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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 18, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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presidential candidate who did not have peerns in washington? from the left, i'm van jones. from the right, i ' am s.e. cup. out front next, george zimmerman arrested and charged. >> he had broken a table and at one point pointed a long-barrelled shotgun at her. and toronto's crack-smoking mayor acts out again and again. >> i didn't push her. plus lady gaga's revelation. >> i was speaking up to 15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes a day with no tobacco. let's go out front. good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett.
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out front we begin with george zimmerman busted again. aresd on domestic violence charges after he allegedly pointed a shotgun at his new girlfriend. he's being held without bail in the seminole county jail. he's had multiple run ins with police. david, you were in that courtroom every day during the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman seems to have had a lot of trouble staying out of trouble. what are all the charges and allegations here? >> reporter: the one thing everyone was saying about george zimmerman after he was acquitted was that he needed to disappear. and for some reason now he has been completely unable to do that. now he is facing some very serious charges as a result of this police call that includes aggravated assault, domestic violence and battery. the aggravated assault by itself carries eight years in prison if he is found guilty.
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so these are very serious charges. right now we are waiting for the sheriff's department to actually finish their search of the premises there. and here's what the sheriff had to say just a short time ago. i'm told we don't have that sound. but erin, i'm also told we do have now 911 tape recording of the call from george zimmerman girlfriend as she called in, in a very aggravated state at the time when she was describing to authorities that george zimmerman had pointed a shotgun at her, barricaded the door behind her. >> 911. >> i need police right now. >> okay. what's your address. >> you're the one breaking stuff in my house! >> ma'am? what's going on? >> he's in my house breaking all
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my [ bleep ] because i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun breaking all my stuff right now. i'm doing this again. he just broke my glass table. you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out because this is not your house. now get out of here. >> reporter: and authorities say that was the voice of samantha, the girlfriend of george zimmerman. this was her house where this altercation took place. and the investigators are telling us that george zimmerman they believe had been living at this location since august. erin? >> it's pretty incredible. a lot of people say it makes them feel differently about what happened in july when it comes to the trayvon martin case. but this is only one of several incidents, right, since his acquittal? >> reporter: right. we've compiled a list. we talked about how everyone said he needed to disappear. well, here is evidence of how difficult it has been for him to stay out of the public eye.
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he was acquitted, of course, in july. the 17th of july he surfaced almost right away as helping a family out of an overturned suv on the expressway here in florida. then later that month, july 28 he was pulled over for speeding in texas. that's when we learned that he once again was carrying a licensed firearm with him at the time. then, again, in september, he was pulled over for speeding here in florida. then in september, on september 9, police were called to the home of his wife for a disturbance there. there were no charges there, but zimmerman was detained. his wife claimed he had smashed her ipad in that incident. we found out a few days ago that even the federal government, the federal authorities were not able to extract any files from that broken ipad. so no charges have been filed
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there. but, again, this, a new chapter now for george zimmerman and new charges facing him as he stays in the seminole county jail behind me. >> he's held without bail. thank you very much to our david mattingly who's been covering the george zimmerman trial from the very beginning. and now the latest developments. our second story, developing story in toronto. the mayor. this time his apology came after he took down a law maker. take a look. the embattled leader who has admitted to smoking crack says he was just trying to get to his brother who at the time was trying to get the crowd to stop taunting him. and even though late tonight ford was stripped of even more powers as mayor, he is still not
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backing down. his canadian tv show ford nation airs tonight. he has a new reality tv show. a reporter caught up with him and had a chance to speak with him and some of his supporters. >> reporter: a lot of people are worried about rob ford these days. worried that he'll never leave office. that his appetites will kill him. but do you know who's not worried? rob ford. >> i'm not an addict. i'm not an alcoholic. i'm not a drug addict. >> reporter: and in the heart of ford nation, people believe him. >> he was set up too. >> reporter: oh, you think he may have been set up. >> he admitted to smoking crack. >> reporter: sure, he may be a pa rye yeah on the city council floor and a punch line on
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saturday night live. >> whoa, that's a lot of crack! >> reporter: but out of this suburban housing product, he is a rock star. he may be a fiscal conservative downtown, but out here, they say he's the bleeding heart they call when the eviction notice comes. >> everyone keeps saying rob is a conservative. he's a massive social liberal. he loves obama. >> reporter: counselor doug ford invited us here. and when his little brother showed up, we saw why. almost everyone was thrilled to see him. >> reporter: but do you realize how you're perceived around the rest of the country? >> they can make fun of me. they can laugh al at me all they want. these people don't know rob ford. i was born and raised here. >> reporter: why did you decide to finally admit that you had smoked crack? >> i'm not going to run around and be phony and be blackmailed.
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you don't trust what the toronto star -- i was sick of all of the allegations and all the [ bleep ]. excuse my words. that's all it is. i drank too much. i smoke some crack sometimes. what can i say? i made a mistake. i'm human. >> reporter: can't you see why some would question your judgment? >> just lie about it? just hi just hide? >> reporter: that would you do it in the first place. >> they said do you smoke crack and are you a crack addict? no, i'm not a crack addict. have i? yes, i have. i haven't smoked crack in over a year. >> reporter: that's semantics. >> typical might yeah. you all are the same. you can spin it any way you want. >> reporter: at this point, he tries to call hayes brother,
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which as he's seen ain't easy. >> do you smoke crack? no, i don't. i don't like people attacking my credibility. >> reporter: couldn't you be more effective if you were a little healthier? >> i'm trying to lose some weight. i'm working out. >> reporter: why not seek some help? >> i'm not an addict. this is the thing. i don't look at myself as the mayor. i look at myself as the normal, regular person. you know, that's enough. >> reporter: one more question. and this is the one that really gets it for me. i know a lot of people who would party their brains out. >> yeah. >> reporter: but they're parents. i'm sure you're insulating your children from what's going on? >> absolutely.
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i'm the best father around. i'm straightforward with my kids. i don't walk away from any one. i'm sick of these people. they're perfect. they don't do nothing. get out of here they don't do nothing. they're the biggest crooks around. >> all right. so you had a chance to be face-to-face with him. what do you make of today's development, the late development we had which is the city council has voted to strip him of his power. >> i'm surprised he got throw supporting votes. the vote was he and his brother and three our council members. maybe it's because he compared this vote to saddam's invasion of kuwait and vowed an equivalent of operation desert storm. they're not just talking about surviving this. they're talking about anile l e
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eighting their enemies. >> it's a talk show. it's a studio version of their radio show. they were given one hour tonight. if it gets huge numbers, you know, we'll see, sort of the fox news equivalent of canada which doesn't do all that well up there. his brother thinks he should be taking some time off and resting, and yet, they've gone on this blitz. so who knows what is next. who knows. >> it's gotten a little hard to watch in some ways. there's more of the interview. you're going to see the entire interview with mayor ford and bill weir at the top of the hour. obama care on life support. but does vice president joe biden really believe it can survive? his words to god's ears.
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soldier field even had to be evacuated until the storms passed. take a look at the size of the tornado shot by this viewer. you hear him praying. that's incredible, this picture. washington, illinois suffered the most severe damage, the f-4 tornado destroyed as many as 400 homes. i mean completely and utterly leveled. that's where our ted rollins is out front. >> reporter: just before the tornado hit, mary got a phone call that she thinks saved her life, a phone call from her daughter-in-law sue. >> she rang my cell phone and asked if she could come to the house. >> reporter: sue was with her ten year old daughter. just minutes after they arrived, so did the tornado. >> and i could see the tornado was starting to come down. and then debris started flying. so we quick ran in the house,
4:17 pm
grabbed flashlight, got downstairs to the basement. nancy was crying. she wanted to know if she was going to live or going to die. >> reporter: when it was over, mary says she was buried in debris. >> hot water heater, the copper pipes and all different things like that. and the water softener, those parts were all on me. >> reporter: and a concrete piece of her house which was ripped apart by the tornado was on her leg. mary says without sue, she'd have been trapped. >> she's my angel. i don't know how long i would have been there. because i couldn't have moved that concrete block myself. >> reporter: mary lost so much blood that when she finally got to the emergency room her heart stopped. >> and all of a sudden my legs felt like they were paralyzed. and i hurt something terrible. and then i guess my heart stopped. i kept praying.
4:18 pm
and they put the paddles on me, and i snapped out of it. >> reporter: throughout it all, mary said she prayed. in the end she needed a blood transfusion, had a broken nose and a lot of bruises. ten year old lindsey had some bruises and a pretty good knot on her forehead. >> lindsey's the one i feel sorry for. she'll never forget that. i still can't believe it. i still can't believe. i've never been in a tornado before. i never want to go through one again, ever. >> reporter: and mary obviously a fighter. she did not think it was her time to go, obviously. she fought through this. now she has to deal with the new reality. and that is she's like hundreds of other people here in washington. she has nowhere to go. no home. she's going to stay with relatives until she figures that out. but obviously happy to be alive. >> amazing story.
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thank you so much to ted rollins on the ground there in the hardest hit area by those storms. still to come, the civil war in the cheney family. they're squaring off over ga marria gay marriage. wait until you see the pomp and circumstance of the ambassador of japan. did she earn her new title? or did she buy it. and 3 million people displaced during the super typhoon in the philippines, dramatic new images coming in of when that wave surge hit the philippines. that's coming up. we'll be right back. anyone have occasional constipation,
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our fourth story out front. camelot takes japan. caroline starts her new role today as the american ambassador to japan. she says she's proud to carry on her father's legacy of public service. but some are angry, saying she doesn't have the diplomatic credentials to take on the job and that she got it as a favor from president obama. >> reporter: making her first visit to a japanese minister, a throng of cameras greeted new u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy before she even entered the room. since the moment she landed in japan her every movement has been noticed by the entire nation.
4:24 pm
>> for president obama to send her here, what does that mean to japan? >> simply put, it is going to be, it is the best gift heaven could only give japan. >> reporter: les you think the japan's rep speaks in hiyperbol turn on the television. but critics say beyond the kennedy glam her job is a crucial one. japan's is the third largest economy. they are increasingly sparring with china and sits close to south korea. >> she does not have experience with japan. she does not have experience with asia. she does not have any track record with any of the essential issues we're dealing with there. that means she's not prepared to play the leading role in japan on those issues. >> reporter: but it is the young caroline, the child of the president who was assassinated
4:25 pm
50 years ago that japan remembers. president kennedy had been planning to be the first u.s. president to visit japan, but he was killed before he could make the journey. the very first broadcast brought into japanese homes, the very first images japan saw was a nation and two children mourning the president they never met. >> i was small, six years old, but i remember how stunned and awed and frozen the faces of my parents. >> reporter: what is it like to see his daughter fulfill his journey? >> well, it is, it cannot be timelier than it is now. >> reporter: she will be brought in, erin, officially as the ambassador in the eyes of japan through a formal ceremony.
4:26 pm
she's going to be drawn through the streets of tokyo via a horse-drawn carriage. and this is a ceremony that's usually ignored by the japanese people. this time, erin, a small crowd is expected to father. >> thank you very much. and something to be said for pomp and circumstance. everyone let us know what you think about that. obviously it does play an important role when it comes to diplomatic relations. still to come, the obama administration has set some lofty goals for the obama care website. and people displaced by the typhoon in the philippines. these are new images of when that storm struck. these are unbelievably powerful to watch. and a fan falls from the upper deck during a buffalo bills game. why he is the one in trouble tonight.
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and welcome back to the second half of out front on this monday. is the obama care website living
4:31 pm
on a prayer? vice president joe biden speaking with volunteers about said the truth is we're going to fix it, god willing. well, sometimes you need god. this comes as the obama administration says it expects 80% of people to sign up by the end of the month. with nearly 4,000 dead and 3 million displaced, the video from a drone today shows the destruction of the philippines. this looks like what you might imagine something might look like after a nuclear war. tacloban city, as you can see, nearly leveled. this was a city of a quarter of a million people. bodies lining the streets in bags is a grim reminder of the devastation. we have new footage by an aid worker showing the surge as it struck and came in, washing away
4:32 pm
homes, trees, lives. that aid worker and five others did manage to make it out alive. well, a buffly bills fan who fell from the upper deck of the stadium has been banned from attending future games. there's the fan in the upper left as you can see. looks like he's skating down. and then he tumbles over the side. falls on top of another man signature on the second level, which miraculous that he was able to be okay. the man he fell on, though, experienced a head injury. the buffalo bills saying we work diligently against those who go against our program. if the senate votes this week to pass some of the loosest restrictions yet to transfer
4:33 pm
prisoners from get mitmo to the mainland. >> reporter: some of the prison's guards would welcome its closure. it happens almost every day, the evidence stuck to cellblock ceilings. and along with the splashing comes a vulgar tirade. >> the most common one is [ bleep ], slut, they say things like i'll [ bleep ] all over your face. oh, you've had [ bleep ] on you, you're trash now. >> reporter: but many say they're innocent and being held indefinitely without trial. pop singer esperanza spalding posted a new video asking people to get behind the closure of
4:34 pm
guantanamo. congressional opposition has blocked president obama from sending most detainees back to their home countries or prisons in the u.s. >> it seems to me that we're losing opportunities to gather intelligence. >> reporter: senator kelly ayotte wants to keep gitmo open. >> more flexibility, better for us. >> reporter: but james comey also said housing terrorists in a prison like the one in colorado would not make the surrounding community more dangerous. >> i don't know any threat around that facility. we've housed some really bad people for a long time. >> reporter: what happens if detainees are sent back to their home countries? since it opened, 603 detainees have been transferred. more than 60% of them, 100 in all, returned to terrorist activity.
4:35 pm
but of the recent transfers since 2009, the number is much lower, about 5%. >> now this has been obviously a tough situation for the president. and there's a lot of other things going on that he's dealing with, with the most glaring at this time. is this a fight he can't win? >> reporter: it's going to be tight. the president has less political capital. but just this afternoon, jay carney publicly reiterated the administration's desire to try to close gitmo but he used the rationale of drain resources and tighter budgets, saying this costs a lot of money, referring to the fact that the pentagon spends about $2.5 million per prisoner every single year. so he's trying to appeal to
4:36 pm
maybe some of the republicans who are more fiscally minded to say, look, this may be something we can't afford to keep open for the long term. >> thank you very much. those numbers pretty stunning. >> yeah. and now our sixth story out front. cheney family feud. the daughters of dick cheney are clashing over the issue of gay marriage. the younger daughter, mary is married to a woman. the latest spat began this weekend. >> i do believe in the traditional definition of marriage. >> your sister is narried to a woman and put out this post. she said for the record, i love my sister, you, but she is dead wrong on the issue of marriage. >> listen, i love mary very much. i love her family very much. this is just an issue on which we disagree. >> mary cheney responded with another post on facebook saying liz, this isn't just another issue that we disagree.
4:37 pm
you're just wrong and on the wrong side of history. this is the type of thing that you might not go to fox news and talk about it to the world. is this a calculated political move? our chief political analyst will get to it. public airing between two sisters that somehow went awry and is now in the public sphere or a calculated move to have this debate in the public eye? >> i really think we've been watching too much scandal or house of cards if we think this is a calculated move. i don't know a single political analyst who would recommend family drama. >> even if it highlights your stance on gay marriage? >> i suspect that the same people who oppose gay marriage also oppose family infighting.
4:38 pm
i think it's unseemly. it cut to the bone. it's a personal issue for mary cheney. she's got a wife. i think it's hard to reconcile for a sister, your sister saying on national tv, i like you. i love you, i love your family, but i don't believe in the institution of marriage that you are engaged in. would that not upset you? >> it would be -- yes, of course it would. of course it would. i wouldn't talk about it on tv, but everybody has their own way of handling it. gloria, you know the cheneys. what's your take on the situation? >> these sisters are close. they've always been close. and i think liz cheney is stating a view that she has along with her father, which is that this is an issue that should be left up to the state. she personally does not support gay marriage. this is now not news to mary cheney. i think there's a little of why
4:39 pm
are you shoving it in my face sort of thing. she has been attacked by a conservative political action committee in the state of wyoming on the question of not being conservative enough on the issue of gay marriage. she was asked a question on sunday. she answered the question. but if i were either of the cheney parents who kind of tried to break it up and sort of sided with liz, i think i'd feel pretty bad about it. >> and the cheney parents did weigh in. dick cheney said that people should be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want. he issued this statement. liz has always believed in the traditional definition of marriage. she has always treated her sister and her sister's family with love and respect. exactly as she should have done. compassion is called for. and liz's many kindnesses shouldn't be used to distort her
4:40 pm
position. i have to assume this statement was read to both daughters before. >> i don't flknow what you assu. the cheneys have been very supportive of both. so i think that for any parent, the public airing, much so at this level of an internal family dispute, has got to be painful. >> i think that statement by the parents was written for conservatives in the state of wyoming, because what it said was hermany kindnesses shouldn't be used to distort her position. who are they talking to? they're talking to the conservative pact that's running these ads in wyoming. >> i think where the vulnerability is, how genuine is liz cheney being? because she's got the issue that also, mary cheney's wife would
4:41 pm
say that she's a carpetbagger, is she a genuine person from wyoming? is she a genuine person against same-sex marriage. that's the issue that they're going at. and they've struck a nerve. >> here's the issue that mary cheney raised in one of her facebook posts about her sister which is you're trying to unseat an older established senator because you say it's time for a change. you need new blood. and she said to her, well, if you really want to do that and unseat an established senator with new blood, why are you thinking like 30 years ago. and i would say about dick cheney, dick cheney took on his own running mate in 2000 and said, look, i disagree with him on this. i think this is an issue that should be left to the states. there should not be a constitutional amendment. so their father has been very
4:42 pm
much in the forefront on this, i would say in the republican party in a way. >> thanks to both of you. and i have to say, i would love to be, you know, a turkey on the table at that thanksgiving. >> i don't want to be around them with forks and knives. >> they got to work that out. >> thanks to both of you. still to come, lady gaga discusses the dangers of marijuana. she says she was addicted to pot. you may be scratching your head saying how is that possible. dr. drew comes on to talk about whether her claims add up or not. and the plane crash in which 50 people lost their lives what investigators can learn about what caused the crash.
4:43 pm
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and we are back with tonight's outer circle. we go to russia where investigators are combing through pieces of a boeing 737 which crashed last night. and we have new video tonight from russian television stations which show the moment of impact. you see the plane coming down like a fireball. then you see that horrible explosion. nose first crash into the tarmac. i asked if investigators had any
4:47 pm
leads on what caused the crash. >> reporter: russian authorities say they are maintaining a wide investigation to try and determine the cause of this crash. they have confiscated evidence and they are considering human error and mechanical failure. clearly the pilot was in trouble. he was having difficulty getting the aircraft safely on the ground. he had aborted one russia has a terrible record for air safety, but accidents like this here usually involve old soviet aircraft, in this case it was a boeing 727. boeing is sending investigators to determine what present precisely wrong. erin? our seventh story out front, washington state let its residents legally get in on the
4:48 pm
business of growing weed. the application to grow, process or sell pot is now happening. the city tells us there were no glitches with this website. and while it could mean a fortune for some, it could mean challenges for others. in fact, lady gaga recently spoke about the dangers of pot. >> with marijuana, you know, i actually decided to speak about this, because although i do think it is the best of the drugs to choose from, in terms of when you're playing around and experimenting i just want young kids to know that you actually can become addicted to it. and there is this sentiment that you can't, and it is actually not true. i was addicted to it. i was smoking up to 15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes a day, with no tobacco. >> and dr. drew pinsky is out front, dr. drew, she is confident about what she is
4:49 pm
saying. is she right? because the whole argument has been it is not addictive. >> oh, that is silly, it would be malpractice to say that cannabis is not addictive. and of course, lady gaga is speaking from experience. and god bless her for pointing that out. which means it is a relatively safe drug, which means it is addictive if it is all you think about, it is what you're going to do. the thing about marijuana, even though some are addicted to it, could do fine for many, many years, but eventually, the high starts to wear off, and they have difficulties. >> and your point was, 15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes a day that didn't have nicotine in them. there is no way you would be
4:50 pm
smoking that many a day if you were not addicted. >> right, and she had trouble stopping, cannabis is a plant, tobacco is a plant, has everybody forgotten that tobacco is a plant? we're seeing big cannabis, big tobacco, that is what people need to watch out for. >> what i'm curious, dr. drew, is the mixed messages people are getting, your scratching your head. people are saying wait, i've been told it was not a drug, quote, marijuana is not physi l physically addictive, why are we getting mixed messages on this. >> it is so powerful, the mixed messages on cannabis, i have been treating this addiction for 20 years. and when people are addicted to cannabis, alcohol or cocaine,
4:51 pm
the drug they have trouble giving up is cannabis, it is not very addictive for a lot, but the ones who are addicted, it is really tough. >> there was woman in hawaii, she said that tourists next to her we're smoking pot all the time. they were teenagers and had medical marijuana licenses. but that is what we're talking about here in places like washington state and other states. but now that medical marijuana is legal in 20 states, won't that mean more abuse? >> well, i'm not sure that is true, in the last few years, since cannabis has been medicalized in california, i have not treated one single drug addict who didn't have a prescription for marijuana. so no one is asking a question, when somebody comes in for a prescription, are you a drug addict? of course they're not going to
4:52 pm
be forthcoming with it, either. i don't think it is significantly affecting my patients. but it is such a sham that all of my patients who have a prescription, it is for marijua marijuana. and sometimes they just use it incidentally, i find it bad medicine that they are not checking the things they should be checking. >> thank you, dr. drew. a major milestone for tomorrow. the 150 th anniversary of the gettysburg address, with 51,000 soldiers lost their lives, during the battle that turned the civil war in favor of the north. many turned out to hear the speech, this year, the speech is celebrated across the nation. ken burns invites people to listen to the speech, including
4:53 pm
former presidents. >> a new nation, conceived in liberty. >> and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. >> tomorrow, the address will be celebrated during a celebration at gettysburg, where jim getty, will recite the speech that he has been doing since 1977. which brings me to the number of $100 million, the town says they expect to bring in that much money this year, thanks to the festivities and the reenactment of the gettysburg address. it is the most popular reenactment location across the states, but there are more across the states, 30,000 civil war reenactors are in america today. and out front, bringing the internet where it has never gone before. ♪
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
amazing idea. >> reporter: these days, you may find wireless internet at some of the most remote places on the planet, on your flight, even in space, where you wouldn't find it at least not yet, deep under water. >> these devices can communicate under water. >> reporter: they developed technology they say will create a deep sea internet. and the idea, initially fodder for late-night laughs. >> a wi-fi network that can work under water. well, time warner is trying to develop a network that can work. >> reporter: of course, fall on means, time warner cable. of course it is no laughing matter to them. it has been eight years of hard work. they hope the technology will improve tsunami detection, but
4:59 pm
will it work? we went out to lake erie to test the system. >> you do that through electromagnetic waves, through water, it is acoustic waves, basically, sound. >> reporter: it sounds a bit like how dolphins communicate, they use sound waves, these modems will use the same technology, modems transmitting data from under water to a surface, or to a laptop or cell phone anywhere in the world. >> did you give them names? >> we did, we have the experiment, the ones that will communicate with bob. >> reporter: then, it is into the water. so what happens now? >> so it will send a message from under water, and transfer this data to the internet. >> reporter: after a few moments a message, first via laptop,
5:00 pm
welcome cnn. then, the mobile. >> this is the message i was waiting for. >> so when everything works, we're kind of like whoo! we got it. >> reporter: today, they hope the internet will finally go where no internet has gone before. for out front, jason carroll, cnn, buffalo. and thanks to jason and to all of you for joining us. anderson starts now. erin, thank you, good evening everyone, breaking news on two fronts about toronto's crack-smoking mayor, rob ford, and the man who just can't seem to stay out of the headlines, george zimmerman, he has had a new mug shot. and why his girlfriend said she is afraid for her life. the 911 tape just came out, listen. >> are you serious? >> i -- i need police right


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