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tv   Around the World  CNN  November 25, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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they felt violated the law. and so i have a great deal of confidence in not only the grand jury system but this specific grabbed jury. >> it is good of you to join us. i do thank you especially as you just wrapped up the news conference. attorney general mike dewine, thanks very much. that is all the time we have today. but "around the world" starts right now. >> flights across the nation canceled after wild weather threatens the thanksgiving fravl everyonecy. a live report straight ahead. >> after the rough rollout of the obama care website, the president's approval rating continues to have its own set of glitches. we'll explain. and then with a handshake and the stroke of a pen, iran agrees to back off its nuclear program. some call the deal a success for diplomacy. others say it's a historic failure.
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this is around world". i'm hallal gorani. suzanne malveaux is off. >> i'm michael holmes. let's begin with the story that will affect millions of people during one of the busiest travel times of the year. if you're not seeing this powerful storm yet, chances are you will before thanksgiving. >> there is a storm that has everything. it has rain, it has sleet. it has snow. ice and bone-chilling winds. it's pounding the middle of the country and marching east. >> people in oklahoma and texas dealing with weather they rarely see this time of year. have a look at those pictures. you can see how dangerous travel is. no word about the driver in that crash, but at least ten people have died on the roads. >> chad meyers is here tracking the storm for us. and nick valencia is at dfw international airport outside dallas. first let's start with nick valencia. this storm is already having a major impact on people's travel plans which they should be aware of right now if they plan on
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heading to on holiday for the thanksgiving break. >> absolutely. michael was talking about how millions of americans about 40 million americans expected to travel this holiday week, traveling about 50 miles away from home. a lot of people impacted by this. in the last hour or so, we've seen things pick up here at dallas fort worth international airport. but having said that, there have been cancellations. yesterday we saw 300 flights cancelled from here. again today another 180 flights canceled. so little people, you see check out these lines here. few people, not the crowds you'd expect. earlier i spoke to some passengers and they talked how they've been impacted by the severe weather. >> about 300 flights canceled yesterday, another 86 canceled today. were you guys affected? >> we were affected. our flight was cancelled. we had to call and get back on and luckily we got on the 9:20. >> are you happy with the communication between the
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airlines? do you feel like they're giving you a heads-up? >> we had at least 24 hours. plenty of time to reschedule. >> we're here in dallas. what's happening here is impacting places like central pennsylvania, upstate new york. we've talked to a couple earlier that was impacted. they were on their way to ohio from mexico. even connecting flights, if you're traveling today or over the course of the next couple days, the airlines say it's best to check the travel advisories and next hour coming up at 1:00 p.m. eastern, we'll have an interview live on air with a spokesman for dallas-fort worth international airport. they'll update us on the new travel advisories. be sure to watch that. >> nick, thanks very much in dallas, of course, if you're planning to travel on this holiday, make sure you check your flights ahead of time. some of them, a lot of them may get cancelled. >> nick's ready. he's got his red cnn severe weather jacket on. chad meyers hasn't donned the jacket yet. what can people expect as it imcoulds to move?
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>> i don't think people expected a storm to roll through dallas in november. that's part of the problem. another problem is let's say there's 300 flights cancelled. i don't have a number. 150 people on each plane, that's 4,500 people now that have to find another plane with seats on it. these seats are jammed. i've been trying to fly around the country to go to different stories like miami and vegas. there's one, two, seven seats open on any flight. have you 4,000 people trying to get on seven seats and it's going to be -- if it's starting on monday and we have tuesday is the worst day and then wednesday and thursday is the big travel day, you just plan on packing your patience and plan on taking the money that the airlines may give you for not sitting in that seat because there's going to be a lot of bumped people i'm afraid. here's the deal with tuesday. this is what i'm afraid of. the models always warm up the air and they think it's going to rain and it rains but it's 31. this entire area from
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philadelphia westward, state college, pittsburgh, right on into wheeling, this it is the danger zone where it's going to be raining and 32 or raining and 31. major interstate 85. you got 81 through here. you've got 0 going across. 70, lexington right through here. and this is the area, this is the battle zone of the warm air aloft. it's 35 degrees at 3,000 feet. it's 31 degrees where you live. that's the issue. it's going to freeze on contact. all of i-95 is going to be wet. just wet. liquid wet. that's great, but the winds will be blowing at 40 miles per hour. i suspect that a lot of the airlines recent will either have to cancel or slow down airplanes going into the northeast. the is here. the ice is here. the rain is here. but no matter what, are you have 41 million people trying to go someplace in the next couple days, it's going to get low. >> the timing could not have been worse, could it? that's the thing, too. that ice. going to be a lot of rain but
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ice. >> we'll continue to follow this for you. all of you watching who have travel plans and for the latest on the weather and a look in the day of the life of the world's busiest airport, check out all right. got some news we're continuing to keep an eye on for you, too. yale university announcing they have a shelter in place warning or alert out after what they call a confirmed report of a person with a gun on or near old campus. >> so this report first came about because an anonymous phone call was made from a phone booth. we don't have any confirmation of this. we're just passing alonging what yale university is saying they have a confirmed report of a person with a gun. we'll continue to keep an eye on that. people asked on campus to lock themselves in, not go to campus if they're off campus. >> now, major news on the nuclear front when it comes to iran. everyone agrees that the deal is
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a big one. whether it's historic or not, it depends who you ask when it comes to that. >> the bottom line is this. iran has agreed to cut back on building nuke clearly enrichment facilities. to dilute its stockpile of uranium and allow for daily international inspections. in return now, iran's going to get a break from some of the sanctions that have been levied against it. this deal coming after days of intense talks with six world powers, and it was a second round of talks. you had the u.s., britain, china, russia, france, and germany known as the p5-plus-1, the permanent members of the u.n. security council. >> this deal is an interim deal. it lasts six months. it is in place while a permanent deal is being sought. president obama says it is a good first step. however, israel, other western
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allies and in fact, an arab country saudi arabia are all unhappy with it. let's go live to the iranian capital now in tehran where res za an sighia is standing by on this. what's the reaction on this? these sanctions have very much hurt ordinary iranians over the last several years. >> they have. if you walk around tehran today, you get the impression iranians have a spring in their steps. they're very cleesed. you have the hard liners still skeptical, be but they're definitely in the minority. most people are thrilled about this agreement political leaders are grating one another. friends and strangers are grating one another in the streets. a couple headlines here, the english language iran daily. it says break through. this is another farcy language paper. it says -- [ speaking foreign language ] this is iran and everyone is
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happy. the joy is being expressed on social media. one iranian tweeted that she shed tears of joy. you have to remember over the past 24 years, especially on the world is taken, iranians haven't had much good news and haven't been portrayed in the best light in the media. if you come here, you see a very young educated sophisticated population that's suffered through years of economic sanctions and economic and political isolations, not necessarily because the international community wanted it this way, but mostly because the western capitals and washington wanted it this way. they see this interim agreement as the first step to opening up relations and the first step in getting rid of those tough economic sanctions. >> and it's important to note too, reza, has you've been reporting, this is an interim agreement. now the hard work begins and also when it comes to the ordinary iranian on the ground, this is not a lot of sanction lifting, not a lot of rolling back. it's a bit. and the people on the street not really going to feel the
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benefits, are they? >> no, i mean, if you look at this interim deal, it doesn't touch the big significant sanctions the sanctions on banking restrictions, oil exports. even so, they believe this is a significant first step and they're hopeful that will at some point, they'll get to the that final is taken. >> reza, thanks so much. good to have him on the ground in tehran. >> we'll be analyzing this deal later. zl israel very unhappy. but here you have outside bedfellows. israel and saudi arabia, and other gulf countries very much opposed to iran having any kind you have nuclear program are on the same team. >> the fear was that the saudis can might follow the iranian lead and then you get into the whole debate, it's the shia, sunni divide, as well. >> seeing itself play out in syria, in lebanon, in iraq. let's talk about the economic impacts here because iran and many people may not be aware of this, has 9% of the world's
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proven oil reserves. investors are reacting to the deal. the nasdaq topped 4,000 for the first time in more than 13 years this morning. it's been hovering around that point throughout today's trade. >> have a look at the dow there. it also is up. now well over 16,000. up nearly 30 points on the day. that follows a trend of other world markets and that will, we've got to say, that includes the israeli stock exchange. investors in israel like the news. >> their poltation tatio politi. oil prices are plunging. iran as we mentioned a major oil producer and with sanctions relaxing, more oil could be coming to the global market abbott effect of that is lower prices at the pump. >> yeah. okay. well, yeah, there's a lot to talk about this story. we'll talk more later. meanwhile, the pope has met with more than a dozen heads of state so far, but he's visited as much more than a social call on his mind. >> why the pope is meeting with
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vladimir putin is getting a lot of attention around the world. >> plus, she's got that the kennedy style. how caroline kennedy is using her new ambassador title to do some good in japan. we will take you there this hour. >> katniss is catching fire. the hunger games tops the box office domestically and sizzles abroad coming up on "around the world." stay with us. so, this board gives me rates for progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive.
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welcome back. let's talk about two major world leaders meeting right now from two very different worlds. russian president vladimir putin is at the vatican for a two-day visit with pope francis. >> the two men do have something in common on the table, things like syria, also secularism. ben wedeman covering the story from rome and phil black is in moscow. >> ben, let's start with you. the focus likely to be syria. what have they got to talk about? >> reporter: well, it's interesting, michael, that you know, russia back in the waning is days of the ottoman empire saw itself as a protector for christians of the ottoman empire. of course, pope francis has been quite vocal since he became pope backing in march about the flight of christians in syria and elsewhere in the middle east and northern africa. so it's very -- that is very much his concern at the moment. and, of course, president putin and the russians have been
9:17 am
supporters of the regime in damascus. back in september, pope francis did send a direct messagetom president putin expressing concern over the plight of the christians just before the g-20 meeting in st. petersburg. so they've been having something of a dialogue ever since. and we can expect that dialogue to continue. michael? halah? >> thanks, ben is in rome. as far as phil black in moscow, the pope and the president, very different men. sometimes it's even hard to picture them together. what does this meeting, what could it will tell us about their relationship, phil? >> yeah, hala, so different. image style and substance, the strong man of russia, the famously humble catholic pope. what it shows is what vladimir put putin is famous for when it comes to international policy and that is pragmatism. russia is prepared to talk to
9:18 am
anyone where there is a point of specific shared concern to try and achieve mutual benefit. regardless of the broad broader state of the relationship. so while russia and the vats can have not historically been close because of russia's obvious connections to the russian orthodox church, when it comes to syria, the russian position has received this very valuable support as ben mentioned from pope francis. russia has been under great pressure internationally for a couple of years now because its very strong opposition to any sort of outside intervention in the syrian conflict. having the pope on his side adds significant moral authority to that controversial position. michael, hala? >> phil black in moscow. one of the things that the pope is certainly concerned about, not just the plight of ordinary civilians but father paolo, a geez suity priest who i met in syria a few years ago was
9:19 am
kidnapped in a city controlled by jihadists. hasn't been heard from since. >> that is on the agenda to talk about the plight of christians in the middle east in general. an overwhelming number of americans still like president obama, but many don't trust him much anymore. that's what our new survey shows. >> the poll was released this morning, and the president has a lot of ground to make up in some critical areas. the good news for the white house and mr. obama, 71% say he's likable. 60% believe he has a vision for the future and 52% say he cares about people. >> but the bad news, only 46% believe he is honest and that he is a strong leader. and the lowest point of the survey only 40% say the president can manage government. hmm. all right. coming up here on "around the world," prince harry trekking across the southernmost part of
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the world in antarctica. and tells us why, next. what you wear to bed is your business.
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britain's prince harry is making a long journey to the south pole. he and several others are taking part in a challenge, they are walking across apartment arctic ca to help raise awareness and charities that benefit military families. >> been planned for a while as we've been reporting here, but because of bad weather, the teams have been largely confined to their camp, unpacking and repacking and resting up.
9:24 am
max foster is in london and probably glad he's not at the south pole. it is not a stunt. it's a worthy cause. tell us about it. >> he's part of a british team of war wounded soldiers. they're all am me tees on his team but they're up against an american team and a team from the common, partly australians, michael. and they are really, they're raising awareness of what it's like to have a war wound, to show that you can achieve great things after that will happened. prince harry has tried this before. he tried to go to the north pole. but had he to pull out of that trip to attend his brother's wedding. he is caught in this bad snowstorm though. he's snowed in effectively waiting to start the race he had time to speak to the cameras. he said his brother william was jealous because he managed to get away from a screaming child.
9:25 am
anyway, this is what else he said in the interview. >> it really is a case of i have to do this. me and by big mouth. there's no way i couldn't have the done it. and also, it is a great opportunity. i know it's slightly mad. but you know, i'm -- i've got four limbs and i'm almost fine up here. these guys have got all these issues and you know, life-changing injuries that are really hard for them. so you know, i try and think of it, well, if i'm given the opportunity and it means i can actually help these guys out with creating more awareness for them or whatever, then so what it's minus 50, so what 90-mile-per-hour winds. occasionally you have to put yourself through that for a good cause. >> reporter: they do hope, michael and halah, to start the race at the weekend. they should be home in time for christmas. it's a pretty competitive thing. >> max foster, we thank you for that, appreciate it. >> coming up, a tsunami of
9:26 am
course, as you all know, hit japan in 2011. the country is still trying to clean up the mess. the up in american ambassador to japan caroline kennedy is there to see how the recovery is going. her tour through the region hit hardest by the tsunami next. she's always been able to brighten your day. it's just her way. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident
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we have an update regarding the confirmed report of a person with the gun on the yale campus posted on the university alerts page. just to remind you what that report is, there are confirmed reports of a person with a gun on campus on the old campus. >> yeah, the website says the shelter in place lockdown continues. again, this is from the yale website. teams from yale police, new haven and the state police are on the scene. and in the words of the statement, actively searching for any gunman. adds this is not a test. call 911 with any information. we'll continue to monitor this as things develop. bring you any details as we get them. again, this is information from the yale campus web page. >> now, does the timing get any worse in usually when there's a big holiday, people are concerned about travel. add on to that, a monster storm coming during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. it is early and brutal.
9:31 am
wintry weathe pounding the nation's mid section right now. they don't normally see that at this time of year. it's moving on east. >> so you have sleet, snow, ice, damaging winds. all part of the package. now, it's had some tragic consequences, at least ten people have died because of dangerous road conditions in texas and oklahoma. >> as you were saying earlier, halah, airlines canceling flights left, right gronk about 500 at dallas-fort worth international alone since yesterday. it could throw more wrenches in people's travel plans as thanksgiving edges ever closer. both in the air, also on the road. >> chad meyers is tracking all of this for us. where is the storm now, where is it headed? how bad will it be chad. >> you look at it, doesn't look all that impressive. a little bit of rain across the south. the past couple days, there's been ice all the way through here. dallas is above 32 degrees now. the problem is, this storm runs right up the east coast with all
9:32 am
of this rain. what's the problem? it'sind has already blown temperatures down well below freezing. there are still planes in the sky. don't get me wrong. there had t 5,100 dots on this map. ants on candy but there should be more on the map right now. that's the problem. there's the rain, a little bit of ice into little rock, especially north of there. st. louis, the problem is that the low grabs the moisture, a lot of moisture off the gulf of mexico. it's going to rain a lot. that's a problem because it's going to rain. it's going to be 31 in many, many big cities from buffalo to pittsburgh, down through wheeling, lexington, to chattanooga. those big cities have big interstates running through them and we don't need ice on roads whether he all is the people are trying to go to grandma's house. 41 million people trying to move. a lot of them are going to be slow. >> or slippery. >> you have to be very, very careful on the road. thanks very much, chad.
9:33 am
we'll keep our eye on the story throughout the day. for a look at the weather and a look at hartsfield international right here, >> gatwick would probably argue. it depends what you call the busiest. is it passengers, takeoffs and landings? >> somehow gatwick feels busier. this conversation for another day. the american ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy is already flipping the script that diplomats follow once they go overseas to represent the united states. instead of sticking to the tokyo circuit, she's getting out of the japanese capital to see people across the country. she's touring the area hard hit by the 2011 tsunami, a two-day visit meeting with survivors there. our karl penhaul is with the ambassador in northeastern japan. >> reporter: it's a big day at the elementary school, the school brass band is lining up. and then moments away from the arrival of caroline kennedy.
9:34 am
the new u.s. ambassador in japan is wasting no time with diplomatic formalities. she's getting right down to business. and she's come to the heart of the area hit by the 2011 tsunami and earthquake. madame ambassador, a quick question for cnn. what do you feel when you see those horrible tsunami pictures and think of the families of this natural disaster and other natural disasters? >> well, i'm looking forward to meeting some of them this afternoon. so obviously, it was a devastating tragedy. i think the resilience of the people is really impressive. this is just the beginning of the tour. so i'm looking forward to meeting more people and learning more. thank you. >> good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. for the japanese media and the japanese people, as the daughter of jfk, caroline kennedy already has celebrity status. but it strikes meals that coming to this area for the first time, she's keen to put her own
9:35 am
personal stamp on then diplomatic posting. trying to show that the japanese people for her are front and center of those diplomatic priorities. now, there have been comments from some observers that caroline kennedy perhaps didn't have enough political or diplomatic experience for this post but what she's shown today is a real personal touch. she sat there and read the children "where the wild things are," she took part in a cal iggraphy class, as well laughing and joking with the children all the time seeming very relaxed and her message was one of friendship. here she has been talking to a group of elderly residents who were described to her the horror and how they managed to survive those killer waves. but of course, it's not all abyss for ambassador kennedy. she's a great fan of japanese art. in one of her first interviews to media, she said this was one of the best places in the world to be hungry. she loves japanese food.
9:36 am
karl penhaul, cnn, it miyagi pretexture, japan. >> with a handshake and stroke of the pen, iran greece to back off its nuclear program. some call the deal a success. the israeli prime minister says it's a historic mistake. >> it's not a historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place. like the agreement with north koreaing in 2005, this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place.
9:37 am
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>> the welcome back. well, did iran get too much in this weekend's nuclear deal with world leaders? israel for one says yes. president obama and other world powers say no, not at all. >> here's a reminder what the
9:40 am
agreement actually is all about. sanctions against iran are going to be eased in exchange for iran's slowing its its nuclear program. israel's prime minister called it a historic mistake, even after president obama tried to ease concerns. >> resolve of the united states will remain firm as will our commitments to our friends and allies. particularly israel and our gulf partners who have good reason to be skeptical about iran's intentions. ultimately, only diplomacy can bring about a durable solution to the challenge posed by iran's nuclear program. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place. like the agreement with north korea in 2005, this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> all right. james rubin is former u.s.
9:41 am
assistant secretary of state, joins us now from london. good to see you james. prime minister netanyahu israel is not going to be background by the agreement. he and the president could not be further apart on this deal. why is israel holding this is such a bad deal when the rest of the world thinks at least let's give it a shot? >> that's right. i think the logic of the israeli position is surprising because it's quite naive. the israelis seem to think if the united states just holds out a little bit longer, if the west just waits a little bit longer, the iranians are going to capitulate and give up and say okay, you're right. i'm not going to do any enrichment. i'm not going to spend any more of the time on this 50, $75 billion program that will have been around for ten years. it's just naive to expect sanctions just economic sanctions to get iran top
9:42 am
capitulate, to give up. that's the fundamental difference between washington and israel. both the united states and israel would like to limit iran's program. the united states and the western powers just believe that it's only a rational way to do it is to give a little bit of sanctions relief for a little bit further restrictions. >> but if you look at the deal, this is not a final agreement as you know. it's a six-month interim deal. it eases some, certainly not all of the sanctions. it is subject to verification. iran is to give access to two main sites to international inspect inspectors. is this a deal that's going to hold and yield something more permanent in which case essentially a war has been avoided here. >> it's possible that a war has been avoided. although i think at its core, this deal reflects the fact that none of the western powers including the united states prefers that option. because the united states is not prepared in the end when push
9:43 am
comes to shove probably to use force, they would prefer to put restrictions, limitations on iran's program. israel, on the other hand, wants to take a maximumist position, get iran's program reversed to where it was 10, 12, 13 years ago. that's just not going to happen. we have a new situation now though, we have a new iranian leader who is not the ahmadinejad figure who so alienated the west and the world. that's probably quite frustrating for the israelis to see iran have normal contact with western secretaries of state and western foreign ministers to see people smiling. it's very frustrating for the israelis. they got used to the idea that the iran was a pariah state. with this agreement now, iran is coming in from the cold. we'll see how far. as you say, this is really just an interim step. it's kind of a modest control on
9:44 am
their program and a modest sanctions relief. but it doesn't answer the fundamental question. >> yeah, and there's hard liners on both sides of the equation. hard liners in iran waiting to say i told you so. i spoke on cnn international, president of the national american iranian council. he was saying the people in iran are proud to have a nuclear capability, but not a nuclear weapon. they're against that themselves on the ground. let's listen. >> support for a weapon has actually always been pretty week, whereas support for the idea they should have an enrichment program has been very very strong. i think the empty iranian people realize having a weapon increases iran's insecurity and makes it more of a target than adding to its security. i think that's part of the population is quite pleased because on the one hand, they're
9:45 am
moving towards improving relations with the west while at the same time, making sure they're retaining what they believe is their right. >> i suppose the question is, you know, nobody knows for sure deep inside the bowels of the iranian leadership what they really want. this has to be a positive sign. do you see that perhaps this could look in the broader picture lead to iran, if you like, coming in from the cold on a more permanent level? >> well, we'll have to wait and see on that. what this has though is the effect of the iranian election. this deal has been on offer for a long time. it's what's new is the iranian leadership is prepared to take it. and they're prepared to take it because contrary to what the prime minister said, they have not chosen to go headlong russian for a nuclear weapon. they could have done that years ago. they haven't done that. >> jami, thanks so much. always good to see you, former united states assistant secretary of state joining us there. as we were discussing earlier too, the sanctions have hurt the
9:46 am
iranian people, the iranian economy but never slowed down the nuclear program. >> indeed. the result of some secret negotiations there, as well. but katie couric gets a new gig and it could make her the face of a global internet powerhouse. t the toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with new fedex one rate, i could fill a box and ship it for one flat rate. so i knit until it was full. you'd be crazy not to. is that nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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welcome back. al who has just confirmed that veteran tv news woman katie couric is going to be the face of its global news operations. couric is expected to conduct interviews with major players on the yahoo! homepage. this is the latest effort, of course, by the yahoo! ceo, marissa mayer, to turn around the aging web portal putting heavy emphasis on content. hiring a lot of people over at the news section. a lot of people, of course, turning to the internet for the television style reporting. meanwhile, italian prosecutors are summarizing their case
9:50 am
against amanda knox. they're hoping to get a murder conviction that sticks this time around. knox's retrial resumed today in florence. she is accused of killing her british roommate in 2007 when they were college students studying abroad. knox isn't actually in the courtroom. indeed, she's not in the country this time. she says she is afraid to return to italy. >> now this. china has told the united states to butt out of the territorial dispute with japan in the east china sea. the chinese are angry about a u.s. warning that a military claim by beijing to air space in the region raises the risk of misunderstanding and miscalculations, quote unquote. it's a war of words but could it escalate to something more? an update from david mckenzie in beijing. >> china has hit back at u.s. officials saying they shouldn't get involved and shouldn't take sides in their dispute with japan. china recently announced an air
9:51 am
defense zone which stretches from the coastline and includes disputed islands at both japan and china claim. on saturday, china sent military planes to the region. japan scrambled f-15 jets to meet them. analysts believe china's move could increase tensions in this already difficult region. >> david mckenzie there. that's going to do it for me. i'll be back with you guys can here on cnn usa tomorrow. i'm handing off to my day job. >> your other job. >> my other job at cnn. >> still to come, meanwhile, here on "around the world." >> this trip doesn't end when you get back home. >> what do we do? >> from now on your job is to be a distraction so people forget what the real problems are. >> katniss, catching fire. the hunger games tops the box office domestically and sizzles abroad. and then monty python, the skit group is reuniting. another big announcement we'll
9:52 am
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. and now to something completely different if you're a fan of monty python, you're familiar with the line what have the romans ever done for us. any excuse to play a monty python clip. we have an excuse, so here's your clip. >> wakeup. poly? >> as they say in the classics, beautiful clue, midge. anyway, that was the python's classic parrot sketch. l.o.s.t. week we told you the british comedy troupe is getting back together for a reunion
9:56 am
show. the tickets wentz on sale today 33 years after their last performance. tickets sold out 4893.5 seconds. that's according to python's pr people and so not surprisingly, more shows have been announced for july. classic stuff. all right. well, the hung ger ga"the hunge catching fire" setting new records at the box office in its weekend debut. here's a clip of that. >> there she is, katniss everdeen, the girl on fire. >> people are looking to you, katniss. you've given them an opportunity. >> the film is rocking the ticket sales around the world as our heroin katniss everdeen returns home after the fight of her life. let's bring in our maggie furlong in los angeles to look why the film is capturing so much attention. maggie, this is the second of the trilogy. gets into some pretty heavy themes i'm told. the media, privacy, the
9:57 am
difference between social classes. this is a big hit among particularly i think teenaged girls. tell us about the global appeal. >> hunger games catching fire brought in an estimated $308 million worldwide this weekend. half of that came in from u.s. moviegoers. that makes it the 12th largest me of opening weekend ever, which is huge. you mentioned a few of the themes. hunger games touches on, ideas that resonate with audiences everywhere. >> yeah, and most of those hose went to see, as we say, were young women. i know my 15-year-old daughter was a big fan. i never got to see it. 71% of female -- of ticket buyers were women. so or young women, too. they're shaping pop culture in a way by doing just that. >> absolutely. katniss everdeen is the main character of the hunger games". a strong courageous yong woman. a great role model for girls.
9:58 am
you've got jennifer lawrence, she's so charm. she plays katniss, a strong positive female role model. and an oscar winner. a delightful young woman. i feel like there's an appetite for more characters like katniss and more actresses like jennifer in hollywood. so if the studios are smart, they'll give all the moviegoers more of what they're asking for. >> the third one's coming. it's going to be darker still. maggie furlong, thanks so much. reporting there from los angeles. i'll leave you with i an couple stories that caught our eye today. remember playing etch a sketch as a kid? a woman in louisville turned her hobby with the children's toy into, would of art. her name is kerry jones. and look at the stuff she's drawn. everything from the roman coliseum to the cardinals basketball team. all with her etch a sketch, some of her work has actually sold for over 100 bucks. and now let's take you home
9:59 am
in my case to australia. a family putting up more than half a million christmas lights at their house. yes, that's their house. to reclaim the guinness book of world records title for the most christmas lights on a residential property. they actually won it two years ago with just over 300,000. then lost it last year to a family in new york. they weren't going to sit by and let that happen. they came back again and beat the record by more than 150,000 lights. capital wait to see the power bill. thanks for watching "around the world." i'm michael holmes. cnn newsroom with wolf blitzer cnn newsroom with wolf blitzer starts now. -- captions by vitac -- right now, a deadly storm is moving east threatening to derail holiday travel for millions of americans. it's leaving behind snow, flooding and massive delays
10:00 am
across parts of the southern plains. we're going to tell you what else to expect over the next few days. also right now, police at yale university are checking a report of a person with a gun on or near the campus. an alert on the university's website urges people to stay where they are, schools in recess, most of the students have left campus. right now, the news anchor and talk show host katie couric is preparing for a new an seenment. yahoo! last named couric as the face of its global news operation starting early next year. hel, i'm wolf blitzer reporting today from washington. we begin with the weather, the warnings across the country which could make for some anxious moments for those of you trying to get home for thanksgiving. first off, there's the snow. this is what is it looks like in colorado. texas and oklahoma. and check out this wreck in oklahoma.


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