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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 3, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> and among those who found it fascinating, i understand, david bowie. >> i heard recently that he said it was the best rendition of the song, ever. which is pretty high praise. >> wow, he's a pretty cool guy. >> thanks so much for being with us. toronto's mayor is defiant. he won't resign by getting caught smoking a crack cocaine pipe. charges kpexpected to file. problems on the web site now in the courtroom. a big blow to the president's affordable health care law over birth control. >> first up, toronto's mayor
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made an admission today. he has made mistakes. but he has no plans to resign. even though pris claim they have video showing robl ford smoking a crack cocaine pipe. nick, the mayor, can we say he's defient, even though he is apologetic? >> he ses certainly digging his heels in. he mentioned he made an apology about unspecified mistakes. it's been a tough couple of months when allegations reportedly that he smoked a crack pipe. it alleges to show the mayor smoking a crack pipe. the police chief says they finally got their hands on that video and they have evidence, as has been reported in the media today on his radio show. ma mayor rob ford addressing toronto. >> i want the police chief bill
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blare to release this video for every single person in the city to see. that is the right thing to do. and, chief, i'm asking you to release this video now. whatever this video shows, whatever this video shows, folks, toronto residents deserve to see it. and people need to judge for themselves what they see obama this video. >> fou, this video was recovered from a hard drive. 's part of a police investigation into gang activity. the mayor was featured prominently in that investigation. there's lots of pages that have been redacted and the mayor's alleged drug abuse. but there were photos that surfaced with rob ford hanging out with known drug members in front of a known crack house. there's also erratic blaif yor, questionable behavior by the mayor.
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he has since been arrested on extortion charges allegedly threatening those that have the original copy of this video so just thinking further, he says whatever it shows. he lant seen it? >> we don't know why he would be so hope about putting that video in public other than really to show torontoans, those in toronto, that this video is not out there. who knows what the defense is. whether or not he can defend himself even if there is vids owe of me smoking from a glass pipe, you don't really know what's in it. his approval ratings have gone up 5%. they just got a lot of su port rs, fred. he's got a lot of people that really like him. he's a very charming man. he's out in the public eye. he spends a lot of time with his constituents. he has this weekly radio program and he's got a lot of support
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there locally. >> thanks so much for bringing that to us. appreciate that. there are new details about that deadly shooting at lax. the suspected gunman fired at a tsa officer at point-blank range friday and came back to shoot him again. that tsa officer died. people who saw the terror unfold are now telling their stories. stephanie, what have you heard from people? >> reporter: the terrifying nateture of this, from all the people in the terminal, you can hear it. there was one man that came back today to pick up his blopgings after seeing the shooting take place. and our photogeorgist, tom larsson, come up with this man. his name is scott greene listen to what he says happened. >> the guy had his gun downwards on him and he shot him twice.
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wha . >> wlafs your first reaction? >> to get my family out of there. i was hoping that we need to get out of here. >> everybody was running through security at that time. at tsa, they were pulling through trying to get to the right and he was at the top of the escalator. >> what he believes now happens is that there was a silence after you've heard the first gunshots apt then he looked down and saw the shooter. he believes it was a time when the shooter was running up the stairs and that's when he saw him point the gun down at what we believe now was the lost tsa agent. he says that it took hours for him to reunite with his son and his wife.
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>> all right, a georgia man will be charged for accidentally setting fire to his wife by flicking his lighter near a gas pump. the video is shocking and it was all caught on surveillance camera at the gas station. the couple, as you see right there, substantial doubting oud their truck near the nozzle when the flames shot out right there. her husband faces one count of reckless conduct. >> all right, we all know that the president's health care plan has some problems, the web site that is. first, it was the web siet, most people couldn't get on. now, the affordable care act is having problems inside the courtroom on a key provision being struck down. next.
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. a significant bite out of the president's health care plan. struck down and key provision on manage coverage. >> rooirings some businesses with 50 or more employees to provide insurance for birth control or pay a substantial fine. this federal appeals court decision has now struck that down, at least for now. the court ruled the company, freshway foods of ohio, could not be forestced to provide bir control. part of the court's decision say they can abide by their faith, pay a penalty of over $14 million and cripple the lifetime
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of companies they've spent building. what's going on here is the owners of the kacompany are of catholic faith but the suit was filed in the name of the company. and, of course, a company itself cannot express religious believes. the courts said that the suit could not be filed in the name of the company but in two-to-one decision, they also said forcing the owners to provide birth control would challenge their religious believes. so for now, they're allowing the suit to proceed to challenge the birth control coverage mandate. but -- and here's a big butt. they're about 75 federal lawsuits around the country on this matter. three of them are on appeal at the supreme court. no word on when the court might rule. there's so much legal activity in this part of the affordable care act. >> fredericka? >> all right. thanks so much for bringing that to us. it's going to be a pretty busy week in politics. we'll look at what to expect
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all right, a busy week in politics this week. political editor -- i'm sorry.
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there's going to be a lot of attention in virginia. >> hey, fred. chris christie. he's one of the biggest names in the republican party. the polls indicate the tough-talking new jersey governor will easily win re-election over democratic state senator. christie's chris cross across the state. he's thinking of running for president in 2016. but he says it won't distract from his day job. >> i can deal with this job and deal with my future. that's exactly what i will do. the re-election campaign is a likely bid for the white house. keep an eye out for how large a victory he scores in new jersey. across the hudson river, polls provide another landslide with democratic bill deblasio
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ahead 40 points in the race for the mayor of the nation's biggest city. deblasio, new york's public advocate is running on a progressive platform. >> after 12 years of mayor bloomberg, it's time for a new change in in town. >> there hadn't been a democratic mayor in almost 20 years. the battle for virginia governor is the closest of the major contest this year. with low turn out expected, both campaigns are bringing in top-end surrogates. the federal government shutdown and the national health care law have become big issues in this party they control for a crucial purple state. >> thanks so much, paul. this will be a pivotal week for the president and for his party. he's trying to get some of his
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nominees confirmed in a senate where gop leaders are throwing up roadblocks. and his administration will, again, be working to kbet his health departmentca health care web site back on track. >> good to see both of you. >> really rotting president obama's second term saying that on meet-the-press today. trud or a little bit of sour grapes. >> well, i don't know why this was the moment that mit romney chose to kind of come back and spring back on to the national stage when it comes to health care. but i have think what he said was largely right. the president's biggest legislative achievement is obama care. and he won reelection, at least
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partly on the fact that the american people believed in his policy vision, including that victory. now it needs to be implemented and they have this huge probable with the web site. beyond the web site is this whole idea of being able to shop and choose your health care policy. and then after that, it's going to be health care delivery. i think the american people, if you look at the president's approval ratings, are very concerned with what they see. >> so julia, the president was in boston earlier this week touting health care and complimenting romney for that state's health departmentcare law only to say that the president should have learned better from massachusetts. so is the president being up staged by all of this criticism? >> no, i think this is sour grapes. another example of republicans overplaying their hand when romney had a very similar plap imp lechlt implemented in massachusetts. most of the people went on to the medicaid program. it's very simple what's happening at the federal level. keep in mind, it does not affect
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80% of americans. another 30% through medicaid or through the military: only 20% of americans don't have insurance or get their snurnsz in the individual markets. that's the 20% that would be eligible. that's a pool of approximately 60 million people. what they need to get these exchanges to work is prrksly 7 million participating. all of the analysis shows certainly for the uninsured this is going to be a far bet eer deal right now, everyone for the 15 million. kaiser says they're going to get much, much better deals for most of them that premiums are lower. 47% of americans like obama care or wanted stronger. only a 35 wanted to go to the
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republican plan which is go back to the status quo before obama care. so i think the president is winning the argument in the long term here. >> it seems like the critics are getting most of the attention and some of the same critics are threatening to throw up these roadblocks for the president's nominations this week. we're hearing everything from, you know, threatening to hold up the nominations unless the white house reveals more about benghazi. is this extortion or the way washington works, maet. >> this is the way that this is a polarized political moment. i think that the republicans feel a little oxygen in their lungs after all the problems surrounding the shutdown and the fact that obama has the lowest approval ratings. it has given them a new vim and vigor to fight. this fight over obama care is big. the problem for second term presidents, we saw this with the
1:22 pm
president i worked for, the problem for those presidents is that as their poll numbers go down, it is harsh for them to have political victories all across the staits. if he can't get this obama care problem fixed. >> i think obama care problem, again, i think the roll out of the web siet has been a disaster. i think it's a temporary probable. obama's numbers have been lower in the past. i think -- again, i think republicans are exaggerating and overplaying their hand on the health care issue. in terms of the question about the polarization, yes, there's no question. there's incredible polarization over everything. notice we don't really talk much about jobs today or the president's proposal to get the country moving again on a more vigorous jo shs plan. they lost the debate badly on the government shutdown. as i say, the poll numbers, any
1:23 pm
honest reading, shows that the repbly cans are not winning the debate. >> let me be clear, only 26% of americans ak actually say obama care is going to improve health care. >> and abilities that many -- >> yeah, that's true. bud if you look at the polls, you can't look at it that simply. another 25 or 27% that want it even strojer. far, far fewer americans like the republican idea which is to go back to the status quo. so everyone though the president has had a hard time with the roll out of this health care, i concede that. the republicans are not winning the debate, including hemtcare. >>. >> there's an awful lot of attention by simply virtue of the name. and she is yet to everybody say that she is running in 2016. but new york senator, chuck schumer in iowa, throwing his
1:24 pm
support for her. let's listen in to what he had to say while in iowa. >> it's time for a woman to be president. and so tonight, here in iowa, and i won't get this opportunity again, i am urging hillary clinton to run for president. and when she does, she will have my full and unwaivering support. >> all right, jullian, you first. these very public nudges, accolades. will this inspire her to say something that yes, she is running. >> well, everybody is on this band wagon now. i think if you polled democrats, you'd find 90% of democrats and many independents wanted her to run. most people think she would win the general in part because of the enthusiasm she would generate because of independent women voters. ip think the thing that you have to keep in mind, this is a very
1:25 pm
personal decision for secretary clinl ton. she's not only committing to a campaign, she's committing to 11 years right now. three years of campaigning and eight years of governing ining wins. >> matt, real quick, if she were to run, is she going to distance herself from a former boss, good friend, president obama because of his, you know, dipping approval numbers? >> well, let me tell you. that decision will be made at that moment when she looks at those numbers. if his numbers are just going south right now, she mooigt do what al gore did and kind of leave him behind. i would ntd be surprised if that's the case of obama care. >> good to sew both of you. thanks so much from washington. >> and we'll be right back with much more on "the news room" after this.
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vrjts all right, bottom of the hour. welcome back. three stories trending on right now. first up, cher can't seem to forget her late husband, sonny bono. the singer and actress was asked a whole lot of questions about the husband she divorced in 1975. skrrks her asked if sonny were still arrive today but you only had a minute to talk to him, what would you say? cher's response? how hot is it where you just came from. ouch. number 2, "saturday night live" has attack all the criticism. he's not playing black female characterers to protest the fact that there are no black women on the cast.
1:30 pm
she rushes off stage and comes back as oprah winfrey. >> a member of the rock band has not been heard from since being moved to a new jail. they say they were supposed to be notified within 10 days of her transfer, but they haven't heard anything and they are worried. she was sent to two years in prison. craft's mack and cheese will become healthier and maybe even a little less yellow. the company is making it more nutritious by adding more whole grains to the macaroni. they will also remove artificial food dyes and saturated fats. >> after hundreds of thousands of parents signed a petition, skrks raft is changing its formula. these are products that have had
1:31 pm
a very similar format. so what they said, they were taking outless controversy. they're going to reach the amount of grain. parents want more knew trishsz foods. >> now, it's important to note that the changes won't be in all of their products. their original mac and cheese is still going to have the same coloring. craft says they're going to be using natural colorings to get what they're looking for. stragtsd ahead, toronto's mayor tells the city's police chief to go ahead, release that controversial video.
1:32 pm
a video police says shows the mayor smoking from a crack cocaine pine. he's also working off stage to give the voice to a serious disease in this week's impact your world. >> country singer clint black is phone for his signature cowboy hat and classic sounds. beyond the music, black is supporting the fight against the disease teret's system. >> she lost her battle with it at age 16. rhet syndrome almost always affects girls. it's usually diagnosed within 18 months. children can't communicate and require constant care. there is no cure yet. >> i think the human knee jerk
1:33 pm
action is to look away. by the more i see, the more i see the families and how hard they fight, the more realize we can be the look away. >> black is the ambassador for the rhet syndrome foundation. he says it all comes back to family and the music. >> i'm a song writer. i do a lot of self examination, soul searching. so i've always felt inclined to do what i can. as i fight for my own successes, i feel like a part of the battling has to be for those things i can help along the way. ♪
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toronto's mayor admitted publicly today that he has made mistakes. he also said that he has no plans to resign. >> the police chief, bill blare, to release this video for every single person in the city to see. that is the right thing to do. and, chief, i'm asking you to release this video now. whatever this video shows, whatever this video shows, folks, toronto residents deserve to see it. and people need to judge for themselves what they see on this video. >> and those who have seen that video say that you will see that mayor smoking a crack cocaine pipe. all right. join me now to talk more about
1:38 pm
what might happen next to the mayor of toronto. i'm joined by daniel moss. she's a criminal defense attorney. and page pate, also a criminal defense attorney and a constitutional lawyer. all right, daniel, let me begin with you. clearly, this mayor has talked to his attorney before challenging, almost taunting the police chief. why taunt the police chief or challenge the plus chief to go ahead and launch this video? >> i find it difficult to believe that his attorney would advise him to act in this manner. it seems more so that this is in keeping with his personality. he's a very gregarious person, very loud. i think it's just his dgsz to do this. i don't know if it's necessarily advice that he's received from counsel. i believe as an attorney, i would advise him not to speak on this matter. i'm certainly not going to advise him to taunt the police
1:39 pm
chief to release the video. >> he doesn't necessarily say yes, you know, i was that person on that video tape reportedly smoking crack cocaine. but instead, i have made mistakes. >> he's basically saying there's something i did wrong, but it's not as bad as the chief was saying. lawyers will routinely tell their clients not to answer questions about evidence in the media. but public officials are different. i've represented some elected officials before. no comment is got necessarily the best response. this guy has an election next year. i think his position is, look, enough speculation. you have the stap. stap. you've told everybody you think it's me. well, let's see it. and then we can respond to it and defend it. >> he might also be calculating the what's next? >> well, it's my understanding
1:40 pm
that canadian law, the only way he's fired is if he's convicted of a crime, which would be the possession of crack cocaine or drug par faal ya. >> apparently, the police said they have a 400 page report on drug gapgs. not only is there video, but there are some other images that put the mayor in crack houses interacting with people who are suspected to either be drug dealers or drug users. >> it's not the video. the video grabs the headlines. umt matly, in any criminal investigation, it's the facts. he has his driver, an admitted friend, involved in an extortion allegation. i think there's a lot more to
1:41 pm
the case than just the video. that's what we're going to see. >> what's likely missing from this case? >> any hard evidence that the mayor is personally involved in drug distribution. maybe if they end up charging his friend and his droifer, he's going to cooperate with the government. he's going to say, look, you need to know more things about the mayor that you know. and then the video becomes important. glt we've got much more. we want to talk about another what is now a highly publicized case. the kevin johnson case, the 17-year-old boy who was found dead, rolled up in a high school gym mat in georgia. his death was ruled an accident first, but his parents blooech
1:42 pm
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major developments in a case that cnn has been digging into for more than six months now. a u.s. attorney announced he is launching a federal investigation into the death of
1:46 pm
7-year-old kendra johnson. officials say johnson suffocated while he was reaching for a shoe. back now with me, danielle, the feds are now going to be involved in this investigation. what will they be looking for that perhaps ga dwa authorities may have overlook or may have even collected. >> i broelieve what the feds ar going to look at now is the hours and hours of surveillance tape thavgs out there. it appears it was not looked through properly by the sheriff's department and to try to interview more of the students and determine exactly who was there and also whether or not the investigation was contaminating. >> so, page, are federal investigators involved here because they see that the
1:47 pm
investigation was not done so early? or was there something that was gathered that they just saw through a different lens and said you know what, this now reaches the level of our invo e involvement. >> it's very unusual for the federal authorities to step in and review an investigation. i think what we heard from the family retaining their own medical examiner, their own pathologist, to look at the body again is inconsistent with what the gbi expert said. >> that's a big difference. and that's really hard, i think, even for the laymen to say how do you con fiez blunt force trama with suffocation?
1:48 pm
>> pathology is science, but there's an art to it. different exz perts will have different opinions. in many criminal trials, you'll hear a sde fence expert, you'll hear a state's expert. but those witnesses won't always agree. this is the feds coming in to have this third look at it to make a determination of which one was right. >> we 'ta're talking about 11 ms now. do you worry that the evidence has been so compromised that there's no way to really conduct a thorough investigation this far out? >> it's problematic. we've seen this before with many other cases. where crime scenes have been contaminated and it's very difficult to kbet that evidence back. so that's a problem now. but i have do believe there's enough po tenl shl evidence that they may be able to find something to help the family. >> danielle is right. the colder a case gets, the more difficult it becomes to investigate.
1:49 pm
but there's a lot of stuff out there that they didn't look at. the feds can't just prosecute them if they think there's a crime. what does your gut say? >> to me, it looks like a sloppy investigation until you get to the point where they open the body and there's a bunch of newspaper in there. the funeral home said it wasn't us, it was the profession cow tor. >> and i believe that there's a lot of forensic evidence aside. the idea that this child fell into this mat, if in fact,he's reaching from the sneaker, why are his arms not in front of him.
1:50 pm
why are sneakers on the top of his body. is there's there's plenty of inconsistency ins this case. each week, we're shining the spotlight on the hero that is moegs inspire you. students unable to log on are less likely to dpraj watt from high school. >> i grew up in the segregated south. i started picking things at age six. my father, i used to hear him
1:51 pm
say if you get a good education, you can get a good job. so it was important in today's town. many of our computers don't have a computer at home. they don't have transportation to get to where they are. kids that don't have access will be left behind. my name is astella at age 71, i took my retirement savings to create a classroom to bring high-tech learning to communalties in need. >> all right, let's get on board. >> astella's green bus is a mobile learning center. >> are you ready to get on the computers?
1:52 pm
>> i see the bus as being able to bridge that gap. >> it's not just a bus. it's a movement. we're going to go from neighborhood to neighborhood to neighborhood to making a difference.
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a busy week ahead. it kicks off with a big criminal case in south florida. the miami man accused of murdering his wife and posting a picture of her body on facebook goes on tril monday. derek medena poeszed a statement on facebook saying, "i'm going
1:56 pm
to prison for killing my wife." tuesday is election day. and there are several key races to watch. new york city will e elect a successor to mayor michael bloomberg who has been in office the last 12 years. and dep troit holds its first mayoral election. tuesday will be a big day for tourists in the nation's capi l capital. public tours resuming. they were stopped about seven months ago because of budget cuts known as the sequester. on wednesday, a major case goes before the u.s. supreme court. the justices will hear arguments in a case challenging the constitutionality of holding public prayers before town meetings. and on friday, we'll finally get a look at the october jobs report. the numbers were sdelayed one
1:57 pm
week paubecause of the partial government shutdown. for a lot of people, the highlight of the weekend is? "saturday night live." >> you thought i was going to say don lemon, didn't you? >> yes, you are the highlight. did you watch? >> i did watch. i fell asleep on it, but i did watch. i think she tweeted you, didn't she? >> i was in boston and the world series was on. >> that part was not the sad story. all tvs around the world, what am i missing?
1:58 pm
>> she said change the channel, excla makes point, l-o-l. >> that's cool. she is very kol. i did get a chance to interview her before. the whole scandal. same thing. you and i both have a little, i guess, brush with snl fame. that with a co-host, the guest co-host, kerry washington with you. mia actually played me one night. if only i could get to be a guest comedian or something on snl. >> i fell asleep right after they played one of our former colleagues, thomas robert. and saw i saw that and said oh, look, thomas -- you finally make it. that's when, snl, you've made it. >> i don't know if i've made it, but it was kind of fun. >> do you want to watch a clip
1:59 pm
from last night? >> yes, yes, yes. let's. glmd the producers at saturday night live would like to apologize to kerry washington for the number of black women. [ cheers and applause ] >> as for the letter, we agree this is not an ideal situation and look forward to rectifying it in the near future. >> that goes for more than just snl, my friend. >> i lieblg the moment, though, when kerry washington comes back as oprah. i hope oprah likes x it, too. >> there was a little bit of buzz. remember keenan talked about not having any black cast members
2:00 pm
and he got in a little bit of trouble. that's kind of a big deal for snl. >> so i guess it made for good tv last night. all right, don, good to see you, have a great week, but, first, a good evening. much more in the newsroom straight ahead with don. >> all right, have a good one. thank you. >> hello, everyone. sunday evening, 5 kr:00 here ine east. kbrizly new details are emerging right now. the shooter fired at point-blank range at tsa officer gerard gerardo hernandaz who crumpled to the floor. the suspect came back and shot him again killing him. the f.b.i. says five people were shot, including the suspected gunman who is in critical condition at a hopt right now.