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tv   Crossfire  CNN  November 1, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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we're back with the breaking news on the deadly shooting at the los angeles international airport. today i'm wolf blitzer in washington. this is a special edition of "crossfire." today's "crossfire" co-hosts van jones and will kay, they're both standing by. we'll get to them shortly, but first the latest on the shooting
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at l.a.x. let's get some information now on the suspected gunman. the fbi has just identified him a little while ago. deborah feyerick has been working her sources all day. i take it he'sen identified as paul anthony ciancia, 23 years old of los angeles. there's also a new jersey connection. is that right? >> there is a new jersey connection. it's believed that's where he grew up. agents are heading out to that location. we do want to tell you also, you know, this is a youngman after he went on this rampage, he was shot several times in the chest, and so he has been in surgery, but again, the officers who were able to subdue and stop him shot him three times in the chest, center mass, so right now it's unclear just how critical his condition is. but he did live in new jersey. it appears that he was targeting the tsa, wolf, statements that
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he made, as he was running down from the security checkpoint to the gate, passengers saying they heard him asking whether they were were with tsa, but we're also told, adam perez, my colleague in washington, learning that there were materials, information on him, that suggest he was looking to kill tsa agents and possibly police officers. wolf? >> the search warrants are being implemented both in los angeles and new jersey. do we know where in new jersey? >> it's southern new jersey, that they're looking. plus there are also -- he's got two sibling that we know of. officers are trying to reach out to his mother and father as well. so this is a sweeping investigation, wolf. >> deb, stand by. i want to share with our viewers some of the dramatic video that tmz made available, cell phone video of what happened as the shooting was going down.
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>> everybody onto the floor now! on the floor! >> this is crazy [ bleep ] yeah, you too, man [ bleep ] everybody. >> come on, you guys. >> go, go! powerful video indeed. deborah, you were watching it with all of us. we now have pictures of the suspect paul anthony ciancia's
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apparently house in new jersey. i want to show it our viewers. there you see some aerial shots, courtesy of our affiliate wpvi. though you've learned more recently he's been living in the los angeles area, right? >> correct. he's been living in the los angeles area, is the information we're getting. this is pensville, new jersey, where his father apparently lives. and there are crews out there right now, clearly investigators will want to speak to both his mother and father. he also has two siblings, one of them a sister who immediately after the shooting took place very quickly took down her facebook page. so we are looking into whether he had a facebook page as well. we are told by an official that in fact he did have a facebook page. we're trying to determine the status of that right now. again, he was in los angeles. one of the outstanding questions right now, wolf is, is that
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firearm, that assault rifle, he had three magazines, one of them in the firearm, two others that were found in his clothing, suggesting that he wanted to shoot a number of bullets. clearly we're told that they were ten bullets fired all together, between him and police officers who responded. you can see right there, wolf that is the weapon we believe he used on this rampage, and up to the top of the screen, those are clothes we are told he was wearing at the time, sort of camouflage clothing is what we're being told. >> we don't know much about paul anthony ciancia, but i suspect pretty soon we'll know a lot. evan perez is our justice reporter. what are you learning, evan? >> wolf, one of the things that the fbi is trying to focus on is to learn what his motivation was, whether or not -- what exactly these rantings that were
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contained in this letter that were found in the bag that he was carrying, whether there's any significance to that. now, you know, he may have belonged to some groups perhaps, and that's one of the things that the authorities are now following up on, and as deb said, you know, this is -- the firearm is another key here. in california, it's very difficult to get some of these firear firearms, especially they semiautomatics. a lot of them have been banned in california, as have been some of the higher magazines. so those are other things that the authorities are looking at at this hour to try to figure out where he got the firearms? where he got the ammunition and also what he motivation was to go to the airport today and start doing the shooting. >> i'm sure they'll be looking for any computers or other information, any social media sites he might have been on, to get more information. they're going through a lot of
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video from l.a.x. right now. evan stand by. we're watching what is going on at l.a.x. we're watching what happened. this is a full-scale investigation, our reporters, analysts, eyewitnesses are standing by. much more of our special coverage, right after this. osit, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can.
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. we expect more information -- the mayor of los angeles, they're getting ready to hold a news conference at the top of the hour. more information on the suspect in the l.a. shooting as well. we're going to map out how the shooting played out. more on the special del ice of "crossfire", after the break. [ male announcer ] meet mary.
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we're continuing our special coverage of the breaking news out of l.a.x., let's go back to our hosts van jones, and will cane on the right. >> joining us is raffi ran, the former director at the tel aviv airport. we have jay david cox, president of the tsa unit. i want to give you real condolences for your loss. i want both of your reactions to this video that shows some of the pandemonium. everybody onto the floor now! >> this is crazy. hell yeah. you too, guys. everybody.
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you see must have seen things like this in the past. >> yes, i think what we see here is very typical to a public response, and it indicates that most of the people there we are not really prepared mentally to this situation. and obviously what they need is under those circumstances is a lot of guidance, what to do. the video is short enough, not to allow us to understand how much control was exercised. at the time, but i think this is one of the key issues. itches this is the first time that -- but mr. cox, when i look at that video, i see some people -- with police officers say get down and people
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following those instructions. i'm afraid people are somewhat prepared for these types of situations right now. >> i think people are prepared. i know the tsos, the officers who work for tsa, they're trained to handle many situations. today was one of those that no one was prepared for. these are people who normally screen passengers. they detect weapons, they detect things that could be used to bring down airports. they are not prepared to deal with armed shooters. >> well, that's one of the things that we have been realizing that we've mainly been talking about how to protect airports, and now we're talking about protecting airports. do you think that it would be wise for tsa agents to be armed themselves now? is that something you'll be calling for? >> at this point i don't know about -- to call for arming of tsa officers. we do believe that the expansion of the bdo program, which is the
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behaviors detection officer, that that program needs to be expanded in the airports. >> i know that's something you have experience with, the bdo, behavior detection. i do want to ask you this. this is a unique sit ways for the united states. is there a chronic problem? this is a tragic incident. >> we just have to figure out that almost every single major airport in europe was attacked or subjected to a ground attack. paris, munich, zurich rome, vienna, athens, all of them were attacked with a large number of casualties in many cases dead on the ground. >> well, it is shocking to think about we could be entering a new phase where protecting the --
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and we do have this horrible history we have to be aware of. >> i want to thank you for being here. jay david cox. let's get back to wolf for the latest. thanks very much, guys. stephanie elam is on the ground for us at the airport. what are you seeing? what's the latest right now, stephanie? >> reporter: wolf, what we are learning is the airplane plans to end the ground stop at 4:00 p.m. pacific time. what's going to happen is terminals 1 and 2 will reopened. terminal 3 will remain closed. for people tried to fly in and out of terminal 3, of course they're still asking everyone to try to find another way to get in our out. we just hiked down to where we are now next to the run waste on the outer side of terminal 3. on that walk down, i can tell you there are passengers upon passengers lugging their bags.
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so they're going to try to get to the terminals, but i can tell you. there are a lot of passengers just lining up at the end of terminal 1 waiting to get that clearance. sup until then, it's been a sea of people on the floor, in the chairs, just waiting toss if they might be able to get out. some people thinks if -- it is a hike, and wolf, it is hot today in southern california, so people are looking for any help they can get to get away from l.a.x. other people i talked to were flying in today. if their bags were checked, they may not have gotten those. otherwise they were walking off and hoping to find a cab once away from l.a.x., wolf. >> the good news is very soon they're going to reopen. airport for all practical
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purposes and allow flights to take off and land. is that correct? >> reporter: yes, that is correct. you can probably hear. we've seen an up tick in the planes landing here on the northern side. they've been allowing planes to come in. they put a ground stop onnal flights in the united states, but some had taken off earlier. those planes have been allowed in earlier today. we also know the other terminals on the other side, 4, 5, 6, 7ened 8, that they were constituent saying they could take off. the problem is passengers can get to the planes, so passenger really have to call their airlines, if they can just stay away from the area. unless you're on foot, it's really difficult. with luggage, it's extra hard. >> stephanie, we'll get back to you. flights are backed up all over. we'll take a quick break, more
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we're awaiting an fbi news conference. not only fbi but l.a.x., it is supposed to be right at the top of the hour. we also have all of our correspondents and analysts working the story from l.a. to d.c.
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we're back for our special edition of "crossfire."
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at l.a.x., take a look at this. you're looking at live pictures of a lot of people stuck at the airport. right now, let's bring in our own bryant todd. the ripple effect across the country, pretty much of a mess. >> we to have some information that the ground stop at l.a.x. airport will be lifted in a matter of minutes. we're told 4:00 p.m. pacific, 7:00 p.m. eastern time. this is a map from flight explorer showing all the flights, thousands of flights in the air. it is updated every few seconds with all the flights in the air at a given time. what we're told by george from airfare watch, it tracks all the flight trends in the united states. that the problem here is with all the delays, and we're told that there were dozens of delays into and out of l.a.x., you've got people from, coming from new york to l.a.x., boston, elsewhere, who will have to be diverted. a lot of those flights will land in major flights like denver, dallas, chicago.
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and these passengers will all be stuck overnight. they have to book hotel travel. that will be a big mess. what we've got from one of the service that's monitors the flights canceled was that there have been at least 65 departures, canceled out of l.a.x. 61, arrivals canceled out of l.a.x. 113 departures delayed. 119 arrivals delayed at the very least. as far as it affects l.a.x. airport. this is just a major disruption. people flying from elsewhere. have to be diverted to some of these major hubs like denver, dallas, like chicago, they'll to have book hotels overnight. they're stuck probably for at least a day, according to george from this website, airfare website. one ground stop at a major airport causes a ripple effect all over the country with air travel of it is a huge mess. it probably won't be sorted out until at least tomorrow night. >> thank you. kyung lah is over at l.a.x.
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what's the latest? >> reporter: well, you can see that there is a little bit of a pathway in the crowd. the reason why is because some of those passengers, some who have been stuck on planes for five to six hours, they're finally coming out. they're finally coming out of the terminal. and all these people you see with rolly bags, luggage, they are trying to get on to flights. they are hoping, hoping that they're going to be able to take off today. some of them have later flights. they don't know. they're not getting a lot of information. when i asked people how are you learning about whether or not your flight will take off, they say we're just here hoping for the best. so it is still massive gridlock. you can see these people as they're coming off. they look quite tired. very frustrated as well. they say they understand that this is a very serious criminal case but they really are also experiencing quite a bit of airport gridlock. >> all right. we'll check back with you. our justice reporter is getting
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more information on the 23-year-old suspect, the alleged shooter in this case, paul anthony ciancia. what else are you learning? >> he is 23 years old. the authorities say he grewup, it appears he grew up in southern new jersey which is the live shot we've shown on our air in the last hour. appears to have moved to los angeles in, fairly recently. that's where authorities went, have gone today. they're also doing some interviews with family members in new jersey to try to determine what could have motivated this. as we've been reporting, in his bag, the bag where he carried this semi-automatic rifle, authorities found some kind of hand, i'm sorry, some kind of letter that contain an anti-government rant. some kind of rant against the tsa. it indicated hatred for the tsa.
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it is not clear where that comes from. what kind of grooms he might be associated with. these are something the authorities are trying to check out at this hour. he is still very much a mystery to authorities. especially as far as what his motivation is and what was the, what was his association with tsa. what really motivated, his dislike for the tsa. >> 23 years old and look at the damage this individual allegedly has done. this is the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. >> that's right. when you look at this, this is one of the best protected airports in the world. it has 2,100 tsa officers. more than 1100 los angeles airport police. many of them armed. and one man with one gun, it looks like an assault rifle, shut it down and killed one of those officers and was able to break through that phalanx of security guards. even when you set these very high security standards in a
3:59 pm
place that has been attacked before, it is hard to protect against every event you'llality. >> they're lerns more every minute. all over that airport and more and more about the suspect. >> and this is going to be happening over the next several days. we know oriole they saw no nexus to innational terrorism. you can call this a case of domestic terrorism in effect. >> hundreds of people were terrified. >> in light of what evan perez was saying, about him targeting tsa officers. a county of terrorism, no question, and arguably succeeded. >> they're going to have a news conference. lapd, l.a.x. pd. a federal employee, a tsa officer was killed. >> right. the very first. >> what a story. thanks very much. we're going on continue our extensive coverage. we're standing by for that live news conference. supposed to begin right at the
4:00 pm
top of the hour. it might be delayed by a few minutes. we want to you watch because we presumably will be getting a lot more information. thank you for joining us on this special edition of "crossfire." i'm wolf blitzer in washington. erin burnett "outfront" begins right now. we begin with the breaking news murder at l.a.x. we're expecting an update any minute now. we're watching the microphones. there are so many unanswered questions about the horrific act of violence today which certainly, safe to say, feels like an act of domestic terrorism. we have some dramatic new video that shows the chaos and pandemonium that happened during the shooting. this is video that was obtained by the webb tmz at


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