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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 26, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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not stay here. >> but they're only in washington about three nights a week. >> what makes it work? >> your friends. >> we love it. it's home. >> dana bash, cnn, at the real alpha house near capitol hill. >> and i'm sure they're thrilled with that story. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 eastern. "the newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> get ready. america's travel nightmare is getting worse. this hour, airline passengers are hitting big delays and drivers hitting jam-packed roads. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. it's a real life homeland plot. the cia reportedly training gitmo prisoners to be double agents. a mayor facing intense pressure after a disturbing rant inside his own police station. plus, an investigation reveals
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stunning cruelty against animals in some of hollywood's biggest hits. and -- >> i was walking alongside the gurney holding ben's hand. ben was looking straight up and said, mom, do you see that light? >> to heaven and back. a boy reveals his near-death experience in a cnn special report. hi, there. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for joining me. millions of thanksgiving travelers are on the move or they will be very, very soon. according to aaa, nearly 39 million americans are hitting the road this holiday, but be forewarned. it is going to be slow. it is going to be treacherous in many, many places across the country from atlanta to our nation's capital. the interstates are a mess of rain, snow, ice, and wind. and as you look at this map, the
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dangerous conditions have claimed at least a dozen lives. tomorrow, when aaa says most people will be out and about traveling, it is only expected to be worse. flying might not be much better for the more than 3 million airline passengers this thanksgiving. some airports, and you know we've been making calls, they're already experiencing delays. that's expected to get even worse as this storm we're watching moves eastward. so we've got you covered. renee marsh is at dulles international airport near washington, d.c. george howell is in buffalo for us. and chad myers is warm inside the cnn weather center. renee, let's begin with you. set the scene for me. how's it looking? >> reporter: it looks nasty out here, brooke. we've been having rain for the last couple of hours, but delay, delay, delay. that is the word of the day if you are flying. you're seeing it up on the boards and you may be experiencing it if you're sitting in an airport right now. here's a snapshot of what things look like.
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we know that roughly, according to websites that track these flights, more than 2,000 delays throughout the country at this point. of course, as the weather moves in, continues to move in, those numbers will continue to climb. so just to give you a real life example of what we're seeing in some of these airport, we spoke to a woman earlier today who was waiting and waiting and waiting for her mom to arrive from snowy columbus, ohio. take a listen to her. >> i think patience, which is very -- it's like patience is a big thing for this time of the year. things are not going to go as planned. just anticipate that. >> i guess in your case delayed is better than canceled. >> definitely. it means they're still underway. >> reporter: so delayed is better than canceled. if we are looking for any good news here, we're seeing more delays than we're seeing cancellations so far today. so what are the airlines doing about all this to make a bad
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situation just a little bit better? we do know that they are offering people the option to change their flights without getting a penalty. also, they're giving refunds to people with those canceled flights and severe delays. bottom line is they don't want to have people stuck in an airport as we lead up to the holidays, brooke. >> that is never fun. rene marsh for me with a lot of traffic in and out of washington dulles. then george howell, do i see any snowflakes where you are there in buffalo yet? >> reporter: well, we're starting to see that light snow coming down. we know things will get substantially worse hour by hour. here in the city of buffalo, anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snow. and in the south towns and what they call the southern tier in northwestern pennsylvania, they could see anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of snow. this situation will certainly change as the day goes on. worst in the overnight hours. keep this in mind. all of this is happening, as you said in the setup, during one of
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the busiest, if not the busiest, travel day of the year. a lot of people will be on the roads, but here in the city of buffalo, we spent some time with the officials here. they know how to do this. they do know like miami does sun. they've got all the snowplows ready to go. some 20 to 30 snowplows. they know how to clear these streets well. again, the worst will be overnight, brooke. buffalo is bracing for the snow. >> i suppose you are correct, my friend. if there is snow, you want to be in buffalo. chad myers, tell me where it's worst right now. what are you watching? >> i would say pittsburgh and just points northwest of pittsburgh is where it's the worst. if you get toward altoona, we're not seeing any melting. i grew up in buffalo. if there's not six inches of know on the ground in the morning, we didn't cancel school. we still had to go.
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the buses still made it. we walked uphill, bare feet both ways. >> i grew up in atlanta. different story. >> here's what atlanta looks like right now. it's raining, but there's the kroo ceiling right there. airplanes don't like ceilings that look like that. there's still planes in the sky, but the delays are getting up there. 30 minutes about average on some of these. the rain and the wind will be i-95. this is not a snow event for buffalo, new york, or philadelphia. it is for buffalo. not for new york, philadelphia, d.c. i-95, wet. the west side, the southern tier, you're going to get a foot of snow. pittsburgh, changing back over to snow. after dark night, you say where is it bad right now? i'd say here along 80. after dark, everywhere you see a little bit of rain, it's going to change over to freezing rain, sleet, and snow. all this is going to freeze up as soon as the sunsets. >> chad myers, don't go too far. we'll check back in momentarily.
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chad, appreciate it. this whole mess of weather taking aim at several major airports. take a look at this map with me, and you can see these airports in particular with potential for several hour delays. you heard rene talking about the "d" word. you don't want cancellations. if a flight gets canceled, there may not be room on the next one. zain asher with advice. what can travelers do if their plans are totally thrown off by the weather? >> hey, brooke. listen, if your flight has been canceled specifically because of storm-related issues, you've got to remember that different airlines have different policies in place. there's not this one size fits all. if you're traveling wednesday and thursday this week, most airlines have you covered. if you're flying with delta, delta is offering passengers a refund if their flights are canceled or significantly delayed because of the weather. but again, it only applies to certain airports.
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airports like boston, washington, d.c., for example, new york. so that's something you have to be mindful of as well. they are also offering the chance to rebook your flight for absolutely free. so no change fees needed. and these change fees can run you up a lot of money. we're talking $100 to $300. i know from personal experience it can be very expensive. in terms of other airlines, u.s. air eyes, united, jetblue also offering wavers on rebooking fees as well. you have to check the websites. there are caveats. for example, you have to travel from the same origin to the same destination. only certain airports apply. and it has to be within a specific time frame as well. >> but as you know and i know, flights have been overbooked for so long. if you're at the airport today and they're like, we can't get you on the next flight, how does saturday morning sound, and you're like, no, that's not okay, how do you increase the odds of getting on the next flight? >> absolutely. a lot of flights, as we know, are at full capacity. they might tell you, we can get you on the next available flight and that might be in two or three days. one piece of advice, as soon as you know your flight is
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canceled, line up at the gate desk right away. while you're waiting in line, jump on the phone with the airlines customer representative first. also, be resourceful. use the wi-fi in airport to rebook your flight. also, use social media as well. you can tweet out your problem. a lot of these airlines are very responsive on twitter. if you tweet out your problem, they might get back to you very, very quickly. >> i have done that with twitter, and it definitely does help. who knew? zain, thank you so, so much. i appreciate it. speaking of airports and airlines, cnn is giving you a fascinating look behind the scenes at the world's busiest airport. we sent more than three dozen journalists to atlanta's airport. they went to the tarmac. they rode those trains and got access to the planes. you can check this whole thing out. this is absolutely fascinating. go to coming up next, the cia turned gitmo prisoners into double agents and sent them home. my next guest says, yep, that is true. he knows because he first hand
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recruited some of these candidates behind bars. we'll hear his first-person story coming up. don't miss that. also, breaking news from the media world. couple weeks after cbs and "60 minutes" apologized for botching a report on the attack in benghazi, that correspondent, laura logan, we are learning, is taking a leave of absence. cnn's newest hire, here he is, all over this breaking some news on day one of the job. we're going to talk to brian coming up next. ♪ ♪ here we are, me and you ♪ on the road ♪ and we know that it goes on and on ♪ [ female announcer ] you're the boss of your life. in charge of making memories and keeping promises. ask your financial professional how lincoln financial can help you take charge of your future. ♪ ♪ oh, oh, all the way ♪ oh, oh
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medicare open enrollment. of year again. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare want to get straight to this developing story. what it involves is the recent "60 minutes" broadcast on the benghazi attacks. that assault, you remember, led
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to the deaths of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador, christopher stevens. that particular "60 minutes" report fronted by correspondent laura logan, featured a security contractor who claimed among other things that he tried to fight off the attackers from inside that embassy compound. now, that contractor story was later questioned. laura logan ultimately made an on-air apology, and that brings us to today and these developments here from cbs. cnn's senior correspondent joins me here. first, welcome to the family. nice to have you on. >> thank you. good to be here. >> let's begin with the news. laura logan and who else on the team are taking this leave? >> laura logan along with her producer are taking this leave. it was the chairman of cbs news who went and asked them to take this leave. they agreed to do it. this is the kind of thing you would normally see if in any news organization someone made a big mistake and a report was found to be deficient.
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but it's big news here because "60 minutes" is the most esteemed, most prestigious news magazine on american television. it's the kind of magazine that doesn't make mistakes. that's why it's going to get so much attention today. >> brian, why did it take them so long? >> you know, it's been exactly 30 days since this was broadcast. what the standards record which came out about an hour ago, suggests is that this shouldn't have gotten on the air in the first place. this report shouldn't have been broadcast at all. once it was broadcast, cbs did exactly the wrong thing. they got up against the wall. they got defensive. they got in this defensive crouch, which we oftentimes see from sports teams or companies or nonprofits making these mistakes. they try to defend themselves rather than figure out what went wrong. well, finally they did figure it out. they did this long report to try to figure out what was right and what was wrong about the story. they found that parts of the story were true and parts of the story belonged on television. but that main source you mentioned, he was discredited. as a result, it shouldn't have
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been broadcast at all. >> discredited pretty quickly, i might add. >> and cbs shouldn't have dug in their heels. >> brian, we appreciate you. now host of reliable sources. congratulations. we'll talk next hour. you have something else we're going to chat about as well. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> i want to move on and talk about tails of double-agent spies, interrogations, millions of dollars in cash payoffs. it is not cold war fiction. it is an actual cia program that began in the aftermath of 9/11. the goal was this, to recruit terror detainees at guantanamo bay and turn them into double agents, then to kill terrorists. the associated press first broke the story, which tells how the cia used cash and promises of family protection to try to convince these recruits to turn against al qaeda. if they cut a deal, the detainees were set free to work for the cia. cnn national security analyst
11:17 am
bob bair is a former cia operative. great to have you on to talk about this here. paint the picture for me because were you one of those who sat in front of these gitmo detainees to figure out who would be a good candidate and who would be a bad one? how did you go through that process? >> brooke, i used to do this all the time. you get sent to a foreign country, to a foreign prison where you go into the cell, talk to these guys and working for the cia, take them out, train them, and speend them back wher they came from. it's standard operating procedure to do this. every intelligence service in the world does this, goes into prisons. the problem is reliability. what do these guys do when they get out, when they're put back in the pond? with al qaeda people, the problem is a lot of them turn on you or misdirect your activities. >> i want to get to reliability in a minute and wether or not this worked or not. bob, walk me through it.
11:18 am
you're sitting across from this prisoner. what kind of questions are you asking? how can you tell they would make a good double agent? >> well, you spend a lot of time with them. you offer a lot of things, a lot of money, sometimes millions of dollars. you start questioning them. you go into their families, their backgrounds. you get to their address books. you get to know them like almost a member of your family. once you think you can trust them, you let them go. it takes a long time. this is why at guantanamo they have a separate facility where they were treated very well, fed well, given beds with mattresses and the rest of it and saying, hey, keep doing this and you can get well rewarded. >> true they call this cottage area penny lane, correct? >> penny lane. no, it's standard. this is not a scandal. bravo for the cia. >> back to your issue of reliability, though. obviously, the risk is if you say, you know, you help us, we help you.
11:19 am
you set them free. the risk is you never hear from them again or worse they kill americans. was the gamble worth taking? >> well, you know, that's exactly the problem. in 2009 there was an attack on a cia base from a prison just like this who was released in pakistan. rather than cooperating, he blew himself up and killed half a dozen cia officers. yeah, so the risk is enormous. >> bob baer, thank you so much. appreciate you today. coming up, can your company be religious? hobby lobby fighting the obama administration over birth control, and now the u.s. supreme court will make a decision that could impact your health insurance. plus this -- oh, boy. another mayor in trouble. this one right here in the u.s., facing pressure for a pretty disturbing rant inside his own police station. you get to see what set him off. stay with me.
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we know corporations pay taxes on property, even make political contributions. now the u.s. supreme court has just announced it is taking on a case that asked the question, can corporations express religious beliefs? the nine justices are going to review provisions in obama care that require most employers to offer insurance coverage for birth control and other reproductive health services. multiple companies, including craft store chain hobby lobby, have sued. they're arguing that following that part of the law clashes with their faith.
11:24 am
hobby lobby employs about 13,000 people. let's talk about this here. joining me is cnn legal analyst sunny hostin. if companies can claim religious beliefs, couldn't they say, hey, i don't want to pay taxes, it's against my faith. possible? >> well, that's the question. where do you draw the line here? if private companies, private, for-profit corporations are basically allowed to have sort of this exercise of religion, can -- you know, where do you draw the line? can you say, i'm not going to pay men and women equally because it's my religious belief men should be the head of the household? i think this is the time when the supreme court needs to make it very clear where that line will be drawn. >> let me read this. this is from the white house. they released a statement saying, earlier this year, the obama administration asked the supreme court to consider a legal challenge to the health care law's requirements that
11:25 am
for-profit corporations include birth control coverage in insurance available to their employees. it goes on, we believe this requirement is lawful and essential to women's health and are confident the supreme court will agree. so could you read that as almost like the white house wanted this to go to our nation's highest court? >> well, listen, i'm quite sure that no one, including the white house, really wants to be in front of the supreme court trying to defend a law. and we know that the affordable care act certainly is a law that has already been sort of okayed by the supreme court. and i will tell you, though, that the white house, i think, is saying that they're on strong legal footing. that may be true because courts have routinely held, brooke, that even when employers have sort of this religious objection, they must still follow federal law. that is really -- i think routinely the law. that's why you hear the white house saying this kind of thing. and the question is going to be,
11:26 am
if you are a corporation, once you enter sort of this public sphere and you have these religious beliefs, can you then impose them on your employees? that is the question. when you look at the law, the state of the law there that extends now, i think it's pretty clear that corporations, private, for-profit corporations, really can't do that. >> we'll watch it and see how those justices handle it. sunny hostin, thank you very much. and let's talk flight delays. i know you're used to finding them, but the airports, the big boards, cancellations, you find them on your phone oftentimes. today a new app launched to help protect you, the passenger. it allows you to file a complaint against the tsa on your phone. the complaint goes straight to capitol hill. we'll tell you what that happen is all about. also, another twist in the case of an identical twin who says his brother, not him, is to blame for the crime. he was in court today and told a much different story.
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chad myers is watching all things travel for us. and shannon travis near pittsburgh there. a lot of snow, under a winter storm warning. shannon, clearly you drew the short straw today. at least it looks like those cars are flying past you, so the roads are pretty clear. >> reporter: brooke, i know you're concerned. we are on an interstate, but we are pretty okay. i can't say much about the rain. it's falling on us pretty steadily. just a few moments ago, maybe an hour or so ago, it was snowing. so right now we're getting rain. we're getting that kind of wicked mix of rain and snow. i just want to show you, though, what some of that rain is doing. you'll see on this side of where we are on the street, we have a cumulation of snow. but over here, literally at my feet, you have some of that rain already washing some of that snow away. certainly some of the people here hope that continues. also want to show you the road
11:32 am
conditions. we're on interstate 76. right now we're in irwin, pennsylvania, about 20 miles outside of pittsburgh. just take a look, brooke. basically right here you'll see the cars. not even a mile down, it's almost like they disappear because the visibility, the fog, this rain that's coming down is just so dense. the visibility is pretty low. a lot of people will be seeing this on the roads across these affected states. i spoke with the pennsylvania department of transportation. a spokeswoman tells me in this county county, in these counties, this region, they'll have 80-plus trucks, about 135 people working in 12-hour shifts to basically make sure all these roads are clear well into tomorrow, brooke. >> they have got their work this we week, it sounds like, cut out for them. shannon travis, thank you so much. stay safe. chad myers, when will we see the
11:33 am
worst of this and where? >> after dark tonight when the sun sets. i know it doesn't appear like the sun is out there because it's cloudy, but the sun is warming the ground a few degrees. as soon as sunset, 5:00, 6:00, all of that is going to freeze instantaneously. i don't care if you have 1,000 salt trucks, you can't get to every road. they all freeze at the same time. that's what's going to go on. that's when it gets the worst. the low pressure is here. it's pushing up moisture and warm air here. this is going to be the rain side of the storm. all rain all through here. this cold air wraps on this side and changes all this rain back over to snow. it's a developing stock market. it's still going. it's still going to take a couple hours for it to get bigger and bigger. we even have tornado watches on the south side of this storm. so warm weather, tornadoes on this side. snow, snowstorm up on this side. raining in d.c., richmond, all
11:34 am
the way back toward roanoke. it was icy across the piedmont. that ice will return tonight after dark and in the morning because temperatures, although now 33, 34, will go back down to 32, that magic number. be off the road by the time it gets down to 31 because people will be slip sliding away. >> hang on, hang on. tornadoes? >> tornado watch, yeah. i know we have tornado, one at least touched down about 45 miles southwest of tallahassee. a small one. but that's what you get. you get the warm on one side and the cold on the other and severe weather is possible. >> my goodness. chad myers, thank you so much. we'll check back in with you in a couple minutes. weather is the big story this week. and more than 3 million americans taking to the skies this week for the thanksgiving holidays. as you know, with flying comes the inevitable security checks. today amid concerns over some racial profiling and discrimination among tsa check points, there's a civil rights group, and they are showing off this new app that lets you report a complaint right there on your smart phone. samuel birk with cnn money is
11:35 am
tracking this one for us today. so samuel, first up, just explain this app. how does it work? >> about two years ago, the sikh coalition grew frustrated with what they believed to be racial profiling. they created this free mobile app. it allows you to report an incident from your smart phone from the app. it goes directly to the tsa. but they were upset because they felt like over the past year, those numbers hadn't been shared with congress. so what they did today was update this app. now version 2.0 not only sends your report directly to the tsa, brooke, it also sends it to your member of the house of representatives as well as your two senators. >> wow. so not just the tsa. it goes to the person who's representing you, your congressman. then the information is logged on the group's website for anyone in the world to see, correct? >> that's right. you can go on to the app or you can go to every single airport has a number with the amount of
11:36 am
complaints there. now, i spoke with the tsa earlier today. i want to tell you -- show you what they told me. they said the tsa has a zero-tolerance for racial profiling and employs multiple checks and balances to make sure it doesn't occur. it's not only discriminatory, they say, but it's an ineffective way to identify someone intent on doing harm. the tsa says they investigated 386 complaints last year of this type. 142 of which came from this mobile app. so i've already downloaded it just in case. >> samuel birk, thank you so much. and speaking of all this travel, everything you need to know, this is cool. cnn is giving you a fascinating behind the scenes look at the world's busiest airport. what we did, we sent more than three dozen of our journalists to atlanta's airport. they went on the tarmac, rode the trains, got this behind the scenes access to planes so you can check the whole thing out. go to coming up, a mayor handcuffed
11:37 am
inside his own police station goes off in a pretty disturbing rant. here he is. now the pressure is mounting for him to resign. what's going on here? we've got the back story. also, a man accused of attacking young girls wanted to blame his identical twin brother. but today a big twist in his story. that's next. ♪ man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves.
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some people now in the town of month sell low, new york, are calling for their mayor to step down after video of this angry, jailhouse rant was released. here it is for yourself. mayor gordon jenkins was arrested back on november 16th on suspicion of drunken driving. what followed is what you're looking at, including profanity, tossing this clock, and ultimately the mayor being slapped in handcuffs to this wall. here is steve langford from
11:41 am
affiliate wcbs. >> i'm the one that hired you in this job, man. >> reporter: the mayor of monticello, new york, arrested and handcuffed to a wall on suspicion of drunk driving. throwing that clock leads to another charge against mayor gordon jenkins, whose dwi arrest is the latest episode in a history of hostility between the police here and the mayor, according to his attorney. >> people in monticello who formed his base have suffered indignities at the hands of the same police officers. and they understand what he was saying. >> don't call me sir. don't call me sir. >> mayor, is that better? >> don't call me mayor. call me [ bleep ] because that's what i am. >> reporter: there's more, much more. hours of video released of the mayor not happy with his arrest. >> what are you going to do? put me in jail for five years?
11:42 am
i'll get out in five years and i'm going to [ bleep ] tell you what the [ bleep ] you did to me, and you're going to -- and i'm going to come back to you. >> reporter: village trustee filed the request to release these videos. >> he really need help. he need to step down for the good of the community. >> reporter: the mayor's attorney doesn't dispute the fact his client uses bad language here, but he does challenge the dwi charge. >> he doesn't sound drunk to me. he sounds very coherent to me, even if very angry. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ] and trying to do their [ bleep ]. that's what i try to fight for. >> reporter: the head of the local pba says handcuffing the mayor to the wall for most of the night was not unusual treatment. >> he was treated the way everybody else is treated. >> reporter: on the cold streets of monticello, serious questions about the mayor's behavior. >> it's not a good example for a
11:43 am
person in that position to be setting for the public. >> he's not fit to be a mayor. what mayor would do something like what he does. >> reporter: the mayor's meltdown for all the world to see. >> steve langford reporting from wcbs. cnn reached out to the mayor. we have yet to hear any kind of response. according to our affiliate there, he pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. as for the future of this mayor, it will likely come up at the next trustee's meeting on december 6th. a rape defendant who pointed the finger at his identical twin has pleaded guilty to multiple counts of luring and attacking young girls. aaron gregory lucas admitted to four counts of child sex assault in a colorado room today. he also pleaded guilty to other charges of enticing kids and exposing himself to them. investigators say dna evidence linked lucas to the crimes, but his defense attorneys had said
11:44 am
the dna belonged to his twin brian. aaron lucas could get life in prison. his sentencing is set for february. coming up on cnn, this local fisherman catches this massive sea creature. look at this thing. find out how he snagged the sting ray and why it is so incredibly rare. also this -- ♪ >> oh, boy. kanye west and kim kardashian showing their affection, shall we say, in this new video. but two celebrity joke sters decided to spoof it. you will see the video that nearly left me in tears.
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11:47 am
>> you think you've caught the big fish? there are catches and then there's this. look at this haul. i feel like the picture really doesn't do it justice. just imagine standing next to
11:48 am
it. it's a huge sting ray caught off miami beach over this weekend. the man who caught it is a local deep water fisherman. he said at first he had no idea what he was reeling in. actually, he thought it was some kind of dinosaur. that was his quote. turns out these kind of sting rays are rarely seen. they typically stay deep down at the ocean floor. it took four hours, imagine four hours just to bring this thing to the surface. the fisherman estimates it weighed about 800 pounds. after some quick pictures such as these documenting the prize catch, it was set free. just, you know, something to think about the next time you're switching in miami. actor seth rogen and james franco have taken their bromance to a new level. the two spoof on kanye west's new video for "bound 2," which
11:49 am
features a topless kim carr dash -- kardashian. in case you missed the original, let's show that. ♪ >> i'm sorry. i'm already laughing knowing the parody. seeing it, almost being in total tears watching this thing. i'm already just about to break out in a fit of giggles. >> first of all, i hope we can get through this report. >> i don't know if we can. fair warning. >> let's let folks at home know that. it might be a problem. but if you know the two guys, seth rogen and james franco, you know they're anything goes types of guys. they're buddies from way back. in fact, seth rogen told me earlier this summer when he was making a movie with james franco, that franco was the only one besides himself that had
11:50 am
absolutely no limits. of course, they went there with this parody. it's the fruits of that. we just saw kanye's original video. you showed us that. the motionless motorcycle, white horses, topless kim kardashian. now let's introduce everybody to "bound 3," the james franco and seth rogen video. >> roll it. ♪ >> what is he doing? there was so much more goodness. let it roll, guys. >> we can just talk about this. james franco is playing kanye west, by the way. that very luscious seth rogen -- >> luscious, i like it. >> is kim kardashian. >> let's listen. hang on. >> okay. ♪
11:51 am
♪ >> okay. pick up where you were. >> i love seeing them on the bike together. apparently these two felt inspired to create this when they were making their new movie "the interview." >> they're on the set of the movie, right? >> yes. if you watch both videos, they remade this shot by shot of the original. that's what makes it so darn funny. they did every single thing that you see going on in that first video. >> i mean, frame for frame, just about down to what they're wearing. do we know -- have kim or kanye commented? >> kim has, yes. she got a good laugh out of this. i'm glad she did. she retweeted the video on twitter to her 18 million followers. she said, you nailed it, so funny. "bound 3," enjoy. so she definitely did. i literally have been crying. tears have been coming out of my eyes all day. >> sheer awesomeness. >> take time to watch it.
11:52 am
>> yes, thank you very much. >> sure. >> and now to this. you will remember the young woman who captured the world's attention with her cover of katy perry's song "roar." ♪ i guess that i forgot i had a choice ♪ ♪ let you push me to the breaking point ♪ ♪ i stood for nothing so i fell for everything ♪ ♪ you held me down but i got up ♪ ♪ already brushing off the dust ♪ ♪ you hear my voice you hear that sound ♪ ♪ like thunder going to shake the ground ♪ ♪ held me down but i got up ♪ get ready because i've had enough ♪ ♪ i see it all i see it now ♪ i got the eye of the tiger, the fighter ♪ ♪ dancing through the fire because i am a champion ♪ ♪ and you're going to hear me roar ♪ >> goose bumps. we have just learned that olivia
11:53 am
wise, a teenager who refused to let an inoperable brain tumor kill her spirit, has passed away. katy perry tweeted this, olivia wise, i can hear you singing with the angels now. your spirit and strength have inspired me and so many others, may you rest in peace. olivia wise died monday at home surrounded by family and her mother told cnn that she did not want people crying at her funeral but instead celebrate life. ♪ you held me down but i got up ♪ ♪ already brushing off the dust ♪ ♪ you hear my voice you hear that sound ♪ ♪ like thunder going to shake the ground ♪ ♪ held me down but i got up ♪ get ready because i've had enough ♪ ♪ i see it all i see it now ♪ i got the eye of the tiger ya know, with new fedex one rate you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. how naughty was he?
11:54 am
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11:57 am
every now and then you may have heard about someone who survived a brush with death and then told of returning from a place they couldn't quite explain. heaven? this sunday, anderson cooper brings us the fascinating stories of these people who came very close to clinical death and say they did go entsomewhere or felt something profound. ben was one of those people. his story is told here by cnn's randi kaye. >> what was it about making videos your brother loved so much? >> his strong connection to people. that's the reason he gravitated toward giving advice to teens. he genuinely wanted to help them out. he became a little bit of a local celebrity, especially with the girls. >> it doesn't matter how a personal looks, if they have braces or acne or anything like that. what matters is their personality. i have a really big challenge in
11:58 am
my life. i have a heart condition. i have a pacemaker. >> do you remember that day you got the diagnosis, what you felt? >> yes, i do, because it was very scary. the doctor just very clearly stated he has this condition, there's no cure. we'll have to be careful throughout his life. >> how nervous were you that he could die? >> i was afraid every day that i'd go downstairs or go to his bedroom and he may have passed away in the middle of the night. >> i remember the paramedics gathering around ben and measuring all types of vitals and that sort of thing. the ambulance arrived, and today
11:59 am
put him into the back of the ambulance with my mom. >> there was a moment there where you just let go. >> there was a point in there where i realized that the answer to my prayer maybe was going to be i'm going to take him home to heaven. finally they were wheeling him from the e.r. to a regular room, and i was walking alongside the gurney holding ben's hand. his warm little hand, which i was loving at the moment. ben was looking straight up and said, mom, do you see that light? no, i don't see anything. he said, but it's there. can you see it? and he told me that it made him
12:00 pm
feel really good and he thought it was an angel. >> randi kaye reporting. watch anderson cooper's special report "to heaven and back." is airs on sunday at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. right here on cnn. get ready. america's travel nightmare is getting worse. this hour, airline passengers are hitting big delays and drivers hitting jam-packed roads. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. live during the show, president obama speaks from the home of a major movie studio. find out why he chose dream w k dreamworks. plus, an investigation reveals stunning cruelty against animals in some of hollywood's biggest hits. and text before the sex. i'll speak live with one mother
12:01 pm
who's telling her colleged-aged son to get proof that a woman would be willing. and we roll on, hour two. great to be with you here. we have to talk about this wintry storm. it is charging up the east coast. it has caused hundreds of holiday flight delays already across the u.s. more than 3 million people are flying this thanksgiving. got to talk about the "d" word, delays. delays in places like atlanta, denver, charlotte. that is impacti ing airports fr coast to coast. road warriors face an even bigger challenge. a winter storm warning is now in effect for western pennsylvania. by the time it's over, some places could be seeing up to a foot of snow. so we have a whole team out here covering this for you today. martin savage is live at atlanta's airport, the busiest airport in the world. george howell sl liis live for
12:02 pm
buffalo, new york. and chad myers is live in the cnn weather center. martin savage, first to you. set the scene for me. moving slowly, moving smoothly? what's the story? >> reporter: well, i think let's take the positive angle. we're moving. about a quarter million of my closest airline fellow passengers are here. there are some delays. take a look at the big blue board. this is the most-watched tv. started off really good this morning. almost all the flights were on time. now it's about 50% of the flights appear to be on time. there are some delays, but we should point out even those delays are not huge. but they have been growing throughout midmorning now into midafternoon. a lot of that has to do with volume. the other thing is it's people coming from other impacted airports. any slowdown in the system is eventually felt here. right now you're looking at maybe 30, 45-minute delays.
12:03 pm
there are some much longer and some much less. still, i would say predominantly most flights on time, which in atlanta, given the fact that, well, the weather outside is still a pretty good thing. tomorrow, though, i'm afraid i can't be quite that positive. brooke? >> okay. i appreciate the silver lining in the fact that people are moving. that is better than being totally canceled. martin savage, thank you. we'll talk tomorrow and see if the story changes. george howell in buffalo, new york. i imagine it is chilly. have you seen any flurries yet, george? >> reporter: well, brooke, we're basically right there on the line of freezing and not freezing. we're getting the snow coming down. a light dusting right now. look, here in the next several hours, we understand if the models hold, we could see anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snow here in the city of buffalo and in the south towns in what they call the southern tier and northwestern pennsylvania could see anywhere from 6 to 8 inches, even a foot of snow. so the situation here will deteriorate. we'll get worse over the next 24
12:04 pm
hours. here's the thing. this is all happening, obviously, during wednesday, which would be, you know, one of the busiest, if not the busiest, travel day of the year. so it will be treacherous driving for a lot of folks. but here in buffalo, i joked about this the last hour. they do snow like miami does sun. they know how to deal with this. i spoke with city officials about their plan, their snow plan. all the plows they'll have and the salt. take a look. >> there's roughly 2500 ton here. this can cover the city for, like, two days in a bad event. we always keep salt in reserve. we go through salt as needed. we have electronic spreaders that tell us how much can be thrown at that time and how much we need to throw based on temperatures and conditions. >> what's your biggest worry with this event coming here into buffalo? >> well, we just want to make sure that people slow down, allow themselves ample time to travel. we know it's a big travel time. >> reporter: so right now, you know, we're getting this light dusting, but come 7:00 p.m.
12:05 pm
eastern time, brooke, i think the situation will change. >> okay. george howell, thank you for that. chad myers, tell the people what they want to know. when does it get really bad? >> i think it gets bad late tonight after midnight and over by tomorrow morning. this is the window now of your lowest opportunity to get on the road. don't do it if you don't have to, especially at night when you can't see the ice. here's a picture of what the southeast looked like this morning. i'm going to move it ahead. right now the rain is moving away, but there's snow developing on the backside. we'd expect that. i just got a tweet that said it's sleeting in columbus, georgia. that's because the cold air is coming in behind it now. pushing it ahead, there will be light snow in atlanta tomorrow. you need to freak out right now. if you get four flakes, atlanta goes crazy. but it's just going to be three flakes, so we'll be okay. back up to the north, there goes the snow in west virginia, western kentucky, and into parts of eastern kentucky and west virginia itself. now farther to the north, what
12:06 pm
happens? the snow continues across pennsylvania. by tonight, the rain slides into parts of pittsburgh. but by tomorrow morning, it pushes back away again and everything freezes back up. i'm very concerned at that 6:00, 7:00 hour tonight when this gets colder. those bridges are going to freeze quickly. by tomorrow morning, snow in buffalo, the south towns, back to rochester, down all the way into eastern ohio and into kentucky and west virginia. it continues to rain in the big cities. that's the story. this is not snowmageddon for the big cities. it's just going to be wet. the winds, though, will blow 30 miles per hour. that will slow down airports tomorrow for sure. >> we'll be talking to everyone, i'm sure, throughout the country at all those different airports. chad myers, thank you very much. we'll talk to you in a few more minutes. this whole mess of weather we're talking about taking aim at several major airports. we have a map for you. look at this. these are the airports we're talking about in particular with
12:07 pm
potential for multihour delays, dare i say maybe cancellations. then just to make matters worse, if a flight gets canceled, there may not be room on the next flight, as many of these flights this week have been overbooked. christine romans with our cnn money team to tell us what you need to know should your travels -- should the plans really take a turn for the worse. christine? >> number one, know your rights. when you buy a ticket, you agree to a lot of fine print that'll tell you just what your airline will do if your flights cancel due to weather. sometimes airlines are not obligated to get you on another airline, which could keep you waiting for days. check that fine print. second, try calling your airline. you may be sitting in line at the airport cooling your heels, but a call could move you ahead. next, try social media. most airlines have their own twitter help lines dedicated to troubleshooting these issues. also, consider nearby destinations. this is really important in big zones. for example, new york.
12:08 pm
say you're canceled at jfk. maybe you can go to newark. or maybe philadelphia as an alternative. you have 24 hours after a flight is cbooked to cancel without penalties. and this should go without saying, but be nice. check your airlines. delta and u.s. airways are changing fees depending on the airport. check online. >> be nice. i'm sure the ticket agents appreciate that bit of advice. christine romans, thank you very much. one more thing i want to show you. take a look at this. this is a rare behind the scenes look at atlanta's airport. they got a look at everything from security to the actual tarmac itself. you have to read this, you have to click on the video. coming up, we are watching to see the president in hollywood. he'll be speaking live from dreamworks. we'll tell you why he chose this particular major movie studio to
12:09 pm
make remarks on the economy. live pictures there in glendale, california, as we watch and wait. also, just in to cnn, just one week after msnbc suspended alec baldwin over a homophobic rant against a member of the paparazzi, we are now hearing whether his show is coming back on air. the inside scoop, next. ♪
12:10 pm
12:11 pm
humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures, living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back, offering exclusive products like optional better car replacement, where, if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. call... and ask an insurance expert about all our benefits today,
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like our 24/7 support and service, because at liberty mutual insurance, we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, so we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. plus, you could save hundreds when you switch -- up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? we are watching this developing story this hour involving the recent "60 minutes" broadcast on the benghazi attacks. the reporter, lara logan, who fronted that report, is now
12:13 pm
taking a leave of absence along with her producer. their october 27th report featured a security contractor who claimed among other things that he tried to fight off the attackers from inside that embassy compound. the contractor's story was later discredited, and logan made an on-air apology. the benghazi assault happened back on september 11, 2012. it led to the deaths of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. and alec baldwin's show on the cable network msnbc is not coming back. this just one week after the network suspended the actor for a rant on a paparazzi. a rant in which he used homophobic slurs, something he has denied. let's talk to brian, who's back with us. new host of "reliable sources." brian, let's begin. first, do me a favor. give me the back story. >> you know, it seems like a
12:14 pm
couple of networks, cbs and msnbc, are both trying to get bad news out before the holidays. it's kind of like that friday news dump but on a tuesday before thanksgiving. with alec baldwin and msnbc, this was probably inevitable. imagine being the person -- here's the pitch from alec baldwin. he wants to host a friday night talk show. you know he's got a long history of offensive remarks and random incidents that tmz loves to feast on. well, you probably knew this was going to happen. in this case, he was yelling at a photographer, allegedly using anti-gay slurs. msnbc took the show away for a little while. it's clear now it's not coming back at all. they've decided to go their separate way. >> to be clear, do we know, was he fired or did he quit? >> that's the initial rumor. the word fired came out a couple hours ago. that was from "the "the new york post,"" the same publication that's bathed in in bad news about baldwin for years. other reporters are saying it
12:15 pm
seems more like alec baldwin didn't want to do it anymore. msnbc sure didn't want him to do it, so they went their separate ways. i think he probably quit, but if he hadn't quit, he probably was going to feel the shove sooner rather than later. >> in terms of the shove, tell me this, brian. you have martin bashir, another host on msnbc, apologized for a horrible remark he made about sarah palin. it is so graphic, i am not repeating it here on television. he didn't even get suspended, so where's the logic there? >> i don't know if there is logic. maybe that's why msnbc hasn't fully explained the difference between these two situations. they put out a one or two-sentence statement about alec baldwin, basically as short as they possibly could and moved on. martin bashir wasn't on yesterday. i think he's probably on vacation this week. maybe msnbc hopes if they lay low for a while, people will forget what he said. sometimes that works in television. sometimes it doesn't. this case with martin bashir is one that seems to be sticking
12:16 pm
around for a while. so far, though, they haven't taken any disciplinary action. >> we're watching. we know you are. and brian, before i let you go, welcome once again to the cnn family from "the new york times." we're thrilled to have you here. there's a little initiation i want to get you through quickly that we do on my show with our new colleagues. we're going to do a little word association. you with me? >> i'm with you. let's try it. >> okay. i'm going to throw one thing out and you tell me what first comes to mind. wolf blitzer. >> the face of cnn's political coverage. >> morning television. >> oh, my goodness. the most frightening, intimidating, incredible time of the day on tv. >> mainstream media. >> much lamented but most important. it's where we get all our news. >> miley cyrus. >> i'm going to draw a blank. i'm going to completely draw a blank on that. >> we'll go with that. finally, reliable sources. >> the best media criticism show
12:17 pm
on television. i'll be on in a couple of weeks, taking it over. >> we'll be tuning in on sundays. >> that was a softball. >> you know, softballs for now. just wait. give me a couple more days. brian, thank you so much. seriously, welcome. congratulations for coming on. coming up, an investigation reveals a stunning case, multiple cases, really, of animal cruelty on some of the sets of your favorite movies. do accidents happen in hollywood, or is this a much bigger problem? also, live pictures here from glendale, california. the president will be speaking live at dreamworks. as he comes, cnn releasing a new poll showing some really good news for republicans. stay with me. [ female announcer ] it's time for the annual shareholders meeting. ♪ there'll be the usual presentations on research. and development. some new members of the team will be introduced. the chairman emeritus will distribute his usual wisdom. and you? well, you're the chief life officer.
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♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ president obama going hollywood this hour. the last stop on his three-day west coast tour is also his most high profile. live pictures, packed crowd, glendale, california. this is dreamworks. he's going to speak at dreamworks animation. these are the folks who brought you "shrek" and other animations. the co-founder has donated million of dollars to this president and other democratic candidates throughout the years. they say it has nothing to do with today's choice of venue. the president will be that
12:22 pm
momentarily to talk about the economy, how things are improving. one scene that has not exactly gone according to script is this. earlier this year, dreamworks actually laid off about 350 people after the movie "rise of the guardians" tanked at the box office. so as soon as we see the president, we will bring you some of that live. meantime, between government shutdowns and the health care rollouts, it's getting tough to keep track of the shifting political winds in our nation's capital. here's the latest evidence for yourself. new cnn/orc poll numbers reveal a dramatic turnaround in how americans view republicans. in a jeer in rick ballot, 47% would vote for the democrat, 49% for the republican. that's a seven-point improvement for the gop just since october. let's bring in cnn's chief political analyst gloria borger. talk about changes. i thought we were talking about
12:23 pm
self-inflicted wounds from the government shutdown when it comes to the republican party. is this still the result of the botched obama care website rollout? >> i think this just shows you how volatile the american public is right now when it comes to their political choices. there's no extreme party loyalty anymore. they just want somebody to be in charge and to manage things. and they're not seeing that from their elected officials now. so the shutdown, you know, the democrats were up after the shutdown. after the botched rollout of obama care, the republicans are benefitting from it. you know, these things are not generally indicative of what's going to happen in the midterm elections, but let me just say that this is making democrats really, really nervous. >> let's talk about some more polls here. among two polls, you can see that people who make less than $40,000 a year support for democrats is up by five points. this is since october. it is down by ten whole points among people who make more than
12:24 pm
$40,000. if you go by race -- let me show this to you as well and we'll talk. support for democrats among white voters is down by eight points, but it is up by 11 points among non-whites. so looking at those numbers, gloria, what does that tell you? >> again, it's the impact of health care reform. but i think what you see is that the democratic party is not losing its base. those are not the voters that are going away. those are the voters that will remain loyal to the democratic party. the part of the democratic party that they're losing, i would argue, are the independent voters. those are the ones that make all the difference in a presidential election. those are the voters that the republicans are trying to get. i think what democrats have lost, particularly in these last couple of -- in this last month or so with the rollout of obama ca care, is you have a president that suddenly his poll numbers have tanked. he's not seen as honest or trustworthy, and he's not seen as being competent.
12:25 pm
>> he has three more years. >> that's right. but the worry that -- they don't have three more years. they've got one more year until the midterm elections. and their worry is this trickles down to them because they were vouching for the affordable care act. so it's their word as well as the president's word. so again, they're keeping their base, but in districts in which they may have some races, they're going to be worried by these numbers. it's not the base they're worried about. it's those voters whose loyalties are up for grabs. >> okay. gloria borger for us in washington. thank you very much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. same to you. i'll be here. i don't know if you will be. i'll be here. coming up, a rough night ahead for millions of americans across the country as they travel for the holiday. we'll tell you what to expect. also, the decision is in about whether those 911 calls from the sandy hook shootings just about a year ago will be released. we will tell you what a judge has decided. also, the pope raising
12:26 pm
eyebrows once again. this time for announcing big changes to the catholic church. how do americans feel about pope francis? that's next. you are watching cnn. stay right here. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
12:29 pm
just in, a connecticut judge has ordered the release of 911 calls from the sandy hook elementary school shooting. this is according to court documents just obtained by cnn. this judge upheld a decision by the connecticut freedom of information commission to release these calls from that
12:30 pm
december 2012 mass shooting. 20 children, first graders, and six adults were killed in that elementary school. the judge has granted time for the other side to appeal. if no appeal is granted, the 911 audio recordings will be released on december 4th at 2:00 p.m. eastern. that is ten days before the one-year anniversary. millions of thanksgiving travelers hope to reach their destinations today, maybe tomorrow, if the rain, if the snow and the ice do not stop them. buffalo, new york, for example, already has mobilized plows and salt trucks to handle the snow and the ice expected there later today. i can tell you that this wintry weather has caused already at least 12 deaths. in atlanta, rain, as you can see, has caused an issue. i see traffic behind you is slow
12:31 pm
moving. >> reporter: definitely slow moving, brooke. this has been a very wet day here throughout atlanta and throughout parts of the south. you can see the traffic. this is pretty typical from what you would see during rush hour traffic here in atlanta. but the roads are wet. this, again, is what we're seeing throughout some parts of the country. now, if you head north, we know that there have been -- there's sleet, icy and snowy roads. here in the south, this is what we're seeing. more than 43 million people are expected to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. this is according to aaa. 90% of those people will be getting into their cars and driving somewhere. if you're planning to head out for the thanksgiving holiday, whether you're leaving tonight or tomorrow at some point, be prepared to have plenty of company out on the roads and also deal with some treacherous conditions, depending on where you are going. >> take your time, watch for that visibility. elena, thank you very much. chad myers, we've been talking
12:32 pm
here about the worst possible time. so you're saying essentially after tonight, when it gets dark, that's the worst. >> you know, i'm 50. my eyes don't work like they used to. i don't like driving at night. i don't want you really driving at night in this because there will be icy patches that you don't see out there. when you come up on them, the bridge is icy and it's too late because you're already going 55 or 60 miles an hour. this is a rain event for the northeast. i-95, all rainfall. the snow is behind it into ohio, west virginia, kentucky, into pennsylvania. here's tomorrow morning. all the way up into wednesday. it's snow iing there will be sn coming down in georgia. probably not enough to stick to the roads, but some on the roadways. at least on the grass. there's the low right there over new york. that low is the wind maker. that wind maker could put a damper on air travel tomorrow. not that there's not going to be low clouds. there will be. but the wind delays could be a few hours as we've been talking
12:33 pm
about now. there goes the low all the way past halifax. here's the know from buffalo. that's a foot of snow. back to the northeast of pittsburgh, that's a foot of snow. down to the southeast, there's nothing. it's just a rainfall event. another thing we're worried about, sustained winds, 23, gusts, 34. >> hopefully it's a-okay by thanksgiving morning. chad myers, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> let me just tell you this. the team, they're amazing. they have this fantastic piece online showcasing the world's busiest airport. that is atlanta. so they spent 24 hours at atlanta's heartsfield jackson international documenting the
12:34 pm
lives of the people working there and just passing on through. i want to show you a small portion of their reporting. it shows how human and canine teams are keeping us safe. >> she takes one step, i may take two. that place together is just like a song and dance. we became partners in 2010, and we have been together ever since. a daily life with her is a great thing. the dog is highly intelligent, and i am always driven by that fact. we screen cargo that is uploaded to passenger aircraft. it may seem chaotic. it's symphony to me. it's the play of music. when we do get to that point where the dog encounters odor, that's the fun of the game.
12:35 pm
you're looking to see if that dog will actually sit. you want that dog not to nudge it or not to touch it. it could be very sensitive. it could literally, you know, trigger something that you and i don't want to be here today talking about. what's most important is ensuring that we're doing every single thing that we can do to ensure that nothing harmful is being uploaded to any of these aircrafts. >> that is just a piece of our reporting. go to again, you can see all that fascinating reporting yourself, behind the scenes of atlanta's airport. coming up, the pope once again bucking tradition and declaring changes are coming to the church. and he's pretty specific in his criticisms, which include greed and capitalism. that is coming up. also a segment you will be talking about tonight. listen to this. a mother telling her college-age
12:36 pm
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12:39 pm
all right. let's pop these pictures up. glendale, california. you see the crowd watching, waiting for the president of the united states to speak. this is dreamworks animation. this is where the president and white house has chosen to him have speak specifically about the economy, how things are getting better. as soon as we see the president, we will bring it to you live as part of his west coast swing. this is the final day. stay tuned for that. also, the marine vet who jumped into action and saved a woman who leapt from the upper deck of a football stadium says nope, he's not a hero. 61-year-old donny naidod spent
12:40 pm
the night in the hospital, is still suffering from severe bruises. he was leaving the oakland coliseum on sunday when he saw a woman just falling from the stands. >> as she started to descend, i braced myself to catch her. i was hoping i can -- when i caught her, is lock my arms around here so she could absorb the impact with me. but unfortunately, she hit and she bounced off. >> that woman is still in the hospital. he is a season ticket holder and was visited by several former raiders at his home yesterday. they delivered team memoribilia and the game ball. no animals were harmed in the making of this movie. that line may be comforting to animal lovers who like a night in front of the silver screen but guess what? a new report says that credit doesn't mean a darned thing and animals were put in danger in some of your favorite movies. that's next. [ male announcer ] at red lobster,
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did you know they nearly killed the tiger while they were filming the movie "life of pi." turns out that is what an animal rights monitor claimed in an e-mail sent from the set. it's about a boy, his lifeboat and this bengal tiger named richard parker. well, quote, one take went really bad, according to this e-mail, the tiger got lost trying to swim to the side and damn near died. here's another e-mail. we almost if'ing killed king, the tiger's real name, we almost killed king in the water tank. let's hold it right there, because this claim here is not merely alarming, it is also in dispute. also in dispute, the bottom line of this expose from the hollywood reporter which says this animal rights group which watches the film industry has gotten way too chummy with the industry and because of that, they say animals are dying. bob ferber is with us from los
12:45 pm
angeles, a former l.a. city attorney, also a former animal abuse prosecutor. bob, welcome. nice to have you on. >> thank you for having me. >> on the one side, you have this animal rights group, let's be precise, this is the american humane association, these are the folks who give that stamp of approval to movies that you don't hurt animals, you see it right here, they tack it on to the credits. on the other side, you have the hollywood reporter, this expose and it says the aha approval doesn't mean that much anymore because animals are dying on movie sets and they are simply looking the other way. what's your opinion? >> well, i actually couldn't agree more with the reporter. and the hollywood story. it's something that actually is kind of a dirty dark secret in hollywood because just about anybody who works in the industry knows that there's virtually no real meaningful protection for animals in the movies. i have been a prosecutor for 13, 14 years, i just retired, and i
12:46 pm
was the first animal cruelty prosecutor in the country. my area was los angeles. during that time, we were never able to get any reports, to get any information about what was happening on movie sets. over the years, i grew more and more suspicious about whether there really was monitoring. i learned more and more that they were not on the set when they would say they were -- >> what's happening on the set? be specific. what's happening on these sets through you're saying maybe more than a decade. what is happening to these animals you've seen? >> well, actually, it's been going on, on and off, since the movie industry began. this goes back to the 1920s and '30s when johnny weismuller in a tarzan movie was sitting on top of a rhinoceros and killing it. as a result of actually no monitoring at all, eventually the american humane association and this is really to their
12:47 pm
credit, stepped in and many years ago negotiated an arrangement where the studios would allow them, and it wasn't -- they were given permission to monitor on certain terms to watch what -- how animals are being treated. at that time it's important for the viewers to know we didn't have real law enforcement handling animal abuse cases at all so they were a very valuable part of helping animals and creating -- setting minimum standards 40, 50 years ago. but since then, it's changed. i've seen -- i had personal involvement in the movie "flicka" where we were absolutely unable to get information about the two horses that died. one horse died from what i would consider criminal neglect. but we were unable to get any information. what goes on in these movie sets with animals is closed to the public. the tragedy is -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >> let me jump in. i'm hearing all these examples. let's be fair to the other side of the story. let me make sure i quote this
12:48 pm
from the american humane association. this is what we're hearing from them specifically. they are saying quote, far from allowing abuse and neglect to occur we have a remarkably high safety record of 99.98%. let me also cite two field reports, this is from aha monitors. the first one says fish and squid wash ashore near one movie set after some kind of underwater demolition. the second one talks about this chipmonk guy, chipmonk guy was carrying his chipmonk while walking across some rocks, dropped the chipmonk, stepped on it and killed it. this is part of the hollywood reporter reporting. you could see how one side, obviously they are standing up behind their monitoring and these are chipmonks and squid, for example. so they're keeping track of some of it, no? >> well, i think it's important what you just said. they're keeping track of some of it. what the humane -- american
12:49 pm
humane association seems to believe is abuse, and i don't mean this sarcastically, is basically if somebody intentionally tries to kill an animal on the set. anything where an animal is killed accidentally or short of being killed, like the tiger king in "pi" that's not something -- i'm quite sure that's not in their statistics and they don't count that as an animal being harmed. you know, as the first cruelty prosecutor in the country, i can tell you there's laws in all 50 states and federal laws that define animal cruelty. animal cruelty is not just killing an animal. it's being negligent or failing to do what you need to do, and it's neglect also. the stories and the incidents that came out in that report, i would encourage your viewers to go online and check out that hollywood reporter story. >> i will tweet it out to make sure everyone can be the judge here. again, aha standing up behind their monitoring but i hear you
12:50 pm
loud and clear. it sounds like perhaps, perhaps something really needs to be done. bob ferber, thank you very, very much. i appreciate your perspective. >> you're very welcome. coming up, the pope raising eyebrows yet again after attacking capitalism and saying changes are coming to the catholic church. this as we learn whether americans are fond of francis and his blunt assessment of the church. ♪ [ male announcer ] over time, you've come to realize... [ starter ] ready! [ starting gun goes off ] [ male announcer ] it's less of a race... yeah! [ male announcer ] and more of a journey. keep going strong. and as you look for a medicare supplement insurance plan... expect the same kind of commitment you demand of yourself. aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long.
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12:53 pm
in just the latest example of pope francis' striking difference from the popes before him, he is calling for big changes within the roman catholic church. in his first official written document, the church leader addressed several issues, including the growing gap between the world's rich and those in poverty. joining me now from denver is cnn's senior vatican analyst,
12:54 pm
john allen. john, nice to see you today. you are the perfect person to talk about all this with, because there are more than one billion catholics worldwide. what types of things do you think catholics will see here change-wise, and when? >> well, brooke, fundamentally, i think they are going to focus on the dream that francis presented in this document. i actually in a piece for my paper, the national catholic reporter, called this his "i have a dream" speech because he says he has this dream of a church that is more missionary, more focused on reaching out rather than collapsing in on itself, and that is more merciful, rather than focusing on what he calls rules that make us harsh judges, he wants a church that's more compassionate and tolerant. everything we know tells us that that message is resonating tremendously at the catholic grassroots all around the world. >> is that kind of message really, though, much of a departure from previous popes or is it just the way in which he's writing, the way in which he's speaking that is the difference?
12:55 pm
>> well, i think part of it is his personality, which is very beguiling. it's not as if previous popes didn't want a missionary or merciful church. the difference is francis has indicated a willingness to put his money where his mouth is, to embrace real change. he did take a couple things off the table in this document. he said no to women priests and he said church teaching on abortion isn't going to change, but beyond that, he said he's open to what he called a conversion of the papacy, a kind of decentralization of the church. he wants to empower women in laity and it could have huge consequenc consequences. pro-choice politicians have been threatened from being turned away from the communion line. people say this isn't just rhetoric, it's big. >> you also have pugh research
12:56 pm
analysis that said the pope francis effect hasn't had any impact on the number of catholics in the u.s., the number of people who identify as catholic is unchanged really since he has become pope. does that surprise you? why do you think that is? >> well, not really. look, you know, what religion somebody chooses to belong to and whether they go to church services is a kind of long-term process. but we should say this. we also have a lot of data from the united states indicating that francis has approval ratings in this country both among catholics and non-catholics that celebrities and politicians would probably sacrifice their kids to try to obtain. there is also one recent study in italy that found that at least in that country, half the parish priests in that country say they have seen increased attendance at mass which they attribute to the pope. so it's going to be uneven but the big picture here is that francis has kind of captured the imagination of the world and
12:57 pm
seems to be reinvigorating the catholic church at the base. >> in a way we haven't seen in quite some time. thank you for joining me from denver. before i let all of you go, we have promised to see the president of the united states and here he is, speaking at dreamworks animation in glendale, california. let's eavesdrop. >> you helped shape the world culture in a way that has made the world better. they might not know the gettysburg address but if they're watching some old movie, maybe "guess who's coming to dinner" or the "mary tyler moore show" or "will and grace" and "modern family" they've had a front row seat to our march towards progress. even if their own nations haven't made that progress yet and young people in countries all around the world suddenly make a connection and have an
12:58 pm
affinity to people who don't look like them and maybe originally they might have been fearful of, and now suddenly they say this person's like me, which is one of the powers of art, but that's what you transmit. and that is a remarkable legacy. it's also a big responsibility. when it comes to issues like gun violence, we've got to make sure that we're not glorifying it because the stories you tell shape our children's outlook and their lives. earlier this year, leaders from this town sat down with vice president biden to talk about what hollywood could do to help keep our kids safe. this was in the wake of sandy hook. and those conversations need to continue. the stories we tell matter. and you tell stories more powerfully than anybody else on the earth. but i want to make clear, even as we think long and hard about the messages we send, we should
12:59 pm
never waiver from our commitment to the freedom that allows us to tell those stories so well. protecting our first amendment rights are vital to who we are, and it's also good business, because in the global race for jobs and industries, the thing we do better than anybody else is creativity. that's something that can't be copied. it's one of the reasons why even with new markets and new technologies, there's still no better place to make movies and television and music than right here in the united states. entertainment is one of the bright spots of our economy, the gap between what we can do and what other countries can do is enormous. yeah, that's worth cheering. >> he just said it there for you. this is really the reason why the president of the united states, part of his west coast swing specifically at dreamworks
1:00 pm
animation in hollywood and his point being in talking about the economy that the entertainment industry itself is really one of the bright spots in bringing our economy up here in this country. you can keep watching the president. go to great to be with you today. see you tomorrow. meantime, john berman in for jake tapper. "the lead" starts now. it's not really that bad out there if you're one of the guys from "the deadliest catch." i'm john berman. this is "the lead." the national lead. the timing, it could not be worse. the killer storm, one that's already claimed the lives of a dozen people, rumbling up the east coast as tens of millions of people are traveling for black friday eve which used to be called thanksgiving. the world lead. go ahead and seize a bigger air defense zone if you want, china, but that doesn't mean the u.s. is going to respect it. a pair of american b-52 bombers flies through china's newly claimed air space and tests whether china means what it says today.