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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 9, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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fascinating. encouraging people to watch it and weigh in on the debate. thank you for squloining us. >> thank you for having me. thanks for spending this portion of your weekend with us. christine romans will be with you at 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. here on cnn. have a great weekend. hello everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. welcome to the cnn newsroom. officials in the philippines say it will take days to find out how deadly the storm was. the government confirmed 138 deaths. the red cross claims as many as 1200 killed. 1,000 in the city of to beitocl.
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trees are blocking roads, communication lines are down. torrential rains plus the storm surge have put entire towns under water. many evacuated ahead of the storm, but officials say the storm was too powerful for some evacuation centers, and some people there died. many people helped flood victims escape the rising waters including two of our journalists, producer tim schwarz and cnn international anchor andrew stevens helping in a rescue effort of an injured man, pushing him through waist-high water to safety. >> anymore in there, josh? >> two more. >> they are in tacloban reporting on the typhoon aftermath. >> reporter: the devastation in this city is staggering. no building escaping damage, the destruction caused by typhoon haiyan is everywhere. it left the city cut off from the rest of the country, its
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people increasingly desperate. roads are still impassable, all communications are down. medical supplies are running out. food and water are becoming scarce and reports of looting are widespread. it's impossible at this stage to estimate the cost in human life. we've seen bodies on the streets and we've seen bodies washing up on the beaches. the philippines interior minister can only say the number of deaths will be high. it's estimated perhaps 1 million people live along the low lying coastline, the majority of them in rough-built shacks. even if they could have withstood the winds, they would not have survived the storm surge, a huge perhaps five-meter wall of water that spread across the city at the height of the storm at devastating speed. the water receded as quickly as it came, leaving a trail of destruction. people have been warned to evacuate, but not everybody took the advice. the priority here now is to
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clear the road to the airport so relief supplies can start moving in. 24 hours after the storm the first military helicopters began arriving. but it will be a massive task ferrying in food and supplies to so many. in the meantime, the people of tacloban city search for food and water and for missing loved ones. andrew stevens, tacloban city, central philippines. >> aid agencies are mobilizing to help the victims of the typhoon. to find out how you can help go to a grand jury in new york has indicted 11 people in connection with the violent confrontation between an suv driver and a swarm of bikers. among those indicted is a police detective who was off duty and riding with the bikers back in september, september 29. the bikers are accused of dragging the suv driver out of his vehicle and beating him in front of his wife and 2-year-old daughter. a utah doctor is facing 15 years to life for killing his
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wife. the jury came back with a guilty verdict in the middle of the night. jean casarez was in the courtroom and has this reaction from the doctor's children who pushed for years for his conviction. we, the jury, having reviewed the evidence of the testimony in the case find the defendant as to count one, murder, guilty. [ shouts ] >> as to count two, obstruction of justice, guilty. >> screams of emotion echoed through the courtroom as martin macneill heard his fate sealed. seven long years after the drowning death of his wife michelle in their family bathtub. her daughters and sisters shaking and sobbing uncontrollably as they shed bittersweet tears. >> when it happened, we were kind of like, did we hear that right? it's so surreal. we've been waiting for this for so long. >> after 14 days of testimony, it took the eight-person jury nearly 11 hours to come to a
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verdict. despite relying on circumstantial evidence, prosecutor chad grunander had told the jury to do the right thing. >> we're absolutely thrilled. it's an amazing moment to meet with the family. this has been so long coming for them. emotionally, they found alexis summers to be totally credible. i think they believed her. such a wonderful, strong woman who did not give up on her mother. >> reporter: macneill's daughter, alexis, was the impetus behind the case and pursued her father's prosecution with a vengeance. the verdict was her victory. >> we're just so happy he can't hurt anyone else. we miss our mom. we'll never get her back. that courtroom was full of so many people who loved her. i looked around, and it was full of everyone who loved my mom. i can't believe this has finally happened. we're so -- we're so grateful.
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>> reporter: friday's closing argument by prosecutor chad grunander convinced the jury as a doctor and lawyer, macneill haas had the motive, means and opportunity to kill his wife. it was planned all along, he said, and macneill left plenty of clues along the way. prosecutors proved macneill plied his wife with a deadly dose of drugs after insisting she have a face-lift. then, held her head under water in the bathtub until she drowned. all so he could marry his mistress, gypsy willis. >> who's in the bathtub? >> my wife. >> there's an hour and a half period of time where no one knows where martin is. rush home, take care of your business, give michelle the drugs, fix her up a bath, get her in the tub, hold her head down for a little while and help her out. >> reporter: defense attorney randy spencer spent a year
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preparing for the trial, devastated by the outcome. >> of course, i'm disappointed, but i don't have any comments right now. >> reporter: macneill faces 15 years to life for the murder of his wife of 30 years. >> what do you want to say to michelle right now? >> i love you, michele. i'm glad we could do this for you, and i felt her with us in there. >> just a short time ago, and now other news on a case we're watching, the u.s. navy christening its newest aircraft carrier. >> i christen the united states ship gerald r. ford. may god bless the ship and all who sail her. >> "u.s.s. gerald ford" was unfailed today. the president's daughter smashed the bottle of sparkling wine against the hull of the ship.
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dick cheney and donald rumsfeld who both worked for ford were at the ceremony. the ship is projected to remain in service until 2057. senator ted cruz in the hot seat. >> i've been reading a lot about you lately, and they describe you as aggressive, arrogant and abrasi abrasive. accurate? >> that was just the first question from "the tonight show" host jay leno. the senator's answer straight ahead. [ female announcer ] ladies and gentlemen i'm here to say a few words about the power of baking stuff with nestle toll house morsels. you can heal a broken heart with a bundt cake. make a monday mornin' feel like a friday afternoon with some nestle toll house morsels. let's close our laptops and open our ovens. these things don't bake themselves. we have to bake them for one another. we can bake the world a better place one toll house cookie at a time.
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sleep number. comfort individualized. now checking some political stories making news. sarah palin is in iowa today. she's the keynote speaker at a faith and freedom coalition dinner. palin also has a pretty busy week ahead. she'll be hitting the rode with her new book "good tidings and great joy: protecting the heart of christmas". ted cruz made his late night debut last night. the texas republican talked to jay leno on "the tonight show" and answered questions about his confrontational political style and his opposition to the president's health care plan. >> i've been reading a lot about you lately. they describe you as aggressive, arrogant and abrasive. accurate? >> well, i don't know that you can believe everything you read. >> any one of those? can you believe any one of
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those? >> what i'm trying to do is do my job. and occasionally people don't like that. >> i know you're a man of principle. does that prevent compromise when you're so set on what you do? >> of course not. of course not. my view on compromise is actually the same as what ronald reagan's was. reagan says what do you do if they offer half a loaf? answer, you take it. then you come back for more. >> congressional approval is at 12%. >> i'm amazed it's that high. >> are you amazed it's that high? americans are sick of this brinksmanship, don't you think? >> i think americans are deeply frustrated that washington is broken, and i think it's a bipartisan problem. i think the biggest divide we have is not between republicans and democrats. it is between entrenched politicians in both parties in washington and the american
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people. >> sure. >> my focus has been jobs, economic growth and in particular obama care. obama care is the biggest job killer in this country. it's interesting -- >> the state of texas, they don't want balk care there. >> we don't want balk care because it's taking away their health care. >> 25% of the state doesn't have any health care anyway. obama care would help them, wouldn't it? >> well, it wouldn't, number one, because it's taking away a lot of people's health insurance and number two, it's killing jobs. i'm a big believer in health care reform. i think we ought to reform health care so that it's personal, it's portable, affordable. we ought to empower patients rather than government bureaucrats getting between you and your doctor. >> all right. taking to the late night route on the political trail. we'll talk health straight ahead. low testosterone, a big problem with older men. why drugs to treat the condition could be causing new problems.
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a recent study shows testosterone treatments could cause heart problems in men in their 60s. cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta takes a closer look at that report. >> fred, it's this hot new treatment for older men. you've seen these ads for testosterone replacement therapy, touted as a way to turn back a man's body clock. there was a study published this week in the journal of the
11:48 am
american medical association and found the men taking testosterone therapy had a 29% greater risk of death, heart attack and stroke than those not on the hormone replacement. the way they did the study, researchers looked at more than 8700 men treated through the va hospital who had low testosterone levels and were undergoing a coronary angio graham, a heart vessel angiogram. that looks for blockage or narrowing in the coronary arteries. they found men using testosterone replacement were more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke about three years after they received the angiograms. that is compared to men not on the hormone testosterone therapy. when you look at a study like this, the doctors need to point out this study in particular men probably had some flaws. most of these men were probably at high risk for a heart problem anyway. researchers said even the men in the study whose angiograms were normal, they did still suffer from heart problems if they were on the testosterone replacement.
11:49 am
doctors don't know exactly why testosterone would affect the heart, but they sake the take-home message here is to be cautious. keep in mind, look, this isn't for everybody. it doesn't always work for everybody. so you want to talk about the risks with your doctor, even if you're taking this in a supplement form. we know, we talk about this all the time on this program, that the fountain of youth doesn't come in a bottle, a gel or a cream, even though many of us, fred, wish that it did. >> thanks so much, sanjay. be sure to tune in sanjay gupta m d. at 4:30 eastern, he'll have more details on the fda's move to ban trans fats from food. despite the warnings about testosterone, you probably heard of a 74-year-old doctor who uses it and a human growth hormone to fight aging. he sure looks like he may have hit on a secret. medical experts say he could be putting his health at risk for the sake of looking young. here is kyung lah. >> reporter: this is the bodity of a man who uses
11:50 am
performance-enhancing drugs, virtually the same ones connected to lance armstrong, olympian marion jones and baseball player alex rodriguez. but this man is not a professional athlete. jeffrey life is 74 with the rock hard body and claims the mental sharpness of a man half his age. >> everyone is going to age. i'm not against aging. i'm against getting old. >> reporter: he claims no one has to with daily rigorous workouts, a strict low carb diet and injections of testosterone and human growth hormone, hgm. >> what we use it for is to improve health, slow and prevent disease and improve quality of life. i like to think i'm kind of blazing a trail for the baby boomer generation. >> reporter: a journey that dr. life, a family physician began years ago. this was him before exercise and supplements. this is him today. >> how does this 74-year-old
11:51 am
doctor keep looking younger and younger as he ages? the answer the sen general nicks elite health program. >> reporter: they run a chain of clinics calling it the largest anti-aging industry that relies on test toast roane and hgh. last year they report they made $100 million in revenue. it targets about 80 million aging baby boomers looking for any way to turn back the hands of time. the food and drug administration regulates the use of hgh, stressing the hormone is not an approved treatment for anti-aging. so how does cenegenics focuses on the natural depletion of hormones as we age. dr. life says his patients who are giving hgh suffer from growth hormone deficiency, one of the few fda approved reasons
11:52 am
for taking hgh. he says patients here go through a pituitary gland test to meet the regulations. 62-year-old gerald schlesinger was told that was his problem, like all patients who take the hormones, he says he is monitored and tested four times a year for his testosterone and hgh intake. he now feels like he's 40. that comes with a hefty price tag. all this can cost up to $15,000 a year, cash only. >> my health is first, and whatever it costs me, it's worth it. >> reporter: if you think this is too good to be true, you're not alone. many doctors agree, saying, sure, there may be short-term gain, but there will be long-term cost. >> it's a fallacy to say that even in low doses that these drugs are not harmful. >> reporter: dr. tom pearls, professor of medicine at boston university school of medicine wouldn't talk specifically about
11:53 am
cenegenics but is a vocal critic of the anti-aging provement. >> i believe it's quackery. >> reporter: he says there's no rhettable studies. and warns it can enlarge organs, even trigger cancer. >> what do you say to the medical community who says you're selling a bunch of voodoo and this is potentially dangerous because it's so untested. >> we don't know what the long-term consequences are going to be of testosterone replacement therapy and growth hormone replacement therapy. >> what's wrong with getting old? >> that's an argument a lot of doctors use. who wants to get old if you don't have to. >> if next year for some reason you get cancer, will you blame these supplements? >> no, i will not. >> reporter: what he will do is continue to be the post ever grandpa of a company and a movement that believes the riskier move is to turn away from this fountain of youth they found in diet, dumb bells and drugs. kyung lah, cnn, las vegas.
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a massive storm strikes, one of the biggest to ever make landfall. we'll have details on the damage caused by a massive typhoon in a few minutes here in the newsroom. [ horn honks ] [ passenger ] airport, please. what airline? united. [ indian accent ] which airline, sir? [ passenger ] united. whoa taxi! [ british accent ] what airline, then? [ passenger ] united. all right. [ spanish ] what airline? [ passenger ] united. ♪ [ mandarin ] which airline? [ passenger ] united.
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time now for the good stuff, stories that will make you feel good and leave a smile on your face. how about this? a 1-year-old in south carolina is doing something doctors have never seen before right there. he is rolling his own wheelchair. wyatt banks has a neurological disorder. he's so precious. six months ago the condition paralyzed him from the waist down. he regained some movement. so his parents decided to try something new. >> we just put him in a wheelchair to see what he would do. we didn't expect him to push or propel himself at this point. but we put him in there and held a toy out and he knew exactly
11:58 am
what to do. >> that is so sweet. wyatt is doing physical therapy. his doctors are hopeful that he could indeed walk soon. wow. here is a story that might restore your faith in humanity. a tennessee mother and daughter on vacation in daytona beach, florida, were walking on the beach when they found a purse with $13,000 in cash and thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry inside. so what did they do? they turned it over to authorities who then tracked down the rightful owner in maryland. here is a reminder to never lose hope. a nebraska man is getting back a motorcycle stolen from him in omaha 46 years ago. donald devo reporting the 1953 triumph tiger stolen in 1957. customs and border agents say it was headed to japan when he was recovered last week at the port of long angles. some good news for nors gods
11:59 am
everywhere. variety reports people are packing theaters for "thor, the dark world." the second installment of the superhero franchise is expected to make $84 million in its opening weekend. that would be about $20 million more than the first movie. -- captions by vitac -- top of the hour now. i'm fredricka whitfield. here are the top stories this hour. a super typhoon leaves a trail of death and destruction in the philippines. we have astonishing new images from the storm zone. >> as to count two, obstruction of justice -- >> emotional reaction to the verdict of a utah doctor accused of murdering his wife and the jury's decision. huge pieces of a satellite are expected to fall to earth over the next few days.
12:00 pm
we'll tell you what scientists are saying about exactly when and where it might land. the tragedy unfolding in the philippines from a massive storm. while the government's official death toll stands at 138, the red cross estimates as many as 1200 people have been killed by super typhoon haiyan. 1,000 deaths are believed to be in one coastal town, the city of tacloban. homes and buildings there are leveled from the storm's ferocious 195-mile-per-hour winds. trees are blocking roads and communication lines are down. torrential rains plus the storm surge have put entire towns under water. many people