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tv   Around the World  CNN  November 26, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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you. have a lovely holiday. paul callan, joey jackson. i'm out of time. around the world starts right around the world starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. we are tracking a deadly storm that is threatening the plans and the safety of millions of you as you head out for your thanksgiving holiday. rain, wind, snow and ice all in the forecast whether you're traveling by plane or by car today or tomorrow, you are likely to be impacted. >> and this hour, we've got you covered with everything you need to know before you head out. i'm hala gorani. suzanne malveaux is off. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. it is already nasty out there for most of the 43 million holiday travelers. slick roads in central pennsylvania. snow is starting to fall. and it is expected to keep getting heavier in the hours
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ahead. >> looks like many people in many ohio are set to have a white thanksgiving. snow is on the ground. and temperatures are staying in the low 30s. also, check out this traffic backup in milwaukee. talk about a commute there. a long all of commute. you can bet you'll be seeing lots of this sort of stuff as the storm keeps moving to the northeast and lots of accidents, unfortunately, as well. >> i get on the highway. next thing i know i'm spinning. >> people don't realize when they cross the bridges they've got ice on them. when they cross it, they lose it. >> cnn is covering this storm and lou it will affect your holiday travel plans like no one else. our crews in position right across the country. >> the an lynnal muchado in atlanta, martin savidge it, chad myers in the cnn weather center. >> an lynn fla is here in atlanta. in the south, it's getting soaked, alina.
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>> soaked is a good way of putting it. it's been raining here in atlanta all morning along. there it is what the south is going to be seeing today. a lot of rain. take a look at the traffic situation behind me. these roads are wet. they're slick, and this is what people are going to be experiencing south. if you head north, you're going to start running into sleet, wintry mix, possibly some snow depending where you are. more than 43 million people are expected to travel more than 50 miles from home for the thanksgiving holiday. that's according to the aaa. about 90% of those people will be driving. they'll be getting in their cars to go somewhere. so the bottom line is, if you're going to be among those people, you need to be careful. you need to pay attention to the situation and make sure that you give yourself enough time. >> thanks so much. so if you are flying this week, chances are you'll spend more time at the airport than you might be in the air. there are delays averaging four hours expected at major airports
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across the country tomorrow. >> well, you know, this is easy to give advice when you're not in the situation, but just embrace it or at least try. there's probably no way around it. but there are ways to make it a little bit less of a hassle. martin savidge is at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international. the busiest airport on the planet with that. hi, martin. >> hey, hala. hello, michael. the good news is we're on concourse d concourse d. 18. people passing through here. this is the flight board. there are some delays that are starting to creep into the system specifically if you're going up that eastern corridor, flights into new york, laguardia, and into jfk showing delays. about a half hour. some of the other flights are also delayed. especially the international flights but right now though it is phenomenally on time. that's the sign you see.
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so that's what most passengers want to know. the good news is, of course, the hub impact airports all across the eastern seaboard. so far, it's just a rain event here. tomorrow, i'm afraid that is a whole different tale. especially for those say in airports like dulles, charlotte, reagan, baltimore, even atlanta. it will be i an different deal. give yourself lots of time. >> even if things aren't too bad in atlanta, it gets impacted by the destination cities. it becomes a domino effect. let's bring in the very busy chad meyers tracking the storm's every move. you've been on television for hours. how are things looking? >> days. >> i said hello and good-bye to the same guard as i left cnn last night and came in this morning. it is cold up to the north. it is warm down to the south. it is the rain event down here that martin is in. it's also the snow event in pittsburgh. all this is going to change in the next couple of days as a low develops right there. it's going to changing this
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rain/snow line. so this is rain/snow line is here. that line will turn to here. and then to here. eventually to here as the low moves to the northeast. so even though you might be saying all rain in west virginia right now, that is going to freeze tonight. you're going to get snow on top of the ice. you're not going to be able to see the ice you're going to try to drive on. the wind is going to slow down airports even though boston, new york, philadelphia, i repeat, all the way down i-95 will only be wet. the cold will not get to i-95. it's the buffalo, rochester, down to cat rog ga, cha tack wag county. it's the rain to the southeast of there, heavy rainfall. i know rain is easier to drive in than snow. you still have a million other people trying to drive in the rain. be sure your washers are full, that little bottle in your car. make sure you can squirt the windshield if you have to. make sure the wipers are working properly fun somewhere in
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between, that's where there's going to be the ice event tonight. i'm worried about tonight after dark. most of the roadways are doing okay right now because the sun is out. you can't see it, but it's daylight. when the daylight goes away, those roads will freeze. the bridges freeze first like they were talking about on that little package right there. that's when you have to be very, very careful as soon as the sunsets tonight. the new york thruway across i-80, i-95, the pennsylvania turnpike back into ohio, anything across from 66 west of d.c.,'s it's the east to west roads that start to freeze up tonight. >> chad, yes, the ice worries me every time i get behind the wheel in this sort of weather. thanks so much. also an lynn nan machado, martin savidge out at the airport. stay warm, stay dry. we'll continue to follow this and check in with you all as the day goes on. >> now we have breaking news coming into us. the supreme court has agreed to
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review some provisions of obama care particularly those that repair employees of a certain size to offer health insurance when it comes to birth control and other reproductive health services without a copay. so that is the provision of obama care that would be reviewed by the court. mark preston is in washington with more on the significance of this. what might be decided at the supreme court level? >> well is, hala, what we'll find out from the supreme court, we won't hear from them probably till march or april of the next year is whether this provision can withstand in the affordable care act. and what has happened is we had this very large craft store that's based out of oklahoma city called hobby lobby who opposed it. they opposed this provision because they do not want to have a to pay for contraception. they don't believe that it is right. they think it goes against their
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religious values and they feel like it is being imposed upon them. i have to tell you, whenever you're on the campaign trail, if you're ever out with the social conservatives, this is a very big issue for them, one of the main sticking points for them in the act. they don't like the idea of the mandate but certainly don't like the idea of the mandate pushing something that goes right against their beliefs. so supreme court has said that they will now hear the arguments. in this case, likely to hear them in probably march or april of next year, hala. >> all right, mark. jeffrey toobin is on the phone from new york. i know you're just getting around this, too. why would the supreme court want to buy in on this? they can decide yea or nay whether they'll even look at it? >> well for the very simple reason that courts have disagreed about this case. this issue has been percolating through the lower courts for some time. several lower courts have reached different conclusions. some have said that these
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companies have to offer insurance that includes birth control. that they are not allowed to sense score their employees in that way. in the way that religious scruples can't get you out of all sorts of requirements. if your religion says you can't pay taxes or can't have fire escapes, you still have to do it. but other courts have said this is a core religious belief in these companies. and they cannot be expected to subsidize something that is a violation of their religious beliefs. so it's a clear conflict and the supreme court rules this year. >> and jeffrey, what are the chances that the -- first of all, if the supreme court rules that this particular provision of the affordable care act is, because it's it's to rule on whether something is or isn't
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constitutional, what happens then with regards to that particular part of obama care? >> well, this is an important case, but i don't wanton overstate its importance. only thing at issue here is is whether certain companies, and again the size of the company is at issue here because the court has never really said that individual corporations have a right to the exercise religion. it's a little bit of a paradoxical thought. how can a company, supposed to an individual, be religious? if those small companies can where thiey are controlled by a single religious individual doesn't want to subsidize birth control, they may get out of it. but that's really under all circumstances a small group of companies. and those are the only -- those are the only people whose cases really are at issue here. >> jeffrey toobin, do stick
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around. we're going to talk more about this, too. we're going to take a short break. we will be right back though. you're watching "around the world" on cnn. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. ♪ there'll be the usual presentations on research.
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welcome back. we're going to return to this discussion now about the supreme court agreeing to hear arguments about contraception coverage in the obama care or the affordable care act. let's go back to jeffrey toobin. jeff, let's say the justices say strike this down and say that that's right. you don't have to cover things like contraception. a, what precedent does it set,
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b, if you would like to be covered and all of a sudden you're not, do you then have an argument for discrimination of some sort? now you're excluded interest that overage coverage? >> that's the argument, in fact. that's the issue that the court is taking on. con gres has said that when you offer insurance in this country, birth control has to be included as a copay. women who are at this -- who work for these religiously oriented companies but private companies are saying look, we want the same coverage that everyone else gets. the owners of these companies say we will not subsidize something that's against our religious scruples. that's a clear conflict and that is something that the court has to resolve. one of the other issues which i think you alluded to is how you define these companies. you know, companies are not people.
9:16 am
can a publicly held company have religious views? i mean, those are some of the other questions that the court is going to have to resolve in this case. is it only small companies, bigger companies? it's difficult. >> eric maripoldi is our belief blog co-editor and joins us more on this. eric, can a company have religious views that impact whether or not it is under the law obligated to provide certain services here? companies becoming religious entities in the same way individuals are, eric. >> right. let's make a quick distinction here. there are some religious organizations who are and have been exempted from the mandate. houses of worship, churches, temples, synagogues exempted from this portion of the affordable care act. a big company like hobby lobby, one of the main names on the suit the court will hear are a privately held company. the question for hobby lobby which has over 500 craft stores
9:17 am
across the country, can the green family that owns that store, what about their religious liberty? they're conservative evangelicals and think certain forms of birth control constitute an abortion this they say that's a huge violation of their faith. hobby lobby was facing a million dollar a day fine based on the fees they would have to pay for not providing the affordable care act assurances that covered those fda-approved birth control measures. that's one of the reasons why this is case moved so quickly. supreme court rejected an earlier temporary injunction against paying that fine and said go through the lower courts. as jeffrey mentioned earlier, this has gone back and forth in lower courts. this is a private company with private citizens who have their own private religious views. the question the courts have to answer, do the company's owners religious views be spread across to the employees. you're talking about tens of thousands of employee who's work at these stores all across the country. >> mark preston, let's talk
9:18 am
politics again if we can. how political is this debate in the washington. what sort of impact could it have on the act and, of course, some would say that the court itself may vote on a political way, as well. >> well, michael, it really is all framed through the lens of politics. we're heading into the midterm elections. we've already seen a statement released by a group that is opposed to hobby lobby preventing the payment of this coverage. you know, we have a woman's rights groups out with a statement on that. we'll see that more and more throughout the day. this is going to help fuel, you know, the idea of the social wars heading into the midterm elections at a time when the republican party is divided on that in many ways. you have younger republicans who don't necessarily want to talk about social issues. you have older republican who's want to dig in and kind of stand their ground on issues like this. so what you're going to see is that this is certainly going to be framed through the lens of
9:19 am
politics. you're also going to see groups raising lots of money over this. i can guarantee you this right now. there are e-mails being drafted if they're not already written and about to be entand they're going to be going out to people all across the country whether you are for reproductive rights or against reproductive rights. so it is all about politics. >> a thorny thorny issue. want to thank you, mark preston, jeffrey toobin on the phone, eric marrapodi for that conversation. i think we're going to talk with you eric, about something completely different in a while while. >> remember the image of the pope comforting a disfigured man? cnn caught up with that man to find out how life has been since this moment, and a candid conversation with him, as well that you won't want to miss. >> incredible story. store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's the ultimate sale on the ultimate bed. come to the sleep number store and discover the
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pope francis is a different kind of pope and one can argue he's changed many hearts and minds. one of his latest acts caught on camera is actually changing a man's life. francis known as the people's pope took a moment top embrace a man with a genetic disease that has left him covered with growths, swellings and itchy sores. this image has gone viral. ben wedeman is in northern italy where he caught up with the man who's became famous around the world. >> reporter: after four hours of work, 234 is done. five days a week, he does odd jobs at a home for the elderly in vicenza in northern italy.
9:24 am
by the way, did you notice something? yes, 53-year-old vin nishiol suffers from a hereditary condition called neurofibromatosis type one. his body's almost covered from head to toe with growths, swellings and sores. his mother had the same condition as does his sister. he's had it since the age of 15. his appearance often terrifies strangers. vin nishiol recalls trying to take a seat on a bus but being told by the passenger next to him to sit somewhere else. >> translator: i wanted to answer back, but i controlled myself, he says. i felt my blood pressurize. i wanted to leave the bus but i had a doctor's appointment. there were lots of people on the bus, but no one said a word.
9:25 am
[ speaking foreign language ] >> not all strangers, however, react like that. earlier this month, vin nishiol went with his aunt kataryna to st. peter's square where pope francis approached him and without a moment's hesitation kissed and hugged him. [ speaking foreign language ] >> when he embraced me, he recalls, i quivered. i felt a great warmth. and kataryna was struck by the pope's very down to earth manner. >> translator: i looked down at his shoes. they were like this, she says. i thought, yes, this is someone who really walks. and he was someone who, if he weren't wearing that clothing, you wouldn't even know he's the pope. since then, vinicio has returned to his daily routines. he continues to work and root
9:26 am
for his favorite soccer team you venttis but something that is changed the pope's embrace was a symbol to millions that under his tortured surface is a human being. >> i feel stronger and happier he tells me. i feel i can move ahead because the lord is protecting me. however, he still has some unfinished business with pope francis. i hope he calls me so we can have a face to face meeting, says vinicio. i have many things to tell him. what do you want to tell him i asked? that's a bit private, he replies. it's between him and i. he returns home from work on his bike. his dignity far more apparent than his illness. ben wedeman, cnn, i have chen
9:27 am
za, italy. >> well, as hala said, is he called the people's pope and with good reason, many will say. he's also today an pronounced some major changes. will the catholic church follow pope francis's lead? we'll tell you what those changes are when we come back. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything.
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live pictures now of new
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york and atlanta. also the map there, you can see the south is getting soaked at the moment. the north bracing for the nasty winter storm that's headed that way. >> here are the numbers, you might be one of them. 43 million people all set to travel during the thanksgiving holiday. and the deadly, because it has been deadly, weather threaten to ruin many of those plans. welcome back to "around the world." >> and we are covering the storm and lou it will affect your holiday travel plans like no one else, we've got crews in position across the country. shannon travis in virginia, rene marsh at dulles international airport, chad myers monitoring flights across the country from the cnn weather center. >> let's go live to shannon travis. he's been driving through a wintry mix of snow and rain across pennsylvania. there he is on the side of the road. the conditions out there near pittsburgh so far, shannon. >> yeah, the conditions, the snow has been coming down. you know, when we were driving in, it was pretty much an
9:32 am
annoying rain, but when we arrived, it was as if mother nature said welcome to this wicked winter mess. the areas under a winter storm warning right now as you mentioned. we're about 20 miles outside of pittsburgh in a place called irwin. we've been kind of monitoring how much snowfall we've been seeing since we've been out here. just going to use an unofficial ruler, my finger. we estimated about 3 inches of snow right here in this area. i've spoken with officials at the pennsylvania department of transportation. they tell me about 80 plus trucks and 135 crews are going to be out in force tonight working 12-hour shifts apiece. >> shannon travis, with the latest from pennsylvania. you got a sense in the background how nasty it is and how nasty it might get. even worse. >> that sort of wet cold. if you're flying out after a major airport, gets the crossword puzzles out or angry birds. >> or very angry birds.
9:33 am
>> very angry birds that aren't flying. delays are averaging as long as four hours starting tomorrow and you can see right there, some of the spots where there could be problems today. >> and there you have it, pretty much a diagonal line from atlanta to baltimore. rene marsh is the an dulles international airport outside washington. renee? >> that's right. i can tell you, that is the word we're hearing over and over again for the situation at airports across the country. essentially up and down the eastern seaboard is delay, delay, delay. and we're seeing more delays than we're seeing cancellations at this point. rough estimate, according to midwest sites that track the flights around the country, more than 1600 delays at this point. been there, done that. dulles airport revved up these snow plows during the last snowstorm in march. today dulles and airports up and down the east coast are prepared to do the same. if it comes to it.
9:34 am
>> so far the forecast seems to be pointing towards a new sans storm, one that's not going to result in severe cancellations but more so delays. >> still it could be a nightmare for some flyers. >> we see a lot of delays and a lot of cancellations with storms like this. >> daniel baker runs the flight tracking website he says making matters worst, planes are already full. >> the issue is if you cancel one flight, there may not be capacity on later flights to accommodate all the passengers. >> 25 million people are traveling by air this thanksgiving holiday up 1.5% from last year. >> we decided to leave early and we're just keeping our fingers crossed. >> hopefully we'll be there and all right and still able to visit family. >> busiest travel day, the century after thanksgiving. the second busiest day, tomorrow. just in time for the storm. >> what i always say is, have a low expectation when traveling
9:35 am
through bad weatheren ot airlines particularly around the holidays and you won't be disappointed. >> all right. so the big question is, does tomorrow look any better for the flyers? and the answer, sadly is no. we are expecting even more delays tomorrow. wind going to be a big issue. back to you. >> all right. rene marsh, thanks so much there at dulles airport. i've got to say, that's the first time in years i can say i'm glad i'm going to be working thanksgiving and not flying. >> and not flying anywhere. i feel the same way. some overseas visitors to the u.s. might end up spending more if they're here already, a little more time stateside than they had planned. >> let's have a look now how the storm is throwing a wrench in international travel plans. chad meyers, you've got more on that. i suppose a lot of the atlanta flights go direct. if you're going through new york or the northeast, whoa. >> today is okay. only six delays out of jfk, that's the international departure out of the northeast.
9:36 am
there's only six delays and none of them are to international destinations but atlanta international airport, as well, there's about 60 delays. these are arrival delays just coming in from orlando, wichita, charlotte, gulfport. just about 20-minute delays. i can go down and down and you'll see the word delay, delay, delay, delay, delay. this is a great app. it's called flight board. $10. we all buy it here because you can see what the flight looks like at almost had any airport. i can click and see washington, d.c. here's the arrival delays out of dulles. this one has arrived. so it's kind of a good thing. if you want to see all the other airports and maybe look at all the other misery, you won't have to feel by yourself, this is an app you can look at, too. something else i don't think people have been talking about very much, i think you should be carrying your bags on the plane if you can. if you get diverted, canceled,
9:37 am
moved, you can grab your bag and go to a different gate rather than they have to find your bag and move it someplace else. at least you'll have some clothes. >> yeah, cool tip. a very good idea. i hate checking bagsings. >> you know how flexible the airlines are with cabin luggage. chad meyers reporting from the cnn center. we'll continue to follow this story for you. >> and for the latest on the weather and ana look at the world's busiest airport, check out cnn.consequently/interactive. >> plus, live weather updates right here on cnn throughout the day. you can look at the bottom of your screen for weather across the country. we'll have more on this throughout the day, as well. coming up, the people's pope. >> yeah, he is shaking up the catholic church. but will the church follow his lead? we will discuss when we come back. an important message for americans eligible
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>> we've been talking about the pope today. and he has made some calling for major changes in the catholic church. put out a 2248-page paper. it's called "the joy of the gospel." in it he case catholics help the poor and the rich should share their wealth. he said a lot more too. >> driving home the point, the pope says how can it be it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure but it is news when the stock market loses two points. >> eric marripods an the co-editor of the cnn belief blog. great reading. what is the signatures of this paper as a paper? and also, what else does it say about this pope?
9:42 am
>> sure, this is in a sense, michael and hala, a new mission statement from this pope saying again, repeating this message we've heard from him again and again. get out of the church, go fulfill this mission. he talks about the joy of the gospel being this motivation to push people out and share their faith. take a look at something he wrote in here right now. he says i prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it is out on the streets rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security. this is again something we hear from the pope time and time again. he repetitious this call the smell of the sheep to the shepherds of the church and the lay folks who work for the church. he's asking people to make changes. he wants to make changes to the papacy and how his office runs there. we're seeing major changes, major reforms he's alluding to in this paper including the role of women in the church and how
9:43 am
the church delivers its message. >> so he though does underline the fact that there is no change in the church's position with regards to female priests for instance, still very much anti-abortion. as we saw in that piece by ben wedeman this approachable warm pontiff is changing not just the message but the perception people have of the pope, of the church as being more approachable, more understanding of people going through difficult times. >> yeah, absolutely how. we see this time and time again wnl pope francis. he embraces people on the margins, talks very specifically about the poor, the homeless, the hungry, how can our doors be closed when people are starving on our door steps. this is somebody who wants to go out and live the message. when you see him embracing the disfigured italian man, that sends a strong message around
9:44 am
the world what the church is after, what they're trying to share, this hope they say they've found through jesus. you point the type offings will not change on abortion. he reiterates again the prominence of live and preserving life and the role of women he says look, women need to be more involved in the big changes of the church but for the catholic church, that teaching who the priests ought to be that does not appear to be on the table to be changed just yet. >> all right. >> important points there too that a lot of talking and a lot of positive words on inclusiveness, seen mentioning muslims in the christian countries and how they need to be welcomed in but not touching doctrine. eric thanks so much. and do check out the belief b g and going back to ben's story, i was talking to him actually earlier. he did say that will meeting this man, he said he's never met a more dignified noble person in
9:45 am
all the people he's interviewed in recent years. >> he's been talking about his encounter with him and it will certainly has touch the. when we come back, the morning after contraceptive pill may not work on all women. find out who can be and can't rely on it. a live report next.
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>> all right. we are following some tragic news from the bahamas. the u.s. coast guard says at least ten haitian migrants have died after their boat capsized. have a look at the iblgs here. at least 100 people have been rescued and taken to the bahamas for medical treatment. what happened was apparently this 40 foot freighter they were on was as many of these boats are, overloaded and then capsized. many of the survivors clinging to the boat's hull.
9:49 am
coast guard crews from florida did help with the rescue, air dropping food, supplies, and life rafts. >> in thailand, protesters forced several government ministries to close in bangkok. the situation has been boiling for days with them vowing to take over state offices to get the prime minister to step aside. protests are say the prime minister is a puppet of her older brother after being ousted in a coup following corruption allegations a few years ago. >> in ukraine's capital, riot police have been beating back protests. those protests are say they will stay in key yev square till they get what they want. tens of thousands of people filling it the streets over the last three days. the problem is this, they're furious at the government's last minute decision to suspend talks on a little and economic deal with the european union. rejecting a deal is seen as a
9:50 am
move towards russia. and away from closer ties with the rest of europe. those people on the street they'd like to have those ties with europe. >> choosing russia over europe. imagine, an entire country falling into chaos was rebels running the show. the u.n. is sounding an urgent action alarm for the central african republic. the situation is dire for most of the almost 5 million people there, their reality is child soldiers torture and rarely any schools or hospitals open. vladimir is tracking the story everywhere nigeria's capital. he reports france is sending in 1,000 more troops. >> the reason france has decided to send more troops into the central african republic is simple. the cycle of violence between the muslim minority and the christian majority could become a genocide. since march thousands have been killed after a coup replaced the
9:51 am
leader with the rebel commander. since then the u.n. says 4/60,000 people, close to 10% of the population have fled their homes and more than 1 million are in dire need of food aid. ffrds. >> very bad situation there, 400,000 people displaced. the u.n.en deputy secretary-general says it's descending into chaos. >> it's the silent tragedy so few people report on. i'll see you later this week on around the world and catch me on cnn international. >> i'll continue on with around the world while you head down to that studio. when we come back, celebrating a young but full life. a teen who caught the attention of musician katy perry and many others. we'll tell you about a remarkable 16-year-old who knew how to roar and inspire others along the way. ♪ ♪
9:52 am
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anything to eat. >> hi it, i'm jeff bridges. and we can make an impact on ending childhood hunger here in america. >> according to u.s. da, over 60 million children are struggling with hunger. one in five of our kids can i. any of you kids see surf's up? >> we think one of the most important things that we can do
9:56 am
to end childhood hunger is to have universal breakfast in schools. another thing that is very important is that there are summer meal programs that are available to kids. no kid hungry is all about making people aware of the programs that are in the state. ♪ sometimes in our lives >> it affects me in a personal way thinking what that would feel like if i wasn't able to provide for my kids ♪ we all need >> but also in a patriotic way, we can't compete with the rest of the world if our kids respect in good shape. join the movement. impact your world. go to >> and now so a warning for women relying on the morning-after pill. an emergency con tranl septembertive manufactured in europe that is identical to those sold here in the u.s. was found to be ineffective for most
9:57 am
women weighing over about 176 pounds. now the drugmaker says it is adding a warning in the package. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here. so what's going on? a very specific amount, 176 pounds. >> it is very specific. and we should probably put that in the context of it may not be exactly that weigh. let's look at some numbers. when researchers tested the pill in some women, what they found is when women weighed between 1635 and 176 the pill didn't work as well as it did in smaller women and for more more than 176, it was ineffective as if the woman hadn't taken the pill at all. this is something you want to know if you're taking a morning-after pill. >> what's going to happen in the u.s.? will anything change here? the fda said they are looking what they've done in europe. we may find than same and warning that says if you're over 176 pounds, you might want to think about this. >> what is behind the thinking here? why would it work differently in women over a certain weight?
9:58 am
>> no one's exactly sure. but the thinking is possibly what's going on is the struggle is sort of spreading itself out in a larger person. you're not getting the concentrations that you need to prevent the pregnancy. it's true for many drugs. >> it's diluting in a way. so ever over 176, which if you're a tall woman. >> that's not heavy at all. >> what do you do? >> what you do is call your doctor. and so you say look, this happened to me. and the doctor may be able to prescribe a morning-after pill that will work for larger women. with the ones we're talking about, not working for larger women apparently are over the counter. so larger women may need to call their doctor and get a prescription rather than going over the counter. >> don't panic but check. >> that's words to live by, right. >> exactly. across the board. elizabeth cohen, good to have you here. remembering a young woman whose spirit soared. have a listen. ♪ the eye of the tiger
9:59 am
♪ ♪ you're going to hear me roar >> oh libya wise captured the world's attention online with her cover of katy perry's "roar." this 16-year-old had an inoperable brain tumor when she sang that song. now we've just gotten word she has passed away. katy perry just tweeted this "olivia wise, i can hear you singing with the angels now. your spirit and strength have inspired me and so many others. may you rest in peace." oh libya wise died monday at home surrounded by family. her mother about tell us here nn she didn't want people crying at her funeral but rather to celebrate the life she had lived. thanks for watching around the world. "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
10:00 am
>> right now, the supreme court is stepping in on obama care. the justices have agreed to hear arguments over a controversial part of the law. dealing with religion and contraception. right now, snow and heavy rains are cutting across the country. we've got flood warnings in the south and heavy snow battering the midwest and creeping towards the northeast. also right now, that huge storm is putting it travel plans in jeopardy for millions of americans. we've got advice how not to get sfrand stranded in an airport for the holidays. hello, i'm jim acosta in washington. wolf blitzer is off today. we start with the supreme court


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