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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 8, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> who cares, doesn't matter. >> doesn't matter. that was the best moment you could ever hope for having your kid play a sport to learn that lesson of resilience. tyler, you are the man. we love you here at "new day." >> no other way to say it. >> best way to go into a weekend. >> that's it for us. before you begin your weekend, "newsroom" with carol costello begins. >> all three of you are going to be sitting there watching me so i appreciate that. i love that. thank you. have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- tthp the philippinthe phil or one of the biggest happening now in the philippines getting pounded by one of the biggest storms. jonathan martin has been the only one targeted by teammates. plus this.
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the mayor of toronto does it again, tom ford apologizing for threatening to kill someone, "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. one of the strongest storms ever recorded on the planet now roaring across the philippines. with wind gusts as strong as 235 miles per hour. we're getting reports of flooding, power outages, roofs torn off homes, trees ripped out of the ground, the super sigh foon has killed three people and more than. 00,000 people reportedly have fled its path. what's worse hundreds of thousands of people affected are still recovering from a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit just last month. at this point it's still hard to grasp the full extent of the typhoon's damage. cnn's karen maginnis is tracking
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the typhoon, australian kathy kn novak, reporter, it's difficult you're in the middle of a typhoon, what is happening? >> reporter: the typhoon is expected to impact the philippines for the next 11 to 12 hours before it heads out towards vietnam. not only is this the strongest possible category 5 storm, what's so destructive about it is is that it has made landfall across several places in the country. the philippines is made up of many small islands and this typhoon has been hitting homes built right along the coast and that includes as you mentioned in an area that was just hit by a major earthquake last month that killed more than 200 people and left more than 5,000 people homeless. those people now living in tents, again having to evacuate because of this typhoon. many of those areas have been cut off from power and from any communications all day and that has made it extremely difficult for authorities to assess the
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casualties and the damage, so as you mentioned the official death toll has remained at three for a number of hours but that is expected to climb as more information comes through and the local news new reports of deaths but those are not officially confirmed yet. >> kathy novak reporting from the philippines. karen maginnis, take it away. >> this is catastrophic, it is deadly, and it is record setting, because when it did make landfall initially, that was during the morning hours, philippine time, we did see some winds sustained at 195 with gusts up to 235. if you think of the top end of the take-off speed of a 747, it is higher than that. we are looking at winds weakening as it has moved across the philippines, 165 miles per hour, but still a category 5, super typhoon that is expected to move into the south china sea
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and by saturday, be out over the open waters, and perhaps impact the coastline of vietnam, going into the beginning of monday, with 100-mile-per-hour winds. >> karen maginnis thanks so much. a new pulse of the economy and the news is mixed at best, according to the feds, 204,000 jobs were created in october, which is actually better than expected, but the nation's unemployment rate bumped up to 7.3%, so let's take a closer looking athe numbers shall we when what they mean. cnn's poppy harlow is in new york with the nuts and bolts of the job report and for analysis david wessel in washington economics editor for "the wall street journal." poppy break it done four. >> what an upside surprise. economists surveyed by cnn money thought only 120,000 jobs would be added instead this shocker 204,000, the unemployment rate steady at 7.3%.
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the big question in this report was there going to be a big impact or skewed numbers because we have those weeks in october where the government was shut down and the federal workers furloughed. that didn't skew the numbers so much as we had expected and looking on your screen, you see how many jobs were added each month this year. this is actually the third best month this year in terms of jobs added. one other thing to note is that the number of jobs added in the previous two months in august and september were also revised significantly higher so that's a bonus as well. i want to put this in perspective. we'll take all the jobs added we can get. this is a number we hope will slowly bring down the unemployment rate. yes the unemployment rate has come down but you've still got 11.3 million americans, carol, that want to be working that are unemployed. so you still have a real big problem on that front. i will tell you some of the gains we saw retail up 44,000,
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manufacturing, health care, a lot of gains there as well in terms of jobs so overall the headline number is strong, unemployment stays relatively the same and i think the question now, we're looking at dow futures down, why isn't the market soaring on this? well, the bigger issue is what is the federal reserve policy going to be? is it going to change now that we saw this gain in jobs, we've been seeing this pretty consistently, is the fed going to pull back all that stimulus it's been propping up the housing market in this economy, that's a big question. >> it's got to at some point. let's turn our attention to david wessel. poppy mentioned 200,000 jobs created. looks like the government shutdown didn't affect this jobs report but doesn't mean the government shutdown didn't affect our economy, right? >> that's true. yesterday the white house told us that the government spent $2 billion paying people government employees who didn't work, which is really hard to take at a time when we have a deficit. look, i think the jobs report is good. what you're hearing around town
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here is a giant sigh of relief. people were worried that the shutdown showdown had really led businesses to stop hiring. that didn't happen. not only 204,000 jobs in october, but they revised up the numbers for august and september by 60,000 jobs, so it's encouraging, a sigh of relief. >> it is encouraging but the biggest growth came in retail, and retail people don't make much money so big picture here, is that really the best news we could have received today? >> no. absolutely not. manufacturing jobs did increase a little, that's encouraging but they're pretty steady. lot of the jobs are low wage jobs, no doubt about that, and as was pointed out there are 1 million people still without work, 4 million of them have been out of work for six months or more, and there's another 8 million people who say they're working part-time, and wish they could get full time jobs and i think those numbers are going to keep the federal reserve on the sidelines for a little bit longer. they are worried about how hard it is to get a good job, and they don't want to start putting
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the brakes on until that goes away. >> poppy harlow, david wessel, thanks so much for your insight. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> you're welcome, too. many of the jobs created this month are held by hourly workers. senate majority leader harry reid wants to help them out, wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $10 an hour, which would be phased in over three years. the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. president obama supports the plan, reid's time line is short, he wants the increase approved this month in about two weeks. with congress's thanksgiving break coming up the measure could linger. today a milestone in the treatment of mental health, kathleen sebelius, the health and human services secretary, is expected to announce new guidelines that will require doctors and insurers to treat mental illness the same as physical illness, increasing access to care. we'll bring you her remarks life in a half hour as president
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obama takes responsibility for technical problems that plagued the website but the president didn't stop there. he also responded to criticism of how he characterized the loss impact on those who already have insurance. athena jones is at the white house with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. any minute now the president will be departing the white house heading down to new orleans to talk about the economy. of course he's still dealing with the fallout over and the word that millions of americans are getting cancellation letters from health insurance companies because of obama care. president obama is apologizing to americans losing their health insurance under the affordable care act despite his frequent promises they'd be able to keep plans they like telling nbc news -- >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> reporter: about 5% of americans buy their insurance on the individual market and some are losing their plans as
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policies don't meet tough new obama care standards. >> we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taken place and i want to do everything we to make sure people are finding themselves in a good position, a better position than they were before this law happened. >> reporter: the president said most people getting cancellation letters will be able to get new plans at the same price or cheaper on the new marketplaces. and he stuck to his administration's latest promise that the troubled website will be fixed by the end of the month. >> it's better now than it was last week and certainly a lot better than it was october 1st. i'm confident that it will be even better by november 30th and that the majority of people are going to be able to get on there, they're going to be able to enroll. >> reporter: obama's apology
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comes as a bipartisan pair of senators filed legislation thursday the delay for a year the fine to be levied on people who don't buy health insurance by the end of march citing the problems with the website. west virginia democrat joe manchin and illinois republican mark kirk say "this common sense proposal simply allows americans more time to browse and explore their options, making 2014 a true transition year." now there may be another battle brewing over todd park, he's the administration's chief technology officer. the white house says that park can't testify before the house overnight committee next week as requested because he's too busy trying to fix holt carealthcare. chairman issa, republican out of california says he may compel park to testify. >> can't say i'm surprised. athena jones, thanks so much. still to come in "the newsroom" new bombshell accusations of the dolphins bullying story. the attorney for jonathan martin says his abuse was nothing new. john zarrella is on the story this morning. good morning, john.
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♪ wash any size load. it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tide pods. pop in. stand out. checking our top stories at 15 minutes past the hour, secretary of state john kerry just arrived in jenigentlemeeva hopes a deal can be reached. the trip comes hours after iran's foreign minister told cnn that an agreement is expected to be reached before talks end tonight. the push to get the washington redskins to change their name follows the team outside the nation's capital. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, the name
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has got to go. >> hundreds protested just before the vikings hosted the redskins. the american indian movement called the protest in an attempt to raise awareness of racism in sports. the redskins owner defended his team's name. it continues to get uglier in miami. the dolphins jonathan martin fighting back through his attorney. he says his client was targeted by team mates, "jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing. for the entire season and a half he attempted to befriend the same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment. despite the efforts the taunting continued. jonathan endured a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate and daily vulgar comments." the statement ends with a vulgar quote allegedly by a teammate
6:17 am
what he'd do to martin's sister. john zarrella is in miami. good morning. >> reporter: on wednesday the dolphin players were very, very open about their feelings after their practice. yesterday they really didn't want to talk at least most of them didn't, about anything but football. richie incognito's locker, his clothes hanging neatly, quite a contrast to the mess and how else do you put it, caused by the incog nino/jonathan martin bullying scandal. thursday head coach joe philbin was back in front of the microphones, he wanted to talk tampa bay, the opponent monday night, nothing else. >> any comments we'd make at this time will be a disservice to the process that's about to take place. >> reporter: in the locker room most players had this h enough of it, too. >> only time we have to deal with this is when the media asks us questions. >> reporter: when asked how does a locker room play with the interaction people don't get it.
6:18 am
players who would talk were still trying to make sense of it all. >> it gets to the point where you can't differentiate between what's fact and what's opinions. >> reporter: what's been most puzzling is the relationship between incognito and martin that has begun to emerge. can we really believe they were best friends as some have said? two men from very different backgrounds and experiences. martin, a stanford grad, who talked of attending harvard law, a quiet guy by all accounts, and incognito, perhaps the polar opposite, a man who at least one time apparently thought little of screaming racial slurs and using vulgar language publicly. >> who let the [ bleep ]! >> reporter: the player voted twice by his peers one of the dirtiest guys in the game. >> it's perceived he's this psychopath racist maniac and the reality is that richie was a pretty good teammate and that richie and jonathan martin were friends. >> reporter: players even saying they hung out together, off the
6:19 am
field and on it. they played next to each other on the left side of miami's offensive line, protecting the franchise quarterback's blind side. so were they friends? enemies? did martin hang with incognito because he was afraid not to? in time we'll know, just not right now. and we're not going to know much more today from the dolphins or the coaches, that's for sure. it is an off day at dolphins camp, as they get ready for their monday night game against tampa bay, and that game is in tampa. >> okay, i got to ask you about another nasty thing hanging out there, there's a report a woman accused richie incognito of inappropriate touching. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yes, apparently it happened at a golf tournament, a miami dolphins golf tournament back in may of 2012. he came up to her and was allegedly inappropriately touching her with a golf club.
6:20 am
she did file a police report, but ultimately no charges were filed. carol? >> john zarrella, you're going to join us next hour, we appreciate it. dolphins mess is just the latest hit the envelope has taken. next hour we take an in-depth look at the powerhouse brand. mean joe green among our guests, 10:30 eastern on cnn. still to come in "the newsroom" a stunning admission from "60 minutes" about its reporting on benghazi. we'll tell you why lara logan is now apologizing. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing.
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"60 minutes" correspondent lara logan now admits she was wrong, says she and her producers were lied to by a source who claimed to have been an eyewitness to last year's attack in benghazi. she appeared on "cbs this morning" to apologize. >> the most important thing to every person at "60 minutes" is the truth and today the truth is that we made a mistake, and that's very disappointing for any journalist. it's very disappointing for me. >> cnn foreign affairs reporter elise lavett is following the story from washington. this man says he was a witness, he was there, he saw the american ambassador's body in the consulate in benghazi. was he lying about all of that? >> well, really no one knows what the truth of his story is, carol, because this gentleman that spoke to "60 minutes" went by the pseudonym morgan jones
6:25 am
but now we know his name is dylan davies. he was a contractor that was training libyan guards in benghazi at that u.s. mission. now he told "60 minutes" and wrote in a book that has been published that he went to the compound that night, that he disobeyed orders from his supervisor and tried to get to the compound, then he went to the hospital, and saw the ambassador's body. we later know that he did try to get to the compound, but he was blocked by road blocks and he ended up going back to his home, which is what he wrote in an incident report for his company, blue mountain, that subsequently was revealed after this "60 minutes" report. so basically he told his supervisors one story, told "60 minutes" another story, told the fbi another story, and now as the dots are being all connected, "60 minutes" is doing
6:26 am
the right thing and saying that they were misled. >> so he was, indeed, lying. so what's his motive here? what's dylan davies saying about this? >> well, presumably motive is to sell a book. he has a very extremely provocative book coming out about warnings he told the state department about security and a harrowing account of what he was doing on the ground that night which we later know not to be true. he said in a statement to cnn "the account in my book is consistent with what i gave to the fbi and the u.s. authorities about what happened in benghazi." but according to cnn's evan perez who spoke to the fbi just recently, there are inconsistencies with what he has in the book with what he told the fbi, and now his publisher threshold publications is saying that they haven't seen the fbi report, but in light of all these recent revelations, they're going to review this book carefully and take action,
6:27 am
so in fact what he tried to do is come out with this very provocative book with this harrowing account. it may be this book he wrote is discredited and certainly he was disingenuous when he spoke to "60 minutes." >> elise labott thanks so much. still to come, the mayor of toronto admitted he smoked crack cocaine but now he has to explain this. what was rob ford so angry about? o
6:28 am
no longer in uniform,. but still serving... on the job and in our communities... whose dedication and commitment to excellence continues... in every mission, whatever it may be... affecting our lives every day... for your continued service, we salute you. this message of appreciation to our nations' veterans is brought to you by paralyzed veterans of america and unitedhealth group.
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>> birds? there's so much in there i really don't understand and i don't think anyone else does either but i do know that mayor ford remains the mayor and i do know cnn's paula newton is in ottawa with more on this story. good morning, paula. >> reporter: and good morning, carol. i mean the problem here is that in terms of context, we don't really know exactly when that was shot. it was several months ago. the mayor himself does not know the context, at least if he does and if he remembers it, he's not saying but carol i want you to hear him say in way of explanation but actually more of an apology. let's hear from the mayor reaction moments after that video was released. >> i hope none of you have ever or will ever be in that state, and that's all i can say. >> reporter: can you tell us what it was about?
6:34 am
can you give us some context, mayor? >> obviously i was extremely, extremely inebriated. >> reporter: carol this is from the man who a couple days ago confessed he smoked crack cocaine he had nothing more to hide. many including his family were skeptical that was true. his mother and sister very rarely speaking out and saying that they want their brother to do many things, but step down is not one of them. they denied he's an addict. they say he needs a chauffeur, that he needs a breathalyzer in the car, that he needs to get counseling, that he needs to stop hanging out with "bad guys." having said that, despite any good intentions from the family, right now, carol, that mayor remains in place. many people around him, even his allies saying it's time to step down. he's saying he is not stepping down and there are many questions about whether or not the province that regulates the laws around that city hall
6:35 am
should maybe step in and throw him out. carol? >> well you know when you step back you start to feel sorry for him. his family says he's not an addict but he needs a driver and a beth leiser? if you need those things you have a problem. >> reporter: yes. that is the problem. everyone around him seems to be in denial. many people are coming out saying look his family needs to get on board here and convince him even if he doesn't want to quit as mayor he needs help right now and that's for his own good, not necessarily the good of the city, if he thinks he's doing what he can for the city but for his own good he needs to get off of whatever he has been on and he needs to take care of his personal health. >> cnn's paula newton reporting live this morning, thank you. still to come in "the newsroom," walmart workers in los angeles shut down a major street fighting for better pay. 50 people arrested here. we'll talk to president obama's labor secretary about their protest, and the president's
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checking our top stories at 39 minutes past the hour. kathleen sebelius will make an important announcement about mental health care in this country. new rules signed into law by president bush four years ago will finally take effect requiring doctors and insurers to treat mental illnesses the same as physical illnesses. jedi warriors rejoice, disney announced the next release date for "star wars 7"
6:40 am
will hit theaters december 18th, to 15, yes more than two years from now, i realize that. the announcement was made on by disney's ceo. disney bought the rights to the franchise when it purchased l u lucas films for $4 billion last year. in a few hours airports across the country will hold a moment of silence for gerardo hernandez, shot by a gunman last week at the los angeles airport. the moment of silence will take place at 12:20 eastern time, 9:20 in the west, the very time hernandez was shot. ♪ in honor of veterans day, cnn photo journalists are turning their lens on the men and women who served the
6:41 am
country. gabe ramirez introduces to a group of wounded warriors in california who soar into the sky to forget the physical and emotional trauma suffered on the battlefield. >> my experience in afghanistan it's a favorite question of people and you know, sometimes i ask do you really want to know, because sometimes it's not good stuff that goes on out there. after my first deployment i had a couple of my close buddies, they died and the corpsmen, too, there's nothing you can do. you feel guilty, i held it in you know, and -- usually i just like to stay here by myself, basically, and that's why the doctor said go out and have some fun, so banding together with guys that have gone through the same things and just basically help us to just get back to normal. >> our program is the wounded service members soaring or gliding program. once a month we take them up
6:42 am
soaring. basically put them in a glider and take them up flying. >> yeah! woo! being up there, you really honestly get to see god's landscape, like he painted it so beautiful up there. you appreciate everything and you never take life for granted. i had no fear up there. we were all love, nothing to be scared of at all out there. to be honest, i haven't had my heart pumping that nafast in a while. it was cool, a vietnam fighter pilot and he went superear gresive. super aggressive. >> i flew jets my whole life, f-4s and f-5s. you see fine young men and gals coming back from iraq, we have a passion for flying sail planes and we want to share it with the guys and show them something
6:43 am
maybe they'll never have an opportunity to do otherwise. >> it's different. it's just like kind of peace. you feel free. >> it was sweet, man, it was sweet. i feel like crying almost. let me stop. >> i wouldn't be standing here talking to you about it right now if you would have hit me up four or five months ago i would have been in tears and heartbroken but the sun shine's out and i'm happy to be alive again and just living. >> make sure to tune in to cnn next monday, veterans day, 2:30 eastern for our special, veterans in focus, service, struggle and success. "newsroom's" back in a minute. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
6:44 am
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[ bell ringing ]. markets are headed higher, 204,000 americans got jobs last month but more than half of the people found work in low wage jobs like retail, hospitality services and restaurants and that has been a major criticism of this economic recovery, that those kinds of hourly jobs don't create the healthy middle class we really need to move the economy forward so how do we create a middle class that has extra cash to spend. joining me now is u.s. labor secretary thomas perez, he joins us live from washington. welcome secretary perez. >> it's always a pleasure to be with you. >> thank you. in the "new york times" paul krugman writes this, "it turns out that by failing to address unemployment we have in fact we've been sacrificing the future, too. what passes these days for sound policy in fact a form of
6:49 am
self-mutilation which will cripple americans for years to come. since the country is fixated on belt tightening jobs are not being created and we're being hurt in the long-term. not many americans think this will change with the current climate in washington. give americans advice on what they can do without washington's help? >> well the president's been working very hard on the strategy of growth and you see it reflected in these numbers, the economy continues to be resilient, notwithstanding the self-inflicted wounds from congress and you see again over 200,000 jobs created last month in the private sector, 44 consecutive months of private sector job growth. you look in the manufacturing sector, and you see remarkable growth there, and to those who say manufacturing is dead in america i say you haven't looked at the data. we've seen since early 2010, over 500,000 jobs created there, which is more than any time since the late '90s. >> still, mr. secretary -- >> we can always do more.
6:50 am
there is no doubt about it. >> but still -- >> that's the frustration of this president because the self-inflicted wounds make job difficult. >> most of the jobs are in retail, hourly jobs that often pay minimum wage. the president supports a $10 minimum wage. senator reid wants to raise the minimum wage within the next two weeks which sounds >> first of all, i think you're premise is not correct. you look at job growth in the last, you know, 44 consecutive months of private sector zbrob job growth and it's brought based. you look at the manufacturing industry and you see growth. you look at retail and you see growth. it's much broader based than what you've said. on the issue of the minimum wage and raising it, i worked for senator kennedy in '96, that was a buy partisan effort to raise the minimum wage.
6:51 am
elizabeth dole, one of her signature chief. s was working to secure an increase in the minimum wage. henry ford, you know, the icon, he did a radical thing. he almost double the wages of his employees because he said, if people can afford the buys they're manufacturing, then they have more money in their pocket and they spend more. retailers have to get more things on the shelf. the economy -- the economy grows. >> but there aren't many republicans come forward in favor much raising minimum wage. they say it will put more of a burden on employers. >> if you look at the history of efforts to raise the minimum wage, it's always been buy partisan. you look at the voterss of new jersey just this week. 61% of the voters approved an increase in the minimum wage. look at the history in california. and i'm actually quite
6:52 am
confident. and by the way, one of the times that the minimum wage was increased was after a government shutdown of '96. when, again, congress came together on a buy partisan basis to do that. >> you mentioned what happened in los angeles. just last night we saw walmart workers shut down a major street? l.a. as we mentioned, voters forced the issue by voting to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. and as utds, new jersey just amended its constitution raising the minimum wage and they're going to keep raising it every year. is that what it takes to put money in individual's pocket that they have to take matters in their own hands in individual states in. >> nobody who works a full-time job should have to live in
6:53 am
poverty. and in this issue, you see remarkable activity at a state and local level. as the president has said many times, sometimes change doesn't initiate in washington. change comes to washington. i think we need to change the minimum wage on a national basis so that it doesn't depend on whether you're in kansas or california, that you can benefit from this. and the economy benefits when people have money in their pocket to spend. and we need to eliminate this inequality gap that is remarkably troubling. and that's why i wake up every morning asking, what steps can we take to help workers make ends meet and ensure that nobody who works a full-time job is living in poverty? >> thank you for joining me this morning. >> always a pleasure. >> here's what's all new in the next hour of "newsroom." 35 feet underground and even train tracks. miguel marquez takes us inside the trouble from mexico into the
6:54 am
united states. and a special look at the nfl. the country's most popular sport dealing with lots of problems. ugly controversy. we'll talk about the bullying accusati alleges and more in miami. and more. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it.
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6:57 am
this is the last year that computers are going do decide who plays in college football's national championship. and as we've seen in the past, it can be a messy situation if they're a bunch of undefeated teams. >> coming into last night, we had alabama, ohio state and florida as -- now we can scratch the ducks off that list. because last night 5th ranked stanford crushed their hopes. the cardinals scored the first 23 points in the game. and they handed a sad oregon team the first loss of the season. meanwhile down in waco,
6:58 am
texas, brushed 10th ranked oklahoma, 41-12. they're a perfect 8-0. turning on "bleacher report." you've got a happy camper. check out peterson running over the entire redskins' defense. he is awesome. two touchdowns in the game. the vikings beat the redskins 24-37. big poppy's popularity is at an all-time high that some want ortiz to run the city. he got the third most votes in the boston mayor's race this week and he wasn't even on the ballot. fans wrote his name in. he still fell more than 71,000 votes short of mayor elect. but who knows what would have
6:59 am
happened if he was actually on the ballot. tying woods. you can see an interview with ritual nichols and tiger woodss tonight on "unguarded". >> and you're going to join us in the next half hour -- or in the next hour, i should say, 10:30 eastern. we're going to talk lots of football. next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," it may be one of the strongest storms ever reported. winds at more than 200 miles per hour. hundreds of thousands of people try to escape the storm. plus -- >> i am sorry that they, you know, are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> apologize from the president, not just for obama care and its website, but for other promises he made. and the toronto mayor is apologizing again. this time, for yet another
7:00 am
drunken rant. >> think everybody has seen value additions against me today. i wish i could come out -- >> and tough times for the nfl from concussions to bullying to murder charges. we'll take an inside look at the national football league. what's happen to our favorite sport, anyway? second hour of "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. we start this hour with reports of under the circumstanceser devastation as one of the strongest storms ever recorded on the planet is roaring across the philippines. winds with gusts up to 235 miles per hour pounding the island. take a look at this dramatic video. sheets of metal being ripped off
7:01 am
roofs in these pictures. across the philippines we're getting reports of flooding, power outages and landslides. the super typhoon has killed at least three people. more than 700,000 people have reportedly fled its pads. and what's worst, hundreds of thousands affected are still recovering from an earthquake that hit just last month. we are joins from the philippines with more. >> reporter: good morning. i can give you a sense of the kind of size of this storm. it's been said this storm covers an area about as large as the distance from washington, d.c. to miami. and if we compare it to superstorm sandy, that was a category 3 storm when it hit cuba and category 2 storm when it crossed into the u.s. coast. this is a category 5 storm. and the only reason it's classified as a category 5 is because the ratings don't go any higher than that.
7:02 am
this is the power of the storm we're dealing with. it's expected to impact this country for the next ten to 12 hours before it heads off towards vietnam. the philippines is made up of many small islands. and it's been hitting at six different points making land fall and hitting areas on the coast. slug as you mentioned, an area that was just hit last month by a major earthquake which killed more than 200 and left more than 5,000 homeless. and these are people having to be vac evacuated. and roofs are being ripped off homes. and those people had to be moved again. >> thanks so much for your reporting. as it passes over the philippines, the super typhoon is expected to make landfall in vietnam. wall street is sluggish.
7:03 am
just about 90 minutes after the feds released a job report. we learned that 204,000 jobs were created in october. but the nation's unemployment rate crept up to 7.3%. cnn's poppy harlow is in new york with more. >> there was a big upside surprise in this number. 204,000 jobs added last night. kmifts thought it would be just 120,000. we are higher. but the unemployment rate ticked up just a little bit from 7.2% to 7.3%. now, the big question is was it going to be way off and very skewed because of all the federal workers that were furloughed for a few weeks in october because of the government shutdown. that didn't play out. that may be one reason, it may bey why that unemployment rate ticked up slightly higher
7:04 am
because some of them were included in that. but we're not sure on that. but it's not a big jump like we expected. take a look at your screen. what you're seeing is that october was the third best month in terms of job gains for the entire year. we'll take the jobs. but i've got to give this caveat. you've got 11.3 million americans out of the work. 4.1 million of them have been out of work for six months or longer. that situation for them is not getting better. there's still a lot of pain in the labor market. but overall, this number, again a big improvement from what we expected. august and september, two other months, those were 60,000 higher than we thought. but the market is not reacting to it so much. really flip-flopping this morning. >> thank you. and in the face of reports that millions of americans are losing their insurance after the obama care launch, president obama is apologizing. he's apologizing for telling the
7:05 am
nation repeatedly that that wouldn't happen. >> i am sorry that they, you know, are finding themselves in this situation based on ashurns that they got from me. we've got to work hard to make sure that they know that we hear them and we're going to do everything that we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> the president also took responsibility for the technical problems affecting the website saying it's his job to get it fixed and vowing the site will be working probably by the end of this month. a correspondent now apologizing for a report on the attack on benghazi. lara logan claims that they were lied to by a witness who -- she and this morning to apologize.
7:06 am
>> the most important thing to every person at "60 minutes" is the truth. and today the truth is that we made a mistake. that's very disappointing for any journalist. it's very disappointing for me. >> during her appearance, logan denied a claim that the source asked for cash in exchange for his appearance. checking other top stories, six minutes pachlt. the mayor of toronto caught on tape threatening to kill someone just days after admitting he smoked crack cocaine. the video was released and it does contain some bad language.
7:07 am
now, we don't know the full context of the video or where it was shot. ford told report hers he was extremely inebriated at the time. he's still continuing to refuse to resign amid all of the scandals. secretary of state john kerry has just aride in geneva. and we just learned that kerry says he'll meet directly with the iranian foreign minister. earlier today iran's foreign minister told cnn that an agreement is expected to be reached before talks end tonight. the push to get the washington redskins to change their name foms the team otds the nation's capital. hundreds protested last night in minneapolis just before the vikings hosted the redskins. they called the protest an
7:08 am
attempt to raise racism in sports. this weeks rivalry express takes us to alabama where the lsu tigers and the alabama crimson tide square off tomorrow. >> reporter: let's talk about the elephant in the room, shall we. big al. the mascot for alabama. and forbes magazine has called this rivalry the biggest of 2013. and you have number one alabama taking on number 13 lsu. and when these two teams come together, they're always out for blood. and saturday night should be no different in florida. alabama is fighting for their third championship a row. and lsu is going to do everything they can to stop that. tomorrow night's game in
7:09 am
tuscaloosa is going to be amazing. but the tigers aren't skartd, they took the win the last time they plate on alabama's turf. that happened two years ago. now on to last night's action. if alabama makes it to the bcs championship game, they probably will not be taking on the oregon ducks. they got beat last night by stanford. think crushed the ducks. it was a very bad game for oregon. they were down by 20 early on and could never recover. and to show alabama how amazingly nice we are in alabama, they printed up these t-shirt. instead of went bama, it's we want to be bama. it's a very rou di rivalry express this week. back to you. >> we'll let you get back to tailgating.
7:10 am
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7:14 am
along the u.s.-mexican border, drugs flow into this country and most of the those drugs don't slip through the border, they go underneath it. cnn's miguel marquez takes us inside a tunnel that serves as a drug pipeline. >> reporter: this is the nondescript warehouse where this latest drug tunnel was found. this is the cover for this drug operation, toys. they were going to move them from this warehouse into another one farther into the state of california. this is the plug for the tunnel. there's a very heavy piece of cement on a big wire connected to a machine that could pull it up. this is the tunnel. down this hole and 600 yards away is mexico and a whole other world. this is the air system? >> correct. >> reporter: and this is -- this would go all the way to the mexico side? >> yes. and you can see it's not really done really well. it's just attached.
7:15 am
then they had a power system which they would use for the pneumatic spade and for lighting. >> reporter: so this is the shred on regular mining tracks to move dirt oust 9 tunnel and drugs across the tunnel. they had gone 16700 feet, about six football fields all the way into mexico. the tunnelers weren't exactly on target as they dug. i take it, joe, they came up here thinking they were inside the warehouse and this is just outside the warehouse? >> you are absolutely, 100% correct. yes. >> reporter: how many times did they miss their target? >> that we can see, they missed it like about three times. >> reporter: digging through clay, the estimate, it took about nine months and up to $2 million to construct. they get one shipment through, it's worth it. you must assume that one of these tunnels is always at some
7:16 am
stage of being built? >> we do. we operate on that. >> reporter: so we're 35 feet below the ground right now? >> correct. >> reporter: and this was dug with pretty rudimentary schools of some sort. >> absolutely. these strie wagss that you see here are exactly the markings that a pneumatic spade, which is a handheld tool. the other tools are a pick ax and a shovel. >> this is amazing. you descend all of this way and by the time you get to this part of the tunnel, it's a hole. tunnels like this are ever more important in the drug trade. as security increases, the cartels have to work harder. >> we're push be them into the air and underground and out into the ocean. >> dispute this being a sophisticated tunnel, as they call it, it's not as sophisticated as some of them have been. you can see there's very rough
7:17 am
stairs up to the surface here. presumably they say there would have been an elevator to take the drugs up. but you can also feel the lack of oxygen. this tunnel never got fully operational. they busted it before it went online. they say had it been operational, millions if not tens of millions dollars of drugs could have moved through there daily. >> still to come in the "newsroom." you've heard of bring your kids to work today and bring your dogs to work today. what about drink your parents to work today? it's a growing trend. we'll be right back. how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at
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we all know about take your kids to workday, you get the day off from school to tee what your mom and dad do at the office. but would you want to take your parents to work? have mom and dad follow you around when you make photocopies? does anyone make those anymore? who wrote this script. seriously? that very thing just happened on thursday with a networking site linkedin servings a sponsor to take your parents to workday. but before you knock it, meet someone who loves it. >> the person who wrote that script might be mom or dad, right? >> exactly. but seriously, when i first heard about this idea, i thought of helicopter parents wanting to be involved of every aspect of their kids life. and that was the real meaning behind this idea.
7:22 am
>> reporter: exactly. i had that same feeling. we have stories about parents calling up admission counselors to get their kids into college and get their kids jobs. but now, mom and dad going to the office? but then i talked to parents. and guess what, it was less helicopter parenting. many of these parents say, no way are we helicopter parents. they just say they really don't know what their kids do. and i think in this kind of digital age, a lot of parents frankly don't know what their kids do, essentially those in the tech profession. >> my parents have come to my workplace and they've been in the control room. but do we really need a day for that? don't most kids want their parent -- do we really need a day for that, kelly? >> oh, come on. here's one thing. the survey did find that 50% of the parents said that they could
7:23 am
help their kids a little more -- >> there it is. >> reporter: i know. but maybe just help them a little bit. if they say hey, i'm having a problem at work or i'm trying to go for this promotion but i don't know what to do. how can they help if they don't know the difference between a web designer or someone else in the field. also, one of the women i talked to, my parents said they don't have anyplace of a workplace right now. she works in a place where they sit on yoga balls. and when i talked to my parents -- and they were so lovely -- she said i don't think they really kind of understand where i am and what i'm doing. in a way for relating, she thoughtled be fun for her for them to have a better sense to see her everyday life. >> i'm going to try to rethink things. still to come in the "newsroom." the bullying case.
7:24 am
it's turned a geiering spotlight on the nfl and what is one of the richest brands in america. just ahead, a special 30 minute look at the sport, the scrutiny and the men who have made it their lives. but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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the national football league. the league of aaron hernandez, sean peyton, and richie incognito. the miami dolphins and the ever-growing spotlight in what america's favorite sport has become on and off the field. >> you know, at this level, you're a man. you know, you're not a little boy. >> concussions. coverups and culture. >> the type of culture that i championed since the day that i walked through these doors has been one of honesty, respect, and accountability to one another. >> from touchdowns to take downs. what we we see when we turn on the big game on sunday
7:29 am
afternoons? a "newsroom" special report starts now. and good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. for the next 30 minutes we'll be taking an in-depth look at the nfl. the brand, playerers and all of this. after a bullying incident thrust richie incognito into the spotlight. this morning, a cloisup. i'll be tweeting during the show, by the way. or drop a comment on my facebook page. but let's start with this. brand new bombshell accusations in the miami dolphins bullying saga. or the first time we're hearing jonathan martin's side of the story. he's releasing a strongly worded statement saying in part, quote, jonathan endured harassment that
7:30 am
went far behind the traditional locker room hazing. he endured a malicious physical attack on him by a deem tooem mate and daily vulgar comments. the attorney said he wasn't tough -- jonathan has started every game with the miami dolphins since he was drafted in 2012. at stanford he was the anchor for jim har bow and protected his blind site. many claim the two were friends. cnn's john darrelle la is in miami with more on that. good morning, john. >> good morning. you know wednesday out at miami dolphins training camp after practice, the players were very, very open. they had something they wanted to say and they said their piece. now the coaching staff has not been open at all throughout this, or very, very little has
7:31 am
been said by the coaches. but even yesterday the players decided that was it, all they wanted to talk was football. richie incognito's locker. his clothes hanging neatly. quite a contrast to the mess and, how else do you put it, caused by the incognito-jonathan martin bullying scandal. thursday joe philbin was back in front of the microphones. he wanted to talk tampa bay and nothing else. >> any comments that we make at this time would be a disservice of the process that's about to take place. >> when the media -- >> when asked how does a locker room stay together with all of this distraction? people outside of the football world don't get it. >> that sucks for them. >> okay, we get that. players who would talk were still trying to make sense of it all. >> it gets to a point where you can't differentiate between what is fact and opinions.
7:32 am
>> reporter: what's been most puzzling is the relationship between the two that's beginning to emerge. can we believe that they were best friend as some have said. martin, a stanford grad who talked of attending harvard law. and incognito, perhaps the polar opposite. a man who at least one time apparently thought little of screaming racial slurs and using vulgar language publicly. the player twice voted by his peers, one of the dirtiest guys in the game. >> what is perceived that he's a psycho path racist maniac. and the reality is that he's a pretty good teammate and that they were friends. >> players even saying they hung out together, off the field and on it. they played next to each other on the left side of the miami's
7:33 am
offensive line protecting the quarterback's bland side. were they friends? enemies? did he hang with incognito because he was afraid not to? in time, we'll know. just not right now. now, today is an off day for the dolphins as they prepare for the monday night game in tampa bay. so we will not hear anything today from the coaches or the players. >> i have to ask you about something else because there's so many ugly rumors surrounding this story. we have rumors of a woman's harassment complaint against richie incognito. what can you tell us about that? >> well, it's not a rumor. it was back in 2012. she was a volunteer at a miami dolphins golf tournament. and she did file a police report. no charges were filed. but she had accused incognito of touching her inappropriately with a golf club. >> so john zarrella, you're
7:34 am
going to stick around with us through the half hour. count the nfl controversies over the last year or so, it sounds pretty damaging, right? not to the mighty nfl. the league that attracts millions of fans and makes billions of dollars. one of the premier franchises, the dallas cowboys worth $2.3 billion. our lineup today clues jamal anderson and andy skoals here with me in the room. and initial turn is a former nfl sideline reporter. welcome to all of you. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> get excited here. yeah. >> happy to be here. >> all right, carol, let's do this. >> i want to start with you, the nfl, they do a fabulous job of pr. they brainwash people from
7:35 am
childhood to love their team. will all of these repeated hits actually hurt them in theened end? >> there are nuisances, problems and crises. and i think this comes down to collectively a problem. you keep hearing about the vague concept about changing the culture. which is kind of an abstraction. you change a culture by changing and addressing very specific problems. on the concussions issues, i actually have to say, of all of the industries that i have observed over the years, the type of actions that have been taken recently to address that are pretty extraordinary when you add up massive legal settlements, preventive actions outlawing fundamental forms of behavior on the field that cause the injuries, when you add all of this up, the way you change the culture is flew specific actions. as to the incognito incident, one of the things that i found is the first story you hear is
7:36 am
not the same as the second and is not the same as the eighth. and they're doing the right thing by bringing in an investigator to look at it. because right now, we really don't know and we're really not going to address it through this abstraction of how you change a culture. you change it through specific actions if and when you find out those actions are warranted. >> okay. well let's take a look at the miami follow dins culture. i'm going to address this to jamal. the coach said, wow, honesty integrity. that's our motto. you hear all of 9 players trashing jonathan martin. incognito is a great guy. we're getting mixed messages. >> listen. football is a collision sport. it's a sport for the most part that requires tough people. tough people physically and mentally. but tough people don't have to be bad people. and what you're seeing here are guys on the miami dolphins
7:37 am
football team who respect a guy who battles day in and day out. he has their book and they know they can count on him -- >> when they say these things about richie, you remember the mean joe green commercial and he gives him his jersey. what if mean joe green was incognito and a kid had asked him for a sip of coke, would he have snacked him and said toughen up? >> i'm not saying that. but obviously what happened here with jonathan martin went too far. and the thing is we don't know everything yet. there are disturbing reports and text messages and different things. i'm like, that goes to the leadership of your team. the things that players, particularly young players, go through there isn't any set rules for each and every time. it's based on the leadership of
7:38 am
your team. but by the way, you're not there to teach -- you should be a man. you've made it now -- there's only 1800 nfl players. millions of kied kids play football. there's 1800 nfl players. you're not there to haze people, but there to win football games. >> exactly. if my little kid wants to be a big football player and admires them and worships them. i'm concerned that they're teaching my kid a message that i don't want them to have. >> as you said, things must have definitely gone too far in this situation. you have to think, how long has the nfl been around? 40, 50 years? this has never happened before at least to a player where a player had to leave a team. >> so it only happened in miami but no place else, come on. >> you've got to think about
7:39 am
this. the nfl locker room is comprised of many different dynamic personalities. the good teams and organizes that have a chance to win year and year out, they manage those personalities successfully with a common goal. to win games and play in the championships. there are a lot of fantastic guys who play in the nfl who do charitable work all over the place with publicity and without. it's like your workplace. everybody in cnn center is not a good person. >> oh, come on. why aren't those player coming out and saying what's or going on, miami? we've got to take a break. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] ladies and gentlemen
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we're talking nfl this hour. cnn's nischelle turner, and more are here to talk with us about this. the nfl grapples with a host of controversy. fans continue to support their team. even in miami, they're not exactly boycotting them over allegations of bullying. many of them seem to be on richie incognito's side. let's talk about that. thomas phillips, welcome. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. so i know you're going to be at
7:44 am
the dolphins-bucs game monday night. how will the fans react when the cameras turn on them? >> it's like a family dispute right now. we're all family. the fans are like wondering what's really -- what is the outcome going to be. everybody want it over fast. but we know it's going to linger on for a long time due to the press, you know, everybody trying to find out something that -- well, put it this way, everyone is speculating a lot of things. we don't really know what's going on. >> it is a shame. because miami a doing better this season. and we all have memories of those great miami teams with dan marie know and now in comes up and sort of tarnishes the brand, doesn't it? >> yeah. i mean it's -- it's rough. it's very rough. you know, we're -- i don't know how to say it.
7:45 am
but, you know, being a football player myself, you know coming up, you know, and just knowing, you know, the camaraderie in the locker room. you know, the playing around, the conversations, you know, it's like, you know, family. i don't -- >> i have some ideas. but, nischelle, i want to post this question to you. they're going to be at the game and cheering on their team, the fans. and if they're team wins, so much the better. but you kind of come to that point where you wonder if player rz and teams really deserve such loyalty. and at what point teams lose the loyalty. >> well, i think when situations like this come up, you see big papa there, who is obviously a miami fan and doesn't want to say anything against their team. most fans are like that. but i think there's comes a point, we're seeing it time and
7:46 am
time again, coming up now. if it's the redskins name change. we see fans saying maybe we should think about this. we're seeing situations like this coming up where fans are now having to ask the question, can i support a player who potentially could have been doing some really damaging hurtful things to another? i do think that the nfl can pretty much withstand any sort of onslaught of bad publicity. they're just wildly popular. you don't hear anyone saying, you know, i hate the nfl. it's a $9.9 billion a year brand. i just don't think these type of things are going to turn people away from the game. >> eric, icht to pose this question to you. i'm a detroit lions fan. i root for sue. now when the lions aren't on the field, if i am thinking
7:47 am
logically that he's a dirty player and he deserves that tag. but when i'm watching the game, i'm all for him. i wonder, how can that be? the nfl has done a good job on me. >> what people say publtly and what people feel are very, very different things. i mean in crisis management, we differentiate between a problem that is huge and one that is chronic. in other words, do we expect this or don't we? i think in the case of incognito and behavior like that, in today's culture, if we're talking about racially charged statements, i think we're dealing with something that is exotic and huge. i think if we're talking about rough-housing, it's whole different thing. the same is true as we go forward on this issue, i think most people will understand that nfl football is not bad mitt ton.
7:48 am
and there's going to be -- there are certain forms of voluntary behavior that we expect to see and are not going to be offended by. if we're talking about that evidence emerges that there are chronic behavior in terms of racism or chronically ignoring injuries, i think it's a different thing. but if you look at what's happening on both accounts, there is a tremendous amount being done to address some of this. >> i've got to take a break. we'll be back with much more after this. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need. and that means growth, lots of cargo going all around the globe. cars and parts, fuel and steel, peas and rice, hey that's nice! ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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7:52 am
someone be a willing participant in going back and forth with one another and then feel that that person cross the the line. >> we're talking nfl this hour with our panel. so let's talk about locker room culture. it's a lot different than the culture in office blgs and job sites most of us are used to. jamal, you spent years inside the nfl locker rooms. jonathan martin's attorney says the issue goes far beyond hazing. he says this is absolutely bullying because of the leflg of abuse, including physical abuse, that jonathan martin endured. in your estimation as you step back and look at all of these convicting stories -- so as you step back and look at all of these conflicting stories, in your mind is it bullying? is it hazing? what is it?
7:53 am
>> the bullying thing, we have a hard time with it. because on play in and play out in this league, you're asked to line up and hit another guy. you're asked, this is a collision sport. so for football players, the guys that know the sport, the bullying aspect is difficult when you're talking about two men who are of equal side in the same group. if the time dolphins as a group, based on what they're saying they didn't know it was occurring to this level, they did not know that -- they're not talking about other people being a party to what happened with jonathan martin. i wonder, is it a situation where he didn't fit the particular culture of their locker room and maybe he wasn't one of their guys. and there you have a difference in how people are approaching the game and what the guys do. again, there are other african-americans who are offensive lineman that play with the dolphins on the line with jonathan martin.
7:54 am
in fact, richie and jonathan were right next to each other. traditionally i've had rookie offensive linemen before. if they're starters, they go through a process where you're teaching them how to be a good pro and what it takes to win. you try to bring them along. jonathan martin was a guy who started and played in the majority of the games he and for the miami dolphins. >> let's go back to what you mentioned about jonathan martin being different than the players. jonathan martin is a smart guy, went to stanford, was going to go to law school. much different than richie incognito. how are they different? >> reporter: they come from two different worlds. you have richie incognito who as we all know was cut twice at nebraska. he goes to oregon, he was only
7:55 am
on the football team there for a month. he enters the inform and he was considered by head coaches to be not draftable because of, quote, character issues. and then he becomes, you know, voted twice one of the nastiest players of the nfl. and then you have a young man, jonathan martin goes to stanford and scores very high. and a guy who talked about going to harvard law where his parents went after his playing days were over. there's a dichotomy. two totally different personalities. and then the questions came up, well, they were best of friends. and you sit there going, what? how does that happen? >> richie incognito last year was voted the good guy on the miami dolphins football team from the miami media. >> he was voted one of the
7:56 am
dirtiest player by the nfl. >> but you just said a moment ago that your favorite player has the same reputation. this is a collision sport. these guys play in what we call the trenches. we can't act su priced when they're a little more physical -- >> i have to take a break. i'm going to let you do that after the break, initial shel. and i want to talk to you woman to woman about this weird man thing going on. begins with kn. [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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8:00 am
nischelle turn you are, you get the last word. >> i just think that this is a very interesting situation here, carol. and i'm concerned about all of the players and current and former that have come out and say can you really be bullied and not taking this so seriously? i think this is a serious issue. and for someone of jonathan martin's stature to come out and say this is happening, that takes a lot of strength so i think we need to listen to his words and listen to them seriously. >> thank you for joining us today. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. hello, don lemon in for ashleigh. it is november th and this is "legal view." we're going to start with breaking news. what we know about this monster typhoon that is tearing its way through the philippines right