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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 16, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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military uniforms or military style uniforms. what is law enforcement really on the loo can krout for right now, wolf. >> barbara, stand by. once again, we're following breaking news. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. at least ten people are injured, have been killed after a shooting rampage at the washington naval yard a short distance from where i am right now here up on capitol hill in washington. here's what we know. the d.c. police chief now says there may be, may be three gunmen and two may still be on the loose. one suspect is dead. this according to the d.c. police chief, cathy lanier. shots broke out this morning around 8:30 a.m. eastern. witnesses describe one of the gunmen as a tall, bald man wearing black and carrying what looked like a rifle. at least two law enforcement officers are among the shooting victims. barbara starr reports that extra security has been mobilized at
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the pentagon, once again, out of an abundance of caution. they aren't saying they are responding to any specific threat at the pentagon. but security, i can tell you, has been intensified throughout so many locations here in the nation's capital right now. just a little while ago, we heard from president obama, he addressed the shooting in remarks at the white house. listen to what he said. i've been briefed by my team on the situation. we still don't know all the facts. but we do know that several people have been shot and some have been killed. so we are confronting yet another mass shooting. and today, it happened on a military installation in our nation's capital. it's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. these are men and women who were going to work, doing their job protecting all of us. they're patriots. and they know the dangers of
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serving abroad, but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they won't have expected here at home. >> clearly the president moved as all of us are by had shooting incident here in the nation's capital. another eyewitness who had to run from the scene spoke out, as well, and said this. >> i heard three shots pow, pow, pow. 30 seconds later i haired four more shots. a couple in the cafeteria, knew they were shots and started panicking and then we was trying to decide which way we were going to run out. everyone that was in the cafeteria were trying to run in the back, the workers in the back of the cafeteria told us to come in the back. i refused. we all ran in the back where security was. she had a gun drawn.
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someone had pulled the fire alarm. the next thing i heard, police car, sirens, just happened so fast. >> multiple fatalities, multiple injuries precise numbers not yet available. brian todd is over at the u.s. navy yard just outside. brian, what else are you picking up? >> reporter: wolf, picking up add the police presence here around this part of the perimeter. this is the easternmost side of the navy yard. these are d.c. metropolitan police officers here in tactical gear. we've seen multiple police officers moving up and down this part of the perimeter. there are some going down the street right there. also, we are -- we know from just visualizing, we've got fbi personnel here as well as atf personnel. there's been a park police chopper circling very low over part of the neighbor yard just to my left. i believe he's coming around for another pass. he's actually very low over there. we can't pick him up with a camera right now because he's
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behind thosables. could be part of the search effort, if there are other two potential shooters. we heard the chief saying they are looking for two other potential shooters. we have to stress at this time that we just believe they could be potential shooters, but in these situations, it is such -- it is such a fluid situation that you get sometimes witness accounts of other shooters in these cases when it turns out there are not other shooters. again, according to the police chief, they are searching for two other potential shooters. got other police vehicles that just moved past us here. there are multiple injuries. we did get a report from george washington university hospital among the first deceased people from the shooting was a man in his 60s who arrived at george washington university hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. other victims have reported to hospital personnel they heard shots in rapid succession, indicating possibly, possibly the use of some kind of automatic weapons. again, to reiterate what the police chief said a short time ago, one potential shooter is
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deceased. she said they are looking for two other potential shooters but again unclear where those people are. this is a perimeter that has been secured or not secured but they have set it up more than four hours ago. this search has been going on for now more than four hours, close to four and a half hours since one of the last potential shooters was seen. the description, one of the potential shooters described as a white male, wearing, a short sleeved shirt, potentially military style clothing. a beret. possibly carrying a handgun. the other potential shooter' black male approximately 50 years owed, possibly carrying a long gun, wearing olive drab clothing. these two people potentially wearing military style clothing but the police chief said they had no information to indicate they were or are active members or retired members of the military, but again, that's a lot of this information is very
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sketchy at the moment, wolf. >> it certainly is. even if it's coming from official sources like the dc police chief, cathy lanier, i want to caution everyone, this is preliminary information. clearly subject to change. it would not be unusual in a situation like this. let's get analysis now from lieu polumbo joining us from new york. director of elet intelligence and protection, retired police officer in new york. when you hear what's going on, lou, what do you make of this? >> as i indicated earlier, this is an ongoing investigation. i think what they may have done at this point is retrieved some videotape from the facility as well as interviewed people who may have seen these additional suspects. what they're trying to now do is just simply identify who these two individuals are. and at the same time, creating a profile on the individual who i believe is deceased. to try to determine who his associates might be, if in fact this individual is from the workplace, just a continuous investigation which just takes
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many different directions. >> and i assume a facility like this, the u.s. neighbor yard, the naval sea systems command, what's called building 197, lou, would have extensive video cameras. it takes awhile to go through the videotape to look at those closed circuit cameras and find the images that you you desperately want to see? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, based on just the agreography if i of this facility, there's a lot of work involved. they already know, for example, where the shootings have taken place. so they can immediately target those cameras that were focused on that area. and start this investigation. they're going to want to branch this all the way out to the perimeter to see how and when these individuals accessed this facility. this complex. >> hold on for a moment, lou, jake tapper is over at the scene where we saw the news conference just a little while ago from the d.c. mayor, the k.c. police chief, the chief suggesting two
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suspects potentially were on the loose right now. are you getting more information, jake? >> reporter: just a caution that a name that other pedia outlets have reported of one of the potential suspects is to be avoided. ncis, favl intelligence put out the name as a potential suspect and retracted it but not before some other media organizations reported it. not cnn. that's the only update i have, but still, the standing manhunt is on. the search for two individuals who may be connected with the shooting. i'm told that there is some internal skepticism of the shooters. these potential shooters that the d.c. police chief reported as being potentially involved in the shooting, although she did say it was unconfirmed. the idea that two individuals with guns wearing military sil style uniforms on the grounds of the navy yard would not be so
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unusual, of course, it being a fave yard. i'm told that those involved in the investigation are skeptical that this is definitive, that there are definitely two other shooter out there that it may have been a case of a lot of things going on, a lot of people looking around, seeing people that they wondered who they were, didn't know who they were. but that potentially that these individuals are completely innocent and maybe even involved in security or were military police of some sort. so that's just to say not that these two individuals don't exist, but just that viewers should be cautious and know that the reports are being viewed with some skepticism, wolf. >> good point, jake. thanks very much. we've got more eyewitness accounts of what was going down just a little while ago over at the u.s. navy yard. here's some more eyewitness sound. >> while we were having a business meeting, it was about 20 after 8 ago and we heard three sounds, sounded like a
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table able collapsing on the ground. we said what was that. a minute later we heard a loud pop which couldn't have been more than, we estimated about 100 feet away. when that happened, everyone said this is no drill. emergencyics thes, go, go, and a bundle of us were able to make it to the emergency exits. >> you were just having a meeting. >> yes, sir. >> and then what? >> then we heard pops. but it sounded like a table. nobody knew what it was. it sounded like a table just dropping onto the ground. the fourth shot was a loud gunshot. >> gloria borger is here, a long-time resident of the district of columbia. people are nervous right now when they hear the d.c. police chief say two suspects may be at large right now. potential will i at least, people understandably not just in that part of washington near the navy yard but throughout the district of columbia, spilling over into maryland and virginia are nervous. >> that's right. i mean, look, they're nervous
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because you don't know what the entire story is, as jake tapper was pointing out. this is a really fluid situation. i think she was releasing this information so that people could be on guard and be on the lookout for these potential shooters. but we're not sure whether, indeed, they're part of this or not part of this. i think she released this information out of an abundance of caution. i might also add, wolf, we saw the rez earlier on this. you could see the concern on his face where he talked about yet another mass shooting. i mean, this is a president who's been through ft. hood, through newtown, and now this. and so you could see this on his face as the president of the united states. >> he said specifically not only another mass shooting at a military the installation, and that military and civilian personnel were trying to do their jobs were targeted. so that's pretty specific words from the president of the united states. >> yes, it is.
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we know he's been briefed several times on this unfolding situation by his home lond security advisor inside the white house. it's clear he's being kept abreast of all this information. he was supposed to come out into the rose garden to talk about the economy, but he first had to mention the shootings at the navy yard and secondly, he had to mention the unfolding situation with syria and chemical weapons talks. >> the president's got a huge amount on his plate right now. gloria, thanks very much. we're staying on top of the breaking news. d.c. police chief suggesting potentially two subjects at large, others are throwing some cautionary words saying maybe there's some miscommunication, misidentification of two others who may have been sween guns at the u.s. navy yard. we're watching all of this. we'll continue our breaking news coverage if a moment. ♪
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welcome back. we're following the breaking news here in washington, d.c. over at the u.s. navy yard. a shooting incident occurred, a few hours ago and there are multiple fatalities. we're told multiple injuries and potentially one of the shooters, we're told one shooter is deceased, according to the d.c.
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police chief, potentially two others at large, although it's unclear whether or not that is accurate. cathy lanier suggesting that. she's the d.c. police chief. we have this eyewitness account of what happened oef at the u.s. navy yard. >> i heard the girl that was with me said somebody shooting. we started panicking. then we heard the shots, one, two, three, four. >> four shots. >> right. after that be, one lady is let's just stay here in the cafeteria. i said no, i've got to get out of here. i started running. >> what kind of work do you do over there. >> >> emergency management specialist. >> you heard actually seven shots. >> those are the seven shots that i heard. >> what time? >> about 8:20 this morning. >> you don't know who pulled the fire alarm. >> i don't know. >> what floor were you on. >> i was on the main floor of the cafeteria. the shooting took place on the fourth floor. >> and did anybody yell out
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anything other than they're shooting? >> everybody knew it was a gunshot. nobody skreeped. they just started running, running. >> right. and you ran out yourself? >> yeah, yeah. >> got it. >> you heard a security gathered giving orders? >> yeah, when i was running out the side, he had a gun drawn. see said go, run as far as i can. what kind of security do you have to pass thu to get in that building. >> >> you cannot get inside -- i'm not going to show my name. you cannot get inside the building unless you have this type of cat card. it's got to be scanned. this is the only way you can enter the building. >> the building or the complex all together? >> the complex all together, even when the doors are locked, they don't unlock till 6:30 in the morning. you can't get inside the building unless you have a card. >> the shooting took place inside the building? >> yes. >> you said you heard the shots? >> yes. >> they were upstairs on the fourth floor? >> yes. >> you heard them all the way in the lobby?
10:18 am
>> we have like an atrium. so basically, you can look on every floor in the atrium. it's open space. >> is there a metal detector to get in the building? >> no. >> no metal detector to get in the building? >> no. >> but onto the campus, right? >> no. you need the i.d. to get inside the door if it's locked before 6:30. after 6:30, the locks come off. but in order for you to go through, you have to scan your badge. >> there's no metal detector? >> there's no detector. >> in this open atrium, did you look up and see anybody or anything? >> i had just left the atm machine. so i wasn't thinking anything was going to happen. and then in the cafeteria, we heard something sound that loud, that many times, it wasn't something that dropped on the floor. it was shooting >> where were you when you heard the shooting? >> 21st floor. >> what building? >> 197. >> where is it located?
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>> it's the main building, systems command headquarters. it's the main building where our admiral runs. >> what job do you have there? >> i'm sorry? >> what job are you doing there? >> actually i work in building 201, but i was in 197 to go to the cafeteria. >> okay. >> where i work at, management work. >> so what happened after you heard the shooting? >> everybody just started scattering out the cafeteria. i saw people coming out of offices running. >> running? >> how many shots. >> at least seven. it was three the first time, but then it was pop, pop, pop. >> can can you tell us the whole story one continuous nairative? you were getting cash trt atm. >> i already went to the atm in the cafeteria. i just paid for my breakfast and i heard pop, pop, pop. and the girl that was with me, i said somebody's shooting. and everybody in the cafeteria kind of panicked. then it was three seconds,
10:20 am
break, then it was pop, pop, pop and we started running out. >> is this the navy yard cafeteria. >> patricia ward, an eyewitness to what was going on at the u.s. navy yard over at building 197 in the naval sea systems command. mike bouchard is a former official with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. i assume they'll closely at the weapons involved. mining, walk us through what your colleagues would be doing right now on the scene. >> good afternoon, wolf. basically what the police will be doing is any spent shell casings, throughout the scene, they'll be preserving those for evidence. they're trying to determine what caliber of gun the shooter may have used. if he was using a revolver, obviously those don't eject the spent shell casings like a semi-automatic does. they would be working with the hospital also, any of the bullet
10:21 am
fragments that come from the victims, much like we did in the beltway sniper case.they'll look at the bullets that come from the victims and try and ascertain what type of caliber it was used. so that's where atf's ballistics experts will be, woulding closely with law enforcement on that. >> because we've heard all sorts of the cans suggesting an assault rifle, a handgun, a shotgun. all of the above may have been used. they're going to be pretty precise in finding out all that information. and that would be critical as part of the investigation is concerned. >> certainly. what they're going to have to look at what law enforcement or security officers -- if there was a shoot krout between both parties, they have to ascertain who shot what bullets and where the shots came from, et cetera. so it's like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, but all the law enforcement agencies who are working on this have a lot of experience doing this. unfortunately, i've done it numerous times.
10:22 am
unfortunately they keep doing it more often than we'd like to see. i'm confident they'll put this together in a very short time. >> because we have d.c. metropolitan police, we have military police from the navy, other parts of the u.s. military from the department of defense. you have the fbi, you have the atf. you have multiple agencies involved right now. i assume the fbi takes charge, is that right? >> correct. this is a federal facility and federal employees have been assaulted. so the fbi will take lead. since it's a naval facility, ncis will also work closely with them, and of course, if its a homicide in the district of columbia the d.c. police have a significant role. all the other agencies, atf and some of the others are playing supporting roles. they have unique expertise like atf does with ballistics and they'll all play a supporting role for this task force. >> we spoke to lou polumbo
10:23 am
before. he said they presumably are already going through the closed circuit tv cameras around there. that would be critical it try to find out if was one individual, more than one individual. that would be pretty important in was? >> it certainly will. the task force leaders, there's so many moving parts. what they're doing is having all these different parts, moving parts going at once. some are looking at video, other people are collecting evidence, people are running down leads. all these things are coming together and they come back into one central command post and then the information is disseptembdi disseminated. >> mike bouchard will be helping us. thanks very much. we're staying on top of the breaking news here in washington, d.c. a shooting incident over the u.s. navy yard. multiple injuries, multiple fatalities. our coverage continues in a minute. the secret is out. hydration is in.
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at least ten people are injured. this is what we know right now. at least one person has been killed after a shooting rampage at the washington naval yard just a short distance from where we are here in the nation's capital. here's more of what we know right now. shooting broke out this morning around 8:30 a.m. eastern. witnesses described one of the gunmen has a tall, bald man. you know what? let's listen in to this officer who's got more information. >> at the far end of the building. he fell down to the ground and i ran out of there. >> i see. so do you know what happened to him? >> i do not. >> reporter: sir, was this is man in the process of evacuating, as well? >> he worked in the maintenance building behind me. he said they walked up to try to say there's a shooter in your building. do you know what's going on. i don't know what's going on. the alarm went off. we're trying to evacuate everybody. that's when he got shot.
10:28 am
i'm still worried about the rest of my people in the building trying to be evacuated. we have a plan to shelter in place when they have shooters who come to the building. they're slowly clearing that building and getting all our people out. so between blackberry texts and everything else, i'm trying to make sure all of our people out. >> do you know what happened to the man who was shot? >> i'm fairly certain he was dead because he was shot in the head. >> did you see that for yourself? >> correct. >> that must have been very traumatic for you. i mean, you're not showing it now, but i neen. >> it's traumatic. i don't feel lucky he got hit instead of me but i feel lucky to be here. >> i'm just coming in on this. you were in 197? >> to start with, correct. >> reporter: and you heard the shots. but you didn't see the shooter? >> correct. >> kind of walk me through
10:29 am
beginning to end. >> we heard what sound like shots far away or muscled. it sounded like a cap gun going off. a small caliber, if anything. then about a minute or two after that, somebody was running through the hallway saying hey, everybody, get out of the building. then a couple minutes after that, the fire alarm in the building went off to evacuate everybody. i thought it was like a fire drill. i wanted to get everybody out of the building. we walked out. part of my job is to make sure people get down the fire escapes. >> sorry about that. >> sure. >> part of my job is once everybody gets away from the building and muster -- that's what i was doing in the alley, waiting for everybody to clear out of the building when the other shots rang out. >> reporter: at what point does this man come up to you and tell you, are you aware --
10:30 am
>> i've been standing in the alley for five or ten minutes, make sure there's nobody left. he walked up and told me he heard there was a shooter in our building. we were just standing here maybe three feet away having a conversation and we heard two more gunshots and he went down. that's when i ran. >> while you were talking to him? >> while i was talking to him. >> you knew him? >> never met him before in my life. he came out of the maintenance building. i'm working in the maintenance building and coming over to see what was going on. >> as you were talking to this man, shots fired from behind him, and an he falls to the ground? >> probably in front. we were facing our building, 197. obviously from the building. either from the bottom floor. i thought they came from the fire door at the bottom floor. they could have come from the roof. >> what was going through your mind at that time that this man you're speaking to goes down? >> i understand gunshots at that point because before inside the building, they were kind of muscled. you didn't know what it was. in the alleyway with the sound, you foe exactly what it is.
10:31 am
not to mention he's on the ground in front of you bleeding. so i turned, ran to the backside of that building. i want to get something between me and where the shooter was is to make sure he couldn't shoot me. i ended up jumping a 20-foot fence and ended up over here. >> jim juris. >> don't know about that. i have a cat card as a military person, we all have badges we have to key the door to get in. that allows us automatic access to the building. again, if you're a contractor or coming to visit the building, you can walk right in, not walk right in. but you would check in through security. >> do you feel like it's a secure building? >> not today. it will be interesting to see as this develops, who the shooter is, how he got in, those type of questions answered. right now, a lot of people are wondering just how safe the building is or how safe the office environment is. we don't know who the shooter or shooters are. if they were related to our job in our can, if they were part of
10:32 am
our coworkers. we have no idea. >> reporter: did it seem is the shooter was randomly shooting an the people? >> i couldn't tell. >> reporter: can you just walk us through your account of this morning, sir? >> what's your first and last name. >> first name is tim, last name is it juris. i'm a commander in the united states navy. >> so there you heard commander tim jirus, tom jirus giving us an eyewitness account of what he just heard. renee marsh conducted the interview, she was there. let me get tom fuentes, cnn law enforcement analyst, to react. when you heard commander tim jirus describe what was going on, what did you think, tom? >> well, i think that the whole key to this is the identification of that shooter. if he had the cap card as he
10:33 am
mentioned which is access to military facilities, they'll be able to quickly identify him. they'd be able to check their system to see when that card was scanned in this morning. they could go and try and find out if he has a parking pass for that facility and what parking lot he might be authorized to park in and go back over the vid yos and see when that car came in and tell whether he was alone, were there passengers in the car with him. they'll also be quickly looking for the phone records of the shooter to try to determine within the last especially 24 to 48 hours phone calls, text messages, e-mails, any communication between the shooter or among the shooters if there's more than one to try to identify the others that hey be involved or if you don't see any indication of contacting other people, it may help determine that there really was no other
10:34 am
shooters and that he probably was alone. they will also be looking for co-workers, family members, conducting a search at his residence when they identify where that is. so there's a tremendous amount of investigation that centers around that dead shooter. >> and i assume they really send in dozens and dozens if not hundreds of law enforcement authorities from the d.c. area, from federal, from military agencies to start reviewing the videotapes, the closed circuit tv camera images that will be critically important to determining what happened? >> right. you'll have base security and ncis, you know, starting that process already probably has been on going since early this morning. but you'll have hundreds of other investigators looking at this person's background. the washington field office of the fbi has over 600'gs. so there's plenty of resources at the disposal of all the agencies state and local agencies, as well to try to
10:35 am
track down who was this person, who was he associated with, were there other friends or colleagues that may be involved in this with him. is there a problem of -- his co-workers? could be a case of basically workplace type violence, if you went to the fourth floor of that building, was he looking for a supervisor or somebody he had a gluj with to try to go after a particular person or group of people as well as to being down on the ground and just shooting anybody that went by. there's a great deal of that kind of investigation and it's going to take time to go through the records, the phones, the videos, interview family, neighbors, co-workers to really get a good identification and profile of this individual that they have on the ground there. >> all right, tom stand by. i want to go ba can to renee marsh there on the scene right outside the u.s. navy yard. you spoke with this commander. give us the latest what you're
10:36 am
hearing over there, renee. >> reporter: well, wolf, you know, so far with all of the people that i've spoken to out here between people who were inside of the building and heard gunshots, perhaps the most compelling story came from the navy commander. he was standing about maybe three blocks away from all of the activity. very removed. and we walked up and talked to him a bit. and it's striking that he was so calm, but again, his story is so compelling. he told us he was in charge of evacuating building 197. that's where this all happened early this morning. so as he was doing the evacuations, he tells me that a maintenance worker came up to him to alert him essentially that something was happening. of course, the navy commander was already aware, and during that time while he was speaking to that maintenance worker, the navy commander then told me he heard a shot and that shot went
10:37 am
through the head of the man he was speaking to. that man fell right before him bleeding and than at that point, the navy commander said he ran for his life. again, i was shaking just to hear that account. but he seemed very, very calm. i would imagine that this all has not had a chance to just sink in just as yet, wolf. but those are the kind of stories that we're hearing here in the field where i'm standing by national park, we're with family members who are waiting to meet their loved ones, loved ones who were locked down at the moment that the shots were fired. so they're waiting for those people to be brought here to national stadium so we can start seeing some reunions, wolf. >> that's what we want to see. a lot of worried people because so many people live in that area of the u.s. navy krard. renee marsh reporting for pass. we'll take a quick break.
10:38 am
resume our special coverage of the shooting incident. multiple injuries, multiple fatalities over at the u.s. navy yard. actually, let's listen in to these eyewitnesss. >> a guy with a gun and -- >> i work in the building across the street. he was dropping me off. he was going to drop me off across the street and so we saw everyone running. so we turned through the parking garage and then we had to ditch the car because it got locked down. we just ran out. >> reporter: tell me, what did you see and hear? did you hear any of the gunshots? >> no. >> reporter: but you saw people evacuate? >> people are running. >> you saw people evacuating? >> yes. >> so tell me what that scene was like. what did you see, running, walking, cars? >> running and a lot of confusion. people you know, they looked concerned. they were running away from building 197. a lot of people were yell og go to their muster point. that's about it. people were confused. >> reporter: how were you
10:39 am
feeling an this point? you're going to work and all of a sudden see people running out of work? >> it was kind of a fight or flight reaction. i had my wife with me. i wanted to keep us safe. so yeah, it was try and find the quickest route out of the navy yard. it was hard because there's a lot of people running through streets. i didn't want to mow down people also trying to get out of the yard. it was scary. >> reporter: and so were you in the building when the shooting -- >> no, i was riding in with him. >> he was driving me to work. he, would outside of the yard. he was driving me in. >> you work in that building? >> i work across the small street from it. >> what did you see? you saw people kind of running out? >> i saw people running out. they're usually all going in at that time. i knew it didn't look leak a fire drill because everyone was terrified looking. we immediately started being confused and scared and shaking and then he took a little short route through the parking
10:40 am
garage. so we thankfully got out quickly. >> reporter: have you heard anything about the -- >> we've heard a lot. i don't really believe anything yet. i know some people over in that building. so it's scary. but hopefully, everyone is okay. i mean, not -- i know not everyone's okay. so that's horrible. about you,. >> reporter: what's your first and last name? >> alison hoffman. >> okay. >> mark hoffman. >> morite witness accounts of what's going on, disturbing information. we've got a lot more to follow up on. there's a lot of confusion still, maybe one shooter, maybe three shooters. very, very unclear. the dc police chief cathy lanier suggesting potentially two shooters may be on the loose right now. others are pouring cold water on that suggestion. we'll continue our special coverage right after this. [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family bbq.
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us oef at the u.s. navy yard. joining us right now. you're picking up more information on the shooting. what are you learning? >> just a little bit, wolf. it's all about this one shooter or three shooters scenario that's keeping police on their toes. i had talked to one law enforcement official who was expressing optimism a little while ago that the situation could be secured sometime today. but it's still very much an active situation that law enforcement authorities tell me and what appears to be an expanded area of concern, even though people allowed to walk on the streets outside the u.s. navy yard. u.s. capitol police are now even advising us that they're telling people that there's no known threat to the u.s. capitol complex, which is frankly several blocks from the navy yard. but u.s. capitol police say
10:45 am
they're in a heightened state of alert and that enhanced security measures are going to be visible even there. so authorities are still in very much a state of readiness, even though it's not clear at all whether they've got one shooter or three shooters or two, wolf. >> yeah, it's certainly very fluid right now and we're staying on top of it. but i can confirm that there has been heightened security throughout the d.c. area, including over at the defense department, over at the pentagon and over at on capitol hill. largely out of what they call an abundance of caution. matt mazdem is a u.s. navy seal, not on active duty right now. >> this time last year i was at the yard. >> what is it like, the security on a normal day, assuming there's no threat, for example. >> the security is like any other base. they check your i.d. when you
10:46 am
come in. and that's pretty much it, as long as you look like who you say you are on i.d., they let you through you. >> do you have to go through magnetometers or anything like that. >> you don't. you don't open your bags or your car. if somebody, and this is pure speculation, wanted to bring a gun in in their car and they were going there routinely, this he could do that. >> there's parking on the base for those accredited to tribe in on the base. >> that's right. >> have you ever been in building 197 which is the naval sea systems command where this incident apparently took place? >> i was close but don't know the number of the buildings by heart. >> so give us your impression, what do you think? i mean, you obviously spent a year on this facility and all of a sudden, it's the center of this what the president of the united states said was a mass shooting. >> yeah, i mean, it's a storm over there right now. i live about six blocks from the yard. so the craziness has come up
10:47 am
into my yard. what people want to do in this situation is want to move away from the threat. if you see somebody that has a gun, get away from that person as fast as possible. >> would personnel, navy personnel, other military personnel normally walk around with weapons on a facility like this? >> no, it doesn't happen down there. >> not even a handgun? >> the police would, military police. you identify them like any other police officer. it wouldn't be hard, the answer is no. >> you're a navy s.e.a.l. you spent a year on this base? >> i spent six months. >> so normally you would be dress the in your uniform and walk around. you wouldn't carry a weapon. >> no, i would not. >> if you saw somebody with a weapon, you would assume it was some sort of security personnel? >> if they looked loo i can a police officer, yes. >> it's not like walking around bagram air base where everybody has weapons. >> that's right. >> in the united states, you don't expect anything like this to happen. it's a navy yard. but there are a lot of civilians
10:48 am
who work there, as well. >> mostly civilians. >> mostly civilians. >> and the navy that's there is hr than kind of navy. it's not war fighter types for the most part. >> you know, what's fascinating, it's right in a really developing part of washington, d.c. right next to washington nationals park. there are single family homes, apartments going up. retail. it's a really lively part of the district of columbia now supposed to let's say 10 or 15 years ago when it wasn't. >> it's a great part of town. it feels safe all the time. so when i take my kids down there, on friday nights for concerts and that kind of thing, it's great. i've never been concerned with anything like this. >> matt, you're still in the ares. you could be called up. right now you're not on active duty. >> matt maasden, thanks for joining ugh. much more right after this. if there was a pill
10:49 am
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10:52 am
the report that the attack was carried out on a relatively large scale, the most significant attack, chemical attack since the attack in iraq back in 1988. and that surface to surface missiles were used in this attack. our chief international correspondent is following all of the developments for us over at the united nations. nick, what are we to take away from this official united nations report on the chemical attack? >> reporter: first headline you should hear, wolf, is it confirms sarin gas was used and in 85% of those tested, some as young as 7 years old, the residue of sarin was detected. it also goes on to take about delivery systems used, surface to surface missiles, it assessed the trajectory they would have flown in to hit the targets and how they had writing on them, which is significant because it
10:53 am
suggests they may have been of origin from the former sove yk bloc. and it seems according to the inspectors on the morning, the early morning on which those attacks occurred between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning, the weather was such that when the gas landed, it didn't rise up away from its potential victims. it was pushed down, causing it to sink into the basements where many people had run for shelter to try to get away from shelling as normally happens in rebel areas like that. increasing its capacity to kill people there, wolf. >> did the u.n. report specifically say that the regime of syrian president bashar al assad was responsible for killing all those people outside of damascus on august 21st? >> reporter: no, it didn't. that's never been its job, but we were hearing it would provide a detailed narrative, quote/unquote and it has done certainly that. there's a lot of information here about the kind of, in the 41-page report, about the kind of weapon system used. it's going to be hard, i think, for many to suggest the rebels
10:54 am
were capable of putting together a sophisticated delivery system, surface to surface missiles like this. it goes on to certify the kind of rockets used. they would suggest only probably the regime has this, and it was quite detailed, showing the russian letters, in fact, that were found on the missiles. even going into the trajectories in which they were fired, the compass degrees in which the rockets would have allowed. we also heard from ban ki-moon giving reports. he said the findings are beyond doubt and beyond the pale, referring to this as a war crime. telling the security council it violationed the 1925 protocol on the use of weapons like this. >> did they give a number how many people were killed. the u.s. says more than 1,400, 400 of whom were children. did the u.n. report say how many people died? >> no, there is no concrete figure about that.
10:55 am
and i think in many ways that would be wise of the u.n. inspectors because it's so extraordinarily difficult to determine how many die in the best of circumstances, let alone with an incident as complex and horrifying as this where many of the wimszs would have succumbed to the fumes at a potential date and whether it's possible to say 1429 people died with quite the precision that the secretary of state, john kerry, did. but there's a lot of detail in here. the only inspectors to get on the ground, to gather the evidence, to talk to witnesses, to have what they refer to as chain of custody from samples taken from victims and sites to laboratories in the hague to the multiple tests performed upon them. the u.s. said this would be independent and credible and this is their final document, wolf. >> nick, thanks very much. another important story we're following. colorado's epic flooding causing all sorts of problems right now.
10:56 am
the national guard says 15 of their own are stranded. it happened after rising floodwaters forced them to abandon their efforts to evacuate residents near alliance, colorado. hundreds still unaccounted for. roads are impassable. thousands still waiting to be rescued. the stranded are asked to use flares, sheets, or mirrors to get the attention of helicopters. it's now five days. five days, after the floodwaters started rising, and a grim reality is clearly setting in. >> i think there's still going to be a lot of shock and disbelief, the amount of destruction, the damage to people's houses, the damage to neighborhoods. the damage to roads. the damage to our much beloved open space. it's pretty significant. and as i said, it's extraordinarily wide spread. >> we'll stay on top of the disaster in colorado. we'll get back to the shooter here in washington. we'll take a quick break first.
10:57 am
10:58 am
a really awful day here in the nation's capital. in washington, d.c., a shooting, a mass shooting. that's the way president obama described it. a mass shooting over at the u.s. navy yard. multiple fatalities. multiple injuries. one shooter, according to the d.c. police chief, is dead. but there may be two others, according to cathy linear.
10:59 am
all of that very, very confusing right now. lots of fluidity in this situation. we do know there is heightened security around several major locations in the nation's capital, about a mile or so and a half away -- mile and a half away from the navy yard at the u.s. capital. there's heightened security across the river at the pentagon. heightened security for a brief time, even a slow-down of aircraft coming into reagan international airport across the river from the u.s. navy yard. the shooting incident occurred at the naval sea systems command building, 197. unclear precisely how many people were shot, how many people are deceased as of right now. we're staying on top of the breaking news. we're staying on top of all the day's major news. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern, later today in "the situation room." thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. jake tapper is on the scene. he picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks, wolf.
11:00 am
h hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. krm jake tapper. i'm standing right outside the washington naval yard where this morning there was a shooting. this is what we know so far. shortly before 8:15 in the morning, the metropolitan police department here in washington, d.c. was called and notified there had been a shooting in building 197. that is the headquarters of the navy sea systems command. the washington naval yard employs about 3,000 people. most of them civilians. the police reported to the scene as well as the u.s. marshals, the u.s. park police, ultimately, the fbi. this is what we know in terms of the fatalities and those involved in the shooting. we know that there is definitively one shooter who was killed on the scene. the police chief, cathy linear, also said they're looking into the possibility of two other