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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 15, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> i think all georgians are pretty darned nice each. come on down and visit. thanks so you all. have a great weekend." newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. if you like it, you can keep it, maybe, and only for a year. president obama has a temporary fix to his health care blunder. oh, but his fix isn't the only fix. this is a look at the house floor. they just gaveled in, actually. they're holding some sort of press conference now. in a few hours around 12:30 eastern the house votes on republican fred upton's plan, it goes two or three steps farther than the president's fix, and it could actually gut obama care. also, later this afternoon, the heads of some of the top insurance companies will come to the white house for a meeting with president obama, but let's go back to mr. obama and his extraordinary mea culpa.
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>> that's on me. i mean we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. there are a whole bunch of things about it that are working really well, which people didn't notice. >> cnn is covering the health care crisis from all sides, we begin with chief congressional correspondent dana bash on capitol hill. dana, take it away. >> reporter: certainly a lot of democrats here were relieved that president obama gave that mea culpa, said that he was going to fix his broken promise but the issue is that a lot of democrats here also made that broken promise so they feel they have some work to do. the president was fairly done explaining his obama care fix when his chief of staff arrived on capitol hill to sell it to worried democrats especially those on the ballot next year. >> this isn't about elections, this is about making sure people have affordable health care. >> denis mcdonough knows full well it's about both, a big
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reason the president is asking insurance companies to reinstate consumer's health plans is to calm democrats worried about voter backlash. how do you describe the atmosphere? >> strongly focused, constructive, but clearly dissatisfied with the current state of the program. >> reporter: republicans were eager to highlight the president's falling poll numbers especially on the issue of trust. >> promise after promise from this administration has turned out to be not true, so when it comes to this health care law, the white house doesn't have much credibility. >> reporter: and some democrats in the toughest re-election battles worry about that, too, especially since the president's plan only asks insurance companies to restore canceled health policies and doesn't require it, like legislation would. >> we want to make sure it's clear to the american people and to alaskans the 4,000 alaskans that have had cancellation notices that they can keep the plan. >> reporter: still at the behest of the white house, senate democratic leaders are now holding off on legislative
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action to give the president's plan a chance. six democratic senators have signed on to mary landrieu's legislation which would require insurance companies to keep offering existing permanently, not just a year. is he going far enough and are you going to continue to push for a laeegislative fix? >> the president's guidance was welcome and received. we may still have to fashion legislation. >> reporter: here in the house there will be democratic legislation offered later today. we don't have the details yet but that is the whole reason why there was such a time crunch for the president making the announcement he did yesterday, because in the house, the dynamic is different. they feel that they have to offer something because later today, as you mentioned, carol, there is going to be a republican vote on the house floor on legislation democrats say would completely gut obama care so politically they want to have an alternative for democrats to vote for, so they
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don't support a republican bill they simply don't like because they feel politically they have to. >> we'll check back with you at the half hour. dana bash thank you so much. congress decides what they want to do, the president is going to work on his fix with some of the nation's top insurance executives this afternoon. it's a tough road especially when california's insurance commissioner says he cannot stop people's policies from being canceled. >> unfortunately neither state nor federal law allow me to stop the cancellations. there's no provision of federal or state law that empowers the insurance commissioner of the state of california to stop the cancellations. what i can do and what i have done is insist that the health insurers comply with notice requirements and consumer protection requirements in california state law. >> senior white house correspondent jim acosta tackles that side of the story. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, carol. and later today we should mention that the white house is going to be welcoming some ceos from across the insurance industry to meet with president obama about this administrative
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fix, and we want to throw to a quote from a white house official, they are basically indicating that, yes, this is probably going to be a tense meeting, they're going to be talking about how this will be rolled out. "tooled's ceos from across the health insurance meindustry wil be meeting with president obama and senior administration officials to discuss ways to work through and help people enroll through the marketplace." that is an indication as you heard from the insurance commissioner from california and other places across the industry that not everybody is going to be able to keep their health care plan because it's up to the insurers, because it's up to the individual states. it's just not going to happen for everybody despite what the president said yesterday. >> let's talk about this bill that republicans are going to introduce in the house and perhaps vote on today. as you know it's going to go to the senate and it will probably fail because the senate is democratically controlled, and the president, he'd veto it, right? >> reporter: that's right. i should mention so you don't
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get too alarmed they're putting a new tree mind me on the north lawn so administrative fix to the north lawn you might say but yes, last night the president threatened to veto the upton bill. they called it an attempt at sabotaging the health care law, and just to give you a sense, this is a president who wants to get back on offense. you heard some of that at the event that the president had in cleveland yesterday where he basically said listen we're going to fix this law and not going to let it get gutted. >> we are not going to gut this law. we will fix what needs to be fixed but we're going to make at fordable care act work and those who say they are opposed to it and can't offer a solution we'll push back. >> reporter: and so as this tractor is pulling behind me, carol, i will also mention that the white house does say that officials and the president are open to legislative fixes to the health care law.
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they are cool to the language in the mary landrieu bill because they feel it would make it permanent this potential for insurance companies to continue to sell these policies to people that they consider to be substandard, the policies being substandard, and so there might be a balance to strike there but at this point the white house hasn't said which bill they like, think legislation they like but they are open to it. >> you have nerves of steel, jim acosta. we'll check back with you to see if the try he has finally been planted. >> reporter: sounds good. >> see our government can work. >> reporter: that's right. >> who knew? jim acosta thanks so much. while insurance executives are meeting with the president, americans with those canceled insurance policies are wondering what the president's proposal means for them and most importantly, how much is it going to cost them? chief business correspondent cl christine romans has that side of the story. many fear their premiums will go up if the president's fix goes into place. is that true? >> i just got off the phone with
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health care economist who helped organize early meetings in the health care reform process between lawmakers and the big stakeholders, the big health care groups and this is what he says. he says even people who have a reinstated policy, the policy was canceled and reinstated, he said the cost of that policy could go up 10. to 20%. you have to expect you have health care officials or health insurance officials in the white house saying that will come up. will these reinstated policies come at the old price tag or at a newer price tag. he said the reason they're going to go up, a few. one, because the kind of person more likely to try to keep their old policy maybe there's pent up demand, maybe a hip replacement, maybe there's some sort of preexisting condition they want to make sure they have coverage for so they'll be more expen expensive. the private marketplace is more expensive than the other marketplace and young and healthy might very well drop off for the next year. they're not even going to try to be reinstated so you have this
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sort of adverse selection issue there that could drive premiums up. overall health care costs have been rising and they'll continue to rise and this kind of whole mess around the rollout of obama care is just a reminder that these premiums could rise. i'm sure at the white house they will be discussing this with insurers if you reinstate the policies, will they come at the old price tag or new price tag. some of the insurance regulators are saying no we can't do this anyway. you heard california we can't do this. not everyone will get their old policy back. to further complicate things, some people who had their policies canceled have already found insurance. 5 million people it pertains to but it's complicated. >> we're talking about a small percentage of the american population, talking about those people without insurance or had a substandard plan or maybe they had a plan that didn't meet the obama care regulations. we're talking about 12 million people, for the vast majority of
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us, 85% of us who already have insurance, your premiums are not going to go up because the rates for the next year have already been locked in. >> that's right. >> the vast majority of americans don't have to worry. >> health care premiums are rising overall. they're going to keep rising, but you're right, we are talking about the individual marketplace here, we're talking about, the other thing that's important for 2016 and beyond, carol, is what it's going to mean for premiums if you don't have these young and healthies coming into the market. you talked about the risk pool a lot, people talking about that. are they so turned off by the whole process they'll take their $95 fine next year and a fine the next year and just going to take longer to get into the overall system, that's going to be problematic for premiums for everybody in the years ahead. >> all right, clps cls, thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. the fight, mayor of toronto standing his ground as the scandal surrounding him deepens. rob ford responds to more allegations of heavy drinking,
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drugs and sexual contact? >> that is outright lies. that is not true. you know what? it hurts my wife when they're calling a friend of mine a prostitute. polana is not a prostitute. she's a friend and it makes me sick how people are saying this. >> coming up, ford's latest shocking comments and the city council's efforts to strip him of his power. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before.
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another day, another jaw dropping comment from toronto mayor rob ford, talking to reporters yesterday about allegations of substance abuse and verbal and physical abuse of
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aides when we dressed an allegation by a female staffer that he sought to have oral sex with her. helater apologized. >> i have to take legal action against the rate waiter said i was doing lines at the beer market. that is lies, not true. it hurts my wife when they're calling a friend of mine a pr t prostitute. polana is not a prostitute, she's a friend and makes me sick how people are saying this, so unfortunately i have no other choice. i'm the last one to take legal action. i've named the names, litigation will be starting shortly. i've had enough. that's why i warned you guys yesterday be careful what you wrote. olivia, it says i wanted to eat her [ bleep ], i've never said that my life to her, i would never do than i'm happily married. i apologize for my graphic
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remarks this morning. yesterday i mentioned it was the second worst day of my life except for the death of my father, for the past six months i have been under tremendous, tremendous stress. the stress is largely of my own making. i have apologized and i have tried to move forward. this has proven to be almost impossible. the revolution yesterday of cocaine, escorts and prostitution has pushed me over the line. and i used unforgivable language. these allegations are 100% lies. when you attack my integrity as a father and as a husband, i see
6:17 am
red. today i acted on complete impulse in my remarks. i fully realize in the past i have drank alcohol in excess. i wish you to know i am receiving support from a team of health care professionals. i am taking accountability and receiving advice from people with expertise. i do not wish to comment on the particulars of this support. i am accepting responsibility for the challenges i face. i would ask you please, please respect my family's privacy. >> so as a defiant rob ford refuses to budge and focuses on damage control, toronto's councilors focus on how to handle him. many are out of patience.
6:18 am
they're meeting in a couple of minutes to come up with a plan aimed at stripping the mayor of much of his power. nic robertson is in toronto covering this. what is the city council set to do? >> reporter: well carol it's going to be sort of a little step-by-step process here, a death by cuts if you will. the first motion that they're going to be putting forward is to limit the mayor's ability to hire and fire some of his senior staff. then a little later this morning they'll be voting on whether or not to limit his powers during a situation of emergency. if that doesn't do the job come monday, they're going to vote at cutting his operating budget, about giving more power to the deputy mayor, even, even offering some of the mayor's own staff to transfer their jobs under the deputy mayor again as part of the sort of fiscal control limitations they're trying to put on him. they're trying to isolate him here. he came into the office, plenty
6:19 am
cameras to catch his comments. council is trying to block essentially any power that he has sitting in that office, carol. >> it's just incredible and while all of this is going on, i understand he's going to have a new tv show? >> reporter: he's getting a reality tv show, it's been offered, his older brother, doug, who say councilor here, known as "ford nation." you have to wonder at this point, a reality tv show, that means you got cameras to follow you around for whatever you're doing. he's got that already, i counted 20 cameras outside his office when he stepped those few feet from the elevator from the carpark into his office. he's in a reality show of his own almost in effect already. >> it just boggles the mind, and sadly, he has a real problem and he needs help and maybe he is getting help like he says he is, but of course he's not detailing who exactly is giving him help.
6:20 am
it might be his next door neighbor for all we know. >> reporter: for all we know it might be, and hey, maybe the reality tv show would help us in understanding that, who is it and what kind of advice is he getting? what we heard from a council source yesterday is that even his older brother, doug, who we understand from other people here, he respects his older brother, is saying look, take a leave, step aside, deal with your issues. everyone sees them. there's no indication even though he apparently respects his brother is going to follow through on that. maybe the reality tv show is the best way to find out what is going on in the family and his mind. >> nic robertson reporting live from toronto, thanks so much. still to come in the newsroom, new video from inside that mall shooting in new jersey, we'll show you what it was like. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs.
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chilling new surveillance video showing what it was like to be inside the new jersey paramus mall with the shooter on the loose earlier this month. you can see the sheer panic on the shoppers' faces, running for their lives from this masked gunman dressed in black and firing his modified rifle over and over again. jason carroll live in new york with more on this. good morning. >> it's frightening every time i look down at that video. there were reports the shooter had fired at security cameras, not true. apparently five security cameras caught the shooter as he moved
6:25 am
through the mall firing several rounds. sheer terror caught on camera. this is newly released surveillance video obtained by wnbc of the shooting at new jersey's garden state plaza earl whier this month. you can see horrified shoppers hiding behind doorways, panicked employees running for their lives, as the shooter cloak in all black and wearing a mel hit stalks the aisles, carrying a rifle modified to look like an ak-47. >> somebody's shooting. >> reporter: killing 911 calls released just last week. >> somebody is shooting up garden state plaza right now. >> somebody is shooting? >> somebody is shooting up garden state plaza right now. i'm in the bathroom. >> all right, stay on the phone with me, sweetheart. >> reporter: hundreds remained trapped for hours. >> how many people are in the bathroom with you? >> three. >> are they in your stall? >> yes. i'm inside the store in my
6:26 am
office locked by myself. but i'm scared and i want to leave out. >> reporter: lurking near escalator action coming off elevators. some 911 callers petrified the gunman is nearby, whisper, please, to the dispatcher. >> i don't hear any sirens here, so please hurry. >> reporter: the shooter, 20-year-old richard shoop, was later found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. police believe shoop never intended to harm anyone but himself. and carol, there was no audio on those security cameras, just the video, but one city official said as shoop was going through the mall and as he saw people, he would tell them don't worry, as he walked by. the bergen county prosecutor says shoop's intent was likely something commonly referred to as suicide by cop. >> he did commit suicide right
6:27 am
in the end but by his own hand. >> reporter: by his own hand and at the end of the day, no one was hurt physically hurt but carol, when i spoke to one woman less than 24 hours after this all happened, she worked at a makeup store, she said no, she wasn't hurt but she was there when the gunman walked by and every time she closes her eyes she still sees that gunman, sees him in her sleep. even though no one was physically hurt the psychological repercussions are something these people will be dealing with for some time. >> every time you go into a mall you think about that, sadly. jason carroll, thanks so much. still to come in "the newsroom," wall street opens up to fresh new highs and the dow inches closer to a major milestone. we'll talk about why, next.
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and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work
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to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. good morning. i'm carol costello, thanks so much for joining me. wall street rings in the morning at a record high, in fact the bell just rang. [ bell ringing ] there is t goes. it is one good rally away from hitting the 16,000 mark, good news for anyone keeping an eye on their retirement account. so can we do it and what does it really mean anyway? let's bring in chief business correspondent christine romans. good morning, christine. >> reporter: good morning, carol. within a day or two of decent gains and you can see 16,000 and
6:32 am
not just the dow jones industrial average, you have the s&p 500 within shouting distance of 1800 and the nasdaq about 1% away from 4,000, that's a level on the nasdaq we haven't seen since the year 2,000, right before a little thing called the dot-combubble bursting so when you look at some levels it's amazing what this stock market has done this year, and in your 401(k), you are feeling it. the dow is up more than 20% this year. nasdaq up more than 30% this year. the s&p 500, that's the part of your -- the s&p 500 is 500 stocks so if you have s&p mimicking funds in your 401(k), it's probably more likely what the stocks look like in your 401(k), up 26%, a really, really good year, so carol, now the big question is, everyone's talking about when will it hit 16,000 but a lot of smart money is saying at what point does this thing have to come down and correct? it has not had a big, big correction yet, and when will
6:33 am
that happen? for now at least janet yellen, the nominee for the fed, suggesting that the fed has more work to do, she said that yesterday in her senate banking committee hearing. that's one reason why stocks are partying still because the punch bowl is still out. the champagne tastes good but there will be a hangover at some point, we just don't know when. >> the question is, is how much of a headache will it cause? a lot of people say this is a bubble and it's really going to tank and of course we have those budget talks coming up and we all worry about that. so what should we do? you're probably going to say we should hang tight and we should because we're making lots of money if you're invested in the stock market. >> make sure you're balanced for your age and goals, i say that whether the stock market is up or down. you should make sure, and you're right about the budget talks being a real risk factor for the market. that's no, there's no question about that. but right now, you're seeing an improving jobs market, an improving housing market, you're
6:34 am
seeing stability in the american economy, 2.8% was the gross domestic product, so unless washington really mucks it up, you do have an economy that is moving forward, but a fed that still thinks it's not time to take the training wheels off, so you still have the support from the fed, all of these things together are why the stock market keeps going up. when you look at these milestones, people often ask me what does 15,000 mean. these are psychological levels, no question, these round numbers. remember when we got to dow 9000, dow 10,000, remember that, the baseball caps on the floor of the new york stock exchange, they are round numbers but show your 401(k) has improved. it has been an amazing year in your 401(k). everyone should look at it and rebalance, make sure it's appropriate stocks, bonds, cash, because you've had a good run here. >> we'll do that. christine romans, thanks so much for the advice. >> you're welcome. to toronto now, and a live look inside the meeting where city council members are hashing out what to do about their embattled mayor rob ford after a
6:35 am
string of serious allegations, bizarre behavior and crude comments. the mayor refusing to go and councilors are fed up, talking about stripping the mayor of his power. we are watching this meeting, we'll let you no he what comkno out of the meeting later. live to the house floor in a few hours republicans and democrats in the house will vote on a republican plan that could end up gutting obama care. today's vote comes on the heels of the president's vow to help people keep the health care plan they have, if they like it. chief congressional correspondent dana bash live on capitol hill to talk about the bill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you take a look at the specifics of what republicans are offering, you might scratch your head and say wait a minute, this is almost looks like what the president offered yesterday. they are offering in this bill to allow people not mandate but allow people who have insurance policies they like to keep them, at least say insurers can do that, but it doesn't mean that people can keep their insurance, because it is something that is
6:36 am
voluntary with regard to the insurance companies. but the key difference and the key reason why democrats were scrambling to come up with a plan of their own and frankly the reason why the president did what he did yesterday was because what this plan would also do is say that any health policy, whether it is people who had them before or in the future, that doesn't comply with the basic benefit minimum standards of the new obama care law, that would be okay, too. so that's the reason why as you said democrats argue that this would completely undermine the whole obama care system, the whole paradigm, because the premise is that people have to move out of the old plans, many of them who are flimsy, and don't have a lot of coverage, and that gets a lot of new people particularly young healthy people into the system. >> okay, i know it's so very complicated, but the basic premise is republicans are trying to keep people from applying for obama care and the less people who apply for obama care that means the less money there will be for obama care to
6:37 am
be up and running and lower everyone's premium. >> you got it. >> thank you, dana bash. you'll keep watching for us and we'll check back with you in half an hour. still to come the fixness to obama care may not really be fixing anything but a political promise. we'll talk to about why the president's fix may end up costing people more. hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling)
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visit to learn your risk. right now it's not clear if the president's fix to obama care will actually help or hurt the law, but critics are already calling the disastrous rollout of the law obama's katrina moment as the president continues to apologize. >> we fumbled the rollout on this health care law, and that's on me. and the american people, those who got cancellation notices do deserve and have received an apology from me. >> with me now, ana navarro, political commentator and don in a brazile, political commentator and democratic strategist. >> good morning. >> mellow, carol. >> ana, this was an
6:42 am
extraordinary mea culpa. he admitted he fullbled and didn't know the rollout would be this bad. americans are forgiving but you've got to wonder if they'll forgive the president any time soon. will they, ana? >> well look, i think what you saw there was an administration that's been shaken, that's been caught off guard, that's been caught flat footed with a very bad rollout and also i think it's been shaken by particularly the recent numbers showing the lack of trustworthiness and that they've lost the trust of the american people. that's something that shakes any politician, but tuck larry a president because it affects his ability to do anything, to lead, to get legacy items passed. i think that's what you saw yesterday from the president, him trying to address those issues and acknowledge that that's going on, showing a little humility, and accepting that there have been mistakes made. it's taken a while for them to get there. >> yes, and on the note that ana
6:43 am
mentioned that the president will find it very difficult to get anything done, the president said that he wanted to talk about immigration, how speaker john boehner has come out and said we're not talking about immigration. donna, is ana right? will it be impossible for the president to get anything done? >> carol, three points, first of all i take a little bit of, i guess difference in strategy in terms of comparing it to katrina. katrina not only over 1,400 people were killed, you know, tens of thousands displaced, so i understand the political metaphor of using the president's poll numbers to compare it to george bush but underwater, but seriously this is no katrina. let's, two things, one i think the president is -- >> what is it then, donna? >> it is clearly an embarrassment to put forward the notion that this thing would roll out and there would knob glitches, knowing that social security had glitches, the
6:44 am
medicare rollout had glitches, and this was before my former boss helped to create the internet, and medicare part d in 2005 had glitches, so any big program, carol, that involved a cooperation with federal agencies, partnership with state governments, and of course working with the private insurance marketplace would cause some problems, and not acknowledging those problems until 10, 15 days later clearly that's why the president came before the american people. now look, i've been in the private individual market for 12 years. the health insurance companies have to be part of this equation. they have to work not just with congress and the administration, but work with individuals in the marketplace to ensure that they don't lose the coverage they need. >> the good news is the president is meeting with members of the insurance industry later today, so we'll see what comes out of that but going back to the president's tru trustworthiness, it's important to the american people.
6:45 am
frankly they don't have much trust in government anyway. the president's approval rating is at 39%, congress approval rating is at 9%, that's pathetic. but going back to just focusing on the president, ana, he was such a likeable guy when he first took office. he was beloved by many americans. i don't know that you can say that anymore. it's sort of like this squandering of likability, which does lend power to the office, whether you like it or not. doesn't it, ana? >> well, you know, i think that's part of it. i think he came in riding a wave of hope and change and he was going to be the you night unite going to do things differently, this would be one america. i think people are disillusioned, broken-hearted, they expected different things from this president and we've seen him go through a very, very hard tile. i also think there was a high degree of political stubbornness by this white house and this administration in not admitting these mistakes and continuing on
6:46 am
and just trudging on for, like if nothing was happening for almost 40 days before anybody started issuing any apologies. they just tried to cover it up, play shell games. we now have to see a very important date frankly is november 30th date. if by november 30th these glitches that donna calls it, i call it debacle of a rollout, are not fixed, it's going to be a very difficult moment for the white house, because a lot is riding on them getting this fixed by november 30th. >> you know, i'm not worried about november 30th. i'm worried about all of those americans who are sick, who are trying to get their health care they desperately need. 40 million, 50 million americans in one of the world's richest countries without access to health care so that they can live productive lives. that's what we should be or worried about, worried about those states not giving poor people an opportunity to get medicaid. that's what we should be worried about. we're worried about somebody's poll numbers, when there are
6:47 am
parents out there, when there are children out there. ana people forget if you have acne or asthma or were pregnant these insurance companies could kick you off. i can tell you so many stories about the insurance companies and how they've treated people, but the truth is, i hope congress can help fix it. i hope the administration remedy will work, because i would like to see every american healthy and prosperous in the new year. >> we got to end it there. >> you're absolutely right, donna. >> we have to leave it there, sorry. we must end it there. donna brazile and ana navarro thanks so much, sorry, ladies. president obama says it's okay with him for people to keep their individual health plans for a year but as we've been talking about making the fix is not so simple. one big factor is will the states embrace the change. if they do how will this make it happen? we'll be talking with dave jones, california insurance commissioner, about that very thing, that's all new in the next hour of "newsroom." mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
6:48 am
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6:51 am
all right there's been activity on the floor of the toronto city council. one of the outcomers just introduced a motion more the mayor, mayor rob ford to resign. let's listen. >> the petition reads as follows. it's for mayor rob ford's immediate resignation. we the undersigned demand the immediate resignation due to his repeated disrespect towards the citizens of toronto, lies of criminal act and refusal to take responsibility for his actions are unacceptable. and we demand that he resign from the position of mayor of toronto immediately. speaker, there are 1,116 signatures to this particular document. and i understand from the group that this was collected at a rally here at city hall on
6:52 am
november 13th. and these signatures were collected in a span of time of one hour, 15 minutes. i would like to submit this for the public record on behalf of the group safe and the person who handed me this petition is nikki thomas who is here with us this morning. may i? >> thank you. >> so they're adding that into the record. but that doesn't mean the mayor will have to step down and resign. although all of the councilors eye proofed this motion of the they're trying to strip him of all of his powers and take away his budget. that is something the council can do. our nick robinson is in the city council meeting right now and able to go outside and explain to us a little more. on to other news. china announces major shifts to decades old policies. it is easing the rule that limits families to one child.
6:53 am
it also will end labor camps. they've been used since the 1950s to deal with those who challenged authority. we're live in beijing to tell us more. >> reporter: good morning. good evening from here in beijing. two major announcements from the chinese government about the policies. some of the most hated and controversial policies here amongst the chie nieces. the one has rarely been the cause of many issues in china. activists say it forced aabortion, stairization and playing into a real consent of -- it's appears that the government is moving to relax the rules significantly. a person who is themselves a single child can now have two children across the country. this will make a huge difference to many families here in china.
6:54 am
>> still could tom in the "newsroom", it is dangerous to use your head in football. so this may have gone a little too far last night in nashville. andy scholes with "bleacher report" next. this store knows e a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy.
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6:57 am
the comeback colts did it
6:58 am
again last night against the tennessee titans. >> i've never been head butted. but i bet it hers. >> my brother did it to me once, and if does hurt. >> did he have a helmet on? >> no. >> eric walden, he's going to rip off a helmet. and walker looks at him what's that about. and then he head butts him right in the face. shockingly, he was not objected from this. >> if it was daum con suh and there was a tap, he would have been thrown out of the game. >> as for the game, they led another comeback. colts got the win in tennessee, 30-27. back in october there was a cash. those injuries have sadly forced
6:59 am
him to announce his retirement from the sport of the racing. in a statement the three-time i understand an list 500 winner said that it's tough to think that the driving side is now over. you'll find a crazy finish from the thunder game last night. they came all the way back and russell westbrook hits this three to give them the lead. but two seconds was enough. crazy fadeaway shot. that gave the warriors the win, 116-115. after suffering a gruesome injury on national tv, kevin ware is back on the court. his return means that laker's star kobe bryant will need to make his way to louisville after losing a bet. >> you know kobe is a competitive guy. that was basically whoever came back first, the other person has to come to the game.
7:00 am
now he has to come to our game. >> you can catch that tonight at 10:30 eastern on cnn. >> what a nice young man. he made our day. next hour of "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. if you like it, you can keep it. maybe. and only for a year. president obama has a temporary fix to his health care blunder. but it's not the only fix. this is a live look at the house of representatives where it's all about obama care this morning. about 12:30 eastern the house will vote on republican fred upton's plan which would go two or three steps farther than the president's fix does and could actually gut obama care. and later this afternoon, the heads of the top insurance companies will come to the white house for a meeting with the president. let's go back to the
7:01 am
president. >> that's on me. we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. there are a whole bunch of things about it working really well, which people didn't notice. >> chief congressional correspondent dana bash joins us now. i don't think anybody in the house of representatives is going to notice anything good about obama care. >> the democrats certainly are talking about how important it is not to gut this laws because of the benefits that it has for so many who don't have health insurance or have bad plans. that really is the heart of why democrats are hoping -- are trying to stop the defections of their fellow democrats to vote for this. it would allow people to keep their canceled plans but it would allow people who don't have the plans to get the
7:02 am
policies that don't have the benefits that the obama care has. listen to some of the debate on the house floor about this issue. >> yesterday we heard yet another empty promise from the president. that he can delay the provisional of laws under obama care that have already cost a staggering 5 million americans their health insurance. notice, that he has not changed the law. he has simply said that he will ignore the law and he invites health insurers to do the same. this is a constitutional abomination. >> don't by into the gop spin that they're offering a solution to address the insurance policies that have not been renewed by the insurance companies. they can paint this in a different color and dress it up any way they like, but don't be fooled. this is just the 46th republican attempt to strip americans of their access to affordable health insurance. >> now, whether or not that's true, the question at this point is going to be how many
7:03 am
democrats do defy that and defect. and that is really the whole issue and whole challenge that was driving the president's timing of his announcement yesterday. and that's also why, carol, we expect to see a democratic alternative to give the democrats cover in the hopes that they don't vote for this the republican plan. >> well, going back to that constitutional question. the president also delayed the employer mandate and he did with without congress's approval but nobody is complaining about that. >> reporter: that's a great point. they're not complaining about that. at least the republicans are saying we think it's great that you did that and you should do it for the individual mandate as well. it won't be the first time that people here in congress in both parties pick and chose where they think the constitution is being ripped apart and whether it's not. that's a great point. >> we'll check back with you. thanks so much.
7:04 am
the toronto city council has introduced a petition demanding the immediate resignation of its embattled mayor. councilors are now meeting to come up with a plan to deal with rob ford. he's refusing to step down despite the laundry list of allegations against him, including abuse and prostitutes, admission of crack cocaine use. and topping it all off yesterday, he used a sexually graphic comment for which he later apologized. what's happening there now, nic? zwlrt they're trying to do by other means what they couldn't do a couple of days ago. they're trying to take away in this session his power to appoint senior staff position. but he isn't going down without a fight. his lawyer has issued a statement saying that the council cannot interfere the responsibilities of the mayor. and inside that chamber, we've
7:05 am
seen mayor ford stand up and almost question job by job by job with within the council who has responsibility for each of those positions. he's not going down without a fight. it's getting quite dramatic in there. >> this council meeting could be quite lengthy. it's not as simple as just passing a bill and stripping the mayor of his powers. why can't they just do that? >> reporter: they have to follow procedure. they've allowed an hour and a half for this point. and then there will be power th want to strip away from him, responsibilities during an emergency situation. so he's lengthing the process by debating and asking questions. but the vote will come. and i think it's pretty clear which way the vote will go. what's interesting, this morning that his older brother doug ford, he is not inside the session when we were in there a few minutes ago. that's interesting.
7:06 am
because he's been the biggest advocate for mayor ford. he's not there. we heard yesterday from sources that his brother is telling him you need to step aside. >> you'll continue to monitor. we'll get back to you. in other news this morning, at six minutes past. chilling new surveillance video showing what it was like to be in inside the nurnl mall with a shooter on the lose. the shoppers are scared and running for their lives. you'll also see richard shoup, he's dressed in black. amazingly no one injured in this shooting. also this morning, the coast guard searching the waters off miami for a person they believe fell from a small plane without a parachute.
7:07 am
>> mayday. i have a door ajar and i'm heading toward tamiami. >> do you want to go there and land? do you have a door open, is that what you're saying? >> yes. and a passenger that fell down. >> a passenger that fell oust your plane? >> that's correct, sir. he opened the back door and fell out of the plane. >> okay. i got your spot marked where a passenger fell out. and you want to go land there now? >> that's correct. >> authorities are investigating if he accidentally fell, deliberately jumped or was pushed. they're treating this as a recovery mission because it's unlikely that anyone could have survived that fall. the sinkhole in florida is continuing to grow. it's upwards of 90 feet wide and 60 feet deep. this morning dump trucks loaded with dirt will try to fill up
7:08 am
the hole and try to prevent it from getting bigger. still to come. as if obama care wasn't confusing enough, now we're adding extensions and fixes. maybe the politicians really don't want you to understand what's going on. we'll talk about that next. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them.
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with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. now, a little bit of perspective. i know you've heard the president's insurance fix may drive up premiums. but keep in mind we're talking about something like 12 million to 14 million people who may not
7:12 am
need the obama care provisions. 85% of you already have insurance and for those people, all of you, nothing will change because the rates have been locked in this year. you won't hear much of that in the debate to come. it will all be about politics. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> good to see you, carol. >> in watching president obama yesterday it was ed extraordinary to hear him admit to so many failures, to say i'm sorry, i doipt know the rollout was going to be so bad because nobody told me. all of those are disturbing so you have to wonder, will, how damaged he is over this. >> he's completely damaged because thinks credibility has been shot. and i have to say it's not true that he didn't know these things were going to happen. of course when it comes to the website, it is a fumbled
7:13 am
rollout. but the people losing their plans, they knew that was going to happen. it was by design. the plan was that they would like the plans on obama care so much that fold forget that the statement to be true that if you like it, you can keep it. >> do you believe that, john? >> no. what happened was the law got changed. the devil being in the details, especially when lobbyist start writing let melation, things have a magical way of disappearing. there is a second term -- people asking whether this obama is katrina. the parallel doesn't really work. but the idea that his credibility is completely shot over what is a screwed up rollout of the signature plan, doesn't really hold water. what matters is how he pifettes the facts on the ground. it's necessary politically, it's
7:14 am
necessary in practical terms. and people are saying it's all over and let's call the obama administration over. i think they're projecting their open desires on the conversation. >> but wouldn't it send a message to the american people if he -- i mean i always harp on this. why doesn't he fire someone over this? taking all the blame and apologies are great. but don't you you have to find someone who is responsible for this mess and fire them? wouldn't that give him more credibility? >> that would require firing himself. >> oh, come on, it would not. >> we keep granting the assumption that it was a mistake. when it comes to the website, there were mistakes. he said two weeks ahead of time, i didn't know. that's im plaus i believe. but if you understand the policy of this program, you understand that it was intended for people to be kicked off their current insurance so they would go into the exchanges. for context, you started out by suggesting for 85% of the people
7:15 am
they continue their employer-based plans. shall we not forget that less than a year from now, the employer mandate kicks in. and you don't think the plans are going to change? you don't think that people that were told if you like your plan you can keep it will not see them change? get ready for this all to happen again on a larger scale one year from now. >> and frankly the politicians and political analysts aren't making things any clearer for people. >> yeah, we are. >> no, you're not. >> you're not listening. >> hopefully we're helping cut through some of this. you're not going to get a lot of truth out of washington because everyone has their own agenda. will told the truth a second ago, in his perfect world president obama who would fire himself over this screw up. a lot of republicans are not interested in solving the
7:16 am
problem of the obama care rollout. what they're pretending in a cure is a thinly veiled attempt to kill it. they want it to be ended and they want the president to no listeninger to be president. and when that's the agenda that you enter the conversation with, you're not actually invested in solving the problem. >> and house speaker john boehner said as much yesterday that obama care should go away. also, if the insurance industry says that the president's fix will raise premiums, you would have to assume that the bill that's now on the floor of the house will also raise premiums. why don't anyone care about that? >> the republican plan, i will be clear with you, is not a fix to obama care. john is correct. it undercuts obama care. by the way, so does the president's. this fake fix we heard about yesterday would also raise premiums. they're both trying to disavow themselves of this political gre that i had that is if you like
7:17 am
your plan you can keep it. the truth is, obama care was a house built upon sand. republicans said it was for years. and now, and now that the sand is melting away from underneath this thing, it's amazing how many times we have to hear, why don't you help fix it? we told you this was flawed. it's beginning to fail and -- >> there are still 40 million people without insurance. >> you know what's funny, we're adding to those roms. >> let's not -- will, i mean, first of all, let's not i live in a fantasy land. you talk about republicans warning about obama care. no doubt they've been unified in opposition. but let's not forget this was a republican plan. it was going back to the republican alternative to hillary care and implemented by mitt romney. the idea behind it was there
7:18 am
should have been buy partisan support from the beginning. and if there wasn't, there should be in terms of fixing it. if they're going to get serious, they have an obligation to propose something different to solve a problem. they never get to replace. and until they do that, they're not going to be taken seriously on this issue. they can't say they care about people mormon the politics. >> and may i just end this debate by saying the president's approval rating is 39% and congress' is 9%. >> and rob ford's is 48%. >> still to come in the "newsroom", another day, another record on wall street. the dow just a stone's throw away from 16,000. but is it real? how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the dow is now within 100 points of a major milestone. i'm talking about it's going to hit 16,000 very soon. let's head to new york and christine romans. if it hits 16,000, what does it mean? it means like people who already have investments all wall street are making money. but some people say it's a bubble, i guess. that's the best way to put it. >> reporter: there was a senate yesterday that called a sugar high yesterday. because it's the fed that's been pumping all the money into the economy. buying bonds, a sugar high is what one senator called it. but if it's a sugar high, it
7:23 am
still tastes good for now. and a lot of discussion about when there will be some sort of a pull back. we haven't seen that. and a lot of professional traders and professional ininvestors who have been banking and selling some of their stocks, these missed a lot of this move. dow up 21%. that's pretty amazing for a one-year return, 11-month return. the nasdaq, 32% up. and the s&p 50026% up. you point out 16,000, yes it would be a psychological number. but why is -- what does that number mean? it means that the companies that are in that index have record profits, a lot of money in the bank. a slowly improving economy. they've been able to manage a slowly improving economy. and make more money. and when they make more money, their stock goes up. about half of america, carol,
7:24 am
are invested in the market. a lot of you say, this has been a bad few years for me. people who are safers who don't have money in the stock market, just consider cds or interest on bank savings, it's been hard. >> you get nothing for your money anymore. it's terrible. it's a crime, actually in my book. because the banks are making money, right? we could get into all of this. i know what you're going to say. >> reporter: they are making money. >> they are. and the people who put their money in the banks are not. thanks, i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom", which fix will be the fix for obama care? the president has his plan, the house has its plan. we'll discuss next. [ coughs, sneezes ]
7:25 am
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is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to get your complimentary q&a book, with information from experts on your condition. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. let's check our top stories.
7:29 am
china is announcing major shifts to a decade's old policy. it's easing the rule of one chilled per family. but it's been widely criticized for forced abortions. now they'll be allowed two children if one of the parents was an only child. they're also abolishing labor camps. to toronto now. where city council members are voted for the immediate resignation of rob ford. these discussing stripping him of his power. chk. all of these actions come after a string of allegations, bizarre behavior, crude comments. ford is defiant. he still says he will not leave his job justice mother than 3,000 people now reported dead in the philippines following the super typhoon. upwarded of a thousand still missing. some towns remain totally cut
7:30 am
off from the outside world. it's also left a lot of families separated and desperate. >> reporter: after a grueling 22-hour journey by boat, this woman has finally reached her home town. and she only has one thing on her mind. >> i bring water for my friends. >> reporter: she wants to see her -year-old boy who she hasn't been able to talk to since the storm cut off ties to this remote fishing town nearly a week ago. not knowing about your son, how has it felt for you? >> i can't sleep. i can't eat. i don't know what to do. i don't know what's happening him. >> reporter: she can't believe how the typhoon devastated her town. the storm crippled the local government. any phones? >> no communication whatever, whatsoever, outside. >> reporter: but local officials
7:31 am
are improvising. they've set up a service to fly handwritten messages to the outside world. there's a note here for someone and it's one sentence. like a telegram. pedro valdez and hermenie are okay and alive. the typhoon brought down the roof and facade of this church bild more than 400 years ago. but the catholic priest calls it a blessing in disguise because no one was inside when the roof came tumble belling down. >> the irony of this is people's faith gets stronger every time something like this happen. >> reporter: certainly filipinos here have not lost their sense of humor. they joke a stranger even though
7:32 am
their homes are damaged and their stomachs are empty. you guys are still laughing. you can still laugh. >> laughter the best medicine. >> reporter: across town, this woman has almost completed her exhausting journey. after a week of frightening uncertaintiy, the mother and her 8-year-old son are finally reunited. >> my son is okay. >> reporter: they are both alive and okay. ivan watson, cnn, in the philippines. >> if you want to help survivors in the philippines, it's easy. just visit web/impact. onto american politics now. the fix is on to obama care. and now congress is weighing in on another fix. right now the house is debating
7:33 am
a bill that would gut obama care. this is a live look from the house floor. the president is moving forward with his plan. he's going to meet with insurance executives later this afternoon. but let's talk about what's happening in the house right now. dana bash is watching it for us from capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. house republican have had this plan in the works for about a week. that's precisely why the white house scrambled to get the president out there yesterday with a plan of his own in order to try to stop democratic defections on this vote. what the republican bill does, according to republicans, is just says if you like your plan you can keep it. but democrats say it does a whole lot more and undercuts obama care. >> it does violence to the bill in other ways, that idea that it was helping consumers was sort
7:34 am
of the trojan horse what's underbelly is poisonous in terms of the health and well-being of the american people. >> there is great shock going on in the country right now. that's what part of this debate is about today. let me just caution my colleagues on the other side the aisle. that the true rate shock experience is likely to hit in september of 2014. about six weeks before election day in november '14. >> reporter: that kind of taupting probably isn't even necessary. because democrats are were well air wear of the politiceril the in. the democratic leader nancy pelosi just outlined what the democrats will offer as an alternative. and to give you a little color and good illustration of how the president's standing is here on
7:35 am
capitol hill, what the democrats are offering is essentially what the president offered yesterday but they're calling it landrieu light. meaning they're naming it after the democratic senator who has his own bill. if it's bad messaging by democrats to name something after the president, that tells you everything you need to know. >> it certainly does. "newsroom" is back after a break. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that.
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checking our top stories at 38 minutes past the hour. this morning the coast guard are searching the waters off miami for a person that they believe
7:39 am
fell from a small plane without a chair chute. what is not known if he accidentally fell, deliberately jumped or was pushed. >> i have a door ajar an i'm heading to tamiami. >> do you want to go there and land? do you have a door open is that what you're saying? >> yeah. and a passenger that fell down. >> a passenger that fell out of your plane? >> that's correct. he opened the back door and fell out of the plane. >> okay. roger, i for the your spot marked where a passenger fell out. and you want to land now? >> that's correct, sir. >> rescue workers still searching for the man's body. a group of good samaritans saved a woman tracked in a sinking car this video shows the quick-thinking strangers rescued her as her car filled with water. she was on her way to the
7:40 am
mechanicic to have her vehicle checked for steering problems. the car completely submerged shortly after she es escaped. suspended miami follow fin richie incognito wanted back on the field. he's filed a grievance and asking for an expedited hearing claiming he did not do anything wrong to teammate jonathan martin. jonathan martin has yet to speak publicly since leaving the team. let's go to toronto right i now. we have breaking news about mayor rob ford. what happened in that meeting, nic? >> reporter: well, the council has now decided that the mayor's powers to high hire and fire senior staff are going to be limited. the mayor may mount a legal challenge to that. his brother and in the chamber now. council man doug ford.
7:41 am
he has outlined that a long and legal battle will be costly. and that will assess on nate of mayor ford's voters. clearly, this is far from over. we've also seen the mayor here try to fight through these motions that are being passed. he tried to question precisely who was responsible for each of those positions that he was no longer going to be allowed to take a hand in hiring and firing. this is going to be a long, slow process. he seems like he's going to keep on fighting here. >> thanks so much. "newsroom" will be back in a minute. cer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter.
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7:44 am
while democrats and republicans are scrambling to get new fixes for obama care, we're seeing the president not
7:45 am
only to admit to being wrong but admitting he didn't even know about the problems. >> i was not informed directly that website would not be working the way it was supposed to. had i been informed, i wouldn't be going out saying, boy, this is going to be great. >> it was an extraordinary admission. joining us now is the mayor of milwaukee, tom barrett, who has requested a delay to implementing obama care and dug also bringman. welcome to you both. i would like to start with you, mayor. as a city leader, when you saw the president speech, did your mouth drop open? >> no. i'm familiar with logistic problems when you try to implement programs. and it was surprising to hear him admit there was a problem but there's a willingness that he has to make it work.
7:46 am
and here in wisconsin i did not seek a delay in the implementation of obama care. what i sought was a decision by a republican governor not to force people onto obama care and have them lose their medicaid because of the implication problems. and yesterday they agreed that that was the proper course to take. >> you want to expand medicaid to get more people enrolled. the poorest people among us, right? >> mayor, do you think that the voters will take what the president said to heart, take his apology to heart, will it matter to them? >> well, obviously the president understands that because of this flawed rollout, that he's got some work to do. and his administration has some work to do. and i think that they are committed. and i think we all have to make sure we don't lose sight of that the goal here is to make sure that americans have health coverage. to me, that's still a good goal
7:47 am
is to make sure americans have health coverage. clearly there were problems with the rollout. now it's going to be up to his administration and the state's and local governments and everyone involved to make this work. unfortunately, there are people desperately trying to make sure that it fails. and if it fails, someone request score political points. but the end result is going to be fewer americans will have health care. >> and douglas, i want to ask you about that. democrats would agree, most democrats would agree that republicans are trying to sabotage this and the president's admission only makes it more difficult for them because he's lost so much credibility. as you look back historically, can he regain credibility and trustworthiness? >> well, i think the president did the right thing yesterday. sometimes the president's just have to say i screwed up or i lied even in some cases. dwight eisenhower had to do
7:48 am
that. ronald regularen went on national television during iran contra. and in this case, the president just has to admit that he wasn't as well prepared as he should have been. if you recall when we elected him, he was mr. blackberry and he was the one on the campaigns that knew how to fund raise on the internet. and here it is that this has caused a real public relations disaster for the white house. yesterday didn't help the affordable care act any. what it did was stop some of the hedge ranling that he was suffering in the polls. he kind of did a tourniquet yesterday and is trying to get the number back into the 40% at the very at least, quickly. >> and mayor, tell us, as a democrat who wants people with no insurance to get it, how difficult does this make your job in continuing to support
7:49 am
fully obama care? >> well, i continue to support the affordable care act because i think that its goal is an important and laudable goal. to make sure that americans can have health air coverage. if you're a mother with a sick two monday old baby and you don't have health insurance, you're going to take your baby to an emergency room. and you're going to sit there and you should sit there billion until you get your baby covered. i want americans to have health care. obviously, we all understand that there are been problems with the rollout. it's up to the president, his administration, up to state leaders to make this work. >> isn't there some anchor, some consternation? i mean, nobody expected the rollout to be this bad. >> well, i'm sure that the president's and his administration are frustrated. >> i mean you. you're doing the work on the ground. i mean from you.
7:50 am
>> of course. we would have loved to have a smooth rollout. but if there's a bump, year not going to cry and go home. what we're going to do is try to find ways to reach the people and that's why i wrote to our governor and said, look, please don't kick people off the care because of the problems of the affordable care act. let's work with each other to make sure that this can benefit our residents. that is what the important goal is for all of us, to make sure our residents can have health care. >> doug, you wanted to say something? >> well, i just was thinking, you know, the problem that the president has is nobody knows how low the ceiling is here. he tried to do the tourniquet yesterday. when will it stop? when is the political fallout of obama care going to end? and if they can do the rollout of reintroducing the product to the american people and dmen
7:51 am
traitors on cnn come on and say, look, it's easy to get it now, i think the white house will be able to get traction early in 2014. if not, the white house has to worry about a lame duck status for barack obama. this hasn't been a good year for him. the budget fights might help the democratic candidates, but it makes it seem like he's ineffective in the second term. >> we're back after a break. s: the burns family dinner. why would i take one pepcid® when i could take tums® throughout the day when my heartburn comes back? 'cause you only have to take one... [ male announcer ] don't be like the burns. just one pepcid® complete works fast and lasts. [ male announcer ] don't be like the burns. (dad) just feather it out. (son) ok. feather it out.
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7:54 am
in just a matter of weeks, 1 million people in california are
7:55 am
set to loss their health care plans. president obama's fix could change that, but it could also heed to major problems and confusion am and there's no guarantees that states or insurance company will agree to extending the plans for a year. joining us now is the california insurance commissioner, dave jones. >> good morning. >> we're glad you're here. i know that you've asked the insurance exchange to allow insurance surers to extent the plans, right? >> that's correct. i support the president's call that health insurers allow those to extend their plans into 2014. >> we've heard that consumers who have had their policies canalled and want to get back into the system, those may cost them more. will they? >> no, i don't think so. for several reasons, first, you know, insurers also tend to look
7:56 am
for increased rate whenever there's any change. in california, and i can just speak to that market, we've found that many of the health insurers have excessive rates. second, one of the concerns is that people won't move into the exchange. in fact 300,000, maybe as many as 400,000 people in california who have these existing policies are eligible for a premium subzi and are likely to move into the exchange. there is a provision that provides for payments to -- and so there are mechanisms in place to make sure that the health insurers are not adversely impacted a disproportionate share of the sick. all of those things together should make sure that they shunt increase. >> the insurance company has to call the person they canceled to tell them we can reinstate your
7:57 am
policy. do you think they'll really do that? >> i think they should do it. and we just had bluecross do that where they failed to provide the proper notice. so they had to issue new notices and allow them to stay on the plans at least until the first quarter of next year. it's not to say it's not a challenging thing. but they can do it and they should do it because these people were promised the ability to stay on their plans. >> if you find that the insurance companies are raising the premiums, is there anything that you can do? will anybody be looking for that? >> first of all, the rates are set for 2014. so, again, rates should not rise and can't rise on the 2014 policies. 35 stiets have given their insurance commissioners the authority to regulate rates. so they have the ability to reject the increase in rates. there's a ballot next year to
7:58 am
give us the authority in california. but in the meantime, rates are filed and set for 2014. and they shouldn't raise. >> if you could, i would like for you to look at the bigger picture. with all that's going on and all of the problems surrounding obama care, will this program ever really work? >> i think it will work. obviously the rollout has had many problems. but whenever you undertake a reform this massive, there are going to be challenges. we auls aul wish it had happened better. in california we're pleased with the rollout. and other states have done well too. so, i'm confident that ultimately it will be successful. remember, what this is all about is trying to provide americans with health insurance. tens of millions of americans who don't have health insurance. and whose cost when they do get care gets shifted to the rest of us. it's estimated in california we
7:59 am
all bay about $1500 per family due to cost shift. it's the right thing to do and it's time to do it. >> so you know what's going ton in washington right now. house republicans are about maybe to pass a bill that would allow people to stay on their existing insurance plans. allow people to have -- to be reinstated. and then everybody could buy those plans out there instead of enrolling in obama care. what would that do to the program? >> the republican bill goes much further than necessary to protect the consumers who have existing plans. the president's approach protects them. that is the health insurers rescind the cancellations. the republican approach, which i oppose, who undermine all of the reforms and make it impossible to move forward. the president's approach
8:00 am
fulfills the promise to those individuals who have existing plans and make a choice. >> thank you so much. dave jones, the california insurance commissioner. we appreciate the insight. and i want to thank all of you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. after the president's fumble, house republicans pick up the ball hoping to pass an obama fix of their own. keeping with the sports annual jiz, we're keeping score on who is keeping plans and promises. also this hour, the toronto mayor cannot blame a drunken stupor this time around. they continue to go after this mayor and now his power ru