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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 18, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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-- captions by vitac -- i've been unscared it is really unreal to do anything. >> and a supervisor with the department of children's services and the father works as an emergency room at the local hospital. both parents face child abuse charge. thank you for joining us. i'm john berman in new york. >> i'm christine romans in for carol costello today. "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. where do you go? what do you do when your home and all of your neighbors' homes, everything you own, is gone? our reporters are on the ground right now, still trying to get a handle on the scope and the scale of the midwest devastation. also this hour -- o canada, how many more can you
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take? if you thought you'd heard it all from the crack-smoking mayor, just wait until you hear what he is saying now. and let the good times roll. the record-setting dow racing past 16,000 after today's opening bell. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it is monday, november the 18th. welcome to "legal view." let's start with the top story. at least six people dead. dozens of people hurt, entire swaths of neighborhoods now nothing but piles of rubble. and hundreds of thousands of people are without power this morning. the midwest is no stranger to death and the destructive powers of tornadoes, but people were caught off guard by the dozens of tornadoes that ripped through the region yesterday. it is a rarity this late in the year. in the words of one survivor -- i don't have anything. others are praising their neighbors for coming to their aid. and as the shock begins to wear
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off, one man voices the attitude of many saying, we will move on to a new day. our chris cuomo now with more on when the twisters hit and the devastation they left behind. >> our father, who art in heaven -- >> reporter: prayers echo through basements as a monster-sized twister roars above. central illinois took the brunt of the fury. a string of tornadoes left several dead, dozens more injured. >> we may need to take shelter in our ourselves. >> reporter: newscaster abruptly rushed off-air. >> we'll be back when we can. >> reporter: a tornado ripped right past their studio. downtown washington county devastated by a tornado. wind reports of 200 miles an hour spun entire blocks of homes to the foundation. >> i felt the house shaking and waited about a minute and came back up and saw what you're seeing here. >> reporter: in a community, authorities went door to door checking on residents for fear of gat leaks.
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one resident described the aftermath as war zone. >> i'm just devastated. i just feel sick. >> reporter: further south, a tornado carved a path of destruction in brookport, directly hitting two mobile home parks. >> i don't have anything. my whole -- it's gone. i don't know where it went. >> reporter: widespread funnel clouds even spotted in chicago. >> please clear the seating area calmly. >> reporter: tornado warnings forced officials to evacuate soldier field, delaying the bears' game. but once the twisters passed, there was a new blast of energy. cleanup efforts. waves of people coming to each other's aid, looking for survivors, searching for valuables. toppled semis pulled upright. and most importantly, spirits raised. >> we'll make it through it. we're just so grateful that the lord preserved so many lives here. >> and our chris cuomo joins us live in washington, illinois. chris, a difficult morning watching your reporting. can you give us an up-to-speed
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where you are now with this damage? >> reporter: at the sun came up here, ashleigh, people got the first chance to survey what happened since the tornadoes yesterday. you remember, most people were in hiding and then had to really evacuate, because it's an unstable situation. gas leaks. there's no power, water mains are leaking all over the place, even right where we are here a commercial building with a leaking water main. they haven't had time to fix them. this morningwe've seen people in the houses behind us. a beautiful suburban area. people took time to develop their property and now it's all reduced to rubble. they've been out looking around. i think the biggest thing we've seen today is this -- this strength, this wave of resilience that came, that matched the power of the tornadoes in this community, it's so determined to see what matters most and not see this as everything which they've lost and to help each other get through this. especially during the holidays. >> let's not forget, chris, this is nearing the end of november. it's cold. how are the survivors doing?
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what are they saying about what they're going to be doing now just to get past these cold temperatures without much shelter? >> reporter: look, that's a good point, ashleigh. yesterday it was like 25 degrees warmer, which helped add to the number of tornadoes they to deal with, but today it is very cold, and it's like the combination of a cold reality and cold temperatures as they come out to review their surroundings. again, they're looking to each other. they're looking to family. this is a very prayerful community. there's a lot of church structure in place. that is very helpful right now. so they're going it lean on one another, but i'll tell you, i've covered a lot of these. and when a community has strength and resilience, it makes all the difference. that's going to have to happen here. if you think about it, especially people of faith. they go into the holidays hoping that it's about something bigger than themself. and they're all going to be very reminded of that here this year. >> yes. passing along our prayers and blessings to those people, chris, it's really tough to see.
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chris cuomo live for us in illinois. i want to get you up to speed on yore big story a milestone moment. look at the big board. you are not seeing something that you weren't expecting, perhaps. over 16,000, the dow setting that record-setting number after today's opening bell. it was sort of like instantaneous. the dow and s&p on a roll after six straight weeks of gains, and right now the dow is up just a little under 58 points. we'll continue to watch that, but right there, another big moment. dow crossing the 16,000 threshold. princeton university could decide this week if it's going to offer its students an emergency meningitis vaccine. seven of its students contracted meningitis since itthe spring a it is not a strain covered by the normal vaccine. so the university is considering a different vaccine not yet approved in the united states. the cdc, however, does say that it is safe.
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i want you to check out this incredible video of lava spewing out of mount etna in italy. the 16th time mount etna erupted just this year alone. this is not putting any homes in danger and no one has had to evacuate despite what just looks like an awesome explosion. what it did do, given us an amazing array of pictures and gave those people nearby quite the light show as well. again, nobody evacuated. no danger. nasa spacecraft maven is on the launch pad, and ready to head to mars. the weather cooperating, expected to launch in a couple hours. everyone is in their seats, almost, getting ready. by the way, don't be counting your chickens, because it's not going to hit mars until next september. it's headed there to study the atmosphere on that planet, and that could help scientists figure out if mars was ever like earth and could ever have supported life.
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so this is a big day, as many of these days happen to be for toronto's crack-smoking mayor. there's really no other way to describe him at this point. right? city council there, getting ready to try to strip that mayor of even more powers, and rob ford digs in yet again. all while he debuts a brand new tv show. no joke, folks. going to take you there live in a moment.
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kind of feel like we've been watching the "rob ford show" for a couple of weeks now. trust me when high say this- you ain't seen nothing yet, because tonight on canadian tv,
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the crack-smoking mayor of toronto actually gets his own program. >> if i was in the drug test and alcohol test right now, it's -- and i put a motion for that. every counselor do it, too. you know what? they jumped up. they don't want anything to do with it. our last council meeting, going no drinking out there. >> the next meeting? >> yes, absolutely. i don't want to do this. i'm not a rat, joe. i know people party on the side. i know lawyers, doctors, everybody has a good time. >> anybody else that you know? >> i'm not go ne names. nah, nah. we're not naming names. let them vote on it and see who comes forward and who doesn't. >> ford nation is set to debut just after city council takes another whack at mayor ford. this time voting yet again to further strip him of his powers and slash his budget. all of this as cnn confirms that ford gave his mayoral staff
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$5,000 races on friday, but he still says he's under the last mayor's budget. joining me now from toronto is cnn senior international correspondent nic robertson, who is on the story. council set to meet pretty soon. if my watch is right, probably by next hour. last i heard, the mayor was going to head to court before council to try to block them from doing what they plan to do, and yet that was news to his lawyer. where does all of that stand? >> reporter: yeah. that is news, certainly here. what we understand is that there is a possibility, a possibility, of an effort for an injunction to stop the council going ahead, but, really, it is said to be another day of drama here in toronto and the city hall is expected that the council will go ahead and vote on those issues to take powers away from the mayor, but at the same time, his brother here, counselor doug ford, firmly at the mayor's back saying that this is an
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unconstitutional overthrow of a democratically elected government. >> what is happening today is an overthrow of a democratically elected mayor, illegally. this is what you see in third world nations. you don't see this in canada. you don't see this in -- in the united states. you don't see this in the uk. we're talking about a third world nation overthrow here. >> why doesn't he try to avert the situation, take your advice, their advice, just step back and get -- get some help for a short time and come back? doesn't that avert the situation? >> you know something, no. it wouldn't avert it, because the ship's already left the dock, and there's no rule. >> reporter: your brother didn't allow the ship to leave the dock and -- >> you know something? personally, he's made a mistake. we will rehash this for the next 100 years, folks. >> reporter: yeah, but 100 years
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they may rehash it, but by then the mayor does seem to be said to be stripped from all those powers and as you say, on friday, paid $5,000, we're told, because that money was in the budget. ashleigh? >> so what about this tv show "ford nation"? i understand it was taped yesterday, and -- i don't even know what to ask you. for heaven's sake. what was the taping? go ahead. tell me anything at this point, nic. >> reporter: you know, you never -- that's the thing and that's what this city is struggling with. you never know what to expect around mayor ford. went on much longer than the studio was expected. the mayor and his brother doug hadn't done this sort of thing before. it took a long time. i really learned something standing outside the studios waiting for him to come out. when he came out, look at what happened here, and listen to what he says. just let's have a look at this.
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>> i didn't push her. >> you stepped on my foot. >> how did it go? >> i didn't touch her. >> reporter: how did the taping go, mayor? >> how did the taping go? >> reporter: you know, ashleigh, i'm standing right at the mayor's side. i see all this happening. he tripped over someone, and he could have just said, i'm sorry. are you okay? can you get up? but it's the unpredictability. you don't really realize that, recognize it, until you're standing right there next to him. then you see him explode. the pressure and the stress he's under. whatever it is. exploding in anger. at almost nothing. that's the surprise. that's what you learn. >> so, okay. nic, you know, the assignment we sent you on continues to deliver on a regular basis. we kind of thought it might wrap up after council meeting starting to strip powers. >> reporter: so it does. >> keep us posted on the meeting today and certainly we will have other seven-second delay and bleep button ready to go if he decides to take to the cameras.
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nic robertson, thank you. by the way, speaking of the bleep button it is getting a lot of employment because our cnn cameras caught up with mayor ford himself. yes that is our bill weir and the mayor. after the break, the interview that bill conducts with rob ford, and honestly -- completely unexpected. just wait. it's coming. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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next hour -- city council, toronto, "mentiwe
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mentioned, set to strip more powers if the crack-smoking mayor. i can't believe i'm saying those words, but i keep saying them over and over. here he is. more pictures. going to the football game, where then asked him not to. rob ford is not backing down in this thing, though. in fact, in some parts of town he is hailed as a hero. our bill weir caught up with mayor ford. of you just have to listen. >> but i -- come on. >> reporter: that's totally -- >> but -- >> reporter: a lot of people are worried about rob ford, worried he'll never leave office but his about tight will kill him. you know who's not worried? rob ford. >> i'm not an addict. i'm not an alcoholic, not a drug addict. >> reporter: in the hearts of ford nation, they believe him. >> people get upset, too. and set up, too.
8:22 am
>> reporter: you think he might have been set up. >> yes. >> reporter: he admitted to smoking crack. >> maybe just fed up about everything. >> reporter: have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> reporter: may about pariah on the floor of council and a punchline on the set of "saturday night live." >> whoa! that's a lot of crack. >> reporter: but out at this suburban housing project, he is, no pun intended a rock star. he may be a conservative downtown, but out here the bleeding heart they call when the eviction notice comes. >> everyone is saying he's a conservative. he's a huge, huge, massive social liberal. he loves obama. >> reporter: doug ford invited us here. when his little brother showed up, we saw why. almost everyone was thrilled to see him. >> reporter: these folks love you, but do you realize how you're perceived around the country, the rest of the continent? >> they can make fun of me.
8:23 am
these people know me. i was born and raised here. >> reporter: why did you decide to finally admit that you smoked crack. i'm not going to run around andy phony, be blackmailed, they have videos. >> reporter: but you did -- >> i've had enough. i'm sick and tired of all the allegations and the [ bleep ], excuse me my words, and -- sorry. i shouldn't have swore in front of the kids. i made mistakes. i drank too much. i smoke some crack sometime. what ki say? i made a mistake. i'm human. >> reporter: can't you see why some would question your judgment? >> how? just lie? >> reporter: just saying -- >> i didn't say that they said, do you smoke crack and are you a crack addict. no, i don't smoke crack and i'm not a crack addict. have i? yes. i don't lie. i haven't smoked crack in over a year, but did i?
8:24 am
come on. typical media. you guys are the same. all cut from the same cloth. >> reporter: no. okay. >> you know what i mean it? you can -- >> reporter: settle down. >> at this point doug tries to calm his brother, which we've seen, ain't easy. >> you accuse me of being a crack addict saying, do you smoke crack? no. i don't. have i? yeah. i don't like people attacking my credibility. >> reporter: couldn't you be more effective if you were a little helter? >> i'm trying to lose some weight. i'm working out. i'm not perfect. >> reporter: why not see some addiction specialist? >> i'm not an addict. you can spin it, tell me whatever you want. these people know that i'm not. you ever have a drink before? >> reporter: sure. >> what about -- here's the thing, i don't look at myself as the mayor. i look at myself as just a normal, regular person. >> it's not going to be about -- >> that's nuenough. so, guys.
8:25 am
>> reporter: one more question. this really gets it for me. i know a lot of people who would party their brains out. >> yeah. >> reporter: but they're parents. i'm sure you're insulating your children from what's going on now? >> absolutely. i'm the best father around. >> reporter: there's going to come a day when they're google their dad. >> absolutely. i'll talk with el them. you dismiss them? i don't walk away from anyone. all these rich people, i'm sick of them. sick of them. no. they're perfect. they don't do nothing gept get outta here they don't kndo nothing. they're the big gest crooks around. oh, dear. oh, dear, dear, dear, dear. dear, dear. big weir joins me live now and i keep having to say, i'm so sorry -- so soorry. i'm a canadian and it's so difficult to watch this play out. >> reporter: that's what we think of this gentleman and --
8:26 am
>> there is a contract. the canada that's good and then there's this foolishness. speaking of this foolishness, you never know what they're going to say. seeming to be a traveling show. now, people coming out of the woodwork, it's starting to affect his brother? >> that authenticity, that candor, cuts both ways. seems they're making this up along the way. proof of this. hanging out in their suburbs and ward. doug ford brought us there. he wanted to see. one guy wandered up and starts complaining. complaining about they want to evict him. he had a run-in with the cops and blames the ford brothers for not doing enough, and while our cameras are rolling, as the counselor is trying to get him out the door he says, i remember when you sold all my friends hash. >> no, he didn't.
8:27 am
>> he says this. and i'm there. well, brings up an interesting story. this summer, an investigation, where they found a bunch of high school colleagues of doug ford, the elder, who claims he spent much of the '80s as a mid-level hashish dealer. >> what did he say? >> i asked him about it. here it is. >> i wasn't slinging any hash. i said it very clearly, and it's amazing what -- outside of meeting him here, and the last couple of years, i didn't know him. as far as i know, he didn't know me. i admitted when i was 30 -- 30, 31 years ago i smoked marijuana, and i didn't deal marijuana. if want to go calling, you know, go to your buddy say, here's a joint for $10, if that's what they want to call it, so be it. >> reporter: other siblings have struggled admittedly. you got to wonder if it's hereditary. doug says he doesn't drink at
8:28 am
all. he's a teetotaler. rob ford you'll see tonight on "ac 360" he is adamant. not an addict, or alcoholic, he's a great mayor and we found plenty who agree with him. >> don't go far. more stuff is coming up and we are going to need you to do the turn on it. nic robertson, doing this work as well. i'm sorry sorry about this. >> i'm sorry for you. >> i said it before, i'll say it gep. by the way, that guy and his great work, the earn tire interview coming up on "ac 360" tonight on anderson's show. tune in, there's more where that came from. hard to believe it. bill weir reporting live for us. thank you. some updated news i want to bring you as well. i'm going to take you to north carolina after the break. this one is a complete jaw-dropper. an 11-year-old boy handcuffed at the ankles to the porch. the sheriff says the home was
8:29 am
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when you hear what happened to an 11-year-old boy in north carolina, chances are pretty good you'll be disgusted. a sheriff deputy found him hand covered by the ankle to a post on the front porch, a dead chicken hanging around his neck. the boy and four other adopted children were living in utter filth. this morning, the foster parents, one of them a social services worker, appeared in court, and our nick valencia was there for the hearing, he joins me live from monroe, north carolina. give up the update. what happened in that courtroom? >> reporter: good morning. i was inside the courtroom for the first initial appearance. they said she little and showed little emotion. the only time they spoke, to say they wanted a court-appointed attorney because they didn't have the funds to hire their own attorney. each is being held on about a $500,000 bond on multiple charges including child abuse. an update on the five kids.
8:34 am
they were removed from union county. put in the custody of social services. they were removed because of a conflict of interests, as we've been reporting. the woman, the adoptive mother in this case, wanda sue larsen, is a supervisor at social services, and just to give you an idea how disgusted people are here locally with the conditions of the home. we showed up at the home in yesterday. in squalid conditions. an overwhelming smell of feces and urine. farm animals running kilwild. unlivable for animals. no family should be living in those conditions. earlier i caught up with the aunt of try of those kids inside the home and she talked to me about those conditions inside the home. take a listen. >> if you come to the table late, you're not allowed but half of your plate of food. then do you not get the next meal. if you do not do your chores, or listen to her, then do you not
8:35 am
get your meals that day. if you do not finish your schoolwork on time, you're, therefore, not allowed to leave your room, and they were putness r insiputness -- put inside their room and chained in there. >> during the investigation, sheriff's spoke and said the 11-year-old was regularly handcuffed. a room where he was tied to a piece of railroad, handcuffed on a customary base. disgusting details eerg inning from this case. >> nick thanks. i want to bring in defense attorney danny have a value ulu savalas. you look at the filth and the odor and conditions, how is it you can have children, especially a foster child, living like that? because they're supposed to be checked on regularly. >> what makes it worse, the fact
8:36 am
they're foster children likely means the government came in, took them from their original parents, because those parents had a present inability to make these children safe and meet all their needs. so the sad irony is that they have been taken away and placed in foster care, designed to be temporary. it's designed to be safe. it's designed to be a respite from whatever they were going through living with their parents, until their parents either can get them back judiciously or they get adopted. so that's what makes this particularly bad. as for oversight, there are social workers that are supposed to go out and visit. there are regular court dates where the judge looks at the staut status. however, the system simply doesn't have the finances to look after all of these children. it just doesn't. for foster parents, they get reimbursed. allegations, a lot of foster parents do this as a business. they get about $500 a month. you see foster parents with five or six kids. many are doing the lord's work. doing noble work. >> absolutely.
8:37 am
>> but on the other side, some sign up because they get a $500 check. you got five kids at the house. it's a payday. >> in this particular house, i want to be so clear about it. the other children were adopted. it's possible they had been foster prior to adoption. we don't know that at this point. but it's this one child in particular who's the adopted child, and then i hear this is a supervisor at social services. >> amazing. >> am i now to think that perhaps the social workers that do the checks, maybe don't think that's such a bad environment? >> you know, you bring up a good point. what i'm about to say will sound terrible, but on paper, when you look at these two individuals, as foster parents, one worked for the government. the one i believe was a nurse. on paper, at least, they're in the top 1 percentile of foster parents. a double-income family. pretty good. you have to wonder, just a guess -- it's just a guess, maybe they were able to use their social worker status to get by on some of the visits. but who knows. >> it's so distressing.
8:38 am
especially to hear this is a social services worker's home. we'll wait to see what transpires in this case, but clearly so distressing. danny, thank you. nice to see you, as always. stunning video showing the moment that the storm surge from the massive typhoon slammed into an island in the philippines, and it goes right up over top of the roofs of the houses. take a look. imagine you're the one behind this camera, just for a moment. it just keeps coming. and, boy, did it leave massive destruction. carl penthall has a look from an air yo drone once the water subsided. >> reporter: look around you and imagine how it must have felt standing here on this street in tacloban city as a towering wall of water raced in from the ocean. but take a look. the pictures speak clearly for themselves. wherever you look, international
8:39 am
organizations and government rescue teams are hard at work pulling away debris, still looking for bodies of the dead, trying to bring relief to the survivors. >> again, our karl penhaul with that report and then this, the professional golfer on your screen, jason day, has come out and announced that eight of his family members were killed in typhoon haiyan. in a pga tour statement, day says his grandmother, uncle and six cousins died during that typhoon. his mother moved from the philippines to australia 30 years ago. open the door! [ screaming ] >> those are the screams of children you're hearing. wild dashcam video, five kids in a minivan screaming as a police officer pounds a baton on their window. then another opens fire as their mother drives the minivan away.
8:40 am
she was pulled over for speeding while on a family vacation in northern new mexico. but, here's a big but, took off, tried to get away, leading police on a high-speed chase until she and one of her teenage sons who actually rushed an officer, were arrested. the officers involved are also under investigation. that's in this incident. i want to warn you. this next video is difficult to watch. you can see a man falling from the third deck of ralph wilson stadium in buffalo. in new york. all of this during the second quarter of the bills game against the jets. he only injured his shoulder, luckily, but he landed on another man who unfortunately had injured his head, and there's no update on that man's condition yet this morning. coming up, one of the toronto city council members is going to join us live. all of this as fellow council
8:41 am
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if you are a regular cnn watcher, one thing you know we don't often do that is go to the live city council cameras of major cities like toronto, chicago, new york, l.a. but you know what? toronto has changed everything, and now still council meetings are a must-see. we have one coming in about an
8:45 am
hour or so. and that's where the counselors are planning to do yet again another strip job. that is trying to take powers away from their mayor, who's got a whole lot of problems and a very big mouth. joining me now, one of those counselors, he's live outside of council chambers. counselor thank you for doing this live interview with us. i have to ask you. the mayor threatened yet again court action to stop you and your fellow colleagues from stripping him of his waning powers. can he? do you think he will? are a lot of these empty promises or anything else you'd like to report from this very strange evolving show? >> well, thank you very much for having me, ashleigh. i appreciate it. i take a bit of a different approach. while i know that the mayor has gone a little bonkers lately, and i know that his mouth should not be where it is, i also believe in democracy and i think
8:46 am
what we're doing will change the flavor of democracy in toronto, anyway, for the next 100 years. what we're attempting to do the strip the mayor from his powers, and i know why people are trying to do that. i've taken the position that the mayor is ill. and i will be taking a further position this afternoon asking for a doctor's letter, a simple doctor's letter, that says he capable of doing his job. just like would ask any employee of any organization or corporation, because i believe he's sick, and i think that he needs time off, and i'm going to treat it as such and continue to do so. i cannot move in a direction that's anti-democratic and probably illegal, in this particular respect. there's one level of government that can do this legally. it would be the provincial level that we have here, similar to your state, and they're the ones that should come in, step in, and dot dirty work, if that's what they want. >> so let me add -- i got a lot of questions but only a minute
8:47 am
left. number one, are you the only person asking for this doctor's letter and is that another thing that essentially has no teeth? number two, it's the mayor and his brother saying this is the third world stripping of democracy, of democratic powers to take his powers away and, three, are you going to go to the province? that's the problem. council doesn't want to take to the level of any -- >> that's the motion what should have happened to begin with, in my opinion. if people really wanted to do this. instead it's turned into a circus. and i think that the mayor would owe those of us on the executive, the administration that particular doctor the letter as well. if they want us to continue on with the add min installation he wants to head up, he needs to prove to us that he's fit and able to do that, and if you can defer this motion, if you can -- in other words, wait until next month, until that letter surfaces, i think everybody would be satisfied, including myself. so i hope i can garnish enough
8:48 am
support, and by the way, we were returning the city anyway with the executive, and we have a very capable deputy mayor. we didn't have to transfer budgets and, you know, kind of strip the mayor of everything as their proposing. we could have done this without the international flavor, so to speak. >> i hear ya. >> that's the position i hold. >> yeah. as a proud canadian-american, i'm so embarrassed to have to bring this story to americans on a regular basis. >> yes. >> counselor, thanks for being with us. keep us updated and let's hope for a safe and healthy resolution to this problem. thank you, sir. >> ashleigh, we're proud of you as well. thank you. >> ah, you're a sweetheart. thanks so much. coming up, we've got another big story we've been following. this one very distressing. however, there may be a silver lining. child porn hidden among hundreds of thousands of web pages in at least 150 languages, and google and microsoft are saying, that's it.
8:49 am
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all right. this is one of those stories i microsoft taking big steps and astounding steps together for a just cause. that's keeping some of the most disgusting content off the i] internet. child pornography.t( trying to get rid of the images all together and also making sure that willxd common searche arningt( li9epxd do. cnn's money tech correspondence laurie segall joins me now. i'm so blown away by what uz doing. they're looking at the video. somehow they've got someñi kindf digital algorithm that can be determine when a videoq is ìc% on this and photççódna.
8:53 am
they canok access usingxd a tec 1jtz rhythm,xd look at an image and say this is likely to be an illegal image. google has had a team ofe1 200q employees working onh)!%m for the last three months. what it does is it will essentiall bl typing in things that might yield child pornography, it will essentially block you from doing that and you'll get an image. we have the image.xd is illegal. protecting children everyone sexual abuse. >> nice. >> and you know, almost as a bit of a warning e1sign. stop doing this because we are watching you. >> cp.s$ whençó you get that warning, yourñijf info is beingt straight to the police like how dareñrñr you? isq it so illegal to be looking? >> first4' of all, the techxd companies are coming together. microsoft andw3 google go head head all the time but they're coming together andw3 saying th we have to work with law enforcement. we did a piecerop recruiting
8:54 am
women on facebookop you better bet they're handing over açó lotñi of information tw enforcement. >> laurie segall, thank fáyou. soçóq fascinating think they ca assess images in that way.qi] laurie segall doing the job for us live today. another big story we're q ]r drug guidelines meant toq prevent strokes and heart ñiattacks. well, how do we say this? being revised trying to clear up take stattens and how to calculate correctly whether you would be a candidate coming up next. [ male announcer ] introducing red lobster's seafood bakes. combinations of your favorite seafood from lobster to crab, shrimp and mussels in a savory broth. try one today, and sea food differently. now get ten dollars off any two seafood bakes, crab or lobster entrees. many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors?
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8:58 am
brandxd new tool to help people determine how risky their cholesterol levels might be is a littlelp rick they it might see. some doctors are saying the risk calculator justfá unveiled last weeke1 to help them figure it o is flawed. elizabeth cohen joins me now. how did thisñr happen? >> i know. now it's a point of contention. some doctors at harvard and otherxd places are sayingxdeobu this calculator tells peoplei] o don't need statten that they do, and tells people that they don't need statins that they don't. >> all of that could be lethal. >> it's not great.
8:59 am
the american heart associationf said no, our."e1 calculator is totally fine. i'll tell you, i got on the phone with a nitort( within the aha, within the heart association high up instrumental in this fqç5átááy he saidt(+okok elizabet( i canh for this algorithm. itq needs to be re-evaluated. theremy seems to beñr?; disag association how good it is. >> ñroffline, have they taken i d%9 and doing this. >> you needw3q to go to your dor and you need to say look, what are my cholestero,d numbers an what's my personal profile? do i÷have high blood pressure, diabetes? and then you need to make a decision from there.ñi so you don't have to relxd on then calculator. you make a decision with your r doctor. what are my numbers? what's my personal history? what is my family history? and make a decision fromi] ther. >> so what you're saying is the being anq empowered patient. >> that is exactly what i'm saying. what ig
9:00 am
of course, she wrote the book, thank you, elizabeth cohen. always good to see you. thank you for joining us. it's been nice to have youphju)r us. we'reñi continuing to watch toronto live. that the city council meeting. pass you on toîñ "around the world" which starts now. >> and toronto terror in the nation's heartland. that is where we begin this hour ofsi this is neighborhoods flattens, lives shattered. at least six people." confirme stormlp ripped through the midwest. midwest. >> it's on the ground!:e"5ñit's! >> our feather who art nrt heaven,ok halls÷


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