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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 24, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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thank you for joining us today for this special eyedition of gps. months ago you would have been laughed at if you said a deal would have been close with iran. we'll watch how it continues to play out in washington and jer roo uselam. newsroom is next with cnn's frederi fredericka whitfield. >> hello everyone. these are the top stories right here this hour in the news room. after years of distrust, suspicion and angry rhetoric with iran. >> for the first time in a decade. we have halted the progress with
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iran. >> some are calling this deal a major blunder. hear why they are worried and what the white house is doing to calm their fears. >> and it is threatening to deck a nor'easter. at the rush of thanksgiving day travel. >> a historic deal has been struck with iran to scale back on its nuclear program. world leaders representing 7 nations negotiated into the early morning hours in switzerland after days of talks. the deal put restrictions on iran to prevent the country to work toward development of a nuclear weapon. this preliminary deal holds up for about six months. the obama administration is
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making it and marking it as a big step but criticism is pouring in. many are concerned that iran won't follow through. >> let me be clear, we do that with eyes absolutely wide open. we have no illusions. you don't do this on the basis of somebody's statements to you. you do it on the basis of actions that can be verified. we are convinced that over the next few months we will be able to put to the test what iran's intensions are. >> this agreement comes after decades of talks with iran going nowhere. it may have been more than public fnegotations to seal the deal. jim shodo was in geneva when the deal was reached and has details
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on the plan now. >> reporter: in geneva a historic deal has been struck. >> for the first time in a decade we have halted the key parts of the nuclear program. key parts will be held back. >> designed to halt iran from building a nuclear weapon. >> simply put they caught off the most likely paths to bui building a bomb. >> crippling economic sanctions on iran $7 billion in relief. in exchange iran agreed to halt ouranium enrichment and agreed o stop building or operating it's heavy water react ter a second path to a bomb. and promised to be more open.
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in answer to a question to c nxt nn said the deal gave iran formal recognition to its freedom to a peaceful program. you say the program has been recognized the white house says there is no formal recognition to a right to enrich. >> the current plan of action as we call it in two disstink places has a clear reference that the program will continue and will be a part of any agreement now and in the future. israeli's prime minister was sharply krit al critical of the. iran could reverse easily within
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weeks. sanctions that took years to put in place are going to be eased. >> secretary kerry offered this assuran assurance. >> the next step required proof concern a fail safe set of steps which eliminate the current prospect of a break out and creation of a nuclear weapon. >> it would have been difficult to predict an agreement like this even a few weeks ago. after 3:00 in the morning we have a deal. it was incredible to watch. >> it was in deed. i'm sure. thank you so much. president obama has said the deal is a significant step forward but it could fall apart if congress can't agree on sanctions. going forward we will work closely with congress. now is not the time to move forward on new sanctions. this will ail nate us from our
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allies. >> tori lawmakers are reacting to this. will this be a tough sell for the president? >> so, fred, let me just say this looks like it is going to be a long road ahead. one of the controversial parts of the deal is easing the sanctions on iran. the president said the u.s. and it's partners promised not to impose sanctions and some say this is the wrong time to draw back on the pressure. h here is mike rogers. what we are finally starting to do is impact the business class in iran. we were getting to the place where they were going to have to bite and make the determination. is the nuclear weapon worth the financial destruction of our
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country financially? >> can the administration guarantee that now sanctions will be delayed for at least the next six months? chuck schumer said he is disappointed. >> as for additional sanctions that congress is considering the disproportion alt ality of this agreement makes it possible that we will pass additional sanctions when we return in december. >> and one of the key factors driving both republicans and democrats is support for israel which we know is unhappy with the deal.
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this is going to be a sufficient sales job ahead for president obama and secretary of state john kerry. so it will be a tough sales job but who will it involve to what extent? sure, well some members of congress already know what they want from the administration. the chairman said he wants kerry to come before the committee so he can answer questions about the deal. we are probably going to see more about what they think is going to happen. >> another big story we are watching today dangerous storms dumping snow and ice on the roads just as holiday travel kicks into high gear. the storm could collide with another storm right before thanksgiving creating a powerful nor'easter before thanksgiving in boston and new york. >> you are looking at dallas. it seems the vehicles are moving. certainly they are bracing for
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♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. world leaders have reached a critical plan with iran. both have touted it as an important resolution. other nations have been critical. so, rezza what has been the response there on the ground?
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let's start with iran's leaders? their reaction is mission accomplished. the foreign minister who has been the nation of these new motion got a congratulations. if you listen to their statements it sounds as if they see themselves the victors. if they reach a final point where there is a be all end all agreement. i think the winners will be the people of iran. they have suffered through economic sanctions and there is a long way to go before the significant sanctions are lifted. here is a taste of what some told us today.
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>> every one is happy. young people like us we are thinking about kidifficulties i their life. they want to be involved with other countries and make the de best life. >> here is what many iranians are happy about. they are happy about their government standing firm and demanding their right for a pieeaceful program. they believe this was their right and even though it is not written in this agreement. iran will be able to enrich uranium at 5% and that is something iranians are celebrating as well. >> is there a sense that a broader plan will be reached
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once the six month deal runs out? >> at this point that sense is not there. i think iranians look back at the 34 years of miss trust with washington and the ten years of sanctions and this interim deal and they believe this next face is going to be more difficult. but at least for now they are celebrating this deal >> thank you so much. >> so us secretary of state john kerry insisted today that the interim agreement to hall iran's nuclear program makes israel safer.
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israel's prime minister disagrees. >> israel will always reserve the right to defend itself and protect our people. this regime the supreme leader he called israelis rabid dogs. this is a regime that has talked about wiping my country off the map. it has call eed israel a cancer that has to be removed. my prime minister would be responsible in not taking the necessary steps to protect israel. in another statement he said the deal will be judged by results and not words. back in this country we are going to look at dangerous storms that are threatening
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a dangerous storm is dumping ice and snow across the u.s. just as millions of americans are getting ready to hit the roads for thanksgiving. >> you may remember a few days ago we were looking at the flooding rains across phoenix. now it has shifted into texas. so more of that icy precipitation is being felt across the region. we are eyeing that region this is a central travel hub. as we go through time. all eyes are focused at what is going to be happening if you are going out on the roads heading out to the airports.
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rainfall along the gulf coast. now we pick up the colder air. icy areas virginia, tennessee, and north carolina. but across the eye e er higher s look for the snow fall. going into wednesday, interior sections of the northeast, the alleghenies, the poconos the white mountains we are looking for this to be a snow event. a rain event right now for new york and boston and washington, d.c. but all of that might change defending on the track of the storm system. it is going to be moving up the eastern sea board. >> meantime at least five people have died in this storm. three of them in texas. nick valencia is joining us live from dallas. how bad are the conditions right
11:23 am
now? >> reporter: well dallas just like march of texas is under a winter storm warning. traffic is moving relatively smooth. they are expecting it to be much worse. coast-to-coast the country is feeling the impacts of an earlier than expected winter weather system. icy road conditions causing this major accident along interstate 40. the texas department of public safety warns it may get worse. anything from sleet to freezing rain. if it gets bad we will encourage folks to stay home. stor strong winds in the san francisco area. >> i heard a big crack and things started falling and i thought it was a huge
11:24 am
earthquake. >> now the threat is on the move. a dangerous system which has the potential to creakracreate chao millions of travelers. >> it is crazy. i hope it is going to be gone soon. >> right now the snow impacts are being felt in part of the great plains. >> it feels like the wind is going to pull you over. it feels hi s like it is going push you into the next lane. in joe johio snow and freezing temperatures. officials had to scrub the snow off the goal line. now, in the days ahead. more than 40 million americans are expected to hit the roads. dangerous snow, sleet and rain could be your travel companion. as that low pressure system continues to churn, fred, we are
11:25 am
seeing temperatures 10 to 12 degrees below average. worse case scenario for the dallas fort worth area. perhaps as much as a quarter inch of freezing rain on those roads. be careful out there. >> great warning. appreciate that. >> so after decades of tension and a lot of frustration a deal has been reached between world powers and iran on its nuclear program. [ tires screech ]
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well, intelligence officials who i have spoken to in europe countries involved in the negotiations say this is a good interim deal. in return for modest sanctions reliefs. not the core shananctions and t is reversible. whereby all that has been agreed to according to the deal will have inspectors who will have intrucive rights to make sure the deal is being in pleamented. people in iran want the
11:30 am
sanctions relieved. when he went to the podium to announce the deal at the press conference there the journalists cheered. many and those who oppose this deal say that now is not the time to relief sanctions that have brought iran to the table. in a way that is true because the sanctions have indeed hurt the iranian people and the economy. the sanctions over the last ten years have not forced iran to abandon it's program. the sanctions will not force it to abandon it's nuclear program. so this deal i'm being told is a
11:31 am
good interim deal to have a comprehensive deal to try to lay out and seal and solid fi the program. back to you. >> thank you so much. pope francis and russian president putin are expected to meet tomorrow. the two leaders see eye to eye on one very important thing. that is next. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online
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. today a first for the vatican. the catholic church displayed bones that had been disputed for many many years. a handful of disputed bone fragments thought to long to saint peter, the first pope over.
11:35 am
they before displayed at a mass found in the 1940s. without dna evidence no one can confirm if the bones are in fact peters. they were identified quote in a manner in which we believe convincing. the vatican is preparing for the most important summit. the men see eye to eye on one issue. here is cnn's phil black. >> reporter: it is a meeting of two very, very different international states ernationat. francis the catholic pope whose w humility who has shaped the
11:36 am
catholic church. it is syria. and both men are strongly opposed to military intervention in the civil war and argued strongly against it when the united states was moving to punish the government for allegedly using chemical weapons. at this point they forman unlikely alliance. and the vatican gets the support of a powerful country with a veto that has shown it is prepared to stand up with things it does not agree with. but relations between russia and the vatican have never been great because of historic ri rivalries. this meeting could lay the ground work for historic papal visit here to russia.
11:37 am
cnn moscow. >> and a visit to russia would be another achievement for a pope who has set himself apart from other predecessors. he is joining us via skype from denver. good to see you. is all this setting up a russian visit by pope francis a reality? is it significant? that would be the reality. popes have wanted to go to russia because it has the largest orthodox christian population in the world. what country wouldn't want to welcome him. the problem he faces is from the leaders of the russian orthodox
11:38 am
church. the more realistic scenario is that they might be able to engineer a summit between the pope and the russian orthodox patriarc on the site as a step towards improved relations generally and that is something that this meeting might be able to advance. >> so this pope clearly very popular, and it has happened in less than a year. how much more influence does that give him? >> it is enormous. i'm in contact with diplomates from all over the world. these people will tell you that interest in the foreign ministries that they represent and the governments that they represent is at an all time high in terms of what the vatican is doing and that of course is
11:39 am
because politicians and diplomates have great radar that they know who the movers are. john, help us understand the significant of what i mentioned earlier. niss was an attempt to ask the
11:40 am
catholics around the world to deepen their faith and commitment to the church. saint peter the first pope is a figure that summons catholics to do that. as you say, this is one of those eyes of faith versus the science of deals. nobody knows if these are the bones of saint peter but seen through the eyes of faith they are relics. and that is what francis was trying to accomplish this morning. >> thank you so much. have a great thanksgiving. holiday too. >> you too. >> all right let's talk about the movies. that is huge around thanksgiving. what is going to be bigger than this. the new "hunger games movie catching fire". it is shattering records at the box office.
11:41 am
where will it fall in the history books next. ish . >> the roar of the crowd is gone but there is a last iing feelin of proud. this is andy murray's home town. the courts where andy learned to play are filled with children competing with the judy murray cup. >> judy is andy's mom. i have been about creatie ining opportunities. this is a perfect start. you see the parents getting involved and the kids are having great fun. this is where it started. hopefully it will inspire kids to try tennis and to get people down to our local club.
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well in honor of you hosting tonight we are going to draw the
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name of one male and one female cast member and they are come on stage and fight to the death. >> i don't think we need to do that. >> yes, we do and don't worry, everyone is very excited. >> all right that was "hunger games star" on "saturday night live" last night. it has been a red hot week end for the new movie, "catching fire". it raked in more than $160 million in the u.s. that would give it the 4th biggest hoping ever. that is likely to put a smile on jennifer laurence's face. the series has given her career a huge boost. >> "catching fire". here is a look at the business
11:47 am
of being jennifer laurence. >> one oscar and the highest grossing action heroine of all-time is yearning for more. she was born in louisville, kentucky. her true star turn came at the age of 20. she became one of the youngest women ever nominated for best actress. two years later she won taking home the osker for "silver linings play book". and then went from comic book hero to the lead in the wildly popular "hunger games". i volunteer as tribute. >> she earned $500,000 and the first installment of the series
11:48 am
made lmd $700 million worldwide. time to ask the boss for a raise. laurence will get $10 million for her role in "catching fire". forbes made her the second highest paid actress bringing home $26 million. laurence is careful with her spending. she might be the face of dior but says she is a bargain shopper. >> i end up staying in like the days inn. >> just don't tell her it is glitz and glamour. >> she could get even more in bonuses if the film is the blockbuster that everyone expects. in a minute. why some retailers rolled out
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all right some retailers couldn't wait this year for black friday. some of the deepest discounts have already been offered. so who jumped the gun this year? >> well, fredericka it is tough to ignore. a lot of retailers seem to be battling for your dollar early this year. the stores don't want to give shoppers any excuse to spend less money. the mad dash used to start on black friday. this year bargain hunting is beginning a week earlier.
11:53 am
that is 7 days before the shopping holiday that keeps creeping up on thanksgiving day. we know last year 35 million shoppers were out and shopping online on thanksgiving day and we are fully expecting to see just as many people this year. >> walmart will open at 6 p.m. but nhow do you entice shoppers to come inside. they are luring more price watching with competitors. at this best buy in fort myers florida this are camping out for sales. >> a couple of us are looking for tv's for presents for family. the national retail federation says millennials are driving the
11:54 am
trend. black friday drives the numbers. so, had enough yet? of course not. cyber monday is around the corner and it isn't just for monday anymore. last year cyber monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday were all over $1 billion online. >> and while we are all used to seeing those deep deep discounts advertised around monday the retailers say you can get the deals after christmas. you are going to have to be patient for those deals. so, if you are going to be one of the 140 million or so people expected to shop this holiday weekend what are the hands down
11:55 am
best bargains? we are joined by brett larson the host of tech baitites good see you. television sets. you say there are a lot of deals out there. you don't have to camp out to get it? >> yeah, no. you don't need to be in line waiting in a tent for the next week and miss thanksgiving dinner for your family. target is cutting prices as are walmart and best buy. we have one from target. 50 inch 1080 p. $229 that is 61% savings. it is almost like a game know. but you have to hope that the stores are stocking for the people at that kind of price. >> exactly. and they are always going to have that door buster deal the
11:56 am
first 25 people in line are going to get a $10 dvd player and this year would be ply ray. and it is not necessarily something. it is going to be inexpensive as well. hopefully people have learned their lessons. and they are going to try and race for that one or few items. another deal a nikon digital camera for less than half the original price. under $100 for a digital camera is insane. most people are using smartphones. people still like to take pictures with cameras. a camera from nikon. this is a name brand camera
11:57 am
under $100 available at target. how far down can we go on this price. amazon i was going to say they are trying to make sure people buy their kindle this year. i was shocked to see the price the kindle fire hd went down to it was $169 it is down to under $80 that is what staples is offering it for. this is a great taeat tablet. you are going to be able to watch hd movies on this thing. lots of great deals out there. keep it together. be patient. don't lose your mind as you try to shop. thank you so much. >> appreciate that. of course you can get these great ideas by going to
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let's talk about the busiest travel day of the year. we know that sunday people will be returning back from their holiday travels. so let's look at what the airports are going to be looking like. cnn spent the day at the world's busiest airport and richard kwae quest has an inside look. >> reporter: from getting away to getting you home. airports are the gateways to our journeys. noun more this year than heartsfield jackson international. the airport is like a city in itself. with 58,000 workers. the busiest a day of the week is monday, tuesday, wednesday. a quarter of a million travelers pass through atl each day.
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usually we experience an airport in small filmses. checking in. waiting, boarding the plane. now you can experience what an airport has to offer. because from midnight to midnight, 24 hours, three dozen cnn journalists show you the unseen and tell you the untold events in the world's busiest airport. i'm headed to memphis, tennessee. >> new jersey. >> des moines, iowa. >> i just flew in from boston vio london, via ireland. >> everyone is going somewhere and coming from washington, d.c. heading to minneapolis going to go see -- >> be it personal or
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professional all of us have a story to tell. >> we have something that we carry in our car. >> we screen cargo that is uploaded to passenger aircraft. >> to the dog sniffing around we'll take you inside the control tower and snow you who is keeping check of the more than 900,000 take offs each year and we'll reveal arrests in customs and border protection. all of these things bring this city to life. make it your destination at >> we have much mover straight ahead. and it all starts right now.