jobs. >> i give it a b minus, but i'm optimistic about the future. >> a lot of bs. for now, we are doing well. europe gets a d. china a b plus. new concerns about a credit
2:26 am
crunch could move the grade downgoing forward. >> federal regulators going to sue jon corzine. he ran the firm until it went bankrupt in 2011. regulators plan to approve the lawsuit as soon as this week. >> i'm going back to the grades. it's interesting. >> i have been asking the biggest minds in weeks. i was surprised how high it was. when you ask somebody who doesn't have a job, they say f. somebody who made money in the stock market, a. b minus now. next year is when we are all going to feel the recovery. >> a d for europe. >> right. 26 minutes after the hour, an officer is under investigation for what he made a woman do during a routine traffic stop. the bra shake. was he doing his job or did he
2:27 am
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wanted and on the run. the man who exposed the secret surveillance program. the world wondering, where is edward snowden. we have a live report from russia, next. a mother attacked by a robber. vicious as her young daughter helplessly watches. this is awful. >> tornadoes and floods battering the midwest. are more storms on the way? welcome back to "early
2:31 am
start," i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. the top story, where in the world is edward snowden? perhaps more importantly, where is he going? the nsa leaker was expected to leave moscow monday heeding to cuba, then ecuador. he wasn't on the flight from moscow to havana. no journalist saw him at the airport. russia's prime minister saying he hasn't entered the country. john joins us from inside the airport. john, what is the latest? >> reporter: well, we have a few things we know right now. we are inside the airport and our ability to move is limited. we are in the transit zone, using a wi-fi, so we can't move around. this is the only transit hotel. we checked with the registry.
2:32 am
edward snowden has not been there. they deny he's in this facility. the next flight is on the board here. air flight 150 leaving at 1405. snowden is not registered on that flight. the accusations from the united states accusing them of housing snowden are unacceptable and incorrect. that could mean he's somewhere within this facility or in a safe house under another government. it's not been verified yet. the russian government suggests they don't have him under his control. the u.s. passport snowden was holding has been revoked. according to the founder of wikileaks, julian assange, he's using a document for passage. he could leave the country, if
2:33 am
cleared by the airport where we are standing now. again, this has not been clarified. we are waiting for the flight to see if he makes a late arrival to aboard for havana. >> when the prime minister says he hasn't entered the country, it could be legalistic term. he could be in the transit area. he's under some kind of other diplomatic protection, legalistic twists and turns they will try to get away with. >> reporter: yeah, that's absolutely the case. we have been on the ground for about five hours and combs the transit area. there's a few other journalists suggesting they are trying to do the same. no sight of him or anybody from wikileaks supporting him. after the boston marathon bombings, there was a great cooperation between the united states and moscow to go after the bombing suspects here in russia. perhaps because they can maximize the impact on the
2:34 am
united states. right now, we don't hear that sense of cooperation. that's the frustration coming from washington, then again in the last hour, hearing from the foreign minister of russia, suggesting the accusations of washington at this juncture are unacceptable. >> john, inside the airport in moscow, combing the hallways looking for edward snowden. as of now, no sign. thank you, appreciate it. james holmes will be in court to request his mental health evaluation. the judge ordered it after he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. he's charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in a colorado movie theater. james whitey bulger is hearing of his time with the fbi. they read from his 700 page file monday detailing nearly two decades giving information to
2:35 am
the agency. the defense insists the file is not accurate arguing a convicted former agent fabricated the file as part of a cover up. several in the courtroom heard him say i'm not informant, including an expletive saying i'm not an informant with another word involved. >> turning to aaron hernandez. authorities were back looking in the area around his massachusetts home crawling through bushes, wading through a stream. they were said to be looking for more evidence in the death of a 27-year-old semiprofootball player whose body was found nearby. he has not been charged in the death. police are not talking about what it is they are looking for there. a clean up in iowa. a line of storms packing 70-mile-per-hour winds swept across the state. several tornadoes reported.
2:36 am
it damaged homes, brought down trees. >> the storm is triggering floods in wisconsin. neighborhoods bailing out after being swamped by floodwaters. they washed out roads, damaged bridges, a landslide of a state highway. eight inches of rain reported in some areas. damage estimates said to be in the million ofs dollars. >> indra is tracking the weather. what is in store today? >> i want to give you good news for today. it's the same thing. look at the stationary fronlt. it's called stationary for a reason. the showers are there and the threat for severe weather is in the same place. the midwest, illinois. flooding right there. also a concern as we go through the afternoon. the other story is this heat. it is so hot in the northeast. we have heat advisories and temperature that is feel like the mid-90s. we are ten degrees above normal. add in the humidity and it feels
2:37 am
hotter than it is. we have a bermuda high. it's high pressure over the bermuda area. it's easy to understand. it's bringing warm moisture and heat. we have warm temperatures filtering northeast. it brings in the moisture from the gulf. with that, we talk about the afternoon thunderstorms. it's a combination of the warm temperatures and the humidity that is so tough out there. there's the heat index in the 90s. hot and humid. it feels good in the morning, at least. >> the advantage of "the early show." it's lovely. >> beautiful. >> thanks. most americans, it turns out, hate their job. according to a recent gallup study, 52% felt they were not engaged at work and just going through the motions. 52%. 18% were actively disengaged. not only do they not care about
2:38 am
their jobs, they managed to undermine their co-workers. 30% of the workers surveyed said they were engaged or inspired by their jobs. all the disinterest or happiness affects happineshappiness. it's costing billions of dollars yearly. a job coach recently told me, the biggest problem the american office right now is people need to think like i need to occupy my job. forget occupy wall street, occupy your job. >> probably not me. 38 minutes after the hour. shocking video to show you. a brutal home invasion caught on camera. a young mother attacked. this morning, police still trying to track down this criminal. this is it.
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caught on camera. a shocking home invasion from new jersey just outside new york city. the homeowner on the couch watching tv with her young daughter. a man breaks in. he throws her down the stairs. she had to go to the hospital. the daughter was watching the whole time, i'm sure terrified. the man never touched her, but did take jewelry from the home after assaulting her mother. police still, wow, still searching for him. >> it's hard to watch. other legal news, a florida police officer questioned for something. he's accused of telling a 28-year-old to lift her bra and shake it out during a traffic stop. he was apparently looking for drugs. >> at first, i was angry. now i'm kind of just humiliated. i'm really embarrassed,
2:43 am
actually, i feel degraded. >> no drugs were found. investigators said there was no cause for suspicion there were drugs. no probable cause. >> the officer was not trained on how to handle stops. the officer is back on the job after a four-day administrative leave. we'll have more on this on "new day." a bus crashes into a home. four people hurt on the bus, including the driver. inside the home, a mother and her three young children. one of the kids watching television feet away from where the bus hit. yeah, minor injuries for them. >> it's off the pike. >> yeah. it's something. let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." good morning. >> good morning, good morning, good morning. >> good to be with both of you. may i start? >> if you would like to, you
2:44 am
may. >> thank you. russia's foreign minister claiming snowden didn't come to russia. what is going on here? is this about snowden, the nsa or america's mojo? we are going to talk to lawmakers to figure out why the united states doesn't know where he is and doesn't seem to be able to get anyone to help. a big "new day" exclusive. we are going to talk to paula deen's sons. they are going to be live with us to really get a first real reaction from the family on the latest fall youth of their mother and the racial slur controversy. we are going get their thoughts and ask them what's next. we have a mystery this morning. there is a statue, it is spinning and john berman did not do it. how is it happen sng we will look into it with grave concern. >> how can you be 100% sure i
2:45 am
didn't do it. i have been following this for days now. there's possible explanations. >> we found answers on "new day." you ask questions, we have answers. >> it's like a lifetime. your point is strong. i must figure out if it is you, berman. >> can't wait to see the answers. we appreciate it. >> thanks. coming up here, the heat hot in the streets of miami. the victory lasts for the nba champs coming up next on the bleacher report. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter.
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what an ugly day for boston sports fans, one i would like to forget. first, the celtics trade doc rivers then the bruins lose the stanley cup. we have more in the bleacher
2:49 am
report. >> good morning. >> hi. >> it's a great morning in chicago. >> good morning, guys. rough day for you john and the rest of boston sports fans. the bruins are less than two minutes away from a win or take all from the stanley cup finals. everything changed in a matter of 17 seconds. boston up, 2-1 when the blackhawks came storming back. jonath jonathan. 17 seconds later, off the rebound. dave finds the back of the net. the blackhawks shock the bruins, 3-2. pat trick kane named mvp. >> hopefully, we can stale together a long time. that's two cups in four years. we seem to be getting better and better as players as time goes on here. it's unbelievable to be in this situation. >> there was a huge upset in the
2:50 am
first day of matches at wom wimbledon. the 22 match winning streak. it's the first time he's been ousted in the first round of a grand slam event. here is a bad combination. double decker buses, tall basketball players and low overpasses. it's what the miami heat with faced with. lebron had to duck under the bridge. luckily he saw it coming and was able to enjoy the rest of the parade. estimated 400,000 fans were on the streets to celebrate the nba championship. nba draft is thursday night. one of the top picks is having trouble deciding what to wear. he has three suits in mind. he's letting the fans decide which one he's going to wear for his big night. check it out. here are the options.
2:51 am
a nice blue suit with a lime green pocket square, a silver suit and blue pinstripe one. you can cast your vote at if it's my choice, the one in the middle. i like the silver look with the blue tie. >> i love the lime pocket square. >> i have to say, based on what i have seen in the draft over the last ten, 20 years, they are subdued and sharp looking. >> i was expecting there to be one whacky one he was going to wear. no, they are all pretty much kentucky wildcat blue theme. very sharp. >> they would all look good on you as well. thank you so much, we appreciate it. we'll be right back. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning...
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speculation continues this morning. the next step for the nsa leaker, edward snowden. is he going to cuba, going to moscow, is he there at all? maybe we should just listen. >> reporter: you think you have had bad vacations? it's as if the world press were snowden's travel agent. >> is he going to cuba? >> if he goes to iceland. >> north korea. >> the only one not on the list. >> reporter: no wonder they needed maps. >> he will fly over the united states. >> where in the world is edward snowden? >> reporter: a cartoonist
2:56 am
imagined him in midair jumping from a russian plane to air ecuador. the media in a moscow airport chasing diplomats, showing his photo to passengers, it felt like a movie. >> edward snowden plays, "catch me if you can." ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, fly away ♪ >> reporter: the character to get flight attendants to distract people. make that ecuador. when reporters piled on the plane they thought would take snowden there. >> we have a producer on that plane. >> we have our crew on that plane. >> just an empty seat where snowden was expected. >> 50% of the people on board are going to be journalists. >> phil black was one of those stuck on the 12-hour flight without snowden who seemed to
2:57 am
melt away. no wonder one youtuber portrayed him as snowman. guardian columnist glen greenwald tweeted it was a white bronco moment. at least we knew simpson was in the vehicle we were following. a confusing "question of the day." >> do you agree with postponing game seven because edward snowden leaked the plan? >> absolutely not. >> i don't think this is the interview for me. >> reporter: snowden got advice on where to go from david letterman. >> go to the olive garden, you're always family here. >> reporter: it's better food than on the air flopped flight. cnn, new york. >> funny. you know who is not laughing? the white house this morning. i'm sure they are taking it very, very seriously.
2:58 am
let's bring in chris cuomo, and kate. they will take it from here. >> good morning. thank you so much. >> it's good to be with you. it's the top of the hour. that means it is time for the top news. people may die as a consequence of what this man did. >> where is edward snowden? the nsa leaker on the run and out of sight. america seems unable to get him. have we lost our mojo? making the case. the murder trial of george zimmerman off to a firy start. profanity, a key witness and a knock-knock joke. all on day one and more on the way today. it's going to be a scorcher on the east coast. the hottest day of the year so far for much of the region. today is just the beginning. >> your "new day" starts right now.
2:59 am
good morning, everybody. welcome to "new day." i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate and we are with michaela. it is tuesday, june 25th at 6:00. we have a lot going on in the east. the u.s. losing edward snowden. we are going to talk to two major players in all of this. senator john mccain and later house minority leader, nancy pelosi. a "new day" exclusive, paula deen's sons are going to speak out live. >> quite a bizarre story out of china, an american businessman held hostage by his own factory workers, he's on day five, no
3:00 am
end in sight. our dana mckenzie sits down and talks with him, in captivity. where is nsa leaker edward snowden and why is america unable to stop him? he was last thought to be in moscow and now it's a mystery. russia's foreign ministry claiming snowden did not cross into russia. wikileaks founder julian assange claims he's in a safe location and his spirits are high. atika shubert live in our london bureau what is the latest? >> we have dozens of reporters in moscow airport looking for snowden but it seems nobody has seen him. the big question is where could he be? where in the world is edward snowden. this morning, no one seems to know. he's likely somewhere in the moscow airport's transit terminal cgh


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