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tv   Around the World  CNN  November 5, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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parade in and say their piece and then get crucified on cross-examinati cross-examination. thank you, my friend. that is all the time i have for you today. thank you so much for being with us. "around the world" starts right now. hundreds of passengers and crew members scram babling to get to safety after smoke fills the cabin on board their plane. paramedics treated people at the scene, on the tarmac in montreal. all the details on that scary moment in a live report coming up. then they criticized the u.s. for spying on world leaders, but it turns out brazil was doing the same thing. plus, we're learning more about the new jersey mall shooter. we'll hear from someone who was inside the mall during his shooting spree.
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hello, everyone. i'm in for suzanne malveaux. today is election day across the united states. some very key races we're going to be looking at in many states and cities around the country. voters are casting ballots to pick mayors and governors and also decide some pretty important ballot initiatives. now, as i mentioned, some key races are taking place. they could offer clues to the presidential contest in 2016 and also the next congressional election. cnn's covering the latest with our best political play rs and we want to check in with chief national correspondent, john king, in virginia. looks like we could be seeing a major sea change if terry mcauliffe wins. let's start with virginia before moving to new jersey.
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>> fascinating race in the sense of two candidates, both parties, perhaps not the premier players they would like, but remember, you had a democratic governor of virginia, then another. right now, a republican governor. president obama carried this state twice. democrats want a democratic victory tonight to try to make the case. virginia is shifting from a one-time red state, becoming a blue state. fascinating issues at play in this race. the very same issues that will be in play next year in the midterm elections and likely in the 2016 presidential campaign as well. the government shutdown, the tactics of the tea party and the president's health care plan. the it's one thing to watch tonight in virginia. do a majority of the voters oppose obama care? do they have disagreements with the president's health care plan and at the same time, do they elect a democratic governor? do they reject a republican candidate who's among the first attorneys general to challenge it. if that happens, watch for republicans to have a painful lesson about whether their candidate was too far to the right, especially in a state
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shifting more to a moderate purple state. >> right and we mentioned 2016. mcauliffe very close to the clintons, could be seen as perhaps what does it mean for the possible hillary clinton run in 2016 if it does happen. and another key race is new jersey. now, we're expecting chris christie, the star of the gop right now, to fail to re-election. what could that mean for his future? >> he's said it's inevitable people will start talking about him as the 2016 contender. he's actually hoping he can contrast his win with what he expects to be a republican loss in virginia. he wants to say, here, i won big in a blue state. a state republicans haven't carried for president since george h.w. bush. have to go back to 1988 to republicans carrying new jersey. watch this for chris christie. how does he do among independents, african-americans? can he tell republican primary
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voters look, like george w. bush, i can expand the base. republicans know they lost big in 2008 and 2012 because they not only lost the african-american vote, they got killed among latino voters and had a significant gender gap, especially among college educated women. if christie wins big, look behind the numbers to see if he can tell republicans, look at me, i can do what mccain and romney couldn't. >> it's going to be very interesting today as to how things move forward in future elections and of course, 2016. we'll be p watching you, john king, and the rest of our team in washington and across the country. our jake tapper is in new jersey today in fact. following governor christie. we just spoke with him about christie beating christie. let's listen to what christie had to say. >> do you think of yourself as a conservative? do you think of yourself as a moderate? >> i'm a conservative. i've governed as conservative of
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this state. i think that some people disagree in our city. because it's generally a left of center state. but i think that the difference is that -- or mask is something different. i just tell people this is who i am. >> all right. that message expected to work, at least according to the latest polls for chris christie. you can see jake's full interview with the new jersey governor at 4:00 p.m. here on cnn. stay tuned. she is already apologize d for the ridiculous rollout of the obama care website. now, the top official for medicare and medicaid is back on capitol hill today. this time, she is answering a senate panel. lawmakers are slamming for the website failures and also cancellation notices reaching millions of people who buy individual policies. listen. >> the president promised you can if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, but in fact, the plan cancels millions
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of individual policies. and for millions of others, employers are dropping insurance programs as they discover the added cost of obama care. for these americans, the new promise is if you want health care, go find it. on the website that the administration says won't be working properly until the end of november. that's an unwelcome christmas present. only two weeks to shop for and buy new insurance policy by december 15 so you're covered next year when obama care outlaws your policy. >> she says the website can process five per second. she's restating the administration line that the health care website will be working by the end of this month. now to a bizarre tragedy we reported yesterday. police say the 20-year-old man went on a shooting rampage at the mall in new jersey. amazingly, nobody was hit in the hail of gunfire. police say the shooter killed himself in a part of west field
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garden stalt plaza mall. he had no history of violence and no known motive, so still plenty of questions. thousands of people were in the mall at the time of the shooting, including samantha and several of our family members. she joins us now by phone. tell us where you were when this happened. >> we were actually in ordnordsm and headed toward the apple store. >> where were you in relation to the shooter? >> some people said he was coming from nordstrom, walking towards macy's. the apple store is in between those two stores. we heard the gun shots. it was very clear and loud that they were around the store that we were at. >> so, very near. so, you didn't see the shooter, but heard the shooting. >> no, we did not see him.
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we heard it very clear. we heard the first three shots go off and at that time, we didn't know if it was something that fell or kind of backfired. we all kind of stood. the closed door and then we heard an additional three gun shots and that's when we knew they were gun shots. we started screaming and ran towards the back of the store trying to find exits to evacuate. >> so, you knew, you're saying this happening often with people who witness or at least hear shooting, you don't realize right away it's a shooting, but when you do, what did you do right away? >> we just started, everybody screamed and we kind of just wanted to evacuate, trying to find an exit and one of the workers wasn't even letting us out. another worker had to come in and say open the door. just in a survival mode at that moment and just wanted to like leave and just be outside because i just, we just thought
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that he was coming towards the store because we heard the gun shots so loud and clear. >> we're seeing a picture of you and your two children there. as well. thanks very much for joining us, samantha, who heard the gun shots at that mall in new jersey. thankfully, nobody was wounded or killed as a result of that bizarre incident as we were saying that young man believed to have opened fire in the shopping mall. thanks. in denver, what started out as a big scare with two teens carrying guns into a middle school, appears to be nothing more than an attempted burglary. two 15-year-olds broke into the building with bb guns and ransacked several rooms before being taken into custody. the witness saw the boys entering at 10:00 p.m. local time and no students were in the building at the time. coming up, a dramatic scene
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caught on tape. people scrambling to get out of that. a plane filling up with smoke. wouldn't you? they all ran for their lives after a luggage belt caught on fire. we're live from canada with the latest. then, smugglers are helping jihadi fighters sneak into syria. we follow the route, plus, we'll hear from one would be jihadist looking forward to his mission. you're watching "around the world." we'll be right back. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues phillips'.
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a scary scene in canada. fire sweeps across the tarmac and that triggered an emergency exit. people have to scramble out of a plane on the tarmac. paula newton is in canada. tell us first off before what the cause is thought to be of this. anyone hurt in the plane as a result? >> i just got off the phone with an investigator and he just confirmed what he knows -- there may have been more. as you can see on the video -- he confirm ed as well that they are trying to figure out what -- they were deplaning people as well as off loaded luggage. at that point, it overheated.
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that vehicle attached to a conveyer belt overheated and that started that incredibly dangerous fire. i don't have to remind anyone about how dangerous fire is on a tarmac like that. that is what triggered that emergency evacuation. that issue here, beyond what caused that fire and explosion from that vehicle, who ordered the evacuation and how it was carried out. it was confirmed for me that this is the procedure. when you see a fire like that on the tarmac, you are supposed to immediately evacuate the aircraft. what they need to know is how this happened and how that might have led to some of the injuries. >> and do we know if the injured were on board? was it smoke? was it something related to the fire? was it on the tarmac? >> very scary -- minor injuries seem to -- >> all right, paula, we're
9:16 am
having difficulty there, but we got the gist of it and you see some of those dramatic images showing the fire, the heavy smoke. three minor injuries. investigators still working on determining a cause by what happened there in montreal. and coming up, we have a lot more here on "around the world." they criticized the u.s. for spying on world leaders, but turns oit brazil was doing the same. stay with us. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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really a matter of days after the u.s. government was forced to defend itself, there are new revelations and reports about spy programs carried out by great britain and brazil. documents leaked by edward snowden showed that an agency is open rating in germany. in berlin, not far from the seat of power and criticizing the u.s. for spying on her, the brazilian government now admits it spied on the u.s. and some of its interests. christiane amanpour joins me now live from new york. so, i suppose you have the president of brazil complaining, delaying a trip to washington and now, this comes out. so, now what? >> now what it goes on and on. the brazilian intelligence service has admitted some of these spying allegations. they say that it was in the
9:21 am
past, that it was against apparently russian and iranian diplomats there also some business development with the united states there. but they're saying that it pales in comparison to their complaints over the widespread nsa dragnet. the u.s. can't seem to get away from this controversy. john kerry was asked about it by reporters in poland when he made a stop there. he skirted the question of whether they were the actually the u.s. spying on polish leaders, but he repeated what the obama administration is saying, that is they're conducting a big review of this. again, reiterating what he said in the past, that a will the of this espionage, a lot of this dragnet, had overreach and in the meantime as we know, the u.s., the white house, the obama administration, is trying to figure out ways of reigning in some of the espionage. we're not sure how that's going to revolve around this nsa and
9:22 am
how they're going to come together to do that, but there is obviously a huge political fallout that continues over this. >> i suppose the question is is, has it really harmed relations between countries and we can also talk about great britain's reported spy program and outposts in berlin, in germany. is that something that countries know about each other and this is just embarrassing because it's being made public or do you think this is coming as a surprise to some leaders? >> i think maybe a bit of both. but in general, most people are not surprised that spying happens. many have been surprised about the extent of it. the breadth of it, the actual people and personal who shall personnel who are actually spied on. the u.s. and britain have a close relationship in this regard. intelligence, as does the u.s. with the other english speaking nations and we spoke with german foreign minister last week and i asked him point-blank, is this going to harm relations and he said, well, you know, you don't
9:23 am
find terrorists by spying on our leaders. that was a pointed reference to the reports of angela merkel's phone being tapped. but when i asked him would the u.s. eu free trade agreement be hamper hampered, he said we don't want that to be the case. we are strong allies of the united states. this is a very, very important agreement, but you can be sure that many, many american business leaders have been complaining to the white house and to congress and to i guess the intelligence services that this could harm billions and billions of dollars of american business overseas and that is an area where that is going to have an impact on policymakers. >> and one of the questions out there i think ordinary people hearing, wonder what is the point, really, of spying on france if it's not economic espionage in order to get the upper hand in things like trade negotiations for instance. >> this is something that's gone on for a long, long time.
9:24 am
i keep going back to where the story first broke in its latest it ration, madeleine albright saying i know that the french spied on me and tapped my phone, so, a lot of this does happen. i think that most people understand that it happens, but ordinary people have not been aware of the massive extent of it and i think again, you can go to the extent of it and the particular areas that are being looked at. for instance, it was widely reported yesterday, eric schmidt spoke to cnn and said this is a massive overreach by the nsa. he said you have to go off to counterterrorism effort, but and he said that in order to get details on 300 people, you don't have to get every single phone record of 320 million people.
9:25 am
so, it's sort of putting into perspective the extent of it and what worries so many people. there isn't much news as to whether the u.s. is really going to reign in the huge megadata dragnet. right now, they say they have to keep doing it because it could take years for technology to progress to a point where they can be maybe more subjective about what they go after. >> we're talking about foreign leaders. of course separate from the reports of the nsa and its megadata collection of millions of millions of phone calls and other communications services potentially. thanks very much. our chief international correspondent, christiane amanpour in new york. president obama and vice president biden are meeting with business leaders this hour to talk about immigration reform. they're trying to get them on board with their plan to create a path to citizenship for nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. a contentious issue nobody, it's not easy to find agreement on it
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welcome back. a bit of break iing news.
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turm toronto mayor who denied having smoked crack-cocaine, well, today, he has come out and admitted he did indeed smoke crack-cocaine. this happened at a press remarks that were aired on canadian television. police said a few days ago they had video of rob ford that appeared to show he was smoking out of a pipe at the times he didn't admit to having smoked crack, he said he wanted that video released. well, today, he has come out and admitted, the toronto mayor, rob ford, admitting to having smoked crack-cocaine. we haven't seen the video. it's in the possession of the police. unclear what impact this will have on his political career. president obama and vice president biden are meeting with business leaders at the white house to talk about immigration reform. the president has been pushing
9:31 am
to put immigration back on the agenda. a senate bill passed this year creates a path to citizenship for nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. something most republicans oppose. it allows more high skilled workers to get visas in america and it boosts security along the u.s. mexican border. >> we are serious about border security. if we do a better job of streamlining the legal immigration system, if we are holding employers who aren't doing the right thing accountable and provide a pathway to citizenship for those who have paid a fine, learned english, or getting in the back of the line, taking their responsibilities, that all together, these businesses are going to have more customers. we're going to see people who are firmly working here out of the shadows paying taxes. >> president obama -- from the
9:32 am
republican national committees hispanic advisory counsel. thanks for being with us. let me start with you. there are now three republicans in the house who have joined democrats in backing a comprehensive, sweeping immigration bill. which would essentially give a pathway to citizenship for nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants in the country. all right, so, the question is why do so many republicans oppose the concept itself? what is so wrong with it? >> i don't think we oppose the concept. we oppose the procedure used in the senate. in fact, senator rubio has said that the house approach is the right approach. let me explain what the house approach is. it's breaking up the different issues. the president just articulated in the clip you just ran, in to segments that can be debated and a pro approved into smaller bills. what the speaker of the house
9:33 am
said, number one, he is committed to comprehensive reform, the leader of the republican party of the house and secondly and most importantly, we're not going to repeat the colossusal mistakes we're seeing the obama care, things that nobody has read and understood approved. >> you're not opposed to the items in the bill, just that you think it should be done piecemeal. >> for this reason. even snrt rubio and others and senator mccain have said that the senate bill needs to be and can be improved. the only way is to study it in a way and have real hearings and real discussion and then have smaller bills that everyone can understand. i think we want from the republican party buy in from the entire population. not used as a wedge issue to try to appeal to latino voters. i think everyone can lif with that if you give us the time to get done the right way. >> maria, what's wrong with
9:34 am
that? isn't it more digestible? >> sure. here's what's wrong with it. everything he said sounds great if it wasn't just a lame excuse to do absolutely nothing. this is not an issue that has just come up. this is an issue that has been discussed at length for the last 15 years and by the way, majorities of republican, republican voters, agree with this. majorities of the american people agree we need to do something on comprehensive immigration reform. even the tea party who see themselves as supposed deficit hawks focused on the economy, this immigration reform will actually boost the economy by almost a trillion dollars in the next 20 years and raise gdp by 5.4 points and so, this is just a big excuse. boehner talks about, republicans talked about wanting to do it piece mill.
9:35 am
where are the bills? they haven't even presented one piece. it's just an excuse to do nothing. >> maria, we have -- already with republican support and tea party support because senator rubio identified with the tea party movement. it needs to be improved. >> where are the -- >> it will. if we weren't really, if we want to talk seriously here, if we weren't bogged down with the obama care disaster, if we weren't bogged down with that right now, we'd be dealing with immigration. >> it's a lame excuse. >> you know we have a commitment to comprehensive immigration reform -- >> well then you need to put your money where your mouth is is. democrats have said they could deal with the approach, but again, speaker boehner has not called one single vote on immigration reform. >> we're going to have to leave it there, guys. on the right, maria on the left, we'll have many opportunities
9:36 am
i'm sure in the future to discuss this. thanks to you both. now back to our breaking news. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> after repeatedly denying it, toronto mayor, rob ford, admits to smoking crack-cocaine. paula newton is live in canada with the latest. hi, paula. >> quite a bombshell today and it came quite expectedly and i quote from the mayor, yes, i did smoke crack-cocaine. i am not an addict. i made a mistake. i have to move on. he admits, when he tried it, he said it was in some kind of a drunken stupor. after all these months and all this scandal, it is astounding that he would choose this moment and time to actually admit what some people say is evidence of him smoke crack-cocaine on a video. it has become is suggest of a widespread police investigation in toronto and some say quite a
9:37 am
side show that takes away from some very serious work going on at city hall. when the news came out, i was on the phone -- he says many of the powers, the toronto counselor tells me this motion will continue and the hearing he admitted to smoking crack-cocaine. just astounded. he said, wow. trying to absorb it and now saying and calling again for the mayor to resign, step aside, take care of his wife, his self. he says this has been a side show that is absolutely absurd. >> just to recap, after having repeatedly denied there was a video showing him smoking crack-cocaine, he's coming out today and admitting it by saying he tried it, that it was a mistake and that he is not an addict. any word on whether or not he
9:38 am
will step down? >> no. he wouldn't answer that question and he moved away from reporters. that of course people waiting for the other -- there is apparently supposed to be some type of statement from toronto police, apparently shortly. don't know what that involves. there are now scores of people including the mayor's supporters, saying it is time for me to step aside. even if not permanently, at least for a few months. you need to step aside and take care of these personal matters before returning to city hall. >> quite a day there. rob ford, the toronto mayor, admitting to having smoked crack-cocaine. thanks very much. quick break. when we come back, in the dark night, they sneak into syria. an exclusive report, we'll show you how jihadists are jumping the syrian border to help fight the syrian regime. stay with us. ♪
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the latest on syria now. a mortar shell slammed into the vatican embassy in syria today. fortunately, no one was injured. it's not clear if the diplomatic mission was specifically targeted. rebels fighting to overthrow president assad regularly launch attacks on government held areas of damascus. meanwhile, we're getting reports of yet another delay on the start of syria peace talks. representatives from the u.n., russia and the u.s. are in geneva trying to iron out the
9:43 am
peace talk game plan. it's not looking good though. russia state news agency says negotiations will not happen before december. and several syrian opposition leaders have said they will not attend. representatives of the rebels won't be there. so, there you have it. the latest on peace talks that won't materialize anytime soon. while the possible path to peace hits another obstacle, the road to war, well, that one appears wide open. nick peyton walsh has an exclusive look at would be jihadis crossing into syria. >> just miles from syria's savage wall is turkey's airport. international in all of the wrong ways. every flight we secretly film land carried men from countries al-qaeda calls home. why are they here? these four from libya with large backpacks.
9:44 am
hello. how are you doing? where are you from? benghazi, okay. another from egypt. then saudi arabia. even in the u.k. most must be innocently traveling, but many say little and rush into waiting cars. it's astonishing to see such a global crowd so open and close to syria where al-qaeda is blooming. right under the noses of tur kish border control. many arrivals are bound for this border into syria. the smuggler drives along his route from the airport. through safe houses towards the fence. where he delivers foreign jihadys sweeping to power in syria's -- when they get to the fence, he says, they kneel and cry. they weep like they've just met something more precious to them
9:45 am
than their own family. they believe this land in syria is where god's judgment will come to pass. what extraordinary is the sheer pace. what started as a trickle of foreign recruits fighting the syrian regime has turned into a flood we're told, tripling in pace since the chemical attacks in august. this smuggler in the last few months, shipping across 400 people. this iraqi jihadi was shaking with excitement about his one way trip the next morning. >> translator: i'm so happy to be going. hopefully, i will die fighting. there are as many europeans coming as arabs now. we want an -- from syrian to anbar in iraq without borders, but with islamic law. our fight is with the west now, too, as their silence means
9:46 am
their -- >> this is so serious for turkey that you can now see al-qaeda from the turkish border. the black flag showing the syrian town. turkey insists it is fighting extremis extremism, wu but this risks making al-qaeda the new rulers of syria's north and putting their latest and boldest -- on the border. >> coming up, earth may not be the only planet with life. scientists believe there are billions of other earth like planets out there. so does this mean we're not alone? we'll be right back. jackie: there are plenty of things i prefer to do on my own. but when it comes to investing, i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms
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stolen by the nazis 70 years ago have been found in germany and get this. they are worth an estimated more than $1 billion. works from picasso, matisse. they were found in a munich apartment last year. now the article confirming it came out, it took a while to confirm it officially. experts have questioned why it's taken so long for german authorities to reveal this. the nazis confiscated thousands of pieces of art from private collections and jewish families in the '30s and '40s and thought some of these works came to the apartment that way. indian scientists are riding high on the success of an ambitious rocket launch. >> lift off. >> the launch went off without a hitch. the rocket is is carrying an unmanned probe on a 300-day journey to mars.
9:51 am
now, only the united states, the former soviet union and european union have been successful in reaching earth's nearest neighbor. this might rock your world. we are not alone. the earth may not be a lonely planet. there may be millions of others just like ours. hi, chad. >> you remember the story about goldy locks? the porridge was not too warm and not too cold. that's what we look for in other worldly planets. not too warm and not too cold. it will have liquid water. we think for real intelligent life like us, relative, we need liquid water. can't be frozen, can't be steamed. so, where are the goldilocks planets? we have billions of stars and billions of planets rotating around those stars. probably one in every five stars
9:52 am
you see out there have a planet that could be a rocky planet, a liquid water planet. so, if we multiply all the stars we know by these potential earth sized planet, we've found quite a few. we think 40 billion, 40 with a "b," billion planets out there that could have some form of life. if you take a pound of salt, a box of salt, you empty out the salt, there's 10 million grains of salt in that box. you would need 4,000 pounds of salt to get all the grains necessary to get to be 40 billion grains of salt. therefore 40 billion planets. that's a lot of salt. >> that is a lot of salt. for some form of life and water and perhaps not too cold, not too hot. now, interesting to know that there may be some life out there. chad myers, thanks very much. that's going to do it for "around the world."
9:53 am
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a shooting at a crowded mall in new jersey has the westfield garden state plaza mall was closing. it came to an end when the
9:57 am
gunman's body was found. alexander, the gunman apparently ended up taking his own life, but didn't actually shoot anyone else, did he? >> that's right, wolf, and police say his intention was suicide or suicide by cop. officers found him dead in a bathroom of this mall. they said he had shot himself in the head and today, we are learning more about that 20-year-old gunman. he worked in a pizza shop in new jersey. his bosses say he was a nice kid and trusted employee, but on friday, he sent a text message saying he would be late for work and never showed up for that. his friend and manager at the pizza shop says over the last two week, he had noticed some changes in shoop's personality, but they say they didn't realize he had any plans to hurt himself. >> your brother said in the last two week, something seemed to change. what was the difference? >> i was indication, i came
9:58 am
back, i saw him a little bit changed. i guess what hit home, he was feeling a little bit lonely. that's about it. i was talking to him. we talked together and you know, we say we were going to find a way. i told him to take it off if he wants, if he needs a couple of weeks or whatever. he didn't want it. he said, no, i feel fine here at work, then the halloween came, it was a thursday and after that, he just disappeared. never show up. >> no, i'm totally, i'm in disbelief. no. this is not your trench coat you know sort of isolating kid that's clearly has social issues or misfit or no. none of that. >> police do say that shoop was a known drug user and abuser. investigators say that may have led to some sense of despair that led to the outburst at this mall overnight.
9:59 am
robert, the pizza shop manager, says he believed that shoop had been clean of all drugs for the last year. >> thank you. a scare at colorado middle school last night, two teens are under arrest for breaking into the denver school. police say they were carrying backpacks and what appeared to be rifles. they now think those were bb guns. they think it was simply a burglary. classes are going on as classes are going on as scheduled today. -- captions by vitac -- right now, we're waiting for the white house press briefing to start momentarily, jay carney likely to get lots of questions on obama care and the president's message change. and we'll go there live as soon as it begins. also right now, millions of voters across the country are going to the polls. we have some big city mayoral races. a couple of high profile gubernatorial races. some interesting initiatives on
10:00 am
the ballots as well and right now, a stun ining admission fro the mayorover toronto. rob foshd, after a vague public apology over the weekend, he admitted to reporters today he has smoked crack-cocaine. president obama modifies a key promise he made about health care reform again. the president insisted people who don't like their health care plan could keep it. that turned out not to be the case and in remarks last night, the president tweaked the message. >> if you have or had wup of these plans before the affordable care act came into law, and you really liked that plan, what we said was you could keep it. if it hasn't changed since the laws passed. so we wrote into the affordable care act, your grandfathered in on that plan, but if the insurance company changes it, then what we're


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