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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 22, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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this is nothing more than a power grab. >> gridlock. gridlock. gridlock. >> there are no rules in the united states senate. >> enough is enough. >> the senate goes nuclear. democrats toss out the rules and why republicans this morning are vowing war now. >> different subject. a real life nuclear deal hangs in the balance as talks with iran continue. we are live with the latest. her remark and i think she made it more than once, is, no, i'm going to leave these clothes on. i want them to see what they have done. >> 50 years ago today, president
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john kennedy was killed along with the mystery what happened of jackie's iconic pink suit worn on that fateful day? >> the memories are every and the papers everywhere, the "new york post," they have a special edition. >> something you can take out and keep as a memento and share with the kids. >> i'm john berman. welcome to "early start." >> i'm zoraida sambolin. it is nice to have you with us. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. begin with the stunning historic vote in the u.s. senate. so extreme it is called going nuclear. essentially blowing up what had been the rules for a generation. no longer will 60 votes be necessary to move ahead. with most presidential nominations, no longer will the minority be able to filibuster or executive branch conditions. democrats have been threatening this for years. republicans say the majority has
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gone too far and they will regret it. chief correspondent dana bash has more. >> reporter: john mccain continues to work across the aisle and by detonating the nuclear action democrats may have blown up any senate bipartisan. republican feathers are so ruffled an agreement on issues that should be passed maybe harder to find. >> there are going to be difficulties from time to time. where cooperation was probably the case in the past, and will not be now. >> reporter: the historic rules change strips republicans of their power to block the president's executive and judicial nominees, except the supreme court. instead of 60 votes to break a filibuster it's now 51 votes a simple majority. it's called the nuclear option for good reason. just a few years ago, even democratic leader harry reid said he wouldn't do it saying it would be? >> a black chapter in the history of the senate. >> so what about now?
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>> reporter: why isn't this a black chapter? >> things have changed dramatically since 2005, dramatically. for the last four and a half years they have done everything to deny the fact that obama was elected and then re-elected. >> reporter: translation? gop obstruction is unprecedented. to back that up, democrats point to statistics from the nonpartisan research service. in the history of the country, there have been 168 filibusters of presidential nominees about half 82 happened during the obama administration. >> in summary, this is a power grab. >> angry republicans don't necessarily dispute democrat statistics about nominees they have blocked but how many judges they have confirmed, 215 and rejected five. the president opposed this tactic as a senator when democrats were in the minority. >> if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the
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fighting and the bitterness and the gridlock will only get worse. >> reporter: he has changed his tune too. >> the vote today, i think, is an indication that majority of senators believe, as i believe, that enough is enough. >> reporter: dana bash, cnn, capitol hill. that is a big milestone in the senate, no doubt. there was a major milestone for investors in the economy to tell you about. the dow jones industrials average finished above 16,000 for the first time, up more than 900 points to close at 16,009. overall the dow is up more than 22%. that's amazing. that is a dramatic turnaround where we were four years ago at the height of the financial crisis. christine romans will have much more on this in "money time" in the next half hour. the team in charge of the obama care knew they were in a bumpy ride to the days leading up to the disastrous rollout. internal e-mails relieved by republicans investigating the
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launch revealed failed to use 100 end users and was supposed to handle 10,000 or more. >> the talks are called intense and substantial but not called yet is done. there is no deal yet between international negotiators and the iranian government on freezing tehran's nuclear program. our matthew chance is live in geneva. what is the latest there, matthew? >> reporter: john, it's very difficult to say. certainly we know that u.s. diplomats are briefed by katherine ashton in these talks over iran, nuclear program. you have to hang in these diplomatic situations on every word that is spoken, off the record, on the record by the various parties involved and the words they are using in jp terms they are calling the negotiations useful and substantial but saying they are intense as well. it's clear difficult negotiation
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but to be expected it was always going to be hard. the objective is do a deal with guarantees that iran cannot develop a nuclear bomb. it's something it says it's not going to do and many countries, including the united states. deep skeptical about that. in return iran will want sanctions for the crippling sanctions imposed by the international community and doing damage on its economy and so the detail of that that is currently being worked out. u.s. secretary of state john kerry saying the parties are as close as they have been for the past decade but still some way to go. >> coming into this a sense that the five parties in european union weren't in agreement what the deal would be but iran needs to come along. is that still the case or seem to be what the tea leaves are saying around that building? >> reporter: i don't know if it's entirely fair to blame iran on this. some obligate obstacles that prevented a deal from being done 12 days ago when other foreign ministers were here as well.
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a couple of things holding the negotiations up as far as where one is. iran's insist ns for a full more recognition of its right to enrich uranium and something the powers have balked at. on the other side the extent of verification. the french raising objection about the heavy water reaction that iran is building in iraq which would produce a by-product they want greater inspections on that and work on that to be stopped. so there are a couple of problems on both sides. they are not insurmountable we are told by diplomats but they are still watching the details. >> watch this over the weekend. there could be quick progress but we just don't know yet. matthew chance, thank you. a diplomacy going on involving afghanistan. a tentative deal is starting to look shaky. hamid karzai suddenly insisting the agreement should not be signed until the afghan people
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elect a new president in april. the white house is responding by imposing a year-end deadline. without this signed pact, there will be no u.s. support groups left in afghanistan by the end of next year. strong signals this morning from the united states to north korea. three americans being held there in strained relations with washington could improve and comes after an 85-year-old korean war vet on a visa was obtained. tensions with pyongyang at an all-time hoof at north koreans conducted nuclear test and threatened a strike on the south korea and the the united states. right now, the pentagon is facing nearly a trillion dollars of cut in the next decade and the next could come in january if congress doesn't agree on a spending plan that would end
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those automatic cuts. it's friday. that means the weekend is almost here. did you see berman? aahh! but for a lot of us it may be a little snowy. this was the scene in denver suburbs yesterday. that snow, we understand, is moving east. i say if it's coming, indra, bring a lot of it so we can play! >> not this friday is all that ma matters. >> we are talking about more snow in the west but flurries are going to be northeast. start out west and look at colorado. currently not seeing too much. it has kind of moved south of their region but higher elevations in arizona and new mexico and southern portions of colorado are still going to be talking about that snow and good amounts of it as the system drops farther south. of course, farther south we will be talking about rain where it's a little bit warmer. let's separate the two here. look at the amounts of snow. almost two feet of snow south of telluride and 1 to 4 inches in new mexico and big bear out towards california looking for about a foot of snow from this system. we know it's really good.
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you can actually see that low spinning around and this moisture filling into the region so flood warnings likely with the heavy rain into the southwest. south the systems making their way east. notice the cold front not expecting to bring a lot of rain with it. the bulk of the heavier rain farther south but seeing showers into the northeast and only an inch of rain to the north and farther to the south, maybe 2 inches or so but the temperatures we are going to be talking about. look at these current temperatures. pittsburgh, 51 right now. the reason i'm sewing you that big gap is the gap will not be that big by the time we get to sunday and talking about 20s and 30s in new york and maybe a little snow. >> thank you. >> it's almost the season. it's not too early. indra, thank you so much. it was an unforgettable moment. jackie kennedy covered in blood after her husband was murdered 50 years ago today. this morning, remember that tragic death and then this question -- what became of the iconic pink suit, the suit that
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♪ don't disguise bad odors in your trash. neutralize them and freshen. with glad odorshield with febreze. welcome back to "early start", everyone. it is november 22nd. it was 50 years ago today on this date in 1963 that president john f. kennedy was shot and killed in dallas. bringing an ned end to camelot for many americans shattering the innocence of the era and changing their entire view of government. thousands will visit dealey
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plaza in dallas for the first official ceremony marking the tragedy but the days before the anniversary also brought protesters insisting that jfk's death was part of a conspiracy. >> so one iconic imagine from that day is the first lady jackie kennedy in her pink suit. it would become a symbol not only of what happened in dallas but also her grace in the face of unspeakable tragedy. here is randi kaye with more. >> reporter: in the words of president john f. kennedy, she looked smashing in it, which may be why the president asked jackie kennedy to wear her now famous water medicallyin' pink suit on dallas on november 22nd, 1963. >> the committee presents mrs. kennedy with a bouquet of red roses. >> reporter: it looked like cocoa 'cha nell but the suit was a knockoff made in america and the lady had worn is six times before that fateful day. here she is in 1962 awaiting the
2:16 am
prime minister of algeria, john jr. in her arms. in dallas on november 22nd at this ft. worth chamber of commerce luncheon. >> no one wonders what lyndon and i wear. >> reporter: later that day, president kennedy would be dead and the first lady's stunning pink suit, stained forever with her husband's blood, would begin a long and mysterious journey when aides suggested she change her clothes after the shooting, she refused. phillip sheenan wrote a book about the kennedy assassination. >> her remark and i think she made it more than once is, no, i'm going to leave these clothes on. i want them to see what they have done. >> reporter: hours later, mrs. kennedy continued to wear the suit during the emergency swearing in of lyndon johnson as president. >> that whole scene is, obviously, just surreal. she arrives in the cabin in air force one in these clothes covered with the president's
2:17 am
blood and expected to stand there and witness the swearing in of her husband's successor. >> reporter: mrs. kennedy was still in her suit with when she arrived later that evening at andrews air force base in maryland where she received her husband's body. the president's brother at her side in the middle of the night. once at the white house, her personal maid put the suit in a bag so mrs. kennedy wouldn't have to look at it. then some time in 1964, the blood-stained suit arrived here at the national archives building in the nation's capital. it came in a box, along with a handwritten note from jackie kennedy's mother on her personal stationary. it read simply -- jackie's suit and bag worn november 22nd, 1963. all this time, mrs. kennedy's pink suit has been forbidden from public view and will likely stay that way for a very long time. in 2003, after her mother's death, caroline kennedy gave the
2:18 am
suit to the people of the united states with the understanding that it wouldn't be put on public display for 100 years until 2103 and even then, the kennedy family must be consulted before any attempt is made to display the suit. all an effort to avoid sensationalizing that horrible act. and it's believed only a handful of people, maybe only as few as two, have seen the suit since. along with the suit and also hidden from view in the new archives in maryland, the blue blouse mrs. kennedy wore in dallas, her stockings, blue shoes, and blue purse. what they don't have is the first lady's pink pill box hat. >> the hat is a mystery. the hat apparently goes to the secret service initially and the secret service turns it over to mrs. kennedy's private secretary and then it disappears. it has not been seen since. >> reporter: the archive is making every effort to preserve the suit. it's stored in a windowless vault, in an acid-free container
2:19 am
where the air is changed every 20 minutes or so to properly maintain the woollen cloth. it is kept at a temperature of 65 to 68 degrees, which is best for the fabric. the suit story, a perfect ending for a first lady who craved privacy after so much pain. randy kaye, cnn, los angeles. >> there is such indelible images and the colors are so bright. even when it's black and white i think you see the pink exploding off the screen. >> that was a really special thing about "time" magazine, the colors that they had of all of these images which is so vivid and so bright. >> i have to say the bright images of that day are symbolic and emblem mattic of a way the colors are muted after that horrible act happened. this is all before. >> i didn't know the story of her suit. it really is remarkable. stay with cnn. we will bring you live coverage of anniversary events that are
2:20 am
happening throughout the day. a 14-year-old massachusetts boy has now been formally indicted for allegedly raping and killing his algebra teacher. philip chism is phasing first-degree murder as an adult. prosecutors say chism raped 24-year-old colleen ritzer in inside the school and dumped her body in a nearby woods. the young teacher had reportedly stayed behind to discuss an upcoming exam with the boy. one of the biggest injustices of the last century. the scotts borough boys wrongly convicted in the rape of two white women in alabama in 1931. six of them later cleared or pardoned but three others, haywood patterson and charles wing and andy wright remain convicted felons until now, some eight decades later. the state has officially pardoned them. >> long time coming. after more than a decade behind bars, mike skakel is now
2:21 am
a free man. he was relieved from prison weeks after his conviction for the 1975 murder of a neighbor was vacated. his bail set at $2.1 million. the appeals process could take years. the s.e.c. is considering a plan that would let airline passengers use their cell phones in flight. the proposal would lift the ban on airborne calls and data use once a flight reaches 10,000 feet. cell phone use would still be restricted during takeoff and landings. the plan would remove a regular hurdle, it's up to the individual airline to decide whether to allow it. >> could we talk about this? i would like to nominate this for the worst idea ever. >> why is that? >> who wants to hear people yepping on the airplane? >> i know. some people really have no idea how loud they are when they are talking on the phone for instance, you? >> besides that a second. the airplane is one place you can go not to be bothered by
2:22 am
work or family, not that work or family bothers me personally but it's peaceful! you want to take that flight. i can't believe they are considering this. i have to damaimagine -- >> bad idea. >> if any of you think it's a good idea, tweet us here and i'll ridicule you. >> can you imagine the fights that are going to happen on the airplane? that is going to be -- >> bad idea. 22 minutes past the hour. alex rodriguez's appeal coming to a close but his fight to stay in baseball, it is just beginning. andy scholes joins us with the bleacher report coming up next. s like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. he was a matted messiley in a small cage. ng day. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found
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♪ "thursday night football" showcased two teams going in very different directions. drew brees and the red hot saints taking on the struggling atlanta falcons. >> would you like more? andy scholes has the highlights of this morning's bleacher report. >> good morning. before this season, it was the falcons not the saints that were super bowl favorites. but it certainly hasn't worked out that way. second quarter last night, jimmy graham hauls in a 44-yard touchdown from drew brees and he celebrates by dunking on the field goal post but check it out. he accidentally bends it! workers had to come out and fix it and causing a brief delay. new orleans high scoring offense didn't put up huge numbers in the game but enough to beat the falcons 17-13. a-rod's grievance hearing against major league baseball wrapped up yesterday with both sides resting their cases. this comes just a day after the yankees third baseman angrily
2:27 am
stormed out of the hearing and decided not to testify in his own defense. a decision by the ar at any rbin january. rodriguez is expected to appeal if it doesn't go his way. gillette and a few red sox players teamed up to shave their beards and they are auctioning off the razor along with the iconic facial hair for charity. take a look. this ball of hair came straight from the face of shane victorino. it's on ebay right now for more than 1,600! big papi's beard is at $4,300. zorai zoraida, it's weird. the high bidder on both of those is a j. berman. >> i believe that! i believe you would probably it in your office along with the big papi statue. you have to fork over a lot of money. >> the hair down the line in the
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they have done everyting they can to deny the fact that obama was elected and then re-elected. >> in order to distract the attention away from obama care, the senate has just broken the rules in order to change the rules. >> the senate goes nuclear. democrats changing the rules, but will it change the tenor to something even more corrosive? republicans already promising war. an 85-year-old american
2:32 am
veteran detained in north korea. his family desperate for his return. will north korea set him free for something in return what happens? >> why would you put a bomb in a teddy bear? >> a roadside bomb in a mystery toy. the mystery just ahead. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. 32 minutes after the hour on this friday. >> happy friday. >> happy friday, indeed. not so much in washington. a stunning, historic, some say, damaging vote in the u.s. senate. democrats going nuclear. blowing up the rules that kept some of the president's nominations on hold. to use one last metaphor, the atmosphere there is simply radioactive. the senate voting to eliminate -- now a simple majority will be needed. 50 votes to move ahead with an
2:33 am
up or down decision on a nominee and no longer needing the 60 votes required which has been the case for nearly four decades. the democrats insist it was a necessary change. they blame political posturing, not substance, for being behind the repeated blockings of nominees under president obama. but but republicans say this was a power grab. a lot of charges going back and forth here. republicans also saying this could hurt democrats going forward. >> it is not just about republicans versus democrats. this is about the right for this institution to be involved and remain responsive to the needs of our country and we have not been doing this. >> it only reinforces the narrative of a party that sis willing to do and say about anything to get its way. you will regret this and you may regret it a lot sooner than you
2:34 am
think. >> three democrats voted against the move including carl levin saying it sets a dangerous precedent for the future. republicans john mccain say the democrats will pay a heavy price for this move. president obama who actually opposed such a measure when he was in the senate applauded the move saying obstruction cannot become the norm. he opposed the nuclear option when he was a senator. 34 minutes past the hour now. if north korea. one is a grandfather and korean war vet. brian todd has more. >> reporter: a reterired execute from palo alto. merle norman is a captainive in
2:35 am
fl north korea. >> korean war was discussed. i understand that my dad was a bit bothered. >> reporter: the next day, his son says, five minutes before his flight was to depart from pyongyang, merle must bhan pulled off the plane. his family hasn't heard from or about him since. what could have provoked the north koreans to do this? something unwittingly to set them off. >> he might have said something disparaging about the north or this was a liberation. the north koreans have all kind of laws and with them, all
2:36 am
prices is subject to change without notice. >> reporter: senator john kerry calls it disturbing. newman has a heart condition. kenneth bay another american detained in north korea has diabetes and other illnesses. poli pollack has a warning. >> is a scenario that would, i would think, that the north koreans could find disturbing. >> reporter: he says humanitarian groups which do so much to help the starving sick people in north korea may cut that off. a disturbing hate crime charges here three students at san jose state university.
2:37 am
prosecutors allege three white freshman bullied their plaque roommate and calling him names like three-fifths and fraction and decorating their suite with a confederate flag and nazi symbols and pictures of adolf hitler and clamping a bicycle lock around his neck. prosecutors say they forced him to wear that lock claiming that they lost the key. this allegedly went on for months. the most disturbing part, four other roommates who were not involved apparently saw what was happening and did nothing. >> this is a case about a 17-year-old boy who went to college and, over a period of almost two months, was harassed and bullied because of his race. >> it's distressing. it's far more than embarrassing and sad and shocking to see it happen. >> hundreds of students protested on the campus. this was on thursday. the university says they are
2:38 am
investigating. the three students charged could each face up to a year in jail. they have been suspended. they, obviously, could face expulsion and jail time. this is just outrageous. parents say my son is black and goes to this university. this day and age? >> it's shocking. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. hopefully, zero tolerance for that. >> agreed. 38 minutes after the hour right now. one of jerry sandusky's alleged victims is suing the former penn state shift football and the university of university. victim nine testified in sandusky's trial he was salted for almost four years dating back to when he was 12. the university has settled claims with some 26 young men. >> the murder trial of accused mass murderer james holmes has been suspended indefinitely. he is charged with opening fire in a colorado movie theater last year and killing 12 and wounding dozen more.
2:39 am
earlier this week prosecutors moved to have further mental evaluation citing an issue they call completely unexpected. the judge has canceled the february trial date to deal with these requests. the defense proposes more mental tests for holmes. a giant cargo jet that mistakenly landed at the wrong airport near wichita. crisis averted. the giant mammoth ginormous plain lifts off from that tiny runway! it made its way back to the air force base and was supposed to have landed at thirp. it took hours but thu learned removing some the fuel that the dream lifter would be light enough to use the shorter preferred runway. it took off luckily without incident. still there is an investigation, trying to figure out how this giant airplane managed to land at the wrong airport. >> pilots scratching their
2:40 am
heads. how did that happen? >> the gps didn't work. arriving at destination. 39 minutes past the hour. incredible scene in mechl. a small plane land odd a crowded interstate during rush hour. no damage or injuries after setting down outside of portland. he did, however, leave a line of traffic stretching for ten miles on i-295 and you guessed it. the ntsb is investigating this as well. five days since the deadly tornadoes ripped through the midwest and those who lost everything many say the kindness of strangers helping them get through this recovery including maddie who is 11 and lives in washington, illinois. her home was destroyed by a tornado but her school i.d. was found in chicago! >> can you believe this story? >> 150 miles away! that is crazy. the people who found it, they drove it to her to return it. >> we just decided well,,
2:41 am
obviously, we can't mail it because i'm sure no mailboxes anywhere. tom just said we can just drive there. >> i didn't know what they were going to do or what they were going to say. i was happy they found my. d.! this is going to be awesome. they were really nice people. >> going to be awesome! >> the littlest thing an i.d. could make someone smile. >> nice of you folks. drive 150 miles to return that in person. >> the weather in washington, illinois, not so nice today, i understand. indra petersons is here with more. >> we are still talking about rain in the area but the current radar now you can see the bulk of the system is exiting out of the region and they got lighter rain than expected so that is the good news. do notice behind it, they are seeing some snow and looking for some very cold temperatures in the forecast. actually pulled up their exact forecast here. a little bit of rain/snow chance today but conditions improving and dry for the next several days. unfortunately, look at those highs.
2:42 am
below freezing. very chilly temperatures expected for them. that same system will continue to make its way across the midwest into the ohio valley and the northeast today so looking pretty much all of us seeing these light showers out there. maybe 1 to 2 inches rain farther south. not the big story for this. it is continue to be the temperatures. we will talk about temperatures behind that front and continuing to drop significantly here. today, atlanta 66 and st. louis 43. i want to take you through saturday where down to the 30s already. sunday being that huge drop where temperatures really go down to many places below freezing. that is about 20 degrees below normal even this time of year by sunday. winter from west to east, big changes, this weekend. >> lovely. >> indra, have a great weekend. coming up for us, a teddy bear bomb discovered on the side of the road. we will tell you why this happened coming up next. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
2:43 am
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2:46 am
start", everyone. a strange story for you. disturbing from north carolina where a teddy bear was found on the side of a country road with a bomb inside. this happened at a small town west of charlotte. a man saw the stuffed animal and picked it up and noticed it smelt like gas and had wires attached. he brought it home and left it outside and called police. i don't know if bringing it home was a great idea. neighbors are asking how this all happened. >> i'm just trying to figure out why would you put a bomb in a teddy bear in the first place? if anybody had picked it up probably it would be a little kid. >> try to clear this up as quickly as we can and maybe prevent something like this happening again. >> federal crime lab plans to take the bear apart and figure out if they can get signs of who built it. sheriff deputies have seen explosives on the side of the road. >> don't pick up something you find on the side of the road
2:47 am
like that. >> call authorities right away. let's see what is coming up on "new day." indicate bolduan and chris cuomo joining us now. >> happy friday. >> we have democrats wanting the nuclear option in congress and not wanting it for iran. the fcc may allow us to use cell phones during airline flights. that is going to be a big deal. already got protests from flied attendants and pilots and even passengers. is this a good idea? i thought it would be a no-brainer. maybe not. >> the answer is no! 36 million people in the u.s. suffer from migraines and now more and more are seeking a controversial surgery to relieve that blinding pain. many people who have had the procedure say they never had a headache again. but are there safety risks involved? there always is with a surgery but are there more risks with this one? dr. sanjay gupta is going to explain. >> those are two stories that seriously concern me so i will be tuning in. >> kate is right. i don't think a single sane
2:48 am
person on earth that wants cell phone usage on planes. >> i am right. >> if you are that person get in touch with us and tweet us and like i said, i'll ridicule you. time for our morning rhyme. the best tweets of the day. today's is serious. jackie, it's friday, she writes. while many of us are thinking of play, pay, or get away, she says, we paws to remember jfk. it is november 22nd. 50 years since he was shot and killed in dallas. an important time, i think, for a lot of people. >> thank you for that. >> you can come up with your own morning rhyme and tweet us with the #morningrhyme or #earlystart. the dow hitting its highest point ever but what does it mean for your 401(k)? "money time" is coming up next.
2:49 am
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♪ with when it's all over >> can we listen to the music a little bit? it's "money time"! the first close ever above 16,000 for the dow. dow up 109 points yesterday. the nasdaq and s&p up too. what is special about 16,000? it's just a round number, right? it's the perspective here that is so amazing. the dow is up 145% from that low in 2009. just this year, the dow topped 14,000 in february and 15,000 in may and did you know the latest 1,000-point move in the dow took 139 trading days? that is according to the dow jones industrials research. the 6,000, one-point gain ever. tremendous gains enjoyed by 401(k) investors. dow up 22% on the year. on track to have the best gain since 2003.
2:53 am
it's all been awesome and what supercharged these rallies is the money pouring into stocks. morning star estimates 172 billion with a b has cascaded into stock funds for the first ten months of the year. the most since 2000. where do we go from here? i can't tell you that. i can tell you for sure where we have been and it's been amazing. a week to go until black friday. a warning that black friday for too many people is red friday. charging for gifts for themselves and others but they are not able to pay it off by january. how much are we charging? during november and december of last year, consumers racked up more than $246 billion on their bank cards and not counting the store credit cards. transunion says more than 131 billion was spent in december alone. a hint. that's more going into credit cards than going into the stock market. those consumers were in debt for many of them and mean the black friday sales, those deals, those bargains were not when you add the interest and the late penalties. actually, black friday and all of those deals cost a whole lot
2:54 am
of consumers more than the retail price. >> i was waiting for this story, christine. that is typically what you do every year. you warn people. >> i know. i am the bah hum bug correspondent. be careful out there, folks. be careful. if you can't pay it off by january, you're hurting your family. you're hurting your family. your future and your finances if you can't pay it off by january. you don't need it. last night, speaking of -- wow, this is crazy. new york's best by theater times square. microsoft is hoping a buying frenzy. zombies and performances by pop stars and x-box went on sale at 12:00 a.m. this morning. game on by sony. they are rifling playstation 4. it's the first 24 hours of playstation 4. that one sold more than a million units. we will keep you posted on the x box one's progress. clearly retailers and game
2:55 am
makers and everybody want you to reach into your pockets. >> christine romans, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> we will be right back. i sens, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine. ♪ but your peanuts... are mine. we're new to town.ells. welcome to monroe. so you can move more effortlessly... we want to open a new account: checking and savings. well we can help with that. we tend to do a lot of banking online. you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely... and feel at home more quickly. chase. so you can.
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we end the week with a story after high school senior who went on a long way to help a family. brandon richardson lives in new hampshire and he decided to take a 250-mile run from the canadian board to the massachusetts line and he did it in three and a half days. this was a fund-raiser for the family of a 6-year-old with cerebral palsy. >> i met him and he is so personal and, you know, i felt
2:59 am
like it was my responsible to help him. >> just as someone would think to come along and help us out is incredible. >> this is nothing compared to what they go through. this is a jog. >> he raised $10,000. what a great way to end the week. >> brandon richardson, a senior at merrimack valley high school. >> that is all for "early start" "new day" starts right now. puts a chill on everything that requires bipartisanship. nuked, an historic change in the u.s. government. democrats in the senate taking away a key move for the minority. will it end gridlock or cause more animosity? can you hear me now? the government now to consider allowing the use of cell phones while flying, a much-needed advancement or huge annoyance?
3:00 am
miracle cure, dr. sanjay gupta with a possible fix for migraines. is it a game changer in the field? could it work for you. your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is friday, november 22nd, 6:00 in the east. today marks the 50th anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination. as america honors the legacy, the environment in washington is anything but nostalgic. senate democrats dropping the nuclear bomb, voting to rewrite the rules in order to keep republicans from blocking presidential nominees with filibusters. chief congressional correspondent dana bash is live in washington watching this situation for us. good morning, dana. >> good morning, chris. for years just the threat of this major senate rules change, the nuclear option, had been enough to force the parties to compromise because the alternative was thought to be mutually assured destruction. democrats have


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