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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 23, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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doesn't have insurance, what obama care does is it jeopardizes the health care of 200 million americans that do have health care, and it is a trade off that obama made. the 5 million that lost their health insurance is just the first shoe to drop. hello, i am meteorologist karen mcginnis. you are watching a developing situation weather wise across the south central united states. for dallas, looks like we could see a rain snow mix. a developing storm system with a winter weather advisory expected there. the storm system is going to gradually make its way across the south central u.s. so dallas is in that warning area. rain covers the southeast, but as we go through time, then it becomes trickier to forecast. we could see development of a nor easter, or we could see some of that snow make its way towards coastal sections of the northeast and new england. either way, it is fairly blues
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tery, cold air in place. look for snowfall across interior sections of the northeast. what about the forecast? we go into the next several days. look at this. for new york today, should be in the 40s. going through the next couple days, sunday, monday, tuesday, we will be right around that freezing mark coming up for sunday afternoon. there are lake effect snows, so driving wise you'll have some difficulties there. could see some reduced visibility and treacherous road conditions. now, i looked at all of the weather conditions and temperatures across north dakota because fargo is at 5 degrees. that is the warmest spot we have in the state of north dakota. minneapolis reporting 16 degrees now. these are not wind chill factors. chicago, 24 degrees. 19 in omaha. you see some of that air is gradually making it towards the south. that's the set up, chance of icing situation across dallas metroplex. more than likely you'll see that
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materialize on the western suburbs. right now, mostly light rainfall, but we will start to see snowfall pick up across the pan handles of oklahoma and texas. more coming up in a little bit. hello again, everyone. fredricka whitfield. here are the top stories we're following in the cnn newsroom. police officers storm los angeles international airport, guns drawn and passengers hit the ground. hear what triggered the scare. london police are canvassing a neighborhood where three women were allegedly held captive for three decades. we will tell you what they're hoping to find. plus new developments in the rape investigation involving a heisman trophy hopeful and fellow student. the results of dna tests coming up.
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we begin with two frightening incidents at los angeles international airport, they happened almost simultaneously, one at terminal 4, the other at terminal 5. at terminal 4, a prank call to police caused this chaotic scene. authorities say it all began when the caller reported a gunman at the airport and that prompted this response from police. >> everyone on the ground! everybody get down! >> police evacuated the terminal, didn't find anything suspicious, gave the all clear almost at the same time. at terminal 5, an suv crashed, triggering a panic reaction from passengers inside. paul vercammen has more. >> reporter: last night, absolute panic at lax. what happened, this driver of a minivan collided with parked cars and hit a parking structure here. someone mistook the sounds of
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the collision for gunfire. and as you also pointed out, there's what police are determining a prank call to another terminal saying there's a man with a gun inside. police came rushing into both terminals, guns drawn, and basically you can imagine the passengers here absolutely scared out of their minds as this went on. let's take a listen. >> the first time i knew of it is when i was in the ladies restroom and the security guard told us to come and hide in the babies room because there was lots of yelling and screaming outside. >> i was in the security line and they all of a sudden the security people were shouting on dell a, on dell a, move, and everybody went running. >> reporter: this was exactly three weeks after the fatal
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shooting of a tsa officer that caused so many problems. yesterday last evening 4600 people were impacted with flight delays or landings. then you had the ripple effect, the roads in and around lax absolutely jammed. many people worried and fearing that here we go all over again. in the end it turned out to be nothing but a false alarm. that driver of the minivan that crashed said to be in good condition at a local hospital. fredricka? >> thank you so much, paul vercammen at lax. overseas, talks on iran's nuclear program appear to be moving closer to a deal. u.s. secretary of state john kerry met with iran's foreign minister for an hour after arriving in switzerland earlier this morning. sounds like there's going to be some sort of deal, if there's going to be a deal that today would be the day. jim chute oh is live in geneva. jim, are people very hopeful just because the secretary of
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state is there in geneva? >> reporter: well, they're not giving many details. they're still talking. five diplomats and germany, includes the u.s., secretary of state john kerry, they're meeting for a second time since the key meeting between john kerry and the iranian foreign minister. you can picture them in the room going over the final bullet points of a proposed agreement. can they reach that last mile in effect? the iranian deputy foreign minister says he believes they're about 90% there. the last 10% could be the difficult issues. as they meet with talks they start with issues they have the most agreement on and move to the more difficult ones. they still have issues to settle. that's what they're working on now. >> what is potentially next if there is something like 11 hours left in the day of potential talks today, if no deal is
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reached, where does it go from here? >> reporter: well, it is a big question. it is 7:00 here already. they could be going into the early morning hours. the last time, two weeks ago when they had a session that broke up, didn't break up until 2:00 in the morning. what would happen next? listen, it would be a come down for both sides to get this close, not be able to reach agreement. they could fail to reach agreement today or tomorrow, then say listen, we have a couple more things to work through, we'll come back in another couple weeks. that would be a pr issue, something difficult, considering how expectations have been raised. it is hard to say really. i doubt if a deal is not reached in the next 24 hours they would say talks are off, but it would be a difficult one to come back from. so that's one reason why they're working hard. they know their window for a deal like this in iran, back in the u.s., europe, is limited. they want to take advantage if they can come to agreement on the most difficult issues. >> jim sciutto, keep us posted
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there from geneva. back here stateside, a high school football team cancels the rest of its games because of one word. the season ending slur that brought the fbi to a small town. but first, chilling new details in the murder of a massachusetts teacher next.
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there was a note found next to the body. philip chism has been arrested for murder, rape, armed robbery.
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he will be arraigned december 4th. an eighth student at princeton university is being treated for meningitis. investigators are test to go see if she has the same rare bacterial strain found in seven other cases at the school. princeton officials plan to provide students with a vaccine. it has been approved in europe, not the u.s. people signing up for obama care will have more time to do so. obama administration is extending deadline by one week, giving americans until december 23rd to sign up to have health coverage starting in january. people will have to make their first premium payment on or before december 31st to make sure they are insured. meanwhile, not many young people are signing up for obama care, particularly via the federal sign up website,
10:13 am >> one of the things we have known about obama care, you have to have enough young, healthy people to sign up. the few states we have data on that, numbers aren't good. 23% signed up, in that category of young and healthy. washington state, same thing. kentucky, one of the best rated states in terms of having their state program work, only 19% young and healthy sign up. connecticut, 19%, maryland, 27%. it is just a sampling, but it matters because this number is so important. you have to have about 7 million, the projection by congressional budget office by next march for this to work properly. right now, only 3% of that number has been achieved. that's not necessarily a big worry because they expected it to be slow at first, then pick up momentum later on. this question of who is signing up is a bigger, more important
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matter. the target is out of 100%, 38% have to be young and healthy. 38%. right now, the early data has it at 21.6% fitting into that category. as this number grows, this number has to grow and get closer to the target, because if they don't hit that target, then the math starts getting into trouble, according to congressional budget office, and that could put the whole program into a bit of a tail spin. >> thanks so much, tom forman. a california family of four murdered, bodies found in shallow graves. the mysteries about the deaths and disappearance next. ♪
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police in southern california are still trying to solve a baffling murder case, a family of four found dead in the desert. did the family try to flee to mexico, and who would want them dead? cnn's randy kaye picks up the story. >> reporter: in the california desert north of victorville, a gruesome discovery by a motorcycle rider. two shallow graves. inside, two adults and two small children. after noticing human bones in the dirt, the rider calls the
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san bernardino sheriff. the sheriff's department is stumped, who is this family, why would anyone murder them, including their two small children. why bury them in the middle of the california desert? an investigator with the coroner's office reaches out to the justice department, asking them to check for any records of a missing family of four. it isn't long before the justice department tells investigators here to look at the mcstay family case. this is joseph mcstay. his wife summer and their two little boys. nearly four years ago, february 4th, 2010, they vanished from their home in california, north of san diego. 15 days after the mcstays disappear, investigators enter their home for the first time. there are no signs of forced entry. and nothing seems to be missing that is except the mcstay family.
10:20 am
inside, investigators find a puzzling scenario. bowls of popcorn in front of the television, eggs on the counter along with a banana. outside, the dogs tied up in the yard. did the family leave on their own in a hurry thinking they would be back? or was it something more sinister. did someone they know and perhaps trust force them to leave. do you believe there's any possibility that home and the scene in that home was staged? >> that's one theory, and of course we've looked at that. we don't see anything like that. we don't have any hard evidence to indicate that, but we keep that in the back of our minds. >> reporter: adding to the mystery, it appears the family had no plans to run away. summer mcstay was making plans for her sister to visit and the couple had just spent $4,000 on brand new flooring in their home. investigators don't find any unusual withdrawals or deposits in their bank accounts either. a neighbor's security camera
10:21 am
captures the isuzu trooper driving away from the home at 7:47 p.m. the night they disappeared. four days later, it is towed from the parking lot of a strip mall at the border crossing, just about an hour's drive south of the family's home. the vehicle offers few clues. the only fingerprints on it match the mcstays. so why park at the border. had the family runoff to mexico? on surveillance video from the border crossing, investigators are shocked to find what appears to be a family of four, matching the mcstays' description, crossing into mexico the very same day their vehicle was towed. that video is just another piece of the puzzle. another addition to the massive case file which holds tips from indiana to burbank to baja, california. a waiter in mexico says he served them dinner. a bar tender is sure they ordered cocktails. nothing checks out.
10:22 am
>> that's part of the huge puzzle, what happened here. was that part staged? did they actually cross into mexico? we still think there's a strong possibility they did. when did they come back. were they under duress. these are all questions that we want to find out. >> reporter: now after nearly four years the answers may be closer than ever. within days of finding the remains in the desert graves, they are identified as joseph and summer mcstay and their two little boys. investigators say they were murdered but it is unclear how, nor do they know who killed them. mike mcstay came to see his brother's shallow grave for the first time. >> you see how this is kind of sunken down? gives you a little cover from the road. someone had to know the area, had to know you needed a four-wheel drive. >> reporter: this man wrote a book about the mcstay case. he long doubted drug cartels are
10:23 am
to blame. >> cartel hit doesn't work this way, graves only two feet deep. joseph and summer in one grave only 50 feet from the road. the cartel bury them, they're never found. >> reporter: mike mcstay just wants to know who did it and wants them to pay. >> you guys are cowards and all of america is coming after you, we're going to find you. and we're going to prosecute you. and i am going to be there every step of the way and i am going to be there when you meet your fate. >> reporter: randy kaye, cnn, victorville, california. >> a troubling investigation. and new developments in the rape investigation involving a heisman trophy hopeful and a fellow student. we're on the scene next. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain,
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in a few hours, florida state university takes on idaho.
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if all eyes weren't already on fsu's star quarterback jameis winston, today he is under scrutiny for something far more serious, facing allegations of raping a student. nick valencia is in tallahassee outside the stadium. the accuser released a new statement today. what did it say? >> reporter: according to state attorney, part of what's complicating the facts in this case is almost the daily back and forth between the two sides. the attorney for the alleged victim, patricia carroll saying this was not consensual, this was rape. a statement a few days ago by the attorney for winston, despite dna of his client found on the alleged victim's clothing, doesn't change their defense. from day one they claim that this was a consensual encounter between the two, fred. >> how might this impact the team as well as this player,
10:28 am
this star quarterback? >> reporter: well, this has certainly been a distraction locally, but you wouldn't be able to tell by how jameis winston has responded to this. there's been a couple games since this alleged incident came to light. in those games he played well, seemed to be loose and comfortable. the florida state seminoles are still in the hunt for the national title as well and jameis winston is considered the frontrunner for the heisman trophy, although some sports fans, fred, may argue even if he is innocent and didn't have anything to do with the alleged rape that it ruined his reputation and may have cost him already the heisman trophy. fred? >> what's the latest in the investigation in terms of what might be next? >> reporter: so yesterday i met with the state attorney in this jurisdiction, and he said that they're not at the stage of whether or not they will or will not bring charges forward. they still are in the very preliminary stage of the investigation. he says they have a lot of work to do. so we have spoken to a lot of
10:29 am
people locally, fred, and a lot of students, the majority of which we have spoken to say they have the back of jameis winston. they say it is peculiar timing for the victim to come forward, nearly a year after the alleged incident took place in december, 2012. there are of course some fans who question the integrity of the quarterback, but the majority of the people at florida state in tallahassee, they're standing by their quarterback and want to see him get through this. fred? >> nick valencia, thank you so much. we will talk more about this case with wendy murphy, a former prosecutor who is now a law professor at new england law boston. cnn legal analyst and defense attorney mark geragos. good to see both of you. winston's lawyer says the sex was consensual. his client's dna was found on the clothing of the woman, but what will it take? we heard from nick who says they
10:30 am
have more work to do. what will it take before there are charges that may come or no charges that are brought? >> well, you know, people do say things about this case being complicated and it takes time to figure it out and so forth, i just don't agree with that premise because when something happens between two people and they know what happened, you can easily proceed with a case if you interview the witnesses and you believe that you can prove the crime beyond a reasonable doubt based on their statements. i think why this case might be a little more complicated in terms of requiring a bit more investigation before charges are filed, if at all, is that it has been so long. this crime happened almost a year ago. the police knew about it right away. it was reported right away. there were things about the lawyer on behalf of winston being in contact with the police early on when he was reportedly at least a person of interest, and the victim's side didn't even know about that, and then
10:31 am
what was it that took all this time before somebody said hey, can we have a dna swab to do some sample testing on the victim's clothing. i think the delays, including the possibility that the timing here is unfair to this guy, the delays in this case i think are the responsibility of the prosecutor to make an assessment, not only did a crime occur, but is there another agenda here on either side that caused this case to become so present now at this interesting moment in time when he's up for a heisman, for example. was the victim behind it or is this motivated by perhaps tension between the police and the district attorney's office? there seems to be a fight there as well about whether there should have been charges earlier in this case. remains to be seen. >> so mark, how do you see complaint filed a year ago, but there have been several delays and now we are at this juncture of this case. what does it tell you about handling of the case, what's missing, what's at the core of
10:32 am
all of the delays or perhaps even lack of evidence? >> i think what you probably have got, hasn't been leaked out as everything else seems to be in this case, is that probably the police took it to the state's attorney, the state's attorney probably said go do further investigation, we don't think we have enough. then it kind of languishes. and that happens all the time where the police have something else that is more pressing, they go to that. the timing i would echo wendy, the timing is extremely suspicious. all of a sudden you're here in the hunt for the bcs, he is one of the top, if not top candidate for a heisman, all of a sudden it reignites, as if there's some kind of -- she's lawyered up. why does she have a lawyer? the cynic in me says because of something she may claim to have. >> incredible case with lots of
10:33 am
implications. meantime, let's go to another case that just crossed moments ago. we are talking about something that happened seven years ago, did or didn't happen, seven years ago, a rape allegation turning duke university lacrosse team and the community for that matter upside down. three team members accused of raping a woman hired as a stripper at a party. the athletes were arrested, but charges later dropped, even the head coach lost his job. well, now fast forward the woman who falsely accused the three duke university lacrosse players of rape was now recently convicted of second degree murder in the stabbing deaths of her boyfriend, the conviction happened friday. 34-year-old crystal mangum said she stabbed her boyfriend in self defense, but an attorney said evidence didn't support her claim. now magnum was sentenced to between 14 and 18 years in jail
10:34 am
for the killing of her boyfriend. so mark, let me bring you into this. difficult to know whether we should even compare these two cases, but now given this conviction, does it make you, does it make anyone think differently or perceive differently now about that case seven years ago involving the lacrosse team? >> well, you know, it is interesting that i am on with wendy today because wendy and i have sparred back and forth about this woman and that whole prosecution. i thought at the time that prosecution was not only ill advised but that prosecutor and we were vindicated to some degree ended up being disbarred. now you have a woman, somebody remarked to me this morning, karma is a bitch, you've got a situation where, you know, she had at least arguably a decent defense in this case, but has absolutely no credibility. she's tried for a crime where her credibility is at issue and
10:35 am
she, you know, anybody that knows her or knows of her knows she has absolutely no credibility. so it is an amazing, amazing turn of events. >> it really is. wendy, now we're talking about conviction, very serious crime, and this turn around of events. but just as mark underscored, you have disbarring, you had people whose lives changed forever, arrests, charges dropped, firings, a lot transpired in seven years. >> yeah. i can't believe it's been seven years. >> i can't either. >> wow. you know, here's the interesting thing. again, mark and i have debated i don't know how many cases, and one of the arguments mark makes that i usually take the other side on is if a person has had a bad history, had a tough time in life, they've lied, including, you know, michael jackson, for example, five prior allegations of child sex abuse, and mark kept saying against my argument
10:36 am
you can't let prior bad acts in to prove or disprove someone's credibility in this case, that's unfair prejudice. well, you know, whatever the issue was seven years ago, she was entitled to a fair trial, without being judged for whatever things she's done wrong in her life, whether she was a hooker, stripper, whether she lied about rape. >> there were judgments made because she was a stripper hired for the party. >> exactly right. >> she's entitled to fair trial in this case and we shouldn't be talking about what happened seven years ago, it is not relevant and it is prejudicial. >> wendy, i was going to say save that tape, next time wendy is on here arguing about someone's prior bad acts, i want to replay that! >> we'll save it, put a post it on it, then we'll be able to rewind. thanks so much, mark geragos, wendy murphy, good to see both of you. appreciate that. >> you bet. three women held captive for 30 years behind walls.
10:37 am
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responsibility. what's your policy?
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. police in south london are trying to uncover more evidence in a horrible case of possible people held against their will. they're going house to house
10:41 am
where police say three women were held captive more than 30 years. ateek a shoe berg joins us from london. what are investigators hoping to find? >> reporter: fredricka, this is the area they have been going house to house. you can see some of the policemen behind me. it is where police believe the three women were held captive for years. we have more on the two suspects in particular. a woman from tanzania and one from india. they met the two older victims in this case in the 1960s, had a shared political ideology. they formed some sort of collective, but how it went from being a collective to having these women suddenly being under the complete control allegedly of this couple is what police are trying to understand. they have also told the press that they now have the birth
10:42 am
certificate of the youngest victim, a 30-year-old woman. that's the only record they have of her. they believe she was effectively born into servitude, fredricka. >> and atika, do they know the 30-year-old that was born into servitude, was it birthed by any of the women in the house there or how did she get there? >> they're not saying yet. that is something that they're looking at, whether it is possible that the 57-year-old irish woman, for example, could be the mother, could the men, the suspect in the couple, could be the father. we don't know yet. police aren't giving us the details. they're saying they're trying to untangle the relationship here, but also trying to find out why there was psychological control and were terrorized by the suspects and deeply traumatized. >> a very confusing case. let us know when you have new
10:43 am
developments on it. north korea meantime has confirmed to swedish diplomats that it is detaining an american citizen. the family of 85-year-old korean war veteran says he has been held since october 26. his wife is pleading for his release, saying he only had enough heart medicine for the ten day tour he is on. north korea hasn't said why they're holding newman. is charles manson really getting married? a 25-year-old woman named star says she loves the 79-year-old convicted murderer. the former cult leader serving a life sentence for a 1969 killing spree in california. here is ted rowlands. >> reporter: fred, it sounds crazy, a 25-year-old marrying any 79-year-old, let alone charles manson, but that looks like it is going to happen. it is going to happen. this young lady, her name is star. charles manson gave her that name when she came to california to be close to him. she's from the midwest, left her home, went to live in core core
10:44 am
and, california, where the state prison is where manson is housed. for the first year, worked at mcdonald's, now sells artwork. she has known him now for eight years total, lived out there in excess of five years, and i had the opportunity to meet her when she was 21 years old a few years ago, about four years ago. the obvious question i had for her, why charles manson. >> charlie is all about atwa, which is air, trees, water, animals. and he has been talking about it for over 40 years. and none of the tv shows have ever picked that up, i don't know why. >> reporter: star says she was first attracted to manson because of his views on the environment, then only after some time passed did she realize who he was in totality and says it doesn't bother her, she's met him obviously many times and bottom line is she loves him.
10:45 am
the state of california will facilitate a marriage for any prisoner that wants to get married. the person marrying the prisoner has to pay all of the costs. in charles manson's case, there will be no conjugal visits between charles manson and star, if they indeed do get married. fred? >> all right, ted rowlands, thank you so much for that. one word cancelled the season for a high school football team, brings the fbi to a small town, that's up next. first, the philippines is the location for the current season of cbs's "survivor." the host, jeff probst shot four seasons in the philippines, talks about how typhoon haiyan is truly impacting his world. >> i have spent over the last two years eight months in the philippines. while we didn't shoot in that exact area, there's such a sense of community in that country because it's an island community. they don't have much to begin
10:46 am
with. it was not uncommon when we would go through villages to see people in a tin shack with wood on the side, maybe a fire burning inside, a clothesline with a few shirts on it. that was their daily life. you wouldn't know everything was not okay, everybody has this joy in their heart. when you take that very little they have away and combine it with all of this disaster, now you have just a major catastrophe, and rebuilding that is going to be enormous. "survivor" has always been connected to the communities we go to. we even have our own internal stuff we're doing with the doctors we worked with there who are on the ground and helping support them. you can't help but feel simultaneously helpless and on the other hand grateful that you're safe because this could hit us, it could hit anybody. >> if you would like to help, log onto ♪
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imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. a massachusetts high school is cancelling the rest of its football season after someone spray painted a racist comment on a player's home. the slur read "knights don't need it --" the n word. was canceling the season the right move? >> given that the superintendent first asked for someone to step forward and say that they committed that particular crime, and no one stepped forward, then, yes. cancelling the season was the only move he could make. he certainly couldn't go an as if nothing happened. what about pressure coming from, say, the other players, or
10:51 am
perhaps the one player. apparently there's just one african-american on the team whose home was defaced in that manner? >> well, you know, you look at the demographics of the town. the u.s. census, a town over 97% white, which is significantly higher than massachusetts, which i think the state itself is 86% white. you're looking at an area that's very, very isolated. when you think about the fact you have this family move into this town, probably was already, you know, sticking out anyway. it's very unfortunate that this young man, that this family had to deal with this and he's feeling traumatized. i saw reports they're looking to transfer him to a different school and that's very, very unfortunate. >> you know, there's a message being sent, clearly, to the team, to the entire student body, about zero tolerance. why does this seem rather unusual, when you have so many
10:52 am
instances kind of that dot the map, there may be a particular student or a group of students that might be singled out, but in this case, this school, they decided that everyone is going to suffer, that we have a zero tolerance, you know, approach to a problem like this. >> i think is sends a very strong message not just to the students but to the community. you have to remember -- i hate being judgmental as a parent judging other parents, but these kids didn't come up with this notion of racism on their own. some way, somehow they learned it from their parents. this is a message to the community at large. we will not tolerate this. the wold is getting small technology made the world smaller and we have to be able to embrace those who are different than us. i was at a university recently dominican university outside of chicago here and we talked about embracing players, athletes, on your team who are different than
10:53 am
you, whether it's your faith, your race. the things that they're doing there, they're having open conversations. what i would encourage for that distribute to do is not to allow the punishment to be the teachable moment, because a lot of people do not learn strictly from the punishment but go a step further and have these kind of conversations and education so you don't have these ugly circumstances happening again. >> and perhaps other schools, other student bodies are listening and hearing situations like this and perhaps learning a lesson as well. >> absolutely. >> l.c. grammer, always good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. alex rodriguez is appealing his 211-game suspension from major league baseball, which accuses him of using performance enhan enhancing drugs but did he hurt his own case after storming out of that hearing? that's coming up in our 3:00 hour. ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight,
10:54 am
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all right. coming up next on cnn, "your money." chief business correspondent christine romans has a preview. >> hi, fredricka. christiane aumen pour called the massacre in newtown, a biblical slaughter of the innocents. one year later, what if anything changed in america's gun culture. an all new "your money" comes your way in a moment. >> all right, christine. thanks. all that in a few minutes. a 14-year-old girl with a rare brain condition will have to spend christmas in the hospital, but she's not letting that dampen her holiday spirit. she, her family and cheerleading squad collected more than 1,000 toys to give to the other children who will be in that same hospital with her. jake burns of our affiliate wtvr in virginia has the story. >> something else that my --
10:58 am
>> reporter: the nerves build and build for savannah dey, for each cheer competition. >> it gets your nerves up derntly. >> reporter: she's focused on the here and now at the richmond colosse colosseum, but lingering along, what's going to happen next month in cincinnati. >> oun the way to cheer practice and my mom told me i would have to have brain surgery a few days before christmas, and i would be in the hospital until the day after christmas. >> it's basically where the brain has actually grown down into the spinal canal and blocking the spinal fluid from going in and out of the brain. >> reporter: her final cheer competition before surgery, savannah is doing more than cheering. >> i just think about the toy drive and all that helps me get through it. >> reporter: these toys her family collected sunday will be added to a growing pile in savannah's basement. her family collected more nan 1,500 toys since they found out about the surgery.
10:59 am
and they'll give them all to the more than 500 kids who will spend christmas with them in the cincinnati children's hospital. >> it's going to be, i think, amazing, and very rewarding. i think savannah's going to go into surgery on such a high note. >> reporter: the high note is sunday. savannah's final performance before the surgery. >> one of our cheerleaders -- >> reporter: after the routine, you could see what it meant to savannah. >> you know, she smiles every day. there's been very few tears shed in our house. >> reporter: for a 14-year-old who thinks of others at one of hur toughest moments. >> thieve all out on the mat. >> reporter: this moment will help her push through to december. jake burns, cbs news 6 news. >> inspiring to many. the best to her and everybody else in the hospital with her. coming up at 2:30, with the latest on that knockout game you heard about it, right? the latest details on teens sucker punching unsuspecting
11:00 am
victims. police describes it as a possible hate crime. and it's getting down to the wire in switzerland. we'll have more on the iran nuke talks today, and we're staying on top of that developing story, also. jackie kennedy's pink suit she wore at the day of jfk's assassination, but where is it now? first, "your money" starts right now. guns in america. billions of dollars generated millions of gun enthusiasts and thousands killed each year. i'm christine romans. this is "your money." it's been almost one year since 26 children and educators were shot and killed at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut and the debate over gun seams and reform rages on. big business has become involved. starbucks ceo asks customers to leave their guns at home when grab as latte. >> we are respectfully requesting that those customers who are carrying a gun