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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 18, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> no, thank you, sara hoyedel. you did the right thing. >> another good stuff today. >> what do you got? >> my grandmother turns 100 years old today! >> happy birthday! >> doesn't look a day over 60. we had to take a moment to honor and celebrate a wonderful, wonderful woman. we love you. >> happy birthday! look at those great cheeks. >> she's fabulous. >> get on a plane so you can give her a squeeze. >> done and done. carol costello in the "newsroom." >> happy birthday, grandma b! thanks, guys. have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts now. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we begin in florida where an intense manhunt is now under way for two escaped killers. one of those men, charles walker, was convicted of killing a man in his early 20s. that's him on the left. on the right is joseph jenkins. jenkins killed a man in front of
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his 9-year-old son. the family of jenkins' victim is terrified and demanding answers this morning. how did this happen? cnn's john zarrella is in orlando with more. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is right out of one of those spy movies where you see one go to a bookstore and small neighborhood, go to the back room, get a forged passport, some forged documents. that's about what happened here. these inmates were able to fool the department of corrections with forged documents that ordered their early release. 9 years old. he was just 9 when roscoe pugh iii saw his father gunned down during a home invasion robbery. >> my life would be totally different. i said that since i was 9 years old. since i was 9 years old i said my life would have been different if i wouldn't have seen it. >> reporter: now 15 years later
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roscoe is reliving the nightmare. this man, joseph jenkins, serving life for the murder of roscoe's dad, was mistakenly released from a prison in franklin county in the florida panhandle. for roscoe's mom, it's impossible to comprehend. >> it seemed like apply whole world came down on me. i felt i would not have to see them ever again in life, because they had life sentence, plus 100 years. >> reporter: if one convicted murderer set free by accident isn't enough, there's more. a week and a half after jenkins went free, so did charles walker, convicted of second degree murder in a different case. and get this. walker walked out of the same florida prison. how is that possible? forged documents ordered the releases, and on them, the forged signature of orange county judge, belvin perry. >> so they even got letterhead. >> reporter: because he's a high-profile judge, perry says he sees how it's possible no one would question it. and he's not entirely surprised.
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>> people. particularly people with criminal minds, come up with ingenuous ways to beat the system. they have nothing but time on their hands. >> reporter: the florida department of law enforcement was only notified of the mistake a couple of days ago. corrections officials say they followed department policy, and procedures. >> those inmates were released based on those court orders that we received. the orders were later determined to be fraudulent. >> reporter: it's a snafu that has residents of the area and the pugh family living in fear. >> and now to have to know that he's free on the streets, is frightening. is terrifying. >> reporter: now, authorities might not know now that these guys were set free if it wasn't for the family of one of the victims. the family called the state attorney's office here in orlando, notified the state attorney and said, hey, how come this guy is out? the state attorney then calls
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the florida department of law enforcement and the department of corrections and notifies them. and then the investigation begins. it's not clear right now, carol, how the family found out that this guy was out on the street. carol? >> reporter: so many disturbing aspects of this story. i know officials in your story said these two prisoners were to blame. but it had to be someone within the system that was kind of shady. i mean, wouldn't they suspect someone falsified those papers that was working outside the prison system? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. in fact, judge perry said the same thing. and he even said, look, my signature is out there all over the internet. anybody can get that. and forge my signature. and it's not that difficult to forge the court documents either. so -- but clearly, somebody on the outside was working with these two guys to manipulate the system the way they did, and to get those forged papers up to the department of corrections.
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so there's no doubt about it. >> and they have no idea, authorities, where these guys are. >> reporter: well, they believe that one of them -- they're knots telling us how they know this, of course. but they believe that at least one of the two men may be here in the orlando area. another reason why we're outside of the sheriff's department here in orlando oh. that is where the crimes that these two men were convicted of were committed. here in the orange county area. >> john zarrella reporting live from orlando this morning. thank you. he made life and death decisions on terrorists and could soon make equally important decisions on your safety. today president obama will nominate former pentagon lawyer, jay johnson, as his choice to head homeland security. maybe the first test for the president coming off that grueling fight for the debt deal. jim acosta is at the white house this morning with more for you. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's right, from the budget to immigration reform to these glitches with health and now a new cabinet announcement. if you thought there might be a
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political truce here in washington, guess again. listening to president obama chatting with the italian prime minister, it sounded as if he was ready for a vacation in tuscany. >> he will not have to twist my arm to try to get me to come to tuscany again sometime in the near future. >> reporter: but the president has no room on his plate for pasta, not when he set his sights on passing a new budget, immigration reform, and even a farm bill in less than 90 days. >> and we could get them done by the end of the year. if our focus is on what's good for the american people. >> reporter: a task the president may have made more difficult for himself after railing against republicans over the shutdown. >> you don't like a particular policy? or a particular president? then argue for your position. go out there and win an election. >> reporter: but he may get help from senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell, who told "the hill" newspaper, there will not be a government shutdown. i think we have fully now
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acquainted new members with what a losing strategy is. former gop vice presidential candidate, paul ryan, called for bipartisanship in upcoming budget negotiations. >> we want to look for ways to find common ground, to gets a budget agreement. >> reporter: tell that to texas senator, ted cruz, whose office told cnn he's not ruling out another shutdown. the president could also have a fight on his hands over his next pick for secretary of homeland security. jay johnson, former military lawyer and obama campaign fund-raiser said at a conference earlier this year, the day will come when the u.s. must declare war against al qaeda over. >> we should no longer consider ourselves in a traditional conflict against al qaeda and affiliated groups. and i think benghazi is a prominent example of what i'm talking about. because you can't label the benghazi attack as something conducted by al qaeda and associated forces. it was more of a mixed bag. >> reporter: and that's not all. the administration still has to fix those health care website
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glitches. >> nobody is more insistent that work be done and experience be improved than the president. >> reporter: now, the latest conservative battle cry here in washington is for the firing of health and human services secretary, kathleen send he'll i couldn't say, but white house officials say she has the full confidence of the president and as for that nomination ceremony taking place later on this afternoon for jeh johnson as next secretary of homeland security, of course, he has to be confirmed, and a top republican on the senate judiciary committee has already called johnson's nomination, quote, deeply concerning. carol? >> jim acosta, reporting live from the white house this morning. thousands of people in the san francisco bay area are scrambling to find another way to work this morning after rapid transit workers went on strike for the second time this year. the sticking point, b.a.r.t. officials want to change rules for things like overtime and scheduling. >> we were this close, and yet at the last minute, they threw in a management rights clause to
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take away our rights as workers. >> there is room to move on financials. and there has been room to move on work rules. we want an agreement that works for everyone. >> b.a.r.t. is the fifth-largest transit system in the united states, and 400,000 people use it each and every day. are spdrs invading your car? it is almost halloween. this is no treat. toyota says it's recalling almost 900,000 vehicles because of potentially dangerous problems that can be triggered by spider webs. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. okay. this is really strange. >> reporter: it is really strange. and is it just me, carol, or does toyota seem ahead of the competition in making their cars we web-enabled? it took me a long time to think of that. laugh a little better. thanks. and here's what's really funny. these spider problems are not a new phenomenon for cars, because cars have a lot of tubes. it means there are a lot of nooks and crannies for spiders
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to build their wednesday. 2011, mazda had to recall cars because of a spider issue and now it's toyota, recalling 870,000 vehicles, and it's not all because of spiders, but it is part of the problem. and here's what happens. it causes a sort of cascade of problems. the webs block a drainage tube from the air conditioning condenser, that causes water to just kind of drip down. it can lead to a short-circuit. so what do you get? you get the air bag warning light coming on. also, here's what scary. the air bag can unexpectedly deploy. that is serious. and in some cases, even serious, as well, the power steering can go out. and this is happening to a lot of popular cars here in america made by toyota. camri camries, the avalons, 2012 and 2013 models. hybrid versions affected as well. how do you know if your car is one of these? you'll be notified by mail. toyota says it will fix it for free. and this is an interesting tidbit. these recalls actually have to go through the national highway traffic safety administration,
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which, hey, was closed abuse of the shutdown. but guess what, automakers still had to proceed with recalls without government help. carol? >> well, the government is back up and running. hopefully that will help. alison kosik, thanks so much. when is a rock more than a rock? answer, when you're in goblin valley state park. three could face felony charges after they pushed over a 200 million-year-old boulder. >>. [ laughter ] yeah! >> okay. these are boy scout leaders, and they posted this video online. and then somebody saw it and alerted authorities. the men say they pushed the boulder over because it was wobbly and feared it might fall and hurt hikers. >> a little kid was about ready to walk down here and die. and glen saved his life by
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getting the boulder out of the way. >> that thing wobbled. i looked at that main path, that main walkway and thought, one gust of wind, and a family is dead. >> he had to brace himself, he had to get in position. that's more than a gust of wind, you've got to admit. >> you know what? that earth, that dirt wears away every time there is a rain storm. >> they are boy scout leaders. park officials say no one has ever been hurt by falling rock formations and it is against the law to deface state parks. investigators have not yet filed official charges. still to come in the "newsroom." she's america's top health official, but kathleen sebelius won't have that job for too long, not if republicans have their way. they want the health and human services secretary fired over obama care. ♪ let's face it. everyone has their own way of doing things.
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they were not able to defund obama care, but that's not stopping some republicans from trying to defeat the law. their latest target, health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius. now the rnc wants sebelius
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fired. it's launching a petition on the rnc website to make that happen. there you see it. joining me now is sean spicer, communications director for the republican national committee. good morning, sean. >> good morning, carol. great to see you. >> nice to see you too. the white house says sebelius has, quote, the full confidence of the president. but let's just say, president obama changes his mind somewhere down the line, and let's her go. then what? >> well, i think if you're going to spend three years and hundreds of millions of dollars having a rollout occur like this and go so poorly, then something needs to happen. what the bigger problem is, that where you come in and say so what, if you can't handle something like this, that's a top priority and bungle it so poorly, can you do the other things that probably are more routine? and this really calls into question the accountability and the leadership that's going on over at hhs in terms of not only our taxpayer dollars, but the
6:17 am
delivery of key services. because, again, you had three years, hundreds of millions of dollars, and it took cnn 14 days to be able to log on this site. the administration likes to point and say well it's just like an apple rollout, but when apple had a bad rollout for their mapping service, they fired the guy. it was called the most significant shakeup in apple history, because apple says that's unacceptable. and this administration says, we have the full confidence of that person. that's just unbelievable. and these are supposed to be the tech wizard folks, you know, that everyone praises the obama folks for how tech savvy they are, and they take millions of dollars and blow it. >> no one would disagree that the rollout of the obama care exchanges has been abysmal. but i'll ask you again, let's say kathleen sebelius is gone. then what? will republicans sit down and come up with a better way to run the exchanges? will they fix the problems? then what? >> no, but i guess what i'm getting at, the first thing you have to do, again, obviously, we're opposed to obama care as a
6:18 am
whole, we would like to defund it and go away. the broader issue, if you have somebody at the top of the organization -- >> let's go back to that. you still want to defund it and for it to go away. and you think, by asking the president then to fire kathleen sebelius, it will happen. haven't we been through this? >> no, no. what -- there are two separate issues. one is getting rid of obama care. the second is it's a fundamental lack of leadership and accountability when the person at the top of the agency, that is supposed to go overseeing this, cannot handle it or address it after repeatedly telling you it was going on. again, i'll go back to what i said earlier, if you can't handle the number-one priority giving three years and hundreds of millions of dollars, how can you do the other things that go along with administering that department? it calls into question the entire ability to lead, manage that department. that's the bigger issue. it's almost separating obama care and saying beyond -- >> here's the problem. the health care exchanges have already been set up. according to our estimates, and we've called around to a number
6:19 am
of states, asking how many people have signed up, and we get reports that about 245,000 people have signed up through health care exchanges that are working in some states. it's not working in others. so what do you do with those people if suddenly those exchanges go away? what will happen? >> okay. >> what's the end game? >> so let's look. delaware got their first person, alaska has zero. iowa has five. >> let's put kentucky in there. let's put kentucky in the mix. because that's one of the states that is successful. >> right. that is also -- that is also counting the medicare enrollees. so it's not counting just the obama care. it's counting -- they've encapsulated other programs and counted them towards that total, which is not a fair system. but let's go to these other top experts, like robert gibbs, who happens to be the former press secretary who said i agree, someone should be fired. debbie wasserman schultz, the president's choice at the dnc. we should have had a better rollout and design. that other top health care
6:20 am
expert, wolf blitzer, from cnn, who said maybe it's not a bad idea to have a one-year delay. >> no, wolf blitzer didn't exactly say that. sean, can we hold? i want to continue this conversation. i think it's important for the american people. >> right. >> will you stick around through the break? >> i'd love to. >> okay. we'll be right back with more. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill.
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. okay. we're talking to sean spicer from the republican national committee about obama care. the rnc is calling for kathleen sebeli sebelius, health and human services director, to be fired. thanks for sticking around, sean. we appreciate it. i'll ask that question again. there are many americans, i'm sure, think someone ought to be fired over these exchanges not working. a terrible rollout over these health care exchanges. so i'll just ask you again. so once someone is fired for this, what's next? what happens next? >> well, i think you put someone in who is at least accountable. and shows a degree of understanding, a basic management skills. i just -- i think that there's -- >> so republicans have -- >> hold on. can i just -- hold on.
6:24 am
carol, again, i don't understand why it's incumbent upon us. there isn't a person, republican or democrat, as you just admitted. i think it's true, no one is saying she did this well. when the job of a secretary is to oversee a department. when everybody, from your own team to the other side is saying it's not working, you didn't do a good job, i think replacing them is something that any institution or corporation or nonprofit or television studio would say, we need someone new who can at least manage things properly. so i don't think that this is -- this is sort of almost aside from obama care and says, if you have this poor management, i don't think it's that odd to say we need to put in a new player to run the -- to run the department or the team or whatever it is. but there's no entity that would accept this level of people saying you're right, my bad. we screwed up, spent $100 million, sorry about it, let's
6:25 am
move forward. >> okay. so the house will hold a hearing next week on these glitches, the websi website's problems, as you said, are well-documented. what else are we going to learn from this hearing, besides, you know, the exchanges aren't working well? what else will americans, some of whom like this system, what will they learn from this hearing? >> well, i think we need to understand again, to go back to very basic things, what have you been doing the last three years? why -- where did the money go? why were you telling us only a few days prior to launch that all systems were go, everything was on track, this was going to run beautifully. did you not -- there is a point either you -- pure incompetencies, or you knew it and didn't let it stop. but the administration went out, as you recall, probably a couple months ago, and said all big businesses and corporations are going to get a one-year delay. so the question might be, did you guys know something was wrong ahead of time and you were just trying to mitigate it? what did you know, when did you
6:26 am
know it? why did all this money get spent, were there any protocols in place to ensure that there was accountability, that things were getting done on time. but at some point -- >> all great questions, except the administration will not send anyone to these hearings to testify. because of what we just went through. >> don't you think that's odd? i think that's odd. i think that we as americans have a right to know why we're sending so much money. and frankly, this is the bigger issue of what's wrong with washington right now, there is this complacency you can blow this kind of a rollout this much money and no one is accountable. no one thinks it's a problem. and everyone says we stand by. i think that's a bigger issue of what's going on in this town. >> i'm just going to posture this, because i don't know. but since we just went through this defund obama care thing with the government shutdown, and the house is now holding this hearing, with the underlying goal to defund obama care, wouldn't that be a reason why the administration would be
6:27 am
loathe to send someone to this hearing? which is important. >> well, they cannot like it, but this isn't a choice. this is -- there is a system in this country, congress has oversight and has the purse strings. this isn't a private company that says, hey, it's our money and we get to make these decisions. this is the american people, this is the -- you know, this is how our system of democracy works. and frankly, we spent taxpayer money on it. they have a responsibility and -- to come up and explain to the american people and members of congress what happened, why it happened, what else is going on, why are they hiding the number of enrollees, why won't they tell us how many people actually enrolled. why won't -- there are basic things that we have a right to know. >> you're absolutely right about that. sean spicer, i wish we could continue. i really appreciate you being on this morning. thank you so much. >> thanks, carol. have a great weekend. >> you too. still to come in the "newsroom," scorched earth and burned bridges. we'll look at the strong-armed tactics of ted cruz.
6:28 am
>> he's basically burned down the reputation of the republican party. >> and that's from a fellow republican. just ahead, what voters are saying in cruz's home state. (music plays throughout) hey guten morgen guess who? mr. mojito? ok it's got to be really fast, i've got one second hey no way wei hey, ca va? nudeq nuqdaq duch doch bolz stop calling me oh my god, no! how are they looking? we did it baby woohh oi ma yerp yerp moshi moshi, meow what?! ♪ thnot at the rings.looking. i can feel them looking at my thick, flaky red skin. do i tell them it's psoriasis? do i speak up and say it's not contagious? or do i just say...
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[ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't.
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stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. as trading opens on wall street, google shares can boast a new all-time high. the stock price jumped 8% after the company reported sales and profits exceeded expectations. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. and my jaw is dropping as i watch this stock continue to go up, up and up higher. it's trading at $982 a share for one share of google. this is really stunning, especially considering some analysts say, yeah, it was a solid quarter for google, but it
6:32 am
wasn't outstanding. but the stock is performing this well. look at the company's ascent. it went public back in 2004. at a price of $895 -- $85. now pushing $12,000 a share. true, it did take a big hit in 2008, just like everybody else, because of the recession. but other than that, it's pretty much been a straight line up for google. the stock is popping today, because google's quarterly sales, its earnings, beating expectations. and guess why it's doing so well, carol? you and me. more people are clicking on the site's advertisements. that's how google makes money. from one record high to another, tell you about one more record high yesterday the s&p 500 closing at a record high, continuing that move higher. we're seeing the s&p 500 at a level of 1738, which is yet another record. we'll see if it will close this high, as well. carol? >> awesome. alison kosik, live from the new york stock exchange. has government operations rumbled back to life from that partial shutdown, the man at the center of a two-week stalemate is not ruling out another
6:33 am
shutdown. republican senator, ted cruz, is enjoying a big boost from his fellow conservatives, and tea party loyalists. but other republicans say he's grandstanding at the expense of his own party. listen to this from a former adviser to george w. bush. >> i think the only thing he accomplished was gaining more supporters and fund raising for himself, but did absolutely nothing for the country and did a lot of harm to the republican party. i think he's basically burned down the reputation of the republican party and stood on -- and is standing on the ashes to just stand a little taller for himself personally. >> and cruz is just loose as likely to inspire passion in texas where bare-knuckled politics can sometimes resemble a blood sport. ed lavandera with more. >> reporter: the most popular within politician in texas. his influence is indisputable. but he is just as polarizing
6:34 am
here in his own state as he is around the country. ted cruz is either a gallant fighter of conservative values or a disruptive political scroundrel. just depends on your point of view. >> honestly, i just think he's an idiot who is not on the side of the voters and definitely not for texans. >> i like his stance. and he doesn't care what anybody thinks. and everyone knows where he's coming from. and that's refreshing. >> reporter: cruz is the most talked about politician in texas right now. but when the dust settles, the question is, how will the shutdown and debt ceiling standoff affect ted cruz's popularity in his home state? >> people don't know what to do with ted cruz, especially those that have been around politics for a long time. >> reporter: cruz's style and confrontational tactics in the government shutdown fight have alienated some. the "houston chronicle" newspaper endorsed ted cruz for senator last year. but in a new editorial, the newspaper now says cruz is part of the problem in washington. the senator, who has been in office less than a year, is
6:35 am
unfazeded. >> that was a remarkable victory, to see the house engage in a profile in courage. >> reporter: even that didn't sit well with fellow republican congressman, joe barton, of texas. >> i respect senator cruz, he's my junior senator. but i agree with you. this is not a profile in courage. >> reporter: he's controversial, he's brash, and even though cruz's reputation might be scarred on a national level, veteran political strategists, like mark mckinnon, say it only seems to help cruz with texas voters. >> ted cruz has a lot of support of hard-core republicans. and so he has strong support where the hard-core conservatives come out. so he's likely to be senator for a long time. >> reporter: ted cruz was elected senator by courting right wing tea party voters, being the most conservative candidate on the ballot, and the formula worked. now consider this. every texas republican in congress voted against the budget deal to reopen the federal government. just like ted cruz.
6:36 am
for many texas republican voters like francisco gonzalez, ted cruz's in your face style makes him popular. >> he's awake ebbed the people and whether they agree or disagree, it's a conversation that needed to be had. >> reporter: others are seething angry at cruz. >> he's done real damage to the country, the economy, our standing internationally and the republican party. >> reporter: an old texas politician used to say there is nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos. ted cruz doesn't play in the middle of the road. what happens next with ted cruz is a question that not only political observers around the country are looking at but what many people are looking at closely here in texas. but one thing is certain. in the meantime, ted cruz is basking in the limelight. carol? >> ed lavandera reporting this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," director michael bay says he was attacked by a zombie. during the filming of his latest
6:37 am
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>> it's over. i'm sorry, but it's over. >> ooh! "transformers" you get it. we can thank michael bay for bringing it to the big screen, but found himself in trouble in the fourth movie in hong kong. bay says a man tried to attack him with an air conditioner on the set and then the guy acted like a zombie, and started biting people. okay, michelle turner, that's weird. >> reporter: it is weird. and you know, the line to that is "more than meets the eye" and that can definitely apply to this, carol. it does sound like one of the
6:41 am
things from his big-budget block busters, doesn't it? he's posted his version, though, michael bay, we're talking about, of this story on his website. and he says basically they were shooting on location when some men came up and demanded money, or else they were going to start disrupting filming by things like playing loud music or throwing bricks. and according to bay, and this is a quote from his website, he says, one guy rolled metal carts into some of my actors, trying to shake us down for thousands of dollars. i personally told this man and his friends to forget it, we were not going to let him extort us. now, according to the local police, they were demanding 100,000 hong kong dollars, about $12,000 american. and the director says the men went away and came back and were carrying something like a long air conditioning unit, they tried to use as a weapon. and he ducked. it gets crazier. he says that's when security came in and things really started getting out of hand. according to the hong kong police report, several officers and at least one of the suspects
6:42 am
were injured during this whole scuffle that followed. but michael bay has a really dramatic, you know, account of this. he says it took seven security guards, carol, to bring one of the men down. and during the fight, here's another quote from him. michael bay says he actually bit into the -- one of the guard's nike shoes. insane. thank god it was an air max. the bubble popped, but the toe was save. you know, michael bay says this was like fighting one of the zombies from "world iowar z." the guys were arrested and are being charged with blackmail and assault. that's the good news. can you imagine? >> no. >> reporter: crazy. >> i hope i never get to even remotely experience something like that. good for michael bay. he fought the good fight. michelle turner. >> i wouldn't mess with him. >> i wouldn't either. thanks, michelle. >> sure. here's what's all-new in the next hour of "newsroom." she's become the face of the obama care website.
6:43 am
and all of its problems. now she's the main target of republicans, calling for her job. >> secretary sebelius has had three-and-a-half years to alaunch obama care and has failed. >> could the health secretary be the first victim of the obama care website's rocky rollout and julian assange the subject of a must movie called "the fifth estate estate." >> but assange calls hollywood's version toxic and wants the world to know why. that's all new with the next hour of "newsroom." ido more with less with buless energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy.
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6:46 am
the man behind the leak of classified information from the nsa says he did not give that information to the chinese or russian intelligence agencies. edward snowden has been in russia for several months now. he told "new york times" he gave all documents to journalists in hong kong before he arrived in moscow. one of those journalists who saw the documents, glen greenwald of "guardian" newspaper says he believes snowden is not helping the other side. >> whether he took any to russia, i obviously can't say for certain. but i know for certain that his intention was to undermine the ability of states to engage in
6:47 am
mass surveillance, not to help states do so by giving documents to other governments. so it's certainly credible. there is zero evidence that he ever gave any documents or let any of those documents out of his control, despite the desire of people in the media to simply assert it without evidence. >> cnn's phil black now joins us from moscow. so, phil, i mean, if edward snowden did give documents to the russian government, it's not like they would broadcast it to the world, would they? >> reporter: no, very true. you wouldn't expect so. and the russian government has said all along they haven't been trying to extract information from edward snowden. still, a persistent criticism, perhaps an assumption, that snowden has by coming to russia effectively betrayed his country that he is now a russian intelligence asset. that whatever information he arrived with here is now in the hands of russian security and intelligence services. but in this interview conducted with the "new york times" overan encrypted service, he says he left it all in hong kong, those
6:48 am
classified documents, with journalists he was working with there. that there are no copies, there was no logic in bringing copies with him to russia. he is also pretty sure the chinese haven't been able to access that information, because he says he was aware of china's technical abilities and capabilities so he is sure he has been able to secure that information from them. and you know, carol, edward snowden's father, lon snowden made a similar case. i asked him what contact he was having with russian intelligence and he insisted none. he said edward assured him he had not been debriefed from any country since he fled the united states. >> so he had edward snowden gets to stay in russia one year, if memory serves correct. what happens after that? >> reporter: there is the possibility of extending that. there are technicals and processes he can follow in order to do that. his father told me he hasn't
6:49 am
decided. but his father said his advice to his son was, this is the place for him to be. because he believes this is where he is safest, where -- where -- and this is the father speaking, does not believe it would be possible for an individual or group affiliated with the united states to come in here, snatch him and whisk him back to the u.s. so the father's advice to his son is stay in russia as long as you can. >> phil black reporting live from moscow this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," the detroit tigers starting to hit again, but this may not be enough in their quest to return to the world series. what happened, miguel cabrera? we'll be back. ú
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
he's such a nice guy. he's trying to comfort me. >> it's a seven-game series. you've still got a chance. it goes back to boston now. but detroit still has a chance. i thought the keys of the game where boston was jumping on anibal sanchez early. so for them to score the runs early on. and then detroit to leave so many opportunities on base, that's where they left it empty happened. they maybe without their starting catcher, alex avila, in
6:53 am
this violent collision. >> i'm sorry, but was that elg e really necessary? >> he's trying to score. they're both catchers they both suffered con suggestions so he runs into alex avila like that and knocks off his helmet. ? get reel. >> bostoned the runs early. detroit fought back but left too many people on base. the boston red sox would go on to win. and now the pressure falls squarely on the tigers as this series heads back to boston. >> we've got to win one game. that's obvious. we've got to win one game and take it from there. then you've got a shot to win the next one. we've got to win one game. >> later tonight. more baseball. time for game six between the cardinals and dodgers. of course st. louis can punch its ticket to the world series
6:54 am
tonight. did you know that marshawn lynch likes skittles in games? he's been eating them during games since he was 12-year-old. his mom calls them power packs. and his teammate russell wilson had another good game. this guy gets better with each week. they beat the cardinals by six points. this is an nfc team that's dominating but flying under the radar. if the cowboys or the giants were 6-1, many people would be talking about them. but not many people talking about the seahawkss. >> and they've got the best uniforms. >> kentucky is ranked number one in the first poll out. the team takes a number one spot following the year that they were unranked in the season. i hope that makes sense. the wildcats were ranked number one at the start of the season
6:55 am
back in '95. and also was a roster that featured 11 future nba players. this one is pretty good. six, five-star athletes coming on their team as freshman. and leave it to oregon football to be fashion forward this weekend when they take the field. they're going to be wearing pink helmets and pink cleats, all in support of breast cancer awareness month. oregon likes to make it loud. and we're seeing the pink helmets. >> joe carter, many thanks. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] campbell's angus beef & dumplings. hearty cheeseburger. creamy thai style chicken with rice. mexican-style chicken tortilla. if you think campbell's 26 new soups sound good,
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some people are praising "elle" magazine for putting a plus sized model on the cover. but she's draped in a trench coat. >> reporter: scene stealing humor has turned melissa mack cart any into a bow fied box office sensation. it's landed her an exclusive company. one of six women honored for her cover on "elle" mag steen. many are saying she's too covered. >> hopefully it's not a message that full-figured are not meant to be seen. i'm happy that she's on the
6:59 am
cover and she looks fantastic. i just would have liked to seen a little bit more of her. >> reporter: and you do see more of the other women featured on the cover. this lady who is a plus-sized model and activist says she's a role model. >> we love the whole package of who she is. and to cover her up is really a miss opportunitied for celebration. >> reporter: they're response to the criticism? on all of our shoots the stylists work with the stars to choose pieces they feel good in. and she loved this look and is gorgeous on our cover. she told omg insider she was thrilled to be featured. >> it was really, really fun. it was amazing. >> reporter: she has yet to comment on this picture specifically. >> everybody was like, this is an out rage. i'm like, am i the only one that
7:00 am
thinks it's the funniest thing? it was clearly, clearly a goof up or. >> reporter: to mccarthy, clearly it's her body of work that matters most. >> next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the news. some republicans are calling for her head. >> i'll be the first to tell you that the website launch was rockier than we would have liked. >> will kathleen sebelius be forced to resign because of all the goodrichs? if you didn't know ted cruz before the government shutdown. you sure do now. >> i don't like green eggs and ham, i do not like them, sam, i am. >> did he still come out a winner? and later, 12 million people have seen that video. you want to tell me it's just a
7:01 am
little website? >> the fifth estate out in theaters today. but julian assange wants no part of it. and this movie is toxic. the second hour of "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we begin with a renew cited against obama care and a new target in the battle. the republican national committee launching an online petition urging president obama to fire kathleen sebelius because of the obama care website glitches. and on twitter, they're using the #fire sebelius and slamming her for the 400 milled cost of the website so far. brian todd is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:02 am
as you mentioned, kathleen sebelius the critical mass is building against her by the day. republicans are equating her with the rollout mess and they are turning up the heat. she's become the face of the obama care rollout and all of its technical problems. and there's intensifying pressure on her to step down. she's the chief target of republicans, including senator pat roberts, who is a long-time friend of sebelius' family. >> she's had three and a half years to launch backstop caobam she has failed. >> reporter: he's joined by fleming. he says he'll soon send a letter to president obama asking him to accept her resignation. he says, i presented the white house's defendant of the hets care sign up when i spoke to him. >> it's getting better. the problems are getting streamlined more and more each
7:03 am
day. >> brian, that law was passed almost four years ago. they've had plenty of time to roll this out properly, test it, make sure it works, or delay it. >> reporter: they didn't respond specifically to the calls for her to resign, but did refer us to the comments of the white house earlier this week. >> the secretary has the full confidence of the president. >> reporter: but the former press secretary shed this, i hope they fire some people who were in charge. >> they will make sure that obama care is the story of the day most of the week for months and months to come. >> sebelius said this on a tour promoting obama care this week. >> i'll be the first to tell you that the website launch was rockier than we would have liked. >> reporter: and potential customers are still shopping. a company that analyzes web traffic says after the first week online, out of all of those
7:04 am
attempting to sign up, just 1% ended up in enrolling in obama care. administration officials say that figure is not accurate. but they are not giving any official numbers on actual enrollments right now. and we have to emphasize that one company's data is unofficial and just a snapshot. it does not include information on enrollments on state-run exchanges. >> so these problems are undermining a key goal of the president's health care law, right? >> they certainly are. with all of these problems, and now the fact that republicans are turning up the heat very publicly on this, the administration is having trouble getting younger healthy people to enroll in this system. and they desperately need them to get in there in order to mitigate the cost of covering the older, sicker people who they want to cover. >> if you hear, the system is plagued with all of these glitches, you're not going to try to get on.
7:05 am
wait until later or maybe not at all. >> reporter: that's right. especially younger people may make that decision to postpone it indefinitely. >> thank you. thousands of people in the san francisco bay area are scrambling to find another way to work this morning after rapid transit workers went on strike for the second time this year. the sticking point of negotiations, b.a.r.t. officials want to change things like overtime. >> we were this close. yet at the last minute they threw in a management rights clause to take away our rights as workers. >> there's room to move on financials and went an agreement that works for everyone. >> they're the fifth largest transit system in the united states. and intense map hunt now underway in florida for two escaped killers. charles walker was convict the
7:06 am
of kill of man in his early 20s. on the right, joseph jenkins. he killed a man in front of his 9-year-old son. now the families are terrified and demanding answers. cnn's john zarrella is in orlando with more. >> reporter: good morning. authorities here really want to get these two guys. they've been tell us that they've been shown in the past a propensity for violence. they want to get them back in custody before more harm comes to the community. how did they get out? basically they duped the department of corrections. 9 years old, he was just nine when he saw his father gunned down during a home inviegs robbery. >> our lives would be totally different. i've said that since i was 9 years old. since i was 9 years old, i said my life would have been different if i wouldn't have saw it. i saw it. >> now 15 years later, roscoe is reliving the nightmare.
7:07 am
on september 27th, this man, joseph jenkins, serving life for the murder, was mistakenly released from a prison in franklin county in the florida panhandle. >> it seemed like my whole world came down on me. i thought i would never have to see them in life because they had life sentence plus 100 years. >> reporter: if one convicted murder set free isn't enough, there's more. this man, charles walker, walked free too. he walked out of the same florida prison. how is that possible? forged documents ordered the releases. opd on them the forged signature of the judge, belvin perry. because he's a high-profile judge, he says he sees how it's possible that no one would question it. >> people, particularly people with criminal minds up with
7:08 am
ingenious ways to beat the system. they have nothing but time on their hands. >> reporter: the florida department of law enforcement was only notified of the mistake a couple of days ago. >> those inmates were released based on the court orders that we received. the orders were later determined to be fraudulent. >> it's a snafu that has residents and the pugh family living in fear. >> and not enough to know that he's free on the streets, it's frightening and terrifying. >> reporter: and authorities might not even know today that these guys were out if it wasn't for the family of one of the victims. that family notified the state attorney's office, saying, hey, how come this guy is out of prison? he's supposed to be serving
7:09 am
life. they take a look into it and notifies the state of florida law enforcement and department of corrections and just a couple of days ago, they realize these guys have been out on the lamb. >> reporting live from orlando. tomorrow night we'll have more on these escapes florida inmates. hurn long special, making the case, this saturday, 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. it wasn't just furloughed workers who bank accounts felt the sting of the government shutdown. anyone who does business with the 23er8 government got stuck. that includes one homeowners who refinanced mortgage was put on old. alison kosik has more for you. >> i feel like i gave my checkbook to toddlers. >> reporter: mary brady is feeling traptd. the refinance on her $260,000 mortgage is yet another victim of the government shutdown. >> i know my problem might seem like a small thing.
7:10 am
i'm just a cog in the machine. but to me it's affecting a lot of different things. >> reporter: she was scheduled to close on her refinancing last week. a run of the mill transaction that would save her almost $600 per month, according to her mortgage banker. >> credit history, job sta willty, equity in the home. you couldn't ask for a better loan. >> reporter: at issue, a routine fraud report showed that her social security number might have been compromise. but furloughs at the tax agency meant there was no one there to do so. >> the form has been sent in and we can't get anybody. >> reporter: that means mary is missing out on cold cash. money she planned to use to fund her masters degree and home improvemen improvements. >> unfortunately, with this kind of up in the air, i might have to put those plans on hold.
7:11 am
i do everything i'm supposed to do. i get my bills paid. i pay my taxes. and all of the sudden i'm trying to do an improvement for myself and have them to say, you can't do that. >> here is somebody through no fault of their own, who would have thought can't go forward with their liefds. >> reporter: even with the shutdown lifted, a massive backlog at the irs means a simple social security verify indication could take a few weeks. and we did call the irs for more information. you think about it, mortgage rates are so low, so many people trying to refinance. so this is one case. there could be millions of people deal with these delays because of the disfunction in washington. carol. >> my heart hurts for them. before you go, google just made history and i would like for you to tell folks about it.
7:12 am
>> reporter: going google stopp $1,000 for one share. it's kind of a new apple, meaning the stock that we love to watch. it is a new record high. and this is on the back of some solid quarterly earnings come from google. you talk about a return on your investment. google shares traded at $85 nine years ago. could you imagine if you held on to it? darn. and you know why they're doing well? it's because more people are clicking on their ads. that is their core of business. it makes up a bulk of its revenue. it had a great earnings season. nothing too stellar or overwhelming. it did have a good earnings report this morning. >> thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," the man in the middle, ted cruz, fresh off the bare knuckle fight in washington and ready to fight another day. we'll be right back. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened
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7:15 am
>> as government operations rumble back to life from the shutdown, the man at the center of the two-week stalemate is facing passionate reviews. republican senator ted cruz is enjoying a big boost from his
7:16 am
fellow conservatives and tea party loyalists. but others say he's grand stan of standing at the expense of his party. >> i think the only thing he accomplished was gaining more supports and fund raise himself. >> what he accomplished is bringing together people from all over the united states and he led and showed his leadership in organizing all of those people is a huge accomplishment. particularly since the conservatives have been crying out for leadership for many, many years. and he filled that void. >> cnn's athena jones is on capitol hill to break it down for for us this morning. >> reporter: ted cruz has maid a name for himself, as you can see there. and we've been talking a lot about who won and lost in this
7:17 am
shutdown battle. senator cruz is being called both a winner and loser, and someone folks in both parties will be watching closely. failure has never looked so good. >> this is a terrible deal. >> reporter: perhaps it's because senator ted cruz does not feel beaten. the day after he was defeated in his battle to defund obama care, he was out shaking the hands of world war ii veterans. >> we're going to turn this around. >> reporter: cruz has energized his base. a poll released this week shows his popularity soaring among the tea party republicans. jumping from 74%. from 47% in july. >> out here in the real world, outside of new york and washington, d.c., these people think ted cruz is a hero. >> reporter: and donors are supporting him in a big way. cruz has reportedly raised tree yaurz of a million dollars these
7:18 am
last few weeks. >> i don't like green eggs and ham. >> reporter: cruz's obama care fight has not been without a price. >> his colleagues in the senate look at him as an add have i satisfactory, trouble maker, problem child. not as somebody they want to cooperate with. >> reporter: his hometown newspaper sharply critical of his performance. the tea party vows to fight on. the damage for republicans is undeniable. >> he may end up leading a party. the question is is it a party that can compete with the president. >> and the president said he was going to concentrate on immigration. he said he'll start by deporting ted cruz. >> and one more word of warning
7:19 am
for both parties, cruz's aides says he hasn't ruled out a government shutdown a few months from now. >> can't wait. reporting live in washington this morning. thank you. checking other top stories this morning. are spiders invade r vading your car? toyota is recalling almost 900,000 vehicles because of dangerous problems potentially triggered by spider webs. they can make the power steering fail or force the driver's air bag to deploy. it affects 2012 camrys and venzas. dick cheney is opening up about his detear rating health. he has had several heart attacks. as he recalled to cnn's dr. sanjay gupta. >> basically what i did was
7:20 am
resigned the vice presidency effective march 28th of 2001. >> so there was a letter of resignation sitting there. >> pending. >> how did president bush react. >> he was supervised but he thought it was a good idea. >> you can see his full interview sunday night and tuesday night. when it is a rock more than a rock? answer, when you're in goblin valley state park. three boy scout leaders in utah could face felony charges after they pushed over a 200 million year old boulder. the men say they pushed over the boulder because it was would bely and they feared it might fall and hurt hikers. >> a kid was about ready to walk down here and die. and glen saved his life by getting the boulder out of the way. >> that thing wobbled. i looked at that main path and
7:21 am
walkway and thought, one gust of wind and a family is dead. >> he had to brace himself. he had to get into position. that's more than a gust of wind. you've got to admit. >> you know what? that eshth, that dirt wears away every time there's a rainstorm. >> but that's a big no-no in this park. it's against the law to deface state parks. no charges have been filed yet. the symbolic image of the shutdown. panda cam. and now a grown man in a panda suit giving out hugs and photos. the pandas are back. the shutdown is over. life is good. we'll be right back. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one
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7:25 am
posing with this man dressed as a panda, and i'm not talking about children, i'm talking about grown men and women. anyhow, the most unlikely hostages of the partial shutdown are once again free to enjoy their celebrity and eat all the bamboo they want. we're at the national zoo. i can't believe you're not by the dancing panda. >> reporter: oh, man, carol, like two seconds ago. he's walking away. probably enough dancing for the day. he is there, or she, i don't know. but we're at the smithsonian national zoo. as you know, they've been shut down during the government shutdown. just minutes ago they opened up the gates. people flooded in. the wheels of washington slowly turning once again. and lots of the local businesses across the country, they're getting back into high gear. >> morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: tourists lined up
7:26 am
as the nation's parks, my assumes, and memorials re-opened for business. >> how does it feel to be inside today? >> ask him. >> how does it feel to be inside today? >> awesome. >> reporter: employees are are back on the job after three weeks of forced time off. >> good to be back to work. >> reporter: on capitol hill where most members are fled for their home district, a furloughed staffer got the historic ohio clock ticking again. but as the vice president greeted returning epa employees with muffins, he warned all that time off would mean a backlog of paperwork. >> now they're back and have got all that work piled up. they've got lots to do. >> reporter: for of the first few days back, federal employees say they'll be playing catchup. >> that's the number one thing, is to figure out what did go on workwise for the past couple of weeks. >> reporter: this faa employee told us it could take him a week
7:27 am
to clear the backlog. in alaska, king crab fisherman could lose tens of thousands of dollars a day waiting in the harbor while returning federal workers cyst through their tax permit request. >> i'm hopeful that the agency will make it a top priority to get that issued. >> reporter: they say it will take time for medical researchers to ramp up their projects again. the good news, once again you can tune into the pandacam which is broadcasting online. one thing on the minds of many? hoping congress doesn't force them through another shutdown in a few months. >> my understanding is this is just for 90 days. after that, now what? >> reporter: well, carol, you want pandas. they're right there for you. when we talk about this government shutdown, it really is ultimately about the bottom
7:28 am
line. the national zoo here says that because they were shut down for the 16 days, they missed out on some 85,000 to 95,000 visitors. those are real dollars that they can't get back. >> that's just a beautiful facility. it's free. but of course, they make their money off concession and things like that. if you ever get a chance to go to washington, d.c., everyone, go to the national zoo. it is worth it. you can see what the pandas -- why don't they name pandas things like ralph and pete? it would be so much simpler. renee marsh, many thanks. still to come in the "newsroom," the obama care website cost a whopping $400 million. but tech experts say they need millions more to fix the website's problems. that's next. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
7:29 am
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7:32 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. do you know this man? he could soon have a big, big role in keeping you safe. today president obama is expected to nominate jay johnson has his choice to head homeland security. he's nieshth polarizing for a shoe in. it maybe the first test for the president coming off the grueling fight over the debt deal. jim acosta is at the white house this morning. >> this is going to take place about 2:00 here this afternoon when the president nominates jay johnson to be the next secretary of homeland security. he's a political loyalist of president obama and was a top fundraiser during his 2008 presidential campaign. he's already starting to pick up criticism. jeff sessions has put out a
7:33 am
statement already saying that he's deeply concerned about the nomination and called the department of home land security perhaps the most incompetent in all of the federal government. but carol, jay johnson is the least of the president's concerns right now more than likely. because the latest battle cry here in washington is about kathleen sebelius. they're saying she has to go over all of the glitches in the obama care website, health but yesterday, jay carney basically indicated that she's not going anywhere. but the president is very concerned about what's happening with that website. here is what carney had to say. >> what i can tell you that the accountability that the president seeks together is the accountability that comes from those working on implementation and working around the clock to ensure that the consumer experience is improved. and that the whole process of
7:34 am
implementation of the affordable care act moves forward. and again, it's important to remember that -- although there's a lot of focus on it, the affordable care act, obama care is not just a website. >> reporter: so carney trying to make the point that if people are interested in signing up for health care through the new exchanges, they can put in a phone call. that is 20th century technology in a 21st century world. a lot of people experiencing problems with the website. and they've been highlighted by speaker john boehner's office. people are having trouble signing up for these exchanges. and headlines are really pouring in and raising pressure, i guess, on the white house to start releasing some of these enrollment figures as to how many people have signed up for the program. but so far, the white house says those numbers will be coming out in mid-november.
7:35 am
>> as jim just said, republicans are blaming sebelius for what they call rollout malpractice involving that obama care website. i talked with sean spice here last hour about why republicans are targeting sebelius. >> it's a fundamental lack of leadership and accountability when the person at the top of the agency that's overseeing this cannot handle it or address if it after repeatedly telling you what's going on. if you can't handle the number one priority where you've been given three years and hundreds of millions of dollars, have you can you doing the other things in that department? >> tech experts are also weighing in the on the website glitches and delays with the insurance marketplaces. some say it could take a complete overhaul to fix it all. and that could cost millions may
7:36 am
more in tax dollars and take months. but people without insurance don't have months. we're in new york this morning. >> reporter: i thought, okay, 4.6 million people signing on to this website in the first 24 hours, obviously going to be a lot of traffic. but they clearly weren't ready for this type of traffic. and i know tons of folks in silicon valley. they essentially power one in every five websites on the internet, and i asked this man what do you think went wrong? >> they say you can have it fast, cheap, or good. pick two out of three. and it sounds like they went for the fast and cheaper. software is difficult to do. and you can't manage it like construction. and typically, especially in silicon valley, we use the very latest technologies.
7:37 am
often government hasn't adopted many of those yet. and if they haven't properly load tested the website, it's quite possible that they can be overwhelmed. >> reporter: a lot of complaints said maybe they weren't using the latest technology. and as mark zuckerberg says, move fast and break things. let's translate that over to the government. obvious times you've got budget con strachbts and a lot of cooks in the kitchen. often times it just doesn't go as planned. >> but hundreds of millions of dollars is a lot of money. isn't there in silicon valley too? >> reporter: absolutely. twitter was one, two, $3 mill n million. and even know, that website is working. and now when you look at obama care's website, people are upset that they can't sign up for
7:38 am
health care. the stakes are high. i asked him this very question about how this would compare to the funding in silicon valley. >> maybe it's one of these things that a few weeks from now the release will come that fixes all of these problems. half a billion is all of money. all of this was built on 30 million over eight years. so spending 400 million over two or three years boggles my mind. >> reporter: maybe they should have calmed on silicon valley to have them help. you're looking at a lot of red tape and a lot of cooks in the kitchen. and obviously something went very wrong. that's going to be up to they can to fix. and they've got time constraints. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," if it weren't for edward snowden about the secret government programs that track and monitor some of our
7:39 am
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7:42 am
the man behind the leak of classified information from the nsa says he did not give the information to chinese or russian intelligence agency. he's been in russia for several months after requesting asylum there. and he told us he gave them all of the documents to hong kong. he told cnn's anderson cooper, that he believes snowden is not helping the other side. >> whether he took any to russia, i can't say for certain. but i know for certain that his intention was to undermine the ability of states to engage in
7:43 am
mass surveillance not to help them do so by giving documents to other governments. it's certainly credible. there's zero evidence that he ever gave any documents or let any couples out of control despite the desire of the people in the media to assert it without evidence. >> phil black has more for you from moscow. >> he's responded to one of the most persistent criticism. by coming here, he's portrayed his country. because he must now be an intelligence asset to the russian government. that whatever information he arrived with must be in the possession of the russians. his interview was carried out over an enkrifted online service says that's not possible because he didn't bring any of those duchlts to russia. he left them in hong kong with the journalists that he was working with there. he said there are no copies.
7:44 am
he's also pretty confy dent that china wasn't able to access that information. he had enough technology knowledge to secure it and protect it. his father, lonnie snowden made a similar case. i asked him what contact his son is having with russian intelligence agencies. he said none. he said edward had assured him he was not diagnose be briefed by any country since he fled the united states. >> still to come in the "newsroom," a federal air marshal is accused of snapping photos, well, up women's skirts. on a plane. >> i looked at the guy, and i said, excuse me, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> wait until you hear what he reportedly tried to do when he was caught red-handed. [ male announcer ] this is brad.
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7:48 am
>> a passenger on board a southwest flight couldn't believe his eyes. >> his left hand was holding his phone and it was in the aisle. in my mind, i said i know he's not taking pictures of the girls as they're going by. next thing i know, lady walked by and the phone went to the aisle and i clicked, clicked, clicked. >> reporter: federal air marshal adam barge was on duty when he caught pointing a camera up women's skirts and taking photos. >> i looked at the guy and i said, excuse me, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. you're a disgrace to a human being, to a man. that's wrong. he sat there and looked at me and he turned pale. i said, you get a kink out of taking pictures of ladies as they're going by without them seeing you? and he held the phone securely in between his legs, in between his knees, and looked at me. and i said, you know, you need
7:49 am
to turn that "f" phone off. >> reporter: what he didn't know was he was a federal air marshal. he says when he con frobtded him and told a flight taechtant what was happening, he tried to delete the photos. and that's when he said, no, no, you don't. >> he took his eyes off of me, and i snatched it right out of it. >> reporter: he admitted to taking about a dozen inappropriate photos. he face as charge of disorderly conduct. he was released last night on $10,000 bail. the tsa says he has been removed from his current duties. the agency is apparently in the process of deciding whether he'll be fired or suspended. >> and he still have nothing to say. cnn did reach out for a comment, we have not heard back. still to come in the "newsroom," it's a big rivalry weekend in college football. usc visits notre dame.
7:50 am
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the rivalry ex-spes bus is making another stop. we're joined live from south bend, indiana, between the notre dame fighting irish and usc trojans. hi. >> reporter: how are you doing? we found out that this rivalry is an amazing -- >> oh, no. carlos. he disappeared. going to a break and try to fix the technical problems and come back. that's what we'll do. we'll be right back. so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today... and tomorrow. so let's see what we can do about that... remodel. motorcycle. [ female announcer ] some questions take more than a bank. they take a banker. make a my financial priorities appointment today.
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okay. so let's head back to south bend. home of the fighting irish. and carlos diaz. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this rivalry between usc and notre dame is truly amazing. it started back in 1926. and of course, notre dame has the advantage in the rivalry. this years both teams are 4-2. so they're playing more for pride. there's a lot of pride as both of these teams treat this game like a bowl game here at notre dame. more sports. boston red sox are now one game away from the world series. after they beat the tigers 4-3 last night. boston scored all the runs early. detroit fought back but only cut the lead to one. the series now goes back to boston. game six is tomorrow night. if not, game seven is sunday if
7:57 am
the red sox don't close it out with a win. i can't wait for the game six between the cardinals and dodgers. first pitch, 8:30 over on tbs. let's talk nfl. did you know that seattle marshawn lynch eats skittles during the games? he's done it since he was 12. his mom calms them power pellets. quarterback russell wilson threw for three touchdowns and led his team to a 12-point win against the cardinals 6789 seattle is off to a 6-1 start. and they are dominating the nfc and flying under the radar. they're looking good in the nfc. as i said, tomorrow is the big game between usc and notre dame. i like this game because i'm from indiana, and i'm roughly rudy's size. if you've seen the movie. >> the best part, you're already
7:58 am
in the bar. "the fifth estate"s hits theaters today. but julian assange wanted nothing to do with it. >> man as leased himself when he talks in his own person. but if you give him a mask, he will tell you the truth. >> reporter: hero orvillian it's the question many have asked about wikileaks founder julian awe assange. >> 12 million people have seen that video. >> the film stars laura linney and many more. >> it was a beautiful, beautiful collaboration. he's so smart and so sensitive. >> reporter: the collaboration he speaks of is with the film's director, not the man he is playing. >> i tried to get in contact with julian and meet him. but i got a firm rejection.
7:59 am
>> reporter: firm, direct and in writing. he e-mailed him back in january calling the film, negative, harmful and toxic. quote, by meeting with you i would validate the reched film and endorse the botched performance that the script will force you to give. >> he thought that the film was based on two counts of events that he didn't want to condone by meeting me. and he was nervous that it was damaging to him and his his organization. >> reporter: he implores him to give up the role. writing, you'll be used as a hired gun. i believe you should reconsider your involvement in this enterprise. >> this is information that the world needs to know. >> reporter: he says, he tried to reason back. i want to present you in your complexity. i don't want to color you nice or bad. i want to play something true to the spectrum of how you're received. >> reporter: assange is held up
8:00 am
in london and remains unmoved. speaking to business's "this week" -- >> i do know that he tried to play down in of the elements in the script. success. tunately with little >> reporter: critics have been mostly unkind. condition, los angeles. >> i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. "legal view" will ashleigh banfield starts now. >> people with criminal minds come up with ingenious ways to beat the system. >> these crafty convicts did not need herselves or hacksaws to escape from the jail. just phony documents and