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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 1, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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he was so classy. >> no question about it. when i did do the dirty bird, i had a problem on the road. and people used to ask me why i didn't do it in the end zone. i said i want to respect the places that we're at. and they booed me for not doing it. >> and thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> a georgia high school student found dead in a rolled up gym mat. an accident or a murder? ten months after kendrick johnson's death, a u.s. attorney agrees to a federal investigation. plus huge developments in new york city's controversial stop and frisk policy.
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it injects a personal tone by removing the trial judge who ordered the changes. and a drug tunnel as long as six football fields equipped with an electric rail system, lighting and ventilation. built to smuggle drugs in mexico and discovered in california. hello. it is friday november 1st. and welcome to "legal view." they will never have kendrick again. but they will settle for the truth at the very least. and today, kendrick johnson's grief stricken parents are safering new hope that they might finally learn how their 17-year-old son ended up dead and rolled up in a gym mat in his own high school in the middle of the day. there's a lot of people expected, and the johnson family very much wanted, the top federal prosecutor in southern georgia has decided to launch his own investigation.
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and we get the detailed now from a reporter who has pushed very hard, nonstop in this case, four months. victor blackwell. >> reporter: ashleigh, at this moment relatives of kendrick johnson's are standing on a street corner with a sign that reads "what happened to kendrick johnson?" . today is different, for the first time in months they know that a law enforcement agency is come in to get an answer to that question as well. not just any law enforcement agency, the fbi. [ chanting ] >> reporter: after months of rallies and protests, an announcement that the family hopes will lead to justice. >> my office will conduct a formal review of the facts and investigation surrounding the death of kept democratic johnson.
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>> reporter: he will soon head to georgia to conduct a federal investigation into the death of 17-year-old kendrick johnson. >> i will follow the facts whether, whether they lead. my objective is to discover the truth [ applause ] >> reporter: kendrick's grandmother watched the announcement on a portable tv on the street corner where the family continues its eight-month sit-in demanding answers. >> i'm so happy. and we trust inned lord. and i'm glad we hadn't been down here for nothing. >> reporter: they never believed the local sheriff's explanation that kendrick suffocated after squeezes his 19 inch shoulders into the 14126789 inch gym mat to reach for a shoe in the middle of a school day. >> his parents have always maintained that their son was killed. the only question we want to know is why they covering up for
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whoever killed their son. >> i believe, indeed, that he was murdered. >> do you have any idea who may have murdered him? >> no, i don't. that's what we wanted to get down to the truth. >> reporter: cnn has been reporting on this case for months uncovering details of the sheriff's investigation. like why these shoes found yards from kendrick's body were not collected as evidence. and how this blood stain got on the wall in the gym and why investigators never found whose blood it was. >> and you don't believe there was a thorough investigation by local authorities, mr. johnson? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: in a statement to cnn the attorney writes in part, while the shechb has every confidence that his office's investigation was handled with the necessary diligent to insure that all leads were examined and exhausted, he welcomes the u.s. attorney's further review of the case. on wednesday, a judge ordered them to hand over the full
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investigative file. including never before seen surveillance video from inside the gym. >> reporter: and today, a tech expert is working with the attorney for the sheriff's office to try to get the johnsons all of that surveillance identify co. 48 hours from up to 40 cameras in and around the gym. close to 1900 hours of surveillance. that's about a terabyte of information. now, that will go to the johnson and also to cnn as a result of the lawsuit the johnsons filed, one that cnn joined. could get it as early as today. >> to you for that. and just phenomenal reporting as well. they've been on there for ten months and it's why it's a national news story now. i want to bring in jeffrey toobin. and the first person i thought of when it came to this case, i thought of you.
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i don't quite get it why ten months after the fact we now have the announcement that, yes, we'll look into it. when i first read the story months ago it sounded weird to me and like there were unanswered questions. >> political pressure. media pressure. that's how the system worked. because of the work that cnn has done, the work that other journalists have done, this has become a big issue in georgia and around the country. and i think the u.s. attorney, quite properly, responded to that pressure by saying, let's look into it. because there's a lot to look into here. >> oh, is there ever. the way the evidence was treated. some of the mystery still surrounding the evidence. before i get to that, the political part of the mystery, the family cheering on the street just to hear that the feds will take another look. there's no federal murder statute. they can't come along and say, we're going to charge someone with murder. what can the feds do? >> the most obvious potential crime, if there is a crime at
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all, would be some sort of violation of kendrick's rights. that would be a racially motivated crime. but i wouldn't dwell too much on the technical-legal aspects of this. what they're going to do with the resources of fbi, which are considerable, is say what happened here? how did he die? did someone kill him? if so, who did it? and if they can say he was the victim of a murder, someone will prosecutor them. >> and what you're saying is they could effectively deliver a criminal case to the local authorities and say, here is some of the things you missed but you might want to take a second look at. but they cannot order them to do that? >> that's true. they cannot order the state to bring a murder case or any other kind of criminal prosecution.
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that's a bit ahead. let's see if they discover any crime at all took place here. then we can worry about who would prosecutor it. >> and like you alluded to, so many things not tested, collected. mysterious blood stains. there's plenty for them to look at. >> but ten months later it's very hard to see what's left. >> stick around. there's another case i want you to weigh in on as well. but also, a woman at home talking with her soldier husband serving overseas about the baby that they're about to have that's about to be born is stabbed and beaten. it is a bizarre story and a tragic story. i'm going to bring it to you next. [ sneezes, coughs ]
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now, to a fast-growing scandal. and honestly, there's no other way to put it, than scandal. north of the border. a mayor allegedly behaving very, very badly. not just any mayor. marion ford of toronto. the largest city in canada. back in may, a newspaper reported the existence of what they said was cell phone video showing mayor ford smoking crack. he promptly denied any such thing. >> what don't you -- >> i do not use crack cocaine, nor am i an addict of crack co-dane contain. as for a video, i cannot comment on that that i've never seen or does not exist. >> that was then. and today is today. see the headline? it's real and ford is in it.
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toronto police say they found the video on a hard drive in a deleted file. they say it's real and it may just be the video that everybody has been talking about. have a listen. >> the video digital file that we have recovered depicts images which are consistent with those previously reported in the press. >> my colleague ivan watson is following this story from new york. i don't even know where to begin. first of all, the police are not saying flat out, we have the video, it is the mayor and this is exactly what he's doing. they're couching this. >> yeah. but they're make it clear that the video is consistent with the previous press reports and alluding to the reports by toronto star, for example, saying that they said seen the reporters videos of what looked like marion ford smoking crack cocaine. so also the toronto police chief going one step further, saying he he's very disappointed by the
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results of this investigation into drugs and gangs. an investigation that has led to the arrest of this week of one of marion ford's friends and occasional drivers. we're waiting to see whether he's going to be -- he's going to be in court any minute now on bail charges. this photo shows the mayor, rob ford, it's part of this 400-something page police report, investigation. and it shows the mayor in front of what the police describe as a crack house with two suspected drug gang members who were both shot last march, one of them dying and the other wounded in that incident. so as marion ford stands strong and dbs using any crack cocaine, on the other hand, there's a lot of evidence showing that he's been hanging around with people with multiple convictions and
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believed to be aaffiliated with gangs. >> and hanging around. my goodness, his driver was arrested yesterday, charged with extortion. parnldly accused of using extortion to retrieve a recording. this is a driver who apparently is also suspected of drug trafficking. they've been seen at hockey games together. is this a matter of time before the noose really tightens around the mayor of toronto or does he seem inoculated still at this point? >> i think it's important to note that he's not facing any charges at this time. there's a lot of suspicion and scandal swirling around them. but, yeah, this sandra leasy gentleman who has multiple convictions before, been charged with assault in the past, and during this surveillance of this
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man, as part of this sprawling investigation by the police, he is shown repeatedly with marion ford, believe to be exchanging packets or things like that. and even more suspicion that he's now facing extortion charges for allegedly trying to get back some kind of evidence. the big question i guess many people will want to know is whether or not the alleged video of the mayor smoking crack, whether that could be released as the court procedures move forward against him. that's something everybody is going to be waiting for. >> dear god, that will be a headline in both countries. just as you were saying that, there was breaking news. that man i just quoted, sandra leasy, the driver affiliated with mayor ford, he's just been released on bail according to the "toronto star." we will await that today.
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welcome back to "legal view." i'm ashleigh banfield. highly sophisticated is what officials are calling a massive drug tunnel found connecting san diego and mexico. u.s. officials say that it was
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built by one of mexico's notorious drug cartels. it stretches the length of nearly six football fields underground. cnn's miguel marquez has more on the discovery and why officials are saying this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: that's the door that agents broke through. and behind there is where the tunnel ended coming up from mexico. it's always in one of these nondescript warehouses it seems. it's about 600 yards that way on the mexican side. and the same thing, another warehouse where this tunnel began. officials say there were three arrests made, but they are small fish. individuals who they describe as diggers of the tunnel or transportation. one thing they promised here in a very big press push is that there will be more arrests. >> i would offer this to the drug cartels, we are, by no means, finished here. and don't say we didn't warn you. you go underground, you're going
8:22 am
down. >> reporter: law enforcement insists that this investigation is only the beginning and they do expect more out of this investigation. they say that the cartel is responsible for the digging of this tunnel. they say that it zig zaged and points. which seems to indicate that it was sophisticated at some degree, they got off target and had to right themselves to get to this point here. they have to underscore that the reason that they're coming out so strong is that there's been a lot more drugs in the last couple of years, hard drugs, coming into southern california. this is also, keep in mind, the eighth big tunnel or super tunnel and 75th tunnel they've found across san diego or southern california. and they want to warn drug dealers that whether you go under the border, over in ultra light planes as they have about or around by ocean and by boat,
8:23 am
there will be surveillance and they will be busted. ashleigh. >> miguel marquez, thank you for that really remarkable pictures. got other stories for you. right now a monster storm hitting the northeast and bringing severe thunderstorms. these strong winds causing flight delays out of new york and philadelphia. boston is also getting bashed as well. if you are traveling. you know the domino effect. make sure you check before you go. a terrifying ordeal for some children. that's their school bus in a ravine in kansas after it plunging off a bridge and into a creek and flipping on its side. despite the pictures you're seeing, it is amazing that the ten children on board were not injury sd. all managed to climb out through a hatch and were safely rescued. listen to this boy's account. >> we climbed out and got on top of the bus. i thought i was going to die.
8:24 am
>> the driver was trappeds for more than an hour before being rescued. he is now being treated for hyper they weria. and this is going to come as good news for a lot of people. you're soon going to be able to use your lap to be, nintendo, all the way from takeoff to landing. the faa has decided whether to let passengers to use portable devices, up in the air, on the ground. but there is still a ban on cell phones. you can only use them in the airplane if they are in airplane mode and not actually using the cell option. in other news, a baby on the way and a brand new puppy. this was supposed to be one of the happiest times of this expecting mother's life. but a heart felt video reunion
8:25 am
with her husband deployed overseas turned into something terrorizing. they say this woman was video chatting with her husband who is serving as a soldier overseas when a fellow soldier back here brutally stabs her. the husband could only witness the attack and sit by helplessly as hi wife cried out for help. our affiliate has for. >> reporter: they say this fort bliss soldier came to this home wednesday night to confront 31-year-old rachel pool who is nine months pregnant about money he owed her. police say pool wasn't home. so moss broke in through her back door and waited for her to come home. pool walked into the kitchen and started face timing on the phone with her husband, a soldier who neighbors tell me is currently deployed overseas. that's when moss attacked her from behind with a knife.
8:26 am
pool immediately recognized her attacker and began screaming his name to her husband over the phone who police say could hear everything that was happening. police say moss continued to beat and stabbed her until he finally fled the scene and returned to fort bliss. pool was able to call 911. and when officers arrived, she told them his name. moss was he later found with the knife, arrested and reportedly admitted to the entire attack. she suffered several stab wounds and was last listed in critical condition. police say her baby is in good condition. investigators were still on scene today bringing out evidence from the home. and pool's husband has a steady flow of support from friends on his facebook page. he made several posts asking which hospital his wife was at. and another with a picture of the wife's attacker asking the
8:27 am
public to help the police find him. they charged him with attempted murder and booked him into the jail on a bond of $60,000. >> and again our thanks to kfox for filing that report of the we'll keep you update on this story. also our thanks to the affiliate for filing the report for us. just unbelievable what that soldier is going through and his wife. by the way, i've just got breaking news that i'm coming into contact with here. and apparently that soldier has returned home. he has been brought home to be reunited with his wife as she recovers. i'm going to keep a look on this as update you throughout the program as to what's transpiring in this case. that's one bit of silver lining that he's been able to come home after this ordeal. switching gears here. you've heard about it. it's called stop and frisk. it's also called racist and a
8:28 am
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thousands of new york city police officers are likely awaiting some new marching orders soon as to whether they can once again stop and frisk people that they suspect might be up to no good. this has been a controversial policy in new york city and it's been called racist. most of those people who end up getting stopped have been minorities. in fact, the policy was struck down because the judge said that that action violated people's
8:32 am
rights. now an appeals court has ruled otherwise. i want to take this right to our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. you interviewed the judge who has now been booted from the case. she made comments to you in your new yorker piece. and i believe she made media comments as well and this is a big part of the reason why she's off the case. it's not that the appeals court ruled on the merits of the case. they ruled on the merits of the judge. >> the appeals court has not addressed whether the judge was correct about ruling the new york police department's actions unconstitutional. all they have done so far is on their own, to a big surprise to everyone, has said, this judge has betrayed a certain bias and an absence of impartialalty. so she's off the case for any future purposes and another judge will be in charge of it. >> so just not to get too sticky
8:33 am
and technical about it, but the development's in the details here. that appeals court still needs to decide whether stop and frisk is either right or wrong. but effectively whether it's constitutionally okay or whether it's unconstitutional. but this other judge will have nothing else to do to be involved in the case? >> correct. stop and frisk as a technique is clearly legal. the supreme court said there are circumstances when the police can go up to someone who has not committed a crime but there's a suspicion about that person, they can stop them and frisk them. what the judge said is how new york used that technique and who they used it against, that's unconstitutional and that's what's up on appeal now. >> what happens today? do the new york city police officers go out and stop frisking people again? and we called the nypd and they
8:34 am
gave us a statement. i want to read exactly what ray kelly told cnn. he said this is an important decision for all new yorkers and more the men and women of the new york city police department who work very hard day in and day out to keep this city safe. 9 reputation was unfairly we smerge the by the judge's decision. and i am pleased that independent judges have come to look at this case. i have always been and certainly haven't been alone concerned about the partiality of this judge. we look forward to the examination of this case. a fair and impartial review of this case based on its meters. it's important for new yorkers and important for the police department that that case be heard as expeditionciously as possible. >> but there's a big issue here. that ray kelly's statement doesn't address. next tuesday is election day.
8:35 am
bill de blasio is almost certainly becoming mayor. he campaigned on stop and friski frisk. he's going to be the mayor come the first of the year. he's going to change the policies anyway. so in some respects this is going to be moot and settled once de blasio becomes mayor. >> for everybody who is watching right now, didn't this set some kind of precedent for other departments across the country? >> this is one of the great paradoxes of law enforcement in the united states. which is new york city has reduced crime tremendously in the past ten or 20 years. is stop and frisk the reason or is stop and frisk a form of discrimination against minorities? this is something that the city has been struggling with and the whole country address -- needs to address because it's a tough question. why does crime go down and who
8:36 am
-- and do the police help or hurt in this waze? i don't know the answer. but it's a question everybody is trying to ask. >> and while the case may be legally moot for you and me and our discussion, it matters, period. >> absolutely. all over the country. >> everyone is watching. >> and it's been a remarkable saga. >> i thank you for getting to the bottom of it. have a good weekend. families who are buying groceries with food stamps are finding out today that they're not going to get as much as they thought they could before. they're losing money. and it's partly due to a program to curve childhood bow obesity. it's sort of ironic, but it is really a difficult story. that's coming up next.
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we've heard a lot this month and especially this week about
8:40 am
health care. and rightly so. but today, november 1st, the very act of survival gets a lot harder for 1 in '76 you. one in seven americans. because that's how many people are in the supplemental nutrition assistance program. if you don't know what that is, most people know it better as food stamps. 47 million americans. it works out to $23 million household. and more importantly, that figure on the bottom, 22 million children living on $1.50 per person per meal. $1.50 per meal, day in and day out, that is until today. because today, those benefits are getting smaller. they're cutting back to $1.40. think about that for a moment. try spending that and no more on your lunch today. of course, the cut came from congress. but cnn reports that that is not where it started. >> reporter: it sounded like a
8:41 am
great idea when it was launched. a program aimed in part at making school lunches healthier. >> we're determined to finally take on one of the most serious threats to their future and that's the epidemic of childhood obesi obesity. >> reporter: but to fund the war on obesity, they border money on from the war on hunger. >> some of the money comes from s.n.a.p. starting in 2013. >> that's now. >> after these cuts, the average benefit per person per meal will be $1.40. >> the cuts impact 47 million americans including 22 million children on food stamps and 9 million elderly or disabled people. >> what did you have for lunch? >> like this woman who went from grandma to a single mother of
8:42 am
three when her dollar died. each month she gets $3.58 in food stamps to feed a family of four. $4 a meal, in a city where a boggs of cereal is 4 50ds. she sells cans to make ends meet. >> no matter how people look at you, you keep your head up. >> reporter: the president said he would negotiate with congress. but right now, that seems unlikely. >> i know there's concerns about this offset being included in the bill. i'm committed to restoring these funds in the future. >> i did not want to do that. this was a bad -- these were bad choices to make. >> reporter: mckinnen already supplements food stamps by eating two meals a day afood kitchen. a senate version of the next farm bill proposed cutting
8:43 am
nearly $4 billion over ten years. >> we need to reform the food stamp program with better policies. i'm concerned about getting poltss that promote work and dignity. >> reporter: for this lady it's just about making ends meet. >> i'm learning how to survive. >> that's really just awful. i think so many times you here the hyperbowly. and then you see somebody who by no fault of her own is looking after their gand children. is the issue now how are the food banks going to survive? how are they going to pick up the slack? >> that's the case. if you think about it, because of the recession, the food banks are giving up a lot. we talked to the one here in new york city, and they feel like the first line of defense when
8:44 am
it comes to the war against hunger, we've gone to our donors time and time again to ask for money. and a lot of cases, a lot of these people, like this woman, she inherited children and now she picks up cans. five cents a can. i pick up 100, and that's a gallon of milk. >> if they're getting cutback every meal ten cents per person per meal, that is significant to them. the ten year plan, this is not going to get any better. there are additional cuts on the horizon. is anybody lobbying on their behalf? we talk about having to cutback. government is overspending. but is anyone lobbying on behalf of poor people who actually can't eat? >> there's a lot of these organizations and anti-hunger organizations that are doing that. but if you think about it, the proposed bill in the house is
8:45 am
$40 billion over ten years. in the senate, it's $4 billion. regardless of way that you cut and slice and dice, that means cuts. that means less money for the people who are already in need. and if you think about the people who are actually receiving these benefits, we asked the congressional budget has these numbers out there, most of these people are in deep poverty. 85% of them are in deep poverty. and from the food bank, they sell tell us we're seeing new customers, a lot of them are veterans who are unemployed not receiving benefits in the past who are now looking for benefits. ance also college educated people. >> that's distressing. great story. thanks for looking into it. cnn has learned that a group of cia operatives are planning to testify before congress about the 2012 benghazi terror attack that left four americans dead including the united states ambassador christopher stevens. that group cluesu include former
8:46 am
navy s.e.a.l.s and army special forces, the very people who responded to the embassiy the night of the attack. inmates in southern arizona jail have a new way to communicate with the loved ones or anybody else on the outside world. family and friends and even attorneys can visit with them using a some similar to skype. it doesn't cost the taxpayers a thing. and the inmates are allowed two free video visits we are week. a new book claims the obama campaign was considering dumping joe biden for hillary clinton instead on the ticket. but of course they didn't do it. could even the talk of that make a differences for either of these two potential candidates in the 2016 presidential race? that's coming up next. hydration is in.ut. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion
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welcome back to "legal view"". i'm ashleigh banfield. fascinating new details from one of washington's inner most circles. according to double down, a new book due out next week, president obama's top aides prepped for the 2012 election by putting all options on the table, including considering replacing joe biden with hillary clinton on the ticket. details from senior white house correspondent brianna keilar. >> in the spotlight, a president united with his vice president the year before his re-election. >> my outstanding vice president joe biden is here. >> reporter: but behind the scenes with obama's prospects for a second term in doubt, top aides reportedly considered replacing bide within hillary clinton on the 2012 ticket. >> how serious were they looking into having hillary clinton be the vice president? >> well, it was serious enough
8:51 am
that it was intentionally polled in focus groups. >> the president didn't know about them polling and doing focus groups. joe biden didn't know certainly. >> according to "the new york time times", that's one of the explosive revelations in the new book "double down." where the authors say biden had dodged a bullet he never saw coming and never would know anything about if the obamians could keep a secret. >> it was only known by about a half dozen of the top obama senior advisors. >> including then chief of staff bill daley. >> he totally confirmed reporting in the book saying he thought it was his due diligence as chief of staff to at least explore the possibility of what hillary clinton on the ticket would mean for president obama in 2012. >> despite clinton's popularity, biden stayed on the ticket. >> they concluded after this polling and focus groups that she wouldn't add a substantial effect. she would have helped but not so much that it was worth dumping
8:52 am
biden. >> obama's 2008 campaign manager david plouffe who worked in the white house in 2011 denied the report tweeting never any, any consideration of vp, hrc switch. not even entertained by the only person who mattered or most of us. another bombshell in the book, the romney/ryan ticket was almost a romney-christie ticket. the new jersey governor was on mitt romney's short list of running mates not once. >> twice. and the reasons it didn't go much forter. >> yeah, well he had christie on the first short list and then crosses his name off because he's leaning towards ryan. >> romney's advisors pressured him to reconsider chris christie. in the end there were two obstacles. christie couldn't keep his day job and fund raise due to new jersey law and the book says he wasn't as forthcoming in the vetting process as other candidates. >> and brianna keilar joins us live now from the white house. how are the people in the house
8:53 am
behind you reacting today to this, brianna? >> well, they're sort of downplaying it. first let me tell you, i don't know, you can probably hear some of the noise behind me. those are protesters outside the white house, iraqi prime minister nuri al malaki will be here visiting with president obama. these are protester who's allege the iraqi government was involved in an attack that killed iranian dissidents north of baghdad. that's going on here. but inside the house, they are recan the anning to news of this book and they say -- they're not saying it didn't happen. first we should say that, but they are downplaying how important this is. listen to what jay carney said on cnn. >> i know for a fact that president obama never considered this, never thought about it, never entertained it. the vice president has been a partner of his from the 2008 campaign on. he's been an excellent governing partner and an excellent campaign partner. so you know, again, campaigns test everything but as the book
8:54 am
itself says, this was never considered by the president. >> and the former chief of staff, ashleigh, bill daley also is downplaying it although as you heard, he did confirm that this happened. so i think it's sort of fascinating and certainly not something that i would say those close to president obama really wanted to get out there. >> i would say you're right, especially joe biden. thank you beerks anna keeler. have a good weekend, my friend. enjoy your weekend. well deserved. coming up next, a man goes on a hiking in july. he was attacked by a bear and left for dead and that hiker was an found just this week, three months later alive. but just hours from starving to death. an amazing story of survival coming next. ♪ wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat,
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ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? attacked by a bear and stranded for three months in the canadian wilderness. that is exactly what happened to an experienced hiker and his german shepherd. this week, mr. colavoy was rescued near death in fact when he was rescued and amazingly he is expected to live. foster children moving from home to home may think that people don't care about them,
8:59 am
but that is where danielle bleeto comes in. she makes wishes come true and one of our cnn heroes. >> i've been in and out of foster care for most of my life. when you move from place to place, you don't really get the same connections that your peers have. you get very insecure. you don't think that people really care about your desires and wishes. >> when i became a foster parent, i realized, a lot of these children decide that it's not worth wishing anymore because it isn't going to happen. people have made promises to them that they haven't kept. do you want to take any of the babies? >> sure. >> here you go. >> everything's brand new. i thought how do we give them the feeling that people are out there that care about you, even if you've never met them? >> my name is danielle bleeto. i've helped make wishes come true for thousands of foster children all over the country. anybody anytime can look at wishes from thousands of
9:00 am
children in foster care. he needs the radio in order to practice with his cd. >> wishes are so personal. >> isn't that beautiful? >> yes. >> these small things make an enormous difference in the life of a child. it's really just a kid being a kid. >> my wish was for a suit so that i could attend a family member's funeral. it meant a lot that someone took the time and they knew that that was important. >> this looks awesome. >> when a child wish is granted, we are reahuring them that their voices are being heard. >> i love you. >> that there is this is big world out there that just wants to wrap their arms around them and protect them, and we need to all step up and do that. >> thanks for watching, have a good weekend. around the world starts right now.


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