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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 14, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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to take the mantle of just reporting. >> fantastic, thanks, chris. have a great day call of you. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in "the newsroom" terror in the sky. >> i thought i was going to die and that's what everybody on that plane thought, that we were all going to die. >> a southwest plane in a harrowing descent, plummeting almost 30,000 feet. >> he says, we're going down. >> reporter: a conversation between a pilot and his flight attendant broadcast to the entire cabin. this morning southwest tells its side of the story. also, ads pitching obama care, college kids doing keg stands, flirty girls talking about getting birth control, and then there's this. >> you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor, lower premiums for everyone! >> reporter: is this really the best way?
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plus -- markets on a roll, your 401(k) soaring. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. time is running out for the white house to try to fix one of obama care's biggest blunders, i'm talking about the inability of millions of americans to keep the health coverage they already have if they like it. top administration officials are headed to capital hill in a few hours to try to hammer out a possible fix. tomorrow house republicans plan to take a swing at that. in its first month fewer than 27,000 people signed up for health insurance through heal healthcare.ghealth karcare car jim acosta and chris frates join me from washington.
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good morning to you both. jim, first of all who is going to this capitol hill meeting and what potential fixes are they going to talk about? >> reporter: dennis mcdonough chief of staff will be headed to capitol hill to meet with senator democrats who are nerve bus what is happening right now. you mentioned those people losing their insurance plans despite the president's pledge, if you like your plan, you can keep it. in terms of potential fixes, with he know last week the white house started talking about administrative fixes but all along officials have been telling us they've been open to legislative fixes and one potential proposal that is gaining momentum at this point is a bill being advanced by louisiana senator mary landrieu, up for re-election next year we should mention, that proposal would allow those consumers to continue buying those plans that they have right now, as long as they keep up with their payments, they can keep those plans. it is unclear as to how long all of that would go on but the insurance companies would not be able to cancel those plans, so it would provide some relief to
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those consumers. there's another proposal over in the house advanced by republican fred upton that would basically allow the insurers to continue selling these plans that the obama administration says does not meet obama care standards. the white house, it's interesting to note, carol, the white house has sort of been saying no, we don't like the upton plan but they haven't been saying that about the landrieu plan, which is why i think you're going to be seeing those officials talking with senate democrats about that proposal later today. the white house, by the way, has said that the president will come up with a fix for some of this "sooner rather than later" so we're going to be seeing some news on that front i think in short order. >> he's got big problems to fix, because chris i'll pose this question to you. 1 million people in california have already had their policies canceled, so how does the president fix that? >> well, carol, that is a big problem for the white house here, and what you have is an insurance commissioner in california who i talked to yesterday i posed to him that
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question and he said there's not a lot that he can do. he has no ability to make the insurance companies bring those folks back, but californians are lucky. they are able to use a state exchange, where they can go in, it's been working better than, the federal exchange and they can sign up for insurance on their state exchange so for those 1 million californ californians who have lost their coverage because they've been canceled by insurance companies officials tell me they should go to the exchanges, it's working better than, the federal exchange and they may be able to get some relief through that avenue. >> but they're still not, but will they be able to keep the plan that they had that they liked? they won't be able to do that even by going through the state exchanges >> well that's right, carol, that is the political problem here for the obama administration. they promised americans, if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. that certainly will not be the case for at least 1 million people in california and and more people across the country
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and that is part of what jim was talking about, how do we mix this for democrats like mary landrieu in louisiana and other senator democrats in republican states this could be a political liability for the president. we see poll numbers out from gallup, 55% of people disapprove of health care reform, that's worrying to a lot of democrats who are up for election in november. >> all right, senior white house correspondent jim acosta, cnn investigative correspondent chris frates thank you so much. an alarming wake-up call along the florida coast as a 35-foot sinkhole opens up underneath two homes. earlier on cnn, one of the homeowners said he knew sinkholes were a possible problem, and he was working with an insurance company to try to get it quicked. they were working on the house to get that sink hole fixed, we're back and forth with the
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insurance company, they just wanted to do a droughting fix. after the incident, we decided well we're scared to sleep here, let's get it fixed the way the insurance company wanted it and they started two days ago and, well, that's the result. >> the sinkhole keeps growing, no injuries reported, luckily, not yet. we're in trouble, we're going down, imagine those words echoing over your plane's loud speaker, coming from the pilot in the cockpit. it's exactly what passengers say they heard this week, just as their southwest airlines flight into raleigh-durham went into a nosedive. heather walga from wtvd has the story. >> -- that i was going to die, and that's what everybody on that plane thought, that we were all going to die. just by one word of the captain. >> reporter: shelly was on her way home from tampa when the
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southwest flight took a dramatic drop midair. passengers went into panic mode, she was trying to help the first time flyer next to her clutching her chest. >> i'm thinking oh my god she's going to scare himself into having a heart attack. >> reporter: she said passengers reached for their cell phones and she typed this message to her daughter. >> i love you alyssa, listen my plane is going down. >> reporter: minutes later the boeing 737 leveled out and went on to make an emergency landing at rdu. >> the last words were "thank you for hanging with us." >> reporter: in a statement southwest says flight 3426 experienced a maintenance alert as they were on descent into rdu. the captain declared an emergency and descended the aircraft to 25,000 feet were the alert was resolved. throughout the remainder the flight was normal, landed uneventfully and not met by
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emergency vehicles. abc 11 learned the alert went off due to irregular cabin pressure. according to flight stats it took crews just one hour to fix the plane before it went on to baltimore. wells says the terrifying ordeal has her thinking twice about flying with the airline again. >> you think of your kids, your family. i think they just could have handled it a little bit differently. >> as you heard, passengers are quite upset over what happened. here is part of the statement southwest airlines e-mailed to them. it says, as the flight was awaeching raleigh-durham the pilots observed a loss of normal cabin pressure. in the response the captain made the appropriate manuality adjustments and began the descent a little earlier." the e-mail continues "during this time as the captain was communicating his plan with flight attendants he inadvert t inadvertently activated the p.a. system in the cabin.
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we sincerely regret any confusion caused by the relay of information." southwest is giving $ 00 vouchers to passengers so they can "have better air travel memories." a runway key to getting typhoon relief into the philippines is now operating 24/7, planes had only been able to land the attack low ban because of a power outage. u.s. troops on the ground installed runway lights and beacons so aid supplies can be delivered now around the clock. still to come in "the newsroom" a convicted murderer was set to be executed today but now the child killer wants to donate his organs. after the break why the ohio governor delayed the lethal injection, an unprecedented move and what happens now. [ lane ] do you ever feel like you're growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair.
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in an unprecedented move the execution of a convicted child rapist and killer is on hold, because the inmate, ronald phillips, wants to donate his organs to his sick relatives. the ohio department of corrections originally denied his request to donate his organs but the governor wants to look into it. phillip has eight more months to live. his execution was already surrounded by controversy, because of the debate over an untested combination of lethal injection drugs that many medical experts say could cause an excruciating death. cnn's national correspondent deb feyerick has more. >> reporter: when william happ was put to death by legal injection it took 14 minutes or twice the normal average for him to die. >> he was conscious and aware for a longer period of time than is typical, and he seemed to be
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grimacing or showing indications of discomfort. >> reporter: the execution in florida last month was carried out with a drug never before used for that purpose. >> the cruel and unusual punishments clause is about having humane executions, not just taking whatever is in your kitchen cupboard. >> reporter: in ohio, prison officials had planned to use an untested sedative/pain killer combination to execute ronald phillips, who was conviktded of raping and murdering his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter. the drugs used in the 32 death penalty states are now running out. the drug manufacturers, many based in europe, banned their sale to prisons which are now left scrambling. >> they want to carry out these executions that they have scheduled but they don't have the drugs and they're changing and trying new procedures, never used before in the history of executions. >> reporter: prison officials are in a difficult position, says former scan quentin warden jean woodford who presided over
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four executions. >> they're charged with their responsibility of carrying out the law so in doing that they have to make decisions. >> reporter: up until five years ago most states use the same three-drug protocol, the first puts the inmate to sleep, the second par lieses the body, the third and most painful potassium chlori chloride, stops the heart. the shortage forced some states to buy imitation drugs from loosely regulated compounding pharmacies, at least six states went so far as to break the law by importing drugs from outside the u.s. >> states are paying for the drugs with cash to avoid any tracking, they're getting them from each other, some were obtained from the back room of a pharmacy overseas, and those were seized by our drug enforcement agency. >> reporter: missouri had planned to use a fatal dose of propofol, part of the so-called michael jackson cocktail. instead the governor temporarily postponed executions pending
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review. and carol, inmates are challenging the use of these new drugs in federal court. there is a lawsuit, they want to make sure that they are humane. there are at least ten executions scheduled between now and christmas, and there are going to be four to five different drug combinations used in each of those. car carol? >> deborah feyerick reporting live from new york this morning, thanks. still to come in "the newsroom," "time" magazine gives us a look at never before seen photos taken minutes before jfk's assassination. 1ñp
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next friday marks the 50th anniversary of the day president john f. kennedy was assassinated in dallas. this morning we're getting a first look at never before seen photos taken minutes before his assassination. the photos published in the latest issue of "time" magazine were only recently discovered after the death of an amateur photographer, images like this one show jfk and a smiling first lady looking directly into the camera. at least jfk is in this one. join me radika jones deputy managing editor for "time" magazine. welcome. >> good morning. >> good morning. i want to put up some of the photos and tell us why "time" magazine feels they're so special and why we need to see the pictures. >> 50 years later it's such a visceral event. on the one hand it's one of the most photographically familiar events in american history, probably so many people have seen the zapruder film, the
6:21 am
famous assassination and so many people have seen the picture of lyndon johnson sworn in after kennedy's death. when we saw the pictures when they came to us a couple of months ago we felt this really visceral kind of transportation to that moment. they're so fresh, the crowd is so lively. the kennedys they feel so full of vitality, and knowing that minutes later, the president would be dead, it just really transports you back to that moment and that's what we wanted to show our readers. >> it's so chilling and the other interesting part of the photos, the amateur photographer was familiar with the city of dallas so we saw the depository picture there, we see pictures of the grassy knoll, that is of course a memorial. all fascinating but chilling, too. >> they are etched in our memory and this photographer as you say was an amateur photographer, and had lived in new zealand,
6:22 am
photographed there during world war ii, came to dallas, he was a jeweler, and he was a kennedy fan and he was very excited when the kennedys came to dallas. he staked out a good spot to photograph them, and of course what he ended up photographing was something incredibly tragic. he boxed up those negatives and never look at them again, and it wasn't until his death in 2005 that his daughter went through and found a box that was labeled "163 kenned "1963 kennedy" and looked at the slides and realized what she had. >> the last question i'd like to ask you, you know, these pictures capture a moment in history that will never happen again. by that i mean back then people really thought the president was the father of our country. they loved the president. today nobody considers the president the father of our country, and i don't think that day will ever recapture that as americans. do you? >> i mean, i think there are
6:23 am
still incredibly special moments to do with the presidency when you think about presidential inaugurations, moments of state, certainly the first inauguration of obama was an historic moment for this nation. people felt a similar kind of energy but certainly this was a moment in american history before speaking broadly before our trust was shattered in government institutions, and the assassination of president kennedy was part of that slide. you think about the further assassinations that followed of martin luther king jr., of robert kennedy, you think about watergate and various scandals of the '70s and all of these events when you combine them have sort of eroded trust in the stability and security of government institutions. i would say the other striking thing difference between then and now is of course now, everybody has a camera in his or her pocket, everybody can take video. but at the time that wasn't the case and so these artifacts are special in a way that i think you wouldn't have today.
6:24 am
>> radhika jones, deputy managing editor of "time" thank you for joining us and sharing the pictures. tom hanks was just a boy when president kennedy was assassinated nearly 50 years ago. he talked with cnn's cristiane amanpour how he remembers november 22nd, 1963 and his new documentary on jfk which will air on cnn. >> i remembered thinking that this doesn't happen in the real world, a president doesn't get shot in front of everybody the way john f. kennedy was. at 7 years old i'm barely even a socially conscious being, but the overpowering sadness of every adult i came across was rattling. >> what will the film show us? >> well, the stuff we're doing for cnn is really taking how television covered these great moments both of history and sort
6:25 am
of like society, everything from news reports to like the british invasion of rock bands, and it's how this medium that was really just coming in, too, its first great technological muscles and how it now looks so incredibly primitive, that we almost wonder how we hung so much importance on the truth that television told us, when really it was dictated by copper wire and innuendo almost. >> cnn puts you on the ground 50 years ago, the day president kennedy was shot, and how the events of that day changed the nation and the world. don't miss the premiere of "the assassination of president kennedy" airs tonight 9:00 eastern and pacific time on cnn. [ male announcer ] this is jim, a man who doesn't stand still.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. alcohol abuse, illegal drug use
6:30 am
and behavior best described as, oh, erratic, toronto mayor rob ford once again refused to step aside or take a leave of absence, this time he directly defied the toronto city council, the side show is quickly taking over city government. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> yes, i have. >> thank you. >> mr. mayor, do you think you have an addiction problem with alcohol? >> absolutely not. >> mr. mayor, do you think you have an addiction problem with substance abuse and elicit drugs? >> absolutely not. the reason i drank or did drugs was not because of stress. it was out of sheer stupidity. that's all it was. so i'm not going to blame something, i'm not going to use
6:31 am
an excuse or a cop-out. i take full responsibility for my mistakes. >> is there some way that you can explain to us why you don't want to take a leave of absence? >> there is no need for me to take a leave of absence. i'm returning my calls. i'm going to committees. i'm watching every single dime that's being spent here. i've done it for 13 years and i'm going to continue doing it for another five years, one this time and four more after october 27th. >> have you admitted all of your problems? i can't come out any -- i don't know what else -- i don't know. i -- i don't know, there might be like a coat hanger left in my closet, i don't know, that's -- i don't know what's left. i don't -- i -- counselocilor i made mistakes that's it. >> will you get help? >> i'm not an addict of any sort so i'm not quite sure why you're saying i need help. >> there's nothing else to say, guys. i i, i really f'd up, if you want
6:32 am
to carry this on, i can't stop you. i'm moving on. you guys can do what you want. i apologize again, i'm sorry, that's all i have to say. >> cnn's paula newton was in that city council meeting yesterday and i can't even imagine what that must have been like, paula. >> reporter: well, i felt like i had been on the couch as well, so did everyone else there. it was uncomfortable to watch and let's underscore the fact there is a budget on the table here of $9 billion for the city, there are more important things to do. having said that, right out of the gate this morning, carol, the mayor came in and told us that in reaction to new allegations that came out yesterday, there were interviews released from court documents with his staff members, the mayor says he is now suing those former staff members for alleging that he was out of control, drunk driving, binge drinking, taking drugs and with a person they believed to be an escort. now the mayor was saying that he didn't want to have to take legal action but that the
6:33 am
allegations quote/unquote make him sick, that the person was not a prostitute but a family friend and that the allegations were hurting his family and his wife. carol, the fee os cocontinues here. you heard the mayor say and what we just heard was that he said "i had nothing left to side" yet saying a so-called coat hanger. there could be more coming out in court documents next week and more stories coming out from local papers that show, again, more of a pattern of erratic behavior. >> so many americans are sitting back and asking themselves why can't the city council in toronto get rid of this guy? why don't they just vote him out of -- why can't they do that? why didn't they impeach him? >> reporter: the people of toronto voted him in -- i feel like i'm parroting rob ford here but let's make something clear, the way the rules go that means that the people of toronto voted him in. the only thing that could potentially get him out of
6:34 am
office, one is the province steps in and basically seizes the city government, we don't see that happening and two, if he is charged and then convicted, carol, of anything. he is not charged yet so far, so we're talk being a long way down the road. it's incredibly difficult to understand why people would even support him and again we're talking about a man who probably arguably still has about 40% support in this city and that's solid support. two-thirds people saying look, if he gets help we may vote for him again anyway. the election coming next fall, mayor ford saying he's still running. >> wow. paula newton, thanks so much. we appreciate it. other stories we're following this morning at 34 minutes past hot you are, in a few hours white house officials are set to meet with senate democrats on capitol hill looking for a fix people's health care plans are getting canceled under obama care. the issue is driving a wedge between the president and angry members of his own party. tomorrow the house is expected
6:35 am
to vote on a republican proposal that would allow people to keep their plans. $9 mun million later there is no scientific proof of program that teaches tsa officers to spot terrorists by simply observing their behavior actually works. that's according to a new report from the government accountability office. the report says congress would be wasting money if it keeps paying for this program. tsa says cutting money would damage security. a hearing getting under way to look at how the deadly shooting at lax unfolded. tsa administrator john pistole will testify before a subcommittee, expected to discuss lessons learned from the shooting that left one tsa officer dead. if you haven't been keeping an eye on your 401(k) this year a happy surprise! balances have hit record highs. christine romans is here with more on that. good morning, christine. >> good morning, carol. this morning the dow jones industrial average at a record
6:36 am
again, i think this is the 37th of the year, the close is above here where it is today the 37th record high close of the year so the stock market has been going in the direction of savers and investors who are investing in their 401(k). let me show you what fidelity says the average balance now is of the 12.6 million 401(k)s they have. record high $84,300. for the people who have been investing every month through their paychecks over ten years that average balance is now $223,100. we've never seen those averages quite this high. it is i guess validation really of what you've seen this year in the stock market, but i would caution that about half of americans are not invested in the stock market in any way. they do not have a 401(k), so for them it is the jobs market, that's the most important thing here. i expect we'll hear from janet yellen at her confirmation hearing today before the senate banking committee that she is still concerned about jobs in america. carol? >> christine we'll have more on
6:37 am
that in the next hour of "newsroom." christine romans live from new york this morning. here's what's all new in the next hour of "newsroom." >> he says we're going down and everybody is looking around like is this a joke? is he serious? >> a terrifying ordeal on a southwest flight, passengers frantically contacting their loved ones to say good-bye, after a pilot's private comment goes out to the entire cabin. we'll talk to a passenger who was on board. plus is it the $3 billion snub? imagine being offered all that money to sell your company and saying no. that's exactly what a young ceo told facebook, so what he's holding out for? we'll discuss, in the next hour of "cnn newsroom." [ sniffles, coughs ]
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all right, this just in to me, i'm reading it off my e-mail, bear with me here, has to do with obama care and the president. as we told you at the top of the show the president is meeting with powerful democrats at the white house today and i'm sure they'll be talking about how to allow people to keep their insurance plan and a lot of people as you know have had their insurance plans canceled under obama care. well, nancy pelosi just said "the president will offer a proposal today, that is my understanding." we assume what she means by that is the president will offer some proposal today to allow people to keep the health care plans that they want, that they already have. maybe that they've lost, but we're not sure about that part. so we're awaiting word from the president, we're awaiting more word from nancy pelosi, and of course jim acosta is hot on this story, he'll bring us more information as soon as he gets
6:41 am
it. on to other news another pressing problem for the president and his health care plan, the lack of young people signing up for obama care. after all obama care cannot survive without young customers to offset the costs of older sick people. so some pro obama care groups are putting ads jonl line onlin young people. i'll let you look at the ads and you can decide. this is a colorado nonprofit, an offshoot of the you got milk commercial. hey girl you're excited about easy access to birth control and i'm excited about getting to know you. my budget will stay balanced even if i don't because i have insurance. more than one person out there says these ads are lame, even offensive. joining us now, adam fox, director of strategic engagement for cchi, one you have the groups that created these ads, and ken wheaton, managing editor
6:42 am
for ad age. adam i'll start with you since i just dissed your ads. some people say they're offensive especially to women. >> you know, we're really just trying to raise people's awareness about the new health insurance options, that they have access to, and really trying to get people talking about the reasons that they should be thinking about getting health insurance and start the shopping process. >> but is advertising what you can get under your new insurance plan birth control really the way to go? young people are more concerned about just sex and i know everybody's laughing at me right now but they really are, they have other problems in their lives. >> there are a lot of reasons that people need health insurance, and reproductive health care and birth control is fundamental basic health care, and it's really important for anybody of a reproductive age to have access to that, in order to take control of their life and health care decisions. >> you know, republicans have glomed onto the ads and say you're pushing sex like every
6:43 am
liberal out there, making women look like prostitutes. i'm just saying stuff i've heard, you know, in the blogosphere. >> women are strong, independent human beings capable of making their own decisions and when 99% of american women have used birth control at some point in their life and birth control is now more accessible because of obama care, that benefits millions of women. >> and i don't understand the controversy over birth control either honestly but i just had to ask you that question. i hope you understand. ken, i'll pose this to you when you see these ads online, do you think they're effective? you're the expert. >> i got to be honest, the first time i saw these ads i thought they might have been put out by a republican group trying to undermine obama care because they were just played into some of these stereotypes of progressives and millenials, but you know, the more i think about it, the more they might actually be on to something here. if you look at some of the ads for exchanges in states like
6:44 am
oregon, they're so sort of goofy and they don't say anything and it's nice music, but these ads once you get past the first couple of silly brochurance and the birth control girl, they are giving specifics to why young people should look into this and did it on a shoestring budget of $5,000 to create the ads and maybe $100 of social media promotion and it got caught on, caught on with critics mostly, but it's still getting out there. will it work? i'm not so sure. >> these are the ads pushing people toward obama care, there are also ads put out by republicans that tries to drive young people away from signing up. i'd like to show our viers one of these. >> i'm in the private sector. >> i'mby pa care. >> what are you doing? >> addressing the people. you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor. lower premiums for everyone! >> actually that's a lie.
6:45 am
>> i know but i want people too like me. >> try telling them the truth. >> no, that will never work. >> so adam, it's obvious that they're spoofing an existing ad, those mac ads. do you think the ads are effective, do they effectively combat yours? >> you know, i think they're always going to be people who are going to be pushing one way or another around policy issue, really when it comes down to it, we know that people want access to health insurance, and health care, so that they can get the care they need when they need it. so i think that it's really a matter, it will come down to people really wanting health insurance and figuring out a way to get it. >> all right, adam fox with cchi, when wheaton of ad age, thanks so you both. i'm sorry i had to end this early but i have to get to this breaking news. we'll head to washington and jim acosta. the president is supposed to put out a proposal late today to fix
6:46 am
what's wrong with obama care. jim do we know what that proposal will be? >> reporter: we don't want to go too far on this carol, we don't know what the proposal is and we should caution our viewers the white house has not confirmed whether or not the president will come out with a prose polled aproposal today but nancy pelosi said this at the washington ideas forum an event going on in the nation's capitol earlier this morning she expects the president could come put aa proposal. >> i think it can be done administratively, the president will offer a proposal today is my understanding, and we have our own proposal which we think is really good, but we'll see. and it has to be done in the next little period. >> reporter: just to give you a little bit of context as to what might be happening and how this may be unfold, the white house
6:47 am
chief of staff will be up on the senate side talking to senator democrats about what may be about to unfold over here at the white house in terms of potential fixes, administrative fixes or legislative fixes. for the last week or so, carol, the white house said they've been working on administrative fixes but they've been open to legislative fixes, that's why you're hearing from people like mary landrieu and incumbent democrat up for re-election next year, vulnerable democrat making her own proposal for people who like their insurance plan to keep their insurance plan requiring the insurers to allow people to stay on the plans so long as they keep making propose from republicans the white house has been cool to but the white house is not knocking down the mary landrieu proposal. deidra walsh our producer on the house here at cnn she has been told by two senior house democratic aides leaders have not been given specifics but they expect administration officials to detail at a 2:30.
6:48 am
caucus meetings some of the proposals that are being talked about inside the administration, so things seem to be picking up some steam as to what that proposal from the president might be, and of course he's under a lot of pressure, carol, not only do you have the obama care enrollment numbers that were disappointing and scramb scrambling to fix the website, all receiving the cancellation notices despite his pledge if you like your plan can he keep it. those cancellation letters have been coming in by the hundreds of thousands across the country, surprising a lot of lawmakers and that is what is really driving the train at this point. >> we'll check back with you, jim acosta good reporting live from the white house this morning. still to come the rise of 3-d printing could mean a rising threat to national security. the atf is sounding the alarm on plastic guns that could make it into sports arenas and airports undetected. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd.
6:49 am
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6:53 am
all right. our senior white house correspondent jim acosta fast on his feet. fast on the ground. he has new information to tell you about president obama, which reportedly will make some sort of statement on obama care around 11:45 this morning. tell us more, jim. >> that's right, carol. you know, this e-mail landed in my inbox a few minutes before that commercial break. the president is expected to make an announcement. a state, the white house says, on the affordable care act at 11:45 in the briefing room. inside the white house. typically in those situations, carol, the president does not take questions from the press. it will be interesting to see
6:54 am
whether he will be taking questions. it's not being billed as a news conference. administration officials have been telling us that a fix for the affordable care act will be coming sooner rather than later. quote, sooner rather than later. i think we should expect, carol, this will be the president make an announcement as to what he plans to do for all those billions of people who are getting cancellation notices from their insurance companies even though he made that pledge, if you like your plan, you can keep it. dana bash over on capitol hill can talk about the white house has been warm or receptive to democratic ones, not so much to republican ones. just yesterday, white house press secretary jay carney set about a proposal proposed by mary landrieu that, the president supports the same goals that mary landrieu supports, despite the pledge he made earlier, that if you like
6:55 am
your plan, you can keep it. we'll see what he says in about an hour and a half from now, carol. >> i'll let you collect your thoughts. jim acosta, reporting live from the white house. fears are growing that criminals may be able to use revolutionary 3-d print technology to make their own plastic guns that could get into courthouses and airports undetected. bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms says it was able to build and fire a plastic gun available from blueprints available for free online. now the clock is ticking that would make guns like this one illegal. evan perez is following the story. good morning, evan. >> good morning, carol. this firearm is called the liberator. it was downloaded off the internet by the atf and tested in a lab in recent months. now the atf for the first time has released results of those tests and they say it performs almost as well as, you know, a
6:56 am
commercially available handgun, pistol. and so now the question is, how do we react to the fact that there is a law that's expiring on december 9th that the atf says raises the possibility that these plastic pistols could be snuck into a school, could be snuck into a courthouse and could cause, you know, a public safety problem around the country. now, there are a couple of bills in congress that are pending, but there appears to be no movement on efforts to try to pass anything that could extend this law. right now, those plastic weapons are required to have a piece of metal in them. and once this law expires december 9th, that's no longer the case, carol. >> i'm sure you'll keep following this story. evan perez, live in washington. next hour of "newsroom" after a break.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we do begin this hour with breaking news. we are about 90 minute as way from hearing the president explain how he plans to fix one of president obama's biggest blunders. the problem is the inability of millions of americans to keep the health coverage they already have, if they like it. president obama will announce his plan from the white house briefing room.
7:01 am
senior white house correspondent jim acosta is at the white house on the phone with us. now chief congressional correspondent dana bash. thanks to you both. jim, i'll start with you. what will the president say? >> reporter: good question, carol. i don't know at this point. white house officials are being tight lipped about what the president will say at 11:35 in the briefing room here at the white house. it's safe to report that this announcement is coming as administration officials have been saying, quote, sooner rather than later. you'll be hearing from the president describe and outline what he wants to do to provide some fixes or adjustments to the affordable care act. aka, obama care, to deal with those millions of americans who are receiving cancellation notices despite his pledge, if you like your plan, you can keep it. earlier this morning, we can point out, it just happened within the last 90 minutes or so, house minority leader nancy pelosi said she was expecting just this announcement later today. here is what nancy pelosi had to
7:02 am
say. >> i think it can be done administratively. the president will offer a proposal today is my understanding. and we have our own proposal, which we think is really good. but we'll see. and it has to be done in the next little period. >> reporter: now one thing we should point out is that at the briefing yesterday, jay carney did sort of foreshadow this, saying this fix would be announced sooner rather than later and my colleague, dana bash, was saying she was hearing from democratic sources as of last night about this potential fix coming soon. one thing that we should point out, the chief of staff of this white house, dennis mcdonough, he will be up on capitol hill talking to senate democrats. and as deidre walsh is saying on the house side as well. this seems it's a big rollout today. perhaps not as bigative rollout as the one for obama care, carol, but a fixed rollout that is happening in washington today, carol. >> stay right there. i'm going to go to dana bash
7:03 am
right now. i know senator mary landrieu floated an idea to fix the problem but i heard nancy pelosi say it could be an administrative fix. what do you take away from that? >> reporter: certainly a lot of democrats, including nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders would prefer it to be an administrative fix for the obvious reason. it's easier and republicans run the house, not democrats. and so that's just -- that's just the bottom line and the reality. however, you also have democrats who want to have a vote, want to get on record. mary landrieu is probably one of them and several others who want to say to their constituents, look, i voted for this to fix it, not just to sit back and be a passive player. i'm hearing that from many democratic sources on capitol hill. so, if it is possible that even if the president does announce an administrative fix, which we think at this point that is what he will do, it is possible that
7:04 am
we might see some legislation move in the senate. obviously, we know there will be a vote in the house already with the republicans' bill tomorrow. we should point out that is the context in which this is happening, to take a step back and ask why now. we reported earlier this week that house democrats gave the white house a defacto deadline of tomorrow to come up with a fix. the reason is because there is going to be a vote on a republican bill that would allow people to keep their health plans if they want to. however, it is the kind of bill that the administration says would simply undermine the entire law and they want democrats to vote against it. but politically, a lot of democrats are telling the white house, including especially in a pretty heated meeting we reported on yesterday on capitol hill, you've got to come up with a solution or else we're going to defect and vote for this republican bill. that's the context of the timing here, why the president is coming out and doing this now. >> dana bash, jim acosta, many thanks.
7:05 am
the president is expected to make some sort of statement on obama care 11:35 eastern, about an hour and a half from now. of course, we'll report it when it happens. there is a new scandal rocking the secret service. the washington post reporting at least one of president obama's secret service supervisors is under investigation. it all started in a bizarre incident at this upscale washington hotel. according to the washington post, an agent reportedly left a bullet in a woman's room. and then he tried to get back into the room to get the bullet. that led to the revelation of even more possible misconduct. this time, involving sex and e-mail. cnn's joe johns is following this story. it sounds so house of cards, doesn't it? >> reporter: it does, carol. we're getting differing versions of this. this is a story first reported by the washington post last night. a secret service review was launched as a part of the newspaper's inquiries. a government saurs says the
7:06 am
agent supervisor who removed the bullet from his gun may have a problem in this investigation. though it's not clear where all of this was headed. no police report was filed. and the source said this morning that the woman in the hotel room did not file a complaint either, said to be embarrassed it all happened. apparently an acquaintance of the agent, the source said the review of e-mails, which is routine, does not show anything explicitly suggestive, but that that second supervisor involved in all of this mentioned "the washington post" piece was not removed from any detail as some reports have suggested. according to this source, his name has gotten involved in the investigation. not quite clear what his connection to all of this is. this all got started as a result of allegations of sexually charged texts and e-mails. but the government source says so far they haven't found that type of thing in their review. carol? >> but this all comes after that prostitution scandal from last
7:07 am
april. >> right. >> come on. >> exactly. you can be clear that there is a huge sensitivity to this issue because of the prostitution scandal in cartacarta. they're investigating very carefully, very sensitive about issues like this. we'll have to see what this investigation turns up. >> i'm sure you'll stay on the story. thanks, joe johns, very much. this just in to cnn as well. mortgage rates are on the rise, maybe to their highest levels in two months. christine romans is in new york. i thought they were going the other way. >> they've been falling a little bit. this most recent reading from freddie mac shows 3.35%. that's still historically low. the average since world war ii is like 6.5% so 4.35% is still pretty cheap money.
7:08 am
you look at the 15-year, popular refinancing tool, that number is 3.35%. so for those of you looking out there to refinance for first-time home buyers, they've been ticking up. in part, because of that slightly stronger october jobs report. when you start to see signs of strength in the economy, you see interest rates that can start to rise. that's one of the reasons they're moving up here. stan humphrey from zillo told me he expects by the end of 2014 to be back to 5%. you have people in the housing market, housing industry thinking that mortgage rates will very, very slowly rise into next year as the fed tries to figure out when to take its foot off the accelerator and stop buying up those bonds to keep the economy going. first-time home buyers have not really been participating, as they should have, as they could have in this housing market recovery. ironically, you could see -- if mortgage rates tick up a little bit, maybe the banks would let loose of the purse strings a little bit and write more of
7:09 am
these loans. right now they're not even a third of the market right now, first-time home buyers. you want to see more first timers able to get in there a. carol? >> 35-foot sinkhole opens up underneath two homes. sections of both houses got swallowed up, along with a small boat and a tree. earlier on cnn, one of the homeowners said he knew sink holes were a possible problem and was actually working with the insurance company to solve the problem. >> they were working on the house to get that sinkhole fixed. we went back and forth with the insurance company. after this incident we decided -- we're scared to sleep here. let's get it fixed the way the insurance company wanted it. they started two days ago and, well, that's the result. >> six homes now evacuated. the sinkhole is still growing.
7:10 am
thankfully, no injuries reported. passengers terrified when a southwest captain says over the intercom, we're going down. >> that i was going to die. and that's what everybody on that plane thought, that we were all going to die. >> the plane landed safely. and now southwest is reaching out to very angry passengers. i'll talk to one of those passengers next. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪
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7:14 am
cnn affiliate wtbd. >> he said we're going down and everybody is looking around like, is this a joke? is he serious? then we felt the nose dive. you think of your kids, your family. i just think they could have handled it a little bit differently. >> the plane soon leveled out, made an emergency landing in raleigh, north carolina. joining me now is another passenger on board that flight, grace stroud. good morning, grace. >> good morning. >> good morning. describe what happened on board that plane, what you heard. >> okay. but first i just want to preface any comments i make by saying that this is only my experience and i don't want to speak for a planeload of people who have their own fears about what happened. what i heard was -- what i heard was what sounded like static and then this loud shooting sound down the plane and then right behind it, the same thing. two sort of loud sounds.
7:15 am
and the lady next to me heard it, too. we both looked at each other with that kind of look. and then seconds later, i heard what sounded like a panicked captain. he could have just been deliberate, saying "we're in trouble. we're going down." and i was very clear about that. and then the flight attendants, of course, started taking action and, you know, they appeared somewhat panicked to me. but, you know, when you think your plane is going down and they heard the same message, they're just human. but they did their jobs as far as securing the bins and all. but we thought the masks were coming down. and the masks didn't come down. and one flight attendant said, captain, the masks aren't coming down. deploy the masks or something like that. and then, you know, of course -- i'm sure everybody went through their private moments of what -- their experiences. and my moment was, okay, so this
7:16 am
is how i'm going to die. and at least it will be quick. >> that just gave me chills, grace. oh. i -- i mean, i fly like every other weekend. so i fly a lot. i think if that would happen, i would feel the same way you did. it's not -- i don't know. oh, i just can't believe you said that. you're a strong lady. that's all i have to say. so, it turns out that the pilot inadvertently turned on the p.a. system. >> right. >> and said the plane was going down and it maybe was never in danger of crashing. >> right. >> at least southwest is making it sound that way. >> right. >> so you prefaced your interview by saying you're not angry. what are you feeling this morning? >> well -- and, first of all, let me say, i had two friends on that flight. we debriefed afterwards. we weren't sitting together. they heard the same things i heard, we're in trouble. we're going down. and one of my friends said, i don't think we were supposed to hear that. so my thoughts are, is that this pilot is in hyper aarousal mode,
7:17 am
which i want my pilot in if we're in trouble and he thinks he's communicating to the flight attendants and to the tower. i'm just speculating. i'm not a pilot. that we're in trouble. we're going down. and we started dropping very quickly. and so my experience after everything has happened and i'm not dead when i thought i was going to be is like most people, we're still thinking about this. i think most people keep ruminating over those feelings and the feeling that you're getting ready to die. but i do want to say -- maybe other passengers will be angry with me for saying this. i would still fly southwest. i would still fly with that crew. i just think they need to be more careful and that maybe a little less panic acting. >> i would have to agree with you. i'm getting on a southwest flight tomorrow. i'm going to get on the plane. >> and another thing i found -- >> uh-huh. >> another thing i found interesting is what's the value of -- that you think you're
7:18 am
dying? to southwest it's $200. >> i was going to ask you about that. does it make it all better? >> not exactly. you know, my friends are like, what's the value of that? the value of that, to them, is $200. i thought that was interesting. >> i actually thought that was -- some people say that's kind of lame. they should offer you a free flight at least. come on. >> i was thinking like two free flights for everybody so you take your friend so you have someone else's hand besides the stranger next to you, someone else's hand to hold. and, i mean, it was so serious that my two friends that were sitting upfront that i thought to myself, i'm glad they're together. it was very solemn where i was sitting, very quiet. >> well, grace, i hope i sit next to you on my next flight. grace stroud, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. thank you for letting me share my story. >> any time.
7:19 am
>> as i said, i'm not speaking for other people. >> we understand. thank you, grace. we appreciate it. "newsroom" will be right back. [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. fodoes your dog food have?ve. 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at
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has a real keyboard, so they can do real work. they can use bing smartsearch to find anything in the world... or last night's assignment. and the battery lasts and lasts, so after school they can skype, play games, and my homework. change is looking pretty good after all. ♪ . in just about an hour, president obama will announce his fix that would help americans keep their health care plans if they like them. we're getting details about what
7:23 am
the president will say. dana bash is on the phone again. she's been working the phones this morning. what have you got, dana? >> reporter: that's right, carol. a source familiar with what the president will announce tells me he will announce an administrative fix that will allow people who have gotten cancellation notices to keep their insurance. and these are only people, it will only be for one year. insurance companies will have to notify people that they already sent cancellation notices to that they can keep it. however, insurance companies i'm told by the source will also be required to notify the policy holders of alternative coverage, meaning there are other options out there for them. and if they keep these canceled policies, what benefits they would be losing. because, of course, the context of this is that a lot of the cancellation notices are because policies don't add up or don't live up to the new requirement that is obama care has for benefits. and, again, this would only be
7:24 am
for people who received expiration or cancellation notices. this is the gist, i'm told, of what the president is going to announce. it is possible he could say more. certainly this is the headline and the highlight. and, of course, you and i talked about a few minutes ago, the backdrop of this and the context of why he is doing this is because house republicans are going to have a vote on something along these lines, but much more sweeping. and something that the white house says would undermine and dismantle the law itself. that is going to be tomorrow. so the democrats in the house, democrats in the senate have been begging, demanding the white house come up with an alternative so that they don't have to vote for this republican plan and so that they can, you know, tell their constituents that they're losing plans that maybe they like, despite the president's promise that they want to tell their constituents that they can keep these plans. this is what i'm told that the president will announce. and get more from sources as the
7:25 am
day goes on. >> the president's approval rating has dropped precipitously. it's largely because americans perceive that he did not keep his promise, that everybody could keep their insurance plan if they like it. it was partly that. that, too, was the reason that the president was forced to do this. the people spoke. >> absolutely. there's no question about it. the president, it is his legacy on his signature issue. you're absolutely right. but he's not up for re-election again. it's democrats in the senate, and then all the democrats in the house. and for them it is much more urgent politically in terms of their political viability and ultimately for the president. if he wants to have -- get a lot more done at the end of his second term, he is going to want to have more democrats in congress. that's a basic fact of politics. >> absolutely. the other interesting facet to this is that he's doing this administratively. he's not taking it to congress or to the senate.
7:26 am
senator mary landrieu who is a supporter of obama care, supporter of president obama, was going to float a bill to fix this problem but now the president has decided he doesn't need that? >> reporter: yeah. we should say this is very similar to what mary landrieu is proposing. what my source had said is that this would just be for a year. basically, it would bridge the gap that the people who lost their insurance would get it back. that is really part of the big panic out there, that people are getting cancellation policies. and they aren't able to sign up for obama care because of problems with the website and so forth. mary landrieu had a plan or has a plan that's very similar. it's a little bit broader. for example, she told me it would not just be for a year. it would be forever, that people could keep their existing plans. that is something that people at the white house, people at hhs did not like, because they were worried that that would undermine the whole structure of
7:27 am
obama care, because a lot of people in these individual market plans are young people and healthy people. and the premise of obama care is that you have to get the young and healthy people in for the insurance companies to buy into, allowing people with pre-existing conditions and other more expensive consumers to get health care. >> all right. dana bash, stick around. thank you so much. we have to take a break. "newsroom" will be back with much more in a minute. when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. this time, the former boston mob boss whitey bulger has been sentenced now. he has been on the lam for decades and they finally found him. he was brought to trial verks dramatic trial, sentenced to two lifetime terms plus five years. he was convicted on 31 counts of racketeering, extortion, drug dealing, et cetera, et cetera. he also killed 11 people. he wasn't convicted of murder in this case. he was convicted of all those other charges. sentenced to two life terms plus five years.
7:32 am
safe to say this 84-year-old man will never see freedom again. also on the breaking news front this morning, obama care and president obama. he is due to speak in just about an hour. and he is set to fix obama care, the part that people really don't like. that is, they can't keep the health insurance they like if they like it. the president is going to propose a fix to that. christine romans is in new york to tell us more. good morning, christine. >> good morning, carol. we can't wait to see what that's going to be. there are quite a few things to fix here. carol, the white house is releasing a bunch of enrollment numbers that people are still p parceling through. some 800,000 is what they hoped to be at, about 100,000 some actual enrollments. that really falls short. when you add in state and federal exchanges you have barely 1,000th of 1% of people
7:33 am
who are eligible for health coverage. the health care economists, carol, for a long time, for the last couple of years, have been saying you will expect to see the enrollment grow as you get closer to the deadline. it's a 26-week open enrollment people. you and i, most people in companies get just a week. you and i, most people who work in companies, they're also familiar with the health care process. this is about educating people. and the problems with the website have really worked at cross purposes. that's really the nicest way to say it. what will the obama administration offer up in terms of fixes so that you can get these enrollment numbers up? there has been a delay for the small business part of compliance. what could a year delay, something we talked earlier for small businesses, what is the president going to offer here? we know these numbers are simply very low. this has been a very disappointing in terms of a rollout, carol. >> i'm sure the president will address the low enrollment numbers. the biggest thing he will
7:34 am
address is allowing people to keep the insurance plans they already have. according to dana bash -- i'm going to lay this out from my memory, so forgive me. he's going to say that people can keep their existing insurance for one year and insurance companies actually have to call their customers and tell them they can keep their insurance but also have to tell them there are other options out there that may be better for them. let's head to washington and that briefing room where the president will be soon to make that announcement. jim acosta is already there. you were just on a conference call. what did you find out? >> reporter: well, carol, we're expecting administration officials to give reporters details about this. we'll hear from the president at around 11:30 this morning. as dana has been reporting, it's interesting to note some of the details that are starting to float out of capitol hill. that one you just mentioned there, carol, is extremely important in terms of understanding how the administration is approaching this when they want the insurance companies to call
7:35 am
those customers and detail to them what exactly they're losing, what exactly they're not getting by keeping their existing insurance plans. that falls in line with what the administration has been saying, that those folks who have been getting those cancellation notices are basically losing substandard plans that don't meet obama care requirements. there might be a lot of people out there who say, wait a minute. i like the plan that i had because i can afford it. the new plans i'm being offered cost more money. i don't like that. with the obama administration has been saying, what the white house and president has been saying is that you want these new plans that are being offered in the exchanges because they offer more coverage. there may be plans out there that people have that don't offer hospital care or maternity care. so, they're saying in terms of fixing the overall health insurance system, when you bring people in to new plans that offer this greater coverage, they won't find themselves in situations where if they don't have hospital care and they get sent to the hospital then all of a sudden they have a massive buildup or perhaps they can't
7:36 am
pay but the rest of the taxpayers and ratepayers have to pay. this is interesting to see the administration, to see the president come to this point, carol, because their concern all along is that by allowing people to stay in those existing plans that they view as substandard, that that undermines the entire system. we may hear the president talk about some of that. that is why i think you're seeing in this proposal that they're going to require the insurance companies to tell people, hey, you can keep these plans as long as you keep paying for them. but, guess what, there are problems with these plans that may not work out for you if you have a big emergency or big problem, carol. >> let's go to dana bash, who is still on the phone. one thing that strikes me to pay for obama care -- oh, you're not on the phone anymore. >> i'm here. >> yea! >> to pay for obama care, you need as many people in the system as possible. this would mean that potentially millions of americans would still be out of the system for at least a year. >> that's exactly right. but that is my understanding of
7:37 am
why it is so important that what they are doing at the white house, what the president will announce will only be a year. there are going to be a lot of people who will look at this and get the jitters because of the fact that a lot of people, as we just talked about, in the individual market who are getting these cancellation notices are on plans that are not great because they're young, healthy people. it's exactly those young, healthy people, to your point, carol, that the administration needs to get into the system to offset the cost of the more expensive, older people. now mandated by law to have health insurance. but i do think it is noteworthy and it is important to underscore why this is happening right now and why the president is -- and the white house has been scrambling all week to come up with a fix even though they know that it could, at least, in some way, shape or form undermine the viability in the short term of their law. and it is because of the political pressure. it is because democrats gave them an earful yesterday in a
7:38 am
meeting on capitol hill and it is because there is a big vote tomorrow in the house that republicans are very eager to put out there for their own bill to allow people to keep their health plans that they have. but it is a much more broad, much more sweeping bill that the administration was warning democrats, please don't vote for because it will undermine the system. and democrats were telling them, we might not have a choice politically. we have to vote for something. >> but, dana, i'm a republican. i'm going to hear that in there and i'm going to say, come on. he's not going to allow people to keep the insurance plan they already have because there's a time limit on it. >> that's exactly right. we are absolutely going to hear the republicans say that. but for the democrats -- and, really, most of them -- most democrats, even those who are most angry and frustrated with the white house, believe in this law, believe in the idea that people should have better health coverage, that people should have those minimum benefits that
7:39 am
were not in many of those plans, which were canceled. this will allow democrats to go back home to their constituents and say, look, we're not going to leave you high and dry. we're not going to leave you in this panicked state that you're in, which is getting a cancellation policy, but not being able to get on to get a new health care plan. that's what's been going on. absolute panic by a lot of constituents. having said that, i want to adhere, it would not be a surprise if we did also see some kind of vote. we know the house is going to take a vote. maybe some kind of vote in the senate for members of the senate who are up for re-election and want to show their constituents that it's not just a presidential decision, but it's something that they were involved in, that they decided. >> all right. dana bash, thanks so much. i have to take a break. we'll be back with much more in the "newsroom." what you wear to bed is your business. so, if you're sleeping in your contact lenses,
7:40 am
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7:43 am
we're continuing to cover this breaking news which came as a bit of a surprise. many, many people have been angry because they were unable to keep the insurance plans they already had, despite the promises from president obama. well, democrats have been urging the president to come up with some sort of fix. and today, late this morning, the minority leader, nancy pelosi, said this. >> i think it can be done administratively. the president will offer a proposal today, is my understanding. and we have our own proposal, which we think is really good,
7:44 am
but we'll see. and it has to be done in the next little period. >> well, we understand the president will outline that plan in just about 45 minutes, 11:35 eastern time. he is expected to appear in the white house briefing room to tell reporters exactly what that fix is. our dana bash broke a few details of that plan and from what she said, the president will announce that americans can keep the plans they have for one year. if their plans were canceled their insurance companies will have to call them and say, hey, you can keep your plan now but there are other options available that might be better for you. let's head to new york now and talk about that with christine romans. i would like to think that the insurance companies would do that, but will they? >> i don't know. if the president -- look, obama care is law. if the president offers an administrative change that is leg legal, they would have to, wouldn't they? this isn't the first tweak we've seen of obama care. you know, the small businessman date to cover their employees, that was pushed back a year.
7:45 am
we already saw that. we already saw the administration table or even kill an element called the class act, sort of like a social security program for long-term care. worries that was too expensive. hard to implement. that has been sidelined. we've seen this big, big, massive law changing along the way. this most recent example that we're waiting to hear the president kind of outline, as dana bash was reporting, this is a response to a lot of political pressure in washington, really building to a boil this week. you had so many people who were saying, i like my health insurance coverage just fine, thank you. and that talking point we heard from the president and democrats for so long about how i could keep it didn't turn out to be true and that's a real political problem they're trying to fix. the question for me that's interesting, carol, is how slippery is the slope if you make an extension on this? will you have republicans and people who want to kill obama care use this as a very important trojan horse for their
7:46 am
cause of ending this law all together? is the political damage of this greater or less than the political damage that the white house has endured already this week because of the famous if you want to keep your health insurance, you can? that will be the interesting question. >> i think the president is trying to circumvent that by doing this administratively. he is not telling the senate democrats to introduce their bill and have it go to the house, which is, of course, republican-led. once you pass legislation to tweak the bill, you open up the door to all kinds of things, right? >> yeah. >> the president wants to do this administratively and keep the power in his hands. >> yeah. >> now the interesting thing is, if this works -- we don't know that it will, right? if this works and people are happy, then i guess that would be good for obama care and the perception. you have to admit -- i looked at a recent poll out there. people's perception of obama care has dropped precipitously, 55% now disapprove of the law. so, obviously, the president had
7:47 am
to do something. >> yeah. >> by these remarks in just about 45 minutes, he's taking a big first step. >> it's a big message problem. when you look at those polls, carol, it's really interesting. this is a law that makes it illegal for a child not to be covered, a sick child not to be covered. it make it is illegal for somebody with a pre-existing condition not to get health insurance. it makes it illegal for a family to go bankrupt because of medical bills, which is the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country, are medical bills that you can't pay. right? there are these things that you would think could be a message point for the white house that have just been swamped by the negatives, including the horrific rollout of the website and all that. you know, by now, the headlines have been just so negative for so long, the white house really needs to turn the page. >> and those numbers came out and they were not pretty. i'm just monitoring, christine, if i'm a little distracted, we're expecting the minority leader nancy pelosi to speak shortly. of course, the president will
7:48 am
speak in 45 minutes. as you can see, she isn't behind the podium yet. that's the briefing room for members of congress, i would assume. when she's behind that podium we'll take her remarks live. she sort of spilled the beans this morning. we'll see what else she has to say about this. back to the numbers and you've been covering that part of the story and the enrollment numbers are abysmal. >> yeah. health care economists for a long time, carol, tell me they expect the numbers to grow steadily through the 26-week open enrollment period. you and i have one-week for open enrollment. you and i have enrolled for health care coverage before. it's irritating but we still know how it works. there's an education campaign under way. they're going door to door, explaining to people what obama care is and trying to get people enrolled. there's six months of this process. and health care economists have said they expected it would be right up to the deadline. there will be uninsured people
7:49 am
who will not get covered. these numbers released this week, much worse than health care economists had expected. they had expected more people to be coming through here. when it comes to state exchanges, i can give you those numbers. 71,000 have selected a plan, 26,000 have chosen a plan on the federal site. you have about 3.1 million phone calls to the obama care phone lines. the people calling the phone line are calling. they're getting information. they are getting signed up in some cases or just learning more about health care reform and their health care coverage plans. 48 million people without health insurance in this country. >> i have to interrupt you. nancy pelosi has begun speaking. let's listen. sorry, christine. >> watches tv or reads the papers has to be very saddened and deeply moved about what is happening in the philippines. i am very blessed to have in my district a large and vibrant
7:50 am
filipino american community as is our country blessed with that. and many of these families have family and friends in the philippines. to see the loss of life, the property damage in terms of how are these people ever going to be made whole is just so very, very tragic. i -- it was emotional for me on monday in arlington when we were there for the placing of the wreath. some of the filipino vets who risked everything for our country, one of the ones that i met at arlington was in -- >> we're going to step away as she talks to her constituents about the tragedy in the philippines. let's go back to christine romans for a second. you were mentioning some bright notes to obama care. i think it's only fair that we relay that -- those facts to our viewers as well. one of the bright notes is the expansion of medicaid for the poorest americans to sign up for medicaid. and that has been going pretty
7:51 am
well. in fact, the enrollment numbers, more than 400,000. >> right. >> which is a plus. now the obama care website is also affecting those numbers. okay. she's talking about open enrollment now, christine. we're going to go back to nancy pelosi. >> more than 500,000 americans if you combine those on medicaid and over 100,000 who did enroll already have secured quality coverage. i'm particularly proud of california's excellent numbers from our state marketplace in california. these figures were lower than what we had hoped, of course. but a product of the fact that the website is not fully up and running. but we know from the implementation in massachusetts that health care reform pace of enrollment is expected to increase in the next five months. that was their experience. of course, if you combine that with access to the website, that improves millions of americans
7:52 am
will gain access to quality, affordable health care. tomorrow, the house republicans once again plan to cast their 46th vote to repeal or undermine the affordable care act and to put insurance companies back in charge of america's health care. this republican initiative would undermine health care reform laws, causing premiums in the marketplace to spike, according to the center for budget and policy priorities. the upton bill is opposed by a broad coalition of groups, american heart association, american diabetes association, american cancer society, action network, national partnership for women and families, paralyzed veterans of america, to name a few. as budget negotiations continue this week -- when i say continue, sporadically, it appears. i wish we could see a lot more activity on the part of the
7:53 am
budget committee in session and in preparation for what i hope would be having a proposal before we leave for thanksgiving. there's no reason we shouldn't. there's no good reason that we shouldn't. everybody knows what the choices are that need to be made. and we stand -- we have always stood ready to find common ground, bipartisan, common ground for common sense solutions that will grow the economy, create jobs, lift the sequester and reduce the deficit. the makings of a small package, i believe, are readily accessible to get this done before we leave. so that over christmas, the period between thanksgiving and christmas, which is a high consumer confidence time -- we want confidence high then, as well as year-end confidence in the markets and the rest, that we remove all doubt that government will not be shut
7:54 am
down, that we can find common ground, at least on a small package. we ought to just address it and find out if that's possible. and if it isn't, the american people should have to know why. we do know that the sequester will, if it stays in place, will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. by one estimate, 800,000 jobs. it must be lifted. by the comments of the republican chair of the appropriations committee, the sequester does not enable us to meet our responsibilities to the american people. that's a republican chairman saying that. so, we need to lift that sequester, reduce the deficit, create jobs, grow the economy. we have initiatives to do that. we have urgency and we have the time right now. but with only, what, 12 legislative days left -- is it 13? very few legislative days left in this session, we should not be squandering it. we were off for 12 days.
7:55 am
isn't that unbelievable? leading up to a time when we were supposed to do a budget. why were we off last week when we were only here half a week the week before? so, again, the clock is ticking. time is a wasting. we have important work to do. while they are trying to figure out what they want to do on the budget -- which i hope is to work in a bipartisan way, to have a package by thanksgiving, we still have other issues to deal with. we have showed over and over again -- spoken publicly and directly to the republican leadership that the votes are there for comprehensive immigration reform. they can bring that to the floor. we have 191 co-sponsors, three republicans. that's good. and another 28 of them have spoken out publicly that they would vote for comprehensive immigration reform. that takes us where we need to be to pass that legislation. 199 co-sponsors, including --
7:56 am
that includes delegates. so 195 voting members. 95% of our caucus supports enda, employment ending discrimination in the workplace for people in the lgpt community. this is a huge number of co-sponsors for an immigration bill and -- >> we have to break way woochlt he have to get our break in. we'll continue with our breaking news coverage of president obama's fix to obama care with ashleigh banfield. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure.
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i'm wolf blitzer in washington. for weeks, president obama has been the target of blistering attacks over the fichlt asco of the startup of the website involving the affordable care act after being hammered not only by republicans but also members of his own party. days of congressional hearings. seeing poll numbers drop dramatically. the president is finally coming out with a new plan aimed at trying to fix some of the problems. and with good reason. just yesterday, the obama administration announced that just over 106,000 people picked up health plans in the first month of open enrollment through the state and the federal marketplaces, set up earlier on october 1st. those numbers