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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 17, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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it's your worst nightmare and i'll never forget, i'll never forget the agony of that moment. >> rick warren and his wife kay, quite emotional and extraordinary interview is tomorrow night. that is all for us tonight. i heard three shots. pow, pow, pow. 30 seconds later, i heard four more shots. >> everybody going down the stairs and people were pushing and shoving and people were falling down. came outside. people were climbing the wall trying to get out over the wall to get out of the spaces. it was just crazy. >> 1 people dead after a mass shooting at the washington navy yard. we are breaking down exactly what happened, who the gunman was, and new information this morning about the victims. good morning. welcome to the special edition of "seller start." i'm zoraida sambolin in new
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york. >> and i'm john berman live at the washington navy yard. it is tuesday, september 17th. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. this morning, here the streets behind me are empty but you can say they are absolutely filled with questions. why did this man walk into that building just a few blocks behind me and open fire? was it anger? was it frustration? we are just not sure this morning. what we are sure about, 12 innocent people are dead. so is the gunman. we are also sure about this. here, less than 24 hours ago, began a day of absolute terror for the people of washington. >> reporter: chaos and fear in the nation's capital, after a gunman opened fire at the heavily secured navy yard on monday morning. less than two miles from the white house and three miles from the capital. >> multiple people down. >> reporter: the death toll, at least 13 killed and at least
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eight more injured. the rampage now appearing to be the work of a lone gunman identified by the fbi as 34-year-old aaron alexis, an i.t. contractor and former navy reservist. alexis died in a gun battle with police inside the complex. the frightening events unfolding minutes-by-minute. 8:20 a.m., frantic calls began pouring into 911 moments after shots were fired. >> just standing here maybe three feet away and had a conversation and we heard two more gunshots and he went down and that is when i ran. >> the gunman entered building 197 of the navy yard with an active military contractor i.d. and security clearance. the fbi says alexis began firing from a fourth floor balcony on to office workers in an atrium down below. >> a third individual arrived with a gunshot into the head and hand. >> reporter: within minutes, metropolitan police and the fbi swarmed the area. >> we have an officer down.
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>> reporter: by 9:33, ambulances and helicopters descended on the scene rushing victims to local hospitals. schools near the navy yard locked down. the senate side of the capitol closed and air traffic at reagan national airport grounded throw it would not infer with the choppers. >> emergency now, exit, go, go, go. >> reporter: before 10:00 a.m., president obama was briefed in the oval office. three hours after the shooting spree began, they confirmed the gunman was shot and killed. president obama with another mass shooting. >> these are men and women going to work doing their job protecting all of us. >> reporter: monday's rampage of the navy yard is the deadliest since the ft. hood massacre in 2009. thousands of employees were
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allowed to leave their offices on the base throughout the night. many spending hours hiding and waiting for the carnage to end. the washington navy yard is the oldest land-based naval installation in the united states. it employs about 3,000 people. today, it is closed for the day, as they continue the investigation here. this morning, we are finding out some of the names of the victims. all civilians or contractors working for the military at this installation. these are the names we know right now. michael arnold, 59. civil via frasier, 5. kathy gaarde, age 52 and john roger johnson 73 and frank kohler and kenneth proctor and vishnu pandit, age 61. they all went to work yesterday just like every day and didn't go home.
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as for the gunman, we know this morning he was 34 years old. was a defense contractor and former navy reservist and also apparently studying buddhism. pamela brown is here with some details on this man. good morning, pam. >> good morning to you, john. cnn has learned he was an employee of a company called the expert, a subcontractor of hewlett-packard. his friends and family say they are shocked he is capable of doing this, but new details are emerging about violent incidents and his past and the big question remains this morning, what was the motive. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say 34 yered i.t. subcontractor aaron alexis entered navy yard building 197 legally with a vaedly military issued i.d. and an intent to kill. armed with an ar-15 and semiautomatic lock and a rifle his motive is unknown.
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>> we are learning everything we can about his recent movement and his contact and as an associate. >> reporter: pictures of a implicated man at times quiet and polite and spoke several languages and worshipped at this buddhist semple. >> it is incredibly this is all happening because he was a good-natured guy. it seemed like he wanted to get more out of life. >> reporter: other times he could be explosively angry. >> he might be angry at times, but i don't believe -- i don't believe it. >> reporter: alexis was born in queens, new york, joined the navy as a reservist in may of 2007. according to pentagon officials, he was discharged on january 2011 following a, quote, pattern of misconduct. while it's unclear what that misconduct was, he did have several run-ins with the law. he was arrested in seattle in 2004 for shooting out the tires of another man's vehicle described in the police report as an anger-fueled blackout. his father said his son was suffering ptsd after helping
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post-911 rescue vehicles. and disturbing the peace in georgia and arrested in 2010 for discharging a gun in ft. worth, texas, where he lived until recentlily and never charged in that case. one of alexis' friend in ft. worth said he was locked in a financial dispute with the company that contracted him to work for the navy. he did some civilian contract stuff or maybe government contract stuff in japan for about a month, and then he came back over here. i was excited, because i was the one that picked him up from the airport and he's like a brother, you know, to knee. after that, he just didn't feel like he was getting paid the correct amount or just issues with that. >> reporter: alexis had been staying at this hotel, not far from the navy yard since last week. and law enforcement source tells cnn alexis recently purchased one of the guns used in the shooting at a gun store in lawton, virginia. he also passed two security
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clearances last september and this past july before starting work at the navy yard. his violent rampage has left his family devastated. >> very hurtful. heart going out more to the victims and people who got hurt because it's more lives lost. we don't need that right now. >> reporter: government officials are saying there is no indication at this point that was an act of terrorism. evidence response teams will be processing multiple scenes today, we are told, just about right now. they will be looking at shell casings and trying to piece together what the motive here was and fbi officials will look at his mental health history. his father reported he had ptsd and still a lot of unanswered questions about him. >> he was cleared at least twice, given security clearance to work for this subcontractor for hewlett-packard who had the defense contractor. at some point, people had looked into his past and determined at
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whatever level he held, was not a serious threat. >> he was a mid level security clearance and you have to think it's a pretty thorough background check. i think a lot of questions remain about how he was able to get that background check given his violent history. >> pamela brown for us in washington, great reporting. thank you so much. still so many questions as pamela said how he got the clearance and about security at military posts. just how tight is the security if a gunman like this suspect can walk in with a gun and start shooting? as pamela just sholed us, aaron alexis had clearance to be on the site and those who work in the navy yard say this place took security very seriously. >> go past armed security guards and then your credentials are computer read and there is a kiosk to go through and it either gives you a green or a red light but the green light shows your credentials are
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recognized as somebody swho suppos who is supposed to be in that building. >> an report found they may have increased the security risks in an effort to cut costs and given convicted felons access to navy facilities. mark turner has now asked the pentagon inspector general to give congress more information about this audit. he wrote, given the disturbing events of today, i am highly concerned that the act of controlled systems at our nation's military installations have serious security flaws. this is just the beginning, no doubt, of questions that will be asked about how something like this can happen at a military installation. we will have much more here from washington in the naval yard in our next half hour. first, let's go back to zoraida in new york. >> why would he just choose all of these people.
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what was his motivation? i have one question. were there metal detectors in that building? >> one of the things we are not sure of. i was speaking to pamela off camera who were speaking to witnesses who said you did not have to always go through metal detectors if you had the proper security clearance. that is one of the things still being cleared up. you may have had to go past checkpoints where green and red lights went off based on your security badge but not necessarily based on what we are hearing, metal detectors. >> very sad. i'm sure they are going to be looking at all of that moving forward. thanks, john. we will check back in with you. coming up. >> all i know is i got three kids living in this house and i got to -- this is all -- >> did you see that mess? the rain has stopped but the cleanup has only begun. colorado drying out this morning. the death toll rising as rescuers finally gain access to some towns. we are going to have the very latest coming up.
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welcome back to a special edition of "early start." other stories we are following for you this morning. a report by u.n. weapons inspectors confirming the use of chemical weapons in syria last month. the report found there is clear and convincing forensic evidence of poison gas and strongly
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implicated the government of bashar al assad. ban ki-moon says the findings make for chilling reading and he says leave no doubt that, quote, this is a war crime. in our next half hour, we will speak with muhammad jamjoom with serious reaction to this report. in colorado, there is some good news and bad news on the flooding that has ravaged the state and left nearly 20,000 homes damaged. here is the good part. the weather seems to be improving there. that gave crews time to get in and rescue hundreds of folks that were stuck in their homes. the bad part is that the death toll continues to rise. it is now at eight. here is tory dunnan with more. >> reporter: conditions in flood ravaged colorado are showing some signs of improvement but many people are still waiting to be rescued. the national guard says this is one of the biggest rescue operations in recent history. >> it's the greatest number of
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americans rescued by helicopter since hurricane katrina. >> reporter: but in contrast to hurricane katrina, officials are promising a swift response to get aid to those who need it. >> i am very gratified and encouraged that a lot of what people perceived is the old fema is gone, and i think what we see now is an agile partner that will move a lot faster. >> reporter: at least 3,000 families have registered with fema for help and that number is expected to rise. meanwhile, as the weather improves, some people are returning to their homes to get a firsthand look at the damaged caused by the floodwaters. >> it's ruined. the basement is gone and it stinks so bad in there, you can barely stand it. >> reporter: nearly 18,000 homes around the state damaged and hundreds in one county alone where nearly 200 businesses have been washed away. in boulder county, officials say it will cost at least 150 billion dollars to repair miles of roadways and bridges damaged by the flooding.
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in longmont, colorado, i'm torre dunam reporting. >> indra petersons is still watching the weather. >> they had thunderstorms yesterday and moving toward the direction yesterday which is a break in between all of that's crazy rain they have been having. i want to talk about this rain. let's put it in perspective how much they have had. boulder, they broke a record for the most rain ever in a day. not only did they break it, look at the last record. 4.8 inches in a day. that was almost they doubled the number back to 1919. they broke the record in september 16.9 inches and broke the record amount of rain in a year also. that is the unbelievable amount of rain that came into play. a lot more dry air is moving into place that is the good news. today we will see a little bit of that breather and a chance in the mountains but a much better picture that we have been seeing.
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unfortunately by tomorrow, we are going to see a weather pattern in the pacific northwest make its way through the u.s. and see 23 that cold front triggers more thunderstorms and tomorrow will be dry air so tomorrow is the last day they are monitoring. the other thing i want to mention where is all of this water going? unfortunately, it is going down river. so even though nebraska did not see the heavy rain, as we move toward the weekend look for these places to have moderate flooding. this weekend we will be looking at moderate flooding in brady, nebraska. people say where is this going? unfortunately, toward nebraska. >> thank you, indra. 19 minutes past the hour. the north carolina police officer who shot and killed an unarmed 24-year-old is due in court today. authorities say officer randall caric fires 12 times at jonathan farrell as police respondeded to a suspected break in and entering call but it seems that
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farrell may have only been looking for help after a serious car accident. a home going on the auction this week. johnny versace was gunned down there in 1997. the 65,000 square foot palace has ten bedrooms and 11 baths. it even includes an observatory for looking at the stars. the property has attracted attention from buyers around the world including david beckham and his wife victoria. the bidding starts at a mere $25 million. coming up, it might not be a christmas for you as realtors. forecasters are looking for a grim shopping season. "money time" is coming up next. and then more on the massacre that left 13 dead at the navy yard in washington, d.c. john berman is standing by there live for us. welcome back.
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23 minutes past of the hour. it is money time. christine romans is off. here we go. stock futures mostly high this morning following another winning day for the dow industrials. the dow gained points on monday. the nasdaq closed with a loss. so far in september dow gained 684 points and just about wipes occupy the 689 points the dow lost in august. september has traditionally than the most volatile month for the stock market but this year may be an exception. we will see. two-day meeting today by the federal reserve that people have been waiting for with bated
1:25 am
breath. they will find out how the fed is pulling back on the billions of dollars popping into the bond market in months. ben bernanke is expected to give a clear decision on tomorrow's meeting. many expect the fed will cut the 85 billion it buys in bonds and mortgages every month by about 10 billion. important voice at the meetings will be fed vice chair woman janet yellin and considered by many to be the leading candidate to a over for ben bernanke when he leaves in candidadecember. larry summers yesterday withdrew his name from consideration. that was obama's pick. one troubling sign the fed has to contend with is a weak holiday season. while still early here, shop track predicts the season will be the worst since 2009. shopper track measures store traffic in 60,000 locations in worldwide and crunches the data to come up with its forecast.
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it says this holiday season, we will see sales rise by only 2.4%. that, however, is less than 3% increase last year. and the 4% increase in 2011. not good news there. coming up. >> he just is upset with the government about all that and just very -- he just fell slighted by his benefits of what he was getting each month. >> this is our top story. a former navy reservist murders 12 people at the washington navy yard before police managed to kill him. there is his pirs there. next, we will look into the gunman's past and how that massacre unfolded. john berman is live in washington, d.c. with the very latest information that is in this morning and he is going to join us after this quick break. oat formula s that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results.
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pop, pop, pop, pop. >> the next thing i heard was five more shots. the captain that was in the office said, come on, ma'am, let's go. he just grabbed me by the arm and we took off down the side steps. >> massacre at the washington, d.c. navy yard. a former reservist murders 12 people and shoots several more before police can stop him. new information this morning about the slain gunman and the people whose lives he took. we are live there with the very
1:31 am
latest. welcome back to "early start." happy you're with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman live at the washington navy yard this morning. about 30 minutes after the hour. thanks for being with us. in washington this morning people are waking up to flags at half-staff. the grim reality that less than 24 hours ago, a man walked into this secure facility just a few blocks behind me, a military installation. the oldest land-based naval installation in the united states and take man killed 12 people before police killed him. the chaos here started just after 8:00 a.m. when authorities say aaron alexis, a 34-year-old from ft. worth, texas, he used his military contractor i.d. to get into the building here at the washington navy yard. he walked into an atrium and began firing down at the people beneath him. >> they were quick shots like bam, bam, bam. two seconds later, bam, bam,
1:32 am
bam. i just started running. >> everyone said this is no drill. go, go, go. emergency exits now. go, go g. >> people were yelling to close the doors, lock the doors. we heard a very loud gunshot very close by and we looked up and we saw bullet holes in the wall to the conference that we were in about a foot down from the ceiling. >> he was far enough down the hall that we couldn't see his face but we could see him with a rifle and he raised and hit high on the wall. >> as we came outside, people were climbing the wall trying to get out over the wall to get out of the spaces. it was just crazy. >> reporter: >> we will have much more on alexis and his history this morning. he had an ar-15, a rifle. he also had a semiautomatic clock and handgun with him and third weapon. it is believed the ar-15 was the main murder weapon. that was the same weapon used by adam lanza and james holmes.
1:33 am
the ar-15 we believe it was bought legally and he followed all procedures to get into the building and he had security clearance for access. right now, investigators are trying to collect the evidence. the building shut down today. 3,000 employees staying home and they are working through the night to try to uncover everything that might possibly explain what led to this brutal, unthinkable crime. we should say, at some times, you get no understandable explanation. there is nothing that lets comprehend something as horrible as this can happen. we should note that people who worked with alexis said he was a good worker and no one seems to indicate he had any disagreements with anyone at the
1:34 am
office. . overnight police releasing the names of the victims. they were all civilians who were contractors who worked here at this installation. none of them were active duty military. those killed range in ages from 46 to 73. i'll read the names we know right now. michael arnold, 59. sylvia frasier, 53. kathy gaarde, 62. john johnson 73. frank kohler 50 and kenneth proctor, 46 and vishnu pandit, 61. they went to work yesterday like any other day and didn't go home. these are people whose lives were lost, whose families now mourn them. and we all have so many questions might never be answered. eight people were injured and three shot and one a d.c. police officer who is recovering in a hospital this morning. i'm joined now by pam rah brown.
1:35 am
she has been reporting on the investigation since yesterday. the question, at this point, what do we know about this gunman? >> questions still remain here, john, and what was the motive. what we do know according to law enforcement officials the 34-year-old entered navy yard building 197 with a valid military issued i.d. and intent to kill. we learned he was armed with an ar-15 and a semiautomatic lock and a rifle. the pictures emerging of a implicated man. at times quiet and polite and spoke several languages and worshipped as a buddhist at a temple and he had several run-ins with the law. arrested in seattle in 2004 for shooting out the tires of another man's vehicle described in the police report as an anger-fueled blackout. his father said his son was suffering ptsd after helping post-9:00 rescue victims in ground zero. in 2008 he was jailed in georgia for disturbing the peace and arrested in 2010 for discharging
1:36 am
a gun in public in ft. worth, texas, where he lived recently. he was never charged in that case. we spoke to family and friends who say they are shocked that he is capable of doing this. >> he just didn't seem like he would be that kind of person that would be that upset enough to go out and do something like this, so that is how we are confused. >> i can't believe he did that in a way. he is not the guy to kill people. >> he seemed knowledgeable with military equipment. he was also knowledge with military rifles and handguns and stuff, at least he led us to believe he was, but nobody ever had the idea that he would ever use them in a derogatory way. he just seemed knowledgeable. he seemed very militarily knowledgeable. >> according to pentagon officials, aaron alexis was a navy reservist who was discharged in 2011 for, quote, a pattern of misconduct. despite that, john, we have learned he has past two security
1:37 am
clearances just in the past year. >> passed two security clearances, despite the pattern of misconduct for which he was discharged from the military and given security clearance despite two past arrests that involved guns. very, very interesting. i'm sure these will raise questions over the coming days. how long had he been in washington this time? had he started work yet here at the naval facility? >> we learned he worked for a company called the experts, a jarkt of hewlett-packard and just finished a project in japan and was in d.c. less than a month according to law enforcement officials we spoke with. it appears that monday was not his first day working at the navy yard, that he was just beginning work there, but we don't know. in fact, how much time he had spent there. >> was he there getting the clearance or getting paper work done so he could start working? >> very early on. >> unclear how many people he knew at this facility. pamela brown, appreciate it. this massacre raises so many questions this morning.
1:38 am
one of them is just how safe are military facilities like this around the country? that was the question back in 2009 when army psychiatrist al hasan injured dozens. he was cleared to be there. he was an officer in the military. by all accounts, as pamela just showed us, aaron alexis had passed his background checks and had clearance to be at the navy yard as well. that has to bother some of those who witnessed this horrible shooting here. >> i think right now, a lot of people are wondering, you know, just how safe the building is or how safe the office environment is. >> security is a balance between total safety and freedom, right? so you have to provide some level in the middle so that people can actually get to work. >> those who work here at the washington navy yard say security here is tight. you do have to go past a series
1:39 am
of armed guard and show your i.d. to humans and a computer system that verifies you're supposed to be there. security experts say there is only so much you can do to stop a person who is bent on destruction. we do not know if he went through metal detectors or if he had to go through metal detectors. we do not know how many interactions he had with security personnel before he got into the facility. we do know that he was cleared to be there. we will follow the developments for you this morning right here from the washington navy yard. there is much more to come. first, let's go back to zoraida in new york for today's other news. >> so many up answered questions. when you were talking about state of his mental health, some people he worked with called him a good boy. somebody else,y could see him perhaps taking his own life. you have to wonder --
1:40 am
>> so many contradictions. he was studying buddhist at the same time he loved violent video games. he had guns a long time. too many contradictions here. >> we are glad to have you there and continue to check in all morning long. coming up, the death toll rising in colorado as floodwaters recede. rescuers gain access to towns that were left under water. at last week's massive flood. plus. >> all of a sudden, we hear people screaming, get the lifeguards! get the lifeguards. >> another summer has passed by something in the water. was it a shark? we will have all of the details next. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover.
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take a look at the pictures. a break in the weather meant rescues could resume monday and hundreds were picked up by helicopter and even by boat. but many more remain stranded or sadly unaccounted for.
1:45 am
the death toll is up to eight now across the state. casey is among those cut off from their homes. he got out just in time but his neighborhood is buried in mud. the only way he can get in there is to go hiking. so that is what he is doing. >> cops and firefighters said probably two to three weeks until they build a bridge and we can get our vehicles out. >> relate sunk in yet? >> not until i get up there. we will see when i get up there. reality hasn't hit quite yet. so i won't be able to drive for three weeks. >> authorities are planning to drop food and other supplies in by helicopters to some of those areas until rescue crews can arrive to get all of the residents out. indra petersons is watching the weather for us. we were talking about the fact all of this water has to go somewhere, right? that is the big concern, where does it go? regardless if he stops range you have all of this water out there. let's talk about how much water.
1:46 am
this system was unbelievable. it broke the daily record for any point in time throughout the year. almost doubled the last record which was set in 1919. they got 19.08 inches in boulder and that was last thursday. incredible amount of rain. they have also now broken the amount of rain for september and the yearly record up to this point in time. almost 30 inches of rain in the region. good news thunderstorms rare ou there but diminishing. they will get a breather in between systems. another system in the pacific northwest that will drop a cold front. this will be tomorrow night through thursday. we will watch that for the threat of more thunderstorms tomorrow. never a good thing when you already have more rain out there. let's talk about these rivers. we have so much water out there. all this is going to go down river on the south platt river and makes its way farther downward and head toward nebraska and see major flooding in areas that never even got the
1:47 am
rain initially and now they are concerned where is this going in my neighborhood. >> this continues to be a mess. thank you, indra. pennsylvania appeals court today hears a case of jerry sandusky. he was convicted of molesting ten young boys. sandusky is asking for a new trial claiming the defense did not have enough time to prepare and prosecutors improperly referenced the fact he did not testify. he is currently serving a sentence of at least 30 years in prison. casey anthony may soon be forced to answer big questions about her daughter's disappearance and her death. attorneys plan to dispose her next month in a defamation suit over anthony's assertion. remember a former babysitter kidnapped her 12-year-old daughter. since she has been acquitted of answering her daughter she will have to answer her questions and she cannot plead the fifth. the final act in the michael
1:48 am
jackson wrongful death trial won't involve jackson's mother. lawyers for aeg live say they will not call katherine jackson to the stand but may play a portion of a video deposition by jackson's son prince. closing arguments could start as soon as next week. after the shooting at the washington navy yard a man arrested at the white house accused of throwing firecrackers over the fence. sounded like gunshots and led to a lockdown at the white house complex. secret service agents apparently tackled the man before taking him into custody. no word yet on his motive or any charges he might be facing but officials say there was no threat. you see him taken away in handcuffs. president obama is taking republicans in congress to task for holding up critical budget ishe issues. he says they were spinning the
1:49 am
economy into another tailspin. >> after all the progress we have made the last four and a half years, the idea of reversing that progress because of an unwillingness to compromise or because of some ideological agenda is the height of irresponsibility. >> so far, legislation to keep the government funded has stalled in the republican-led house and the president has insisted he will not negotiate on raising the nation's debt limit. we have been talking about them a lot this summer and there is another possible shark bite to tell you about this morning. this time on a pensacola beach on florida's panhandle p.m. police say a man in his mid-20s was swimming a few hundred feet offshore on saturday when something bit the top and bottom of his right foot. >> all of a sudden, we hear people screaming. get the lifeguards! >> inherently a dangerous place and not meant for humans. a whole other world there. there is rip currents and there is tied and surf and green life
1:50 am
we aren't accustomed to. >> did you hear what he said? not meant for humans. the man is treated and injuries said to be nonlife-threatening. the predatory fish in those waters in one of them could have been responsible for that. be careful if you're in that area. coming up, 13 people dead in a massacre at the washington navy yard. john berman is there with the very latest for us. clear and convincing. the united nations now sure that war crimes were committed in syria. mohammed jam joom is live on th ground. we will check in with him after this break.
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welcome back to "early start "54 minutes past the hour. the world is dicgesting. what a chemical attack on the outskirts of damascus came from rockets and it did involve sarin gas. two facts that seem to implicate the assad regime. mohammed jamjoom is live for us today. what has been the reaction of syria so far? >> there has not been any official reaction to the chemical weapons report but last
1:55 am
few minutes a reaction by the syrian government by a press conference yesterday by secretary of state john kerry in which mr. kerry said if diplomacy sails the military option with regard to syria is still on the table. the syrians are saying this proves the americans have wanted to go in militarily all along no matter what any lie doing that happens in syria with the result of that will be that the americans will still want to intervene militarily. the syrians are really being watched closely because of this plan pa that was put into effect by mr. kerry and his russian counterpart saying they have this week to put their weapons under the control of the international community and by the middle of next year, all chemical weapons materials in syria must be destroyed. so all eyes now on syria as to
1:56 am
whether they will impcomply if there can be a diplomatic solution to the situation in saer. >> let's say they don't meet that first time line. >> reporter: that is the question. i mean, we have had time and time again, we have seen so many efforts trying to solve the crisis diplomatically, they have stalled. there have been delays and delays and delays. the rebels in syria and the opposition keep saying this is a stalling tactic by the assad regime and saying he has no contention to comply what he is asked to adhere to. what will the u.n. do? will there be any kind of punishment toward the syrians? and will the international community start discussing the possible of military intervention and will it strengthen the leverage of the americans and possibly the uk to go in military if syria doesn't
1:57 am
comply with this time line? so many more questions than answers right now. >> before i let you go, i want to get a question in from a viewer knowing if the report filed by the united nations do they talk about mass killings by conventional weapons well or only talk about chemical weapons? >> reporter: this report sticks to chemical weapons. that was the mandate of the inspectors that went in there. they were only supposed to erm if chemical weapons had been used. what i hear a lot of on the ground here is people asking why all this talk only if chemical weapons? so many people in the region, especially in countries that neighbor syria, they say why not talk about conventional weapons? they are responsible for deaths of over a hundred thousand people in syria since the conflict there began. >> mohammed jamjoom live in beirut, thank you for that. from us this hour the store of a fan getting a little too up close and personal. here is jeanne moos.
1:58 am
>> reporter: it's normal for beyonce fans to get carried away. here is a guy who tried to carry away beyonce. fans at this concert in brazil used their cell phones to capture the shirtless guy snatching beyonce. from every angle. after her security grabbed her back, she did what she always does. kept singing. and even came to the guy's rescue. hey, hey, hey! >> reporter: fans are always getting overexcited at ob i don't know say's concert. remember the guy who slapped her butt as she walked away? but that slap was below the belt. ob i don't know say never seems to freak out. she invites her fans to sing with her. she touches them. this guy at a concert in
1:59 am
nashville became known as the fan who caught the holy ghost. he described to the british paper metro as an out of body experience. she even hugged him. moments later, he fainted. he claimed the t-shirt that beyonce had pressed against him. at a concert this summer, the fan even grabbed beyonce's hair. in this case, we are talking the kind of fan that blows air. for security had to extricate her locks. as for the brazilian guy who lunged at her, he loved her, she loved him. since he wasn't wear a t-shirt, just have to keep watching the gift of someone made of him sweeping beyonce off her feet again and again. how do you say attempted kidnapping in portuguese? jeanne moos, cnn, new york.
2:00 am
>> i have seen this woman perform and she is totally connected to her audience. "early start" continues right now. i heard three shots. pow, pow, pow. 30 seconds later, i heard four more shots. it was just crazy. >> 13 people dead after a mass shooting at the washington navy yard. we are breaking down exactly what happened, who the gunman was, and new information this morning about all of the victims there as well. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman live at the washington navy yard. it is tuesday, september 17th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. here in washington this morning, people arein