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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 2, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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good evening everyone. we begin with breaking news as details of the lax shooting are coming in. we're learning more about the killer, paul anthony. this is picture of him according to sources chl we obtained a copy of that picture. you're seeing it for the first time here on 360. there are reports at this hour he side a suicidal text message to his family prior to the rampage. that's his father's house in pennsylvania -- excuse me, pencilville, new jersey, there is that and now for the first time there is armature video showing the chaos.
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>> on the floor, on the floor now. >> [ bleep ] crazy. youtube that [ bleep ]. everybody. chill, chill, chill, chill. come on you guys. >> go, go. [ bleep ] this is crazy, dog. >> the scene inside and right here from above outside the terminal as an oeg of travelers fleeing the gunman. you can imagine being there a. number of people got hurt in the rush but sticking around was not an option. you'll hear stories tonight. a lot of eyewitnesss on the
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program with everything else we're learning about today's murder at lax. >> reporter: los angeles international airport, 9:28 a.m. local time. the fbi says paul anthony ciancia a white male 23 pull as rifle and opens fire. at the security check point tsa officers not armed or shot, one is killed. >> he preceded to the screening area and continued shooting and went past the screeners back into the airport itself. >> reporter: authorities say after shooting his way through the security check point the gunman makes it all the way down this hallway and stopped by authorities here near a burger king in the food court area, hundreds run for their lives. >> it was complete panic. people were screaming. you know, children crying. >> cure and utter may ham. people tripping over each other. bags everywhere.
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crying, screaming. >> everybody started like flying down the hallway and they were just like jumping over chairs, jumping over people. hiding in -- we were kind of trapped at the end of the terminal. >> trapped with nowhere else to escape some run on the airport tarmac and others use everything they can to protect them severals. >> second shots and i grabbed luggage and made walls and walls out of luggage and seen the guy walking towards the edlator. >> after making it hundreds of feet the gunman is shot by police multiple times in the chest and lives. >> los angeles airport police respond immediately to the calls. they tracked the individual through the airport and engaged him in gunfire in terminal three and were able to successfully take him into custody. >> his motive is still unclear
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but what is known is the gun band intended to cause much more destruction. sources say he had three magazines of am nation for his assault rifle. the story still developing as ingators are trying to get a picture of the man into focus. 24-year-old male, paul anthony ciancia, loan male with assault rifle possibly motivated by hay friday for the federal government. there were indications the shooter was targeting members of the tsa. what do we know? >> three specific things. first, how this attack played out and statements he apparently made, eyewitness acounts and also, information, material that he had on him. here is what we know. first of all, the first indication the way this happened he walked up to a tsa security check point where screeners were located and opened fire killing one of the officers.
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he injured a second officer at the same time. he made his way down that terminal to the gate area where he was shot and killed. he was killed by officers from lax police and lapd. the second thing that we believe suggests he was targeting tsa agents, law enforcement officials saying as he was running down the terminal, he essentially was asking people hey, are you with tsa and when they said no he continued running, making his way down. third thing, also, information, there were texts that apparently he was sending in the days leading up to the attack we were just learning in which he was sending them to his father and brother and there was some concern about his situation about how -- what was going through his mind at the time. so these three things suggest in fact, he was looking to shoot tsa agents. that's the premise law enforcement officials are investigating. that's what they tell us, anderson. >> earlier reports said he was shot multiple times but
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survived. you're saying the shooter is dead? >> no, no, i didn't say that. the shooter was hit three times in the chest, center mass, hit multiple times but we don't know the condition. we've been trying to find out from hospitals throughout the course of the day because that's a significant wound as you can imagine. >> right, obviously. do we know much about his background? >> no, and that's been a little bit frustrate l. this happened about 12:30 eastern standard time. all we know 23-year-olds old, white mail, walked into the airport he had a bag in which he had the weapon concealed. he was wearing gray camouflage and one magazine in the rifle, the one fierped and two additional magazines we're told by a source on him. those were never used. there is a picture of both the rifle and what we're being told are bloody clothes, that was a picture snapped in the area where police shot him. anderson?
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>> debra appreciate the update. kim has more. you had people in different terminals stop stuck on planes for five, six hours, how are people getting information in and remaining calm. what was the scene like afterwards? >> reporter: well, after that initial chaos, anderson, at least inside the terminal people really started collectively trying to stay calm, share water, make sure they understood this is just part of the process and aftermath. the different feeling was actually people who were stuck on planes on the tarmac. these are planes that landed after the shooting, and what i heard from a number of passengers is that they didn't get any information. they weren't getting any information from the pilot. they got the information from their phones and collectively as passengers try to remain calm. what we did definitely see is people were really trying to help each other out, pass babies around, share diapers but certainly, this is nothing they ever wanted to repeat again.
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>> and right now -- >> reporter: very, very much passengers trying to stay calm. >> right now what's the status of flights coming in and out of the airport? >> reporter: flights are starting to actually depart. i actually saw a plane take off in the air. as far as what it's like inside the airport behind me, anderson, it's a mess. if you're coming to lax, intend that sit going to be a very, very bad night. anywhere you travel in the western region, planes are completely out of position. it will be a long night for a lot of the different cities. >> all right. kim, appreciate the update. our next guest came face-to-face with the gunman who asked him a question. his answer maybe the reason he's alive to tell the story tonight. we spoke by phone. lee, the shooter actually walked up to you. talk us through what happened. >> i had just gotten through the security gate with the x-ray machine. i had my shoes off and my belt off, and as i was walking through there, i heard shots. i was just getting ready to pick up my shoes and belt and go on my way, pick up my other stuff. at that point we heard some
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shots, we heard more shots and everybody kind of hit the ground, people started to run. >> did you know what the shots -- did you know instinctually it was shots? >> i didn't know what was happening and i didn't turn around to look. the shots was coming from behind me, and the tsa agent that was near me urged me to, you know, grab my stuff and go and he saw that i didn't have my shoes on, and, you know, so he grabbed the shoes and the two of us started running down the corridor towards the gate. meanwhile, more shots rang out, and this agent got hit. i think it was a grazing wound because he seemed to be okay. he had my shoes. i went and kind of towered in a corner and the shooter was just calmly walking down the corridor, but he saw me cowering there, he had his gun and looked at me and said tsa?
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and i just shook my head, and he kept going. >> how did he seem to you? i mean, what did he look like? was his expression? >> he looked -- he didn't have -- you know, it was kind of hard to see the expression. i was more focused on his weapon. it was a rifle, like a -- liked like an assault rifle. i'm in the hospital sure what kind it would have been. he was dressed normally. he had short hair, light complexion, you know, just maybe blue jeans or gray jacket or something like that -- >> and he wasn't running. he was just walking? >> just walking. it was just walking slowly, you know, taking his time. >> do you know how long after he spoke to you that he was shot? >> i don't know. i can't say. i didn't --
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>> you didn't hear shots -- >> i didn't -- i heard shots but i didn't see, you know, who was shooting or where and, you know, at the moment it wasn't obvious that there was just one shooter. >> and when he asked you, when he said tsa, did you realize what he meant? did you realize that -- >> absolutely. >> if you said you were tsa -- >> absolutely. if i had a tsa uniform, i wouldn't be here talking to you, sir. >> you have no doubt about that? >> i'm convinced. >> well, it's just -- it's so hard to believe. leon, i'm so glad things are okay for you and appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. thank you. >> thank you very much for calling. >> well, there is a lot more details to learn tonight. next, two members of tv's myth buster show describe what they saw in terminal three. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153,
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pure and utter mahem. people tripping, bags everywhere, crying, screaming. >> that's sarah richardson describing the chaos inside terminal three inside lax. the scene secured. the alleged gunman wounded in custody, the exact condition we don't know. the tsa agent dead, the first ever killed in the line of duty. two from myth busters join us by phone. tory, you basically live tweeted the entire shooting today. where were you when you heard the gunshots? >> well, grant and i weren't actually together. we were -- i'm not sure where grant was.
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i was at gate 33, which was right, you know, a few gates from 36 and it didn't even register that it was gunshots until people were running down towards us, you know, screaming there's a shooter, there's a shooter. i never actually saw him but i heard the shots and kept my eye on the corridor people were running down to make sure he wasn't coming down towards us. i was upstairs in the virgin lounge and a bunch of people started bashing at the window and i got up to look and i saw people streaming out of the jet bridge out onto the tarmac, as well as uniformed tsa agents and lapd running out there. >> yeah, what happened for us is we basically got bottlenecked in gate 23 because everyone was running away from gate 36 and when we got to the door they were locked.
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people were jumping over chairs, jumping over each other, everybody trying to stay low and somebody came and unlocked one of the doors to the tarmac and we all just poured out and then got to cover underneath the airplane. >> did you guy at any point see the shooter? >> i -- >> no. i did not see the shooter. i was talking to an eyewitness who was right next to me. he said he saw a guy coming up with a white shirt and what looked like an assault rifle coming up the escalator and it was blowing my mind how you could get a weapon that far into the airport. >> yeah, we were -- i was watching and i heard the gunshots from the other side of our door in the lounge. they locked the doors, but it was like i was wondering is this person going to come through the door, and if so, we would be trapped. we would be sitting ducks in there. fortunately, nothing happened. as we exited and as they were taking us to evacuate, i saw the weapon on the ground inside of the terminal and it was a rifle, an assault rifle. >> do you know it definitely was
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an assault rifle, are you sure about that? >> yeah, i saw it. it was like an ar-15, i think. so, it was -- yeah -- >> do you have any sense -- do you have any sense how long this whole thing went on for? >> you know, it seemed like an eternity. it was probably only, you know, a minute, but the time that it started until the time that we were actually out on the tarmac, you just -- it seemed like an eternity, like time stopped. it was like one of those things where you hear about this stuff on the news and you're like god, i'm so glad, that's auchl, i can't imagine what it would be like to be in that sen scenario and to be there it was sure real and you went into survival mode.
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>> yeah. >> i mean, for me, it was like the entire airport after this all went down and everyone was being evacuated, it got really, really quiet because we're still -- they decided to shelter us in place in this lounge and so all the announcements and stuff, everybody was really quiet. it's like the whole airport was holding its breathe for an hour. it was crazy. >> i'm so glad you guys are okay and i appreciate you tells us what you saw. thank you. >> thanks a lot, anderson. more breaking news from pennsville, new jersey where the shooter's father lives. the police chief talked to reporters. >> secure and go with the flow here. >> chief, you know this family well, you grew up with the father, what kind of people are they? >> good people. everybody here is good people.
1:20 am
this is a circumstance the fbi is doing a great job and back here at pennsville, we'll do the best to help them out. >> you never had a problem with this family before? >> no. >> the chief did not say about reports the family got suicidal text messages from the killer prior to the shooting. tsa officers are not armed. the lax shooting points how vulnerable they are. airports are long to be known soft targets. joining me tom blank and mike brooks. tom, this is obviously a terrible tragedy. you say it actually could have been much worse and in many ways the security system worked. explain that. >> one of the key reforms after 9/11 was to create airport security programs under federal law and put in place a federal security director employed by tsa, often someone with a strong
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military or law enforcement background and as a result of that, the coordination and the seamless response that you saw today is the result of over 12 years now of working and assessing what the threats might be and assessing how to conduct the response. i think the important thing is to think about resiliency and say when this occurred, the law enforcement officers knew where to respond, how to respond in short order and through good coordination. that airport got back open for partial traffic operations in a matter of hours. >> is it clear to you yet how the shooter was able to get from the initial contact he had with tsa officers all the way into to where the gates are? does that part of it known yet? >> that does not seem clear at this point. obviously, if he had a rifle, opened fire, and took a run through one of the check point
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lanes, that's the most likely way that he did that, and then made it into the secure area. i think the important thing is the fact that no civilians were apparently harmed, at least we don't have any reports of that at this point, and, you know, that we saw the law enforcement respond very quickly and knew right where to go and just exactly what it is they were dealing with. >> mike, we've certainly seen shootings at airports before, acts of terror and other kinds of attacks over the decades. there is not much you can do because of the sheer number of people entering an airport until they go through that screening. there is not many ways you can really check, other than kind of roving security, right? >> no, you're absolutely right, anderson. a lot of people say there should be security as you walk through the door. well, yes, there is a certain vulnerability from the curb to there but passengers would be backed up for miles outside of the airport.
1:23 am
airports are configured differently. lax is different from hearts field here in atlanta where you go through the security check point and then go down an escalator and get on a train and that takes you to the terminals. there is more of a buffer. here at lax there was not. we heard the airport police that said he used to have an officer on the secure side at a podium but decided to redeploy him on the other side between the curve and security check points. they had an active shooting training three weeks ago, anderson, with a scenario almost exactly as this one. >> tom, you know, i guess some people will probably call for or ask whether tsa agents themselves should be armed. what do you make of that? tsa agents obviously are not armed but there is usually an armed security officers on the
1:24 am
other side of the metal detectors kind of overseeing everything, isn't that correct? >> it's not really practical to think about arming tsa officers. in order to do that, you have to make them a sworn law enforcement officers. there is all kinds of costs and training and other implications to doing that. i think the question tsa deals with and law enforcement agencies and stake holders involved is what is the response time? how quickly can we get there? how do we assess the threat today versus the threat last week or next week? and that might make a difference in whether you have a law enforcement officer at the check point, have a law enforcement officer roving, have a law enforcement officer at the departure gang way and those kinds of things. >> because mike, in that initial entrance to the airport, whether it's in the united states or overseas, you do sometimes see even heavily armed security personnel wondering around, but
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there is not -- there's not that many layers you can put before you get to that screening. >> no, but there is a lot you don't also see involved in aviation security. i was with delta airlines after law enforcement. i was general manager of delta airlines during 9/11. since 9/11 there are more layers of security from that front door, even when you just enter the grounds of the airport, on the roads leading up to the airports, anderson, that people don't see. there is surveillance cameras, there are people -- there are law enforcement officers and tsa folks in plain clothes also armed. there is a lot of layers you don't see but i'm sure they will look at this because it still is troubling that this gunman was able to get to the gate, and if, you know, there had been a plane at a particular gate, well, is there a possibility he could have gotten on board that plane but the two officers that confronted him are the true heroes today because they did save a lot of people's lives.
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>> appreciate it. up next, witnesses in terminal three say that in all the chaos, it was hard to know what exactly was going on. i'll talk to one man who was mistaken for the shooter. i'll be right back. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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i only found that out after we were evacuated and we were standing probably 20 feet from a high-powered rifle, an ar-15 on the ground with three clips nearby and a pair of black shoes and some people's shopping bags and other people's carry on luggage strung about but a police officer was taking pictures of the rifle. >> that the actor tim daily that heard shots while sitting inside the virgin lounge and saw the gun as passengers were evacuated. looking at a live shot of the father's home of the shooter. we're waiting for a family member to make a statement. we'll bring that to you, obviously, when it happens, the tsa officer killed today is the first employee in that agency to be killed. relatively new agencies created, our national security correspondent is in washington. jim, they ruled out terrorism, correct? >> they are always reluctant to rule it out and say the investigation is continuing. they don't see international terrorism. >> international terrorism. >> he was targeting tsa agents
1:31 am
like evan perez said, he was carrying materials on his person, but not terrorism as we think of it in general. >> certainly in terms, as you said, that's the distinction we would make, international terrorism. was the tsa prepared to handle this? do we know much about that specific check point and how he was able to get through? >> speaking to folks at the tsa, they focus on keeping weapons and other dangerous things off the airplane. they tend to leave the shooting to trained shooters and in fact, i spoke to the head of the tsa union today and he said that's one thing they haven't asked for. they haven't asked for their agents, officer, rather to be armed. that said, after i reported that i got tweets back from some tsa agents out there who disagree with that position and feel like one of them wrote to me unarmed sitting ducks but that's at least the union position, and to be clear, it's not like there aren't loads of armed agents running around an airport like that. there are 2100 tsa officers in lax and more than a thousand l.a. airport police armed and
1:32 am
the dha with air marijuanas on board planes and also on the airport. so a lot of armed agents around. it the tsa agent's position to leave the shooting to them and they will do inspecting. >> we talked to tom blank from the tsa said to get them be federally sworn officers would involve another level of bureaucracy and training and cost and expense. mike brooks said lax held an active shooter drill recently. >> they did. three weeks ago in ontario airport, 30 miles from lax, 300 officers taking part in an active shooter scenario like this and the l.a. police chief said a lot of the officers who responded today said the training like that helped them
1:33 am
to respond well to this incident, helps save lives, and it just shows you that they are conscious of this threat there. lax is a target of attacks before. al qaeda targeted it in 200, 2002 there was a shooting at the desk there. all americans airports you can argue are targets, lax a target for a spectacular attack like this. they prepare for it but, you know, you can only do so much there are always weak points and you can't stop ever attack. >> yeah, and there is obviously still a lot we're trying to learn exactly what happened today and how the shooter got so deep. appreciate it. lets look at the bigger picture. tom ridge was the nation's first secretary of homeland security. appreciate you joining us. this was the first time a tsa officer has been killed until the line of duty. what do you make of what happened today at lax? are the main points you're looking at or interested in finding more details on?
1:34 am
>> first of all, i think you're right. there is still more details to be determined, let's be clear and all the other guests have spoken to this. the possibility of a individual coming into a terminal with a hidden firearm is real and something they are going to have to deal with on a day to day basis. there are 1.8 million passengers a day that go through over 450 airports and so this is a real challenge that, as i think tom pointed out, as horrible as the tragedy was, the resiliency and preparation and training is something to be lotted and not to take away from pain and suffering of the deceased and several victims. at the end of the day there are certain kinds of risks that i think for which there is really no sensible, thoughtful, reasonable economically appropriate way to abandon or to eradicate and this happens to be one of them at airports.
1:35 am
>> i mean, it's already illegal to bring a weapon into an airport so not like you can pass another law saying we'll make it more illegal to do that. for those who think tsa agents should be armed, what do you think? >> a big mistake. you have literally hundreds and hundreds of armed police officers roaming every major airport in america and i don't think arming another 40 or 50 or 60,000 people, i'm not sure how many employees there are would have prevented this incident from happening. when the individual removed the firearm, began firing, the response mechanism kicked in. i personally think that's a very bad idea. this is an unspeakable tragedy, anderson, and i know we'll be questioning the motives of this particular individual but at the end of the day, anderson, if you and i did this show a week from now, there would probably be 3 or 400 other people dying because of firearms homicides and we're not quite sure what their motives will be but this
1:36 am
once again, speaks to an eruption of interest because of this horrible incident in a public place and a federal employee but between now and monday there will be 50 and 60 people that will never be reported about, no public discussion and it will be a gang war over turf, drugs, someone with a severe mental challenge that got access to a firearm and hopefully one of these days you and other folks will make there conversation a permanent part of the civil dialogue. it's not a news cycle or two and we need a deeper dive in this and i'm glad you raised the issue but again, it's a cultural violence. there are many aspects to it and this is just one more horrible incident, not to take away from the tragedy, it's unspeakable and there is a lot of pain and suffering but we have to think deeper and do more than simply
1:37 am
talking about the violence of firearms. >> and the indication that this person was specifically asking people whether they were with the tsa -- >> interesting. >> i mean, i haven't heard -- i mean, that's -- does that surprise you? >> it's bizarre. listen, you and i both know, go back to timothy mcveigh, we know some people turn to violence, god forbid this awful violence and oklahoma city because of grudges or hatred or whatever the evil, dark side, emotion is in their heart and head and that's the excuse and motive but then again, i think in 2010 there were like 12,000 firearm homicides and motives all over the place. i think we have to be very careful not to just categorize and suggest that this is the only one we have to be worried about. there are broader issues that have to be discussed. clearly, if he had a grievance against the government, we'll find out more about it. no with standing that, they may have been his motive but i'm not sure you can do anything to prevent this type of particular
1:38 am
incident from happening. >> tom ridge, appreciate your time, thank you. >> always good talking with anderson, thank you. we have more into the newsroom and debra is working with her sources on that. we'll be right back next.
1:39 am
i want to check back in with
1:40 am
1:41 am
i want to check back in with debra. what are you learning about the contact this shooter had with his family? >> reporter: paul ciancia was
1:42 am
sending a series of texts over the last couple days and the texts, the content was concerning. we're being told by the source that the texter described angry, rambling and ciancia complained about the government and los angeles and search warrants are executed on a home where it's believed he lived in los angeles and a residence in new jersey. right now, they are looking at the content of the texts, they were rambling, angry, unhappy, discouraged and that's what we're being told. >> what about the status of the shooter right now? do we know? >> we know he was shot multiple times, center mass in the middle of the chest and was removed from the terminal to a gurney and handcuffed taken to a local hospital.
1:43 am
we're been trying to get a status update all day. he went to the hospital where others were taken. the hospital said someone was in critical condition but no updates since then. anderson? >> debra appreciate the up date. the chaos produced a lot of confusion. a photo of one man who was in handcuffs after he run outside there to escape the shooter. his name is nick pew. he was running from the gunman after he opened fire. nick joins us tonight. nick, where were you when the shooting began? >> basically, i had been -- i had just gone through the first screening area where you show your license and they check your boarding pass, and then i was -- just gone through there and going up the escalator and i went around the top area of the area and the shooting started then. i immediately dropped to the floor, and i could see flashes. >> about how far away from the shooting were you?
1:44 am
>> i would say 15 feet, 20 feet. >> wow, that close. was it very loud? >> oh, yeah, it was really loud. you hear a sound like that in an airport environment and it's definitely not right. >> did you know right away it was shots? >> yeah, i think within a couple seconds or almost a split second everybody, you know, i was standing at the very back of the line and everybody dropped to the floor, and i mean, i think everybody knew right away it was shots. it's much louder and more abrupt than anything you hear there, so yes. >> what did you do then? >> i was at the very back of the line in the second screening area where all the other passengers were ahead of me, probably 150 people or so and
1:45 am
everybody dropped to the floor and started crawling, crawling forward and i looked over and there was an emergency exit out to the exterior of the airport and i just thought i'm not going to be between the shooter and all these people and i just went right out the emergency exit and i just started running. i dropped my luggage or whatever and i just started running across the tarmac. i didn't -- i had no idea if there was more shooters or bombs so i wanted to get as far away from it as i could quickly. >> i understand that's when police chased you and handcuffed you because you actually on the tarmac, what happened then? >> that's correct. i ran out onto the tarmac and away from where the shooting was happening and as i was running, the police came toward me, cars racing toward me and jumped out of the cars and said hands up, hands up, get down on the ground, face down. from their perspective i was the first guy running away from this running across the tarmac which is not normal. so i laid down on the ground and basically they came over to me
1:46 am
and said stay down, stay down and didn't ask me questions and put me in handcuffs and basically said stay there. obviously i can't get up and do anything so i'm laying there on the airport -- i mean on the tarmac and, you know, they raced back towards the terminal and as i was laying there, i could see more people pouring out of a different exit, sort of more toward the end of the terminal and i guess from what i heard the gunman came up the escalator where i had been standing and pushed into the terminal and pushed everybody toward the end and they exited out and some people went into planes. i don't really know what happened at that point but. >> and then how long was it before police came back and talked to you and released you? >> maybe like ten minutes. so they basically came back and frisked me again and looked at my backpack and i don't have any
1:47 am
problems or whatever. i dropped my license and my id so i didn't have any id but basically i just -- they believed me i guess at that point. and took the handcuffs off and just told me to stay put or whatever. >> well, i'm so glad you're safe nick and appreciate the time you took to talk to me. thank you. >> thank you. >> that's nick pew. today's incident shut down terminals. it was already not the greatest travel day with torrential rain and flooding all over texas. it latest when 360 continues. [x yn
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introducing cardioviva: the first probiotic to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels without a prescription. cardioviva. today's shooting at lax caused delays, more than 750 flights delayed. hundreds of flights cancelled throughout the country because of rain and heavy winds in the northeast and bigger problems in the south. >> reporter: torrential rains, hail and wind slammed participants of the midwest yesterday, this massive storm causing severe flooding all over texas. more than 1,000 homes evacuated
1:52 am
in the central part of the state, residenting leaving by boat and life raft. some families rescued by helicopter from rooftops as the water quickly rose. more than a foot of rain fell in the area according to the national weather service causing riverers ask creeks to overflow. >> this creek and others like it, they rise very quickly and go down very quickly. so, if we can get out from under the torrential rainfall, the waters will reseed quickly. >> reporter: dangerous flash flooding swept cars off the road and left cars partially submerged. >> water came too fast. there wouldn't have been time to get the people out of the houses. >> reporter: two texans killed in the floods. the storm kept moving, hitting kansas where this school bus overturn in a creek, possibly swept off the road from heavy rains and it didn't stop there. high winds and rain hitting the east coast, the effects of this storm felt all the way up to maine.
1:53 am
>> yeah, wide spread across the country. pamela joins us with the 360 bulletin. >> police in toronto have video of mayor rob ford apparently smoking a crack pipe. he denied them. ford says he will not resign despite the claim by police. jerry sandusky is asking pennsylvania's highest court to hear an appeal of the case. he was akuszed of sexual assaulting bozens. kraft is making changes to mac and cheese. in 2014 it will remove artificial food dies in pasta shaped like charters. it's also lowering salt and fat levels but apparently, the taste will not be compromised. >> i wonder what color it will be? >> maybe less yellow i guess. the new york marathon is
1:54 am
this sunday and last year it was cancelled because of super storm sandy. security will be tight because of the boston marathon. what the return will mean next. i'm beth...
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security will be tight this weekend in new york city where runners are getting ready for the marathon. after the boston marathon, backpacks are banned and family members waiting at the end will be screened. last year's race was cancelled because of super storm sandy so this year's marathon takes on special meaning. tom foreman reports. >> reporter: on the streets of baltimore, karina christianson spent months preparing for the new york city marathon. adding up the miles and pushing down the memories on what happened to her hometown. >> i had cousins in long island with 4 feet of water. >> reporter: last year when sandy washed over the city, it swept away the great race.
1:59 am
city officials tried to run it as scheduled but the massive property loss and human suffering proved too much. >> the best way to help new york city at this time is to say we will not conduct the 2012 ing new york city marathon. >> reporter: now its return is harolded as symbolic of the city, back are 48,000 runners purring $300 million into the economy. back are the elite athletes like this olympian. in 2009 he was the first american to win new york in more than two decades and brought perspective. >> winning is not about first place or getting the best out of yourself. >> reporter: and millions raised for charity. and ka rethat is running for them. >> it's incredible what people can overcome. >> reporter: in short, that's
2:00 am
what the marathon's return is all about, a whole city overcoming the worst and getting back to its best, one step at a time. tom foreman, cnn. >> certainly is incredible what people can overcome. that's it for us. hope you join us one hour from now for ac 360 later. it's easily the most contentious piece of real estate in the world. and there's no hope, none, of ever talking about it without pissing somebody, if not everybody off. maybe that's why it's taken me so long to come here, a place where even the names of ordinary things are ferociously disputed. where does falafel come from? who makes the best hummus? is it a fence or a wall? by the end of this hour, i'll be seen by many as a terrorist sympathizer, a zionist tool, a