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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 24, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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professional all of us have a story to tell. >> we have something that we carry in our car. >> we screen cargo that is uploaded to passenger aircraft. >> to the dog sniffing around we'll take you inside the control tower and snow you who is keeping check of the more than 900,000 take offs each year and we'll reveal arrests in customs and border protection. all of these things bring this city to life. make it your destination at >> we have much mover straight ahead. and it all starts right now.
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>> the world is reacting to the nuclear deal because iran and six world powers. we'll tell you what key leaders are saying about the pact. and here in the u.s. members of congress are going to weigh in. and millions of americans are bracing for a nor'easter at the he's of thanksgiving day. the deal put serious restrictions on iran's nuclear
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enrichment to prevent the country from working toward a nuclear weapon. this preliminary deal holds up for about six months. the obama administration is marking it as a big step but criticism is pouring in with many concerned that iran won't follow through. >> let me be clear. we do that with eyes wide open. we have no illusions you don't do this on the basis of somebody's statements to you. we are convinced that over the next few months we will be able to put to the test what iran's intensions are. >> the deal is a breakthrough after decades of gridlock. it was an exciting moment in switzerland when it was announced this morning.
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matthew chan joins me with more. what are the key points in the plan. why are so many so optimistic. >> reporter: i think it was the best option in the circumstan s circumstances. diplomates have made quite clear that they don't believe that would ever be possible. it is a deal that was fought with compromise. the issue hasn't been set out as a right for iran. the deal says that iran can continue it's uranium enrich arement for 5%. the enrichedure rainme ure raans
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to 20% will have to put things out as well. they are going to halt all work on nuclear react ter being built in iraq which would have produced plutonium. there have been consections on both sides. >> you were one of the first to talk with secretary kerry about the deal. why is he so confident about this? >> i grabbed him before he went into give a press conference. he walked past the camera position listen to what he had to say. >> are you happy with the deal mr. secretary? >> we think we have a good,
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strong arrangement. will you have it. a good strong agreement and what he has been saying earlier today as well. the point is, yes, there are consections that have been made on both sides but it is going to mean strong intrucive verification and they are going to be given access to make sure that country is doing what it says it is doing. that is why there is so much t optimi optimism. >> thank you so much. >> so, while the u.s. and the european union welcome the news that a deal with tehran had been reached israel is one of the first to criticize it. >> what was concluded in geneva
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last night is not a historic agreement. it is a historic mistake. it has not made the world a safer place like the agreement with north korea in 2005. this has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> many agree that a deal with iran would be a mistake. this is a big concern for the administration. going forward we will continue to work sloclosely with congres. doing so would derail this mpro first step.
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one of the key factors that is drive i driving them is support for israel. frankly a lack of trust in congress, when it comes to iran, new york congress, man, the top democrat on the house foreign affairs committee, and we have it make it work and i think we need to be very, very careful with the iranians. i don't trust them. i don't think we should trust them but i think we have to make it work. >> you heard it right there.
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also new york republican issued a statement that says in part president obama's agreement is a serious mistake. so definitely strong fears there and secretary of state says the u.s. is going to go into this with eyes wide open and you pointed out that there are going to be no illusions but this is not based on trust. you are going to have to see if this is enough to keep people from acting. it is not going to be easy. they are going to be convincing them to hold off on sanctions on iran. the u.s. and partners have promised not to impose sanctions on the next six months it is going to have to be a sales job
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for the president as well as for secretary of state john kerry. thank you so much. in washington. >> tnew york police say the ownr of a convenience store and his son cheated a man out of million dollars who told him he had one a thousand dollars and paid that in cash. it turns out the ticket was worth $1 million in cash. the attorney says it was an honest mistake. >> second film in the hunger games series raked in more than $160 million in the u.s. that would make catching fire the 4th highest opening weekend ever. it is also on track to become the biggest opening on time.
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it made an estimated worldwide weekend total. $307 million. all right in this country a major storm is dumping ice and snow on much of the southwest right now. and it is marching east. threatening to become a thanksgiving week. nor'easter. we will tell you which cities might be in the cross hairs.
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right now a major winter like storm is hammering parts of the southwest and dumping snow and ice on the roads just as the thanksgiving holiday travel is kicking into high gear. at least five deaths are being blamed on the storm.
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>> it is still evolving. we are not sure of the direct impact. we know that whole north eastern corridor is going to be affected. we see the weather system is lingering. and much of the dallas fort worth area could see an icy mix. it is going to be off and on throughout the evening as the critical temperatures come down. into the panhandles of new mexico. this is the gulf coast going into monday. you see this area, it could be
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knoxville, by tuesday, you don't want to hear that know on the backside of the system could be heavy and impact the area of the lower and eastern great lakes. interior sections meaning to the west of the cities? a snow event. how much snow might we expect. some areas to morgantown might see four to eight inches possible. if you are headed into and out of laguardia jfk, washington, boston, you need to pack some patien patience. it is going to be frightful for
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wednesday. what can the north expect from this storm? he is in dallas. you know what is heading east. how is it impacting the folks in dallas? >> things could get much worse. the country is feeling impacts of winter weather system. this major accident along
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interstate 40 causing multiple car to collide. it may only get worse. if it gets bad we are going to encourage folks to stay home. this deadly storm started out west. downed trees and power lines. i heard a big crack and the house started banging and flood hit phoenix, arizona. dangerous system which has the potential to hit chaos. all the way into the heavily populated northeast. >> it is raceis crazy. >> right now the snow impacts hit part of the great plains. it feels like the wind is going to pull you over. >> it feels like it is going to push you into the next lane.
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>> in ohio, snow and freezing temperatures played out on saturday during the ohio state indiana football game. officials had to scrub the snow off the goal line. more than 40 million americans had to hit the roads. dangerous sleet, snow and rain could be your travel companion. >> all right nick, sorry about that. it is not your television set. we are having an audio problem. hopefully now you can hear me. on the weather conditions there in dallas, heading now to the northeast. the nuclear deal with iran breaks decades of gridlocks but many in the middle east do not see this as a positive step. we'll look closer. my mantra? family first.
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the diplomatic gridlock between iran and the west lasted for decades but today's break
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through deal could change that. it could open up a broad her relationship. that has some in the middle east worried. he is the senior associate. good to see you. >> likewise. >> earlier we heard how israel thinks this deal is a historic mistake. president obama thinks it is a step forward. lawmakers believe the u.s. still needs to move ahead with sanctions because that is what brought them to the table do you believe that? >> i would say they have some what different priorities here. he has two huge priorities before he leaves office. one is to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. and the other is to avert the
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middle east. this deal helps check those two boxes for him. we are unlikely to see an unarmed iran in the next three and a half years and it is unlikely that we will need to go to war. iran rejects israel's existence and it is natural that he rej t rejects the nuclear ambitions. israel has remarkable influence within the u.s. congress. it is difficult but not impossible for obama to sell a beel for which there is tremendous opposition. >> we understand that a senior administration official is confirming a report that the
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u.s. had been working on this for days. in august, it has definitely been conducting what they call back door diplomacy with iran talk s behind the scenes. certainly that was a factor in building confidence in leading to this type of agreement. this is an interim deal on the nuclear program. this isn't broader between the two contuntries. i think if you are the president
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jonathan martin has accused teammate of bullies. police fear a frightening and deadly game might be spreading. teens randomly knock people out with a deadly punch. several teens are charged in connection with that killing. could that new app on your phone have been written by someone in prison? this is san quentin state
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prison. behind bars, murderers and thieves. and aspiring entrepreneurs. >> i am the founder and ceo of funky onions. >> welcome to the last mile. that is chris along with his wife beth he had the idea to start a program to do what many entrepreneurs do. solve a problem. >> in california we spend more for prisons than for higher education. >> they end up back behind bars because they can't find work. >> i'm passionate about technolo technology. they study social media and technology. behind bars they are learning to build modern day businesses. they pitch their product. you can subscribe to our premium service. not just to chris and beth but
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to venture capitalists. >> i think this is a place where people succeed or fail and start all over again. >> if i can conquer 8 years of incarceration i can become an entrepreneur. >> i was sentenced to 25 to life back in 1994. motorola came out with the flip phone. he got a job and we sat down with him and two others. >> can prisoners make good entrepreneurs? >> a lot of us started to get in trouble because we weren't confirming. we thought outside the box. prison may be an unlikely place for start-ups to emerge. to go and want to be an entrepreneur. you have to be resilient. that is one thing prison teaches you. to win against all odds.
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>> that was laurie siegel reporting. many of the prisoners you saw do not have access to computers they write out code on paper and have friends on the outside. congrats to them for an inspiring program. now the question is, is it a good plan and will it work? i'll ask the former chief weapons inspector for iraq next. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain,
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it is a breakthrough deal that could finally curb iran's program after decades of gridlock. it is require iran to keep it from working toward a nuclear weapon. i'm joined by the former nuclear weapons inspector and good to see you david.
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>> how critical is this deal in your view? a big step or not? >> certainly a significant step. i reacted as i think a lot of people did with surprise. we have been close to a deal before. with anticipation for the work that must be dead ahead. this is a deal to begin discussions over a deal. and help people understand why you think this is an important step. it doesn't mean ending iran's center fug eexfuge's right? we have to recognize they get recognition of they're right to enrich up to 3.5 to 5%. they get $7 billion in return they get toen tirr into
12:38 pm
discussions and we get verification that we haven't had before. daily interviews and checking of their production. they agree not to continue construction and the heavy water reaction ter. and they limit the amount that they have and they agree to slim down theu uranium that they hav. there is a lot of gain right now. but the most important gain is the intense effort to see if they can reach the final agreement that reduces the threat of the uranium in iran's hands. >> what are your greatest worries in this plan? >> my greatest worry is that five or six months will turn out
12:39 pm
to be 18, 24 months. the deal becomes the deal that you have in the end. look, trust is not the issue. trust is verification and more verification along with determined negotiations. so it is verification and negotiations whether and agreement is possible. thank you so much for your time and input. >> coming up. the next three years of the obama presidency. how will it shape up? my face to face interview with the authors of "double down". they tell me a lot could be read into the race for the white house. i really didn't think this through. brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys
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they are probably best known for writing game change. that book was later made into an hbo movie that focused on john mccain and the sarah palin ticket. now the authors have a new book. double down game change 2012. it chronicles last year's election and how they were able to beat mitt romney.
12:44 pm
>> i talked to both. >> this president might be at a crossroads. will this president be in a real conflict and have to take sides? >> there is some tensions as people come together. >> the heart of our book is bill clinton and barack obama. >> he said he wasn't impressed by his campaigning style. >> we quote him in the book assaying he doesn't do the small things, reaching out to people. consulting. so bill clinton gets brought into help barack obama the last time. he acknowledged that i need help
12:45 pm
from somebody else. bill clinton he came in and they got closer and played a round of golf and afterwards one of his aids said i like him in doses. during the time of the convention he gives that speech. no one else in the country could do and that ends and now we are in the face they are no longer feuding. they are one political family. game change popular as well as the hbo movie. what was that moment during the pursuit of the second term that you said we have the makings of another great book or story to tell? >> there wasn't. we did the first book and shortly after we were going to do the second one.
12:46 pm
we had double downed long before there was a campaign going on. we worked on the book through the summer of 2013. we did 500 interviews with more than 400 people. and barack obama is one of the most interviewed people of our time. it seemed like a natural thing for us to do. one of the great political acs. however it ended it was going to be a great story. it reads like you have cameras in the room. it is effective. you are in the room. when you talk about this trust, that the president was counting on from his people, clearly, there isn't a whole lot of trust that people would leak that would give information down to the color of the room. how did that come about? >> well, all of our interviews are conducted from the book.
12:47 pm
so they are not doing anything that may impact what happened in the campaign. we vote them political reporters for a long time and we have both the white house and governor romney's campaign. so people are happy to share their stories and want to be part of what they think their histories of the campaign. hbo has optioned it and for that experience for us. it is exciting and hbo did a fantastic job doing it. we have our casting ideas that we decided to do. we have become attracted to john hand for that. and chris trchristie. i'm partial to john goodman for that part. >> hillary clinton, that is a tough one.
12:48 pm
she is such a visible figure? >> biden? an interesting question. maybe beau bridge ez. >> i can see that. >> we can get julianne moore. >> bill smith said he wants to some day play president obama. >> brush up my acting skills. >> you would be awesome in that part. >> i might volunteer. >> she would be a big character and you could nail it too. >> i'll try my best. >> good to see you. >> i'm going to try and channel valerie jarett they say they don't expect to help cast "the double down" movie. unclear when it will happen. here is a question for you.
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it is the most talked about movies. "the hunger games" catching fire. our jake tapper explains why this movie is so popular. >> spot too many fools in my dining room. >> hobits, fire, it seems the odds are forever in their favor at the box office.
12:53 pm
the hunger games launches its second film at target audiences this weekend. odds are, it will be a bulls eye. but these supernatural and fantasy worlds aren't in and of zems thoug themselves thought to be a success. step one, take a popular one where teams overcome hardships. step two, cast the film with naturally smoldering youngal ent. step three, watch the money roll in. >> the great thing about a teenager is when he or she loves something, they go all in. "the hunger games" fans, they see the movie two, three, four times. they buy the dvd the first day, they watch it online, they tell their friends about it. >> need proof? take a look at harry potter,
12:54 pm
twilight or nearly everything that pete ever jackson has drek. the challenge is in the executi execution, so to speak. >> we're still talking about the movie business. and even in this genera, there's plenty of movies that didn't work. >> authors' imaginations don't have budget complains. i mean, afterall, hogwarts wasn't built in a day. harry potter took 14 years. filming lord of the rings lasted more than a decade. so, in some cases, actors are dedicating half their lives to a singing storyline. >> fan frenzy never gets old.
12:55 pm
harry and bella have earned more than $11 billion in their young lives. and that doesn't include this weekend's bounty. so give it your best shot. but, for this game, victory favors the young. jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> wow. that is something else. hey, well, tomorrow, some of hollywood's most famous artifacts picked out specifically by turner classic movies will hit the auction block.
12:56 pm
and the nautilis diver's helmet. >> does it look familiar? this? we dug it out of that box ourselves. so it's not the real falcon, but joining us with the real deal -- but doesn't it look like it? very impressive. there she is. you've got some of the other hollywood treasures right there in your grasp, catherine williamsson. good to see you. >> thank you so much.
12:57 pm
good to be here. >> this mall tees falcon, maybe not the real deal, but the one you have is going to fetch millions, isn't it? >> it is. you have a replica. this is the real one. this is from the 1941 movie where we see humphreybogart carrying. what makes ours more special is that it has a bent tail feather, the right tail feather is bent. there's documentation it was dropped on the set. and you can see that bent tail feather in the crook of his hands as he carries the piece out of the apartment. so it doesn't get any better than that. >> and the stuff that dreams are made of, that's what this is all about. and where does it stack up to other pieces of memorabilia? >> well, we have a few things here to share with you. and they cover a wide range of
12:58 pm
classic hollywood moments. here i have a hat, very sheik, very gorgeous. it's an iconic moment in the film. and it's also the moment where the two of them started their relationship. they had a lifelong relationship. >> i think we have that shot. can we show it? >> that's laurel and hardy, there. >> let's move onto laurel and hardy, then. you eve got the real deal, the images. >> there they go. >> yes, and you saw them on screen. so this is a pair that they wore later in life and on stage in a stage show. but, nonetheless, great prove
12:59 pm
naughts on this. >> how much would these go for? >> we have an estimate of $15-20,000. >> you think it will go for much more than that? >> it depends on who's in the room on a given day. we've had such a great partnership with turner. we think we'll have a lot of people. and then, to your left there is the indiana jones whip? >> yes. so this whip is from indiana joans and the last crusade. so it's from the third film in the trilogy. if you'll remember from that film, in the final third of the movie, there's a really intense chase scene where he's chasing
1:00 pm
the tank across the desert. this piece rez nates from that segment of the filament. it comes with a lot of great material to document it, as well. it's a great piece. >> this is all for a great cause, too. catherine williamson, thank you so muchl. and some of the proceeds will go to the film foundation, a nonprofit established by martin scorssee to protect and preserve motion picture history. you can bid online at >> here we go