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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 5, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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governor's race. control of a crucial battleground state clearly on the line. the top contenders, the democrat, terry mcauliffe. the former dnc chairman and close clinton ally. and the republican, ken cuccinelli. the state attorney general. a hero of the tea party movement. we're standing by for results. will the republicans hold on to this race? we cannot make a projection right now. in the commonwealth of virginia, the race cuccinelli, the republican, the democrat, terry mcauliffe and the independent third party candidate, robert sarvis. as we wait for real results to come in to help us make a projection, he with want to share what our early exit poll are revealing. these are estimates. they're based on interviews with a sampling of voters in virginia as they left select polling stations. here are the exit poll results. let's take a look. the democrat, terry mcauliffe
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with 50%. the republican ken cuccinelli with 43%. rob sarvis, the imd third party libertarian with 7%. these are the exit poll results. remember, they are estimates. the final outcome could be different. we want to let you know, we use these exit polls to make projections only in noncompetitive races. we're going to share more exit data like this through the night but we want to be fully transparent with all of you so you get the same accurate information that we have. and hear it directly from us. let's go to john king at the magic wall. you're at the results. what are we seeing in virginia? >> terry mcauliffe, the lead in the polls. let's wait and count the votes. virginia is changing. yes, the tea party movement was an issue yes, the shutdown was an issue, yes, obama care was an issue but part of this is virginia's changing
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demographics. 39% of the lerelectorates call themselves democrats. this is a big switch. the democratic population, especially in northern virginia, is growing. and among democrats, look at that. terry mcauliffe held his base. 96% of people who say they're democrats voted for the democratic nominee. a smaller slice said they were republicans but ken cuccinelli did hold his base as well by 91%. republicans stayed home and voted for their candidate. let's look at this closer. virginia is becoming a swing state. a purple state, some even leaning blue. to win there you have to win the middle of the electorate. 44% describe themselves as moderates. among moderates, todayy mcauliffe getting nearly 6 in 10 of those votes. if that lead in the early exit poll shows up, this will be a key look. winning in the middle of the electorate. let's look at the issues. i'll slide this over. we know this was a big issue. who was more to blame for the 16-day government shutdown?
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obviously especially northern virginia. a lot of government workers. southern virginia, defense installations. nearly half the voters in virginia said it was republicans in congress to blame for the shutdown and look here, you see that play out. it is shaded bloox of those voters, nearly nine in ten voted for the candidate. the shutdown also a factor. one last point to make. at a your mcauliffe said his opponent was a tea party extremist. he said he was too far right for a state like virginia. 43% of the voters in virginia opposed the tea party movement and you see it shaded blue. terry mcauliffe winning big. if the early results hold up, you see him winning in the middle of the electorate. taking advantage of the shutdown. using it against his challenger, pushing his republican challenger to the right. we used to think of it as conservative. you can think of it as moving to the middle. >> these exit polls we've had. 50%, cuccinelli. 43%, 7% for the libertarian
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candidate. sarvis. let's go to the headquarters of the two major candidates in virginia. dana bash is over at mcauliffe headquarters. how does it feel over there? >> it is quiet so far but talking to democrats in virginia, they are certainly feeling optimistic, feeling good about how the night will go based on a lot of things. primarily, the polls leading up to today. the results that they've been hearing about back at the polling stations. if this state, the commonwealth does go for the democrat, terry mcauliffe, it will be the first time that has happened with a democrat in the white house in nearly half a century. a big, big sign for what this could mean as a battle ground state for 2014 and more importantly, 2016. >> dana is in northern virginia. let's to go cuccinelli headquarters. how does it feel over in richmond?
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>> i was here. it was bumping and it is the opposite now. republicans are pretty much bracing for a loss, for an early night. one thing republicans want. they want to keep this tight. maybe three, four points so they can pull it out in the attorney general's case. but ken cuccinelli will come out and give a concession speech later on. >> thanks very much. erin, we're watching what's happening. we'll stand by for actual results. back to you. >> we'll be coming back to you. we're waiting any minute to see whether we can make a call on this race. the closest race that we're watching tonight. canny crowley and gloria boringer join me now. they talk about cuccinelli, the role of the shutdown, the politics in washington. a lot of this is about the president. new poll numbers came out for the president. they're pretty grim.
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approval, 39%. how is the president affecting the big races? >> it is interesting. i would argue that the clintons had more to do with virginia than the president did. >> they were down there all over the place. >> mcauliffe is a very close friend of the clintons. the president did go and campaign. i think when you look, you have to take this as a multidetermined race. as all races are, it is some of what john talk about. the changing demographics. and it is also always about the aura at this particular point of the presidency. nonetheless, northern virginia with all of those voters is very government oriented. very defense contractor oriented. and they were among the most furious about the government shutdown. so it had sort of an outsized effect on them. nonetheless, you have to look at the demographics and say maybe cuccinelli was not the imagine for this time. >> too conservative programs. >> in new jersey, christie is
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running an anti-washington race. his race is very personal. he is saying he is not partisan although he is conservative and he can get things done where these guys in washington just cannot. and a prelude one would think to 2016. but clearly, anti-washington. easy to run anti-washington. who wonderful, right in. >> that's a no brainer. >> who are those 8%? >> right. >> but it is interesting. the president made history winning virginia in 2008 when he won. but terry mcauliffe really leaned on the clintons. that was who he leenld on. he did not want the president coming down there. >> that was not going on help. the president -- the president appeared late once. and joe biden appeared late. >> yes. and mcauliffe used moderate republicans in his ads. mcauliffe are not running as a liberal democrat. he is running as a nonpartisan.
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here in washington, it has been in gridlock. and good two major races we're looking at are candidates running to the center as fast as they can. >> pass great irony. >> especially when you look to both. terry mcauliffe is as much in the establishment as you can find. >> we played here so many times. the president, 2009, 2010, 2011. if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. we all know now, not true and probably something he regrets saying. jay carney has been taking a lot of abuse and here's how he responded to our own jim acosta this afternoon. >> so if the president could go back, he would use the same words again? >> the president as awesomely powerful as the office is, can't go back in time. >> so how does that affect democrats. >> ask me this time, you know, 11 months from now. i think that the ball game next
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year really is the affordable care act. because in the end, if by june, pople are going, you know, the anecdote to people saying this is great. i got some really great coverage. this is so much better than before. wow! you'll be happy to be a democrat. but right now, a lot of democrats aren't happy to be democrats. they just think this is, you know, one thing after another. if it turns out that it works, it is not good for republicans. but remember, it is a mid-term election generally runs against the president, the party of the president. so it is a hill. >> a credibility issue for this president. it is huge. we went back and looked at his trust numbers when he was first elected. and it was like 75% people trusted him. now it is just un50%. part of that is the erosion that goes i know what being an incumbe incumbent. but trust is important. >> not so much the president
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because he is not on the ballot. >> but he has an general which we haven't heard a lot about. >> we began this in virginia. i was in ohio election night. i remember talking to the secretary of state and he said middle of the day, there race is over. it was clear what he went. at that point i knew loud and clear that race was going for the president. ohio has always been seen as a swing state. is virginia now taking on more of the ohio role? the to watch state? >> it always comes down to one state or other. virginia is a swing state. you don't to have call it red or bla which you shouldn't but it will be one of those states. with the demographics, which match a lot of what's going on across the country. >> it is in play now in a way it wasn't before. >> a higher minority, higher hispanic population. >> our thanks to both of you. as gloria raises the issue about hispanics and minorities, that's the story for chris christie and
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that's a big part of the story for 2016. outfront next, the president got more bad news. this could spell serious trouble for a promise made about america overseas. and then new details about a man who opened fire in a new york area mall. what drove him to do it? his brother answers that. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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. it's election night in america. we're bringing you the results as we get them in. you saw wolf blitzer there. we have reporters at all the most close races around the country. the votes are coming in from virginia. we'll show you those at the bottom of the screen. the polls are close there'd but it is too early for cnn to make a formal call. right now terry mcauliffe in the lead from the exit poll that we have from virginia with you it is too early for cnn to make a call. we are following news though beyond the election. the president facing a major blow tonight when it come to ridding years yaf chemical weapons. a promise that was made. and barbara starr is live at the pentagon. what are you hearing from your sources? continuing president, john kerry, had said we have this deal. it was touted as a huge 56thry. syria will give up those chemical women's. what are you hearing is really
4:16 pm
happening? >> maybe not. everybody might need to take a deep breath on this. u.s. officials are telling cnn that there is new classified information indicates bashad al assad may not be willing to declare, let alone destroy his entire chemical stockpile. very serious. let me tell you exactly what a top official has said. and i want to quote directly. the official says, quote, there are various threads of information that would shake our confidence. they've done things recently that suggest syria is not ready to get rid of all of their chemical weapons. why might this be the case? well, it is not a definitive conclusion. what they're looking at is the notion that assad doesn't want to give it up as long as israel is next door with its nuclear stockpile. the feeling assad may have is he wants to hole a hedge against israel. that promise is out there so this puts the obama administration in a very tight
4:17 pm
spot if they have on come out in public and say assad is not living up to the promise and will try to secretly hold on to his chemical stockpile. >> of course, putting them in a position where they may have to take more action. right? jim acosta asked the white house. they are not denying your reporting. this is a president who stood up and said this is a moral imperative for our time. these are, people have made equivalences in this administration to what happened in world war ii in nazi, germany. with moral pleas like that and syria not going along with the plan to dismantle the weapons, how damaging is this for the president? >> well, it is damaging for the entire west which has put intellectual muscle behind getting this done. then there is russia. the agreement was very tough to work out with the russians. does the u.s. go back to moscow and say, hey, the syrians aren't living up to it and will moscow agree to all that? that's why just part of the
4:18 pm
reason why this is so critical now to figure out what assad is up to. what he has got. what he's declaring, what he is not declaring and what he may try to keep hidden. >> barbara starr, thank you very much. with that, breaking news from washington on a night when all politics and the president, his popularity are very much front and center on election night. america on edge. a gunman opening fire on the biggest mall in new jersey, thousands fleeing for safety late last evening. the shopping center placed in lockdown. the shooter took his own life. the brother of the shooter richard shoop said there was no intent to harm anyone but himself and called the suicide indulgent. this after paul ciancia walked into the l.a.x. airport and killed a tsa officer. are these public shoot tgs new normal? >> reporter: terror inside a new jersey shopping mall. bullets fly but no one except the shooter is hurt.
4:19 pm
>> we heard four gunshots. everybody was scared. >> reporter: authorities now believe the gunman only intended to kill himself. days earlier a man wielding an assault rifle kills a tsa officer at the los angeles international airport. every time we turn on our tvs, there as new high profile shooting. is this the new normal? >> it is not. since the 1980s we've seen crimes exactly like. this angry, sigh could theic, depressed young men. mentally ill. haven't been treated with a triggering event that causes them on emerge and to rage, want to go out in a blaze of glory. >> reporter: the criminal psychologist says often at the peak of that rage, those peel have easy access to the deadliest weapons. collectively it has put america on edge. in connecticut, a student's halloween costume put a college on lockdown. in california, a deputy shot and
4:20 pm
killed a teenage here carried a fake assault rifle. even a break-in at the colorado middle school. >> we're jumpy because the impression has been created by interest groups that any mentally ill person might jump out around a corner and harm someone. that is false. >> reporter: why cannot our laws better address mental illness and gun violence? >> even democrats don't want to do this. you have democrats who are representing rural areas where the right to have the gun, nobody wants to putin any limits on it. >> reporter: even lesser measures like tightening registration, closing loophole on gun shows and remental health and criminal history are not likely to pass in congress any time soon. analysts say there is not the political will to do that. >> thank you very much.
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big news out of north america's fourth largest city. toronto mayor rob ford admits he smoked crack. >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. but no -- do i?
4:25 pm
am i at it? no. 50 tried it? probably in one of my drunken stoopors, probably approximately about a year ago. >> the mayor apologized for his actions. he said he won't step down. in a statement this afternoon he admitted he made a mistake but he said he had nothing left to hide. >> with today's announcement, i know i embarrassed everyone in this city and i will be forever sorry. there is only one person to blame for this and that is myself. i know that admitting my mistake was the right thing to do. and i feel like a thousand pounds has been lifted off my shoulders.
4:26 pm
i can't explain how difficult this was to do. i hope, i hope that nobody but nobody has to go through what i have been through. i know what i did was wrong. and admitting it was the most difficult and embarrassing thing i have ever had to do. folks, i have nothing left to hide. >> paula in toronto tonight. this is an impressive thing, i've never seen this in any city in the united states, in canada. how are people reacting to the
4:27 pm
mayor's admission and do they believe him when he says it was once a year ago? >> reporter: people here and in canada are stunned. they are also riveted by this real human drama playing out in front of us. do they believe him? i think a lot of people believe that heartfelt contrition. but at the same time he's had months and months and months. me, all of cnn he, his family members, pleading with him to come clean and this is the first inkling that we've hfl he spoke a lot today. i want to you hear a little more from him. >> i want to be clear. i want to be crystal clear to every single person. these mistakes will never, ever, ever happen again.
4:28 pm
i kept this from may family especially my brother doug. my staff, my council colleagues, because i was embarrassed and ashamed. to the residents of toronto, i know i have let you down. i can't do anything else but apologize and apologize and i'm so sorry. i know, i know i have to regain your trust and your confidence.
4:29 pm
i love my job. i love my job. i love the city. love saving the taxpayers money and i love being your mayor. >> so through all of that, of course, you heard a lot of contrition. what you didn't hear is that i'm quitting, i'm stepping down, i'm taking a few months off. technically this is a man who is in charge of the police department, the police department that has had him under secret surveillance for months now. there is a lot more to this story. there are trials ongoing. right now the police department said they have nothing to charge the mayor with so far. then they did listen to his statements and are taking it unconsidering. >> thank you. up next, our special election night coverage continues. "outfront," we're waiting for the results of that closely watched race. we're now in countdown mode for the results in new jersey. and you will get to hear much more of the exclusive interview.
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welcome back to the second half of "outfront." we have a full hour of coverage of election night in america. first i want to go through the other key stories today in the wake of los angeles shooting in which one tsa officer was killed. serious questions being raised about airport security such as, should tsa officers be article? in an interview with evan press, attorney general eric holder said the t tsa's plate is already too full. >> they're supposed to make sure that the flying public is safe, to make sure that only people who appropriately should get on plane do get on planes. when it comes to perimeter security, that is something best handles by others. >> holder admitted the national security threat that keep him up at night is the lone wolf who becomes radicalized. something we've been hearing from this administration for years.
4:35 pm
the history of vile words, video obtained by cnn appears to show miami dolphins football player richie incognito yelling the "n" word to others at the bar. he bullied martin with racial slurs. many in the nfl including the former coach say he had a reputation for being a problem. >> we had the category dndc. do not draft because of character. richie incognito was in that category for us. but a lot of people will take choonss a talented guy. trouble seem to follow him. >> in college, he was suspended or dismissed three time. in 2009 the ram released him after two personal foul penalties and an altercation with the coach. michelle knight described one of many nights she thought she would die at the hands of
4:36 pm
phil castro. he tried her to a boat by wrapping thick chains around her neck and torso. he made her wear a motorcycle helmet and that made it difficult to breathe. >> he sits me down on the floor and he says this is where you're going to stay until i can trust you. now if i do it too tight and you don't make it, that means you wasn't meant to stay here. that means god wanth to take you. >> knight went on to talk about pedophilia saying castro thought she was a 13-year-old prostitute and was upset when he found out she was 21 years old at the time. to breaking news, the election results are coming in. wolf blitzer is watching. in states in every key region, states where you'll have presidential candidates coming out of, states where you're seeing the real pull between tea party and the left, what is the latest that you have right now? >> the tea party between more
4:37 pm
traditional conservatives as well. at the top of the hour, less than 25 minutes from now we'll get the results from new jersey. we'll see if we can make a projection in new jersey, the reelection of chris christie is up for re-election. barbara buono. the challenger to christie. i want to update our viewers on what's going on in virginia as most of you know by now, the polls closed at 7:00 p.m. eastern. about 37 minutes or so. we are not yet able to make the projection but i want to share with all of our viewers, the exist poll results. take a look at the exit poll results. you can see terry mcauliffe, the democratic candidate. ken cuccinelli, the republican candidate, and rob sarvis, 7%. these are exit polls. they are estimates. the final outcome may be different.
4:38 pm
we'll show more exit poll data throughout the night. we want you to have the same accurate information that we have, hear it directly from us. let's check in the votes. the actual tally right now of what's going on. there you see 5% of the votes in virginia have been counted. 52% to 39%. rob sarvis with 9%. only 5% of the votes are in. we don't know where the precincts are very, very early in the actual balloting of this race. let's to go john king at the magic wall. you're studying what's going on in virginia. we're getting some fascinating insight for what this election could mean nationally. >> we are. we'll see who wins the governor's race. and the lesson will tell us a lot about the mid terms and then 2016. virginia has become such a big swing state. virginia is but it is by no
4:39 pm
means new york pitch no means, massachusetts. by no means even another state. it is still a relatively conservative state. but it is moving to the center. opinion of the president's health care law. 51%. so a majority of the voters today opposed the president's health care law. if the exit polls hold up, a democrat will win the governor's race even though they say they oppose obama care. let's move it over again. this is not a state clamoring for more government but it is a divide. government should do more. 46% say government should do more but a majority, 51% said the government is doing too much biffle no mean big a liberal state. but here's the lesson. if these polls hold up. if terry mcauliffe wins the race, this will be the conversation. the republican you just mentioned was identified with the tea party. also identified with some very
4:40 pm
conservative views on social issues. 52% of the voters today in the state of virginia said he was too conservative. the argument will be, did republicans nominate someone too far to the right? and among those who said he was too conservative, look at this. a huge margin for terry mcauliffe. has the virginia governor's race. why do we care so much? we see how important this date has been. this is 2012 when president obama won big and of course he carried virginia. let's go back in time to 2008 when he won big. he carried virginia. i'm going on circle a few more states. the president carried florida. he carried ohio and he carried eye wax let me stop right there. let's go back to 2012. remember, all carried by president obama. let's to go 2008. all carried by president obama. if republicans are going to be competitive again, this is what they have to do. george w. bush won all four states including virginia in 2004 and he won three of the four. iowa sichd back in 2000. for the sake of argument, virginia has become once
4:41 pm
reliably red. now one of the big competitive swing states. almost impossible to see republicans getting to 270, what it takes to win without virginia. remember the four states i just touched? here's what happened a year ago. obama, 332. mitt romney, 206. if romney could have taken florida, could have kept eye warning where would that have put him? virginia could be a decisive swing state. switch that and romney wins the election by those four states. if you look out west. nevada because of the latino population, hard to see it going republican. new mexico, hard to sight swinging back. in some ways, these the four most important swing states. people will study every line of this exit poll data looking forward, not only to the mid material elections but into 2016. >> we are not yet able to make a projection. we'll see if we can sooner
4:42 pm
rather than later. we'll see about in new jersey when the polls close there. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you very much. that new jersey race as we all know, yes, the question is not so much the margin by which chris christie wins. it is who he wins. we have much more of our news coverage of election night. we'll talk about a crucial race in alabama. ra and new jersey. we'll be back in a moment. help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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candy crowley and gloria boringer joining me now. one of the things we'll see for everyone watching, we've been watching ted cruz on the shutdown, the future of the tea party. is it real? is it going to mean republicans are irrelevant for the next election or deliver in the next election in let's start with virginia. and ken cuccinelli, about whom i've gotten more e-mails in the past four months than any of these candidates. the virginia race. >> one of the things about ken cuccinelli, if he wins tonight, we'll all be back thinking what did we miss here.
4:47 pm
if he loses, it has a thousand parents. his defeat if it should happen. and part of the reason certainly is his stances on things which are much more closely aligned with the tea party than with moderate republicans. but what terry mcauliffe, the senate seized on, was the woman issue. i mean, and he just pounded, particularly in northern virginia, on abortion. on birth control, on a variety of issues and got republican women to run ads. >> the obama play book, we are getting the exit number. nonmarried women, which is generally younger women, went for terry mcauliffe so far 70-22. >> that's incredible. >> that is incredible. but married men and married women sort of split cuccinelli pretty evenly. >> that's skewed democratic.
4:48 pm
>> and obama won young women by nine points. >> what about the ads? my understanding is in that state, mcauliffe started running all these ads and people on the issue, that cuccinelli chose not to respond to. was that a financial decision? or was that just, they don't get how important these issues are? >> or a bad campaign? >> right. >> which was it? >> i think it could be that they didn't have the money. they were outspend like 10-1. and they allowed mcauliffe to define him on these social issues. >> mcauliffe went for two things early. on i can work with the republicans and democrats. i can really make it work here. and the other message was, and this guy is a radical. and he just kept going and cuccinelli did not have the money or the inclination. cuccinelli has counted a ferry
4:49 pm
convenient tea party backing to come out in droves. >> and the other place that we haven't talked as much about, very crucial, alabama. >> interesting. >> it is a really important race. what you've got in alabama is a really conservative running against a tea party birther. the important thing is that this is the first place where the chamber of commerce and the business community has gotten involved in a republican primary because after the shutdown, they said we're not going to let this happen again. we're going to take control here. so they have spent in the first district of alabama, southern alabama, $200,000 in a primary fight. >> the only cautionary -- >> for the tea party candidate. >> is that politics is a lot like real he is state. location, location, location. this is alabama. you won't get the same results you might get in michigan. >> but they're trying.
4:50 pm
>> that's a change than what we've seen. >> when you think of it from the business community's point of view, they have an agenda. immigration reform being one thing they would like to get passed. this is what we'll see more of. >> we'll talk much more about this. we'll hear from chris christie in a moment. he will win easily in a land slide. that's not the primaries, i can win the general election because i can get the groups. >> whether you look back at mitt room kn romney's numbers among hispanics, women, the bar isn't that high. so -- >> john mccain. >> of course, yes, he does and look, chris christie's 2016 presidential campaign begins tomorrow. it begins with look at these people. look at this big tent i have here. now, it's partially that and partially he was darn good in delivering after hurricane sandy. >> i was going to say it might have began when we got that
4:51 pm
picture with president obama during her can sandy. >> don't forget, he can say this is a state president obama won by 17 points. >> right. >> 700,000 more registered democrats than republicans. >> yeah. >> and guess what? i'm going to win overwhelmingly. >> pretty -- >> win overwhelmingly for governorship but can chris christie take new jersey for presidency? it's a crucial question. the polls will close and we'll get the final results and people will talk about chris chris tee in a whole new way and it will be the way of the next few years. we'll be right back. i needed a new laptop for my pre-med classes, something that runs office and has a keyboard. but i wanted a tablet for me, for stuff like twitter and xbox, so my downtime can be more like uptime. that's why i got a windows 2 in 1 which does both -- works as a laptop and a tablet. so i can manage my crazy life, and also have a life. [ beep ] gotta go. ♪
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4:55 pm
the other big election we're watching tonight, of course, is the governor's race in new jersey. based on the polls leading up to today, chris christie is going to one. that's not the question. polls close very soon, the next couple minutes here. jake tapper spoke exclusively with governor christy and joins me. jake, you know what is interesting is one of the most iconic images of chris christie and when people started to talk about his future very specifically, was that moment, right, after hurricane sandy when he embraced the president -- that moment right there. look at mitt romney. he cost him the election. there was so few people frustrated with that and you asked about the president today and that was a different chris christie. >> that's right. other moments in his repertoire
4:56 pm
include moments where he is bar raiding people, get the hell off the beach is a famous one here in new jersey. and so i asked him given his reputation for candor and given the problem president obama is having making this promise in 2009, if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan for millions of americans, what would his advice be for to? >> don't be so cute, and when you make a mistake admit it. listen, if it was a mistake in 2009, if he was mistaken in 2009, 2010 on his understanding of how the law would operate, than just admit it to people. say you know what? i said it, i was wrong. i'm sorry, and we're going to try to fix this and make it better. i think people would give any leader in that circumstance a lot of credit for just owning up to it instead on now -- don't
4:57 pm
lawyer it. people don't like lawyers. i'm a lawyer. they don't like them, you know, don't lawyer it. >> reporter: governor chris tee referring to president obama trying to tweak or amend his pledge from years ago saying what we had said was if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan, if they don't change it after the date the law passes, which is of course, erin, not what president obama said. big challenge for governor chrisie. he wants to have a big margin against the democrat bar bro so he can say look what i can do in a blue state if he decides to run for president in 2016. >> that's the paioint he's tryi to make. shakespeare knows that and my
4:58 pm
father is a lawyer so i can say that. he's going to win this state in a land slide. is there any way he wins it in 2016 and that is measure of success or failure? >> sure. >> as candy said, you look at hillary clinton and chris christie in polls and hilary bests him. >> it's not about winning new jersey but more about playing the base. it's a memo to the gop for 2016 and the margins will be so crucial making the case he cannot only unite republicans but democrats in a state where new jersey almost half the voters are independence and win hispanics and increase african american voters and women. that's a revolution for the republican party. >> women, where he's been very open i know, he's had a problem with that before. he's turned that around, though. >> he has. he won 8 or 9.5% of african american voters. he wants to double that.
4:59 pm
a big getter gap hurting the gop. chris christie's margin becomes a real marker and how they will move forward together. >> crucial numbers to watch. thanks to jake and election coverage, breaking news coverage, breaking news continues with a krrks 36 0 -- captions by vitac -- earring -- earri erin thank much. we're about to call the election of 2013. it will say where politics are heading, tea parparaparty conservatives and new york city they may elect the first democrat leader in 20 years. let's get to wolf blitzer with the first call of the night. >> in a few seconds, anderson, polls will close in the new jersey governor's race and could potentially mark the beginning of a popular republican presidential's campaign -- presidential campaign. the governor chris christie running for a second term
5:00 pm
against the democratic state senator barbara buono. only a few seconds away from finding out if we, here at cnn can make a projection here in new jersey. the answer is yes, chris christie we project will be reelected for new jersey. beating barbara buono. chris christie easily moves forward and gets a second term. let's bring in john king. not a huge surprise, he was way, way ahead in all of the polls but formally we've made this projection. >> we've made this projection and looks like a land slide for chris christie. a land slide. he'll make the case starting tomorrow morning, a message to the national republican party what it takes to win the white e