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tv   New Day  CNN  November 21, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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straight ahead. alex rodriguez tears into the league and his commissioner. why he thinks the league hates him. your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning, good morning. welcome to "new day," thursday, november 21st, 6:00 in the east. we have breaking new overnight out of kansas. a massive cargo plane stranded at a wichita airport after landing there by mistake. the faa says the boeing 747 was supposed to land at mcconnell air force base but ended up at this smaller airport many miles away. they say the runway, too short for the big plane to take off. cnn's aviation correspondent rene marsh is live in washington. rene, what to do, what to do? >> reporter: that is the question, what to do, what to do. we're talking about a massive
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cargo plane. you can see a photo of what we're talking about there, video of this dreamlifter, the 747. it is used to ship cargo. just to give you an idea as to how huge this thing is, it is capable of hold something 19 million golf balls, the wings itself on this plane, it would essentially cover the total floor space of four three-bedroom homes with two bathrooms. that's how big this thing is here. the problem is this morning, it landed at the wrong airport, about ten miles away from where it was supposed to be. it was supposed to land at another airport, we are told it was the mcconnell air force base, happening late last night, instead, it landed at the jabari airport. we pulled in audio from the pilot speaking with air traffic control at the point of when this big mix-up happened. let's take a listen.
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>> giant 4142 heavy, do you know which airport you're at. >> we think we have a pretty good pulse. >> it appears you're at the wrong airport. >> say again. >> 4241 heavy, we saw the plane on the radar and you are at jabari airport. >> the name again? >> jabari. >> jabari. >> again, so you're hearing the exchange there in which it becomes clear that this plane lands at the wrong airport. so here's the problem. the runway at the airport where it landed is just too short. it needs a much longer runway. so the problem this morning is, how we're going to get this huge, massive cargo plane from this point to where it needs to be, chris. so that is all under way as we speak, trying to figure out how to get this thing out thereof. >> the good news is no distress, no be was hurt. it wasn't an emergent situation. it was more of a what you
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talkin' about willis moment there. now we have this other incident, okay, jetblue flight midflight, what happens there with this, what we're looking at right now with one of the in-flight inflatable ramps. what happened? >> we heard about this at first yesterday. this jetblue flight we know it left ft. myers, supposed to go to boston's logan airport but then it didn't even make it out of the state of florida before it had to make an emergency landing in orlando. it's because what you're looking at right there on the screen, that emergency slide deployed inside of the plane while it was in the air. the faa says that they are investigating to figure out what went wrong, how this could happen. we can tell you it has happened before. this is not a first, however, not what you want to see when you're up in the air. >> no. again, nobody hurt. it wasn't a situation where the plane became compromised?
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top theory for why it happened, top theory? >> i'm not stepping into that one, chris. >> you're still dealing with the fact that your blackberry went off and i heard it, rene, i heard it. >> did you? to florida where trey radel says his arrest in a drug sting was a wakeup call. he's taking a leave of absence to enter a substance abuse program the announcement coming hours after he pleaded guilty to cocaine possession. alena machado is live in florida for us this morning. what are you hearing, alina? >> reporter: the 37-year-old lawmaker says he has hit bottom. he came back to his district late last night and came straight to his offices to talk to reporters about his future. >> i have no excuse for what i've done. >> reporter: contrite and apologetic, republican congressman trey radel announced late wednesday night he's taking a leave of absence from congress
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after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine. >> i've let down our country. i've let down our constituents. i've let down my family. >> reporter: the freshman lawmaker says he's accepting responsibility for his actions. >> i have been getting the help that i need. and i will continue to get the help that i need. >> reporter: federal agents arrested radel back in october during a drug sting. court documents say he bought 3.5 grams of cocaine worth $260 from an undercover officer. radel calls his actions, quote, extremely irresponsible and says he's been struggling with addiction for years. >> i knew this day would come. i've been struggling with this, but i have had my wakeup call. >> reporter: earlier wednesday radel was at washington, d.c.'s superior court where he ignored questions from reporters. radel has been sentenced to a year of probation and if it's successfully completed, his
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guilty plea will be cleared from his record. he was facing up to 180 days in priz. some are calling for radel to step down. >> trey radel needs to resign right away. he committed a crime. members of congress swear to uphold the law, not break them. >> reporter: the former journalist and father of 2-year-old son stopped short of resigning. instead he says he's focused on rebuilding trust with his family. >> the first thing i have to do is begin to mend that trust and relationship with my wife, who is with me, who will continue to stand with me, who i love, who is my rock. i'm going to hug my little guy, even if he's asleep tonight. and i'm going to work to do everything i can to be strong, to come out as a better man. >> reporter: radel also said he would enter an intensive inpatient program to get treatment for substance abuse. he hopes to set an example for those who struggle with addiction. now, an aide for the congressman tells us that he will be
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checking himself into a rehab facility in nearby naples, florida, later this morning. chris and kate? >> all right. thanks so much, alina for the update. time for the headlines at this hour. making news, it is a deal in principle. president ha mad cmid karzai an secretary of state john kerry setting the rules of an agreement. the grand assembly of leaders will meet today to decide whether to approve the security deal which lays out a limited support role for american forces through 2024 and beyond. virginia state senator creigh deeds has been upgraded to good conditions after his son apparently stabbed him on tuesday. cnn learned at least three area hospitals had psychiatric beds available the day before the attack. gus deeds had a mental health evaluation monday but was released because supposedly no beds were available. he killed himself after the altercation with his father.
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former president bill clinton, one of 16 americans awarded the nation's highest civilian honor, the medal of freedom, president obama praising clinton as a true champion and thanking him for his years of service in and out of office. the two men and their wives attended a ceremony at arlington national cemetery commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy. an update for the rebecca sedwick bullying case. all charges against two girls have been dropped. the 12 and 14-year-olds were arrested last month on felony aggravated stalking charges. they've been under home confinement. sedwick committed suicide back in september. next hour we'll spoke with the sheriff who arrested the girls. we'll discuss with him these new developments. and boy is this something you do not want to see when you're standup paddle boarding. it appears to be a great white shark in santa monica bay. the video was shot by nathan anderson who says the shark was
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swimming beneath him and his friends just 50 yards from shore. there have been a growing number of shark sightings in the area this fall possibly because of warmer than usual water temperatures. apparently the area is up. ing grounds for the sharks but to see a full grown one that close is -- >> there is a segment of the population who does enjoy -- would enjoy seeing that, who would scuba dive with that. that would be my husband. >> when he posted the video, sorry about the bad angles but i was busy freaking out. that was a more dignified way, the way i said it. >> that faux calm panic. you look like you're calm but you're panicking. but he kept his go-pro steady. i would be screaming in that high pitch scream that only german shepherds can hear. what does indra petersons think.
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>> i love shark diving but in a cage. >> she did do that? >> love it. i know i'm a little crazy. a little coop factor. >> now you all know. >> to add to that, for anyone jealous of the cold air we're seeing in montana and minneapolis, well, take a look at it because that is going to be coming to your area by the weekend. for pretty much anyone for the eastern half of the country. notice the temperatures, enjoy it right now. pretty much average temperatures for the eastern half of the country. let's talk about why the change for the weekend. snow, a lot of it. especially in through colorado today. all thanks to the low that's sliding down to the south. there's two parts of it, cold air, even snow into the mountain regions but also a lot of rain into the southwest. this will be a big story as we go through the weekend. there is so much moisture, again, i'm showing you from hawaii all this is streaming into the southwest, with that they'll be talking about heavy rain and flooding concerns. you can see that kind of filling into the region.
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for the weekend, lots of rain, anywhere as much as 6 inches in regions that really can't handle that much rain in short periods of time. the next system is making its way across the country today. in the midwest, starting to see some of the showers, nothing too heavy but it does mean in washington, illinois, they are seeing the rain today. this is a system that will be continuing to slide across by friday and saturday. mid-atlantic, northeast, look for the light showers. you may complain it's raining. don't. at least it's still warm. it's what happens behind the rain. this is sunday. i'mup ing you way ahead, guys, i'm talking about highs in the 20s and 30s when the rain goes away. i've never had a smile so big as i will see the rain on saturday. the best it gets. >> thanks, indra. coming up next on "new day," a deal may be near. nuclear talks with iran picking up steam. could an agreement be in place by this time tomorrow? plus, an 85-year-old veteran from california detained in
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welcome back to "new day." about 15 minutes past the hour. secretary of state john kerry says right now is the best chance they've had in a decade for a nuclear deal with iran. a new round of talks began wednesday in geneva. more expected today. the main give and take is that the u.s. will loosen sanctions if iran suspends part of its nuclear program.
3:16 am
but there is fierce opposition to any deal both at home and abroad. cnn's jim sciutto is in geneva with that. good morning, jim, what do we know? >> good morning, chris. this really is the money round. there's a sense from both sides they're close it a deal but it's in these stages where they really have to work through the final issues, standing in the way. one of the members of the eu delegation telling us this morning, quote, they're locked in very tough negotiations here. negotiators return to geneva with the same unresolved question, could they succeed where years of negotiations have failed with a breakthrough deal on iran's nuclear program? as the talks got under way in geneva, back in washington, secretary of state john kerry said the administration is in no rush. >> we will not allow this agreement, should it be reached, i say should it be reached, to buy time or to allow for the acceptance of an agreement that does not properly address our
3:17 am
core fundamental concerns. >> reporter: the key sticking point to any final deal is how much of iran's nuclear program will remain in place? the white house is comfortable with a peaceful program within strict limits and under strict verification. but its closest regional ally israel insists the entire program should be dismantled. in moscow, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu cited the ongoing destruction of syria's weapons as a model. officials maintain the two countries are on the same page when it comes to the final outcome. >> there is no daylight between the united states and israel when it comes to the objective of preventing iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: still, whether an agreement can be reached that would --
3:18 am
>> the relationship is too big to fail. i suspect the differences over time will be accommodated but not happily. >> reporter: it's not just israel standing in the way. at the same time you have a push on capitol hill for new added sanctions against iran. if you add sanctions now, it will destroy the chance for talks here. the administration feels it could only push off on sanctions for another couple of weeks 0 are so before the end of the legislative calendar this year and that's why they believe this is the window now to make a deal. if they're going to get through it, kate, this is their chance to do it. still issues standing on the way. >> clearly the pressure is on. this and much more, coming up with the u.s. ambassador to the united nations later in the show. now to a developing story out of north korea where an american tourist is being detained. the son of 85-year-old merrill newman says his dad, a korean war veteran was pulled from a plane by authorities as he was leaving the country back in october and he hasn't been heard
3:19 am
from since. david mckenzie has more of the details. what more are we learning, david? >> reporter: well, kate, it's a very disturbing story. this palo alto native, merrill newman, 85 years old, he's a korean war veteran. he was in korea for a nine-day visit last month. on the evening before he left, apparently, he was pulled out by the north korean government minder, some sort of discussion ensued, then let's listen how it all went down after that. listen to his son. >> we went to dinner, friday night, next morning i got up, checked you don't of the hotel, went to the airport, got on the plane. apparently five minutes before they were ready to depart, an authority came on the plane, looked at my dad, asked to see my dad's passport and he was asked to leave the plane. >> reporter: and mr. newman
3:20 am
hasn't been heard from yet by his family. u.s. officials we've spoken to saying they're trying to give every assistance to this family. they are even trying to get medicine through the swedish embassy into that country because mr. newman has a heart condition. certainly very disturbing developments. and further sign that these americans, including kenneth bayh who has been there for several months, are not getting out any time soon. this will definitely develop in the coming days. kate and chris. >> absolutely, david. thank you so much. so disturbing because his son said he's been planning this trip for months. he's long been interested in the country and the culture. and he was really enjoying his time there. he had been sending post cards back and now he's disappeared. >> it's one of those reasons, as uncomfortable as people get about having relations with what we sees ahostile countries, if you don't have them, and a situation like this happens, what do you do. coming up on "new day," ted cruz is and will be important in the obama care debate.
3:21 am
his interview got a lot of you people popping. there's real debate about the way forward. tweet us and watch our pros go at it. when you talk about pros we're talking about chris as well. also ahead, a-rod erupts. alex rodriguez storming out of a hearing yesterday and blasting the commissioner of baseball. we'll tell you what he had to say about bud selig and his beloved yankees. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics.
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welcome back to "new day," everyone. let's start with our political gut check of the morning. there's been some, i guess we could call it strong reaction over senator ted cruz's interview when he was on "new day" yesterday. here with us, executive detective drdirector of the daily beast, john avalon and also, will cain. >> when i looked at the list of bills you sponsored there's not one that offers a solution to the current problems with health care except to get rid of the existing law. is that enough? >> that's the only solution with will work. all of these band-aid fixes that
3:26 am
the president is pushing, the congressional democrats are pushing, won't fix the problem. every one of those bills, they have great titles. if you like your plan you can really, really, really keep them. if they were passed into law it wouldn't fix the problem for the 5 million people who have lost their health insurance they wouldn't get it back. >> you don't think you have a responsibility as a u.s. senator to do better than that in terms of offering a solution of what to do next? >> i appreciate you trying to lecture me in the morning. >> no, no, no, none at all, senator. >> the discussion went on to talk about solutions or lack thereof of seeking solutions. what do you think of it, will? >> chris has asked me this question sitting right here before. i think i have a question in response first. when you ask -- >> don't you lecture me. >> you're already 30 seconds in. >> when you ask a republican or conservative, what are your solutions? i want to be clear. what are solutions to obama care's failures or the health care market. >> both. i think that the responsibility is from democrats and
3:27 am
republicans is to find ways forward. you cannot be content watching the other party's failure somehow lift you up. that's my concern. the failures are obvious. maybe they will continue. maybe there will be more manifestations of them. be straight about the numbers in preimplementation and find ways to fix it. that's your job. >> the reason will answered a question with a question is because conservatives really aren't focused on. the overall problem, the pretense that our current health care plan is in the country is perfect which isn't real. the issue is, you have to propose a new solution. republicans are fixated on opposition, not proposition. >> here's why i answered a question with a question. we need precision here. when democrats or anyone asks republicans to come in and fix a problem with obama care, i think it's rich. saying the guy who has warned
3:28 am
you, you will be a bull in a china closet, once you're in the china closet and breaking things up you turn around and say help us fix this, i know you warned but sweep, sweep, do something. we're talking about the health care market. that's different. cruz began to give you an answer. we're pulling in opposite directions. we believe you must inject market forces in the health care market, just like the iphone market, reduce cost and create access. you need selling across state lines, health savings accounts, incentives for catastrophic insurance. >> yes. will cain is right to the extent there have been republican plans in the past. one of them is this president's plan. which was originally proposed by the heritage foundation and embraced by republicans in the 1990s in the senate as an alternative to hillary care. the problem historically has been republicans in the u.s. senate have gotten serious about health care only when there's a counter to a democratic plan they try to paint as socialism.
3:29 am
it's not just an ideological difference. instead of trying to figure out the common ground it's slash and burn, demonization instead of trying to poke a solution. >> the invocation of the heritage paper, a paper by one guy, one think tank. >> the most conservative think tank. >> does not represent a consensus in the republican party. they never advocate for this. you don't get to say this was a republican idea and say republicans have never done anything about health care. if we wanted this idea we would have done it when we had the house, the senate and the presidency. we need to inject market forces. that's what we advocate for. >> that's where i think something is being missed in this. you're talking about the need, when you're a leader to govern. but i think what republicans are looking at is the political reality on the ground. there is really no motivation for the republicans to offer an alternative at this point. when you look at the poll numbers, i was looking back at the latest abc poll. if you're likely to volk for a
3:30 am
congressional candidate who favors obama care, it's completely flipped from july 2012 to now. there's no motivation. you're talking about governing or winning an election. >> look, look, policy and politics are often at odds. i don't want to break news here on air. but, look, part of the problem in our politics is everything is a negative cycle. parties only gain when the other guy screws up. that has nothing to do with governing. if this plan were put forward by president romney in 2008 as it likely would have, republicans would be defending it to the death because their team proposed it. because the democrats proposed it, all of a sudden it's evil. >> one thing is to look at this as being anti-gop. this is a problem both parties are dealing with. they're doing it because it works better than the tough work of compromise. we saw it with the shutdown. democrats don't like the anal y analogy. i tell you what was discouraging to me, the idea of a solution
3:31 am
bias. made my head hurt when i was reading that that's what you were talking about. >> me. >> yes. the day that government no longer is about finding ways to compromise and move forward on ma -- what matters is the day government -- >> i want to talk about that. i appreciate it made your head explode. >> hurt, hurt, not explode. it's still here. >> the concept of a solution bias is this. whenever we present a problem we always assume there's a solution. that solution must come from the government. i believe, conservatives believe solutions can exist outside the confines of government. >> you have to have the government involved with health care. you no he that. >> we believe markets are the key to reforming -- >> for health care? >> absolutely. that's what i've been trying to say. >> you had free markets in different states. it became such a calamity, so much abuse by insurers in this country and people know it. >> the '60s? >> now, my brother. >> that's not a free market. we haven't had a free market in
3:32 am
health care for decades. >> this he control the entire market. that's the problem. that's why you had to check it and there are millions of americans who have dealt with those problems. >> health insurance and health care are not synonymous. >> we're having a fantasy-based debate about a fictitious alternative. the current system is not a free market. we have a ton of different reasons that go deeply beyond medicare. you have a fictional universe. let's have a reality-based conversation about solving health care problems in this country. if you do, if you pull out the partisan spin, you start to think things like when this was originally planned it was championed because it was market based and about individual responsibility which is what they call the mandate. >> you're going to to look at the conversation when you're talking about the way the districts are drawn at this point. both sides are largely in state districts. they have no motivation to compromise. the people who are voting are sending them there to send a message, not to compromise. >> until the message is, find a
3:33 am
solution to our problems and we're going to punish you if you don't. >> that's called leadership. look, everybody knows they can do better, whether it's will or ben ferguson, begala on the left. everybody has to know they have to step up their game. >> i'm worried about the assumptions we bake into the cake. i'm worried government means government solutions. government being you, you've come in messed it up than you could possibly fix it. >> every time you're here, call me government. >> it's not you, proverbial you. >> that's a whole other family problem. >> are you announcing something today? >> no, not yet. i still need him here for a little while longer. john, that was really fun. >> appreciate it. >> all right, michaela. let's take a look at the headlines. nobody is announcing, i don't think, right here. >> that's not our breaking news. >> our breaking news is an interesting situation that's happened in kansas. this is a giant cargo plane
3:34 am
that's stuck at a small wichita airport. it landed there by mistake. the faa is investigating why this boeing 747 dream lifter was scheduled to land at mcconnell air force base instead ended up at a smaller nearby airport. the jet apparently needs over 9,000 feet of runway in order to take off but the runway where it is sitting right now, only just 6,000 feet. florida congressman trey radel says he's hit bottom and needs help. he's taking a leave of absence while in rehab. radel did not resign. he also did not mention drugs during his news conference wednesday. but he did admit to cocaine possession in a d.c. court. he has been sentenced to one year probation and fined $250. we're learning this morning about a rare drone strike in northwest pakistan outside a remote tribal region. the suspected u.s. drone strike killed five people, including three afghan militants. pakistani police say the missiles hit an islamic seminary
3:35 am
known to be visited by the senior members of a network, a close ally of the taliban. janet yellen likely one step closer to becoming the first woman to lead the federal reserve. they are expected to back the nomination and pass her confirmation to the full senate for a vote. that vote likely to come in december. if confirmed, yellen, the current vice-chair would replace ben bernanke in january. are you a thrill seeker? you might want to check this out. this is a new water slide in kansas that's still under construction. but check it out. we can't get details from the park until the slide opens but it is being built as the tallest, the fastest, and the steepest in the world. the mega blaster is set to open in may. someone has told us that the name of the slide is the german word for insane. >> it made my stomach hurt. i thought at first you just went
3:36 am
down. >> i know. >> you'd fly right off. >> you checked your german translation. >> i couldn't pronounce it. it didn't look like that word. >> i think there are all sorts of words that would come out, german or otherwise. >> that might be what germans scream when they fall off something of that height. coming up on "new day," a-rod on a rampage. he's finally responding directly to accusations that he's a cheat. and wipe the sleepy out your eyes, because you're not going to believe this. shoppers are already lining up for holiday bargains. what, what, what? more than a week before black friday. is it getting out of control or is it just getting awesome? >> that's a nice setup. ♪ jingle bells jingle bells ♪
3:37 am
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welcome back. fireworks wednesday at an arbitration hearing for alex rodriguez. the highest paid player in baseball angrily stormed out of talks. rodriguez is appealing a 211-game suspension for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs. wednesday he took his fight straight to the public with tough words for the mlb's top boss. jason carroll is following the story for us. >> what a mess. he called the mlb officials, he said they were full of it basically. he called the entire proceeding a farce. he banged the table and kicked a briefcase in order to make his point before he left. all of this during a private proceeding. no cameras allowed. he saved the camera and the radio for later. >> i banged the table and kicked a briefcase and slammed out of the room. >> reporter: alex rodriguez crying foul, so angry with major
3:41 am
league baseball's commissioner and the league's investigation into allegations he used performance-enhancing drugs, he went to the airwaves to vent his frustration and to deny he used p.e.d.s. >> did you do any p.e.d.s? >> no. >> did you obstruct witnesses 0 are do anything they accuse you of doing. >> no. >> nothing. >> nothing. >> reporter: he appeared on a radio show hours after he stormed out of an arbitration hearing about his 211-game suspension. furious that the arbitrator decided bud selig would not have to testify. >> i exploded. i was very upset. i probably overreacted. it came from the heart. it's been a very difficult process. >> reporter: rodriguez attorneys wanted to question selig on a number of points. they allege mlb investigators used unethical tactics, including intimidating witnesses into making false accusations about rodriguez. >> my only message to the commissioner is, i know you
3:42 am
don't like new york. but come to new york and face the music. >> what about you, does he like you? >> he hates my guts, no question about it. >> have you ever gotten along with him? do you think this is personal? >> i don't think they like big salaries. 100% is personal. i think it's about his legacy and my legacy. he's trying to destroy me. he's retiring 2014 and to put me in his big mantle on the way out, that's a hell of a trophy. >> reporter: mlb denies their investigators did anything unethical. as for rodriguez walking out, this statement, despite there reactor. >> reporter: being upset, major league baseball remains committed to this process and to a fair resolution of the pending dispute. so for now, rodriguez says arbitration will continue without him. he is getting support from the players union which said every player has the right to directly confront his accuse eaccuser. for its part, mlb says in its
3:43 am
entire history, the commissioner has not testified in a single case. there is also this argument that this is an unusual case and that he has received a 211-game suspension which as you pointed out would effectively end his career. >> let's get perspective here. we bring in robin lundberg, the host of the robin lundberg show. how do you see these proceedings? what matters in what we're hearing right now? there's a lot of noise. cut through it. >> i think this is an orchestrated ploy on the part of alex rodriguez. i promise not to pound my fists on the desk, storm out and call this is a farce. obviously the social security suspension here is different than any handed out. alex rodriguez clearly has a point with that said, everything that happened yesterday reminded me of a pro wrestling promo or a rat feud. one of those thing, to the point a-rod was like bud selig hates
3:44 am
new york. i love new york. you were getting that whole thing going on as it was taking place. the bottom line here, his lawyers make this point, and i still have not heard the explanation, how do you suspend ryan braun who fed us a worse excuse than my dog ate my home work and threw another guy under a bus and all that stuff essentially a season more than you're suspending alex rodriguez unless he built the biogenesis clinic with his bare hand, i don't see it. >> you think it's orchestrated on a-rod's part, how is this helping him. >> from a pr standpoint. who is it impossible to lose a pr battle with? alex rodriguez. somehow major league baseball is doing its darnedest to lose a pr battle with alex rodriguez. they haven't presented evidence. we haven't heard anything. all we're hearing is a-rod's side. when he comes out blustery and fiery, what he might be doing is avoiding to talk under either. it might be a big show so he doesn't have to do that. nevertheless, he continues to call them out over and over
3:45 am
again. the points he's making are selling it. >> you have sat back and considered looking into the future, down the road. look into your crystal ball for a second. talk legacy for alex rodriguez. biggest slugger in the game arguably. i was in san francisco during the asterisk barry bonds era. is this an as strterisk? >> i think a-rod was an easy target for baseball. he's very popular. he makes headlines. on top of that he's almost universally disliked. it's easy to get in the pr battle. i felt bad for bonds. you know why? he was the best before cheating and then he was the best at cheating. as far as alex rodriguez's legacy, it's thrown in the garbage. what he is fighting for is to save a little face here. he's fighting for dollars. we're talking about 35 million that might be at stake. i don't care who you are, that's a lot of money. >> give him a nod toward nobility. he's consistently said if you
3:46 am
have a problem in the league, why is it all about me? >> right. >> that's really how he's feeling about this. and legacy is very important to him. he made that very, very clear. >> phenomenal player. >> baseball is like i'm not sure how this is helping his legacy. this whole idea of storming out, saying these things about major league baseball. when you get out there and talk to these fans, they're sick of it. we believe all these guys are dirty. we think rodriguez is dirty, we think mlb is dirty. i'm not convinced this is helping him in terms of the pr campaign. >> when does this end is what every fan wants to know. >> wait and see what will happen with the arbitrator. we'll have a whole new round of things coming out once the arbitrator makes his decision, rodriguez camp will have their say, mlb will have their say. >> anything significant under what's been established is a win for a-rod. >> i don't know if it's low bar or high bar. great to see you. thank you so much. tweet us, use #newday.
3:47 am
keep the debate going. we'll take a break on "new day." when we come back, we're still more than a week away from black friday. look at these people. >> they have a generator. >> already lining up for the great deals. >> you know you're in for the long haul when you have a generator. plus, good news for toronto mayor rob ford. ron burgundy's in your corner. the anchorman singing what he calls ford's campaign theme song. it's our must-see moment. i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on dining out and entertainment, with no annual apply, go to
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too early.
3:51 am
i'm going to stand by too early. welcome back to "new day." how long would you wait in line for a black friday deal? some people, can you believe it, have started to line up to mark their territory. fellow has a generator right there. heading out to stores after thanksgiving dinner apparently not cutting it anymore. joining us now, business correspondent christine romans. is there something that is worth standing in line already, now for black friday? >> i say no but that guy in that picture in akron, ohio, jona, he's standing in line for a television. this is happening in stores. that's a best buy. it's happening at stores across the country. the reason there aren't a lot usually of quantity of each store so people want to make sure they get it first. black friday is -- brown thursday, cybermonday. already friday, this week, you're going to start to see the walmart deals roll out. already it has begun. does it pay to wait in line in a ten the? i say no.
3:52 am
the deals are already happening now. >> if the deals are happening now, then help us out. what is the good stuff to get and when? how can you work this to your advantage. >> this is confusing. there will be a lot of stores open on thanksgiving as early as 6:00 in the morning. the folks at deal news say smartphones, hgtvs, gaming items are the best deals on thanksgiving. black friday, laptops, computers, maybe iphones and kitchenware. wait until after that week for shoes, apparel, stuff like that. this has bled together. the retailers are so hungry for your money to get you to spend money earlier than usual, six fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas this year. the whole retail juggernaut is trying to get you to go out there and spend money. it works. 38% of people say they'll be shopping on thanksgiving. it works. there's something the retailers do to tap into our brains that make us want to go celebrate the fact that the first thanksgiving
3:53 am
we survived famine to spend money on a credit card. i don't know the connection but it works. >> i enjoy it. i think it's a great tradition for people. >> this is america, christine. this is the land of stuff. >> akron, ohio in that video, i think he's holding my spot. i'll be there. >> for a tv. >> i will buy you a tv. >> remember that. >> she said it. >> thank you for crushing the dreams of americans all over the country. it is a big deal, anchorman's ron burgundy did toronto mayor rob ford a solid, dedicating and epic performance. ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ a killer jazz flute solo. check it out. he's breathless. ♪ ♪ you want to be in the show ♪ come on baby let's go
3:54 am
>> do you have hair envy? mustache envy. >> he's made a great character so funny. >> here it is. >> throw the mike. throw the jazz flute. >> i love that he can play jazz flute. i didn't know there was jazz flute. don't tell me he's not playing. why would you tell many he that? is there no tooth fairy? >> the legend continues will be in theaters next month. i cannot wait to see it. >> up next, jazz flute. no, really what's up next were we're talking about a sad story in sports right now. lindsey vonn's crash may keep the gold medal skier from defending her title at the upcoming olympics in sochi. details ahead in "the bleacher report" and details of her recovery. negotiations with iran, are they on the verge of a deal? we'll talk with the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
3:55 am
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nthat's why they deserve... aer anbrake dance. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. you rarely see two playoff teams making a blockbuster trade in major league baseball. that's what happened between the texas rangers and the detroit tigers. who knows about it, andy scholes here with this morning's "bleacher report." >> this is a big trade. texas is sending all-star second baseman ian kinser to detroit in exchange for slugger prince fielder. the rangers were looking for a big left-handed bat and they got it with fielder and his monster contract. he's owed $168 million over the next seven seasons but according to the reports, the tigers will pay 30 million of that.
3:59 am
some think they will go after robinson cano. lindsey vonn has reinjured her surgery repaired right knee. latest injury occurred while she practiced on tuesday. a spokesman said she has a partial tear to her right acl. vonn will rest up for a few days and pursue aggressive physical therapy to see if they can compete in the sochi games that are just a couple months away. >> i would argue she's the face of the u.s. olympic team. it would be so sad if she could not make it. >> very dicey, too. she's got a partially torn acl and knee sprain. sprain goes away, partially torn. how stable is the knee? such tremendous stress. especially at the speed she's going. >> it couldn't happen to a more wrong person. she worked so hard to come back. she's so good. >> keep watching it. thank you, andy. we're at the top of the hour which means it's time for the top news.
4:00 am
new this hour, hate it when that happens, kathleen sebelius caught on camera as the obama care website crashes right in front of her. while the optics are bad, the numbers may be good. are more people finally signing up. >> also new, the apology debate. was the u.s. asked to apologize to the afghan people in order to finalize a new security agreement with the country? we get the answers from the administration. charges dropped. the two teen girls accused of bullying a girl to death will not face charges. the sheriff who arrested them is now under fire. he joins us live. your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> unlike lehman brothers, the relationship is too big to fail. >> announcer: what you just have to see.
4:01 am
this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> welcome to "new day." it's thursday, november 21st, 7:00 in the east. here's what happened while you were sleeping. a massive boeing cargo jet somehow landed at the wrong airport in wichita, kansas. now it's stuck. why? the runway there simply too short for the dream lifter to lift back off. the custom built cargo jet was supposed to land at mcconnell air force base but touched down at this much smaller airport 12 miles away. and florida congressman trey radel says he's hit bottom. he's deciding to enter an inpatient drug treatment program. radel did not say he would resign, didn't say much about his future. he did say he will be donating his salary to charity. radel pled guilty to cocaine possession in a d.c. court and was sentenced to one year probation and a fine of $250. secretary of state john kerry says there may be no
4:02 am
better time for a nuclear deal with iran than right now. the u.s. and other world powers in talks once again in iran with -- let me try that again in in geneva with iran. thank you very much. >> it's a complicated situation. >> it is. i'm telling you. kerry says all sides are closer than they've been in a long time, a potential deal that would roll back sanctions in return for assurances that iran isn't developing a nuclear weapon has met resistance at here at home in congress and israel as well. fiasco, debacle. you've heard the doom and gloom descriptions of obama care since the rollout last month. while the president's health care overhaul clearly hasn't lived up to expect stations, it's not completely off the rails either. would you be surprised to learn obama care is actually working in several states. jim acosta, live from the white house. is that true what i just said or completely wrong? >> reporter: in some states but not all states, chris. that's right. nine days to go until the white
4:03 am
house target date of november 30th for the vast majority of users to be able to use the website while it is still a source of health care heartburn, other parts of the program are showing some signs of life. justice health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was touring an obama care signup center in florida this week and chatting with volunteers about, the website crashed. >> screen saver, sorry, the system is temporarily down. >> that's okay. it will come back. you know, that happens every day. >> reporter: as it turns out, the struggling website is exactly the scenario administration officials quietly fear. as more e-mails released by house republicans reveal top hhs official henry chao was warning dozens of his colleagues the white house worried the site was not ready. one week before its october 1st launch. referring to whout chief technology officer todd park, chao wrote one of the things
4:04 am
todd conveyed was this fear the white house has about being unavailable. chao even e-mailed out a screen grab of the site when it was down. >> it's about focusing on fixing the problem. >> reporter: he told lawmakers this week, is getting better every day. >> the error rate of people experiencing some level of difficulty with moving from stage to stage in the online application, that has been reduced and improved. >> reporter: what's also improving, enrollment. more than 133,000 people have now signed up for obama care on the state health exchanges and the white house released an economic report that notes the nation's health care costs are shrinking under obama care. a trend officials say could translate into more than 250,000 jobs by the end of the decade. it's a story line that could attract more attention were it not for all the questions about the website the white house says will be ready for the vast majority of users by november 30th. >> we're working to have as many
4:05 am
options for americans to enroll as possible, to help meet the pent up demand that beef seen. >> reporter: it's a white house mission to rescue the policy from the punch lines. >> yesterday president obama urged americans not to be put off by the obama care website and he offered alternative ways to enroll such as using the mail. then the president got back on his horse and rode off to spread the news to the next town. let's go! >> reporter: as for those enr l enrollment numbers, the white house says the federal numbers for will not be ready till next month. as for the news coming out of states, it is not all good, guys. in the state of oregon officials held a contentious hearing yesterday trying to demand why that state's online exchange has yet to sign up anybody. that's right. not one person yet. and at this point, they're still receiving applications by mail and by fax. that's how dire the situation is out in oregon. >> clearly administration, the
4:06 am
white house will take any good news when it comes to the numbers at this point. now to capitol hill where harry reid may resort to extreme measures to keep republicans from blocking presidential nominees. is reed ready to go nuclear? our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is following this live from washington. dan th dana, coming from capitol hill you're always trying to avoid getting into process because it can make your eyes glaze over but this is important. >> this is very important. it's because of frustration of people blocking the nominees. harry reid is poised to launch the nuclear option this week. maybe even as soon as today, kate. it's called the nuclear option because it's a rules change that could make a partisan environment even more divisive. it would take the minority's right to filibuster which is sacrosanct away. here's what we're talking about. let's lay it out. under current rules it takes 60 votes to break a filibuster.
4:07 am
the rule change would take that away for the president's nominees and allow confirmation by 51 votes, a simple majority. look at the current balance power in the senate as to the reason why democrats want this, why it would benefit democrats. they have 55 senate seats, republicans have 45. so they take away the filibuster, they can get the president's nominees confirmed. >> as you always say you may be in the majority now but that doesn't mean you'll always be in the majority. that's why democrats have been reluctant to get behind this option to this point. what's different this time? >> you're exactly right. the truth is that senator reed hasn't necessarily had to the support even of his own democratic caucus because some veteran senators are reluctant to change the rules, out of reverence for the institution. they know the democrats won't always be in the majority. they'll be in the minority one day. minority has more power, the power of the fill buster is a huge one. senate veterans even like dianne
4:08 am
feinstein of california, they have been changing their minds in recent days, saying that things are so broken in washington, the nuclear option may be the only way to fix it. i'm hearing that reed feels more confident he's at least close to having enough support for his caucus that he could make the changes as soon as today. the last thing i will say, is an important one, republicans argue that democrats don't really have that big of a problem with the president's nominees and they're just simply trying to change the subject away from obama care and the rollout debacle. >> another illustration of just how little trust there is right now between the two parties. >> it could get a whole lot worse. >> you're right. thank you, dana. great to see you. >> a bad indication of the democrats' desire to change that dynamic themselves. by changing the rules they're saying we done the have to change the dynamic. >> they're also saying all bets are off. they're kind of saying that, too. i was talking yesterday, to change the subject completely, about the idea of a snow vacation. it looks as though -- >> a snocation.
4:09 am
>> it could happen out west. >> we're going back west, michaela. we're talking about mammoth. we love mammoth. they saw a good amount of snow yesterday. 1 to 3 inches still in the forecast for them. the bullseye over colorado today, over a foot of snow expected for them. that's one side of the system out in the west. the other side is where it's warmer in the southwest. they'll be talking about heavy rain and flooding chances. this will be a big story. another 4 to 6 inches of rain towards the weekend. we'll be looking for the flooding concerns as we go through the weekend. the other system we'll be watching, the one that's into the midwest. not looking for heavy rain, looking at some of the stronger showers. this is going to be the same system that will be making its way to the northeast by the weekend. as far as the rain amounts here again, we're seeing the higher amounts around 9 gulf. maybe about an inch through illinois today. monitoring that out through washington, illinois. the big story with this is going to be the temperatures. i want to show you, friday, maybe some light showers by the evening hours. look at these temperatures. new york city 53. philly 58. now let's take a look at sunday.
4:10 am
this is how quick things are changing. we are talking about 30s and 20s as your high. to make it even more exciting, maybe some snow, michaela. sunday morning here. the only difference this time i will be asleep for it because it's on a weekend. >> can't snowboard in it, though? >> this much, no. >> that's your bunny slope. >> a couple more inches. thanks, indra. coming up on "new day," closer than we've been in a decade. secretary of state kerry is talking up the chances for a nuclear deal with iran. that's what he says. that's how close he says we are. but is it all it's cracked up to be? we discuss the prospect with u.s. ambassador to the u.n., samantha power. also ahead, 50 years after john f. kennedy's assassination, we'll talk with his niece about his legacy and the mystery that still surrounds his death. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national.
4:11 am
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4:14 am
tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination. but his spirit has lived on as evidenced by awarding the presidential medal of freedom yesterday an honor founded by president kennedy. joining us more is kathleen kennedy townsend, the late president's niece and robert f. kennedy's daughter. thanks for coming in. >> good to be with you. >> of course. i just want to get your take as we approach the 50th anniversary of his anas nation.
4:15 am
you were with the president and the former president yesterday, not only for the medal sayre mond -- ceremony but you then have the honoring of him at arlington. what is jfk's legacy. >> president obama spoke beautifully last night at the dinner for the medal of freedom winners in which he talked about what president kennedy gave us is a great sense of spirit. and that's what i think of president kennedy's legacy. he challenged -- was the spirit of youth, not to -- to take challenges, do things that were difficult, raise us up as a people and individuals. when he talked about going to the moon, not because it was easy but because it was tough. he talked about -- he asked us what we could do for our country and launch the peace corps and called it the toughest job you'll ever love. so what i think president kennedy did is say, each of us
4:16 am
can be better, can produce more, give more, serve more. that's something that touches each of us in our heart. it keeps us, why 50 years after his death we're still remembering him. >> maybe more resonant today. you do a lot for those around you. anyone who knows you know that. the efforts toward peace, something unique to president kennedy that doesn't get a whole lot of attention. where do you know about where he was on that. >> chris, i'm so glad you raised that. early in his term we had the bay of pigs, which was a disaster. it was not well executed. it looked like the cia and military weren't really giving president kennedy the full story. and afterwards president kennedy was very depressed. he thought he was a failure,
4:17 am
what could he do? and my father, robert kennedy, was trying to cheer him up. he said why don't we call dad, why don't we call my grandfather, joseph kennedy. he said this is the best thing that could have ever happened to you. it means you won't trust the generals and you won't trust the cia. that was excellent advice, for instance, during the cuban missile crisis when, as you remember or you know, many of the generals said we have to bomb cuba and president kennedy resisted. as a result we're all here today. >> kathleen, looking forward and carrying on the kennedy name, jack, president kennedy's grandson introduced president obama last night. i think we saw video of that there. how do you see him picking up the torch and carrying on? >> well, i'm very excited about him and the many, many younger members of our family. i think he definitely is interested in public service.
4:18 am
he's actually studying japanese because his mother is the ambassador to japan. and he's studying history. i think that indicates a real interest in what's going on in the country. we don't know, there are many -- what we learned last night and what president obama said so well, there are many ways to make a difference and contribution. politics is certainly one of them. we grew up learning that politics was an honorable profession. so that may be open to him. but there's lots of other possibilities as well. >> true. >> he's so smart, so good looking, don't put pressure on him to go into politics. he could do so much more, kathleen. >> you should know. >> i know what that's like, don't do that to the poor guy. how do you feel about the assassination? that emphasis, i understand the allure of conspiracy and who did it and how many and why? but as family, how do you feel about that aspect of fascination? >> chris, you may know that on
4:19 am
the day of president kennedy's funeral, my father wrote a letter to me in which he said dear kathleen you seem to understand that jack died and was buried today. as the oldest of the kennedy grand children you have a special responsibility. be kind to others and take care of your family, work for your country. love daddy. and i think that set the tone for what we were going to do about how president kennedy died. it was an awful tragedy and we could have spent the last 50 years trying to figure out what happened. and instead, the message that we got -- i got and i think my brothers and sisters and cousins got from our -- my father and others, was to go forward, be kind, don't be resentful, don't be angry about this. don't look for revenge. continue to serve our country. and i think that that's why it
4:20 am
was so appropriate that yesterday on what would have been my father's 88th birthday, president obama and president clinton came to arlington to celebrate a life, not just the death. >> very well said, kathleen. >> absolutely. kathleen kennedy townsend. thanks so much for your time. >> thanks for remembering. >> of course. and make sure that you catch the assassination of president kennedy, that's airing tonight, 9:00 eastern and pacific right here on cnn. we'll take a break. coming up next on "new day," a dramatic reversal in the rebecca sedwick bullying case. criminal charges now dropped against her accused tormentors. we'll tell you what happened and what happens next. is a nuclear deal with iran imminent? john kerry seems to think so. we'll ask ambassador to the u.n., samantha power. stick around.
4:21 am
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>> announcer: you're watching "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. ♪ i belong with you welcome back to "new day," thursday, november 21st. a deal has been reached about u.s. troop levels in afghanistan. will it be approved? should there be any level at all? u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power makes the case. >> talk to her in just a bit. also ahead, an update to a bullying story we've been following closely. stalking charges have been dropped against two teens accused of bullying a girl who later killed herself.
4:25 am
we'll talk with the sheriff who arrested the girls, coming up. but let's start by giving you a look at your headlines at this hour. a massive cargo plane stuck at a tiny airport in wichita this morning. it landed there by mistake. the dream lifter left jfk airport for mcconnell air force base last night but the pilot somehow landed at the smaller jabari airport in wichita. that jet needs 9,000 feet to take off. jabari's airport, 6,000 feet. the faa is now investigating. trey radel says he's going to take a leave of absence to undergo treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. radel received a year's probation for the misdemeanor charge. while he's away, he plans to donate his salary to charity. the search is on right now for a gunman who opened fire at an apartment near houston. two women and a man have been shot dead. another man and woman were air lifted to the hospital.
4:26 am
all five of them were shot in the head, all in their late teens or early 20s. investigators say this is at least the third shooting in the area in the last two weeks involving teens. a new york police officer was one of four bikers who pleaded not guilty wednesday to gang assault in that attack on an suv driver that was all caught on tape. he was off duty last september when a mob viciously beat alex ian lian. we have crazy video to show you. watch driver brian gillespie take this car to the brink. things go terribly wrong here, that car flipping some dozen times or so. the car's exterior completely destroyed but this is what is truly remarkable. he suffered only a punctured lung, cuts, bruises and possibly a concussion and is actually now
4:27 am
out of the hospital. that's amazing he could survive that. >> absolutely right. >> can't see that too often. >> no. >> thanks, michaela. >> you're welcome. new this morning, president obama telling afghanistan's president hamid karzai in a brand new letter he's pleased their countries have reached an agreement on the role of u.s. troops in afghanistan. that letter containing no apology as was talked about as was rumored. samantha power is the united states ambassador to the united nations. she's joining us now to talk this and much, much more. you have a very full plate to say the least. >> at least i'm not in that car. >> good point. good perspective. thanks for coming in, ambassador. let's talk about this security agreement first. it had been discussed as you know there was a discrepancy that afghanistan was expecting there to be an apology for past mistakes but rather on the u.s. side they said it was going to be a letter of assurances. is this a distinction without a difference or does it not matter? >> well, i think what the letter does is it tries to offer the
4:28 am
reassurance that the united states in whatever role it stays in, and we're negotiating that, of course, training, equipping, existing on counterterrorism will respect the rights and the privacy of the afghan people. that's something that mattered to karzai. we of course always respect the afghan people and try to avoid civilian casualties and have done that from the time we've been there. we have nothing clear. we have nothing to apologize for. our soldiers have sacrificed a great deal. >> where do you think that comes from, the perception that it was an apology, from the afghan side they were saying you've hurt civilians, you should say you're sorry and it fed into the apologist mentality that some describe to the administration? >> well, again, i mean, i think what we're seeking to do is to secure an agreement that enables us to continue to work together beyond the end of the combat role in afghanistan. we've come a really long way in those negotiations, we're very close, now stands with them, i
4:29 am
think the afghan people are well aware, even the popular polls of what the american people, the american military in particular have sacrificed in order to improve conditions in afghanistan. the proof of how we're getting along is how much they want us to stay and continue to assist in the train/equipment assist role. >> let me get your take on the state of the negotiations with iran. a lot happening today, obviously in geneva. when you take the current state of negotiations, the fact that secretary says this is the best chance we've in a decade to pull this off but the fact that the ayatollah making comments, calling israel a dirty, rabid dog. you have those comments. where do you find confidence that iran can get to yes. >> let me condemn the comments of the ayatollah where are
4:30 am
abhorrent. we have steady progress toward a nuclear weapon. that's why we're in the negotiations in the first place, right? is to ensure that a regime like that does not acquire nuclear weapon, pose a threat not only to israel but to the broader region and to mankind. that's why we're at the table in the first place, again, to ensure those weapons are not obtained. and the reason that we are inclined to go forward with a first step is precisely also because of that lack of trust. so as to obtain a more intrusive inspections regime so as to be able to tell, rather than going from zero to 60 have an interim step to be able to say, do they follow through on commitments to roll back, dilute, lower the stockpile, et cetera. we would be, i think, it would be unrealistic to think we could obtain trust at the end of a long negotiating process such that i would come here and present to you a compromisive
4:31 am
deal. we think the first step is important precisely because we have to test the regime. >> what's wrong with the first step being one they take? that obviously would help quell the paranoia from what we see in syria, who knows what they're doing with the weapons, whether or not they are going to comply, applying it to iran, let them take the step and have the inspectors show that we're shutting down what they want shut down. then we'll talk about what we do. what do you think of that? >> they have their own issues with us after decades of not having a relationship and so forth. they want to know we can deliver on the back end of the deal. we feel like we're getting a very good deal if we can secure this, which is to offer very modest, temporary and very reversible relief in exchange for being able to see whether they're prepared to take that first step. >> where are we on the modest relief? i've seen wildly different figures in terms of relief, from 50 billion to 6 billion. >> i'm not going to get into the specifics, especially while you're great negotiators are at it right now in geneva but i
4:32 am
will say the larger numbers are wildly exaggerated and your lower number is closer to what we're talking about but moreover, again, we can slap that back on immediately. we're keeping the crippling sanctions architecture in place, including the one in our neighborhood here in new york which has been so biting and crippling which is the multilateral sanctions architecture at the u.n. >> one thing that might not be on a lot of our viewers' radar but something weaver talked about in the past, the u.n. treaty. why is this issue important? because the last time it was talked about, it failed and really surprising fashion in the senate. you have bob dole on the floor, lobbying for support, but republicans could not get on board, they were not convinced it was the good thing to do. why is this important? >> well, right now we live in a world where americans with disabilities enjoy considerable accommodations and protections. life isn't perfect, of course but the united states is the gold standard on disability
4:33 am
rights, laws, accommodations. internationally that's just not the case. there's such a dropoff when you leave the united states. there's some exceptions in europe, et cetera, where they've made progress gut t-- but the vast majority of countries around the world are not like this. so what we seek to do by joining this treaty is to raise the standards elsewhere so that we basically project and export american values through this international instrument. >> what's the push back and how do you address it? >> the push back is what about american sovereignty. we address it by telling the truth, nothing in joining this treaty would effect american law. we know we're the gold standard. we're seeking to export our values. >> what would you say to senator mark lee, former senator rick santorum, he spoke out strongly against it last time around. what do you say to them?
4:34 am
>> his vast bipartisan support, various senators, these are the champions, bob dole is not somebody who will ever sacrifice american sovereignty. he's given so much for this country. the veterans groups have come out in support of this. you go to capitol hill these days, you see wounded warriors going door to door to talk to their senators. these are people who are not going to sacrifice american sovereignty. we're all in agreement that we have the gold standard in disability standards but we don't think it's fair for our people with disabilities or persons who live with disabilities abroad to not enjoy those same rights. we're seeking to make the rights universal. >> the philosophy takes you back into the other issues we've discussed, there is a perception more than lawmakers that we cannot trust these other ones. the american way, let's stick with what we do and let everybody else move first before we do it. that's something you'll have to battle on several fronts. >> this is a perfect form of american exceptionalism. the bush administration negotiated this treaty. it takes our standards and
4:35 am
enshrines it into an international instrument. >> it might not be on a lot of people's radar. maybe it should be. let's hope people are paying attention to it now. thank few yore coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> good luck with everything. >> thank you. a major aboutface in the rebecca sedwick bullying case. the girls charged with a felony for basically tormenting her to death have now been cleared. why? we'll talk to the man who brought those charges in the first place. he survives a plane crash that took the lives of two in his family. how does he go on? he has an inspiring aannouncement about his future. what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart.
4:36 am
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♪ it's going to be a bright bright sunshiney day ♪ >> i hope that's the case. >> let's check in with indra to see what the weather will be looking like. >> it will be like that for one day. out west, makes its way east by the weekend. here we go. what is out west? we are talking about heavy snow. take a look at colorado today, looking for over a foot of snow there. even the sierras, out towards california, seeing a little bit. the same system producing that snow will produce heavy rain. let me show you why. the stream from hawaii into the west coast, especially when you look at the four corners into the southwest. it's fueling all that moisture in there. with that they'll be talking about flooding concerns as they go through the weekend. 6 inches of rain possible into the southwest. that will be a big story as we
4:40 am
head through the weekend. the other side of it, another cold front making its way through the midwest today. with that we're looking at light showers for the most part, stronger around the gulf. only about an inch of rain with this guy as it makes its way east. the timing it looks for the northeast friday night through saturday, look for the light showers. it's what's behind it that is really going to be changing this weather pattern. of course there's the light rain we talked about, 2 to 3 inches around the gulf. one of the inches around the midwest. here are the temperatures i want to show you we are talking about 50s in new york, boston, philly, 58. sunday, temperatures go way down. look at this, 20 degrees below normal. highs in the 20s and 30s. if that's not bad enough we'll be adding wind to that picture as well. yes, the first half looks good, guys. >> got to tell you, indra, when you have a big smile on your face and you talk about the temperature dropping it's a mixed message. >> you told me i have to embrace it. this is embracing. criminal charges have been
4:41 am
dropped against two young girls in florida. remember the shock that two girls with be one not even a teen yet charged with a felony for cyberbullying a classmate. rebecca sedwick. happened so relentlessly she committed suicide later on. attorney jose baez who represents one of the girls now claims his client was the victim of, quote, a reckless sheriff. in a moment we'll talk with that sheriff, sheriff grady judd. >> reporter: a shocking turn of events in the florida cyberbullying case that made national headlines. >> the state attorney's office is dropping the charges because there are zero evidence. >> reporter: two young girls only 12 and 14 who investigators said bullied 12-year-old rebecca sedwick to death with messages like, why don't you go kill yourself, will no longer face charges. >> i don't understand how anybody could be cruel to another human being like that. >> reporter: both girls, charged with aggravated stalking after sedwick committed suicide in
4:42 am
september. >> bullying is a national epidemic. >> reporter: now jose baez, the youngest girl's lawyer, says his client is the victim after sherr ref grady judd publicly identified both juvenile suspects and showed their mug shots. >> arresting a child and accusing her and going on national television and saying that she's responsible for the death of her ex-best friend is unconscionable. >> reporter: the sheriff fired back. >> i obviously disagree with mr. baez. when you commit a felony, your name and face is public record were baez is demanding an apology from judd, claiming the way he handled the case was, quote, reckless and threatening to sue. >> sheriff grady judd wanted to give me legal advice on how to practice law. well, i've got advice for him. get a lawyer and a darn good one because he's going to need it. joining us now is sheriff grady judd of polk county, florida. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, chris. how are you doing?
4:43 am
>> i'm doing well. tell me, what do you know about why the charges were dropped? >> chris, understand in the state of florida, these kids are in the juvenile system. and when there's a diversion, then the formal charges are dropped. these children didn't get off scot-free. it's not over. we accomplished, we worked with the state attorney's office and got exactly what we wanted. these kids weren't charged with the death of rebecca sedwick but as a result of their bullying and she was a very fragile child, ultimately she jumped to her death. these children, both of them, are in diversion and counseling programs, which is what we want. and the formality is for the charges to be dropped. the other alternative is to go to juvenile court to drag everybody through the process, to get the same exact results. so this was a negotiation, a negotiation between the state attorney's office and the
4:44 am
defense attorneys. and quite frankly, we did exactly what we set out to do, had there been no arrest, there would be no counseling for these two girls who bullied rebecca sedwick. and that's what we were after. quite frankly, the defense attorney is trying to move the focus off of his client and he's not successfully doing that. we accomplished what we set out to do and that's to look out for the best interest of the juvenile defendants. and we think this is best. >> so are you saying it was never your intention obviously you'd have to hand it over to prosecutors but it was never your intention to have these young women put on trial, these girls put on trial and treated like adults? >> trial is the last result in the juvenile world. we made arrests based on probable cause. there is clear and convincing evidence, there's confessions from both of the kids, but the whole focus is, what's in the best interest of the juvenile
4:45 am
defendant. and what's in their best interest, i said it early on, was counseling and that's what we got for them. so we accomplished exactly what we meant to. we worked with the state attorney's office and it's a procedure that now the counseling has -- is in place, the kids, one of them, especially mr. baez's client recognizes her shortcomings and the fact she bullied rebecca. we accomplished what we were after. it's a legal procedure and we're very, very excited about the outcome. >> to play to mr. baez's point, any regret about the exposure you gave these two girls? putting out their faces, making them somewhat of face of this problem? would you do it differently again? >> in the state of florida, they are public record. it is against the law for me not to release their names and photographs. but it's the media that decides whether or not they publish that
4:46 am
information. that's a question you'll have to ask of yourself. if the same set of circumstances occurred today, i would make the same arrest. i would make the same press release and how you all dealt with is up to you. >> usually as you know, sheriff, the media responds to what the authorities do. the bigger issue here is, do you have any concerns about what the message is now that the situation delivered? one of the reasons that i was so interested and much of the media was interested in the coverage, it seemed like somebody was finally getting punished for causing the death of another child through bullying. is the message as strong now? >> yes. the message is clearly as strong. they received the punishment that we anticipated. these kids didn't have a previous criminal record. they were charged with a third degree felony in juvenile court. and as a result of negotiations between the state attorney's office, the sheriff's office and our agreement and they went -- the state attorney's office went
4:47 am
forward with the defense attorneys, we got the result that's was in the best interest of these children. that was counseling and diversion. it would have served no useful purpose to take these kids to juvenile court, to accomplish the same thing, to open up medical records, to open up medical records of the deceased child. we don't need to lose focus that we have a dead child here and we would end up with all kinds of exposure to the defendants and to the victim child here that didn't need to happen, because we accomplished exactly what was in the best interest. are we going to continue to be tough on bullying? yes. when it rises to the level of stalking, we're going to make arrests in the future. we're going to put it out there for you to publish because stalking and bullying and cyberbullying is a nationwide concern. >> and sheriff, lastly, as you properly note, what matters most here is the victim and her
4:48 am
family. you've been in contact with them? are they okay with how everything is being dispose of in the system? >> they are. we spoke with one of them, one of our detectives and the assistant state attorney before it was filed and the process was completed. she accepts that. she understands that the juvenile system deals with what's in the best interest of the juvenile defendant. we accomplished that. and i can tell you, our stance has not changed one bit. >> right. >> if you bully, if it rises to the level of stalking, we'll arrest you. >> sheriff grady -- >> we'll make it known to the community. >> sheriff grady judd, it's an important message. that's why we covered it and we will continue to. thank you for coming on today. >> thank you, chris. >> kate? coming up next on "new day," he survived a plane crash ten years ago, then two years ago he survived another. austin hatch lost most of his family in those crashes. what keeps him going? his incredible announcement, ahead.
4:49 am
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♪ you ever wanted to live on an island? a volcanic eruption off the coast of japan creating a brand new island that literally rose out of the sea. japanese officials say it's about 660 feet in diameter. volcano experts say it's possible that the volcano could disappear, but there's also a possibility it could stay permanently. at least for the moment, it's now part of the ring of fire, hence the johnny cash song, in the south pacific. >> indra likes hot weather. >> yes, that's true. >> let's send her there. >> let's do it!
4:53 am
>> get a suntan. >> awesome nonetheless. we have a story for you, talk about keeping the faith, a young man named austin hatch, former high school basketball star speaking out for the first time. he survived two deadly plane crashes that collectively killed his entire family. let that sink in for a second. hatch says despite the tragedies and devastating injuries, he can feel god's hand on him and he thinks he has a bright future. nischelle turner is here with more on this story. so quickly break down so he himself survived these two horrific plane crashes. >> right. chris brings us the good stuff every day. i'm calling this the tough stuff. this is a resilient young man. go back to 2003, the first time austin was in a plane crash. his father was the pilot, killed his mother and two siblings. fast forward eight years june of
4:54 am
2011, another plane crash where his father was the pilot, his father and stepmother were killed in this plane crash. two weeks before the crash austin had committed to play basketball at university of michigan. at that point in time in the plane crash he got a traumatic brain injury, punctured lung, broken collarbone, in a medically induced coma in eight weeks but you saw him on the screen, he's here, recovering, practicing with his new basketball team, he moved to pasadena, california, with his uncle and he's back. he doesn't know if he's going to be able to play competitively again but he's practicing. guys, we have done so many tough stories lately about sports and its culture and what it means but listen to what this young man said the sport of bobl did for his recovery. >> basketball is sort of, has given me something to shoot for and been my goal where when i woke up in the coma, from the
4:55 am
coma, excuse me, in chicago, i told people, i'm going to play basketball again and there are people who doubted me, and i basically just say you know, thank you for your opinion but i'm going to prove you wrong. >> i love that, and he is, slowly but steadily recovering, back practicing with his team and guess what? coach beeline announced his class of 2014. austin is going. >> he had to learn how to walk, talk, breathe, stand up, run, all over again. >> everything. >> and to get to that point where now he's -- >> his high school coach, coach adam said during the press conference, are you ready to participate in a miracle? there's going to be a miracle here. >> not even the physical recovery, i am more concerned about the emotional and mental recovery of going through something like this and he seems after something like that, you get to choose two paths, it seems, you can either do good or you can fall apart and he chose the harder one.
4:56 am
>> he said he feels god has a hand on him and there's a plan for his life. this is interesting and profound for an 18-year-old kid, he feels like this crash was his test, and that it reveals a man's mission. what did he say? it reveals the man's real character in the midst of hardship. >> long story of job and lucky he has family around him. >> he did say he'd like to meet someone who has been through similar, someone he can talk to and relate to. he doesn't know if there's anyone out there but feels he needs someone to share with. >> thank you for sharing that. >> absolutely. good luck to you, austin. coming up on "new day" this cargo jet won't be going anywhere, any time soon. why? it landed at the wrong airport, but the runway at the airport where it landed is too short for it to take off. question, if you have an answer, how do you move a gigantic plane that can't fly?
4:57 am
a florida congressman is headed to rehab after getting busted for cocaine abuse. will the fact he's going to rehab enough to satisfy his critics will are already out there? [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat that. it doesn't?
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-- captions by vitac -- giant 4241 heavy, confirm you know which airport you're
5:01 am
at? >> well, we think we have a pretty good idea. >> a giant plane stranded in kansas after landing at the wrong airport. the runway too short to takeoff and jetblue plane emergency slide opens inside midnight flight. no excuse, the florida congressman caught with cocaine pleads guilty in court and now talking, his emotional press conference and what he plans to do next. the surprising pope, pope francis, fascinates the world, now one of the men who knows him well, cardinal dolan, joins us live. your "new day" continues right now. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning, and welcome back to "new day." it's thursday, november 21st, 8:00 in the east. breaking news overnight, a large, very large cargo plane landed by mistake at a wichita, kansas, airport, about 12 miles from where it was supposed to
5:02 am
touch down. the runway at wichita's jabara airport is too short for the massive plane to take off. rene marsh is live in washington. >> to seal the line they've landed and they can't take off, a huge embarrassment for the pilots, it took off from jfk in new york and because of the foul-up, they're stuck at an airport, it is too small, the airport is too small for this massive plane. the faa is now investigating what caused this cockpit confusion. a giant cargo plane stranded in wichita, kansas, this morning, after making a big mistake, landing at the wrong airport, ten miles away from where it was supposed to. >> giant 4241 heavy, do you know which airport you're at? >> well, we think we have a pretty good pulse. >> giant 4241 heavy, roger, you -- it appears you are at
5:03 am
jabara. >> say again? >> giant 4241 heavy, we saw the plane on the radar and it appears you are at jabara airport. >> say again the name of it again? >> jabara. >> the jet was supposed to land at the mcconnell air force base late last night but somehow ended up at the jabara airport, making matters worse, jabara has no control tower and a runway that's only half the length of mcconnell's, so as it is now the 747 dream lifter cannot take off from there, the runway is too short. >> nine miles southeast. >> yes, sir, we just landed at the other airport. >> reporter: and it doesn't end there, a tug that was on its way to help move the dreamlifter broke down, according to wichita affiliate kwch. landings at the wrong airport have happened before. last year a plane landed at the wrong airport in west virginia, and a military jet last year landed at tiny tampa airport in
5:04 am
a residential area. >> giant 4241 heavy, that's j h j-a-b-a-r-r-a. >> copy that. >> reporter: neither were the planes were as giant as the dreamlifter, the boeing plan that can hold more cargo than any other plane in the world. an update on the situation in kansas. tug has turned the plane around, it is now at the end of the runway, and it's been determined that the plane will be able to take off from this airport, the scheduled takeoff time is about five hours from now. our affiliates are reporting they are waiting for a new crew. kate? >> we'll see how that, keep tracking that for us but also, a wild night in the skies because there was another incident involving a jetblue flight yesterday and emergency slide deploying. >> that's right, the jetblue flight, 74 people were on board
5:05 am
at the time, headed to boston, it had to divert to orlando because that slide partially deployed. we can tell you no injuries at this point and it deployed in the front area of the plane. it was able to land safely but again, faa also investigating that incident to figure out how in the world that happened. >> no kidding. all right, rene, thanks for keeping track of it all. florida congressman trey radel is leaving office because he needs to fight his substance abuse problem. the freshman congress called his arrest in a narcotics sting a wake-up call. alina machado is live from cape coral, florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the 37-year-old lawmaker flew in late last night. he came straight to his offices where he faced reporters and answered questions about his future. >> i have no excuse for what i've done. >> reporter: contrite and
5:06 am
apologetic, republican congressman trey radel announced late wednesday night that he's taking a leave of absence from congress after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine. >> i have let down our country. i've let down our constituents. i've let down my family. >> reporter: the freshman lawmaker says he's accepting responsibility for his actions. >> i have been getting the help that i need, and i will continue to get the help that i need. >> reporter: federal agents arrested radel back in october during a drug sting. court documents say he bought 3.5 grams of cocaine, worth $260, from an undercover officer. radel calls his actions "extremely irresponsible" and says he's been struggling with addiction for years. >> i knew that this day would come. i've been struggling with this, but i have had my wake-up call. >> reporter: earlier wednesday, radel was at washington, d.c.'s superior court where he ignored questions from reporters.
5:07 am
radel has been sentenced to a year of probation and if successfully completed his guilty plea will be cleared from his record. he was facing up to 180 days in prison. some are now calling for radel to step down. >> trey radel needs to resign right away. he committed a crime, members of congress swear to uphold the laws, not break them. >> reporter: the former journalist and father of a 2-year-old son stopped short of resigning, instead he says he's focused on rebuilding trust with his family. >> the first thing that i need to do tonight is go to begin to mend that trust and relationship with my wife, who is with me, who will continue to stand with me, who i love, who is my rock. i'm going to hug my little guy, even if he's asleep tonight, and i'm going to work to do everything i can to be strong, to come out as a better man. >> reporter: radel also said he would enter an intensive in-patient program to get treatment for substance abuse. he hopes to set an example for
5:08 am
those who struggle with addiction. an aide for the congressman tells us the congressman will be checking himself into rehab this morning. he says he'll be checking into a facility in nearby naples, florida. >> alina, thank you for that. a possible break-through this morning in nuclear talks with iran. negotiations resuming in geneva wednesday with new hope. the west would agree to roll back economic sanctions if iran haults some of its nuclear activities but some lawmakers as well as major u.s. allies consider it a fool's errand. jim sciutto is there with more. >> reporter: they finished their morning session, kate, we can report incremental progress, the iranians saying their confidence has been restored after this morning's session and european side telling us there was serious and substantial talks this morning and they get into the detailed discussions now, really the test, those details of whether they can come to this historic agreement.
5:09 am
negotiators returned to geneva with the same unresolved question, could they succeed where years of negotiations have failed, with a break-through deal on iran's nuclear program. as the talks got under way in geneva back in washington, secretary of state john kerry said the administration is no rush. >> we will not allow this agreement, should it be reached and i say should it be reached, to buy time or to allow for the acceptance of an agreement that does not properly address our core fundamental concerns. >> reporter: the key sticking point to any final deal is how much of iran's nuclear program will remain in place. the white house is comfortable with a peaceful program within strict limits and under strict verification. its closest reengal ally, israel, insists iran's nuclear program should be entirely dismantled.
5:10 am
israeli benjamin netanyahu cited the ongoing destruction of syria chemical weapons is the model. despite the split administration officials maintain the two countries are on the same page when it comes to the final outcome. >> there is no daylight between the united states and israel when it comes to the objective of preventing iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon 37. >> reporter: weathhether an agreement can be reached, a permanent relationship remains unlikely. >> the u.s./israel relationship is too big to fail and i suspect these differences over time will be accommodated but not happily. >> reporter: it's not only israel opposing this proposition from capitol hill pushing for new sanctions in the midst of the talks if the administrati administration's position that new sanctions would destroy the chance for talks but they feel they can only push them off perhaps to the end of this
5:11 am
congressional session the end of the year and that's why, michaela, many in the administration and europe as well feel this might be the last best chance for an agreement. >> jim sciutto, we'll be watching. thank you for that. to our headlines now. no apology in a new letter from president obama to afghan president karzai, the two countries do have a deal on a bilateral security agreement stretching into the next decade. karzai and secretary of state kerry finalizing a plan that outlines the support role of u.s. troops in afghanistan once america's combat mission ends next year. in a letter to karzai president obama promises u.s. force also make every effort to respect the sanctity and dignity of afghans in their homes and daily lives. an 85-year-old korean war vet has been detained in north korea. the california man was touring the country with a friend and just as he was about to leave, he was taken off the plane. this happened about a month ago. the family has not heard from him since. the state department will only say it is aware of the reports
5:12 am
of newman's disappearance. virginia state senator creigh deeds is doing better, upgraded to good condition after he was stabbed reportedly by his own son, gus. his 24-year-old son later killed himself. officials are investigating why his son was released from psychiatric care the day before the attack. the nsa surveillance programs will be under the microscope once again food. the senate judiciary committee will hold another hearing on the use of surveillance. patrick leahy of vermont is concerned the nsa has overreached. this is the third hearing on the matter this year. i want to show you a mysterious fireball over the skies of oregon. nobody seems to know what it is yet. some say it's meteor, some contrails from the jet, others the rising sun reflecting off clouds. few weeks ago a fireball, believed to be a meteor was reported above the pacific northwest, it likely landed in the pacific ocean but oh, what a sight. >> what is it?
5:13 am
what do you think it? >> meteorite. >> what is the other option? >> the sun reflecting off the blah, blah, blah. >> contrails from a jet. >> superman. >> we didn't think that. >> indra, what is it? >> i'm going with meteorite but not an astronomy major. i'm taking this back, kate, it's superman. >> thank you. >> superman on fire? >> i know he wants to hear it. that's right. we're going to take you guys, talking about the big snow out there, over a foot of snow in through colorado today, even leftover snow showers into the sierras. it's cold around the northern portions of the system talking about the snow. the bottom organization we're talking about heavy rain, again all of this streaming in way off the ocean, hawaii streaming in across the entire pacific and looping around that low. so with that we're talking about flood warnings likely, heavy amounts of rain, anywhere from four to six inches of rain may
5:14 am
not sound like a lot to you but in the southwest it's a larger amount of rain they can handle in that short period of time. here is the cold front already producing showers into the midwest today, really stretching from the great lakes all the way down through texas, still looking at heavier amounts around the gulf. it is the same system that will push across and give the northeast and mid-atlantic showers likely late friday in through saturday. the other story is the cold air behind the cold front. let's get perspective. new york city 53 tomorrow, beautiful start to the weekend, philly 58 and maybe some light showers come in, once that ends we are talking about temperatures dropping to something like this, try like 23, new york, new york city, right at the freezing mark, philly and new york city, you talk about 20s and 30s it means some snow. just a hint. >> all about the layers, people. all about the layers. >> give me some. >> got plenty for you. coming up on "new day," what
5:15 am
is it about the pope? big heart, tiny car, making friends, raising eyebrows all over the world. >> look at that little boy. >> we'll have a look and a talk with new york's cardinal timothy dolan what makes the pontiff so popular. enj enjoy, it's on us, cardinal. >> also ahead a time to remember and heal in dallas. how the city is marking 50 years since it became the site of president kennedy's assassinati assassination. smoke?
5:16 am
5:17 am
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5:19 am
welcome back. pope francis is eight months into his papacy but already gotten the attention of more than just the faithful from taking a stance on social issues like homosexuality and choosing to lead a humble life. pope francis is breaking the mode. we'll talk with cardinal timothy dolan about the pontiff. first how pope francis is shaking things up. the cheers are so loud you'd think it's a rock star. and to many, he is. pope francis, the first pontiff from south america, already beloved by the faithful, for his humility and hands-on approach. just ten days on the job, he got down on bended knee to wash the feet of juvenile delinquents, one a muslim. this month, he made head hins for his compassionate embrace of these disabled men. he didn't mind when this little boy upstaged him during a homily, simpling smiling, patting the boy's head, even accepting a kiss on the cross
5:20 am
hanging around his neck. pope francis is also making waves with hot button social issues, cass thighsing the church can being too concerned with gay marriage, contraception and abortion, a cause for concern among some conservatives. when asked about his thoughts on homosexual, the pope answered simply -- "who am toy judge?" this month he announced he's asking catholics in a poll to share their thoughts on the new modern family. pope francis shunned the official papal apartments for more modest quarters and gets around in a 1984 renault, all to have more daily contact with ordinary people. he's a pope that people can relate to, not just from the pews but on social media as well, a verified vatican man, with more than 10 million followers on twitter. he even appeared in a selfie. good job in that. joining us is cardinal timothy dolan, the archbishop of new york. great to have you with us. >> thank you, good to be with
5:21 am
you. >> you will get the inaugural coffee cup. >> thank you. >> i want to you know that. let me take one step into the past. we're in rome, at the conclave. >> remember? >> you came out afterwards, generous with your time, sat and talked to us. i revealed some reporting that i had heard you had been somewhat instrumental in raising the name of cardinal bergoglio, making sure he got his due. even as excited as you were about the promise of the pope could you imagine i would have not on the faithful but on the world? >> nope. it's been a great, pleasant surprise. i am thrilled with the effect he's had on the world. i can't walk anywhere this city, which i love to do, walk around the streets of new york without people coming up to me saying thanks for the gift of pope francis, people who are catholic, garbage collectors, cab drivers, bartenders who come up and say i'm not catholic, i'm not even religious or used to be a catholic and left the faith. this guy is great, thank you for the gift of francis so haallelu,
5:22 am
what a gift he is. >> how would you describe the francis effect? >> i would, simplicity and sincerity i think is what it is. he's simply himself. this is, i'm quick to say this because i think in the united states we often think like our politicians they have a strategy, they have experts saying this is how you've got to be, this is what you've got to do if you're going to win the people's affections. he doesn't need that. he's simply himself. i had the honor of sitting down with him for a half hour three or four weeks ago when i was in rome and i told him, holy father, you need to know that people love you, you're sincere. he shrugged and said i am who i am. it's not like he's got this marketing strategy. he's just himself. >> being a man of the people couldn't come at a more important time really. when you think about the scandal that plagued the churches in america. >> you got it. >> people are losing their faith in a way. >> you got it, you're on to something. >> does it make you feel like we've got a chance to get some of the believers and people back in? >> he said that. we need to reestablish a warmth
5:23 am
and a tenderness in the church. now, he's not, he loves pope benedict, his predecessor. he speaks about him with affection and gratitude and we know pope benedict's great care was the mind, the brain. he had this ability with this amazing precision and reasoning to present the timeless trues of the faith. what a gift he was. pope john paul ii the man of fortitude and courage, we needed that. i think now what we're saying and pope francis knows it, we need somebody to restore that sense of embrace, that warmth, that tenderness and he's doing it on steroids. right? and there's your lead-in to the a-rod story. >> god loves the yankees, cardinal, you know god loves the yankees. this gets difficult, though, because now the pope has this message that comes out and cardinals like yourself it is now about putting the boots on the ground, so as it were with the message and there will be conflict. you will have catholics who will
5:24 am
say what is this about homosex all t homosexuality? you have been outspoken in the church. how do you balance this, he's the pope, the supreme figure in the catholic church but how do you balance with people who aren't going to like this change? >> and balance is a good word but we're used to it. for instance when john paul and benedict they were excellent on what you might say the clarity of the church is teaching so then we had to deal with people who felt alienated from the church because we had popes who were brilliant in expressing the timeless vigor of the church's teaching. now we've got a pope that says you know another aspect of that teaching, the teaching is there, it's as clear as ever but another aspect is mercy, love, tenderness, inclusion, so you're right, christopher. now there's going to be people who are going to say we feel alienated that this man is diminishing the truth of the church. we need both. catholicism is a both/and project. it's not an either/or. he's a nice balance. i'm glad you used that board.
5:25 am
>> and how would you respond to most recently we know conservative politicians kind of uneasy with maybe the pope's approach, calling him liberal on social issues. he seemed someone that is difficult to fit into a box. >> sure. >> what do you say to politicians who try to take him on like this? >> we always, i think church teachers always are. pastors always are, because we don't want to be politicians, we're pastors. who is our model? our model is not going to be some pollster. our model is always jesus and jesus was always able to teach the truth with love and mercy. now there's where the balance is. >> there's the balance. >> jesus was able to say to the woman caught in adultery, neither do i condemn you, i love you but by the way don't sin anymore. francis is doing that. now we tend, i think we tend to zero in on what's new, innovative,'s special i you. that's your business, you call it the news. what's new with this man? approach of tenderness and mercy is new. it's innovative. we need it big time, but that doesn't mean the other is
5:26 am
excluded. >> and it struck me as you were talking about, keeping the traditions of the church, the timeless vigor of the churches work, which you spoke about. we're in a new world order. the world has changed and aligning those two, that's like the biggest balance struggle of all. >> it is. thousand present, this is always the case, how to present the timeless trues of the faith in a timely way, and that's always, that's always tough, isn't it? john xxiii, remember him? you all are too young. pope francis is going to kh canonize him. he says teaching is an eternal gift but we have to gift wrap this timeless unchanging truth in a more attractive appealing way. there is the challenge, isn't it, the pastoral challenge. >> i think one of the things that cardinal bergoglio, obviously now pope francis said
5:27 am
the ultimate message of the truth is that the kingdom of god is now and the message is love. if you go back, everything becomes reasonable. you can have that card. let me ask you something about the news while we're on it. >> sure. >> something comes across the wires that no less than vladimir putin is going to the vatican to talk to the pontiff about what should be happening in syria. >> so i hear. >> intriguing. any insight into what the message is supposed to be? is this something the church wants to involve itself in? >> you know from the turn of the fourth century what we call the holy sea, the pope's government and the church universal has always been a center not edge only of the next world but of this one and there's always been diplomats who have come to the pope because he has a universal gaze and a slissolicitude but leaders going to see the pope is not anything new. there seems to be a heightened atension to the role of francis. we saw that in syria. here is a man who was able to
5:28 am
say something and get the attention of putin, who ended up agreeing with the pope and saying francis is on to something. let's do what he said. i was with a group the other night of prominent leaders in new york, most of whom are not catholic and they said your pope is the most credible leader in the world today, in a time when we're used to leaders who are raffling, who are kind of back and forth, who are weak, vacillating with all this intrigue, you got a man who simply stands up and tells the unvarnished truth and calls us to the nobility and the perfection that we know is deep down inside of us, people created in the image and likeness of god, and this, the one fellow who is a commentator on another channel other than yours said to me this is realism, this is real. what the pope is talking about is not something otherworldly. he's talking about things eminently doable now and that's why people like putin are beating a path to his door, saying this guy is worth listening to. this guy is worth aligning
5:29 am
ourselves with because he makes sense and he's got an immense credibility so alleluia. we call him the vicar of christ, is he the vicar of the prince of peace. when it comes to international justice no wonder. >> maybe he should take a trip to geneva to help out with the nuclear negotiations. >> way to go. am i going to get one of these mugs? >> you can take one off the set. >> can you get the cardinal a cup? >> yes. >> we've got a clean one for you. >> chris puts irish coffee in his? >> explains everything. >> one of the details we don't like to tell. >> i'll never tell. >> cardinal, tell the truth. the truth of power. >> what a delight to have you here. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thanks. to you as well. coming up next on "new day" the growing feud between sarah palin and nbc. why she abruptly canceled an interview with the "today" show. >> was making on nbc and the pope and we'll take it on as well.
5:30 am
on the eve of the 50th anniversary of jfk's death we will take to you dallas where people are honoring the president's memory and reliving the lingering pain from that day. what tea like to live in the city where the world changed? a live report straight ahead. ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical and practically beautiful cadillac srx. get the best offers of the season now. lease this 2014 srx for around $369 a month with premium care maintenance included. ♪
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all right, welcome back to n nd. time for the five things that you need to know for your new day. florida congressman trey radel taking a leave of absence, he will enter a drug and alcohol treechlt program. he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession after his arrest in a drug sting. a deal may be close in the ongoing nuclear talks with iran,
5:34 am
negotiations and tomorrow in geneva. secretary of state john kerry cautioning nothing is finalized. ianet yellen's no nation to become chair of the federal reserve will be voted on by the senate banking committee today. he is expected to win approval. the matter would then head to the full senate for a vote. kennedy cousin michael skakel could be released from prison today. bond hearing is scheduled for later this morning. prosecutors are appealing a ruling that granted him a new trial in the 1975 murder of martha moxley. and at number five, oh be joyous, get ready for monty python's greatest hits, the surviving members of the comedy group announced their reunion will be a live one-off show that revisits their classic bits, the show will go on in london in july of next year. tickets go on sale monday, sign me up. we always up the five things to know so be sure to go to
5:35 am i have to whistle that. that is such a great song. >> thanks so much, michaela. november 22nd, 1963, the day president john t. kf. kennedy w assassinat assassinated. the city has gone through enormous changes since then but carries the scars of that tragic day. cnn's ed lavandera is in dallas with much more. >> reporter: good morning, kate. what we're seeing playing out already in deeley plaza in the days leading up to the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's assassination speaks volumes to what this city has gone through the last five decades. to honor president kennedy's death president obama hen michelle obama laid a wreath at the cemetery. 50 years later the eternal flame
5:36 am
still burns. meanwhile in dallas, cure ys tourists still come to this place, the place where those fatal shots were fired half a century ago. for this city, tomorrow will be a delicate balancing act of honoring kennedy's memory without sensationalizing his murder. >> the city in general was highly embarrassed and ashamed, but what made it even worse the city was branded unfairly as a city of hate. >> reporter: dallas has spent decades trying to shake off the reputation, as the city that killed kennedy, which is not easy. as that dark day of history is rehashed daily by trolley tours. >> look upon this corner here up to the sixth floor window. >> reporter: and by those who don't believe that lee harvey oswald acted alone, conspiracy theorists sell jfk memorabilia and tell their version of what happened every day. >> it's an embarrassment to the city and well it should be. but you know the city didn't kill the president. somebody else did and it wasn't
5:37 am
lee harvey os bald. >> reporter: what will not be present tomorrow those xs that for years have marked the spot on elm street where the president was shot. the city says it's relayings aquality to level out the streets, and remove any trip hazards but undeniably all eyes will be back on this city tomorrow. generations have passed but the fascination with what happened here remains. >> it changed the course of history, in many ways. what would have happened if kennedy had lived? >> and kate and chris, those xs aren't an official marker, one of the gentleman you heard from mr., robert groden said he started putting the xs on 19 years ago when he moved to dallas. the official ceremony that will be held tomorrow in dealey plaza they say is intended on honoring the life off. kennedy, the balance that many city officials have been grappling with for so many years. so many come here to see the
5:38 am
spot from john f. kennedy is killed but they don't want to just be known for that. >> all right, ed, thank you so much. make sure you catch the assassination of president kennedy, airing tonight at 9:00 eastern and pacific, right here on cnn. next up on "new day" we want to know the secret to living a longer life? of course you do, top researchers did a comprehensive study, they say they know. we'll tell you what they say they know, when we come back. >> and what we know that you should know. ♪ man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all? having the right partner at my side. it's so much better that way. [ male announcer ] have the right partner at your side. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. the most free research reports,
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♪ i sang into my pen, i'll admit it. i love this song. >> no cure for that. >> no cure for that. welcome back to "new day." it is time for "new day" "new you." you want to live longer like the song says, weigh less, fight off disease? according to a new 30-year study out of harvard, the object of your desire is nuts, like actual nuts. dr. jennifer caudle is here with the nutty news. we've known for a while nutsz were good for us, but it seems the science is there to back it up >> there's been studying going on for a long time that have suggested nuts decreased heart disease and things like diabetes even and we've even had mortality studies in the past. this study is a huge study. this study researchers looked at over 118,000 people, followed them for just about 30 years,
5:43 am
which we like that. >> huge. >> it is huge. we're talking about research and science, we like power. we like people, we like time and this study showed researchers found those who had seven or more servings of nuts every week had a 20% lower risk of dying from any cause. >> there's many a different kind of nut. >> three that the table. >> exactly. >> right here at the big table, three of them. >> continue. >> which types are better, do they differentiate? >> that's a great question. in the study they looked at peanuts but they also looked at tree nuts and some examples of tree nuts are pistachios, almonds, walnuts and things like that. no matter whether people were eating peanuts or the tree nuts the results were the same. that's quite interesting. >> quite a blow to the specialty nut market, right? they're always saying no, don't eat the peanut butter. you have to have the almond
5:44 am
butter so your tongue can stick to your mouth the next 17 years. you're saying peanuts are just as good as any nut? >> you mentioned butter. an ounce of nuts so to give you an idea what that is, we're talking pistachios, 48 pistachios in an ounce, 24 almonds, something like that. we're talking nuts. the study didn't talk whether they were raw or honey roasted which i happen to love or salted. we don't know. we don't know which ones they looked at, but they are saying that if you eat nuts it can affect your mortality. we should talk about study type ii talking about this. >> the observational studies can't prove cause and effect, that's an important thing. it could be that folks are eating more salads tossing on a handful of nuts on the salad, correct? >> you make a great point about this observational study and that's one thing we have to talk about. we need to put this in perspective, right? this is a great study, it's big, there's lots of people but it's a perspective cohort study which means it's observational. we're looking at people and how they do over a long period of
5:45 am
time. we can't prove cause and effect from these types of studies, okay? we just can't really do that but we can develop strong associations and i think that's what we're doing here >> dr. jennifer caudle, i want to admit this man is going to live forever because he comes into my office and takes a gigantic handful of nuts on my desk. >> why would you put nuts in a bowl on your desk if you don't want anybody to have them? >> i would like you to. >> science says what? >> i think you're trying to help out your co-workers. >> i am. >> she mathates me. mick hates it. there's no altruism. >> man hands, just -- >> i'm glad you're getting your nuts in. maybe you can take this back to the office, reevaluate the nut trend, we should be incorporating nuts into our diet as a part of a healthy diet and that's a good point to take home. >> how are you incorporating nuts in your life? >> lots more "new day."
5:46 am
>> nuts and seeds good for you. yes, i like it. unless you got the d diverticulitis. coming up on "new day," sarah palin cancels an appearance on the "today" show. we'll tell you what was said and what many thinks should be done about it, and that's of two very different opinions. we'll talk. ♪
5:47 am
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welcome back to "new day." sarah palin canceled an interview with the "today" show wednesday. why is that a big deal in well this follows incendiary remarks made by an msnbc host, martin bashir toward sarah palin. he suggested she deserved graphic punishment for comparing america's debt to china, to slavery. on monday, bashir offered an apology. >> my words were wholly unacceptable. they were neither accurate nor fair. they were unworthy of anyone who would claim to have an interest in politics, and they have brought shame upon my friends and colleagues at this network, none of whom were responsible for the things that i said. >> msnbc has not addressed the matter publicly, and palin's camp thinks bashir should be disciplined. bring in joe concha. lot of people are talking about this? what do you think? >> people should be talking about it.
5:51 am
these are reprehensible remarks that have no place in public discourse. all that said that's stating the obvious. what makes this different from alec baldwin and i checked with my resources you are of no relation to alec baldwin. >> thank you for checking. >> following what he said in a fit of rage on a manhattan street doesn't make it right. you're anchors, you're not anchors not just on the set but everywhere and whatever you say is going to be scrutinized particular in this era where you can record everything on the phone. >> alec baldwin also had a show on msnbc now on hold. >> he was suspended for what he said but those were unscripted remarks offset. what makes bashir different is that he had written remarks in a teleprompter and i get to editorial culture over at msnbc. if it's in a teleprompter, that means line producer sees it, segment producer sees it, maybe executive producer sees it. this was vetted over several different layers and still allowed to go on the air. what does that say about the leadership over at msnbc, where
5:52 am
producers are saying you know what? we're not going to get in any trouble for this. one of the worst things you can say about a person, i can't repeat it on the air because this is a morning show. >> hold on, let's get some context here, because there's no question it was wrong, right, and i have to say that because martin bashir says that, that is the accepted premise what he said was wrong and apologized. >> how long did it take him to say it? three days. >> all right so let's talk about why did it take three days? that goes to what was the intention that bashir had when he said this? having read the full transcript of what it was, it seemed to have been a fairly well developed reference to the history of slavery and how terrible it is and this is what was done to slaves. and if you want to use slavery you should know what slavery is and this is what should happen to you and it became the last part of what he said should happen to her which is a horrible thing that was done to slaves. do you think martin bashir was trying to be viciously savagely hurtful to sarah palin? >> of course.
5:53 am
>> you don't think he was trying to make a bigger rhetorical point and that this was a mistake of how to do it? >> he used a similar reference in 2011, he compared marriage to slavery, so he was all up in arms an analogy was used that invokes slavery. the problem he's done that already. he was trying to get attention. martin bashir compared to jake tapper, neil cavuto would never say anything like that. if he did the manager in the network would pull him at the commercial. ayles and zucker would say pull him out, go to the panel. all that said, he said something to draw attention to a show that nobody is watching, and here's why i say this. on friday, he had ratings that were here. they went up 60% on monday. and we talked about this with the chris christie cover, where i said they're going to double the amount of copies they sell. you know what? they did. "rolling stone" put the boston bomber on the cover, they
5:54 am
doubled the sales. martin bashir has been talked more about on cnn and fox than ever talked about during his career on msnbc. >> what do you want to see happen? >> he should be suspended or fired. >> fired? >> there needs to be accountability, yes. >> joe it was a very heartfelt apology that we played. it does raise the question, and i'm just -- >> was it healrtfelt? joe scarborough who competes with this show said he probably didn't write it. >> how does joe scarborough know whether it was written or not. if he knows he should say it. >> what is joe scarborough even talking about this on another network. like talking about your country in another country. >> i thought bashir's apology -- >> a suspension though? don't you think he should be suspended for saying something like that? if baldwin was for saying something off camera, on camera for saying that on camera, there has to be accountability. >> i have a hard time seeing the parallel between either of them on a lot of levels. but i will tell you this, when i
5:55 am
heard his apology i thought it was the best media apology i ever heard and made cbs's benghazi apology look like a maybe. the harshness in the immediate yae he became a manifest indication of that and why it's wrong. >> i appreciate that he didn't say, if someone is offended i apologize. he straight up apologized. >> three days later. again he could have done it saturday, sunday, saying he doesn't have a show saturday sunday. in today's world twitter, facebook. and why is he apologizing. why hasn't the leadership at msnbc said anything about this? we haven't heard one syllable out of anybody over there. why are you putting your anchor out there? you have to take responsibility for what your anchors say on the air as well. bashir, great apology. where is griffin, the president of msnbc, haven't heard a word on baldwin or bashir. that tells me inmates are
5:56 am
running at sigh lum. >> his ratings have jumped since that happened. >> i'm glad you're not like alec. kim basing aer a daughter. chris to a point great apology but needs to be accountability. >> thanks for coming in. we'll take a quick break and see you back on "new day" in a second. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors who compare medicare d plans
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6:00 am
-- captions by vitac -- i'm john berman. >> i'm in for christine romans, carol costello has the day off. >> new this morning we learned that a jumbo jet stranded overnight at a wichita airport will be able to take off. this air deback started late last night when a huge cargo plane headed for a military base landed in a small airport instead. >> the atlas 747 dreamlifter headed to mcconnell air force base but for some reason it ended up ten miles away at the smaller jabarra airport. the faa is investigating what went wrong. >> officials feared the runway was too short for the dreamlifter to take off. officials tell cnn the plane will attempt to take off later today. >> rene marsh tells us how the plane got into this predicament in the first place.


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